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#rockbox log for 2003-06-13

00:00:21ricIIsounds usefull..
00:00:33Stevie[FP]indeed it is
00:01:10Stevie[FP]before it was a PITA because it wasted all that time printing that crap out, which I had to sift thru
00:01:31ricIIsince my rec is headless I feel a little leftout (if I was ever in..)
00:02:05Stevie[FP]did you give it to the Queen of Hearts or something?
00:02:08ricIIbroke my lcd (don't ask)
00:02:36ricIIit had a collision with my head....
00:02:52Stevie[FP]better its head than yours
00:02:53 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:03:10Stevie[FP]granted, I'd be shocked if it went the other way
00:03:19Stevie[FP]Archos doesn't make anything that durable
00:04:24ricIII have a similar old nokia phone lcd , only got just 9 interface wires..
00:04:57Stevie[FP]it would be sweet if the thing had like a 3-level grayscale
00:05:25ricIIthough about modulayion but serial interface is to slow
00:06:39Stevie[FP]plus to multiplex that rapidly would require painfully small timer intervals
00:08:04Stevie[FP]if I actually figure this out I'll be shocked
00:09:27Stevie[FP]i need to a 'wait loop' detector
00:11:22 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
00:11:32MiChAeLoLhehe getting my fm recorder tommorrow in the mail :D
00:15:56 Quit sirp (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
00:18:29MiChAeLoLhehe i owned this log
00:18:57ricIIgot to sleep ...
00:19:11 Nick ricII is now known as ricII|sleep (
00:22:17Stevie[FP]0x14 is 20
00:22:27Stevie[FP]every 20 ticks it increments this counter
00:22:30Stevie[FP]it has to reach 100
00:22:34Stevie[FP]so 100*20=2000
00:22:50Stevie[FP]the timer is 7500 with a clk/8
00:23:30Stevie[FP]2000*5ms = 10 seconds
00:23:38Stevie[FP]does that damn thing REALLY take 10 seconds to startup?
00:24:12Stevie[FP]it's a freaking 10 second timer
00:24:16Stevie[FP]all it does is sleep for 10s
00:24:23Zagorlovely :-)
00:24:23Stevie[FP]it must be waiting for the HD to power on
00:24:37Zagorthat takes about 3 seconds...
00:24:59 Join BoD[] [0] (
00:25:08*Stevie[FP] sets up an overclock mode
00:25:43 Join matsl [0] (
00:27:46Bagderevening mats
00:28:35Stevie[FP]like clockwork
00:28:43Stevie[FP]on the 2000th timer tick interrupt
00:29:07Stevie[FP](which happend slightly faster thanks to a 'multiply-by-3' loop that makes the timer interval 1/3 as long)
00:29:08matslevening bagder
00:30:53Stevie[FP]is my partition table broken or something?
00:35:58Stevie[FP]who's here?
00:36:47Zagorlooking for anyone in particular?
00:37:02Stevie[FP]only someone who would care :P
00:37:13Stevie[FP]which excludes most of the people who come in here
00:37:30Stevie[FP]they're like 'so? we have a simulator, whats wrong with that?'
00:37:35Zagorlooks like you haven't written the i2c emulation yet :-)
00:37:39*Bagder holds up a little red note saying he cares
00:38:02Stevie[FP]yeah −− and if I wanna test some behavior that's dependent upon, oh, say, whether or not you're plugged in
00:38:12Stevie[FP]the simulator's not gonna help with that very much
00:39:22Zagori think the coolness factor alone is worth it .-)
00:39:24Stevie[FP]any idea what that garbage is at the top?
00:39:48*Stevie[FP] needs to get a speedness factor in before it will have any significant coolness factor −− it takes about 30s to get to that point
00:40:21Zagori can't say i recognise that garbage, no :)
00:41:21Stevie[FP]all those characters
00:41:43Stevie[FP]look to be in the first row of the 'old player' charset
00:42:04Stevie[FP]I was lazy and didn't implement the CGRAM crap at all
00:42:12Stevie[FP]I think I'll do that tonight, maybe something useful will arise
00:42:13 Join Darth_Sebulba04 [0] (
00:42:16*Stevie[FP] is away [l8r] [KS-MsgLog Off]
00:42:22Stevie[FP]as for now, I've spent enough time at work this week
00:43:56Darth_Sebulba04Hello, I was wondering what fs do the jukebox recorder 20's use?
00:44:23ZagorDarth_Sebulba04: fat32
00:44:35Darth_Sebulba04Hm, okay.
00:45:19Darth_Sebulba04not supported in kernel, go figure
00:45:34 Join LinusN [200] (
00:45:38Bagderbad kernel
00:45:44Bagderhi LinusN
00:46:29Darth_Sebulba04Bagder: I didn't really plan on needing fat32 at all.
00:47:37Darth_Sebulba04Which is probably why I can't get it to recognize it.
00:48:09Bagdercat /proc/filesystems | grep vfat
00:48:43Darth_Sebulba04I'm compiling it in as we speak.
00:49:39 Part Melker^
00:58:34Zagorbed time
00:58:36 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
01:00:30 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
01:02:38BoD[]this : : is very interesting !
01:05:24 Part Darth_Sebulba04
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02:17:07MiChAeLoLdamn where is logbot?
02:31:04 Join freddi [0] (
02:31:48freddiHi.. I have read the FAQ, but am unclear on the part about charging. I just got my FM Recorder 20 yesterday and have put Rockbox 2.0 on it
02:32:15freddiSo in the FAQ it talks about Rockbox dealing with charging options, but the charging screen is purely Archos
02:32:26freddiis this the way it is supposed to be?
