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#rockbox log for 2003-05-30

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01:16:34tracktheripperhello room
01:22:18*tracktheripper wonders if LinusN is asleep
01:22:30tracktheripperhello BoD!
01:22:35tracktheripperGlad someone is half-alive here!
01:22:49BoD[]:)how are you
01:23:15tracktheripperim fine, just sipping on Stella Artois
01:23:18tracktheripperin my bedroom :-)
01:23:25tracktheripperand thinking of the possibilities
01:23:33BoD[]what possibilities
01:23:50tracktheripperabout the Future of Rockbox :-)
01:24:13BoD[]what about it
01:25:13tracktheripperwhen the wonderful plugin thingy is working
01:25:36BoD[]why is it wonderful ?
01:25:55tracktheripperbecause it means Rockbox can have a whole world of new features
01:26:14BoD[]are you sure ?
01:26:40BoD[]can't it have a whole world of new features without this modular design
01:26:51tracktheripperwell thats the whole point of it
01:27:02tracktheripperask Bjorn and co
01:27:25tracktheripperor see my rejected request "Multi-loading system to load firmwares greater than 200kb"
01:28:21BoD[]i'd like to have recursive add directory enquing
01:28:27BoD[]and of course
01:28:44tracktheripperI want playlist reshuffling when it repeats :-)
01:28:53BoD[]some way of using an id3 database to navigate through the files
01:28:55LinusNi'm awake, was busy
01:29:20BoD[]how are you linus
01:29:28tracktheripper((gives LinusN super-strong coffee))
01:30:05LinusNi'm fine i think
01:30:31tracktheripperLinusN What exactly is the point of this plugin system??
01:31:09LinusNthe point is that we don't need to have all code in the "main" firmware file
01:31:40LinusNwhen we play Sokoban, we load the Sokoban plugin
01:31:54tracktheripperbut will it enable a whole host of new features?
01:32:02LinusNand only one plugin can be loaded at a time
01:32:21LinusNthat will free up memory, so more features can be added
01:32:49tracktheripperim really keen to see the plugin thingy being written
01:32:51LinusNand better still, many features can be added without recompiling the firmware, just the plugin
01:33:02tracktheripperI like you LinusN :-)
01:33:09LinusNso third-party plugins are possible
01:33:21tracktheripperyou are far easier to understand than the others :-)
01:33:22BoD[]ah yeah !!
01:33:28BoD[]*that* is cool
01:34:04tracktheripperwhat is cool BoD?
01:34:06LinusNbut we have a long way to go before the plugin system works satisfactory
01:34:25tracktheripper((perhaps then Archos will have pulled out all the stops with their firmware))
01:36:32tracktheripperjust a thought
01:36:46BoD[]track : to be able to include new modules without recompiling the whole firmware
01:37:23tracktheripperim hot
01:37:25tracktheripperits hot here in London
01:37:51BoD[]you're english ???
01:38:07tracktheripperI live in London
01:38:39BoD[]didn't know that
01:40:18BoD[]by the way
01:40:26BoD[]I re opened my unit
01:40:34BoD[](2nd time)
01:40:47BoD[]and saw that it was unsoldered like everywhere
01:40:58BoD[]so I soldered everything
01:41:13BoD[]and now it doesn't close right
01:41:23BoD[]because of my 'not perfect' soldering :)
01:42:15BoD[]but espacially
01:42:22BoD[]it STILL doesn't work good
01:42:29BoD[]a lot of bad contacts
01:42:45BoD[]==> i hate archos
01:42:51tracktheripperi must be the luckiest person in the universe to have a perfectly working archos
01:43:11BoD[]i'm the unluckiest person in the universe ;)
01:43:23BoD[]to have a unit that stop working the day the warranty is over
01:50:19BoD[]anyway that's why i want an ipod ;)
01:50:42LinusNto stay the unluckiest person in the universe?
01:50:52BoD[] hahahh :))
01:51:15BoD[]because they rock !
01:51:19tracktheripperseems ive started you off LinusN
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01:51:40BoD[]i'm sure ipods don't unsolder!
01:52:24BoD[]hey did you know the new ipods can record
01:54:03tracktheripperlol they only prob record to WAV
01:54:43BoD[]well for the moment they can record 6 seconds or so :) in the hidden debug menu
01:54:54BoD[]but it means the hardware can do it
01:55:11BoD[]so it's a matter of time they release a firmware that enables it
01:55:50tracktheripperi was thinking the MP3 chip in the Archos is so good at MP3 encoding on the fly do you really need WAV?
