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#rockbox log for 2003-05-17

00:01:22[IDC]DragonBugging you with gdb again, I'm still wondering if it would be possible to do that across a half duplex line (the remote pin)
00:02:02LinusNtechnically, yes, but it would cripple gdb
00:02:32[IDC]Dragonare ther situations where it is not clear who will send next?
00:02:44LinusNfor example, you will want to stop the execution with CTRL-C
00:03:03LinusNat the same time, gdb will want to send data to the debug console
00:11:54[IDC]DragonSorry, I was out for a minute.
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00:21:07[IDC]DragonThen we would need ethernet-style collision detection and retransmit, not too easy.
00:21:21LinusNimpossible i would say
00:22:39[IDC]DragonOK, let's say developers who want gdb have to be able to grip a soldering iron at the right end.
00:25:03[IDC]DragonFor the first steps into the boot rom, we used a simulator (Lauterbach)
00:25:25[IDC]Dragonwith break on h/w or flash access
00:25:30LinusNi like lauterbach
00:25:33[IDC]DragonIt's free.
00:26:27[IDC]DragonThere's a window where you can read/click the h/w registers, in human readable format.
00:28:06[IDC]DragonGuess we have to stick with that for some more time.
00:29:59LinusNfor the boot ROM examination, yes
00:30:18[IDC]DragonI don't get it in the gdb code: could it work with 1 h/w break, or would it need 2 when reaching a conditional branch?
00:31:36LinusNi guess it would need 2, for stepping
00:33:51[IDC]DragonThank you so far, need to leave.
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00:55:23dhd:) whats going on
00:55:32LinusNnot much
00:56:18dhdmhh did the cvs run whitout an erro (buffer dir full=
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01:08:03LinusNany recorder users here at the moment?
01:09:13LinusNwhich ROM version, and which contrast is best for you?
01:09:56PsycoXulrom is 1.30j
01:10:16PsycoXuland i've got contrast set to 23
01:10:39LinusNis that optimal for you?
01:10:45PsycoXulseems to be
01:11:00LinusNhow about 26?
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01:12:07PsycoXul26 is good
01:12:42LinusNand 32?
01:12:45PsycoXulin fact thats better, i think i'll keep it on it heh
01:12:47PsycoXullemme see
01:14:01PsycoXul32 the text doesn't seem much darker but the background is noticably darker
01:14:54LinusNok, so 26 seems to be a sensible default for FMrec
01:17:07LinusNanyone else?
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01:46:46_aLF23 for me
01:46:52_aLFon FM recorder
01:49:17LinusNok, but 26 is still visible, right?
01:50:19_aLFabsolute max : 40 (can see anything)
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02:35:07lampshadyhow new is version 2.0?
02:35:47lampshadydo i need to uninstall the old one first?
02:36:19lampshadywhois lampshady
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19:03:47ratsflifis the battery display broken in the newest daily builds im using 030517 now and it show the battery as 8% even though its full
19:06:13ratsflifand im using the FM Recorder
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22:41:26LinusN[IDC]Dragon: welcome
22:41:40LinusNany luck with the gdb?
22:41:53[IDC]DragonJust committed the flash info in HW Info screen
22:43:15[IDC]Dragonnot so nice about it is that I have the old flash, not in-system programmable.
22:43:24[IDC]DragonBig booooo!!!!
22:43:52[IDC]DragonThat's demotivating me.
22:43:56LinusNbtw, do you have a serial port 3V converter?
22:44:19[IDC]DragonA generic mobile phone one.
22:44:21LinusNi was about to give you one
22:44:40[IDC]DragonThanks for the offer.
22:44:59[IDC]DragonI need to solder an adapter, but no problem.
22:45:54[IDC]DragonToday I opened the box, fixed a button, looked for the flash and did the gdb mod.
22:46:15[IDC]DragonBut the wrong flash...
22:46:24LinusNi fixed the gdb stub compiling issue yesterday
22:46:38[IDC]DragonOh, good!
22:46:54[IDC]DragonHaven't started the software side yet.
22:46:58LinusNgotta run, be right back
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22:47:15[IDC]DragonIs it an option in the configure script? ;-)
22:49:06[IDC]DragonHow is it brought in?
22:49:21LinusN|awayseparate ajz file
22:50:10[IDC]DragonHmm, and how do I build that one? With the s/w I'd like to debug?
22:50:57LinusN|awayrun the stub with RoLo, and then load the code to debug with gdb
22:51:24LinusN|awaybuilding debug-enabled rockbox is a configure script thing, though
22:51:48LinusN|awaydebug-enabled == reserved space for stub in memory
22:52:27[IDC]DragonAha! I thought the stub is built into the s/w to be debugged, but this is much better.
