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#rockbox log for 2003-06-16

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00:38:20 Join Yeft [0] (
00:38:36*Yeft gets his fm recorder tomorrow!!!
00:38:46midknight2k3GO YEFT
00:38:49midknight2k3ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY
00:38:52midknight2k3or something
00:39:07Yeft5 min til my computer finishes calculating pi to 32 mb of decimals
00:39:27Yeftnow that would be a cool rockbox screensaver demo thing
00:39:48midknight2k3you never saw the demos
00:39:53midknight2k3cause you only had a player right?
00:40:06midknight2k3fm recorder is sooooo cooooooooooooool
00:42:52Yefti wish i had money left from my mp3 so i could donate to rock box lol
00:43:04midknight2k3you're a noble man yeft
00:43:21Yeftbut i dont
00:43:27Yeftmaybe when i get my paycheck...
00:43:33midknight2k3its the thought that counts
00:44:19Yeftmp3 isnt really mpeg 3 right, its mpeg-1 but just audio?
00:44:32midknight2k3i think its mpeg 3
00:45:16midknight2k3mpeg 1 is standard mpeg, mpeg 2 is DVD IFO and VOBs, mpeg 3 (i think) is mp3 and mpeg 4 is the new thing archos came up with that's really unneeded
00:46:27Yefthow bout mpeg7 :)\
00:46:35midknight2k3there is none is there?
00:48:03Yeftit took my computer under 2 hrs to calculate 32mb of pi
00:48:12midknight2k332mb of pi?
00:48:25Yeftit limits the file size to 32 mb :(
00:48:52midknight2k3what−−- everrr
00:49:00Yeftlol i love pi
00:49:09Yefthey in the calculation the last number is 6
00:49:51midknight2k3Pie is goooood
00:51:24BoD[]it's not exactly that
00:51:46midknight2k3I know
00:51:50midknight2k3god lol
00:51:56Yefti know
00:52:01midknight2k3im just saying that "pie" with an "e" is good
00:52:02Yeftits a pretty close approximation though
00:52:08Yeftyou know
00:52:16BoD[]nono i was talking about the mpeg thing
00:52:18midknight2k3never mind lol
00:52:21Yeftoh lol
00:52:31midknight2k3what's wrong with it?>
00:52:37midknight2k3im sure it's not exactly correct
00:52:38BoD[]mp3 is mpeg 1 layer 3
00:52:47midknight2k3i was thinking about that
00:52:49BoD[]mpeg 3 doesn't exist imo
00:53:07BoD[]mpeg4 is what in inside divx
00:53:22midknight2k3good idea bod
00:53:25BoD[]and mpeg7 is i think the next generation
00:53:56Yeftweee mpg7
00:54:13Yeft...why would they just go and skip 5 and 6
00:55:28Yeftso i only have pi to about 31 million digits on my computer
00:55:39Yeftthats a pretty good approximation ya think?
00:56:01midknight2k3a character is a gigabyte
00:56:17midknight2k3i mean a number is a gigabyte
00:56:17Yeftnow i have to figure out how to make that into cool screensaver
00:56:37Yeftso my computer can only hold 80 numbers?
00:57:06Yeftok, so all a screen saver is, is a program that runs when your computer is idle correct
00:57:27Yeftso i could make a program, and just call it a screensaver so it runs when i'm gone and thats a screen saver!
00:57:28midknight2k3i mean ues
00:57:38Yeftso now i need to put my 3 days of C++ to use
00:58:16midknight2k3YEFT WOOHOOO
00:59:09Yeftthis isnt gonna work
00:59:26midknight2k3yah woo oh
00:59:37midknight2k3just give UP
01:05:34earHurtsever heard of snowcrash for winamp?
01:05:50midknight2k3is it a visualization?
01:06:10earHurtsit's a webserver
01:06:16midknight2k3oh right
01:06:27earHurtsyou can control winamp from any webnbrowser
01:06:36midknight2k3thats dumb
01:07:04midknight2k3control winamp from browser or simply open the program itself? i wonder
01:07:32earHurtsi'mn in my bathtub with my pda, which has a browser
01:07:54midknight2k3just control your PC
01:08:19earHurtsmny verion of zaurus doesn't have a funcionin vnc client
01:08:30midknight2k3not VNC
01:08:35midknight2k3that was what i used to like
01:08:36earHurtsso I can control my 'stereo' remotely
01:08:41midknight2k3use "RAdmin:
01:08:58midknight2k3you can access files, shutdown, log off, control, view, or "telnet"
01:09:01earHurtsdoes radmin have a linux client?
01:09:09midknight2k3oh i dont know
01:09:14midknight2k3i dont think so\
01:09:26earHurtscan it control thw winamp plaist or volume?
01:09:44midknight2k3it can control the whole computer
01:09:55earHurtsand that's good.
01:09:58midknight2k3or view it or reboot it or shut it off or access the files without using my computer
01:10:16earHurtsbut I just wannt a nice interface to winamp
01:10:33midknight2k3uh huh
01:10:47earHurtsand snowcrash provides it
01:10:52midknight2k3well if you go to school that has a network and PCRdist you'd like RAdmin too
01:11:21earHurtssure. each has its uses, and radnmin is a more general pupose one
01:11:35midknight2k3you heard of it or used it?
01:12:06earHurtsi think i actually saw a semi-functional gpl port somewhere
01:12:15midknight2k3whatever lol
01:12:16earHurtsnnnnever used it
01:12:19midknight2k3did you ever use RAdmin?
01:12:28earHurtsi've used vnc
01:12:37midknight2k3radmin is soooo mcuh beter
01:12:43midknight2k3esp if you're in my position
01:12:56earHurtsbut I need it to run on my zaurus
01:13:14midknight2k3if youre in my position i had meant
01:13:40midknight2k3the best position to be in
01:15:05earHurtsnbecuase snocrash is a wenb server, you don't need any client except a web browser.
01:15:30midknight2k3but in my position radmin works.... how do i say, excellenter than perfect
01:15:33earHurtsI guess I could use the vnnc wenb server too
01:15:44midknight2k3its all slow and stuff
01:16:31midknight2k3but when you've got PCRdist, thirty computers in a library and RAdmin setup to hide the tray icon and you have a list of the IP addresses of all the computers it gets good
01:17:53earHurtsfind me a linux client
01:18:44midknight2k3RADMIN ROCKBOX
01:18:52midknight2k3i means RADMIN ROCKS
01:19:01midknight2k3go damn why do i keep putting in rockbox when i mean rockbox
01:19:08midknight2k3go damn why do i keep putting in rockbox when i mean rocks
01:19:14midknight2k3i almost did it again
01:20:09Yeftwhats this about library computers and ips???????
01:20:28midknight2k3remote administrator so i can access files and control them hehehehhehehe >:)
01:20:44Yeftis this freeware?
01:20:50midknight2k3but man
01:20:53midknight2k3here's the scoop
01:20:59Yeftlay it down
01:21:21earHurtsradnmin doesn't appear to nbe free
01:21:26earHurtsvnc is
01:21:29midknight2k3at the school library we have a netowrk with our own usernames but me and three others found out if you type in "libstudent" it runs a program called PCRdist
01:21:49midknight2k3whatever's in the network folder PCRdist gets restored to the computers if you run it
01:21:49Yeftpcrdist is?
01:22:03midknight2k3in a sense it formats drive and reinstalls all stuff thats in the PCRdist folder
01:22:09midknight2k3is free
01:22:17midknight2k3you can buy it but it works free to
01:22:29 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:22:29earHurtslimitesd time trial?
01:22:30Yeftdo you get admin access to the computers?
01:22:57midknight2k3so if you put RAdmin in the PCrdist folder, every time you run libstudent it installs RAdmin to the computer and no one can see it (no tray icon etc)
01:23:05midknight2k3earhurts, no - yeft, no
01:23:10Yeftwell thats why god created reshack or /wdasm
01:23:31midknight2k3i dont want admin access
01:23:37earHurtsI njust googled, said it wasn't free
01:23:50midknight2k3if i can put something in the network folder "pcrdist" and when i run libstudent it puts it on the computer then im good
01:23:53Yeftand your schools admins dont noticed something called RAdmin in teh PCRdist folder????
01:24:16midknight2k3it's installed to C:\windows\java\classes ahahahhahah
01:24:27midknight2k3no start menu or program files folder either
01:24:29midknight2k3and no try icon
01:24:32MTi can beat that actually
01:25:19earHurts30 day free trial
01:25:26MTwhil i was at school i socially engineered the default teachers password and hacked a way for users to have unlimited filestorage and backed up all our games to a disk on the print server
01:25:38earHurtsI try very hard only to use open source
01:25:44midknight2k3but i dont want that
01:25:48midknight2k3its hard to explain
01:25:50midknight2k3this is better
01:26:09MTwhats better than admin rights and unlimited filestorage?
