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#rockbox log for 2003-05-11

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01:16:01ken0dev guys ?
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01:26:58midknight2k3i don't understand why the 'max files in directory' is now a setting
01:27:06midknight2k3wh would want to lower it?
01:27:29LinusNto save memory for mp3 buffering
01:27:38LinusNbut it is really for those who want to raise it
01:28:01midknight2k3does this somehow relate to the message: "Dir buffer is full!"
01:28:04LinusNpeople have been complaining about 400 being too few
01:28:17LinusNexactly that message
01:28:29midknight2k3but it doesnt seem to impair anything
01:28:36midknight2k3it still shows them all doesn't it?
01:28:48LinusNraising it shrinks the mp3 buffer
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01:28:57LinusNno it doesnät show them all
01:29:25midknight2k3is it just me or is that ' an ä?
01:29:51midknight2k3heh whatever
01:30:06*LinusN just came home from a party
01:30:17midknight2k3oh really
01:30:20midknight2k3what time is it?
01:30:33LinusNso my typing may be sub-standard
01:30:39LinusN1:30 yes
01:30:51midknight2k3heheh its only 4:30 here
01:30:58midknight2k3PM that is
01:31:21LinusNhave you tried the latest daily?
01:31:51LinusNi included the HD fix from yesterday
01:31:53midknight2k3but it seems they are no longer being built
01:32:04midknight2k3all i see as most recent is may 8th
01:32:38midknight2k3did you add in the menu setting?
01:33:01midknight2k3is that hard?
01:33:46LinusNno, just cumbersome
01:35:03midknight2k3oh by the way
01:35:21midknight2k3i thought the Player models could only use what was in their character set
01:35:26midknight2k3is that right?
01:35:34LinusNyes and no
01:35:51LinusNthey have a few user-defined characters
01:36:06LinusN4 on the older models and 8 on the newer
01:36:28midknight2k3so the progress 'cup' is using one of them?
01:38:05LinusNyes, and the progress bar uses all off them
01:39:53midknight2k3i see that you have the MOD file for the players that flashed the LED
01:39:59midknight2k3do you have one for recorders?
01:40:23midknight2k3players were the only one back in the day eh?
01:40:41LinusNwe developed the player code first and then adapted it for the recorder
01:41:04LinusNwe only had players back then, yes
01:41:13midknight2k3could you adapt the red led for the recorder *prays* ;)
01:41:31LinusNwhy on earth would we do that?
01:41:45LinusN(and by the way, it is exactly the same for recorder)
01:42:01midknight2k3i want to see this 'fun for the whole family'
01:42:10midknight2k3you know it really could be cool
01:42:27LinusNi suggest you don't try it
01:42:33midknight2k3uh oh why?
01:42:37LinusNit may lock your hard drive
01:42:52midknight2k3oh ouch forget it
01:42:58midknight2k3wish i could see that though
01:43:18LinusNmy player locked several times a day during the first weeks of development
01:43:43LinusNbut i had patched the Linux USB driver to unlock it automatically
01:43:59midknight2k3looks like you used to put out about a firmware a month
01:45:35midknight2k3one thing on the features page is now invalid]
01:45:49midknight2k3"Screensaver style demos (Recorder)"
01:45:58LinusNonly temporarily
01:46:13midknight2k3you're bringing them back?
01:46:41LinusNof course, when we make room for them in memory (200k limit)
01:46:57midknight2k3when will that be, 2.3 right?
01:47:05LinusNguess so
01:47:21midknight2k3ar you still averaging about a firmware a month?
01:47:32midknight2k3for example is 2.1 near ready or just beginnign?
01:47:56LinusNwe have no real plans for 2.1
01:48:08LinusNwhen it comes to what will be included
01:48:11midknight2k3just an 'update' wiht some features and fixes
01:48:46midknight2k3soon me hopes
01:49:03LinusNwe want to release often, but something always comes up
01:49:26*midknight2k3 likes new releases
01:50:16midknight2k3the dailybuilds spoil it though :\
01:50:27midknight2k3i get a new one every wekk for one reason or other
01:50:37midknight2k3then by the new version i already have it all
01:50:40midknight2k3like with 2.0
01:55:47midknight2k3linus do you think the archos could ever display scrollng lyrics?
01:56:44LinusNit is technically possible
01:57:32midknight2k3it would take a lot of code wouldnt it
01:57:43midknight2k3its not even a question
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01:58:49LinusNit would take some code yes, but i don't think it is that much
01:59:48midknight2k3oh did i ever tell you
02:00:01midknight2k3that defragment-recording panic went away
02:00:06midknight2k3when i installed a newer rockbox
02:00:21LinusNyou had that?
