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#rockbox log for 2003-05-23

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01:00:33midknight2k3goodbye to you too
01:00:51midknight2k3Who here has a player/studio model/
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01:03:30midknight2k3lo bob
01:03:44midknight2k3you have a player or studio model?
01:03:51BoD[]it's not bob it's BoD !!
01:04:02BoD[]i have a recorder
01:04:36midknight2k3i said bob because of weebl and bob
01:04:46midknight2k3weebl always says hi to bob by saying "lo bob"
01:05:08midknight2k3the best flash cartoon ever
01:05:14BoD[]oh ..
01:05:32midknight2k3"lo bob. you have pie?"
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01:07:09midknight2k3thats what weebl says
01:07:22midknight2k3they're eggs with eyes that rock and are obsessed with pie.
01:11:24midknight2k3as weebl says, how rare!"
01:11:31BoD[]how rare
01:12:35midknight2k3i love donkey, donkey dont lie, i love donkey almost as much as pie
01:13:08BoD[]by the way
01:13:14BoD[]WHAT'SUP ?
01:13:24midknight2k3NOTHIN MUCH
01:13:40midknight2k3I SAID NOTHIN MUCH!!
01:14:03midknight2k3I... I ACTUALLY....
01:14:05midknight2k3i dont know
01:14:42midknight2k3how many did i submit ever? 1
01:14:59midknight2k3that was a-b playback
01:15:14midknight2k3oh boy
01:15:31midknight2k3you press a button once then again at another point in a song and it loops that section
01:16:04BoD[]oh right!
01:16:07midknight2k3like press F3 at 0:35 in a song and F3 again at 0:45 in a song and it plays the ten seconds between 35 and 45 over and over again
01:16:10BoD[]that's a good request actually
01:16:19midknight2k3its all i really want
01:16:26midknight2k3whats BMP2RB do you know?
01:17:05BoD[]i guess it's a way to put a custom logo in rockbox
01:17:25midknight2k3i like that
01:17:27midknight2k3i want one
01:17:32midknight2k3i wanna HOT HOT pie
01:18:30BoD[]but of course
01:18:36BoD[]i have no idea how to use it
01:18:46midknight2k3i want to
01:18:49midknight2k3how do i
01:18:55midknight2k3CRAP! I wish LinusN was here!
01:22:15midknight2k3what that
01:23:10BoD[]look at it
01:23:22midknight2k3o hang on
01:27:36midknight2k3i have to save it to my hard drive so hang on
01:27:45midknight2k3ie wants to stream it but 56k wont do that
01:28:42BoD[]yeah no don't stream it!
01:29:10midknight2k3i wont
01:30:54midknight2k325% complere
01:31:07midknight2k3matrix eh i wonder what it could be
01:32:28midknight2k3i guess 76 next
01:33:29midknight2k3time to view
01:34:29BoD[]is it fun or what!!!!!!
01:34:31midknight2k3a commercial?
01:34:36midknight2k3that looooks funnn
01:34:42midknight2k3a commercial
01:35:00BoD[]for some ballet
01:35:24midknight2k3he broke the table
01:35:33BoD[]they are too fun
01:35:34midknight2k3you on 56k?
01:36:23BoD[]no 512
01:36:47midknight2k3lol you know
01:37:08midknight2k3that reminds me that one time rickandrak played beer bottle pool
01:37:27midknight2k3sort of different but similar all the same
01:38:11BoD[]ok 5%
01:39:06midknight2k3cancel that
01:39:24midknight2k3its too big and off point
01:39:32BoD[]too late :)
01:39:33midknight2k3a better idea is when
01:40:16midknight2k3i cant believe ricks birthday is tomorrow
01:40:28midknight2k3i have to do some video editing for at least a little present or soemthing
01:41:36BoD[]rick ?
01:41:48midknight2k3the main guy
01:41:54midknight2k3the director of the insanity
01:42:01midknight2k3check out for a better idea
01:42:10midknight2k3which im sure you already have
01:44:24BoD[]no i didn't
01:44:29midknight2k3oh well
01:44:35midknight2k3ill just ell you
01:44:41midknight2k3its all smashing stuff and being nuts
01:45:10midknight2k3mostly tv abuse and lightbulb shenanigans
01:46:42BoD[]the beer pool stuff is fun !!
