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#rockbox log for 2003-06-02

00:00:56Yeftive never used the patch so i wouldnt know...sorry
00:01:00TheSeigeand i really need/want this patch
00:02:00TheSeigeany ideas
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00:04:24tracktheripperhi bod
00:04:37TheSeigeok im back
00:05:09TheSeigeso can someone help me
00:05:34BoD[]with what
00:07:11TheSeigei have the file cam.patch and i am tryin to patch it
00:07:28BoD[]sorry I can't help :)
00:08:47TheSeigehas anyonr patched a file?
00:09:41tracktheripperi patched my trousers once
00:10:12TheSeigeim serious, anyone?
00:11:08BoD[]sorry no
00:11:24BoD[]what is your problem exactly?
00:12:56TheSeigeits telling me it cant patch the file. it cant find it
00:13:06TheSeigeit finds the .patch file
00:13:18TheSeigebut not the file that needs to be patched
00:13:33BoD[]can i have a look at the .patch file somewhere
00:14:14TheSeige1 sec
00:15:42BoD[]do you have a file /home/rockbox/code_base/rockbox-daily-20030511/apps/lang/english.lang apps/lang/english.lang ?
00:16:16TheSeigeno, where would it be
00:16:44BoD[]well in /home/rockbox/code_base/rockbox-daily-20030511/apps/lang/english.lang apps/lang/ :)
00:16:58TheSeigein c: or the jukebox
00:17:07TheSeigebut no in either case
00:17:13BoD[]ok wait
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00:18:43BoD[]ok in what dir are you when you try to patch ?
00:19:27TheSeigei went to the .rockbox dir, copied the cam.patch and the patch.exe and ran it in there
00:19:44BoD[]wait :) do you have the sources somewhere ?
00:20:34TheSeigei dont think so, what is the source? and for the cam.patch or the source for patch.exe
00:21:03BoD[]nono to apply a patch you need the rockbox sources
00:21:18BoD[]and a build environment
00:21:25TheSeigebefore it is compiled right
00:21:31BoD[]you apply the patch to the sources and build your own binary
00:21:43TheSeigeso this would be better on a unix machine
00:21:59BoD[]of course :) but not necessarily
00:22:10BoD[]there is a build environment for windows
00:22:26TheSeigecgywin or somethin right
00:23:39TheSeigeand the sources are in a tarball so i would need unix
00:23:44BoD[]yes but someone has made things easy for rockbox here :
00:25:24TheSeigeman this is a pain
00:25:31BoD[]:) agreed
00:25:55BoD[]but all you have to do is follow the instructions
00:26:40TheSeigeand it would be pretty presumptious of me to ask someone to build it for me right?
00:26:43 Join Kuji_ [0] (
00:26:55 Part Kuji_
00:27:17BoD[]no I think there are very nice people here who would do it for you:)
00:27:52BoD[]right now they seems not to be there
00:28:33TheSeigedang, well on dialup im gunna be here awile for it to download
00:29:40BoD[]i'm sorry
00:30:04TheSeigenp, so after i do all that, how would i compile
00:30:17TheSeigeso i can transport it to my archos
00:32:17BoD[]you first apply the patch
00:32:32BoD[]and then you just type make
00:33:37BoD[]and then you have the .ajz file in the rockbox-binary dir
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01:26:31TheSeigeanyone here
01:30:38 Join tracktheripper [0] (
01:30:58TheSeigeman stupid unic enviroment is pissing me ogg
01:32:37 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
01:35:39TheSeigefreakin A anyone want to encorporate a patch and build it for me?
01:38:35TheSeigegeez anyone even here or does everyone just kick it here
01:41:13BoD[]they all sleep
01:41:40BoD[]you should ask it in the mailing list, i'm sure somebody can do it for you if you ask nice :)
01:46:36TheSeigegood idea
01:47:01tracktheripperseen the new look archos website?
01:47:19tracktheripperthat new "Cinema" device looks cool
01:47:22tracktheripperwith its large TFT
01:49:10BoD[]i don't like archos
01:52:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:55:37tracktheripperand it has wma support
02:01:49BoD[]i don't like wma
02:09:17 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
02:26:33 Join Stevie-O [0] (
02:59:20Jet8810the Cinema is awesome BoD
03:00:44TheSeigefreakin A anyone want to encorporate a patch and build it for me?
03:00:48Jet8810wonder how much
03:01:36TheSeigefor free
03:03:00TheSeigeno takers?
03:03:40Jet8810TheSeige, try it yourself
03:03:45Jet8810itll be fun!
03:04:13TheSeigegeez dude ive been tryin, i dont got linux installed on any computers at my place
03:04:50Jet8810I dont know anything about coding, but gotta be doable under Win
03:05:09TheSeigeyeah i know, but its all in linux, and its a pain in the ass
03:05:28Jet8810a) you do something thats a pain in the ass because you want it
03:05:28TheSeigei cant seem to get it to work
03:05:32Jet8810b) somebody else does it for your
03:05:46TheSeigeim hopin someone will do it for me
03:05:56TheSeigeive seriously been tryin for hours
03:06:09TheSeigeask BoD[] he knows, hes been helpin me
03:07:46 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
03:12:22Jet8810I dont know
03:12:24Jet8810if I could, I would
03:12:47elinenbeTheSeige: what's up?
03:12:55elinenbeTheSeige: what do you need help with?
03:14:47elinenbehardeep: you here?
03:26:22hardeepelinenbe: here
03:26:28TheSeigei need a patch encorporated and then compiled
03:27:32BoD[]i have to go to bed now
03:27:37BoD[]see you all
03:27:51 Quit BoD[] ("bue")
03:29:08TheSeigeelinenbe: you there
03:30:31hardeepTheSeige: you don't need linux to apply a patch... just use cygwin on a windows machine
03:30:42TheSeigeyeah i got that
03:30:58TheSeigebut i cant get the rb-checkout to work
03:31:46hardeepi'm not familiar with rb-checkout... if you want to get the cvs source follow the directions at:
03:32:14hardeepspecifically: "Anonymous read-only checkout" section
03:32:23TheSeigeim not even sure how to do it
03:32:44hardeepjust follow the directions... it's only one command
03:33:27TheSeigek im gunna try again
03:33:51hardeepwhat patch are you trying to apply anyways?
03:34:15hardeepi have no idea what that is... what's the patch id or description?
