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#rockbox log for 2003-05-24

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00:08:21 Join LinusN [200] (
00:09:18LinusNthat's me
00:10:31Stevie[FP]my prayers may very well have been answered
00:11:07Stevie[FP]I'm trying to understand the sh-1 instruction set
00:11:13Stevie[FP]and I'm stuck on this NEGC instruction
00:11:58Stevie[FP]I tried making a debug menu thing to run some test cases
00:12:18Stevie[FP]but I must have the asm syntax wrong, because the results make no sense
00:13:52LinusNand what is it that doesn't make sense?
00:14:40 Join SeanL994 [0] (~Sean@
00:14:47SeanL994i need some serious help
00:14:49SeanL994anyone here?
00:14:58SeanL994finaly someone talking besides me !
00:14:59Stevie[FP]NEGC is supposed to be (0 - src - T) -> dest
00:15:16Stevie[FP]serious help?
00:15:24*Stevie[FP] redirects sends Sean to #freud
00:15:59ricIIhi linus, you haven't got a spare interface pcb for a recorder laying around.. broke my lcd..
00:16:21LinusNricII: unfortunately not, sorry
00:16:26LinusNricII: how did it break?
00:16:36ricIIhitting my head ..
00:16:40LinusNSeanL994: shoot
00:17:10Stevie[FP]LinusN: NEGC src, dest is supposed to be (0 - src - T) -> dest
00:17:15SeanL994yea.. ok i have a Archos studio 20 i have had it for.. 3 weeks now the first week i had it i used the regular firmware non rockbox.. i filled it up 17 gigs of mp3s.. the second week(last week) i put on rockbox. it worked fine for 3 days.. then it stoped working and Froze on a song.. and i uninstalled it and it works ffine now back on old Archos firmware. (my dates might be off) but.. i cant get rockbox on the player WORKING good anymore
00:17:18LinusNStevie[FP]: yes
00:17:25Stevie[FP]LinusN: but when I try it with src=1, i wind up with dest=0xF or 0xE (depending on T)
00:17:44LinusNSeanL994: and what happens when you run rockbox on it?
00:18:05LinusNStevie[FP]: sound correct to me
00:18:08SeanL994ok.. i turn on the player and i get random text on the screen
00:18:12*Stevie[FP] rubs his head
00:18:24SeanL994(topline)I06:IllSltI (bottomline)"at 64Bll0f0
00:18:27LinusNStevie[FP]: if you mean 0xfffffffffffffffe that is
00:18:32Stevie[FP]0 - 1 would net me 0xFFFFFFFF
00:18:38ricIII known it sounds stuppid but it's what happend, 1 of the batteries jumped out & I tried to cacht it midair with my archos in my hand..
00:18:46Stevie[FP]but I don't seem to be getting that, I'm getting 0xF
00:19:07LinusNSeanL994: did you have Resume=On?
00:19:32LinusNStevie[FP]: mail me the code: linus at
00:19:47SeanL994the player shows that random crap.. before i can even change track, or get into the menu's
00:20:11LinusNSeanL994: do you know which song it wants to resume?
00:20:28LinusNrename it from the PC
00:20:35SeanL994actually.. well i know from what album it is..
00:20:50LinusNrename the album directiry then
00:20:53SeanL994ok.. so you think if i just rename(or delete) that folder.. put rockbox back on it'll be ok?
00:21:04LinusNi believe so
00:21:22SeanL994ok you gonna be here for a lil wile?
00:21:28LinusNbut i also need to know which track caused the crash, and i also want you to send it to me
00:21:37LinusNfor analysis
00:21:39 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
00:21:48SeanL994ah.. ok.. but i dont know wich track..
00:22:15SeanL994i just know its from the 50 cent - get rich or die tryin or 50 cent Or 50 Cent - Greatest Street Hitz
00:22:34SeanL994i know it was a 50 cent track.. just not sure wich cd (folder) it was playing from
00:23:08LinusNit would really help if you found it for me
00:23:47SeanL994i dont know how i can 'find it' cause.. when i turn on the player (with rockbox) withen half a second after the 'rockbox' screen goes away
00:24:08SeanL994ok.. i'm pluggin in the archos.. i'll be back in a few..
