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#rockbox log for 2003-06-15

00:00:05midknight2k30.1% my mistake
00:00:12midknight2k3though it's harder for the latter
00:00:28Zagoryou still haven't answered "why"
00:00:43midknight2k3so you can MOVE UP
00:00:46midknight2k3i got the best idea
00:00:58midknight2k3make up/down 0.1% and right/left 2%
00:01:10midknight2k3so you can go right right right and be at 6%
00:01:23tracktherippermodknight what about the "redzone"?
00:01:32midknight2k3thats not important this second
00:01:51tracktheripperyes it is
00:02:06midknight2k3and a bug zagor
00:02:19midknight2k3if you pause song and shift pitch to 200% archos will freeze
00:03:12midknight2k3wont go back to WPS (well a few WPS lines come back but some pitch lines stay - wont play, wont stop, you must reboot to get back to normal
00:03:55Zagori know. it's a hardware issue.
00:04:08midknight2k3limit pitch to 180 then cant you?
00:04:41Zagornobody uses pitch above ~120 anyway, except for toying with
00:05:00midknight2k3so delete all above 120 then lol
00:09:45tracktherippermodknight calm down
00:13:39midknight2k3i hate crossfade
00:14:49midknight2k3haha sometimes its funny to look at a foreign company's NEW FEATURES list for their new firmwre upgrade of an MP3 player
00:15:01midknight2k3"When you set Shuffle mode, tracks had been played in same order. Now this problem
00:15:01midknight2k3has been improved."
00:15:09midknight2k3When you set Shuffle mode, tracks had been played in same order. Now this problem
00:15:09midknight2k3has been improved.
00:15:22midknight2k3"this problem
00:15:22midknight2k3has been improved."
00:15:31midknight2k3how can a problem be improved? lol
00:16:43tracktheripperthere is a way crossfade can be done :-)
00:16:59midknight2k3install another MPEG decoder?
00:17:06Stevie-O... how?
00:17:08tracktherippercache part of a song to the buffer
00:17:13midknight2k3I don't care - I said I HATE CROSSFADE
00:17:18midknight2k3it sounds possible
00:17:22tracktheripperread another song
00:17:23midknight2k3another song to the buffer
00:17:30midknight2k3then fade them
00:17:36midknight2k3it sounds sort of logical
00:17:38tracktheripperthen intermix the two one fading in the other fading out
00:17:40midknight2k3but i hate crossfade
00:17:56Stevie-Oanyone else here think tracktheripper is fscking nuts?
00:18:31*jzoss thinks we're all a *little* nuts. Just to varying degrees. =)
00:18:46tracktheripperWINAMP does not use hardware chips!
00:18:46Stevie-Oyes but tracktheripper is way more than most of us
00:18:50*midknight2k3 seconds that tracktheripper is more than a little nuts
00:18:53tracktheripperso why should the archos?
00:19:07midknight2k3so why should we?
00:19:08Stevie-OWINAMP does use hardware chips
00:19:08jzosstrack, I think it's not very feasible to software-crossfade 2 tracks on the slow Archos
00:19:10midknight2k3it's not worth it
00:19:17Stevie-Oit uses an x86 chip
00:19:23midknight2k3even if it were possible it'd take a lot o work
00:19:24Stevie-Othat's normally clocked on the order of at least 500mhz
00:19:25tracktheripperok ok i give up
00:19:36midknight2k3and it doesnt really matter
00:19:43midknight2k3one song fades out and the other starts
00:19:44jzossYou could *possibly* interleave 1 song's frames with another's, but that's not really crossfading and would probably sound like crap
00:19:56midknight2k3i dont care lol
00:19:59midknight2k3its not worth it
00:20:04Stevie-Obitwise xor
00:20:12midknight2k3OH WOW you hear one song overlapping another - gimme gimme!
00:20:17tracktheripperjzoss or you can quickly fade "in" the next song as soon as the other song has faded out
00:21:09 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
00:21:26 Join Audio_dude [0] (
00:21:48midknight2k3YO AUDIO DUDE
00:21:59midknight2k3* tracktheripper ( Quit ("Leaving")
00:21:59midknight2k3* Audio_dude ( has joined #rockbox
00:22:12midknight2k3notice any similarity between the "email addresses"?
