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#rockbox log for 2003-05-10

00:00:17tracktheripperthanx :-)
00:00:27Mightydoes the 6502 cpu has any function for long jumps into other codesegments ?
00:01:11tracktheripperLinusN Can I have an Admin position please? :-)
00:02:02LinusNMighty: are you bankswitching?
00:02:02MightyLinusN, youre an 6502 hacker?
00:02:23LinusNor do you mean a branch?
00:02:44MightyLinusN, I know nothing about the 6502 cpu :-)
00:02:57Mightyjust got the MOS Programming Manual
00:03:01Mightythe big funny one
00:03:27MightyI believe Zagor is quite good at the 6502?
00:03:34LinusNi'm better
00:03:46Mightybut you'r several guys here from the group, what was it called
00:03:54Mightythe introgroup
00:04:12Mightyc64 demogroup
00:05:11MightyLinusN, you know like the ix86 cpus can do long jumps into other codesegments but that's pretty much never done, the normal jumps are 16 or 8 bit local ones,,
00:05:42LinusNthe 6502 doesn't have any segments
00:05:43Mightywhat I would like to know is if the 6502 only does such local jumps or if it also can jump to 'any' place in ram ?
00:05:59Mightyok I guess I'll have to read the whole book before asking more ;-)
00:07:05Mightythanks a lot, I'll come back later tonight when there's nothing more on TV
00:07:13MightyI have to see StarTrek Nemesis too... bye
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00:52:39BoD[]how are you
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00:57:49midknight2k3whoever is here
00:58:10 Quit edx ()
00:58:18midknight2k3oh yes its the ipod guy
00:58:27midknight2k3the OTHER ipod guy :)
00:58:34BoD[]the broken archos guy ;)
00:58:54midknight2k3oh yeah
00:58:59midknight2k3the ipod-conSIDerer
00:59:15midknight2k3just joking
00:59:19BoD[]the 'if i had money i'd buy an ipod"
00:59:37midknight2k3do you need a lecture?
00:59:44BoD[]a lecture on what
00:59:57midknight2k3on ipods and all them disadvantages
01:00:05BoD[]no thanx :)
01:00:25midknight2k3oh well
01:00:37midknight2k3how about a nice big cheeseburger - ascii type?
01:00:42BoD[]yehhhhhhhhhhh :)
01:01:14BoD[]of course!
01:02:00 Join s [0] (
01:02:01BoD[]and yummy
01:02:49midknight2k3i should come up with a new one
01:02:57BoD[]hey if you like ascii-art you should subscribe to alt.ascii-art
01:03:21BoD[]it's great
01:03:27BoD[]very good artists there
01:03:36midknight2k3never even knew what it was called until i made a burger and psyco went crazy
01:03:43BoD[]and a good comic strip "nerd boy"
01:07:03midknight2k3it's very nice
01:07:20midknight2k3however it makes no sense
01:08:06BoD[]what makes no sense
01:08:30midknight2k3Nerd Boy
01:08:42BoD[]you read it ?
01:08:49midknight2k3one of them
01:08:55BoD[]read more
01:09:07BoD[]some are not that good
01:09:13BoD[]but some are very funny :))
01:10:35midknight2k3well in a bit
01:11:42midknight2k3you know that 'read contents of zip files' feature request wasnt all that bad
01:11:47midknight2k3it could be VERY usefyul
01:12:12midknight2k3i mea, did you read it?
01:12:37BoD[]i guess it's about reading zip files ?
01:12:45midknight2k3did you read it though>
01:13:56midknight2k3read it there
01:16:16BoD[]and did you read mikeholden's comment? :))))
01:16:26midknight2k3its not my request
01:16:44midknight2k3if you packed all your mp3s in there it could save a significant amount of space
01:16:53BoD[]are you sure
01:17:04midknight2k3plus you could store all your WPS and CFG and FNT files
01:17:09midknight2k3in one zip
01:17:20midknight2k3yes its farfetched but it just sounds like it would be neat
01:17:21BoD[]yes and win like .. 10K ?
01:17:29midknight2k344K for one mp3
01:17:38BoD[]yes it's unsignificant
01:17:39midknight2k3times that for 20GB
01:17:54BoD[]44K = 0 :)
01:17:57midknight2k3it could simply HELP i mean it would be NEAT calm DOWN
01:18:11BoD[]you're fun
01:18:28BoD[]yeah it would be cool i agree
01:18:48midknight2k3i mean even for other stuff
01:18:48BoD[]and i guess one could unzip files with a code less than 100kB
01:19:02midknight2k3it's very impossible but it would be neat
01:19:23midknight2k3with the new v2.3 plugin loader it might be possible but still very unlikely ;)
01:19:57BoD[]i'd prefer to have a recursive random
01:20:05BoD[]but why not ;)
01:20:14LinusNBoD[]: without a playlist?
