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#rockbox log for 2003-05-16

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00:41:58SeanL994hello anyone here willing to help?
00:43:25SeanL994i had rockbox 2.0 installed last week.. everything was going fine.. untill...friday i believe... it just craped out on me.. the RED light was blinking.. and the player wouldnt play.( it would play .25 second(orso) of a track repeadedly).. so i got home deleted rockbox.. and now everything is cool..for the past week BUT i miss rockbox! whats goin on here?
00:48:55SeanL994soo... no one here...great.. perfect.. bye
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01:20:09Jet8810Ipod kid! ;)
01:20:22midknight2k3Don't even start lol
01:20:40Jet8810how are you?
01:23:01midknight2k3is you put in an 'old' between how and are
01:23:09midknight2k3today is my birthday
01:25:12BoD[]happy birthday !!!
01:25:17BoD[]how old are you ?
01:25:44midknight2k3too young lol
01:26:16midknight2k3starts with a one and ends with a three
01:27:29BoD[]13 !
01:27:36Jet8810wow midniknight, thats awesome
01:27:42Jet8810I'm 14 :)
01:27:47BoD[]you are lucky
01:27:56Jet8810yes, I am very blessed
01:28:08midknight2k3you're 14?
01:28:10BoD[]i wish i was 13 or 14 ;)
01:28:15midknight2k3and you wanted an IPOD?
01:28:20midknight2k3crazy I say
01:28:33BoD[]except you can't drink and stuff
01:28:35Jet8810you wanted on too ;)
01:28:48Jet8810Bod, actually trying to stop drinking at parties
01:29:18midknight2k3wow what
01:29:41Jet8810yea, wow what? :-P
01:29:45BoD[]i dont know
01:29:54Jet8810when you were a kid, come on :)
01:29:59midknight2k3*shrug*, right?
01:30:00BoD[]i didnt drink until i was ...
01:30:11BoD[]like 18 at least :)!!!!
01:30:12Jet8810(not for me, thats for you)
01:30:21BoD[]yeah right;)
01:30:24Jet8810BoD, times are changing as Bob Dylan would say
01:30:43midknight2k3how old is bod?
01:30:56midknight2k3not bad!
01:31:02Jet8810yea, people nowadays are far too drug dependent though...
01:31:10BoD[]moahaha ;)
01:31:12Jet8810should be less dependent on drugs and more dependent on God, IMO
01:31:28BoD[]yes very true
01:31:48BoD[]god is the solution! in god we trust
01:31:48midknight2k3look at your people go at it
01:31:59Jet8810midknight, ?
01:32:06midknight2k3i don't know
01:32:13Jet8810yes God first and everythign will come after
01:32:17Jet8810BoD, what religion are you?
01:32:23midknight2k3I red something funny the other day
01:32:51BoD[]i'm atheist
01:33:29BoD[]and remember: jesus saves but only buddha can make incremental backups
01:33:44Jet8810BoD, how are you atheist?
01:33:56Jet8810you just said GOd is the solution...
01:33:56midknight2k3here ir is
01:33:59Jet8810want to explain? :)
01:33:59midknight2k3I found it
01:34:02midknight2k3"When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me."
01:34:08BoD[]yes I was sarcastic about that
01:34:13Jet8810oh ok BoD
01:34:37Jet8810BoD, but admit it, even if you are atheist, what comes out religion is 20 fold better then what comes out of drug usage
01:34:47BoD[]jet: i thought you were joking about that drug/god thing
01:35:00Jet8810heh BoD, nope
01:35:02BoD[]hmm i'm not sure at all
01:35:15Jet8810well what comes out of true religion...
01:35:21BoD[]for example all those wars.. they come from religion... Drug people are all for "peace" :)
01:35:27Jet8810Islam does not speak of killing, neither does Christianity, but they have been used for justification for war
01:35:51Jet8810well, BoD, Potheads maybe, but not crackaddicts!
01:36:12BoD[]yes maybe
01:37:11BoD[]what religion are you ?
01:38:01BoD[]by the way does the fact that there are several religions disturb you ? :)
01:40:36midknight2k3Are you all DONE yet?
01:41:14Jet8810BoD, searchign righ tnow, Judiasm or Christianity not sur eyet...but no it doesnt disturb me at all, people may follow different paths if they wish, I will follow mine
01:41:40BoD[]but only one religion can be the real one
01:43:37midknight2k3silence yet again
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01:49:32BoD[]anyway :)
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01:54:59midknight2k3yay it's bod#2!