00:22:23jzosss'all good, track. I appreciate your enthusiasm
00:22:23midknight2k3Javaq IRC - tisk tisk
00:22:39midknight2k3for... overlapping tracks..
00:22:45 Quit Audio_dude (Client Quit)
00:22:57midknight2k3weee misssss youuuu!
00:22:59 Join Bagder [0] (
00:23:00 Quit Bagder (Client Quit)
00:23:10 Join tracktheripper [0] (
00:23:29midknight2k3hello Audio_dude −−- i mean Bagder−−- arg! i mean tracktheripper! :)
00:24:02tracktherippersorry did i miss badger?
00:24:38 Join Yeft [0] (
00:24:45Stevie-Oi'd say you're an idiot, if not for the fact that midknight2k3 is here to be compared with you
00:25:01 Join Guest [0] (
00:25:10midknight2k3Are you sayiing im stupid, or are you saying im smart?
00:25:22YeftI GOT M FM RECORDER!!!
00:25:24 Quit Yeft (Client Quit)
00:25:31*Stevie-O throws yeft a party
00:25:34 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
00:25:36midknight2k3that was me
00:25:47midknight2k3 i'd say you're an idiot, if not for the fact that tracktheripper is here to be compared with you
00:25:48jzosscongrats, Yeft!
00:26:02midknight2k3IT WAS ME YOU TWITS
00:26:20tracktheripperi'd say you are an idiot, if not for the fact that stevie-o is here to be compared with you :-)
00:26:31midknight2k3shut it
00:26:52*Stevie-O rubs his head
00:26:57tracktheripperok :-)
00:27:15*jzoss tries to stay out of the flying insults.
00:27:24midknight2k3Steverie, when you said " i'd say you're an idiot, if not for the fact that midknight2k3 is here to be compared with you" did you mean i was dumb or smart?
00:27:43*midknight2k3 is frustrated and wants to know if Steview insulter or sommented him.
00:27:58*midknight2k3 is frustrated and wants to know if Stevie insulted or commented him.
00:28:05midknight2k3It makes no sense
00:28:13Stevie-OI prefer to call it 'speaking my mind'
00:28:18midknight2k3Oh i see what me meant
00:28:19Stevie-Oit's a gift
00:28:19tracktherippermidknight id say you are smart if it was not for the fact that Zagor is here to be compared with you :-0
00:28:31Stevie-Oas a result of it
00:28:38midknight2k3i get it now
00:28:42Stevie-OI have never been asked to answer customer calls where I work
00:28:52tracktherippercalm down
00:28:53tracktheripperus lot
00:28:57tracktheripperit is summer after all :-)
00:29:05midknight2k3UHH DUMB?
00:29:41*tracktheripper buys everyone a beer
00:29:46Stevie-Ono ty
00:29:49Stevie-OI can't have alcohol
00:29:59*Stevie-O will glady accept a Dr Pepper in its stead tho
00:30:36*midknight2k3 will gladly accept to shut track up cause he can't be right when there's a mean fat grizzly bear when he smells bad.
00:30:51*tracktheripper gets stevie a dr pepper
00:30:57midknight2k3*don't ask me to explain what I just said*
00:31:02tracktheripperand gets midknight2k3 a glass of water
00:31:05midknight2k3**because I can't**
00:31:30midknight2k3you know what rockbox needs?
00:31:42jzosswoohoo! I wanna be (have?) a Dr. Pepper too!
00:32:12jzoss?? rockbox has bmp2rb...
00:32:19midknight2k3oh really?
00:32:24midknight2k3WOW now it's complete!
00:32:26tracktheripperi want my archos to display Jpegs
00:32:36Stevie-Ocan jpegs be 1-bit?
00:32:40midknight2k3balck and green dots
00:32:44midknight2k3sounds great track
00:33:58tracktheripperbut u could prob alter the contrast for the indiviual pixils
00:34:10midknight2k3NOPE that is
00:34:23Stevie-Oif we could do that
00:34:30Stevie-Owe'd be doing it already
00:35:30tracktheripperwell you could show a green field at night with the black and green dots.....
00:37:19tracktheripper:) :) :) :) :)
00:37:26midknight2k3 _)
00:37:26tracktheripper(: (: (: (: (:
00:38:36midknight2k3me must go now
00:38:38midknight2k3i am hungry
00:38:58*midknight2k3 's stomach gurgles.