02:32:39PsycoXulrockbox only handles charging if you boot it up before you plug it in
02:32:46PsycoXulotherwise the ROM firmware just comes on and deals with it
02:33:15freddiok.. So I have it plugged in and Rockbox is running, how can I make it charge?
02:33:22PsycoXulor if you boot it up after plugging it in too i guess.. heh
02:33:32PsycoXulfreddi: uh, it will
02:33:47PsycoXulthere's nothing you gotta do to 'make it'
02:34:01freddiok.. is there any indication that it's charging?
02:34:15PsycoXulshows a plug icon on the statusbar
02:35:03freddiok. thanks a lot
02:40:49freddijust out of curiosity, how long should it take to charge from 2 to full?
02:54:39 Quit BoD[] ("dodo")
03:07:07MTstill here freddi?
03:07:27MTtakes me about 4 hours to fully charge my fm recorder
03:08:34MTwith the fm, the charging is done all in hardware, regardless of whether rockbox is running, archos firmware is running or no firmware is running
03:09:23MTif you plug the charger in while rockbox is running, a little plug appears between the power level indicator and the volume indicator in the top left
03:09:41MTplus its good to see that people do read the documentation :)
03:12:33freddiso.. say I didn't have the User manual when I first charged it last night, and didn't know that you had to do it for 6 hours, and only did it for roughly 4, might I be ok?
03:12:50MToh sure
03:13:03MTyou dont need to worry about the batteries on the fm
03:13:19freddioh really? that's good!
03:14:01freddiso on only 4 hours of charging it plays for 10+?
03:14:53MTah, what i meant is that some battery types, you have to drain them, fully charge etc
03:15:08MTwith the fm you can just charge as and when you need
03:15:39freddiso it doesn't need to be drained before it's ok to charge?
03:15:52MTthats right
03:16:03freddivery impressive
03:20:49*MiChAeLoL attempts to tweak his processor on his computer
03:37:25 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- \o/")
03:42:30 Join earHurts [0] (
03:44:26earHurtsanybody recall discussions or patches regarding sound settings for individual tracks or directories?
03:45:21earHurtsplease, don't everybody talk at once :)
03:48:51 Quit MiChAeLoL (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:48:51 Join Stevie-O [0] (
03:49:26earHurtshow's the emu coming?
03:54:51Stevie-Overy very slowly
03:56:47earHurtsvery imnpressive work
03:58:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:58:40Stevie-Owhat's impressive about it?
03:58:43Stevie-Oit doesn't work :P
03:59:08*Stevie-O growls at the display
03:59:09earHurtsyeah, yeah
03:59:56earHurtsare you modelling each component seperately?
04:02:17Stevie-Onot exactly
04:02:25Stevie-Obut it's layered
04:02:41Stevie-Olike there's a DRAM access function
04:02:47Stevie-Oan internal RAM access function
04:02:52Stevie-Oan internal ROM access function
04:03:04Stevie-Oit picks the function based on the memory address being accessed
04:04:47earHurtsa map of memory ranges to functions?
04:06:24earHurtsis that part of the emulation?
04:07:27earHurtsthe actual archos mmeory is flat with differnt address ranges implemnented by differnt hardware?
04:07:45Stevie-Oportions of the memory addresses select diff chips
04:10:31earHurtsand is the lcd emulation a seperate lib? could I use your lcd part to emulate only the lcd hardware?
04:11:18Stevie-Oit's sort of semi integrated
04:12:47Stevie-Onow I wonder what I2C error I'm getting
04:12:51Stevie-O(did you see the latest SS?)
04:13:06earHurtsscreen nshot? no.
04:14:25earHurtswhat url?
04:18:34earHurtscool. i2c?
04:26:21Stevie-Odunno what it means
04:27:27Stevie-Odunno what it is...
04:30:11 Join Tib|Away [0] (
04:33:24Stevie-Oare you getting massive dupes on the mailing list?
04:48:43 Join bombadier337 [0] (
04:49:08bombadier337anyone else habing problems running the new sokoban?
04:49:17 Quit bombadier337 (Client Quit)
04:51:25 Join bombadier337 [0] (
04:51:54bombadier337hey, i dunno if ne1 got what i last typed, butis anyone else having problems with sokoban levels loading?
04:52:17bombadier337i copied the levels.txt to .rockbox/sokoban , but it still doesnt load
04:52:52Stevie-Osend an email
04:52:54Stevie-Oto the list
04:53:10bombadier337dont u have to subscribe to it?
04:54:05Stevie-Owouldn't you want to see the responses?
04:54:19bombadier337i just read it on the site
04:54:26bombadier337ill subsrcibe
04:54:47bombadier337i was just wondering if uve heard nething else say that
04:56:52 Quit bombadier337 ()
05:09:42 Quit Tib|Away ()
05:11:04 Quit PsycoXul (Remote closed the connection)
05:11:06 Join PsycoXul [20] (
05:38:49earHurtsthe list was duping, Bjorn removed the duping sunbscrinber
05:48:23Stevie-OI think that gmx site is a problem too
05:58:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:08:06*Stevie-O yawns
06:08:12Stevie-Oi wish I knew what this i2c thing is
06:41:20PsycoXulis it that?
06:47:51Stevie-O... no
06:58:53*Stevie-O compiles
07:00:42earHurtsi2c bus slave device?
07:21:50 Join Guest [0] (
07:21:55Guestwhats up
07:22:08 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
07:22:58 Join pschyo122 [0] (
07:23:07pschyo122any body active
07:23:13pschyo122quick question
07:23:38pschyo122i have an archos fm recorder and i really like rockbox but i dont see any choice to browse through my files while a song's playing
07:24:06pschyo122i saw a patch for it but the tutorial on patching is really confusing for me cuz with windows i can barely get anything working
07:24:42Stevie-Oyou hit the ON key?