01:47:03midknight2k3yeah wooooo
01:47:26midknight2k3if you like craziness i have the ultimate
01:47:26midknight2k3its 20mb but its the best quality crazyness
01:47:40midknight2k3and you MUST NOT STREAM IT
01:47:42midknight2k3you have to download it
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01:47:56midknight2k3best stuff ever
01:49:02midknight2k3not for the easily nauseous
01:49:17midknight2k3it's sick and it's crazy
01:49:21midknight2k3but i guess its good
01:51:20BoD[]they remind me jackass
01:51:35midknight2k3that's the word i was looking for
01:51:59midknight2k3but the deer thing, if you find people playing with dead deers offensive you shouldnt watch it
01:53:02midknight2k3i swear
01:53:15midknight2k3id dint think it was going to be that odd but i felt odd at the end
01:59:43BoD[]ok THAT was gore
02:00:08midknight2k3you say you loved it?
02:00:36BoD[]:)) well
02:00:36BoD[]it was fun
02:00:41BoD[]but gord
02:01:08BoD[]i have to go to bed now
02:01:32midknight2k3see you
02:01:38midknight2k3all that
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02:01:41midknight2k3yadda yaddda
02:01:55midknight2k3lemme know if you get back jet
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03:01:27*Stevie[FP] is away [gone] [KS-MsgLog Off]
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03:23:13REBELinBLUEhey all
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04:52:40midknight2k3that movie is so funny
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07:33:27jimmydu3hey, i was wondering if anyone could tell me why i have no option to QUEUE files just disappeared as an option
07:33:48jimmydu3i;m using the most current firmware (CVS)
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09:32:25earHurtshardeep, you're ouvne of the developers?
09:33:52earHurtswhat portions of the code is yours?
09:34:41dwihnoYay for Hardeep!
09:34:46dwihno\o/ Hardeep \O/
09:35:11Bagderhardeep is one of the few with insights in the inner mp3 workings
09:35:22dwihno\o/ Bagder \o/
09:35:31Bagdermorning dwihno
09:35:32dwihnoAny of you guys got any UPS shipping experience?
09:35:38dwihnoIt's such a great morning! :)
09:35:54dwihno(unless we start to talk about the sucky weather) ;)
09:36:08Bagderits a sunny morning here
09:36:13earHurtsand he has a fan club
09:36:32earHurts:) !
09:37:36earHurtsYou can find anything onna internet
09:38:18earHurtsPardon me if I typo or type slow, I'm on my handheld.
09:38:49hardeepluckily, you won't find that on the internet =)
09:39:01hardeepdwihno: i've had a lot of experience with UPS
09:40:04earHurtsbagder, I've re-done the id3 diffs
09:40:15BagderI noticed the patch
09:40:25dwihnohardeep: at what time of day do they usually deliver?
09:40:36BagderearHurts: I'll have a look at it later today
09:41:02earHurtsNo hurry.
09:42:29earHurtsbagder, you had mentioned 80GB hdds? What manufacturers?
09:42:34hardeepdwihno: there's no specific time... anywhere from 9-5. Usually they're fairly consistent day to day
09:43:08hardeepdwihno: but you need to be around the first time to figure out what time to expect them next
09:43:12dwihnohardeep: mkay... how about stuff getting stopped at the import scan?
09:43:16earHurtsdwihno, you waiting for a good toy?
09:43:21BagderearHurts: hitachi/IBM I believe
09:43:29dwihnoearHurts: Yeah! TOYS! :D
09:43:31dwihnoI love toys!
09:43:35dwihnoI'll never grow up! :)
09:44:06hardeepdwihno: they always need to attempt a delivery at least once before you can have it stopped
09:45:12dwihnoI'm starting to wonder if I'll get the stuff today already
09:45:15earHurtsHow useful is the Fujitsu low noise option?
09:45:21dwihno(it was shipped from the UK last night and is in the country now)
09:45:32hardeepdwihno: didn't you get a tracking number?
09:45:41hardeepdwihno: they're online tracking is very good
09:45:47hardeepat least in the US
09:46:00dwihnohardeep: Yeah, I'm tracking it... check for a "travel map" :-)
09:46:17earHurtsdwihno, can I ask what it is?
09:46:44dwihnoearHurts: just a gaming accessory (no, not a mod chip)
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09:48:30earHurts5/GB. hmm.
09:48:50dwihnoSince UK are members of the EU, I should not have to pay any stupid extra fees?
09:50:15earHurtsversus 3/GB with low noise.
