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#rockbox log for 2003-06-11

00:01:57Bagderdarned sokoban
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00:03:45^4VAlien^MT told me there were some curl people here, which would be nice as i have a questin/suggestion but i don't know if i'm to blame my own incompetence (prolly)
00:04:06MT(thats right blame me, I did say you were also in #curl :/)
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00:09:24MTthats the 3rd time in a day its done that
00:09:42MTfails to read the hard drive for about 4 seconds
00:09:54MTmusic pauses until it can read succesfully
00:10:02MTand the hd 'squeals' slightly
00:10:20MTi think its the heat in here
00:10:37MTaltho, its only about 30 degrees room temperature tops
00:10:59MT(computers are hot and noisy, why bother eh :)
00:11:22Zagor[reminder:] if anyone with redleddead problems is here, please try this rec firmware and see if it improves the situation:
00:14:16MTi did red led die the other day, but it was the first time since it was REALLY cold
00:14:38MTi shall sit out in the sun all day tomorrow, see if i cant heat it up a bit ;)
00:18:38^4VAlien^what is the redleddead problem ?
00:20:25Zagor^4VAlien^: a bug where the unit freezes during disk access with the red led on. it only happens to some people/units
00:21:14^4VAlien^well my hardware should be old enough to have every imperfection patched already :P
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00:22:22^4VAlien^hmmz the only time i got dev/hd* timeouts in my dmesg the drive was dying
00:22:44Zagor^4VAlien^: this is not in linux, it's in rockbox
00:22:57BagderZagor: would you mind if I commit the sokoban fixes without it being 100% tested?
00:23:07Bagderit seems to work now
00:23:13ZagorBagder: shoot
00:23:29Zagorwe have to earn the "unstable" moniker sometimes :-)
00:23:58Bagderwhere do we put the levels file for download?
00:24:04^4VAlien^lol did'nt know rockbox was a project :PP
00:24:37ZagorBagder: in .rockbox imho
00:24:59Bagderits in .rockbox/sokoban/ now, but I meant on the site
00:25:39Zagoraha. if it's only a single file, why is it in a separate directory?
00:25:44Bagderits not playable without that file
00:25:58BagderI guess to make room for "highscore.txt" and so on
00:26:04Zagorah, ok
00:26:26Zagorput it on the download page, i'd say
00:26:49Zagorit's a daily feature, so it would be misplaced on the download page
00:26:57Zagoruh, do something good :-)
00:33:31Bagderls -l ajbrec.ajz
00:33:31Bagder-rw-r−−r−− 1 daniel daniel 175014 Jun 11 00:33 ajbrec.ajz
00:34:25Bagderthat's with the bookmark patch applied
00:35:56MT?ag*r: is it worth me tracking down and fixing a bug ive found in wormlet - it only occurs if the score goes above ~ 720 odd, which is pretty much impossible with current argh/food settings
00:36:31Zagorbugs are always bad. if you've got the will, i'll be happy to apply a fix
00:37:43MTit will require using more memory
00:37:59MTas the buffer that holds the length of the worm is overflowing
00:38:05Zagorhow much more?
00:38:15MThow longs a piece of string :)
00:38:24MTdepends how high you want to go with scores
00:38:51Zagorok. an acceptable fix is to say "top score reached" at some point.
00:38:59Zagorit's still better than crashing
00:39:08MTwell it doesnt quite crash :)
00:39:21MTyou either end up with a very small worm, or a zero length worm
00:39:32MTzero length worm is fun to control, as you cant see it
00:40:22^4VAlien^pfew, i finally isolated a string overflow in the parsing of a html document
00:40:28^4VAlien^so many chances for failure :P
00:40:36MTi'll do a patch, i was going to tidy up the menu to allow people to select things like argh size, food quantities, etc
00:41:03 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:46:04midknight2k3I see you're modifying wormlet, huh?
00:46:29*Stevie[FP] is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
00:47:16MTalso, one of my little bugbears i fancy, i often stop the player in the middle of a large (>4000) playlist, and the only way i can resume is by powering off and then on, i fancy a menu option to resume playback
00:47:35MTyeah, im in favour of the old school nokia snake
00:47:39Bagderthe bookmark stuff will offer that
00:47:54midknight2k3So when's the wromlet patch gonna be done?
00:47:58MTi like to be constrained by the length of the worm, not the number of arghs
00:48:00midknight2k3wormlet that is
00:48:12MTheh, when i finish coding it?
00:48:27midknight2k3when's that? :D
00:48:31midknight2k3i love that game
00:48:32midknight2k3what's your highest score?
00:49:04MTi have two webprojects on the go, one thats paying for me to do all the things i love, and the other that stops my dear old mama from hitting me
00:49:09MTon default? 350
00:49:25MThighest score with modified arghs and foods is 700 ish
00:49:35midknight2k3mine is like 128
00:49:51MTi can beat your lowest too
00:49:56midknight2k3you should have an option of how fast the worm goes
00:50:22midknight2k3if it geos speed "5" you get 7 points per food
00:50:30midknight2k3if it goes "4" then you get 6 points
00:50:34midknight2k3something like that
00:50:40midknight2k3like snake
00:50:45MTi dont know if i cba with that :)
00:51:07MTill just allow setting food points, worm speed, argh size, worm width etc
00:51:19midknight2k3how long does it take to code something like that?
00:51:57MTactually changing the values is easy
00:52:06MTthe hard bit (for me) is doing the menu
00:52:07midknight2k3so have an option
00:52:17midknight2k3so it's too hard to put if it'
00:52:23^4VAlien^randomize the values ;-)
00:52:33MTplus my c is shoddy to say the least :)
00:52:35midknight2k3I GOT AN IDEA
00:52:44MTi grew up on bbc basic for heavens sake!
00:53:05midknight2k3well you could do the speed equals the points per food
00:53:22MTwell the speed is the number of ticks per move
00:53:36MTwhich means a low speed is fast
00:53:37midknight2k3'per move'?
00:53:40MTand a high speed is slow
00:53:53midknight2k3easy enough!
00:54:02midknight2k3just say in the menu that high is high and low is low
00:54:09midknight2k3switch it
00:54:13MTi'll just allow the user to set what ever speeds and foods the user wants
00:54:21midknight2k3so when you set it on 5 it will do less ticks or whatever
00:54:24MTits not like its an international tournament :)
00:54:25midknight2k3good idea
00:54:32midknight2k3i got idea
00:54:44midknight2k3could you keep the highscore saved till you hit a RESET button?
00:55:11MTim not sure on the policy of setting config data
00:55:46midknight2k3like to a hidden file in '.rockbox'
00:55:51midknight2k3uh huh
00:55:58ZagorMT: basically, games aren't allowed to save config in the global block. but you can use files.
00:55:59midknight2k3oh well
00:56:06midknight2k3how long does it take do you think though?
00:56:42^4VAlien^implement a VM tmpfs a la linux >:-)
00:57:03^4VAlien^i will become useful to this project as soon as i have money to buy one :-((
00:57:40MTi use mine for >12hrs a day
00:57:48MTi dont know how i survived without one before
00:58:00MTit truly is a remarkable device
00:58:16MTand reasonabley cheap too
01:00:34MTwish i had a static ip :/
01:00:52MTdialup dies every 2 hours
01:00:58midknight2k3keep working! slacker!
01:01:01midknight2k3just kidding
01:01:02MTso i have to reconnect
01:01:06midknight2k3why are you so sensitive?
01:01:25MTif i had a static ip, all my tcp sessions would survive
01:01:46MTnow i have to reconnect to 5 ssh sessions
01:03:08midknight2k3be back in a bit
01:05:03hardeephmmmm, we can probably re-enable demos now
01:07:47*Bagder checks
01:08:14Bagder181102 bytes
01:08:17Bagderwith the bookmark patch
01:15:34 Quit Bagder ("")
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01:19:30 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
01:21:32Zagoroff to bed
01:21:35 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
01:22:53tracktheripperrecording needs updating not sokoban............
01:24:46^4VAlien^you need to declare MT unstable :-/
01:30:27tracktheripperis this MT or windows NT?