00:24:18ricIIwell I could rewrite the code to act as a surprisebox, never now whats its gonna play..
00:24:57SeanL994i was also wondering about an older version of rockbox(older then 2.0)
00:25:13*Stevie[FP] patches it to only play things that match /(mozart|beethoven|bach)/i and calls it classicbox
00:25:40webmindricII, u cound try and make an alternative serial interface ?
00:26:21webmindworking with numbers instead of names
00:26:57ricIIand flashing them out on the backligth...
00:26:58webmindif u'd abuse the leds u could still keep it visual and have 2 bits bus space
00:27:06webmindbacklight.. 3 bits even
00:28:09Stevie[FP]LinusN: it should be in your inbox
00:28:13ricIIIt was playing the randomized root.m3u when it happend...
00:28:49ricIIall I have to do when the backligth comes up is pres play...
00:28:51SeanL994ok just installed rockbox.. gonna turn on archos right now
00:29:16_aLFLinusN> are settings about radio saved ?
00:29:27LinusNwhich settings?
00:29:56SeanL994so far so good.. i'm playing a 2:30 second track.. just to make sure this fucker still works.. thanks for the rename tip.. if its still working at the end of this track i'll leave irc for today thanks alot
00:29:58webmindricII, with 3 bits u could indentfy 8 songs.. if serialize it once 16.. should be enough for an album ?
00:30:18ricIIroot m3u is over 3000...
00:31:01_aLF( and fm_force_mono, fm_freq_step)
00:31:15ricIIif the ebay deal comes round I will have a working rockbox in <2 weeks..
00:31:21LinusN_aLF: those settings do not exist yet, so they are naturally not saved
00:31:22webmindthat would not be doable with a bus with of 3bits
00:31:49SeanL994Why is the RED light always on.. i cant stand it
00:32:06_aLFLinusN> ok (I saw them in settings.h)
00:32:08webmindSeanL994, activity led
00:32:17SeanL994to much activity goin on eh?
00:32:32webmindnot too much.. but a lot
00:32:34SeanL994it never turns off and i have a 3-4 second delay between changing tracks
00:33:09Stevie[FP]perhaps you need to defragment
00:33:17SeanL994can i do that?
00:33:23SeanL994god.. that'd take days?
00:33:25Stevie[FP]plug it up to a pc
00:33:32Stevie[FP]not necessarily
00:33:33SeanL994(i know how..)
00:33:41Stevie[FP]plus, make sure you use usb 2.0
00:33:45SeanL994i did defrag on both my drives yesturday
00:33:50Stevie[FP]usb 1.1 probably WOULD take days
00:33:57SeanL994i thought the studio 20 isnt usb 2.0?
00:34:14Stevie[FP]well, then i guess you're stuck at 1.1
00:34:15SeanL994altho.. when i plug it in the usb 2.0 in the back it seems faster then in the other 1.1 slots
00:34:26Stevie[FP]I have a Recorder FM, it's usb 2.0
00:34:33SeanL994this unit was bought used.. so odds are i should defrag huh?
00:34:42Stevie[FP]in that case, yeah, go for it
00:35:06SeanL994i'm gonna do it monday or tuesday wile i'm in school.. i cant do with out it this weekend
00:35:21SeanL994(assuming it takes hours..and hours)
00:35:37Stevie[FP]was there anything on it when you first got it?
00:35:42SeanL994it took me 6 hours to defrag my 80 gb last night
00:35:58Stevie[FP]have you added id3 tags directly to the mp3s on there
00:36:00SeanL994illeagal software type stuff..and some mp3s.. but i deleted everything..
00:36:11SeanL994what do you mean?
00:36:14Stevie[FP]did you delete it all *before* putting any of your mp3s on?