03:34:40TheSeigeit turns on the juke box when external power is connected
03:34:45TheSeigeand same with turning off
03:34:59TheSeigefor my car
03:35:14hardeepwhat patch is it on the sourceforge patch tracker?
03:36:26TheSeige1 sec let me find it
03:39:08TheSeigeit would be perfect for my car
03:39:28hardeepthat patch makes changes to code that has been changed since it was submitted
03:39:43TheSeigeis that bad?
03:39:52hardeepit will probably not apply cleanly after you've downloaded the source
03:40:12TheSeigedoes it only affect the archos.mod file
03:40:17hardeepand, unless you're familiar with C, you'll probably have a tough time getting it to patch properly
03:40:35TheSeigedamnit, want to help a brother out
03:40:50hardeepi'd suggest making a request to the patch creator to see if he can supply you with a binary
03:41:18TheSeigei dont have a sourceforge account
03:41:28hardeepthey're free to create
03:41:43hardeepor you can post a message on the rockbox mailing list
03:42:01TheSeigeso once i get a binary, assuming i get it, what then?
03:42:48hardeepthen you just copy it to your device... same as any other rockbox binary
03:43:01TheSeigeo coo
03:45:00TheSeigek i registered on the mailin list awile ago, but i havent checked to see if im setup
03:47:47elinenbeokay I am back!
03:47:54elinenbesorry about that... I see hardeep helped you.
03:48:04TheSeigeyeah he did
03:48:12elinenbehardeep: the patch works awesomely
03:48:12TheSeigethanx by the way
03:48:38elinenbehardeep: I have some suggestions for the patch you made.
03:48:59TheSeigewhat patch is it?
03:49:10 Join earHurts [0] (
03:49:59elinenbehardeep: did you change anything else in the source (maybe soemthing to do with keylock) in your dynamic.ajz that was on your site?
03:50:20elinenbeTheSeige: the queue/insert playlist patch
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04:00:52earHurtsanyone know nhow nmuch frame overnhead is in an mp3/
04:01:18Stevie-Ofor mpeg layer 1
04:01:22Stevie-Oit's kinda high
04:01:34Stevie-Obut for mpeg layer 3
04:01:41Stevie-Owhat kind of kbps are we talking about?
04:02:04earHurtssay vbr.
04:02:12Stevie-Osay a kbps
04:02:23Stevie-Oeven a vbr mp3 has an average kbps
04:02:37Stevie-Ohold on
04:02:58hardeepelinenbe: no, the only changes I made are in the patch...
04:03:10hardeepelinenbe: why? are you running it some problems?
04:05:25Stevie-Oframe size: 522 header: 4 overhead: 0.766284%
04:05:46Stevie-Obr: 160 sr: 44.1 frame size: 522 header: 4 overhead: 0.766284%
04:06:43Stevie-Otype !frovr <bitrate> <samplerate>
04:06:51Stevie-Omake sure you use KHz (i.e. 44.1 not 44100)
04:07:16TheSeigei just want that patch to work
04:07:52Stevie-Oin fakt
04:08:59Stevie-O!frovr 160 44.1
04:09:41Stevie-O!frovr 160 44.1
04:09:41Stevie[FP]br: 160 sr: 44.1 frame size: 522 header: 4 overhead: 0.766284%
04:09:49Stevie-O!frovr 128 44.1
04:09:50Stevie[FP]br: 128 sr: 44.1 frame size: 417 header: 4 overhead: 0.959233%
04:09:55Stevie-O!frovr 192 44.1
04:09:56Stevie[FP]br: 192 sr: 44.1 frame size: 626 header: 4 overhead: 0.638978%
04:11:01Stevie-OI wonder if mpeg compresses both channels separately on a stereo audio stream
04:12:14elinenbehardeep: not changes in the patch, but changes to your compiled ajz on your site (well, that was there)
04:12:43hardeepelinenbe: yeah, that's what i meant... the patch was based on the same source tree that i compiled dynamic.ajz with
04:13:15hardeepwhat problems are you encountering?
04:14:03earHurtsstevie< you can tell lame to do sperate or njoint stereo. injnoint stereo, one channel is ennncoded as a delta of tnhe other.
04:14:32Stevie-Ooh, ok
04:14:41Stevie-OI wonder if many MP3s are encoded that way
04:15:18earHurtsI encode the ones I rip innjoint. it often means a smaller mp3
04:15:34Stevie-Oor a higher quality for a given bitrate
04:15:46elinenbehardeep: I have no problems, it just seem that when I use your dynamic.ajz when I keylock and press a button it seems that the scroll does not restart, but when I apply the patch to the current CVS and I put on keylock and press a button, then scroll restarts..
04:16:43elinenbehardeep: I am having no problems with the patch as it is, but I have a suggestion.
04:17:21hardeepelinenbe: shoot
04:18:25elinenbeit would be great if there was a new trype of playmode.
04:18:47elinenbeyou know how there is repeat-1, repeat-all, repeat off
04:18:59Stevie-Orepeat half?
04:19:30elinenbewell with the new recursive it would be great if there was a play-recursive.
04:20:00elinenbelike if you pressed right on a directory it would go into it, but if you pressed play on a directory it would play the directory and all songs in all folders in it
04:21:11hardeepelinenbe: yeah, i had the same though.... i was working on allowing the user to insert before play begins... if used on a directory with recursive mode on, it would do that
04:21:48earHurts recursive direcory play is something I've wanted since I got the archos.
04:22:05earHurtsI wa ssurprised when rocknbox didn't do it.
04:22:23Stevie-Oevery time you say 'rockbox' your kbd does the n thing
04:22:31elinenbeyou see there are currently different types of playmodes: repeat-1, repeat-all, repeat-off (either with shuffle on or off) and there could now be different play-realms (recursive on/off)
04:22:59hardeepelinenbe: nah, i wouldn't want this as part of playmode
04:23:20*Stevie-O writes a 'repeat 1/4' and 'repeat 3/4' playmode
04:23:26earHurtsthe b key is next to the n key. the n key will produce an n if even bnrushed.
04:24:00Stevie-Omy dentist tells me to bnrush my teeth at least twice a day!
04:24:12earHurtsand it's a thumnb board - the keys are abnout .5 cm across
04:24:18hardeepthere are a couple of problems with recursive play mode: 1. it's a lot slower then normal dirplay (potentially a low more depending on number of tracks) 2: the tracks are not inserted in any sorted order
04:24:38Stevie-Oany reason why they're not sorted?
