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#rockbox log for 2003-05-18

00:00:02LinusNwhich flash version?
00:00:35 Quit zebda27 ("Leaving")
00:02:51LinusNsee it now, strange that i haven't seen it before
00:03:00[IDC]DragonWhen I power it off, the disk goes _on_. Maybe a funny side effect?
00:03:09LinusN#SERIAL#scan soft = 00000000
00:03:10LinusNfile_chk = 0000739C
00:03:10LinusNcalc_chk = 0000739C
00:03:10LinusNSoftAddress = 09046400
00:03:12LinusNSoftSize = 0001B6C4
00:03:27LinusNside effect from what?
00:03:45[IDC]Dragonfrom the TX idle state=high
00:04:21LinusNmy unit starts up normally
00:04:42LinusNand it doesn't start when i insert the serial cable
00:05:26LinusNyou must have stronger TX drivers than i have
00:05:41[IDC]DragonMy cable might not be perfect, it's loosing some chars, too.
00:05:52LinusNouch, badness
00:06:05LinusNi have the same prob though, occasionally
00:09:42[IDC]Dragonidle unplugged=2.4V, idle plugged=1.9V, idle when operational=2.5V
00:10:05[IDC]DragonLooks like a collision when the pins are not yet configured for RS232
00:10:29LinusNsmokin' !!!
00:12:08[IDC]Dragonnot that bad. I'll look for it later.
00:12:28LinusNUSB polarity fix committed in CVS
00:12:47[IDC]DragonYou're too quick.
00:13:09LinusNsimple, everything was prepared for it
00:13:10[IDC]DragonI don't have the flash tool quite ready yet ;-)
00:13:36LinusNwe really need to be careful
00:13:43[IDC]DragonI coudn't hack and chat
00:13:45LinusNwant the FM ROM?
00:14:05[IDC]DragonOh yes, get me everything.
00:16:44LinusNthe fm files are on their way
00:16:49[IDC]DragonYou didn't like the frequency info any more?
00:16:59LinusNit is useless
00:17:21LinusNit turned out that all recorders have the same crystal
00:17:37LinusNi suspected something else, but the hw info survey proved me wrong
00:17:59matslLinusN: hi
00:18:00[IDC]DragonSo we gained the bytes back which my little code takes.
00:18:09LinusNyeah :-)
00:18:23LinusNbut i added the ROM save code...
00:20:57[IDC]DragonAh, I see. And right at the top...
00:20:57matslThe simulators core dump when I try to play. (Just checked out from CVS) Anyone else getting this?
00:21:18[IDC]Dragonwhich platform?
00:21:56LinusNmatsl: i get it too
00:22:22matslLinusN: ok. so there is a bug to catch.
00:22:28LinusNi'm on the case
00:23:11[IDC]DragonI hope I didn't break it.
00:23:28LinusNit's probably my fault (the 400-file limit fix)
00:24:36matslI'm just happy your getting it too. Then it is probably not a problem with the things I'm working with ;-)
00:25:17[IDC]DragonLinus, the FM and recorder boot rom are identical. One less to worry about.
00:25:52LinusNmatsl: fixed in cvs
00:26:14LinusN[IDC]Dragon: just like i suspected
00:26:50[IDC]DragonYes. Last test would be an old player.
00:27:00LinusNyou have new player?
00:27:25[IDC]Dragonno recorder. I meant because of the text only display.
00:27:40LinusNthere are two player versions you know, old and new
00:28:09[IDC]DragonA friend has the new, will have access to that.
00:28:26LinusNgive me two minutes and i'll send you both
00:28:36LinusNi have 2 players
00:28:39matslLinusN: bugfix worked here at my end!
00:28:53[IDC]DragonWhat is it that you haven't?
00:29:07LinusNa life
00:29:27[IDC]Dragoncome on, you have 2 more kids than I do.
00:29:54LinusNthat's what i'm talking about :-)
00:30:19[IDC]DragonWell, it explains the no time issue.
00:31:56LinusNand the money
00:33:03[IDC]DragonSorry to distract the family talk, what version was your fm?
00:35:32LinusNROM files sent
00:38:03[IDC]DragonGot the files. Which versions were those?
00:38:19LinusN3.18 and 4.53
00:39:23[IDC]DragonOK, all boot ROMs are the same.
