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#rockbox log for 2003-06-08

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00:31:23 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
00:31:31MiChAeLoLanyone here?
00:32:19MiChAeLoLim thinking about getting a archos 20gb jukebox, but have read mixed reviews on it... i assume that its that the firmware that it ships with sucks so if i were to get one i would update that right away
00:32:35MiChAeLoLdoes anyone here have the 20gb fm recorder one?
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00:52:36MiChAeLoLanyone here?
00:56:39 Join edx [0] (
00:58:01*MiChAeLoL wonders if anyone is here
01:19:09MiChAeLoLprobably gunna get one, would you recomend the archos fm recorder 20gb or just teh archos 20gb recorder (no fm)
01:21:49 Join tracktheripper [0] (
01:22:54MiChAeLoLanyone have the archos mp3 player?
01:33:33 Join LinusN [200] (
01:34:05LinusNMiChAeLoL: what do you want to know about the jukebox?
01:35:40 Join freddi [0] (
01:43:00ricIIhi all
01:43:58MiChAeLoLthat its 20 gb and the firmware it comes with sucks
01:44:04MiChAeLoLthinking about getting one
01:44:20MiChAeLoLprobably gunna get the 20gb jukebox fm recorder for $222.22
01:45:31MiChAeLoLif i were to get the fm one would the firmware work with it?
01:45:42MiChAeLoLor rather... is the firmware for the regular one better
01:46:29MiChAeLoLprobably gunna get that one
01:46:45ricIII heard the (fm) antenna isn't that great..
01:47:02MiChAeLoLyea i heard that too
01:47:11MiChAeLoLi know the antenna is the headphones
01:47:25MiChAeLoLso if your headphones are insulated (mine arnt that much) then the reception sucks
01:47:53MiChAeLoLand i also heard that the recorder overwrites previously recorded things in the same folder
01:48:35LinusNrockbox creates new files for every recording
01:49:07LinusNthe fmrec is pretty good, although it doesn't have Digital Out
01:49:07MiChAeLoLok good, then im gunna get it
01:49:20tracktheripperit does LinusN, its switchable with the Line Out
01:49:23MiChAeLoLcan you record off a mic at good quality?
01:49:43LinusNtracktheripper: how?
01:49:47tracktheripperthe digital out and Line Out share the same socket
01:49:57tracktheripperthere is an option in the Archos to switch between the 2
01:50:06LinusNMiChAeLoL: sort of, the hard disk noise is picked up by the mic
01:50:19LinusNtracktheripper: show me
01:50:19MiChAeLoLlike a lot or not that much?
01:50:36MiChAeLoLeven with an external mic?
01:50:41ricIIrecording quality isn't that great either (don't aspect miracles)
01:50:46tracktherippervisit the archos webby for details
01:51:26MiChAeLoLhow much power does it use?
01:52:20MiChAeLoLthink ill get one then, sounds really good for the price with the rockbox software
01:52:53LinusNMiChAeLoL: good choice
01:53:05MiChAeLoLany possiability of adding wma formats or other audio formats to it in the future through rockbox?
01:53:48tracktheripperno sorry
01:53:59tracktheripperdecoding is done in hardware
01:54:01MiChAeLoLok, doesnt matter that much tho cause i dont have any wma format songs
01:54:05MiChAeLoLyea thought so
01:54:09tracktheripperand the chip is hard-coded to play MP3 only
01:54:41 Join BoD[] [0] (
01:54:46LinusNtracktheripper: care to give me a URL for that information?
01:54:54LinusN(the digital out)
01:55:02LinusNthere is nothing in the FAQ
01:55:24tracktheripperive got the PDF manual (somewhere) on my PC
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01:56:03MiChAeLoLoh yeah, is the hard drive that noisy?
01:56:04tracktherippervisit that Linusn
01:56:12tracktheripperthe answer is there for you
01:56:35LinusNi must be blind
01:56:42tracktheripperyou are thats why :-)
01:56:48MiChAeLoLlike inbetween songs over 2mb when it has to reload the song
01:56:53tracktheripperdid u see the "Digital question"?
01:57:15LinusNyes, but that is for Digital *IN*
01:58:16MiChAeLoLhmmm that faq has it all,.... Jukebox FM Recorder Power Adapter Specs: Output 6V / 700mA.
01:58:41tracktheripperLinusN so when are we gonna see better file management for recording?
01:58:45LinusNtracktheripper: so where does it say that Digital Out works?
01:58:56MiChAeLoLlooks like i can use 4 aa batters and make an external battery pack if i dont want to wait for it to charge
01:58:59tracktheripperdon't know
01:59:12MiChAeLoLnot sure if aa's can hold 700ma tho
01:59:35tracktheripperLinusN when are we gonna get better file management for recording>
01:59:47LinusNtracktheripper: one sunny day...
01:59:55tracktheripperif it ever comes
02:00:11tracktheripper"This is not possible to implement, due to linusN limitations......"
02:00:17ricIIit was rather sunny to day :)
02:00:39LinusNricII: indeed, it just wasn't that one day
02:00:46MiChAeLoLhmmm they say there working on wma support for all jukebox models
02:00:57LinusNi believe it when i see it
02:01:05MiChAeLoLif they did come out with it would you be able to see how they did it and add it to rockbox?
02:01:11ricIIwonder how thay gonna do that..
02:01:20MiChAeLoLits in the faq
02:01:26tracktheripperwell why not write a software decoder?
02:01:34LinusNtracktheripper: too slow cpu
02:01:36tracktheripperafter Winamp uses software decoder
02:02:05tracktheripperlikewise, write a software tuner for the Recorders to pick up FM :-)))
02:02:26ricIIand the memory on the dsp is only 8k, so even if I could code it..
02:02:56tracktheripperlinusN is always cheerful
02:03:52ricIIa big clock app would be nice....
02:03:53tracktheripperor "usually" cheerful
02:04:23tracktheripper"give tetris its proper vertical interface"
02:04:38MiChAeLoLdoes rockbox have a built in clock?
02:04:57MiChAeLoLthought so
02:04:58LinusNMiChAeLoL: the recorder models have a real time clock chip that rockbox uses
02:05:12tracktheripperdo the players have a clock?
02:05:22MiChAeLoLdotn know
02:05:26MiChAeLoLi think so, not sure
02:05:30LinusNno they don't
02:05:34tracktheripperif not, just write a "software clock" :-)
02:05:37MiChAeLoLdoes it have a timer that says how far into the song it is
02:05:38tracktherippernot too much code :-))
02:05:43ricIIjust take a look at the datasheets...