02:00:48LinusNi wish i had it
02:00:54midknight2k3had what?
02:00:59LinusNthe panic
02:01:09LinusNi want to find the bug
02:01:22midknight2k3i'm not sure but somehow it left after a minor update
02:04:00midknight2k3and i think i have an idea as to how you could include an imitation-graphic eq
02:04:56midknight2k3for example, pushing up the 1st bar one click could add on two dB of bass
02:05:03midknight2k3the second, add one DB of bass
02:05:09midknight2k3third, one DB of treble
02:05:16midknight2k3fourth, two DB of treble
02:05:19midknight2k3or something like that
02:05:29midknight2k3if you could do it more subtle but it's just an idea
02:11:28LinusNi don't get it
02:12:08midknight2k3you know, for vertical bars with a selector you can move to each and use up/down to change them
02:12:18midknight2k3they're all at 0
02:12:29midknight2k3hence bass and treble is at 0
02:12:45midknight2k3if you push up bar 1 then bass goes up to 2db
02:12:53midknight2k3just push it up one nothc
02:13:00midknight2k3two notches, 4db
02:13:02midknight2k3get it?
02:13:06midknight2k3same with treble
02:13:19midknight2k3the two inner bars however, one click = one db
02:17:34LinusNwhy two bars for each?
02:17:57midknight2k3you know like the khz and hz bars
02:18:01midknight2k3its a simulation
02:18:08midknight2k3perhaps three
02:18:12midknight2k3you can make it up
02:19:59LinusNhmmm, i'm not sure it will work very good
02:20:43midknight2k3well one better idea
02:21:04midknight2k3is to play with your own and simulate it with the bass/treble configurables on rokobx
02:21:18midknight2k3yeah i doubt it would work well
02:21:28midknight2k3a nice alternative would be presets
02:21:37midknight2k3easy too
02:21:52midknight2k3just, for rock put bass at like 9db and treble at 7 or something
02:22:02midknight2k3then for dance, bass at 5 and treble at 5
02:22:08midknight2k3you know what i mean
02:23:01LinusN.cfg files are made for that
02:23:14midknight2k3but.. but...
02:23:22midknight2k3i dunno
02:23:39midknight2k3could you make a cfg file that just changes sound settings?
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02:24:42LinusNyes of course
02:24:55LinusNby hand
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02:30:40BoD[]hrm .. i mean hi :)
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02:54:13lao22twhy are there game pictures on the main site when the faq reads that only character modifications are capable?
02:54:44 Quit edx ()
02:55:43LinusNlao22t: there are several models
02:55:59LinusNthe Player/Studio have only character cells
02:56:06lao22toh ok
02:56:11LinusNthe Recorders have bitmap LCD
03:01:33lao22tif soundfonts were located in software, might it be feasible to play MIDIs?
03:02:08LinusNwe can only play mp3 files, nothing else
03:02:30LinusNMIDI files require polyphonic PCM playback
03:23:14BoD[]this is depressing :)
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03:24:13BoD[]but anyway i go to go
03:24:17BoD[]see you all bye
03:24:19lao22twas it difficult to begin writing rockbox ?
03:24:26 Quit BoD[] ("mblelop")
03:24:39LinusNlao22t: what do you mean?
03:25:47lao22twell what information did you need to begin with and was it available freely? like codec chip codeset
03:26:16LinusNdatasheets for the components are frelly available
03:26:36LinusNfinding out the LCD manufacturer was a lot of guesswork
03:26:59LinusNlots of reverse engineering of the hardware with multimeter
03:27:14lao22teww sounds painful
03:27:21LinusNcracking the scrambling algorithm was hard work
03:28:15lao22tbased on the player and recorder, do you think the multimedia model is significantly more complex?
03:28:25LinusNbut when that was done, we could disassemble the original firmware to find out how the hardware works
03:28:51LinusNmultimedia is way more complex, and the specs for the DSP are not public
03:56:04adi|homei have 2 words for you...
03:56:08adi|homesuck my monkey ass...
03:56:18adi|homeleast.. that would be 2 words if i ran the universe
03:56:19LinusNi have two for you
03:56:42LinusNfix that damn sokoban level loading!
03:56:57*adi|home ducks out to finish sokoban :)
03:59:50 Part LinusN
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06:40:54RBoxFanBoyI don't have demos on my FM recorder
06:41:05RBoxFanBoyis that normal?
06:50:59hardeepRBoxFanBoy: demos ave been disabled due to file size limitations
06:53:32RBoxFanBoyoh ic ic
06:53:39RBoxFanBoyoh wells
06:53:54RBoxFanBoydoes this mean no new games?