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01:55:03midknight2k3Let's rejoice!
01:55:09midknight2k3Crud! Bod left!
01:55:13midknight2k3Let's Complain!
01:55:29midknight2k3No Bod, No Rockbox! No Bod, No Rockbox!
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01:57:18midknight2k3Bod is back through BOD-ARF!
01:57:23midknight2k3Let's rejoice!
02:02:14midknight2k3Bod has spoken.
02:18:36midknight2k3be back in a bit you deadbeets
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02:53:50BiMPhey guys
02:54:04BiMPi hate to bug you, i checked everywhere that I could look
02:54:17BiMPi cant seem to find the battery options for trickle and deep discharge
02:54:58BiMPanyone know?
02:59:26jzossdo you have an FM?
03:00:59BiMPits a player
03:01:14BiMPthe faq wasnt clear on which model the options where on
03:01:30jzossI looked in the manual (my recorder isn't here right now)
03:01:45jzossIt says: (not for FM) General Settings / System Settings
03:01:48jzosslook in there...
03:02:45BiMPdisk spinning (not it)
03:02:53BiMPbattery level (thats for choosing battery size)
03:03:01BiMPidle power (not it)
03:03:07BiMPand reset settings
03:03:33BiMPim using rockmod fyi =P
03:03:35jzosswhich rockbox are you using?
03:03:42BiMProckbox i ment
03:04:35BiMPQ2: Will keeping my charger connected a long time damage my batteries? Can I
03:04:42BiMPgrr, stupid java
03:04:58BiMPA2: There's a deep discharge mode and you can switch trickle charge on and off.
03:05:13jzossright. there should be
03:05:33BiMPyou dont have a player?
03:05:57jzossrecorder, but that shouldn't be an issue
03:09:12BiMPmaybe the config files?
03:11:01BiMPbleh gotta run, thanks anyway
03:11:02 Quit BiMP ("Leaving")
03:16:02jzossbleh: whoops! No battery support for players. We don't have control of that
03:17:14jzossbattery-faq: Question1
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08:30:12adi|homeheyya zagor...
08:34:58dwihno\o/ Zagor \o/
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08:41:10Zagoryo bro
08:41:34dwihnoHello Bagder!
08:41:39dwihno\o/ Bagder \o/ Zagor \o/
08:41:44dwihnoThe dynamic duo!
08:46:13*Bagder uses gcc 3.3 now
08:46:28dwihnoYou hedonist!
08:46:43dwihnoI got my digicam yesterday \o/ yay \o/
08:46:45Bagderand bleeding edge apache2
08:47:15Zagori think it's ironic that debian had 860 packages waiting for gcc-3.3 before it was even released...
08:47:42Bagderhehe, yeah
08:48:43dwihnoapt-get update; apt-get upgrade all
08:49:38Bagderthat's too easy
08:49:44Bagderbuilding from source is for me
08:50:06BagderI build apache from cvs even
08:54:45BagderServer: Apache/2.1.0-dev (Unix)
08:55:33dwihnoYou're so cool! :O
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09:01:37adi|homeanyone remember what "Caption Backlight" is for?
09:01:54Bagderswitch on backlight when next song comes up
09:02:12adi|homeahhh... k
09:05:09adi|homehmmm do we have a way to delete files yet?
09:05:23Bagderon+play them
09:06:06adi|homehmmm "Delete?" really needs an explaination of what is yes and what is no...
09:07:10adi|homeanyone seen linus?
09:07:19adi|homehe was going to look into my level loading segfault
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09:10:00adi|homelogbot: seen god
09:10:08adi|home-logbot- I have never seen 'god?'
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09:10:23adi|homelogbot: seen god
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09:10:43adi|homenope.. no good :)
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09:41:09godhey how's it going
09:41:17godyou guys keep up the good work, we're all amazed up here
09:41:24 Part god
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09:41:33PsycoXulseen god
09:41:40PsycoXullogbot: seen god?
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09:41:57>>>"sview -r PsycoXul" by Bagder (
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09:42:10>>>"useradd PsycoXul 20" by Bagder (
09:42:51>>>"help useradd" by Bagder (
09:43:37>>>"help" by PsycoXul (
09:43:42>>>"useradd -R adiamas adi|home 20" by Bagder (
09:43:47>>>"CMD" by PsycoXul (
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09:46:55>>>"newpass" used by PsycoXul ( [snoop prevented]
09:52:41adi|homewoah.. what was that message from logbot?
