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#rockbox log for 2003-05-08

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01:32:29midknight2k3what are you doing
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01:35:23BoD[]i'm doing my home page.. you ?
01:35:42midknight2k3thats what i should be doing lol
01:35:49midknight2k3or at least working on my rockbox review
01:39:30midknight2k3what do you think i should do - website or rockbox?
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01:40:46midknight2k3ceratinly a lot of people in here
01:40:50Mighty_Hes, you're not the same Hes as on QuakeNet ?
01:41:18midknight2k3ahh hes not here i dont think
01:42:28BoD[]hes not here
01:42:33BoD[]good joke
01:42:50midknight2k3yeh i just realized
01:42:53midknight2k3EXCELLENT one!
01:49:18midknight2k3so whats the idea? website? rockbox?
01:49:22midknight2k3i gues rockbox
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01:51:32BoD[]if rockbox what will it be exactly?
01:52:22midknight2k3a review
01:53:03midknight2k3forget the website idea
01:54:06midknight2k3is your page almost done?
02:03:37midknight2k3can i see it when you finish?
02:09:27BoD[]well you can see the main page :) it's here :
02:12:06Mighty_where is Zagor
02:12:29midknight2k3lloking good bod
02:13:59midknight2k3like the disclamier
02:14:04midknight2k3i cant read it but thats just me :)
02:16:33midknight2k3and i like the 'cool logo'
02:18:26BoD[]there are several logos, they change when you reload the page
02:19:12midknight2k3hey did you ever see my ASCII burgers?
02:23:26midknight2k3heres my latest greatest
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02:23:51Jet8810call me crazy but I think I am going to switch over from Archos 20gb Recorder to Ipod...
02:23:52midknight2k3the best burger ever
02:24:10midknight2k3DO NOT
02:24:18midknight2k3I REPEAT do NOT do that
02:24:27BoD[]jet : i won't call you crazy. I'll call you RICH :)
02:24:30Jet8810alright midnight, talk me out of it
02:24:37midknight2k3is that a joke?
02:24:38Jet8810BoD, thats a fair assessment...:-P
02:25:00midknight2k3okay let me start ok shut up now let me talk
02:25:06BoD[]midnight: great burger by the way. ascii-art is a noble art.
02:25:20midknight2k3haha thnks
02:25:26midknight2k3okay lesson one
02:25:31midknight2k3archos can record, ipdo can not
02:25:49midknight2k3archos has rockbox, now with ROCKBOX you will get all you want, they listen and all that
02:26:02midknight2k3You get to browse files
02:26:08midknight2k3There's games
02:26:15midknight2k3You get so many options
02:26:25midknight2k3Rockbox keeps on going - ipod just sucks
02:26:31midknight2k3theres nothing to set or customize
02:26:37midknight2k3rockbox can rsume
02:26:43midknight2k3ipod cannot
02:26:49midknight2k3archos is much more betterer
02:26:57midknight2k3ipod cant compete
02:27:01midknight2k3archos for life
02:27:07midknight2k3ipod is sucks
02:27:10midknight2k3im done now
02:27:15midknight2k3need more persuading?
02:27:52Jet8810OK, first of all I never record
02:28:01midknight2k3was it really a joke??
02:28:01Jet8810wait, Ipod cannot resume?
02:28:05Jet8810no midnight
02:28:11Jet8810the new Ipods look SWEET
02:28:11midknight2k3no way
02:28:15Jet8810all sensors, VERY thin...
02:28:19midknight2k3aww forget them
02:28:29midknight2k3come on
02:28:34midknight2k3rockbox keeps going
02:28:38midknight2k3you can ivert
02:28:41 Quit Mighty_ ("[BX] With a BitchX here and a BitchX there, here a BitchX there a BitchX everywhere a BitchX")
02:28:41midknight2k3you get OPTIONS
02:28:47Jet8810Ipod has bigger screen
02:28:47midknight2k3it's just so much better
02:28:53Jet8810better backlight, much sleeker
02:29:00midknight2k3apple is no fun
02:29:47midknight2k3you say something and i will top it
02:30:53Jet8810Ipod is thinner, sleeker, cooler, has arguably a more polished interface, larger capacity, sensor buttons so no moving parts to break (my buttons are bit lopsided), usb 2.0 AND Firewire...
