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#rockbox log for 2003-05-27

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05:00:27earHurtssomebody refresh nmy memory - should a recorder .ajz boot and run on an fm archos?
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05:21:03hardeepearHurts: no, the scramble code is a little different
05:22:43hardeepactually, i take that back, the scramble is the same... there are other differences though which will result in it not booting
05:24:24earHurts I've got a user telling me my recorder build doesn't work, but I can't load it on my fm.
05:24:45hardeepi can try it, what's the url?
05:25:55earHurtsHas anyonne managed to run the simulator under cygwin?
05:26:14hardeepearHurts: yeah, it works pretty well in fact
05:26:34hardeepalthough i prefer the win32 simulator because of the msvc debugger
05:26:34earHurtsdoes it require X?
05:27:02earHurtsfie on ms!
05:27:12hardeepearHurts: yeah, but you can use xfree86 provided with cygwin
05:28:48earHurtshardeep, on the build, see what menu->general settings->file view->chop file prefix gives you.
05:29:32hardeepi get the tree menus you mention in your docs
05:30:20earHurtsdoes the at/after work?
05:30:48hardeepthe options are there... let me see if they work as expected
05:31:56hardeepyeah, looks like they're working
05:32:32earHurtsyou were able to select at or after?
05:32:44hardeepyeah, and they worked as documented
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05:33:21earHurtsok, if you now set chop to no, do your file manes dispaly normally?
05:33:52earHurtshnmmn. Thanks.
05:34:20earHurtsThis is contrary to Michael O'Quinn's report
05:34:42hardeeponly thing to note is that my settings had just been reset so the config block was fresh
05:34:57hardeepmaybe he had some bad settings laying around due to other patches
05:35:40earHurtsbnut he was using my build, which only has nmy patches.
05:36:09hardeepyeah, but he may have used a patched version before that updated the same config block areas
05:36:33hardeepwhich would've lingered around when he booted into yours
05:37:12earHurtsagain, thanks.
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06:18:58elinenbehardeep: you here?
06:29:36hardeepelinenbe: yep
06:44:39elinenbehardeep: any new news on the queue/insert function?
06:47:38hardeepjust a couple of minor bugs and cleanup left to do
06:49:12hardeepyou can try the latest at
06:50:01elinenbeI will... nice.
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08:22:54simehow can i create a playlist with a linux machin without music match?
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08:28:20adiamaseasiest way: find "target directory" -name *.mp3 > "playlistname.m3u"
08:28:54adiamasexample, i have a Rock directory on my archos
08:28:59adiamasso i go to the root on the archos
08:29:12adiamasfind Rock/ -name *.mp3 > Rock.m3u
08:33:39simeadiamas: thx
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08:48:28simeis there a 12 volt car adapter avalaible cheaper than the one that sells?
08:57:23adiamasthe room tends to be a bit inactive around this time of night.. give it an hour or so
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08:57:47simeok then
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09:27:53kujilogbot: seen linusn
09:28:03kujiogbot seen linusn
09:28:08kujilogbot seen linusn
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10:43:42simeis there a 12 volt car adapter avalaible cheaper than the one that sells?
10:44:31dwihnoCheck your local radio shack store :-)
10:47:42Quelsarukmornign dwihno :)
10:48:51dwihnoHej hej
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11:43:49earHurtsanybody awake?
11:45:08Jet8810unfortunately, me ;)
11:46:01earHurtsknow if anybnody's gotten the sim to build under cygwin?
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12:01:43quel|outi tried before
12:02:00quel|outbut i got an error
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12:17:42Quelsarukhow was that nick
12:18:07Jet8810logbot: seen lanhardrocker
12:18:25Jet8810heh maybe not...:)
12:18:37Quelsarukis haar (hair in german or something like that
12:18:42Quelsarukis long haired rocker
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13:23:43Bagderhowdy ho
13:25:16Quelsarukhej Bagder :)
13:25:52Quelsarukmor da bra? (i have a really bad memory and even worse swedish)
13:26:08Bagder"mår du bra?"
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13:26:38Quelsarukmar du bra
13:26:42Quelsarukmore or less...
13:28:46Quelsarukbtw, i've found doom for my mobile ;)
13:29:09Bagderis it good?
