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#rockbox log for 2003-05-14

00:00:38Zagorthat's nice. what are you putting on the other end?
00:00:52[IDC]DragonThe gdb stub as it is needs full duplex, because the stub will start talking when a breakpoint is hit.
00:01:12 Nick LinusN|busy is now known as LinusN (
00:01:19[IDC]DragonWe're working on that car CD changer emulation.
00:01:46LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i'd really want one for my car stereo
00:02:25LinusNi have found a brief protocol description, but i have no time to build the hardware
00:02:28[IDC]DragonHa, Linus is back! Can you do me a favour with your gdb recorder?
00:02:39LinusNyes, but i have to reboot to run gdb
00:02:44LinusNcu in a few
00:03:01 Part LinusN
00:04:19 Join ken0 [0] (
00:10:43Zagori'm off to bed. see you later.
00:10:45 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
00:11:27 Join LinusN [200] (
00:11:34LinusNguh, my gdb is too old
00:11:43LinusNno dump command
00:12:08[IDC]DragonToo bad. Can you do something about it?
00:12:24[IDC]DragonOr is it much hassle?
00:12:46LinusNi can write a hack to save it to a file on the jukebox hard drive
00:12:57LinusNi assume that you don't have a compiler yourself?
00:13:20[IDC]DragonYes, that's what I was trying to avoid. Don't worry too hard.
00:13:29adi|homeLinusN: i may need a small favor later tonight...
00:13:42[IDC]DragonWhich is?
00:13:46LinusNadi|home: segfault?
00:13:55[IDC]DragonI won't be around for much longer.
00:14:03LinusNshow me the code :-)
00:14:08adi|homebut i don't know whats causing it.. im fine till i go to exit the level_loading function..
00:14:15adi|homeLinusN: email or dcc it to you?
00:14:21LinusN[IDC]Dragon: hang on for a few more minutes, and i'll get you the ROM's
00:14:40LinusNadi|home: a tiny email (dialup)
00:14:47adi|homeheheh k
00:14:56adi|homelinux at
00:15:00adi|homelinus rather
00:16:23[IDC]DragonLinus, I can compile, however would take me a while to get a dump loop working.
00:18:37elinenbedoes anyone still get the LED of Death (LOD)
00:21:51LinusNelinenbe: i have never had it
00:26:55LinusN[IDC]Dragon: where should i send them?
00:27:09LinusN[IDC]Dragon: btw, here is the code:
00:27:22LinusN fd = creat("/internal_rom_2000000-203FFFF.bin", O_WRONLY);
00:27:22LinusN if(fd >= 0)
00:27:22LinusN {
00:27:22LinusN write(fd, 0, 0x40000);
00:27:22LinusN close(fd);
00:27:22LinusN }
00:29:27elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: how is the CD player emulation coming? That sounds awesome!
00:30:02elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: good luck flashing the chip −−- I hope it works!
00:30:24[IDC]DragonI'm back, sorry.
00:31:08[IDC]DragonI'dneed both SH ROM(64 KB) and Flash (256 KB).
00:31:11LinusN[IDC]Dragon: rockbox relies on the original ROM startup
00:31:30LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i have both, where do you want it?
00:31:35[IDC]Dragonemail is idc-dragonATgmxDOTde
00:32:31[IDC]DragonIn which way do you rely on ROM startup?
00:32:44 Quit nelliep1 ("Leaving")
00:33:40LinusNthe polarity of the USB detection
00:33:52[IDC]Dragon(Gladly coming to the CD emulation in a minute, just staying on the ROM subject for now)
00:33:53LinusNbut that is legacy code, we can change it
00:34:38[IDC]DragonGood hint. Dirk mentioned something about USB polarity to me, I'm not in the subject.
00:34:41LinusNwe now know the difference between the hardware versions
00:35:01LinusN(ROm files sent)
00:35:53[IDC]DragonWhich ROM(Flash, I mean) version was that?
00:35:58LinusNadi|home: no mail from you yet, did you send it?
00:37:07adi|homeive sent it.. but the server might not have handed it off yet
00:37:42LinusNpost-1.17i are active high
00:44:07[IDC]DragonLinus, are you shure the files are correct? They're practically empty. The ROM is identical to the first 64KB of the Flash.
00:44:56[IDC]DragonI can imagine the ROM containing no more than a jump to the flash, but I don't believe the flash to be mostly empty.
00:45:07LinusNi am a silly person
00:45:10LinusNhang on
00:47:27LinusNthe 64K file is OK, but i'm resending the other one
00:48:54[IDC]DragonGuess you forgot the start address?
00:50:11[IDC]DragonWhich version is your Flash?
00:51:12[IDC]DragonDo you have that as an .ajz for my comparison?
00:51:44LinusNno, download it from
00:52:06[IDC]DragonIt's still available there? Good.
00:53:05LinusNyou won't find 1.25 there though, they never release the exact ROM versions as AJZ
00:53:13elinenbeSo, is this true that we will be able to flash rockbox onto our Jukebox?
00:53:41[IDC]DragonThere is no technical showstopper.
00:55:11[IDC]DragonLinus, they have 1.27b which they claim identical to the 1.28 ROM (which I have). So I'd like to re-run your save code on my machine. Can I get it? (being very demanding tonight)
00:56:01[IDC]DragonSorry, 1.27d
00:58:53LinusNadi|home: still no mail
00:59:23[IDC]DragonLinus, please stop, I'm using the java chat, cannot copy-paste with it.
01:00:35LinusNstop? that is all
01:00:40LinusNi'll send a diff
01:01:15[IDC]DragonAnd I rather ment the compiled code that does the dump, or how did you run it?
