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#rockbox log for 2003-05-05

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00:01:34LinusNsame person: London_Blade [0] (
00:01:41LinusNhi Zagor
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00:04:36BoD[]tracktheripper is playing tricks
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00:04:59tracktheripperIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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00:15:57alexandreI opened a patch : 732369
00:23:49LinusNmaybe a keyhandler is a too complicated solution
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00:26:19Stevie-OI saw your email mentioning that you were planning to clean up the menus
00:26:37Stevie-Ohave you seen my menutest2 build?
00:26:56LinusNnope, i haven't tried it yet
00:27:06Stevie-Ogive it a shot, I'd really like to know what you think
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00:30:11tracktheripperthe FM recorder seems to get all the eattention now
00:30:27Stevie-OI have an FM
00:30:44Stevie-Oif you wanna check it out for Recorder, it's there too
00:30:50Stevie-Oand due to someone's request on the mailing list
00:30:54Stevie-OI even built a player version
00:31:34tracktheripperwell, i have a version of Rockbox that even includes on-the-fly ID3 tag entering
00:32:37Stevie-Oyou don't need to use it as a permanent replacement
00:32:52Stevie-O(which is why it's not called ajbrec.ajz)
00:32:56Stevie-Ojust rolo it
00:33:00tracktheripperi know, i keep it alonside the latest bleeding edge and i boot into it when required
00:34:01tracktheripperI know people say "Edit ID3 tags with a PC" (take a bow LinusN) but I download MP3s directly to the Archos and editing the tags on the Archos is less hassle than using a PC
00:34:15Stevie-OI use The Godfather
00:34:18Stevie-Oto do id3s
00:34:37tracktheripperMusicMatch is good for ID3 tags as well
00:35:00Stevie-Odoes it have automatic get-id3-tag-from-filename?
00:35:09Stevie-Oand automatic rename-file-based-on-id3?
00:35:11LinusNStevie-O: i think all the ...'s are cluttering up the menu
00:35:23Stevie-OLinusN: yeah, I need an ellipsis char
00:35:33LinusNwhy do you need it at all?
00:35:34Stevie-Obut that wasn't the big change
00:35:37LinusNi know
00:35:39Stevie-Ogo into the Sound menu
00:35:43LinusNi did
00:35:51Stevie-Oand hows it look?
00:36:03LinusNperhaps a bit confusing at first
00:36:20LinusNbut i'd like to change the setting "on the fly"
00:36:25Stevie-Oin the menu there?
00:36:39Stevie-Othat was on the 'to-do if it's popular' list
00:36:47Stevie-Othe diff is huge
00:37:03Stevie-Obecause it runs on top of another change
00:37:22Stevie-Owhich allows the values to be stored in preconstructed tables
00:37:29Stevie-Owhile still supporting language changes
00:37:42Stevie-O(which of course is a definite requirement)
00:38:01LinusNi'd like a slider option as well
00:38:05Stevie-Oa slider option?
00:38:14LinusNsliders instead of numbers
00:38:19LinusNor both
00:38:19tracktheripperyea Linnus a slider would be cool :-)
00:38:27Stevie-OIf you can think it up
00:38:30tracktheripperLinus just nick the sliders out of the archos firmware
00:38:30Stevie-OI can almost certainly code it
00:39:25tracktheripperZagor doesn't like the slliders though
00:39:32LinusNhe does
00:39:40Stevie-Owhat about Players?
00:39:51LinusNit's just that he doesn't like the archos sliders
00:40:15Stevie-Owhat are the Archos sliders?
00:40:41LinusNthe sound settings in the original firmware
00:40:51Stevie-Oi have the original firmware around here somewhere
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00:42:07Stevie-Othey don't display any numeric values
00:42:14Stevie-Odo you have a picture
00:42:20Stevie-Oor can you draw a picture
00:42:25Stevie-Oof what you'd like the sliders to look like?
00:42:30Stevie-Oand did you take a look at that diff?
00:45:14Stevie-Obrb, food
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00:46:40LinusNwoo, that diff is HUGE
00:50:41LinusNyou like #define a lot, don't you?
00:51:24 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
00:56:49BoD[]i hate #define :)
00:56:58LinusNand typedef
00:57:45BoD[]they're ok
00:58:26 Nick Stevie-fOod is now known as Stevie-O (
00:58:34Stevie-Oit's not so much that I like #define
00:58:41Stevie-Oas it is that I hate typing redundant things
00:58:58Stevie-Oso if I can find a formulaic way of doing something
00:59:01Stevie-OI'll do it
00:59:28LinusNusing macros often makes the code harder to read imho
00:59:43BoD[]i agree!
00:59:46LinusNoften, not always
01:00:02BoD[] can prove this ;)
01:00:17Stevie-Oit depends on how well they're used
01:00:17Stevie-Oif done right, they take complicated formulas and condense them into an easy-to-read thing
01:00:49LinusNbut may hide important details in the process
01:05:10LinusNanyway, i'm not sure i like the LANG_ID/char* trick
01:05:20LinusNit works, but feels kind of messy
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02:07:51frzdI just bought a JukeBox Studio 20, and i played aroudn with the old firmware
02:07:57frzdnow i tried the new rockbox firmware...
