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#rockbox log for 2003-06-10

00:01:39***Alert Mode OFF
00:01:48Stevie[FP]I have bizarre data in my ddram buffer
00:02:06Stevie[FP]I must be doing something wrong
00:03:03MiChAeLoL <−− do i do step 4 in dos?
00:03:37Zagorwell, in a command line window
00:09:25MiChAeLoLdo i need to Download rockbox-tools.tar.bz2 ?
00:10:50MiChAeLoL have made 2 scripts wich will make CVS handling easy for you where are these scripts?
00:11:53Zagorignore that. read the cvs link instead
00:12:32MiChAeLoLshould i just do a normal cvs checkout then
00:13:05Stevie[FP]is there something nonobvious that the player lcd code is doing?
00:13:58Zagornot that I can think of right now
00:14:26MiChAeLoLlogin aborted: cannot create socket (any ideas?)
00:15:08MiChAeLoLit says operation not permitted
00:15:20Stevie[FP]then something is fscked
00:15:26Stevie[FP]what does this hw display on bootup?
00:15:38MiChAeLoLso there is no way for me to compile it?
00:16:26ZagorStevie[FP]: "Jukebox 6GB\nVer : 4.13"
00:16:45ZagorMiChAeLoL: if you can't get cvs to work, grab a daily tarball
00:16:47Stevie[FP]that's nothing even close to what I see :(
00:17:27Stevie[FP]0100 1110
00:18:08Stevie[FP]if that should say J... J is 0100 1010
00:18:39Stevie[FP]'y' is 0111 1001
00:19:01Stevie[FP]'u' is 0111 0101
00:19:30Zagorand DS is asserted?
00:19:43Stevie[FP]'o' is 0110 1111 -> 'k' is 0110 1011
00:19:56Stevie[FP]its like a few of the bits are wrong
00:19:58MiChAeLoLare any of the files from the source supposed to be in folders?
00:20:14ZagorMiChAeLoL: yes, there's a tree structure
00:20:58Stevie[FP]I think you guys should note that, as some of us turn *off* folder processing
00:21:36Zagorwell, source archives pretty much invariably contain directories
00:21:37Stevie[FP]especially for stuff made by Linux people, since they have a rather annoying tendency to put everything in a subdir (convenient for untarring, inconvenient for unzipping)
00:21:51Stevie[FP]I was thinking about the rockbox install zip
00:22:00Zagorah, ok
00:22:02 Join jandaman [0] (
00:24:16MiChAeLoLits not in a tree directory for me
00:24:36 Quit _aLF ("bye")
00:26:18 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
00:27:24MiChAeLoLdamn i cant extract anything
00:27:28MiChAeLoLgives me error messages
00:27:32MiChAeLoLwith no message
00:28:01MiChAeLoLmabye i could set up an ftp server, and get it from my linux box
00:30:33 Quit jandaZzZz (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
00:32:28Stevie[FP]now that's strange
00:32:38Stevie[FP]it turns 0x4A into 0x4E before sending it to the thing
00:32:41Stevie[FP]there MUST be a conversion table
00:34:34Zagorah, yes. sorry forgot to tell you... :-)
00:34:43Stevie[FP]gee, thanks ;)
00:35:25Stevie[FP]it looks largely normal but for shifting the entire character set forward by about 5 bytes?
00:35:28Zagorsee bottom of page
00:35:30MiChAeLoLhehe problem solved
00:37:13Stevie[FP]ok, now I just need to find out why I'm not drawing anything correctly :P
00:42:12MiChAeLoLdamn cygwin wont let me view files that wernt made by cygwin
00:42:45MiChAeLoLi pasted the folder with all the files in in windows... and cygwin just says "invalid folder"
00:42:54MiChAeLoLor rather invalid directory
00:43:37MiChAeLoLand typed
00:43:39MiChAeLoLeither way
00:43:49MiChAeLoLi even renamed the folder nice and easy so i could type it right
00:43:54MiChAeLoLstill wont let me view the contents
00:44:00Zagorunpack it: tar xzf rockbox-daily-20030609.tar.gz
00:45:01Stevie[FP]so wait
00:45:17Stevie[FP]is the old display controller different from the 1801?
00:45:23MiChAeLoLcannot open: no such file or directory
00:45:25MiChAeLoLand its right there
00:45:33MiChAeLoLcygwin is messed up
00:45:39MiChAeLoLthe last time i installed it it crashed my computer
00:45:54ZagorStevie[FP]: slightly, yes. but just in the character rom setup.
00:46:10MiChAeLoLi dont think theres a point in me compiling this
00:46:14Stevie[FP]the code here has more than that
00:46:28MiChAeLoLguess i wont get to use the search feature or chip8 emu ;(
00:46:29Zagorsuch as?
00:46:40Stevie[FP]different contrast set command?
00:46:56Stevie[FP]top of lcd-player.c...
00:47:18Zagorright. there's also a double-height command in the new that's not available in the old.
00:47:38Stevie[FP]I get an unrecognized command 0x61 at the beginning
00:47:45MiChAeLoLi think its that it wont let me execute cygwin
00:47:47Stevie[FP]it doesn't exist according to my 1801 docs
00:47:53MiChAeLoLcause when i type ls it does nothing
00:48:20MiChAeLoLdamn this is annoying
00:48:29MiChAeLoLlol.. could someone just compile it for me
00:48:30ZagorStevie[FP]: we're not 100% certain it is an 1801 at all. it's just the closest match we've found.
00:48:52Stevie[FP]well wait
00:49:03Stevie[FP]haven't you opened yours up?
00:49:30Zagoryes, but the player lcd isn't as clearly marked as the recorder one.
00:49:44Zagorthe player lcd is custom made for archos, while the recorder lcd is off-the-shelf
00:50:27Stevie[FP]ahh OK
00:51:26MiChAeLoLgrrr screw it
00:51:33*MiChAeLoL left to eat
00:52:27Stevie[FP]perhaps it's not even a Solomon
00:52:35Zagorperhaps not
00:52:48Stevie[FP]since the 1801 is the ONLY one they had
00:52:55Stevie[FP]that's a charcell
00:53:30Stevie[FP]did you know it doesn't display the "Version" string until *after* it accesses the HD?
00:54:02Stevie[FP]now ya do
00:54:30Stevie[FP]all I have is 'Jukebox 6gb'
00:55:48Stevie[FP]ok, bbl
00:55:50*Stevie[FP] is away [gawn] [KS-MsgLog Off]
00:55:57Stevie[FP]gotta go setup a linux bawx
00:56:34Zagori'm off to bed. see you tomorrow
01:05:57 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
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01:41:24earHurtshow nmany buttons does the player have?
01:48:10 Join LinusN [200] (
01:48:48LinusNStevie[FP]: the player lcd chip is probably a samsung
01:54:29LinusNthe new player is probably S6A0093A (
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02:00:48 Join tracktheripper [0] (
02:01:07tracktheripperevening all
02:03:09tracktheripperhi linusn
02:04:09tracktheripperhi linuxn
02:04:41LinusNStevie[FP]: old player is s6a0090 (
02:05:30tracktheripperLinusN the UISimulator should be provided on the site as a simple installation .exe file
02:05:34tracktherippermuch more idiot-proof
02:08:21tracktheripperwhat do u think?
02:08:47tracktheripperso you can easily open ajbrec.ajz files into it
02:08:59tracktheripperand see how they function and if they need any tweaking
02:09:40 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
02:12:34LinusNtracktheripper: you don't know what the uisimulator is, do you?
02:12:55tracktheripperyes I do
02:13:44tracktheripperits a software emulation of the interfaces on the Player and Recorder
02:14:07LinusNso why do you think you can open an ajbrec.ajz in it?
