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#rockbox log for 2003-06-17

00:00:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:00:38*MiChAeLoL installs binutils
00:03:23*MiChAeLoL builds gcc
00:04:44 Quit Schnueff (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
00:05:39MiChAeLoLim gunna be laughing my ass off if this works
00:05:45MiChAeLoLlol first rockbox compiled on an xbox
00:06:46Bluechipnot sure M$ would approve of THEIR hardware being used for such altruistic applications
00:07:15*Stevie[FP] shrugs
00:07:20Stevie[FP]the xbox is just a damn pc in a fancy case
00:07:33Bluechipahh, yes, but you own your pc
00:07:49Bluechipyou are only renting your x-box
00:07:49*Yeft got all his music back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:07:56BluechipYAY :)
00:07:57*MiChAeLoL owns his xbox
00:08:04Bluechipno he doesn't
00:08:07*Yeft owns his fm recorder
00:08:14*Stevie[FP] 0wns j00 4ll
00:08:14 Join Schnueff [0] (
00:08:16Bluechipyou can't buy x-box's
00:08:22MiChAeLoLgo to a store
00:08:26Bluechipor is that x-boxi
00:09:04Bluechipyes, then what
00:09:06Yeftsony and ibm made are workin on a chip for the ps3 that is more powerful than deep blue
00:09:10*MiChAeLoL hosts his website off his xbox
00:09:18Bluechipwell done
00:09:40MiChAeLoL :p dont go to it now tho, it will slow down the compile time
00:09:47Bluechipbuy chip - fit chip against rental license - install linux - install apache :)
00:10:13MiChAeLoLand copy a coupple of games to the hd in there somewher
00:10:18MiChAeLoLwhile upgrading it to 80gb
00:10:24Bluechipbwahahahahahah :)
00:10:33*Yeft is screwing withthe compile time
00:10:49*MiChAeLoL watches it slow down (over ssh on his computer)
00:10:57Yeftyou play trumpet
00:11:12MiChAeLoLal the junk on there is old tho
00:11:20Yeftme 2
00:11:28Yeftwhat kind do you have?
00:12:08MiChAeLoLsome files from a previous concert
00:12:12MiChAeLoLim the lead trumpet :p
00:12:23MiChAeLoLget 06 space for rent
00:13:28MiChAeLoLhow old are ya?
00:13:56*MiChAeLoL is 16
00:14:00Yefti got a bach strad...
00:14:06MiChAeLoLyep so do i
00:14:39MiChAeLoLwhere do you live/ did you try out for imea?
00:14:46Bagderyoungsters ;-)
00:14:48Yeftin PA
00:14:54MiChAeLoLnever mind then
00:15:08MiChAeLoLhuge competition involving the whole state
00:18:33MiChAeLoLdamn cvs
00:18:37MiChAeLoLkeep getting EOF error
00:18:53Bluechipfar easier to just download a source tar-ball imho
00:19:04MiChAeLoLgot in
00:19:46MiChAeLoLhehe getting it
00:19:51MiChAeLoLjust takes like 30 tries
00:22:33MiChAeLoLholy shit its working
00:22:48MiChAeLoLhell yea it worked :D:D:D
00:22:57MiChAeLoLfirst rockbox compiled on an xbox
00:23:06MiChAeLoLtime to try it out
00:23:55MiChAeLoLjust copied it into my webpage dir
00:24:06MiChAeLoLmost current cvs version
00:24:12MiChAeLoL0 compile errors
00:24:15MiChAeLoLtime to try it out
00:25:09*Stevie[FP] notes that if you did it on a Dreamcast, you could probably use the native compiler
00:26:10 Quit Yeft ()
00:26:13Bagderif the sh3 one has sh1 support, yes
00:26:26Bagderthey're quite different beasts
00:26:58*MiChAeLoL eats a rice crispy treat after his hard work :p
00:29:45*MiChAeLoL figures out how to appily patches
00:31:02MiChAeLoLwhere do i get the patch tool?
00:31:07Bluechipsuccess is cool :)">
00:33:05 Join BoD[] [0] (
00:33:20Bluechiphi ya
00:38:26MiChAeLoLjust installed patch
00:39:03Bluechipall compile and run okay?
00:41:41MiChAeLoLdamn stupid ass sourceforge made the download links impossiable to wget tho
00:42:45MiChAeLoLhave to send it via ftp
00:44:05*Stevie[FP] is away [gawn hom3] [KS-MsgLog Off]
00:44:48MiChAeLoLwhere do i have to have the patch to patch it?
00:44:50 Join Yeft [0] (
00:44:56Yeftje suis back
00:45:08*MiChAeLoL compiled rockbox on an xbox running debian linux :p
00:45:09Yeft39 minutes until my collection is on my jukebox
00:47:11 Join [Ex]-Fighter [0] (
00:47:32Yeftwheres mk so he can hear about my new recorder
00:47:45*MiChAeLoL cant figure out how to use patch
00:47:57*[Ex]-Fighter is on same page...
00:47:58Bluechiphopefully there is a simple nswer to this: with the default rockbox font, how many chars big is the screen, also how many pixels is the screen
00:48:12Bagder112x64 pixels
00:48:24Yeftcan my recorder overheat????/
00:48:33Yeftlol cuz its getting reallly warm
00:48:39MiChAeLoLyea mine gets warm too
00:48:48[Ex]-Fighteryea me too
00:48:49*MiChAeLoL wants to know how to use patch to patch a file
00:49:01Yefti was getting all cautious and junk
00:49:04BagderMiChAeLoL: read that web page
00:49:08MiChAeLoLi did
00:49:13MiChAeLoLcant figure out what to do hto
00:49:13*[Ex]-Fighter me too
00:49:15MiChAeLoLdoesnt help
00:49:18MiChAeLoLthere is no one file to patch
00:49:23Bagderthen I don't know
00:49:23 Join NateDog [0] (
00:49:24*[Ex]-Fighter on same page
00:49:30MiChAeLoLhow do you patch stuff?
00:49:34Bagderread the page
00:49:38Bagderit tells how
00:49:41BagderI wrote it
00:50:19[Ex]-Fighterwaht is the chip8-diff?
00:50:33MiChAeLoLi figured it out
00:50:37MiChAeLoLnow just have to find the files
00:51:11Bluechipchip8 is essentially a games machine
00:51:17MiChAeLoLit is
00:51:20MiChAeLoLi used it before
00:51:26MiChAeLoLi posted the link on sourceforge
00:51:34[Ex]-Fighterhow do u get it on the jukebox?
00:51:47MiChAeLoLwhat version do you have?
00:51:56Yeftis the chip 8 emu really buggy?
00:52:06MiChAeLoLhavnt had it crash once on an fm recorder
00:52:11[Ex]-Fighterrecroder 15 gig
00:52:18MiChAeLoLon breakout the ball is really to small to see tho
00:52:25MiChAeLoLhmmm mabye i could make a version for that
00:52:35[Ex]-Fighterhow do u put it on?
00:52:46MiChAeLoLya have to patch the source and compile it
00:52:50Yeftok and can you listen to music while playing?
00:52:57MiChAeLoLask bluechip he knows all
00:53:05MiChAeLoLyou can listen to music when it plays
00:53:12NateDogHi all...just ordered the AJB 20GB recorder from Amazon...can't wait to try it out. I noticed the mod for more volume and bass...just wondering how the overall sound quality is
00:53:18MiChAeLoLya just click play on a .ch8 file
00:53:29MiChAeLoLpretty good
00:53:43[Ex]-Fighterdont u hav to get the diff working first?
00:54:13[Ex]-Fighterhow do i do that?
00:54:50DBUGEnqueued KICK [Ex]-Fighter
00:54:58NateDogthe volume is loud enough for ya?