00:39:12jzosspunk! Now *I'm* hungry.
00:39:22midknight2k3Make your stomach gurgle!
00:39:44*jzoss 's stomach GROWLs
00:39:48midknight2k3get your "/me 's stomach gurgles." ready!
00:39:55midknight2k3on 3
00:40:04*midknight2k3 's stomach gurgles.
00:40:24midknight2k3get ready (copy and paste the above command)
00:40:35midknight2k3paste and enter on THREE
00:40:41*midknight2k3 's stomach gurgles.
00:40:43*Stevie-O offers jzoss some food
00:40:56midknight2k3me get any?
00:40:56*jzoss snaps it out of the air
00:41:18*midknight2k3 is a "crapper".
00:41:39midknight2k3(da da dumm da dummmm!)
00:41:57 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
00:42:11midknight2k3noone can do tha!
00:42:19midknight2k3no one can
00:42:21midknight2k3i bet you
00:43:12midknight2k3lowly fools
00:43:23midknight2k3I must eat now
00:43:32midknight2k3DA DUM DUM DUM.. DADUM DUMM
00:44:30 Join Galik [0] (
00:46:26GalikIs it possible to set a recording to start at a particular time with rockbox?
00:47:40GalikAnd/or set it to record for a fixed duration?
00:47:49midknight2k3only the altter
00:47:57tracktheripperyou could with one of those timers you plug into the mains..........
00:48:06jzossthere's been talk of the former on the mailing list, though....
00:48:06GalikHow do you do the latter?
00:48:16midknight2k3you have to start it manually but you can tell it to record for a set amount of time before it starts recoprding under a new file
00:48:22midknight2k3you need a dailybuild
00:48:23midknight2k3the latest
00:48:41midknight2k3and it's under the main menu, Recording Settings
00:48:51midknight2k3i must really go now though
00:48:56midknight2k3whatever lol
00:49:08GalikI vote for inclusion of the former too :)
00:49:38jzossThe trick is that there's no hardware support to power-on the Archos at a specific time
00:49:56jzossSo you'd have to leave it on constantly (e.g plugged in and no idle timeout)
00:50:03GalikBut there is a wake up/alarm option isn't there?
00:52:17jzossno. But someone hacked theirs to do so. See
00:53:16GalikBut there is on mine!
00:53:23jzossYou have an FM?
00:53:44jzossahhh. I don't know much about the FM. Sorry. =)
00:57:43 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
01:00:54Stevie-Othe hardware modification to provide RTC wake-up on the Recorder
01:01:01Stevie-Ois natively built into the FM by archos
01:01:12Stevie-Oif you have an FM, the main menu lists a 'wake up' option
01:01:19jzossUnder rockbox?
01:02:02jzosscool. My bad. I should just shut up about stuff I don't know about. But that's most everything. ;)
01:03:24midknight2k3im back
01:09:10GalikMan this rockbox gets better n better. Thnx all cu l8er
01:09:22midknight2k3yes it does :)
01:09:30 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
01:16:56midknight2k3bye 4 good 4 a bit
01:16:58 Quit midknight2k3 ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
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02:31:08 Join OliverKlozoff [0] (
02:38:38 Join Mighty_ [0] (
02:38:51Mighty_Zagor isn't awake?
02:42:01jzossIt's 2:30AM his time (or thereabouts)
02:42:34Mighty_here too, you're in sweden?
02:42:44jzossnope. USA here
02:44:25Mighty_you know the system the GNU peoples use to create the documentation for the GNU tools, all the onlinedocumentation at do you know the name of that documentsystem and where I can find it and perhaps find a beginners guide on how to use it?
02:49:04jzossI don't know for sure. But you may want to take a look at texinfo for starters
02:49:44 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:57:20 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
02:57:27 Join damaja [0] (
02:58:07damajacan I ask a question? Would you be able to help?
02:58:14jzossI can try =)
02:58:37Mighty_jzoss, thanks a lot, I'm reading it right now, seems like that's what I'm looking for
02:58:47jzoss np
02:58:50damajaI just put in V2 of the rockbox os for my recorder 20, but now when I go to play a song, nothing happens
02:59:01damajajust a blank screen
02:59:11jzossv2 as in 2.0 from the website?