02:31:12midknight2k3okay now HALT
02:31:17midknight2k3let me go now
02:33:00midknight2k3Arhcos is thicker, and has less a capacity, but rockbox will give you much more things (for example, invert, games, line selector, file broswer, customizable wps + cfg files, can show text and none of that iss on ipod) and who gives a care about sensor buttons, sensor my ass they can break too, usb 2.0 is fine esp with rockbox
02:33:45Jet8810HMM i DO SEE YOUR POINT
02:33:55Jet8810err caps off
02:34:03Jet8810but the Archos is just so much clunkier then the Ipod...
02:34:09midknight2k3it's much better
02:34:12midknight2k3oh well
02:34:13Jet8810if I had a thin MP3 player I would use it a LOT more though
02:34:16midknight2k3it's still small
02:34:20Jet8810that is my main thinking point right now...
02:34:29Jet8810that I would use the Ipod a lot more cuz of this
02:34:33midknight2k3okay wait one more minute ok
02:34:45midknight2k3let me recap all
02:34:45midknight2k3hang on
02:35:07BoD[]you're so fun:)))
02:35:10PsycoXulhmm heh
02:35:25midknight2k3hey shutup im doing this for rockbox :\
02:35:47midknight2k3pros of getting ipod: smaller, sleeker (who cares no one LOOKS at it really), slightly louder and has sensors.. hmm
02:35:59BoD[]well being fun is a really + for rockbox so it's ok :)
02:36:41midknight2k3cons of getting: no more rockbox, no more invert, no more wormlet (AWWW NO!!!) no more karaoke no more feature requests, no more dailybuilds, no more support, no more rockbox irc.....
02:36:56BoD[]wait i do believe the invert is the default on ipod
02:37:06midknight2k3SHUTUP BOD
02:37:13BoD[]and you can install a special version of linux
02:37:14BoD[]on the ipod
02:37:17midknight2k3you know what
02:37:20midknight2k3shut up okay just leave
02:37:29BoD[]come on !
02:37:35BoD[]i try to be objective here
02:37:40 Join ken0 [0] (
02:37:46midknight2k3hey im just saying, switching to an ipod could be a very huge mistake
02:37:58Jet8810I would pretty much lose rockbox
02:37:59midknight2k3or it could be very good... scratch that, mediocre
02:37:59BoD[]I say : if you have the money, just do it
02:38:02Jet8810and gain everything else?
02:38:10PsycoXulhey if you've got the money to throw around
02:38:15PsycoXulgo ahead and buy whatever mp3 players you want
02:38:16midknight2k3there is no 'everything else'
02:38:20PsycoXuland figure out what's best for you
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02:38:39midknight2k3what can you do on ipods? nothing.
02:38:45Jet8810lots midnight
02:38:49Jet8810yea psyco, true
02:38:52midknight2k3lots MORE than rockbox?
02:38:54Jet8810i just want to hear the other side
02:38:54BoD[]really i think it's obvious technically the ipods are superiors than an archos
02:38:58Jet8810I have heard my side enough...LOL
02:39:06Jet8810yea Bod
02:39:13BoD[]but they are more expensive so what did you expect!
02:39:14midknight2k3see thats the one thing i mean to say
02:39:30midknight2k3they're technically better but theres no rockbox to take advantage of that
02:39:37BoD[]of course
02:39:37Jet8810how much could I sell a used ARchos Recorder mint condition with 4 2100 NimHs, car charger, usb cable, in box with Best Buy return plan (NO wall charger)?