00:36:32SeanL994i didnt know i could edit the id3 on the playewr
00:36:36Stevie[FP]you can't
00:36:50Stevie[FP]but since it's a hard drive to the pc
00:36:53SeanL994i have 213 albums on my other harddrive that i just transfered to the archos the night i got it
00:37:04Stevie[FP]you can use an id3 editor to edit the id3 tags of the mp3s directly on the archos
00:37:09_aLFI put a compied version with my patch about radio (#732369) :
00:37:40Stevie[FP]as opposed to, having the mp3s on say C:\mp3, setting the id3 tags there, and THEN copying them to the archos
00:37:41SeanL994eh i dont think i need it
00:37:53SeanL994most if not all of my albums have the id3 tags pretty good
00:38:06Stevie[FP]most of mine didn't
00:38:21Stevie[FP]cuz they were ripped before I had an integrated ripper
00:38:34Stevie[FP]so I didn't have id3s
00:40:49*Stevie[FP] wonders what linus ran off to do
00:41:08SeanL994ripper shmipper. lol i dont rip cd's i hardly own any maybe 10-20 of my 220ish are riped
00:41:56SeanL994thank god for rockbox.. i hated using the archos firmware.. this is 100x better
00:42:42Stevie[FP]no kidding
00:42:57Stevie[FP]POS froze up on me one day cuz I had an mp3 with a long filename and a long id3 tag
00:43:16LinusNStevie[FP]: no mail from you yet
00:43:27SeanL994that sucks...
00:44:10Stevie[FP]May 23 20:07:23 whisper qmail: 1053734843.002088 delivery 1728: success:
00:44:38SeanL994this is kinda OT .. but why does a FAN..(not a pc fan.. but a fan to cool down the room) mess with my reception on my iRock transmitter?
00:44:47Stevie[FP]why does whisper think its 8pm
00:48:15LinusNStevie[FP]: hmm, my employer decided that tonight was a good time to switch mail server...
00:48:44LinusNseems like it didn't work very well...
00:49:53Stevie[FP]how nice of them
00:50:10Stevie[FP]23 May 20:33:12 ntpdate[14742]: the NTP socket is in use, exiting
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01:01:41tracktherippergot dv
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01:46:50*Stevie[FP] is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 2hrs 44mins 38secs] [KS]
01:46:52*Stevie[FP] is away [g0ne] [KS-MsgLog Off]
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02:08:29Scorphey guys
02:08:32ScorpI got my JB :)
02:14:41Scorphow do I use pogo?
02:14:44Scorpwhere do I get it?
02:15:18Scorpor whatever it's called
02:15:21Scorpthe rockbox loader?
02:15:37LinusN|brbit is included in rockbox
02:15:37Scorpclose enough :)
02:15:55Scorpso how do I make it boot the default firmware from Archos?
02:16:05LinusN|brbset the File View option to All
02:17:09LinusN|brbdownload the original fw from and put it on the jukebox as orig.ajz or something
02:17:09Scorpand then?
02:17:22LinusN|brbplayer or recorder?
02:17:40LinusN|brbok, orig.mod then
02:19:30ScorpJukebox MP3 Player Firmware 5.07a
02:19:30Scorp Zip archive contains firmware update (ajz file), installation instructions, and release notes.
02:19:30ScorpFor Jukebox 5000, 6000, Studio 10 and 20.
02:19:36Scorpwhy ajz!?
02:19:42LinusN|brbthen select orig.mod and Play it
02:19:50LinusN|brbok, orig.mod then
02:20:06LinusN|brbajz is for recorder
02:20:20Scorpwell it's listed under the studios
02:21:30LinusN|brband what does the zip contain?
02:21:44Scorpa txt and an ajz
02:22:31ScorpI have to rename it
02:22:33Scorpthanks though
02:22:54Scorpi renamed it to default.mod
02:25:33LinusN|brbStevie[FP]: it was a bug in snprintf(), i have committed a fix
02:28:22 Part LinusN|brb
02:35:29 Join pimlottc [0] (
02:56:12Scorpguys I have a problem
02:56:25Scorpwhenever I listen to a file with rockbox, a certain song, it skips every few seconds
02:56:29Scorpit just stops playing and plays again
02:56:44Scorpwhen I listen to that song with archos there are no problems
02:56:56Scorpit only happens with a few files
02:56:57hardeepScorp: is it a vbr file?
02:57:12Scorpno it's an mp3
02:57:39hardeepScorp: of course... :) but is it encoded as variable bit rate (vbr)?
