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#rockbox log for 2003-05-26

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00:19:09RiESENHiRNii have a question about the remotecontrol & ajr20, play/pause + loudness-buttons move, but the skipbuttons dont, any help?
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00:43:34RiESENHiRNii have tried yet the archosfirmware, with the archosrom works the remotecontrol! please can u fix that bug, i use the player in my car, and i need the remotecontrol! help please!
00:44:27Tschechowsehr passender nickname.
00:44:46RiESENHiRNidanke *g*
00:45:07RiESENHiRNihast du nen tipp fr mich warum mit rockbox die fernbedienung nicht mehr ganz geht?
00:45:40Tschechowdowngrade auf andere firmware versucht?
00:46:07RiESENHiRNiich verwende die bleeding edge, die wurde mir hier empfolen, soll ich mal die 2.0 testen?
00:46:21Tschechowich habs mehrfach gesehen das die "fernbedienungen" sich schlicht abgenutzt haben und die lustigen metallkugelausschnitthochertigerschaltersimulationen verrutscht sind.
00:46:53RiESENHiRNihey mann verppel mioch nicht ich hatte das ding schon offen *g*
00:47:17RiESENHiRNinee, mit der romfirmware von archos funzt sie wunderbar, nur mit rockbox nicht... :(
00:47:56Tschechow*shrug* ... keine ahnung, noch nicht probiert.
00:48:06RiESENHiRNiich spiel mal schnell die 2.0
00:50:25RiESENHiRNihurra, mit 2.0 gehts! :) sorry fr die aufregung! *g*
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03:59:29ricIIhardeep: got a patch against recent cvs, just curious,,,
05:38:26hardeepricII: yeah,
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06:18:49earHurtswhat's dynamic playlist?
06:18:56midknight2k3who cares?
06:19:00midknight2k3lol j/k i dunno
06:19:48earHurtssounds like a way to recursivelyn play directories −− if so I want it.
06:20:08PsycoXulyou can recursively play directories
06:20:36PsycoXulgo to the directory, select "create playlist" in the menu there, and play the resulting playlist
06:21:16earHurtsyeah, but I'd like to cut out the middle nman
06:21:37midknight2k3someone agress
06:21:43midknight2k3that the playlist thign sugs
06:21:56midknight2k3agress=agrees, sugs=sucks
06:22:39earHurtsit doesn't suck, but it needs sonme more features.
06:23:33earHurtsis this weekend a holiday in Europe?
06:25:01earHurtswhat holiday?
06:25:12midknight2k3memory day
06:26:16earHurtsin Europe? So Monday & Tuesday off?
06:26:32midknight2k3just for me in seattle, monday off
06:27:10earHurtseveryone knows europeans don't work mnuch :)
06:34:08earHurtsanybody done any hardware mods?
06:34:16midknight2k3not i
06:34:32midknight2k3I cleaned the screen so i had to pop open the archos for that
06:35:05earHurtswhat model?
06:35:18midknight2k3recorder - the only one to have (tm)
06:35:20midknight2k3what one you got?
06:35:57earHurtsfm - the only one to have :)
06:36:13midknight2k3does it have a backlight?
06:36:33midknight2k3and the sceen is an LCD?
06:36:44midknight2k3like a watch?
06:36:50earHurtsyeah, it's njust like a recorder
06:36:51midknight2k3with the grey background?
06:37:41earHurtsit's a recorder with an fm chip
06:38:22midknight2k3i dont know
06:38:25earHurtswell, not exactly
06:38:29midknight2k3can you play games on it?
06:38:40earHurtsit's got a LiON nbattery
06:38:56earHurtsyou mean the rockbox games?
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06:40:06earHurtsso what do you mean you popped the screen?
06:40:20midknight2k3i popped the cover, and cleaned the screen
06:40:29midknight2k3it had a bunch of crud inside
06:41:06earHurtsunder the plastic but abnove the lcd?
06:41:16midknight2k3sort of
06:41:23midknight2k3on the lcd and under the screen cover
06:42:03earHurtsand the cover is a parrallelogram?
06:42:25midknight2k3the top part that comes up is
06:42:27midknight2k3one sec
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06:46:19midknight2k3on the screen
06:47:02midknight2k3and theres a plastic cover over the screen attached to the plastic cover on the recorder
06:47:16midknight2k3between the screen and the plastic cover over the screen
06:47:30midknight2k3plastic cover = what you see through when you look at the scree
06:47:48earHurtsyeah, hang on
06:48:02midknight2k3did you ever disassemble your archos?
06:49:09midknight2k3crud lol
06:49:23earHurtscrap, i ran out of nmemory trying to use that url
06:49:40midknight2k3do it carefully like i am (so slick, yup) so that people wont know that you did it like bestbuy with the extended warranty
06:49:55midknight2k3i used a steak knife and did it open/shut 3 times
06:50:58earHurtswhat did you do to remove the screen cover?
06:51:06midknight2k3you don't have to
06:51:19midknight2k3you unscrew the top 2 and bottom 2 screws
06:51:24midknight2k3the front cover comes off
06:51:27midknight2k3no warranty seals
06:51:36midknight2k3if you do that not a SOUL will know
06:53:06earHurtsthe hex screws on the bumpers or the phillips on the top & bottonm?
06:53:34midknight2k3the hex screws.. well that really gets deep into the machine
06:53:49midknight2k3to get a cool look pop out the top and bottom philips ones...
