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#rockbox log for 2003-05-25

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01:34:16RiESENHiRNii love the archos, but only with your rockbox-software! :)
01:35:31RiESENHiRNione question: how can i disable the backlight while loading the archos over the powersupply? or its not possible?
01:38:59Scorplook around the menu
01:39:11ScorpRiESENHiRNi: did you get the jukebox studio or recorder?
01:41:33RiESENHiRNii have the ajr20
01:41:50Scorpthe recorder, you are a lucky lucky man
01:42:09RiESENHiRNiwhen i have the charger pluged in the backlicht is on, can i disable the light while charging?
01:42:23Scorpi don't know
01:42:47Scorpgive it a few mins, does it go off on its own?
01:43:02RiESENHiRNino, its is constatly light
01:43:21Scorpwell sorry, but I can't help ya there
01:44:13RiESENHiRNiany other?
01:45:07RiESENHiRNiit lits my hole room while charging *g*
01:46:50RiESENHiRNiit is safe to put the ajr in the archos-bag while charging? its quite a little bit warm or does this not matter?
01:47:36ScorpI wouldn't put it in, because it gets hot as it is
01:48:38RiESENHiRNithen i must cover the display with a piece of paper because the backlight
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01:49:41PsycoXuli think there's a way
01:49:55PsycoXulmy FMrec doesn't have it on while charging.. though i think it's got a menu option for it even in the stock firmware
01:50:16PsycoXulbut i think on the archos group on yahoo there's an FAQ that says how to turn it off for recorders
01:50:33RiESENHiRNihave u a link?
01:55:06PsycoXulnot yet heh
01:57:15PsycoXulhmm heh
01:57:36PsycoXulok it just says
01:57:36PsycoXulTo charge batteries with the screen light off:
01:57:37PsycoXul1. Turn on the Jukebox.
01:57:37PsycoXul2. Wait until the backlight turns off.
01:57:37PsycoXul3. Plug in the charger.
01:58:01RiESENHiRNiok, i will try it, one moment plz
02:00:28RiESENHiRNishould i then leave the archos "on" or should i turn it off?
02:00:45PsycoXulprobably doesn't matter
02:00:49PsycoXultry it if you like
02:01:01RiESENHiRNiok, i try to go "off"
02:01:54RiESENHiRNihmm...when i go "off" the light is back and there stand battery charging... :(
02:02:11PsycoXulah well i guess that answers that
02:02:43RiESENHiRNicharges it in the "on" mode because it does not give me any charging message when i plug the charger in when the archos is on?
02:03:07PsycoXulit shows a little plug doesn't it?
02:04:21RiESENHiRNiYES, ok works! thx for your fast help! :))))
02:05:44RiESENHiRNiits the "first" day with my ajr, and i love it! your rockbox 2! ;)
02:10:21RiESENHiRNigood night! cya :-)
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02:31:09earHurtscan anyone tell me how to set up a make file that builds all three rockbox builds?
02:32:11PsycoXuljust make a build dir and makefile for each
02:35:38earHurtsand the configure scipt will find the relative path to the source directories?
02:36:56PsycoXulwell... i guess so, thats what it does isn't it?
02:37:01PsycoXulcd rockbox
02:37:16PsycoXulmkdir {player,rec,fmrec}
02:37:26PsycoXulfor f in player rec fmrec;do cd $f;../tools/configure;done
02:37:35PsycoXulfor f in player rec fmrec;do cd $f;../tools/configure;cd ..;done
02:37:39PsycoXulbut yeah something like that
02:38:31earHurtsok trying this, thanks
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02:41:47Stevie-Ogut evenink
02:44:36Stevie-Odoes anyone here have a recorder with the 8mb mod?
02:55:12earHurtsnot me
03:07:32ricIIbut nomore working lcd..
03:08:42Stevie-Oso i need some with an 8mb recorder AND a working lcd
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03:25:53OneCluedCoderwho added the 8mb support?