02:08:29frzdand i notice during on the course of a 5 minute song, the unit will begin to vibrate and flash the red light ever minute or so
02:08:51frzdon the old unit i felt the vibrating (i assume spinning up) once and the beginning, and once near the end
02:09:05frzdand the red light didn't flash
02:09:19frzdi don't know if this is a bug, or an intended feature, i'm just kind of curious as to what it means
02:09:24frzdany ideas?
02:09:47LinusNthe red light means "disk access", much like the hard disk light on your PC
02:10:01frzdweird, the old firmware didn't do that
02:10:14LinusNwhy is that weird?
02:10:26frzdthe old firmware didn't do it, that's all
02:10:28LinusNthey don't blink the LED but we do
02:10:36frzdok, makes sense
02:10:51frzdso is there a reason why the old firmware spins up the disk less often?
02:11:21LinusNit's usually the opposite
02:11:30frzdreally? that's weird
02:11:54LinusNwhat bit rate?
02:12:32frzd192kbps 44.1khz
02:12:44LinusNthen you are mistaken
02:13:19LinusN192kbit/s is roughly 1.5megs/minute
02:13:31LinusNhow long is the file?
02:13:34LinusNin bytes
02:13:37frzdbecause the song is actually 3:51, the old firmware said it was 5 minutes
02:13:41frzdin bytes... it's..
02:14:13LinusNthe total RAM size is 2Mbytes
02:14:31frzdso reading the disk once every minute or so makes sense
02:14:49LinusNyes, and the archos firmware is no different
02:14:56frzdcould it be that the default firmware keeps the disk spinning for longer
02:15:11LinusNyes, but not for a minute
02:15:33frzdthat's weird.. i'll test it again with the default firmware
02:15:42LinusNdo so
02:17:54frzdi'm assuming that you know what you're doing, and that spinning up down every minute or so isn't bad for the disc, or a waste of batteries, right?
02:18:14frzdbecause you were right, i was mistaken
02:18:24LinusNon the contrary, keeping the disk spinning is a battery killer
02:18:45frzdreally? i always thought spinning the disc off and on was bad as well
02:18:57frzdyou catch me mistaken yet again :)
02:19:16LinusNlaptop disks are designed for it
02:19:23frzdoh ok
02:19:31frzdthanks for your help
02:19:36LinusNyou're welcome
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02:29:11 Part LinusN
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04:04:02Jet8810what are those really high quality heapdohnes again?
04:04:08Jet8810bonnheisner or something?
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04:10:03NorrinQuick question, how do you access the FM radio menu on the new Rockbox firmware?
04:12:11 Join Stevie-O [0] (
04:18:48NorrinLooked through the last three days worth of IRC chat, not mention of how to get to the FM radio.
04:22:29Stevie-Oyou'd probably need Linus's build I assume
04:22:47Stevie-Oand if you have that −− well, Record mode is off of the main menu on F1
04:24:23NorrinI have the latest daily build. Don't see an option for FM Radio anywhere.
04:24:57Stevie-OIt might not be in there
04:25:16Stevie-OI don't know if it's been committed to the official cvs repository
04:25:55NorrinThe notes for the "tarballs" says it has since build 0503
04:26:03Stevie-OI just committed my first attempt at an FM radio screen on the FM
04:26:03Stevie-Orecorder. It is just a proof of concept with no bells and whistles, and
04:26:03Stevie-Ono localization.
04:26:12Stevie-OYou can select "FM Radio" from the main menu.
04:26:14Stevie-Othats from the email
04:27:05NorrinFM Radio isn't on the main menu if the main menu is what you get when you push F1.
04:27:17NorrinUsing 030504 build.
04:27:45Stevie-OI'm assuming that you're sane enough to be using an FM Recorder...
04:27:56NorrinGreatly appreciate your help, just excited about having FM radio back.
04:28:02 Quit BoD[] ("4:28")
04:28:03NorrinYep, the new and improved.
04:28:15*Stevie-O ignores the fact that 'new' and 'improved' are mutually exclusive ;)
04:28:29Stevie-Ogotta love marketing
04:28:58Stevie-Obut, I don't know how to get it to work
04:29:16Stevie-OI take it you don't subscribe to the mailing list?
04:29:38NorrinI do but I have never received anything.
04:30:25Stevie-OI was fiddling with menu code
04:30:31Stevie-Ocheck out the Sound menu
04:32:09Stevie-OWOO 5.29k/s
04:32:35NorrinI'm looking throught the mailing list to hopefully find a clue.
04:33:05NorrinCVS notes says patches were applied but FM Radio not on F1 menu.
04:33:09NorrinStill looking.
04:33:39Stevie-Odouble-check what the Version option says?
04:34:10NorrinCVS 030504
04:35:26NorrinJust downloaded the bleeding edge one, it's there.
04:35:53Stevie-Obut it wasn't in 030504?
04:36:50Stevie-Omaybe Linus knows
04:37:06Stevie-OI just realized
04:38:37Stevie-Othat the SDK is bzip2'd
04:38:47Stevie-Obut the daily builds are gzipped
04:39:36NorrinThe bleeding edge build works, I can get some sleep now. I'll check tomorrow to see if it's in the daily builds.
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04:42:47 Part Norrin
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