02:05:44LinusNMiChAeLoL: yes of course
02:05:46MiChAeLoLor does it have tracking ?
02:06:00MiChAeLoLskip forward into a song
02:06:04tracktheripperno it does not have me built-in
02:06:04LinusNoh yes
02:06:07*MiChAeLoL has yet to see an mp3 player that can do that
02:06:11LinusNtracktheripper: boooo
02:06:25tracktheripperwhat do u meen booooo?
02:06:28MiChAeLoLis there like a bar onscreen or fastforward button?
02:06:36LinusNtracktheripper: silly joke
02:06:42*MiChAeLoL cant wait till he gets his
02:06:44LinusNMiChAeLoL: both
02:06:54MiChAeLoLim sold
02:07:21tracktheripperLinusN will we get a "Create Folder" like ARchosy firmware?
02:07:29LinusNMiChAeLoL: and it resumes from where you left off after shutting off
02:07:40LinusNtracktheripper: yes
02:07:40MiChAeLoLcan you rename files?
02:07:44LinusNMiChAeLoL: yes
02:07:57MiChAeLoLlol... can you view photos?
02:08:02tracktheripperdoes it have a "Format" mode built in?
02:08:03MiChAeLoLin black and white
02:08:06LinusNMiChAeLoL: nope
02:08:14LinusNtracktheripper: why?
02:08:15ricIILinusN: looked at hardeep's hard work?
02:08:19MiChAeLoLlol didnt think so, that would require a shitload of programs
02:08:23LinusNricII: no, not yet
02:08:37MiChAeLoLlike one to convert it to the correct format and everything
02:08:48tracktheripperor can it support the LAME codec?
02:08:52LinusNricII: have u?
02:08:58ricIII still waiting for my replacement lcd
02:09:01MiChAeLoLdoes it have the dsp with all lines that move up and down?
02:09:11MiChAeLoLlike in winamp
02:09:15LinusNMiChAeLoL: no
02:09:29MiChAeLoLone last thing... how long does it take to charge?
02:09:40LinusNquite some time, several hours
02:10:23MiChAeLoLyea i saw the ram upgrade but taht looks like too much work for me... harder then installing a mod chip
02:10:28LinusNyou can charge it from the external charger, or from USB (fm recorder)
02:10:47tracktheripperi wanna make my JB charge from USB
02:10:52MiChAeLoLyea i saw that it could be charged from usb in the faq
02:11:19MiChAeLoLcan it be charged from usb through rockbox?
02:11:34ricIILinusN just browsed the diff, looks exactly what I had in mind
02:11:39LinusNMiChAeLoL: yes
02:11:40tracktherippermichael, any more questions? :-)
02:11:43MiChAeLoLhehe lol
02:11:48MiChAeLoLjust excited
02:11:51LinusNricII: yes it looks really promising
02:11:57MiChAeLoLits a large cool thinggy
02:12:04tracktheripper"Turn of Rejected in Sorceforge"
02:12:09MiChAeLoLill probably be the only person with a 20gb mp3 player in my area
02:12:27LinusNMiChAeLoL: and you can upgrade it to 60...
02:12:35ricII80 even now
02:12:42MiChAeLoLyea i saw one upgraded on ebay
02:12:46MiChAeLoLtoo ebay
02:12:47tracktheripperor even 200...
02:12:50MiChAeLoLare they laptop hd's?
02:12:57MiChAeLoLor regular hd's that you upgrade it
02:13:12LinusNlaptop hd's, 9.5mm 2.5"
02:13:17MiChAeLoLcause 80gb laptop hd's are quite expensive
02:13:42MiChAeLoLmabye in the future ill upgrade it
02:13:50MiChAeLoLwhen i see a cheap laptop hd
02:14:17tracktheripperthe Hitachi drives are the best units
02:14:46ricIIMiChAeLoL you could also upgrade the memory but that's not for the faint of hearted..
02:14:59tracktheripperthere is no real benefit upgrating the memory
02:15:06tracktheripperaccording to Zagor
02:15:14MiChAeLoL2mb is probably enough for me
02:15:25MiChAeLoLlol 335 bucks for an 80gb
02:17:20MiChAeLoLcan the charger work in europe (220v)?
02:17:34MiChAeLoLlike does it say 110v ~ 240v on the charger?
02:18:31LinusNmy fm recorder is american, and i had to buy a new charger
02:19:04LinusN(i live in sweden)
02:19:19MiChAeLoLwhere did you get your charger?
02:19:32 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
02:19:42LinusNat a local consumer electronics dealer
02:19:53LinusNnothing special about it
02:20:34MiChAeLoLjust one that is 6v and can do 700ma
02:23:53*MiChAeLoL is ordering one right now
02:28:25 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
02:51:57*MiChAeLoL should have it in a week
02:52:04MiChAeLoLslow ground shipping
02:55:42 Quit BoD[] ("mblelop")
02:58:57 Part LinusN
03:19:54MiChAeLoLso how long does the battery last when rockbox is installed?
03:20:01MiChAeLoLlike how much longer?
03:55:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:10:03MiChAeLoLso can i search for songs in rockbox? and do i need a plugin?
04:33:10hardeepMiChAeLoL: no, there is no way to search for a song yet...
04:33:28hardeepMiChAeLoL: what type of plugin are you referring to?
05:14:53 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
05:15:17 Join Stevie-O [0] (
05:15:32midknight2k3you still have it off lol
05:16:13 Join green_ [0] (
05:18:35Stevie-Ohey green
05:19:08midknight2k3(psst) do you know him> (/psst)
05:19:39Stevie-Owhats up?
05:19:41green_just trying to do a hd upgrade...
05:19:48midknight2k3on an archos?
05:20:02midknight2k3what size? and what model?
05:20:18green_recorder, 40gig
05:20:31midknight2k3sounds good
05:20:38green_well, we'll see :-)
05:20:41Stevie-Overy cool
05:20:42green_I've got it apart
05:20:49green_need to partition new drive
05:20:50midknight2k3doing a player upgrade just aint worth it
05:21:24green_I upgraded the disks on my tivo.. so....
05:21:26Stevie-Ofdisk will help ye
05:22:54midknight2k3TiVo disk upgrade... cool
05:22:59midknight2k3what's the standard size again?