01:32:05tracktheripperhey midknight!
01:32:07tracktheripperdidn't see u here!
01:33:08 Join ^4VAlien [0] (
01:33:08 Quit ^4VAlien^ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
01:36:58midknight2k3MT how's it coming?
01:40:44tracktheripperi got a webcam 2day mid
01:40:56midknight2k3make it online live
01:41:00midknight2k3then it will be good
01:41:02tracktherippershame here doesn't support webcams
01:41:18midknight2k3just put it online somewhere
01:42:54 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
01:45:07 Quit ^4VAlien (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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02:04:15MiChAeLoLthe webcam thinggy
02:04:25midknight2k3how is it funny/
02:04:31MiChAeLoLthink about it
02:04:34 Join Guest1 [0] (
02:04:41*MiChAeLoL leaves to play downloaded n64 roms on his xbox
02:04:51midknight2k3HOW HOW???
02:04:53midknight2k3just kidding
02:05:05Guest1Does anyone know if the battery level problem in 2.0 was fixed?
02:05:13midknight2k3what lever problem?
02:05:26midknight2k3it's far more accurate in Rockbox 2.0 and on then in archos firmware
02:05:39midknight2k3it calculates the remaining playtime left instead of the output voltage
02:06:03Guest1OK. In Rockbox, my battery indicator drops quickly after charging. Rockbox says 20%, and Archos firmware says like 80%.
02:06:10midknight2k3so it doesn't "guess" when the battery should die, it tells you according to the battery capacity how much time there is of usage left.
02:06:20midknight2k3it's far more improved
02:06:33Guest1Oh. So you mean 2.0 is actually more accurate than Archos?
02:06:44midknight2k3archos goes by the output voltage
02:06:57Guest1:) You freakin' guys. Thanks. Sorry for doubting you.
02:07:02midknight2k3rockbox goes by the battery capacity/how much time is left
02:07:14midknight2k3im not one fo em but lol, im sure they'd appreciate it
02:07:21midknight2k3so it doesn't "guess" when the battery should die, it tells you according to the battery capacity how much time there is of usage left.
02:07:28Guest1BTW, can someone register this Java app for me? ?
02:07:39midknight2k3not I
02:07:42midknight2k3not noone
02:07:58Guest1I've got regular IRC. Too lazy to type in the connection info, though. :(
02:08:26midknight2k3"/join #rockbox" or "#rockbox"
02:08:57Guest1One thing that would be nice. When you resume after turning the Archos off, the file browser IS NOT on the song you resumed. It goes back to the beginning.
02:09:19midknight2k3what version do you run?
02:09:26midknight2k3yeah i dunno
02:09:33midknight2k3if you want it to resume the song then tell it to
02:09:36Guest1Same thing if you use the left and right arrow to go from song to song and then use the browser. It doesn't follow the songs. 2.0
02:09:57midknight2k3that's just the way it is
02:10:09midknight2k3side to side makes sense at WPS and up/down makes sense at dir browser
02:10:27Guest1Still better than Archos' firmware though. Are they EVER going above 1.27b for the recorder?
02:10:40midknight2k3i doubt it lol
02:10:45midknight2k3archos has given up
02:10:46*MiChAeLoL laughs at archos programers
02:11:01midknight2k3rockbox probably can code more things than archos knows how to
02:11:16midknight2k3i DOUBT that archos could make a little tetris game or a progress bar
02:11:21Guest1Why don't they just give the Rockbox guys a very, very large amount of money and bundle Rockbox with the Archos units?
02:11:30MiChAeLoLthey should
02:11:32midknight2k3they never let them
02:11:59midknight2k3the wanted to, and all rockbox wanted in return was info on the MAS chip in the Archos, and apparently Archos never got back to them
02:12:05Guest1Actually, the unit itself is wonderful, but the weak firmware limits its potential quite a bit.
02:12:20midknight2k3it's very capable
02:12:28midknight2k3consiering you can do what you want with the screen
02:12:59Guest1Not only that, but the Stereo wide, narrow, and karioke they put in is cool.
02:13:45Guest1Thanks for the battery info, y'all. Take care. ^_^
02:13:55 Quit Guest1 ("Leaving")
02:19:26 Join thu [0] (
02:25:23midknight2k3i guess im excited
02:31:16 Join Yeft [0] (
02:31:36thuwhat's so exciting?
02:38:10Yefthow do i install cvs?
02:39:54Yeftand how do i get a hold of this "open source"
02:40:17Yeftgrr g2g
02:40:34 Quit Yeft ()
02:40:49 Join |nsomniac [0] (
02:57:26MTo~midknight2k3: im just starting coding it now :)
02:57:28 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:57:43MTmagic, i wish i could make anyone quit like that
03:00:25thuwhatcha codin?
03:01:51 Join archtelamon [0] (
03:01:55archtelamonhey guys
03:02:16archtelamonne one kno ne info on this error: "Hard Drive Error. Please Check Hard Drive"
03:02:44 Join Yeft [0] (
03:02:58Yeftok now, whose gonna help me with getting this "open source"?
03:03:58thuYeft: only developers can get the open source
03:04:03thuit's not like open to anyone
03:04:09Yeftoh i c
03:04:25thujust kidding
03:04:31thuyou want the rockbox source?
03:04:51thuit shouldn't be hard to get to it
03:05:01Yeftok....well it is
03:05:14archtelamonne one kno ne info on this error: "Hard Drive Error. Please Check Hard Drive"
03:05:21thuSource code
03:05:21thu * rockbox-2.0.tar.gz
03:05:26Yeftok thanks!
03:05:28thuarchtelamon: maybe your hard drive is fscked
03:05:39archtelamono no
03:05:41archtelamonthat sounds bad i have to wait til j and r music world stops being so stupid and sends me my god damn fm recorder
03:07:29MTfresh makefile
03:07:49MTignore me
03:08:12MTits probably a dodgy cvs file
03:08:18MTi shall reget cvs
03:09:39 Quit archtelamon ("Leaving")
03:12:30Yeftso i can change the rockbox logo to say watever i want.....(if i decide to got throught the tedius task)
03:12:45MTyou can do whatever you like :)
03:13:05MTand yes, id imagine it owuld be quite tedious to do a new image
03:13:15MTbut i hate graphics, so iwould say that
03:13:45Yeftbut the way its set up, i'd have to type in each pixel
03:13:59MTor right a tool to do so
03:14:49Yeft....if i only had a brain
03:15:10Yeft(where brain = more than 2 days of "learn visual c++ in 21 days done)
03:15:49thuYeft: more likelly you would use some tool that outputs C code
03:15:57thulike .xpm
03:16:07thuit's just a struct I think
03:16:12thuor an array.. I don't remember
03:16:15*thu away
03:18:10Yeftthe recorder can read bmp?
03:19:31Yeftyou learn so much from reading the source.......
03:24:30Yeftso how long does it usually take for someone to get assigned to a great suggestion such as retro-record?
03:26:46MTYeft: just come across lines 91-115 of apps\main_menu.c
03:26:57MTshows precisely how to load a bmp into rockbox
03:27:17BoD[]what is retro record ?
03:27:38MTwhen listening to the radio, its always recording
03:27:48MTso it has a 30 second buffer when you hit record
03:27:58MTits already recorded the previous 30 seconds
03:28:05Yeftalso known as "the god mode" by me
03:28:14MTkills battery life
03:28:32Yeftwell rb should let you turn it off...
03:28:43BoD[]i don't understand
03:28:53MTyoure listening to the radio
03:28:56BoD[]ohhhhh yeah
03:28:57MTa good song comes on
03:28:59BoD[]i understood
03:29:57Yeftyeh, i was reading a apps\recorder\bmp.h
03:29:59BoD[]is timeshifting planned ?
03:30:02Yeftwhen i realized it could
03:30:56|nsomniacsomeone should make som kind of search function..
03:32:01|nsomniacis that at all possible ?
03:32:14Yeftlike FF>>
03:34:23|nsomniaceh ?
03:34:33|nsomniacsearch for a file i meant..
