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#rockbox log for 2003-05-19

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00:07:54_aLFmpeg_set_sound() is in mpeg.c ?
00:11:40_aLFI can't find mpeg_set_sound :/
00:11:44_aLFis it like mpeg_set_recording_options ?
00:15:11LinusNsorry, mpeg_sound_set()
00:16:37_aLFok :)
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00:38:20midknight2k3Okay, I seriously think I can finish this rockbox review tonight. Please please let me not slack off!
00:39:44midknight2k3What do you call the F2 and F3 buttons' function at the WPS - quick-menus?
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00:54:00midknight2k3You know what would be cool, linus?
00:54:51midknight2k3When you bring back demos, it would be cool to have a variation of the Bounce demo where you can change the line 'Rockbox. Pure Pleasure. Pure fun...." to whatever you want via a virtual keyboard like for renaming.
01:02:08midknight2k3I just discovered that mode very resently too
01:02:11midknight2k3I love it heh
01:02:41midknight2k3I'm very close to finishing my review. It should be out in about a half hour or less
01:04:01midknight2k3The one thing I want of the moment is a word wrap feature in the text viewer
01:04:08midknight2k3I hope thats possible
01:06:23PsycoXulthe current text viewer should eventualy be a "mode" of the text viewer
01:06:28PsycoXulit's like a "window" over the file
01:06:33PsycoXulwhich is better for formatted texts
01:06:42PsycoXulbut if you want to read something like a book in text
01:06:50midknight2k3or the FAQ
01:06:53PsycoXulit'd be better to consider it as a line
01:06:54midknight2k3it's not useful
01:06:57PsycoXulthat just scrolls
01:07:06PsycoXulor something like that
01:07:53PsycoXulwhich there is an alternate text viewer in a patch (or there was some time ago anyway) thats more like that
01:08:53midknight2k3I can't patch though
01:08:58PsycoXuleither way
01:08:58midknight2k3I dont have the skills
01:09:05PsycoXulit'd be nice if it was run-time switchable
01:09:12PsycoXulthey've each got their uses
01:09:30midknight2k3like PLAY switch between word wrap and window-type
01:09:51midknight2k3And F2 would be an autoscroll or something
01:10:37PsycoXulor vice versa
01:10:56PsycoXulthe line-scrolling text viewer autoscrolls by default and the play button pauses/plays it
01:11:24PsycoXuland then the left and right buttons i think either manual scroll if its paused or alter its speed if it's autoscrolling
01:11:38PsycoXulactualy i only tried it on the player
01:11:49midknight2k3in rockbox?
01:11:56PsycoXulbut thats how it worked on there
01:12:03midknight2k3In rockbox normal you can autoscroll?
01:12:11PsycoXulno the patch
01:12:15PsycoXulthe alternate text viewer
01:12:20midknight2k3i just meant start from scrath
01:12:40PsycoXulwell play starting/pausing the autoscroll makes more sense i think
01:12:50PsycoXuland then an F-key switching modes
01:13:16midknight2k3yeah it doesn't matter
01:13:20midknight2k3just an idea
01:13:29PsycoXulwell something like that
01:14:36midknight2k3oh yeah
01:14:40midknight2k3where's your little thing
01:14:44midknight2k3'hmm heh'
01:15:01PsycoXulit doesn't go here
01:16:45midknight2k3Where does it go?
01:16:52midknight2k3I know!
01:16:57midknight2k3it goes here
01:17:04midknight2k3"The Player model rocks"
01:17:12midknight2k3<Psyco> hmm heh
01:20:53midknight2k3hmm heh
01:22:04_aLFwhere is define str() function ?
01:23:48midknight2k3i don't know
01:23:50midknight2k3hmm heh
01:32:59midknight2k3review is ready
01:33:06midknight2k3i just have to find a place to put ot
01:33:23midknight2k3I can't put it under the Recorder 20 model because I already reviewed it
01:33:30midknight2k3I have to find an alternate place
01:34:31midknight2k3Sometimes, you gotta love them idiots over at
01:34:55midknight2k3One model of archos you can review is 'Archos HD-MP3 Player' but there's no specific model
01:35:09midknight2k3Perfect for something like this
01:35:27midknight2k3because it works on players as well as recorders! Whooda thunk!
01:36:11 Join tracktheripper [0] (
01:36:26midknight2k3it's trackripper!