09:51:54Bagderdwihno: correct
09:52:15Bagderno extra VAT or customs fees etc
09:52:49Bagderthat's a reason I order from Amazon's UK site
09:54:11dwihnoso stuff should not fastna in the tull, either?
09:54:33Bagdernope, no customs stuff within EU
09:55:02dwihnothe first good thing about being a member of the union ;)
09:59:55earHurtsIf only you'd kept Lasy Thatcher in power ;)
10:00:05earHurtser, LaDy
10:00:48earHurts$276 for the 80GB at googlegear
10:01:04dwihnoMy 60GB is still more than sufficient...
10:01:29dwihno36 gigs left ;-)
10:01:45earHurtsI jnoined, and filled up 20 in six months ?
10:01:59dwihnocan you eat it?
10:02:25earHurtsYeah, $10/month, all you can download
10:03:00earHurtsbut now it's in groups of 35 tracks, which is annoying.
10:03:41earHurtsGood selection of classical +& folk
10:05:35earHurtsso I figure I'll fill 20GB in 6 months or less
10:06:16earHurtsSo with 60 8'll have to upgrade to 120 in a year.
10:07:18dwihnoDo you think there will be 120GB 2.5" disks in a year?
10:08:15earHurtsRockbox didn't support FMN when I bought my Archos, but I had faith in Linus
10:08:35Bagderhe's a rock
10:08:46Bagderwith a box
10:09:33earHurtsIn English, box can be vulgar slang for vagina
10:10:07Bagderdidn't know that
10:10:33earHurtsI got a Zaurus 5600 on the assumption that the opie guys will make a nbetter replacement for the OS
10:11:03Bagderdid they?
10:11:20earHurtsNot yet. ;)
10:11:39earHurtsBut I have faith, see.
10:12:24earHurtsLook how much nbetter Rockbox is than the Archos.
10:13:32earHurtsIn 5 years I'll have a 500GB hdd in my archos.
10:15:04BagderI doubt that
10:15:17Bagder128GB is a magic border
10:15:29Bagderfor the ATA
10:16:04earHurtssizeof offset?
10:16:08dwihnoThen you need ATA133
10:16:32Bagderor at least something better than the one in the archos
10:16:34dwihnoAll you ATA133 are belong to me ME ME ME ! :)
10:16:46dwihnoWell, 128GB should be enough for everyone ;)
10:16:53earHurtsI rememnber when 2 floppies was leading edge.
10:17:12earHurtsSo I thought
10:17:24dwihnoI remember experiencing a HD upgrade from 20 to 35 megs... Damn, that was much! :)
10:17:43earHurtsWhen I bought nmy pc's 120 GB
10:18:11earHurtsNow I need another
10:18:44earHurtsHas anyone here used the fujitsu with low noise hdd
10:18:59Bagdersomeone on the list mentioned one
10:19:36earHurtsGerman email address, iirc.
10:20:54earHurtsI don't really notice the noise from the standard archos. Do you?
10:21:32earHurtsdwihno what nbrand is your 60?
10:23:05earHurtsAny particular features I need to look for in an hdd for the Archos?
10:23:12Bagderlow power
10:25:03earHurtswhat power consumption should I look for?
10:25:49BagderI don't know really, sorry
10:27:09earHurtsI suppose whatever the hitachi the archos uses has will do
10:27:42Bagderyes, it would work as a comparison
10:28:10earHurtsheehee! "uses has will do" is actually grammatical English.
10:28:41earHurtsrecursive structures.
10:38:45Bagderthe weekly digest mailed away
10:41:18earHurtsDo you recall that settings patch that showed the value being set in the same screen as the settings themselves?
10:42:15earHurtsAny thought to making that official?
10:42:29Bagderthe only problem with it was in how the code worked
10:42:36Bagderwe all liked the look and the ui
10:42:59earHurtsiirc it patched a lot of files. What are the other issues?
10:43:13Bagderit had some excessive typecasts between language ids and char pointers
10:43:47Bagderusing a macro
10:44:12earHurtshow so?
10:44:49Bagderwell, the problem is not easily solved, but he wanted to all the places where we do "lang[id]" to pass in char pointers
10:45:00Bagderto allow a string OR a lang id to get passed in
10:45:04earHurtsstr( FOO ) is a char*
10:46:05earHurtsReally, those functions should ONLY take lang ids, to make sure they're i18n'ed
10:46:16Bagderthat's what I suggested too
10:46:38Bagderbut apparently some places don't use ids today
10:47:13earHurtsI had a patch that was in English, retrofitting it for lanng ids was a pain. I'd have prefferred a comnpiler error early on.