06:53:55midknight2k3and turn it on too
06:54:08midknight2k3the backlight LEDs look cool
06:54:13midknight2k3just of you wanted to open it
06:55:21earHurtssee, I don't have top phillips; that's where the battery hatch is.
06:55:36midknight2k3you gonna disassemble it?
06:55:53earHurtsnot yet.
06:56:09midknight2k3okay hang a se
06:56:57midknight2k3hmm im not sure hang on more sec
06:57:34earHurtsI'm goingn to wait untiln I replace the hdd.
06:57:55midknight2k3with what?
06:58:40earHurtsa 60 or an 80
06:58:50midknight2k3you got that much music?
07:00:22earHurtsit's a good deal, bnut lately they've'limitedn downloads to 35 tracks at a time.
07:01:00earHurtssorry abot the "n"s, mny handheld has a bad "n" key.
07:01:27midknight2k3i just realized
07:01:51midknight2k3well i'd say just do the hex screws
07:01:52earHurtsit triggers if merely nbrushed, and it's the tiny keys.
07:01:59midknight2k3if you're replacing hdd then you have to
07:02:31earHurtsI wannt to use the current archos hdd on the handheld.
07:02:59midknight2k3start over
07:03:03midknight2k3what now?
07:04:05earHurtsI want to replace the archos hdd with a bigger one.
07:04:22midknight2k3and the current will go where?
07:04:33earHurtsI want to then use the archos hdd as storage for the handheld.
07:04:39midknight2k3i see you're struggling getting rid of those extra Ns
07:04:49midknight2k3dont worry about it
07:05:10earHurtssharp zaurus 5600
07:05:30earHurtsat that price, the keyboard should nwork :)
07:05:51midknight2k3so thats what youre typing on?
07:06:33earHurtsyeah, wifi
07:06:40midknight2k3whre are you then?
07:06:55earHurtsit wifies to my pc. I'm at home.
07:07:05midknight2k3how amazing
07:07:15midknight2k3well it doesn't have a built in hard drive does it?
07:07:21earHurtstook some trouble to set up
07:07:31earHurtsit's got flash
07:07:40midknight2k3how could you do this?
07:07:42earHurtsyou can add sd and cf cards
07:07:50midknight2k3have the hard drive run through a compactflash adapter?
07:08:08earHurtsmake the hdd look like an sd card. not sure really.
07:08:27midknight2k3i doubt it's possible
07:08:33earHurtssd preferably. the wifi is cf.
07:09:38midknight2k3i don't think it's possible
07:09:41earHurtsprobably not easy. maynbe I can get Linus to do it. :)
07:09:53midknight2k3plus there's the power issue
07:10:03midknight2k3i doubt you could supply it from your hadhelp
07:10:34midknight2k3it it was possible you'd probably strap the hard drive to the back of the handhelp and strap a battery pack on that lol
07:10:43earHurtsI'd want another power source. otoh, the archos runs off a Lion battery like the handheld's.
07:11:05midknight2k3yeah but to supply the ahrd drive power and the handhelp is pushing it
07:11:16midknight2k3plus the fact that it might not interface well
07:11:33midknight2k3possible but not easily done
07:12:21earHurtsyeah, I don't want to waste the drive.
07:12:31midknight2k3Send it to me
07:12:59earHurtswhat hdd do you have?
07:13:17midknight2k3I'll make sure it doesn't get HURT
07:14:11midknight2k3what hdd do i have?
07:14:17midknight2k3in the archos the standard one
07:14:40midknight2k3i'd never need more
07:15:38earHurtsyeah, so I thought too. emusic has a lot of good nstuff, esp. classical.
07:18:01earHurtsyou a rockbox coder?
07:18:17midknight2k3no way
07:18:29midknight2k3too young and too out-of-it
07:19:13earHurtsmodinnng it is fun.
07:19:38midknight2k3i feel like doing something but not something hard like 8mb thing
07:20:00earHurtsno, I mean nmoding the code.
07:20:17midknight2k3dang n key
07:20:24midknight2k3you can do that?
07:20:31midknight2k3what have you done to it recently?
07:21:44earHurtsI added freeform genre support and a composer tag. Patch 706111
07:22:24earHurtsand something to display filenames without a prefix
07:23:54midknight2k3you good at coding
07:25:00 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@
07:25:34earHurtsI think so. I'm more conmfortable with C++ than C. Rocknbox is coded in C.
07:25:59midknight2k3could you do an ab repeat function?
07:26:14earHurtswhat's that?
07:26:58dwihno\o/ Monday \o/
07:27:02dwihnoI love mondays! ;-)
07:27:59midknight2k3ab repeat
07:28:09midknight2k3OH lol
07:28:15midknight2k3didnt even explain it
07:31:05earHurtsThis is possible.
07:31:45earHurtsBut I'm not the one to do it. I don't know the mpeg code at all.
07:31:58midknight2k3oh well
07:32:04midknight2k3seems that's linuses job
07:32:15midknight2k3seems also it won't happen soon
07:32:28earHurtswould A nnd B always be in the same song?
07:32:38midknight2k3you set it when you want
07:33:01midknight2k3then when you're done you press the button againa nd the song continues whhere it left off
07:33:23earHurtsexplain it again?
07:33:50midknight2k3You're playing a song, then there's a section of 15 seconds you want to repeat.