02:39:55BoD[]midknight : but there's apple... they are pretty good on making gui ;)
02:39:59midknight2k3youre doing it arent you
02:40:05Jet8810haha midnight
02:40:06midknight2k3youre getting an ipod
02:40:09Jet8810not yet, but I am ready to
02:40:09midknight2k3i have failed
02:40:58midknight2k3oh well
02:41:08midknight2k3hey thats a good idea - do what you want
02:41:16Jet8810yea, I just wanted to hear the other side
02:41:25Jet8810as long as I can salvage the money to do it I think im gonna
02:41:36midknight2k3good luck
02:41:57midknight2k3come back and tell me what its like, doing something as horridly stupid as that
02:42:13Jet8810midnight, I think I will enjoy it
02:42:26midknight2k3i hope you do
02:42:31midknight2k3you'd be the first
02:42:36Jet8810heh midnight
02:42:42Jet8810that is an outright lie :)
02:42:54midknight2k3well i know people that like ipods but
02:43:03midknight2k3not from switching to one from rockbox
02:43:10midknight2k3rockbox on a recorder that is
02:43:57BoD[]me I think I will wait a bit again
02:44:03BoD[]then I'll buy one
02:44:08midknight2k3no you dont
02:44:14midknight2k3you cant!
02:44:20BoD[]as soon as i have money that is
02:44:28midknight2k3aww man
02:44:30BoD[]well .. my archos is broken !!!
02:44:37midknight2k3i fell like the last one with an archos
02:44:40BoD[]and i hate archos for that
02:45:06midknight2k3you cant hold a grudge
02:45:18PsycoXulnext thing i buy'll probably have a few hundred GB of MEMS storage or something
02:45:30BoD[]they can't solder a f*** battery thing
02:45:36midknight2k3you keeping your recorder psyco?
02:45:39PsycoXulbefore i got my archos i still had my old portable CD player from like 92
02:46:16PsycoXulwell technically i still have it, but i mean thats what i was actualy still using :p
02:46:49BoD[]me i don't use my archos anymore
02:46:59midknight2k3its BROKEN
02:47:05midknight2k3you really dont use it?
02:47:07BoD[]well it still works
02:47:09midknight2k3never woulda guessed
02:47:15BoD[]but i can't move it
02:47:17PsycoXulwhats broken about it?
02:47:19BoD[]i can't walk with it
02:47:28BoD[]if i move it, it reboots
02:47:34midknight2k3send it to me
02:47:37BoD[]bad contact i guess
02:47:39midknight2k3i will 'fix' it
02:47:42PsycoXulsend it to archos
02:47:52BoD[]i opened it once and resoldered it
02:48:02BoD[]and then i guess it just unsoldered again
02:48:08PsycoXulyou guess?
02:48:19PsycoXulso you mean you did an even worse solder job than archos?
02:48:30BoD[]i'm not sure i have to open it again and look
02:48:31PsycoXulit re-broke even quicker than it broke the 1st time?
02:48:42BoD[]but i dont have the right screwdriver.. it's at my other place
02:48:51PsycoXulwhat model
02:48:53PsycoXulis it
02:49:06 Join ken0_ [0] (
02:49:06BoD[]well i'm not a good solderer :) but really it's bad designed!!!
02:49:11BoD[]recorder 20
02:49:36PsycoXuldepends on how you look at it
02:49:50BoD[]well the part i was looking at was bended because of the pressure of the battery springs
02:50:05BoD[]that's ridiculous!
02:50:23PsycoXulhmm heh
02:51:46midknight2k3i love that
02:51:49midknight2k3its your thing psyco
02:51:53midknight2k3'hmm heh'
02:58:25midknight2k3is it now dead?
02:58:42PsycoXuljust because it does not move does not mean it's not alive
02:59:03midknight2k3like a plant
02:59:09PsycoXulplants move
02:59:13PsycoXuljust too slow for you to notice
02:59:22midknight2k3oh WOW
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03:01:11mk2k3hey its me
03:01:14midknight2k3hey its me
03:01:23BoD[]so it works
03:01:27BoD[]but I don't like it
03:01:28mk2k3trillian pro
03:01:39BoD[]it frustrates me every time it reboots
03:01:45midknight2k3like i said
03:01:50mk2k3send it to me
03:01:51BoD[]but I still love rockbox of course
03:01:53midknight2k3i will fix it
03:02:03PsycoXulno, send it to me
03:02:07BoD[]well I could fix it myself
03:02:08PsycoXuli'll really fix it
03:02:12midknight2k3buzz off i called it first
03:02:14midknight2k3i will too
03:02:17BoD[]I just need the screwdriver
03:02:20BoD[]and time
03:02:22BoD[]and patience
03:02:23midknight2k3i got it!
