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#rockbox log for 2003-06-03

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00:40:55hardeepheya ricII
00:41:33ricIIhi hardeep
00:42:33ricIIstill no display, but 2nd-hand archos is on its way...
00:44:59ricIIactually I got the archos in the first place for rockbox fiddling, mp3 playing wasn't a real priority
00:46:17ricIIso how is the dynamic playlists getting along?
00:47:47hardeepi submitted the patch... you can see it on the sf tracker
00:48:59hardeepbtw, what's your real name so I can give you proper credit? (unless you prefer ricII of course)
00:49:40ricIIRichard, but ricII is ok with me..
00:54:37ricIIhardeep: looks great...
01:05:33ricIII also had some performance tricks up my sleeve..
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04:17:32Stevie-OGUT EVENINK
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04:37:39BoD[]Viewing Natalie Portman on a 3.8" screen makes you go blind!
04:37:42BoD[]Nope, that's caused by what you do while viewing Natalie Portman on a 3.8" screen...
04:38:09BoD[](from the slasdhot story about the new archos)
04:38:16BoD[]anyway i have to go to bed :) bye
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04:43:06elinenbehardeep: you rock!
04:43:12elinenbeHARDEEP RULES!
04:44:44OneCluedCoderhe does?
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05:07:43elinenbeyes he does. songs are now inserted/queued in ORDER!
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05:39:40wtffffI have never seen any other ircd that doesn't ping the damn clients
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05:51:20Stevie-Ohey seige
05:51:32TheSeigehey man
05:52:12TheSeigeyou guys ever seen monster house
05:52:12TheSeigethis show rules
05:53:29Stevie-Onever heard of it
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05:59:25TheSeigeheard of monster garage?
06:00:51TheSeigeits similar to that show, except like the name implies, they do it to a house
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06:27:46earHurtsanybody reas slashdot?
06:30:03earHurtsthere are 4 posts on the topic of the newest archos offering which plug rockbox
06:32:56adi|homei do.. looking at it now
06:34:13earHurtslast one's mine.
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07:55:36StupidKidhi guys
07:55:44StupidKidi've just ran into a problem
07:56:00StupidKidi'm in a cpuadrerr loop
07:56:07StupidKidbecause i have resume on
07:56:18StupidKidi'm constantly hitting the error when i boot into my recorder
07:56:28StupidKidand i tried hitting the off button really fast as i boot up
07:56:30StupidKidto no avil
07:56:41StupidKidand i tried delete the file in question
07:56:52StupidKidand i tried switching back to the stock firmware
07:57:01StupidKidnone of which helped.. i'm stumped
07:57:44StupidKidany suggestions?
08:01:43adi|homewhat do you mean cpuadrerr loop?
08:01:54adi|homeplayer or recorder?
08:02:14StupidKidi'm getting one of those I:03 CpuAdrErr things
08:02:28StupidKidconsistently on a file, so i have resume option turned on
08:02:35StupidKidthus everytime i boot up i crash
08:02:54StupidKidwhen this happened before i was able to get out of it by hitting off at the right time
08:02:59StupidKidbut that doesn't seem to be working
08:03:07StupidKidi had thought that the resume information is kept in a file
08:03:11adi|homeare you config options stored in the config file?
08:03:22StupidKidgood call
08:03:24StupidKidthanks :)
08:03:38adi|homeid back that up.. (rename it) and remove the config file
08:03:44adi|homeon next boot you'll hit defaults
08:03:48adi|homedefault is resume off
08:04:55StupidKidlemme try that... didn't think of that.. thanks for your help
08:08:21StupidKidhmm.. didn't work
08:08:32StupidKidare the configs stored anywhere else besides the file?
08:22:53earHurtsthey're stored in a special disk area
08:23:10earHurtsstupid, you still here?
08:23:28StupidKidhow can i get access to that to clear it out or something?
08:23:40earHurtsyou can attach to the pc, right?