01:20:37LinusNwhat's wrong with a playlist?
01:20:44BoD[]you have to make it ;)
01:20:45midknight2k3oh yes thats what i was going to suggest
01:21:08midknight2k3do you expect rockbox will soon have the ability to make custom playlists?
01:21:27LinusNwhen somebody writes code for it
01:21:41midknight2k3isnt that your job ;)?
01:21:58BoD[]well if i'm not wrong it would be slow to recurse a directory anyway
01:22:30midknight2k3i hope i can actually FINISH that rockbox review tonight
01:22:41midknight2k3i keep putting it off but i just need to sit down and finish it
01:26:21midknight2k3hello, deadbeets!
01:37:07BoD[]i go to bed !
01:38:16midknight2k3se you
01:39:45midknight2k3Linus, in the roadmap for v2.2, when you say User Interface Overhaul, do you mean the directory browser, the menus or the entire thing?
01:42:47LinusNwe mean the entire thing
01:43:05midknight2k3wow i wonder how it could really be change
01:43:24midknight2k3do you have any concepts or ideas?
01:44:25LinusNyou don't subscribe to the mailing list do you?
01:44:51midknight2k3yes i do
01:44:58midknight2k3i barely read it tho ;)
01:45:11midknight2k3it clogs up my inbox i dont even know why i subscribe
01:45:19midknight2k3i review it though for anything interesting
01:45:21LinusNuse a filter
01:47:26LinusNmy mail client (mozilla) has an auto-filtering option that can move incoming messages to a separate folder based on, for example. the to: address
01:47:48midknight2k3ah well i dont really care its not a big deal
01:47:52LinusNi have all my mailing lists auto-filed in folders like that
01:48:02midknight2k3yeah its a good idea
01:51:48midknight2k3sounds pretty neat
01:53:28 Join Kinslayer [0] (
01:53:39Kinslayeranyone here on linux using rsync for transfers?
01:53:57LinusNnot me
01:54:04midknight2k3i use no Linux!
01:54:27Kinslayerok well anyone using windows version of rsync? :)
01:55:28midknight2k3whats rsync anyways? ;)
01:55:34midknight2k3just never mind
01:57:38midknight2k3linus, icant believe you took out the demos from rockbox!
01:57:42midknight2k3shame on you!
01:59:30LinusNwe had to, because the firmware file became too big
01:59:39Kinslayerwhen are we getting modules? :)
02:00:37midknight2k3so as i understand
02:01:09midknight2k3the plugins will basically allow us to load multiple pieces seperately, such as two firmwares simultaneously
02:01:16midknight2k3(forgive my speeling)
02:03:31LinusNmidknight2k3: the plugins will allow loading of separate "applications", like games
02:03:48LinusNone plugin at a time
02:03:59LinusNkind of like overlays
02:04:15midknight2k3it seems like it would be impossible to run a firmware and then 'add' something to it
02:04:22midknight2k3without modifying the firmware file
02:04:44LinusNthink of them as DLL's
02:07:31midknight2k3What i cant believe overall is what youve done so far, and how you could even THINK about where to go next :)
02:08:01LinusNwe just can't stop
02:08:17midknight2k3its very surprising you could even have STARTED.
02:09:06midknight2k3Thatsa lotta code
02:09:39midknight2k3And it's even more amazing when you think that archos hasnt sponsored you in anyway (i don't think...)
02:11:10LinusNthe first version of rockbox wasn't very big, not much code
02:11:26LinusNa blinking LED
02:11:57midknight2k3which one
02:12:35LinusNnot really a version number
02:12:48Kinslayerthanks, night
02:12:49 Quit Kinslayer ("[BX] Tickle-Me Elmo uses BitchX. *giggle* *giggle* *giggle*")
02:12:52LinusNit was the first test code that proved that we could reprogram it
02:12:58midknight2k3And I assume that people publicly downloaded this?
02:13:05LinusNoh no
02:13:16midknight2k3it must have ruined your archos huh
02:13:23midknight2k3oh no never mind
02:13:37midknight2k3i forgot you can get to usb mode by doing usb plug then power on
02:13:37LinusNwe did have the disk-lock problem back them
02:13:48midknight2k3how did that occur again?
02:13:52midknight2k3bad code or what?