03:02:25midknight2k3ill do it
03:02:27PsycoXuli've got the screwdriver
03:02:29PsycoXuland i've got nothing but time
03:02:31midknight2k3so do i
03:02:35midknight2k3yeah same here
03:02:36PsycoXuland more patience than anybody else i met
03:02:42midknight2k3yeah samer here
03:02:44midknight2k3so send it to me
03:02:46PsycoXulhah yeah right
03:02:48BoD[]do you have a job
03:02:51PsycoXulmk2k2 doesn't have any patience
03:02:56PsycoXulBoD[]: no
03:02:58BoD[]i dont ;) i guess i have more free time than you!
03:02:58midknight2k3ya i do
03:03:16midknight2k3i dont have a job you nuts?
03:03:19PsycoXuli've got more time and more patience
03:03:28mk2k3im too young to have a jov
03:03:35BoD[]yeah but you have school
03:03:44midknight2k3i can fix it
03:03:44PsycoXulyeah see i don't have school either
03:03:48midknight2k3shut up psyco
03:03:51midknight2k3i called it first
03:03:52midknight2k3its mine
03:04:00PsycoXulhe's not gonna send it to either of us :p
03:04:00midknight2k3send it to meeeee
03:04:07midknight2k3yes he is arent you?
03:04:13mk2k3send it to me
03:04:16mk2k3i will fix it
03:04:29BoD[]like i said
03:04:31midknight2k3oh rats
03:04:31BoD[]it still works
03:04:50 Part mk2k3
03:05:04BoD[]i paid so much more than i wished i did
03:05:06BoD[]for it
03:05:08*midknight2k3 has left #rockbox
03:05:12midknight2k3just kidding
03:05:13BoD[]so i can't just give it :)
03:05:19midknight2k3oh well
03:06:01midknight2k3i remember
03:06:08midknight2k3when i had to clean the archos screen
03:06:14midknight2k3i couldnt find my screwdriver
03:06:17midknight2k3so i used a knife
03:06:22 Quit ken0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:06:22midknight2k3it worked fine
03:06:37midknight2k3hey dont do that
03:06:39midknight2k3im reliable
03:07:06BoD[]it sux
03:07:17BoD[]to have to open this!!
03:07:25midknight2k3you did it before
03:07:27midknight2k3didnt you?
03:07:28BoD[]the ipods, you never have to open them !:)
03:07:35midknight2k3uh huh
03:07:38BoD[]as a matter of fact, you can't
03:07:42midknight2k3yes you can
03:07:56midknight2k3anything we can make we can break
03:07:57BoD[]well of course you always can, but it's not meant to
03:08:03BoD[]and difficult
03:08:04midknight2k3the archos isnt meant to
03:08:09midknight2k3the xbox isnt meant to
03:08:13midknight2k3the rioriot isnt meant to
03:08:15midknight2k3did that stop me/
03:08:18midknight2k3not really
03:08:19BoD[].... you KNOW what i mean :)
03:08:23midknight2k3no i dont
03:08:29BoD[]one has screws, the other doesn't
03:08:34midknight2k3if it's not uspposed to be opened then why not open it?
03:08:44midknight2k3that makes it easy
03:08:46BoD[]one you open it easyly, the other you don't
03:08:48midknight2k3so you can pop it open
03:08:57midknight2k3instead of screw it open
03:09:09Jet8810anybody knwo if the Ipod is fragile?
03:09:09midknight2k3oh boy
03:09:12midknight2k3ipod boy
03:09:18midknight2k3j/k :)
03:09:23BoD[]i guess it is
03:09:25midknight2k3naw it's tough
03:09:29midknight2k3very tough
03:09:34BoD[]it dosn't have these horrible bumpers ;)
03:09:46BoD[]BLUE bumpers.. what did they think
03:09:54midknight2k3calm down
03:10:05midknight2k3wow for $250 more you get a player without bleue bumpers
03:10:11midknight2k3im in!
03:11:08midknight2k3ascii burger time
03:11:25midknight2k3i was hunger
03:11:28BoD[]this guy is nuts
03:11:36midknight2k3just smart
03:11:49midknight2k3Zakk: is the ipod fragile?