03:34:48|nsomniacwrite in the name of the song and it starts playing
03:35:07|nsomniackind of like pressing "j" in the playlist of winamp..
03:35:19MTi wrote one
03:35:23MTit just didnt work
03:35:24Yeftgo MT!
03:35:32MTi may fix it
03:36:07|nsomniacits the only thing that annoys me about rocbox..
03:36:07MTbut im busy doing important things
03:36:12|nsomniaclike :D ?
03:36:21Yeftmt, do you know if the equalizer could do better than bass/treble
03:36:22MTlike making wormlet have more options
03:36:34|nsomniacwhat could be more important than a search function..
03:36:46MTYeft: not possible, we cant do any DSP
03:36:48Yeftlike 60/170 - 14k/16k
03:37:00|nsomniactoo bad i cant configure any of this stuff my self
03:37:12MTwe can do bass/treble because they are supplied by the MAS
03:37:55Yefti c
03:41:31Yefti cant wait to play all my chip 8 games~
03:41:54MTgl getting that included
03:42:18Yefttheres a patch, isnt there
03:42:40MTtheres also a good reason why its not already been included
03:42:52Yeft....i can always format : )
03:43:39MTwhat have i forgotten
03:43:42MTnumber of worms
03:43:45MTnumber of players
03:43:48MTargh size
03:43:51MTfood value
03:45:35Yeftlol working on wormlet?
03:47:48Yefti g2g −−−−- my tip for the night : make space invaders : )
03:48:10MTthat would be good actually
03:48:21*Yeft is full of great ideas
03:48:28Yeftwell seeya later
03:49:14 Quit Yeft ("<---time for day 3 in learn visual C++ in 21 days, if this exit sparks any ideas send me a memo, i'm registered")
03:57:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:12:55 Join Nixed [0] (
04:13:16NixedWhat's the default file system that the achos is formated in?
04:16:59Nixedfdisk should be able to affect the MBR of the archos drive right?
04:17:19MTnot entirely sure on that
04:17:36MiChAeLoLhey nixed did you ever get yours fixed?
04:17:40NixedMy archos is f'd (for the second time). It has a bad MBR.
04:17:52MTrma it
04:18:01NixedMiChAeLoL - they issued an RMA number to me.
04:18:16NixedThis is the second time since I bought it. The first was due to battery problems.
04:18:37MTlinux fdisk would be able to fix the mbr
04:18:47MTthe mbr isnt used by anything
04:19:16PsycoXulfdisk /mbr for M$'s fdisk restores the MBR
04:19:39MTand dos fdisk recognises a usb mass storage device?
04:19:44Nixedreally? I keep getting a Hard disk access error message on start. Partition Magic says it's a bad partition, but I can't fix it.
04:19:44MTi doubt it
04:20:12PsycoXulMT: well
04:20:12NixedI tried fixing the drive on a PC (windows 2000) and then on a MAC to no avail.
04:20:15MTthats not the mbr then :)
04:20:26PsycoXulMT: you'd be in windows and have the thing connected and seen as a drive letter
04:20:28Nixedtrue. it's the partition.
04:20:45MTso .. delete the partition?
04:20:50PsycoXulbut yeah i guess it's moot
04:22:10NixedMT - I can see the drive through windows and mac, but they don't see the partition or allow me to edit anything on the disk.
04:22:29NixedThe thing i pretty much in a coma. Lights are on, but nobody is home.
04:22:36MTbad hard drive. rma it
04:23:24MTwormlet runs slower on the x11 emulator than it does on my real rockbox :)
04:23:28Nixedwill do. already have the number, but i figured i'd give it a last shot.
04:23:42MTnah, send it off and get a nice shiny new unit
04:23:50Nixedwill do.
04:24:27Nixedsucks though. second time. Guy said they didn't replace the entire unit the first time. It was just a hard drive replace.
04:24:43NixedI made him promise that he'd ship me a total new unit.
04:24:46MTim surprised :)
04:25:02MTwith the fm, the send you a new unit if the battery craps out
04:25:09MTand thats pish to replace
04:25:09NixedI thought I had battery problems, but I guess it was just hard drive problems that repeated.
04:25:37MThave you tried deleting the partition with windows disk management?
04:25:49Nixedyes, it doesn't show up in there.
04:26:06Nixeddevice manager sees the drive, but not the partition
04:26:22MTsounds like a knackered partition table
04:26:39MTeven if you could fix it, id still send it back
04:26:47MTbrand new warranty
04:27:29Nixedyep. knowing that it's still the original recorder i had and they never replaced it, I don't need more problems.
04:29:16 Quit BoD[] ("4:29")
04:33:21 Join earHurts [0] (
04:33:52earHurtsi see demos have been re-enabled.
04:34:19MTsokoban levels are dynamically loaded now
04:34:26MTwhich saves oodles of space
04:34:41earHurtsthat /was/ my next question.
04:35:07earHurtsincidently, can you quantify 'oodles'? :)
04:36:25earHurtser, seriously, how much space?
04:39:49 Quit Nixed ()
04:50:41 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
04:50:41 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:50:49 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
04:59:08hardeepearhurts: we saved ~32k
05:00:38 Join Stevie-Bed [0] (
05:12:56 Join thu_ [0] (
05:14:08Stevie-Bedslack needs to start including wvdial
05:20:37Stevie-Bedgod DAMNIT
05:28:04 Quit thu (Connection timed out)
05:28:58thu_Stevie-Bed: kppp is nicer :P
05:29:39Stevie-Bed... I DON'T HAVE X
05:29:43*Stevie-Bed kicks thu_
05:29:48 Nick Stevie-Bed is now known as Stevie-O (
05:30:17*thu_ slaps Stevie-O around with a large xfree tgz
05:30:17*Stevie-O slaps thu_ around with a large xfree tgz
05:30:27earHurts32 Kb worth of sokoban levels????
05:30:29*thu_ confused
05:30:40*thu_ slaps Stevie-O around with a large test
05:30:41*Stevie-O slaps thu_ around with a large test
05:30:45Stevie-OI don't WANT X
05:31:01earHurtsdon't have X! anbstinance until marriage!
05:31:15thu_Stevie-O: use chat and pppd
05:31:21thu_who needs wvdial anyway?
05:31:46earHurtshow'd sonkoban take up 32 Kb?
05:31:58Stevie-Ooh sure, I'd LOVE to manually configure my ppp connection
05:32:33thu_earHurts: it's probably the textures
05:32:38earHurtsyou'll go blind with that/'manual configuration'
05:33:19earHurtsmaybe you should jnust get married.
05:34:45*Stevie-O smax earHurts
05:34:51earHurtsok, decision time. your advice please: what replacement hdd should I get?
05:35:14thu_a BIIIG one
05:35:18 Nick thu_ is now known as thu (
05:35:43earHurtsyeah, a fujnitsu or a hitachi?
05:35:54thugo fujitsu
05:36:06thubecause they're crap
05:36:16*thu is happy with his maxtors
05:36:25earHurtsyou're helpful.
05:36:35thuWDs are nice (bigger buffer and stuff)
05:36:41earHurtsi mean for the archos.
05:36:42thuseagate are nice (SATA) but expensive
05:36:58earHurtsmy pc hdd is a wd 120
05:37:10thu8MB buffer?
05:37:35thuI crashed one of those.. I don't like WD anymore
05:37:45thuwhy would you want to get a replacement archos drive?
05:37:56earHurtsyeah, the buffer doesn't seem to buy nme much
05:38:06earHurtsI'm out of space!
05:38:11 Quit hardeep ("[BX] iTs bEttEr tO bUrN oUt tHaN tO fAdE aWaY")
05:38:26thuonly music?
05:38:31thuor do you use it for moving files?
05:38:38thuwhat archos do you have?
05:39:01thufrom what I've seen it's not worth getting a really big drive
05:39:07thuthey're waaay too expensive
05:39:34earHurtsonly music I have '20', that is 18.6
05:39:46earHurtsI need a 60 or 80
05:39:47thuwell and besides I expect to lose/break my archos sooner or later
05:39:54thuI'm good with 20
05:40:00thuI only keep stuff I actually listen to
05:40:15thuand rotate from time to time
05:40:28thu80s are like $300+
05:40:38earHurtsI'm not into rotating
05:41:00earHurtsyeah, nit'll nbe $200 or more
05:41:09thudoesn't it get really hard to manage when you have 4 times the music?