08:24:26earHurtsremove the file it's resuminng to
08:24:32StupidKidi tried that
08:24:36StupidKidshockingly... it didn't help
08:24:54earHurtsok, remove the firmware file.
08:25:14StupidKidnod.. did that.. booted up to stock firmware ok
08:25:43earHurtsand replaceing the firmware takes you nback to the error?
08:26:29earHurtsremove .rockbox/queue
08:26:35StupidKiddid that as well
08:26:42StupidKidremoved the entire .rockbox dir
08:26:46StupidKiddidn't help
08:27:43earHurtscan you build your own firmware file?
08:27:51hardeepStupidKid: do you know what file is causing the crash?
08:28:02hardeepStupidKid: delete it
08:28:07StupidKidi did that
08:28:09StupidKiddidn't help
08:28:17StupidKidand i'm not able to build my own firmware
08:28:22hardeephmmmm... that's bizarre
08:28:36hardeepokay, try the following firmware:
08:28:38earHurtswhat version of archos do you have?
08:28:41hardeeper, do you have a recorder?
08:29:02StupidKidyep.. recorder 15
08:29:18hardeepokay, install that firmware
08:29:22earHurtsdidn't know there /was/ a 15
08:29:22hardeepit'll reset your settings
08:29:40hardeep(remember to renamed dynamic.ajz to ajbrec.ajz)
08:29:48StupidKidthanks.. lemme try it
08:29:56earHurtsif that doesn't work, let us know.
08:30:03StupidKidnod.. appreciate the help
08:30:13earHurtsrocknbox has threads, right?
08:30:14hardeepStupidKid: maybe it crashed on a different track... you may want to find out if you can reproduce it
08:30:20hardeepStupidKid: set resume to "ask" first
08:30:30hardeepearHurts: yeah
08:30:49earHurtsand thread priorities?
08:31:00hardeepStupidKid: we'd be interested in finding what track is causing the crash... if you find it, report a bug and attach the track (or make it available somewhere)
08:31:12hardeepearHurts: no, it's a simple co-operative multitasking system
08:31:24hardeepearHurts: with round-robin scheduling
08:31:36earHurtsso a yeild() function or similar?
08:31:41hardeepearHurts: yeah
08:32:13earHurtsso a low priority thread njust calls yeild more often?
08:32:47hardeepearHurts: essentially, they're normally blocked on a message queue or some such
08:33:32earHurtsby message queue, you mean?
08:33:47hardeepthey're isn't any real notion of priorities
08:33:59hardeepwaiting for a message to be sent telling it to do something
08:34:13earHurtsnbetter question: what well documented thread libnrary do they emulate?
08:34:51hardeepheh, i'm sure there's numerous but none I know off the top of my head
08:35:08hardeepwhy? the code is pretty simple and easy to understand
08:35:14earHurtsone thing rocknbox lacks: api docs
08:36:08hardeeptake a look at firmware/thread.c
08:36:10earHurtsI'm a c++ coder nby temperament; I like strong api contracts.
08:37:34earHurtswhere might I find example code that uses a thread?
08:38:30hardeepearHurts: firmware/mpeg.c
08:40:06earHurtsi'm thinking i keep seeinng reqursts to show id3 titles in place of file names, this nmight be done by a low priority thread.
08:40:26earHurtsof course, it'd also drain the battery
08:42:07earHurtswhat do you think, hardeep?
08:42:37hardeepdisk activity is a killer... don't know how useful it would be to do it that way
08:43:00hardeepi know there's been proposals to create a database offline and use that... probably a better approach
08:43:04earHurtsyeah. i'd cache it, but yeah.