00:39:46[IDC]DragonI'll disassemble some deeper into them.
00:41:57[IDC]DragonCan you help me a bit with gdb? I can't build it, says: make: *** [start.o] Error 255
00:42:47LinusNgive me the entire error output
00:43:08[IDC]Dragon$ make RECORDER=1
00:43:22[IDC]Dragonsh-elf-as -o start.o start.s
00:43:36[IDC]Dragonmake: *** [start.o] Error 255
00:43:54LinusNwhich version of gcc, and which platform?
00:44:20LinusNnever tried that
00:44:50[IDC]Dragongcc wasn't called yet, it's the assembler giving trouble.
00:44:58[IDC]DragonVersions I don't know.
00:45:01LinusNweird, you should get some more errors
00:45:17LinusNerror 255, sounds like a make.exe bug
00:45:31LinusNtry to do it manually
00:46:17PsycoXullooks like sh-elf-as isn't in your path (or doesn't exist) to me
00:46:31LinusNPsycoXul: maybe
00:46:53[IDC]DragonIs that not used for Rockbox make?
00:47:20[IDC]DragonYou're right, assembler not found.
00:47:21LinusNwe use the gcc frontend for assembler in rockbox
00:47:48[IDC]DragonThat works even for startup code? Cool.
00:47:50LinusN[IDC]Dragon: you have the lightweight devkit?
00:48:16[IDC]DragonNo, full cygwin. But the sh stuff is extra, right?
00:48:31LinusNyes, where did you get it?
00:49:22[IDC]Dragoncygwin or sh? cygwin from the official site.
00:51:50[IDC]Dragonhmm, I can't remember. Probably from your site.
00:52:04LinusNwe don't have it for download
00:52:28LinusNonly the "lightweight devkit"
00:52:36[IDC]DragonThe assembler or the sh toolchain in general?
00:54:18[IDC]DragonSo where did I get it? Maybe I inherited it from Dirk's environment. Where is the stuff officially?
00:56:00[IDC]DragonNo assembler there?
00:57:26[IDC]DragonOK, I'll try that tomorrow, err later today after sleeping.
00:57:29LinusN[IDC]Dragon: try this:
00:57:44LinusNrename start.s to start.S
00:57:54[IDC]Dragon(not sleeping yet)
00:57:56LinusNand the same in the bottom of the Makefile
00:58:34[IDC]Dragonwhat would that change?
00:58:50LinusNit would use gcc instead of as
00:59:24LinusNlike for setjmp.S
01:00:08[IDC]DragonYes, that worked. Interesting concept!
01:00:27LinusNit's lovely, because you can use the C preprocessor for assembly language
01:01:13[IDC]DragonOn the long run, I have some plans for the stub. Hardware breaks would be great.
01:01:28[IDC]DragonI learned that gdb knows the difference.
01:01:35LinusNthere is also a bug in the bus error handling code
01:01:45LinusNit hangs
01:01:51[IDC]DragonStepping could be done by breaking on instruction fetch.
01:02:15[IDC]DragonThe box knows the concept of bus errors?
01:03:14LinusNthere is no instruction fetch exception on the SH1 AFAIK
01:03:34[IDC]DragonYou can set the hardware break for that.
01:04:13[IDC]DragonAny address, but instruction fetch.
01:04:14LinusNah, silly me
01:04:23LinusNforgot that
01:04:48 Quit _aLF ("'night")
01:04:58[IDC]DragonI just hope that the break unit gets disabled after causing its exception.
01:06:02LinusNthe interrupt priority scheme takes care of that
01:13:02[IDC]DragonYour USB polarity change is good, it seems to fix a problem I had when plugging the cable in while it boots.
01:13:38[IDC]DragonIt was crashing completely, but nobody believed me.
01:13:50LinusNi still don't :-)
01:14:55[IDC]DragonWell, from what you said it's clear to me: plugging the cable while booting makes you use the wrong polarity.
01:15:24LinusNi was wrong when i explained it to you the other day
01:15:43LinusNit is not the usb detection, but the usb control output
01:16:35LinusNstill, it's good that it fixed it
01:17:53[IDC]DragonWhen I plugged while the Archos screen is there, Rockbox came with it's file list and some broken splash ontop, hanging. But now it seems fixed, not worth discussing any more.