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06:29:10OneCluedCoderthe website needs a link to the sst39 datasheet
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08:24:14earHurtsper Michael O'Quinn's request, I'm making available builds incorporting my id3 patch and another patch at:
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11:16:54*Tschechow is fighting his penguin wrt USB support. ;)
11:17:24earHurtscompiling it in?
11:22:21Tschechownah, it pretends to work, but i guess the chipset isnt the best supported one anymore.
11:22:36Tschechowsome googling revealed that it seems to be the first USB chipset ever revealed to the public. :)
11:23:42Tschechow(intel 430HX, aka triton II; asus t2p4 board)
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11:45:28earHurtsGet a usb 2.0 board for $50?
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12:00:42TschechowearHurts: yeah, considered that, or getting a real computer. ;)
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12:24:33TschechowDONT YELL! ;)
12:25:11tracktheripperOK!!! I WON'T!!!
12:26:27tracktheripperrise and shine :-)
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12:36:32Kujilogbot seen lunusn
12:36:44Kujilogbot seen linusn
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12:40:26[IDC]DragonHi! Anybody with gdb experience here?
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16:19:30earHurtsbagder around?
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16:59:05_aLFLinus do you heard me ? I would to speek about radio patch
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17:09:22GalikAnyone got a USB2 add-in card working on Linux?
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17:20:35earHurtsno, sorry
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17:53:26Jet8810anybody have any home-secrets on how to get rid of the cold quickly?
18:09:47webmindJet8810, stay hot
18:10:11webmindpack yourslf in as much blankets/clothes as u can find and drink hot liquids
18:33:19earHurtshot shower'll make you feel nbetter.
18:36:39webmindend it'll get rit of the stench for a while :)
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19:05:30r0b-does anyone know how to overcome the problem with the recorder 20: when I try to charge it charges for a few moments the just starts making a very quiet clicking sound
19:06:32Tschechowwhat does it say in the display when that happens?
19:07:07r0b-the display is blank
19:11:08Tschechowdeplug the powersupply both from external power and the archos.
19:11:21Tschechowreplug it into the archos, but not to power.
19:11:24Tschechowdoes it come up?
19:12:05r0b-it started to but then died
19:12:14Tschechow(the recorder 20 is same hardware as the recorder 5, besides the bigger hdd?)
19:12:20Tschechowaeh, recorder 6...
19:13:04Tschechowhmm. it came to 3-4 of the bootup-progress-indicator-blocks?
19:13:20r0b-yes, three or four
19:13:28Tschechowand died during the head-sync-noises of the hdd?
19:14:07r0b-yes.. also if I just hold the "on" button it will click
19:14:16r0b-without the powersupply being plugged in at all
19:14:50Tschechowis that the same problem pattern as the one you originaly complained about? (the "doesnt charge" ...)
19:14:57Tschechowor did that look different?
19:15:09r0b-yes it's the same thing
19:15:33Tschechowso, make damn sure that your powersupply is plugged into a power-outlet with power and has contact in it.
19:15:50r0b-but sometimes if I let it sit without being plugged in the charger for awhile, it will let me charge for a bit and I can play files for awhile too
19:15:52r0b-thanks :)
19:15:52DBUGEnqueued KICK r0b-
19:16:18Jet8810webmind, yea, but im studying for finals :(
19:16:51webmindJet8810, well u can try and learn.. but dont think going to help much either way
19:17:09Tschechowr0b-: i searched _hours_ when that happened to me first time. ;)
19:18:07r0b-okay so it's actually two bootup progress indicator boxes
19:18:33r0b-I wonder if I need new batteries
19:20:23Tschechowi am cycling batteries into an "intelligent" charger once a month or so, makes them work some longer.
19:49:09***No seen item changed, no save performed.
19:58:19r0b-well I found my quick charger, I'm going to charge the batteries that way and see if it makes any difference
19:58:36r0b-I wonder if maybe there is a connection that broke, maybe resoldering is in order
19:58:48Tschechowcant hurt. have you been using the deep-discharge thing on the archos?