07:54:46pschyo122lol IM SOOOOO DUMB
07:55:13 Quit pschyo122 ()
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08:02:53 Join Zagor [242] (
08:06:22Stevie-Ohey Z
08:11:55Stevie-Ogah wtf
08:12:05Stevie-OZagor: how easy is it for you to debug a player?
08:20:20Zagorpretty easy
08:22:55Stevie-OI need some assistance, pleez :D
08:23:05Zagorok, what do you need?
08:23:07Stevie-Oim dying with an invalid instruction
08:23:15Stevie-O0x09005B24: 0x0129 ***INVALID INSTRUCTION!*** (0x09005B24) 0x0129
08:24:02Stevie-Oi need to know if the original firmware (the one you sent me) really does have that value at that memory location
08:25:09Stevie-Oit's fairly far in
08:25:31Stevie-OIt sets up a few registers on the MAS
08:25:46Stevie-Oreads sector 2111 (at least for me) from the HD
08:26:02Stevie-Oand boom
08:26:18 Join Bagder [241] (
08:26:45Zagorhmm, actually i'm not sure if I can debug the rom firmware at all
08:27:24Stevie-Owell good news
08:27:28Stevie-OHitachi had me fooled
08:27:50Stevie-OI thought they actually had their story straight :P
08:28:41Stevie-OSH Hardware Manual (sh7032h.pdf) p42, PDF p66
08:28:46Stevie-OOpcode map
08:28:52Stevie-Ois missing an instruction
08:29:28*Stevie-O updates sh1emu.c
08:31:10 Join matsl [0] (
08:31:53*Stevie-O runs
08:33:07Stevie-Owhat the fsck
08:37:01*Stevie-O pokes Zagor
08:37:05Stevie-Oknow anything about that?
08:37:19ZagorMOVT or A-Team?
08:37:46Zagoryeah, it's a cheesy tv series :)
08:37:57Stevie-Onot quite what I was referring to
08:38:16Zagorwhere are you seeing it then?
08:43:23 Join awy[baer] [0] (
08:46:10BagderA for Archos?
08:47:00Stevie-Oit's brief
08:47:08Stevie-Oso brief you probably wouldn't ever see it on the real thing
08:47:31BagderI've never seen it
08:47:53Zagori've never seen it either
08:48:19Zagoran easter egg? proof of human life inside archos?
08:48:22Stevie-Oon the other hand it might be a bug :P
08:49:25Stevie-OC:\Projects\jbremu>grep "A-Team" testhd
08:49:25Stevie-OBinary file testhd matches
08:51:47Stevie-Oespecially since this:
08:51:50Stevie-Olooks like an error msg
09:00:13Stevie-Onot very informative tho
09:00:16Stevie-Odunno what's wrong
09:00:34Stevie-Oesp since, it doesn't access the HD between the 'A-Team' and 'HARD DISK' messages
09:01:52*Stevie-O ponders
09:02:10Stevie-Owhich would imply that it's having trouble parsing the FAT
09:03:41*Stevie-O backtrackes through his nice 24mb log of decoded instructions
09:09:38Stevie-Otooooooo many branches >:(
09:10:13*Stevie-O switches rom versions
09:58:29***No seen item changed, no save performed.
10:16:07Bagder"a quite obvious 'click' between each and every track."
10:16:22Bagder(a post on funmp3players about the recent ipod)
10:25:11Bagderreading the forums, it also seems to suffer from massive battery problems
10:27:50Bagder"when playing very large MP3 files, the hard drive doesn't spin down."
10:29:50Bagder"there is a slight pause between tracks"
10:30:41Zagoryou are all silly. none of this matters, it's made by apple.
10:30:58Bagderand its very expensive
10:33:15 Join quelsaruk [20] (
11:05:43 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
11:07:41 Nick ricII|sleep is now known as ricII (
11:12:40 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
11:24:11QuelsarukBagder: sometimes, when using binlang i get "Malformed UTF-8 character (unexpected end of string) at ../../tools/binlang line 83, <LANG> line 1308.
11:24:12 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:56:29 Quit Quelsaruk (
11:56:29 Quit earHurts (
11:56:29 Quit ricII (
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12:46:33 Quit Bagder ("")
12:57:07 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as Quel|out (
12:57:19Quel|outZagor: all languages patches commited :)
13:22:17 Join ^4VAlien^ [0] (
13:23:04^4VAlien^badger was the curl man over here right?
13:32:11ZagorQuel|out: excellent
13:32:18Zagor^4VAlien^: yes
13:35:31^4VAlien^hmmz i ought to say 'thanks' to him and ask him how curl deals with anonymous proxy as once again the manual is a tad vague on that
13:37:24Zagordo you want gritty details? i know a bit about curl too.
13:38:07^4VAlien^well if i specify that curl should use a proxy and the proxy is anonymous it *will* be anonymous? dunno if curl passes information that might give out the location
13:38:20^4VAlien^i would think so, but its not clear in the API manual
13:38:40^4VAlien^actually , i can test that myself
13:39:02Zagorafaik curl doesn't add any headers or anything that aren't strictly necessary
13:40:10^4VAlien^i'll will blame the french and use a proxy in france!
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14:01:16Quel|outi'm melting
14:07:16 Join kargatis [0] (
14:07:27 Part kargatis
14:07:27^4VAlien^hmmz no more than 25 here
14:38:10Zagor15 here...