05:23:09green_bah.. they don't tell you how to stick these IDE adaptors onto the disk
05:23:30green_I bought the first tivo . It was small.
05:24:06midknight2k3so what was the size and what was it upgraded to?
05:24:28Stevie-Owell I'll guess that you don't have a Player, then :P
05:24:36green_I went up to 80gig
05:24:36midknight2k3no way
05:24:41green_I forget what was there to start
05:24:50midknight2k3cool that it worked though
05:29:33 Join OneCluedCoder [0] (
05:29:51 Nick OneCluedCoder is now known as OliverKlozoff (
05:29:57OliverKlozoffmyth me?
05:35:48MiChAeLoLyou have an fmrecorder?
05:35:55MiChAeLoLjust got one, waiting for it to ship
05:35:55midknight2k3me? yes
05:36:08MiChAeLoLhow is the fm reception?
05:36:14midknight2k3a bit of advice: use archos firmware for recording fm
05:36:29midknight2k3fm reception is... average - dpends where ya live
05:36:34midknight2k3some come in clear
05:36:37midknight2k3some don't
05:36:44midknight2k3overall it's cool
05:36:44MiChAeLoLwhere did you get the 80gb for it?
05:36:49MiChAeLoLmight upgrade
05:36:57midknight2k3use archos to record FM for now till rockbox get's patched up
05:37:03midknight2k3i didn't lol
05:37:12midknight2k3that was someone else talking about a TiVo upgrade
05:37:19MiChAeLoLoh lol
05:37:24midknight2k3I have NO use for that space heh
05:37:34MiChAeLoLyea i was wondering for a sec
05:37:51midknight2k3i doubt they barely even MAKE 80 gig laptop drives yet
05:38:13MiChAeLoLi think they do
05:38:19MiChAeLoLjust like 300-400 bucks
05:38:29MiChAeLoLhas anyone tried that plugin to search?
05:38:35midknight2k3yeah maybe but i meant like barely
05:38:48MiChAeLoLnot like cheap 80gb maxtor hd's
05:38:59midknight2k3on the most POWERFUL laptop ever just MAYBE
05:39:16midknight2k3didnt try that patch
05:39:21midknight2k3i can't compile for beans
05:39:36midknight2k3I only try it if they compile it first then post it
05:40:20midknight2k3Zagor is so... grumpy
05:40:34midknight2k3"I dislike polluting the clean and simple .m3u format with ..."
05:40:48midknight2k3"Nice feature, but I feel it could be improved in a few ways:
05:41:05midknight2k3"Having to enter
05:41:05midknight2k3a result name for every search would be too tedious."
05:41:18MiChAeLoLi could compile it on my xbox running linux
05:41:28MiChAeLoLdont have linux on my pc anymore tho
05:41:36midknight2k3you tried that?
05:41:47MiChAeLoLmy xbox hosts my website
05:41:48midknight2k3did you ever try that Evo dashboard or whatever?
05:41:52MiChAeLoLand has an 80gb hard drive
05:41:56midknight2k3are you on the xbox right now?
05:42:02MiChAeLoLevo is ok but avalaunch is better
05:42:10MiChAeLoLi could be... but dont like reading off the tv
05:42:20midknight2k3that's pretty cool though
05:42:31MiChAeLoLlol i could even type documents
05:42:38MiChAeLoLhavnt set up a print server yet tho
05:42:46MiChAeLoLlol... printing from an xbox over a lan
05:42:49midknight2k3now that is something i wouldn't mind doing with my xbox. lol
05:43:08MiChAeLoLyou can also *caugh* copy games to the hard drive and play them from there
05:43:20MiChAeLoLand play movies in anyformat
05:43:24MiChAeLoLoff the hd or over a network
05:43:28midknight2k3even blockbuster rentals?? (drools)
05:43:35MiChAeLoLyep *grins*
05:43:45midknight2k3but you gotta have a modchip right?
05:43:56midknight2k3do they have any extrenal ones or easy hookup ones
05:44:02MiChAeLoLthere is a way to flash the tsop through linux live... but ya have to open it
05:44:07MiChAeLoLand put the xbox hd in your computer
05:44:17midknight2k3cause it sounds cool and i have taken the thing apart before, but soldering something in seems a bit too... something i dont wanna do
05:44:19MiChAeLoLonly way is to open the system voiding your warrenty
05:44:35MiChAeLoLits not that hard... ya just practice on something else first
05:44:38midknight2k3warranty is out anyway
05:44:48midknight2k3yeah i just dont want to yet
05:44:50midknight2k3maybe in a bit
05:44:51MiChAeLoLi had no soldiering expiernce and practiced then did mine fine
05:44:53midknight2k3it sounds really coo
05:45:00MiChAeLoLyep it is
05:45:05midknight2k3how many wires to solder
05:45:11MiChAeLoLmine was 10
05:45:18MiChAeLoLthere are no soldier ones too
05:45:24midknight2k3how long to copy a game to the HD?
05:45:34MiChAeLoLbut some no soldier ones might get disaligned where you have to put it back
05:45:39MiChAeLoLlike 2-4 min
05:45:42midknight2k3how many games can fit on the HD?
05:45:48MiChAeLoLdepends on the size
05:45:56midknight2k3lol the standard 8
05:45:56 Join woigeauogiwazgwe [0] (
05:46:02woigeauogiwazgwewhat idiot designed this ircd?
05:46:08MiChAeLoLa game is anywhere from 700mb to 5gb
05:46:15MiChAeLoLi put an 80gb in mine
05:46:19midknight2k3i better do the HD upgrade too lol
05:46:26MiChAeLoLyou can put up to 137gb
05:46:40MiChAeLoLanything more then that it wont recegnise it and will be shrinked down to 137
05:46:47midknight2k3uh huh
05:46:52midknight2k3sounds cool
05:47:12MiChAeLoLhaving a problem copying enter the matrix tho... think i need a patch
05:47:40midknight2k3mm hmm
05:48:06 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:48:11woigeauogiwazgwewhen did this become a discussion on pirating?
05:48:16 Nick woigeauogiwazgwe is now known as Stevie-O (
05:48:41midknight2k3it doesnt matter
05:48:41MiChAeLoLdont know
05:48:46MiChAeLoLno longer is tho
05:48:52MiChAeLoLat least i dont think it is
05:49:08midknight2k3it's just friendly chat not like we meant anything by it. .... right?