19:59:13r0b-yes, when I started having this problem I turned deep-discharge on and I thought it made a difference
19:59:19r0b-but I guess that wasn't the problem
19:59:28Tschechowyeah, also possible, have seen that a lot, but it usualy shows as sudden powerdown when applying pressure to the ear-plug or pressing the _sides_ of the unit.
19:59:50Tschechow(in that case its two grounding solder points middle of the long side of the circuit board)
19:59:57r0b-hmm interesting
20:00:27r0b-I hope I can fix this soon as I use my archos for recording voice-over for radio and television advertisements
20:00:32r0b-and I have some jobs to do hehe
20:01:02Tschechow(hmm, if the batteries are _really_really_ dead it could also develop the symptoms you described.)
20:01:11r0b-maybe that's it
20:01:18Tschechowtrying with a known-good set of batteries cant hurt.
20:01:30r0b-do you have any experience with the trickle charge option?
20:01:51r0b-I found something mentioned about it somewhere, I don't believe I ever saw it in a menu on the unit
20:02:02r0b-maybe it was a different model player
20:02:31Tschechowhmm, i have it in the menu somwhere.
20:02:45Tschechowsorry, i am kinda new to rockbox (tried it first time yesterday)
20:04:10r0b-no problem, I'm not a rockbox expert by any means
20:04:20r0b-I use it but am not familliar with it from a coding perspective
20:04:25r0b-maybe my software is older
20:04:32Tschechowmine says 2.0
20:04:49r0b-I don't even remember what version I'm running
20:04:53CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:04:53*Tschechow looks confused ... where is the recorder with rockbox ...
20:05:04Tschechowah, i guess its really not 2.0 in this case. ;)
20:05:19r0b-where are you from Tschechow
20:05:43Tschechow(the one in germany)
20:05:52r0b-I'm in beautiful downtown South Bend, Indiana
20:06:10r0b-about 90 min east of chicago
20:07:47r0b-good news is that if I can get this to work with the other charger, I have two sets of batteries
20:07:55r0b-and it won't matter if the power supply works or not
20:08:37r0b-as long as the unit will maintain a charge and I can record and playback
20:09:18Tschechow*shiver* :)
20:09:49r0b-so are you a coder
20:10:15Tschechowaeh. depends. not a rockbox coder.
20:10:28r0b-I'm not a coder whatsoever
20:10:29Tschechowbut i have written some code over the years, yes. ;)
20:12:28Tschechowcurrent primary software project is Mnet, encrypted decentralized p2p software, open source branch (split in 2001 fom the comercial branch) of MojoNation
20:15:23r0b-is that like a music/filesharing system?
20:15:44Tschechowyeah. just the lawyerproof version of it ;)
20:16:36Tschechow(its encrypting both on-disk data and communications and makes it much harder to figure out who published a certain file)
20:16:56r0b-I use winMX
20:25:42 Join thu [0] (
20:28:30r0b-hi thu
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21:51:31tracktherippergood evening fellow rockboxers
21:58:56tracktheripperhello tsch
22:11:07 Join earHurts [0] (
22:11:57tracktheripperrockbox should include Realizer one day :-)
22:15:45tracktheripperRealizer is a very clever plugin because it enhances quality by restoring the frequencies lost by the MP3 compression
22:19:28tracktheripperit does this by analysing the waveform and by a very clever system of algorithms and mathmatical equations it adds missing frequencies
22:24:12tracktheripperis anyone taking this in?!
22:24:22Hessnake oil 8-)
22:30:33HesI honestly think it's genuine snake oil. And it can't be done in rockbox anyway (technically impossible for the time being).
22:32:41HesCan't be done since we can't see/touch the decoded audio stream since it's handled on the MAS chip which we can't program
22:32:59tracktheripper((bursts into tears))
22:33:17Hesand even if we could the 12 MHz CPU is already too slow for doing any serious DSP
22:33:36tracktheripperthat has given me a good idea for a feature request :-)
22:33:38tracktheripperhang on...