05:41:38thuas I have it now it's pretty hard to get to a song when I'm driving
05:41:43thutoo much scrolling to do
05:42:11earHurtsI don't own a car. thus I have money for a bigger hdd. :)
05:42:47earHurtsI'm going to write a file lookup function.
05:43:22*thu doesn't own a car either
05:43:39thuguess I'm still borrowing one from my parents
05:43:54thuthat doesn't seem to help with buying hdds though
05:44:07earHurtsyeah ;)
05:44:39earHurtsalthough mom thinks she biught my archos;)
05:45:35thuand she didn't?
05:46:00earHurtsno, she bnought my pdas. all technology is one to her
05:46:33*thu is in a pdaless stage
05:46:52thuI have my old handspring visor but I lost the stylus
05:46:53earHurtsi'm chatting with you on my zaurus
05:46:56thunow I scribble things on walls
05:47:04*thu drools
05:47:06earHurtsheh. i lost the whole handspring
05:47:07thummm zaurus
05:47:21earHurtsit's not an unalloyed njoy
05:47:22thuI still have modules around for my visor
05:47:32thu56k modem, keyboard, cell phone (with broken antenna)
05:47:38earHurtsvery little nsoftware compared to palm
05:47:52earHurtsnever bought any modules
05:48:07thuI used mine as a cell phone for awhile
05:48:12thuuntil I broke the antenna
05:48:29earHurtsI don't like cell phones. annother thing i do't own
05:48:31*thu wants something with a good screen so he can read ebooks
05:48:52thuI used my visorphone as a wireless modem
05:49:13earHurtszaurus will do that, nbut palm software is better for it
05:49:37thuit was pretty nice controlling my windows workstation remotelly from my visor through a 9200kbps connection
05:49:43earHurtsnothing reads pluckers right
05:49:49thudefine pluckers
05:50:02earHurtscompressed offline html
05:50:23thuI used avantgo for awhile
05:50:28earHurtsI used to read willianm calvin's books
05:50:41thuI read the whole lord of the rings on my visor
05:50:46earHurtsyeah, likne advantgo, but it'll work with any webn site
05:51:11thua good part of it during boring classes :P
05:51:22thuthe autoscroll feature is pretty good for that
05:51:40thuthe screen isn't that great though
05:51:42earHurtsI preferred to page down, bnut yeah
05:51:52earHurtszaurus has a nice screen
05:52:03earHurtsnbut the software is creaky
05:52:15thume too but I had teachers who noticed all the pagedowns and started asking questions
05:52:17earHurtsand nothing displays an em dash right
05:52:27earHurtsah ;)
05:52:33thuwrite your own software
05:52:43thuQT is pretty nice
05:52:48earHurtsyeah, yeah
05:53:07earHurtsI write software 8 hours a day.
05:53:18earHurtsI need time to nread too
05:53:43thuwhat software are you into?
05:54:26thuwhat software do you write?
05:54:34earHurtsat work njava
05:54:49thueek java
05:54:50earHurtsat home i prefer c++
05:55:04thuI don't like java
05:55:11thuespecially since that's what I have to do for school
05:55:13earHurtsneither do i
05:55:21 Join Guest12 [0] (
05:55:24 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:56:00thuI might get into some gui apps in java
05:56:08thuat least I can devel on linux and ship on windows
05:56:11earHurtsit's slow
05:56:19thueither java or wxWindows
05:56:31earHurtswx isn't bad at all
05:56:34thuehh if only QT for windows were free
05:57:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:57:22thuwx needs a good ide
05:57:23earHurtswhat are you coding for rockbox?
05:57:35thuI'm not codin for rockbox
05:57:41earHurtsides destroy the nbrain
05:57:50Guest12Hey guys, I just wrote my first WPS for Rockbox...this software rocks! Thanks, guys!
05:57:51earHurtsget coding then
05:57:57thuI am sorta getting into embedded C so I might get into that
05:58:07thuGuest12: WPS?
05:58:27earHurtswhile playing screen, congrats guest
05:58:30thuoh nm
05:58:38thuI realized that after I asked
05:59:15Guest12Now, if I could figure out why my clock doesn't keep time...grrr. Any thoughts?
05:59:28earHurts32 k in sokoban. who da thunk
05:59:42thuearHurts: I told you.. it's the textures
05:59:45thuor the 3D engine
06:00:01earHurtssettings are not written immediately
06:00:17earHurtsset the clock, then play sonmwthinnng
06:00:32thulike sokoban for example
06:00:56earHurtsnbeckham's being sold.
06:01:36earHurtsgotta go.
06:01:45thuRAV is being sold :(
06:01:48 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
06:01:48thunight earHurts
06:01:52thuevil microsoft
06:02:00Guest12I've spun the disk up afterwords, and if I cycle power, it's OK, but if it sits for a while (like days) without being powered up, it loses. Battery still shows level.
06:02:37thuGuest12: I seem to be the only one alive and I don't know a rat's ass about the rockbox insides
06:02:40thuso don't ask me.
06:03:20Guest12Oh, OK. Thanks...
06:03:31Guest12You and Archos support...
06:04:05Guest12K, bye...
06:04:06 Quit Guest12 ("Leaving")
06:12:59 Join Stevie-O [0] (
06:15:53thufinished reading the ppp howto?
06:16:33Stevie-Othe ppp howto is largely unhelpful :P
06:23:00 Join Guest34 [0] (
06:27:48 Quit Guest34 (Client Quit)
06:29:42 Quit jandaman ("I Rip off my customers")
06:33:58 Join OliverKlozoff [0] (
06:41:29 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:41:59 Join Stevie-O [0] (
06:45:32Stevie-Olinux as a router is a LOT easier when the uplink is ethernet
06:51:24Stevie-Obut god, iptables rocks
06:58:29Stevie-Owtf is this f/v crap
07:01:19 Quit OliverKlozoff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:07:14 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
07:08:51Stevie-Osup hardeep
07:13:22 Join OliverKlozoff [0] (
07:13:30OliverKlozoffI GOT IT WORKING
07:19:15OliverKlozoffit's a friggin miracle.
07:21:03 Join matsl [0] (
07:22:35OliverKlozoffhey matsl
07:30:13OliverKlozoffyou wouldn't happen to know how to make dhcpd give a certain IP to the machine with a certain MAC, would you?
07:32:00 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:33:38thuOliverKlozoff: I remember there was a dhcp config file dealing with that
07:33:51thuI can't really tell the name though
07:39:16 Join Stevie-O [0] (
07:39:53Stevie-Ogawt it
07:40:05Stevie-OIP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
07:43:02*Stevie-O yawns
07:53:50 Join SeanL994 [0] (
07:54:35SeanL994so, am i better off with the multimedia 20 gb (200 bucks) or the archos Recorder 20 (200 bucks) right now i have a Studio20 and i LOVE rockbox! so which should i go with?
07:55:04hardeepdo you have a need for the video features of the multimedia?
07:55:27SeanL994semi yes semi no, i just like how the screen is is color(besides video)right?
07:55:40hardeepyeah, i believe so
07:55:52SeanL994and does it run basicly the studio's firmware
07:55:59SeanL994well..wait.. no guess not..
07:56:29SeanL994the studio only has 2 line 11 char each line.. and the recorder and up all have active matrix blah-de-blah
07:56:50SeanL994hardeep do you have pictures of the multimedia turned on? i'd like to see what the interface looks like
07:57:02SeanL994i am planing on mounting it In my steering wheel :)
07:57:06hardeepnope... i'm sure they have some on the archos website
07:57:19 Quit matsl ("Client exiting")
07:57:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:57:28SeanL994whats a good price i should do a buy it now (for selling) my studio 20?
07:57:55SeanL994studio 20,ac adaptor,headphones,case,usb cable i was thinking 190?200?