02:59:28jzossall else works okay? (menus and stuff)
02:59:41damajalike normal
02:59:51jzossdo you hear anything and just don't see a WPS, or neither?
03:00:12OliverKlozoffmaybe the default WPS doesn't exist
03:00:19OliverKlozoffdamaja: try 'reset settings'
03:00:40damajai can hear the song, but with a blank screen
03:01:30jzossDo you have any WPS files on the device? Try to PLAY one....
03:02:00damajai just reset the settings, and it now seems fine
03:02:07jzossgood! =)
03:02:14OliverKlozoffRB needs a way to select the default language/wps/whatever without resorting to 'reset settings'
03:02:15damajathanks :D
03:02:36 Join BoD[] [0] (
03:02:39damajaok, well thanks for your help again
03:02:45jzossOliverKlozoff : .cfg files?
03:02:54damajawhat about them?
03:03:09jzossWell, is another way to save/restore settings other than "reset settings"
03:03:09OliverKlozoffjzoss: what about them?
03:03:20OliverKlozoffbut if you save the settings
03:03:27OliverKlozoffwon't it save your default wps/language/etc?
03:04:08jzossit should
03:04:52 Quit Mighty_ ("[BX] Yo quiero BitchX")
03:05:33damajathanks again guys, bye
03:05:43 Quit damaja ("Leaving")
03:05:51OliverKlozoffso there's no way to revert to default wps/language short of 'reset settings'
03:06:33jzossor loading a cfg file that references those defaults. Or manually "play-ing" those files.
03:07:15jzossBut, I don't know of another way. That's what "reset settings" is for, I figure. I don't think there's a specific reset-lang or reset-wps
03:07:51OliverKlozoffI don't want to lose all my settings
03:08:23OliverKlozoffand I find it odd that you assume that we all have a cfg file lying around
03:08:57jzoss{shrug}'s easy to make. Just "save settings". I dunno
03:10:34OliverKlozoffi 'save settings'... with the broken language/wps file reference
03:11:10jzossThen edit txt file (offline) and delete the lang/wps references. I think if you then "reset settings" and load the cfg file, you'll get default wps/lang and your settings for the others.
03:12:28OliverKlozoffit is my feeling that I shouldn't need to use a PC to fix a problem in RB :P
03:13:02jzossfair enough. I don't think your wps/lang settings are *supposed* to get corrupt in the first place. =) probably a bug somewheres....
03:39:05hardeepOliverKlozoff: rename the wps/lang file and then restart... that should revert
03:39:21OliverKlozoffdid the wps/lang file necessarily exist?
03:39:31OliverKlozoffand furthermore, how does one know WHICH wps/lang file is being used?
03:40:24hardeepOliverKlozoff: i was assuming you knew which file you were using... it can only be a file in the .rockbox directory
03:46:40OliverKlozoffare you sure?
03:53:48hardeepyeah, current implementation requires wps/lang file to be in .rockbox directory to be restored after reboot
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05:50:27 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
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19:51:22 Join Francois [0] (
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19:51:58 Join Francois [0] (
19:52:00 Quit Francois (Client Quit)
19:52:17 Join Francoisvdm [0] (
19:53:43FrancoisvdmNewbie question: Is there a way to see the full filename in file mode? I'm only seeing first 17 chars
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20:09:11 Join francoisvdm [0] (
20:09:56hardeepfrancoisvdm: select the file you want to see the full name for and it'll start scrolling
20:10:20hardeepfrancoisvdm: if you're using a recorder, you can also use a smaller font to display more on the screen
20:16:22francoisvdmWhen I select the file it starts to play the mpeg and it show the WPS, not scrolling.
20:16:35francoisvdmyes, I'm using recorder
20:17:56hardeepfrancoisvdm: sorry, i meant just move your cursor down to the file
20:18:17francoisvdmyip, that is what I'm doing
20:18:20hardeepfrancoisvdm: you can also change your WPS to have it scroll a line
20:18:47hardeepfrancoisvdm: when your file is highlighted, it doesn't scroll?
20:18:59francoisvdmyes, I saw how to change the WPS - will try that later
20:20:00hardeepfrancoisvdm: take a look at General Settings->Display->Scroll settings to configure the scroll parameters
20:20:10francoisvdmnope no scrolling. And, the highlight is the little triange to its left?