05:50:55midknight2k3it is now chat on a funny weebl+bob episode
05:52:47midknight2k3don't be fooled by the pie that we got.... something weebl this is bob.... donkey....... lives with a ninja...
05:54:39MiChAeLoLpirate with pie
05:54:47MiChAeLoLi wish i could download cherry pie
05:54:52MiChAeLoLlol... downloading food
05:55:46green_hmm.. I can't seem for format the new drive
05:55:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:55:54midknight2k3uh oh
05:56:09MiChAeLoLfor tivo?
05:56:12green_mkfs.msdos: Attempting to create a too large file system
05:56:21midknight2k3oo ooh
05:56:24green_no, jukebox recorder
05:56:44midknight2k3if it's xp it will make the FAT32 file system limit 32GB
05:56:49 Quit OliverKlozoff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:57:06green_this is Linux
05:57:22green_hmm.. hopefully I can google my way out of this.
05:57:35MiChAeLoLor go into a linux help channel
05:57:56Stevie-Omax FAT32 filesystem size is 2TB I believe
05:57:56green_I created an fat32 partition with fdisk. Now I'm formatting...
05:58:13Stevie-Omax that Win2K will create is 32GB
05:58:24midknight2k3they want to do that so you move to NTFS
05:58:48MiChAeLoLlinux should let you make it a big fat32
05:58:53MiChAeLoLmabye in a really old version of windows
06:00:20Stevie-Oold windows is even less likely to support it
06:00:31Stevie-Oemail the author of mkfs.msdos?
06:00:37Stevie-Omake sure you specify 32 bits
06:00:46Stevie-Oif it's trying to do FAT16 it will fail miserably
06:00:52Stevie-OFAT16 can't hold more than 2GB
06:08:09 Join Yeft [0] (
06:08:28midknight2k3did you get your fmrecorder?
06:08:31Yeftyay! yefts got visual C++ and visual basic and a shipping fm recorder
06:08:45midknight2k3yayayayaayyyayayayayayyayayayay learn basic, or C++
06:08:59midknight2k3i hope i dont have to exchange my fmrecorder
06:09:05*MiChAeLoL wish he got his fmrecorder
06:09:06YeftUPS Ground
06:09:06Yeft Processing
06:09:08midknight2k3basic is basic-ally easy
06:09:15MiChAeLoLbut i got it for 222 dollars so im not complaining
06:09:21MiChAeLoLups ground too
06:09:25green_ok - figured that out. mkfs.vfat -F 32
06:09:44MiChAeLoLshipping was like 24 bucks for ground tho :(
06:09:47midknight2k3my fmrecorder is busted i think
06:09:53MiChAeLoLbut thats the insurence ors osmehing
06:09:58MiChAeLoLhow is it busted?
06:10:16midknight2k3well i put some new stuff on it yesterday and i was renaming it on the archos so it had to do a lot
06:10:41midknight2k3clickclick (save) clicklick (idle) clickclick (save) clicklick (idle) clickclick (save) clicklick (idle) clickclick (save) clicklick (idle) clickclick (save) clicklick (idle) clickclick (save) clicklick (idle) clickclick (save) clicklick (idle) clickclick (save) clicklick (idle) clickclick (save) clicklick (idle)
06:10:48Yefti leave for two minutes...
06:11:22midknight2k3it make weird noises
06:11:23Yeftwhat was that clickclick out burst?
06:11:37midknight2k3wait i dunno
06:11:40midknight2k3what do you mean?
06:12:01midknight2k3if you sit idle in a directory you know it goes clickclick... then it shuts the HD off
06:12:21green_ok - reassembling player. fingers crossed.
06:12:35midknight2k3it did that like 50 times till it went CLICKCLICKCRACKYOUSTUPIDWHATAREYOUDOINGTOMECLICKCLACK.... whirrr
06:12:49midknight2k3it just overheated and went.. crazy
06:13:03midknight2k3now if you do too much of the clicklick stuff it makes some weird noises
06:13:08midknight2k3i'll exhange it soon
06:13:14midknight2k3if it proves to be busted
06:13:29MiChAeLoLwhere do you exchange it?
06:13:35midknight2k3best buy
06:13:38MiChAeLoLjust (incase mine breaks)
06:13:43midknight2k34 year return policy thingy
06:13:47MiChAeLoLbut you have to had bought it there
06:13:51midknight2k3i did
06:13:55MiChAeLoLlol im screwed if mine goes crazy
06:14:03midknight2k3be careful
06:14:07MiChAeLoLi got it from some crappy unlisted dealer for 222 dollars
06:14:14midknight2k3rename off the archos and copy it over when you need to
06:14:18MiChAeLoLheheh nice and cheap
06:14:24midknight2k3yes from a retail store is better
06:14:24MiChAeLoLwhy dont you format it?
06:14:31midknight2k3and the extra warranty
06:14:36midknight2k3that wont fix it
06:14:40midknight2k3the drive is dying
06:14:42MiChAeLoLi think the archos offers a 1 year warenty
06:14:55 Join woigeauogiwazgwe [0] (
06:14:55MiChAeLoLdo they?
06:15:02Yefti bought an extra 1 year warranty, because archos has a GREAT reputation
06:15:03midknight2k3i dunno
06:15:05midknight2k390 daysx
06:15:08*Yeft is sarcastic
06:15:16midknight2k3archos isn't THAT bad
06:15:20MiChAeLoLarchos has a 90 day warranty?
06:15:23MiChAeLoLthought it was a year
06:15:27midknight2k390 days
06:15:54MiChAeLoLhow do you access the files?
06:16:01midknight2k3it's ok
06:16:06MiChAeLoLwhith the archos software of just as an external hd?
06:16:17midknight2k3just if i do too much at a time or use it for an extended period it gets freaku
06:16:27midknight2k3EAITHER WAY
06:16:34MiChAeLoLbut it becomes ok after a while right?
06:16:59midknight2k3if it does too much either way (like if it gets hot or has too much activity like in and out and in a directory) then it messes up
06:17:05Yeftgrrr ok, no mail sundays, i'll have to cope
06:17:06midknight2k3it's just "getting there"
06:17:23MiChAeLoLdont even think mines shipped yet from the store
06:17:39midknight2k3you know what i mean when i say clicketyclick right?
06:18:21MiChAeLoLdamn 279 dollars at bestbuy
06:18:28MiChAeLoLi feel so good for getting it for 222
06:18:31Yefti'm reading up on c++ so i may not respond
06:18:40Yeftwhered you get it 222?????