02:14:44tracktheripperso you can see how it runs before putting it on a JB machine
02:14:47LinusNit is a simulator, not an emulator
02:15:56tracktheripperim sure my request will be r*j*cted sooner or later :P
02:16:04LinusNthe uisimulator is the rockbox firmware, with added glue to display in a window
02:16:25tracktheripperoh righty
02:16:26LinusNhowever, Stevie[FP] is working on an emulator
02:16:42tracktheripperAn Emulatior would bve very handy indeed
02:16:58tracktheripperso my request should be "Pending" then!
02:17:50tracktheripperLinus Would Retro-Record work on the Recorders?]#
02:18:13 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
02:18:13 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
02:18:59tracktheripperLinus there is a numberplate L1 NUS for sale in London for 22,000
02:20:01tracktheripperif you do my "Reshuffle when repeating playlist" request ill buy u that plate :-)
02:21:05LinusNretro-record works on all recorders
02:21:18tracktheripperwill it be implemented on the normal Recorders?
02:21:41hardeepblah, we need to change ON+PLAY to some other key sequence not involving PLAY for playlist options... one slip and your playlist is gone
02:21:50tracktherippernight night
02:21:52 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
02:30:49earHurtsthis emulator, does stevie plan to release it?
02:31:16LinusNi guess so
02:31:21LinusNgotta sleep, nite all
02:31:24 Part LinusN
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02:39:12hardeepyes, i wrote that patch
02:40:00earHurtsdoes it do anything with regards to diplaying/bnrowsing playlists?
02:41:07hardeepno, that's next on my list if this gets approved
02:41:50earHurtshave you seen hoffman's emails regarding his vitual file system?
02:42:28hardeepyes, neat idea
02:43:09MiChAeLoLany idea what the status of the file search patch is?
02:44:03earHurtsyes, i think it comes close. question is, sight unseen, how do you guess it interacts with your dynamic playlists?
02:44:17hardeepMiChAeLoL: see the comments on the patch... Zagor likes the patch, just wants some changes to it before committing
02:44:29earHurtsthe file search is still unapproved as of yesterday
02:44:55hardeepearHurts: the two are unrelated... the virtual file system stuff is for browsing files... browsing playlists is different imo
02:45:12hardeepspecifically, i wouldn't want to have to browse through a directory tree to see what song is next
02:45:56earHurtsyou'd just want to scan the playlist
02:47:05earHurtsstill, i'd like to group songs on a playlist, as if they were all a single song as far as shuffling is concerned
02:49:29hardeepyou don't need a virtual file system for that... just playlists and a command to not shuffle them
02:49:55earHurtswould you use a song database?
02:50:09hardeepfor what?
02:51:28hardeepi don't quite follow... searching for what?
02:51:55earHurtssay, all songs by bob dylan with genre rock
02:52:23earHurtsor all covers of mr tamborine man
02:53:16hardeepare we still talking about browsing playlists?
02:54:26earHurtscall it a database of tracks
02:56:50MiChAeLoLhehe should have my player in 3 more days or so
02:57:05hardeepearHurts: I understand what you mean by a song database, I'm just not following how it's related to the playlist discussion...
02:57:06MiChAeLoLgot the fm recorder for 222 dollars online, waiting for it to ship
02:57:17MiChAeLoLthe playlist is the database
02:57:46earHurtswell, it's not quit related
02:57:57MiChAeLoLunless ya have a really small playlist
02:59:20MiChAeLoLhow fast do ya think it would search like 3,000 songs?
02:59:45earHurtsthat is the question....
03:00:10MiChAeLoLand ya would have to have it ignore _ - () and such
03:00:34earHurtsif we used the nmpeg nmenmnory, probably quicklyt
03:01:15earHurtsof course the list would be a pre generated file
03:02:04hardeepthe parsing will probably be very quick... writing the info back to disk will be the bottleneck
03:04:27earHurtswell, reading the id3 tags will be the real bottle neck
03:04:52 Join jony [0] (
03:04:58earHurtsdo the bulk of that on the pc, with an option to remember new songs as they are played
03:05:45jonyhow do i know whitch dev my archos is pluged in??
03:05:53jonyhi earHurts
03:06:03earHurtswindows or unix, jonny?
03:06:05jonyhope its not thet bad
03:06:17earHurtsit's bnetter now
03:06:29jonylinux rh9 specificaly
03:06:33earHurtscan't answer for unix, sorry
03:06:34jonygood :D
03:06:53jonyok thanx anyway
03:07:11hardeepjony: take a look at the startup messages (dmesg)
03:07:11jonydo you know someone that can help me??
03:07:31earHurtshardeep can. ;)
03:08:11hardeepjony: see for more info on what to look for
03:08:15jonyhmmm should should i type dmesg in a console window??
03:08:31hardeepjony: yeah
03:11:08jonymay i paste the usb related output here???
03:11:52hardeepyou'll probably be booted... just look at the web page i mentioned to see what you should be looking for
03:11:56earHurtslogbot'll kick you
03:12:01jonydmesg output??
03:12:18jonyok let me see
03:13:41jonyhmmm do you think if i reboot with archos pluged in it will enable this :
03:13:45jonyInitializing USB Mass Storage driver...
03:14:21jonycuz the driver is supposed to be a part of latest kernel ver
03:14:39hardeepyes, it's been in for some time
03:15:06jonyso i dont need to install anything right???
03:15:32jonybut should i reboot??
03:15:45hardeepyou shouldn't need to... are you not seeing the message?
03:16:21jonyonlly this
03:17:02hardeepwell, try a reboot then...
03:17:05jonyusb-ohci.c: USB OHCI at membase 0xc8849000, IRQ 5
03:17:23 Quit jony ("Cerrando la cliente")
03:18:49MiChAeLoLis there ay damage done if i leave the blacklight on when plugged in for long periods of time?
03:18:59MiChAeLoLlike will the blacklight ware out at all after time?
03:52:44 Quit hardeep ("Read error: 666 (Connection reset by Satan)")
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03:58:08 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
03:58:08 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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04:29:49 Join Nixed [0] (
04:32:42 Join archtelamon [0] (
04:32:45archtelamonhey guys
04:32:57archtelamoni get a message when i load my jukebox recorder
04:33:07archtelamonHard Drive Error Pls Check Hard Drive
04:33:55Nixeddoesn't sound pretty.
04:34:34Nixedanything happen to it physically?
04:34:54Nixeddropping it.
04:34:54archtelamonif i hold the right(forward) button
04:34:58archtelamonit sometimes works
04:35:06archtelamonusually its cuz the power is messed up
04:35:17Nixedyou using archos?
04:35:23Nixedor rockbox?
04:36:05archtelamonits not password locked
04:36:16Nixedwhen did the problem start?
04:36:21archtelamontwo days ago
04:36:52Nixeddid you run scandisk on it, considering you have a windows machine?
04:36:58archtelamonno errors
04:37:02archtelamondid a Thorough
04:37:09archtelamoncant spell lol
04:37:16archtelamoncould it be power?
04:37:20Nixedthat's ok
04:37:26Nixeddid you fully charge it?
04:37:57archtelamonwell it says charged
04:38:03archtelamonbut its charging right now
04:38:05archtelamonits says
04:38:11archtelamonBattery charging....
04:38:46Nixedok, then wait until the battery is fully charged before trying it again. Then, run scandisk with a thorough check - check for bad sectors.
04:39:24Nixedthe boot sector might be bad, but that's just a hunch
04:39:52NixedI'm not as up on this as the other guys in here
04:41:09archtelamoni will
04:42:37Nixedare you still under warranty?