01:18:49[IDC]DragonI'll test gdb tomorrow, need some sleep now.
01:19:15LinusNsleep tight
01:19:18[IDC]DragonThank your for plenty of help tonight.
01:19:22LinusNyou're welcome
01:19:35[IDC]Dragon(gone brushing teeth)
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01:35:27tracktheripperhey linusN
01:35:29tracktheripperu able to chat?
01:35:51LinusNnot really, is it "important"?
01:36:08tracktheripperno it wasnt. Don't worry, not a problem
01:36:41LinusNbusy debugging the gdb stub
01:36:56tracktherippercould the archos automatically divide CDs into individual when digital or line in recording?
01:37:22LinusNyes, based on silence detection
01:37:37tracktheripperwhat about when "Digital In recording" like on a MD player?
01:37:41LinusNnot all that reliable, but it should be pretty good
01:38:15LinusNthe track change signals on the digital input can't be detected
01:38:24tracktheripperthanks LinusN
01:38:27tracktheripperim off to have my dinner
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02:58:05LinusNgetting late
02:58:31 Part test123
03:09:52LinusNtime to sleep, nite all
03:09:57 Part LinusN
03:24:24Jet8810hmm...what do you have to do to copy from one VHS to another?
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03:40:23Freekwow, we're having fun in here, huh?
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07:39:24midknight2k3Yeah Woo-Hoo!
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08:35:56 Join Scorp [0] (
08:35:58Scorphey guys
08:36:24ScorpI just ordered my own Archos Jukebox Studio 20, for $213, was I ripped off?
08:49:44 Join Mike_ [0] (
08:58:16 Quit Scorp (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
09:05:42Mike_hey guys anyone here?
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09:46:55Mike_any people here?
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10:38:02 Join _aLF [0] (
11:04:54 Quit awy[baer] ("There are only 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who don't.")
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11:08:08 Join tracktheripper [0] (
11:09:21tracktheripperhey Alf
11:09:23tracktheripperhow are u?
11:09:28tracktherippernever seen u before
11:10:04_aLFI come for 2 weeks
11:10:12tracktheripperwhat Archos device do u have?
11:10:17_aLFFM recorder
11:10:31tracktheripperi have a recorder 10
11:10:35tracktheripperwhat is the FM rec like?
11:10:58_aLFlike multimedia
11:11:25_aLF(I choosed this model for lithium-ion battery)
11:11:27tracktheripperIs the battery life any good in the FMrec?
11:12:01_aLFwith the first model I've got, the battery was dead
11:12:10_aLF(2h max)
11:12:25tracktheripperwell ive heard lots of bad reports about the batteries in the FM rec
11:12:41_aLFme too
11:13:00_aLFbut, I don't know the impact
11:13:09_aLFthe manual says to charge
11:13:15_aLFthe battery for 6 hours
11:13:18tracktheripperone thing i like about the normal REcorder is the standard batteries
11:13:22_aLFbefore to use it
11:13:24tracktheripperwhich can easily be replaced
11:14:21_aLF... I will see for my battery
11:14:35_aLF(I use it a lot)
11:14:55tracktheripperwhat is the FM tuner like?
11:15:13_aLFUI ?
11:15:50_aLFthere isn't RDS
11:16:03_aLFbut presets
11:16:12tracktheripperwell my home hifi has RDS and I never use it
11:16:47_aLFlike many people
11:17:41_aLFI've made a little patch for radio on rockbox
11:18:14_aLFto choose, update preset, change order
11:18:24tracktheripperoh righty i see
11:19:55_aLFdragon is working to put rockbox in flash memory
11:19:57_aLFof archos
11:20:41_aLFI'm impatient
11:20:42 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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16:18:32_aLFI have a problem with button_get()
16:18:42_aLFsomeone can help me ?
16:30:33NastYjust about to test rockbox
16:30:44NastYhope it's as cool as it seems
16:49:42 Quit ken0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:18:22 Join Bagder [241] (
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17:40:25 Quit _aLF ("bye")
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18:01:44_aLFI would like help on button_get
18:01:49_aLFcould someone help me ?
18:01:54 Quit ken0 (Remote closed the connection)
18:01:55BagderI could try
18:02:15Bagder's the prob?