06:18:40MiChAeLoLbut like no warranty tho
06:18:56Yeftmine was 240 but i bought and extra 30 $ 1 year warranty
06:19:30MiChAeLoL :D:D:D:D:D
06:19:39MiChAeLoLmine was 245 after shipping
06:19:53midknight2k3well whatever i got to go
06:20:06midknight2k3bye good luck with fmrecorder
06:20:06midknight2k3bye good luck with fmrecorder
06:20:07DBUGSent KICK midknight2k3 to server
06:20:07midknight2k3bye good luck with fmrecorder
06:20:07Kick(#rockbox midknight2k3 :Stop repeating yourself) by logbot!
06:20:26woigeauogiwazgwewhat an idiot
06:20:46woigeauogiwazgwethat's why I have him on ignore
06:20:50 Nick woigeauogiwazgwe is now known as OliverKlozoff (
06:21:10MiChAeLoLall of your clothes off?
06:22:39 Quit freddi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:22:55OliverKlozoffall of her clothes off
06:25:02green_damn - these buttons are tough to align
06:25:45MiChAeLoLjust wondering...
06:25:56MiChAeLoLdoes rockbox have a defrag feature built in?
06:26:04MiChAeLoLor can it be defragmented?
06:26:07MiChAeLoLmabye through usb
06:26:19MiChAeLoLcause that might be what the problem is
06:26:26MiChAeLoLif you do a shitload of renaming and moving
06:26:31green_it's just a regular fat disk - so defrag via usb
06:27:21MiChAeLoLreading reviews on cnet...
06:27:24MiChAeLoLHowever, thanks to the excellent people at Rockbox - - I love this thing. So far have about 150 albums uploaded (encoded at 128) and still have 10.7 GB free. Excellent for work, trips, etc. Pros: -Very easy to use -LOTS of music -Cheap (relative to IPOD) -Rockbox software Cons: -Buggy default software -Cheap headphones included -Can only get remote w/ $40 accessory pack.
06:30:57 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:31:21OliverKlozoff'buggy default software'?
06:31:25OliverKlozoffthat's not us :P
06:31:32MiChAeLoLi know
06:31:34OliverKlozoffthat's the dorky company Archos
06:31:38OliverKlozoffthey also have shit QA
06:31:44OliverKlozoffI think their QA goes like this
06:31:45MiChAeLoLarchos should just put a link to rockbox on there firmware upgrades page
06:31:53OliverKlozoffjoe schmoe looks at each unit
06:32:03OliverKlozoff(once it's built, so surface only)
06:32:07OliverKlozoff'yeah that looks good'
06:32:39MiChAeLoLhehe on any electronics i usually check the firmware before i get it
06:32:46MiChAeLoLone of the main reasons i got this
06:32:52MiChAeLoL(once it ships)
06:34:17MiChAeLoLsomeone should add a matrix demo
06:34:22MiChAeLoLwhere the letters fall
06:34:34MiChAeLoLwould look nice if you inverted the colors
06:36:01MiChAeLoLwhile im going to sleep
06:36:17 Quit MiChAeLoL ("ROCKBOX OWNS!!!")
06:41:46 Join Guest [0] (
06:42:40Yeftthat would be really cool
06:42:44Yeftthe matrix thing...
06:42:58Yeftand you could do it because the fm recorder is pixels and not charcters
06:48:34OliverKlozoffwow, you state the obvious so masterfully
06:50:53Yefti'm really god
07:06:31 Join Stevie-O [0] (
07:07:03Yeftanyone here ever work with visual c++?
07:07:10Yeftthis is my first time so don't make fun of me
07:07:51Yeftnvm i found it
07:08:09*Stevie-O points at Yeft and laffs
07:10:39Yeftok this thing didnt help much
07:10:49Yeftbecause it was talking about changin the mouse with the keyboard,
07:11:09Yeftbut what i want is for a picture to popup when you hit ctrl+a for instance
07:11:50*Stevie-O has no idea what you're talking about
07:12:57Yeftin C++
07:13:29Yefti want to write something for a program..pretty stupid one, but i want a picture to popup when someone hits ctrl a
07:17:09Stevie-Odoes it have a window
07:17:56Yeftthe program
07:18:04Stevie-Oyou probably want an accelator
07:18:07Stevie-Oaccelerator even
07:18:15Yeftlike a hotkey
07:18:35Stevie-Oit's called an accelerator
07:19:29Yeftand i do
07:20:38Stevie-Oadd an accelerator resource
07:22:41Yeftok its there
07:23:24Yeftnow i made it Ctrl+L
07:23:38Yeftwhat should the ID be?
07:23:49Stevie-Othe id is the menu item that it activates
07:24:53Yeftthank you!
07:25:12 Quit OliverKlozoff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:26:46Yeftit doesnt seem to work...
07:27:03Stevie-Oyou have to use LoadAccelerator
07:27:33Yeftoh ok
07:28:06Stevie-Oand TranslateAccelerator
07:28:11Stevie-Oi'm not sure how that works with mfc
07:28:56Yefti cant find those
07:29:01Yeftany idea where they would be?
07:29:16Stevie-Ohere you go
07:30:17Yefthmmm maybe in a couple years i can start workin with rockbox : )
07:30:32Yeftinstead of making funny programs for my friends
07:32:08 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
07:39:47 Join CmdrData [0] (
07:40:18CmdrDatais anybody out there
07:48:21Yeftstevie ya here
07:48:31Yeftbecause i didnt like the website you gave me: P
07:48:32Stevie-OCmdrData: speak, mortal
07:48:41 Quit CmdrData (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:48:45Yefti just needthe code for showing a bitmap and i think i got it
07:49:11Stevie-Owell ok then
07:49:51Yeftso you'll help me out?
07:50:28Yeftbecause in the class wizard thing..i got it to be onAcc() and i just need the command handler or whatever
07:50:29Yeftso i can show the bitmap onacc
07:51:04Yefti think
07:51:41Yeftor no..?
07:54:05Yeftstevie!!! i have a 2oclock dead line
07:55:25Stevie-Ofor what?
07:55:34Yeftto get thhis program to my friend lol
07:55:43Yefti just need to know how to popup a bitmap
07:55:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:56:43Stevie-Owell create a window and blit
07:56:55Yeftand blit?
07:57:41Yeftlol i'm a newb im not the easiest to work with, i know
07:57:57Yeftlike a dialog?