20:21:46hardeepfrancoisvdm: yes, the little triangle
20:22:24francoisvdmwhat setting in scroll settings affect the scrolling? All look ok to me.
20:23:09francoisvdmSpeed = 8, start delay = 0, step = 1, bidirectional = 100% (did change it from 0)
20:23:41francoisvdmok, the bidirectional did it, now scrolling
20:23:47francoisvdmTHANKS a LOT!
20:27:47francoisvdmAnother question: I know the fm radio is not now working (hopefully soon), but if I want to temporarily switch back to original OS, how do I do that?
20:32:05 Join Yeft [0] (
20:33:11 Quit Yeft (Client Quit)
20:34:55hardeepfrancoisvdm>: if you use the latest daily build, the fm radio does work on rockbox
20:35:32hardeepfrancoisvdm: however, if you would like to switch back to the original firmware, search for ROLO in the user manual
20:41:20francoisvdmthanks, as a newbie I'm a bit scared at the daily builds - acording to documentation. I'll check it out, thanks.
20:42:01 Join Yeft [0] (
20:42:03hardeepfrancoisvdm: the current daily builds are very stable
20:42:37*Yeft gets his fm recorder tomorrow!
20:47:38francoisvdmok thanks
20:47:46 Quit francoisvdm ()
20:51:12 Quit Yeft ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 2520")
21:00:07 Join francoisvdm [0] (
21:06:27francoisvdmhardeep - thanks, got the radio working again with the daily patch.
21:06:59hardeepfrancoisvdm: cool
21:14:55 Join Stevie-O [0] (
21:31:26 Join kaniff [0] (
21:32:05kaniffDoes anyone know for what players is USB 2.0 support?
21:35:38Stevie-Oi don't think players have usb 2.0
21:35:42Stevie-OI know the FM Recorder has 2.0
21:35:53Stevie-OI think the regular Recorder has 2.0, but I'm not certain
21:37:56kaniffi noticed a mention of it in the faq
21:37:58kaniffgot my hopes up :)
21:38:53kaniffrockbox is great though, i just installed it today
21:38:56kaniffi <3
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22:01:05 Join jzoss [0] (
22:05:19francoisvdmis there a way that while a song is playing to add it to another playlist?
22:06:01Stevie-Oyou can queue it
22:06:07Stevie-Ohold ON and press Play
22:06:23jzossAnd one of the patches allows dynamic playlist editing, if you wanna compile patches
22:11:56Stevie-OGD it
22:12:10jzossstill having ATA troubles?
22:12:35Stevie-Onot sure
22:12:54*Stevie-O tries the recorder rom
22:16:32Stevie-Oand I fare no better
22:26:57 Join kargatis [0] (
22:33:27elinenbeStevie-O: how is the emulator coming?
22:41:03Stevie-Onot very well
22:41:15 Quit kargatis (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:02:49 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
23:03:00jzosshelo! ;)
23:03:00Stevie-O250 Stevie-O
23:09:37 Join Galik [0] (
23:10:12GalikHi. Is it possible to lock the buttons whilst recording?
23:10:23midknight2k3I'm not sure
23:10:29GalikUsing FM Rec?
23:10:30jzossdon't think so
23:10:42GalikThat would be useful no?
23:10:51midknight2k3Im not sure why
23:10:55jzossthere was discussion. Z said it'd be easy. Just not done yet.
23:11:03midknight2k3easy but just not yet
23:11:08midknight2k3im sure sometime soon
23:11:34 Join earHurts [0] (
23:11:51earHurtsanyone here?
23:11:57Stevie-O250 Stevie-O
23:12:05Galikk. also it always records to the root directory and not the current directory. Would it be easy to make it record in the cudrrent directory?
23:12:21midknight2k3if you say "helo" stevie o always says "250 stevie-o"
23:12:30midknight2k3there's a patch for that Galik
23:12:32earHurtseither of you know anything anbout rocknbox's nmpeg buffer?
23:12:39midknight2k3I'm sure they will implement something like this soon
23:12:44Galikcool I'll go look 4 it
23:12:51midknight2k3that hyper N key
23:12:57midknight2k3what about it?
23:13:13midknight2k3What do you mean by that earHurts?