08:43:34earHurtsultimnately, it would use tnhat database
08:46:45StupidKidi'm up and running again :) thanks for your help
08:46:57StupidKidthe culprit was the track after the one that i thought was the problem
08:47:00earHurtsthank hardeep
08:47:31StupidKidwhen i ran vbrfix on it it gave an error message regarding changes in mpeg version in the header or something
08:47:39StupidKidthe fixed version of teh file plays fine
08:47:49StupidKidthe old file seems to crash me pretty consistently
08:47:52hardeepStupidKid: please post a bug and attach that track
08:48:00StupidKidwill do.
08:48:02hardeepStupidKid: we don't like crashes on rockbox =)
08:48:08StupidKidbelieve me
08:48:12StupidKidme neither :)
08:48:25hardeepStupidKid: and you may want to stick with "ask" for resume mode... :)
08:48:36StupidKidyeah.. i've learned my lesson :)
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08:51:35earHurtsstupid big wenbpage. took all my memory, made me reboot.
08:53:43 Join matsl [0] (
08:57:40adi|homehehe funny.. when i adapted the ask stuff... ask once ask always.. i caught flack for it :)
08:58:46 Quit adi|home ("Damn flying monkies")
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09:02:01earHurtsfunnny, i'nve never used don't ask.
09:03:17earHurtsresume without ask wouldn't nbe useful for me.
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09:18:08hardeepStupidKid: that bug you posted doesn't have a file attached.
09:18:31StupidKidyeah.. i've been trying to attach the file
09:18:37StupidKidbut it keeps saying bad file name
09:18:43StupidKidcould it be because the file is too large?
09:19:00hardeepthat's possible... i'm not sure what the file limit on sourceforge is
09:19:16hardeepcan you put it elsewhere? another website perhaps?
09:19:26StupidKidi'm trying again.. if it fails i'll put it up somewhere
09:32:19 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: your way, right away")
09:37:40StupidKidok i've got the file posted
09:37:55StupidKidadi|home: thanks for your help
09:38:01 Quit StupidKid ("Trillian (")
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10:50:41 Join jayjayem [0] (
10:51:41jayjayemjust downloaded 2.0 for my JBRFM - anyone know how I can access the FM tuner?
10:56:30 Quit jayjayem ("you are the weakest link... good bye (cue sarcastic wink)")
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12:23:47tracktherippermorning quels
12:31:48tracktheripperwots the latest?
12:32:18Quelsarukstrange thougts on my mind
12:33:05Quelsaruki'm blocked with my gfx menu
12:37:21tracktheripperwell you never are gonna have a fancy gfx menu on a 1inch 1bit LCD
12:39:02Quelsarukonly for the recorder :P
12:39:27 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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13:27:00Quelsarukafternoon zagor
13:27:14Quelsaruki have an strange problem and none knows how to help me
13:27:54Quelsaruki have a stupid HD, which works on the jukebox
13:28:12Quelsarukbut, everytime i try to plug it to the pc,, i can't
13:28:30Quelsarukit tries to spin up, but makes a "tsk... tsk... tsk..." noise
13:28:41Quelsarukso it spins down.. and retries...
13:28:53Quelsaruklike if it was broken
13:29:05Quelsarukbut, i can turn the jukebox on, play music
13:29:08Quelsarukrecord mp3...
13:29:13elinenbegood morning.
13:29:17Quelsaruki can do everything with it
13:29:17Zagorstrange indeed
13:29:47QuelsarukStevie[FP] told me to power it down for 7 seconds.. seems like that is complet power down.
13:30:07Quelsaruki did that, and then.. it couldn't even boot with archos firmware
13:30:42Quelsarukso i had to remove batteries, leave it without batts for 1 hour
13:30:55Quelsarukand when i inserted them again, it worked
13:31:18Quelsarukand i can't even understand what on hell is going on
13:31:43Zagorcould be shaky batteries
13:32:09Quelsaruki've disassembled the jukebox
13:32:21Quelsarukand put the hd on a external case
13:32:37Quelsarukwhich has external power
13:32:42Quelsarukand same problem...
13:33:02Quelsarukthe computer knows i have attached an usb device
13:33:13Quelsarukbut, the hd can't spin up
13:37:22Quelsarukany idea?