03:11:49midknight2k3Karl: nope
03:12:01midknight2k3taking to a ipod addict
03:13:43Jet8810I am sticking with the Archos
03:14:11Jet8810not worth $270 to upgrade to the Ipod
03:14:20Jet8810not to mention the Archos looks a log more rugged
03:14:24midknight2k3now you get the whole thing i was trying to imply ;)
03:14:26Jet8810and if it breaks its easier to replace and such
03:14:40midknight2k3and besides
03:14:49midknight2k3who rally looks at it anyways
03:15:09midknight2k3i mean, no blue bumpers? sleek? wow it'll be in your POCKET if its that size
03:15:27Jet8810heh yea
03:15:31Jet8810the Ipod is smaller though
03:15:37midknight2k3here we go again
03:15:39Jet8810for sure it is a lot sleeker of a solution, but aint worth cash
03:15:48Jet8810thats what it boils down to
03:15:50midknight2k3well and you still have rockbox
03:15:58Jet8810if I had the much $$ to burn I would get it for sure
03:16:09midknight2k3knowing that you can always have features you want and all that it's a deal
03:16:18midknight2k3my job is done here
03:16:25midknight2k3i will leave now
03:16:31midknight2k3see you
03:16:33Jet8810now I gotta get a wall charger for Archos
03:16:43midknight2k3something to say, bod?
03:16:49BoD[]go in peace
03:16:53BoD[]and mblelop
03:16:55 Quit midknight2k3 ("BYE")
03:21:05Jet8810damn, 31.45 for AC adapter for Archos?
03:21:07Jet8810that is absurd!
03:25:08 Quit awy[baer]_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
03:25:59 Join ken0 [0] (
03:41:48BoD[]i'm going to bed now
03:42:13 Quit BoD[] ("tristar red sector rulezorz - me, 1992")
03:44:12 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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04:33:56AmanHi. Is any live human there?
04:36:36AmanOk, I'll ask and hope someone answers eventually once he/she comes back. I have an Archos 6000 player. I notice that, when I hook it up to USB, with the batteries out and no adapter plugged in, it spins up and I can talk to it. Can I use the USB as a power source to transfer files and save batteries?
04:38:04glytchbinarythat would be nice... never tried it
04:38:07*glytchbinary takes out his archos
04:39:03AmanMine isn't under warranty so I hesitate to do it for extended periods.
04:39:34AmanI'm using a Via USB 2.0 controler with the cable that came with the Archos. Note that the controler is 2.0. This might have something to do with it.
04:40:05*glytchbinary goes to try it
04:41:03glytchbinarydoesn't work with my 20gig recorder
04:42:13AmanOdd. Maybe mine is defective in some way. Thanks for trying.
04:42:42glytchbinaryand im sure there is a bit of difference between our models as well
04:42:47glytchbinaryman mine is so crappy
04:42:51glytchbinarybeen dropped so much it rattles
04:42:56glytchbinaryohwell, still works
04:43:22Amanor maybe the players are different. One more question and I'll leave you be. Are you involved with rockbox' site or manual?
04:43:39AmanWell, mine's used.
04:43:51Amanand it isn't in the best of shape either.
04:44:29glytchbinaryno, i just play around with the source code and bother the developers in here every now and then
04:45:34AmanDo you have an email for someone who knows the 6000 so I can ask this of them and see whether this has been done before?
04:45:53AmanI mean someone who's ripped the thing open and looked at the internals.
04:49:42glytchbinarytry looking for contact info on
04:49:51glytchbinaryim away
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04:53:16 Join ken0__ [0] (
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04:53:52AmanThank you.
04:53:54 Quit Aman ()
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08:04:25 Join xtac [0] (
08:04:35xtacanyone wanna buy a 6gb archos?
08:04:43xtaci'm selling mine
08:04:52xtacthought this would be a good place to sell it
08:05:10Zagorhaha. this is the only place where everybody's already got one... :-)
08:17:25 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
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08:35:40 Part xtac
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08:49:38 Join Bagder [241] (
08:58:17matslhi bagder
08:58:35Bagderstaying at home today
08:58:48matsli thought so
08:58:52Bagderdamn cold
09:13:31*webmind thinks he does sth when trying to queu..