23:13:16earHurtsi got my 2nd replacemnt, so the ns will soon go away
23:13:33 Join kargatis [0] (
23:13:44 Part kargatis
23:13:44jzossGalik: record to curr dir (see patch # 730000)
23:13:46earHurtsyou familiar with c++ streambufs?
23:14:23earHurtsessentially, they maintain a pointer to the beginnning and end of the bnuffer
23:14:36jzossNope. I always "chicken out" and use normal C-style s/fprintf. There've only been a few occassions when I've used streambufs
23:14:46earHurtsdoes the mpeg nbuffer work the same way?
23:14:56Galikthnx jzoss
23:15:10earHurtsI want to dynamically resize the mpeg bnuffer
23:15:22jzossas in, w/o reboot?
23:15:31jzossassuming while not playing/recording
23:15:38earHurtswhile playing
23:15:57jzosshmmm... I thought it was just a circular buffer, but I haven't looked into it, really.
23:16:14earHurtsit's got to nbe circular, yeah
23:16:53earHurtsI want to get a chunk of that nmemory, use it, then give it back
23:18:15earHurtsstevie, if I graba chunk of memnory, how can I assure it's int aligned?
23:18:32earHurtsensure, rather
23:22:31midknight2k3i know how
23:22:43 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:22:47midknight2k3make sure you ensure it's int aligned
23:22:55BoD[]hello !!
23:22:57jzoss250 jzoss
23:24:13earHurtsmid, you're in management, aren't you?
23:24:16midknight2k3Can SOMEONE PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE explain what's the purpose of the "helo" - "250 [name]"?
23:24:23midknight2k3what do you mean?
23:24:29midknight2k3if you mean that im in rockbox, no.
23:24:42earHurtsI was njoking
23:24:57midknight2k3not joking?
23:25:07BoD[]midknight : it's part of the simple mail transport protocol
23:25:09earHurtshelo and the response 250 are deom the pop rfc, I think
23:25:10Stevie-O250 Stevie-O
23:25:28*earHurts loses
23:25:50midknight2k3say 'helo' bod
23:25:56Stevie-O250 Stevie-O
23:26:03midknight2k3he disabled it for me
23:26:09earHurtsit's what your email client says to your emailn server
23:26:22Stevie-O250 Stevie-O
23:26:23midknight2k3remember when logbot was an admin?
23:26:59midknight2k3i did it two times in a row, then said something else then said helo again and logbot thought he was repeating himself
23:27:10midknight2k3i did it twice then he disabled it for me
23:27:18midknight2k3logbot is no admin anymore
23:27:22midknight2k3so no one can do it
23:27:35Stevie-O250 Stevie-O
23:27:55midknight2k3WHY DID HE SHUT IT OFF FOR ME?
23:27:59midknight2k3or for earHurts:
23:28:03GalikIt's just u. U been banned from helo!
23:28:12BoD[]midknight : weel because you made him kicked!
23:28:12midknight2k3WHY DIND HE SHUTN IT OFF FOR NME?
23:28:21midknight2k3twice bod
23:28:25BoD[]midknight : weel because you made him kicked twice!
23:28:40Stevie-Oactually i didn't just ban him from 'helo'
23:28:46Stevie-Oi put him on ignore entirely, cuz he irks me
23:28:50BoD[]that's twice a good reason to ignore list :)
23:28:55earHurtshow can i access the playing state: playing, npaused, stoped, not inwps?
23:29:11jzosswps.c or wps.cfg?
23:29:30earHurtsi ssupect it's more an nmpeg thing
23:29:36jzoss(mpeg_status() & MPEG_STATUS_PLAY)
23:29:51alexandreis there a status.c ?
23:29:53earHurtsthank you1
23:30:04midknight2k3earHurts meant: thank you!
23:30:31earHurtsearhurts has a thumb keyborad, and is snmoking
23:30:51midknight2k3check that
23:31:04jzossalexandre: yes −−
23:31:05midknight2k3a thumb keyboard with built in hyperactive N key and is smoking
23:31:26midknight2k3snmoking in your case
23:38:05 Quit Galik ("Client exiting")
23:39:44alexandreview in viewcvs don't work (python error)
23:41:03jzossyup. Probably means it's having trouble connecting to CVS server. I can't checkout from CVS now, either.
23:41:29 Quit francoisvdm ()
23:42:51alexandregood night
23:42:55 Quit alexandre ("bye")

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