01:01:33LinusNok then
01:05:11[IDC]Dragoncool, the flash is only about 60% full, so we have some sectors to safely practice writing.
01:06:06[IDC]DragonOr we can save a lot of settings there ;-)
01:16:35[IDC]DragonLinux, are you awake enough for the CD changer topic?
01:16:56[IDC]DragonLinus, I mean, sorry ;-)
01:18:01LinusNsure, a few more minutes
01:18:41[IDC]DragonFew minutes to chat, or busy until in a few?
01:20:25LinusNlet's chat
01:21:07LinusNi have a Panasonic car stereo
01:21:14[IDC]DragonOK. We 3 guys build an external controller box that talks to the Recorder.
01:21:29LinusNi'd like one
01:21:41[IDC]DragonI reverse engineered the Alpine M-Bus, since there was no info on the web.
01:21:57LinusNi found some panasonic info
01:22:26[IDC]DragonThe other 2 go for VW gear, which is practically the Panasonic protocol.
01:22:53LinusNyeah, i read that somewhere
01:22:57[IDC]DragonInfo welcome, blast it here ;-)
01:23:58[IDC]DragonDirk made a bidirectional serial driver for the remote pin, meaning we can also send info out.
01:26:47[IDC]DragonHe also did that kind of stuff to sample an IR receiver, decode RC5 with rockbox. This is working.
01:28:22LinusNsaw that, great work
01:28:27[IDC]DragonWould you like multiplayer games with a couple of boxes connected? It's possible.
01:28:33*LinusN is looking for the protocol info
01:35:56LinusNjust found some other interesting info:
01:36:47[IDC]DragonLooks familiar to me, think I've seen this before.
01:37:27[IDC]DragonAnyway, don't worry too hard about the protocol. That part is practically done.
01:37:43LinusNanother one
01:37:52LinusNanyway, what can i do to help?
01:38:36[IDC]DragonNo, I cannot demand stuff all the time ;-)
01:38:52[IDC]DragonCurrently, we're on track, progressing well.
01:39:15[IDC]DragonWe started from the radio, with the protocol.
01:39:39LinusNmy primary/only goal is to be able to use the car stereo for audio playback
01:39:58LinusNi don't care about the simulated CD/track indications
01:40:02[IDC]DragonNext and current are the controllers to locally handle the protocol and translate it to an independent protocol with Rockbox.
01:40:39[IDC]DragonWhat do you mean with audio playback? Enable the input?
01:41:21[IDC]DragonThere are commercial solutions.
01:41:35LinusNnot fun
01:41:47[IDC]DragonThey fake a changer doing nothing, to just enable the audio input line.
01:42:15[IDC]DragonWe want to use the radio controls, like next, seek, change disk.
01:42:27elinenbethis sounds awesome!
01:42:55elinenbeI like the idea of multi player games.. that and connecting to the internet! ;)
01:42:58[IDC]DragonI kicked of a GUI thread, but got not much response.
01:43:03elinenbe(just kidding)
01:43:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:44:00LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i know, i had no time back then
01:44:01[IDC]DragonCurrent approach is that we simulate a magazin like usual, don't do anything different with the buttons.
01:44:47[IDC]DragonIt's too difficult to blindly navigate the file tree, therefore the preselection.
01:45:46[IDC]DragonYou'd need to compose it "offline", selecting which directory/playlist should get into which slot.
01:46:17[IDC]DragonJust like standing in front of your CD shelf with the magazin in your hands.
01:46:24LinusNthat's a fair approach imho
01:47:32[IDC]DragonWe defined the protocol to the Rockbox, claim serial Bytes 0x80...0xBF for our commands. Above is the standard remote.
01:48:08[IDC]DragonDifference is that we expect an answer.
01:48:53LinusNsounds good
01:49:53[IDC]DragonSince it's half duplex, the controller box is the master. Rockbox is only "talking" when asked, so any necessary status info needs to be polled.
01:50:10 Quit _aLF ("bye")
01:50:28LinusNi have to go to bed
01:50:32LinusNnice talking to you
01:50:43[IDC]DragonI did have to 2 hours ago...
01:50:53 Part LinusN
01:51:08[IDC]DragonI may bug you again for the Rockbox programming.
01:51:52[IDC]DragonOk then folks, I'm off, too.
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05:00:37Stevie-Ogut evenink
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08:40:05tracktheripperwats up?
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08:40:34tracktheripperhi zagor
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08:46:24 Part CSBluechip
08:46:36 Part Bluechip
09:00:23dwihno\o/ Zagor \o/
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10:44:07nelliep.msg nickserv help set
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14:23:10dhdHi !
14:36:12*dwihno reads the mail list about RomBox
14:36:17dwihnoThat would own so badly
14:36:22dwihnoImagine the possibilities :-D
14:37:06dwihnoImagine the reduced boot time. yum.
14:38:43 Quit nelliep|away (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:40:36dwihnohi ho, let's go! :-D
14:41:24 Join dhd_rechan [0] (
14:41:56 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
14:45:06 Quit dhd (
14:45:06 Quit adi|work (
14:45:06 Quit elinenbe (
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15:12:37dhd_rechannick dhd
15:12:42 Nick dhd_rechan is now known as dhd (
15:13:17 Quit dhd ("( :: NoNameScript 3.71 :: )")
15:17:39 Join dhd [0] (
15:17:40dhdHi !
15:17:48dhdis there someone onlinE?
15:17:51dhdahh greate ;)
15:18:11dhdwhats the time in usa`?
15:18:18dhdare they sleeping?