00:56:01MiChAeLoLthat might very on headphones tho
00:56:01CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:56:01*[Ex]-Fighter is looking for assisrtnce
00:56:05MiChAeLoLmine are pretty small;
00:56:12MiChAeLoLanyone know where viewer.c is
00:56:18MiChAeLoLtrying to patch it
00:56:23Yefti got a really nice set of sonys that are small but its great
00:57:05[Ex]-Fighterhow do i get able to play the .ch8 files?
00:57:14Bluechip"<MiChAeLoL> ask bluechip he knows all" ...thanks dude :), but in reality I'm quite new to this
00:57:34MiChAeLoLi know steve knows all
00:57:47[Ex]-Fighterhow do i get the chip8-diff patched
00:57:47MiChAeLoLso anyone know where viewer.c is?
00:57:51NateDogI have this pair of Radioshacks that give me the bass I like...and they have a volume control, and from what I understand, that's nice for the AJB
00:58:50Yeftwhich kind did you get?
00:59:01[Ex]-Fighterif anyone can help me plz.. pm
00:59:19MiChAeLoLi could get you an fm recorder version
00:59:44NateDogI'm actually borrowing them right now...the model is Pro35 Titanium
01:00:17Yefti was talkinga bout the jb
01:00:21NateDogoh, the player is the 20GB player/recorder
01:00:40MiChAeLoLso where is viewer.c located?
01:01:12[Ex]-Fighteralright.. so to add a patch i open that cygwin.. Right?
01:01:51NateDogDoes Rockbox really make the AJB sound better and less noisy during operation?
01:02:53*[Ex]-Fighter IS LOOKING FOR HELP
01:03:06*[Ex]-Fighter Raises his hand!
01:03:11*MiChAeLoL IS LoOKINg For HeLPn?
01:03:26MiChAeLoLwhere do i find viewer.c
01:03:46Bagderyour caps key seems broken
01:03:51MiChAeLoLit is
01:03:56Bagderyou tried looking in the source dir?
01:04:05Yeftyou see, i get kicked for that : P
01:04:15MiChAeLoLthere is no apps dir
01:04:31[Ex]-Fighterhow do i get chip8-diff patched?
01:04:33MiChAeLoLthought it had to be in the firmware dir
01:04:51YeftEx]-Fighter> how do i get able to play the .ch8 files?
01:04:51Yeft<Bluechip> "<MiChAeLoL> ask bluechip he knows all" ...thanks dude :), but in reality I'm quite new to thi
01:04:56Bagderfirmware is the "kernel" part while apps is the applications part
01:05:02Yeftcd to/source/root
01:05:02Yeft patch < patchfile
01:05:17MiChAeLoL<Yeft> <Bluechip> "<MiChAeLoL> ask bluechip he kno lol thats a lot of names
01:05:44MiChAeLoLhehe just patched the viewer
01:05:51MiChAeLoLnow to patch some other crap
01:06:00[Ex]-FighterCan u help me patch the chip8-diff?
01:07:14Yeftok, should i keep archoss firmware, or should i put in rockbox, or both
01:07:28MiChAeLoLfor the chip8 emu i just add the .c files in the apps dir right?
01:08:47*MiChAeLoL is making the best version, chip8 emu word wrap text etc... all in one :D
01:09:05Bluechiprockbox appears to use a proportional font, but lcd_puts claims to have "character positions", does anyone understand this well enough to explain it to a newbie?
01:10:00BagderBluechip: the positions are pure estimates
01:10:24Bagderbased on a letter, I don't remember which
01:10:28Bluechipi'm trying to convert my game to use the lcd, not sure what a good number is to guess at for printing the cores up
01:10:31Bagdercheck the source for details
01:10:47Bagderuse putsxy and select pixel position
01:10:54Bluechip* put a string at a given char position */
01:11:16Bluechipif it were written in the source or the api doc i would not ask :(
01:11:36Bagderfeel free to write the docs ;-)
01:12:06Bluechipyes, i asked earlier about that, but the problem is when I hit a piece of information that is not in them - people start getting really off hand
01:12:10 Quit BoD[] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:12:44 Join BoD[] [0] (
01:13:16Bluechipi would be more than happy to jot down everything I find - it's finding it that's a nightmare
01:13:37 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
01:13:50Yeftive been waiting all night for you
01:13:50midknight2k3got it?
01:13:54Yeftof course!
01:13:56midknight2k3you got it didnt you
01:14:00midknight2k3like it?
01:14:05Yefti need your .rockbox again
01:14:18Yeftcuz my computer was formatted : (">
01:14:22midknight2k3i think
01:14:31midknight2k3yes that is it
01:14:40 Join Stevie-O [0] (
01:15:09Yeft10 min and its done
01:15:14Yefti mean the files
01:16:40Yeftmy mp3's ]
01:16:44Yeftwill be on it in 10 minutes
01:16:45MiChAeLoLhey midknight2k3
01:16:50MiChAeLoLwant the chip8 emu?
01:16:59midknight2k3not now
01:17:08midknight2k3i dont have my archos with me now
01:17:19midknight2k3how do you like it yeft?
01:17:28Yefti havent gotten to do much
01:17:35Yefti havent loaded my songs yet
01:17:59*MiChAeLoL adds Calander, with memos
01:18:04midknight2k3it's very lightweigh no?
01:18:12midknight2k3yay micheal-lol
01:18:20Yeftvery light
01:18:28midknight2k3that's what i mean by i wouldnt want it any lighter
01:18:36midknight2k3any lighter and it'd be too lighty
01:18:53Yeftif only archos was HQ
01:18:58 Join Mighty_ [0] (
01:19:15Yefthigh quality
01:19:19Yeftyou know, didnt suck
01:19:36Mighty_has zagor been here lately?
01:19:47#>>"seen" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
01:20:02Yeftyeh a couple hours ago i think
01:20:06Mighty_he probably went to sleep
01:20:07midknight2k3logbot seen tracktheripper
01:20:16midknight2k3how come he's broken?
01:20:25Yeftlogbot: seen tracktheripper
01:20:26midknight2k3he wont tell me
01:20:26Bagderhe only reports in public for certain users
01:20:31Bagderuse /msg
01:20:33Mighty_Bagder, you're not a tetex pro? :-)
01:20:33midknight2k3ask him
01:20:39>>>"seen" used by Yeft ( [snoop prevented]
01:20:46>>>"seen" used by midknight2k3 ( [snoop prevented]
01:20:47Yeft15 hrs ago
01:20:55midknight2k3logbot is the best
01:21:10Mighty_I were quit chocked yesterday when I started learning tetex, I didn't have a clue how complex the system is
01:21:12Yeftlogbot = dancer right
01:22:29midknight2k3logbot is a good bot to have
01:22:50midknight2k3but he's broken
01:23:48Yeft30 seconds
01:27:03midknight2k3i dont know lol
01:27:10midknight2k3he wont say in public for me
01:27:23Bagderthat's because you don't have status enough on it
01:28:03DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
01:28:04 Quit NateDog ()
01:30:00 Quit BoD[] ("or not")
01:34:31midknight2k3i must go yeft
01:34:36midknight2k3be back in not too long
01:34:39midknight2k3i hope
01:34:45midknight2k3need anything else?
01:35:18 Quit midknight2k3 ("Leaving")
01:35:36 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
01:37:34MiChAeLoLthink i should add the keyclick patch too?
01:37:45MiChAeLoLalready have the chip8 search calender and some others...
01:40:18 Join tracktheman [0] (
01:40:36 Quit Mighty_ ("[BX] The name's X. BitchX.")
01:41:14MiChAeLoLhehe htink i have all the patches on it now
01:41:18MiChAeLoLtime to compile
01:44:48MiChAeLoLcollect2: ld returned 1 exit status
01:44:48MiChAeLoLmake[1]: *** [/rockbox/rockbox/build/rockbox.elf] Error 1
01:44:48DBUGEnqueued KICK MiChAeLoL
01:44:48MiChAeLoLmake[1]: Leaving directory `/rockbox/rockbox/apps'
01:44:55MiChAeLoLmake: *** [apps] Error 2
01:45:34[Ex]-Fighterhow do i patch chip8-diff?