10:48:01BagderStevie[FP]: here?
10:48:27BagderI believe Stevie[FP] is the man
10:48:29earHurtsWhat 8 want is explicit support for lists within the lang files
10:49:05BagderI wouldn't mind that
10:49:32 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: shaken, not stirred")
10:49:52earHurtsIt would mean a lot few local srrays to map lang ids to strings
10:50:16earHurtswhich means smaller, less error prone code.
10:51:10earHurtsHow would we specify this in the lang files?
10:51:31 Quit awy[baer] ("There are only 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who don't.")
10:52:48Bagderprobably something rather simple
10:53:04Bagderlike having a 'list: [name]-[num]" thing or something
10:53:10earHurtsI think some indicator that an entry was a list,
10:53:31Bagder'name' being the name of the list it belongs to, and num being the number in the list
10:53:47earHurtsHow about makinng the number implicit?
10:54:08Bagderand just have the order in the english one decide? well, yes that could work indeed
10:54:12earHurtsthat.s bnetter for the English, less easy for xlaters.
10:54:30Bagderthe translaters wouldn't need to worry about the order in most cases anyway
10:54:56earHurtsSurw they would
10:55:17Bagderno, the english one would set the order, the others could have them in any order they like
10:55:29Bagderit would use the english order in the output
10:55:54earHurtsBut how would they xlaters indicate which translation was which?
10:56:04Bagderlike today
10:56:19Bagderthe list: is an additional thing
10:56:29earHurtsoh, ok
10:56:45Bagderwe could even generate some extra defines for the lists, like size of the list etc
10:56:53earHurtsthat just reorders the enties
10:57:12earHurtsyeah, I do want a define for the count
10:57:30Bagderif we want to, we could support multiple list: per entry
10:57:45Bagderthat would complicate things
10:58:06earHurtsthe lang thing is in perl?
10:58:39earHurtshnmm. Ok, I could painfully do this.
10:59:43earHurtswe'd have to ensure no entry tried to nbe added to
10:59:55earHurts> 1 list
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11:01:21earHurtsIt's great to be able to irc while soaking my feet in the bathtub
11:01:25Bagderand we still have a problem if anyone decides to remove an entry
11:01:27 Join Casper [0] (
11:01:35Bagderin the middle of a list
11:01:47Bagderhi Casper
11:02:09CasperI'm have some truble
11:02:15earHurtsthen they get an empty string until they change the list
11:02:30earHurtshi casper
11:02:36BagderCasper: with rockbox?
11:02:39CasperHi hurts
11:03:10Casperdon't know exactly. I'm using rockbox CVS 030521
11:03:33CasperI cant connect my JBFM to my win XP PC's
11:03:52Bagderxp users are doomed
11:04:21CasperMaybe, but It used to work before...
11:04:35earHurtsno idea, I use w2k
11:04:42Bagdercheck the list archives this month, it is FULL with people having problems with XP:
11:05:30BagderCasper: if you plug it in before you start your archos, rockbox won't start and then you know it isn't a rockbox problem
11:05:36CasperOk then. I'll try it on a W2K machine as well. But I don't think it will work. Bec
11:06:13 Quit awy[baer] (Remote closed the connection)
11:06:27Casperyea, But how am I going to remoove rockbox from my jukebox, before I send it back to my distributor
11:06:59Bagderwell, if you can't connect to USB anywhre, then the distributor won't be able to either ;-)
11:07:09earHurtsw2k requires a driver, tppaldr works nbest
11:07:19Bagderotherwise I don't know unless you rip out the disk and insert it somewhere else
11:07:30CasperBut He will be able to start the JB and see the Rockbox Frimware running
11:07:30 Join awy[baer] [0] (
11:08:13earHurtsinstalling rockbox does make w2k change the drivers "found new hardware"
11:08:26dwihnoit does?
11:08:34CasperOk, I go and try it on W2K
11:08:36earHurtsDid for me
11:09:21earHurtsNBoth drivers are on the archos cd
11:09:54earHurtscasper, try installing another driver manually
11:10:24BagderCasper: did you install any drivers?
11:10:37earHurtsmy comnputer+->drivers->install, etc.