15:18:31Bagderno, east coast should be.... 9:20 now
15:18:38Bagderor so
15:19:02>>>"cmd" by Bagder (
15:19:10dhd@ good old germany we have 15:19 :)
15:19:25dhdand it'S rainig cats and dogs ;*(
15:19:45Bagderup here in sweden we have sunshine
15:20:49dhdwe have sunshine but it rains, its funny
15:21:11dhdwhen you go out than it staretet to rain for a few of minutes and then it's sunny ;)
15:26:37 Join Stevie[FreedomPa [0] (~whatsit2u@
15:29:08*Bagder is off for some sports
15:29:10 Quit Bagder ("")
15:36:30*dwihno is proud of Bagder. Sporting is so good for you :-D
15:39:31dhdcan someone help me whit the compile procedure
15:41:15dwihnoI only know how to compile using the cygwin sdk
15:42:47dwihnoWell, it's easy.
15:42:57dwihnoFirst, get the sdk, install it to c:\cygwin (I thought it is)
15:42:58dhdi think so but it contains some error
15:43:00dwihnothen run the cygwin.reg
15:43:14dwihnothen you get the cvs build, run configure and booyaka!
15:43:24dhdno ;)
15:43:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:43:46dhdi think in the make file there are an error
15:44:32dhdMES -DMEM=2 -fomit-frame-pointer -fschedule-insns -c bitswap.S -o /home/rockbox
15:44:33dhd../tools/convbdf -c -o /home/rockbox/build-dir/sysfont.c fonts/clR6x8.bdf
15:44:33DBUGEnqueued KICK dhd
15:44:33dhdmake[1]: *** [/home/rockbox/build-dir/sysfont.o] Error 255
15:44:33dhdmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rockbox/firmware'
15:44:33***Alert Mode level 1
15:44:33dhdmake: *** [firmware] Error 2
15:44:38dhdthats the error
15:44:44dwihnodo you have convbdf?
15:44:52dhdi dont't kno
15:45:00dwihnocheck the tools dir for exe files.
15:45:34dwihnodid you compile them, or did you download them from the sdk site?
15:45:46dhdi've do allthinks
15:45:58dhdrb-chekout and also download frome the webpage (yesterday
15:46:04dhdChristian@RECHNER ~/build-dir
15:46:04dhd$ convbdf -V
15:46:04dhdUnknown option ignored: V
15:46:04***Alert Mode level 2
15:46:04dhdUsage: convbdf [options] [input-files]
15:46:04***Alert Mode level 3
15:46:04dhdconvbdf [options] [-o output-file] [single-input-file]
15:46:05***Alert Mode level 4
15:46:07dhd-c Convert .bdf to .c source file
15:46:09dhd-f Convert .bdf to .fnt font file
15:46:11dhd-s N Start output at character encodings >= N
15:46:13dhd-l N Limit output to character encodings <= N
15:46:15dhd-n Don't generate bitmaps as comments in .c file
15:46:38dwihnowhat file size is convbdf.exe?
15:47:01dwihnoit should be 53709 bytes
15:47:31dhd52709 bytes
15:48:15dwihnoDid you compile convbdf.exe by yourself, or did you get the tools from the SDK site?
15:49:06dwihnoI wonder why it is messy...
15:50:04dwihnoYou're SURE it's 52709 bytes, and not 53709?
15:51:46dhdChristian@RECHNER /
15:51:47dhd$ ls -lisa convbdf.exe
15:51:47dhd481115 53 -rwx−−−−−−+ 1 Christia unknown 53709 Jan 4 01:12 convbdf.exe
15:51:47***Alert Mode level 5
15:51:47dhdChristian@RECHNER /
15:51:47***Alert Mode level 6
15:52:20dhdcan you pack your cygwin dir and send it to me?
15:52:45dhdso i have no error and i can happyly use my Archos Jukebox Recoder 10 oven kompiled software ;)
15:53:33dhdsorry if my englsih isn't the best because i'm german ;)
15:54:20dwihnoKnackwurst für dich ;-)
15:54:43dwihnoAre you certain the convbdf.exe and the other executables are in the tools dir?
15:55:07CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:55:07*Stevie[FreedomPa rubs his head
15:55:21Stevie[FreedomPaI don't know enough german damnit
15:55:44dhdWhat did ceratin mean?
15:56:11Schnueff<- papagei
15:56:20Stevie[FreedomPa<- doesn't know what a papagei is ;)
15:56:30dhdno they are in the root
15:56:30dwihnoIt's edible ;-)
15:56:40dwihnodhd: put the executables in the tools dir
15:56:44Stevie[FreedomPapolly wanna cracker?
15:56:45*Schnueff flutters.
15:56:46dwihnothen it will work, me thinks.
15:56:59dhdI think i MUST write a german HowTo for Cygwin
15:57:47dwihnoThere should be an installer available which will take care of the basic tasks.
15:57:51dhdbecause i do someny wrong ;)
15:58:18dhdso the convdbf.exe is now in the ~/tools/
15:58:41dhdnow i make a make clean in the buid dir and then make ore ?
15:59:01dwihnoif the configure script is in tools, you should be fine.
15:59:18dhdIT DOEN't work ;((
15:59:41dhdUpdating dependencies for common/ctype.c
15:59:41dhdsh-elf-gcc: not found
15:59:46dhd.... and so on
15:59:56dhdcan you give mie your cygwin dir ???
16:00:57dhdwhit winrar or so on ?
16:01:48***Alert Mode OFF
16:02:00*Stevie[FreedomPa rubs his head
16:02:09 Nick Stevie[FreedomPa is now known as Stevie[FP] (~whatsit2u@
16:02:24dhdHELP ;) i cant understand you
16:02:46Stevie[FP]sh-elf-gcc should be...