14:54:12 Quit ^4VAlien^ ()
15:32:24 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
15:40:35*Stevie[FP] is back from [l8r] [gone 14hrs 58mins 19secs] [KS]
15:45:19 Join Bagder [241] (
15:55:24*Stevie[FP] waits for 2.4.20 to untar
15:55:40 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
15:56:13MiChAeLoLso is there anything wrong with using my fm recorder as soon as i get it (by plugging it in) or do i have to wait for it to charge
15:56:30MiChAeLoLor can it charge while im using it?
15:56:34Stevie[FP]the latter
15:57:23MiChAeLoLshould have it in an hour and a half
15:57:26MiChAeLoLand want to use it
15:57:32*Stevie[FP] makes oldconfig
15:57:39Stevie[FP]I was able to use mine right away
15:57:53Stevie[FP]plug it in and then start transferring files via USB
15:57:53MiChAeLoLbut dont want to wait for it to charge (leaving on a trip soon after and am going to want to send all the files)
15:58:05MiChAeLoLand it will charge while im transfering?
15:58:13Stevie[FP]do you have a usb2.0 card?
15:58:19Stevie[FP]FMs will leech power from USB
15:58:35MiChAeLoLmy cheap made in china 6 dollar one usb 2.0 card is in the mail
15:58:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:58:37MiChAeLoLdont have it yet
15:59:41Stevie[FP]that will present a problem
15:59:49Stevie[FP]USB 1.1 is much slower
15:59:58Stevie[FP]which means it will take longer, and drain more power
15:59:59MiChAeLoLit can only charge from usb 2.0?
16:00:25MiChAeLoLat least ill finally have it; been waiting a week "Jun 13, 2003 7:36 A.M. NORTHBROOK, IL, US OUT FOR DELIVERY "
16:03:09MiChAeLoLhow long does it take to charge?
16:03:35MiChAeLoLlike will it mess up the battery if i plug it into the wall and start sending shit to it?
16:04:27 Join edx [0] (
16:05:49Stevie[FP]the FM has a lithium ion battery
16:05:55Stevie[FP]you don't need to worry about the battery
16:06:02MiChAeLoLya sure?
16:07:33MiChAeLoLso i could just plug it into the usb as soon as i get it and start sending stuff?
16:09:36Stevie[FP]but also plug it into the wall
16:09:42MiChAeLoLwill do
16:09:55MiChAeLoLwhen i plug it into the wall does it charge the battery or run off the wall?
16:10:12Bagderit charges
16:10:17Bagderit always runs off batteries
16:11:33MiChAeLoLso it can charge and have stuff sent to it at the same time?
16:11:57MiChAeLoLand how long would it take to send like 11gb over a usb 1.0 connection?
16:12:11BagderI don't remember
16:12:14MiChAeLoLnever mind
16:12:16MiChAeLoLdoing the math
16:12:19BagderI have 2.0 :-)
16:12:30MiChAeLoLusb 1.0 goes like 1mb a sec right?
16:12:47Bagderand its actually usb 1.1
16:13:00MiChAeLoLso how many megabytes a sec?
16:13:02Bagdernot that it matters that much here
16:13:32BagderI guess you get 1mb/sec
16:13:34MiChAeLoL183.3 minutes
16:13:50MiChAeLoL3 hours :(
16:15:35MiChAeLoLso should i upgrade the firmware before or after i send stuff?
16:17:11MiChAeLoLhow is the fm recording software in rockbox?
16:17:29MiChAeLoLthe archos firmware is better for that right?
16:18:05*Bagder wouldn't know, he has a recorder
16:18:27MiChAeLoLit records fine with rockbox right?
16:18:37MiChAeLoLcause wouldnt really use the fm part, but i would use the recorder
16:19:33 Nick Quel|out is now known as Quelsaruk (
16:19:55MiChAeLoLso is there a way to just use the radio on it (not be hearing the radio from 30 seconds ago)
16:20:10Quelsarukwe've reached 36C in June!! i don't wanna think about August :((
16:20:21BagderMiChAeLoL: sure
16:21:05*MiChAeLoL is starting to just stall with questions to pass the time untill his gets here in 1-1:30 hours
16:24:30*Stevie[FP] yawns
16:27:07Stevie[FP]forgot to lilo first
16:27:56Quelsarukstill compiling that kernel??
16:28:23Stevie[FP]had to do other stuff too
16:28:25Stevie[FP]like update modutils
16:28:51Quelsarukah :)
16:29:29Stevie[FP]i hate rpms
16:30:18Quelsaruklike most mortals :)
16:31:00Stevie[FP]only packages with major numbers <= 3 are supported by this version of RPM
16:31:08Stevie[FP]loop-utils-0.0.1-1.src.rpm: RPM v4 src i386 loop-utils-0.0.1-1
16:31:13Stevie[FP]anyone know an rpm-to-tgz program?
16:31:39Quelsaruknot me
16:31:47Quelsaruksearched at freshmeat?
16:34:22 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
16:35:23*Stevie[FP] sighs and updates his copy of rpm
16:44:31MiChAeLoLdo the cvs versions have games and demos installed?
16:45:52*MiChAeLoL wants a new version with games and demos
17:00:45Quelsarukthe source code? yups
17:01:32 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|busy (
17:07:16Stevie[FP]okay wtf
17:09:27Stevie[FP]why am i getting a hard disk error :(
17:13:09Quelsarukwith the emulator?
17:13:20 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:15:50 Quit mecraw (Client Quit)
17:16:02 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:21:46 Quit webmind (Remote closed the connection)
17:35:37 Quit Bagder ("")
17:40:10 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
17:43:33MiChAeLoLnot the source code (i cant compile it) the daily builds from the cvs versions
17:44:02*MiChAeLoL should get his rockbox in the next 30 min or less
17:45:40*MiChAeLoL puts the bleeding edge from 20 minutes ago on his rockbox (once he gets it in a half an hour)
17:46:51MiChAeLoLwhats the difference between fm norm and fm sim?