07:57:59 Quit OliverKlozoff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:58:35hardeepno idea... i believe there are several other studio 20's for auction... see what they're getting?
07:59:04SeanL994yea around that price, but most of thoes look professonal.. like.. not some kid(me) selling it
07:59:30SeanL994the multimedia has got to be usb2.0 right? this review says its 1.1
08:03:57hardeepSeanL994: no idea
08:06:27SeanL994have you heard anything about the UI on the multimedia? at all?
08:07:04hardeepnope... not really interested in the multimedia personally
08:08:54SeanL994is it looked down upon or what?
08:10:05hardeepprobably moreso by the people on this channel... i wouldn't want to use any archos product that didn't have an open source firmware replacement
08:10:15hardeepbased on past experience
08:12:13SeanL994eventually i'm sure there will be a rockbox for the multimedia..right?
08:12:32SeanL994i'll admit i didnt like my archos much.. then i found rockbox. it was like a whole new mp3 player
08:13:07hardeepunlikely, re: rockbox support... see:
08:14:01SeanL994oh well, hell if i dont like it.. hell i could sell it, i am getting it for 200 bucks. thats a hellof adeal
08:18:53 Join OliverKlozoff [0] (
08:20:13OliverKlozoffok, wvdial is seeming like crap
08:23:44SeanL994are there other open source firmware upgrades for archos player/recorder dont get me wrong i love rockbox...just curious
08:24:07hardeepSeanL994: i'm not aware of any
08:24:44 Join Bagder [241] (
08:24:57hardeepheya Bagder
08:30:11SeanL994alrighty then, thanks for the chat. i'm going to sleep now. night,
08:30:17 Quit SeanL994 ()
08:30:51 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:31:16 Join mecraw [0] (
09:09:36 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: stays crunchy in milk!")
09:20:35 Quit OliverKlozoff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:29:35 Join tracktheripper [0] (
09:37:25 Join matsl [0] (
09:42:38 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
09:55:13 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|out (
09:57:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:08:26adi|homehmmmm im having issues here.. not sure the cause...
10:08:30adi|homeBagder: you around?
10:15:12adi|homehmm.. nm... i just seemed to have a disc write barf... dunno what it was...
10:15:19adi|homeif it happens again ill worry then.
10:25:43PsycoXulmy unit keeps stalling with the red LED on
10:25:53PsycoXulsometimes it recovers, sometimes it stops, sometimes it skips tracks
10:25:57PsycoXulbut it does it all the time
10:38:22thuuse a bigger hammer
10:44:16 Join quelsaruk [20] (
10:48:39quelsarukBagder: we have now 2 new languages
10:49:01quelsarukwe have to change that at the website
10:49:12BagderI already did :-)
10:49:42quelsarukthen you forgot to say so on 'Rockbox digest' ;)
10:49:51Bagderah right
10:50:14thuwhat langs?
10:50:53quelsarukczech and...
10:51:03quelsaruki cant remember the other lang name
10:51:07quelsarukto strange ;)
10:51:15quelsarukthat's it :)
10:51:55quelsarukthis is my third week using archos 1.17i firmware
10:52:13quelsaruki need to buy a new hd as soon as posible
10:53:22thudarn.. I was going to do romanian
10:53:28thuwhere is it? :P
10:55:07quelsarukromaneste lang ;)
10:55:16thulooks pretty good
10:55:37thuI might just use it
10:55:52thuhmm I do have some corrections though
11:04:16thuhow do I find out who did that translation?
11:05:34Bagderquelsaruk didn't mention that in his commit message
11:05:38Bagderso check the closed patches
11:05:55quelsarukBagder: i forgot. :(
11:07:31thuhehe it's fun to translate stuff like this
11:07:57thuI don't seem to find a romanian word for 'play'
11:08:07Bagderthere's no name
11:08:07quelsarukJiri Jurecek
11:08:28quelsarukjjure at
11:08:50quelsarukthat's czech
11:09:00quelsarukromanian had no name
11:09:15thuoh well.. then he won't complain if I file a patch
11:09:32quelsaruki don't think so
11:46:56thuI must say.. translating something like rockbox is quite a challenge
11:47:01thuespecially doing it right
11:49:36quelsaruki know
11:49:51quelsaruki can't find half the words for the spanish translation
11:52:55thuquelsaruk: how do you say play in spanish?
11:53:06thuI guess I should look at spanish and french to get some ideas
11:53:50thuis that generally used for play?
11:54:19quelsarukplay a song is "reproducir una cancion"
11:54:32quelsarukbut we generally say "dale al play"
11:54:45thuwhat about playlist?
11:54:50quelsaruklista de reproduccion
11:54:57thumakes sense
11:55:07quelsarukit's the real translation
11:56:19thuthe verb
11:57:01quelsarukthat's the worst transtation
11:57:08quelsaruka queue is "cola"
11:57:16quelsarukso i could say "poner en cola"
11:57:19quelsarukor "encolar"
11:57:26***No seen item changed, no save performed.
11:57:26thuI'd like to have a 'cola' button on my archos
11:57:32thuprefferably pepsi cola
11:58:11thuyeah.. guess I don't have anything like encolar
11:58:58thuhmm lemme see
12:00:09quelsarukthu: we don't really have a "encolar" verb
12:00:18quelsarukpeople like it ;)
12:02:22thuis there a spa word for backlight?
12:02:43quelsarukdebug is depuracion
12:02:58quelsarukbacklight is "retroiluminacion" or something like that
12:03:02quelsaruklet me check it
12:03:21thuyeah the other guy translated something like retro-ecleraj
12:03:38thuwhich doesn't make much sense
12:04:43quelsarukromanian comes from latin?
12:05:11thuit's pretty close to spanish and french
12:05:24quelsarukthen you have a problem
12:05:24thuI know romanian and french and I can understand some spanish
12:05:29thuw/out studying it or anything
12:05:40thuhehe I do
12:06:32quelsarukin LANG_ID3_SCREEN
12:06:37quelsarukand LANG_ID3_INFO
12:06:47quelsarukyou have to swap the strings
12:06:53quelsarukat least in spanish
12:07:07thuI know
12:07:14thuI thought the other guy made a typo
12:07:38thuI'm done
12:07:47thuI'm diffing it now to see if I screwed something up
12:07:51quelsaruki wanted to explain that on the english.lang file, but i forgot :)
12:10:11thunow where do I submit it?
12:10:19quelsarukpatch tracker
12:15:24quelsarukthu: what about "iluminacion"
12:15:35quelsarukyou know that is backlight
12:15:49quelsaruk'cause it's the only light you have :)
12:16:58#>>"seen" used by quelsaruk ( [snoop prevented]
12:17:14quelsaruki'd need his modified manual
12:17:23quelsarukfor version 2.1
12:17:59thuthe patch is in the mail
12:18:12thuI just submitted romaneste.lang
12:18:20thuI hope I wasn't supposed to submit the patch
12:18:44quelsarukhave you submited it to the patch tracker??
12:18:53quelsarukromaneste.lang, i mean
12:20:19 Quit adi|home (
12:20:19 Quit Stevie[FP] (
12:20:19 Quit ricII (
12:20:23NJoinricII [0] (
12:20:24NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
12:25:28quelsarukthu, btw, have you updated the lang file?
12:26:16thuwhat lang file?
12:26:35thuI just got romaneste.lang from the website, modified it and posted it in the patch tracker
12:27:53quelsarukwait a minute then
12:28:31thuhmm I knew there was something wrong
12:30:31quelsaruknot really wrong
12:30:37quelsarukthere are new strings
12:31:09quelsarukcan you get that dcc?
12:31:16thuwhat's that?
12:31:50quelsarukthat's your romaneste lang file with all new strings added to english.lang
12:31:52thuoh I see
12:32:08thuok I'll translate those too
12:32:48thuwhat's caption backlight?
12:32:58thuare there different types of backlight?
12:34:48quelsarukcaption backlight is like a blinking backlight when a new mp3 is loaded
12:34:51quelsarukor something like that
12:35:01quelsarukam i wrong Bagder?
12:35:22thuhow did you translate that?