02:13:57LinusNwe don't really know
02:14:13LinusNthe led-blink code didn't touch the hard drive
02:14:25LinusNbut somehow the hard drive was affected
02:14:34LinusNand it was locked
02:14:44midknight2k3look how far you've come
02:14:44 Join Nibbler [0] (
02:14:49LinusNit still happens to people, even when running the original firmware
02:15:29 Join Kinslayer [0] (
02:15:40Kinslayeractually, last question. how active is rockbox during USB stuff?
02:15:57LinusNnot very, it updates the status bar
02:16:30Kinslayerwell, im trying to trasnsfer 17 gb
02:16:42Kinslayerive just had to reformat the drive because it got screwed along the way
02:16:47Kinslayera safe auto shutdown would be great :))
02:17:01LinusNwhat model do you have?
02:17:07Kinslayerrecorder 20
02:17:40LinusNthe charger can't supply enough current to keep it alive during sustained USB transfers
02:17:52Kinslayerok well maybe screwed is a bad word, but partially messed will suffice. it could still boot and see files, but there were problems with the fat table
02:17:56LinusNthe batteries are drained
02:18:17Kinslayeryeah i know... i read the FAQ... not looking for a fix for that, just something to make it less painful
02:18:19midknight2k3is there a way for instance to tell the hard drive to spin down when its not in use linus?
02:18:41LinusNKinslayer: if rockbox shut down the drive it would still be messed up
02:19:06midknight2k3if youre replying to my comment linus thats not what i meant
02:19:24LinusNmidknight2k3: we have thought about enabling the STANDBY mode before switching to USB mode
02:19:59Kinslayerdont know usb that well but is there not potentially a 'safe' way to disconnect the drive even during a transfer?
02:20:00midknight2k3like on the RioRiot the hard drive stays off unless its booted up by the computer to add songs
02:20:29LinusNKinslayer: no, that has nothing to do with USB, but the file system caching in your OS
02:21:00LinusNmidknight2k3: my recorders spin down in USB mode, at least when using Linux
02:21:03Kinslayermmm ok, think i get it
02:21:21midknight2k3im using windows
02:21:26midknight2k3the hard drive is ALWAYS on
02:21:30midknight2k3no matter what
02:21:34midknight2k3unless the batteries die
02:21:45midknight2k3which brings us back to the start: can you stop that ;)
02:21:51LinusNmaybe there is some checkbox to click somewhere in some "hard drive manager" somewhere?
02:22:03LinusNmidknight2k3: we have thought about enabling the STANDBY mode before switching to USB mode
02:22:25midknight2k3what's that mean
02:22:44midknight2k3i didnt know there WAS a standby mode
02:22:51Kinslayerso what if i connected an adapter with a 1500 ma output straight to the battery terminals on the jukebox? :)
02:22:55LinusNthet means that the hard drive will spin down when it isn't accessed
02:23:17midknight2k3well then thats a GREAT idea is it impliment-ab-able?
02:23:33LinusNKinslayer: maybe
02:24:04LinusNmidknight2k3: we could try
02:24:14midknight2k3hey that would be great
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02:24:38midknight2k3it's not urgent but would be very useful
02:25:11Kinslayerthanks for the help. night.
02:25:12 Quit Kinslayer ("Killed by BlackJac (Requested by panasync)")
02:26:40LinusNmidknight2k3: can you test it right away?
02:27:01midknight2k3like, now?
02:27:17midknight2k3when do you mean?
02:27:50LinusNgive me a few minutes
02:27:59midknight2k3you can do it that fast?
02:28:03midknight2k3or is it already coded?
02:28:14LinusNi can do it that fast
02:29:44midknight2k3it would take me 5 hours just to figure out where to put the "set standby on usb" line lol
02:32:23LinusNwhich model do you have?
02:32:39midknight2k3recorder 20
02:32:45midknight2k3the ONLY model to have ;)
02:37:48midknight2k3all right
02:42:11midknight2k3let me know if you're back
02:43:34midknight2k3okay well at first i thought it was messed up but after approximately one minute it shut off
02:43:38midknight2k3it works heh
02:44:09midknight2k3perhaps more
02:44:15midknight2k31.5 max?
02:44:29LinusNshould have been 5 secs
02:44:46midknight2k3oh well heres the thing
02:44:53midknight2k3okay first it spun up
02:45:06midknight2k3then after 5 seconds i think the rw heads locked
02:45:13midknight2k3then a minute later the disk actually shut off
02:46:00midknight2k3do you know what i mean when i say that the rw heads 'locked'?
02:47:43midknight2k3exactly thats how it goes... whirrrrrr...clickity-it click.. whirrrrrrrrrrrrr (time passing approx 45 seconds - 1min) whirrrr..... clickety-clowww (silence)
02:51:48LinusNand does it spin up if you access it?