01:26:14midknight2k3all you need to do is type in a certain network name to have it install anything you want and you can do it on any computer
01:26:25midknight2k3PCRdist MT
01:26:39MTbut you will get caught
01:26:53MTsome school IT departments are shocking
01:27:02midknight2k3never mind lol
01:27:06midknight2k3it's hard to explain
01:27:14MTi still think you will get caught :)
01:27:21midknight2k3but if you knew what it's for and tried it yourself you'd say it's better than much else
01:27:22MTno, i understand completely
01:28:08Yeftmy schools IT dept = non existant
01:28:38Yefti've been trying to get admin rights for the entire year, but i can't do it because i'm not uber l33t like the rest of you guys
01:28:43midknight2k3yes i see radmin is 30 day trial
01:28:58midknight2k3snag a keygen off of astalavista then
01:30:12Yeftmt any idea how to make a screensaver without one of those junker slideshow programs?
01:31:19Yeftcuz i wanna make a matrix type screensaver except with PI
01:31:23earHurtswindows screensaver?
01:31:58MTisnt there a matrix screensaver in xscreensavers
01:32:17earHurtsa .scr is pretty much a windows .exe, which follows certain comnnmand line conventions
01:32:20MTi expect theres some api you can develop to
01:33:06MTwhy do the ideas people never program anything other than their video :P
01:33:13earHurtsit njust creates a full screen window in the anscence of args, and pops up a config dialogue if given the right argumnet
01:33:33Yeftand i dont want a matrix screensaver i want a pi screensaver like the matrix one
01:33:41earHurtsdownload source to an existing screensaver' and hack it
01:33:45YeftMT : "why do the ideas people never program anything other than their video :P" ?
01:34:43 Join tracktheripper [0] (
01:35:03Yeftuh oh
01:35:08Yeftthe track is back
01:35:34midknight2k3250 midknight2k3
01:36:11tracktheripperhey yeft
01:36:56tracktheripperwhats up?
01:37:49midknight2k3sorry tracktheripper
01:38:02tracktheripperwhy did u say that for?!
01:38:09midknight2k3i was joking
01:38:21tracktheripper<−−−−−−−− is hurt now
01:38:30midknight2k3i didnt mean to!
01:40:08 Join tracktheripper1 [0] (
01:40:15earHurtscontrol my stereo from the bathnrub is so cool
01:40:22tracktheripper1duh im tracktheripper and i stink
01:40:24 Quit tracktheripper1 (Client Quit)
01:40:31midknight2k3you do track?
01:40:45midknight2k3Bath N' Rub? Sounds cool.
01:41:15earHurtsnow if i could just tele commute
01:41:16DBUGEnqueued KICK Yeft
01:41:16Yefttracktheripper1 ( has joined but is a Clone of midknight2k3 people
01:41:34midknight2k3what an insult!
01:41:39midknight2k3How dare you?
01:41:45tracktherippermidknight why are u being so rude to me for?
01:42:02midknight2k3it wanst me a swear*
01:42:04earHurtshe has a talent for it. ;)
01:42:19YeftIP addys dont lie
01:42:32Yefteither does Invision 2.0!
01:42:59tracktheripperanyway lets kiss and make up everyone
01:43:17CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:43:17*Yeft runs
01:43:28*midknight2k3 drags em back
01:43:35*Yeft cries
01:43:57*midknight2k3 shuts em up and shoves em toward tracktheripper
01:43:57Yefttracktheripper1 ( has joined but is a Clone of midknight2k3 people
01:44:15Yeft: what i meant to do :Jun 14, 2003 2:25 A.M. HORSHAM, PA, US OUT FOR DELIVERY
01:45:03Yeftwhich is a half hour from my home
01:45:13midknight2k3its coming today?
01:45:23Yeftits sunday
01:45:26midknight2k3oh boy
01:45:30Yeftand mail doesnt get delivered on sunday
01:45:37midknight2k3its 'mail'
01:45:44midknight2k3not ups or fedex?
01:45:44Yeftups is 'mail'
01:46:05Yefti think
01:46:21midknight2k3L - O - L
01:47:21tracktheripperMidknight did i ever show u this request?
01:47:51midknight2k3yes you did
01:48:09jzoss250 jzoss
01:49:05earHurtsnjzoss, you heard of snowcrash for winamp?
01:49:15midknight2k3l33t right?
01:49:19jzossBut I don't know much about fancy winamp plugins
01:49:20midknight2k3leet snowcrash
01:49:30jzossI'm not 1337
01:49:39earHurtswebn server, serves a page with which you can control winamp
01:49:52jzossfor remote-streaming?
01:50:03earHurtsno, local ncontrol
01:50:14jzosswhy do you need a webpage for local control?
01:50:18jzoss(pardon my ignorance)
01:50:44earHurtsI browse to the page from my wifi equipped pda
01:51:07earHurtsso I can control the winamp on the pc from the pda
01:51:10jzossahhhhh.... gotchya. I'm more of a tabletPC man, myself (I think). But I gotta try before I'll buy.
01:51:48earHurtstabnlet pc won't fit in your pocket
01:51:59jzossAnd I think I'd prefer an X10-style RF remote-control to run winamp than a web interface. But that's just me. To each his own!
01:52:05earHurtsa pda you can use in the bathtubn (with care)
01:52:19jzossone of my life's goals, to be sure
01:53:11earHurtswhat I like is that browsers are ubiquitous, so the porting to other platforms has been done for you
01:53:30jzosstru dat
01:54:07earHurtsthe x10n solution would require additonal hardware, no?
01:54:22jzossyes. But the PDA can also be considered "additional hardware" for me.
01:54:48earHurtstrue dat
01:54:55jzosslol. touche'
01:55:00Yeftok theres no ups sunday
01:55:07Yeftand heres how i figured it out:
01:55:26Yefti couldnt find it in the FAQ or anything like that
01:55:32Yeftso i did calculate time for shipment
01:55:40Yeftand i made sure that it should end on sunday
01:55:46Yeftand it ended monday
01:55:52Yefti hate being such a genius
01:56:08midknight2k3just be glad you're joking
01:56:13midknight2k3it could end up true like my case
01:57:01jzossWhen every minute counts, rely on UPS SonicAir for same-day shipping around the world −− 24 hours a day, seven days a week
01:57:13jzosssounds like Sunday to me, genius.
01:57:23Yeftyeh but i didnt pay for sonicair, bum
01:57:28jzoss;) just kidding, Yeft. (about the sarcasm, not the genius part)
01:57:36jzossAhhhh.... that's what I get for jumping in mid-stream
01:58:01*jzoss sits back down in his seat, hoping noone will notice...
01:59:26earHurtsmidk reminded nme that vnc has a webn client too
01:59:30earHurtsthanks midk
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02:00:21 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
02:00:38earHurtsas the regular one doen't work on my version of zaurus
02:01:05earHurtsI will try the java version on the wenb server
02:01:18 Quit Yeft (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:01:40midknight2k3it's ip address:5800
02:01:52 Join Yeft [0] (
02:02:13midknight2k3look at this request by tracktheripper
02:03:19earHurtsyeah 5800
02:03:34earHurtsparaphrase the request
02:03:44midknight2k3you mean summarize it?
02:04:01midknight2k3umm.. "make the archos recorder lcd a touchscreen"
02:04:54earHurtsopera doesn't render the java page
02:05:51earHurtsokay, so I need a java applicaton
02:10:38midknight2k3bye all
02:10:42midknight2k3i be back tomorrow
02:10:55midknight2k3see you all
02:10:58 Quit midknight2k3 ()
02:15:45 Quit Yeft ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 2520")
02:22:07 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
02:43:30 Join Jet8810 [0] (
02:43:52jzosshiya, jet
02:58:36 Join Stevie-O [0] (
03:14:56 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
03:15:08MiChAeLoLany new things in the last 3 days?
03:15:29Stevie-Omidnight2k3 is still annoying
03:15:37jzossbe nice! lol
03:15:46Stevie-OI'm not a nice guy
03:15:47MiChAeLoLno space invaders?
03:15:51Stevie-Oat least, not to people who annoy me
03:15:53MiChAeLoLor working search patch
03:16:29MiChAeLoLany idea why when sometimes when i try to turn on my recorder it just flashes a red light and doesnt turn on?
03:17:15Stevie-Othat sounds like what IDC says happens when the flash chip has bad data
03:17:18MiChAeLoLit worked after i held down the on button for like 10 secs but took a couple of tries
03:17:59MiChAeLoLand also one time it said IO aDdress <a bunch of #'s here> and just froze
03:18:15MiChAeLoLand had to hold down the off button for a long time to get it to turn off
03:18:28MiChAeLoLbattery at 48%
03:23:08*MiChAeLoL left to go search for his lost bird some more
03:40:28BoD[]see you all
03:40:29 Quit BoD[] ("certes")
03:56:19MiChAeLoLwhat software do you use to program stuff for the jukebox?
03:59:08MiChAeLoLso just like a basic text editor?
03:59:23MiChAeLoLwhat is it written in?
03:59:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:00:16Stevie-Orockbox is written in C
04:01:18MiChAeLoLregular C?
04:01:27*MiChAeLoL wants to program something for it
04:06:55Stevie-Ono, C flat
04:07:03Stevie-OBjoern's piano was out of tune
04:07:29MiChAeLoLso would something like
04:07:31MiChAeLoLint main() {
04:07:31MiChAeLoL printf("\nHello World"\n");
04:07:31MiChAeLoL return 0;
04:07:41MiChAeLoL} work?