06:57:49hardeepRBoxFanBoy: for now, there's some work being done to free up some memory as well as adding support for loadable modules
06:59:12RBoxFanBoyoh ic ic
06:59:22RBoxFanBoywell you guys are doing an excellent job =)
06:59:36RBoxFanBoyI love my FM Recorder because of you guys
07:00:12RBoxFanBoyI brag to people that my mp3 player can play games
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07:12:16adi|homeas soon as i finish sokoban level loading we will have demos back in
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08:42:13ollitrophi is there a rockbox version for the Archos Multimedia Jukebox??
08:44:42ollitropany1 awake?
08:51:45adi|homewe're awake
08:52:02ollitrophi is there a rockbox version for the Archos Multimedia Jukebox??
08:52:05adi|homebut we generally look for ppl to actually read the provided FAQ and NODO docs before just blindly asking questions.
08:52:18ollitropi read the whole faq on the website
08:52:28adi|homeyou know.. like the message says when you first enter the room
08:52:39ollitropunfortunately i didnt see any reference to the multimedia jukebox
08:52:50ollitropthats why i asked in here
08:53:15ollitropThis version is for Archos Jukebox 5000, 6000 and all Studio models.
08:53:26ollitropthis is a copy of the text straight from the download page
08:53:35ollitropnothing refers to the MM jukebox
08:53:39adi|homelook harder
08:54:46adi|homenot trying to be a jerk.. but being the maintainer of the FAQ.. answering the same quesitons over and over gets tiresome
08:56:57ollitropwell thanks assfuck! i hope you feel better, Mr. I'm so smart and i talk down to people on a computer because in real life they could kick my ass. Go ahead hide behind your PC. If I missed that part then it was my bad but you dont have to talk to people that way you fucking pissant. And dont apoligize now, faqs are a bitch to maintain, dont tell people to come here if you arent willing to put up with stupid questions, ASSHOLE JERK FUCK!
08:56:59ollitropAnd lastly: "The only stupid question is the one you do not ask"
08:57:02ollitropbye bye
08:57:34ollitroptry to be nice, jerk fuck
08:57:40adi|homeway to influence ppl and win friends...
08:57:55ollitropwell im right arent i?
08:58:09ollitropyou get asked stupid questions all the time
08:58:11 Nick adi|home is now known as adiamas (~adi|
08:58:27ollitropif you arent prepared to deal with them, dont direct them towards yourself
08:58:39ollitropie, dont tell people to come to this room for help
08:59:00Mode"#rockbox +o adiamas " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
08:59:03ollitropI didnt read the faq hard enough, so i ended up asking what seemed like a dumb question to you.
08:59:12Kick(#rockbox ollitrop :adiamas) by adiamas!~adi|
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08:59:59 Part ollitrop
09:00:09adiamashow very very sad.
09:00:37adiamasbtw lads.. i tossed him for being majorly obscene... not for being a tool :)
09:02:17>>>"help" by adiamas (~adi|
09:02:25>>>"CMD" by adiamas (~adi|
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16:54:40archtelamonhey guys
16:55:34 Quit archtelamon (Client Quit)
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19:58:29ken0_dev folks around?
19:58:33ken0_got a question about resume
19:58:52midknight2k3i might be able to answer
19:59:24midknight2k3what is it?
20:02:53ken0_yeah sorry
20:03:30ken0_was wondering why there isn't a resume option for "resume after X seconds"
20:04:07midknight2k3like if you don't hit play or any other key, just resume in ten seconds
20:04:13midknight2k3for example
20:04:18ken0_just "ask once"/"ask"/"yes"/"no".. would be useful to have it auto resume after X seconds
20:04:24ken0_or 5..
20:04:42midknight2k3i don't know.. you could shove it in as a feature request
20:05:00Kinslayerthat sounds qutie easy to do... im trying to see if i can add bidi spuport :>
20:05:16midknight2k3say those last two wrods again
20:05:17ken0_you see, the main reason I don't let it auto resume is cause sometimes I wanna adjust the volume or avoid playing a certain song when I'm connecting it to speakers around people. with the 5 seconds resume delay I would enjoy both auto resume and the ability to avoid certain situations
20:05:43midknight2k3avoid certain situations\
20:05:50ken0_yep hehe
20:05:57midknight2k3like what may i ask
20:06:51ken0_well umm....
20:07:29midknight2k3..just some things right
20:07:33ken0_yep :)
20:07:55midknight2k3i daren't ask more
20:08:34midknight2k3it's a good idea
20:08:43midknight2k3im surprised they havent thought of that
20:09:08midknight2k3I just wonder what will be of rockbox in one year
20:09:57midknight2k3divx movie support? customizable menus? customizable customizations of menus?