12:35:24Bagderyeah, backlight switches on right before song change
12:36:01thuquelsaruk: how did you translate invert (as in bar select (invert))
12:37:12quelsaruki can't see invert
12:37:18quelsarukinverse yes.. but invert?
12:37:37quelsaruk(spanish lang file is old)
12:37:52thuyeah.. same thing
12:38:05thuwhite becomes black and black becomes white
12:39:03quelsarukinverse = inverso
12:41:46thuwhat about Time Split?
12:45:30quelsarukhaven't translated that
12:45:48 Join Zagor [242] (
12:45:55quelsarukbut there's a patch for french lang that has translated that, check it
12:57:23 Quit Bagder ("")
12:58:27thuTemps de coupure
12:58:29thucutting time
13:24:24 Join awy[baer] [0] (
13:57:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:18:21 Join LinusN [200] (
14:20:59quelsarukhi LinusN
14:21:21quelsarukcould you send me the modified manual?
14:22:13quelsarukdon't worry
14:23:12 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
14:23:43 Nick quelsaruk is now known as Quel|lunch (
14:51:43 Join _spiridon [0] (
14:53:24 Part LinusN
15:02:47 Quit spiridon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:02:53 Nick _spiridon is now known as spiridon (
15:20:49 Join tracktheripper [0] (
15:21:00tracktheripperhey everyone
15:21:44PsycoXulin a relatively short matter of time, you will find yourself in a world that nobody imagined
15:23:08 Join Bagder [241] (
15:23:28*tracktheripper gets the red carpet and champagne for Bagder
15:23:40PsycoXulover 100 years ago a guy came along and gave the world the gift of energy
15:23:58PsycoXulmany aspects of the world we know are a direct result of his efforts
15:24:00tracktheripperhello bag
15:24:11PsycoXulit's just too bad so few people are aware of what he did... but i digress
15:24:51PsycoXulbut the world has come to a point where even bigger advances can be made even faster
15:24:51tracktheripperif only u could plug a webcam into the archos and use it as a camcorder, that would be SO COOL!
15:26:15PsycoXulthe phrase "anything is possible" has never been more true than it is today
15:26:54tracktherippernothing "is possible" on the Archos these days :-(
15:27:18PsycoXul*shrug* thats ok
15:27:26PsycoXulthey can already do more than they were intended to
15:27:33tracktheripperbecause of "due to hardware limitations"
15:28:23tracktheripperahh well, all good things come to an end
15:28:42PsycoXulyou know the 2 biggest stumbling blocks to technological advancement now
15:28:49PsycoXulare marketting strategies and energy
15:28:56 Nick matsl|out is now known as matsl (
15:29:06PsycoXuland the energy advancements are probably held back my marketing strategies and such too :p
15:29:30PsycoXulactualy what am i saying probably, of course they are :p heh
15:30:04PsycoXulbut that doesn't really matter
15:30:49PsycoXulbecause the average person today has more resources and information available than well funded scientists did a short while ago
15:32:59tracktheripperpsycho you are talking out of your Archos's USB port :P
15:33:08PsycoXulno i'm not
15:34:54PsycoXulmost people today don't realize how different the world was a mere 100 years ago
15:35:51 Join edx [0] (
15:36:06PsycoXulbut a moment in the course of human history, but one of the most intense advancement humans have known
15:37:10tracktheripperive reprogrammed my Archos so I can use it as a doorstop!!!
15:39:09PsycoXulif you went to the 1880's or 1890's and told people about the FM rec, nikola tesla might believe you, but probably nobody else
15:40:10tracktheripperPsycho, why don't u reprogram the firmware to bring Bjorn and co into your living room?
15:40:32PsycoXultrachk: eh?
15:40:49PsycoXultrachk: why the firmware? heh
15:41:23tracktheripperor why don't you reprogram the firmware to disable "Rejected" and "Works For Me" and "Invalid" and "This is not possible, due to hardware limitations" in Sourceforge :P
15:42:13PsycoXuli'm not much for programming really
15:43:12PsycoXulthe universe, or continuum or whatever you wanna call it, is my firmware
15:43:14PsycoXuland i'm not the only one
15:43:26PsycoXuland you just wait to see how it's hax0r3d in the next few years :p
15:46:53 Quit dw|gone (Remote closed the connection)
15:46:55 Join dw|gone [20] (
15:47:10tracktheripperhey magnnus!
15:47:42PsycoXuldid you know that for the price of a car you can get a machine that'll actualy make you money and you won't even have to drive anywhere or work for anybody else after you pay for it?
15:48:24PsycoXuland the machine i'm talking about is one of endless possibilities that most people aren't aware of
15:48:36tracktheripperprogram the firmware to shut Psucho up!
15:49:00PsycoXulevery once in a while i look at existance and fall into a state of babbling awe
15:51:12PsycoXulyou know how when you were a kid you always thought of all these wonderful possibilities and wished that you were an adult or that people'd take you seriously and allow you the means to do them
15:51:53PsycoXulwhat if you woke up one day and realized you are an adult, and you have the means to do them, except you've found out by now that there's even more possible than you imagined as a kid
15:52:31PsycoXulthats how i feel right now
15:53:29PsycoXulseems to be stark contrast of how most people wake up and realize that they're an adult
15:54:00PsycoXulthey usualy end up being blinded to the possibilities
15:54:22PsycoXulsad, but not necessarily unfortunate
15:55:15PsycoXulif everybody realized what was possible, nobody'd want to dedicate themselves to less exciting things that need to be done to bring the possibilities into the realm of the probable
15:55:37 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
15:56:04 Join probonic [0] (
15:57:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:06:25 Part spiridon ("...")
16:12:23 Quit probonic ()
16:14:28 Nick Quel|lunch is now known as Quelsaruk (
16:14:39Quelsarukback to virtual life ;)
16:16:36QuelsarukPsycoXul: have have you drinked today?
16:16:45Quelsaruk*what have
16:17:21 Join Stevie[FreedomPa [0] (~whatsit2u@
16:34:41*MiChAeLoL wonders if yeft ever made space invaders
16:34:57 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
16:35:37*MiChAeLoL also wonders if psycoxul grew a new brain, and has yet tarnish it with drinks
16:37:01MiChAeLoLthe next time you're having a bad day, imagine this: You're a siamese twin. Your brother, attached at your shoulder is gay. You're not. He has a date coming over tonight. You only have one ass.
16:39:19QuelsarukStevie[FreedomPa: how's that emulator going?
16:41:06*MiChAeLoL thinks their should be a cvs build with patches applied made every so often
16:41:39Stevie[FreedomPaI'm having difficulty creating something I need
16:41:50Quelsarukwhat stevie?
16:42:09Stevie[FreedomPaI need to create a file to be used as the 'hard disk'
16:42:16Stevie[FreedomPanow that would normally be really easy
16:42:25Stevie[FreedomPaif not for the fact that I need a damn partition table
16:42:55MiChAeLoLtheir should be a competition to make a search feature that searchs id3 tags
16:43:13MiChAeLoLcause competitions for coding on projects like this always go well
16:43:58MiChAeLoLa while ago it was said that their was no way that an n64 emu could be ported to xbox, after their was a pot of over 2,000 dollars in donations to whoever did it it got done; and quite fast too
16:44:33MiChAeLoLdoes rockbox take donations?
16:45:26Quelsarukyou can donate via paypal to support rockbox.. if you want :)
16:45:26Bagderthere's a paypal icon on the web site for it
16:45:55*MiChAeLoL thinks they should have a competition to port id3 tag searching to the rockbox
16:46:14MiChAeLoLeven if you make the database in winamp or some other program or something
16:47:04MiChAeLoLhehe if it had id3 searching it will have surpassed the ipod in firmware
16:47:16MiChAeLoLcause ipods can only id3 search by artist i think
16:47:44Bagderipod is not "better" because of its features, but because its made by apple
16:47:52Bagderrockbox isn't
16:48:07MiChAeLoLwell just because of the coupple of hardware issues
16:48:26QuelsarukBagder: i prefer rockbox ;)
16:48:35tracktheripperBagder the IPOD is just an MP3 player sans Rockbox
16:48:37MiChAeLoLu prefer rockbox too :p
16:48:54*MiChAeLoL has a grudge against apple
16:50:24MiChAeLoLlol mistyped i as a u
16:51:21tracktheripperBagder seems like no more new features are being added
16:51:48Quelsaruktracktheripper: there was no empty room ;)
16:51:55tracktheripperand Sokoban gets tweaked rather than recording?!?!