01:36:40midknight2k3oh my god a perfect time to launch my rockbox review
01:36:51midknight2k3if only you could rate it :\
01:37:31midknight2k3i ahevnt seen you forever
01:37:45midknight2k3whoever reads this stick around if you want to see the review
01:37:50tracktheripperive now got broadband
01:38:07_aLFnot all work : (for FM recorder with patched radio menu)
01:38:20_aLFgood night
01:38:22midknight2k3cool heh
01:38:23midknight2k3see you
01:38:26 Quit _aLF ("+")
01:38:45tracktheripperlinusN is here:D
01:39:23tracktherippervery intellectual he is
01:39:24midknight2k3he's been here a while
01:39:29midknight2k3true true
01:39:38midknight2k3He's a very important person
01:39:50tracktherippernot as important as me :P
01:39:58midknight2k3you wish
01:40:13midknight2k3you weren't here when i talked that guy out of buying an iPod
01:40:19midknight2k3Two people actually
01:40:21midknight2k3I felt so good
01:40:37midknight2k3Then i helped this one guy fix his archos that kept giving him a HD error
01:40:53midknight2k3I felt about 25% as important as Linus - it was great!
01:42:35tracktheripperi want a proper playlist creator :D
01:42:42midknight2k3calm down
01:42:57tracktheripperim always calm
01:43:07midknight2k3Calm down it'll be okay
01:43:55midknight2k3Your 'flange effect' got rejected, hahaha
01:45:15tracktheripperive got a new feature request
01:45:37tracktheripper"Make midknight2k3 be quiet"
01:45:38midknight2k3what is it?
01:45:46midknight2k3HA HA
01:45:49midknight2k3you mean invalid
01:45:58tracktheripper"This is not possible due to hardware limitations"
01:46:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:46:08midknight2k3thats what i was going to say
01:46:24midknight2k3".. or preventations."
01:47:38tracktheripperLinusN when are we gonna see this wonderful plugin system?
01:47:49LinusNwhen it's done
01:47:59LinusNand we haven't even begun hacking on it
01:48:24tracktheripper"Make the LCD touchscreen like on a PDA"
01:49:04tracktheripperjoke LinusN
01:50:02midknight2k3"make the LCD touchscreen like on a PDA, LinusN"!
01:50:09midknight2k3Joke, LinusN
01:50:34tracktheripperwell at least i never sent "Make the normal recorder pick up FM like the FM recorder!"
01:50:50 Join Nibbler [0] (
01:51:34midknight2k3You said to read contents of ZIP files
01:51:41tracktheripperno i did not
01:51:54midknight2k3Oh yes, that's going to fit in a 200KB file and take >.5 seconds!
01:52:04midknight2k3i could have sworn you did
01:52:11tracktheripperi did NOT!
01:52:15tracktheripperit was your imagination!
01:52:36tracktheripperat least I never sent "partition the drive in the archos on the fly"
01:52:57midknight2k3or have a defragmenter
01:53:06tracktheripper((hits midknight2k3))
01:53:14 Join BoD[] [0] (
01:53:21midknight2k3this is great
01:53:22BoD[]hi !
01:53:28midknight2k3I have everyone here for my review
01:53:30BoD[]what is
01:53:34midknight2k3Which is in the process of uploading
01:53:39tracktheripperwell i have not sent anymore funny requests
01:54:36tracktheripperuve gone quiet now!Q
01:55:11midknight2k3im uplaoding it
01:55:22midknight2k3i just have to hit im sure to publicly display it and thats that
01:55:38midknight2k3unnacceptable markup code?
01:55:41midknight2k3sicne when?
01:55:53midknight2k3i got it
01:55:53tracktherippersicne when?
01:56:22midknight2k3it's working
01:56:40midknight2k3it's now online
01:56:45midknight2k3let me give you a link if you like
01:56:58midknight2k3HERE WE GO ALL
01:57:02midknight2k3IT'S NOW ONLINE
01:57:07midknight2k3THE GREAT ROCKBOX REVIEW
01:57:18midknight2k3The crummy crap's here: enjoy
01:57:43LinusNThis content is only available to registered members of To see this content, please sign-in or sign up for free.