02:52:53LinusNnew version up, same url
02:53:19LinusNshould spin down in 5 secs
02:53:29midknight2k3ok ill give it a go
02:56:39midknight2k3well heres what happens
02:57:04midknight2k3the second you plug in the usb cable the drive shuts off then turns back on (that's not good) and it also still hasnt turned off yet
02:57:10midknight2k3turned it off a bit too soon
02:58:35midknight2k3now its not turning off at all now
02:58:39midknight2k3so its an imporvemtn
02:58:44midknight2k3it shuts off too quick though
02:58:54LinusNthis is weird
02:59:10midknight2k3and it either doesnt reshutoff or its totally not what i think it us
02:59:18midknight2k3let me try one more time
02:59:52midknight2k3yeah all it does is the hard drive clicketyclicks
03:00:00midknight2k3after it restarts the driveof course
03:01:17LinusN10-second version up
03:01:50midknight2k3its amazing what you can do with this thing
03:02:56midknight2k3it works!
03:03:51midknight2k3yeah the reason i think the other one didnt work was because there wasnt enough time to get it going and autoplay the contents and all
03:03:54midknight2k3but yes it works
03:04:15midknight2k3it still shuts off the drive and starts it up again immediately upon plugging in usb
03:04:24midknight2k3but hey its not a big deal at all
03:05:18LinusNthat may be because the windows driver doesn't access the drive until after some time after it is plugged in
03:06:21midknight2k3one suggestion (and sorry i know beggars cant be choosers) but an option would be nice (off, on 5 seconds, on 10 seconds, on 30 seconds) or something
03:06:42midknight2k3not necessary though you did an excellent job i cant believe it works!
03:06:53LinusNsure "standby time in USB mode" or something
03:07:04midknight2k3if its possible
03:07:16 Join Stevie-O [0] (
03:07:18LinusNwhat would be a sensible default?
03:07:19midknight2k3which im sure it is
03:07:32midknight2k3oh, 15 seconds or so?
03:07:38midknight2k3yeha 15 sounds good
03:07:55midknight2k310 would be too quick for most and 30 would be too much
03:08:05midknight2k3not too much but not as sensible as 15 ;)
03:08:56Stevie-OI can find no clean way to do my language string patch
03:09:21LinusNStevie-O: i can imagine that
03:09:28Stevie-Obut Zagor doesn't like it
03:09:50LinusNme neither
03:09:52Stevie-OThe closest thing I could think of is having a union with an int and a char*
03:10:30Stevie-Obut then you can't just pass one directly to a function
03:10:57midknight2k3oh linus, do you think you could have the a-b playback in by 2.1? no rush just, *prays silently*
03:10:59LinusNmidknight2k3: new version up. should be 15 seconds. can you verify?
03:12:23Stevie-Othe only OTHER option to make the menu stuff work is to have a 2nd copy of the code for each setting
03:12:43Stevie-Oand I think code duplication is that last thing rockbox needs
03:14:27Stevie-Oso... what *would* make you guys happy?
03:14:44LinusNi don't know really
03:14:53midknight2k3a-b repeat
03:14:57midknight2k3thats all i need
03:15:04Stevie-Owhat's a-b ?
03:15:06midknight2k3then im set
03:15:20midknight2k3like press a button at one point then again at another and it loops that section
03:15:23LinusNmidknight2k3: that is not done that easily
03:15:35midknight2k3but okay about the new version
03:15:51LinusNmidknight2k3: it is really 15 secs?
03:15:54midknight2k3yes it works, but by test did you mean see if it shut off, or see if the menu seetins worked?
03:16:05midknight2k3answer above question first
03:16:19midknight2k3it would make me understand better
03:16:27LinusNno settings, just wanted to see if i got the timings right
03:17:16midknight2k3well since i have autoplay that it opens the drive in explorer, it seemed like 5 because of how it takes 8 seconds or so to look at the files to display
03:17:22LinusNa-b play requires some hacking deep inside the mp3 driver code
03:17:24midknight2k3but it seems fine
03:17:30midknight2k3well anytime you get to it
03:17:34midknight2k3what id do linus
03:17:47midknight2k3is to make the 15 seond setting actually 18 or 20
03:18:01midknight2k3because it takes time to load it on your OS
03:18:08LinusNi can only set it in 5 second steps
03:18:10midknight2k3but either way, it works and it works great
03:18:22midknight2k3then 5 seconds ahead would be perfect
03:18:51LinusNstill, if you access it again after it has spun down, does it take 15 secs to spin down again?
03:18:58midknight2k3let me see
03:19:35LinusNi am silly
03:19:44midknight2k3my stopwatch says about 8 seconds
03:19:46LinusNmidknight2k3: try downloading again
03:19:50Stevie-Owhat if I was casting to a union?