20:10:21ken0_tatto machine/coffee maker would be cool
20:10:22midknight2k3oh hey it's the ipod guy!
20:10:31Jet8810not anymore midnight, it was a short phase
20:10:55ken0_today someone asked me if they should get an ipod/rio somthing 20gb or archos recorder 20gb (for the usb2). what a silly question
20:11:09midknight2k3rioriot by any chance?
20:11:15ken0_yeah I think so
20:11:23midknight2k3archos recorder difinitely
20:11:30midknight2k3i have one plus a rioriot
20:11:48ken0_the thing doesnt even function as a hard drive.. (gets a drive letter for free data storage)
20:11:49midknight2k3rioriot isnt all that good - it could be but sonicblue has no effort in firmware for it
20:12:15midknight2k3if sonicblue tried thye could make it easily
20:12:21midknight2k3recorder is the best
20:12:38midknight2k3jet - if i didnt talk you out of it would you have gotten an ipod?
20:12:46ken0_you just can't beat open source firmware..
20:12:51Jet8810rioriot is that huge one, right?
20:13:00midknight2k3hey it's not that big
20:13:03Jet8810midnight, it is very possible, but I doubt it
20:13:04midknight2k3and it's really slick
20:13:09Jet8810simply due to lack of funds
20:13:20Jet8810I would spend 3 months saving then realize it was stupid or seomthing
20:13:33ken0_dont know why other companies don't encourage firmware mods.. gives a real boost to the hype and the community relating to their product
20:13:33midknight2k3it is stupid or something
20:13:47midknight2k3archos encouraged rockbox
20:13:58midknight2k3they wanted to provide it on their jukebox installation cd
20:14:06midknight2k3and even on the archos retail
20:14:24Jet8810I saw a rioriot the other day
20:14:28Jet8810it really is pretty big though
20:14:43ken0_they DID????
20:14:44midknight2k3it's still nice though
20:14:45Jet8810cant fit in a pocket unless its a really big cargo one
20:14:47midknight2k3that huge screen
20:14:51Jet8810yea, the screen is really nice though
20:14:55midknight2k3yes ken
20:14:58midknight2k3they wanted to
20:15:11midknight2k3rockbox said yes but they just wanted a bit of information like on the MAS chip
20:15:20midknight2k3archos never got back to em
20:15:21ken0_I contacted them personally and they appear to be very much against it
20:15:27ken0_they didn't even help with the dev. !!!!
20:15:32midknight2k3that's their plan dont you get it?
20:15:43midknight2k3they want to hate it if they can't use it!
20:16:00midknight2k3but once they get it, theyd be like "this is a surpreme contribution to archos and it's...."
20:17:57ken0_of course, but I believe that even without supplying it as alternative firmware on installation CDs or mirror it on their site (both of which, btw, would be a terrible headache to them because of support/warrenty issues) - even if they just linked to the rockbox site with some explantion about it, they can only gain from it
20:18:11ken0_I mean, what to they have to lose?
20:20:17midknight2k3they have to gain however, customers when they see the feature comparison
20:21:44ken0_exactly.. it's definitely a competition killer. they get a dev. team to listen to clients and fix/release firmwares accordingly without paying a cent for it!
20:22:02midknight2k3i know and thats stupid
20:22:13midknight2k3it sucks that archos isn't supporting them at all
20:22:38midknight2k3they do it on their own time and they work the bugs out their own way
20:23:21ken0_they don't need archos anymore. they are way beyond that phase...
20:23:51ken0_I just dont understand why archos had to have the thing on THEIR site/cd ??
20:23:52ken0_can't think of a good reason for it..
20:23:52midknight2k3i know heh
20:24:00midknight2k3they don't
20:24:06midknight2k3they want to though
20:24:48midknight2k3just because they feel that because the archos is the second most capable mp3 player in the world they must ignore it's firmware and focus more on the cheaper studio models :\
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20:26:34midknight2k3what i cant wait for, is the iriver ihp-100 or ihp-120
20:27:18ken0_why? and if archos is 2nd, which is 1st?
20:28:12midknight2k3it's a computer without a mouse or a keyboard
20:29:30ken0_touch screen then? what?
20:29:53midknight2k3it has a screen and a processor and all the functions of a computer, but no mouse or keyboard
20:30:01midknight2k3it can run linux
20:30:08midknight2k3but of course it's a hack
20:30:17midknight2k3ipod doesn't want people to do this at all
20:30:30ken0_portable device about the size of the archos?