01:58:42midknight2k3i have to have it rated
01:58:58midknight2k3forget it lol
01:59:08midknight2k3hang a sec i will have ti rated
01:59:18tracktherippersorry rejected even :D
01:59:22midknight2k3sorry folks, technical difficulties
01:59:44BoD[]happens to the biggests
01:59:56tracktheripperfeature request "Have a meter to show the buffer emptying during playback"
02:00:07midknight2k3that's a good idea
02:00:09midknight2k3i'd lov ethat
02:00:26tracktheripperand when the harddrive whirrs you see the meter being "topped up"
02:02:12midknight2k3ok i think it's being rated
02:02:44midknight2k3sorry about this
02:02:57midknight2k3i should have checked into it first
02:03:44tracktheripperthere was a reason why i sent the request read zip files
02:03:56midknight2k3you did do it!
02:03:58midknight2k3i knew it
02:04:00tracktheripperi know
02:04:16midknight2k3ignore the review for now folks till it gets fixed
02:04:18tracktheripperwell it would save harddrive space even more
02:04:28tracktherippersince zip is lossless compression
02:04:33midknight2k3I KNOW
02:04:46midknight2k3if you put all your mp3s in one zip file it could save space
02:04:53LinusNtracktheripper: ZIP:ing an MP3 file gains practically nothing
02:05:04LinusNa few Kbyte
02:05:11midknight2k3see if it works now
02:05:15tracktheripperwell it saves a few prescious k's.........
02:08:43BoD[]it's long
02:09:10midknight2k3longer than the manual?
02:10:50midknight2k3typo oops lol
02:14:59 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
02:15:42BoD[]did you see matrix2 ?
02:16:02BoD[]what ??
02:16:07BoD[]why not
02:16:16midknight2k3. . .
02:17:20 Join kassoulet [0] (
02:17:33midknight2k3MY NEW ROCKBOX REVIE
02:17:42BoD[]i read it
02:17:50BoD[]i mean the begining
02:18:00midknight2k3you're featured in it
02:18:01BoD[]then i became bored ;) sorry
02:18:04midknight2k3at the very bottom
02:18:11BoD[]pffffffff yeah right ;)
02:18:26midknight2k3....), BoD[] (yet another fan whom I talked out of getting an iPod) an.....
02:18:34midknight2k3you see
02:18:35midknight2k3go to bottom
02:18:38midknight2k3you can't miss i
02:19:03BoD[]wow i'm actually there
02:19:09BoD[]thanks !
02:19:20midknight2k3i knew you'd enjoy it
02:19:27midknight2k3i don't mind
02:19:30midknight2k3you're public now!
02:19:39midknight2k3about 50people will see your name
02:19:49midknight2k3about actually 300 over time
02:20:23BoD[]wow i'm a celebrity
02:21:31midknight2k3once you're associated with me ;)
02:23:28BoD[]the questionnaire at the end is funny :)
02:23:34BoD[]well the whole review is funny actually
02:23:50midknight2k3aww id did that so you could see i hate ipods
02:24:27midknight2k3It has a few holes one could exploit
02:24:34midknight2k3but it gets the idea across
02:24:48midknight2k3for example if you had an archos but also an ipod
02:25:04midknight2k3you'd be considered uneligible for rockbox
02:25:09BoD[]wow you thought about special cases
02:25:16BoD[]you need to be a programmer
02:30:58midknight2k3I sure hope it doesn't get rated off topic because there's no Rockbox topic
02:39:42BoD[]what did you think of matrix 2
02:40:13midknight2k3i didnt watch it
02:41:07midknight2k3i hope you liked my review goodbye all i must go now
02:41:17BoD[]bye then
02:41:22midknight2k3sorry lol
02:41:29midknight2k3i'll see it soon most likey
02:42:01 Quit midknight2k3 ("I'LL SEE IT SOON")
02:57:53 Part LinusN
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03:41:06hardeephas anyone built the win32 simulator using the rockbox project in cvs?
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10:33:42adi|homei wish zagor or linus was around.. i have a question for them... :(
10:33:55adi|homelet me know if this makes sense to you...
10:33:58adi|homeon 'rename'
10:34:11adi|homeif a file is 'renamed' to the same name.... should any action happen?
10:34:16adi|homeright now we forcably rename...
10:34:23adi|homeit seems to me that nothing should happen...
10:34:27adi|homewhat do you think?
10:37:02adi|homeoff to bed
10:39:36tracktheripperi think the old name would simply get replaced by the new name
10:39:53tracktheripperassuming the filename and its extension match exactly
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11:00:30tracktheripperhi nib
11:03:14 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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15:10:51dwihnoHowdy ho!
15:11:17dwihnoWhat is it I see? Is there actually a possibility to store firmware in the rom?
