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#rockbox log for 2003-05-15

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00:49:37midknight2k3nothing's going on in the dailyboulds lately, hmm
00:50:07LinusNexcept for the 400-file limit removal
00:50:26midknight2k3i meant for the past 4 days or so, but yeah...
00:50:36midknight2k3is that usb standby still in there?
00:57:39midknight2k3any new concepts for rockbox lately?
01:00:20LinusNnot really, we will soon start a "patch-race" to merge some patches in the tracker
01:00:39LinusNadi|home: i never got your email
01:00:40midknight2k3I wish I could compile them things
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01:02:33AmanHi, anyone athere?
01:02:40midknight2k3i am!
01:03:11AmanGlad to see it. May I ask if you know anything about dif/patch?
01:03:52LinusNAman: are you trying to apply a patch?
01:04:32midknight2k3that's my dillema
01:04:40midknight2k3dilemma i mean
01:04:49AmanI am, yes, but am not sure how to apply it, if it's made from a specific cbvs destribution. That is, can I get the latest CVs and apply any dif patch
01:05:04 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
01:05:10Amanto it, or must I have a specific day's build to apply the patch?
01:05:35LinusNyou need the build that the patch was diff'ed against
01:06:05LinusNa later one might work, but it isn't guaranteed
01:06:19Amanand is that refferenced in the .dif file somewhere? If not, how do I find it?
01:06:39LinusNit is generally mentioned in the patch tracker
01:07:13LinusNdo i need to remind you that you need a complete development environment to apply and build a patched rockbox?
01:07:35AmanExcellent, thanks. Final question and I'll leave you be. when I apply the dif, can i then update to the latest version by extracting the latest tarball, or through CVS?
01:08:06LinusNyou may get CVS conflicts when updating the CVS tree
01:08:12LinusNif the patch is old
01:08:18AmanI have the cygwin environment which runs under win32. Am told that should work. Is this so?
01:08:26LinusNshould work
01:08:41LinusN(so many people come here and think they can patch the binary)
01:09:11AmanI wish. Nice idea for a feature, though <g>.
01:09:21AmanThanks for the help. I'm off to try patching
01:09:28LinusNmidknight2k3: yes
01:09:41midknight2k3make sure you make a menu option for that usb standby!
01:09:56LinusNsome day i might
01:09:57midknight2k3it's not working out right now for example
01:10:25 Quit Aman ()
01:10:28midknight2k3I'm trying to rename a few things and while im typing in the new name the drive shuts off then it has to turn on to save the filename and ditto for the next.... and so on
01:10:57LinusNyou mean it fails and you get aerors?
01:11:13midknight2k3I mean it keeps going on then off then on then off
01:11:24LinusNbut it works, doesn't it?
01:11:25midknight2k3it's just not good for the batteries/the drive/me
01:11:38midknight2k3yeah just gets a little.. in the way
01:11:42LinusNi see
01:11:43midknight2k3not a big deal
01:11:53LinusNi'll try to fix that asap
01:12:07midknight2k3a good idea would be to have it adjustable on the usb screen
01:12:20midknight2k3like, right=standby on, left=off
01:12:31midknight2k3maybe up/down could adjust
01:12:32LinusNno can do
01:12:34midknight2k3if that's possible
01:12:41midknight2k3yes doesnt it go into 'dummy mode'
01:12:54LinusNit can't access the disk when in USB mode
01:13:20midknight2k3no big deal that's just a fancy feature that's definitely not required
01:13:41LinusNactually, it is theoretically possible on the Recorder, but I haven't experimented with it
01:15:16[IDC]DragonGood morning Linus, Björn. I have some more prosperous insight about "ROMBox".
01:15:34midknight2k3You mean that Rockbox in flash in the mailing list?
01:15:39LinusN("morning" ha!)
01:16:10[IDC]DragonWe disassembled the boot ROM.
01:16:32[IDC]DragonIt is only 17 pages of assembley, the rest is empty.
01:16:57[IDC]DragonExciting things in there.
01:17:06LinusNa debug mode perhaps?
01:17:28[IDC]DragonIt seems, if the display is not connected, it goes to a monitor mode.