02:58:14ScorpI'm not sure, how can I find out?
02:58:29ScorpI downloaded from KaZaA I didn't encode my own
02:59:07hardeepScorp: try running VBRfix from the ON+PLAY menu on the file and see if the skip occurs
02:59:17hardeeper still occurs
02:59:35Scorpwait how do I do that? push on+play together, and then?
03:00:08hardeepselect "Update VBR file"
03:00:25ScorpI push on + play and nothing happens or I get to my root folder
03:01:19hardeepScorp: you need to be in the file browser... go to your file and then select ON+PLAY
03:02:49Scorpforgive me for being retarted but if I hit on+play it takes me to renaming it
03:03:23hardeepScorp: there should also be an option to Update VBR file... scroll down
03:03:49Scorpoh ok thanks
03:03:53Scorpgot it
03:04:08hardeeprun that and then replay the mp3 and see if you still encounter skips
03:04:13Scorpfor some reason this time instead of taking me strait to renaming it gave me an option to del, ren, or update vbr
03:04:23Scorpok playing
03:05:35Scorpseems good now
03:05:47Scorpis there anyway to make sure that all my files update themselves like that?
03:06:01Scorpso I don't have to find out the offenders manually and fix them?
03:06:05 Join Jet8810 [0] (
03:06:36hardeepthere are some windows programs that let you update the vbr headers of all your files... you can use one of those
03:06:47Scorpdoes it take long for 1 gig of files?
03:07:00hardeepdepends on your pc
03:07:06hardeepdo a google search for "vbrfix"
03:07:11Scorp700 mhz?
03:07:46hardeeptry out a few files to see how long it will take...
03:08:20Scorpok thanks
03:09:47Jet8810I am reading about what vbrfix DOES, but what advantage does it have?
03:10:42Scorpoh well, next time I get a bad file I'll just fix it manually i guess
03:11:21hardeepJet8810: if your vbr header is incorrect then you may encounter the skips Scorp saw, ffw/rew may not work correctly, time display could be incorrect, etc.
03:11:37Jet8810oh ok
03:11:46Jet8810so it is only for files with problems
03:12:20Scorpby the way guys, if I jog with my jukebox will I ruin the hdd?
03:12:45ScorpI have the Studio 20
03:12:49hardeepunlikely to ruin, but you may encounter some skips
03:13:28Scorpalso is there a doc that explains how to program for the rockbox, like all the possible functions and headers built in with the OS?
03:13:33Scorpexcuse me, I'll brb.
03:14:47hardeepScorp: read
03:14:53Scorpk back
03:14:56hardeepmost everything else you will need to figure out from the source code
03:15:03Scorpoh ok
03:15:06ScorpI thought so
03:15:34Scorplast question, is there a way to code for the rockbox with out Linux and with out cygwin?
03:15:52Scorpis that what gnush is about?
03:16:00ScorpI want something that's native to win.
03:16:57Scorpactually nevermind, I don't care I'll code on Linux
03:17:12hardeepyou'd probably need to do some work to get it working with gnush as it's not very well supported
03:17:28hardeepi'd highly recommend using cygwin if you're on win32, it works great
03:18:16Scorpby the way, I'm using gnetoo and I already have gcc installed, what else do I need now?
03:19:45ScorpI saw it, but I don't understand a few things
03:19:56Scorplike do I need to download and replace my GCC?
03:21:01hardeepno, but you do need to build a cross-compiler
03:22:55hardeepgotta go, good luck
03:22:55 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Mr. Rogers uses BitchX. Won't you be my neighbor?")
03:23:00Jet8810I have no coding knowledge
03:23:05Jet8810is messing with rockbox a good first start?
03:23:16Scorpprobably not
03:24:00Scorpprobably better to pickup a book on C/C++ and learn it slowly one chapter at a time first and practice
03:24:09ScorpI'm not a big coder either I just fool around
03:25:23Jet8810heh yea
03:25:30Jet8810I will play with it over the summer
03:25:34Jet8810need to concentrate on finals now though
03:25:58Scorpok any devs here? I'm sorry for being a retard, but I have gdb, binutils, and gcc installed, what's the cross compiler that I need? the tutorial only talks about installing those 3 packages
03:26:29Jet8810dont ask me!