15:11:25dwihnoor flash or whatever
15:11:31Bagderyeps, that's what he says
15:11:53dwihnoThat would be neato
15:12:01 Join Zagor [242] (
15:12:07Bagderhi Z
15:13:04Bagderwhat time on sunday?
15:30:24Zagorit's painful being away for a weekend. 500+ "real" mails
15:30:24 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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15:40:20 Join Stevie[FP] [0] (~whatsit2u@
15:40:51Stevie[FP]im reading this vbr thread
15:41:01Stevie[FP]and I can't seem to find any real documentation on its format
15:42:16Zagorvbr or the xing header?
15:43:01Stevie[FP]well, whatever vbrfix creates
15:43:36Zagorthat's the xing header, then
15:43:40Stevie[FP]vbr_fix() calls create_xing_header(), so
15:44:03Stevie[FP]there's no documentation on the rockbox site, only a link to a page asking me to buy Xing products
15:44:42Bagderthere is no docs
15:45:00Stevie[FP]well who wrote the vbrfix code?
15:45:15Zagorlinus did all the xing work. we should ask him to link whatever docs he found.
15:45:15BagderI believe there is a consensus how the xing header works
15:45:22Bagderamong players
15:45:32Stevie[FP]eye see
15:45:38BagderXing are the company/player that introduced the header
15:45:51Stevie[FP]he left us no comments describing these magic numbers
15:45:58Stevie[FP]21, 36, 13
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15:46:27Stevie[FP]something about a TOC (table-of-contents)
15:46:38Zagorwhere are you looking?
15:46:52Stevie[FP]the only source of information I have −− create_xing_header() in mp3data.c
15:47:52Zagorright. the TOC is a 100-position index used for scanning/searching in the file.
15:48:04Stevie[FP]like a percent marker
15:48:19Stevie[FP]the 50th position should be halfway through the song, timewise
15:48:36Zagorthe 21,36,16 values are simply where the xing header is positioned. it depends on how much space the data before it takes.
15:48:41ZagorStevie[FP]: exactly
15:48:59Stevie[FP]file position?
15:49:08Stevie[FP]32 bits?
15:49:13Stevie[FP]filepos * 256 / filesize
15:49:34Stevie[FP]int filepos;
15:50:00Zagoryes, it's not percent. it's 1/256 steps
15:50:31Stevie[FP]vbr_fix() will probably fail on files more than 16777216 bytes
15:51:01Stevie[FP]the multiplication by 256 will shift the upper 8 bits off
15:51:31Stevie[FP]pos = i * num_frames / 100;
15:51:38Stevie[FP]oh, it's 1/100 steps
15:52:45Stevie[FP]i see
15:53:10Stevie[FP]each toc is stored as how many 256th's of the way through the file that position is
15:53:37Stevie[FP]the problem is, it chokes after filepos 16,777,215
15:53:53Zagorlooks like it, yeah
15:57:35CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 1 day and 4 hours at the last flood
15:57:35*Stevie[FP] patches
16:04:38Stevie[FP]ok, i submitted a patch
16:12:40Stevie[FP]when does Linus usually show up?
16:12:49Bagderits impossible to tell ;-)
16:12:58Bagderhe comes and goes very strange hours
16:13:30#>>"seen" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
16:14:05Stevie[FP]FrameLengthInBytes = (12 * BitRate / SampleRate + Padding) * 4
16:14:08Stevie[FP]this guy's long recordings
16:14:46Stevie[FP]i wonder what bitrate/samplerate they're normally encoded at
16:15:35Stevie[FP]err, that was for layer 1
16:15:35Stevie[FP]FrameLengthInBytes = 144 * BitRate / SampleRate + Padding
16:16:00BagderI committed your patch Stevie[FP]
16:16:03Stevie[FP]if we do 128kbps/44.1khz, 418 bytes
16:16:19Bagderand then the sf site went down
16:16:39Stevie[FP]i wonder if that's why the guy with the 300mb files was having problems
16:17:17Bagderanother overflow in the calc ?