07:33:58midknight2k3Between 3:35 and 3:50
07:34:12midknight2k3You press F3 at 3:35 and again at 3:50
07:34:23midknight2k3The 15 seconds loops over and over
07:34:31midknight2k3when you're done you press F3 again
07:34:44midknight2k3let's say at 3:49
07:35:04midknight2k3then the song goes 3:49, then 3:50 and so on (continues like normal)
07:35:10 Join Zagor [242] (
07:35:13midknight2k3and all is the same
07:35:16midknight2k3et it
07:35:17midknight2k3get it
07:35:35earHurtsso A and B are within the same song?
07:36:07midknight2k3i thouht you meant earlier that can you only repeat one song ever
07:36:09dwihno\o/ Zagor \o/
07:36:23earHurtsyeah, understanable
07:36:28midknight2k3\o/ Shut Up \o/
07:36:31midknight2k3just kidding :)
07:37:02midknight2k3just kidding!
07:37:06midknight2k3im sorry
07:37:20midknight2k3yeee! gleeee!
07:38:10earHurtsis there an offset into the currently playing track that is NOT redet when the mpeg buffer wraps around?
07:38:45midknight2k3sorry i dont get it lol
07:38:47earHurtsI'm asking Zagor or other coders.
07:38:58midknight2k3not me?
07:39:07midknight2k3he doesnt even know what were talking about
07:39:12earHurtsUnless you know the answer.
07:39:30ZagorearHurts: i don't understand the question
07:39:31midknight2k3offset? reset? buffer wraparound?
07:39:35midknight2k3sorry man cant help
07:39:54Zagorwhat would it point to, when the buffer wraps?
07:40:27earHurtsa frame counter that isn.t reset to zero when thw mpwg buffer is re-filled.
07:40:55Zagorno, we don't count frames
07:40:58earHurtsit would be a counter, not a pointer.
07:41:00Zagorwe count time
07:41:17dwihnoWe can count sheep! :D
07:41:20earHurtsok, so a mnilliseconds accumulator?
07:42:03earHurtsgiven long bar = id3-
07:42:36midknight2k3me like sheep
07:42:45dwihnoThey are so fluffy!
07:42:48earHurts>elapsed ; could I seek to the frame at that time?
07:43:27ZagorearHurts: yes, that's how resume works
07:44:36dwihnoZagor: How was your weekend?
07:45:18earHurtsmidk, this mnight be rather easier than I thoughr. But I still have 2 weeks of other work nbefore I can think about it.
07:45:29Zagordwihno: very nice. i took a few days off hacking.
07:45:48midknight2k3neat mr. earhurts
07:45:56midknight2k3would be much appreciated thanks a lot
07:46:05ZagorearHurts, midknight2k3: what are you discussing?
07:46:07 Join Guest [0] (
07:46:15midknight2k3a-b repeat
07:46:19earHurtsare you done being off? :)
07:46:20Zagorah, ok
07:46:40midknight2k3are you talking to me?
07:47:06earHurtsno, to zagor. unless you cananswer for him.
07:47:18midknight2k3id dint even realize what you meant
07:47:40dwihnoZagor: Ah. That's really nice! At this time of year, "it's good for you" to leave the hacking aside for a while :)
07:47:58ZagorearHurts: yes, for now at least. i'll probably take a few more days later though. it's good to relax a bit once in a while.
07:48:02midknight2k3i just got an idea
07:48:07midknight2k3for a rockbox demo
07:48:09earHurtsholidays are the only time I have tohack.
07:48:20midknight2k3virtual sheep... jumping over a fence.
07:48:28earHurtsotherwise it's damned njava.
07:49:24earHurtsI don't supposed anyone has read about my proposal for genlang?
07:49:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:49:42midknight2k3i dont think so lol
07:49:52Zagori haven't yet. it will take a few hours until i've gone through my mail.
07:50:08earHurtsIt stems from a discussion witj nbagder.
07:50:31 Quit OneCluedCoder (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
07:51:54earHurtsbasically, it allows mutiple strinngs to be grouped by one id.
07:52:03midknight2k3i don't get it
07:53:05earHurtsmidk: it allows for more efficient and less tedious programming. Not visible to end users.
07:53:35earHurtsexcept as smaller .ajz files.
07:55:31midknight2k3end useres
07:55:35midknight2k3i feel so ashamed
07:57:39earHurtscrap. opera can't show all of a /. discussion, the mnod nbutton's at the bottonm, so I can't mod anyone up.
07:57:59midknight2k3you use opera?
07:58:10earHurtson the handheld
07:58:24earHurtsIt's far from excellent.
07:59:05earHurtsbut I'nm soaking nmy feet in the tub and don't want to go to the pc.
07:59:31midknight2k3yo yo yo yo.....
07:59:35midknight2k3da da dum dum da dum
08:00:33earHurtszagor, you started Rockbox, right?
08:00:53midknight2k3My hero!
08:01:10earHurtsIt's very impressive.
08:01:34midknight2k3thanks you
08:01:58earHurtsHow'd you get started, tracing code or hardware?
08:02:36Zagorboth. it all started with cracking the firmware scrambling algorithm
08:02:55earHurtsbefore you disassemnbled?
08:03:08earHurtsthe hardware I mean.
08:03:40Zagorno, first I took it apart and looked at the hardware.
08:03:56Zagorbut I do that to every device I have. :-)
08:04:11earHurtsso you knew thw chip and the opcodes to expect?
08:04:50earHurtshad you previous experience with the sh1 chip?
08:05:05Zagorno, this is the first time i'm using it
08:05:22Zagorbut it's not much different from other micro controllers
08:05:28earHurtsso you read the sh1 manual?
08:06:18Zagorand what?