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13:29:43Quelsaruki haven't tested it yet
13:30:13Quelsaruk(i have to create the bin file yet)
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14:55:40Bagderwelcome dr Z
14:57:14dwihnoZagor: I got an URL for you... Sony has released some N.U.D.E (hah, NUDE!) headphones ;-)
14:58:00Zagorex71? i wonder what's changed.
14:58:33dwihnoMe too.
14:58:39dwihnoPerhaps a better magnet?
14:59:24Bagdermaybe we should slap kjell
14:59:31ZagorBagder: ?
14:59:34Bagderlook at his fd+fe usage
14:59:49Bagderin settings.c
14:59:57Bagderline 417
15:01:51BagderI'll mail
15:03:07Bagderbefore AA is free, isn't it?
15:03:54*dwihno warns Kjell of the upcoming spanking
15:04:04Bagderwhile looking in there, check line 689
15:04:07dwihnoPublic spanking humiliation att the next Snaxx ;D
15:05:20Zagorthat conditional operator on line 689 is linus' idea. i don't like it, i prefer shifting and anding.
15:05:34Bagderyeah, but [0x29] must be wrong
15:05:47Bagderwithin the block it uses [0xae]
15:06:11Bagderif (config_block[0x29] != 0xae) {
15:06:11Bagder global_settings.fade_on_stop = config_block[0xae] & 1;
15:06:15Bagder global_settings.caption_backlight = (config_block[0xae] >> 1) & 1;
15:06:15Bagder }
15:08:16Bagderbug report 742131 pointed me on this
15:08:23Zagorlooks very strange indeed
15:09:35Bagderthe bug reports seems very accurate, I'll correct this
15:09:44matslZagor: just to remind you. have you looked at the patch yet ;-)
15:09:58Zagormatsl: no :-)
15:10:08Bagderso many patches
15:10:23BagderI talked to linus earlier today, he felt a bit overloaded with patches too
15:11:11matslI know. But on this one i have been handcuffed. not allowed to check it in. But I want to get rid of it.
15:11:41Zagormatsl: I know. i'm sorry for the delay, i'll look at it Real Soon Now
15:12:51matslZagor: thanks.
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15:14:05Zagorwe should organise a patch party some day
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15:17:54BagderZagor: are you familiar how the idle powerdown stuff works?
15:18:18Bagderdoes changing the time affect it?
15:21:09Stevie[FreedomPahowdy guys
15:24:24Stevie[FreedomPawhat's up
15:25:17Zagorwe're complaining, mostly :)
15:26:53Stevie[FreedomPawell does anyone know why the 8MB patch caps the buffer reads to 1mb?
15:27:26 Nick Stevie[FreedomPa is now known as Stevie[FP] (~whatsit2u@
15:27:27Zagorbeats me
15:27:44Stevie[FP]it seems to limit the usefulness of having 8mb
15:27:51Stevie[FP]unless you're seeking backwards a lot
15:28:07Bagderthat 1mb limit is not an absolute stop
15:28:18Bagderit only means it'll start playing before swapping all the buffer
15:28:30Stevie[FP]the code says
15:28:43Stevie[FP]amount_to_read = MIN(mp3buflen - mp3buf_write, amount_to_read)
15:28:46Stevie[FP]then, if MEM == 8
15:28:51Stevie[FP]i.e. 8mb
15:30:22BagderI know
15:30:23Stevie[FP]amount_to_read = MIN(0x100000, amount_to_read)
15:30:31Bagderbut it doesn't stop reading after that
15:30:39Bagderit is just a limit for this particular read
15:31:04Bagdersince filling the whole buffer at once takes too long time on 8mb units
15:31:13*Stevie[FP] writes a patch for this
15:31:48Bagderfurther down you'll see that it'll post another message to itself and then it'll read again
15:32:47Stevie[FP]ok, i c
15:39:43Bagderour set date function is a bit silly
15:40:04BagderI believe it get crazy when we read a very weird year
15:40:40BagderI'll fix
15:41:40dwihnoBagder: is it possible to do a %02in in a custom WPS? :)
15:41:51BagderI doubt it
15:42:06dwihnoBoo! ;)
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15:46:39dwihnoI got an idea regarding the module loader today. How about enabling runtime modules for different remote controller interfaces?
15:46:56Stevie[FP]hey bagder
15:47:09Stevie[FP]New patch
15:47:24BagderI noticed
15:47:31Stevie[FP]how'd you notice that fast?