11:13:31 Quit awy[baer] (Remote closed the connection)
11:13:34CasperIt realy seems to be a XP problem. It worked well on a WinME machine. Didn't find a W2K machine right away
11:14:34CasperOk I'll try to install the archos driver manualy
11:15:03Bagdersome people report better success using the original xp driver
11:15:45CasperI used to do it without any driver installation till now. Just plugging the thing in. It used to work fine till today
11:16:01earHurtsalso, make sure the computer isn't nbusy, esp disk access nbusy, when you plug in.
11:16:17earHurtstry it with the archos already on.
11:16:26CasperI did so
11:16:34CasperIt didn't help it
11:16:56CasperSo if the jukebox is allready on it is the Rockbox way to connect?
11:17:27earHurtsand it,s faster using rocknbox
11:18:12earHurtsdo you get the unconected icon?
11:18:42Casperno. Win XP says something like the Hardware is not recognized or so
11:18:52earHurtsyeah, that
11:19:11earHurtstry uninstalling the driver
11:19:32earHurtsthen turn on the archos, and plug in.
11:19:51Casperstrange. Now it worked. I tried it about 5 times before
11:20:22CasperI didn't change anything on the system
11:20:30earHurtsI had a bunch of pronblems when O first installed rockbox
11:20:47earHurtsNow I don't
11:21:31earHurtsWhatever you did this time, keep doing it.
11:21:40CasperI had never problems to connect it befor. with or without rockbox
11:21:52earHurtsgot me
11:21:55CasperWell yea. As long as it works :-)
11:22:15earHurtsNBagder, you run unix, right?
11:22:38Bagderyeps, mostly linux
11:23:24 Quit mbr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:23:25Casperthanks all
11:23:49earHurtsI'd like to be able to unmount from the command line
11:23:58earHurtsnp, Casper
11:26:23 Join mbr [0] (
11:33:00 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
11:37:51 Join awy[baer] [0] (
11:45:42 Join tracktheripper [0] (
11:45:54 Join Crappy [0] (
11:47:05tracktheripperhi badger :-)
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11:49:27tracktherippermorning crap
11:49:41Crappyso, I bought me an archos thingy...
11:49:51CrappyI thought I'd drop in here :)
11:50:14tracktheripperwhat archos do u have?
11:51:10Crappyjukebox FM recorder
11:51:16Crappy20 gigabytes
11:51:23tracktheripperi have the normal 10gb recorder
11:51:58tracktheripperBagder is it worth making a seperate partition on the Archos just for data if u use the Archos to store data as well?
11:51:59Crappypretty sweet the dollar dropped so low
11:52:09Crappysaved me some $$ :)
11:52:13Bagdertracktheripper: nah, I don't think so
11:52:28tracktheripperbecause i store data on it as well as music
11:52:38tracktheripperbut i have the data in a seperate folder away from the MP3s
11:53:51tracktheripperi was thiinking of doing an NTFS partititon so the data could be compressed
11:55:33 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
11:55:48Quelsarukstrange mornings...
11:56:10Crappyare there any CF readers available for the JB recoder ?
11:56:10tracktheripperhi quelsaruk
11:56:20tracktheripperonly for the Multimedia
11:56:52 Join Sparks [0] (
11:56:56Crappyand rockbox doesn't work on the MM, right? :)
11:57:08tracktheripperit would be cool if u could connect a USB external CD writer to the Jukebox and make CDs on the fly :-)
11:57:18tracktheripperno it doesnt]
11:57:26Sparksno can do unfourtunatoly :S
11:58:05Crappyso the MM is very different from the normal JB ?
11:58:24tracktheripperfirmware is loaded in a differnt way
11:58:27Sparksis it just me, or is it impossible to lock the keypad when you are recording (on the FM Recorder)
11:58:47Crappyfirmware is not on the disk you mean ?
11:59:14BagderCrappy: it isn't, and the MM is a totally different beast
11:59:37tracktheripperits still made by archos though...
12:00:54Crappyanything online on that topic badg?
12:01:22Bagderthere's some guys wanting to hack the MM in a yahoo group
12:01:34Bagderthere's not even public specs for the CPU
12:02:03Bagderlemme check
12:02:04tracktherippercould the recorder run linux like the ipod?