04:08:13Stevie-O... no
04:08:23Stevie-OUse the Source, Luke
04:09:02*MiChAeLoL is confused
04:17:14*MiChAeLoL is completely confused after looking at the source
04:19:31MiChAeLoLwhat is the file it loads at startup?
04:19:38MiChAeLoLwant to edit it to say "Mikebox
04:20:34MiChAeLoLand what brand of remote does rockbox support?
04:28:26MiChAeLoLoh yeah, it should be written in be sharp :p
04:35:10Stevie-Od flat
04:40:25MiChAeLoLc sharp
04:40:34MiChAeLoLb flat
04:48:59 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
04:53:23 Quit adi|home (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:13:30 Join OliverKlozoff [0] (
05:13:30 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:18:28 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
05:28:50 Join earHurts [0] (
05:36:14jzossearHurts: you there?
05:37:11OliverKlozoffynes hne ins
05:40:57earHurtsvery funnnnnnny oliver
05:41:03jzossI've got a work-in-progress of my id3.c taglist mods. Would you mind taking a look and giving feedback?
05:41:20earHurtswhat's the url?
05:41:49jzossemail'd be easier. Can I send it to you?
05:42:29jzosskay. thx
05:43:05earHurtsbtw, I mispoke before. addinng stuff to taglist is probably a bnad idea.
05:44:30earHurtswe allow >1 entry per destination, e.g, 2 elemts both copy to trackname, TIT2 and TT2
05:45:11earHurtsif we add another membner to taglist, we're going to be addinng a redundant copy.
05:45:50jzossas in you're worried about extra memory for redundant extra field info?
05:46:12earHurtsi know nit's minicule
05:46:26jzossright. like a few bytes. You think it's meaningful?
05:47:08earHurtslemme look at the code
05:47:25jzossWoohoo! Go Spurs Go! =)
05:48:00earHurtswoohoo, I got modded up on slashdot1 go me!
05:48:02 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
05:49:59 Quit adi|home (
05:49:59 Quit MiChAeLoL (
05:49:59 Quit awy[baer]_ (
05:49:59 Quit elinenbe (
05:49:59 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
05:50:24NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
05:50:24NJoinMiChAeLoL [0] (
05:50:24NJoinawy[baer]_ [0] (
05:51:23earHurtsok, the xxx_NO_INFO ids are never used in the current build, you realize?
05:51:29jzossI use them
05:51:53jzossIf no info, my editID3 shows the xxx_NO_INFO msg
05:52:36earHurtscan we use a generic "no data for this field"?
05:53:06jzossYah. Some of the ID3 tags don't have associated NO_INFO
05:53:21jzossSo I already use the generic strings for those
05:53:40jzossI didn't realize until later. So I'll probably cut out the NO_INFo field from taglist
05:54:14earHurtsok, the point of this is to copy id3v1 to id3v2 and vice versa?
05:57:41jzossI debated only keeping string-based id3 data, but I'd like to have "old-school" numeric values for "easy" editing.
05:57:42earHurtswhy do we want to copy from one style to another?
05:58:07jzossLike for genre editing, it'd be nice to scroll through the id3v1 options and not have to edit text directly
05:58:17jzossOf course, preserving ability to edit text string freeform if you want to
05:58:38jzossSo the convert v1<->v2 is to keep things synced up during editing and for read/write of v1 data.
05:59:03earHurtsok, just my personal opinion, v1 is useless and should nbe deprecated.
05:59:18OliverKlozoffv1 is not useless
05:59:25OliverKlozoffit supports all the basic information
05:59:32earHurtsok, counter argument?
05:59:53earHurtswhat does v1 give nme that v2 does not?
05:59:53OliverKlozoffit's trivial to add an id3v1 tag to a file
06:00:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:00:08OliverKlozoffit is nontrivial to add an id3v2 tag (because you have to shift the entire file forward)
06:00:36earHurtsyeah, but it also amkes it harder to access v1 info
06:00:46OliverKlozoffno it doesn't
06:00:56OliverKlozoffseek(fd, -128, SEEK_END)
06:00:59jzossAdditional benefits : only compatability with old-school tagreading stuff. And, to some extent, standardization. It's easier to keep your genre tags consistent if you use a predefined than free-text always.
06:01:22earHurtsjzoss it sure is easier
06:01:44earHurtsbut it's also incorrect for many of my uses
06:01:50jzossyes. I agree.
06:02:12OliverKlozofflast time I checked earth had a population of over 6 billion people
06:02:15earHurtsI have a lot of albums and tracks with
06:02:18OliverKlozoffyou are one person
06:02:24earHurts > 30 chars
06:02:25jzossBut if I have all my files with both id3v1 and v2 tags, I'd hate to "lose" the id3v1 info on the few files I edit because of typos. I'd rather have them all keep all the info they started with.
06:02:48jzossYes. > 30 chars is a MUST. So my files all will always have v2 tags
06:02:52earHurtsgood point, jzoss
06:03:54earHurtsok, here's my thought. all your stuff is depndant on struct mp3entry
06:04:02jzossAnd I don't think it's all *that* bad to keep them in sync. Certainly no more risky than shifting file data to resize for a larger id3v2 segment
06:04:34earHurtsyeah, the in sync argunment is persuasive
06:05:48jzossokay... so I do depend on mp3entry lots
06:06:22earHurtsok, you're treating the old int memnbers as v1
06:07:18jzossyes. And there's also extra char[30] buffers floating around for the string data (it's stored doubly just so I don't have to worry about which tags have separate v1 storage and which don't)
06:07:23earHurtsthat's not bad
06:08:13earHurtswhy not njust consider the first up to 30 as v1?
06:09:21earHurtsugh! don't give taglist an explicit size!
06:09:34earHurtslet the compiler figure that out.
06:09:34jzossSorry... that was debugging I forgot to take out
06:09:45jzossHad problems getting the v2list and v1list to compile correctly
06:10:30earHurtsyeah, and all those hardcode "+n"s are ugly.
06:10:48MiChAeLoLcan ya send one to me too :D:D
06:10:48MiChAeLoL(fm version)
06:11:35jzossearHurts: right any better idea on how to do that?
06:11:52earHurtsok, can you get rid of the extra pointers by considering v1 to bne the first 30 chars of thw v2 string?
06:12:32jzosswhich extra pointers? The v2list and v1list arrays?
06:13:08earHurtsget rid of the v1 pointers, yeah.
06:13:34earHurtsand the v1 members of mp3entry
06:14:28jzossProbably. It just means more run-time conversions of v2->v1 if we don't cache those values in the mp3entry
06:15:10earHurtsah. the nul terminator
06:15:26jzossTo be clear: I still kinda need the id3v1list and id3v2list arrays to scan over. But I can definitely see ways to get rid of the v1_* structs in mp3entry
06:16:05jzossShouldn't need to have a NULL for your concept of stealing the first 30 chars as v1. It just requires some creative copying on v2->v1 conversion
06:16:56earHurtsdepends on how they're displayed.
06:17:09earHurtsprintf style conversions...
06:17:22earHurtswill %s take a width?
06:18:10jzossYou'd probably have to strncpy it out to a tmp string before printf-ing
06:18:27earHurtsif not, yeah
06:18:46*MiChAeLoL wonders when someone is gunna make space invaders
06:19:18*MiChAeLoL also begs someone to send a version (fm recorder) of the firmware with the chip8 emulator patch applied :D:D
06:19:41earHurtswhat's chip8?
06:20:57jzossI think an old processor style. Like Z80 games, only different. =)
06:21:01MiChAeLoLan old system with games
06:21:02MiChAeLoLlike z80
06:21:09jzossbeatya to it!
06:21:14MiChAeLoLpong etc...
06:21:53*MiChAeLoL begs someone to compile it and send it to him
06:22:00jzossin progress
06:22:48MiChAeLoLif someone does compile it ill post a link with it for all the begging people
06:23:06earHurtsok, we can specify width to printf
06:24:38*MiChAeLoL begs for someone to send the chip8 emu compiled to him (fm recorder version)
06:24:39earHurtsmichael, can't do it before about 20 hours from now
06:24:59MiChAeLoLif i could only get cygwin to wor
06:24:59jzossyeah, official printf does. I'm not sure how ti works in rockbox, though
06:25:27earHurtsmy source trees got a lot of mods in it
06:25:39earHurtsI'll have to download fresh source
06:26:23earHurtsthen we mnake rocknbox more official.
06:26:45earHurtsthat's worth doing even if we don't use it ourselves
06:27:26earHurtsand I'll have places I'll want it anyway
06:29:44earHurtsok, if you read old tags like TT2, you'll still end up writing a TIT2. Is that going to be a problem for users using old taggers?
06:29:50MiChAeLoLstupid cygwin
06:30:19earHurtsmichael, are you using the sh1 target?
06:30:32jzossmaybe. {shrug}. I think it'd be too hard to try and match the id3tag->write with the type found during id3->read
06:31:55earHurtsyeah, but if the user edits the tags and they 'disappear' in his pc tagger....