18:02:31_aLFI would like to use on+forward, on+previous
18:02:36_aLFand "on"
18:02:52_aLFthe problem is when I press on+forward
18:03:00_aLFit also detect "on" key
18:03:18_aLFis there a solution ?
18:03:40Bagderwell, yes, make sure that the thing that acts on "on" do that on its release, not when it is pressed down
18:04:20_aLFwith BUTTON_ON | BUTTON_REL: ?
18:04:47_aLFit doesn't work
18:05:19_aLFI use BUTTON_ON | BUTTON_LEFT for the other case
18:06:18_aLFperhaps I should add a flag ?
18:06:26Bagderfor what?
18:06:52_aLFwhen I press on+left, it work
18:07:12_aLFbut I release on (just after release left), it detect on
18:07:58_aLFand I don't want that
18:08:45Bagderthen wait for the on-release before you return
18:09:12Bagderor do you have a better suggestion?
18:09:19 Join [keno] [0] (
18:11:15_aLFwith a flag
18:11:26_aLFset when we press on+left/right
18:12:11_aLFand unset on "on"
18:12:18_aLFI try
18:18:31 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
18:18:38 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
18:19:14 Quit Bagder ("")
18:24:28 Join Scorp [0] (
18:24:31Scorphello guys
18:28:35ScorpI just got a Jukebox 20 from Archos, just the player and hdd for 213 was I ripped off?
18:29:02Scorpit's new though from a store
18:30:07[IDC]Dragonsounds fair.
18:30:19Scorpok good
18:30:26Scorpit's coming on may 29th :(
18:30:29[IDC]DragonOh, you mean player, not recorder?
18:30:31ScorpI can't wait that long
18:30:33Scorpyeah player
18:30:49[IDC]Dragonnot so good.
18:31:20Scorpwhat would you have paid?
18:31:34Scorpit's new though
18:31:49[IDC]Dragonhang on...
18:33:59[IDC]Dragonrecorder: EUR 307 in january, mail order.
18:34:21Scorpahh how much is that in USD?
18:34:33Scorpeuro is worth more right?
18:34:39[IDC]Dragontimes 1.12 or so currently
18:35:28Scorpthat's 354 dollars then
18:35:33[IDC]Dragonthe stuff is much cheaper in the US, saw them for little over $210 there, mail order.
18:35:49Scorpthe recorders?
18:36:11[IDC]Dragonno shop, though.
18:36:21Scorpthe only reason I would wnat the recorder is because of the LCD is pixel based, and I could play the rockbox games
18:36:35Scorpbut I think I'll have to live with out doom on a 2 inch screen :(
18:36:36[IDC]Dragonshop prices here were rather like EUR 380.
18:36:53Scorpthat's a lot
18:37:03[IDC]Dragonthe current player also got a graphic sreen.
18:38:22Scorpyeah but it was somewhat out my range
18:38:32Scorpthe cheapest player I could find was $213 with 0 shipping
18:39:10Scorpand the recorders were way out of my budget :(
18:39:45 Join Josh_ [0] (
18:40:32Scorpby the way, how do I code on the rockbox if I want to write my own software that will run on the Jukebox Studio 20?
18:40:45Scorpdo I have to do ASM or can I do some kind of C or something?
18:41:34[IDC]Dragonmaybe read before asking here
18:42:33Scorpthank you
18:44:23ScorpI don't see anything that'll help me write code for the rockbox :(
18:45:38[IDC]Dragonfor example, one of the entries links to
18:46:29[IDC]Dragon(read the "for hackers" part of the docs)
18:51:24ScorpI saw all of that, but I'm not talking abotu contributing to rockbox, (yet atleast first elt me get my unit heh) but let's say for example I want to write a "Hello World" program, do I need to compile it on my PC and move it over as a bin to the unit, or does rockbox have it's own compile that will compile src files right on the unit, or what and what kind of syntax do I use so I was hoping there was a page with an explanation to all
18:51:24Scorpt I can't find it, ok well I got your link so I'll look at that.
18:56:50 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:32:52 Quit Scorp (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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22:14:13 Join LightGOd20 [0] (
22:14:13 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:14:28LightGOd20i kinda need some help..
22:15:07LightGOd20i just downloaded rockbox v2.0 for jukebox5000
22:15:36LightGOd20copied the file on the root dir and rebooted my jukebox..