16:03:09Stevie[FP]in C:\cygwin\bin
16:03:40Stevie[FP]which would show as /rockbox/bin from cygwin
16:04:02 Join Garrett [0] (
16:04:03dhdmhh there it isn'T
16:04:09dhdwhere can i download it?`
16:04:14Stevie[FP]its in the sdk
16:05:01dhdNO ;)
16:05:14Schnueffdhd: ?
16:05:33dhdiÄVe downlaod that
16:05:46Stevie[FP]where is it?
16:05:52Stevie[FP]where is the file?
16:06:01dhdi#ve unrar it whit the comands in the howto
16:06:14Stevie[FP]where is the file?
16:06:55dhdbut in the archiev therer are only sh.exe sed.exe and scramble.exe no sh-elf-gcc ;(
16:07:18Stevie[FP]that's the tools
16:07:23Stevie[FP]not the sdk one
16:07:51Stevie[FP]dhd: where is the file?
16:08:00dhdwhat file?
16:08:30Schnuefftwo files: rockbox-tools.tar.bz2 and rockbox-sdk_win32.tar.bz2
16:08:35dhdin this file rockbox-sdk_win32 THERE IS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO shelf gcc in the bin dir !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16:08:56*Schnueff flutters.
16:08:59dhdand in the tools there is also no no no shelf gcc
16:09:17Stevie[FP]it is not in bin
16:09:21Schnueffthats kinda strange
16:09:30Stevie[FP]it is rockbox/bin
16:09:35 Join ken0_ [0] (
16:09:40dwihnodhd: why do you want to build your own rockbox binaries?
16:09:55dhdbeacuase i will put in a search enegie and so one
16:10:09dhdbut my linux freedsd server is offlien because he go to a Rechenzentrum
16:10:29dwihnolinux freedsd server?
16:10:39dwihnoYou lost me somewhere in the kartoffel.
16:10:41Stevie[FP]"computer data center"
16:11:15Schnueffdhd: make sure u downloaded both files correctly and untar again
16:11:34dhdbut it isn NO file like this in it ;(
16:11:39dhdich bekomm noch nen affen mit euch ;)
16:11:40*Stevie[FP] waves to dhd
16:11:52Stevie[FP]it becomes night something something with something
16:12:22Stevie[FP]it becomes night (nen=?) (affen=?) with (euch=?)
16:12:37Stevie[FP]do you want a shrubbery?
16:12:39dhdits a german Spruch
16:12:52Schnueffdhd: in rockbox-sdk_win32.tar.bz2 there's ./rockbox/bin/sh-elf-gcc.exe, i have just checked
16:13:02dhdI became a ape when i talk to you ;)
16:13:07Stevie[FP]i'm betting that means "saying" or "phrase" or "adage" (or maybe "idiom")
16:13:11dhdno i GET a ape >(Affe)
16:13:26dhdI've got it
16:13:35dhdi'm a stupid german boy
16:14:23dhdHow long did he need to kompile on windoof xp?
16:14:32dhdi hope you understand the german word DOOF ;))
16:14:54dhdwinDoof (= Windows
16:14:56Stevie[FP]i think I do :P
16:15:15dhdi get the ape
16:15:19dhd*grrr* shit
16:15:37dwihnoDer affe
16:15:42dhdder Affe !!!
16:15:45dhdtris.o /home/rockbox/build-dir/recorder/widgets.o /home/rockbox/build-dir/record
16:15:45dhder/wormlet.o -L/home/rockbox/build-dir -lrockbox -lgcc -L../firmware -T/home/roc
16:15:45dhdkbox/build-dir/ -Wl,-Map,/home/rockbox/build-dir/
16:15:45dhdsh-elf-objcopy -O binary /home/rockbox/build-dir/rockbox.elf /home/rockbox/build
16:15:45***Alert Mode level 1
16:15:45dhd../tools/scramble /home/rockbox/build-dir/rockbox.bin /home/rockbox/build-dir/a
16:15:49dhdmake[1]: *** [/home/rockbox/build-dir/ajbrec.ajz] Error 255
16:15:51dhdmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rockbox/apps'
16:15:53dhdmake: *** [apps] Error 2
16:15:54Stevie[FP]error 255?
16:15:57dhdi think i must kill my computer
16:16:04dwihnomake sure scramble.exe is in tools as well :)
16:16:09Stevie[FP]make sure the scramble.exe is in tools
16:16:21dhdwhy isn't that in the litile howto ?
16:16:32Stevie[FP]if you installed the tools correctly it should be there
16:16:36dhdi must must must write a german howto for my poor german freidns ;)
16:17:17Stevie[FP]then do it!
16:17:23dhdI DO
16:17:27dhdYEAS I DO IT
16:17:33dhdoh noooo ;)
16:18:00Stevie[FP]neeeiiiin ?
16:18:03dhdwer ist denn der Admin von der Seite damit der mein kleines HowTo auf die Seite tuen kann?????? ;)
16:18:09*Stevie[FP] hides
16:18:11dhdyes!!! Noooooooooooo => neiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin ;)))
16:18:39dhdWhat is now going on?
16:18:40dhdmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rockbox/apps'
16:18:40dhdmake[1]: Entering directory `/home/rockbox/apps'
16:18:40***Alert Mode level 2
16:18:40dhd../tools/scramble /home/rockbox/build-dir/rockbox.bin /home/rockbox/build-dir/a
16:18:40***Alert Mode level 3
16:18:40***Alert Mode level 4
16:18:40dhdmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rockbox/apps'
16:18:46Stevie[FP]where is (denn?) the admin of the site (damit?) the my little HowTo of the Site (tuen?) can?