16:17:47Stevie[FP]wheres the code that deciphers the vbr code
16:17:51Stevie[FP]if it does
16:17:56Stevie[FP](percent * filesize / 256)
16:17:57Zagorotoh vbrfixing 300-meg files will take forever, which is what he was complaining about
16:18:12Stevie[FP]Zagor: indeed, but he said that it went silent at the end of tracks
16:18:22Stevie[FP]and seeking failed
16:18:48Stevie[FP]percent * filesize / 256 => if the compiler does that in that order, and 'percent*filesize' doesn't fit in 32 bits
16:19:04Zagornewpos = (id3->filesize/256)*curtoc;
16:19:12Zagorfirmware/mpeg.c line 1522
16:19:13Stevie[FP]so it works right there
16:19:23Zagorseems like it
16:21:12Stevie[FP]on the one hand, it would seem that it would fail on files less than 256 bytse
16:21:19Stevie[FP]but since I don't see that happening to any mp3 files
16:21:25Stevie[FP]that's not really a problem
16:21:27Zagornot many of those around with XING headers :-)
16:21:38Stevie[FP]indeed :D
16:23:14Stevie[FP]hey, about how many mp3 frames would you guess there to be in a 300mb file?
16:23:52*Bagder has no idea
16:24:02Stevie[FP]well ok then
16:24:19Zagor128 kbit frames are 411 bytes, iirc
16:24:33Stevie[FP]avg 417.9 bytes at 44.1khz
16:24:50Zagorok, 418 then :)
16:24:53Bagder~717703 frames then
16:27:34Stevie[FP]and the guy says he has several gb files
16:29:00BagderI bet we can't deal with >2GB files
16:29:19Stevie[FP]i doubt that's a problem
16:29:24Stevie[FP]since I'm fairly certain that's the fat32 limit
16:29:26BagderI agree
16:30:03Zagoractually I don't see that fat32 has a file size limit per se.
16:30:18Stevie[FP]well the guys who invented it won't let you create a file over 2gb
16:30:42Zagorfiles are just a chain of clusters, there's no single point that needs to hold it all (except the size field, but it's not critical)
16:31:16Zagori wouldn't be surprised if rockbox actually does let you create >2gb files. i know I haven't added any checks anyway :-)
16:31:34Stevie[FP]so if i recorded for a long enough period
16:31:44BagderI just think we use signed ints somewhere that'll break the >2GB
16:31:54Stevie[FP]could I accidentally wrap the size past 0 and corrupt the FAT?
16:32:25ZagorStevie[FP]: possibly
16:33:53Stevie[FP]and yeah, Bagder −− vbr_fix() uses signed filesize/filepos
16:34:05Bagderyes I noticed
16:34:23Stevie[FP]oh, that's interesting
16:34:35Stevie[FP]percent = (newtime*100)/id3->length;
16:34:58Stevie[FP]the TOC is % of the song timewise
16:35:16Stevie[FP]but we use frames
16:35:27 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
16:35:41Stevie[FP]which relies on all frames being the same duration
16:36:24Stevie[FP]which, while still correct if the bitrate changes, is wrong if the samplerate changes
16:36:35Stevie[FP]oh well, if they want to do VSR files, screw 'em
16:36:59Stevie[FP]they can write their own damn vbr fixer
16:51:18 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
16:51:54 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
16:54:08 Join awy[baer] [0] (
16:57:33 Join hardeep [0] (
16:58:49hardeephey all
16:58:54Bagderhi hardeep
16:59:09hardeephas anyone built the win32 simulator from within visual studio?
16:59:18BagderI think so
16:59:44quel|outedx should know about that
16:59:57hardeepi can't get it to recognize perl as a valid command... not sure why
17:01:02BagderJörg Hohensohn is the man
17:01:19quel|outi'm thinking in expanding my goat's business, do you want one or two? They are not expensive ;)
17:01:23hardeepbagder: what's his irc nick?
17:01:51hardeepquel|out: i only buy goats in bulk... can you handle orders of several thousand?
17:02:08Bagderhardeep: I don't think he use to frequent irc
17:02:11quel|outdefine several..
17:02:30hardeepbagder: okay, e-mail it is then :) thanks
17:02:41Bagderhohensoh at
17:02:48quel|outor something dragon
17:03:02quel|outthat survey about flash rom :)
17:03:04hardeepbtw, the x11 simulator works pretty well with cygwin (i remember some discussions of missing features on the win32 simulator)
17:06:43Bagderyes, Henrik Backe, Magnus Holmgren and Jörg all have contributed bits that have improved that
17:07:48 Join kassoulet [0] (
17:12:03 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:13:32 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:20:28 Join kassoolet [0] (
17:21:00 Quit josh966 ("ChatZilla 0.8.26 [Mozilla rv:1.4b/20030514]")
17:38:04 Quit kassoulet (Connection timed out)
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17:44:24 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
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18:04:34 Quit hardeep ("Eject! Eject! Eject!")