04:42:55 Quit archtelamon ("Leaving")
04:55:22 Join Stevie-O [0] (
04:55:30Stevie-Ogut evenink
05:00:32Nixednot much. just researching battery life
05:05:18 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
05:06:09 Join PsycoXul [20] (
05:13:48 Join OliverKlozoff [0] (
05:14:13OliverKlozoffwhat the hell is at 0x06100006?
05:16:36NixedIS it best to drain the battery in the archos jb recorder completely before charging?
05:17:23OliverKlozoffthe regular recorder? yes
05:17:23OliverKlozoffthat's what 'deep discharge' mode is for
05:18:04Nixedso deep discharge will send it down to 10% battery life before it charges?
05:18:35Nixedmy batteries don't last as long as most people report, so i'm trying new things with it.
05:18:44OliverKlozoffsomething like that
05:19:00*OliverKlozoff has an FM and has no need to concern himself with such matters
05:19:37OliverKlozoffmeaning the FM has a lithium ion battery?
05:19:48Nixedthat's right.
05:20:02OliverKlozofflithium ions are completely different from NiCd and NiMh
05:20:14OliverKlozoffNiMH even
05:21:23Nixedi get 5 hours under rockbox 2.0, and close to 6 with archos os. most people say teh recorder should give you 8-10 hours.
05:25:08 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
05:32:19 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:35:09 Quit Nixed ()
05:41:36*OliverKlozoff fires off an email
05:56:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:57:49*OliverKlozoff shoots everyone
06:08:29 Join PsycoXul [20] (
06:10:07OliverKlozoffwb PX
06:19:02OliverKlozoffx-files is on and it's one of the earlier ones
06:19:08OliverKlozoffthe ones that didn't suck
06:22:29 Join matsl [0] (
06:23:23OliverKlozoffhey matsl
06:24:32OliverKlozoffhow goes it?
06:25:34matslgoes what?
06:25:47OliverKlozoffit I guess :P
06:26:14matsloh. that. well it goes fine thank you.
06:29:17*OliverKlozoff ponders what's at 0x061000006 and 0x061000007
06:35:20 Quit earHurts (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:41:14 Join Stevie-O [0] (
06:51:36Stevie-Omasl: you don't need to bother with those ROM images now, I finally got some :D
06:51:42 Quit OliverKlozoff (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:54:57 Join Nixed [0] (
06:55:24Nixedhi, I can't boot up my archos. it's giving me a read access error!!
06:55:41Nixedsays it can't read from the hard drive
06:56:07Stevie-Omaybe ya hafta chkdsk it
06:56:28NixedI can attach it to the machine, but it won't let me chkdsk it.
06:56:34Nixedit doesn't mount
06:56:45Nixedbut windows 2000 does see it
06:57:07Nixedany suggestions?
06:58:12 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
06:59:40Stevie-Oj0 Hadaka
06:59:42Stevie-Oerr hardeep
07:01:46*MiChAeLoL is back
07:03:16MiChAeLoLso can the text editor read .nfo's yet?
07:03:41hardeepMiChAeLoL: no, it only reads .txt files
07:03:51MiChAeLoLso i have to rename the .nfo to a .txt
07:04:10MiChAeLoLya know what would be cool...
07:04:22hardeepi've been meaning to change it so that the text editor is the default app for all unknown extensions
07:04:37MiChAeLoLif the search tool could read id3's
07:04:55MiChAeLoLor rather if you could make a database of id3's in one file on your computer that the search tool could look through
07:05:01hardeepMiChAeLoL: that's something different... see the open feature requests about an id3 database
07:05:13MiChAeLoLive seen em
07:05:32Stevie-Oyou know what I've been thinking?
07:05:36hardeepif you like the idea, post a comment as such
07:05:44Stevie-Othere should be an on+play command to open a file with the text editor
07:05:52MiChAeLoLpost what comment?
07:06:05hardeepStevie-O: yeah, that would work too
07:06:16MiChAeLoLlol... so i could read who ripped the album im listening to
07:06:29Stevie-OMiChAeLoL: it was me
07:06:46MiChAeLoLthat did what?
07:06:50Stevie-Othat ripped the album
07:07:19Stevie-Oit doesn't even matter what album −− since you can't read the .nfo you only have my word to go on
07:08:14 Quit Nixed (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:08:50MiChAeLoLim still waiting to get mine in the mail
07:10:28MiChAeLoLSched. Delivery: Jun 13, 2003 :D:D:D:D:D:D
07:10:49MiChAeLoLoh wait, crap tommorrow (today) is the 10th
07:11:11MiChAeLoLstupid past 12 o clock at night
07:16:22Stevie-Oi hate it when that happens
07:17:36MiChAeLoLand i thought i was gunna get it a day earily
07:17:58MiChAeLoLi know...
07:18:04MiChAeLoLsleeping will make it come faster
07:18:09*MiChAeLoL is away sleep
07:26:46 Join Nixed [0] (
07:26:52Nixedback again
07:27:34Stevie-Ooh, no, not you again!
07:27:46Nixedso when when i boot up my archos, it says it can't read from hard drive.
07:27:51NixedI connect the usb cable
07:28:02NixedWindows 2000 sees it but not the partition.
07:28:15Nixedi think the partiton is f'd, but how do i fix it???
07:28:40Stevie-Opartition repair is a nasty business
07:28:53Stevie-Oi recommend a linux fdisk
07:29:04Nixeddon't have linux :(
07:29:13Nixedjust windows 2000
07:29:23Stevie-Oget two floppy disks
07:29:33Nixedgot them
07:29:59Nixednow what?
07:30:01Stevie-Odownload the slackware IDE bootdisk
07:30:14Stevie-Oand the color.gz rootdisk (don't use a webbrowser for that)
07:30:40Stevie-OLinux on two floppies, no hard disk installation required :D
07:30:55Stevie-Ounless cygwin has a port of cfdisk...
07:30:57Nixedok, but will it see the archos?
07:31:55Stevie-OI have no idea
07:32:04Stevie-OI can make no guarantees about the integrity of your filesystem
07:32:37Nixedi dont' care if it kills all my mp3s, i have a back up of it. i just want to use my archos again
07:33:17Stevie-Othen use fdisk
07:33:24Stevie-Owhats the drive letter?
07:33:33Nixedh:, but it doesn't come up
07:33:42Nixedhow do i use fdisk in windows 2000?
07:34:23Stevie-OI have no idea
07:34:37Stevie-OI would advise that you send an email to the list
07:34:45Nixedok, I'll try a few things if i drop off, i'll try the list.
07:34:50Nixedthansk stevie
07:49:21Nixedwhat do i do with color.gz?
07:49:44 Quit matsl ("Client exiting")
07:52:56 Join Zagor [242] (
07:56:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:56:58Stevie-Ohola Zagor
07:57:07Zagorhi. any progress?
07:57:29Stevie-Onot much
07:57:33Stevie-Oi'm stuck on this ATA thing
07:57:52Stevie-Oit's accessing something at 0x061000006 −− but nothing in Rockbox references an address like that
07:58:11Stevie-Othe schematics for the recorder imply that it's an invalid access, trying to do DMA or something
07:58:35Zagori know. i can't say what this exact address is. but it's close enough to the ata registers we use that I still think it's related
07:58:44Stevie-Ooh of that I'm sure
07:58:53Stevie-Obut just wtf it's trying to do, I don't know
07:59:20Stevie-OI wrote some dummy code to make it act like regular read/write memory (no magic, what you write is what you read back)
07:59:26Stevie-Othe older firmware does not progress
07:59:45Stevie-Owhile the newer firmware (that Linus provided) gets to show the version string
08:00:42Stevie-Othe older firmware loops forever on 0x061000006
08:01:16Stevie-Othe newer firmware access that address a few times, then displays the version and loops forever on 0x061000007
08:02:56Stevie-Olets see
08:02:58Stevie-Oit writes 0xA0
08:03:44Stevie-O(to 0x061000006)
08:03:50Stevie-Othen reads from 0x062000006 eight times
08:04:00Stevie-Oyet ignores the value?