13:37:33Quelsarukcan you lend me the Mjlner??
13:39:17Zagorsorry, no ideas. if it doesn't work when directly connected to the pc it really sounds like a bad disk
13:39:43Quelsarukthe weird thing is that archos firmware is able to work with the disk
13:39:52Quelsaruki don't know how or why
13:41:15Quelsarukyou can't imagine how terrible is to live 2 weeks with archos 1.15m firmware :(
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14:09:04 Quit DaManiac ("I like core dumps")
14:16:44 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as quel|lunch (
14:22:35 Quit nelliep (Remote closed the connection)
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15:19:15*Stevie[FP] is back from [gawn] [gone 16hrs 57mins 47secs] [KS]
15:33:40*Stevie[FP] yawns
15:33:43Stevie[FP]gut mornink
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16:11:01Bagderquel|lunch: here?
16:11:53 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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16:27:47quel|lunchthx for that
16:27:50BagderI uploaded that czech font
16:27:53quel|lunchjust read the mail
16:27:58 Nick quel|lunch is now known as quelsaruk (
16:28:04Stevie[FP]wb quel
16:28:16quelsaruki'm sorry for being so slow these last weeks :(
16:28:36Bagderno worries
16:28:37quelsaruki'm inishing a project, and i need windows
16:32:41BagderZagor: around?
16:34:15Bagdernah, didn't help ;-)
16:35:28quelsarukZagor: Bagder made a terrible mistake on the code!!!
16:35:41quelsaruk(this should wake him)
16:38:18Stevie[FP]perhaps if we made swedish racial slurs?
16:38:21Stevie[FP]not that I know any
16:38:27mbrBagder: Can you close the bug reports #715081, #741391, #742672
16:38:38Bagderwill do!
16:38:42mbrThese should be fixed by my commit last week
16:38:46Bagderah, right, thanks
16:40:13 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
16:42:49quelsarukBagder: how much is a 60GB HD??
16:46:59BagderI'm off, see ya
16:47:02 Quit Bagder ("")
17:43:52 Quit matsl ("Client exiting")
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17:54:20quelsarukyou forgot the eyebrown :)
17:58:59Stevie[FP]i don't have those keys
17:59:16Stevie[FP]so I shaved off my eyebrows
17:59:20 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
17:59:37Stevie[FP]hey h
18:01:17hardeepyo yo yo
18:02:31hardeepattempting to wake up =)
18:02:55 Join ken0_ [0] (
18:03:28Stevie[FP]i c
18:36:00 Join vanderlei [0] (
18:36:26vanderleidoes rockbox make it so the archos jukebox is no longer sdmi compliant?
18:36:44 Quit vanderlei (Client Quit)
18:37:08webmindsdmi ?
18:37:09 Join vanderlei [0] (
18:37:11webmindsdmi ?
18:37:16vanderleiscrew that java client hehe
18:37:22webmindwhat's sdmi
18:37:34vanderleisdmi the standard the cording industry is trying to make everyone obey
18:37:37vanderleithe watermark
18:37:54vanderleithey trying to make it so all mp3 players will only play licensed watermarked mp3s
18:38:07vanderleiis another name
18:38:16webmindi dont think the archos was ever compliant to that
18:38:46vanderleii was wondering if rockbox allows you to get around the sdmi check...the archos tech support told me its doable but wouldnt tell me how hehe
18:39:02vanderleiarchos tech support said they are sdmi compliant
18:39:18vanderleii think its recent...i dont think the older ones were
18:40:06vanderleithe archos is easy to hack shouldnt be an issue...i just gotta know if the sdmi check is in the firmware or what...
18:40:26vanderleipretty sure the rockbox firmware update does that tho
18:44:13*Stevie[FP] wonders who licenses these mp3s?