16:19:06dwihnoIch habe keine anung.
16:19:15dhdis it dne?
16:19:15dwihnoVielleicht sollen wir am fenster bubu machen ;-)
16:19:20dhddone ?
16:19:23Stevie[FP]"I have ? ?"
16:19:26Stevie[FP]if it says nothing
16:19:27Stevie[FP]it is done
16:19:28dwihnodone = everything is finished
16:19:51Stevie[FP]what is 'geil'?
16:20:07dwihnoEin geiles mädchen ;-) ?
16:20:29Stevie[FP]that might help if I knew what a maedchen was
16:21:07dhdwhy it is so fast?
16:21:15Stevie[FP]why is what so fast?
16:21:40dhdwhen i kompile a Linux IMG for my DBOX2 reciver it needs 2 Hours and whit Cygwin it needs 4
16:22:00Stevie[FP]perhaps the rockbox img is much smaller
16:22:20dhdhehe the dbox2 img has 32 mb ;)
16:22:33Stevie[FP]the rockbox img is 200 kb :)
16:22:35dhdbut it's geil to look paxtv ;)
16:22:40dhdx ! not y ;)
16:22:42Stevie[FP]what is 'geil' ?
16:22:56Stevie[FP]and for that matter, what is a 'maedchen' ?
16:22:59dhdgeil means its genial ;))
16:23:09Stevie[FP]like, happy?
16:23:23dhdMädchen means girl/woman geiles mädchen => verry goood ;))) woman
16:23:45dhdhehe yeas but when you say geiles mädchen you mean its a sexy mädchen ;)
16:24:11Stevie[FP]I think I get it
16:24:14Stevie[FP]how do you pronounce that?
16:24:27dhdwhel my own software works !!!
16:24:33Stevie[FP]hehe, good job
16:24:43dhdI get it ==> i think it works ;)
16:24:48Stevie[FP]dhd ist ein Rockboxmacher
16:24:51dhdhehe my englsih is curalty isn't it ?
16:25:01dhdlet it rock ;)
16:25:04Stevie[FP]'curalty' do you mean 'cruelty'?
16:25:16Stevie[FP]you used a word like that yesterday
16:25:27dhdGrausam !
16:25:37dhdbut why is my Puffer dir full?
16:25:39Stevie[FP]ah, yes
16:25:43dhdand what means debug mod?
16:25:54Stevie[FP]debug mode
16:26:06dhdwhat can i do in this mod?
16:26:08Stevie[FP]problem finding
16:26:16Stevie[FP]you can see many useless things
16:26:21Stevie[FP]never use the first one
16:26:24Stevie[FP]the "I/O Port" one
16:26:52dhdso let me know why is my "puffer" full?
16:27:07Stevie[FP]because you have too many files in one directory
16:27:17Stevie[FP]it used to just cut it off
16:27:21dwihnoThat is, however, configurable nowadays ;-) *smile at Linus*
16:27:23Stevie[FP]i guess it no longer does that
16:27:48dhdbut when the buffer is full i cant see my mp3s !
16:27:54dhdthats Scheiße ;)
16:28:00dhd.rockbox did i need this folder?
16:28:11dhdScheiße => shit
16:28:11Stevie[FP]yes you need .rockbox
16:28:23*Stevie[FP] knows that word
16:28:41***Alert Mode OFF
16:28:44dwihnofor queueing and misc files such as fonts, wps etc.
16:28:47dhdbut why is the shit buffer full? i haven't got so many thniks on the player
16:29:00Stevie[FP]how many mp3s are in the folder?
16:29:08dhddid the CYGWIN compiled a .rockbox filder to?
16:29:12Stevie[FP]and do they have long names?
16:29:16dhdin the root there is NO mp3
16:29:25Stevie[FP]yet it says buffer full?
16:29:28dhdan i've createt a folder whit the name MUSIK
16:29:29Stevie[FP]in the root?
16:29:47dhdNo it says :>Verzeichnisspuffer => full
16:30:06dhdyes DIR
16:30:09Stevie[FP]verzeichnisspuffer == big word
16:30:18dhdbut when i use a daily make he sayed it , too
16:30:26Stevie[FP]kleine == little
16:30:30dhdi#ve put German as LAnguage ;)
16:30:31Stevie[FP]? == big
16:30:58Stevie[FP]what is the word for "big" ?
16:31:10dhdok erease the mp3 and put a litle mp3 file on it
16:31:23dhdbig => gross (?) => riesig
16:31:31dhd(? => ß)
16:31:56Stevie[FP]that seems like a long word
16:32:07 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
16:32:29Stevie[FP]I do not have umlauts (the ':s over the letters)
16:32:49Stevie[FP]so I use oe, ue, ae
16:33:01Stevie[FP]what do I use instead of the ß?
16:33:02dhdWhat hapen, when i erase the .rockbox foldeR?
16:33:15Stevie[FP]dhd: you won't be able to do certain things, like save certain settings
16:33:28dhdinstead of the ß you can use the ss
16:33:42 Join nelliep|away [0] (
16:34:00dhdso i've delete all files auser den .rockbox folder
16:34:26Stevie[FP]Scheisse <- beispel
16:34:43Stevie[FP]auser den == out of the?
16:34:50 Nick nelliep|away is now known as nelliep (
16:34:56dhdbut it always say buffer dir full
16:35:01Stevie[FP]even with no files?
16:35:39dhdwhen i put this: or another frome this page it says it, tooo ;((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
16:35:55Stevie[FP]strange −− you will have to talk to Linus
16:35:58dhdyes only whit this: allthink is ok
16:36:37dhdcan i make a .rockbox folder whit the make file frome cygwin?