08:04:16Stevie-Othen it writes 0x0C to 0x06200006
08:05:06Stevie-Othen it reads from 0x06200006 24 times
08:05:27Zagor6 is the CONTROL register
08:06:59NixedZagor. How do i format my archos when windows 2000 can't see the partition?
08:07:06Stevie-Othe chip selects are wrong?
08:07:32Nixedany suggestions
08:07:44Stevie-Othe src puts ata_control at 0x06200206 or 0x06200306
08:07:48ZagorNixed: sorry, i'm no good with windows
08:08:11ZagorStevie-O: yes. i can't remember what that 0x200 pin is for
08:08:22Stevie-Oon the Recorder
08:08:32Stevie-O0x100 maps to the ATA CS0
08:08:34ZagorNixed: surely windows can format an unformatted usb disk somehow?
08:08:41Stevie-Oand 0x300 maps to the ATA CS1
08:08:44Stevie-O(according to the schematics)
08:09:15Zagor0x300? shouldn't that be 0x200?
08:09:33Stevie-Olike I said −− according to the schematics
08:09:37Stevie-Owhich we all know are wrong
08:09:49Stevie-Ohowever, the value being written doesn't make sense for the control register
08:10:06Stevie-Othe only bits being set are marked as 'reserved'
08:12:14Stevie-Oaccording to the ATA spec
08:13:14Stevie-Ohow do I know if the device is 'selected' or not?
08:13:49Zagorthat's done with a register
08:13:52 Join Bagder [241] (
08:14:04Stevie-Oso it's 'unselected' at powerup?
08:14:43Zagoryes, but I think that defaults to device 0
08:14:49Zagornot sure though
08:14:55Stevie-Oi don't understand
08:15:03Stevie-Oif no device is selected
08:15:31Bagdermorning peoples
08:15:40ZagorBagder: morning
08:15:54Stevie-Oaccording to this
08:15:58ZagorStevie-O: the select register controls which device you talk to
08:16:09Stevie-Othe read/write cycle should be ignored with CS1 and CS0 both negated
08:16:11Zagorset it to 0x10 to talk to device 1.
08:16:32Zagorok, we're talking about different things :-)
08:17:30Stevie-O0x06200006 hmm, 0010 0001
08:17:35Stevie-O23 22 21 20
08:17:40Stevie-Owhere do A21 and A20 go to?
08:18:00Zagori was just looking at that too
08:18:12Stevie-Oit would seem that they don't even matter
08:19:59Stevie-Oi wonder where this IDE_A_C goes to
08:20:51Stevie-Osomething about this 74ac32d
08:21:13 Part Nixed
08:24:26Stevie-Ook, i gotta hit the hay
08:24:29Stevie-Oits 2:30am here
08:24:35Zagorok, good night
08:24:35Stevie-Ognight guys
08:24:40Stevie-Oif ya find anything out, mail me
08:24:50Stevie-Oty and goodnight!
08:24:54Bagdernight stevie
08:24:55 Nick Stevie-O is now known as Stevie-Bed (
08:29:37Bagderloooots of mail
08:53:06 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: the fresh-maker!")
09:00:59 Quit Stevie-Bed (
09:00:59 Quit MT (
09:01:17NJoinStevie-Bed [0] (
09:01:17NJoinMT [0] (
09:01:39 Quit Stevie-Bed (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
09:26:47 Join matsl [0] (
09:54:43 Join thu [0] (
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10:38:52 Quit Hadaka (Remote closed the connection)
10:38:56 Quit thu ("Client exiting")
10:43:06 Join Naked [0] (
10:43:08 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
10:51:43 Join Guest [0] (
11:22:44Zagorwhat's a good windows program for burning audio cds? (my brother is asking)
11:55:00 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
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12:01:15 Join spiridon [0] (
12:07:20 Join TotMacher [0] (
12:07:29 Quit TotMacher (Remote closed the connection)
12:07:36 Join TotMacher [0] (
12:31:50 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
13:02:10 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
13:45:15 Join Bagder [241] (
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14:38:29Zagoruh, matsl are you here?
14:38:39Zagoror any other player owner
14:39:09matslI'm here.
14:39:21matslwhat's up?
14:39:25Zagordoes idle-poweroff work for you? i.e the power_off() function?
14:40:01matslnever tried it. what version must I have?
14:40:19Zagor2.0 or later
14:40:32Zagormaybe even 1.4 had it
14:41:00matslhmm.. come to think of it.I might have tried it. but my memory fail. what test case to run?
14:41:31Zagorjust set idle poweroff to 1 minute and then leave it in the file browser and see if it turns off
14:42:08matslZagor: memory starts to come back. I think that my unit got stuck during such a test. But hey. I'll test again to be sure. Should I upgrade to latest first?
14:42:26Zagorno, this hasn't changed for ages
14:42:39matslok. back in a minute or two ;-)
14:42:56Zagori'm getting such a lockup as you describe. i wondered if that was just me or a known bug
14:43:37matslI just set i to 1:00 (that is one minute?)
14:44:24Zagorit says "1m" for me
14:47:26matsloops. I was in the sleeptimer.
14:47:48matslno I have 1m set. w8 ....
14:49:57matslZagor: unit hung. scroll stop. background lit.
14:50:32Zagoryup, that's what I get too. ok, thanks.
14:50:49matslZagor: after pressing some keys power turned off.
14:52:42 Join _spiridon [0] (
14:56:00 Quit spiridon (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:56:10 Nick _spiridon is now known as spiridon (
15:03:02 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
15:27:17*Stevie[FP] is back from [gawn] [gone 14hrs 31mins 28secs] [KS]
15:37:05 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:43:55 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
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15:58:33Stevie[FP]cya Z
16:20:40 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
16:20:46Stevie[FP]what's a 6000?
16:20:54Zagorthe original archos player
16:21:05Stevie[FP]this is interesting
16:21:09Stevie[FP]this is verrry interesting :)
16:21:28Stevie[FP]btw −− pre/post 4.5, or doesn't matter?
16:21:52Zagorthe 6000 existed with both pre and port 4.5 roms
16:22:09Stevie[FP]if one examines ata.c, there are addresses like this:
16:22:16Stevie[FP]ATA_DATA @ 0x06104100
16:22:21Stevie[FP]ATA_ERROR @ 0x06100101
16:22:38Stevie[FP]ATA_CONTROL1 @ 0x06200206
16:22:43Stevie[FP]ATA_CONTROL2 @ 0x06200306
16:23:09Stevie[FP]if ATA_CONTROL2 is for old_recorder=true
16:23:18Stevie[FP]then the schematics on the website are for the old recorder
16:23:30*Stevie[FP] flexes his l33t schematic reading skillz
16:23:40Stevie[FP]okay, here's the deal
16:23:43Stevie[FP]on the Player
16:24:02Stevie[FP]A20 and A21 are for the ATA -DCS0 and and -DCS1 respectively
16:24:59Stevie[FP]so 0x061xxxxx makes -DCS0 active
16:25:09Stevie[FP]and 0x062xxxxx makes -DCS1 active
16:25:25Zagorah, right. i had forgotten that.