15:47:38BagderI subscribe to the list
15:47:48BagderI get all changes to all trackers
15:47:50Stevie[FP]there's a list that gets emails when someone submits a patch?
15:47:55Stevie[FP]ah, ok
15:47:58Stevie[FP]actually I plan to patch it more effectively, but for now I think this will suffice
15:48:25Bagderhi mbr
15:48:26Stevie[FP]what I think would be best is to remember the USB attachment
15:48:41mbrBagder: seen my patch for time/date setting?
15:49:19Stevie[FP]and if we're still attached by the time we read another key, we return SYS_USB_CONNECTED again
15:49:22mbrit fixes the messed rtc ram after power loss, also
15:49:55Bagderdoes it? do we always get 0xff then?
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15:50:19mbrI think so ..
15:50:19dwihnoAny news about running Rockbox from ROM?
15:51:23Stevie[FP]dalnet needs a new routing team
15:51:32mbrday and month is also beyond the valid range
15:52:02Bagdermbr: you could make the check if(timedate[3] > 30) {}
15:52:05Bagderjust in case
15:52:20mbrI think the registers are set to 0xff as the ram used for settings
15:52:51Bagderbut the clock surely gets updated
15:53:17mbrThats why I used the year
15:53:25mbrBut yes, this may be a problem
15:54:25Bagdermbr: I think you should apply and commit that fix and now allow any year that is beyond 2030
15:54:31Bagdernot allow
15:55:02Bagderoh, and then you can remove my silly fix for >2030
15:55:09mbrAnd include a range check for all other values?
15:55:55BagderI guess so, as otherwise the code won't be happy, like when we get 3-digit seconds or minutes
15:56:11BagderZagor: here?
15:57:59Stevie[FP]I reserve the right to experience life to the fullest, and that only happens at 137:254:80 PM
15:59:05Bagderah, that's why my life is so boring ;-)
15:59:16Bagdermy clock bugs
15:59:25Bagderit wraps before the fun starts!
16:00:03Stevie[FP]arent most RTC clocks BCD?
16:00:05Bagdergotta go home and clean my appartment
16:00:17Bagderanother "showing" tonight
16:00:27*Bagder is about to sell it
16:00:32Stevie[FP]see, if the dorks at Hitachi had replaced some of their more useless CPU instructions with likes like AAA and AAS
16:00:37mbrBagder: I send another patch befor commit
16:01:04BagderI think you can go ahead and commit, I have faith in you
16:01:08Bagdersee ya
16:01:12 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
16:08:58dwihnoWhat's the jump scroll btw?
16:09:31Stevie[FP]i think it's something like setting 'scroll length' to the width of the screen
16:09:39Stevie[FP]not exactly, but close
16:10:07dwihnothen I'm with ya' :)
16:10:14Stevie[FP]with me on what?
16:10:25Stevie[FP]I'm pretty sure it was written for players
16:11:33quel|outdwihno: the jump scroll *jumps to the next 11 chars
16:11:46quel|outa player display has 11 chars AFAIK
16:11:56quel|outso, you see the first 11, then the next 11, and so on
16:12:04 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
16:12:22dwihnoneato :-)
16:12:23dwihnomuy bien
16:13:05Stevie[FP]something bugs me
16:13:14*quelsaruk is a docs guru :D
16:13:31Stevie[FP]my supposed '8mb autodetection' build crashes when loading a new .ajz file
16:14:07Stevie[FP]and I have no real way of finding out what exactly it's diong =/
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16:42:54Stevie[FP]who did the ROM dump?
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18:31:58 Part kuji
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19:07:15quelsarukanyone here with the red light dead issue?
19:07:35Stevie[FP]I had it the other day
19:08:04Stevie[FP]though not on a very recent build
19:08:28quelsarukit's curious...
19:08:54quelsaruki changed the HD on a friend's recorder
19:09:03quelsarukand he's now experimenting that bug
19:09:38quelsarukhe has it now
19:09:45Stevie[FP]do you know anyone with an 8mb rec?
19:10:02#>>"seen" used by quelsaruk ( [snoop prevented]
19:10:18quelsarukok, forget about him ;)
19:11:06quelsarukAFAIK he made the first mod, and those strange changes on source code to make that mod work :)
19:11:16Stevie[FP]ah ok :)
19:12:20 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
19:12:33Stevie[FP]did you see my mail to the list?