16:36:55Stevie[FP]the .rockbox folder came from one of the rockbox-daily
16:37:18dhdbut why does it not will work ;( shit buffer
16:37:51Stevie[FP]I don't know!
16:37:54Stevie[FP]let me get the code
16:38:14dhdwhen i aerase the boot file an start the normal version althinks is also ok
16:38:16Stevie[FP]i will look at it
16:38:23dhdwhat code?
16:38:28dhdthe build-dir directory?
16:39:41Stevie[FP]the program
16:39:45Stevie[FP]the source
16:39:47dhdthe one file?
16:40:00Stevie[FP]the ".c" files
16:40:14dhdwhic .c therae are mouch more than one
16:41:04Stevie[FP]i will look at all of them!
16:41:22dhdAlso the /home/rockbox dir ?
16:41:48dhdok i put it to a .rar archive
16:42:00dhdbut i also can tar it
16:42:01dhdwhit wintar
16:42:09 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:42:38 Join ken0_ [0] (
16:42:52Stevie[FP]in cygwin
16:42:55dhdthats 5 MB'S
16:43:00Stevie[FP]in cygwin
16:43:07Stevie[FP]type: which patch.exe
16:43:26dhdin the buiild-dir?
16:43:56dhdChristian@RECHNER ~/build-dir
16:43:56dhd$ which patch.exe
16:44:58dhdand now?
16:46:21Stevie[FP]are your files in /home/rockbox ?
16:46:25Stevie[FP]like /home/rockbox/tools
16:46:27Stevie[FP]like /home/rockbox/apps
16:46:30Stevie[FP]like /home/rockbox/stuff
16:46:57Stevie[FP]cd /home/rockbox
16:47:02 Join geo [0] (
16:48:01Stevie[FP]did it get it?
16:48:07Stevie[FP]patch -p1 < pufferfull.patch
16:48:36dhdChristian@RECHNER ~
16:48:36dhd$ patch -p1 < pufferfull.patch
16:48:36dhdpatching file apps/tree.c
16:48:36dhdHunk #1 FAILED at 353.
16:48:36dhd1 out of 1 hunk FAILED −− saving rejects to file apps/tree.c.rej
16:48:37***Alert Mode level 1
16:48:37dhdChristian@RECHNER ~
16:48:44Stevie[FP]it failed!?
16:49:24dhdi think
16:49:38dhdbut you can uplaod your cvs so the bug is away ;)
16:49:59Stevie[FP]no, I don't have cvs write access
16:50:31dhdbut what can i do?
16:50:35dhdpatch manuality?
16:51:01Stevie[FP]the cvs is kaput
16:51:07Stevie[FP]cvs [update aborted]: connect to failed: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
16:51:41dhdmhh but on your PC you hava an cvs which works ore?
16:51:48Stevie[FP]no I do not
16:51:55Stevie[FP]can you send me your apps/tree.c ?
16:52:06Zagorsourceforge cvs is frequently kaput, you need to retry a few times
16:52:21Stevie[FP]Zagor: I can't even login with the cygwin cvs
16:53:07Zagorwe had to implement retries for the daily build because the sf server is down so much
16:53:40dhdi've a server which have 4,9 gig backbone is that enought for your cvs?
16:53:42Stevie[FP]dhd: ok try this
16:53:53Stevie[FP]patch -p1 -F3 < pufferfull.patch
16:54:33dhd$ patch -p1 -F3 < pufferfull.patch
16:54:33dhdpatching file apps/tree.c
16:54:33dhdHunk #1 FAILED at 353.
16:54:33***Alert Mode level 2
16:54:33dhd1 out of 1 hunk FAILED −− saving rejects to file apps/tree.c.rej
16:54:35 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC rocks. -> <-")
16:57:55Stevie[FP]oh well
16:59:09dhdi have it
16:59:10Stevie[FP]and then
16:59:11Stevie[FP]patch -p1 < pufferfull2.patch
16:59:43dhdChristian@RECHNER ~
16:59:43dhd$ patch -p1 < pufferfull2.patch
16:59:43dhdmissing header for unified diff at line 3 of patch
16:59:43***Alert Mode level 3
16:59:43dhdcan't find file to patch at input line 3
16:59:43***Alert Mode level 4
16:59:43dhdPerhaps you used the wrong -p or −−strip option?
16:59:44***Alert Mode level 5
16:59:44dhdThe text leading up to this was:
16:59:48dhd|−−- tree.c 2003-05-14 10:56:03.000000000 -0400
16:59:50dhd|+++ C:\tmp\rockbox-daily-20030513-p\apps\tree.c 2003-05-14 10:45:44.0000
16:59:52dhd00000 -0400
16:59:56dhdFile to patch:
17:00:02*Stevie[FP] sighs
17:00:07Stevie[FP]rm pufferfull2.patch
17:00:15dhdis it wrong ;)
17:00:33dhdok its erase
17:00:58Stevie[FP]ok, do the wget again
17:01:26dhdpufferfull2.patch ?
17:02:20dhdnow patch ?
17:02:47dhdChristian@RECHNER ~
17:02:47dhd$ wget
17:02:47***Alert Mode level 6
17:02:47dhd=> `pufferfull2.patch'
17:02:47***Alert Mode level 7
17:02:47dhdConnecting to connected!