01:56:34BoD[]wav == no loss of quality
01:56:55tracktheripperyea but WAV == massive unwieldy files
01:57:22BoD[]well if you need space you take mp3, if you need no quality loss you take wav :)
01:57:32BoD[]so i vote don't remove wav recording ;)
01:57:49tracktheripperbut for me an MP3 at 192kbs with the Fraunhofer codec equals WAV quality
01:58:16LinusNtracktheripper: equals, no
01:58:23LinusNsounds like, maybe
01:58:32tracktheripperwell to me LinusN it equals
01:58:37tracktheripperits my ears that count :-)
01:58:45BoD[]i'm sure with a GOOD elmet you can hear the difference
01:59:07tracktheripperwell ive tried and tried and tried and I cannot tell the difference
01:59:21tracktherippereven comparing the MP3 and WAV in Soundforge I couldnt tell the difference
01:59:47BoD[]but did try in good listening conditions ?
01:59:55BoD[]like NO noise around
02:00:31tracktheripperYES, YES, YES!!
02:00:51BoD[]ok well
02:01:00BoD[]i can't make the blind test
02:01:13BoD[]and tell you which one is the mp3 and which one is the wave :)
02:01:29tracktheripperthe only thing was different was that the waveform for the MP3 looked different to the waveform in WAV in Soundforge
02:01:49LinusNthe thing is that you might not hear the difference until you start manipulating the sound
02:02:18LinusNso the artifacts become audible when you add effects to it, for example
02:02:37BoD[]like for example the karaoke things
02:02:41LinusNlike reverb, or some noise cancelling
02:03:11tracktheripperLinusN, try installing REALIZER for the ultimate MP3 sound quality!!!!
02:03:25BoD[]what is realizer
02:04:51tracktheripperBoD, According to their website, Realizer is a powerful Plugin for Winamp that brings all the sizzilling vitality of the original sound quality by restoring the frequences lost by MP3 compression. It does this by carefully analylizing the waveform and by a system of algorithims and equations, adds missing frequencies.
02:05:12BoD[]wow :)
02:05:14BoD[]is it free ?
02:05:31tracktheripperits shareware
02:06:47tracktheripperbut Bjorn and co reckon its pure snake oil :D
02:07:05BoD[]me I use another plugin for winamp
02:07:20BoD[]it's a bass boost thing :)
02:07:29tracktheripperwell the Archos has a bass booster
02:07:30BoD[]very good for my very poor speakers :)
02:07:40BoD[]yeah i know ;)
02:11:15tracktheripperi cant think of any more funny requests to send
02:11:23tracktheripperive exhausted all my bright ideas
02:11:41BoD[]request a talking clock
02:12:26BoD[]but maybe it already has been requested
02:13:41tracktheripperi WAS gonna request, "Make the LCD touchscreen like on a PDA" Would be really for using the built-in keyboard!!
02:14:01BoD[]yeah right!!
02:14:30tracktheripperbut I feel ill get shot if i send it :-)
02:14:50BoD[]what about "make the archos travel faster than light" ?
02:15:55tracktheripperor what about "Make the Recorder pick up TV broadcasts, so you can watch Eastenders on the Recorder's LCD"
02:16:17BoD[]hey what is eastenders ?
02:16:26tracktheripperTV soap opera
02:16:37tracktheripperall you have to do is write a software TV tuner! :)))))))))
02:16:39BoD[]mhm i think i know it
02:16:54BoD[]well you could port Gnu radio ;)
02:17:21tracktheripperhey LinusN, why not write a software FM tuner for the normal Recorder?!
02:18:04BoD[]*stop* distracting him :))
02:18:12BoD[]he has serious business to do !
02:18:36*LinusN is hunting the dreaded "rec fls: -114" bug
02:18:48BoD[]yes that's it :)
02:19:15tracktheripperBod One request was "Overclock the Archos processor to 1Ghz"
02:20:13BoD[]mouhaha :))
02:20:20BoD[]come ooooonn
02:20:45BoD[]it's NOT funny !