03:26:30Jet8810lol :)
03:30:07Scorpor is it important taht it be built with the sh-elf target?
03:36:04Scorpso umm anyways guys
03:36:08Scorphow's life?
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04:45:21Scorpwhat tool would you guys recommend for windows, in terms of working with CDs, like ripping and encoding them?
04:46:15PsycoXulEAC i think is a good one
04:49:10Scorpok thanks
04:49:13Scorpdownloading it
04:53:05Scorpis it ok to use LAME or whatever it is with jukebox?
05:24:29 Join Stevie-O [0] (
05:25:29Stevie-Oi come in and there's nobody here to phjear
05:27:48 Quit kassoolet (Remote closed the connection)
05:39:46adi|homeScorp you can use whatever encoder you like so long as you get an mp3 in the end.
05:42:14Stevie-Odoes anyone know how sh-elf-gcc generates code for division?
05:46:41Stevie-Oit would seem use some theoretical function called __sdivsi3
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05:51:47 Join earHurts [0] (
05:55:45adi|homei try
05:55:50adi|homewhat can we do ya for
05:56:16earHurtsnothing. just chillin'
05:56:30adi|homek :)
05:56:34adi|homewell.. im off to idle a bit
05:59:43 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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06:02:41Stevie-Owhere is everyone
06:05:20Stevie-Owhat do you know about sh-elf?
06:09:44Stevie-Owhere tf is everyone
06:14:24earHurtsdoes sh-elf worry you?
06:27:31 Join OneCluedCoder [0] (
06:28:02OneCluedCoderdoesnt this ircd ever ping its clients?
06:37:31 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:38:19OneCluedCoderabout time
06:38:22 Nick OneCluedCoder is now known as Stevie-O (
06:41:26 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
06:48:25*Stevie-O yawns
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07:52:50*adi|home slaps Stevie-O
07:52:51*Stevie-O slaps adi|home
07:52:54adi|homewake up damn it
07:52:56*adi|home slaps Stevie-O
07:52:57*Stevie-O slaps adi|home
07:53:02*adi|home slaps Stevie-O harder
07:53:03*Stevie-O slaps adi|home harder
07:53:36*adi|home slaps Stevie-O with gentle tender lovin on the butt that only a really secure man can slap with respect
07:53:37*Stevie-O slaps adi|home with gentle tender lovin on the butt that only a really secure man can slap with respect
08:36:21 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
08:36:35midknight2k3I bet that not a soul will say a word to me
08:36:52midknight2k3it's 11:30 here so chances are it's like 3:30 there
08:44:12adi|homea word
08:44:21midknight2k3someone's here
08:44:26midknight2k3what time is it there?
08:44:28adi|homenot just someone.. but me...
08:44:50midknight2k3going to bed soon?
08:45:04adi|homejust doing a bit of job hunting
08:47:28*Stevie-O tops adi
08:47:31Stevie-Omidknight2k3: two words
08:47:39midknight2k3oh my god
08:47:42midknight2k3two people are here?
08:47:50midknight2k3me likey at nitey
08:50:22adi|homei see your two words Stevie-O and i raise you a george bush speech
08:50:43midknight2k3uh oh
08:55:49Stevie-Onucular arms!
08:59:16 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:06:02 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
09:06:07midknight2k3im back
09:06:11midknight2k3stupid computers
09:06:24midknight2k3so smart, yet so dumb...
09:25:39 Join elinenbe [0] (
09:47:36 Part midknight2k3
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11:48:36 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
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12:11:03 Join tracktheripper [0] (
12:12:38Quelsarukmorning track
12:12:44tracktherippermorning quels
12:12:49tracktheripperwhats the latest?
12:14:17Quelsarukstrange weather :)
12:14:24Quelsarukthat's the latest here
12:15:23tracktheripperim off to submit another request?
12:21:14Quelsarukwhich request was that?
12:21:23tracktheripperlook for yourself
12:21:26tracktheripperim not saying it in here
12:24:29tracktheripperdid u see it quels?
12:24:32 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
12:26:23tracktheripperhey quels u there?