17:50:19Quelsaruksim is for the simulator
17:50:34MiChAeLoLso i want norm
17:50:36Quelsarukfm norm is the firmware you build for your archos fm recorder
17:50:55MiChAeLoLtoo bad i cant get cygwin to work
17:50:57MiChAeLoLcant run it
17:53:41Quelsarukdo you want a cvs fm recorder firmware?
17:53:47Quelsarukwith games and demos?
17:53:57MiChAeLoLand can you add the search patch too?
17:54:07Quelsarukthen you should wait a minute
17:54:15MiChAeLoLglady :D:D
17:57:15 Quit Quelsaruk (
17:57:26NJoinQuelsaruk [20] (
17:57:30*MiChAeLoL waits for the ups truck
17:58:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:00:47MiChAeLoLcan i install the full version of cygwin then compile it in that?
18:01:00MiChAeLoLor is there something special about the lite version on the site (which i cant get to run)
18:01:56Quelsarukthe lite version has the cross-compiler built
18:02:23Quelsarukwhich patch is that search one?
18:02:29Quelsaruki can't find it
18:10:41*Stevie[FP] is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
18:15:09 Quit Schnueff (Remote closed the connection)
18:15:18QuelsarukMiChAeLoL: english??
18:17:53Quelsaruki thought i had the cross-compiler
18:18:29Quelsaruki forgot something then
18:19:51*MiChAeLoL thinks he hears a ups truck
18:20:29Quelsarukbuilding the cross-compiler
18:20:40Quelsarukthis will take a while
18:21:34*MiChAeLoL was wrong; it was the mexican lawn mower people
18:24:00*MiChAeLoL wonders if someone could zip up and send all the program files for their working version of cygwin
18:30:09MiChAeLoLanyone know why cygwin just displays something really fast then closes itself?
18:30:28Quelsarukno idea
18:30:36MiChAeLoLand i cant run it from a command line
18:30:40MiChAeLoLsays the file doesnt exist
18:30:48MiChAeLoLstupid winxp
18:31:22Quelsarukyou should "double click" on the program file
18:31:29Quelsarukdon't use the command line
18:31:37MiChAeLoLdoesnt work that way either
18:31:43MiChAeLoLopens and closes a window instantly
18:32:19MiChAeLoLand when i click on the icon it opens it in a photo editor
18:36:23Stevie[FP] :(
18:36:56*Stevie[FP] is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 26mins 16secs] [KS]
18:37:07Quelsaruksorry Stevie[FP]
18:38:03*Stevie[FP] wonders wtf is wrong :(
18:38:14MiChAeLoLyou droped your rockbox emulator
18:38:18MiChAeLoLand the hd broke
18:42:19QuelsarukMiChAeLoL: compiling your firmware
18:46:26 Nick Quelsaruk is now known as Quel|out (
18:46:51MiChAeLoLjust got it
18:46:56MiChAeLoLbox is a little smached, but looks ok
18:47:20MiChAeLoLnot complaining cause i got it for 222 bucks
18:50:59Quel|outi hope you enhoy it
18:51:20MiChAeLoLhehe nifty bag
18:55:04MiChAeLoLos version i30j
18:55:41Stevie[FP]that's 1.30j
18:55:47Stevie[FP]not i30j
18:55:58MiChAeLoLcomes with music on it
18:56:14Stevie[FP]yeah, a few m3ps
18:56:22MiChAeLoLcan i use it when its in usb mode?
18:58:10MiChAeLoLcomes with 26.2mb of junk
18:58:18Stevie[FP]it's got a 20gb hard drive
18:58:22Stevie[FP]so what? :P
18:58:46Quel|outStevie[FP]: i had a 30GB hd and it took me less than 6 months to fill it ;)
18:59:23Stevie[FP]Quel|out: I bet you used more than 26mb to fill it
18:59:29Stevie[FP]now WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS POS
19:00:23Quel|outStevie[FP]: 26 mb is 'Achilles, agony and ecstasy in eight parts' mp3 ;)
19:00:56Stevie[FP]the filename itself is probably 25.9mb
19:01:12Stevie[FP]'achilles, agony, ecstasy, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc...'
19:01:33Quel|out28 minutes :)
19:03:35MiChAeLoLthese look like some pretty shitty headphones
19:04:15MiChAeLoLnice lcd screen :D
19:04:45MiChAeLoLincreadibly quiet hd drive
19:04:52MiChAeLoLcompaired to the one in my computer lol
19:06:24MiChAeLoLdoes it go out of usb mode once you stop the device?
19:06:44Stevie[FP]only after unplguging
19:06:48MiChAeLoLgood because it didnt
19:07:21MiChAeLoLhow do i use it when its charging?
19:08:01Stevie[FP]charge it with the a/c adapter
19:08:08MiChAeLoLi am
19:08:22Stevie[FP]so it's just saying 'charging'?
19:08:41 Quit hardeep ("BitchX-1.0c19 1996-2002 Colten Edwards")
19:09:53Stevie[FP]hold ON for a few seconds
19:09:54MiChAeLoLdo i have to plug it in when its turned on?
19:10:21Stevie[FP]<scirDSL> I hated going to weddings. All the grandmas would poke me saying "You're next". They stopped that when I started doing it to them at funerals.
19:12:24 Join edx` [0] (
19:13:47*Stevie[FP] yawns
19:16:49 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:19:18MiChAeLoLhow do i view hidden files?