06:32:00MiChAeLoLdont know
06:32:08MiChAeLoLif i could get cygwin to run i would find out
06:32:20MiChAeLoLwant htis sooo badly "Chip 8 games are simple but there are many interpretations of classic games, pong, joust, breakout, space invaders and so on. There are also some more modern games such as tetris, and that game everyone has on their Nokia, with the worm chasing its tail.
06:32:25jzossyup. Maybe I should use a neural network to predict how best to handle these tags. ;) j/k
06:33:07earHurtswe could keep a bitmap of what was read
06:33:31jzossjpg would be smaller. Or where you serious? ;)
06:33:54jzossI'm assuming you mean bit (byte) map, not picture-style
06:34:19earHurtswe have at most two possibilities per tag
06:34:23jzossSeems a minor issue to me.... what'dya think? Something I need to address?
06:34:33jzossTwo possibilities now. Maybe more in v2.4 or later
06:34:33MiChAeLoLwould be cool if someone ported a ti-calc emu to it
06:34:39MiChAeLoLthen we could play all the ti games
06:36:12earHurtspossible, but i suspect they'll keep the names the same.
06:36:17MiChAeLoLif i had that emu i could be playing breakout :(
06:36:38jzossMiChAeLoL : compile done. Send to where?
06:36:44MiChAeLoLdcc it to me ?
06:37:03earHurtsnice of you jzoss
06:37:14*MiChAeLoL gives jzoss 5 bucks
06:37:27MiChAeLoLnow ill just have to find bigred2k
06:37:46MiChAeLoLor rather midnight2k3
06:37:52MiChAeLoLthinking of someone else
06:37:55MiChAeLoLi know he wants it too
06:39:01earHurtsok, here's my main criticism of your approach: by maining two fields, you hvae to ndo a lot of synching
06:39:03MiChAeLoLawww crap
06:39:10MiChAeLoLthats the old version resumed
06:39:13earHurtsmaintaining, even
06:39:14MiChAeLoLlet me delete it
06:39:34MiChAeLoLcould ya send it again?
06:39:52earHurtsinstead, why not have a single record, and two ways of 'mining' that data.
06:40:28MiChAeLoLcould ya send it again?
06:40:49jzossMiChAeLoL : Yah? What's wrong?
06:41:02MiChAeLoLhad an old file with the same name
06:41:04MiChAeLoLit resumed it
06:41:13MiChAeLoLthats why it send in 0 sec's
06:41:22MiChAeLoLthanks much appricated
06:42:34jzossearHurts : using a single record doesn't actually save any "synching", if I still want to use id3v1 data in editing. It just means the operations are run-time conversions instead of run-time syncing. Same thing, really. Just no mp3entry cache location
06:42:41earHurtsyou'll need to mine in two cases, on display, and onwrite
06:43:51jzossDisplay: not really, 'cause I'll just use the v2 info there.
06:44:14jzossconversion happens on : 1) read (from v1, if it falls through to that)
06:44:17jzoss2) v1 write
06:44:18*MiChAeLoL tries it out
06:44:33jzoss3) "easy edit" using v1-style (e.g. int) data
06:45:36earHurtsediting ints is easier because you give a list of values.
06:46:02earHurtsbut no need to save the ints
06:47:02jzossRight. I'm just fine with only keeping a single copy in the mp3entry and run-time converting.
06:47:15jzossIt's a valid point. I'll make that change
06:48:43earHurtsnow if you only convert on write/display
06:49:13earHurtsyou don't need the hardcoded "+n"s
06:50:38earHurtsjust an array of conversion functionns
06:51:35jzossI don't think so. The "generic tag" display/edit functions need to scan over a list. Those +n arrays provide lists of tags that are unique in mp3entry-space (as opposed to tag-space)
06:52:44earHurtsyes, my point exactly
06:52:52MiChAeLoLdamn this is nice
06:53:11MiChAeLoLtoo bad ya cant view the ball in break out that easily (too small)
06:53:24earHurtsyou list is only depedant on mp3struct
06:53:34earHurtsuntiln you actually write
06:55:09earHurtsdon't get me wrong. it's good code you've writtenn.
06:55:17jzossYes, it would probably be sufficient to do an array that directly references offsets to mp3entry (instead of indirectly through taglist). And a separate entry for the conversion functions
06:55:22jzossI see what you're getting at
06:55:49earHurtsI'm only examining it so nclosely because I know you want it to be good.
06:56:10jzossI dunno... on the one hand is a more "localized" representation (all info in taglist) and on the other hand is more direct referencing (directly to mp3entry)
06:56:32jzossMaybe I'll run the option by Z or Linus. Since they'll be ultimately reviewing it
06:58:17earHurtsI do database stuff, so I'mn trying for 'normal form': no redundant data
06:59:43jzossFair enough
07:00:04jzossthx for your help... I'm gonna sleep now. But I'll ask Z or Linus tomorrow if I "see" them
07:00:09jzossnight all!
07:00:29 Part jzoss ("Client exiting")
07:01:22*MiChAeLoL posts a link
07:01:46*MiChAeLoL posts a nlink
07:06:34MiChAeLoLhehe the link has been posted
07:08:16MiChAeLoLoooo ooo oo anyone with compiling skills here?
07:08:43MiChAeLoLall /me needs now is the text editor with word wrap
07:16:17 Join matsl [0] (
07:45:21 Join thu [0] (
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08:01:03*MiChAeLoL leaves to sleep
08:09:25 Join Bagder [241] (
08:49:43 Join dwihno [20] (
09:00:05 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: good to the last drop!")
09:24:23 Join tracktheripper [0] (
09:25:55 Join awy[baer] [0] (
09:30:43tracktheripperearhurts its Bagder, not Badger
09:31:14earHurtsquite right, thanks.
09:31:59earHurtsbagder, does the rocknbox prinntf family support a width specifier for %s?
09:33:28earHurtse.g., printf( "%.1s", "foo" ) ; =
09:33:46earHurts=> f
09:36:42earHurtsand printf( "%.*s", "foo", 1 ) ; => f
09:37:15earHurtsand printf( "%.*s", "foo", -1 ) ; => foo
09:42:19earHurtsanybody nnknow thee url for browsing the cvs code as htnml?
09:42:23 Quit awy[baer]_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:43:40earHurtsnevernmind. found the url
09:48:20 Quit PsycoXul (Remote closed the connection)
09:48:27 Join PsycoXul [20] (
09:49:49earHurtsline 110 of sprintf.c seems inefficient
09:50:26earHurtsand it doesn't appear that widths of * are supported
09:52:56tracktheripperwhen can we dump recordings in a folder of ur choice rrather than the root?
09:53:12BagderearHurts: nope
09:53:29*Bagder returns
09:53:49earHurtsnope it's not supported, you mean?
09:54:13Bagderit is pretty simple that implementation
09:54:29tracktheripperbagder recording needs tyding up
09:54:30earHurtsany reason why we don't just lift, say, gcc's implementation?
09:54:43Bagderbecause of size and speed I guess
09:55:30Bagdertracktheripper: so fix it
09:55:36earHurtshow about we add the * width and fix line 110 then?
09:55:52tracktheripperi already have fixed it Bagder :-)
09:56:10BagderearHurts: I wouldn't mind that
09:56:31earHurtsyou doing it, or am I?
09:56:41tracktheripperive resorted to the Archos firmware for recording and playlist duties
09:56:58Bagderplease go ahead, I'm a bit busy atm
09:57:26earHurtsok, give me 24 hours?
09:57:32Bagderoh sure
09:57:45 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
09:57:50earHurtsyou busy with rocknbox stuff?
09:58:02Bagderno, with other things
09:58:46 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
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15:30:28 Join Stevie[FreedomPa [0] (~whatsit2u@
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16:35:45*Stevie[FreedomPa is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
16:36:45*Stevie[FreedomPa is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 1min] [KS]
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16:42:54 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
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16:58:37 Join Bluechip [0] (
16:59:22 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
16:59:23Bluechiphi, just writing a game for jbr, what does my game_main() have to return?
17:02:01hardeepBluechip: take a look at the other games in apps/recorder for examples (eg. tetris.c and sokoban.c)
17:03:42BluechipI will look also in tetris and worms then, sokoban didn't have it commented
17:05:31Bluechipso am I correct to say that you return false unless you detect a SYS_USB_CONNECTED?
17:05:41Bluechip...then you return true
17:06:17Bluechipcool - cheers
17:08:30Stevie[FreedomPaunless you want to be buggy like half of the menu items
17:08:42Stevie[FreedomPa(ex: most of the debug menu items)
17:09:15Bluechipyeah, one thing I plan to do is tidy up the menus so at least the keys remain the same throughout! - even one of the debug options uses a different exit key!
17:10:52Bluechipgot the logic and AI all running using dos i/o, so now to convert all the i/o to rockbox, compile and test!!
17:13:03*Stevie[FreedomPa abhors taht
17:13:22Stevie[FreedomPaanother example: the only way to exit the F2 menu is F2, same for F3
17:14:33Bluechipthe menu system is a bit of a mess all round, but in fairness, the effort has clearly been made to get stable working features
17:15:47Stevie[FreedomPahave you seen the menutest?