04:24:48Stevie-Odoes rockbox not have a quicksort implementation?
04:25:01elinenbehardeep: when you say not inserted in any sorted order, what do you mean?
04:25:06hardeepit does, i just don't use it.... don't want to waste the buffer space
04:25:13earHurtssort in alpha order
04:25:21Stevie-Obuffer space?
04:25:25hardeepelinenbe: the order they're read from disk is the order they're inserted in the playlist
04:25:52Stevie-Ocouldn't we use the 'directory list' buffer?
04:26:37elinenbehardeep: so, folders are not necessarily inserted before files, or vice-versa?
04:26:49hardeepelinenbe: yeah
04:26:56elinenbehardeep: are songs inserted in alphabetical order?
04:27:01hardeepStevie-O: for recursive, the directory list buffer may be insufficient
04:27:16hardeepelinenbe: not necessarily, it depends on how they're read off disk
04:27:23Stevie-Oit doesn't necessarily have to be the entire list to be sorted
04:27:25hardeepelinenbe: which is probably based on the order they were written to disk
04:27:34hardeepalthough that may not be true either
04:27:41*Stevie-O ponders a way to do that
04:28:02hardeepbtw, this is the same as how we "Create Playlist"
04:28:03elinenbehardeep: so, if I insert an album (folder) where the songs are names "01 - song", "02 - song", etc. the album may not be inserted in order?
04:28:14Stevie-Ohardeep: I kinda figured as much
04:28:42Stevie-Otoo bad we can't just, say, pause any mp3 that's in progress
04:28:50hardeepelinenbe: potentially not... although, I must say that I have yet to see them not inserted in alphabetical order for me
04:29:12Stevie-Oand get a nice 1.7mb buffer
04:29:46elinenbehardeep: can you force alphabetical order? like the current directory play?
04:30:56hardeepelinenbe: potentially.... for non-recursive we should have enough space... but for recursive it won't work
04:31:19elinenbewhy won't it work? It would be great if it would work :)
04:31:36hardeepas i said earlier, not enough space
04:32:06hardeepbut, so far it's worked great for me... so i'm not as concerned about it
04:32:22elinenbein the buffer? I still don't understand... with the previous playlist I could load a list of 5000+ songs.
04:32:29hardeeponce a playlist viewer is in, any tracks not inserted correctly can be manually fixed
04:32:53Stevie-Othe playlist code only holds file offsets
04:32:54hardeepor a user can create a playlist to insert, in the order they want
04:34:01elinenbehardeep: I just have a folder called "Pink Floyd"
04:34:12TheSeigehas anyone modded the archos for more ram
04:34:21elinenbeand in that folder I have "Album 1" with subfolders "CD 1" and "CD 2"
04:35:06elinenbeand also, "Album 2", "Album 3", "Album 4" with subfolder "CD 1" and "CD 2"
04:35:07 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:35:22elinenbehow would it end up playing? if I inserted "Pink Floyd"
04:36:32hardeepelinenbe: since I don't do any sorting... it would depend on the order they're read from disk.... so album 2 could be before album 1 and CD2 of album 3 could be before cd1 of album 3
04:37:10hardeepgive it a try and see how it comes out
04:40:04earHurtselinnnennbe: off topic question, why put each pink floyd the wall cd in its own nsunbdirectory?
04:40:33elinenbeearHurts: I like when the music is played in the correct album order.
04:40:40hardeepi do the same thing...
04:41:17earHurtsnso do I, but I put both the wall cds in one directory
04:41:20elinenbeso, I have my stuff named like "Pink Floyd"/"The Wall"/"CD 1"/"01 - Songname"
04:41:39elinenbethat way I can my filenames are short and I can see them quicklin in the borwser.
04:41:56elinenbebut everything will play in the proper order.
04:42:27earHurtsput all of the wall n- it's logically one recording, on 2 cds +-n in a single directory
04:42:29elinenbehardeep: I just tried it and everything is in odd order :( "02 - song" then "06 - song" etc.
04:43:17earHurtsalpha sorting is essenntial
04:44:24hardeepelinenbe: let me think about it, there might be a way to do although it would be expensive... no promises though
04:44:32elinenbehardeep: sounds wonderful.
04:44:46elinenbehardeep: just keep in touch
04:45:21elinenbeI think if it is expensive it will still be worth it for many users. I am willing to pay up to $53
04:47:25hardeepblah, i'm expecting a few thousand
04:47:28Stevie-O... nice round price
04:48:17Stevie-O1000 for what?
04:48:25elinenbehardeep: I will add some new levels to sokoban :)
04:48:47hardeepi'm still on like level 13... a few more levels ain't gonna help =)
04:49:17Stevie-OI *just* solved 9 the other day
04:49:25elinenbemy programming ability is limited to games... that and thread libraries.
04:54:16earHurtsanybody use tit1 tags?
04:56:27Stevie-Otit tags?
04:56:30Stevie-Osounds interesting
04:57:05earHurtsid3 title is tit2
04:57:22earHurtstit1 is conntent group
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06:01:56hardeepelinenbe: still around?
06:02:57hardeepelinenbe: if you are, try out and let me know how it goes
06:03:07 Nick hardeep is now known as hardeep|away (1098@
06:05:08 Join ken0_ [0] (
07:34:58 Join matsl [0] (
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08:04:37 Nick hardeep|away is now known as hardeep (1098@
08:05:53 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
08:32:28dwihnohardeep: Does the simulator build with mingw?
08:35:45hardeepdwihno: it builds... i don't believe it works though
08:38:14dwihnoThis monday started so goddamn well... Then I came to work and the world fell apart :/
08:38:41hardeepwell, put it back together then =)
08:39:16dwihnoI need glue! :)
08:39:20dwihnoAnd a miracle.
08:40:06hardeepmiracles are easy... a decent glue might be hard to come by though
08:44:40 Join Bagder [241] (
08:46:19dwihnoJvla mndag, och s vidare ;)
08:46:51dwihnoBagder: Did you get a Philips HDD100 mail?
08:46:58BagderI dunno
08:47:02dwihnoDamn, I got excited when I read the first mail
08:47:07Bagderjust got back from 4 days away
08:47:12dwihnoIt said "congratulations, beta tester"
08:47:21Bagderbut you didn't get any unit?
08:47:38dwihnoNah, then I got another mail telling me the subject was invalid.
08:49:22dwihnoTell me if you were lucky (in the true sense)
08:50:59BagderI have maaaaaany mails to go through first ;)
08:59:05dwihnoI just love mondays
08:59:07dwihnoHATE HATE HATE!