01:45:47[Ex]-Fightersomeone tell me!! plz..
01:46:33Bluechipi can try to help, but i am a new guy on the block, so please don't mock me if i cannot give you a full and perfect answer
01:46:47PsycoXulMiChAeLoL: that's just make telling you there was an error, which is entirely unhelpful.. look for the actual error message above that
01:47:05[Ex]-Fighteri wont
01:47:08MiChAeLoL/rockbox/rockbox/build/recorder/chip8.o: In function `chip8_update_display':
01:47:09MiChAeLoL/rockbox/rockbox/build/recorder/chip8.o(.text+0x65c): undefined reference to `lcd_framebuffer'
01:47:48PsycoXulsee that is helpful, but i don't know anything about the chip8 patch stuff so i can't help heh
01:48:23PsycoXulexcept to say that maybe it's old and hasn't been updated to reflect changes in the cvs
01:49:48MiChAeLoLdeleted it and it worked fine :(
01:49:53MiChAeLoLstupid chip8
01:50:00MiChAeLoLat least i have a version from before that works
01:50:07MiChAeLoLbut wanted all my patches in one version
01:51:44CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 16 minutes and 45 seconds at the last flood
01:51:44*MiChAeLoL updates his firmware
01:54:26*MiChAeLoL waits for songs to send to his jukebox
01:58:41 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
02:00:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:01:33 Join jzoss_ [0] (
02:01:52trackthemanhi jzoss
02:02:00jzoss_MiChAeLoL : you're having chip8 problems because the patch is slightly broken
02:02:14jzoss_It should give you errors when you patch. You have to manually fix those parts
02:03:22jzoss_hi track (I wasn't ignoring you...promise!)
02:06:55MiChAeLoLanyone know how to use the calender patch?
02:07:02MiChAeLoLcant find it on any menus
02:07:33MiChAeLoLlol buffer .886 mb
02:07:39MiChAeLoLthats just sad
02:08:02jzoss_Remember: it's an *MP3 player*. Not a calendar or chip8 gameplayer. ;)
02:08:38MiChAeLoLbut how do i use the calendar?
02:09:40 Quit Bagder ("")
02:10:55MiChAeLoLdamn i see why
02:11:01MiChAeLoLv3 didnt have all the files
02:12:21 Quit tracktheman ("Leaving")
02:12:33MiChAeLoLwhere do i put calendar.txt?
02:13:27jzoss_gotta run get dinner. Good luck, MiChAeLoL!
02:14:00 Quit jzoss_ ("Trillian (")
02:19:04MiChAeLoLtime to make a really light version to improve my buffer from .886 mb
02:29:37Yefti love how rockbox just sorta takes over midway through the load
02:31:26MiChAeLoL../tools/convbdf -c -o /rockbox/rockbox/build/sysfont.c fonts/clR6x8.bdf
02:31:26MiChAeLoLmake[1]: ../tools/convbdf: Command not found
02:31:26MiChAeLoLmake[1]: *** [/rockbox/rockbox/build/sysfont.o] Error 127
02:31:42MiChAeLoLi looked in tools its there
02:32:34Yefthow do i change the file limit??
02:33:26MiChAeLoLits in the menu somewhere
02:34:55MiChAeLoLanyone here know how to remove some games but not others?
02:35:04MiChAeLoLwant to mkae a version with just whats needed, and snake
02:36:29Yeft...i cant find it
02:40:26MiChAeLoLlol buffer back up to 1.437
02:41:20MiChAeLoLgeneral settings -> system
02:42:37MiChAeLoLany idea how to remove some games but not others?
02:42:43MiChAeLoLjust delete the game files right?
02:42:55MiChAeLoLlike could i just go around deleting stuff i dont want?
02:42:57Yeftits not in system
02:43:04MiChAeLoL(trying to make a really light version)
02:43:11MiChAeLoLso i can conserve batteries
02:44:00Yeftits not in general system, i dont htinkk
02:45:50MiChAeLoLthink i could make a version with no apps folder?
02:47:44MiChAeLoLi already told ya
02:47:48MiChAeLoLgeneral settings -> system
02:48:13*Bluechip ::Anyone know how to capture the make output under bash make > t does not work, and LESS does not seem to like my keyboard
02:49:10*MiChAeLoL makes a version with lots of deleted files
02:50:00Yefti STILL love how rockbox just takes over mid boot
02:51:20MiChAeLoLany way i could delete a crap load of stuff and get the buffer to be like 1.8mb?
02:51:51 Join Stevie-O [0] (
02:52:04Yefthi steve
02:52:17MiChAeLoLhey stevie-o is tehre a way i could delete a crapload of files from the source, and make a really light version
02:52:21*MiChAeLoL has compiled it on his xbox
02:53:40Yeftwhy won't it save every time i change the max files?
02:53:50MiChAeLoLyou have to force a disk spin
02:53:56 Quit Stevie-O (Client Quit)
02:53:57MiChAeLoLlisten to a song after you change it
02:54:30Yefti cant
02:54:35MiChAeLoLwhy not?
02:54:42 Join earHurts [0] (
02:54:53Yeftlol cuz it messed up and wont show the files
02:55:07earHurtsguess what i did today.
02:55:07MiChAeLoLpsh f2 and view all
02:55:19MiChAeLoLguess what i did...
02:55:27*MiChAeLoL compiled rockbox on his xbox running linux
02:55:41 Join jzoss [0] (
02:55:59Yeftand i STILL love how it takes over mid-boot
02:56:29MiChAeLoLany way to delete games i dont want?
02:56:44jzossyou mean like no tetris but keep sokoban?
02:56:51earHurtsdon't include them in the build. bet theres a define
02:57:03MiChAeLoLlike delete everything but wormlet
02:57:13*MiChAeLoL is addicted to wormlet
02:57:14*earHurts adds ann apostrophe
02:57:28Yeftmy wormlet wont work
02:57:28earHurtscool compiling on an xbox
02:57:56MiChAeLoLroot@xbox:/rockbox/rockbox/build# ../tools/configure −−help
02:57:56MiChAeLoLRockbox configure script.
02:57:56MiChAeLoLInvoke this in a directory to generate a Makefile to build Rockbox
02:58:02MiChAeLoLlol doesnt say how
02:58:26Yeftwormlet confuses me
02:58:31earHurtsrun configure from your build dir
02:58:39MiChAeLoLthats what i do
02:58:44earHurtsif you build dir is a sibling of tools
02:58:48MiChAeLoLno option to get rid of some games and not others
02:58:54MiChAeLoLits either all or none
02:59:04MiChAeLoLthats what ive been doing
02:59:15jzossYou could try deleting the games .c files you don't want.
02:59:21earHurtsso guess what I did today
02:59:30MiChAeLoLi did, wouldnt compile
02:59:30Yeftwhy are there 3 worms!
02:59:31earHurtsand the .h files too
02:59:34Yeftahhh this is over confusing
02:59:47earHurtsI bnought a 60gnb hdd
02:59:59jzossooooo.... pretty!
03:00:31*MiChAeLoL waits for his 6 dollar usb 2.0 pci card to ship to him
03:00:41earHurtsfujitsu for noise reduction
03:00:42MiChAeLoLhehe the shipping was more than the card itself
03:00:58earHurtssix bucks! cool.
03:01:27Yeftwhere for 6?
03:01:35MiChAeLoLlet me find the site
03:01:38earHurtsannd is it poered?
03:01:46MiChAeLoLdont know
03:01:48MiChAeLoLits cheap
03:02:01earHurtshowmany ports?