18:06:13 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
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18:28:46 Quit [keno] (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:37:12 Join baz [0] (
18:45:02 Join [keno] [0] (
18:45:48 Quit [keno] (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:48:59*Stevie[FP] is away [food] [KS-MsgLog Off]
18:54:39 Join DJBaz [0] (
19:04:32 Quit baz (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:21:11 Join Nibbler [0] (
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19:54:06 Join dhd [0] (
19:54:06 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:54:11dhdi be back
19:54:15dhdwe have won
19:55:56Stevie[FP]we have?
19:55:57*Stevie[FP] is back from [food] [gone 1hr 6mins 59secs] [KS]
19:56:16Stevie[FP]when do they mail us our prizes?
19:56:52dhdforget it *lol'*
19:57:00dhdthe "cheff" is'nt here
19:57:04dhdhe can understant it ;)
19:57:22dhdhave someone a countdown in mp3 ore so ? i neeed one ?
19:58:26Stevie[FP]the chef? what is he coing to cook?
20:01:51 Join CmdrData [0] (
20:02:42CmdrDatahey. I throw like 60 min long Stern Show files onto my ArchosStudio with RockBox, and sometimes, when I go to play the file, or fast forward, the red light comes on for like 10 seconds, doesnt do anything, and then just doesnt play the file altogeather
20:02:54CmdrDataor says something like End of List
20:03:55CmdrDataill begin to fast forward, and when i get to the point i want, the red light comes on, gets stuck on that time, and then just moves on to the next file
20:03:58CmdrDatawhat the hell is up with that
20:04:11Stevie[FP]don't know?
20:04:22CmdrDatawhy not
20:11:05 Quit awy[baer] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:11:06 Quit CmdrData (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:12:49 Quit dhd ("( :: NoNameScript 3.71 :: )")
20:20:43Stevie[FP]I guess this frame size includes the header?
20:32:41 Quit kassoolet (Remote closed the connection)
20:37:31 Quit MT (
20:37:31 Quit adi|work (
20:37:31 Quit _seb_ (
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20:38:53NJoin_seb_ [0] (
20:38:53NJoinadi|work [0] (
20:42:28 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:54:23 Join Garrett1 [0] (
20:54:47 Quit Garrett1 (Client Quit)
20:56:10 Join GDerner [0] (
21:05:38 Quit Invalid_ ("leaving")
21:08:10GDernerHello, I have a new-developer question.
21:09:01 Quit GDerner ("Leaving")
21:11:49 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:22:58 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:28:33 Join LightGOd20 [0] (
21:28:57 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
21:29:40LightGOd20i kinda need some help...
21:30:24LightGOd20i just got a jukebox 5000 charged up the batteries and try to boot it up.. but it just keeps on shutting down...
21:30:36 Join montykid [0] (~montykid@
21:30:39LightGOd20it works fine when it's plugged in
21:30:57LightGOd20but i've tried another set of batteries and i get the same problem
21:31:39LightGOd20can anyone gimme a hand?
21:35:38 Part montykid
21:42:39 Join DJBaz [0] (
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22:09:09 Join Jet8810 [0] (
22:26:24 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
22:31:46 Join DJBaz [0] (
22:32:12 Join CmdrData [0] (
22:32:24CmdrDataanyone live in here?
22:32:35CmdrDataas in able to respond
22:34:02 Quit CmdrData (Client Quit)
22:34:04 Join [keno] [0] (
22:36:15 Quit [keno] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:37:56 Join CmdrData [0] (
22:38:55CmdrDatahey man, any chance you might be able to answer a question for me
22:39:00 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:39:08 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:39:13TBoyspill the beans
22:39:15hardeepCmdrData: ask away
22:39:17CmdrDataOk, I have a 60 Minute file
22:39:23CmdrDataAs I fast forward
22:39:35CmdrDataonce i get past like 39 minutes or so
22:39:40CmdrDatathe red light comes on
22:39:44CmdrDataand locks up on me
22:40:00CmdrDataany idea as to why it would do this?
22:40:12CmdrDatacould it be low battery possibly?
22:40:12TBoyohh ok thats prob the dead-led bug
22:40:24CmdrDatawhat does that bug do?
22:40:37hardeepCmdrData: well, is your battery low?