12:26:41Quelsarukhow could you request that ?
12:26:50tracktheripperglad u like it :)
12:27:01 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Client Quit)
12:29:14tracktheripper((fears Zagor is gonna seek and destroy him))
12:35:08Quelsaruki was talking with a friend :)
12:38:59tracktheripperim wondering if theres a way to "modd" the digital in to accept optical
12:43:51tracktherippercalling planet rockbox
12:44:10Quelsarukusing an external adaptor?
12:44:26tracktherippernever thought of that
12:44:35tracktheripperi filed that as another feature reequest
12:46:22Quelsaruktime to go home!
12:46:27Quelsarukcu on monday
12:47:11 Quit Quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
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15:12:41 Join ken0_ [0] (
15:45:36 Join tracktheripper1 [0] (
15:45:38 Quit tracktheripper1 (Client Quit)
15:46:02tracktheripperim bored
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15:49:28tracktheripperhi webmind
15:55:08webmindhi tracktheripper
15:57:25tracktheripperwhats up?
15:57:32tracktheripperwhy is everyone so quite?
15:58:04*webmind checking out a new chan
15:58:12webmindand reading penny arcade
16:20:12 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
16:36:43 Join Scorp [0] (
16:36:51Scorphey guys, does the remote work with the JB studio 20?
16:37:37Scorpand is it possible to hook up the jukebox to a car where there is only a radio and a cd player, no tape.
16:37:58Scorpdo car cd players usually have "line in" jack?
16:49:13 Join Jet8810 [0] ( rules
17:09:48 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:26:50 Join ken0_ [0] (
17:30:35 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:31:14Scorpwhy's that Jet8810
17:34:46Jet8810Scorp, $30 for 4 CDs
17:34:54Scorpguys is there a remote control for the jukebox studio 20 or not?
17:35:01ScorpJet8810, nice.
17:35:27Scorpjust don't select "Media Mail" as shipping
17:35:32Scorpunless you want to wait 4 months.
17:35:47Scorpor 4 weeks ;)
17:36:42Jet8810no other option :)
17:36:53Jet8810but...I bought via media mail a few weeks ago, it took 7 days
17:37:09Scorpyeah sometimes it's really quick sometimes you have to wait a month
17:37:31ScorpI just bought "The National Experience" from I paid $30 for both volumes, they would otherwise cost $90
17:37:37Scorpthey are in nearly new condition
17:37:46Scorpexcept the first volume isn't here yet lol
17:37:55ScorpThanks Media mail, another pissed off waiting customer!
17:38:33ScorpEstimated arrival:
17:38:55Scorpwell now that's only a 23 day window :-/
17:40:32Scorphmm Jet8810 do you have the remote control from archos?
17:40:54ScorpCompatible with Jukebox Player & Recorder* by player do they mean Studio?
17:41:01Jet8810yea probably
17:41:04Jet8810it works on the multimedia too
17:41:11Scorpyeah works nm
17:41:22Scorpnot compatible with Jukebox FM Recorder 20 and Jukebox Multimedia
17:41:24Scorpwoops heh
17:41:43Scorpdo you think I can buy one from like radio shack?
17:42:29Scorpdon't want to pay for S/H
17:43:24Scorpby the way Jet8810 maybe you know this: do car CD players usually have a line in?
17:44:00Jet8810I dont think so, but I am sure many do...
17:44:07Jet8810you can always get the tape adapter like I did
17:44:32Scorpbecause we rented a car for a long trip, and it has no tape player, only a CD player and I want to listen to my jukebox
17:44:46Jet8810you can get a radio transmitter
17:44:55Scorphmm probably best choice
17:45:16Scorpalright I'll probably do that, thanks.
17:45:23Scorpis the quality decent though?
17:46:10Scorpalright I ahve to go, thanks for the help, bye.
17:46:14 Quit Scorp ("Client exiting")
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22:03:54midknight2k3Who You?
22:05:21Tschechowhmm. how do i change the settings? (for example, the shuffle from no to yes?)
22:05:42Tschechowah. found it. arent so many keys avail, but sure as hell it was the last one i tried. ;)
22:05:42midknight2k3once you get to the menu item it's up or down to change it
22:05:50midknight2k3what are you using?