03:02:49MiChAeLoLdamn wish i had gotten that one
03:02:58Yeftmichael want a project?
03:03:03earHurtsjzoss: rockbox doesn't do printf precision
03:03:05Yeftmake a matrix demo
03:03:11Bluechipmike: the games menu will still refer to the games - you will need to edit the source for the games menu
03:03:24jzossearHurts: yah, I saw you talking to Bagder
03:03:26MiChAeLoLi got that one
03:03:29earHurtswon't the be defined out?
03:03:39MiChAeLoLdont knwo how to make a matrix demo
03:03:44jzossMiChAeLoL ... it's pretty straightforward to make a selected-games build. I just did it. =) (though haven't tested yet)
03:03:47earHurtsright, so I'm going to get to nwork on it.
03:03:49MiChAeLoLi wish there was a matrix screen saver tho
03:04:00Yeftmake one!
03:04:03Bluechipso write one :)
03:04:14*MiChAeLoL doesnt know how
03:04:25earHurtswhich pixel will be keanu reeves?
03:04:35*MiChAeLoL looks at the snow demo source tho
03:05:16jzossMiChAeLoL : delete sokoban* and tetric.c from apps/recorder, then edit apps/games_menu.c to remove all references to sokoban and tetris. Then compile!
03:05:34MiChAeLoLthink ill keep tetris
03:05:59earHurtswhy are you getting rid of the games?
03:06:40jzossearHurts: I had a thought today. If we follow your suggestion to get rid of v1_* fields in mp3entry, it means that the conversion functions end up having a void* prototype and funky-casting. Yuck. But maybe better than having duplicate data copies
03:07:06Yefti still dont understand the complexity of wormlet
03:07:15 Join Stevie-O [0] (
03:07:28Stevie-O250 Stevie-O
03:07:54jzossjust kidding, Stevie
03:08:01Yefttime to play
03:08:04 Quit Yeft ()
03:08:29earHurtshow's your enmu, stevie?
03:08:46earHurtswhy void*s?
03:09:40jzossearHurts: array of conversion functions must have constant prototypes. some functions convert to v1-ints and some to v1-chars and some to v1-strings. Multiple types, but consistent prototype => void*
03:10:06earHurtsnot necessay, I think.
03:10:24earHurtswe treat everything as char*
03:10:54earHurtsafter all, we display them to users, and save them to the mp3 as char arrays, right?
03:11:11jzossOnly an issue for the v1 data
03:11:27MiChAeLoLjust messed around with the snow demo, time to see how it looks
03:12:23earHurtsif you want to make entry of numeric like data easy, just iterate over choices in an array of char*
03:12:54earHurtsor itoa on the fly
03:13:03jzoss?? i don't follow... example?
03:13:54earHurtsyou only care abnout numerics for allowing the user to press up or down to increment or decremnent a value, right?
03:14:19jzossthat and conversion for v1 write/read
03:14:40earHurtsdon't convert on read.
03:15:00jzossIf file only has v1 and we need to convert to v2
03:15:24earHurtsit,s still stored as a char array in the mp3
03:15:36jzossnot v1
03:15:44earHurtsyou sure?
03:16:05jzossyah. genre and tracknums are single-byte integer values
03:16:08Bluechipdoes anyone know about this error? wps.c:46:18: lang.h: No such file or directory
03:16:21jzossThe others are strings
03:16:52earHurtswell, we have to nindex into genre array to display it anyway.
03:17:21earHurtsso we convert it, and tracknum on read/write
03:17:56earHurtsand we have two arrays, one foe genre/track, one for all else
03:18:23MiChAeLoLis there any other crap i can delete to make the buffer larger?
03:18:49earHurtsyou can dyamically change the dir nbuffer
03:19:00jzossMiChAeLoL : demos and games!
03:19:09jzossand chip8 and calendar! ;)
03:19:12MiChAeLoLgot rid of all of those
03:19:22earHurtsyou can shrinkn setting bny anbout 3kb
03:19:24MiChAeLoLi have my loaded firmware and the default lite firmware
03:19:33earHurtsbut wait for nmy patch for that
03:20:08earHurtsyou ncould nripn out translation for about, oh, a nk or so
03:20:19earHurtsa kb
03:20:34jzossearHurts: I think I like void* better than an int-conversion array and str-conversion array. That makes it annoying to scan through for disp/edit/save
03:20:40MiChAeLoLcould i get 3kb?
03:20:46MiChAeLoL3kbi s small tho
03:20:53 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
03:21:05MiChAeLoLyea yea nyea n
03:21:07jzosshiya m2k3
03:21:09midknight2k3replaced keyboard?
03:21:32>>>"seen" used by midknight2k3 ( [snoop prevented]
03:21:44MiChAeLoLwhatn is with nall the n's nlol
03:21:45earHurtsjzoss, you can hardcode v1 though, becuase the set of tags is fixed
03:21:52midknight2k3did earhurts get replaced?
03:22:00midknight2k3earhurt's keyboard that is
03:22:08 Nick MiChAeLoL is now known as nMiChAeLoL (
03:22:08DBUGEnqueued KICK nMiChAeLoL
03:22:09earHurtsI've gotten 2 replacements.
03:22:14jzossearHurts: true. And that might be a good-enough compromise. I'll have to sketch it out and see
03:22:21earHurtshaven't transfered the software yet
03:22:42CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
03:22:42*jzoss slaps MiChAeLoL : fix your caps lock key before you tease earHurts!
03:22:54 Nick jzoss is now known as jZoSs (
03:23:10 Nick nMiChAeLoL is now known as nMiCNaENlNnNnnNN (
03:23:10DBUGEnqueued KICK nMiCNaENlNnNnnNN
03:23:17jZoSsrofl. touche'
03:23:44nMiCNaENlNnNnnNNi thnink nmy n key nis nstuck
03:23:46earHurtsno, only extra ns around the n key; b h j k m
03:23:56midknight2k3haha micheal...nnnininininn
03:24:15 Nick nMiCNaENlNnNnnNN is now known as nkill (
03:24:15DBUGEnqueued KICK nkill
03:24:15***Alert Mode level 1
03:24:19nkillmuch shorter
03:24:24 Nick nkill is now known as null (
03:24:24DBUGEnqueued KICK null
03:24:24***Alert Mode level 2
03:24:28nulleven better
03:24:28earHurtsok how do i backup & restore?
03:24:37jZoSson what?
03:24:42 Nick jZoSs is now known as jzoss (
03:25:09earHurtsthe pda
03:25:16nulllol -NickServ- This nickname is owned by someone else
03:25:34 Nick null is now known as MiChAeLoL (
03:25:34DBUGEnqueued KICK MiChAeLoL
03:25:34***Alert Mode level 3
03:26:24MiChAeLoLgames_menu.c: In function `games_menu':
03:26:24MiChAeLoLgames_menu.c:45: `tetris' undeclared (first use in this function)
03:26:34MiChAeLoLstupid games
03:26:42midknight2k3im going
03:26:47midknight2k3bye then
03:27:00midknight2k3have fun N boy
03:27:14 Quit midknight2k3 ("Leaving")
03:27:30Bluechipahhhhh, make clean erases lang.h
03:27:53earHurtslang.h & .c are generated
03:28:54Bluechipmike: your game_menu.c problem should be obvious if you look in the file :)
03:29:09MiChAeLoLcould you send me yours?
03:29:17MiChAeLoLwhats your highest score in worms?
03:29:17Bluechipline 45 is:
03:29:17Bluechip { str(LANG_TETRIS), tetris },
03:29:23MiChAeLoLadd that?
03:29:30MiChAeLoLi wanted tetris in the end
03:29:38Bluechipyou don't want mine - it includes othello - rather contrary to what you are doing
03:30:07Bluechipif you add that, you will need to make sure you iclude tetris.h
03:30:12Bluechipyes othello
03:30:22Bluechipreversi as some know it
03:30:37Bluechipthink othello is trade marked - so actually it is othelo
03:30:39MiChAeLoLwhat is it like?