18:44:39*vanderlei wonders the same thing...its bullshit
18:44:55vanderleiseems to be everything you need there
18:45:44webmindvanderlei, owh.. it probably does then
18:45:57webmindmy archos doesnt complain atleast
18:46:06vanderleii figured so
18:46:35vanderleialright...take it easy...
18:46:43 Quit vanderlei ()
18:51:35*Stevie[FP] is away [f000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000d] [KS-MsgLog Off]
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19:50:08 Join MT [0] (
19:50:54quelsarukleave the channel, zagor's back
19:52:24quelsarukinteresting.. this month we are having a lot of local winds... and i'm here, inside a building :(
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19:55:42hardeepZagor: mind if i submit the seek optimization patch? i've tested it fairly thoroughly with the dynamic playlist stuff ( to refresh your memory)
19:56:14quelsarukhardeep: recursive dirs ?
19:56:29hardeepquelsaruk: pardon?
19:56:40Zagorhardeep: sure, go ahead
19:57:21quelsarukqueuing recursive dirs
19:57:51quelsarukyou have to understand me.... just 2 neurons and they want to be far away from here :)
19:57:52hardeepquelsaruk: yeah, you can do that with the dynamic playlist stuff
19:58:12 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:58:28quelsaruki knew you were going to work in that this weekend, didn't know you had done it :)
19:59:01hardeepthat was last weekend... i think you've lost a week somewhere. =)
20:00:22quelsaruki wanted to say *last*
20:00:50quelsaruki should develop a Quelsaruk-english translator for rockbox :)
20:08:44*Stevie[FP] is back from [f000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000d] [gone 1hr 17mins 9secs] [KS]
20:09:14Stevie[FP][idc] replied
20:12:10quelsarukZagor: the new developer
20:12:22quelsarukwith that strange name
20:12:24quelsarukreally long
20:12:48hardeepyeah, "really long" is a strange name
20:12:58quelsarukor something like that
20:13:09quelsarukjorg or something like that
20:14:15quelsarukhardeep: where are you from?
20:14:37Stevie[FP]the one deciphering the boot ROM for Rockbox In Flash
20:14:44hardeepus, san francisco
20:14:46Zagorah, he
20:14:47Stevie[FP]sup Z
20:15:36quelsarukthat could explain your sense of humour
20:15:51quelsarukhumor.. or however is wirtten in english
20:16:00Stevie[FP]hey Z... the website has rec_main.pdf (main board with CPU) and rec_interface.pdf (the board with the keypad switches), has anyone done any schematics for the display board?
20:16:48Zagordisplay board?
20:16:51quelsarukJrg Hohensohn <−−- the guy's name :)
20:16:56Zagorthe display is on the same board as the buttons
20:17:20Stevie[FP]well the rec_interface seems to imply a 2nd jumper block
20:17:31Stevie[FP]I e-mailed Linus about but no resposne
20:17:36*Stevie[FP] checks his sent box
20:18:16ZagorStevie[FP]: on the far right of the interface schematics are the five display leads
20:18:17Stevie[FP]it's labeled 18flz-s1
20:18:49Zagoruh, not five. but the leads any way :-)
20:19:10Zagorthat is the display connector, isn't it?
20:19:15Stevie[FP]I don't know
20:19:19Stevie[FP]it just says 'Display'
20:19:30Stevie[FP]and I have no idea what the things are wired to
20:20:00Stevie[FP]for example, PB1 goes to pin 32
20:20:09Stevie[FP]which then leads to X2-4
20:20:17Stevie[FP]I have no idea what it ends up touching from there
20:20:24Zagorthe lcd controller is on the actual lcd (chip-on-glass), so that connector is the physical lcd socket
20:22:20Zagori'll add a picture of the lcd to the photo section
20:22:31Zagorit will clear up things
20:22:38 Quit hardeep ("[BX] iTs bEttEr tO bUrN oUt tHaN tO fAdE aWaY")
20:26:33Stevie[FP]with IDC's help my app locks up somewhere else now
20:27:46Zagorwhee, progress :-)
20:29:05 Join matsl [0] (
20:31:20quelsarukZagor: have you ever seen siemens mobiles menu?