08:59:14dwihnoIt's a love/hate relationship
09:00:45dwihnoI love to hate mondays
09:32:54 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: no this is NOT a cybersex client")
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10:54:53 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
10:55:02Bagdermorning Q
10:55:16Quelsarukthat sounded like james bond :)
10:55:17Bagderany good hidden weapons and funny gadgets for mr Bond today?
10:56:03QuelsarukQuake for rockbox?
11:03:06*Bagder experienced summer in Germany during the weekend
11:03:18Bagderback in Sweden it was cooooold
11:03:26 Quit OneCluedCoder (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
11:05:32QuelsarukBagder: i'm experiencins summer since march
11:05:43Bagderyou lucky bastard!
11:06:07Quelsaruk40C is _too_ hot even for me
11:06:33Bagderbut 19 is too cold
11:06:47BagderFrankfurt had 28-30
11:07:08Bagderor rather Heidelberg, where I was
11:14:12 Join Zagor [242] (
11:14:21Bagderhi Z
11:14:47QuelsarukHail Z!
11:15:04BagderZagor: I'm in the next struggle in the Debian world now ;-)
11:15:12Zagorhehe. what?
11:15:41Bagderthe perl package 'WWW::Curl' becomes the debian package 'libwww-curl-perl'
11:15:57Bagderimplying a libwww-dependency that doesn't exist
11:16:57Zagorhowever i think that's the debian perl-lib naming convention: lib<cpan libname>-perl
11:17:10Bagderit is
11:17:16Bagderand I fight it! ;-)
11:17:32Bagdera head-against-wall fight
11:19:04 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
11:21:50quel|outBagder: Czech translation includes a font that has czech chars... what do you do with fonts?
11:22:16Bagderwe should make a fonts dir
11:23:25BagderZagor can put it on the right place on the web site
11:24:30 Join DaManiac [0] (
11:48:18 Join PsycoXuul [20] (
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12:05:58 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:08:07 Nick PsycoXuul is now known as PsycoXul (
12:10:38 Join tracktheripper [0] (
12:10:59Bagderhey ho
12:11:08tracktheripperhello bag
12:12:02tracktheripperwhats up?
12:14:32tracktheripperdid anyone get my bug report about "Update VBR FIle"
12:15:10PsycoXulthat reminds me
12:15:24tracktheripperwhat it reminsds u of?
12:15:43PsycoXuli've got a rockbox recording
12:16:05tracktheripperbut I tried Update VBR File and it just messed the file up
12:16:07PsycoXuland rockbox plays it ok except it's got a little stray spot of silence towards the end
12:16:10tracktherippersee bug report for details
12:16:32PsycoXulbut in mpg123 it gets cut off before the end
12:16:43PsycoXuland mp3check can't handle or fix it either
12:18:17tracktheripperwell perhaps that option should be renamed "Mess Up VBR File"
12:18:33PsycoXulwell i dunno about your bug
12:18:45PsycoXulbut my file was screwed up before i tried the update vbr thing on it
12:18:56PsycoXuland doing an update vbr on it didn't make any difference
12:18:57tracktheripperwell every time the HD rebuffers theres a gap of silence
12:19:10tracktheripperplaying the file in Soundforge worked fine
12:19:55Zagortracktheripper: sounds like vbrfix simply failed.
12:20:08tracktheripperbut it was a VBR file
12:20:10Zagoraudio dropout at buffer fill means the vbr info is bad
12:20:16tracktheripperwhich i downloaded off the webby
12:21:10Zagoryes, sounds like a bug. i haven't read your bug report though.
12:21:47tracktheripperwell i submitted it last night
12:21:57tracktheripperunfortunatly i no longer have the bad file
12:22:01Zagori have a few hundred mails to go through... :-)
12:22:13tracktheripperim trying to behave Zagor :-)
12:22:23BagderTotally 154 bugs (14 marked as fixed, 89 open and 51 bad)
12:23:22tracktheripperits amazing how the "Works For Me" bugs work for Bjorn and co except everyyone else!
12:23:43BagderI doubt everyone tests those things
12:23:55PsycoXulhttp:// <−− there's my problem file
12:24:21Zagor"works for me" simply means the bug report does not include enough information to repeat the problem. not that I/we claim the bug doesn't exist.
12:24:22Bagderfood time
12:24:28tracktheripperyea Bagder I really want that "Reshuffle when playlist repeats" fixed
12:24:34tracktheripperoh right Zaggor
12:25:08Zagortracktheripper: that's not a bug, is it?
12:25:17tracktheripperno its a feature request
12:25:22tracktheripperI really love to have that fixed
12:25:27tracktheripperplease fix it for me, please :-)
12:25:35PsycoXulit's not broken
12:25:38PsycoXulthere's nothing to fix
12:25:45PsycoXulwhat you want is to have it implimented
12:26:12tracktheripperwell please implement it for me Bjorn and co :-)
12:26:36Zagorwe probably will
12:27:03tracktheripperif u implement it for me ill promise to behave from now on :)
12:27:57Zagorhaha. i don't believe you :-)
12:28:07tracktherippergods witness Zaggor :-)
12:28:10tracktheripperill behave :-)
12:28:39tracktheripperbecause I use my Archos as an all day music server, i would really benefit from that feature
12:30:09tracktheripperill pay you Zagor to inplement it :-)
12:30:26Zagoryou can't afford me ;)
12:30:43tracktheripperplease can u inplement it though?
12:30:53tracktheripperim sure there are loads of other people that would love this feature request
12:30:58Zagori already said we probably will
12:31:03earHurtsthis perverts the spirit of open source
12:31:13tracktherippernow where is my gun?!
12:32:30earHurtsthis is about re-shuffling?
12:32:53tracktheripperwhen the playlist repeats, reshuffle it so it repeats in a different song order
12:33:27earHurtsdoesn't sound too hard.
12:33:56tracktheripperyou could have a splashscreen saying [Reshuffling] before it repeats
12:34:35Zagorno need
12:35:29earHurtszagor, if I have mutiple patch filed, is there a conventional nwat to combine nthemn into a single file.
12:35:55ZagorearHurts: use the -r diff option to diff several files at once
12:36:48earHurtswithin different dieectories too?