03:30:49earHurtshow good is the ai?
03:30:58BluechipAI is mediocre
03:31:04CtcpIgnored 4 channel CTCP requests in 2 minutes and 24 seconds at the last flood
03:31:04*earHurts tried to write an othello as a kid
03:31:09MiChAeLoLwhat is othello?
03:31:19MiChAeLoLnot the book
03:31:23MiChAeLoLwhich i did read
03:31:26Bluechipfor brilliant AI you need lots of memory
03:32:07MiChAeLoLcould ya send it to me?
03:32:17Bluechip answer to "what is"
03:33:19earHurtsok, now we bnack up the replacemnt
03:35:35***Alert Mode OFF
03:35:36*MiChAeLoL leaves to get food
03:35:42elinenbeBluechip: have you programmed a good othello?
03:36:08Bluechipthe interface is 8/10 - the AI is still quite simple atm.
03:36:20elinenbeBluechip: put a patch up at sourceforge.
03:36:47Bluechipit isn't running on the jukebox yet - this is why I have been asking "how do i" questions all night ;)
03:37:03Bluechipthey keys work fine - but I can't get anything to appear on the screen!!!
03:37:09Bluechipi can send you a PC version
03:37:40jzossmake sure you're calling lcd_update() ! =)
03:37:50MiChAeLoLyea thats what i was just thinking
03:37:56MiChAeLoLcause i saw it in the snow
03:38:07Bluechipahhhhhh! after EVERY screen write?
03:38:15Bluechipta :)
03:38:25MiChAeLoL(no n in there)
03:38:38*MiChAeLoL left to eat
03:39:31elinenbeI did the original program for Sokoban over a year ago...
03:39:43Bluechipcool - good going dude :)
03:40:36elinenbeof course it has been through a couple revisions since then.
03:40:43Bluechipwish the UI simulator worked - that would save me bllomin' hours
03:40:49earHurtsnow i must leave you
03:41:11earHurtswhen i return, the extraneous "n"s will nbe gone
03:41:22 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
03:43:17Stevie-Oabout time
03:44:00jzossmaking progress, Stevie?
03:44:29Bluechiplcd_update makes a hell of a diffeence
03:48:12Bluechipelinenbe: does lcd_puts take a long time, or is it just lcd_update that is slow the moment I update the whole board after each move - would it be quicker to only update the pieces that have changed
03:49:14hardeepBluechip: the UI simulator works really well... what problems are you encountering?
03:49:50BluechipSteveFP told me that it was crap and nobody uses it - being a newbie - I'm kinda just believing what i'm told
03:50:30hardeepBluechip: it's certainly not crap and many people use it... try it out and you'll see
03:50:43hardeepBluechip: you can do almost everything you can with the real player
03:50:54hardeepBluechip: esp. for game development, it's ideal
03:51:10Bluechipthat's what I had hoped - cool - i shall try it :)
03:51:22Bluechipany tips for using it?
03:51:37hardeepBluechip: linux or win32?
03:51:41Bluechipwin32 :(
03:51:58hardeepBluechip: i'd recommend the rockbox project file in uisimulator/win32
03:52:04hardeep(if you have msvc that is)
03:52:27Bluechipno sadly i do not have any M$ languages installed - i only do firmware dev :(
03:52:48hardeepBluechip: in that case, your choices are cygwin+ming or cygwin+x11
03:52:59hardeepi prefer the X11 one as it's more complete
03:53:16hardeeper, that should be cygwin+mingw
03:53:23Bluechipthen that is my choice :) - do you have a url with docs or similar please?
03:53:26*MiChAeLoL waits for his pizza to cook
03:54:19hardeepBluechip: there's no extra documentation that I know of... just run tools/configure and select Simulation and X11
03:54:25hardeepand then make
03:54:36Bluechipoh shit - that easy - COOL :)
03:54:45hardeepyou need to have the cygwin X11 headers/libraries installed
03:55:20hardeepif you want to build cygwin+mingw, select Simulation and Win32... you'll need the mingw headers/libraries installed
03:55:32MiChAeLoLyou should download the song mystikal diss by eminem
03:56:01Bluechipi've gone with X11 for now - perhaps I will try the other if this is buggy
03:56:14*MiChAeLoL leaves to check on the pizza
03:56:29Bluechipare the X11 headers on
03:57:25hardeepBluechip: no, on the cygwin site
03:57:56Bluechiphd: going there now :)
03:59:02hardeepBluechip: get XFree86-bin (it'll select a few other packages) and XFree86-prog (headers)
03:59:40Bluechiphd: thanks
04:00:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:01:23Bluechiphd: not having much luck finding it on their site :(
04:02:20Bluechiplol - not even reference to "free86-bin" in their FAQ!
04:04:40hardeepBluechip: run "Install or update now!" from their main page...
04:04:57Bluechiphd: do you filenames I can FTPsearch for?
04:05:08Bluechipsorry, crossed in the post
04:05:15hardeepBluechip: just use their installer, it's a lot easier
04:06:23Bluechipyep, sorry was typing when your msg appeared - i am now running their setup.exe :)
04:07:46Bluechipyou can tell how much i trust you by the fact that I have just let cygwin setup past my firewall
04:10:05Bluechipokay now i have a list of stuff it wants to fill my machine with - any idea what I want?
04:10:18Bluechipyou say just a few .h files?
04:12:34hardeepBluechip: er, it should've installed everything automatically
04:12:51hardeepBluechip: oh, you mean the package list on the installer?
04:13:06hardeepBluechip: just select Xfree86-bin and XFree86-prog
04:13:19Bluechipi have very very very very limited space on my C; drive, i cannot afford to install a load of stuff i don't need - or windows will crash
04:13:37Bluechipok will do that :)
04:14:36Bluechipahhhh, the installer has crashed !!!!!
04:15:01Bluechipthought it was taking a long time! lol
04:16:10Bluechipahhh shit i gott go thru EVERY sub option one at a time and turn them all off - LOL
04:17:05Stevie-Osounds like cygwin
04:17:08Stevie-OI hate that thing
04:17:14Stevie-Oesp since some options you turn off
04:17:22Bluechipwhat a shame I cannot just download what I need :(
04:17:25Stevie-Oand while switching later ones to 'off' it switches earlier ones on
04:17:42Bluechipyes just noticed that
04:18:00Bluechipprobably quicker to keep downloading roms to the JBR
04:18:02 Join earHurts [0] (
04:18:10earHurtsHow are you gentlemen !!
04:18:32Bluechipsyffering from cygwin "no file archive" - itis
04:18:36earHurtsAll your base are belong to us.
04:18:50earHurtsYou are on the way to destruction.
04:19:14earHurtsobserve: no extra "n"s
04:19:26Bluechipare the headers so big that there is no room on rockbox?
04:19:41earHurtsthe headers?
04:20:04hardeepBluechip: did you install the cygwin package off the rockbox site?
04:20:13Bluechipyes, this is really p'ing me off - every time i turn off one option three of the previous ones come back on
04:20:49hardeepBluechip: okay, just do a cygwin+mingw build then... mingw is already included in that package
04:21:05hardeepBluechip: Simulator + Win32 in tools/configure
04:21:11BluechipWOOHOO :)
04:21:19*Bluechip starts singing....
04:21:55*Stevie-O sets TD up the bomb
04:22:18 Join Yeft [0] (
04:22:22earHurtsWhat you say !!
04:22:42Yeftrockbox needs retro buffer
04:22:59earHurtsTake off every 'zig' !!
04:23:02Bluechip:( no make :(
04:23:38Stevie-OYou know what you doing!