02:22:05tracktherippermy classic requests are "Auto Voice Transcriber", "Speed up file transfer with a USB ADSL modem", and "Make the normal Recorder pick up FM like the FM recorder"
02:22:46LinusNit sounds like you are proud of taking up our time with silly requests
02:23:27BoD[]our PRECIOUS time
02:24:01tracktheripperdon't worry LinusN delete my Souceforge account if u like
02:24:17LinusNwhy would i?
02:24:36tracktheripperso u would never ever see me again :)
02:26:34BoD[]well just stop the silly requests
02:26:40BoD[]they are NOT fun ;)
02:27:20BoD[]...I admit I can find some of them fun, but it's true it takes time to people who actually review them !
02:27:41tracktheripperwell don't worry im not gonna file feature requests anymore
02:28:27tracktheripperif LinusN fixes my "Reshuffle when playlists repeats" request ill guarantee to stop filing daft requests
02:28:33tracktherippercan't say fairer than that :-)
02:53:02BoD[]i have to go :)
02:53:05BoD[]see you bye !!
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02:55:20midknight2k3linus has an fm recorder right?
02:56:41 Join Mighty_ [0] (
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02:58:18midknight2k3Don't you have an FM Recorder, Linus?
02:59:03LinusNyes i have
02:59:43midknight2k3and a reg recorder?
03:00:19midknight2k3is teh fm recorder better than the reg recorder other than that it has fm capabilities?
03:00:34midknight2k3is the button layout nicer, better screen etc?
03:01:13midknight2k3is ti bigger?
03:01:15LinusNthe buttons are not that easy to push by mistake in your pocket
03:01:26LinusNit is smaller
03:01:34LinusNand lighter
03:01:53LinusNand i think it feels better in your hand
03:01:53tracktheripperthe paint isnt as good though
03:02:00midknight2k3oh BOY
03:02:06midknight2k3here we go
03:02:17tracktheripperthats rude!!!!!!!!!
03:02:24tracktheripper LinusN
03:02:36midknight2k3he did nothing
03:03:04tracktheripperit feels better in the hand
03:03:13midknight2k3it doesn't?
03:03:27midknight2k3I bet you havent even seen one
03:03:49tracktheripperits the way he said it!!!!
03:04:18midknight2k3I didn't get what you meant till you said that and i think you shouldn't mention it again.
03:04:39tracktheripperheehee :-)
03:04:59midknight2k3I'm sure LinusN totally meant to mean that. (trackripper quote: "Joke, LinusN")
03:05:55midknight2k3But anyways Linus, one more thing: does the FM recorder have all the functions orf reg recorder (rockbox wise)?
03:06:22LinusNyes, except disk poweroff
03:06:35midknight2k3custom fonts and all that
03:06:41midknight2k3thats good
03:06:53LinusNbut it has the alarm hardware, something that the reg recorder hasn't
03:07:06midknight2k3my recorders dc in broke (as you might have read) and I was considering upgrading to the fm recorder
03:07:19midknight2k3alarm hardware.. what's that again?
03:07:30LinusNmidknight2k3: you you use digital i/o?
03:07:39midknight2k3The power cord plug
03:07:39 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
03:07:41midknight2k3DC in
03:07:49midknight2k3oh just a question?
03:07:54midknight2k3no i don't use digital
03:08:09LinusNgood, because the fm rec has no digital out
03:08:13LinusNonly in
03:08:24midknight2k3ahh that makes no diff to me
03:08:35midknight2k3i'm not sure what it's for exactly but i have no use for it
03:11:20Mighty2I've changed batteries a couple of times now and one of the blue shockabsorbers doesn't stick in it's place as it's supposed to do,,, it's pushed down 2-3mm, when I press it into position it's just pushed back out again by the feathers that keeps the batteries under preassure/in position
03:11:53Mighty2you know if there's something hurt inside of the player that cause this, or is it just the material in the blue bumpers that's a little looser after the batterychanges?
03:12:06Mighty2I'd like to fix this if it's possible so they're tight again
03:12:15LinusNMighty2: you may have broken a soldering point
03:12:45LinusNcan be fixed by resoldering it
03:12:52Mighty2I'l take a photo of what it looks like, brb
03:19:21midknight2k3hows the fm reception?
03:20:52LinusNit's quite ok
03:21:07LinusNnot exceptionally good, but acceptable
03:21:18midknight2k3and one more thing i wanted to ask
03:21:30midknight2k3oh yes, what's the alarm hardware feature?