16:25:34Stevie[FP]on the old recorder
16:26:30Stevie[FP]-DCS0 and -DCS1 are hooked up to 0x06xxx1xx and 0x06xxx3xx
16:26:47Stevie[FP]so I presume the new recorder is more like the Player and puts -DCS1 on 0x06xxx2xx
16:26:54Stevie[FP]a few things I don't understand
16:28:54 Join edx [0] (
16:30:14Stevie[FP]it looks like the Player only outputs those pins when *reading* from the ATA address
16:30:51Stevie[FP]if those 6000 schematics are right
16:30:54Stevie[FP]god they're morons!
16:31:43Stevie[FP]but how...
16:33:27*Stevie[FP] rubs his head
16:33:30Stevie[FP]yet this still makes no sense
16:33:44Stevie[FP]oh wait
16:33:45Stevie[FP]it does
16:39:11Stevie[FP]it does the SAME THING as the earlier code
16:41:58Stevie[FP]but how
16:43:05Stevie[FP]unless it's wrong
16:53:20 Join matsl [0] (
16:55:04Stevie[FP]hey amtsl
16:55:08Stevie[FP]matsl even
16:56:53matslStevie[FP]: hi
17:14:23 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
17:45:18 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
17:53:35*MiChAeLoL wonders what happened to nixed's rockbox
17:53:50 Quit mecraw (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:54:43 Nick mecraw_ is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
17:55:07MiChAeLoL"<Nixed> so when when i boot up my archos, it says it can't read from hard drive.
17:55:07MiChAeLoL<Nixed> I connect the usb cable
17:55:07MiChAeLoL<Nixed> Windows 2000 sees it but not the partition.
17:55:07DBUGSent KICK MiChAeLoL to server
17:55:07MiChAeLoL<Nixed> i think the partiton is f'd, but how do i fix it???
17:55:07Kick(#rockbox MiChAeLoL :No flooding!) by logbot!
17:55:15 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
17:55:22MiChAeLoLlol how is 3 lines flooding
17:55:28Bagder4 ;-)
17:55:56Bagderwell, checking the partition table would tell I guess
17:57:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:59:10Stevie[FP]somethings not good
17:59:14Stevie[FP]something is very not good
18:00:44MiChAeLoLwhat is a 000000000000066.6.6xx000000101010101
18:00:59MiChAeLoLand what does it have to do with ata?
18:01:03Stevie[FP]where the hell is sleep defined?
18:01:11Stevie[FP]MiChAeLoL: shut up.
18:01:40Stevie[FP]ok, I found a problem
18:01:42Stevie[FP]Zagor: !
18:02:46Stevie[FP]maybe nawt, but still
18:03:37BagderStevie[FP]: sleep is in kernel.c
18:04:30Stevie[FP]this is very interesting
18:04:52Stevie[FP]I wonder if it has anything at all to do with the 'red led dead'
18:07:00Stevie[FP]ohh man
18:07:46Stevie[FP]if this code suffers from the same problem...
18:09:26*Stevie[FP] shakes Bagder to get his attention
18:09:49Bagderyou're not exactly crystal clear ;-)
18:09:51Stevie[FP]I do believe I just found a rather painful error/race condition in the ATA code that might relate to 'red LED dead'
18:10:29Stevie[FP]there's a brief but quite existent window in which we could violate ATA spec for the software reset
18:10:37Bagderstick that in Zagor's face, he's the boss of that code
18:11:13*Stevie[FP] sees ze light
18:11:50*MiChAeLoL would bow down to Stevie[FP] if he got rid of the red led dead thinggy
18:15:02Stevie[FP]12mhz nets us 83ns per tick
18:15:21Stevie[FP]5us would take 60.240964 ticks
18:15:24 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: it adds that extra uNF to your sex life!")
18:15:36Stevie[FP]2ms would take 24096.385542 ticks
18:26:06 Join Guest1 [0] (
18:27:35Guest1HI! I'm having some problems with Rockbox and thought maybe some of you kind folk could help me
18:29:31Guest1I have the FM recorder 20gb (soon to be ugraded) version, and downloaded the latest version of rockbox as of yesterday afternoon. I downloaded to my pc and unzipped directly to the main directory. now i keep getting "dir buffer full! " messages and half the songs i've put in are in a file called "recycled" that i didn't create and all the tag info is gone
18:29:57Stevie[FP](1) 'recycled' is the directory Windows puts your deleted files in
18:30:10Guest1okay well that makes sence
18:30:22Guest1still though i know i put more songs into the player then there are
18:30:26Guest1and what is dir buffer?
18:30:41Stevie[FP]that would be the memory buffer where it holds the names of the songs on the player
18:30:49Guest1why is it full?
18:30:51Stevie[FP](2) 'dir buffer full' => you have more than 400 files in the given directory
18:31:02Stevie[FP]because it's not big enough to hold the dir you have?
18:31:08Guest1right, i mean of course i do unless i missed something
18:31:10Stevie[FP]you can change the maximum on the latest version
18:31:17Guest1the player can hold 5000 songs i thought
18:31:22MiChAeLoLthought ya got around the 400 file dir limit rule
18:31:33Stevie[FP]Guest1: it can hold as many songs as you can fit on the drive
18:31:39Stevie[FP]but it can only LIST 400 by default
18:31:56Guest1thats odd
18:32:00Stevie[FP]no it's not
18:32:08Stevie[FP]the thing doesn't have a lot of memory
18:32:15Guest1i think im missing something
18:32:17Stevie[FP]if you organize your songs into directories
18:32:24Guest1oh okay
18:32:31mecrawGuest1: do you have all your files in one directory?
18:32:53Guest1well i thought i could with rockbox thats why i wanted it, i thought it broke the 999 song barrier archos had
18:33:31MiChAeLoLit did
18:33:57mecraworganize into subdirectories and use playlists
18:34:22Guest1with playlists the songs will always be played in that order right?
18:34:35mecrawnot if shuffle is on
18:34:50Guest1oh really! good nice
18:34:57Guest1so how many songs can each file hold
18:35:19Guest1i can break it up into "a-e" "f-j" etc
18:35:28Guest1then create playlists
18:35:49Guest1is it still 999 songs per file?
18:36:02mecrawup to 10000 by default, i believe
18:36:05Stevie[FP]playlists are like 10000
18:36:14Stevie[FP]ok i need food
18:36:15*Stevie[FP] is away [f00d] [KS-MsgLog Off]
18:36:16Guest1well see then thats what i mean i only have 1016 in my first file
18:36:30Guest1and it still says buffer is full
18:37:13ZagorStevie[FP]: i'm be very interested if you've found what looks like a race condition in the ata code
18:37:28mecrawGuest1: which version of rockbox did you download?
18:37:36Guest1FM Recorder
18:38:03mecrawversion number?
18:38:53mecrawhow many files do you have in your root directory?
18:39:09Guest1see basically right now i have only files in my main directory, and one is called music with 1016 songs in it and it says dir buffer is full
18:39:15Guest1well files yes
18:39:16Guest1no songs
18:39:51Guest1.rockbox, music, recycled, system volume information, ajbrec.ajz and rstation.bin
18:40:22mecrawmusic is a directory with 1016 files in it?
18:40:46mecrawread this:
18:41:39Guest1see i thought that meant before you could only have 400 files in the core directory
18:41:49Guest1each file holding music or information
18:42:06Guest1which would mean i only have 6 no where near 400
18:42:27mecrawby default only 400 in any directory
18:42:42Guest1wait does that mean only 400 songs per file?