07:58:43Stevie-Oor just a window
07:58:46Stevie-Oregister a window class
07:59:00Stevie-Ocreate the window
08:30:40 Quit Yeft ()
08:49:44 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Automatically bored away")
09:47:32 Join awy[baer]_ [0] (
09:55:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:04:13 Quit awy[baer] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:55:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:04:33 Join Kuji [0] (
13:04:51 Part Kuji
13:55:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:56:00***No seen item changed, no save performed.
16:15:34 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
16:15:34 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:15:45MiChAeLoLever fix the red light bug?
16:23:28 Join DropZone [0] (
16:27:26DropZoneCan someone answer a question for me?
16:28:07 Quit DropZone (Client Quit)
16:30:37 Join DropZone [0] (
16:31:33DropZoneSo i installed Rockbox on my new Recorder20 and when i play a file, nothing happens... any ideas?
16:36:56MiChAeLoLi might be able to answer your question... once i get my player in a coupple of days
16:37:24DropZonedat dont help me much, but thanks for the offer
16:37:43DropZonei already read thru the whole thing...
16:41:49MiChAeLoLdid you install the right version?
16:49:09DropZonei just installed the daily build and it works fine now...
16:57:11 Quit MiChAeLoL (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:29:22 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
17:37:55 Quit DropZone (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:56:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:37:24MiChAeLoLya know what would be nice...
18:37:28MiChAeLoLif it could read .nfo's
18:37:35MiChAeLoLso i wouldnt have to rename em to .txt's
19:14:19 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
19:19:08 Join Stevie-O [0] (
19:20:40MiChAeLoLblah to you too
19:27:49 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:36:44Stevie-Oanyone here?
19:43:19 Join edx [0] (
19:44:17Stevie-Osup edx
19:56:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:57:04webmindbah.. i broke something in me archos :)
19:57:17webmindbass/treble stuff b0rked.. only get karaoke it seems..
19:57:24webmindline out works fine
19:57:56 Join OliverKlozoff [0] (
19:59:19 Quit Stevie-O (
19:59:19 Quit adi|home (
19:59:19 Quit Stevie[FP] (
19:59:19 Quit ricII (
20:00:49NJoinricII [0] (
20:00:49NJoinStevie[FP] [0] (~whatsit2u@
20:00:49NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
20:00:57*OliverKlozoff yawns
20:01:40webmindanyone know what this is ?
20:03:23OliverKlozoffwhat what is?
20:03:53webmind19:57 < webmind> bah.. i broke something in me archos :)
20:03:53webmind19:57 < webmind> bass/treble stuff b0rked.. only get karaoke it seems..
20:03:53webmind19:57 < webmind> line out works fine
20:04:13webmindsound is all fscked
20:04:21webmindon phone output
20:17:40MiChAeLoLhow did ya break it?
20:18:06OliverKlozoffperhaps he jumped up and down on it repeatedly?
20:18:23MiChAeLoLcant wait till i get mine
20:18:28webmindi think it happened when it dropped from 40cm high
20:18:40webmindbut i want to find out a way to fix this
20:18:41MiChAeLoLhaha 40cm
20:19:25webmindOliverKlozoff, calculate in metrics.. those other things dont make sense
20:20:10OliverKlozoffthey do to me!
20:20:24webmindOliverKlozoff, no i meant in general
20:20:35webmindthey dont have any real logic behind then
20:20:44webmindhow many inches is one food
20:21:07webmindOliverKlozoff, exactly
20:21:13webmindcant call that logical can u ?
20:21:22OliverKlozoffI can't see it being illogical
20:21:27OliverKlozoffit's an arbitrary definition
20:21:43webmindok, what the next bigger size after foot ?
20:22:00OliverKlozoffwe have 'yards'
20:22:07webmindwhich is how many feet?
20:22:07OliverKlozoffbut if you're measuring in feet
20:22:13OliverKlozoffyou don't usually then go to yards
20:22:19OliverKlozoff3 feet
20:22:53webmindso u have <n> amounts of measuring systems where you can have 1 clear decimal system ?
20:23:21OliverKlozoffwhat do you mean by '1 clear decimal system'?
20:23:28webmindwhere 100 cm = 10 dm = 1 m
20:23:29OliverKlozoffyou guys have kilometers, and meters, and centimeters
20:23:40OliverKlozoffwe have miles and yards/feet and inches
20:23:40webmindOliverKlozoff, which is all derived from the meter
20:24:05OliverKlozoffthe meter is an arbitrary unit of length
20:24:17webmindOliverKlozoff, because there is a logical coherence between kilometer, centimeter, hectometer, nanometer
20:24:29webmindit's all steps of 10
20:24:37webmindthis makes sense
20:24:38OliverKlozoffYou can quickly convert from kilometers to nanometers
20:24:42OliverKlozoffwhat's the use?
20:24:46webmindOliverKlozoff, logic
20:24:52webmindand it has loads of uses
20:24:59OliverKlozoffdo you use hours minutes and seconds?
20:25:14webmindits MUCH easer to conver from km to nm
20:25:23webmindOliverKlozoff, that's actually irrelevant
20:25:33OliverKlozoffHow many things are measured in kilometers that you need measured in nanometers?
20:25:52OliverKlozoffHow many things are measured in nanometers that you need measured in kilometers?
20:26:01webmindOliverKlozoff, very little.. but conversion between meters and kilometers and centimeters
20:26:18OliverKlozoffI'm 5'11"
20:26:22webmindis much more common
20:26:29OliverKlozoffNobody has EVER asked me how many miles tall I am
20:26:34OliverKlozoffor even how many yards
20:26:38webmindi'm 174cm or 1.74m
20:26:47OliverKlozoffor 0.00174km
20:27:04OliverKlozoffwho cares?