03:22:08LinusNit can boot up the device with a timer, good for timed recordings or alarm clock functionality
03:22:20midknight2k3at any time?
03:22:44midknight2k3like you can say, record at 12:30 pm and it will boot up and record at 12:30pm?
03:22:50LinusNjust set the time and date
03:23:04midknight2k3but then how do you tell it what to do?
03:23:10midknight2k3you leave it in the mode you want it?
03:23:12LinusNthe code isn't there yet, but the hardware supports it
03:24:13LinusNtoday, all it can do is boot up at a specified time, and if Resume=yes it will start playing music
03:24:43midknight2k3cant make all progress at once right? :)
03:24:54LinusNMighty2: my Mozilla says the image is broken
03:24:58Mighty2I don't know how I could have broken something, I've been quite carefull when removing/inserting batteries
03:25:09midknight2k3oh it sticks about the batt cover?
03:25:15Mighty2I'll fix the image with gimp
03:25:58LinusNi see it now
03:26:28LinusNit might just be the rubber bumper that is displaced
03:26:30Mighty2does it look 'normal' ?
03:26:41Mighty2I'm very worried :-)
03:26:50LinusNyou'd have to open it to find out
03:26:59midknight2k3calm down lol
03:27:02midknight2k3it's gonna be ok
03:27:09Mighty2cause the battery-springs aren't supposed to be able to push out the bumbers ?
03:27:20Mighty2unless, there's something broken
03:27:26LinusNthat's what makes me think the PCB is loose
03:27:30midknight2k3be back in 10-15-20 mins
03:27:39LinusNmidknight2k3: then i'll be asleep
03:27:51Mighty2PCB,, circuit-board?
03:28:02Mighty2yeah I saw photos from Bjrns disassemblement
03:28:21Mighty2the board sticks out there at the sides it seems
03:28:28Mighty2then I ought to have broken one of them
03:28:57LinusNor just the soldering that holds it into place
03:30:00Mighty2if I take it apart to see whether it's broken I'll likely break something else during that...
03:30:20LinusNtoo bad you live that far from Stockholm
03:31:01LinusNi have to go to sleep now
03:31:32*LinusN is working on a fix for the "rec fls: -114" bug
03:31:43Mighty2ok, sleep tight
03:31:57 Part LinusN
03:33:13 Quit Mighty2 ("BitchX: no additives or preservatives")
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03:40:24Dinhis anyone actually here?
03:49:02midknight2k3need help or just droppin in?
03:49:18DinhI have the FM recorder and installed Rockbox.. and can't find the FM menu
03:49:36midknight2k3what version?
03:49:42Dinhi installed the FM Recorder version 2.0 and also built it was an FM recorder .. I
03:50:01midknight2k3you need a later version than 2.0
03:50:12DinhI downloaded the source yesterday and built it.
03:51:10hardeepDinh: did you download the rockbox 2.0 source or one of the daily build source tarballs?
03:51:16hardeepor latest cvs?
03:51:22midknight2k3you need a dailybuild
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03:51:59Dinhyeah I'm trying to get the CVS to work in cygwin but I keep getting errors.
03:51:59midknight2k3get this:
03:52:08midknight2k3that will make it work
03:52:10Dinhcvs [checkout aborted]: reading from server: Socket operation on non-socket
03:53:22Dinhanychance you guys use CVS in Cygwin?
03:53:37Dinhi can get it to work on my linux machine.. but I really want it on cygwin.
03:54:24midknight2k3just get that build i pasted
03:54:34midknight2k3unless you NEED to build it yourself
03:56:15Dinhwell.. I was hoping to get the build environment setup to play with and see what I could do with it.
03:57:58Dinhso what's the story with the support.. I saw some schematics and I'm wondering how open Archos is with this.. Judging by how easy it is to run Rockbox I'm sort of assuming Archos is really openminded and even supporting this sort of project...
03:59:13midknight2k3i'm sure they will not make their future recorders and players rockbox-protected
03:59:57Dinhdo you know if anyone has tried implementing a serial interface?
04:02:16midknight2k3or using a serial port to download music?
04:02:51DinhWell I guess I'd want to tap into whatever I/O ports are available and then bring them out to a header to play with.
04:03:04midknight2k3i don't know about that
04:03:28Dinhit looks like that mod disables the Line-In
04:06:09midknight2k3you ever had a regular recordeR?