03:21:46LinusNStevie-O: i don't think a union makes it much cleaner...hmmm...
03:22:00midknight2k3attaboy linus
03:22:16midknight2k3the clickety-click happens very soon but shutoff id say is perfectly 15 seconds
03:23:00midknight2k3so are you going to do the menu now or in a bit or much later/
03:24:01LinusNwe'll see
03:24:09midknight2k3so should i stay or what
03:24:11LinusNglad that it worked
03:24:19midknight2k3i mean, are you going to do it now or later
03:24:25midknight2k3i dont need a specific time
03:24:34midknight2k3all right
03:24:38midknight2k3well its very neat
03:24:39LinusNit's 3:30 AM here
03:25:06midknight2k3i cant believe i actually tested a rockbox that no one else did first ;)
03:25:23midknight2k3yes im very important
03:25:27midknight2k3make way make way
03:25:27*Stevie-O hands Linus a pillow
03:25:39midknight2k3make way for the VIP
03:25:45midknight2k3i must go to the exit now
03:25:58Stevie-Omidknight2k3: I do that all the time when I build menutest* :P
03:26:08LinusNStevie-O: this is what I and Zagor dislike:
03:26:11LinusN#define UFOO(x) ((union ufoo) x)
03:26:34midknight2k3you mean let people test it?
03:26:36Stevie-Obut that's the only way I know of to get a value into the union
03:26:52Stevie-Omidknight2k3: actually I meant I'm the first person to test it when I do :P
03:27:07midknight2k3WHY IS YOUR : WITH A LINE UNDER IT?
03:27:18midknight2k3capls lick
03:27:20Stevie-Omid: actually I meant I'm the first person to test it when I do :P
03:27:23Stevie-Othat's what I typed
03:27:25midknight2k3i must leave
03:27:33midknight2k3my typing is typoing
03:27:44midknight2k3see you all later
03:27:44LinusNStevie-O: i gotta sleep
03:27:48Stevie-Ook, cya
03:27:49LinusNl8r midknight2k3
03:27:52LinusNnite all
03:27:57 Part LinusN
03:28:00*midknight2k3 says make way for the exit, VIP coming through, out of the way, make way!!
03:28:20 Quit midknight2k3 ("see you later he he he he he HEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEE SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!")
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06:37:29bufferWhat's rockbox?
06:38:25 Part buffer ("Client Exiting")
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07:33:25CtcpVersion from i_am_pi!
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07:53:21jms1big THANK YOU to whoever added FM radio support in 20030508!!!
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10:03:08tracktherippermorning :-)
10:03:28tracktheripperive just got my ADSL connectin working :-)
10:05:03 Join tracktheripper1 [0] (
10:05:04 Quit tracktheripper1 (Client Quit)
10:05:06 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:05:36 Join tracktheripper [0] (
10:05:44tracktheripperyea hi webmind
10:06:45tracktheripperas ive said ive now got my ADSL link working
10:06:48webmindwhat did u use before dsl ?
10:07:09tracktheripperit is supersonic compared to dialup my dsl link
10:07:16webmindand cheaper :)
10:07:34tracktheripperi like the way pages load up in 1 second rather than 15 seconds
10:08:01webmindtracktheripper, don't worry.. it'll go away
10:08:18tracktheripperwhats up?
10:08:36webmindwel last night
10:09:07webmindthere ?
10:09:12tracktheripperyea im here
10:09:21tracktheripperjust trying out my P2P program on dsl
10:09:22webmindno asin: what's up there
10:09:24webmindah k
10:09:44webminddon't think i ever used it
10:09:53webmindmaybe tried napster once...
10:09:54tracktheripperim on AOL broadband and they don't impose restrictions on bandwitdh usage
10:09:55webmindfor 5min
10:10:31*webmind has 100mbit without bandwith limit, 2mbit at work with same system
10:10:47webmindwell.. no the 2mbit is true bandwithlimit less
10:10:51tracktheripperyea u have a leased line (i think)
10:11:05webmindat work yes
10:11:19webmindi irc from a machine with a university link
10:11:43webmindatm i'm behind a wireless connection to a cable account though
10:13:03tracktheripperyea im just using a home DSL link which is more than fast enough for me
10:13:28webmindok :)
10:13:36webmindawell it's flatrate
10:15:19tracktheripperwell my modem achieves 560kbs flat out :-)
10:15:39webmindwel yes.. but u pay by the minute
10:16:02tracktheripperno I don't
10:16:11tracktheripperi pay a fixed fee per month
10:16:39webminduhm for your dialup aswell ?