08:06:32dwihnomov ax, hello
08:07:01earHurtshow'd that help crack tnhe scranmbling?
08:08:06Zagorah. well that let me get a picture of how the software would probably look. and it allowed me to verify which data was code or not. plus i found a nice disassembler that helped verify when the crack was successful
08:08:56earHurtsthe scrannble's security through onbscurity, or does it have a purpose?
08:09:41Zagori see no other purpose than just obscurity. archos is paranoid about competitors ripping their stuff.
08:10:14earHurtsheh. I wouldn't have bought it without rockbox.
08:10:55earHurtsAnd now I'm reluctant to nbuy anything I can't hack.
08:11:38earHurtsRockbnox is at least an order of nmagnitude faster for directory operations,
08:12:04Zagorthan the archos firmware?
08:12:14earHurtsand much better at most everything nby Lsubjectively) even more.
08:12:34midknight2k3ANNOYING that N key
08:12:39earHurtsI haven't timed it. That's how it feels though.
08:13:14earHurtsoh, sorry, nmy handheld's got a hyper sensitive "n" key
08:13:17Zagorok. i haven't used the original firmware in a long time, so I don't know how it feels...
08:13:41earHurtsI've got an fm, so for radio I was rolo'ing
08:14:07earHurtsnot anymore, thanks to Linus.
08:14:46earHurtsThe archos font, too, is so anoying. No true descenders.
08:15:04midknight2k3i hated it
08:15:06midknight2k3hate hate hate
08:15:11midknight2k3plus just everything about it
08:15:53earHurtsoddly, the pc recognizes the archos faster when it's runing rockbox too
08:16:50midknight2k3see you all
08:17:02midknight2k3nbye to yout oo
08:17:16earHurtsmust get handheld replaced
08:17:24midknight2k3alright well nbye
08:17:30 Quit midknight2k3 ("nbye!! -=SysReset 2.53=-")
08:18:34earHurtszagor, you plan ui changes for 2.1?
08:19:12ZagorearHurts: probably not for 2.1, but some time later. the roadmap says 2.2
08:19:41earHurtswhat's planned?
08:20:26Zagormainly cleaning up the quick-screens and making them more consistent. see bagder's proposal in the list.
08:21:56earHurtshow,s work on a playlist browser coming?
08:22:28ZagorI don't know if anyone is working on that right now.
08:24:41earHurtshow's it decided which patches become official?
08:26:57Zagoryou mean merged in to cvs?
08:28:07Zagorit's decided subectively by me, bagder and linus.
08:28:33Zagorthe patch needs to be good and serve a useful purpose, basically
08:29:22earHurtsso what about the people on the list writing, "I vote for..."?
08:29:56Zagorthat doesn't mean anything except we then know there are people who like the feature
08:30:10Zagorit's not part of a voting system or anything
08:31:52earHurtsdo the three of you reach consensus easily?
08:32:27Zagoryes. we've been hacking together since the 80s so we tend to agree on most things
08:34:06earHurtsand it's only you three who update cvs?
08:34:41Zagorno, several people have cvs write access. but we reserve the final say about new code/patches
08:35:37*dwihno actually got a patch applied! ;-.)
08:35:48dwihnoThanks to Linus for expert tips and guidance
08:35:54earHurtswhich dwihno?
08:36:09dwihnoearHurts: inverted cursor (yay!)
08:36:57earHurtsoh, thanks, that is very nice.
08:37:35dwihnoIt's a nice feature. So are the rest of the firmware ninja tricks.
08:37:48dwihnoEvery once in a while, I use the Archos firmware to see how much Rockbox has evovled.
08:37:54earHurtsninja tricks?
08:39:02earHurtsyes going nback to archos is like level 16 (or whatever) in nethack with tiles.
08:39:47earHurtsOh Zagor, could I ask you a favor?
08:39:54dwihnoNinja tricks, such as configurable WPS, scroll speed settings etc. etc. etc.
08:39:58dwihnoNinja tricks (tm(
08:41:18earHurtsMy email names me as TP Diffenbach, for privacy reasons; I wonder if in your digest you might spell it out as "Thomas Paul Diffenbach"?
08:41:43Zagorbagder does the digest, but i'll tell him
08:41:51dwihnoDiffenbach? It's you! :D
08:41:58dwihnoI've read your mails! ;D
08:42:02earHurtsoh dwihno, me?
08:42:18dwihnoYa :D
08:42:35earHurtsYes, but I'm even less articulate in person.
08:42:53earHurtsThanks, Zagor
08:43:03Zagoryou would probably be recognized by more people if you had irc nick 'diffenbach' or something :-)
08:43:20Zagorthen again, i should not complain... :-)
08:43:46earHurtsyes, but when I downloaded this client, I was in extreme pain from an ear infection.
08:44:11earHurtsworse pain than a heart attack.
08:45:15earHurtsheart attack's bad, but you don't scream in pain.
08:46:19Zagorare you better now?
08:46:25earHurtsanyway, I'll change it when the ear clears up.
08:46:27 Join Bagder [241] (
08:46:35Zagoryo bagder!
08:46:39Zagor<earHurts> My email names me as TP Diffenbach, for privacy reasons; I wonder if in your digest you might spell it out as "Thomas Paul Diffenbach"?
08:46:43BagderI noticed
08:46:46BagderI've fixed
08:46:47Zagorok, good
08:46:53earHurtsnbetter, not great.
08:47:01earHurtsoh, thanks.
08:47:32earHurtsin case any ex gfs google me. :)
08:47:49Zagorbtw, what's the name of that program that adjusts the volume level of mp3s?