01:17:35LinusNserial port driven debug monitor, yes
01:17:55[IDC]DragonYou know that?
01:17:55LinusNit sends a 0x00 on the serial port at startup
01:18:08LinusNand expects an answer
01:18:16LinusNthen it goes into the debugger
01:18:19[IDC]DragonWhich is the baudrate
01:18:25LinusN9600 i guess
01:18:43LinusNdon't really remember
01:18:51[IDC]DragonOn startup, it sends a 0x00 with 2400 baud, we think.
01:19:24[IDC]DragonDo you know more? We got lost after the following byte.
01:20:07LinusNi think it expects an answer, but i don't know what it wants
01:20:23LinusNi discovered it when doing the gdb stub
01:21:06[IDC]DragonYou had the display unconnected, or you traced in it?
01:21:36LinusNno, i got in there by mistake
01:22:13[IDC]DragonWe hope this "monitor" is able to load a bit of code, which could be the flasher.
01:22:42[IDC]DragonThen you could flash even if you messed up the flash completely.
01:25:08[IDC]DragonI'd like to get an option into the debug menu, which prints the flash vendor and device ID.
01:25:41[IDC]DragonThe we could do a "field survey" of what chips are commonly out there.
01:25:44LinusNwrite one
01:26:07[IDC]DragonDo you mind it in the cvs main trunk?
01:28:06[IDC]DragonIf I put special build(s) to my webspace, coverage will be much lower.
01:28:23LinusNi will include it if you write it
01:28:38LinusNadd it to the HW Info page
01:29:31 Join Aman [0] (
01:29:57[IDC]DragonIsn't that screen already full? I don't know how long these numbers are, but may take some space.
01:33:21 Quit Aman (Client Quit)
01:34:20[IDC]DragonOne more finding about the boot: The flash content is scrambled similar to the .ajz file.
01:35:02[IDC]DragonWe don't know yet if the boot ROM does the descrambling, or a first part of the flash.
01:36:27midknight2k3If you want my totally bind and uneducated guess, the boot ROM
01:38:11[IDC]DragonIf it's the flash descrambling itself, we could skip that step.
01:39:15midknight2k3I think uneducatedly that the rom and... wait what's the flash? lol just forget me I get nothing
01:40:09[IDC]DragonTh CPU has an internal 64KB boot rom, and then there's the 256KB flash connected externally to the bus.
01:40:28 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("Leaving")
01:40:42midknight2k3well i don't care don't even bother...
01:40:46midknight2k3he left hmm
01:41:07 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
01:41:13midknight2k3he's back!
01:41:21[IDC]DragonOOPS, I was out.
01:41:35[IDC]DragonDid you say something?
01:41:35LinusNyou weren't out, afaics
01:41:50LinusNi had to run away to comfort my crying son
01:41:56midknight2k3* [IDC]Dragon has quit IRC ("Leaving")
01:41:56midknight2k3<midknight2k3> well i don't care don't even bother...
01:41:56midknight2k3<midknight2k3> he left hmm
01:41:56DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
01:41:56midknight2k3* [IDC]Dragon has joined #rockbox
01:42:06[IDC]DragonYou got a son?
01:42:19[IDC]DragonCongrats, go!
01:42:22LinusNand a daughter
01:42:31midknight2k3go linus!
01:43:16[IDC]DragonWell, then I brush my teeth. Se you in a few.
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01:43:53midknight2k3se you!
01:48:04LinusNi think the boot rom does the descrambling
01:48:35midknight2k3My guess was worth something!
01:50:00[IDC]DragonWe'll definitely spend some more time with the boot ROM, hope to find out about it's features.
01:52:16[IDC]DragonGood that we have your "dumper", I'd like to find out if the boot is the same for Player or FM.
01:53:57LinusNfm may be different
01:54:13LinusNbut not likely
01:54:30[IDC]Dragondifferent serial or display?
01:54:50LinusNi think the boot ROM is exactly the same
01:55:19LinusNit's expensive to handle two CPU mask ROM's in production
01:56:42[IDC]DragonYes, if they had enough foresight to stay with the hardware used by boot.