09:52:49adi|homeabout me being added.. level 20?
09:52:59>>>"CMD" by adi|home (~adi|
09:53:09adi|homeajhhh.. nevemind
09:53:11adi|homegot it...
09:53:18*adi|home is tired..
09:53:52Bagderwith level 20, you can talk with logbot in public
09:54:03Bagderotherwise it won't respond
09:56:53webmindmorning :)
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10:11:36Quelsaruki'm upgrading my mobile....
10:11:51Quelsarukwill i need some goats?
10:12:08BagderI would say you need at least three
10:12:44dwihnologbot: explain 2.1
10:14:43Quelsarukoh Zagor! great linux ninja, i need thy help :P
10:15:15Quelsarukusb.c: device does not accept new address (error=-71)
10:16:53Zagorthrow it away ;)
10:19:14Zagorsorry, gotta go
10:19:15 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
10:21:05Quelsarukthat sounded like "I'll better leave until quelsaruk reapairs his external hd"
10:21:19Bagderis that the first error you seen in the log?
10:21:58Quelsarukwhen i connect my hd to the computer, i get that error
10:23:30Bagdersounds like a rather bad error
10:26:11Quelsarukit's strange
10:26:32Quelsaruki can't connect it to windows, except in one of my 6 usb ports
10:26:57Quelsarukif i try any of the other 5, i get an error and windows can't recognice the drive
10:27:32Bagderand you use that one working one when you try with linux too?
10:27:53Quelsaruki've tried with every port
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13:47:32dhdhola amigos ;)
13:54:18 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
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16:43:57WiZeRhi ppl anyone awake?
16:47:52 Quit WiZeR (Client Quit)
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16:52:37WiZeRanyone here?
16:52:59WiZeRlo :)
16:53:06WiZeRi got a couple of questions... :)
16:53:17dhd_rechanohh shit *g*
16:53:19 Nick dhd_rechan is now known as dhd (
16:53:34dhdwhy did you have a couple of questions ;)
16:53:37WiZeRI have an Archos FM 20 Recorder. Every so often playback stops and it freezes
16:53:45WiZeRis this known issue
16:53:55dhdbaterys ?
16:53:57dhdhdd ?
16:54:03WiZeRbatteries are full
16:54:11WiZeRi bought it a week ago
16:54:14dhdmhh what says the hdd ? defekt sectors
16:54:58WiZeRand the hdd is making some weird 'clicking' noises
16:55:23dhdhej that is now at my ;((((
16:55:28dhdfuck what is that
16:55:50dhdmhh one moment *shocket* i have isntalled a new version of ruckbox
16:55:55dhdand have it starettet now ;(
16:55:59dhdsecond !
16:58:05dhdwell i have it
16:58:45WiZeRhmm i wonder if its a problem with the archos or rockbox
16:59:26dhdno no
16:59:31dhdits the cvs
16:59:35dhdits buggy i think
16:59:43dhdwell delete the ajbrec.ajz file
17:00:30WiZeRrockbox should have a proper VBB forum, that newsgroup stuff sucks
17:03:28 Join dhd_rechan [0] (
17:04:13dhd_rechanthen load it again and all run
17:05:25 Join nelliep [0] (
17:12:45 Quit quelsaruk (Remote closed the connection)
17:13:19 Part nelliep
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19:11:04 Join CmdrData [0] (
19:11:12CmdrDataWhats up
19:11:41CmdrDatacan anyone here help me?
19:11:58Quelsarukshoot and let's see :)
19:12:11CmdrDataok, I have a long mp3 file, 88 minutes long, its a segment of the howard stern show.
19:12:18CmdrDataI go to load it, and the red light comes on for a bit
19:12:26CmdrDataand the display says its playing it
19:12:32CmdrDatathen a few seconds later it says end of list
19:13:31Quelsarukis the file ok?
19:13:34CmdrDataI go to play ityes
19:15:25Quelsaruki know nothing about that kind of errors
19:15:25 Quit CmdrData (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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22:07:16 Quit GreyShadow ("going, going, gone.")
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22:28:57 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:29:05tracktherippergood evening
22:30:22tracktheripperhey webmind
22:30:40tracktheripperu alright?
22:30:50tracktheripperive been playing with my broadband connection
22:31:28webmindfine here.. slightly anoyed at ber...
22:31:31tracktheripperdownloads rockbox in a mouse click :-)
22:31:37webmindfun aint it ?