17:15:51 Nick Stevie[FreedomPa is now known as Stevie[FP] (~whatsit2u@
17:16:36Bluechipnot even heard of it
17:16:50Stevie[FP]do you have an fm or recorder?
17:18:13Bluechipfyi: "MAS regs" uses LEFT to exit, every other option uses OFF
17:18:23Stevie[FP]Changelog for 1.51.41b:
17:18:23Stevie[FP](6/16/2003 10:57AM)
17:18:23Stevie[FP]- "Balance View" mode should now support magic tags.
17:18:23DBUGEnqueued KICK Stevie[FP]
17:18:23Stevie[FP]- Now sending the next transaction ID to be used to MOMA as parameter 103.
17:19:08Bluechip"mas codec" uses left of off; "view io ports" only uses off
17:20:36Bluechipwhat is this?
17:20:52Stevie[FP]try it
17:22:01Bluechipright now I will keep working - I will play later when I start going mad - I have gotta try and get the UI simulator to work next.... wish me luck :)
17:31:24Bluechipare there any api docs around or is it "dig through the code"?
17:32:42 Join matsl [0] (
17:33:14Bluechipif not, maybe i could write one as I go - be a good way for me to memorise it all
17:33:59Bluechipcuppa T, brb.
17:38:04 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
17:39:19 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
17:41:13Bluechipany programmers around atm?
17:46:54hardeepBluechip: yeah
17:48:21 Join TotMacher [0] (
17:51:21 Quit TotMacher (Client Quit)
17:52:27 Join TotMacher [0] (
17:53:23 Quit TotMacher (Client Quit)
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18:02:08Bluechiphardeep: still there?
18:04:42hardeepBluechip: yeah
18:04:56Bluechipis there an api currently available?
18:05:07Bluechipif not would it be useful for me to build one as I go
18:05:12 Join Yeft [0] (
18:05:18Yeftis any one here
18:05:20hardeepBluechip: not one that has been updated in the past year or so
18:05:22Yefti have a crisis
18:05:41Bluechipdidn't see it on the docs page
18:05:50hardeepBluechip: the code is pretty easy to read but I doubt anyone would complain if you wrote up an api doc :)
18:06:01Yeftok well yesterday my hard drive messed up big time, and i had to format my computer, which deleted about 1000 of my mp3 files
18:06:15Yeftmost of which are stored on my old 6gb jukebox, but that broke
18:06:28Bluechipyeft: data recovrey software will do a good job if your drive was NOT fragmented
18:07:08hardeepI don't think you'll be able to recover now that you formatted it
18:07:19BluechipHD: i will jot down what I find - just prototypes for the main calls
18:07:19hardeepwhat's "broke" on your jukebox?
18:07:30Yeftit doesnt turn on
18:07:41Bluechiphd: where is the tyear old doc
18:07:53Yefti think its cause i broke some soldering attached to the battery thing < : )
18:08:09hardeepBluechip: docs/API
18:08:40hardeepYeft: the hard drive on your jukebox is probably okay then... just connect it to your computer to retrieve the MP3s
18:09:03BluechipAHHH! in the dev kit - D'OH - was looking on the web site
18:10:03hardeepYeft: you just need an adapter to attach a laptop hard rive to your pc
18:10:55CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:10:55*Stevie[FP] calls archos tech support
18:11:20Yeftthere is a tech support???????????????????????????
18:12:24Bluechiphd: how big is an int?
18:12:56hardeepBluechip: on the SH-1 it's 4 bytes iirc
18:14:07Yeftis hard drive 2 words?
18:14:49Stevie[FP]Yeft: well
18:14:51Stevie[FP]there's a number
18:15:14Yeftlol steve
18:15:24Yeftsweet 10 $ for the adapter
18:17:12Stevie[FP]6 minutes 11 secs so far
18:17:17Stevie[FP]good thing I'm at work, where I don't pay for LD
18:18:51Bluechipbutton.h suggests that it is impossible to identify between RC keys and Unit keys
18:19:43Stevie[FP]what do you think the modifier BUTTON_REMOTE means?
18:20:50BluechipI would think it meant that there was a modifier for remote buttons - what a shame there is not one in button.h - perhaps someone could/should add it
18:21:50hardeepBluechip: there is one now as Stevie[FP] mentioned... comments may be incorrect in code
18:22:33Bluechipnot looking at code comments - I'm looking at the complete lack of a #define
18:22:46hardeepBluechip: are you using latest CVS?
18:23:04Bluechipnope, i've got the official released code
18:23:28hardeepBluechip: switch to latest CVS.... there have been many changes since 2.0 was released
18:23:45Bluechip:( bugger
18:23:59hardeepBluechip: whatever patch you make will have to be updated to latest CVS anyways, might as well start using it from beginning
18:24:03Yeftgetdataback is doin its thing right now
18:24:06Yefthopefully it works
18:24:57Yeftcrap it doesnt do xp........
18:24:58Stevie[FP]14 minutes
18:25:00Stevie[FP]of music
18:25:08Stevie[FP]'all available agents are busy'
18:25:19Stevie[FP]groups of 3 annoying beeps
18:25:30Stevie[FP]and some instructions that I think might be important, but were WAY too quiet for me to hear
18:26:00Stevie[FP]15 minutes
18:26:02Bluechipyes, makes sense, shame though, means I have to run untested code to test my code!
18:26:11Stevie[FP]untested code?
18:26:35Bluechipi presume CVS just gives me that latest bunch of hacks
18:26:46Stevie[FP]it's more than the 'latest bunch of hacks'
18:26:50Stevie[FP]did you look at the date on 2.0?
18:27:21Bluechipthe date was not of interest to me, i just wanted a officially sanctioned known-working release of the code to play with
18:27:39Stevie[FP]well the rest of us live in in the daily builds
18:27:57Stevie[FP]for example, menutest5 was against sometime in may
18:28:09Bluechipno idea what that is
18:28:16Stevie[FP]I told you to check it out :P
18:28:21Stevie[FP]i think ig ot someone
18:28:28Stevie[FP]at the 17:30 mark
18:28:45hardeepBluechip: the latest CVS is quite stable
18:28:46Stevie[FP]still ringing...
18:29:18Yeftarchos tech support?
18:29:23Yeftwhat are you asking?
18:29:30BluechipYes, you did, i think I explained that I was too busy to install something when I didn't even know what it was
18:29:38Bluechiphad no use for it
18:30:30BluechipI'm trying to get MY code compiling, I am not in the mood for beta someone elses code
18:31:09Yefthey if you get a hold of them, tell them CD-KEY #: 2H4QQ-5JK75-3Qj24-2U227 says hi
18:33:29Yeftok does anyone here run xp
18:33:32*Yeft hides before he's laughed at
18:33:37 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
18:33:43hardeepYeft: i run xp
18:33:53Stevie[FP]they picked up
18:33:55Stevie[FP]after 18 minutes
18:34:07Stevie[FP]they must know their QA is crap
18:34:07Yeftok i have a question, about the reason i had to format....
18:34:21Stevie[FP]Handspring was much more reluctant to issue an RMA when I had a problem
18:35:18Yeftwhenever i would turn the computer on, it would bring up a blue screen displaying some hex (i think 00000000 x 000000ED) or something and that i should restart or unistall hardware does that make sense?
18:36:30hardeepYeft: could be any number of issues that could cause that
18:36:49Yeftbut it would stop there... i couldnt boot at all
18:36:54Yeftin safe mode or anything
18:36:55hardeepYeft: a reinstall is not a bad idea if that starts happening
18:37:25hardeepYeft: although it's usually best to first confirm that it's not a hardware issue
18:37:34hardeepYeft: yeah
18:37:46Bluechipyeft: i agree, the problem was far more likely windoze than the player :(
18:37:46Yeftonly hardware i had in was the keyboard, and mouse
18:38:46hardeepYeft: er, you have more hardware than that on your pc... e.g. memory/video card/sound card/cpu etc.
18:39:51Bluechipyeft: if it happens again, try your player on a friends machine before giving up :)
18:39:56Yeftbut i didnt install any myself
18:40:26hardeepYeft: that doesn't mean that there can't be a problem with them
18:40:51Bluechipyeft: sadly windoze has many bugs still - even if you run ALL of the updates - GPFs (blue screens) are SOFTWARE errors - sometimes caused by faulty hardware - but rarely
18:41:34Yeftis there any freeware data recovery?
18:41:38hardeepBluechip: I would disagree on XP, only time i've encountered blue screens are when there were hardware problems
18:41:45Yeftdamn people who try to make money from programming : P
18:42:10Bluechiphd: <shrugs> my experience of XP was all driver related bugs
18:42:29Bluechipdropped back to '98 and all my hardware started working again!
18:43:15Yefti found freeware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18:44:00Yeftyou guys will probably have to talk me through it though cuz the reviews at say that you need to know youre about partitions and junk, and i umm....dont
18:44:53Bluechipwhich s/w are you going to try first?
18:45:29Bluechipyeft: yes, sorry, you :)
18:45:44Yeftlol ok.......its called PC Inspector
18:45:53Bluechipthe german one?