20:30:35ken0_ohh.. then I've heard of it
20:31:02ken0_waaay to expensive... I remember choosing the archos over it (man am I glad I did)
20:31:10ken0_white thingy :)
20:31:17midknight2k3did you know people used to bring it in to a compusa and download mac os X onto it so they could bring it home?
20:39:01Jet8810MIDKNIGHT, WHY?
20:39:04Jet8810err caps off
20:39:53Jet8810how about the one with the armor and castle and crossword?
20:39:59Jet8810<midknight2k3> did you know people used to bring it in to a compusa and download mac os X onto it so they could bring it home?
20:40:03Jet8810damn clipborad :)
20:40:16midknight2k3so they have mac os X free
20:40:26midknight2k3plus all that other stuff they have installed
20:40:46Jet8810thats hilarious
20:40:46midknight2k3as a matter of fact the new ipod is almost irresistable
20:40:59midknight2k330GB at the weight of 2 CDS
20:41:02midknight2k36.2 ounces
20:41:07midknight2k3how the heeezy?
20:41:16midknight2k3it's .62 inches thick as well
20:41:23Jet8810need I talk you out of it now?
20:41:23midknight2k3its sucking me in
20:41:29midknight2k3do so please
20:41:38midknight2k3backlit buttons?
20:41:40midknight2k3oh my god
20:41:43midknight2k3i need one a them
20:41:48Jet8810stop for a second
20:41:52Jet8810first of all, it is not usb mass storage
20:42:04Jet8810you need to use musicmatch if you have a PC to transfre your music and that is such a pain
20:42:10midknight2k3oh realy?
20:42:14Jet8810secondly, gotta buy a firewire card (for at least another month anyway)
20:42:23Jet8810also, no ROCKBOX
20:42:33Jet8810you wont get to have added features and utilize your device fully
20:42:54Jet8810you will be stuck with the arrange by artist or album crap interface instead of just like your PC way
20:43:10Jet8810you cant swap out the batteries for other AA NimHs
20:43:17Jet8810and, are you really going to pay $500 for 30gb?
20:43:23midknight2k3no way
20:43:28midknight2k3i dont have that much
20:43:29Jet8810need I say more?
20:43:38Jet8810was that a test?
20:44:22ken0_heh very nice job.. should be an archos salesman
20:44:29midknight2k3hey you werent here
20:44:32midknight2k3when i did the same thing
20:46:15ken0_they definitely should be paying SOMEONE in this chan..
20:48:29midknight2k3rockbox convincer
20:48:42midknight2k3programmed not to take 'no' for an answer
20:52:02 Join nelliep [0] (
20:53:38 Join _aLF [0] (
20:54:51nelliepwere you saying hello to me?
20:55:04midknight2k3i'm oft ignored
20:55:35nelliepOh sorry ....not used to anyone talking in here! LOL
20:57:01nelliepSee...YOU'VE gone quiet now!
20:57:03 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:57:06 Quit _aLF (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:57:30 Join _aLF [0] (
20:58:34 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
20:58:42midknight2k3I have three things to say
20:58:46midknight2k3Heh, Lol, Ooops
21:00:23 Join ken0 [0] (
21:00:36nelliepIve been trying to think of anew feature tht would be possible to implement
21:00:38midknight2k3ken0 and ken0_
21:01:05midknight2k3there's a lot of them there's just not much time to ask them before we all get killed in the struggle...
21:01:12nelliepDon't know thats what i mean
21:01:42midknight2k3let me read your mind
21:01:50midknight2k3you're using javairc arent you?
21:01:52nelliepI was so pleased when they put in the caption backlight thing i requested
21:02:07midknight2k3an honor it is right?
21:02:09nelliepyeah...sorry :(
21:02:23midknight2k3why sorry?
21:03:00nelliepwell it leaves that unregistered thing on
21:03:10midknight2k3not for us
21:03:21midknight2k3we can't see it only you can
21:03:23nelliepoh ok
21:03:23 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:04:14nelliepyou were getting the usb hard drive standby thin the other nite weren't you?
21:04:32nelliepwith linus
21:04:32midknight2k3yeah it was neat
21:04:37midknight2k3i tested it before anyone else
21:05:08nelliepthat's what I's fun when people are responsive
21:05:25midknight2k3yeah of course
21:05:26nelliepnot like other software development can be
21:06:05nelliepIt was rockbox that persuaded me to get the archos
21:06:48 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) you have said ...the only one worth having LOL
21:07:24midknight2k3it is
21:07:28midknight2k3player sucks
21:07:37midknight2k3multimedia doesnt have rockbox but its ok
21:08:12nelliepTo be honest I've no real comparison but the font thing seems limited
21:08:39midknight2k3i like atadore
21:08:46midknight2k3what do you use?