22:32:11tracktheripperwheres Bjorn and co?
22:32:16webmindbtw.. any clue if there are 44pin ide->ide male/male adapters/connectors ?
22:32:54tracktheripperI wish there was a way to increase USB1.1 speed to USB2
22:33:46webmindu can upgrade your isd chip..
22:35:33tracktheripperbut im not techically minded
22:35:40webmindplain soldering :)
22:36:06webmindafaik it's directly linked up to the ata bus so..
22:38:14tracktheripperi hope full playlist creation is included soon
22:38:53tracktheripperwhat u mean uhuh?!
22:39:04webmindthat's a confirmation
22:39:10webmindasin.. i'm agreeing
22:39:55tracktheripperbe able to add individual songs to playlist like the Archos firmware
22:42:03webmindcan the archos firmware do that ?
22:42:19webmindi've never been able to create a playlist with the original firmware
22:43:14tracktheripperits easy
22:44:05tracktheripperanyway it seems WMA will never ever be supported
22:47:28 Join LinusN [200] (
22:47:45 Join s [0] (
22:48:04webmindi dont see a prob with that
22:48:55 Quit seb-sleep (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:51:40 Part LinusN
22:58:24 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:58:27tracktheripperthere will always be someone who uses WMA
23:00:10 Join Jet8810 [0] (
23:00:59 Join LinusN [200] (
23:03:39tracktheripperhey its the Linus man :-)
23:05:54 Join _aLF [0] (
23:06:22[IDC]DragonHi. too!
23:06:34tracktheripperanything exciting Linus??
23:06:39LinusNnot really
23:06:59[IDC]Dragonand nothing from the bootloader front.
23:07:08tracktheripperi wanna see the plug-in system soon
23:08:12[IDC]DragonI think I will do the gdb mod, is there a "standard" for the pinout?
23:10:13LinusN[IDC]Dragon: no
23:10:50[IDC]DragonWell, how did you connect TX and RX with tip and middle contact?
23:11:20LinusNwell TX from Archos on tip, if i remember correctly
23:11:48[IDC]DragonOK, thanks.
23:14:07tracktheripperIve just realised there are NO girls here
23:14:12tracktheripperjust blokes
23:14:20LinusNsurprised? :-)
23:14:48[IDC]Dragonhow do you know?
23:16:09 Join zebda23 [0] (
23:16:12zebda23h iall
23:16:16tracktheripperLinus when are we gonna get a proper "playlist maker?"
23:16:26LinusNtracktheripper: when you write one
23:16:43[IDC]Dragonyou guys are all so demanding...
23:16:48zebda23I'd like to know if the bookmark will be included in the cvs in the future
23:17:01 Join Unic [0] (Unic@
23:17:07zebda23So it ll make easy to compile it witout having to patch it , and to update the patch
23:17:43Unichey guys, i got the archos fm recorder yesterday and i'm having an issue
23:17:50Unicfirst, i used it for radio
23:17:52Unicand it worked
23:17:56Unicthen i came back to the room
23:18:00Unicconnected it to my computer
23:18:05LinusNand BOOM!
23:18:06Unicstarted transfering
23:18:11Unicand left for a few hours
23:18:12Uniccame back
23:18:15Unicand yea... BOOM
23:18:22Unicbefore i left i install rockbox also
23:18:24[IDC]Dragonbatteries dead.
23:18:39LinusNUnic: loud screaming noise?
23:18:40Unici tried charging it
23:18:43Unicnothing happened
23:18:47Unicit won't charge
23:18:49Unicso what gives
23:19:08Unicwhen i press on, if i put my ear next to it i hear a small clicking noise
23:19:22Unici did the usb data transfer without the adapter btw
23:19:34Unichas anyone had a problem like this
23:19:38LinusNsounds like your batteries are fried
23:19:50LinusNwas it warm?
23:19:56Unicshould i return it to the manufacture, or can i do something
23:19:59Unicyeah it was
23:20:05LinusNyou should return it
23:20:14Unicwhy would they be fried? shouldn't it turn off
23:20:21Unicmy cellphone doesn't fry when it runs out :)
23:20:42LinusNif it won't charge, something must have broke, batteries or charger
23:21:03Uniccharger seems fine, i looked at its voltage and current outputs
23:21:12Unicis the battery something i can fix?
23:21:18LinusNand for how long did you try to charge it afterwards?