22:15:58LightGOd20and i just get an ""Jukebox ver 5.08""
22:16:05LightGOd20and after that and HD error
22:16:15LightGOd20can anyone tell me what to do???
22:16:37Invalid_have you tried uninstalling rockbox?
22:16:51LightGOd20and i still get the same error
22:17:09LightGOd20should i try a quick format?
22:17:18LightGOd20just to check
22:17:48Invalid_i dont know sorry
22:18:02LightGOd20thanx anyways..
22:18:24LightGOd20does anyone else anything about this problem? is it common?
22:19:12 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:19:49 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
22:20:19midknight2k3Who is this?
22:20:43midknight2k3never mind'
22:21:19LightGOd20can you gimme a hand with some issues i'm having with the firmware update?
22:21:56midknight2k3what's up?
22:22:12LightGOd20 i just downloaded rockbox v2.0 for jukebox5000
22:22:12LightGOd20> copied the file on the root dir and rebooted my jukebox..
22:22:12LightGOd20> and i just get an ""Jukebox ver 5.08""
22:22:12DBUGEnqueued KICK LightGOd20
22:22:12LightGOd20> and after that and HD error
22:22:51midknight2k3Try uninstalling rockbox perhaps
22:22:54LightGOd20i've also tried unnistallig rockbox...
22:23:08LightGOd20i did a quik format on the jukebox
22:23:11midknight2k3Did you or you don't know how?
22:23:31LightGOd20well.. how shoud i..
22:23:39midknight2k3How long has this been going onn?
22:23:42LightGOd20just erase the files and put a new .mod file?
22:23:48LightGOd20just a few hours
22:23:55LightGOd20i got the player yestarday..
22:24:02LightGOd20and it worked just fine,..
22:24:13midknight2k3And you did a qucik format?
22:24:34midknight2k3Does your hard drive work like usual?
22:24:45midknight2k3Does it spin, or continually click?
22:25:03LightGOd20whe it's trying to boot up it clicks
22:25:08midknight2k3More than once?
22:25:10Invalid_does installing rockbox void warrenty btw?
22:25:17LightGOd20but when i plug it in the computer it works fine
22:25:24midknight2k3I don't think so invalid
22:25:37midknight2k3Oh so that's not the proble,
22:25:41midknight2k3Delete the MOD file
22:25:48midknight2k3see if that works if you didnt already
22:26:00LightGOd20i did already
22:26:07midknight2k3And theres still an error
22:26:13LightGOd20i also tried the .rockbox dir also..
22:26:31midknight2k3Perhaps the problem is that something's missing
22:26:41Invalid_maybe you shoud do a full format
22:26:47midknight2k3yeah give that a go
22:26:59midknight2k3before we go deep into this tha tmight help
22:27:01LightGOd20let's see what happens...
22:27:13midknight2k3And you just got it recently?
22:27:29midknight2k3At least the warranty is still here if you need it
22:27:35LightGOd20a bouth it a couple of weeks ago
22:27:37midknight2k3Perhaps even the store will exchange it for you
22:27:44LightGOd20and i got here yestarday
22:27:51LightGOd20(i'm in argentina)
22:28:01Invalid_i've read a lot of posts on various forums of people saying their argos broke down very fast
22:28:14midknight2k3That's just it
22:28:25midknight2k3It seems not uncommon with the Player
22:28:33midknight2k3But the Recorders seem to be very reliable
22:28:57LightGOd20but it was workin just fine.. until i updated the firmware
22:29:20midknight2k3It's very odd
22:29:29LightGOd20yep indeed
22:29:39midknight2k3I never heard of that happeneing
22:30:19Invalid_midknight2k3: are you a developer then?
22:30:47midknight2k3But I'm often around and I never heard of it
22:31:02LightGOd20wel.. i'm just hoping i can fix this,..
22:31:28Invalid_you'd better just buy an ipod ;)
22:31:35midknight2k3NO WAY
22:31:40midknight2k3Did you rad my lecture?
22:31:44midknight2k3I must put it online.
22:32:00Invalid_whats wrong with the ipod? its damn sexy
22:32:01midknight2k3It's possibly fixable
22:32:28LightGOd20i have a question... if there's no .mod on the drive... it should just boot with the original firmware?