19:21:17quelsarukwhich one?
19:22:49Stevie[FP]i made a patch to autodetect the RAM size
19:22:57Stevie[FP]instead of having to preconfigure it
19:25:39quelsaruki read that
19:25:45Stevie[FP]well the first one failed miserably
19:25:50quelsaruknow it works
19:25:50Stevie[FP]but I found the bug and made a new one
19:25:56quelsaruki know
19:26:09Stevie[FP]but I still need Joern to try it again
19:26:22Stevie[FP]since I don't have an 8MB on hand to test it myself :P
19:29:02Stevie[FP]too bad Archos doesn't have an offer where we can send them a Jukebox and some money, and they can replace the chips themselves
19:38:10*Stevie[FP] dreams of producing a feature so cool that it makes the 'News' list on the main page
19:38:55*Stevie[FP] is away [Ingesting sustenance (or at least going to eat some food)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
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19:54:20 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: Little. Yellow. Better.")
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20:07:40 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
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20:23:40 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:37:59*Stevie[FP] is back from [Ingesting sustenance (or at least going to eat some food)] [gone 59mins 4secs] [KS]
20:47:57quelsarukhardeep: how's that dinamic queue going?
20:56:51Stevie[FP]who wrote the rtc alarm stuff?
20:57:45Zagoruwe freese. he made an rtc mod for the old recorders, and thus wrote code for it.
20:58:00Zagorthen it turned out the fm units come with his "mod" premade :-)
20:58:58Stevie[FP]the rtc alarm?
21:00:05Zagoryes. the old recorders don't have the electrical connection to wake up from rtc.
21:00:13Zagorso he made a mod for it
21:00:47Stevie[FP]oh, ok
21:01:33Stevie[FP]ok, get_sleep_timer() is in seconds
21:08:14 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:08:30tracktheripperevening all
21:08:41quelsarukuwe is thebreaker no?
21:09:04tracktheripperhi zaggor and quels
21:09:18quelsarukhi track
21:09:27tracktheripperwots up?
21:10:40tracktherippersorry Zagor
21:11:04Stevie[FP]ah, well thebreaker has apparently not been here for a while
21:11:09Stevie[FP]he also has the 8mb mod
21:11:23Stevie[FP]zag, did you see my email to the list?
21:12:09ZagorStevie[FP]: yes
21:12:14Stevie[FP]watcha think?
21:12:20Zagordidn't look at the code though :-)
21:12:59quelsarukadiamas: are you here?
21:13:03Stevie[FP]it's actually a simple concept that I discovered (but didn't quite understand) back in the 8088 real-mode days, before I understood how the memory addressing worked
21:14:01Stevie[FP]address pins that aren't connected to anything useful are effectively ignored
21:14:06Stevie[FP]so if you have a 2MB chip
21:14:31Stevie[FP]address P, 2MB+P, 4MB+P, 6MB+P, 8MB+P, 10MB+P, etc. are all equivalent
21:15:29Stevie[FP]so I pick a memory address P, write a known value to it, then write a different value at address P+2MB
21:15:39Stevie[FP]if the value at P changes, we have a 2MB chip
21:15:48Stevie[FP]if it doesn't change, we must have an 8MB chip
21:16:17Zagori'd have expected a machine check exception...
21:16:47Stevie[FP]no, because the bus controller doesn't know
21:17:15Stevie[FP]if I remember right, the DRAM starts at 0x09000000
21:17:49Stevie[FP]anything from 0x09000000-0x09FFFFFF accesses the DRAM chip
21:18:52Zagorright, but what happens when there is no DTACK?
21:19:14Stevie[FP]I don't know what a DTACK is
21:19:30Stevie[FP]all I know is that, at least on the 2MB model, it works
21:19:57ZagorDTACK is Data Transfer Acknowledge
21:20:13Stevie[FP]I'm assuming that it works in a manner similar to the 128K chips on our old boards here (which, I'll grant you, are SRAM, not DRAM)
21:20:31Zagori haven't read those parts of the data sheets much, maybe it doesn't apply to the sh7034
21:20:32Stevie[FP]the upper address pins are not connected
21:20:55Zagorah, of course. i'm being silly.
21:21:13Zagordid you get someone to verify it on a 8MB yet?