22:40:50TBoyit shows that your hdd starts spinnin
22:40:50hardeepCmdrData: what version of rockbox are you using?
22:41:06hardeepCmdrData: is the mp3 file you're running a vbr file?
22:41:17CmdrDataNo it is not.
22:41:17TBoyand then it freezes, wich causes the led to stay on
22:41:25Jet8810have any of you used the Nomad Zen?
22:41:28hardeepCmdrDta: how large is it?
22:41:32TBoydon't know what causes it
22:41:37CmdrDataaround 30 megs
22:41:38Jet8810my brother is going to get one today for his birthdya, I am anxious to compare it to my Archos :)
22:41:41CmdrDataits a 56kbps file
22:42:11hardeepCmdrData: hmmmm, it always reproduces only after 39mins?
22:42:21CmdrDataAround there...
22:42:29CmdrDatamaybe over 40, something like that
22:42:55 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
22:43:06CmdrDataAny ideas?
22:44:06hardeepCmdrData: sounds like it might be a problem with ffw on rockbox... can you make the file available for testing?
22:44:38CmdrDataOk...its a Stern Show file
22:44:55hardeepCmdrData: btw, does the file run fine on, say, winamp?
22:45:00CmdrDataYes it does.
22:45:02hardeepCmdrData: ffw that is
22:45:12CmdrDataYea..i never had a prob with the old archos firmware
22:45:24CmdrDatabut i love RockBox for its large playlist abilities for music
22:45:27hardeepCmdrData: heh, except for the hour you have to spend to ffw 39 mins
22:46:37hardeepCmdrData: you may also want to scandisk your archos hard drive to make sure there aren't any disk errors
22:46:47CmdrDataIt may be a battery issue. I've been using the same rechargeable nimh's for a while now
22:47:09hardeepCmdrData: that was what TBoy was referring to... rockbox doesn't handle disk errors too well
22:48:24CmdrDataone more thing...
22:48:42CmdrDatahow come whenever I plug my archos in to my cpu, it sometimes restarts my system...its always done that.
22:48:54CmdrDataany way to prevent that?
22:49:19 Quit DJBaz ("Client exiting")
22:50:34hardeepCmdrData: sounds like either an OS problem or something wrong with the drivers you're using
22:50:42 Quit CmdrData (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:55:40Stevie[FP]sounds a lot like win98-itis
23:04:32hardeep[IDC]Dragon: are you the one whose been working on the win32 uisimulator?
23:05:22[IDC]DragonIs there an issue with it?
23:06:10hardeep[IDC]Dragon: yeah, visual studio fails every time it tries to invoke the command shell to run perl
23:06:44hardeepthe command prompt reports "unrecognized command"
23:06:59hardeeppaths and everything are correct... if i export to a makefile and then run everything's good
23:07:04[IDC]Dragonis perl in the path?
23:07:17hardeepyeah, i installed activestate perl
23:07:24[IDC]DragonWhat perl are you using?
23:07:52[IDC]DragonI'm using 5.6
23:08:27hardeepyeah, 5.6.1 build 635
23:08:40hardeepit works fine when i call it from the makefile, just not from the ide
23:09:04[IDC]Dragonhmm, I don't know.
23:10:21hardeepah well, it's not too bad compiling from command prompt as I can still debug from the debugger (which is what I wanted)
23:10:44[IDC]DragonDis you also give MSVS the perl path under Tools->Options->Directories->Executable files?
23:10:45hardeepoh, there's one other problem: rockbox.dsp fails if you check it out with unix style cr/lf
23:11:19[IDC]DragonIt fails or it complains?
23:13:49hardeepit doesn't recognize it as a project file (thinks it's a non visual studio makefile).
23:14:25[IDC]DragonSorry? .dsp or makefile?
23:15:00hardeep.dsp the project file
23:15:13hardeepit doesn't recognize it as such and assumes it's some 3rd party makefile
23:15:45[IDC]Dragonwhich MSVS are you using?
23:15:50hardeepthis is a problem with visual studio and probably not much that can be done... but it's probably worth documenting
23:16:27hardeepthis happens with both vc6 and vc7
23:17:24[IDC]DragonI'm using 6.0, works for me. The .dsp has CR LF (DOS style).