22:05:53midknight2k3player or recorder?
22:07:26Tschechowcurrently trying rockbox2.0 on a recorder for the first time.
22:07:34midknight2k3rockbox rocks
22:07:38midknight2k3you need to keep it
22:08:20Tschechowthe main features that made me try it are: better battery handling and less-moronic shuffle. ;)
22:08:31midknight2k3oh boy theres much more
22:08:35midknight2k3try the invert option
22:09:00Tschechowwhere? general -> display?
22:09:06Tschechowah, yes.
22:09:13midknight2k3neat, no?
22:09:34Tschechowno. find that harder to read with backlight off.
22:09:53midknight2k3what i do is set the backlight to ALWAYS ON
22:10:02Tschechowah. :)
22:10:10midknight2k3i swear, it helps a lot and it doesn't take much battery
22:10:22Tschechowhehe. i am not staring at the display too much. ;)
22:10:34midknight2k3but when you need to
22:10:37midknight2k3it helps
22:11:03Tschechowhmm. oh.
22:11:05midknight2k3all right
22:11:17midknight2k3well i got to go finish watching the movie CONTACT
22:11:19midknight2k3good bye.
22:11:31Tschechowthis one is the unit that reboots when i plug in the ear-thing.
22:11:39midknight2k3uh oh
22:11:44midknight2k3not for me
22:11:56Tschechowoh, i think its the ripped of grounding pins in the middle again.
22:12:05Tschechowat least it feels like the same type of bug.
22:12:06midknight2k3okay well heh lol see ya
22:12:27Tschechowhave fun with that movie. :)
22:12:31 Quit midknight2k3 ("i have quite irc. -=SysReset 2.53=-")
22:13:23Tschechowok, another major feature: sane jump-to-beginning-of-track function. :)
22:16:42 Join Stevie-O [0] (
22:17:01Stevie-Ologbot seen linusn
22:17:54Stevie-Ologbot: seen linusn
22:20:21Tschechowit doesnt like you. :)
22:39:12 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:44:17Tschechowthis isnt aol chat. its called a channel, not a "room". :)
22:45:29Tschechowand, aeh, yes, hello. :)
22:46:10tracktheripperi was being polite
22:51:25 Join Scorp [0] (
22:51:32 Join blueTyrael [0] (
22:51:59Scorpdamn guys, is it possible to return my archos to Amazon after I opened the package?
22:52:26 Part blueTyrael
23:10:44tracktheripperi dunno because i didnt buy my Rockbox from Amazon
23:11:05tracktheripperi bought mine from Dixons in London
23:11:46tracktheripperwhat archos did u buy?
23:11:51tracktherippernot a player i hope
23:13:44tracktheripperis there a beautiful woman that bothers coming on here?
23:14:04tracktheripperobviously not
23:14:10tracktheripperHi tracktheripper how u doing?
23:14:13tracktheripperim doing fine :-)
23:15:02Tschechowslightly shizo? ;)
23:15:35tracktheripperobviously bjorn and co hate me :(
23:18:57hardeepScorp: i've returned other opened items back to amazon, so long as everything is returned in original packaging
23:19:48hardeepjust call their customer service... i've found them very helpful
23:20:19tracktheripperwhy do you lot buy archoses then give them back to Amazon?
23:20:26tracktheripperwhy don't u "buy right" in the first place?
23:20:32tracktheripperive had my original Archos for a year now
23:20:36tracktheripperno desire to change it
23:21:59Tschechowi have seen problems with breaking grounding-solder-things in the recorders multiple times. otherwise fine.
23:26:37 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
23:29:15 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:45:18 Quit Scorp ("Client exiting")
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23:49:07 Join Scorp [0] (
23:50:17Scorpanyone ever return anything to amazon that was already opened?
23:52:49ScorpI want to return my Studio and get the recorder
23:52:58Scorpanyone want to buy the studio from me for $200?
23:53:00tracktheripperive just realised why the Rockbox wont support MM
23:53:01Scorp20 gigs
23:53:27tracktherippernah i have a recorder 10gb
23:53:42Scorptrade ya ;)

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