08:48:08Bagderwe should have a "good mp3 tools" page
08:48:20BagderZagor: "gain" something ;-)
08:48:44Zagorah, mp3gain
08:48:49earHurtsI have nno idea, nbut mp3 is a great tag editor, and the programmer is very nice about requests
08:49:53earHurtsnbnagder, you recall our convo abnout the lang ids?
08:50:34earHurtsI've made a genlang that does sorta what we spoke about.
08:51:08Bagderso what does it do if someone removes an entry that is supposed to be in a list?
08:51:17Bagderor "blanks" it
08:51:32earHurtsfrom a translation or fronm the english?
08:51:53Bagderfrom the english one. Let's say one of the entries doesn't make sense anymore
08:52:08earHurtsthen it goesn away.
08:52:31earHurtsjust like remving an id does today
08:52:32Bagderdoesn't that break binary compatibility with the older lang files?
08:52:39Bagderwell today we don't remove theme
08:52:45Bagderwe only set them ""
08:52:49earHurtsit does nbreak it.
08:54:51Zagorwee mp3gain even comes with source. nice!
08:54:57earHurtswe'd also set removed "" in groups
08:56:03Bagderso each time a list entry is removed, we need to bump the language version number
08:56:26earHurtsor set it to ""
08:56:52Bagderbut if "" works, then you'll get a gap in the list, which I thought you didn't want?
08:56:57earHurtsagain, as with ids today.
08:57:31earHurtsthat,s not a gap, "" is a real string. it's just very uninformative.
08:58:04Bagderyes, but you hardly want that in the list
08:58:20Bagdertoday, we remove the use of that entry from the code at the same time
08:58:44Bagderbut with the list-concept, we were supposed to remove the use of specific ids all over
08:59:14Bagderthis is a tricky problem
08:59:18earHurtsif we remove a list element, the defines changes too. if sonmebody loaded a lang with the now extra elemnnt, we'd ignore it.
09:00:30Bagderhow do we ignore it?
09:01:13earHurtswhen we load a lang dynamically,n we replace the english strings with the lang file's, yes?
09:01:44Bagderlet me do an example
09:01:56Bagderwe make a list for "noise-level"
09:02:05earHurtsIf the loaded file had extra elements, we'd either load only the first +, or just ignore that translation.
09:02:19BagderThe list has these entries: "little", "more", "quite a lot" and "lots"
09:02:47Bagderthen, we figure out that "quite a lot" doesn't work so we blank it in the english file
09:03:04Bagderhow will that work with the translated files that have the string present?
09:03:08earHurtsno, we remove it.
09:03:23Bagderso how do we keep up the ids properly when it is removed?
09:03:47earHurtsthe ids are generated for a list
09:04:29BagderI think I might understand more if I got to see your approach ;-)
09:05:03earHurtssee my mail to the list, or the genlang at:
09:05:44Bagderah, didn't see your posting
09:06:02Bagder(big mail server change during the weekend here, chaos all over)
09:07:21earHurtsbasically, for a list we make the id the given id + a numnber starting at zero.
09:08:18Bagdera question then
09:08:34Bagderwhy is the number of entries in a list a define, shouldn't it be a stored value in the file?
09:08:58Bagderok, I see why
09:09:12Bagderbut I can't see how it will work when the list have different sizes in different files
09:09:21earHurtsI was thinking of int foo[]={1,2,3} ;
09:09:54earHurtsthe english list controls the ciunt.
09:12:33earHurtsack! nbattery dying.
09:17:47 Join matsl [0] (
09:20:08Bagdermorning mats
09:20:50matslmorning bagder
09:21:27Zagoranyone know an mp3 cutting program for linux?
09:22:06 Join EGM92 [0] (
09:22:16EGM92Hello everyone!!
09:22:36EGM92anyone around?
09:22:41DBUGEnqueued KICK EGM92
09:22:41***Alert Mode level 1
09:22:41***Alert Mode level 2
09:22:41***Alert Mode level 3
09:22:41***Alert Mode level 4
09:22:41***Alert Mode level 5
09:22:47Bagdercut it out
09:23:08Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
09:23:09 Quit EGM92 (Client Quit)
09:23:21 Join egm92 [0] (
09:23:29egm92sorry something screwed up
09:23:58earHurtsdid you stutter? :)
09:24:03egm92Hey are there any other archos firmware developers?
09:24:13egm92no keyboard keys got stuck
09:24:18Bagderno, only rockbox developers ;-)
09:25:01egm92u guys don't by any chance make Multimedia 20 firmware?
09:25:29egm92damn heard rumors of such a project
09:25:46Bagderthe multimedia is doomed
09:25:51Bagderthere is one
09:26:02Bagderbut they do have quite a bit left to work...
09:26:18Bagderwell, perhaps not doomed ;-)
09:26:29Bagderbut I doubt they'll ever get a custom firmware
09:26:54Bagderits just too damned hard on that box
09:27:22egm92I just want to know... if I do get into making my own firmware would it be possible to pdate it in such a way it would recognize other kinds of format?
09:27:36Bagderon the multimedia?
09:28:05Bagdergo here and check:
09:28:08egm92yes, The Divx drivers are old and I when ever i encode a video i don't get sound put the picture shows i just want to make it work
09:28:10earHurtsi'd prefer to attach a hdd to a handheld.