04:06:47Dinhas in a Jukebox Recorder?
04:06:58Dinhjust the FM I got like two days ago.
04:07:06midknight2k3like it?
04:07:39Dinhi originally got a Minidisc but then got disappointed in the features... Looked around alittle more and found this FM Recorder.. So far I really like it..
04:08:09Dinhif only iPods had recordability features..
04:08:45DinhI got it to record mixtapes.. but I also plan on doing some hacking up..
04:10:33midknight2k3like what?
04:11:21Dinhseeing if I can add extra I/O
04:12:49Dinhmaybe throwing in an atmel AVR and buffering over it.
04:13:04 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for Windows CE today!")
04:13:32midknight2k3i just dont know what you mean
04:14:37DinhIts a microcontroller with a 20gb HD, an FM receiver, and a good sized graphical LCD... seems like a great platform to play with.
04:14:47midknight2k3oh yeah
04:14:52midknight2k3very much so
04:22:19midknight2k3is anyone rockbox here?
04:33:01midknight2k3i dont think i was clear lol
04:35:34midknight2k3dinh you still here?
04:35:42midknight2k3aww never mind
04:48:40 Quit midknight2k3 ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
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05:29:45 Join Jeffro [0] (
05:30:08Jeffrohello... anybody here?
05:30:16 Join Stevie-O [0] (
05:31:02Jeffroi just bought a recorder and all I'm getting is a black screen after charging it for 8 hours... any ideas?
05:31:38Stevie-Oor blank?
05:31:45Jeffroyeah, just a big black square
05:32:13Jeffroi guess you could call it blank too
05:32:44Jeffrohow do i change the contrast?
05:33:05Stevie-Owith Rockbox... switch between 2.0 and the latest daily build
05:33:52Jeffroi don't have rockbox yet... is there any way to do it with the archos software?
05:34:22PsycoXulput on rockbox
05:34:44Jeffrolol... gotcha... thanks for the help!
05:35:06Jeffroi was worried it was fried... contrast makes complete sense though
05:35:45 Quit Jeffro ("Leaving")
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06:27:04Jeffroif anyone's here i've got another question
06:27:36Jeffroi installed rockbox but can't get the contrast change to work with the F1, down, and right
06:28:27Jeffroalso, when i connected my recorder to my computer, there were only a couple of mp3s on the root, but no .ajz file
06:28:28hardeepJeffro: i'm assuming you're using the key sequence described in the faq?
06:29:44Jeffrothere's a .ajz file there now of course, but i don't think there was one there before i copied the rockbox files over
06:29:47hardeepJeffro: the firmware is installed on the flash, that's why you don't see a .ajz file
06:30:09hardeepthe ones on disk are for updates (and rockbox of course)
06:30:26hardeepdoes the contrast work on the archos firmware?
06:31:00Jeffrono, the only thing i've seen at all is a black box covering the screen
06:31:22hardeepthat doesn't sound good
06:32:02hardeepis this a new unit?
06:32:13Jeffroyeah, i just got it today
06:32:38hardeepyou might want to return... sounds like a problem with the lcd
06:33:33Jeffrothat sucks... i guess i'll have to send it back then
06:33:41Jeffrothanks for the help
06:34:15 Quit Jeffro ("Leaving")
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10:02:23 Join Manlangley [0] (~stewage@
10:07:36 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
10:07:55Quelsarukfinally my hd has died....
10:08:02tracktherippermorning Quelsarukk
10:08:41Quelsarukwhat's apox. the price for a 60GB hd??
10:15:42 Quit Manlangley ("Client exiting")
10:20:49Quelsarukin euros?
10:26:53tracktheripperwhy does it take you half an hour to answer simple questions Quelsaruk?
10:28:04Quelsarukonly 9 minutes
10:28:18Quelsarukbecause i have just 2 neurons, and they are still asleep
10:28:29tracktherippersounds about right
10:28:30Quelsaruki woke up 30 minutes ago
10:28:34Quelsarukmore or less..
10:28:40Quelsaruki'm really tired
10:28:48tracktheripperand as soon as you wake up, you come on here :D
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10:52:48tracktheripperanyone alive here?
10:53:23webminda little
11:06:25 Quit spiridon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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11:17:31tracktheripperwakey wakey rise and shine!