22:52:53[IDC]DragonAre you still officially away?
22:53:06LinusN|awayyes, will be gone any sec
22:53:16[IDC]DragonOK, go!
22:59:38 Quit awy[baer] (Remote closed the connection)
23:08:39 Nick LinusN|away is now known as LinusN (
23:09:31[IDC]Dragon(just soldering the cable)
23:14:45[IDC]Dragoncould you meanwhile maybe get the latest "debug_menu.c" and try what flash you have?
23:15:56 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
23:18:28LinusNmy fmrec says BF/D6
23:19:59[IDC]DragonYou're lucky!
23:20:38[IDC]Dragonif it says ??/?? it can't bring the flash into command mode.
23:20:50LinusNsaw that
23:20:59LinusNin the code
23:24:22[IDC]DragonBF/D6 means you've got a SST39LF020, that will probably the most common one on success.
23:25:05[IDC]DragonI have an SST37, which would need a 12.5V programming voltage.
23:25:18LinusNtough luck
23:25:39[IDC]DragonI like your cool brevity...
23:25:55_aLFalso BF/D6 for me
23:26:13LinusNhehe, bf/d6 in my recorder as well
23:26:16[IDC]DragonHello, another lucky man!
23:28:56[IDC]DragonLinus, can you think of any code that relies on prior Archor software operation? Björn mentionend something about USB polarity with legacy code, but a better solution in mind. I don't know that issue.
23:29:21LinusN[IDC]Dragon: brevity? naah, rather a combination of bad typist and bad english :-)
23:29:54LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i mentioned the USB polarity to you yesterday, but i can't think of anything else right now
23:30:01[IDC]DragonNeither, I guess. You hacked inall those megabytes, and your english is flawless!
23:30:12[IDC]DragonMy typing sucks.
23:30:42LinusNthick fingers on a laptop...
23:31:19[IDC]DragonAhh, you did, sorry for mis-crediting. What is this USB polarity? Can you get rid of the legacy code?
23:31:23LinusNregarding the USB polarity, the different HW versions of the recorder have different polarity on the USB detection port pin
23:31:58LinusNwe just check the port pin state when booting up, to see which state is non-USB
23:32:15[IDC]DragonAnd what can the Archos firmware do mhich you coudn't?
23:32:21LinusNbut we don't need it anymore, i have done an extensive survey and i know which version is which
23:32:41[IDC]DragonOh, that's bad, I often start with USB plugged in.
23:32:46LinusNthe different hw versions have different ROM versions too
23:33:07LinusN[IDC]Dragon: when you start with USB plugged in, rockbox doesn't start
23:33:09[IDC]DragonFlash or ROM?
23:33:51[IDC]DragonSo this setting would need to be inherited, we'd have 2 versions of "Rombox"?
23:33:58LinusNthe archos f/w doesn't look for on-disk updates when it boot with USB plugged in
23:34:27LinusN[IDC]Dragon: no, there is a field in flash that tells the hw version
23:34:58LinusNi think i'll fix this right away...
23:35:04[IDC]DragonYes, but I'm about to overwrite the flash.
23:36:00[IDC]DragonWait, let's think of a behavior that would work whe Rockbox is run from flash.
23:36:09LinusNthe hw version is in 0x20000fc/fe
23:36:22LinusNjust remember to keep that info intact
23:37:14[IDC]DragonOK, I'd then need to think about a procedure that does it.
23:38:32[IDC]DragonRead the h/w version, erase the flash and then write it back.
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23:53:46 Join zebda27 [0] (
23:53:50zebda27hi all
23:54:01zebda27is there somebody who could help me
23:55:33zebda27 I d like to get the bookmark feature working in a better way : I mean : - getting a bookmark file per mp3 file (actuallay we get a bookmark file per directory) - and to ve abble to store more than only 10 bookmarks per file (50 will be enough for me)
23:56:03zebda27So if the man who wrote the bookmark code is there,
23:56:06LinusNi don't even know how it works today (never used it)
23:56:18zebda27ok LinusN
23:57:36[IDC]DragonMy box is talking over RS232 when powering up! it says #SERIAL#scan soft = 00000000
23:58:04[IDC]Dragonfile_chk = 0000736700007367
23:58:13[IDC]DragonSoftAddress = 09046400
23:58:19[IDC]DragonSoftSize = 0001BCF4
23:58:37[IDC]DragonAmazing hidden features!

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