10:16:58tracktheripperwell it includes dialup back-up but i prob don't need it
10:18:03webmindno i meant before your dsl
10:18:33tracktheripperdialup was also a fixed fee per month
10:18:39webmindhow ?
10:21:01 Join tracktheripper1 [0] (
10:21:06 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:21:07 Quit tracktheripper1 (Client Quit)
10:21:22 Join tracktheripper [0] (
10:21:39tracktheripperyea dialup is 15 a month, the dsl is 27 a month
10:22:09webminddont u have to pay phone costs for the dilup?
10:24:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:25:51tracktheripperjust downloading a 24MB file and the link is holding at 580kbs :-)
10:30:02tracktheripperat least it makes downloading those windows updates less painful
10:30:13webmindwindows updates ?
10:30:42webmindi never do that
10:30:45tracktheripperif you have Windows XP like I do you get the occasional update now and then
10:32:16tracktheripper((hopes theres enough bandwidth around to download Linux))
10:34:11webmindah kdont run windows
10:37:05webmindbandwith is nice for apt-get though
10:46:57GullAni have 1mbit/256 for 30$/month?
10:46:58 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:49:42 Quit awy[baer]_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:54:48-->"logtime #macroquest 50" received from trucido (
11:09:07 Join tracktheripper [0] (
11:09:07 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
11:09:55 Join juz [0] (
11:12:53 Join ken0 [0] (
11:12:54 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:19:27ken0any dev around?
11:20:27>>>"hello" by GullAn (
11:20:33>>>"not a eggdrop :\/" by GullAn (
11:20:45>>>"CMD" by GullAn (
11:21:11>>>"TELLME UPTIME" by GullAn (
11:21:12>>>"UPTIME" by GullAn (
11:21:28>>>"explain linux" by GullAn (
11:21:44GullAnlogbot explain rockbox
11:21:55>>>"explain rockbox" by GullAn (
11:39:23 Join tracktheripper [0] (
11:51:46 Quit juz (Killed (NickServ (Nickname Enforcement)))
11:51:55 Join ken0_ [0] (
12:00:19 Quit ken0 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:02:53 Join juz` [0] (
12:11:57 Join Kinslayer [0] (
12:12:06tracktheripperhi kinslayer
12:13:04Kinslayerheh i reformatted my jukebox this morning and all the .rockbox files are still there.
12:13:07tracktheripperhow are u?
12:13:14Kinslayerim tired :)
12:13:14tracktheripperKinslayer I know a way around that
12:13:38tracktheripperKinslayer I know a trick how to fix that
12:13:43Kinslayernah its fine im already transferring my collection, 2nd attempt
12:13:50Kinslayerof course might be worth knowing for future
12:14:04tracktheripperFirstly, do you have Windows 2000 or Windows XP?
12:14:09Kinslayermaybe i shuold have just dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/jbr20 :)
12:14:25Kinslayeri have XP in a window on my desktop... does that help?
12:14:38tracktheripperwell for the trick to work u need Windows XP or Windows 2000
12:15:16tracktheripperIf you have Windows 2000 or XP, do a full format of your jukebox in NTFS, then again in FAT32
12:15:23tracktherippertotally wipes the drive clean
12:15:28Kinslayerah ok makes sense
12:15:42tracktheripperyea so reformat your drive as NTFS, then reformat it as FAT32
12:15:50GullAncan u defrag. a jukebox?
12:15:57tracktheripperdoing that totally destroys all unwanted files ane makes your drive nice and clean
12:16:00tracktheripperGullAn yes you can
12:16:24tracktheripperKinSlayer try that and let me know how u get on
12:18:37 Join RiESENHiRNi [0] (
12:20:25RiESENHiRNihi! :) is archos20030508.ajz the right file with no 400 files/dir limit for my ajr?
12:20:36tracktheripperits the latest bleeding edge
12:20:58RiESENHiRNiis it unstable?
12:21:18tracktherippernot that I know off
12:21:58RiESENHiRNiwhats the right version for a newbie like me, but i want the version with no 400files limit?
12:22:07RiESENHiRNiany hint?
12:22:34RiESENHiRNimy english isnt very well, so i have a hard fight with your site...*g*
12:23:27tracktheripperjust download the latest bleeding edge
12:24:38RiESENHiRNiok, when i will test it! thx for help and guys u make a very good work with this nice software!!! :-)
12:24:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:25:52 Quit RiESENHiRNi ("Leaving")
12:26:27juz`hello , i would know information about patch
12:27:32 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
12:28:30juz`how i do to apply patch wich is for a old version of a source file (eg:settings.c) but i have only the newest version and when i patch it it tell me it ignoreg hunk end the copiler dosn t work
12:30:17juz`i want to use the rec_timer with the lateste version of rockbox but some file dosnt work (recroding.c and many other
12:38:59 Join ken0 [0] (
12:39:00 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:49:53 Join Nibbler [0] (
13:38:29ken0any dev around?