09:25:57webmindif u want to queu a file while playing u should press: on, on+play, play, <select file>, <play>
09:26:00webmindright ?
09:26:24BagderI think so
09:26:30BagderI've never used it myself
09:26:51webmindwhen i do that it's start playing the file i just selected...
09:27:21Bagderyou do have a song playing already when you do this, right?
09:27:55webmindi'll one more time for confirmation
09:28:32webminddoesnt seem to queu
10:23:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:24:36 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
10:24:37 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:25:30QuelsarukBagder: could you take a look to italiano.lang on the patch tracker? i think it's ok, but perl 5.8 gives me some errors using binlang
10:30:07BagderI'll have a look
10:33:52Bagderwhat errors do you get?
10:34:45Quelsarukmissing quotes
10:34:55BagderI found the bug in binlang
10:35:10Quelsarukline 98
10:35:30Quelsarukbut i still get another error
10:35:31Bagdercommited now
10:35:53Bagderwhat other?
10:36:05Quelsarukin LANG_WORMLET_PLAYERS
10:36:25Quelsaruklast word is 'gi¨' or something like that
10:36:53Quelsarukevery word ending with ¨ gives me a ending quotes eror
10:37:09Bagderthat has something to do with perl 5.8
10:40:14dwihnoWhere's Zagor?
10:40:17dwihnoBagder: Call Zagor! :)
10:40:35BagderI think he's on a meeting
10:43:41 Join ken0 [0] (
10:44:12dwihnoI need to discuss red led dead! :)
10:44:15dwihnoPerhaps you're interested?
10:44:31BagderI'm not very into the details
10:45:27dwihnoI was thinking about persuading Zagor into adding lots of debug code so I can give more exact results.
10:46:39 Join ken0__ [0] (
10:49:31Quelsarukdo so, dwihno. Debug code is good
10:50:48Quelsarukyou can do just 2 things to please debugger gods: 1) use a lot of debug code. 2) sacrifice goats. I have goat's monopoly, so you have to use debug code :)
10:51:36 Join ken0___ [0] (
10:51:36 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:52:44 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
10:54:26 Join ken0____ [0] (
11:02:58 Quit ken0___ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
11:04:14 Quit ken0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:12:25 Quit Quelsaruk ("rebooting")
11:18:31 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
11:24:57webmindanyone here with a player at hand ?
11:25:07webmindpref one who uses the queu function
11:25:49Quelsaruknot me
11:26:07webmindnot even a player ?
11:28:31Quelsaruka recorder
11:28:44 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:42:17QuelsarukBagder: any idea on how to repair my jukebox 'bad FAT'? dosfsck can't do anything.
11:43:01Bagderbtw, i noticed I always needed to use dosfschk -a
11:43:05Bagderthe -a being important
11:43:35Bagderbut otherwise, no I don't. I ended up remaking my fs with mkfs and then it was fine since then
11:44:06Quelsarukbut doing a mkfs will erase my info....
11:44:24Bagderbut I have usb2, its not such a big deal ;-)
11:44:30Quelsarukhave i told you that i have 20 GB?
11:44:45Quelsarukand that my jukebox is the recorder6GB?
11:45:33Quelsaruki *need* another solution ;)
11:57:46 Quit Bagder ("")
12:00:34 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
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12:33:17 Join Guest [0] (
12:33:49 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
12:36:25 Quit ken0____ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:36:35 Join Cjnr11 [0] (
12:39:31 Join ken0____ [0] (
12:41:07 Join sb69 [0] (
12:51:11 Quit sb69 ("Leaving")
13:00:47 Quit _aLF (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:01:28 Quit Cjnr11 ()
13:05:10 Join ken0 [0] (
13:09:19 Join Zagor [242] (
13:09:19 Quit webmind (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:15:59quel|outafternoon Zagor :P
13:17:02 Join webmind [0] (
13:18:45dwihnoZagor: Do you got a new build for me to test?