22:34:12Hesand I don't think it is nothing else than a fancy EQ with some marketing speech about very clever systems and algorithms and maths (which the MPEG algorithm already is).
22:34:30tracktheripperwell they charge a lot for it on the Realizer website
22:35:02HesYou could say that about a lot of software which isn't very useful or good.
22:35:51PsycoXullook at windows
22:35:51PsycoXulthey charge a lot for it
22:35:51PsycoXuland it's utter crap
22:36:31Hesyeah... though windows actually does a lot of good for a lot of people.
22:37:01Hesnot that it's pricing mechanisms would be very right.
22:37:06tracktherippertheres nothing wrong with windows
22:38:02HesI spent hours today trying to get a home PNA ethernet controller work in a win98 system of a rather computer-illiterate friend
22:38:34Hesrip my hair off because it wouldn't give any information on what was wrong, no statistics/numbers/error messages on the network interface at all
22:38:46tracktheripperoh righty
22:38:51tracktheripperrequest sent
22:39:29HesI'll try to remember I don't know anything about computers when someone asks.
22:39:47tracktheripperi sent my feature request
22:40:26earHurtsanyone seen bagder?
22:40:57tracktheripperi dunno where badger is
22:41:35tracktheripperi think im gonna get beaten up one of these days :-(
22:42:33tracktherippergood request though :-)
22:42:42tracktheripper((overclock the processor to 1Ghz))
22:43:07 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
22:43:13Hesoh well..
22:43:43 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:43:49tracktherippergot cut off
22:43:52tracktheripperim back :-)
22:49:22HesThat would be a hardware modification, cannot be done in rockbox software...
22:49:40Hesand I don't think I'd like the additional heat generation & power consumption
22:49:57Hesrather underclock & make the software more optimized to get more battery life 8-)
22:53:03tracktheripperhope Bjorn and co don't see it
22:54:51Jet8810track, you never fail with your....*unique* requests
22:54:52tracktheripperhi Jet8100
22:55:00Jet8810how are you?
22:55:05tracktheripperwell i like sending funny requests
22:55:10tracktheripperits my trademark :-)
22:55:15Jet8810I get a good laugh :)
22:55:23tracktheripperthats why I send them
22:55:28tracktheripperbecause they make everyone laugh
22:55:51tracktheripperok jet whats ur favourite funny request that I sent?
22:56:04Jet8810I dont know...
22:56:10Jet8810is there a "track the ripper request page"?
22:56:55tracktheripperu would soon miss my requests if i stopped sending them
22:57:06tracktheripperbut I can refresh ur memory
22:57:56tracktheripper1) Auto Voice Transcriber?
22:58:42tracktheripperhey jett u there?
22:59:11Jet8810yea, the auto voice transcriber was hilarious...
22:59:28tracktheripper2) Drive Partitioning
22:59:48Jet8810Contact, Calendar & Favorite Manager
22:59:49Jet8810wa that you?
22:59:58Jet8810nah, 1 was the best
23:00:20tracktheripper3) Speed up USB1.1 file transfer speed with a USB ADSL modem
23:01:19tracktheripper4) Run Soundforge on the fly
23:02:13tracktheripperok jett what is ur fave funny request?
23:02:30Jet8810then 1
23:02:34Jet8810then 2
23:02:37Jet8810then 4 :)
23:03:52tracktheripperanother one was "Have a Windows' style interface"
23:04:17tracktherippereveryone loves my funny requests
23:04:38tracktheripperu havent heard the best one yet :-)
23:05:08tracktheripper"Make the normal recorder pick up FM like the FM recorder"
23:05:16Jet8810thats great
23:05:54tracktheripperim off to write the "software tuner" now :-)
23:07:48tracktheripperI do have one request but im not gonna send it as im gonna get shot if i send it :-)
23:08:03Jet8810what is it?