01:56:45LinusNi can make a dump of the FM boot for you if you like
01:56:54LinusNbut not tonight
01:57:04LinusNi can give you Player as well
01:57:14[IDC]DragonOK, thanks.
01:57:24[IDC]DragonHow is your son?
01:57:27LinusNi'll send them tomorrow
01:57:40LinusNhe just woke up from a nightmare, that's all
01:58:23[IDC]DragonHow old is he?
01:58:28LinusN3 yrs
01:58:30LinusNsonn 4
01:58:45LinusNdaughter is 6 months
01:59:06[IDC]Dragonnot yet cute.
02:00:19[IDC]DragonNice photos. I like the one with both the kids.
02:00:47[IDC]Dragon(Son with daughter on his lap)
02:00:56LinusNyeah, that's cute
02:01:52LinusNi have to go to sleep, funeral tomorrow (wife's grandmother)
02:02:19midknight2k3bye linus
02:02:24LinusNcu tomorrow night
02:02:37 Part LinusN
02:05:39midknight2k3you're really going to try this falsh thing though arent you?
02:08:54[IDC]DragonWe'll try our best.
02:09:06midknight2k3I can't believe this one!
02:09:22[IDC]DragonI don't mind having to revive it with microsoldering if it goes wrong.
02:09:46midknight2k3You mean you're going to do all this so rockbox can load about 3 seconds faster and so you can get in trouble with archos if your module breaks?
02:10:16[IDC]DragonThe flash is only 60% used, so we have some sectors at the end to practice.
02:10:27[IDC]DragonIt won't break.
02:10:49midknight2k3I mean if you brek it any time and they fix it then boot it up to find you put rockbox in the ROM...
02:11:09[IDC]DragonAnd I guess it's not just a matter of booting 3 seconds faster. I hope it's a matter af booting in 3 seconds.
02:11:41midknight2k3will it be an easy thing to do?
02:11:58[IDC]Dragon"and they fix it"? You mean Archos?
02:12:07midknight2k3I dont know
02:13:05[IDC]DragonI won't involve Archos here. My warranty is void anyway by doing the 8MB mod and changing the HD.
02:13:35midknight2k3for the 8mb mod you have to put in a new chip right?
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02:14:05[IDC]DragonYes. And do a bunch of rewiring.
02:14:47midknight2k3that's crap
02:15:03[IDC]Dragonwhy crap? I like it.
02:15:15 Join Guest [0] (
02:15:17midknight2k3i bet "make a firmware to enlarge the 2MB stock ram to 8MB" wouldn't be the silliest
02:16:03midknight2k3silliets feature request that is
02:16:04Guesthi all −− i have a stupid question
02:16:10midknight2k3i can answer!
02:16:14midknight2k3if i can that is...
02:16:37Guesti have a couple of MP3's that want to skip in Rockbox in my AJR
02:16:44Guestthey're lame −−alt-preset-standard
02:16:55Guestbut it says "32" as the bitrate
02:17:10Guestis it my player or is the vbr header hosed?
02:17:22midknight2k3i haven't the faintest idea
02:17:27[IDC]DragonGoodnight, I'm overdue for some sleep.
02:17:31midknight2k3see you
02:17:36Guesthmmm... well, an honest answer is always appreciated!
02:17:39midknight2k3well gues
02:17:43 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("Leaving")
02:17:54midknight2k3I am not a rockbox maker or anything like that
02:18:06midknight2k3I also know not much about encoding/LAMEing mp3s
02:18:23midknight2k3Did you umm... an-lame them?
02:18:35Guestthat's cool.. i certainly
02:18:40Guestunlame them?
02:18:50midknight2k3i don't know it was a joke
02:18:56midknight2k3i don't have any idea sorry
02:19:09midknight2k3if only you came when linus was here
02:19:18Guestit's cool... i'll just re-encode them with a different version of lame...
02:19:21midknight2k3about ten minutes ago he'd probably know
02:19:27midknight2k3give it a shot
02:19:40midknight2k3if you ever see LinusN you could ask him he'd probably know
02:19:42Guestwell, i'm US CDT (-600), so i figure a lot of people are already in bed
02:19:58Guestwill look for him, thanks! :)
02:19:58midknight2k3linus just left
02:20:09 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
02:21:11midknight2k3whos here
02:21:33midknight2k3whoever speaks up gets a free ascii burger!