18:44:23mecrawper playlist? no
18:44:44Guest1well no i mean you have to keep your actual songs somewhere, regardless of playlists
18:45:02Guest1maybe im too computer illieterate for rockbox
18:45:12mecraworganize them into subdirectories
18:45:53mecrawi have a directory for every artist, and then directories under that for the artists' albums which contain the actual mp3's
18:45:55Guest1with the archos os i had up to 999 songs in each file and each file was a different genre of music. what stunk though was sometimes i had more then 999 songs per that genre thats why i wanted rockbox (plus other things it can do)
18:46:34mecrawdo you mean "directory" or "folder" when you say "file"?
18:46:54mecrawno problem
18:47:08Guest1so lets say for example i had "metal, rap, rock, classical, dance"
18:47:49Guest1as main folders each holding 999 songs, i'd click into one and do a shuffle and just listen to random music. then i'd also have a main folder called playlists for when i wanted to listen to only one artist in random mode
18:47:59Guest1this is exactly waht i want to do.
18:48:08Guest1but with more then 999 songs
18:48:41Guest1i mean im going to get the 80gb drive and i'll NEED more then 999 songs per folder
18:48:58Guest1but if i cant i cant
18:49:45Guest1if i understand, you're saying i should break up the songs , for example, by artist into seperate folders then create playlists which would be my equivilant to a large folder, correct? that i can do and makes sence, if im understanding
18:49:52mecrawwell, you can either get the bleeding edge version of rockbox and configure it to allow 10000 files per folder, or organize your music better and then create playlists for the genres too
18:50:09mecrawthat's right
18:50:40Guest1is there a quicker way to create playlists then clicking each song on the jukebox to enter it?
18:51:01Guest1thanks so much for your help guys. i know im a bug
18:51:16mecrawi connected mine to a pc and used winamp to make my playlists
18:51:37mecrawrockbox currently has some rudimentary playlist creation functionality
18:51:48Guest1im also curious why the player starts as archos before starting rockbox, and why the player uses file names instead of ID3 tags
18:51:59Guest1yeah ill use winamp
18:52:28Guest1i spent the better part of yesterday afternoon renaming my files so they were "artist - song" because the player sorted by filename not ID3 tag info
18:52:39Guest1i got through 1000 then was tired and went to bed
18:52:57mecrawthere are tools that will do that for you
18:53:00Guest1everything else i love about rockbox, its so much quicker
18:53:27Guest1yeah i tried music match but it only did it in a way that music match would read
18:53:48mecrawit would be incredibly slow if it tried to read the id3 tags for displaying them in the directory browser
18:53:58Guest1right, makes sence
18:54:14Guest1know any freeware that could help me in my renaming venture?
18:54:56mecrawnot off the top of my head... search the mailing list or google, there are a lot out there
18:55:09Guest1and i guess my last pain in the butt question is how do i get rid of the songs in "recycled" to free up my hard drive space
18:55:41Guest1oh i lied! has anyone defragged their player without problems? seems you'd have to sooner or later
18:55:50mecrawhook it up to windows and empty your recycle bin
18:56:19mecrawmp3 files are big enough that fragmentation isn't a big problem
18:56:49mecrawthere is a way to tell windows not to put the recycler folder on the drive, search the mailing list for the how to
18:56:54mecrawor the FAQ
18:59:36Guest1wow i bet this recycled bin was a huge part of my problem. i only have 4.8gb left!
19:00:41mecrawGuest1: look here for a lot of useful info:
19:00:55Guest1i didnt even know this player kept a garbage, you've all helped a lot thanks. i think i can make this player work great now
19:01:10mecrawgood luck
19:02:26Guest1wierd it wont let me close out the player to unplug it
19:03:57Guest1just when i think i understand it, this happens,whats the worst that'll happen if i unplug before ejecting?
19:05:26Guest1ah there we go nevermind
19:05:54Guest1maybe next time i come back i'll be more savvy. I'm gonna read the rockbox and archos manuals front to back, thanks again for all your help
19:05:59 Quit Guest1 ("Leaving")
19:20:23 Join Guest1 [0] (
19:20:53Guest1im back lol... is there anyway to hide the non music files? i tried doing it through windows and it worked, on windows, but they are still visible in the main directory
19:21:20 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
19:22:15mecrawGuest1: read the manual
19:24:18 Join Guest1 [0] (
19:24:25Guest1closed the window on accident. Hmmm... if i rename the files will they still be accesible by the program?
19:24:59mecrawby what program?
19:25:20Guest1well these non music files are annoying in my directory
19:25:35Guest1cant hid them through windows already tried that
19:25:49mecrawread the manual
19:26:24Guest1yeah doing that right now
19:26:40 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:26:41Guest1i know im being annoying sorry
19:27:19mecrawsection 6.3.2
19:34:13Guest1so how long have you had your archos?
19:34:49mecrawsince February 2002, haven't used the Archos firmware since August
19:35:55Guest1I just got this one two weeks ago
19:36:03Guest1and just purchased another on ebay for my gf
19:37:27Guest1i thougth about getting the video one but didn't want to take the hit in battery life since I'm mainly planning on using it for mp3. the new rca video player looks pretty good for four hundred dollars over the 600 for the archos equivilant, i might get that for playing movies, or maybe just a portable dvd player who knows
19:40:02Guest1rockbox looks like the kind of program I'd want running my home entertainment center
19:45:10*Stevie[FP] is back from [f00d] [gone 1hr 8mins 55secs] [KS]
19:45:12Stevie[FP]myth me?
19:45:26Zagormyst me? ;)
19:45:41Stevie[FP]i found a potential problem with the soft reset code
19:46:17Stevie[FP]the soft reset code, for whatever reason, does its delaying with sleep()
19:46:49Stevie[FP]so for the 5us delay, it does sleep(HZ/20000)
19:47:09Stevie[FP]with HZ being 100, that winds up being sleep(0)
19:47:26Stevie[FP]the code adds 1 tick so it always sleeps at least 1
19:47:40Stevie[FP]so we effectively sleep until the next tick
19:48:05Stevie[FP]however, unless I missed something, that doesn't really assure that that will be 10ms later
19:48:30Stevie[FP]if we're 9.996ms into the current tick and issue a soft reset
19:48:44Stevie[FP]sleep(0) will only sleep for 4us
19:50:22Stevie[FP]now, we're talking about a 1-in-2000 chance here
19:50:33Stevie[FP]which, while not being very high, is actually not all that low
19:51:12Zagorlet me take a look
19:51:16Stevie[FP]I once experienced a race condition on an edge-triggered interrupt
19:51:33Stevie[FP]the potential width for the race was about 360ns
19:53:46Zagorso we should change sleep() to be !TIME_AFTER instead
19:53:55Stevie[FP]i don't understand?
19:54:13Zagoreffectively add another tick to each sleep
19:54:38Zagornot very nice either. then sleep(1) can be 2.9 ticks long
19:54:57Stevie[FP]I figured it would be easiest to just have two routines for ATA sleeps
19:55:14Stevie[FP]or at least one, for the 5us one
19:55:40 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
19:55:47*Stevie[FP] looks up how to do labels in gcc asm
19:56:07Zagorwell the HZ/400 suffers from the same problem
19:57:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:57:19Stevie[FP]but I don't think that's as serious a problem
19:57:30Stevie[FP]I could be wrong
19:59:22Stevie[FP]__asm__ __volatile___ ("mov #12, r0\n\t" "L_%=: add #-1, r0\n\tcmp/eq #0, r0\n\tbt L_%=\n\t" : : : "r0");
19:59:54Stevie[FP]that looks good for a 5us delay on a 12mhz cpu (it will delay slightly longer for the 11.0592mhz Recorders, but 'too long' is rarely an issue with hardware)
20:01:47Zagorcan you write that with #12 as a parameter?