12:38:34PsycoXuldiff -ur rockbox rockbox.newstuff >newstuff.diff
12:39:07Zagorthink of linux patches. they contain changes to hundreds of files
12:40:05PsycoXulwhen i make patches, i make a pair of trees just for creating the patch.. one of the pristine source tree, and one with just the changes i want in the patch
12:42:53PsycoXulas opposed to using trees where i've built anything or made any other changes heh
12:45:10PsycoXuli guess you'd want to add -N too if you've created new files, or something...
12:50:46earHurtsspeaking of patches, I haven't gotten any feednback on 706111
12:51:48 Join pyromance [0] (
12:51:52pyromanceAnyone awake?
12:53:25pyromanceKnow how to fix an I09:CpuAdrErr at 00000000 on boot?
12:53:56Zagorwhich version?
12:54:03pyromanceOh hey Bjorn
12:54:13pyromanceIt went down like this:
12:54:22pyromanceI tried to play The Sisters of Mercy - 1959
12:54:54pyromanceIt locked with an error ... well I had auto-resume on so it kept trying to play that song .. same error and lock each time
12:55:05pyromanceSo I removed the offending file ... still lock on boot.
12:55:17pyromanceSo I removed and reinstalled Rockbox. Same error on boot!
12:55:26pyromanceBut ... with the factory ROM, it boots fine
12:55:29earHurtssomebody is derefferencinng a null poinnter?
12:55:42ZagorearHurts: sounds like it
12:55:58Zagorpyromance: try installing the latest daily build. it will reset your settings, and thus not try to resume.
12:57:07pyromanceFunny thing is I never had a problem with Rockbox until today... I've been running Rockbox for months and months (thanks for the great OS, by the way)
12:57:11pyromanceOK will do ... One sec
13:02:06pyromanceDamn .. never compiled rockbox on my own before. Gotta make the tools
13:02:19pyromanceOr does the daily build come with a precompiled ajbrec.ajz?
13:02:33tracktheripperZagor that wasnt just my idea, it was midknights as well
13:03:00Zagorpyromance: yes, you can download it precompiled
13:03:22pyromanceOh duh ... I didn't scroll down ;)
13:04:46tracktheripperzagor that was midknights idea as well
13:05:06Zagortracktheripper: fine
13:05:28tracktheripperexcept I sent it because he didn't know how to word it
13:06:45pyromanceWorked, Zagor!
13:06:51pyromanceAnd it plays the song it was locking on before
13:08:00 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
13:08:27pyromanceIt's not showing my level meter or stats bar in my custom .cfg anymore
13:08:36pyromanceI may have to rework that
13:09:07Zagorpyromance: have you reloaded your custom wps file?
13:09:21earHurtssettings reset reset tnhat too
13:09:41pyromanceI know but I saved my .cfg to a file and loaded that up again
13:10:15pyromanceBut when I play a song, I don't see the level meters or the status bar, even though both say "on" in the function key menus
13:10:58pyromanceOh wait ... status bar is there... level meter is not
13:11:48earHurtscheck your wps syntax
13:13:17pyromancemy fault again
13:13:26pyromanceI saved the .cfg, not the .wps
13:14:50pyromanceIt's been so long since I have had to do any OS stuff on the Archos. Rockbox does exactly what an operating system should... install and forget about it
13:17:50pyromancethank you thank you
13:24:29pyromanceNow all the Rockbox needs is a way to "escape out" of automatic replaying if you happen to have a corrupt file. Perhaps holding the "up" arrow on boot?
13:31:01pyromanceHmm ... Now all my consumer electronics run open-source OS's.
13:32:20earHurtswhat others?
13:32:24dwihnoMicrowave oven? ;)
13:32:33pyromanceNo .. handheld computer and MP3 player
13:33:21dwihnoWould be neat with a microwave oven running Linux ;D
13:33:32pyromanceWell my handheld runs Linux ... OpenZaurus
13:33:57dwihnoOpenWalrus ;D
13:35:20pyromanceBut it's a handheld that is meant to run Linux. Now if it only had a USB host controller, I could plug the Z into the Archos for data storage or use the Z as my MP3 player and have live playlist editing and color visualizations
13:38:06earHurtszaurus 5500?
13:38:13pyromanceThat's the one
13:38:29earHurtsI'mn typing this on a 5600
13:38:38pyromanceHahaha. Neat.
13:39:23earHurtshard to find good software for it though.
13:39:35dwihnoWhat can you run on the zaurus?
13:39:42pyromanceYeah... The bloom has fallen off the rose.
13:40:02earHurtswell, it uses thw qtopia linbs.
13:40:05pyromanceIt's a great idea that is just .. too cutting edge. Not enough developers
13:40:45earHurtsI can't find a usuable vnc, even.
13:41:00earHurtspalm os offers alot more software.
13:41:26earHurtsthe irc client works fine though.
13:41:51pyromanceReally? VNC worked for me.
13:42:18earHurtsyeah, ther's some subntle problem on the 5600
13:42:47pyromancefbvncserver (with a tweak or two ... specifically ripping the old busybox from the 2.38 retail SHARP ROM and using it's mknod function) worked on OpenZaurus on the 5500
13:42:55pyromanceWell if you don't like the 5600 I'll trade ya ;)
13:43:23earHurtsi'll wait a bit. ;)
13:44:39earHurtshave you found a decent coden editor for the zaurus?
13:44:44pyromanceIt's funny .. I have my Archos and my Zaurus and I'm now too poor to buy a motherboard to fix my Athlon
13:44:52pyromanceUm ... vi?
13:46:49earHurtsvimn in a pinch. not vi
13:47:13pyromanceFind a way to use the Archos attached to the Z and I'll be happy
13:48:33earHurtsI'd like that too.
13:48:33pyromanceWell ... write a driver for this:
13:49:53earHurtsvery nnice!
13:50:05pyromancePerfect tool for the Zaurus
13:50:11earHurtsbnut i want it as an sd card
13:50:26earHurtsi use the cf slot for wifi
13:50:55pyromanceMe too. I have a POS Netgear MA701 card
13:51:52pyromanceAny good?
13:52:04*pyromance can't wait for Orinoco Gold CF cards
13:52:32earHurtsit works.
13:52:48earHurtsi'm wifi'ing to you right now
13:53:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:53:06pyromanceI blame my problems on my router ... an SMC 7004VWBR
13:53:12pyromanceCrappy crappy thing
13:53:34earHurtsi'm using ann access point and w2k ics
13:54:11pyromanceI need a "real" router. I do too much NAT port forwarding
13:54:33pyromanceVNC and SSH for my Linux box, web and RDP for my briefcase machine, etc.