23:17:38hardeepyeah, as soon as i convert to dos style everything works fine
23:17:40Stevie[FP]if it's sensitive to that
23:17:46Stevie[FP]then the file should be marked as binary in cvs
23:18:04hardeepStevie[FP]: that makes sense
23:18:18[IDC]DragonTry opening it with the VS editor as text and save it again, that should convert it.
23:18:21Stevie[FP]in that case, it's out of the question
23:19:06hardeep[IDC]Dragon: i have a simple tool that converts between the two.... it's more an annoyance then anything
23:19:17Stevie[FP]cygwin comes with a program called conv
23:19:21Stevie[FP]that will convert between them
23:19:24Stevie[FP]or if you're like me
23:19:38hardeepyeah, and unix2dos/dos2unix
23:19:53Stevie[FP]perl -e s/\n/\r\n/
23:20:08Stevie[FP]I suppose it wouldn't work right the other way
23:20:21Stevie[FP]i'm used to converting *to* unix lf format
23:21:07[IDC]Dragonhardeep, is your perl working meanwhile?
23:21:24hardeep[IDC]Dragon: nope, i tried setting the path but still no luck
23:21:33hardeeper path in MSVC that is
23:22:30[IDC]Dragonand it points to the bin subdir of your installation?
23:22:45hardeepdoh, my bad, i set the wrong path in MSVC... works fine now
23:22:56hardeepso, path needs to be set in MSVC as well
23:23:35[IDC]DragonI guess the AcriveState install did that for me, I don't remember having placed it there.
23:23:58hardeepi might have forgot to check some button... cool
23:24:25[IDC]DragonWelcome to visual debugging!
23:24:30hardeepbtw, other then these small issues, everything is working great... excellent work. :)
23:25:03hardeepin the past, i've pretty much done all my rockbox debugging on the unit... but this will help out a bunch :)
23:25:12[IDC]DragonI should make a readme...
23:25:35[IDC]DragonI just setup gdb for target debugging.
23:26:43hardeepheh, cool... i'm too lazy to set that up. my target debugging consists of panicf's and splash's =)
23:27:27[IDC]DragonIt seems a bit unstable under windows, I'm just doing my first steps.
23:28:07[IDC]Dragonhardeep, what have you been developing?
23:29:16Jet8810hey hardeep!
23:29:28Jet8810OK, I will get to see how good the multimedia is over hte next few days
23:29:56 Join kassoulet [0] (
23:30:20hardeep[IDC]Dragon: nothing major right now...
23:30:26hardeepJet8810: hi
23:31:54[IDC]Dragonmultimedia is no good, closed system...
23:34:26[IDC]DragonDid everybody participate in my Flash ROM survey? ;-)
23:37:40 Join _aLF [0] (
23:42:42 Join Nibbler [0] (
23:42:53Jet8810IDC, I know, but he could either get that or the Studio...
23:43:04Jet8810and with the choice of the Multimedia or Studio (he wasnt paying) come on, Multimedia...
23:45:25[IDC]DragonYeah, recorder would have been better.
23:45:43[IDC]DragonI quickly tested the MM
23:46:24[IDC]Dragonhorrible display, when the backlight goes off it's pitch black, nothing to be seen.
23:46:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:47:00Jet8810I have not used wone...
23:47:03[IDC]DragonIt it's on, you see _huge_ characters with jagged edges
23:47:19Jet8810same with the Studio
23:48:01[IDC]DragonIt has a TV out, and internally they use that analog signal, sample it again for the display.
23:48:35[IDC]Dragonhorrible system design, but that was the way the chips are.
23:48:36Jet8810well, I have the recorder 20 and I love mine...
23:48:44[IDC]Dragonme too.
23:48:46Jet8810well, is the OS on them really bad?
23:48:54Jet8810at least a step ahead of the Recorder/Studio firmware?
23:48:55[IDC]DragonIt's a recorser 60 by now.
23:49:11Jet8810I have 5 gbs free...see no reason to upgrade the HD anytime soon anyway
23:49:25[IDC]DragonI have also 5 GB free.
23:50:13Jet8810how long is the battery life in the MMs?
23:51:51Jet8810hmm...its a 320 x 240 screen and you can record TV episodes?
23:53:57[IDC]DragonHave you seen the new one, with the big screen? That looked very promising.
23:54:55Jet8810heh even
23:54:57DBUGEnqueued KICK Jet8810
23:56:06[IDC]DragonWhat's he doing? Chatting under the shower?
23:57:16[IDC]DragonI'm out for tonight, see ya!
23:57:32 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("Leaving")

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