20:07:57 Join _johan_ [0] (
20:15:44Stevie[FP]i threw a macro together all the way at the end
20:19:10_johan_how well tested is the new FM Recorder Firmware? Any risk for collapse or is it as stable as the one for the recorder
20:19:19Stevie[FP]we're not doing a reset yet when the LED dead starts, are we?
20:20:04Zagorwe don't know when the dead starts
20:20:16Stevie[FP]other than it sits on BSY forever?
20:20:31Zagor_johan_: it's as stable as the other versions
20:20:48_johan_Zagor thanks
20:21:03ZagorStevie[FP]: do we even know that much for sure?
20:23:30Stevie[FP]No idea.
20:23:49Stevie[FP]let see
20:23:58Stevie[FP]dev/head: select device 0
20:24:04Zagorcan anyone here force the redleddead easily?
20:24:32Stevie[FP]no =/
20:24:44Stevie[FP]ok, now we read the alternate status register...
20:25:41Stevie[FP]several times for no apparent reason
20:25:53Stevie[FP]then we write to that register, which is the device control register
20:26:27Stevie[FP]we write 0x0C
20:26:42Zagorah, i though you were asking. :-)
20:26:56Stevie[FP](and by 'we' I mean the crappy archos boot firmware)
20:27:39Stevie[FP]one of the bits we write is reserved
20:27:58Stevie[FP]but it sets SRST and clears nIEN
20:28:12Stevie[FP]that puts it into reset state and enables the INTRQ
20:28:39Zagoryeah, we do that too in our init
20:29:24Stevie[FP]blah, the device software reset state diagram is icky
20:29:43Zagoryup :)
20:30:04*Stevie[FP] doesn't know what this crap means
20:32:10Stevie[FP]p247, ok
20:32:32Stevie[FP]the device shall set BSY to 1 within 400ns
20:42:38Stevie[FP]Jukebox 6GB
20:42:40Stevie[FP]Version: 4.53
20:44:53Stevie[FP]there's never a device 1, is there?
20:47:41Zagoryes. sometimes the only disk is jumpered as device 1
20:48:07Stevie[FP]Archos really needs to clean up their act.
20:48:34Stevie[FP]ata.c, line ~608
20:48:48Stevie[FP]/* This little sucker can take up to 30 seconds */
20:49:00Stevie[FP]for perform_soft_reset()
20:49:27Stevie[FP]the only thing I see that says anything even close to that is when a reset occurs and there are two devices on the line
20:49:33Zagoryup, according to the spec. but i think that's for powered-down cdroms or something
20:50:06Zagori'll see if I can find it
20:53:42Zagorunfortunately, "Device 1 is present" does not mean device 0 is too...
20:54:10Zagor"When the sample indicates that PDIAG- is not asserted and less than 31 s have elapsed since SRST was cleared to zero, then the device shall make a transition to the D0SR2: Sample_PDIAG- state."
20:54:11Stevie[FP]yeah but that diagram is for Device 0's reset process
20:54:22Stevie[FP]which page is that?
20:54:25Zagorah, right. silly me :-)
20:54:37Zagorthat was p234
20:54:43Stevie[FP]ah, ok, same page
20:54:48Stevie[FP]the diagram for device 1's reset looks like the top half of device 0's reset
20:57:41Stevie[FP]this code is so bizarre
20:58:04Stevie[FP]it reads the ATA address like 8 times, throwing away the result all but the last time
20:58:32Zagorah, now I know where i got it: p33 "In Standby mode the device is capable of responding to commands but the device may take longer to complete commands than in the Idle mode. The time to respond could be as long as 30 s."
20:58:49Stevie[FP]do we ever put the hd in 'standby' mode?
20:58:50Zagorit could still be wrong though :-)
20:59:03Zagorwe used to, before we changed to sleep
20:59:26Zagorthe time is the same for sleep, btw
20:59:45Zagor"In Sleep mode the device requires a hardware or software reset or a DEVICE RESET command to be activated. The time to respond could be as long as 30 s."
21:01:21 Quit Guest1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:02:47 Join jkerman [0] (Something@
21:03:11jkermanjust picked up an archos FM recorder yesterday, and i LOVE it.
21:03:19Zagorif anyone with redleddead problems log on or read the logs, please try this rec firmware and see if it improves the situation:
21:03:26jkermani also am very impressed with the rockbox software.
21:03:31Zagorjkerman: thanks
21:03:52jkermani was wondering if there were any stability issues? im going away for the weekend, and i plan on doing some heav recording.
21:04:03jkerman(at the bonnaroo music fest)
21:04:21jkermanI'll have no way to switch back to the stock firmware if i run into trouble.
21:04:24Stevie[FP]Zagor: that changes the delay?
21:04:26jkermanthink its safe?
21:04:30Zagorthere has been some recording issues. it's hard to say if any remain.
21:04:34ZagorStevie[FP]: yes
21:04:41Stevie[FP]ah, ok
21:04:52*Stevie[FP] doesn't experience it enough to be able to reproduce it reliably
21:04:56Zagorjkerman: keep a copy of the stock firmware in a file, then you can switch. look in the rockbox manual for "rolo"
21:06:10jkermandamn! you guys thought of everything! ;)
21:06:14 Join edx [0] (
21:06:25 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|busy (
21:06:58jkermanone more question/feature request for you guys while im here...
21:07:22jkermani was wondering if it would be possible to record radio stations on some sort of timer. something like a "tivo"
21:07:32jkermanwhere it could wake up and record a show for me.
21:07:57Zagoryes it
21:08:04Zagoris possible, but not yet implemented
21:08:53jkermancool! it seems like a simple thing to do, but there people selling tape recorders and manual timers out there for like $300.
21:09:25_johan_guys, I love that you dont have this annoying little stop inbetween songs on your firmware, not finally I can listen to my DJsets without a blip
21:09:57Zagor_johan_: nice. it does require gapless mp3 files of course
21:10:24_johan_but that is possible while recording on you firmware as well right?
21:10:47_johan_as on the archos firmware
21:11:02 Quit _johan_ (K-lined)
21:22:19Stevie[FP]i need a nice little app that I can take a screenshot and it will save a png
21:22:23Stevie[FP]IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?
21:23:29Stevie[FP]gimp is too damn hard to use
21:23:32Stevie[FP]and I can't paste
21:23:52 Nick matsl|busy is now known as matsl (
21:24:25Stevie[FP]anyone who wants to see how poorly I'm progressing
21:27:03Zagorlooks good
21:27:42Stevie[FP]with the possible exception of the HD Error
21:28:58*Stevie[FP] notes that their lcd output code is not very bright
21:33:43Zagorsurprised? ;)
21:33:49 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
21:33:58Stevie[FP]the code's not very optimized
21:34:10Stevie[FP]for example, I see code like this:
21:34:13Stevie[FP]and #0x80, r0
21:34:14Stevie[FP]tst r0, r0
21:34:23Stevie[FP]to see if bit 7 is set in r0
21:36:43Stevie[FP]however, the following would perform equally well: tst #0x80, r0
21:41:31*Stevie[FP] wonders wtf is meaningful in the sector/head/cylinder registers
21:48:14Stevie[FP]Zagor: any ideas?
21:51:25*Stevie[FP] fires a nerf gun at Zagor
21:53:24Stevie[FP]wow this thing's badly written
21:57:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:59:53 Join thu [0] (
22:01:20Stevie[FP]do we know if our hard drives support the PACKET command feature set?