09:28:58earHurtsbigger screen
09:29:09dwihnoOr perhaps just use a cheap laptop :-)
09:30:32dwihnoI sometimes curse my laptop. The PCMCIA slots are so badly positioned! :(
09:30:33egm92does anyone here live in the USA?
09:31:26egm92may i have ur postal code please? I just need one cause yahoo won't let me make an account with out one
09:31:45Bagderchose another country
09:31:58earHurtssure, 90210
09:32:23dwihnoWrite "Brandon Walsh" in the name information ;-)
09:32:30earHurtsalways lie when asked for stuff like that
09:32:41dwihno"Hi, I'm 37 years old and play an 18 year old highschool kid"
09:32:42***Alert Mode OFF
09:32:51egm92lol its hard i put in random numbers and wont work
09:32:53earHurtselse marketers will have your balls
09:33:14earHurtsuse 20055
09:34:54earHurtsdrugstore wants nmy birthdate as tnheir database's prinmary key, oh for satan
09:36:18egm92so no plans on rockbox making a FW for the multimedia player?
09:37:13earHurtsyou must complain to archos.
09:38:01Bagderthey're french
09:38:26egm92I've talked to their dutch tech support once lol
09:38:38 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
09:38:49earHurtsyou nmean "freedom", not french. :)
09:39:39dwihnoegm92: They are smeetfrees:es, all of 'em ;-)
09:40:03Bagderthunder here
09:40:24dwihnoScary! :(
09:40:33Zagoryeah, everything went dark! :-)
09:40:34earHurtsah, thunder. I have sonme thunder mp3s.
09:40:36CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:40:36*dwihno hands Bagder the almighty comfortable blanket of might
09:40:58dwihnoZagor: You guys are sitting in Kista? :-)
09:41:02earHurtswhen it thunders, play wagner
09:41:05dwihnoAlso known as "no powe today"
09:41:11Zagordwihno: nope, i'm at home
09:41:22Bagderhome sweet home
09:41:26Zagorkista is "brownout central"
09:41:39*earHurts has the complete Ring Cycle on the archos.
09:42:48 Quit egm92 ("Leaving")
09:44:03 Quit hardeep (Remote closed the connection)
09:45:03 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
09:46:03Bagderits close now
09:49:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:50:52Zagorunusually massive thunder
09:51:02Zagorlots of alarms going off here :-)
10:02:27BagderI saw reloaded this weekend
10:02:38Zagorah, was it fun?
10:02:46Bagderit was in fact better than I thought
10:03:01Bagderannoying ending though
10:03:09Bagder"To Be Continued" style
10:03:37Bagderthe logical flaws in the story are about as many as in the first part
10:06:44Zagori'll go see it some day this week, i think
10:06:57Bagderlots of slowmo, LOTS of explosions, LOTS of fights
10:07:16hardeepvery dull fights imo
10:07:27Bagderyeah, they get a bit repetitive by the time
10:07:51hardeepthey need to give up on that bullet time stuff, it was new in the first but just extended the fight scenes unnecessarily in the second
10:51:45 Join awy[baer] [0] (
11:11:39 Quit hardeep ("[BX] The Invisible Man uses BitchX, you just can't see it!")
11:12:46 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
11:13:02*Quelsaruk fears, badger is op...
11:13:12Mode"#rockbox -o Bagder " by Bagder (
11:13:15Quelsaruki promise i'm inocent
11:17:13 Join Kuji_ [0] (
11:17:31Kuji_hi badger
11:18:05Kuji_Can someone tell me something about recording.. I have tried this over and over (as you know) and lately it has been fuckign up really bad... let me explain
11:18:37Kuji_a 60 min recording, will play for 12 mins or so and then crash −− why.. well examining the file, most fixer apps say that the mpeg layers are mixed
11:18:58Kuji_the last part of the recording seems ok, but some 80000 frames listed as bad
11:19:29Kuji_vbr fix just chops the file at 12mins or so
11:19:38Kuji_I havent tried the indep frames yet..
11:19:43Kuji_thats the next task
11:19:52ZagorKuji_: define "crash"
11:20:09Kuji_Well winamp, media player, real all crash when they reach that point..
11:20:24Bagderyou mean they stop?
11:20:25Kuji_should have said playing file back on pc
11:21:03Kuji_well, the file sometimes stops, the winamp box goes white and occasionally the file speeds up slows down garbles and then it all stops
11:21:19Kuji_the playing app will just hang
11:21:34Kuji_trying to view file in wavelab or soundforge makes them bomb out
11:21:56Kuji_easycdda bombs out, prog closes
11:22:12Kuji_it say contains multiple mpeg versions
11:22:19Kuji_in other progs
11:22:40Kuji_its almost like its mp3 stereo, then mp3 mono, mp2 stereo, mp3 stereo etc...
11:22:43Zagorsounds like an excellent test file for those apps ;)
11:22:46Kuji_not sure what the hell is going on..
11:23:11Kuji_have a file (80mb) if you want to look at it
11:23:42 Nick Kuji_ is now known as kuji (
11:23:48ZagorLinus is "da man" for this type of recording intricacies
11:24:00Zagori'm only responsible for the -114 panic ;)
11:24:08BagderAKA Linus "recording guru" Felzting
11:24:14kujiwhy do I get the odd ones...
11:24:35kuji!seen linus
11:24:44kujilogbot seen linus
11:24:44#>>"seen" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
11:24:45#>>"seen" used by Quelsaruk ( [snoop prevented]
11:24:56Quelsarukzagor, same second
11:25:30 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|meeting (
11:26:13kujiok cool, I will wait till I find him..