21:21:14Stevie[FP]so the DRAM chip effectively access address modulo 2MB
21:21:17Stevie[FP]not yet
21:21:20Stevie[FP]the first version had a bug
21:21:54Stevie[FP]temporary brain failure
21:22:55Stevie[FP]I fixed it and uploaded a new version
21:24:58Stevie[FP]are there two rom chips?
21:25:50tracktheripperZagor what does the grid of 0's mean in one debug menu option?
21:27:55Zagorwhich menu option?
21:28:02ZagorStevie[FP]: no, just one
21:28:13Zagortea time, brb
21:28:49Stevie[FP]then I do not understand why there are two ROM regions
21:28:58tracktheripperhang on zagor
21:29:05Stevie[FP]plus, there's something called v5.03, I don't know what that is either
21:30:42tracktheripperZagor its Debug, View MAS regs and View MAS codecs
21:30:57tracktheripperI just wondered what the grid of 0s mean
21:32:25quelsarukcu tomorrow
21:32:26 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:33:58tracktheripperand what does Dump ROM contends do in the Debug menu?
21:34:44Stevie[FP]it creates 2 .bin files
21:34:52Stevie[FP]I don't understand how this CPU even boots
21:34:55tracktheripperwhat do they do?
21:35:20Stevie[FP]they don't do anything
21:35:23Stevie[FP]they're .bin files
21:35:30Stevie[FP]i can open them in UltraEdit for a nice hex dump
21:36:01tracktheripperand what does the grid of 0's do in view MAS codecs
21:36:10Stevie[FP]damned if I know
21:36:17Stevie[FP]I think it's just that most of the values are 0
21:36:25Stevie[FP]I think it should display more than 4 lines at a time
21:36:31Stevie[FP]since my FM can show twice that
21:36:47tracktheripperi thought they switch between 1 and 0 to indicate the MAS is working during MP3 playback
21:38:00tracktheripperwell im sure Bjorn and co knoiw
21:47:25hardeeptracktheripper: those are just the current values in the specified registers. You can see what each register refers to in the MAS datasheets (
21:48:20Stevie[FP]i don't get this
21:48:25Stevie[FP]wtf does the damn cpu do when it starts?
21:49:36Stevie[FP]the schematics don't match the HW manual
21:50:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:56:17tracktherippercheers hardeep
21:57:52 Join ken0_ [0] (
22:04:34tracktheripperwahts up stevie
22:05:23Stevie[FP]trying to understand what this stupid ROM thing is supposed to do
22:05:30Stevie[FP]it doesn't seem to do anything useful
22:05:36tracktheripperwell try asking Micronas very nicely
22:05:39tracktheripperthey make the ROM chip
22:05:48Stevie[FP]... no, Micronas makes the MAS chip
22:06:04tracktheripperohh right. Im sure the frogs who work for Archos can tell you
22:08:23tracktheripperarchos is a french company :-)
22:08:33tracktheripperor im sure Bjorn and co can tell u
22:10:03webmindanyone here know if usb2 is backwards compatible ?
22:10:15tracktheripperUSB2 is backwards compatible with USB 1.1
22:10:29Stevie[FP]webmind: pretty much all USB 2.0 devices can run as USB.11
22:10:31Stevie[FP]1.1 even
22:10:42Stevie[FP]i like the CPU's branch instruction mnemonic
22:10:47webmindk good
22:12:23tracktheripperWould the Archos work if u got a USP to parallel or serial lead?
22:13:05webmindtracktheripper, how do u mean ?
22:13:36tracktheripperthose cables that have a type A USB plug at one end and a parallel or serial plug at the other end
22:14:10tracktheripper"just in case all of your USB ports are being used...."
22:15:03tracktheripperZagor can I ask u something plz?
22:16:09tracktheripperI would love to see the option to reshuffle the playlist when it repeats. I use my Archos all day on random mode and its a pain manually reshuffling the list from time to time
22:20:53 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:20:56webmindtracktheripper, that's to be connected to a usb controller i think ?
22:24:52Stevie[FP]wb Z
22:25:21Stevie[FP]tracktheripper: you can have up to 127 USB devices on one root hub...
22:30:34tracktherippercool even :-)
22:38:45[IDC]DragonI have disassembled and commented the Archos ROM bootcode, interesting things inside. Does anybody know if it's legal to publish that?
22:46:06Stevie[FP]hey IDC
22:46:28Stevie[FP]I found the glitch in my 8MB autodetection routine
22:46:39Stevie[FP]it should actually detect 8MB chips now
22:48:02[IDC]DragonHi Steve, I already saw that and repied. Yes, it works (and crashes).