20:27:16webmindif u want to design clothing on that u prefer to this in cm because are almost always under the 1 meter
20:27:40OliverKlozoffthat sentence doesn't parse in english
20:27:41webmindwhere with overal lengt u prefer meters because u are generally over the 1meter
20:27:58webmindok, refrase:
20:28:30webmindif u want to disign clothes you would prefer to use centimeters because most of the measurements are less then one meter
20:28:41OliverKlozoffI don't design clothes
20:28:57webmindwhere if u want to measure overal lenght you'd prefer in meters because your most fo the time over the one meter
20:29:01webmindyou dont
20:29:05webmindbut people do
20:29:07webmindit's an exmaple
20:29:17webmindmost exmaples dont refer to everyone
20:29:25webmindthat's why they're examples
20:29:25OliverKlozoffI don't know anyone who designs clothes
20:29:38webmindthere are people who design clothes
20:29:40OliverKlozoffso your example isn't relevant to myself
20:29:42webmindtrust me
20:29:55OliverKlozoffthey can use any system they deem optimal
20:30:00webmindmaybe u don't but if u remebmber i was talking overal
20:30:10webmindlike in general
20:30:16OliverKlozoffI remember that you're making a lot of spelling and grammar errors
20:30:28webmind1) i have a rotten keyboard
20:30:31OliverKlozoffin general, I don't design clothes
20:30:39OliverKlozoffin general, I use the system I was taught
20:30:41webmind2) i'm no native speaker, so deal with it
20:30:52webmind3) my hair keeps falling in front of my eyes
20:46:17MiChAeLoLim a 2yards tall
20:46:31MiChAeLoLand can dunk a mini basketball
20:47:03*webmind really doesnt see the use in those yards/inches/foot systems
20:47:19*MiChAeLoL is just under 2m tall
20:47:35*webmind 174cm exactly
20:48:04webmind1m 74 centimetersa
20:48:06*MiChAeLoL is waiting for his mp3 20gb fm jukebox to ship to him
20:48:22*webmind is hoping someone will comeonline with clue about the design
20:48:29MiChAeLoLso does the search engine work yet?
20:48:35webmindwhich ?
20:48:38MiChAeLoLthe plugin to search the m3u that it makes when it boots up
20:49:08MiChAeLoLim pretty sure it works, but wondering how long it takes
20:50:14webmindah k
20:52:22MiChAeLoLi knwo web design
20:52:23 Quit OliverKlozoff (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:56:37 Join Stevie-O [0] (
21:20:20 Join Jet8810 [0] (
21:33:41MiChAeLoLare there name length limitations in rockbox?
21:36:39Stevie-OMAX_PATH is 260 characters
21:38:07Stevie-OI wonder if the speed of which bitswap runs is significant
21:45:38 Join _aLF [0] (
21:52:35 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
21:56:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:28:54 Quit awy[baer]_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:46:43 Join Zagor [242] (
22:47:18MiChAeLoLso i could have a filename with 260 charachters?
22:47:58Stevie-Othat includes the directory it's in
22:50:08 Join Jet8810 [0] (
22:52:44MiChAeLoLso i could have a short directory name and a long file name?
22:53:11MiChAeLoLlike would something "VA-DJ_Jay_Faire-Best_of_Both_Worlds(Tupac_and_Biggie)_Vol.1-2002-FUA" that long fit as a folder name?
23:08:52 Quit Zagor (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:11:25 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:14:22 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
23:14:32 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:15:58tracktheripperhello webmin dy
23:16:41tracktheripperwots up?
23:17:26 Join Zagor [242] (
23:17:46*tracktheripper gets the red carpet out
23:18:14 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:18:25tracktheripperhello BoD
23:20:48tracktheripperZagor will you introduce Rockbox for the Ipod one day?
23:21:11Zagorprobably not, but a pile of docs from apple could probably persuade me
23:21:29BoD[]that would be cool
23:23:03tracktheripperI think Archos was forced not to provide SPIDIF out on the FM rec
23:24:07tracktheripperbecause of copyrights etc
23:25:38tracktheripperZagor have you seen the Archos new "Cinema" device? You should do rockbox for that!
23:25:55Zagorno I couldn't
23:26:22Zagortexas instruments refuses to give out docs
23:26:30Zagorso we can't even reverse-engineer it
23:26:41tracktheripperso its not Micronas that provide the MAS for it?
23:26:57Zagoryes it is, but TI provides the cpu
23:27:15tracktheripperill be the first to cry if Rockbox dies
23:27:43Zagorrockbox is not a company. it cannot die.
23:28:10MiChAeLoLrockbox will always live on in my jukebox fm 20gb recorder
23:28:19MiChAeLoLonce i get it that is (still waiting for it to ship)
23:28:50MiChAeLoLhas anyone here had to return theirs?
23:28:51tracktheripperwell it seems Archos will never update the firmware for their JBs anymore
23:29:16MiChAeLoLgood, cause i couldnt if i had to... got it for 222 bucks, but dont think i can return it
23:29:19webmindanyone here know what art of the player does the amplifications ?
23:29:55*MiChAeLoL looks for a cheap laptop hard drive
23:30:23Zagorwebmind: how do you mean?
23:31:18webmindZagor, my sound is fucked up
23:31:30webmindlike it filters out some freq's or sth
23:31:43webmindmainly voices are gone
23:32:05webmindthink it happened when i dropped my archos again
23:32:15webmindline out works fine though
23:32:15MiChAeLoLlol... i would put this in my player if it were 50% off
23:32:33webmindMiChAeLoL, my player actually has a 40gb disk
23:32:43MiChAeLoLhow much was it?
23:32:53webmind155 euro
23:33:06Zagorwebmind: the player has a separate 3550A DAC that contains the headphone amplifier
23:33:14webmindZagor, uhuh
23:33:24webmindZagor, u know where it's located ?
23:33:48Zagoryeah, back of the main board
23:34:20MiChAeLoL damn this is tempting for 100 bucks
23:35:08webmindZagor, looks like it'll be hard to reach..
23:35:11MiChAeLoLor even this one
23:35:23webmindMiChAeLoL, what are they ?
23:35:38Zagorwebmind: yes, a bit. you need to disassemble the unit
23:35:56webmindZagor, well i didnt have the casing in the first place
23:36:02MiChAeLoL40gb hard drives for about 100 bucks
23:36:14webmindMiChAeLoL, nice
23:36:15MiChAeLoL2.5 notebook ones
23:36:20webmind9.5mm ?
23:37:00MiChAeLoLel cheapo brand tho so not sure how long they would last
23:37:20MiChAeLoLi would probably only get one if i broke the hard drive in my current one
23:37:52*webmind has fujitsu
23:38:00*webmind broke his 20gb :)
23:38:06*tracktheripper has a Hitachi drive
23:38:21MiChAeLoLif ya break it you can just put in another and it will work fine right?
23:38:25MiChAeLoLlike if ya drop it?
23:38:32webmindtracktheripper, oops.. yes.. that's the one
23:38:44webmindhitachi travelstar
23:38:52webmindMiChAeLoL, uhuh
23:38:59webmindMiChAeLoL, just replace the hd
23:39:31MiChAeLoLyea i wouldnt have to buy another mp3 player right?