04:23:50*Stevie-O wonders if there's anobody in the Allendale region of NJ
04:23:56earHurtsMove 'zig'.
04:24:08Bluechipyes, i run tools/config and select simulate/win32 and then type make?
04:24:10earHurtsthere must be /somebody/
04:24:24earHurtsjersey girls are kinda cute
04:24:38Bluechipjersey cows give the best milk
04:25:09earHurtsand that accent is alluring
04:26:40Bluechipstarting to understand why SteveFP gave up on this simulator
04:26:55Bluechipwont even do a make clean!!
04:27:30 Quit jzoss ("Client exiting")
04:27:47 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
04:27:54Stevie-Ono kidding
04:28:00 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
04:28:10midknight2k3yeft is here neat
04:28:15midknight2k3having trub with wormlet?
04:28:20midknight2k3i read
04:28:22Yefti dont get it
04:28:26midknight2k3did you get it figured out?
04:28:30Yeftkind of
04:28:39Yeft i like nokia's snake better : P
04:31:11hardeeper, the simulator is certainly not a pos...
04:31:12 Quit Bluechip (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:33:08midknight2k3why yeft?
04:34:50 Join Bluechip [0] (
04:35:55Yeftsimpler is better
04:36:34Bluechipanyone else ever used this win32 mingw simulator?
04:36:44Bluechip...or should I leave it as a lost cause
04:37:41midknight2k3how is it simpler?
04:38:09midknight2k3not I, bluechip
04:38:10hardeepBluechip: i've used it many times... you must be doing something wrong
04:38:28Bluechipi'm sure I am, but I'll be buggered if I know what it is :(
04:38:29hardeepBluechip: building the simulator is the same as building the rom, just with differnt configure options
04:38:56Bluechipwell, windoze just crashed spectacularly on me - maybe it works now after my reboot?
04:39:18hardeepBluechip: also, make sure you're using a recent version of the source
04:40:05Bluechipright now I am using the 2.0 release version - is that bad?
04:40:41hardeepBluechip: yes, there have been many changes since then... perhaps some fixes for the simulator compile
04:40:56Bluechipok - will update
04:40:57hardeepBluechip: the latest CVS is very stable, please go ahead and move to it
04:41:09 Part Bluechip
04:42:24 Join Bluechip [0] (
04:48:15Bluechiploads of "gcc.exe no input files" errors and finally GPFs
04:49:24Bluechip"signal 127"
04:50:29 Quit midknight2k3 ("Leaving")
04:50:30 Quit Yeft (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:50:33Bluechipbuild simulator GPF's during make, same place every time :(
04:52:06BluechipTime to forget the simulator me thinks - SteveFP was indeed spot on with his former judgment of it :( just plum don't work
04:55:44hardeepBluechip: it's your choice but I can assure it does work, and makes debugging problems very easy
04:56:28Bluechipi would be over the moon to make it work - and am not afraid of try-try again, but i have no idea what i've done wrong
04:56:55Bluechipit causes '98 to gpf half way thru the make with the latest source
04:57:12Stevie-Osignal 127 sucks
04:57:14Stevie-OI like signal 11
04:57:23Stevie-Osegfault :)
04:57:42Bluechipahhh, you know what my 127 means?
04:58:14Bluechipi am happy to net-meeting the window if that would be a good idea
04:58:25Stevie-Otry kill -l
04:58:48BluechipI, 1 or L
04:59:06*Stevie-O gives you a font where the three look distinct
04:59:36Bluechiploads of stuff
04:59:48Stevie-Ono 127?
04:59:56Bluechipno 127 :(
04:59:58Stevie-Othen I can't help ye
05:00:27Bluechipthanks for trying :)
05:05:33Bluechiphardeep -any idea of what else I could try?
05:09:15Bluechipall make does is a buch of this:
05:09:15BluechipUpdating Dependencies for thread-win32.c
05:09:15Bluechipgcc.exe: No input files
05:09:15DBUGEnqueued KICK Bluechip
05:09:15Bluechip...then perl
05:09:15Bluechip...the gcc
05:09:15***Alert Mode level 1
05:09:15Bluechip...then gcc BANG GPF
05:12:16hardeepBluechip: is the uisimulator directory included in the source tarball?
05:13:00hardeepdoes the file thread=win32.c exist?
05:13:37Bluechip /cygwin/home/rockbox/uisimulator/win32/thread-win32.c
05:14:18hardeepi dunno then, does the makefile created by configure look okay?
05:15:24Bluechiphmm, do i need to type "make *ALL*"
05:15:40Bluechipthen all seems okay :(
05:15:48Bluechipdirs are all correct
05:16:15hardeepare you using the right make? "which make"
05:16:54Bluechipargh! which.exe not found!!!
05:18:35Bluechipmake −−vresion -> gnu make 3.79.1 for i686-pc-cygwin
05:18:58hardeepyeah, looks okay
05:19:16***Alert Mode OFF
05:19:19hardeepi dunno, post a message to the mailing list and see if anyone else has had the same problem
05:19:27Bluechipyep will do :)
05:32:51MiChAeLoLhehe banned from yet another server
05:39:27 Join Bryant [0] (
05:47:52BryantBAH, windows Xp and usb 2.0 updates!
05:48:57MiChAeLoLget a linux box
05:49:17MiChAeLoLbah wrong window
06:00:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:03:42 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: its not your ordinary stick of gum")
06:04:26Bryanti need windows update sp1
06:04:34Bryantso that i can get my usb to work
06:05:18Bluechipupgrade to 98
06:05:34Bryantwindows 98?
06:05:40Bluechiphee hee
06:17:16 Part Bluechip
06:17:16 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:24:00 Join thu [0] (
06:31:53 Join Stevie-O [0] (
06:38:47 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
06:56:07 Join earHurts [0] (
06:56:37earHurtsHow are you gentlemen !!
06:56:48Stevie-OYou know what you doing.
06:58:07earHurtsMove 'zig'.
06:58:19 Nick MiChAeLoL is now known as gentlemen (
06:58:19DBUGEnqueued KICK gentlemen
06:58:32gentlemeni am a gentleman
06:58:38earHurtsYou have no chance to survive make your time
06:58:52 Nick gentlemen is now known as earhurtme (
06:58:52DBUGEnqueued KICK earhurtme
06:59:03earhurtmeim your twin
06:59:14earHurtsstevie, hows your emu coming?
06:59:29earhurtmehow is it comming?
06:59:33 Nick earhurtme is now known as archos (
06:59:33DBUGEnqueued KICK archos
06:59:33***Alert Mode level 1
07:00:06earHurtsjeez, willia, shatner in a crest commercial.
07:00:07 Nick archos is now known as Bjrn_Stern (
07:00:07DBUGEnqueued KICK Bjrn_Stern
07:00:07***Alert Mode level 2
07:00:15Bjrn_Sternhehe im the boss
07:00:23 Nick Bjrn_Stern is now known as Bjrn_Stern_zagor (
07:00:23DBUGEnqueued KICK Bjrn_Stern_zagor
07:00:23***Alert Mode level 3
07:01:26 Nick Bjrn_Stern_zagor is now known as linuz (
07:01:26DBUGEnqueued KICK linuz
07:01:26***Alert Mode level 4
07:01:31linuzhehe much better
07:02:20earHurtsstevie never answered our question.