22:48:20[IDC]Dragonreplied, I mean
22:48:57Stevie[FP]thats a bit different from what it did before (which was incorrectly determine 2mb)
22:49:00Zagor[IDC]Dragon: no it's not legal to publish the code. but you can publish discussion about it, and instructions how to extract/disassemble etc it
22:49:31Stevie[FP][IDC]Dragon: when does it crash?
22:50:07[IDC]DragonHello Björn! So I can tell what it does, and have to email it around?
22:50:22[IDC]DragonSteve: Whe roloing, as you said.
22:50:34Stevie[FP]it crashes when it ROLOs another build
22:50:45Stevie[FP]but when it's running itself it shouldn't crash
22:50:58Zagortreat the code as a book, then you'll know what I mean. you are allowed to publish excerpts and of course as much of your own comments as you like. you simply are not allowed to publish the entire code verbatim.
22:50:58Stevie[FP](actually it crashes when it ROLOs anything, even itself :-o)
22:52:46Stevie[FP]ok, it works!
22:52:50Stevie[FP]I did something right
22:52:55*Stevie[FP] marks his calendar
22:53:34Stevie[FP]ty :)
22:53:42Stevie[FP]if only I knew why it crashed when ROLOing
22:54:15[IDC]DragonDidn't went into the right code, I'd say.
22:54:38[IDC]DragonBjörn, are you into ROLO?
22:55:09[IDC]DragonSo, how does it work?
22:55:20Stevie[FP]do we read from the LCD status register at all?
22:55:35[IDC]DragonI always wondered how you exchange the code under your feet.
22:55:59[IDC]DragonLCD status register???
22:56:17Stevie[FP]yeah, if you do an i2c read instead of i2c write, it seems you get a status result
22:56:46[IDC]DragonIs that any good for 8MB? ;-)
22:57:38Zagor[IDC]Dragon: it's pretty simple, since the code only uses the first 200k. we simply copy the rolo code into a higher memory address and run it there.
22:57:47Stevie[FP]well, i'm glad the autodetection works
22:58:20ZagorStevie[FP]: um, i don't remember if we ever read the status
22:58:25[IDC]DragonBjörn: Then you have the other 200 k wasted? Is is all position independent?
22:58:27Stevie[FP]it doesn't look it
22:58:58Stevie[FP][IDC]Dragon: I think he means he copies the bootstrapping code into a higher memory address and loads the new image at the base address
22:59:15Zagor[IDC]Dragon: no, we link the rolo code for the high address. the we load the new .ajz into ~1MB, copy it back down to 0 and execute it
22:59:42[IDC]DragonAh, the rolo code, I see.
23:00:15ZagorStevie[FP]: actually we need to load to a temporary hi-ram buffer, since the disk code is in low ram
23:01:41Zagorlook in the linker control file (, you will see a section called .topram which is at the very top of the memory. that's where rolo is.
23:02:06Stevie[FP]from there a simple memcmp is in order?
23:05:31Stevie[FP]when we write to the display
23:05:34Stevie[FP]we write 8 bits at a time
23:06:00Stevie[FP]each 'page' is 8 pixels high
23:06:18Stevie[FP]so effectively we write 8 rows, then the thing wraps to the next column
23:06:43[IDC]DragonThat's all software bitbanging, right? I wonder why the display isn't a crawl.
23:06:51ZagorStevie[FP]: yes
23:07:04Zagor[IDC]Dragon: yup, all software. and all over a serial link!
23:07:27*Stevie[FP] notes that a freaky look would result from setting the base column address to '4'
23:07:38Zagorand it *is* a crawl, comparatively speaking... with a better link we could probably have done grayscales
23:07:49Stevie[FP]indeed =/
23:08:19[IDC]DragonNo SPI feature on those ports?
23:09:24[IDC]DragonHow about som optimizes assembler for that, running from IRAM?
23:09:43[IDC]DragonSPI it that serial link, I think.
23:09:45 Join LinusN [200] (
23:09:58[IDC]DragonHi Linus!