17:02:48***Alert Mode level 8
17:02:48dhdHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
17:02:50dhdLength: 836 [text/plain]
17:02:52dhd0K 100% @ 816.41 KB/s
17:02:54dhd17:02:14 (816.41 KB/s) - `pufferfull2.patch' saved [836/836]
17:02:56dhdChristian@RECHNER ~
17:02:58dhd$ patch -p1 < pufferfull2.patch
17:03:00dhdcan't find file to patch at input line 3
17:03:02dhdPerhaps you used the wrong -p or −−strip option?
17:03:04dhdThe text leading up to this was:
17:03:08dhd|−−- apps/tree.c 2003-05-14 10:56:03.000000000 -0400
17:03:12dhd|+++ apps/tree.c 2003-05-14 10:45:44.000000000 -0400
17:03:16dhdFile to patch:
17:04:14Stevie[FP]i forgot
17:04:17Stevie[FP]use -p0
17:04:20Stevie[FP]on pufferfull2
17:05:05Stevie[FP]patch -p0 < pufferfull2.patch
17:07:16Stevie[FP]oh, ok
17:07:32Stevie[FP]did it work?
17:07:50Stevie[FP]now use make
17:07:51dhdChristian@RECHNER ~
17:07:51dhd$ patch -p0 < pufferfull2.patch
17:07:51dhdpatching file apps/tree.c
17:08:00dhdi think you are an dev frome this projekt ;)
17:08:28dhdok now i put the file on the player
17:08:32Stevie[FP]ok, make it and put it on the player
17:08:39dhdi already make it
17:08:42dhdmy pc is faaaaaaast ;)
17:08:42 Quit geo ("Client Exiting")
17:08:51Stevie[FP]remember the UnxUtils thing?
17:08:53Stevie[FP]you had to do first?
17:08:58Stevie[FP]way at the beginning
17:09:23dhdi'Ve isntall this tools complete
17:09:48Stevie[FP]did you put it on the player?
17:11:46dhdnow tehre are Buffer dir is full
17:11:48dhdo o o
17:11:50dhdo o
17:11:58dhdteh "0" is in the display ;(
17:12:00Stevie[FP]'o' or 0?
17:12:49***Alert Mode OFF
17:13:26Stevie[FP]i bet I know! :)
17:13:30Stevie[FP]give me a moment dhd
17:13:35dhdno he write
17:13:37dhd0 0 0
17:13:38dhd0 0
17:13:47dhdwhel you are the best dev i ever seen ;)
17:17:20Stevie[FP]nobody ever really thinks anymore :)
17:17:41Stevie[FP]then: patch -p1 < maxfilesindir.patch
17:19:15dhdChristian@RECHNER ~
17:19:15dhd$ patch -p1 < maxfilesindir.patch
17:19:15dhdpatching file apps/settings.c
17:19:15dhdpatching file apps/tree.c
17:19:15dhdReversed (or previously applied) patch detected! Assume -R? [n]
17:20:16Stevie[FP]answer n
17:21:06dhdAplly Anywa ? [n]
17:22:39dhdChristian@RECHNER ~
17:22:39dhd$ patch -p1 < maxfilesindir.patch
17:22:39dhdpatching file apps/settings.c
17:22:39***Alert Mode level 1
17:22:39dhdpatching file apps/tree.c
17:22:39***Alert Mode level 2
17:22:39dhdReversed (or previously applied) patch detected! Assume -R? [n] n
17:22:40***Alert Mode level 3
17:22:40dhdApply anyway? [n] n
17:22:42dhdSkipping patch.
17:22:44dhd1 out of 1 hunk ignored −− saving rejects to file apps/tree.c.rej
17:23:56Stevie[FP]now make and copy
17:24:59dhdohh fuck
17:25:02dhdsoo late
17:25:06Stevie[FP]so late?
17:25:09dhdi must to the TischTennis traning
17:25:18Stevie[FP]ok, can you make sure it works first?
17:26:38dhdThe ERROR IS there
17:26:46dhdit doensn't work ;(
17:26:53dhdok i'm back aht 20:16
17:26:57dhdis that ok?
17:27:11Stevie[FP]does it still say 0 0 0 0?
17:27:23Stevie[FP]what time is it now tehre?
17:28:14dhdnow we have 17:28 @ germany
17:28:23dhdyes it says stilöl 000
17:28:38 Nick dhd is now known as dhd_away (
17:28:38DBUGEnqueued KICK dhd_away
17:28:38***Alert Mode level 4
17:38:02 Quit Garrett (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:38:06 Quit nelliep (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:38:39***Alert Mode OFF
17:43:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:52:08 Join kargatron [0] (
18:04:11 Part kargatron
18:13:52 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:17:43 Join ken0 [0] (
18:29:50 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
18:38:10 Join joel1 [0] (~jirc@
18:38:22 Part joel1
19:06:00 Quit edx ()
19:21:32 Join edx [0] (
19:43:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:54:42 Nick dhd_away is now known as dhd (
19:54:42DBUGEnqueued KICK dhd
19:54:48dhd;) are you there?
20:02:34Stevie[FP]patch -p1 -R < maxfilesindir.patch
20:07:18dhdso i must download it new ore?
20:07:52dhdok patching complete
20:11:01dhderro is going on but the 0 0 0 0 0 is away ;(((
20:11:52Stevie[FP]then patch -p1 < maxfilesindir2.patch
20:12:04dhdi have switched the language tzo english so i can wrie the error in the correct speech ;))
20:13:20dhdwrie => write
20:13:51dhdNO ERROR !!!!!!
20:14:03dhdYEAH YEAH YEAH !!!!!
20:14:52CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 2 hours and 26 minutes at the last flood
20:14:52*Stevie[FP] flexes
20:17:35dhdno a nother problem ;)
20:17:39 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
20:17:45Quelsarukhi all!