23:39:34MiChAeLoLjust replace the hd
23:39:54webmindbut for some reason this morning
23:39:58webmindor maybe later on
23:40:06MiChAeLoLand the firmware backup is stored on the rom so i wouldnt have to put it on it first right?
23:40:09webmindnot sure.. i think it worked afterwards.. it did i think
23:40:19webmindsome where this they my amplifyer chip got fucke
23:40:33webmindMiChAeLoL, nope..
23:40:47webmindMiChAeLoL, u just put the rockbox firmware on your new hd and your set
23:40:54tracktheripperbut do you really need 60Gb of MP3 files?
23:41:06webmindtracktheripper, i use it as portable disk aswell
23:41:36webmindand when i had the 20gb i did fill it up with mp3's
23:41:39MiChAeLoLso you have to install the new hd in a computer first
23:41:49MiChAeLoLi only have about 10gb of mp3's now
23:41:52webmindMiChAeLoL, not really
23:42:02webmindMiChAeLoL, just put it in your mp3 player
23:42:08webmindif it isnt formatted u format it
23:42:19MiChAeLoLso once its in the mp3 player you can access it over usb?
23:42:23webmindand upload your rockbox firmware to it
23:42:31MiChAeLoLok then its easy
23:42:40webmindit has a plain usb2ata converter
23:42:51MiChAeLoLare there any cable conversions that have to be done before you can install it tho?
23:42:57MiChAeLoLor just unplug the old plug in the new
23:43:41webmindjust remove the hd and plugin the new one
23:43:43webmindthat's it
23:44:00webmindlike swapping a hd in a computer
23:44:12tracktheripperwebmind what bitrate do u encode at?
23:44:24tracktheripperyou must encode at a massive bitrate
23:44:30tracktheripperor you have a gigantic CD collection
23:44:43webmindtracktheripper, a little bit of both..
23:44:53webmindtracktheripper, averqage of 160kbit/s
23:45:05webmindand loads of albums
23:45:09tracktheripperI encode at 192kbs CBR with the Fraunhofer codec
23:45:32*webmind has from 128kbit and some even at 240kbit
23:45:33 Join Nixed [0] (
23:45:42tracktheripperI tried LAME but felt that there was no difference between LAME and Fraunhofer
23:45:45MiChAeLoLlol i have loads of albums too
23:45:46tracktheripperHI Nixed
23:45:51*tracktheripper welcomes Nixed
23:45:54MiChAeLoLhow many mp3's?
23:46:00NixedHey, tracktheripper
23:46:03tracktheripper700 at 192KBS
23:46:14webmindi like lame's interface though
23:46:15tracktheripperi don't like 128kbs
23:46:17MiChAeLoLim at 2,500 right now
23:46:18webmindand it's opensource
23:46:20MiChAeLoLmost at 128
23:46:28Nixedis there a way to compile the rockbox software without having a linux box?
23:46:29tracktheripperi like the MusicMatch interfacey
23:46:35MiChAeLoLonly 10.2 gb tho
23:46:38tracktherippergood queston Nixed
23:46:54MiChAeLoLi know, but linux on your box
23:46:58ZagorNixed: yes, use cygwin
23:47:00MiChAeLoLthen you can compile it
23:47:06MiChAeLoLcygwin, vmware
23:47:11MiChAeLoLthere might be some others too
23:47:12Nixedcygwin... ok,
23:47:19MiChAeLoLi know theres plex86 and wine on linux
23:47:26Zagorsee here:
23:48:01MiChAeLoLwhat is a good rock band?
23:48:26MiChAeLoLneed some rock music on my rock box too or its gunna be a rapbox
23:48:29tracktheripperMichael, Queen? Nickleback?
23:48:44MiChAeLoLlike recent
23:48:52tracktheripperhas to be Nickleback
23:48:54tracktheripperthey are godo
23:49:05MiChAeLoLwhats one of there famous songs?
23:49:13MiChAeLoL(before i get teh album)
23:49:15tracktheripperHow You Remind Me
23:49:25tracktheripperIm in love with Alesha from Misteeq
23:49:44MiChAeLoLthe state silver side up or the curb?
23:49:48MiChAeLoLwhats the good album?
23:49:54webmindcreed ?
23:49:54webmindtracktheripper, this place is publicly logged right ?
23:50:18*MiChAeLoL looks at logbot
23:50:27tracktheripperyea webmind and?
23:50:28Zagoryes it is
23:50:34Nixedso I should be able to compile rockbox without games, demos, needless languages, etc... under cygwin?
23:50:45tracktheripperwhys that Zagor and Webmind?
23:50:57Zagortracktheripper: because it's useful
23:51:01MiChAeLoLwhy would you not want all the cool stuff?
23:51:02webmindtracktheripper, just wanted to state then that the MPAA sucks arse :)
23:51:28tracktheripperyou have lost me
23:51:43webmindMPAA sucks too.. but that isnt relevant
23:51:47tracktheripperall I said was that im in love with Alesha from Mis-teeq
23:52:06*MiChAeLoL listens to how you remind me by nickelback
23:53:00MiChAeLoLsound sort of like creed so far
23:53:00*Nixed doesn't want the cool stuff because it takes up too much of the archos' ram
23:53:09MiChAeLoLmore country tho
23:53:13tracktheripperandim sure someone is in love with Zagor here
23:53:21MiChAeLoLnope never mind about the country part
23:53:25MiChAeLoLthat was just the start
23:53:39*MiChAeLoL gets the album
23:54:39tracktheripperobviously no-one has replied to me........
23:54:59tracktheripperyou don't need the buffer anyway......
23:55:18*tracktheripper blushes
23:55:54MiChAeLoLtracktheripper and zagor sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g
23:56:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:57:00Nixeddoes compiling the rockbox code with stuff that takes more memory make the player's battery life a bit less under rockbox?
23:57:25ZagorNixed: yes, slightly
23:57:33MiChAeLoLtrying to increase the battery life by not butting demos and stuff on it?
23:57:45MiChAeLoLlike more then an hour?
23:58:06Zagorno, not that much. maybe 5%
23:58:19Nixed5% huh....
23:58:23MiChAeLoLand how long does it last with rockbox (still waiting for mine to ship to me)
23:58:46tracktheripperdemos have gon anyway
23:58:54MiChAeLoLthey have? awww :(
23:58:59MiChAeLoLare the games still there?

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