16:51:59tracktheripperhow could you!
16:52:06tracktheripperrecording is more inportant than Sokobhan!
16:52:06Bagdercan't you read?
16:52:22Bagderthere was a good reason you know
16:52:43Quelsarukwas there?
16:52:48Quelsarukreally? ;)
16:53:04Bagdertracktheripper: there was no space left
16:53:26tracktheripperso will there be more new features being added now Sokobhan has been "made smaller?"
16:53:32Bagdernow there's ~30K available to play with
16:53:54Bagderbookmarks coming up soonish
16:54:05tracktheripperok fix my "Auto voice transcriber" now :-)
16:54:35Bagdertracktheripper: sure, send over the code first
16:54:43tracktherippercan't program
16:54:50*Stevie[FreedomPa is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 16hrs 8mins 21secs] [KS]
16:55:35MiChAeLoLmake a search thinggy
16:56:07tracktheripperdo "ID3 tag naming and renaming"
16:58:29tracktheripper"run soundforge on the archos"
16:59:22tracktheripper"make bagder smile in Sourceforge"
16:59:35Bagder"add microwave oven support"
17:00:29tracktheripper"fire cosmic rays out of its USB port"
17:04:37tracktheripperSMILE FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!
17:05:37Quelsaruktracktheripper: beware.. logbot is up there
17:05:50Quelsarukhe doesn't like capital letters ;)
17:06:36>>>"pass" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
17:06:38MiChAeLoLi dont think id3 search support would be that hard
17:06:50>>>"me looks around for capital letters" by Bagder (
17:06:51MiChAeLoLyou would probably just have to make the database in some other program first
17:06:54tracktheripperi said "on the fly ID3 tag writing and renaming"
17:07:07MiChAeLoLdidnt they make a patch for that?
17:07:20tracktheripperas it isnt in the daily builds
17:08:21MiChAeLoLbut it is out there
17:08:31MiChAeLoLyea their are 2 patches i wanna see in the daily builds
17:08:36MiChAeLoLand the search one
17:08:49MiChAeLoLeven if it isnt id3 searching their are renaming programs for that
17:08:57MiChAeLoLlike tagscanner
17:14:20tracktheripperan ocsillyscope in the WPS will be great as well
17:15:37QuelsarukBagder: is there a new and strange virus all around the world??
17:16:17Quelsaruki supposed so
17:16:34tracktheripperwhat is this virus?
17:17:47tracktheripperyou are prob gonna say "me" is uppose
17:19:34Quelsaruknot really, but you're affected by it ;)
17:24:51 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
17:30:13 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
17:38:46MiChAeLoLcrap its after me
17:38:49 Quit MiChAeLoL ()
17:44:51 Quit Quelsaruk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:45:50 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
17:48:10 Join quelsaruk [20] (
17:52:13Stevie[FreedomPamy 64mb image compressed to 4kb with bzip2
17:55:17Stevie[FreedomPait was a partition table and an empty fat32 partition
17:55:47*Stevie[FreedomPa finds some mp3 files to mess with
17:57:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:58:18 Nick quelsaruk is now known as Quel|out (
18:04:50*MiChAeLoL keeps trying to uncap his cablemodem, stupid rca why couldnt it be a surfboard? :(
18:06:53hardeepBagder: around?
18:07:51hardeepBagder: i wanted your thoughts on an incompatibility between the bookmark patch and the dynamic playlist stuff i've been working on if you had a few mins...
18:08:53hardeepwith dynamic playlists, the playlist filename alone is insufficient to properly bookmark a playlist as tracks may have been inserted/deleted
18:09:20hardeepyou really need to save all the operations done to the playlist (what i refer to as the playlist control file in my patch)
18:09:43hardeepfor the most part, this is a simple change to bookmarks to support the new file... except for the multiple bookmarks in one file
18:10:23Bagderok, I get that
18:10:41hardeepwith multiple bookmarks, it becomes a little ugly because instead of the one line of settings, you have a full file to save
18:11:47Bagderyou have any idea how we could solve this?
18:12:09 Quit MiChAeLoL (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:12:47hardeepwell, i've got four possible solutions: 1. save all bookmarks as separate files, 2. distinguish between playlist and track bookmarking and only allow multiple bookmarks for tracks (for a track you only need trackname and offset to resume properly)
18:13:27hardeep3. don't allow multiple bookmarking if a playlist has been modified, 4. don't allow multiple bookmarking at all
18:14:48 Join Jonodude [0] (
18:15:24Bagderso perhaps we should re-evaluate how important multiple bookmarks in one single file is
18:15:29hardeephi Jonodude
18:15:43BagderI need to go
18:15:50JonodudeI'm getting "Unregistered copy, evaluation only"
18:15:59Bagderhardeep: I'll postpone the bookmark patch until we've discussed this more
18:16:07 Quit Bagder ("")
18:16:53JonodudeI have a question...
18:17:35 Quit Jonodude (Client Quit)
18:17:47 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
18:18:00Stevie[FreedomPamy kernel has no vfat support
18:19:05MTive done that :)
18:19:11hardeepdid you compile your own kernel?
18:19:26*Stevie[FreedomPa untars the src again
18:19:35hardeepah, okay... :
18:19:35 Join Jonodude [0] (
18:19:40Stevie[FreedomPaI never thought I'd need to mount a fat fs
18:19:58MTgot to roll your own imo :)
18:20:23JonodudeI have a question...
18:20:28hardeepyou can compile vfat as a module right?
18:20:28Stevie[FreedomPaI probably won't need to do that from now on
18:20:38hardeepJonodude: ask away
18:20:38Stevie[FreedomPaMy preferred fs is reiserfs
18:20:56Stevie[FreedomPauntil very recently, slack didn't have a kernel with reiser
18:20:59MTi had some nasty experiences with reiserfs ~ 2.4.8 time
18:20:59Stevie[FreedomPaso I had to build my own
18:21:05Stevie[FreedomPaoh, it had some bugs
18:21:11Stevie[FreedomPathose have been fixed
18:21:19MTonce bitten, twice shy
18:21:37MTnow i use ext3 throughout
18:21:40*Stevie[FreedomPa is very experienced with creating his own slackware bootdisks
18:21:55MTits boring, slow, but im not going to lose anything ;)
18:21:58JonodudeIt's about my Jukebox Recorder 20. I get that little red blinking light almost all the time. (While browsing through folders) The manual says that it means there is low battery, but I still get the red light
18:22:16hardeepJonodude: i'm assuming you're using rockbox?
18:22:19MTin rockbox its used to signify hd access
18:23:30 Nick Stevie[FreedomPa is now known as Stevie[FP] (~whatsit2u@
18:25:08JonodudeNo, but I'm thinking about it.
18:25:13JonodudeLooks much better.
18:25:26JonodudeI had this problem so I returned it for a new one, still same problem.
18:25:29*Stevie[FP] makes oldconfig
18:25:43hardeepJonodude: so you're seeing a lot of red led even though you're not running rockbox?
18:26:04Stevie[FP]i thought the original [crap] firmware used the red LED to indicate HD errors
18:26:14JonodudeI know!
18:26:25Stevie[FP]so maybe you have hd errors?
18:26:27hardeepyeah, that's what I thought too
18:26:32JonodudeBut it's like it's just 'thinking' indication.
18:26:43JonodudeHow do I fix it?
18:26:54MTcunning :)
18:26:58MTmy menu doesnt let you exit
18:27:06MTgreat if you *love* wormlet
18:27:33Stevie[FP]lol MT
18:28:17Jonodudeemailed tech support before and they said "Call tech support" and *they* said either the batteries aren't being charged, or the unit's not being charged. (Duh!)