23:21:19Uniccause shipping it back... :(
23:21:44LinusNthe batteries are custom
23:21:57Unicit doesn't void the warranty right
23:22:03Unici think i read that on a FAQ
23:22:18LinusNyou can't find replacement batteries
23:22:22 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
23:22:28zebda23Sorry to ask it : but could someone send me a rockbox firmware compmiled for the recorder with the last cvs code + the patch necessary to get the bookmark +(I know I ask a a lots :) the BOOKMARK_SIZE set to 100 (not sure of the macro where it is defined but normally it is set to 10) .... Thanks I really appreciate if someone could help me
23:23:12Unici've been looking forward to using this... and i get bad luck
23:23:16zebda23if theresomeone could do it , my email is bmidy2 at
23:23:19Unicdid i do anything wrong btw
23:23:24Unicor was it just bad luck
23:23:33LinusNUnic: not your fault
23:23:33Unicsomething i obviously should have?
23:23:39Unicoh ok
23:24:52Unicdo you know if this kind of thing happen often
23:25:19LinusNnot like you describe, no
23:27:24Unici know this might not be the place to ask this, but what are your views on ipod vs archos
23:27:32Unichardware vs hardware, then software
23:27:39Unicfm recorder
23:28:34_aLFUnic> with the first FM I have got, the batery life was 1 hour. After few days it starting to shutdown when it want. Some day after, it stop working at all
23:29:11Unicwhat did you do?
23:29:19LinusNUnic: the Ipod hardware seems superior, from what i have heard
23:29:23Unicdo you think its worth it, to have iffy hardware like that
23:29:24_aLFI send back the unit
23:29:46Unicdid you get another one?
23:30:00Unicany problems with that?
23:30:26_aLFthe manual says to charge battery for 6 hours before use the archos
23:30:42_aLFwith the first one, I didn't do that
23:30:47Unicme neither
23:31:12Unicif it wasn't for rockbox, i wouldn't have got the archos
23:31:52Unici opened it on the bus back from the fedex place :)
23:38:25 Join josh966 [0] (
23:38:44[IDC]DragonLinus, am I right that gdb is not using hardware break? (no rom stepping)
23:39:14LinusN[IDC]Dragon: correct
23:39:51[IDC]DragonThe SH has 1 hardware breakpoint/watchpoint, I just saw.
23:39:58LinusNyes it has
23:40:03zebda23hi all, I try to download the GNU SH compiler 2003, but it ask me to register, what I did , but it seems to take some times to register, so COuld someone indicates me a way to download it, or could someone give me its user / passwd coordonates , so I ll download it
23:41:40LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i didn't bother implementing the hardware breakpoints in the gdb stub
23:42:02[IDC]Dragonshure, you didn't need to.
23:43:00[IDC]DragonSince it's only one, that's a very rare resource anyway.
23:44:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:45:50LinusNyou may find it difficult to cpmpile the stub, since it was written to link with Newlib
23:46:18 Quit zebda23 ("Leaving")
23:46:33[IDC]DragonWhat is newlib?
23:46:56LinusNan open embedded runtime library
23:47:03 Join zebda23 [0] (
23:47:54[IDC]DragonI see, from redhat.
23:48:47[IDC]DragonLooks like a standard C runtime lib.
23:49:38[IDC]DragonSo, you've put all that in Rockbox as well?
23:50:02LinusNwe have stolen/written the library functions we need
23:50:22LinusNwe used newlib in the beginning of the project, but kicked it out later on
23:50:41[IDC]Dragontoo big, I guess.
23:51:30[IDC]Dragondepends on how clever the linker is, wheter it eliminates unused code.
23:51:55LinusNthat isn't the problem
23:52:10LinusNthe printf(), for example, is HUGE
23:52:22[IDC]DragonI was about to say that.
23:52:51[IDC]DragonAnd I guess you don't use floats ;-)
23:53:34LinusNright :-)
23:54:28Unicwhat kind of limitations are there, in terms of space
23:54:28Unici don't know much about the hardware
23:54:42Unicactually.. n/m, the schematics are up on the web
23:54:57LinusNUnic: what are you talking about?
23:55:13Unicfor coding
23:55:30Unicyou are talking about printf() being huge
23:55:42Unici was wondering what your limit on memory usage was
23:55:43LinusNUnic: 2Mbyte RAM, for code and data
23:55:59LinusNincluding MP3 buffer space
23:56:02Unichow much is used by 2.0
23:56:15LinusNroughly 300k
23:57:35Unicthanks for your help, gtg
23:57:52 Quit Unic ()

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