20:31:32quelsarukat least.. siemens s55 menu
20:32:04Zagori think so, but I can't recall how it looks
20:34:01quelsarukdoesn't matter... i don't know how to explain my idea, so don't worry
20:34:08quelsarukforget about this :)
20:38:32Stevie[FP]i'm trying to figure out which way the various pins are pulled for port B
20:42:08Zagorwe don't set that up centrally
20:42:41quelsaruktime to go home
20:42:43quelsarukcu tomorrow
20:42:44Stevie[FP]actually I mean external to the chip
20:43:02 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
20:44:49Stevie[FP]it doesn't help that I have an FM and these schematics are for the Recorder
20:45:00Stevie[FP]cuz if 'RCON' is 'remote connection' or something
20:45:20 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:45:33Stevie[FP]I seem to recall that the FM doesn't have a remote?
20:48:22Stevie[FP]PB4 seems to be hooked up to the 'OFF' button, but again, on the FM the 'OFF' button is on an A/D channel
20:54:47Zagoroff has dual connections: one to the cpu and one directly to the power system
20:55:14Zagorso it can be turned off even if the software is hung
20:56:17hardeepthank god for that =)
20:56:26Stevie[FP]no kidding
20:56:30Stevie[FP]stupid archos fw
21:09:40 Join LinusN [200] (
21:10:29hardeepheya LinusN
21:10:43LinusNhi hardeep
21:11:05Stevie[FP]hey Linus
21:11:41LinusNsorry about not responding to your email, been very busy lately
21:15:58Stevie[FP]man, I really wish I knew how the damn display's wired
21:23:43 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
21:30:12 Quit matsl ("Client exiting")
21:46:50 Join Yeft [0] (
21:46:55Yeftguess what??????
21:47:02*Stevie[FP] flatly refuses to guses
21:47:14Yefti'm just about ready to buy my FM Recorder
21:47:26Yeft240 at J and R music world
21:47:53Yeft(and i'll buy the 30 dollar 1 year extra warantee because of archos's WONDERFUL reputation)
21:48:49*Yeft silence
21:50:34 Join ken0_ [0] (
21:51:02DBUGEnqueued KICK Yeft
21:51:03***Alert Mode level 1
21:51:04***Alert Mode level 2
21:53:21 Quit _aLF ("bye")
21:53:43Yeft<Yeft> i'm just about ready to buy my FM Recorder
21:53:44Yeft[3:47pm] <Yeft> 240 at J and R music world
21:53:44Yeft[3:48pm] <Yeft> (and i'll buy the 30 dollar 1 year extra warantee because of archos's WONDERFUL reputation)
21:53:44***Alert Mode level 3
21:53:44Yeft<Yeft> i'm just about ready to buy my FM Recorder
21:53:44***Alert Mode level 4
21:53:44Yeft[3:47pm] <Yeft> 240 at J and R music world
21:53:44***Alert Mode level 5
21:53:44Yeft[3:48pm] <Yeft> (and i'll buy the 30 dollar 1 year extra warantee because of archos's WONDERFUL reputation)
21:53:46Yeft<Yeft> i'm just about ready to buy my FM Recorder
21:53:48Yeft[3:47pm] <Yeft> 240 at J and R music world
21:53:50Yeft[3:48pm] <Yeft> (and i'll buy the 30 dollar 1 year extra warantee because of archos's WONDERFUL reputation)
21:53:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:53:52Yeft<Yeft> i'm just about ready to buy my FM Recorder
21:53:54Yeft[3:47pm] <Yeft> 240 at J and R music world
21:53:56Yeft[3:48pm] <Yeft> (and i'll buy the 30 dollar 1 year extra warantee because of archos's WONDERFUL reputation)
21:54:00Yeft<Yeft> i'm just about ready to buy my FM Recorder
21:54:02Yeft[3:47pm] <Yeft> 240 at J and R music world
21:54:06 Quit Yeft (Remote closed the connection)
21:59:06 Join NBox|Juliius [0] (
22:00:02NBox|JuliiusYo, I was wondering ... is there anyway to use/play the recorder while charging?