22:32:39Invalid_LightGOd20: thats right
22:33:19Invalid_midknight2k3: whats wrong with the ipod, is there some holy war between ipod and archos?
22:33:29midknight2k3Oh god
22:33:29LightGOd20so if it doesn't boot up i'm screwed...
22:34:36Invalid_midknight2k3: humor me
22:34:42LightGOd20ok.. it just finished formatting..
22:35:28LightGOd20same error
22:35:48midknight2k3I would humor you
22:35:50LightGOd20the hdd just sits there clicking
22:35:51midknight2k3just hang on
22:36:07midknight2k3Click, Clickclick, Click, Clickclick, Click, Clickclick, Click, Clickclick, Click, Clickclick, Click, Clickclick?
22:36:10Invalid_thats bad
22:36:11midknight2k3Like that>
22:36:17midknight2k3That's very bad
22:36:23Invalid_the disk is dead
22:36:42LightGOd20yea.. but when it's pluged into te computer it works just fine...
22:36:51Invalid_hmm thats strange
22:36:55LightGOd20that's the odd part...
22:37:15LightGOd20it's not the HDD thats dead.. must be something else..
22:37:34 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("Leaving")
22:37:35midknight2k3Jump for joy!
22:39:19midknight2k3archos FAQs
22:39:40midknight2k3"Why does my jukebox display HD ERROR upon startup?"
22:39:41midknight2k3" There are different reasons why it will display this error message. It can be due to low batteries, bad batteries or corrupted registry. The best way to fix this problem is try to troubleshoot step by step. First, be sure your batteries are fully charged. Then try replacing the batteries (NiMH) and charge it for at least about 8 hrs. If still unsuccessful, the Jukebox drive must be re-formatted. Be sure to create a backup as this procedure
22:39:42DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
22:40:23Invalid_indeed the batteries, thats seems logical
22:40:36midknight2k3Give it a charge
22:40:40LightGOd20emm.. i have some extra batteries here... 1.2 volts but 1200mah instead of 1500
22:40:54LightGOd20it's plugged in with the charger...
22:41:11midknight2k3Does it work?
22:41:33LightGOd20i mean.. if i'm workin with the DC line.. would it matter if the batteryes are dry?
22:41:48midknight2k3It could I dunno
22:41:57midknight2k3Try putting on archoses latest firmware
22:42:08Invalid_5.08 is the latest
22:42:15midknight2k3Re-do it
22:42:22midknight2k3put the MOd file on the hard drive
22:43:34LightGOd20odd part now..
22:43:45LightGOd20with my old batteries it works just fine..
22:43:59midknight2k3So it's partly fixed?
22:44:17midknight2k3The firmware updating fixed it?
22:44:20Invalid_good then
22:44:26LightGOd20now i'm gonna try to upgrade to rockbox..
22:44:30midknight2k3Do so
22:44:39midknight2k3I suppose your old 1200's arent powerful enough
22:45:13LightGOd20no.. it's the other way arround
22:45:26LightGOd20aparentry the archos 1500 are dead
22:45:58Invalid_have you let them charge for about 8 hours before first use?
22:46:41LightGOd20i'm gonna charge them some more now..
22:47:17LightGOd20thanks a lot...
22:47:25LightGOd20now it works just fine..
22:47:55LightGOd20with the rockbox firmware :)
22:48:00 Join [keno] [0] (
22:48:36LightGOd20if you ever need some help with the spanish version.. just ask.. i'll be glad to help..
22:49:07Invalid_do you know maxima btw?
22:49:50midknight2k3I did it!
22:49:59midknight2k3I fixed his Archos! Woooooo!
22:50:03midknight2k3I feel so important.
22:50:18Invalid_did you also find your lecture? :)
22:50:36Invalid_where can i see it
22:50:41midknight2k3I just must upload it to one of my uploading sites and you can see
22:51:37LightGOd20well guys.. thanks a lot....
22:51:40LightGOd20see ya later..
22:52:09 Quit LightGOd20 ("···· I R c a p ·· ···")
22:53:04midknight2k3doulbe click it
22:55:00 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
22:57:19Invalid_so all the archos has going for it is just rockbox
22:57:28Invalid_i have the player btw
22:57:39Invalid_and whats invert?