13:38:29 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:51:41 Join ken0_ [0] (
13:53:15 Join edx [0] (
14:00:15 Quit ken0 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:16:24 Join tracktheripper [0] (
14:17:13>>>"explain rockboX" by GullAn (
14:20:53tracktheripperim bored
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14:27:24ken0_dev guys
14:27:29ken0_you around?
14:28:33 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:28:58tracktheripperhi Ken
14:37:32GullAnis there a big risk that the disk will be locked?
14:45:50 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
14:57:50GullAnis there a big risk that the disk will be locked?
15:01:55GullAndid it happen to some of u?
16:07:49 Join Jet8810 [0] (
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16:44:28 Join ken0__ [0] (
16:59:50 Quit jms1 ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla rv:1.2.1/20030225]")
17:08:23 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
17:21:29 Join tracktheripper [0] (
17:47:15 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:47:16 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:00:37 Quit GullAn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:06:12 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
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18:27:46 Join GullAn [0] (
18:27:46 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:31:32GullAnso i cant run rockbox in a multimedia??
18:34:57juz`no you can t
18:36:37GullAnis there another linux for it then?
18:37:23juz`but you ahve the multimedia??
18:37:33GullAnsoon i do
18:37:54GullAndoes it sux?
18:37:54juz`is it good, can you play divx any resolution file??
18:38:06GullAnu cant play divx
18:38:30GullAni will tell u when i have it
18:38:51GullAnomg it CAN play divx
18:38:56GullAni didnt know :)
18:40:20GullAndo u know
18:40:27GullAnif there is a linux for multimedia
18:41:16juz`a linux or an no archos fireware??
18:41:41juz`linux is an os:)
18:42:08GullAnjust something diffrent that the archos os thing
18:42:46juz`i think no
18:43:05GullAnits too new
18:43:18GullAni wanna play tetris on it :\
18:43:55juz`yes the fireware is the rockbox
18:44:10juz`you can t
18:44:15juz`it is only on the recorder and fm
18:44:31juz`sorry for my english but i m french
18:44:50juz`go on the rockbox FAq for more information
18:45:01GullAntheres no fm in it
18:45:20GullAnonly the recorder and video
18:45:41juz`but if you will have the multimedia and no another player rockbox it s not for you sorry
18:46:11juz`it don t work on multimedia that all
18:48:03juz`try to search on the net, in a long time i think a group like rockbox will work on a multimedia fireware
18:48:27juz`but it s very different a
19:05:25 Quit edx ()
19:08:44 Join edx [0] (
19:17:23 Join matsl [0] (
19:18:15 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
19:32:54 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
20:06:22 Join Nibbler [0] (
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21:42:07 Join SeanL994 [0] (~Sean@
21:42:09 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:42:50SeanL994i have the archos studio 20.. with rockbox 2.0 installed.. runs great... cept for the lag inbetween songs and folders.. how can i fix this up to go a bit faster?
21:43:38hardeepSeanL994: what lag do you mean?
21:43:48SeanL994when the red light comes on
21:44:09 Join Zog [0] (
21:44:23SeanL994when i go from playing a track. press stop.. goes to the track selection screen.. takes like 2 seconds
21:44:29SeanL994(2 seconds is a long time)
21:45:20hardeephmmm... is it faster with the archos firmware?
21:45:24SeanL994it was yes
21:45:33SeanL994i have only had it for 3 days :)
21:45:47SeanL994the red light doesnt come on at all with the archos firmware
21:46:00 Join midknight2k [0] (
21:46:21hardeepthat's because rockbox displays disk activity using the red light... the archos firmware only used it for reporting errors
21:46:31midknight2knot only for errors
21:46:48midknight2kit also did for just 'activity' like starting a song etc
21:46:51SeanL994oh .. well it seemed like it was faster on the archos firmware.. but i really like the rockbox firmware(cept for this)
21:46:58SeanL994no it didnt
21:46:59midknight2kill tell you why
21:47:10SeanL994i used it for a whole day and i never saw that red light once
21:47:20midknight2kon archos firmware?
21:47:32midknight2kplayer or recorder?
21:48:26midknight2krecorder uses it for activity
21:48:41SeanL994ok nevermind the lag stuf.. i can totaly just deal with it.. i have another question.
21:49:38SeanL994in the menu i see "INFO" i select it and i get BuF : 1.78M and 99% 10h that the batt life? not very acurate
21:49:43hardeepSeanL994: just regarding the lag... a couple of settings you can play with are disk spindown and disk poweroff in the system settings menu
21:50:00SeanL994someone here told me it just runs the bat?