18:28:55JonodudeTried new (compatible) batteries, still had problem. Exchanged for new unit. *Same* problem.
18:31:10Jonodudelol I scared them off...
18:31:36MTi dnt really see that its a problem per se
18:32:07JonodudeEverything plays fine, except for occasional crashes.
18:33:32hardeepthe occasional crashes could just be firmware issues
18:33:46 Quit Jonodude ("Leaving")
18:34:52*Stevie[FP] makes modules
18:35:56 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
18:36:02MiChAeLoLstupid rca cable modem
18:36:05MiChAeLoLcant uncap rca's
18:39:23MTnow were cooking with gas
18:46:44Stevie[FP]oh god
18:46:49Stevie[FP]this damn thing was built with modversions!
18:47:04*Stevie[FP] throws things
18:48:43*MiChAeLoL throws his rca cable modem at his isp and buys a surfboard cable modem
18:49:18*Stevie[FP] builds a whole damn new kernel
18:59:59 Join asdfa [0] (
19:00:09asdfaoh well not possiable to uncap it
19:01:11 Nick asdfa is now known as MiChAeLo1 (
19:02:34*MiChAeLo1 waits for the other name to quit
19:06:52 Quit edx ()
19:07:59 Quit MiChAeLoL (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:08:36 Join edx [0] (
19:22:02MTwormlet only exists on recorder and fm recorder
19:22:28MTso anyone executing the code will automatically HAS_LCD_BITMAP
19:22:38Quel|outof course
19:23:03MTie does the keypad differ between FM and recorder
19:23:15MTtidies up a lot of my code if so :D
19:23:19Quel|outi think it's the same
19:23:33MTgood stuff
19:31:06 Join spiridon [0] (
19:39:09 Part spiridon ("...")
19:39:52 Join Tib|Away [0] (
19:40:57 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Just do it like Nike... BEEATCH!")
19:43:27Stevie[FP]who wants to figure out the correct values for the 'device identify' command?
19:55:26MTi have to reformat all my changes :/
19:55:54MTserves me right for not reading CONTRIBUTING first :/
19:56:00MTi use 2 space indents
19:57:13MTalso: it doesnt mention it in contributing, but is there a preferred curly bracket format
19:57:32MTsometimes they are on same line, sometimes on next line in the code im editting
19:57:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:58:47*Stevie[FP] is away [f00d] [KS-MsgLog Off]
20:00:45 Join jzoss_ [0] (
20:06:38Tib|Awayhmm, cvs [checkout aborted]: recv() from server E)F
20:06:58Tib|AwayAny idea what I did wrong?
20:07:36Quel|outthat happens sometimes
20:07:39Quel|outtry again
20:07:42Quel|outand again
20:07:45Tib|Awayokay,thanks. :)
20:07:47Quel|out... and again
20:07:57Tib|Awaypff,just got it now of course.
20:19:28MTi havent been able to log into sf cvs all day
20:27:50MTwormlet patch finished
20:28:55Quel|outwait a moment
20:29:39Quel|outwhat's that patch for?
20:29:53Quel|outi mean... i'm now lost
20:30:14MTmakes the menu more in line with the rest of the menus and allows you to change stuff that should imo be dynamic
20:30:25MTlike size of the arghs, worm per food, argh per food, speed etc
20:31:03 Join probonic [0] (
20:32:48MTill quickly write a function to make settings persist
20:39:02 Join thedudee [0] (cleveruser@
20:39:02 Quit jkerman (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:57:41*Stevie[FP] yawns
21:02:17elinenbericII: I like the instert/append/queue patch that you and hardeep worked on. Nice job!
21:02:43Stevie[FP]anyone know what happens if I pass '0' as the length for munmap()?
21:02:44*Stevie[FP] is back from [f00d] [gone 1hr 3mins 57secs] [KS]
21:10:52 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
21:10:53 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:11:00 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
21:24:20 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
21:27:16Quel|outtime to go home
21:27:29 Part Quel|out (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
21:29:40 Quit awy[baer] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:31:21 Join awy[baer] [0] (
21:32:48 Join Yeft [0] (
21:32:59Yeftpacked house
21:37:17Tib|AwayWhat an exciting day.
21:45:32Tib|AwayWow,college let out about a month ago here.
21:53:29 Join Yeft2 [0] (
21:53:30 Quit Yeft (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:53:40 Nick Yeft2 is now known as Yeft (
21:57:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:58:55 Quit Yeft ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 2520")
22:02:45*Stevie[FP] is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
22:31:10 Quit awy[baer] (Remote closed the connection)
22:49:34 Nick MiChAeLo1 is now known as MiChAeLoL (
22:50:27*MiChAeLoL is board
22:52:18Stevie[FP]oh man
22:53:21MiChAeLoLso any idea when the id3 tag editor and search tool are gunna get blended into the daily builds?
22:55:22jzoss_ID3 tag editor is still being worked on. Unfortunately, I've been busy doin other stuff recently. =)
22:57:05MiChAeLoLi would help, but i dont know c++
22:58:16 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
23:02:49Stevie[FP]wb z
23:22:36elinenbejzoss_: get on it!
23:22:55jzoss_sorry :(
23:23:14jzoss_I was discouraged after my other patch got rejected. just kidding. *I* still use it. =)
23:23:56jzoss_I was almost done, when they accepted TP Diffenbach's new ID3 code. =) Which I kinda expected, which is why I was procrastinating
23:25:13Zagorjzoss_: i explicitly waited with your patch since you posted a message saying you had a new version coming up shortly
23:26:55jzoss_yah. It's still working. =)
23:27:14jzoss_Just slowly, Zagor. sorry. I had (have) friends in town visiting
23:27:36Zagorno problem, i'm in no hurry
23:28:51 Join _aLF [0] (
23:29:00jzoss_I figured I'd post the msg so you didn't waste your time on patch day
23:29:57Zagorjzoss_: i appreciate it
23:31:00 Join kritoke [0] (
23:31:29 Part kritoke ("Client exiting")
23:33:04Stevie[FP]do we do DMA from the hard drive?
23:33:08Stevie[FP]or is it PIO?
23:40:02Zagor(is 'meh' an abbrevation or just a frustrated sound? ;)
23:40:18Stevie[FP]the latter
23:40:27Zagorok. just checking :)
23:40:34Stevie[FP]is it at all possible to do DMA?
23:40:54Stevie[FP]cuz while (afaik) rockbox doesn't use the ATA interrupt, the Player firmware does
23:40:57Zagori don't remember. i think not.
23:41:30Zagoryeah, but just the interrupt doesn't buy us much. dma would, of course
23:43:15Stevie[FP]hell yeah
23:43:20Stevie[FP]DMA would actually be useful
23:44:22Stevie[FP]this is the rough C equivalent of the player's (v4.53) ATA interrupt handler
23:44:31Stevie[FP]void foo(void) {
23:45:08Stevie[FP]if (global_long_2 == 5) global_long_2 = 6;
23:45:43Stevie[FP]it is, in assembler,
23:45:56Stevie[FP]18 instructions
23:46:17Stevie[FP]6 of which merely preserve registers (push 3, pop 3)
23:46:27Stevie[FP]and 2 of which constitute the return statement (rts nop)
23:51:37thuexcuse my ignorance but what purpose does such a function serve?
23:51:44Stevie[FP]what function
23:51:54Stevie[FP]that foo() function
23:51:57thuthat interrupt handler
23:51:59Stevie[FP]you know
23:52:02Stevie[FP]that is a damn good question
23:52:06Stevie[FP]I wish I knew the answer :P
23:52:13Stevie[FP]it's Archos's interrupt handler
23:52:17Stevie[FP]for the hard drive
23:52:39Stevie[FP]it must be some sort of state machine
23:55:50Stevie[FP]this is most bizarre
23:56:01Stevie[FP]it issues an IDENTIFY DEVICE
23:56:07Stevie[FP]yet doesn't even read the data
23:57:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:58:10Stevie[FP]and (quite a while) later it does a software reset
23:58:15Mode"#rockbox -o logbot " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
23:58:59Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)

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