12:02:19Bagderipod has a lot more cpu power and ram
12:03:03 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
12:05:17Sparksis it just me, or is it impossible to lock the keypad when you are recording (on the FM Recorder)
12:05:39Crappyno idea, just unpacked mine :)
12:05:51Sparkswell hurry up and test ip :P
12:06:01Sparksip -> it
12:06:43Crappyyeye :)
12:06:47Crappywill do boss
12:10:09 Quit awy[baer] (Remote closed the connection)
12:10:59 Join awy[baer] [0] (
12:30:34 Quit Sparks (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:31:36 Join ken0 [0] (
12:40:36 Join nelliep [0] (
12:42:35 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
12:49:07 Quit [keno] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:49:56 Quit Casper (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:59:42 Part nelliep
13:00:36 Quit ken0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:06:36 Quit awy[baer] ("There are only 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who don't.")
13:22:28Bagderthat is a nice quit message ;-)
13:25:56webmindheh.. old one though :)
13:25:56Crappyoverrated :p
13:26:15Bagderhey I am old, it fits me ;-)
13:26:46webmindBagder, i know it as old... does that mean i'm old too then ?
13:27:03Bagderyou can't hide anymore
13:28:02Crappystart looking for those grey hairs:p
13:31:50 Join awy[baer] [0] (
13:34:09 Join kassoulet [0] (
13:38:55 Join awy[baer]_ [0] (
13:38:56 Quit awy[baer] (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
13:43:05webmindej ricII
13:43:24ricIIbroke my lcd
13:43:30webmindhow ?
13:43:55 Join Sparks [0] (
13:44:21ricIIone of the battery popped out and somehow the the hit my head ...
13:44:27webminduhm k
13:44:50 Quit Bagder (
13:44:50 Quit dwihno (
13:44:50 Quit _seb_ (
13:44:59NJoin_seb_ [0] (
13:44:59NJoindwihno [0] (dwihno@
13:45:01webmindsoh how did that brake your lcd ?
13:45:16Sparksis ther there reason the keylock doesn't work when recording...or is it just me!
13:45:19ricIIwith the archos in my hand...
13:45:28webmindand u dropped it....
13:45:33ricIIand this happend after one day I foundout al my problems where related to a faulty battery
13:46:05webmindwhich sux...
13:46:21ricIIno hitting my head with the archos chipped the bottom side of the lcd.
13:46:54ricIIit sound verry stuppid and also feels that way.
13:46:55webmindhm k
13:47:02webmindsounds more odd..
13:47:09webmindbut uhm.. lcd doesnt do anything anymore ?
13:47:25ricIInot realy...
13:47:35webmindorder new one ?
13:48:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:48:11ricIIthinking about it the new one
13:49:37ricIIalso conciddering the clie, but I don't like sony..
13:50:52ricIIit still functions but hard to control without feedback
13:52:25webmindclie mp3 player ?
13:52:45webmindbtw.. u wantink hd back ?
13:52:48ricIIheard off the archos AV340
13:53:55ricIIonly if u not usink it any more
13:53:55webmindwhat is it ?
13:54:02webmindricII, nope.. got a 40gb hd now
13:56:06ricIIa new model with a big screen
13:58:14webmindhm k
13:58:27webmindricII, u know the sharp zaurus btw ?
13:58:47ricIIno, sould I ?
14:00:11ricIImaybe someone @ rockbox got a working interface pcb with an otherwise b oken rec.
14:00:14webmindit's a pda that can play mp3's and divx ?
14:00:17webmindand runs linux
14:00:44ricII2.5" hd based?
14:04:09Crappypda's are usually more costly :)
14:04:39 Quit Sparks (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:24:41webmindricII, uhm.. no..
14:24:58webmindi knew there was a catch
14:28:13 Join yoldi [0] (
14:28:20yoldihi ! :)
14:29:34yoldithx 4 this wonderfull firmeware
14:29:40yoldii love it
14:34:02webmindk :)
14:45:26ricIIachos av340
14:47:42webmindricII, but can it read CF cards, play high res movies ?
14:49:19ricIIhires don't think so..
15:17:58*Stevie[FP] is back from [gone] [gone 12hrs 16mins 31secs] [KS]
15:18:58 Quit Crappy ()
15:20:16Stevie[FP]im in the credits
15:29:18ricIIif only the clie had a hh & runed linux...
15:34:03Stevie[FP]it would appear that we're using a big-endian arch
15:48:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:06:44 Join Zebda [0] (
16:06:59 Part Zebda
16:09:54Stevie[FP]I do NOT get this delayed branch crap
16:10:41Stevie[FP]wait, eww
16:14:12 Join Sparks [0] (
16:18:04 Join Zebda [0] (
16:18:12Zebdahi all
16:18:39Zebdaany info about the bookmark code ? is it planned to be introduced / merge in the cvs
16:18:49 Part yoldi ("Client Exiting")
16:19:40 Quit Zebda ("ChatZilla 0.8.26 [Mozilla rv:1.4b/20030507]")
16:28:26 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
16:38:55 Quit Sparks (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:39:22quel|outelinenbe... morning? aren't you in germany?