19:19:39Stevie[FP]with rawkbawx
19:19:44Stevie[FP]press F2 (the middle button)
19:19:48Stevie[FP]press DOWN until it says 'All'
19:19:50Stevie[FP]then press F2 again
19:20:00MiChAeLoLno trying to upgrade the firmware
19:20:06MiChAeLoLdont see it on my computer
19:20:15Stevie[FP]don't see what on your computer?
19:20:25MiChAeLoLthe old firmware
19:20:37Stevie[FP]... the old firmware is on a microchip in your FM
19:20:46MiChAeLoLso i just put the new in?
19:20:50Stevie[FP]therefore, it is HIGHLY unlikely that you'll ever be able to see it on your pc
19:21:26MiChAeLoLin the root dir?
19:33:35*Stevie[FP] is away [fewdd] [KS-MsgLog Off]
19:33:57MTo~MiChAeLoL: if i remember right, you were getting an fm recorder? it might be handy (ive loaded it like twice in 6 months) to have a copy of the archos firmware :
19:34:26MTjust call it something thats not ajbrec.ajz, stick it anywhere on the drive, and by 'playing' it in rockbox, you can load it
19:40:57 Nick edx` is now known as edx (
19:41:55MiChAeLoLhow do i scan through songs?
19:58:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:00:06 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
20:00:07 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:28:36 Quit awy[baer] (Remote closed the connection)
20:31:59 Quit Quel|out ("Cerrando la cliente")
20:37:25 Join quelsaruk [20] (
20:38:03 Join MiChAeLo1 [0] (
20:38:08*MiChAeLo1 is happy with his rockbox
20:39:52*Stevie[FP] is back from [fewdd] [gone 1hr 6mins 16secs] [KS]
20:40:07MiChAeLo1and a happy WTF to you too
20:40:18quelsarukStevie[FP]: you're getting stressed
20:40:29 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
20:40:38MiChAeLo1you should work on some other projects and take a break
20:40:45MiChAeLo1like space invaders ...hehe
20:40:54Stevie[FP]well I can't figure out what is wrong
20:41:08quelsarukneither i
20:41:19*MiChAeLo1 wishes he had space invaders
20:41:24MiChAeLo1or pong
20:41:36quelsarukhave you comented that with idc-dragon or linus??
20:41:39MiChAeLo1or breakout
20:43:55MiChAeLo1hmmm think ill try the chip8 patch
20:45:12quelsarukMiChAeLo1: those games are...pse..
20:45:19quelsaruki didn't like them
20:46:32 Quit MiChAeLoL (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:46:40 Nick MiChAeLo1 is now known as MiChAeLoL (
20:46:52MiChAeLoLnm then
20:47:01MiChAeLoLspace invaders would be nice tho
20:47:05MiChAeLoLor a simple calculator
20:47:15quelsarukMiChAeLoL: i have pacman on mi siemens S55
20:47:24MiChAeLoLnot scientific and all that crap, just add subtract divide multiply
20:48:51*MiChAeLoL wants to be able to compile rockbox
20:52:00 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:52:53quelsarukMiChAeLoL: try using cygwin...
20:52:58quelsaruknot the lite version
20:53:11quelsarukcheck if that version breaks too
20:53:37MiChAeLoLi did
20:53:43MiChAeLoLafter the lite version broke
20:53:55MiChAeLoLits cause it wont run in xp
20:53:59MiChAeLoLat least it wont for me
20:54:12quelsaruki've run it on winxp
20:54:20MiChAeLoLhow do you run it?
20:54:32quelsarukdouble clicking :)
20:54:44MiChAeLoLdoesnt work for me that way
20:54:54MiChAeLoLjust displays a window for a tenth of a second then closes
20:54:58quelsarukhave you added the reg file??
20:55:08MiChAeLoLill try it again
20:56:06MiChAeLoLill redownload it
20:57:59hardeepMiChAeLoL: run cygwin from the cmd prompt to see what the error is (run cygwin.bat)
20:58:03MiChAeLoLcause i want to make a version with a ton of patches on it
20:58:24MiChAeLoLhave to redownload
21:00:25MiChAeLoLdo i have to delete the old version from teh regestiry?
21:03:44MiChAeLoLthe system cannot find hte path specified. 'bash' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
21:04:15MiChAeLoLdo i have to reboot after adding it to the regestry or somehting?
21:05:39MiChAeLoLit aint working
21:06:26*MiChAeLoL is getting a grudge against cygwin
21:09:47MiChAeLoLand i couldnt compile it on my linux box either
21:10:02quelsarukreally strange
21:10:09Stevie[FP]I don't tink cygwin was meant to be compiled on linux
21:10:25MiChAeLoLno i couldnt compile rockbox on my linux box
21:10:50MiChAeLoLand i had gcc 3.1 and bin utils installed
21:11:12MiChAeLoLdont think i had them as a cross compiling envornment
21:11:20MiChAeLoLbut when i tried to do that, it wouldnt compile
21:15:04*MiChAeLoL loads a 200kb playlist
21:15:20MiChAeLoLhehe like 2,450 songs
21:15:53Stevie[FP]WTF >:(
21:15:59MiChAeLoLso since in one folder, i have over 400 songs, if i load the old archos firmware what will happen?