07:02:26linuznope he didnt
07:02:37linuzi htink ill go program more rockbawx
07:03:02CtcpIgnored 7 channel CTCP requests in 1 hour and 52 minutes at the last flood
07:03:02*linuz doesnt know how to program anything
07:03:12*linuz just wants to act smart and powerful
07:03:19*linuz henses the name
07:03:30 Nick linuz is now known as rockbawx (
07:03:30DBUGEnqueued KICK rockbawx
07:03:30***Alert Mode level 5
07:03:32earHurtsso learn to program
07:03:34rockbawxhehe even better
07:03:40 Nick rockbawx is now known as rockbox (
07:03:40DBUGEnqueued KICK rockbox
07:03:40***Alert Mode level 6
07:03:46rockboxthe nick is open
07:04:07rockboxi wonder if anyone will kick me
07:04:44earHurtswe'll see
07:04:49rockboxyep we will
07:07:30rockboxlol mpeg7
07:08:09rockboxlike mpeg21
07:13:18CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 10 seconds at the last flood
07:13:18*Stevie-O yawns
07:13:41***Alert Mode OFF
07:14:09 Quit Bryant (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:14:27 Quit [Ex]-Fighter (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:15:13*rockbox adds mp21 support to rockbox
07:15:22*rockbox also adds mp7 support
07:15:36rockboxcant it play mp2's and mp1's
07:19:51rockboxlol MHEG-5
07:22:00*rockbox leaves
07:26:38 Join matsl [0] (
07:54:53*Stevie-O yawns
07:55:46 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
08:00:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:33:18 Join Bagder [241] (
08:56:43 Join dwihno [20] (
09:05:32 Quit thu ("zZz")
09:13:20 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: the Cadillac of all clients")
09:25:32 Join awy[baer]_ [0] (
09:35:13 Quit awy[baer] (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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11:29:38Bagdertorvalds left Transmeta
11:30:34 Quit rockbox (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
11:30:57Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
11:31:22Topic"Rockbox" by Bagder (
11:44:12dwihnoHe did?
11:44:16dwihnoSo what will he do now?
11:45:25Bagderbasicly the same
11:45:32Bagderfor OSDL
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12:06:52 Join tracktheripper [0] (
12:07:24tracktherippermorning bagder
12:21:28 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
12:49:01 Quit Bagder ("")
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14:11:49 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
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14:22:46 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
14:55:04 Quit matsl (
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15:03:58NJoinPsycoXul [20] (
15:14:24*Stevie[FP] is back from [gawn hom3] [gone 14hrs 30mins 20secs] [KS]
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16:08:36 Join Bagder [241] (
16:11:49Stevie[FP]i believe I may have fubared an instruction
16:16:54*Stevie[FP] wonders how he never noticed this before
16:46:04 Join Yannickthefirst [0] (
16:46:34Yannickthefirstdoes so speak german???
16:46:45 Quit Yannickthefirst (Client Quit)
16:47:19 Join mecraw [0] (
16:48:20 Join Yannick [0] (
16:58:54 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
17:01:40 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
17:08:57Stevie[FP]hm. off-by-one.
17:49:56 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:55:25 Join Guest1 [0] (
17:56:33 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
17:56:40 Join Guest1 [0] (
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17:58:54 Part TBoy
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18:13:37Stevie[FP]ok, looks like i solved bug #1
18:16:32Stevie[FP]or altered its production
18:19:59Stevie[FP]this really sucks
18:22:21 Join rockbox [0] (
18:22:35rockboxhehehe my 6 dollar usb 2.0 card arrived
18:22:40rockboxand im in the topic
18:22:58 Join Yeft [0] (
18:23:10*rockbox got his 6 dollar usb 2.0 card
18:23:24YeftBonjour! Comment-allez vous?
18:23:45rockboxdamn nice card for the price
18:23:55*rockbox reboots and plugs it in
18:24:00 Quit rockbox (Client Quit)
18:25:44Yeft4 words
18:25:59DBUGEnqueued KICK Yeft
18:25:59Yeftgod bless the subwoofer
18:34:42 Join [Ex]-Fighter [0] (
18:38:36Yeftis anyone here?
18:39:03Yeftis it a common fm recorder problem for different songs to be played during a song, cuz mine seems to do that sometimes
18:39:52DBUGEnqueued KICK [Ex]-Fighter
18:40:25Yeftits not really funny
18:40:29Yeftand kind of annoying
18:41:00BagderI don't think its a common problem
18:42:44[Ex]-Fighterok what do i type in cygwin to apply a patch?">
18:44:36[Ex]-Fighterthat page is like not in englight..
18:45:13[Ex]-Fighterit is in english but i cant follow..
18:45:19[Ex]-Fighterdo u cd to the dir
18:45:28[Ex]-Fighterthen patch < patchfile?
18:45:54[Ex]-Fighterdo i need to make a simulator on my pc?
18:46:04Bagderyou don't need anything
18:46:11Bagderyou do that if you want to
18:46:12[Ex]-Fightercd to the dir on my mp3 player?
18:46:31Bagderit says
18:46:35Bagder"cd to/source/root"
18:46:46Bagderit means: (tadaaa) to the root of the source
18:46:56Bagdersource as in source code
18:47:24[Ex]-Fightersource code as in?
18:47:43Yeftmy fm recorder just made a 'very' interesting set of buzzes
18:47:49Bagderas in
18:48:15[Ex]-Fighteri knwo what source code is..
18:48:27Bagderso what's your question?
18:48:36[Ex]-Fighteran example
18:48:45Bagderexample path?
18:48:59Bagder /home/dast/src/rockbox
18:49:12BagderI doubt it helps
18:49:33[Ex]-Fighteris that on the pc or recorder?
18:49:50Bagderyou always build on the pc
18:49:57[Ex]-Fighteradn then?
18:50:24[Ex]-Fighteros if i dl a patch i shpuld put it on my pc?
18:50:44Bagdercan you build rockbox from source?
18:50:49Bagderif not, make sure you can first
18:51:13Bagder" When we speak of 'patches' in the Rockbox project, we mean a set of changes to one or more source files."
18:51:55[Ex]-Fighterif i wanted to add chip8-diff?
18:52:08[Ex]-Fighterwoul di make a build?
18:52:36Bagderbuild rockbox from source first
18:52:39Bagderunmodified source
18:52:46[Ex]-Fighteri did that
18:52:47Bagderwhen that works, apply patch and rebuild
18:53:26[Ex]-Fighterthen put the .ajg or what ever on the player?
18:55:02[Ex]-Fighterits failing to patch..
18:55:31Bagderthat happens
18:55:51[Ex]-Fighterhow do i fix that?
18:56:05Bagderyou edit the source code and make the changes go in
18:56:34[Ex]-Fighterok thx soo much for ur help
18:58:15Yeftfunny ->
19:00:27[Ex]-Fighterwhat if it says only garbage was found?
19:01:16Yefthow do you figure that out!?
19:01:46CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 13 minutes and 53 seconds at the last flood
19:01:46*Yeft was always confused as a pup
19:03:15 Join rockbox [0] (
19:03:20rockboxshit usb 2.0 kicks ass
19:03:24rockboxlike 10 times faster
19:03:44[Ex]-Fighteris ti worth uping?
19:04:02rockboxthat card was definitally worth the 6 bucks
19:04:08Yeftsend the link G
19:04:15[Ex]-Fighterit sry
19:05:09[Ex]-Fighter6 bucks?
19:05:21Yeftsend the truckin link so i can buy me self a usb 2
19:05:45rockboxshit i wish i had gotten that one, could of had 5 ports for the same price
19:06:05rockbox5 star top service too
19:06:19rockboxi got that one
19:06:27rockboxthey were slow to ship tho
19:06:59 Nick rockbox is now known as MiChAeLoL (
19:08:32MiChAeLoLwell any of em are a good buy for 6.99
19:08:45MiChAeLoLtoo bad shipping was more then the card (my shipping was 7 bucks
19:12:13 Join jrayner [0] (~jirc@
19:12:25 Part jrayner
19:12:50 Join jrayner [0] (~jirc@
19:13:01jraynerSilly java applet.
19:13:09 Part jrayner
19:15:01*MiChAeLoL hugs his usb 2.0 card
19:17:24 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: stays crunchy in milk!")