13:19:51 Quit ken0____ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:25:11 Join ken0_ [0] (
13:25:32Zagordwihno: no
13:25:37 Join _aLF [0] (
13:28:59quel|outi think i've done something not too good to the printer :)
13:31:28 Quit webmind ("brb")
13:31:35 Join webmind [0] (
13:32:08 Quit webmind (Client Quit)
13:33:17 Join ken0__ [0] (
13:33:48 Join webmind [0] (
13:33:58 Quit webmind (Client Quit)
13:35:54 Join webmind [0] (
13:36:08 Quit ken0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:36:50 Quit quel|out ("Cerrando la cliente")
13:37:17 Join s [0] (
13:38:03 Quit seb-sleep (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:47:51 Join sb69 [0] (
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14:41:05 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
15:14:04*Stevie[FP] is back from [gone] [gone 13hrs 22mins 55secs] [KS]
15:17:55sb69hi Stevie, are you there?
15:19:10sb69Forgot if I already asked you the question : do you know how to somehow debug a development?
15:19:47Stevie[FP]no idea
15:19:53sb69I do not manage to compile the win32 simulator, and don't know how to put messages in stdout/stderr
15:20:22sb69anyway, I managed to make the search feature work on playlists, with an onplay option
15:20:49sb69but I did not change the search algorithm, which seems to have flaws
15:22:06Stevie[FP]how so?
15:22:29sb69what do you mean?
15:23:18Stevie[FP]'seems to have flaws'
15:23:58sb69I have a case where it gives me a mp3 that does not contain de search string
15:25:08sb69that's why I wanted to implement the Boyer-Moore algorithm instead. But it will be more difficult so I'd need to be able to debug
15:25:27sb69anybody there could tell me how?
15:26:58Stevie[FP]B-M is actually fairly simple
15:27:05Stevie[FP]first, you need to construct a casetable
15:27:18Stevie[FP]because I'm thinking you'll want a case-insensitive search
15:27:30Stevie[FP]so you need a way to match upper/lowercase
15:27:40Stevie[FP]typically it's just an array of 256 bytes
15:27:46Stevie[FP]used as a lookup table
15:28:07sb69I found several examples of implementation ont he web
15:28:26sb69what I do not master is the file buffering
15:29:06sb69in the current algorithm, it does not seem to read the file line by line, but with a buffer size of 1024 bytes
15:29:20sb69probably to optimize the i/o
15:30:01sb69I would tend to read the file line by line, which is probably slower
15:39:33Stevie[FP]I think it would be better to read it 1024 bytes at a time
15:39:50Stevie[FP]it would never cause an erroneous match, because the newline would automatically cause a mismatch
15:40:55sb69yes, I believe the flaw in the algorithm is about the detection of beginning and end of matched line
15:41:24sb69Indeed, I noticed that the line just before the "wrong matched" line had a match
15:41:58Stevie[FP]you could probably borrow some logic from the playlist code
15:42:05Stevie[FP]since that obviously needs to identify different lines
15:45:52sb69probably. Anyway, If I read 1024 bytes at a time, it could break a matching line between two buffers. It will be hard to reconstruct the complete line
15:47:11sb69I think I will first try a basic algorithm, and then try to improve it if it's slow
15:47:28Stevie[FP]that is correct...
15:48:33sb69it's certainly possible to handle those lines cut between two buffers, but not so easy
15:49:50sb69I was thinking about having a look at the grep source code. Because what we need is typically a "grep -i searchstring playlist.m3u" (and then remove the lines beginning with #)
15:50:51sb69I suppose grep do this kind of file-buffering
15:51:46sb69good ... afternoon elinenbe
15:52:59sb69I'll try to post an e-mail on a rockbox mailing-list to have more feedback about all this
16:00:59 Join Nibbler [0] (
16:08:21 Part jzoss ("Client exiting")
16:10:20 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
16:12:34 Quit s (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:12:38 Quit Stevie[FP] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:12:47 Join s [0] (
16:15:42 Join Stevie[FP] [0] (~whatsit2u@
16:18:10 Join SeanL994 [0] (~Sean@
16:18:24SeanL994anyone here wanna help me out a lil?