21:17:27*MiChAeLoL wants id3 tag searching
21:17:41MiChAeLoLor space invaders
21:17:44MiChAeLoLor breakout
21:17:57MiChAeLoLsuprized no one has ported breakout to it yet
21:22:26quelsaruktime to go home
21:22:50MiChAeLoLsee ya
21:24:42 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
21:26:55MiChAeLoLwhell at least i got the version with the search engine
21:27:34*MiChAeLoL needs to find a really high quality mic to test the sound capabilities
21:42:40 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:45:33 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
21:45:39Stevie[FP]hey Zagor
21:45:44Stevie[FP]I'm still stuck on the HD problem =/
21:45:56Stevie[FP]I'm consistent tho
21:46:35Zagorhow far do you get in the disk code?
21:46:47Stevie[FP]I really don't get it at all
21:46:56Stevie[FP]I seem to get the most information out of the Player
21:47:27Stevie[FP]the Player lists the first mp3 ('A-Team' is the first song)
21:47:51Stevie[FP]it writes that to the screen three or four times
21:47:56Stevie[FP]and then says 'HARD DISK Error'
21:48:38Zagorah, so that's the A-team string. lol.
21:48:47Stevie[FP]yeah, I was fooled because it doesnt say .mp3
21:49:19Stevie[FP]there's more
21:49:28Stevie[FP]it says '1/6' which I assume is supposed to mean that theres like 6 other files
21:49:31Stevie[FP]err 5 other files
21:51:32Stevie[FP]root@fpay69:/mnt# ls -l1 | wc -l
21:51:40Stevie[FP]bit more than 6 in there
21:51:54Zagorare all those mp3 files?
21:52:42Zagormaybe there's a read error of some sort
21:52:49Stevie[FP]but that's not the REALLY bizarre thing
21:53:37Stevie[FP]between the first display (it redraws 3 or 4 times, the same text) of the filename
21:53:42Stevie[FP]and the 'hard disk error' message
21:54:02Stevie[FP]there are no accesses to the hard drive.
21:54:40 Join czarnoff [0] (
21:54:40 Quit czarnoff (Client Quit)
21:55:03Zagorhmm, could simply be different threads/contexts both writing to the screen
21:55:19Stevie[FP]It doesn't seem to be that way
21:55:54Zagor...or the error already occured, but is not displayed until after displaying the file
21:56:02 Join czarnoff [0] (
21:56:19Stevie[FP]yeah, but what I don't understand is −− what error could have occurred?
21:56:35Zagorthe truncated dir could be a hint
21:57:25Stevie[FP]it reads sector 2111
21:58:21Stevie[FP]at the very beginning of which I see the filenames
21:58:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:59:08*Stevie[FP] rubs his head
21:59:12Stevie[FP]well hmm
21:59:19Stevie[FP]there are 6 files listed
22:00:35MiChAeLoLwhat is the best way to charge the battery?
22:00:40MiChAeLoL(so it will last the longest)
22:00:49Stevie[FP]with electricity
22:01:01ZagorMiChAeLoL: let it charge overnight
22:01:13Zagormake sure "trickle charge" is enabled
22:01:17Stevie[FP]he has an FM
22:01:22Zagoroh :)
22:01:25MiChAeLoLcause it charges in teh archos firmware
22:01:34MiChAeLoLyep got my fm for 222 dollars :D
22:02:06*Stevie[FP] grumbles
22:02:09MiChAeLoLso what type of battery is in it?
22:02:18Stevie[FP]are there any known issues with mkdosfs or anything?
22:02:27ZagorMiChAeLoL: yup
22:02:46ZagorStevie[FP]: none that I know of. i've used it extensively during the fat32 driver development.
22:03:02Stevie[FP]ok i'm confused
22:03:06Stevie[FP]all these files are in the root
22:03:12MiChAeLoLso no charging issues?
22:03:19Stevie[FP]if I dosfsck /dev/loopa1
22:03:43Stevie[FP]Root directory start at cluster 2 (arbitrary size)
22:04:08Stevie[FP]Data area starts at byte 1048576 (sector 2048)
22:04:20Stevie[FP]the partition starts at sector 63
22:04:31Stevie[FP]and the ATA sector address is 2111
22:04:39Stevie[FP]2111 - 63 == 2048
22:04:49Stevie[FP]so it's reading the root directory filenames from the data area?
22:05:28Zagorthe root dir is stored the same place as all other file data
22:06:04Stevie[FP]it says the root directory starts at cluster 2, which (with 512-byte clusters) is sector 2 relative to the partition
22:07:19Zagorthat is relative from start of the data area
22:07:46Zagorstatic int first_sector_of_cluster(int cluster)
22:07:46Zagor return (cluster - 2) * fat_bpb.bpb_secperclus + fat_bpb.firstdatasector;
22:09:13Stevie[FP]so why can fpay69 list the files
22:09:20Stevie[FP]yet the emu fails?
22:09:29Stevie[FP]the list of filenames is interrupted
22:09:46Zagorgood question. can you send me a hex dump of sector 2111?
22:09:54Stevie[FP]i certainly can
22:10:19*Stevie[FP] pets dd
22:11:13Stevie[FP]well anyway
22:11:36czarnoffI'm having trouble with the Jump scroll in the daily build (it won't turn off). Any suggestions?
22:11:46 Quit MiChAeLoL ()
22:11:52Zagorwhat i'm wondering is if it's displaying data from just that sector, or more. or perhaps not even the whole sector.
22:12:11Stevie[FP]well theres only 6 filenames in that sector
22:12:35Stevie[FP]but I don't know enough about fat32 to know if anything's wrong here
22:13:17Zagorczarnoff: you are pressing PLAY to activate the change, are you? not STOP
22:14:46czarnoffYes I'm pressing play but the text is all 0& or / _/ /0"J? <-
22:15:34czarnoff(I've got the player) pressing the + only makes it weirder.
22:15:54Zagorodd. i don't get that problem
22:16:04Zagorare you using a loaded language?