11:26:33kujiis there any space I can upload this file ready for him.
11:26:41Bagderyou could write down all the details in a mail and post it to the mailing list
11:26:46kujiyeah I will.
11:27:16kujihows it going anyway
11:27:23kujipublic holiday today
11:27:38Zagorit is?
11:28:01earHurtsMemorial Day in the US
11:28:21earHurtshonors fallen in war
11:28:40Zagorexcellent time for playing some Battlefield 1942 then ;)
11:28:45kujibank holiday here in uk
11:28:47earHurtsmarks beginning of summer
11:28:48kujino reason
11:31:32 Quit Bagder ("")
11:31:50earHurtssomebody /msg me, please?
11:32:58earHurtswhat's the command to end a nmsg session?
11:33:35earHurtsah, /close
11:33:58 Quit kuji ("bbl")
11:34:25 Quit earHurts ("sleepy")
11:36:20 Join awy[baer]_ [0] (
11:42:53 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
11:48:14hardeepblah, didn't realize the ata code had a yield() in it
11:48:50hardeepi've been tracking down a bug since friday that was due to that
11:49:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:49:48dwihnored led death?
11:49:59hardeepno, a bug in something i'm working on
11:52:22HesHm, the thunderstorm seems to be coming this way.
11:53:19 Quit awy[baer] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:29:54 Join tracktheripper [0] (
12:37:17 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the Commodore 64 today!")
12:40:51 Join earHurts [0] (
12:42:02earHurtslogbot: seen dwihno
12:43:39 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
12:59:58 Part Tschechow
13:15:08Zagoryay, hes, i just noticed you write bchunk! :-)
13:23:04 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
13:35:28 Join ken0_ [0] (
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14:11:40 Join ken0 [0] (
14:14:57ricIIrockobox srill headless, maybe I sould ask archos if they could send a recorder lcd.
14:16:04Zagorasking can't hurt
14:16:21Zagorbut that one is a standard part. you can probably get it elsewhere.
14:20:13 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:21:03HesZagor: that's an surprisingly widely used small little trivial tool 8-)
14:21:20ZagorHes: trivial but very useful.
14:22:07HesBeen using it for long?
14:22:41ricIIZagor: googling didn't bring much.
14:23:31Zagorit's one of those tools i find myself needing every few months, and always think "didn't I find something that did this?" and spend 10 minutes googling for it before I realize it's already installed in my box :)
14:24:03webmindricII, !
14:24:09webmindricII, your hd is @ vt100
14:24:12webmind(so am i btw)
14:25:41ricIIwebmind: maybe I drop by later on the day
14:27:17webmindk cewl
14:31:50 Join Bagder [241] (
14:35:50 Quit ken0 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:51:02 Join pyvasene [0] (~pyvasene@
15:06:10Zagor /reboot
15:06:13 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
15:11:53 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:28:53 Join earHurts [0] (
15:31:40 Join tracktheripper [0] (
15:32:08tracktheripperhi Bagder
15:32:51tracktheripperwots up?
15:33:10 Quit tracktheripper (Client Quit)
15:39:14 Quit MT ("changing servers")
15:39:21 Quit Bagder ("")
15:43:08 Join MT [0] (
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15:55:59 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@
16:05:57 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
16:13:48 Join DJBaz [0] (
16:20:05 Quit DJBaz ("Client exiting")
16:22:14 Join DJBaz [0] (
16:36:01 Quit elinenbe (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
16:37:13 Join elinenbe [0] (
16:42:56 Join BoD[] [0] (
16:43:03BoD[]hi !
16:51:25elinenbericII: hello
16:53:48 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
16:53:49 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:53:52 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
16:59:42 Join kuji [0] (
17:05:47 Part kuji
17:07:35 Join DAA75 [0] (
17:08:31DAA75Hi... I'm looking to buy an archos product. Which one do you suggest I get?
17:08:53 Quit DAA75 (Client Quit)
17:09:08quel|meetingrecorder 20
17:11:45 Join LordHades4 [0] (
17:12:19LordHades4Hi. I'm looking to buy an Archos MP3 player. Which one do you suggest I get?
17:13:51LordHades4Hey.. anyone out there?!?!
17:14:19webmindLordHades4, sure
17:14:22webmindLordHades4, recorder 20
17:14:57LordHades4i was debating wether the fm recorder 20 or just the recorder 20
17:15:36LordHades4but the recorder 20 is better?
17:15:44webmindwell unless u really like the fm function i dont see the use
17:16:15LordHades4i kind of do, but i've read reviews that said the reception was crappy
17:16:49webmindpersonally i wouldn't care..why listen to radio when u got 20 (in my case 40) gigs of mp3's ?
17:17:32LordHades4is the fm alot more expensive than the regular 20?
17:17:42webmindwouldn't know.. depends on the shop i think?
17:19:50 Quit LordHades4 ()
17:33:46 Quit pyvasene ("Client exiting")
17:39:01 Join Stevie-O [0] (
17:42:31 Join ken0_ [0] (
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18:04:53 Quit DJBaz (Remote closed the connection)
18:05:52 Join jzoss [0] (
18:15:40 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:29:49 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
18:32:08 Join earHurts [0] (
18:36:29*Stevie-O yawns
18:47:30Stevie-Oanybody here have the 8mb mod?
18:53:56 Join dhd [0] (
18:53:57dhdHi !
18:54:04dhdIs there someone online?
18:55:30 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
18:55:46midknight2k3I got it! I got an idea.
18:55:55jzoss?? what is it?