21:09:13midknight2k3rockbox original? hahaha
21:09:14nelliepOn another tack...what do you think of the FAQ?
21:09:41midknight2k3its' ok i dont really look at it often
21:09:45midknight2k3what about the font though
21:09:46nelliepstandard font
21:09:49midknight2k3what do you use?
21:09:55midknight2k3try atadore
21:09:59midknight2k3its the best
21:10:01nelliepthe standard
21:10:07midknight2k3its small like rockbox but bold and slick
21:10:33nelliepdid you download it or is it in the rockbox dir
21:10:49midknight2k3what version do you have?
21:10:58midknight2k3if 2.0 then its in the .rockbox
21:11:08midknight2k3if not you get it from the site
21:11:14 Join ken0__ [0] (
21:11:27nelliepone of the daily builds but unzipped 2.0
21:11:30midknight2k3ken0 , ken0_ , ken0__
21:11:36midknight2k3it should be there then
21:11:41Jet8810midknight, I use atadore too
21:12:07nelliepOh well I'll try it out l8er
21:12:32ken0__hey we need more kenos :)
21:12:38ken0__they should timeout in a while..
21:12:41nelliepHas anyone used the travel charger for the car?
21:13:16 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:14:11Jet8810yea nelliep
21:14:15Jet8810I have one, along with the entire car kit
21:15:06nelliepwell I have a cassette adapter you think its possible to just get the charger?
21:18:40Jet8810try ebay...
21:18:59Jet8810if not, the archos uses a standard tip...sure if you got specs for car charger could get one radioshack style
21:20:18nelliepYeah because I live in Kuwait and getting things out here can be tough
21:21:03nelliepWhat voltage does it output ...9v?
21:22:28Jet8810yea 9 volt
21:22:44Jet8810hmm lemme see what I can find over here in US real quick online...
21:23:11nelliepI'll look aroud ...see what I can find...thanks!
21:23:59nelliepYou are lucky in the US...everything is cheaper!
21:24:24Jet8810yea :)
21:24:29Jet8810have you lived in Kuwait your entir elife?
21:24:49nelliepI bought my archos from the states..cost $99 for shipping and was STILL cheaper than UK!
21:25:40nelliepThat's why I don't live in the Uk most of the year! LOL
21:26:17Jet8810have you grown up in Kuwait?
21:26:48nelliepI haven't been able to get those 2000Mah batteries yet either
21:27:05nelliepNo I'm an expat
21:27:22nelliepI am British
21:28:49Jet8810too much political tension going on between Europe and US right now...
21:28:53nelliepWell it's very hot actually!
21:28:56Jet8810it truly is sad
21:29:43nelliepYeah but I have a few US and canadian friends no tension there! LOL
21:30:10nelliepThey brew the best beer!
21:31:15 Join Jello-man [0] (
21:31:22 Nick Jello-man is now known as Jello-Eater (
21:31:44Jello-Eaterok i have a archos jukebox studio 10. and no matter how long i recharge it i always get the hd error
21:31:55Jello-Eateri can plug in the usb and access my files and add stuff
21:32:17Jello-Eateri am guessing i need to get a new battery. do you think radio shack would have a replacement ion battery or something
21:32:43Jello-Eaterif so do you guys know what make the battery is like brand and type
21:33:04nelliepWell I am not a techie but you can definately get replacement batteries
21:33:32nelliepThere is a list in the battery FAQ
21:34:03nelliepi got 1850mah ones
21:34:52nelliepYeah just get Nimah ones
21:35:18nelliepI don't know if that is the cause of your problem tho
21:35:29Jello-Eateri've been told it was it
21:36:04nelliepWell they are really easy to replace
21:36:17Jello-Eaterok what tool do i need to take off the side it seems weird
21:36:25nelliepBit of a bugger to get the old ones out tho
21:36:35nelliepthey are in really tight
21:36:52nelliepI use my thumbnail!!
21:37:32Jello-Eaterwhat tool should i use for the screws though
21:37:42Jello-Eaterlooks like a star
21:37:55nelliepJust gently prise it sideways a little bit and then it slides upwards
21:38:17nelliepYou don't touch the screws to get at the batteries
21:38:31Jello-Eaterhow do i take out the battery
21:38:43nelliepCould invalidate warranty if you unscrew anything
21:39:13Jello-Eaterhaha i don't see where the battery comes out though
21:40:10nelliepWell Ive got Jukebox recorder and its got two rounded sides
21:40:21Jello-Eateri have a studio 10
21:40:42nelliepwith rubber bumpers top and bottom
21:41:13nelliepHave you got it with you now
21:41:40Jello-Eaterit's on my lap
21:41:46Jello-Eateri see the rubber stuff
21:42:20nelliepwell does it have rounded edges going either side of ot?