22:16:13czarnoffI don't think so.
22:16:38czarnoffIt happened after I started Jump_scroll_always.
22:16:50czarnoffI didn't realize it was perminant :)
22:17:59czarnoffNow I'm getting random "sound Setti" or "Show ID3 In" between garbage
22:18:05tracktheripperZagor will Jump Scroll appear for the Recorders because it sounds like quite a useful mode
22:18:38Zagortracktheripper: i don't know. ask kjell, who implemeted it
22:19:37tracktheripperoh ok thanx
22:19:45ZagorStevie[FP]: sector looks ok to me
22:20:09Zagori assume you have proper boundary checks so it doesn't try to read a sector outside the disk or anything?
22:20:09czarnoffI've tried changing the value in a config file and then loading the config but it didn't seem to do anything.
22:23:11Stevie[FP]Zagor: it's not even reading any sectors beyond that
22:23:28czarnoffWell reset settings fixed it.
22:23:37Stevie[FP]so unless I'm not handling READ MULTIPLE correctly
22:24:12Zagorhow many sectors per cluster do you have?
22:24:33Stevie[FP]dosfsck says 1
22:24:52Zagortry with a higher value, 4 or 8.
22:24:55Stevie[FP]512 bytes per logical sector
22:24:55Stevie[FP]512 bytes per cluster
22:25:18Zagor(-s option to makedosfs)
22:27:10czarnoffMaybe I'll try and recreate the error.
22:27:56Stevie[FP]lets see
22:28:07Stevie[FP]oh wait
22:28:10*Stevie[FP] blinks
22:28:48 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
22:29:02Zagorczarnoff: i'm sorry I don't know what to try. if you don't get it sorted out, please file a bug report
22:29:13Stevie[FP]fat32 has a minimum cluster size of 2KB
22:29:24Stevie[FP]I'd say that's a bug in mkdosfs
22:32:36Zagoryou could say that. mkdosfs is quite, eh, liberal. fat32 partitions aren't legal below 5gig or so either :-)
22:33:49Stevie[FP]I saw a page that says 2KB fat32 partitions are valid for up to 127MB
22:34:15Zagorwell, not according to microsofts specifications :)
22:35:10czarnoffI think I've figured it out Zagor. I believe I under stand the bug and I'll see if I can provide a fix.
22:35:23czarnoffIf I do can I send it to someone?
22:35:31Zagorczarnoff: is this a binary download or did you compile it yourself?
22:35:49Zagorplease upload it to the patch tracker
22:36:06czarnoffbinary download, but I have the code to compile it myself. (just lazy)
22:37:27Stevie[FP]well now it only says 1/5
22:37:29*Stevie[FP] kicks it
22:37:37Zagor4 sec/clus?
22:37:40Stevie[FP]annnnnnnnd HARD DISK Error
22:37:52Zagorok, try this then
22:38:31Zagorlocate where in the FAT the cluster chain is located (most likely the absolute beginning).
22:38:44Stevie[FP]how do I know such a thing?
22:38:46Zagorbuh, no ignore that
22:39:04Zagorit should read the entire cluster before looking at the chain, so that's not the problem
22:44:22Stevie[FP]it reads 607 (partition sector 544) five times
22:44:51Stevie[FP]but never 608, 609, 610
22:45:18Stevie[FP]what I find very interesting is that after 607 (MUCH later) it reads absolute sector 62
22:45:57Zagori think 62 is their config sector
22:46:01Stevie[FP]which is before the first sector of the FAT
22:46:32Stevie[FP]it reads 62 five times
22:46:40Stevie[FP]then initializes the MAS chip
22:46:45Zagoryeah, you wanna be certain ;)
22:46:58Stevie[FP]after the MAS chip it goes back to 607
22:47:10Stevie[FP]five more reads of 607
22:47:18Stevie[FP]then writes to the display
22:47:23Stevie[FP]'A-Team '
22:47:43Stevie[FP]'* 1/5 * 0'
22:47:54Stevie[FP]the first * is a note icon, the 2nd looks like an arrow
22:48:16Stevie[FP]it then immediately writes that out to the display *again*
22:48:23Stevie[FP]and *again*
22:48:26Stevie[FP]and *again*
22:48:45Stevie[FP]then it writes 'HARD DISK ' ' Error '
22:49:10Stevie[FP]and it looks like that's it
22:49:34Stevie[FP]the only thing that happens after that are interrupt 16 (timer 0) and interrupt 45 (a/d converter)
22:50:12Zagori'm guessing it's one of two things
22:50:32Zagor1) it's expecting some ata behaviour that you haven't implemented yet
22:51:06Zagor2) it bugs for some reason and reads the same sector instead of the consecutives, detects strange data and bails out
22:51:32Zagoradmittedly #2 is a bit of a stretch...
22:51:42Stevie[FP]do we have the IDENTIFY DEVICE output from a real drive?
22:52:08Zagornot saved anywhere, but we can certainly fix that
22:53:41Stevie[FP]I wonder which ATA version they coded against
22:57:59Stevie[FP]ok its 5pm and it's friday
22:58:00Stevie[FP]im outta here
22:58:02*Stevie[FP] is away [gawn] [KS-MsgLog Off]
23:01:47czarnoffHey I fixed it. (the stupid jump scroll problem) Now to send it in :)
23:05:37czarnoffThere's a "254" that needs to be a "5".
23:15:06czarnoffbye bye
23:15:07 Quit czarnoff ("[BX] The Spice Girls use BitchX (instead of underwear and talent)")
23:16:08 Quit matsl|busy ("Client Exiting")
23:53:09 Join josh966 [0] (
23:58:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"

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