23:10:01LinusNyou can't read the LCD status register in serial mode
23:10:09LinusNonly in parallel
23:10:14Stevie[FP]well that rules that out
23:10:19Stevie[FP]somebody's been reading the logs :P
23:10:32LinusNno, i'm psychic
23:10:39Stevie[FP]somebody's psychic
23:10:42Zagor[IDC]Dragon: it already is assembler. feel free to optimise it :-)
23:10:44Stevie[FP]oh, guess what, Linus?
23:10:58[IDC]DragonHow about IRAM?
23:10:58Stevie[FP]I wrote something that actually works!
23:11:08LinusNStevie[FP]: you fixed ROLO?
23:11:10Zagor[IDC]Dragon: worth trying
23:11:17Stevie[FP]but the detection part works
23:11:35Stevie[FP]I don't have the tools and/or skills and/or knowledge necessary to debug the problem =/
23:11:52Zagoractually, it's already in iram :-)
23:12:00*Zagor checked the code
23:12:11[IDC]DragonBjörn: And that write function seems to get called very often, for every byte.
23:12:41[IDC]DragonMaybe it could take some more.
23:12:42LinusN[IDC]Dragon: there is room for optimization in the LCD code, but last time i tried, the LCD couldn't cope
23:13:02[IDC]DragonOh, that's another limit, agreed.
23:13:18LinusNmight have been a bug in my code of course
23:13:45[IDC]DragonHow fast can you clock it, are we close to that?
23:14:04LinusNi don't remember
23:14:32[IDC]DragonMaybe I'll measure it when it's open next time.
23:14:47LinusNdo so
23:15:26[IDC]DragonMay I change the subject on booting?
23:17:08LinusN[IDC]Dragon: ?
23:17:12[IDC]DragonI haven't done the real test (because it requires to pull the 3 LCD input lines low), but with a simulator I managed to "boot" from UART.
23:17:53[IDC]DragonMeaning, we could execute something without anything useful in flash.
23:18:08LinusNi see where you are heading
23:18:54[IDC]Dragon1st stage we can only load into IRAM, the DRAM is not initialized yet.
23:19:33[IDC]DragonA bit crammy in there. Do we have the 7032 with 8K or the 7034 with 4 K?
23:20:05[IDC]DragonAs I guessed, the other one has no ROM.
23:20:43[IDC]DragonThe ROM code is prepared for multi-boot, the LCD lines decide.
23:21:38[IDC]DragonIt grabs image "n" from a list. In the available firmwares these entries all point to the same block.
23:22:18[IDC]DragonScrambling is mandatory for such a block.
23:22:29LinusNwe need to find a way to do this without the LCD trick...
23:22:48[IDC]DragonChange the ROM, I'm afraid...
23:23:01LinusNwhat does it do if there is no valid image in flash?
23:23:22[IDC]Dragonit checks for the "ARCH" ID right at the start.
23:23:45[IDC]DragonIf that's present, it will blindly use whatever values it finds.
23:23:55Stevie[FP]what LCD trick?
23:24:19Zagorhas anyone compared the flashed version with the same file version?
23:24:20LinusN[IDC]Dragon: and what if it is no ARCH?
23:24:27[IDC]DragonIf there is no "ARCH", it will flash the red LED a couple of times and the sleep in coma.
23:24:33LinusNStevie[FP]: pulling the three LCD lines low
23:24:59[IDC]DragonPort B, bit 1-3 (not 0)
23:25:14Stevie[FP]and what does this do exactly?
23:25:33LinusNif you do this, the cpu will boot into a special debug monitor
23:25:35[IDC]DragonIt goes to a UART boot mode, expecting code from there.
23:26:00[IDC]DragonIt's not a monitor, just a very simple code.
23:26:52[IDC]DragonBut you can use it to trasfer "something" into the box and execute it. In my example, a flash programmer.
23:27:42[IDC]DragonLinus, the suspense goes on:
23:28:20[IDC]DragonThe image being descrambled from flash is quite small, about 9k.
23:28:50[IDC]DragonIt's not the final firmware.
23:29:02Stevie[FP]that's at 0x2000000 or whatever?
23:29:38[IDC]DragonInstead, this is your "debugger", in fact it seems to be a flash tool.
23:30:35[IDC]DragonI don't know how to operate it, just saw the strings in there.
23:31:30[IDC]DragonRemember the box "talking" with 115200 baud on power up? That's this tool. You can hold it with any char from a terminal.
23:31:48Stevie[FP]115200, now that's MY kinda serial speed
23:32:05[IDC]DragonBut then it wasn't responsive.