18:45:53Yeftbah insector*
18:46:42Bluechipor is that PC Information Recovery - there are quite a few to try
18:47:07Yeftwell all i know is its free lol
18:47:42Yeftlol because stuff you have to pay for bites!
18:48:58Bluechipit amazes me how much better most freeware is when compared to its commercial equivalent
18:49:00Yeftok i know its there, because after a search with a shareware one if ound all my files
18:49:20Bluechipformatting doe NOT erase data!
18:50:11Bluechiphardeep: is there a daily tar-ball of source? (i just wanna get going and not read up on CVS)
18:54:24 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
18:54:27Yeftlol it is pc inspector
18:54:55MiChAeLoLanyone tried the text editor with word wrap?
18:55:52MiChAeLoL i would gladly try it if i could compile it
18:56:48Yeftbad parameter in boot sector : root directory cluster (2401318673) > count of clusters!
18:56:55Yeftdoes that mean anything to anyone?
18:57:17*MiChAeLoL left to go look for his lost parrot
18:57:26Bluechippossibly dodgy partition table - says that your root directory is stored off the end of the drive
18:57:45Bluechiphow big is the drive?
18:57:51Yeft76 gb
18:58:19Bluechipdoes the recovery software have a drive size limit?
18:58:29Yeft.... ill check
18:58:52Bluechipnot too sure if that number is reasonable, never tried with such a big drive
18:59:55Yefthey , doesnt make you less of a man ; )
19:00:50Bluechipwhat makes you think I'm a guy?
19:01:17*Stevie[FP] wonders how many females have actually ventured into this place
19:01:45Stevie[FP]I'm thinking that it's very small
19:01:50Bluechipand one of those thought it was a dike chat group
19:02:02Stevie[FP]they thought we were talking about damns?
19:02:24Stevie[FP]anyway, statistically you're likely to be male
19:03:19Bluechipstatistically everybody on the planet has just over 1/2 penis (am I allowed to say that here?)
19:03:44Stevie[FP]that's not a correct statement
19:03:56Yeftwhen i run "Find Lost Data"
19:03:58Yeftit says:
19:04:07Stevie[FP]'if I could find it, it wouldn't be lost'
19:04:58Yeftaccess violation at address 004B6A7C in module 'filerecovery.exe' write of address 13A026E6
19:05:05Yeftso this means.............
19:05:27Bluechipthe software wont run on your machine
19:05:33Yeftcrap that
19:05:45 Quit edx ()
19:05:54Bluechipwow - they've stopped calling it a "GPF"
19:06:26Bluechipsteve: you a programmery type
19:06:47Bluechipyeft: filerecovery.exe just GPF'ed
19:06:59Yeftgpf meaning
19:07:06Bluechipgeneral protection failure
19:07:17Bluechipaccessed memory it did not have privs for
19:07:29Bluechipit is issued by the CPU
19:07:57Yefti'm admin what doesnt it have privs for
19:08:43Bluechipmemory address 13A026E6
19:08:59 Join edx [0] (
19:09:09Yeftif i beat the crap out of my computer you think itll give me privs?
19:09:49Bluechipas i say, it is a CPU issue, not a OS issue, it will be a stray pointer most likely - possible caused by the bad sector read from the drive and a complete lack of error checking by the guy who wrote filerecovery.exe
19:09:58 Join Scorp [0] (
19:10:15Yeftthat bastard
19:10:16Scorphey guys, can the player run some apps besides rockbox itself? where can I find them?
19:10:29Scorpalso do you know fi any physical stores sell the travel kit ?
19:10:40BluechipHEYYYYY, finally found the daily source - obvious when you know where to look !
19:12:01Yeftso no one knows good data recovery software (free)
19:12:20Bluechipis vitual lab free?
19:12:31Bluechipbad copy?
19:12:50Yeftvirtual lab isnt free
19:12:52Yefti dont think
19:13:06 Quit Scorp (Client Quit)
19:13:18Yeftgetdataback is a lot too...
19:15:10 Join xpfred [0] (
19:15:15xpfredhello !
19:15:59MiChAeLoLso could i buy the remote seperate?
19:15:59 Quit hardeep ("[BX] BitchX is as BitchX does")
19:16:44xpfredI've got a little question for you : how can I avoid the red led bug ?
19:16:59Bluechipremove the red led :)
19:17:16MiChAeLoLhold the off button when it happens
19:17:31Yeftwindows xp is NFTS right
19:17:47xpfredSometimes it's continously on, and sometimes it blinks ... what does this mean ?
19:17:59xpfredI know how to switch off my device, thank you :D
19:18:07Bluechipblinking is HDD access and is normal
19:18:13xpfredAnd Windows XP is NTFS and/or FAT
19:18:37Yeftok ty
19:18:53xpfredIs it really normal when it blinks regularu and for about a minute ?
19:18:59MiChAeLoLso will other remotes work?
19:19:04MiChAeLoLor just the archos brand
19:19:14Yefti will not resort to downloading my mp3 collection again : )
19:20:03Bluechipwith archos f/w - only archos remote; with rockbox, it *may* be possible to add support - depending on any number of factors
19:24:00Bluechip*** can someone explain why there are no changes listed for Rec SIm Win32, and yet two errors have disappeared?
19:26:21Stevie[FP]because nobody uses rec sim win32
19:32:50Bluechipoh! how should I test my code then?
19:35:32 Quit xpfred (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:35:47Stevie[FP]I always wind up testing it empirically
19:36:09Stevie[FP]Yeft: you should have BACKED THEM UP
19:36:18Yeftthey were!
19:36:21Bluechipby "nobody" do you mean "everybody" or "many people"?
19:36:22Yefton my JB6000
19:36:25Yeftbut that broke too
19:36:39Stevie[FP]Bluechip: I've found the Simulator to be of no use
19:36:53Stevie[FP]since it doesn't accurately represent most of the features
19:37:42Stevie[FP]i am hungree
19:37:45*Stevie[FP] is away [fewd] [KS-MsgLog Off]
19:38:13BluechipI only want to test my screen and keypad handling
19:38:29Bluechiptakes a bloomin' age to transfer and reboot
19:47:50*MiChAeLoL waits for his 6.90 $ usb 2.0 card to get to him
19:48:00MiChAeLoLlol the shipping costed more then the pci card
19:48:40BluechipI hunted in the UK and finally got one for 10 - local shops wanted 35
19:50:54MiChAeLoL"Do not use with the Jukebox Multimedia & Jukebox FM Recorder" does it work with the fm recorder?
19:52:25MiChAeLoLdamn cheapest i can find the travel kit is for 33 bucks
19:53:40MiChAeLoLno support for other remotes?
19:53:53MiChAeLoLwould be cool if rockbox could add support for some cheap brandx remote
19:55:30Bluechipremote can be purchased seperately
19:55:36MiChAeLoLcould someone compile that patch for the fm recorder version?
19:55:58Bluechipi just phoned archos uk, and ordered one
19:56:34MiChAeLoLhmmm how much was it again?
19:56:49MiChAeLoLbut if its in the uk im probably gunna pay a lot on shipping
19:57:18MiChAeLoL21.8455 USD
19:57:19Bluechipprobably need a loan to ship something out of the UK - there's probably a cardboard box tax that needs to be paid
19:57:41MiChAeLoLyea would probably be cheaper for me just to get the travel kit
19:57:46Bluechip:( sadly
19:58:09Bluechipanother pair of headphones for the kids to play with :)
19:58:41MiChAeLoL1 USD = 0.844482 EUR damn going to europe and stupid ass bush messing with the exchange rate :( used to be around 1 to 1
19:59:17MiChAeLoLtime to go play some basketball
19:59:33Bluechipgood idea :)
20:00:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:29:26*Stevie[FP] is back from [fewd] [gone 51mins 41secs] [KS]
20:32:38Yeftis there any real warez sites that actually have downloads and arent just "VOTE US THEN DOWNLOAD" a hundred times in a row~!!!!!!!!??????????????
20:35:36Yeftjust wondering
20:36:26Bluechipyou love your generalisations don't you steve
20:39:44 Join _aLF [0] (
20:40:45Yeftanyone wanna make a crack for me!?????
20:45:36Yefti dont think you know how good it feels to listen to my music
20:48:06Yeftholy crap i think i'm in heaven!
20:48:40 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:48:51YeftI LOVE IT
20:48:55YeftI LOVE IT
20:52:12Yeftquick question...
20:52:26Yeftdo any files lose informatioin?
21:06:39Yeftbut you didnt notice i messed it up?
21:07:08Yeftanyways so i did a search right, and i found pretty much EVERYTHING!!! but will like the ends of some files be trimmed?
21:10:24 Join kargatron [0] (
21:10:28 Part kargatron
21:20:09 Join Zagor [242] (
21:23:43Yeftquestion if anyone is here?
21:24:07Zagori am
21:24:24Yeftany clue about data recovery?
21:24:48Yeftlike GetDataBack
21:27:45Zagoryou should probably just ask your question...