16:43:19 Join Herg [0] (
16:44:37HergAnyone here familiar with the mpeg thread code?
16:45:50HergI've spent a little time trying to track down the silent play bug
16:46:30HergLooks like the read ptr is passing the write ptr
16:46:54 Quit Herg (Client Quit)
17:00:59 Join Guest [0] (
17:01:57Guestjust logged on to say thanks to whoeverworks on this firmware, any problems that i used to have with my jukbox have gone... great work
17:02:14 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
17:04:50ricIIhi elinenbe
17:08:50elinenbericII: hi there!
17:08:54elinenbericII: long time no see.
17:09:18elinenbericII: how's the hauge?
17:10:42*Stevie[FP] is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
17:16:54 Join dhd [0] (
17:17:13dhdhej the software rusn fine since 3 days
17:22:47 Join kassoolet [0] (
17:25:26 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:25:29ricIIwell I did the 8mb mod, but was plaged by ramdom crashes..
17:25:51ricIIin the end it turned out to be a fautly battery cel
17:27:18 Quit dhd ("( :: NoNameScript 3.71 :: )")
17:29:56ricIInow I broke my lcd :(... which turned my rockbox more in a surprisebox (never now what it's gonna play)
17:39:12elinenbeblah! that stinks :(
17:40:09 Quit kassoulet (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:48:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:49:38ricIIjust made an offer on ebay for a 6gb rec..
18:03:00 Join RagSouL [0] (Skase@
18:13:34 Quit RagSouL (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:16:31 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
18:33:04 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
18:34:40mecrawhardeep: how long until you unleash your dynamic playlist on the patch tracker?
18:35:27hardeepmecraw: just tracking bugs now, all features are in
18:35:56mecrawadding directories, too?
18:36:16hardeepyeah, and playlists....
18:36:30hardeepproblem with those is that it's pretty slow if the number of files is large
18:36:30mecrawooh... EXCELLENT!
18:37:54hardeepricII: wow, long time =)
18:47:44Stevie[FP]anybody here ever heard of ghosthk?
18:48:40elinenbehardeep: need someone to test?
18:48:52elinenbehardeep: I would gladly give it a spin!
18:49:01 Join Ashton [0] (
18:49:12hardeepelinenbe: sure, let me put it up, one sec
18:50:49Ashtonamazing stuff - you made me happier with my jukebox, one question is there a way to delete stuff with rockbox, ive read manual twice and cant find anything
18:51:15hardeepAhston: do you mean deleting files?
18:51:29hardeepAshton: ON+PLAY on a file
18:51:57hardeepelinenbe: diff is at http:///
18:52:51hardeepelinenbe: just as a warning, queuing playlists/directories only works at about 10 tracks/s... if you want to cancel hit OFF
18:53:00Ashtonhmm on and play doesnt seem to be working :(, i have the fm recorder i think its diff with this one
18:53:22hardeepAshton: i'm pretty sure all the models have the same key sequence for file operations
18:53:39hardeepAshton: are you in the file browser when you select it?
18:54:07Ashtonim pretty sure they dont :) thers a section ive read that gives diff controls for the fm recorder to any other, i cant find anything on deleting though
18:54:13Ashtonyeah i am
18:55:31Ashtongot it
18:55:47Ashtonit is on + play for both, just me doing it wrong :P
18:56:29Ashton5.1 of manual, shows you diff controls , for future reference
18:57:18hardeepAshton: yes, there are certainly some different controls between studio and recorder models... however you'll notice that the file menu isn't one of them
18:57:23Ashtonharddeep, do you know what things they plans to add soon?
18:58:22hardeepAshton: no idea... i think they wanted to clean up some of the outstanding patches on the sf tracker so I would expect features such as bookmarking to be in at some point before 2.1 is released
18:59:23Ashtonso glad i found this, archos are crap
19:00:32ricIIhardeep yes..
19:01:19ricIIbut now my lcd is broken..
19:01:41hardeepricII: ack, that sucks.
19:02:46Ashtonhardeep: one other thing, i have fm recorder, but i cant find fm area yet, and not found that in manual either, any ideas?