21:43:35nelliep'it' i mean
21:43:51 Join datazone [0] (
21:44:22Jello-Eaterheres a picture
21:45:00nelliepI am using the Java thing ...don't know how to get the pic...sorry
21:45:02Jello-Eateryeah rounded
21:45:31nelliepwell i am looking on archos site for it
21:46:41nelliepIsn't there a little notch halfway down on the inside?
21:47:00nelliepIt looks the same to me
21:48:30nelliepJust prise the rounded column away from the body slightly then it will lft upwards
21:49:16Jello-Eaterlike take one of the rubber pieces off?
21:49:34nelliepNo ...You can use a little electrical screwdriver with a small head...I just use
21:49:44nelliepmy thumbnail
21:50:07nelliepIts on TOP of the rubber isn't it?
21:51:02nelliepThe rounded bits are only thin plastic
21:51:20Jello-Eaterthe very little black screws?
21:51:59nelliepYou don't unscrew anything
21:52:14Jello-Eaterok what am i taking off
21:52:30Jello-Eaterto access the batteries
21:52:39nelliepjust prise the rounded sides away from the main body slightly
21:53:04nelliepThey are insaide the rounded sides
21:53:14nelliepHave you done it?
21:53:37Jello-Eateri see the batteries
21:53:40Jello-Eaterthey are green
21:53:48Jet8810they are easy to switch out
21:53:52Jet8810just pull off the silver part
21:53:54Jet8810then one of the rubbers
21:53:55nelliepGood...they are VERY stiff
21:54:03Jet8810yea, after first time they loosen up
21:54:06Jello-Eateryeah i see that
21:54:20nelliepI didn't need to pull off the rubbers
21:54:38Jet8810nellie, yea you dont *need* too
21:54:43nelliepI think the rubbers are fixed
21:54:43Jet8810bu tit makes it easier if you need to take em out
21:54:58Jello-Eateroh man
21:54:59Jello-Eaterthank you
21:55:00Jet8810they come up a bit
21:55:47nelliepok fine I just didn't bother I can get them out easy now
21:55:55Jet8810heh :)
21:56:08Jet8810yea I have 2100 mahs, so I discovered this when I switched em out
21:56:16Jet8810and strangely enough the stock green batts got screwed up after this
21:56:26nelliepJelloeater> Have you got them now?
21:56:32Jet8810I put the green ones in after using the 2100s for a few months and archos overheated...quickly took them out though
21:57:15nelliepI didn't think much of the standard ones
21:57:25Jello-Eaterwhich ones should i get
21:57:38Jello-EaterJet8810: i have a studio 10 and i am replacing the batteries
21:57:44nelliepHighest capacity possible
21:57:44Jet8810get the 2100 Mahs
21:57:48Jet8810highest possible ones AFAIK
21:57:54Jello-Eatercan i pick those up at radio shack?
21:57:57Jet8810if you find higher, get them though...brand doesnt matter AFAIK
21:58:06Jet8810probably, dunno price though
21:58:16nelliepYes I agree...didn't know they existed
21:58:18Jello-Eaterwhere did you pick yours up?
21:58:39nelliepI got mine at a supermarket!
21:58:48nellieponly 1850mah tho maybe
21:59:00Jet8810yea, wow strange I remembered that
21:59:09Jet8810shit they have 2200 mahs now
21:59:18Jello-Eaterum. yeah i get the "hd error" but if i plug in the usb i can see and add my files
21:59:23Jet8810spanish hw is a worksheet right? get those
21:59:29Jello-Eaterno matter how much i power up it still doesn't do anything
21:59:30nelliepPhoto shops have them too...for cameras
21:59:35Jet8810 get those
21:59:47nelliepmake sure they are nimah ones tho
22:01:03Jello-EaterJet8810: do you think i have a battery problem?
22:01:09nelliepRemember to give them a full charge before using the archos
22:01:09Jet8810 these are the ones I have...
22:01:14Jet8810hmm Jello-eater...
22:01:20Jet8810try plugging into a wall and turning it on
22:01:23Jello-Eateri have
22:01:38Jet8810email the maililng list
22:01:43Jet8810I am not totally sure...
22:01:47Jet8810what is the EXACT error?
22:01:52Jello-Eaterjust says
22:01:58Jello-Eater" HD Error "
22:02:00Jello-Eaterthat's all
22:02:10Jello-Eaterand then shuts off
22:02:16Jet8810I had something of the sort, and I had to take it back as it was a bad unit, but other people report such a problem and reformatting using PC works too...