13:54:38earHurtsyeah, i was bneing cheap
13:55:25pyromanceWell as I said, I can't even afford to replace my motherboard at the moment
13:55:27earHurtsaccess point via usb
13:55:48pyromanceWant to see cheap? My least expensive machine:
13:57:55pyromanceJust a few hundred from start to finish
13:58:06pyromanceActually my CHEAPEST machine is an HP Celeron 466 ... It was free
13:58:24pyromanceCo-worker was throwing it away 'cause the motherboard is flaky
13:58:47pyromanceIf you power it off, you have to wait half an hour or else it won't POST again. So I installed RedHat on it ... now I never power it off
13:59:08earHurtsgood idea
13:59:44pyromanceI may replace the board with another mini-ITX board eventually ... but it's not really needed yet
14:10:12pyromanceOK anyway... thanks for the help!
14:10:17 Quit pyromance ("")
14:45:08 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
14:55:33 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
15:17:08*Stevie[FP] is back from [gone] [gone 2days 16hrs 7mins 2secs] [KS]
15:23:59 Join Stevie-O [0] (~whatsit2u@
15:25:18 Quit Stevie-O (Client Quit)
15:26:28 Quit awy[baer]_ (Remote closed the connection)
15:38:09Stevie[FP]has anybody seen [IDC]?
15:39:06>>>"seen" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
15:39:22#>>"seen" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
15:41:15Stevie[FP]I wish someone had updated the 'Research Notes' for the JBR and FM
15:42:54webmindcan someone tell me why with the cueue function rockbox returns to the original play list/ directory ?
15:43:05 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
15:45:14 Quit Stevie[FP] ()
15:45:52 Join Stevie[FP] [0] (~whatsit2u@
15:53:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:54:12Stevie[FP]I wish I had IDC's notes
16:33:30 Join awy[baer] [0] (
17:00:26 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
17:00:46TBoyI have a question
17:01:49TBoycould we integrate an option wich cuts silence at start and/or end if below some specific sound level
17:02:24BagderI think its possible
17:02:55TBoyok thx
17:03:00elinenbeTBoy: go ahead and make a patch for it! :)
17:04:38 Join Hes_ [0] (
17:05:36TBoyhehe I could try but my coding knowledge isn't adequate to do that
17:05:47TBoybut he I'm gonna try
17:07:50 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
17:16:29 Quit Hes (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:18:09 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|meeting (
17:20:50 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:20:50*Stevie[FP] is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
17:22:28 Join Kuji_ [0] (
17:22:38Kuji_new one is released
17:25:28Stevie[FP]new what?
17:26:16Stevie[FP]The AV320 costs $569.95 and the AV340, $629.95.
17:27:49*Stevie[FP] is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 6mins 58secs] [KS]
17:27:53elinenbewhere did you see those prices?
17:28:09Stevie[FP]at the bottom of the article you just mentioned
17:29:48Stevie[FP]wtf is with this GMX thing
17:30:26*Stevie[FP] grumbles
17:30:29Stevie[FP]and where tf is everyone
17:32:40Stevie[FP]logbot seen linusN
17:32:47*Stevie[FP] pretends he's cool enough to be acknowledged
17:33:08 Quit Kuji_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:34:36 Join ken0_ [0] (
17:35:58*Stevie[FP] throws stuff at the idle people
17:42:08 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:48:28 Quit Zagor|out ("Client exiting")
17:52:56 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
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18:11:46 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
18:11:53#>>"seen" used by quelsaruk ( [snoop prevented]
18:11:53 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
18:12:07quelsarukStevie[FP]: anything else?
18:13:24Stevie[FP]I'm trying to write an emulator
18:13:26Stevie[FP]for the Archos
18:13:37Stevie[FP]I've got the boot firmware dumps
18:13:46Stevie[FP]but they lock up in an infinite loop
18:14:09Stevie[FP]I need Linus or IDC to tell me wtf it is I'm emulating wrong =/
18:14:22adi|homewhy are you writing an archos emulator?
18:16:36Stevie[FP]because we don't have one?
18:16:39 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
18:16:43adi|homebut do we need one?
18:16:46Stevie[FP]I think so
18:16:51adi|homewhat for?
18:17:16adi|homei mean.. where do you want the emulator to run?
18:17:17Stevie[FP]not all of us have the stuff to somehow hook gdb up to an actual jb
18:17:25Stevie[FP]on a PC?
18:17:56adi|homeright.. but why not just use the simulator
18:18:00adi|homethats why its there
18:18:02Stevie[FP]because the simulator isn't the same
18:18:51adi|homei just don't get the point of the effort... its your time/buisness :)
18:19:40Stevie[FP]C:\tmp\rockbox-daily-20030513-p>grep -r "#if.*SIMULATOR" * | wc -l
18:19:59Stevie[FP]that's 85 locations where the code is *different* on a simulator
18:21:21adi|homei understand that..
18:21:39adi|homethe the simulator is there to test code until you can transfer it to the archos itself...
18:21:46adi|homethats all
18:22:16adi|homeim not against you doing the emu don't get me wrong...
18:22:27adi|homeI just was wondering the reasons
18:22:31quelsarukadi|home: btw how's that gameboy emulation? ;)
18:22:45adi|homeno gameboy here...
18:23:46quelsarukwho was doing that emulation then??
18:23:50quelsarukor am i wrong...
18:24:06quelsaruki'm crazy, so that could be just a dream
18:24:37Stevie[FP]adi|home: and what if you want to test stuff for the Player but you don't have a player?
18:38:48adi|homeyou use the simulator ;)
18:38:57adi|homethats why they are there :)
18:46:01quelsarukStevie[FP]: do you remember what we talked about my hd?
18:47:23Stevie[FP]adi|home: as I said, not all the functionality is available on the Simulator
18:47:50quelsarukStevie[FP]: i could use my jukebox, but i couldn't plug it to the pc
18:48:19Stevie[FP]ok, I vaguely recall that
18:50:30 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
18:50:31 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:50:33 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
18:59:10*Stevie[FP] is away [f00d] [KS-MsgLog Off]
19:05:29 Join zmad [0] (
19:05:37zmadhi all
19:06:31zmadDo u think the next version contains Directory creation?
19:11:29 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Tony the Tiger uses BitchX. Its Grrrrrrrrreat!")
19:28:29 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
19:35:36 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
19:35:47 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
19:36:42hardeepelinenbe: around?