23:33:58Stevie[FP]do we have a quick reference table somewhere of what contraptions are mapped at what addresses?
23:34:39Stevie[FP]example: external DRAM at 0x09000000
23:34:44Stevie[FP]internal RAM at 0x00000000
23:34:52Stevie[FP]external ROM at 0x02000000
23:35:03[IDC]DragonLinus, please check your mail, I've sent you the files.
23:35:56[IDC]Dragoninternal RAM is 0x0FFFF000-0x0FFFFFFF
23:36:23[IDC]DragonYou can get all that from the SH CPU datasheets.
23:37:20Stevie[FP]internal ROM at 0x00000000
23:37:42[IDC]DragonYes, 64k from there.
23:37:56[IDC]DragonArchos is only using about 1.7k.
23:37:58Stevie[FP]but what's at 0x01 or 0x03?
23:38:10Stevie[FP]and, for example, where is the RTC chip, where is the FM chip
23:38:34[IDC]DragonCheck the code ;-)
23:38:34Stevie[FP]we've got 16 possible values
23:39:19*Stevie[FP] rather dislikes values written as 0x100000 or 0x2000000
23:39:38Stevie[FP]0x200000 and 0x2000000 look the same damnit
23:40:21Stevie[FP]after about 5, all strings of 0s look the same =/
23:41:21 Join matsl [0] (
23:42:57 Quit matsl (Client Quit)
23:43:47 Join Bagder [241] (
23:44:02tracktheripperhi Bagder
23:44:02[IDC]Dragon(I guess Linus is gone reading)
23:44:30tracktheripperBagder could u do me a favour plz?
23:44:42Bagderit depends
23:44:55Bagderwhat do you want?
23:45:25tracktherippercould u fix the "Reshuffle when playlist repeats" request for me plz?
23:46:43tracktheripperu there?
23:46:44Bagderthat one is not first on my list
23:46:55tracktheripperawwwwwwwww :-(
23:48:21Stevie[FP]wtf is a K4E151612D
23:49:16LinusNStevie[FP]: the RTC and the FM chip are not address coded
23:49:44Stevie[FP]what are they?
23:49:56LinusNRTC is on the I2C bus
23:50:05LinusNI2C is on a separate bus
23:50:11LinusNsorry, FM
23:50:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:50:18LinusNso is ths LCD
23:50:28LinusNthe MAS is on I2C too
23:50:48Stevie[FP]theres another bus?
23:50:58Stevie[FP]we have the standard address/data bus
23:51:00Stevie[FP]we have an i2c bus
23:51:04tracktheripperu wait ages for a bus then all 3 come at once!
23:51:26Stevie[FP]for once I must agree with tracktheripper
23:51:41[IDC]DragonIs that why the FM has no remote control?
23:52:09 Quit mecraw (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:52:10LinusN[IDC]Dragon: that has nothing to do with it
23:52:35[IDC]DragonI thought they "bent" that pin for new use.
23:52:57Stevie[FP]what is at 0x04000000?
23:53:10Stevie[FP]only two references to it, and it's used as a magic number
23:53:27LinusNthey did have a use for the RX pin on the FM
23:53:45LinusNbut they scrapped that ides
23:54:06LinusNthere is an empty socket for an RDS decoder on the PCB
23:54:54tracktheripper((buys LinusN a guniess))
23:55:14Bagdertracktheripper: you really should try the /me command ;-)
23:55:15LinusNi think they discovered that the CPU couldn't keep up with the RDS data rate
23:55:46*tracktheripper twists LinusN's arm into fixing the "reshuffle" request
23:55:46[IDC]DragonWhat a pity.
23:56:29[IDC]DragonBTW, do you know that "warp" feature of the CPU? Are you using it?
23:56:39Stevie[FP]the source says so
23:57:48LinusNwe use it
23:58:10[IDC]DragonAny side effects to be aware of?
23:58:12Stevie[FP]simultaneous internal/external bus access
23:58:17Zagorah, right
23:58:19Bagderdoes that make leaps in time? :-]
23:58:24*tracktheripper grabs Zagor and dances around the room
23:58:26 Join tchan [0] (
23:58:49*LinusN thinks that tracktheripper bought himself one Guinness too many
23:58:52Stevie[FP]oh! Linus, did you do the rec_main.pdf schematic drawing?

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