22:02:21Jet8810try reformatting using a PC
22:02:28Jet8810and if its still under warrantee just send it in
22:02:29nelliepIJelloeater> I have heard of problems even using plugged in IF batteries are not fully charged
22:02:50Jello-Eateri've tried charging for days
22:03:01Jet8810tried reformatting hard drive while plugged into USB?
22:03:04Jello-Eaterwhen i plug it in the light comes on like it's charging
22:03:18Jello-Eaterand put on rockbox
22:03:19Jet8810and nothing?
22:03:29Jet8810tried it without installing rockbox?
22:03:34Jello-Eaterppl have told me to get new batteries cause mine are probaly messed
22:03:48Jello-Eateri've tried the old software...the default stuff
22:03:50Jet8810is the device still under warrantee?
22:04:03Jello-Eateri didn't send in my card though :-/
22:04:07Jello-Eaterwould that make a differnce
22:04:17Jello-Eateri bought it august last year
22:04:26Jet8810yea alright
22:04:29Jet8810so you have a warrantee
22:04:35Jet8810call Archos and send it in before you spend cash on batteries
22:04:45Jet8810if it is their batteries, they will probably replace them too
22:05:01Jello-Eateri am leaving for san diego on friday
22:05:06Jello-Eaterand i wanted my mp3 player to work
22:05:09nelliepwell if you get new batteries and try that first then you will at least know for sure
22:05:16Jet8810yea sure...
22:05:20Jet8810make sure there is a good return policy
22:05:37Jet8810Jello, go to radioshack and buy new batteries...if that fixes it then a) say OK and leave it at that or b) send it in when you come back
22:05:50nelliepIt's not much cost
22:05:55Jello-Eateryeah that's what i am thinking of doing
22:06:02Jello-Eater20 bucks max i am guessin
22:06:02Jet8810OK, so go do it :)
22:06:15Jello-Eaterthanks much
22:06:27nelliepand BTW for future refernce u can register online at archos site
22:06:29Jet8810no problem
22:06:41nelliepreference I mean
22:06:50 Nick Jello-Eater is now known as Jello|battery-hu (
22:07:19Jet8810I have a best buy warrantee though :)
22:07:26Jet8810which is good, but they no longer carry the Archos recorder...
22:07:40Jet8810woudl probably end up getting the FM one then as it is over the counter exchange...or maybe they can send it in if I so choose
22:08:05nelliepsounds good
22:08:41nelliepThanks for helping with my explanation of battery replacement
22:08:53Jet8810dont mention it
22:09:17nelliepI don't have the studio so I was worried I was telling him a load of bollocks
22:10:53Jet8810I used to have the Studio
22:10:56Jet8810recorder slaughters it
22:11:56nelliepGlad to hear that...cos its what Ive got
22:12:49nelliepI'll have to get some help with this IRC thing too
22:13:10nelliepI'm not keen on this java thing
22:21:05Jello|battery-huoh whoa
22:21:10Jello|battery-hui just noticed this
22:21:25Jello|battery-huis this supposed to be like know the coil that the batteries press against
22:24:14nelliepWell no but i can guess
22:25:00Jello|battery-huit has a metal bar going through the coil
22:25:04Jello|battery-huvery thin
22:25:13Jello|battery-huthe other coil isn't like that
22:25:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:25:40nelliepI can't say I looked at mine that closely
22:26:29nelliepI did have a problem with my batteries tho that meant the archos kept switching off
22:26:37nelliepthat was the contacts
22:34:01 Join yozac [0] (
22:34:46 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
22:35:23datazonehmm.. going to have to defrag my filesystem pretty soon
22:35:57datazonenoticing playing music recently added drains the battery faster than stuff that was put there along time ago
22:37:05 Join BoD[] [0] (
22:39:03 Quit adi|home (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:44:15yozacis there really no way to create custom playlists using rockbox?
22:46:10yozacwhats the point of a 20gb mp3 player if you can make playlists with it?
22:51:42Kinslayerhuh? of course u can make playlists
22:53:32BoD[]you need pc for that
22:54:37yozacbut I mean with the rockbox, without a pc? no way?
22:55:07BoD[]hum i'm not sure :)
23:01:19 Join matsl [0] (
23:04:20 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
23:19:01 Join _MT [0] (
23:19:01 Quit MT (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:19:09 Nick _MT is now known as MT (
23:27:45 Quit nelliep (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:31:14Kinslayerwell, theres an option 'create playlist' on the menu.. never used it before but im sure it works?
23:47:50 Join ken0 [0] (
23:53:19 Quit edx ()
23:56:22 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))

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