02:21:49midknight2k3okay.. two burgers
02:22:09midknight2k3all right! three burgers.. FINAL.
02:22:32midknight2k3A... free... rockbox.. developing... kit?
02:23:51midknight2k3oh yes
02:23:56midknight2k3you're all asleep
02:23:59midknight2k3good night!
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03:34:41DJ-JetLier hi
03:39:03 Join Aman [0] (
03:39:40AmanHi, all. Does anyone know where I can find the daily builds for more than the last week?
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10:07:21Bagderhi ho peoples
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11:18:35WiZeRhi ppl
11:18:40WiZeRanyone awake?
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13:57:41dhdHI =)
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16:10:13Quelsarukhi dwihno!
16:10:44dwihnoHi Quelsaruk. Une cerveza grande por muy, bien
16:11:05Quelsarukuna cerveza grande por favor
16:11:24Quelsarukyou'll never tall spanish as a native :P
16:11:39dwihnoyou'll never "tall" english like a native either ;-)
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16:47:02dhdHolla amigo Quelsaruk!!
16:47:21SchnueffDon Quelsaruk
16:47:52dhdwell have somoone a CVS build that complete run, whitout aany bug?
16:49:55Quelsarukhi Schnueff and dhd
16:49:56 Quit awy[baer] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:50:05Quelsarukdhd, not me...
16:50:13Quelsaruki have no hd at this moment
16:50:15Schnueffdhd: have done no build lately
16:50:46 Join awy[baer] [0] (
16:52:33dhdmhh whit the build forme the page i always have errrors ;(
16:53:07dhdwhen does teh sourcefoge cvs run? ;)
16:53:28Schnueffwho knows? :)
16:54:39dhdmhh shit
16:54:50dhdbut i have a funn yserver there i can host the cvs ;? =)
16:55:00dhdbut noone will have it ;)
16:55:06dhdso i cant help ;)
16:55:44 Quit dhd ("( :: NoNameScript 3.71 :: )")
16:57:47Quelsaruki don't want to format my hd again :(
17:02:42Quelsarukwho wrote those capital letters??
17:03:43 Quit Quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
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17:32:51 Join Bagder [241] (
17:32:54CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
17:32:54*Bagder builds gcc 3.3 and crosses his fingers
17:32:58Quelsarukhi bagder
17:33:29Quelsarukmust go to save the planet
17:33:45Quelsaruki'll be back in 40 minutes
17:33:51Bagdergood luck my son
17:34:21 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
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18:03:27 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
18:04:29quelsarukBagder: i have a question
18:05:00quelsarukwhat on hell should i do if i can't mount /dev/sda1 (my usb hd)
18:09:45Bagderwe need to do that later, I'm off
18:09:48 Quit Bagder ("")
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18:34:38 Quit quelsaruk ("Cerrando la cliente")
18:54:38*Stevie[FP] is back from [gone] [gone 18hrs 11mins 30secs] [KS]
18:54:39*Stevie[FP] is away [food] [KS-MsgLog Off]
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19:36:15 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
19:36:37Quelsaruki had to format my jukebox hd (again)
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19:54:16 Join dhd [0] (
19:54:22dhdsomeone there?
19:55:41dhdi need a running cvs ;)))))
19:55:49dhdi need a search funktion for all my mp3s ;)
19:56:08Quelsaruki had a current cvs version
19:56:16Quelsarukbut it's on my linux partition
19:57:08dhdhave you installed windows?
19:57:14dhdand is your linux partion ext2 ?
19:57:31dhdi have a programe, whit this you have accses on ext2 and i think3 also
19:58:08Quelsarukwhich program?
19:58:44dhdParagon Ext2FS Anywhere
19:58:47dhdits on my ftp
19:58:53Quelsarukcould i get it?
19:58:59dhdone moment
20:26:42 Quit Quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
20:31:08 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
20:31:15Quelsarukhi again
20:38:15 Join ken0 [0] (
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