23:08:09Jet8810"Can you play oggs?"
23:08:32tracktheripperits "make CDs on the fly by plugging a USB CD burner into the Archos USB"
23:08:37 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:08:45Tschechowtracktheripper: hehe.
23:09:05Tschechowtracktheripper: oh, yes, with single-button interface. "write this". :)
23:09:20TschechowJet8810: and who would want to play ogg anyways? ;)
23:09:43Jet8810Oggs arent that bad though
23:09:51Jet8810I would be very happy if they became industry standard
23:10:16tracktheripperJett i know a way to make the Player display images
23:10:55tracktheripperif u wanted to display album covers on the PLAYER WPS then reserve a character cell so you could squeeze an album cover into it :-)
23:11:22Jet8810would be very visible too :
23:11:29Jet8810why cant y ou do that on the recorder anyway?
23:11:32Jet8810techinically able
23:11:40tracktheripperwell yea its an area of pixels, a character cell
23:11:49tracktheripper35 pixels should be enough....
23:11:51PsycoXulthe recorder doesn't need to...
23:11:59PsycoXulit's got a bitmap screen
23:12:05PsycoXulyou can display images on it
23:12:07Jet8810so can you open .bmps?
23:12:10Jet8810oh really? lol
23:12:19PsycoXulhaven't you ever seen the rockbox logo on startup?
23:12:23Jet8810oh haha
23:12:27Jet8810I feel stupid now! :)
23:12:48tracktheripperand im saying the Player can display images if u could squeeze an entire cover into one of the Players character cells
23:13:21PsycoXulthe player could display 10x14 (old) or 20x14 (new) 1-bit images
23:14:02tracktheripperjett would u miss my funny requests if i stopped sending them?
23:14:07PsycoXulusing all 4 (old) or 8 (new) definable char cells
23:14:26Jet8810heh track
23:14:34tracktheripperif u want ill file that as a feature request psyco
23:14:44Jet8810well, the Archos can display .bmps
23:14:47Jet8810but it cant open .bmp files
23:15:29Jet8810why cant you open bmps?
23:16:03PsycoXul*shrug* you could probably make it if you really wanted to
23:16:12 Quit thu ("Client exiting")
23:16:30PsycoXulsome copy&paste coding between bmp2rb.c and some stuff in the logo display code
23:16:33Jet8810then it coudl be liek the multimedias....
23:16:48Jet8810could you view jpgs with little effort too?
23:17:04PsycoXuljpg's would need new code for loading them and stuff
23:17:11Jet8810but its feasable?
23:17:21tracktheripperthere was one request "Make the Player's LCD like the Recorders"
23:17:34Jet8810ill submit that request
23:17:40PsycoXulof course it's not really worth it
23:17:46Jet8810why not?
23:17:48Jet8810picture quality?
23:17:50PsycoXultiny-resolution 1-bit
23:17:58Jet8810hmm true
23:17:58PsycoXulremember there's not even shades of gray
23:18:13Jet8810your right
23:18:21PsycoXuland the resolution's too small to even make good use of halftone
23:18:47 Join awy[baer] [0] (
23:20:07PsycoXulgrr i'm getting like attacked with spam or something
23:20:30PsycoXuli keep getting the same one over and over
23:20:44 Join thu [0] (
23:20:52PsycoXulprobably hundreds of them over the course of last night and today
23:21:42tracktheripperthere has to be a way to display greyscale]
23:21:45 Join ricII [0] (
23:21:54tracktheripperjust alter the contrast for individial pixels
23:22:27_aLFtracktheripper> like on HP48 ?
23:22:51tracktheripperjett one other request was "Give Tetris its proper vertical aspect"
23:23:13PsycoXuloh yeah
23:23:21PsycoXulwtf is it sideways for or whatever
23:23:32PsycoXuland so much smaller than the screen even
23:23:39ricIIwhere could | a replament order solomon lcd ?
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