18:56:09midknight2k3for the file limit
18:56:21midknight2k3how you have to have a disk spinup and reboot to take effect
18:57:07midknight2k3When you change it, then a prompt should come up saying, "Apply settings now?" and if you press YES <play> then it spins up, and reboots or NO <any other key> then it exits the menu
18:58:11jzossI guess that'd be a little more convenient for the initial setup, but I don't see changing that setting often... do you?
18:58:30midknight2k3but when you have to it would help a lot
18:58:40jzossright. And easy (enough) to implement
18:58:43midknight2k3wouldn't take much code I don't think
18:58:57midknight2k3just simply disk spinup then reboot
18:59:01midknight2k3or, exit
18:59:43elinenbejzoss: did you see hardeeps new insert/queue code?
18:59:54elinenbejzoss: sorry wrong person.
18:59:58jzossI heard him talking about it, but haven't looked at it. =)
19:00:15elinenbejzoss: are you working on anything behind the scenes right now?
19:00:33jzossMy sister's graduation is sucking up every free weekend I have. lol
19:00:42jzossToo much partying and relative-visiting and all the rest
19:00:57jzossBut, yah, I'm still tweaking the id3edit patch.
19:01:08jzossAnd have a few other things on a list somewhere to start when I finish that
19:01:25 Quit awy[baer]_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:02:32 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:02:50 Quit dhd ("( :: NoNameScript 3.71 :: )")
19:02:57midknight2k3be right back
19:02:57 Part midknight2k3
19:14:34 Join Jet8810 [0] (
19:18:35 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
19:49:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:53:28 Part jzoss ("Client exiting")
19:58:14 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- :P")
20:04:41 Join awy[baer] [0] (
20:15:02 Join _aLF [0] (
20:30:41 Nick quel|meeting is now known as quelsaruk (
20:33:41 Join Scorp [0] (
20:33:52Scorpdamn it people, does anyone wnat to buy a jb studio 20?
20:47:05 Join tracktheripper [0] (
20:47:30 Quit tracktheripper (Client Quit)
20:47:47 Join tracktheripper [0] (
20:47:53tracktherippergot disconnected
20:50:34 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
20:56:26 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
20:59:38 Quit _aLF ("bye")
20:59:51 Join Stevie-O [0] (
21:02:09 Join _aLF [0] (
21:04:11Stevie-Oanybody here have an 8mb rockbox?
21:15:22Stevie-Ojukebox even
21:17:42 Quit Scorp (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:40:54quelsarukmust go
21:41:11quelsarukStevie-O: thebreaker has one
21:41:13quelsaruki think
21:41:48 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
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21:51:19 Join DJBaz [0] (
21:56:54 Join Yeft [0] (
22:00:57 Join Galik [0] (
22:01:58GalikI trying to mount my archos in dosemu under Linux. Any1 got any experience of this cos I stuck :,(
22:03:21Yeftlol my archos went KA-BOOM last week...
22:03:42hardeepGalik: why use dosemu? you can mount it directly...
22:04:06Galikhardeep: I know but I want to format it. I don't have Windows :)
22:04:18Stevie-Ois there no fatfs?
22:05:18GalikStevie-0: Thnx i'll look for that. How about a scandisk for Linux; do you know of one?
22:05:23hardeepor mkfs.vfat
22:06:08Galikhardeep: I don't seem to have mkfs.vfat on my system. What package does it belong to?
22:06:09Stevie-Oprobably some form of vfatfsck
22:06:45GalikI have fsck for several file systems but not vfat it seems
22:06:55hardeepfsck.fat32 ?
22:07:13Galikfsck fsck.ext2 fsck.minix
22:07:13Galikfsck.cramfs fsck.ext3 fsck.reiserfs
22:07:16Galikonly these
22:07:27hardeepoh, dosfsck
22:07:42 Quit Yeft (" Info-[v9.4.2]- Released-[August 10, 2002]- Channel-[#Excursi")
22:08:42Galikno. no dosfsck either. I seem to have an incomplete fsck install
22:08:58Stevie-Onormally the fsck comes with the fs utils
22:09:05GalikStevie-0: Thnx 4 link I'll try that
22:13:23GalikAhh. I found it. dosfstools! Thnx all 4 ur help :)
22:14:15GalikIs archos vfat or msdos?
22:14:38Stevie-O... it's fat32
22:15:32Galikhmmm my choices are msdos or vfat....
22:17:36GalikWell vfat says it's fixed the disk. I wonder if it still works....
22:21:18hardeepGalik: use vfat, but make sure you specify 32 bits (-F 32)
22:23:12 Join zamez [0] (
22:24:03zamezhi, is the script which generates the 'Recent CVS activity' available anywhere? I can't find it in cvs. thanks
22:25:46Galikhardeep: A bit late I was very eager but I will do in future. vfat seems to have worked well. My corruptions seem to have gone.
22:25:47hardeepzamez: Bagder and Zagor are the people to ask but if it's anywhere it's probably under the www directory in cvs
22:26:20zamezthanks, I looked there, but couldn't find it
22:28:32 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:29:29 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Client Quit)
22:29:46 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:30:32Galikthnx all. cu :)
22:30:34 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
22:35:04 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:35:58 Quit _seb_ ("be back soon")
22:37:15 Quit DJBaz (Connection timed out)
23:14:41 Join DJBaz [0] (
23:17:10 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:25:39 Join elinenbe [0] (
23:28:51elinenbehardeep: any new info on the append/insert patch?
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