21:28:13Yeftwell you see getdataback is just shareware, but it has to save the files SOMEWHERE temporarily
21:28:17Yeftand i wanna know where that is
21:28:44Zagordid you just run it?
21:29:20Yeftbut i cannot copy files without the key
21:30:15Yeftso unless you're bored and want to make me a crack ; )
21:32:08Yeftit has the files with stupid id tags like $32
21:32:13MTbuy the software if its useful
21:32:21Yefti would
21:32:27Yeftbut i just bought an archos lol
21:32:38MTso its not useful enough
21:33:01MTwhat has this to do with rockbox?
21:33:12Yeftmy mp3 files
21:33:13Yeftare lost
21:33:16Yeftand gone forever
21:33:18Yeftor not
21:33:23Yeftbut they're here
21:33:54ZagorYeft: try some free software instead. like pc inspector or disk investigator
21:34:09Yeftpc inspector did not work
21:37:01Yeftanother question, quality is gonna be cut down right......
21:38:13Zagorquality of what?
21:38:55Zagor...when you do what?
21:39:01Yeftrestore the files
21:47:38Yeftthanks all!
21:47:40 Quit Yeft ()
21:52:03Stevie[FP]anyone know where PB9 might lead to?
21:53:59Zagorbeats me
21:54:47Stevie[FP]it's apparently an input pin
21:57:44Stevie[FP]not PB9...
21:57:49Stevie[FP]15 14 13 12
21:58:08Stevie[FP]MAS I2C
22:00:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:00:58Stevie[FP]are these guys morons or what?
22:01:52Zagorwhat are you seeing?
22:01:56Stevie[FP]they do the equivalent of set_interrupt_level(15)
22:02:00Stevie[FP]to disable interrupts
22:02:25Stevie[FP]release the SCL pin for the MAS I2C
22:02:31Stevie[FP]then set_interrupt_level(0)
22:02:48Stevie[FP]... then immediately (absolutely no instructions in between) set_interrupt_level(15) again
22:03:10Zagorhehe. how ... innovative :)
22:03:23Stevie[FP]here's the real kicker
22:03:28Stevie[FP]this results in the following code:
22:04:01Stevie[FP](@0x0900f8dc): ldc sr, r0 <- C equivalent: 'x = sr;'
22:04:20Stevie[FP](@0x0900f8dc): ldc r0, sr <- C equivalent: 'x = sr;'
22:04:28Stevie[FP](@0x0900f8de): stc sr, r0 <- C equivalent: 'sr = x;'
22:04:43ricIIprobely they used some sort of visual compiler...
22:05:53Stevie[FP]I'm having difficulty with that
22:06:11Stevie[FP]cuz on average (for x86 code) Visual C++ generates 20% smaller code than gcc
22:06:36Stevie[FP]I know this because there was a thread on [linux-kernel] about it
22:06:49Zagoryeah, vc makes quite good code.
22:07:14ricIIbut there people known what to do with tools...
22:07:36Stevie[FP]hmm no
22:08:28Stevie[FP]sets SCL for input
22:08:32Stevie[FP]sets SDA for input
22:08:48Stevie[FP]they must be pulled high, and the code must be relying on that
22:10:34Stevie[FP]now that's an interesting test
22:10:36Stevie[FP]tst r0, r0
22:10:39Stevie[FP]negc r2, r1
22:13:55 Join RedBaran [0] (
22:18:47 Quit RedBaran (
22:19:17NJoinRedBaran [0] (
22:20:05Stevie[FP]can someone tell me if the MAS SCL/SDA are pulled high or low?
22:20:44Stevie[FP]that must be it
22:20:47Stevie[FP]that's the only explanation
22:21:04Stevie[FP]since they're accsesing PBIOR/PBDR/friends as 16-bit registers
22:21:27Stevie[FP]they're disabling interrupts before modifying each bit, then re-enabling them
22:22:16Stevie[FP]they must have a macro like this
22:22:54Stevie[FP]#define SAFE_SET_BITS(reg, mask) do { set_interrupt_level(15); reg |= mask; set_interrupt_level(0); } while(0)
22:25:08Stevie[FP]which sucks, cuz they take 3 instructions to set_interrupt_level(15) and 4 to set it to 0
22:27:42Stevie[FP]it would appear
22:28:04Stevie[FP]that r0 is used solely for setting the interrupt level
22:28:18Stevie[FP]so the stupid thing doesn't even need to stc each time
22:29:37Zagorinteresting: "Hi, the FM Recorder has been / being deleted from the Archos product range leaving only the Recorder 20 (Studio range is also been / being deleted)" −− Chris Street, Authorised Archos Reseller
22:31:05*Stevie[FP] wonders why everybody uses 0x05FFFFblah
22:36:04Zagorthat's the documented address
22:36:43Stevie[FP]and it's also documented that where all those Fs are, is ignored
22:36:52Stevie[FP]0x05000blah would be just as effective
22:37:26Zagoryeah, but what's the gain?
22:37:41 Quit Schnueff (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:37:56 Join Schnueff [0] (
22:39:29Stevie[FP]I don't know why they specified the FFFFs in the SH-1 manual
22:39:46Zagorusing the address from the manual will be less confusing for new readers, imho
22:40:19Stevie[FP]it would seem that if they wanted to make a future CPU that was compatible, it would make more sense if they were triggered off of higher address bits being 1, not 0
22:40:34Stevie[FP]they==new ocp regs
22:40:46Stevie[FP]and they==hitachi
22:40:55Stevie[FP]use your best judgement to determine the correct replacement :D
22:41:33*Stevie[FP] wonders if he's doing that wrong
22:42:27Stevie[FP]that's why
22:42:30*Stevie[FP] kicks himself
22:45:23 Join carloseb [0] (
22:45:52Stevie[FP]the startup code that verifies correct I2C operation must differ from the main code
22:46:45carlosebanyone answer a 'user question' about vbr mp3's?
22:49:40Zagorcarloseb: sure
22:50:35carlosebcool.. i've just put some vbr files on my archos.. discovered i need to use the update vbr feature to 'fix' them..
22:50:52carlosebworks like a charm, but i'm wordering if theer's a way to do it off the arhcos.. prior to loading
22:50:56carlosebany idea?
22:51:18Zagorsure. there's a program called "vbrfix"
22:51:30carlosebaha.. google here i come... thanks! :)
22:51:32Zagori think there's another one too. something like "mp3 repair" or similar
22:51:43carlosebexcellent.. :)
22:53:31carlosebthanks again
22:53:41 Part carloseb
22:57:16*MiChAeLoL wants word wrap
22:57:48MiChAeLoLhey zagor, could you add that to the daily build?
22:57:59 Join Yeft [0] (
22:58:01Zagornot now
22:58:18Stevie[FP]Zagor, you won't believe this
22:59:28MiChAeLoLwill you?
23:00:03ZagorMiChAeLoL: yes, it's planned to go in
23:00:50Zagorwe don't make schedules
23:01:10MiChAeLoLtoday tommorrow next week or a month from now?
23:01:35Stevie[FP]MiChAeLoL: expect it in by june 8th 2010
23:01:39MiChAeLoLand you should make it read nfo's too
23:01:50Stevie[FP]because if, by that point, it's NOT in
23:01:54Stevie[FP]you are unlikely to still care
23:02:45MiChAeLoLi would compile it myself if cygwin didnt suck so much
23:03:18 Join Bagder [241] (
23:03:58Stevie[FP]hey Bagder
23:04:46*MiChAeLoL wants wordwrap for .nfo's
23:05:01Zagorwhat's an .nfo?
23:05:54*MiChAeLoL laughs
23:06:21MiChAeLoLan .nfo is a file released with a ripped downloaded album (who ripped it with info about it etc...)
23:06:38Zagorwhy is it called .nfo and not .txt?
23:06:51MiChAeLoLbecause it has (i)nfo
23:06:59Zagorit doesn't have text?
23:07:01MiChAeLoLor rather "n"fo
23:07:13MiChAeLoLit does have text, want me to send ya one?
23:07:19Zagorno thanks
23:07:36Stevie[FP]the (i)nfo is in text format
23:07:54Stevie[FP]I've long thought that there oughta be some sort of 'view as text' in the ON+PLAY menu
23:07:58Stevie[FP]truncate at first NUL or something
23:08:10ZagorStevie[FP]: not a bad idea
23:08:24Stevie[FP]Zagor: I think I found a way to detect charging of the FM
23:08:24MiChAeLoLOrder Date: 06/09/03 grrr, still havnt gotten it
23:08:33 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
23:08:34ZagorStevie[FP]: nice
23:08:37Stevie[FP]thanks to my broken DC jack
23:08:44*MiChAeLoL has a fm
23:08:55Stevie[FP]watching carefully
23:09:00Stevie[FP]as the battery charges more and more
23:09:18Stevie[FP]the 'etxernal voltage' on the 'view battery' debug thingie drops lower and lower
23:09:24 Quit _aLF ("bye")
23:09:46Stevie[FP]when the battery is almost dead, the 'external voltage' is slightly higher than the 'battery voltage' displayed on page 2 or 3
23:10:02MiChAeLoL ۲
23:10:08Stevie[FP]hovering around 4.25 volts for battery, 4.30 volts for external
23:10:10MiChAeLoLthats what one line of a .nfo looks like
23:10:18MiChAeLoLtheirs lots of pretty wordart
23:10:34Stevie[FP]MiChAeLoL: make us a 'terminal'-like font
23:10:38Stevie[FP]as the battery charges up more and more, the 'external voltage' drops
23:10:50MiChAeLoLterminal like?