20:18:04dhdwhe i will play a song, ther is Playlist zuende but its not a playlist, is a song ;(
20:19:12*Stevie[FP] is away [food!] [KS-MsgLog Off]
20:19:46dhdmhh shit
20:19:59dhdWhen i Will play a song in the root he says that the playlist ends
20:20:35dhdmhh i think i make a malke clean an dann make because there is something confussed ;)
20:23:10Quelsaruki don't really understand you, but if this helps... when you play a directory, rockbox builds a playlist in ram, so if you have repeat off and you have played all songs, you can see a "End of song list" or something like that
20:24:36dhdno i have selectet test1.mp3 and he said to me playlist end
20:27:18Quelsarukis test1.mp3 ok?
20:27:46QuelsarukZagor: any interesting mail since friday? I have 130 mails from rockbox :(
20:28:14dhdyes its vorrect
20:30:13dhdif i load teh file /01_Musik/01-2raumwohnung_-_freie_liebe_-_gianni_vitiello_u_der_kleine_laerm_mix-oma he said End of Song List ;( but yesterday whit the old software from rockbox it hase gon
20:30:48dhdalso when i named the file in 1.mp3
20:32:05dhdNow i#ve maked a playlist and then in the disply he showed The Buffer is Full End of Plalist
20:33:16Quelsaruktry latest build
20:33:20Quelsarukbleeding edge :)
20:33:28dhdbut he playe the song ;)
20:33:34dhdwhat shut i do ???
20:33:38dhdrb-checkout ?
20:34:29dhdore shuld i download this:
20:35:09Quelsarukat the bottom of the page
20:35:13QuelsarukBleeding edge
20:35:18Quelsarukmaybe that helps
20:35:37Quelsarukbut i've been away since friday and know nothing about new bugs
20:35:44dhd his?
20:37:39Quelsarukmust go
20:37:40dhdlol Dir Buffer is full
20:37:46Quelsarukdhd, sorry
20:37:49Quelsarukask Zagor
20:37:54Quelsarukhe knows best :)
20:38:04 Quit Quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
20:47:57 Quit seb-sleep (
20:49:02 Quit ken0 (
20:49:02 Quit adi|work (
20:56:10NJoinken0 [0] (
20:56:10NJoinadi|work [0] (
20:56:19 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:57:21 Join ken0 [0] (
21:16:36dhdHello ? is there someone ;)
21:16:39dhdyou cant hid !
21:16:47dhdcome out and show you =)
21:30:04*Stevie[FP] is back from [food!] [gone 1hr 10mins 52secs] [KS]
21:43:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:50:52 Join kargatron [0] (
22:01:10 Join nelliep [0] (wotsit2u@
22:06:54 Quit nelliep (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:07:19 Join nelliep_ [0] (wotsit2u@
22:07:22 Join nelliep [0] (~wotsit2u@
22:08:25 Quit nelliep_ (Client Quit)
22:12:20 Quit dhd ("( :: NoNameScript 3.71 :: )")
22:13:17kargatronanyone around to mull the null-genre %ig bug? it's quite a thorn in my usage side...
22:13:46kargatronwondering what code to target to fix it.
22:24:48Zagorkargatron: remind me of the bug. everything is called Blues?
22:25:04kargatronfree text ones are 'blues'
22:25:17kargatronmeaning, i think, that what was once a null return on the lookup is now '0'
22:25:27kargatronie the first in the canned array = Blues
22:25:33Hesyou have something against blues? 8-)
22:25:41kargatronwhen it's wildly inaccurate, yes :)
22:26:13kargatronsometime in feb-mar, something changed to make the genre lookup deafult to 0/Blues rather than NULL
22:26:20kargatroni figure it's something minor
22:26:50Zagorkargatron: try simply initializing entry->genre to 0xff in firmware/id3.c:264
22:27:20kargatroni'll look...
22:31:06*Stevie[FP] is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
22:32:03*Stevie[FP] is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 58secs] [KS]
22:32:26Stevie[FP]zag, i found an annoying glitch that happens with the 'we surrender' builds
22:33:15ZagorStevie[FP]: what?
22:33:19Stevie[FP]you guys zero out global_settings before loading things from the config structure
22:34:00Stevie[FP]if you already had a valid config thing
22:34:08Stevie[FP](from an earlier build)
22:34:13Stevie[FP]then go to a 'we surrender' build
22:34:19Stevie[FP]those bytes will be 0xFF
22:34:47Stevie[FP]and rockbox of course won't load it into max_files_in_dir
22:34:59Stevie[FP]this leaves max_files_in_dir at 0
22:35:28Zagori'll take a look
22:35:42Stevie[FP]I'm thinking that what might be the best option
22:35:52Stevie[FP]is to call reset_settings or something like it to give all the defaults
22:36:12Stevie[FP]so if someone upgrades, their version gets the default
22:37:10Stevie[FP]it seems to do that already
22:37:10Zagorthe config block version should be increased
22:37:13Zagorthat forces it to do just that
22:37:33Stevie[FP]well, settings_load() unconditionally calls settings_reset()
22:41:24Zagorhmm, looks like your config sector had data in 0xaa-0xad. have you ran any patched version that used those bytes?
22:49:28 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:52:27 Quit Hes (Killed ( ( <-
22:52:30 Join Hes_ [0] (
22:53:52Stevie[FP]I haven't
22:53:55Stevie[FP]dhd was having the problem
22:54:29Stevie[FP]i gave him a debug build that output the values of num_files_in_dir, max_files_per_dir, and some other vars when he got the 'dir full!' message
22:54:33Stevie[FP]and everything was 0
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