22:57:40midknight2k3Oh then get the recorder
22:57:48midknight2k3It's a much better option than an ipod
22:58:00midknight2k3Invert is where the screen is black and the text is green like the background
22:58:04midknight2k3It just reverses the display
22:58:10midknight2k3It's pretty cool
22:58:23midknight2k3But if you're going to upgrade MP3 players, I'd say a recorder
22:58:40midknight2k3It can record, but it can do about 1000X what the player can
22:59:10Invalid_i'm not planning on bootlegging any music concerts right now :)
22:59:26midknight2k3So you don't need ANY upgrade
22:59:45Invalid_no i dont need it, but i may want it
22:59:55midknight2k3no no no no no
23:00:02midknight2k3if you want it get the recorder
23:00:07midknight2k3ipod = last resort
23:00:26Invalid_did apple do something bad do you?
23:00:32 Quit [keno] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:01:21Invalid_but you have to admit the achos is pretty damn ugly
23:01:25midknight2k3I just despise that outrageously "I'm expensive, slick and if someone can afford me then they're ULTRA COOL!"
23:01:29midknight2k3It's not too bad
23:01:41midknight2k3Like people LOOK at it when you're in a car with it in your pocket.
23:02:08PsycoXulmost people i know are still blown away by the fact that i've got 3000+ songs in my pocket
23:02:13PsycoXulto hell with how it looks
23:02:28Invalid_i am wondering if there is any difference in sound quality though
23:02:58midknight2k3i'd say yes
23:03:03midknight2k3barely but yees
23:03:14midknight2k3ipod uses a phenomenal 60MW amp
23:03:18midknight2k3Archos can compare
23:03:34Invalid_it would mostly depend on the headphones
23:03:38midknight2k3not really
23:03:45midknight2k3yes it does!
23:03:53midknight2k3you have to have, uh, 5000 dollar headphones
23:03:57midknight2k3to take advantage of it
23:04:02midknight2k3so you see Archos is superior
23:04:09Invalid_and the ones that came with the archos are extremely crappy
23:04:18midknight2k3OH you USE them?
23:04:19PsycoXulthe ones that come with everything are crappy
23:04:25midknight2k3Anything included with anything is CRAP
23:04:27Invalid_i've had to buy some sony ones
23:04:37midknight2k3What a coincidence
23:04:48midknight2k3Everyone I know uses something other than the included ones
23:04:50PsycoXuli'm gonna get some sennheiser HD280Pro's eventualy
23:04:58midknight2k3I have some I think
23:05:10midknight2k3the 280s I think thats what I have
23:05:26Invalid_i have the 888's
23:05:39midknight2k3I have the 212a
23:05:58PsycoXuli have sony MDR-CD280's currently
23:06:11midknight2k3clam down
23:06:15PsycoXulthese were $30 ... the sennheiser HD280Pro's are $100
23:06:30Invalid_mines were 85 euro's
23:06:38PsycoXuland collapsible
23:06:51PsycoXulclosed, circumaural
23:06:53midknight2k3mine were like $59.99
23:07:08Invalid_anywho, the arhos is a huge improvement over my minidisc
23:07:16Invalid_god, did i hate that thing
23:07:27PsycoXulup to 32dB of ambient noise attenuation
23:09:35 Join LinusN [200] (
23:09:54midknight2k3yo it's LINUS!
23:10:06midknight2k3I havent seen you in a while
23:10:23LinusNwas here yesterday
23:10:33midknight2k3I didn't see edh
23:11:08midknight2k3I wanted to say that you should remove the Create Playlist feature until it's ready
23:11:22midknight2k3You can only make ones of directories, but that doesn't do much
23:11:35midknight2k3Youcan just hit PLAY on a song and it will go and play em all
23:11:50LinusNwhy would we remove it because it doesn't do what *you* want it to?
23:11:56PsycoXulmidknight2k3: it's recursive
23:12:01midknight2k3Well does it help others?