16:19:31SeanL994i got the studio 20 last night.. loaded about 15 gigs of mp3s its all charged up now but i cant get it to reconize the usb
16:19:51SeanL994i mean.. it did last night.. cause i got the mp3's on it..
16:20:00webmindOS ?
16:20:05SeanL994i have it pluged in with the ac
16:20:07SeanL994xp pro
16:20:11webmindbtw, is it turned on ?
16:20:15webmindthe studio
16:20:16SeanL994it worked fine last night
16:20:26SeanL994like "auto on" yea.. from the power supply
16:20:38webminddid u press "on"
16:20:50webmindso your display sez: usb active
16:21:25SeanL994ok now it doeds
16:21:32SeanL994do i need to press ON and Plus?
16:21:41webmindjust on
16:21:43SeanL994i thought i tried that..
16:21:44SeanL994oh ok
16:21:52webmindbtw.. try and install rockbox on it
16:22:09SeanL994whats the deal with the playlist feature? do i have to put the playlist's i make in a folder? "playlist"?
16:22:17SeanL994yea i think i will
16:22:30SeanL994dont know how good it will work on the studio tho
16:22:49SeanL994so.. can i create a play list of like 10 folders? i cant do cross folder playlisting huh?
16:23:12webmindu can create playlists ur self
16:23:21webmindbut u dont have to
16:23:24SeanL994so i can do shuffle.. cause now when i do shuffle it only does 1 folder
16:23:37SeanL994well i want it so i can have it on shuffle with all the tracks
16:23:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:24:05SeanL994there are 200 full albums on the player right now (in there own folder)
16:25:35SeanL994i'm leaving in about 5 mins.. i'm gonna go.. i wanna get the rockbox software on :) thanks for the talk. peace out see you later. i will use this chat to get help :)
16:25:40 Quit SeanL994 ()
16:27:55 Join Bagder [241] (
16:29:37 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
16:34:58 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
16:35:29 Quit sb69 ("Leaving")
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17:33:22 Join awy[baer]_ [0] (~erklaerba@
17:45:48 Join edx [0] (
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17:55:15 Quit awy[baer] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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18:22:57*Stevie[FP] is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr 1sec)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
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19:21:36 Quit Bagder ("")
19:30:03 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:30:09 Nick edx` is now known as edx (
19:32:10 Join alexandre [0] (
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19:50:08 Nick alexandre is now known as _aLF (
19:53:56 Nick s is now known as _seb_ (
20:09:35*Stevie[FP] is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr 1sec)] [gone 1hr 46mins 38secs] [KS]
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20:35:53 Join Nibbler [0] (
20:36:27 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
20:36:56Quelsarukevening :)
20:53:41 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:53:43 Quit Quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:07:56 Quit Snorlax (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:46:40 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:04:05 Join Zagor [242] (
22:07:10 Join s [0] (
22:07:33tracktheripperhello Zagor
22:08:01 Quit _seb_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:09:37Stevie[FP]hey Zagor
22:09:41Stevie[FP]did you ever see menutest4?
22:16:35tracktheripperim looking forward to see the plugin system
22:17:19 Nick s is now known as _seb_ (
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22:36:45ZagorStevie[FP]: hmm, which was #4? I saw the one with the nice graphic sliders
22:37:08 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:37:39tracktheripperStevie have you got sliders working now?
22:41:45Stevie[FP]#4 has edit-in-place for some of the 'set_option()' fields
22:43:54tracktheripperlet me tryit
22:45:05tracktheripperthere are no sliders!
22:45:07tracktheripperjust numbers!
22:50:04Stevie[FP]in menutest4?
22:50:09Stevie[FP]what are you looking at?
22:50:15Stevie[FP]if you're looking at the sound menu, there's no sliders there
22:52:20tracktherippernever mind
22:52:36tracktheripperIs it true the FM recorder has digital in but no digital out?
23:00:49 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
23:14:32 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:14:36BoD[]hello !
23:18:11 Quit _seb_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:18:18BoD[]who wants to play tetris plus 2 with me ?
23:19:19 Join _seb_ [0] (
23:28:28 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
23:48:54 Join sb69 [0] (
23:48:54 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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23:57:48 Join sb69 [0] (

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