19:38:35zmadDo u think the next version contains Directory creation?
19:39:03hardeepzmad: it may... just need someone to code it. =)
19:39:26zmadI hope!
19:41:40 Part zmad
19:42:27quelsarukStevie[FP]: you told me to press the OFF button 7 seconds
19:42:42quelsaruki've done that and now.. it doesn't work
19:43:15quelsarukwe've found out a new thing. If an HD does weird things.. DO NOT press off button 7 secs ;)
19:43:28TheSeigeso does anyone want to encorporate a patch for me and send me the binary?
19:44:14quelsarukwhich patch TheSeige?
19:44:29TheSeigethe car ignition start one
19:45:15quelsarukwait a minute
19:46:54 Quit mecraw (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:53:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:53:48 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:59:28quelsarukTheSeige: my webbrowser is doing some strange things...
19:59:32quelsaruksorry for the delay
19:59:47TheSeigeits cool, i could send it to ya if ya need
20:04:33 Join Jet8810 [0] (
20:05:00TheSeigethats the link quelsaruk
20:09:37quelsaruki can't open the link
20:09:40quelsarukdunno why..
20:09:48TheSeigedo you want me to send it?
20:10:23quelsaruki've got it
20:11:28TheSeigeim gunna go hit the shower ill be back in like 20
20:19:33quelsarukTheSeige: recorder??
20:27:29 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
20:27:29 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:27:32 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
20:30:38 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
20:30:54 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:31:13 Join elinenbe [0] (
20:31:34TheSeigenaw its a player
20:32:28 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:36:26quelsarukTheSeige: where do i send the file?
20:38:30TheSeigeyou really did it?
20:38:49TheSeigedude thank you sooo much
20:39:11quelsarukjust in time..
20:39:30quelsarukthe creator of the patch has added an executable to his website
20:40:07quelsarukthe archos.mod file no?
20:40:15quelsaruki think so
20:40:40quelsarukmessage sent
20:40:58TheSeigeyeah yeah
20:41:48TheSeigedude thanx so much, i really appreciae it
20:42:26quelsarukno prob
20:47:56 Join Jet8810 [0] (
20:48:59 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:49:36 Nick mecraw_ is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
20:54:09TheSeigeum i dunno if it is workin
20:58:25*Stevie[FP] is back from [f00d] [gone 1hr 59mins 15secs] [KS]
20:58:48Stevie[FP]never say an email address here
20:59:05Stevie[FP]the logs are posted to a website
20:59:16TheSeigeoh my bad
20:59:19Stevie[FP]quelsaruk: do you know who wrote logbot?
21:02:58quelsarukdunno Stevie[FP]
21:03:12>>>"help" by quelsaruk (
21:03:24quelsaruka Dancer V4.16p1 bot
21:03:52quelsarukthat's all i know
21:04:12TheSeigequelsaruk: is there a way to make this thing power up, when a power source is connected to it?
21:04:46quelsarukTheSeige: modding it?
21:05:12TheSeigehopefully not, i was thinkin software wise
21:05:16quelsarukwhen you plug it, it starts archos firmware
21:05:23quelsarukmaybe, when rockbox at rom...
21:05:43quelsaruk*is on rom
21:06:21TheSeigeim not sure what you mean
21:06:45 Nick matsl|meeting is now known as matsl (
21:06:56quelsarukwhen you connect your jukebox to an external power source,
21:07:08quelsarukand the jukebox is OFF,
21:07:32quelsarukit starts archos charge, no?
21:08:00TheSeigeno, it will start the firmware and start playing, like a car radio
21:08:23Stevie[FP]it doesn't do that...
21:08:25Stevie[FP]it just starts charging
21:08:49TheSeigeso there is no way of getting around that
21:09:23Stevie[FP]not yet
21:09:37Stevie[FP]someone is working on that
21:09:51Stevie[FP]also, there is a non-mod way around it
21:10:03Stevie[FP]though I don't know if you could controllably exploit it
21:10:33Stevie[FP]if you plug it in, the archos turns on
21:10:38TheSeigewell i basically only use this for my car, so if i have to mod, then thats what ill do
21:10:54Stevie[FP]if you remove AC power before that, it thinks you pressed the ON button and starts up normally
21:11:03Stevie[FP]Someone mailed the list about that
21:12:22*Stevie[FP] growls at all the people who keep ignoring him
21:16:49 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
21:22:23quelsarukStevie[FP]: i'm in another world.. sorry
21:22:32Stevie[FP]not you
21:22:37Stevie[FP]ppl like linus and IDC
21:22:50Stevie[FP]who are withholding information from me by not being here
21:23:24quelsaruktalking about that car ignition...
21:24:00quelsarukhaving rockbox on rom, we could tell rockbox to turn on when pluged to AC
21:24:02Stevie[FP]they're both here all the time
21:24:10Stevie[FP]until I finally need them
21:24:23Stevie[FP]then, nowhere to be seen
21:25:37*Stevie[FP] paces
21:25:58Stevie[FP]my emulator seems to be working ok
21:26:11quelsarukcan i have a look?
21:26:16Stevie[FP]the CPU emulation is OK
21:26:19Stevie[FP]nothing else works
21:26:35Stevie[FP]the program seems to be locking up trying to access some serial port
21:27:03quelsarukmail linus
21:27:06 Join Juliius [0] (
21:27:06 Quit Juliius (Remote closed the connection)
21:27:08Stevie[FP]I did
21:27:11Stevie[FP]no response
21:27:20quelsarukif you got no response from him...
21:27:34quelsarukis because he has some really important thing on mind
21:27:36quelsarukfor sure
21:27:41quelsarukhe's a good guy
21:27:41Stevie[FP]i c.
21:27:50Stevie[FP]I also e-mailed [idc]dragon
21:28:01Stevie[FP]I emailed him several days ago
21:28:27Stevie[FP]I think I'm doing something wrong with certain PIO pins
21:29:02Stevie[FP]but I don't know what is the *right* thing to do, b/c I don't have all the necessary schematics
21:30:53quelsaruki'm a newbie in that. Sorry
21:30:54 Quit Jet8810 (Connection timed out)
21:36:16 Join NBox|Juliius [0] (
21:36:36 Nick NBox|Juliius is now known as Juliius (
21:36:39Juliiuslo all
21:37:02Juliiusjust installed the rockbox...great product!