19:03:29hardeepAshton: that manual was written for rockbox 2.0 where the recorder and fm recorder worked pretty much the same
19:03:51ricIIhardeep: yes, certainly since I found out that all my craches where not related to the 8mb-mod but to 1 faulty battery only this week
19:03:52hardeepAshton: the fm stuff was just recently added and is in the daily builds
19:04:01Ashtonah ok
19:05:27hardeepricII: doh, and then the lcd breaks? tough luck
19:05:33ricIIbut I got an other (over priced) 6gb rec on ebay just now..
19:06:22hardeepricII: cool.... btw, I recently started working on the dynamic playlist stuff you had been doing before you left...
19:06:33hardeepricII: let me know if you still want to work on it
19:08:15elinenbehardeep: sorry I was away for a little. this 10 tracks/sec thing? I can see it being slow for directories, but ehy playlists?
19:09:01hardeepelinenbe: directories/playlists work the same way for insertions.... i get the track name from the playlist and write it into the dynamic playlist.
19:09:42hardeepelinenbe: but it looks like that's not optimal so I'll probably change it
19:10:20ricIIhardeep, ofcourse I would like to helpout, input idea's
19:11:07 Part Ashton
19:12:57ricIII don't if its already known but there is a stackoverflow(?) in the timeset code..
19:14:46ricIIeasy reproduceble.. (if I had a working lcd)
19:14:48hardeepricII: i believe there is an open bug report on that
19:15:08hardeepyeah, 741391
19:17:43ricIIthat's it, year is something like 21386 & decreasing it (jumps to 2063)
19:19:13 Join Ashton [0] (
19:19:53ricIIwork around just press save (on) not touching the years, go in a 2nd time & adjust from there.. (will be 2063)
19:23:59 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- :P")
19:36:00 Join elinenbe [0] (
19:36:09elinenbeBOO! I'm back!
19:36:34 Join ken0_ [0] (
19:36:39hardeepdoh, scared me
19:38:35elinenbehardeep: is dynamic.ajz based off the latest CVS?
19:38:54hardeepelinenbe: yes
19:39:02elinenbehardeep: great!
19:40:09elinenbehardeep: some documentation should come with this. explaing how it works with shuffle/repeat 1/repeat all/etc. and the entire functionality.
19:41:07hardeepelinenbe: agreed... i'm rather lazy when it comes to documentation
19:41:26 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:48:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:50:18 Part Ashton
20:04:11 Join Herg [0] (
20:05:51 Quit Herg (Client Quit)
20:08:41 Quit MT (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:09:49 Join MT [0] (
20:11:22 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: it adds that extra uNF to your sex life!")
20:24:16 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
20:35:17 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
20:37:32 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
21:18:49 Join _aLF [0] (
21:22:03Quelsaruktime to go home
21:22:07 Part Quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
21:27:56*Stevie[FP] is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 4hrs 17mins 14secs] [KS]
21:48:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:02:11Stevie[FP]this is screwy
22:22:19 Join Jet8810 [0] (
22:30:56 Join alexandre [0] (
22:34:12Jet8810is there a way to lock the keys on your archos?
22:36:16hardeepJet8810: yes, see section 8 in the user manual
22:49:45 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:50:09 Quit _aLF (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:02:12*Stevie[FP] is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
23:05:33 Nick alexandre is now known as _aLF (
23:19:11Stevie[FP]anybody here?
23:22:37Stevie[FP]what do you know about sh-1 assembler/
23:23:01ricIInot enough..
23:23:12Stevie[FP]i don't get this negc instruction
23:23:32Stevie[FP]it says the T bit is set if a borrow occurred
23:23:38Stevie[FP]except the negc instruction is subtraction from 0
23:23:40 Join sb69 [0] (a@
23:23:46Stevie[FP]you're always going to need a borrow
23:24:11ricIIunless it was negative before ?
23:26:13Stevie[FP]that's the only thing I could think of that would do it
23:26:37Stevie[FP]I don't have any way to verify it though
23:28:27ricIIjust try it out... see if the T flag is set if negc a negtive..
23:30:31Stevie[FP]if they're telling me this right
23:30:36Stevie[FP]it ALWAYS sets T
23:31:10ricIIso negc,negc == setT
23:31:29Stevie[FP]not quite
23:31:43Stevie[FP]negc Rm, Rn => Rn = 0 - Rm - T
23:48:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:56:30Stevie[FP]god damnit
23:56:49Stevie[FP]doesn't anybody freaking document anything

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