23:10:57MiChAeLoLlike all funky charchaters?
23:11:01MiChAeLoLhmmm think i will try
23:11:03Stevie[FP]MiChAeLoL: to me, that paste looks like garbage
23:11:13MiChAeLoLfonts dont look that hard to make
23:11:16Stevie[FP]MiChAeLoL: it needs to be viewed with the original extended ASCII set
23:11:31Stevie[FP]when the 'external voltage' drops below a certain threshold (one which I do not yet know)
23:11:44Stevie[FP]the original Archos firmware says it's done charging
23:12:01ZagorMiChAeLoL: fonts aren't hard to make. still someone has to make them.
23:12:17ZagorStevie[FP]: ah
23:12:28Stevie[FP]RB says my battery is at 100% presently, and the external voltage is hovering around 1.52
23:12:59 Quit dw|gone (Remote closed the connection)
23:13:01Stevie[FP]I should be able to get you a specific threshold later
23:13:19Stevie[FP]and another thing
23:13:35Stevie[FP]you know how someone suggested blinking the plug icon to indicate charging?
23:14:07Stevie[FP]when only charging via USB, the plug icon blinks like that because of the on/off power application
23:14:22Stevie[FP]I had another idea tho
23:15:15Stevie[FP]what if we drew the battery, alternating a 0x55 pattern and a 0xAA pattern
23:15:35Stevie[FP]that would put moving vertical lines
23:16:59Stevie[FP]or, drawing 0x55,0xaa,0x55,0xaa then 0xaa,0x55,0xaa,0x55
23:17:11Stevie[FP]that would create a sort of flashing checkerboard
23:17:12Yefton the fm recorder is there a built in mic?
23:18:45MiChAeLoLif only the fm recorder could record fm in rockbox
23:18:59Bagdercan't it?
23:18:59 Join dw|gone [20] (
23:19:15 Join Jet8810 [0] (
23:19:22Stevie[FP]my lockup is in a very, very, very large loop
23:19:42Stevie[FP]approximately 1620 instructions are executed in each iteration
23:25:22*MiChAeLoL wants search feature
23:26:22*Bluechip thinks that all MiChAeLol needs is a C book and some spare time ;)
23:27:32Stevie[FP]if only it were that easy
23:27:56MiChAeLoLso could someone compile a fm version with the text viewer with word wrap?
23:27:59MiChAeLoLand dcc it to me?
23:28:10MiChAeLoLill then post a linky to it on the patch site
23:28:45Bluechipso the patch is already written?
23:28:48Zagori'm off
23:28:52 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
23:28:53 Quit dw|gone (Remote closed the connection)
23:28:57Stevie[FP]MAS I2C: Got 0xd0
23:29:01Stevie[FP]taht doesn't sound right
23:29:35MiChAeLoLits been written
23:29:49Bluechipso just pull down all the dev kit and follow the instructions!?
23:29:58*Stevie[FP] grumbles
23:30:04MiChAeLoLive tried so many times
23:30:05Stevie[FP]i'm nto supposed to get 0xd0
23:30:07MiChAeLoLcygwin sucks
23:30:09 Join dw|gone [20] (
23:30:11MiChAeLoLand wont run on my computer
23:30:21Bluechipthat sucks
23:30:28Bluechipwhat error does it give?
23:30:32Bluechipwhat os?
23:30:36MiChAeLoLand i tried to compile it on my linux box and it wont because i already had gcc and binutils installed but not as a cross envornment
23:31:02Bluechipare there known problems with XP?
23:31:09MiChAeLoLi dont know
23:31:22MiChAeLoLit gives me an error message, ill find it again
23:31:26Bluechipi ask, as I would rather help you solve your problem than build you a single rom
23:31:40Bluechiphope that didn't read harshly
23:32:17MiChAeLoLnope, i want it so i could compile a ton of patches on the same thing
23:32:53MiChAeLoLeverything i try to run in a command prompt it says <previous command> is not recognized as an internal or external comman, operable program or batch file.
23:33:17Bluechipeven dir?
23:33:31MiChAeLoLlists the dir of the root drive
23:33:34Bluechipis this cmd.exe ot bash
23:33:44MiChAeLoLnot command prompt but cmd
23:33:51Stevie[FP]you need to use bash
23:33:55Bluechipyou need to be running bash
23:34:00*Stevie[FP] LARTs MiChAeLoL
23:34:05Bluechipdubble clik cygwin.bat
23:34:07 Quit RedBaran (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:34:12MiChAeLoLit opens and closes really fast
23:34:19Stevie[FP]it should create a start menu option
23:34:26Stevie[FP]err no
23:34:29Stevie[FP]that's the official cygwin
23:34:45MiChAeLoLnope didnt
23:35:00Bluechipget cmd.exe and type:
23:35:13Bluechipcd \cygwin\bin
23:35:19Bluechipbash −−login -i
23:35:23MiChAeLoLits stored on my d: drive
23:35:27Bluechipthen it wont work
23:35:43MiChAeLoLshould i move it?
23:35:47Bluechipyes :)
23:36:12 Quit dw|gone (Remote closed the connection)
23:36:17MiChAeLoLwell i had a previous installment of cygwin on my c drive
23:36:23MiChAeLoLand i cant delete the folder
23:36:36Bluechipahhh, i believe you can only have one cygwin install at a time
23:36:46MiChAeLoL"cannot delete
23:36:46Bluechipi *think* i read that somewhere
23:36:54MiChAeLoLyea but the other version is not installed anywhere
23:36:59MiChAeLoLthe files are just sitting there
23:37:03MiChAeLoLwas from a previous os
23:37:11MiChAeLoLand neve got deleted
23:37:25Bluechipwhy can it not delete that file?
23:38:08MiChAeLoLaccess is denied
23:38:16MiChAeLoLill just rename the folder
23:38:21Bluechipread only falg?
23:38:43MiChAeLoLdoesnt say
23:38:52Bluechipthen check with windoze exploder
23:38:59Bluechipright clik file and select properties
23:39:11MiChAeLoLi cant rename the folder?
23:39:23Bluechipdont use xp, cant say for sure
23:39:54MiChAeLoLill try just renaming the old folder and using the other one on the c drive
23:40:30MiChAeLoLjust did bash −−login -i and im logged on
23:40:41MiChAeLoLnothing there
23:41:14MiChAeLoLit lives
23:41:27MiChAeLoLbut ls doesnt give me any files
23:41:45MiChAeLoLno i got it to run C:\cygwin\cygwin.bat
23:41:49Bluechipdid you unzip some source code in the right place
23:42:14MiChAeLoLi think i should delete it all and start fresh
23:42:28Bluechiptake a read of this:
23:42:39Bluechip..and then you will know some specific questions i can help
23:42:56MiChAeLoLthink ive read it before
23:43:18Bluechipand this:
23:43:26MiChAeLoLi think ill try the the GNUSH
23:43:31MiChAeLoLcross compiler
23:43:38MiChAeLoLcause cygwin hates me
23:43:40BagderI wouldn't
23:43:51Stevie[FP]where has Linus been
23:44:01Bluechipokay, I'll let you do it your way ;)
23:44:06#>>"seen" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
23:44:16Stevie[FP]i'm having a bizarre problem :(
23:44:27Stevie[FP]the FW seems to be giving unfriendly commands to the MAS chip
23:45:05Yefthmm MK wasn't kidding this thing is light
23:45:15MiChAeLoLhmmm thats messed up
23:45:20MiChAeLoLthink im gunna have to get cygwin to work
23:45:39MiChAeLoLhow do i remove the old cygwin thing from teh reg
23:46:24Bluechipyou will need to look in c:\cygwin\cygwin.reg
23:47:17MiChAeLoLdammit cygwin is a virus
23:47:19MiChAeLoLcant delete it
23:47:54BluechipLOL - that COULD be your problem - try removing ALL viruses from your machine
23:48:02Bluechipincluding windoze, if at all possible
23:48:05MiChAeLoLnever had any
23:49:13 Quit edx ()
23:50:00Bluechipahh your virus comment was an insult, not a real reason
23:51:01MiChAeLoLcrappo cygwin
23:51:10MiChAeLoLthink ill try to get it to work on my linux box again
23:51:44Bluechipwhatever dude, may i suggest you pick a method and stick with it, or you will be forever starting and giving up
23:52:12Bluechip"cannot erase file" should not be a show stopper
23:52:56Bluechipcuppa brb
23:55:52*MiChAeLoL makes binutils
23:56:12*MiChAeLoL watches the grass compile
23:58:30MiChAeLoLgunna compile it on my xbox running linux
23:58:40MiChAeLoLbuilding binutils on it right now
23:58:53Bluechipyes, i'm sure there'll be any number of people who can help you if THAT doesn't work first time

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