21:37:14Juliiusof, course ... being a n00b, I had a question
21:37:21TheSeigehey i got a question, i have the remote for the player and the plug is a three band type plug, but the cord on it is like 8 inches, i want it to be like way longer, anyone know where to get an extender wire or something?
21:38:00Juliiuswhen I'm playing a playlist ... can I browse through the playlist? If so, how?
21:38:16Stevie[FP]Juliius: there's no playlist browser atm...
21:38:20TheSeigepress the on button
21:38:32JuliiusThanks, that answers my question
21:38:50TheSeigedoesnt pressing on let you browse?
21:39:55JuliiusOn takes you back to the dir list
21:40:20Juliiusso...if you were last browsing thru the directory from which your playlist was created...then would be browsing from that playlist
21:40:38Juliiussort of
21:40:48TheSeigeok i get ya, ive never tried with the pay list
21:41:29JuliiusOne other question ... when a playlist is compiled it reflects the structure of the directory?
21:41:38Juliiusthat is, order of files?
21:43:08Juliiusk, thanks again got a remote to which player?
21:44:06 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:45:35TheSeige20 gig
21:45:56Juliiusw/ FM receiver?
21:46:15TheSeigeim sure i can slice the wire and do it, but i dont wanna have to do that
21:46:30Juliiuso yeah...PlaYER...sry...I'm new to these gadgets
21:46:34Juliiusjust got mine yesterday
21:46:45TheSeigeits some fun stuff
21:46:51Juliiusyeah, pretty cool
21:47:08Juliiusreplacing my wifes 12 disc changer
21:47:14TheSeigeim gunna be fiberglassing mine in my car soon
21:47:28Juliiuskewl...same idea then, huh?
21:47:45Juliiusdo they make any useful "car kits" for these things?
21:47:51Juliiusthat you know of anyway?
21:48:09 Join Yeft [0] (
21:48:23TheSeigeno, i just wanted the remote, all the other stuff that came with it was useless (for me)
21:48:50Juliiuswhere'd you get the remote?
21:49:01Yeftto fm or not to fm that IS the question
21:50:09JuliiusArchos' webpage? you got a link?
21:50:52TheSeigeerr i havent been there for awile, just got there and there is links to it on the main page i think
21:51:03Juliiusk, I'll check it out
21:51:22TheSeigeserious tho i need this wire to be like 20 inches longer
21:51:32 Quit Yeft (Client Quit)
21:51:34Juliiusnow, if you're using this Rockbox OS, can you still use musicmatch's playlists?
21:51:43 Join Yeft [0] (
21:51:44Juliiusyeah, you may have to do some splicing
21:51:56Juliiuswhere does the remote plugin? ... the usb?
21:52:50TheSeigethe ear part, and you plug your headphones into the remote, kinda shitty
21:53:16Juliiushmm...but it works, right?
21:53:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:53:40TheSeigeyeah it works great, and volume is on the remote which is nice
21:54:23Juliiusdo you know if'n I can transfer musicmatch playslist? ... I'm guessing they'd still work
21:54:59TheSeigeid assume, but i dunno, ive never used em, i know winamp playlists work
21:55:03Yeftif its an M3U
21:55:16Juliiusoki ... thanks guys
21:55:18Yeftall playlists are the same, or should be
21:55:24Juliiusright...I figured
21:55:39Juliiusnice when a channel actually has people who aren't sleeping on it :P
21:55:41Yeftwinamp has a different one..but also m3u
21:55:47Yeftlol think i should get the fm recorder
21:56:19TheSeigeif it fits your needs man
21:56:21Juliiusthat's what I just bought
21:56:43JuliiusI was suprised at how good the little receiver seems to work on mine
21:56:46Yeftyou like it?
21:56:53Juliiusbut, I've only had it a day or two ...
21:56:59Yeftrecord any songs yet?
21:57:03Yeftis the quality good?
21:57:05Juliiusnot yet
21:57:05Yefthow are the games?
21:57:12Juliiushehe, the games are cool
21:57:12Yefttry, right now!
21:57:36DBUGEnqueued KICK Yeft
21:57:36Yeftwhat are you waiting for!?
21:58:09Juliiusactually, coulda done w/out the fm receiver
21:58:24Juliiusdon't really need one..but I thought I might do some actual voice recording
21:58:34Yeftthen y not just the recorder
21:58:56TheSeigeyeah, my friend uses he recorder to bootleg concerts
21:59:03Juliiusthe fm recorder was all the place I went to had
22:00:13Yeftis there a built in mic?
22:00:26TheSeigeyeah there is
22:01:17Yefti could see the fm recorder being very useful, like when your like (this song rocks! −−- o wait, we're 20 seconds in, o wait, 30 second buffer whoooohooo *record button* now i don't have to worry about downloading it!)
22:02:21Juliiushow much price difference in the fm and no fm, you know?
22:02:37Juliiusthey make one where the ONLY variation is with or without FM?
22:03:19Yeftits ten bucks and it looks like the JB6000
22:03:53Yefterrr 50bucks
22:03:59Yeftthe deluxe is 50 bucks cheaprer
22:04:17Juliiusbasically, I did a buncha research on these things some 6 months ago..and was pretty close to buying one ... but ended up not doing so until this last weekend
22:05:07Yefti had my JB6000 for two years, til i killed it friday so i'm back in the market
22:05:32Juliiustwo years...that's a pretty good life for something that gets a lot of use (supposing you used it a lot)
22:05:58Yeftwell i cant say a full 2 years
22:06:10Yeftit probably spent a month or two in the drawwer til i rediscovered it
22:06:17YeftTo me, clowns aren't funny. In fact, they're kind of scary. I've wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus, and a clown killed my dad. -Jack Handy
22:06:22 Quit TheSeige ()
22:06:57Yeftbvmn 708
22:07:14Yeftsrry was cleaning my keyboard
22:08:30 Join Jet8810 [0] (
22:11:48 Join TheSeige [0] (~Seige@
22:12:16TheSeigeso who owns
22:14:49 Quit Yeft (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:14:52 Join Yeft|Away [0] (
22:15:21TheSeigehe ever come on here?
22:16:08 Nick Yeft|Away is now known as Yeft (
22:18:26 Quit TheSeige (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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22:26:50 Part Juliius
22:46:59 Quit Yeft (" Info-[v9.4.2]- Released-[August 10, 2002]- Channel-[#Excursi")
22:53:01 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Hey baby, come sit on my lap. We'll talk about whatever pops up.")
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