21:50:09SeanL994what would be a good Mid point to set it to?
21:50:20midknight2kthe percent and hours and minuets are the battery time yes
21:50:35SeanL994i figured that.. but its not correct
21:50:42SeanL994i had it in the charger for 30 mins today
21:50:52SeanL994i used it down to 1 batt line yesturday
21:50:53midknight2kit doesnt display when charging
21:51:07midknight2kSometimes you have to reboot to see it for exactly real
21:51:15SeanL994well.. yea i knew that
21:51:16midknight2kI think it's a bug
21:51:24SeanL994probly a bug..yea
21:51:32hardeepSeanL994: there's a lot of of info about battery/charging at
21:51:37SeanL994ok.. disc spindown is set to 5 s
21:51:52SeanL994cool. i;ll check out the site
21:52:17hardeepSeanL994: disk spindown won't affect going from WPS to folder display... but it may help when browsing the files
21:52:36midknight2kwhat happened to the daily builds do you know?
21:52:44hardeepSeanL994: disk poweroff might help some (depends on HD)... see the user manual for more info
21:52:44SeanL994well i dont browse files. just folders. (all my mp3s are in there own folder)(full cd's)
21:53:06SeanL994manual for rockbox you mean?
21:53:15hardeepSeanL994: that's what I mean... traversing the file system will be faster
21:53:18hardeepSeanL994: yeah
21:53:33SeanL994oh ok.. so what should i change it to?
21:53:41hardeepmidnight2k: what's wrong with the daily builds?
21:54:05GullAnwhy do u buy the recorder when the multimedia is just +100$ more?
21:54:16midknight2kit seems that they aren't being built
21:54:17hardeepSeanL994: take a look at the manual... higher spindown means the disk doesn't go to sleep as often... but it uses up more battery
21:54:39SeanL994got cha
21:54:45SeanL994cool thanks for all the help
21:54:50hardeepmidnight2k: aha, yes... it's probably due to all the sourceforge cvs problems
21:54:57 Quit midknight2k (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:55:44SeanL994what would be a decent price for selling this studio 20 with 17 gigs of mp3s ,headphones,ac,usb, Irock USB adaptor(maybe)? cause i wanna get the Recorder now..
21:56:10SeanL994or to a friend
21:56:31SeanL994(not really friend..)just someone in my class.. dont know him very well personaly
21:56:35hardeepalthough the 17 gigs of mp3s may be illegal
21:57:12SeanL994well that wouldnt be my main selling point on ebay.. but to someone i know.(in person) it would be
21:58:18SeanL994well.. tell me if you think i got ripped off.. (all that stuff i said) for 185 Shipped..thats what i got it for.. from a forsale/trade forum
21:59:15hardeepi couldn't tell you... no idea what the current rate for the studio 20 is
21:59:35hardeepbtw, you may want to check out they offer upgrades
21:59:47SeanL994upgrades for what?
21:59:47hardeepfrom studio to recorder
21:59:54SeanL994as a trade in?
22:01:01SeanL994well.. screw that.. see.. my situation is.. i just spent 185 bucks on this thing.. i dont want to spend anymore money.. so i sell it for 180-190 (without IRock fm thing) and i go to circuit city and get the Recorder at 'COST' my friend works there.. he should be able to hook me up (its $199 there)
22:01:50SeanL994that site does upgrades (harddrives) thats silly.. i can do that on my own
22:02:20hardeepyeah, hard drive upgrades are pretty easy... but some people prefer not to do them
22:02:32hardeeptrade-in value for a brand new studio 20 is $145
22:03:02SeanL994yea.. 148 with all the stuff i have with it
22:03:22SeanL994not worth it :(.. oh well
22:03:36SeanL994i'd rather sell this one and get at least 180-190 for it
22:04:01SeanL994my goal is to not spend anymore money.. if possible.. keep my budget under 200 bucks..(alredy spent 185)
22:06:34 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:11:38ZogHi guys, does anyone have any idea why I'm getting "Invalid option 'no-cygwin'" when trying to build rockbox (including simulator)?
22:12:27 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
22:12:34Zogthe line of code failing says "-mno-cygwin"
22:19:34 Part Zog
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22:49:04 Join adam_ [0] (
22:49:05 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:51:18 Quit adi|home (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:59:36 Quit SeanL994 ()
23:01:04 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
23:01:11 Join Stevie-O [0] (
23:05:40 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
23:16:53 Join adam__ [0] (
23:21:49 Quit adam_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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23:50:45 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")

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