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15:20:39*Stevie[FP] is back from [food] [gone 20hrs 5mins 4secs] [KS]
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15:33:19 Part bertrand`
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17:17:35 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:20:27 Join ken0_ [0] (
17:28:14 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
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18:14:25tracktheripperHello fellow rockboxers
18:16:00 Join matsl [0] (
18:19:27 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
18:23:08 Join fuckmehard [0] (
18:23:51*Stevie[FP] is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
18:24:02mecrawhardeep: do you plan on being able to queue/insert directories recursively in your patch?
18:25:29fuckmehardi love fucking great big tits
18:25:49fuckmehardi love spanking tits
18:38:12 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:38:22 Join elinenbe [0] (
18:41:32hardeepmecraw: not any plans yet, but it's fairly easy to add
18:43:51 Quit fuckmehard ("Leaving")
18:46:08 Quit matsl ("Client exiting")
18:49:35Heshardeep: it would be nice, I happen to have some double CDs etc in subdirectories
18:49:52Heswould be nice to queue a genre or band directory and shuffle over them
18:54:12 Join Jet8810 [0] (
18:54:28mecrawhardeep: recursive directory inserting would be the thing i'd like to see most. it would allow me to make playlists easily on the fly.
19:10:41hardeepokay, convinced me... =) i'll add it later today
19:19:31mecrawhardeep: excellent!!!
19:36:08 Join tracktheripper [0] (
19:42:16 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
19:51:12 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Have you huggled your BitchX today?")
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20:24:20 Quit quel|lunch ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
20:26:50*Stevie[FP] is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 2hrs 3mins] [KS]
20:27:21Stevie[FP]where is [idc]
20:29:44Stevie[FP]furthermore, where's linus/zagor
20:29:54Stevie[FP]where the hell are all the people who know stuff
21:18:18 Join _aLF [0] (
21:21:59 Join Zuikan [0] (
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22:01:19 Join Yeft [0] (
22:01:32Yeftmy jukebox is kicking my computers butt
22:04:52Yeftanyone here!?
22:09:21awy[baer]maybe he's lame?
22:10:04awy[baer]( *g*
22:12:02Yeftsorry i can't choose my isp
22:13:35Yeftsorry mr. amsterdam
22:15:40Yeftyou here awy?
22:30:50DBUGEnqueued KICK Yeft
22:30:51***Alert Mode level 1
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22:30:58Yeft -[Since 98]- Version-[.4.2]- Released-[August 10, 2002]- mIRC-[v6.02 32bit]- -[What's On Your Puter?]- -[Get Your Copy At]-
22:40:59***Alert Mode OFF
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23:04:42Yeftanyone here?
23:10:04CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:10:04*Stevie[FP] is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 1hr 26mins 27secs] [KS]
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23:11:47webminduhm how do i set keyblock on again ?
23:15:42mecrawon a recorder: F1 + down
23:16:15webmindand player ?
23:17:11hardeepthe user manual is your friend
23:19:52Yefthardeep you here?
23:20:30YeftANYONE HOME!?
23:20:42 Join Scott1 [0] (
23:20:46Scott1hey all
23:20:51Yeftcan you help me?
23:21:00Scott1what's up?
23:21:29Scott1it says this is an unregistered copy−−can you see my messages?
23:21:57 Quit Scott1 (Client Quit)
23:22:27 Join Ringo [0] (
23:22:50Yeftringo (scott) lol can you help me?
23:23:02Ringoyeft, can you see my messages?
23:23:07Ringoif so, I can try to help you
23:24:40 Quit Ringo (Client Quit)
23:31:29 Quit Yeft (Excess Flood)
23:31:40 Join Yeft [0] (
23:32:58 Join awy[baer]_ [0] (
23:35:49 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:36:00tracktheripperhello rockboxers
23:36:38Yefttrack or awy
23:36:40Yeftyou here?
23:36:49tracktheripperhello Yeft
23:36:51tracktheripperhow u doing>
23:37:43tracktheripperill chat with you Yeft
23:39:58DBUGEnqueued KICK Yeft
23:41:21tracktheripperwhats up Yeft?
23:46:12YeftQ-script StAtS since 47wks 1day 48mins 12secs averages per day: 0.25 Blocks/d. 0.01 StatSays/d. <<!-Q^R|P|-!>> v3.1
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