19:20:00*Stevie[FP] is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
19:32:40[Ex]-FighterCan someonetell me waht to type to add chip8 into my source code?
19:34:45MiChAeLoLdamn my cable modem sucks
19:35:00*MiChAeLoL doesnt know
19:35:08MiChAeLoLi have a compiled fm recorder version of it tho
19:35:27Bagder[Ex]-Fighter: you apply the patch, and those parts that don't work you add manually
19:35:30Bagderthat's all there is
19:35:43Bagderto it
19:35:51[Ex]-Fighterbut none ov of them work..
19:35:57[Ex]-Fighterhow do i add them manually?
19:36:04Bagdera patch is a set of changes
19:36:11Bagderthose changes go into the source
19:36:30Bagderyou add changes in source code with a text editor
19:36:40[Ex]-Fighterat the bottom?
19:36:43MiChAeLoLyou use the patch tool thinggy
19:36:56MiChAeLoLbut it wont appily right to the current cvs
19:37:03Yeft<−−mad at the reception on my fm recorder
19:37:12MiChAeLoL<−− happy with the reception
19:37:15[Ex]-Fighterstill happening?
19:37:44Yeft....well i'm listening to a song i recorded, and i can constantly hear that radio 'buzz'
19:38:31 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
19:40:32Yeftits not 'impressive'
19:42:14MiChAeLoLyea every so often it makes a loud shout buzzing noise when recording
19:45:38[Ex]-Fighterwhich file should i patch to get chip8 the diff .c .h .c.orig .h.orig c.rej .h.rej?
19:46:19Bagderwhat do you think?
19:46:47[Ex]-Fighterim really not sure...
19:46:59Bagderthe *.orig and *.rej ones were made by patch (to save the original file and to store the rejected patches)
19:47:17Bagderthe patch file mentions all files it changes
19:47:19[Ex]-Fighterso does tha mean i patched them?
19:47:21BagderI don't know
19:47:35Bagderthe *orig and *rej files are not in the source tree you got from rockbox
19:47:42Bagderthey were saved by the patch tool
19:48:15[Ex]-Fighterby patch tool do u mane cygwin?
19:48:36BagderI mean "patch" the tool
19:48:43Bagderwhich you used to apply the patch
19:48:58[Ex]-Fighteri didnt apply the patch i dont think..
19:49:07Bagderso why did you say it failed?
19:49:13Bagderif you never did it
19:49:14[Ex]-Fighteri did
19:49:19[Ex]-Fighterit failed
19:49:28Bagderso then you did run patch, right?
19:50:05Bagderand when you did, it saved those files
19:50:23Bagderit also indicates that the entire patch didn't fail
19:50:49Bagderall rej pieces are failures
19:50:57Bagderthat didn't apply cleanly
19:52:21[Ex]-Fighterso since they didnt appl waht should i do?
19:52:40BagderI've told you
19:52:42Bagder22 times
19:53:00 Quit Bagder ("")
19:59:19hardeep[Ex]-Fighter: are you familiar with C programming and the basics of Makefiles?
20:00:42hardeep[Ex]-Fighter: if not, you're going to have a tough time getting that patch to apply... see linus's comment to that patch (3rd from bottom)
20:00:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:05:00 Quit [Ex]-Fighter ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 2520")
20:28:15 Join [Ex]-Fighter [0] (
20:28:40 Quit [Ex]-Fighter (Client Quit)
20:35:56*Stevie[FP] is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 1hr 15mins 56secs] [KS]
20:36:02Stevie[FP]I will never understand
20:36:10 Join edx [0] (
20:36:18Stevie[FP]why Archos didn't just spend the extra 3 cents to add a parallel interface to the MAS
20:40:40 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
20:41:15Yeftwell at least all the money they saved went right into techsupport
20:48:56Yeftquick question unrelated to rockbox
20:49:15Yeftwait nvm
20:54:02 Quit Yeft ()
21:25:09*Stevie[FP] considers doing the Oedipus thing and clawing his eyes out
21:26:23 Join thu [0] (
21:32:01 Join james1 [0] (
21:32:30james1er, hello, I have what I'm sure is one of the stupidest questions ever :D
21:33:34james1hm, seems like no one's active at the moment ^^;
21:34:03Stevie[FP]ask it, if it's stupid we'll let ya know ;)
21:34:40james1I can't get my Jukebox 6000 (Running Rockbox of course) to power off *laughs*
21:35:01Stevie[FP]doesn't holding the OFF button work?
21:35:12james1I checked the manual and the FAQ of course, but it didn't say anything about it
21:35:13*Stevie[FP] wonders if something's up with that
21:35:19james1Well... there *isn't* an off button
21:35:22Stevie[FP]actually there is
21:35:29Stevie[FP]but it might be labeled 'STOP'
21:35:40james1Ah, bingo
21:35:53*Stevie[FP] kicks Archos for being incredibly inconsistent
21:36:03james1With the original firmware it was hold ON and Stop, so that threw me a bit, hehe
21:36:11james1Thanks! :)
21:36:24 Quit james1 (Client Quit)
21:57:54 Join Yeft [0] (
21:57:59Stevie[FP]wb yeft
21:58:37Yefthows 234 for a wormlet high score?
21:58:41Stevie[FP]no idea
21:58:59Yeftwhats hmmm?
21:59:17Stevie[FP]0x000f - IRQ3
21:59:22Yeftwhy does my mp3 play different songs during other songs!?
21:59:25Stevie[FP]0x00f0 - IRQ6
21:59:34Stevie[FP]0x0030 - ITU0
21:59:41Stevie[FP]0x0000 - none
21:59:46Stevie[FP]0x8000 - SCI1
21:59:52Stevie[FP]I wonder what's attached to SCI1
21:59:57Yeft...i don't speek programmer
22:00:05Stevie[FP]that's OK
22:00:06Stevie[FP]I do
22:00:26Yeftlol talking to yourself?
22:00:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:01:00Yefti hope no ones offended if i say i like archos firmware for the fm recorder more...
22:01:39Stevie[FP]how long have you had an fm?
22:01:56Yeft1 day
22:02:33Stevie[FP]give it time
22:02:50Stevie[FP]after the firmware locks up on you a few times
22:02:57Stevie[FP]refuses to draw the display right
22:03:01Stevie[FP]and other annoying things
22:03:09Stevie[FP]you'll appreciate rockbox ;)
22:03:13Yefti'll wait til then
22:03:45Stevie[FP]it's not scanning the a/d channels anymore
22:03:47Stevie[FP]very odd
22:03:49Yeftthe left right display is so tantalizing
22:04:14Yefton the recorder
22:04:27Yeftit has a visual of the left and right soudn
22:07:21Yeftso what are you working on?
22:07:31Stevie[FP]the emulator
22:09:33*Stevie[FP] sighs
22:09:38*Yeft laughs
22:09:39Stevie[FP]i've almost got the FM code to boot
22:10:03Stevie[FP]irq #45 triggered?
22:10:43Yeftyeh thatll happen to you
22:11:17Yefti got the same message last time
22:11:26*Stevie[FP] glares at you
22:11:33Stevie[FP]don't make me injure you
22:12:31*Stevie[FP] watches the thermometer-like bar fill up
22:12:47Yefthey don't blame me for your mistakes :P
22:19:46Yeftwhen i formatted my computer i delted my first 2 programs ever!
22:27:50 Join matsl [0] (
22:44:25 Join [Ex]-Fighter [0] (
22:45:42Yeftdidnt we ban exfighter?
23:01:06 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
23:01:14Yeftstevie and his emu
23:01:20Yeftwhy cant you guys just get along
23:11:46 Quit thu ("Client exiting")
23:15:32 Quit edx ()
23:25:10 Quit Yeft ("°ShowDowN v12 PrO° since 1996:")
23:41:20 Join _aLF [0] (
23:44:55 Quit Yannick ("Leaving")

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