22:06:48MiChAeLoL <- nice tagging program :D
22:07:42 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:07:56tracktheripperhey hi everyoen
22:09:41tracktheripperhello mic
22:12:17tracktheripperhello Bjorn and co
22:12:29*tracktheripper is pleased his webcam is working
22:30:16*thu is looking for a nice way to encode and stream his webcam
22:43:49ZagorStevie[FP]: only ATAPI devices (cdroms, tape drives etc) support the packet interface
22:44:12Stevie[FP]I take it that excludes our HDs?
22:45:14Stevie[FP]don't we have the ATA interrupt connected?
22:45:46Zagoryes, but we don't use it
22:45:52Stevie[FP]which IRQ?
22:46:06Zagorumm, don't remember
22:46:31Stevie[FP]pacr1 hmm
22:46:43Stevie[FP]irq0 is at trap vector 64...
22:47:16Stevie[FP]PACR1 == 0x0102
22:47:32Stevie[FP]so PA12 is set as IRQ0
22:48:30Stevie[FP]and it would appear that INTRQ is connected to PA12 via massive abuse of a stupid multiplexor instead of a simple NOT gate
22:55:37 Join BoD[] [0] (
22:56:46BoD[]Hello, world!
22:56:56Stevie[FP]that's been done
22:57:14Stevie[FP]printf("Hello, world!\n");
22:57:23Stevie[FP] <- but have you seen *this* done yet?
22:58:35BoD[]hmm i would say not :) but what is it exactly
22:58:40Stevie[FP]well whats it say?
22:59:17BoD[]ss1815 lcd emulator...
22:59:25Stevie[FP]no on the picture
22:59:50BoD[]version 4.53 ?
23:00:00Stevie[FP]... what kind of Jukebox do you have?
23:00:09BoD[]recorder 20
23:00:22Stevie[FP]then try this one:
23:01:12 Join montykid [0] (~montykid@
23:01:31BoD[]is it an archos emulator ? :)
23:01:40Stevie[FP]not quite
23:01:45Stevie[FP]but it's getting there
23:02:18BoD[]what is the use ?
23:05:14BoD[]if any
23:05:56 Part montykid
23:06:24Stevie[FP]aww damnit
23:06:30Stevie[FP]I'm going to have to do interrupt support >:(
23:07:10Stevie[FP]the archos player firmware appears to use the ATA interrupt
23:10:34 Join jjmontem [0] (~montykid@
23:14:01 Part jjmontem
23:14:22 Quit BoD[] ("eza")
23:14:34MiChAeLoLwhere do you get those rockbox emu's?
23:14:41 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:15:38Stevie[FP]what rockbox emu's?
23:20:34 Join zebda57 [0] (
23:20:38zebda57hi all
23:20:41 Join archtelamon [0] (
23:20:44archtelamonhey guys
23:20:51ZagorMiChAeLoL: he is writing it
23:20:56archtelamonis it possible to overload rechargabke batteries?
23:21:07 Quit edx ()
23:21:08archtelamoni think i overloaded my batteries and now my Archos will not load
23:21:23archtelamonwould that be the root of my problem>
23:21:41archtelamoncuz earlier it was saying:"Hard Drive Error Please Check HD"
23:21:47zebda57I just get my 2nd archos jukebox : the first was a 20GB (upgraded to 80GB) recorder and this one - the last - is a FM 20 GB recorder
23:22:34Zagorarchtelamon: could be. bad batteries can cause very weird behaviour.
23:22:47archtelamonmy hypothesis
23:22:47Stevie[FP]I need a 'nix program to make a fat32 fs
23:22:51archtelamonis correct
23:23:27ZagorStevie[FP]: mkdosfs -F 32
23:23:35Stevie[FP]stevie@fpay69:~$ mkdosfs
23:23:35Stevie[FP]bash: mkdosfs: command not found
23:23:55Bagderwant it?
23:23:59zebda57But I buy it from canada (hotmp3gear) so I get it with an Us power supply 110V and I m in france where wqe use 220V , SO I d like to know if I could use a universal power supply ? for example I ve one of 500ma and I see in some shops some of 800ma, so my question is could I use the 800mA power supply without problem ?? and if I use the 500mA will it make the charging ti,e longer ?
23:24:06Stevie[FP]yeah (but not via dcc)
23:24:06zebda57thanks for your answers
23:24:18Stevie[FP]i'll need to wget
23:24:26Zagorzebda57: yes the 800mA will work fine
23:24:34 Quit archtelamon (Client Quit)
23:24:34Zagorif you have the correct plug and polarity
23:24:35 Join montykid [0] (~montykid@
23:24:54*Stevie[FP] connects
23:25:04Stevie[FP]403 forbidden
23:25:11Stevie[FP]im forbidden!
23:25:13*Stevie[FP] cries
23:25:14Bagderhang on
23:25:16zebda57ok Zagor, thanks, but If I use the 500ma what happens ? it takes more time to charge
23:25:23Zagorzebda57: yes
23:25:29 Quit montykid (Client Quit)
23:25:33BagderStevie[FP]: try again
23:25:52Stevie[FP]not even a configure
23:25:55Stevie[FP]simple program
23:26:00zebda57zagor: I could use universal power supply of 800 mA and higher ?? e.g. 1000mA ?, will it work
23:26:05Bagdermade for linux
23:26:50Stevie[FP]everything still uses configure :P
23:27:10Stevie[FP]okay lessee
23:27:19Stevie[FP]a 256mb hard drive should be enough to start with, no?
23:28:44Zagorzebda57: actually for the fm recorder I don't know. I don't have the fm.
23:30:41zebda57zagor: thanks I stop my question now, here in france it is already 23:45 sO good night all
23:30:49 Quit zebda57 ("Leaving")
23:30:50Stevie[FP]maybe 256mb is a bit much
23:31:23*Stevie[FP] makes a 64MB hd
23:32:17Stevie[FP]You must set heads sectors and cylinders.
23:32:17Stevie[FP]You can do this from the extra functions menu.
23:32:55Stevie[FP]let's see, that's 131072 sectors
23:33:38Stevie[FP]lets see, 8 heads * 128 cylinders * 128 sectors per cylinder will work
23:34:09Stevie[FP]I can only do 63
23:36:45Stevie[FP]anybody know the code for a fat32 partition ?
23:37:31Zagor0x0c or 0x0b iirc
23:39:36Stevie[FP]one says 'win95 fat32' the other says 'win95 fat32 (LB' [I believe it's trying to say 'LBA']
23:41:32Stevie[FP]0x0c says 'fat32 using extended int13 services(?)'
23:42:44*Stevie[FP] wonders how to do that...
23:43:00Zagornever mind the partition type. neither archos nor rockbox cares.
23:43:34Zagorit's frequently incorrect anyway...
23:44:06Stevie[FP]now for a real challeneg
23:44:09Stevie[FP]challenge even
23:44:24Stevie[FP]it's trivial to mount a file as a partition using -o loop
23:45:23Stevie[FP]but I need to figure out how to treat a file like it's an actual HD :-o
23:46:16Zagorthere is no such layer in linux. you need to write the ata emulation layer, methinks
23:46:29Stevie[FP]or not :)
23:52:09tracktheripperZagor will there ever be an "Archos Emulator" on the site?
23:54:33MTcan I ask a generic C question?
23:54:56MTif i have a memory pointer, and call realloc, can I leak memory that way?
23:55:17MTor will it free the previous block if it moves the data
23:56:16Zagortracktheripper: maybe, if someone writes one
23:56:27ZagorMT: it will free the old block
23:57:05 Quit thu ("Client exiting")
23:57:07Bagderbut only if realloc succeeds
23:57:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:57:25Bagderwhich it of course does most of the time ;-)

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