22:00:08 Nick NBox|Juliius is now known as Juliius (
22:00:14LinusN|awayof cpurse
22:00:28Juliiuso yeah?
22:00:35LinusN|awayhold ON for several seconds
22:00:47Juliiuspfff, hah! how simple...thanks man
22:00:58Juliiusguess I should read the manual, huh?
22:01:27 Nick LinusN|away is now known as LinusN (
22:02:35Stevie[FP]actually, given the general quality of the hardware and software they produce
22:02:56Stevie[FP]I wouldn't expect the manual Archos provides to be of all that much use either
22:03:45***Alert Mode OFF
22:06:09Stevie[FP]ok lemme see
22:06:16Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
22:06:27Mode"#rockbox +o logbot " by Zagor (
22:06:33Mode"#rockbox -o Zagor " by Zagor (
22:19:59 Join _aLF [0] (
22:28:03Stevie[FP]ok wtf
22:30:28CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:30:28*Zagor is signing up for VDSL
22:30:30Stevie[FP]what do you know about [IDC]'s adventures in flash rom reverse engineering?
22:30:51Zagoronly what he has said here and in the mailing list
22:31:16Stevie[FP]the flash ROM contains some sort of encoded/obfuscated loader
22:34:26Stevie[FP]ohhhhhhh crap
22:34:29Stevie[FP]i had SHAR implemented wrong
22:34:34*Stevie[FP] beats his head against the wall
22:36:15Stevie[FP]I was shifting left instead of right
22:37:56Stevie[FP]here we go
22:38:03Stevie[FP]that looks quite a bit more promising
22:38:23elinenbehardeep: you here?
22:38:35hardeepelinenbe: yep
22:38:38elinenbehardeep: I have an idea for you
22:39:09elinenbewhat about recursive delete? so we can delete directories.
22:39:22*Stevie[FP] calls fetchmem(0x09000000, 2)
22:39:32hardeepelinenbe: you mean from a playlist?
22:39:37Stevie[FP]survey says... 0x09000200! *ding*ding*ding* we haaaaave a winner
22:40:33Zagorelinenbe: I haven't added dir removal to the fat32 driver yet
22:45:40Stevie[FP]ohh fsck
22:45:44*Stevie[FP] growls
22:45:52Stevie[FP]now I have to finally do what I was avoiding :-o
22:49:55LinusNtime to reboot, brb
22:49:58 Part LinusN
22:53:56 Join LinusN [200] (
23:05:33elinenbeZagor: is there a difference between dir removal and file removal?
23:06:13Zagorelinenbe: yes. even empty dirs always have two entries left (. and ..) that must be removed before the dir is freed
23:07:08*Stevie[FP] declares the hitatchi people to be totally nuts
23:10:15 Join Bagder [241] (
23:10:26Zagorooh, bagder
23:10:55Bagderhey ho
23:12:29 Join Yeft [0] (
23:14:49 Part Juliius
23:15:14BagderZagor: you up for tomorrow?
23:15:31Zagormy place or yours?
23:15:39Zagoror the office?
23:15:41Bagderread my mail! ;-)
23:15:44Zagorah :)
23:16:24ZagorI signed up for VDSL now, btw. will be very interesting.
23:16:33Bagderyes it will
23:16:44Bagderwhat kind of installation fee is there?
23:16:46elinenbewhat is VDSL?