23:12:12midknight2k3I don't get how it would help
23:12:19PsycoXuli can hit create playlist at the root directory and make a wholedisk playlist that i can shuffle
23:12:19midknight2k3It's just like playing a directory
23:12:27PsycoXulmidknight2k3: except it's recursive
23:12:34LinusNmidknight2k3: it's *recursive*
23:12:43midknight2k3forget it
23:13:37PsycoXulit'd be nice if it sorted the way the browser does imo though
23:13:49LinusNyes it would be nice
23:13:53PsycoXulso multi-disk albums play right and such
23:16:59_aLFLinusN> I would like to implement "force mono" and "sensitivity" for radio
23:17:11LinusN_aLF: easy as pie
23:17:13_aLFbut I need to read IN2 of fm chip
23:17:27_aLFand I don't know how to do
23:17:50_aLF fmradio_set(2, 0x140884) <−− I would like to modify
23:17:56_aLFonly some bits
23:18:07LinusNmirror it
23:18:31LinusNor rather, create it for every write
23:19:22_aLFI thought about make "force mono" for each preset
23:19:34_aLFI don't know if it's usefull
23:19:46LinusNnot sure about that
23:20:15LinusNstill, it might be useful, for timed recordings...
23:21:58_aLFI made a patch of menu.c/h to handle custom key in menu
23:22:12_aLFbut I have problem for updating menu
23:22:25_aLF(to move up/down preset)
23:23:03LinusNyou want to change the menu contents while displaying it?
23:24:12_aLFwith on+up/on+down to sort presets
23:24:55LinusNhow did you do the custom key handling?
23:25:08 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:25:25 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Client Quit)
23:25:39_aLFLinusN> yes
23:25:46_aLFwith custom key handler
23:26:05LinusNyes, but describe how you solved it?
23:26:42_aLFI added : int menu_init_with_keyhandler(struct menu_items* items, int
23:26:42_aLFcount, KeyHandler* handlers, int handlerscount);
23:27:06LinusNisn't that a bit, well, complicated?
23:27:08_aLFand typedef int (*KeyHandler)(int, struct menu);
23:27:31LinusNi'm not too fond of callbacks
23:28:10_aLFI didn't know how to do it
23:28:55_aLF(each KeyHandler can do what they want : move selection, exit etc...)
23:29:04LinusNi'd prefer a menu function that just displays the menu and returns, and lets the caller handle the keys
23:29:40_aLFbut go next, previous, check usb is always the same code
23:30:19LinusNyes, maybe the menu function should return when an "unknown" key is pushed
23:30:32LinusNand the caller can handle the key and reenter the menu
23:31:21_aLFF2/F3 are already catch by default menu
23:31:39LinusNyes, and we must change that
23:32:56_aLFIt's not complex to adapt radio.c to another method
23:33:10LinusNwhat do you mean?
23:33:26 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
23:33:38_aLFI continue with my keyhandler
23:33:45_aLFand update later
23:34:26_aLFfor recording of radio, I go to record_screen
23:34:57_aLFperhaps it should record directly ?
23:35:25LinusNwould be nice
23:36:05_aLFthere is a RFE
23:36:14_aLFto set ID3tag according to frequency
23:36:32midknight2k3that's a good idea
23:37:20_aLFbut there is not way to give an id3 to mpeg.c
23:37:40LinusN_aLF: are you preparing a patch to send to the tracker?
23:39:23_aLFI hasn't update it for this day
23:40:03 Join Nibbler [0] (
23:40:05LinusNwhat i was coming to is that it is hard for us to merge large patches
23:40:31LinusNnot of technical reasons, but we'd rather fix one thing at a time, to keep control of things
23:40:48Invalid_does anybody know why the archos faq says to connect the usb cable to the archos first and then to the pc? does it really matter?
23:41:04_aLFLinusN> it's just modify radio.c/radio.h
23:41:11_aLFexcept for menu
23:41:24LinusN_aLF: rather one feature per patch
23:41:50LinusNa preset editor patch, possibly with menu.c changes
23:41:53LinusNa mute patch
23:42:13LinusNmute should be the same key as in WPS IMHO
23:42:43_aLFwhich key is it ?
23:44:13_aLFI will try to make different patchs
23:44:48_aLFI also though about a scan feature, to fill quickly preset
23:45:02_aLFdon't know if it's a good idea
23:46:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:46:51 Part LinusN
23:47:50 Join LinusN [200] (
23:47:54LinusN_aLF: regarding the radio settings (mono, sensitivity), look at mpeg_set_sound() and do a similar approach
23:47:57LinusNand remember KISS
23:50:27 Join awy[baer] [0] (
23:50:45_aLFLinusN> ok

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