23:16:47*Stevie[FP] fixes subc
23:16:55elinenbeI have heard ADSL and SDSL
23:16:57Stevie[FP]vdsl sounds like a hardware description language :D
23:16:59BagderVDSL => Very high speed data rate DSL
23:17:07Yeftvery dsl
23:17:11Zagorelinenbe: faster than ADSL. 10Mbit down, 9Mbit up. in short: very nice
23:17:28Stevie[FP]holy fsck
23:17:33Stevie[FP]how nice
23:17:51BagderI checked
23:17:55BagderI can get it here too! ;-)
23:17:59elinenbeZagor: nothing compared to the OC3 I have here at my apartment.
23:18:21Yeftdo you realllly need to download that fast ?? lol
23:18:24Zagorelinenbe: :)
23:18:53DBUGSent KICK Yeft to server
23:18:53Yeft-[ Zagor ]- whats the need for THAT fast??????
23:18:53Kick(#rockbox Yeft :Colourcodes are *not* appreciated here!) by logbot!
23:18:54 Join Yeft [0] (
23:19:09Yeftaye! log bot ill do whatever i want
23:19:18ZagorYeft: apt-get dist-upgrade :-)
23:19:27DBUGSent KICK Yeft to server
23:19:27YeftWaNNNa Go?
23:19:27Kick(#rockbox Yeft :Colourcodes are *not* appreciated here!) by logbot!
23:19:28 Join Yeft [0] (
23:19:37Bagderand that 10mbit is cheaper than my 2.5mbit
23:20:04Yeftwhen did log bot get @
23:20:14Bagdersince you flooded the channel
23:20:50Zagorfun pitch experiment here:
23:20:53Yeftbut i was all alone, and no one listens to me
23:21:06ZagorI nailed all but four
23:26:32_aLFhow does it cost you LinusN the vdsl ? (if it isn't indiscreet)
23:27:25Zagor_aLF: 400 SEK/month
23:27:32elinenbewhich one was the beatles (the practice one?)
23:27:56Zagorelinenbe: heh, I don't know :-)
23:28:08Zagori don't recognize that song so I didn't write it down
23:28:24elinenbeBeatles "Back in the USSR"
23:30:26elinenbewrong song :)
23:30:31elinenbeBeatles - Get Back
23:30:47elinenbehow come people really never discuss music here −− obviously everyone loves music...
23:31:16Yefti never thought about that lol
23:31:36Yeftits probably because rockbox is more about the tech than the music
23:32:29Zagormusic taste varies more than tech taste, I guess :-)
23:33:26 Join ken0 [0] (
23:35:43DBUGSent KICK Yeft to server
23:35:43Yeftmp3 [Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way - 07 - Can`t Stop] - (4:27/128kbps) stuff
23:35:43Kick(#rockbox Yeft :Colourcodes are *not* appreciated here!) by logbot!
23:35:44 Join Yeft [0] (
23:35:55Yeftwhen are they just gonna ban me!?
23:35:57Bagderthen please stop that
23:36:31Yeftprobably when they read the log
23:36:40Bagderthey who?
23:36:49Zagor"they" are here already...
23:36:54Stevie[FP]i think he's just insane
23:37:03 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:37:09Bagderyou mean the voices in your head? ;-)
23:37:13Yefti thought it was bjorn
23:37:17Yefto well
23:37:32Yeftlifes to short so love the one you got
23:38:19DBUGSent KICK Yeft to server
23:38:19Yeft Leaving Reason-[Time to listen to some RHCP and wait paitiently for my FM Recorder]-
23:38:19Kick(#rockbox Yeft :Colourcodes are *not* appreciated here!) by logbot!
23:38:20 Join Yeft [0] (
23:38:32>>>"pass" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
23:38:44ZagorYeft: behave or i'll have to ban you
23:38:50Yeftits not my fault
23:38:53Bagderyes it is
23:38:57Bagdershut off the crap
23:39:12Yefti'll load up IRC old school
23:39:45 Quit Yeft (" Info-[v9.4.2]- Released-[August 10, 2002]- Channel-[#Excursi")
23:53:23 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:53:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"

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