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#rockbox log for 2003-06-18

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00:14:39 Join Yeft [0] (
00:14:48Yeftbonjour! comment-allez vous?
00:28:24 Quit _aLF ("bye")
00:36:52 Join Jet8810 [0] (
00:41:24 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:41:30midknight2k3have fun yeft?
00:41:32 Quit Yeft ("°ShowDowN v12 PrO° since 1996:")
00:43:16midknight2k3he's gone!
00:43:57midknight2k3hey jet
00:44:05midknight2k3havent talked to you in along time
00:44:38Jet8810heh yea
00:44:39Jet8810how hav eyou been?
00:44:46midknight2k3very good
00:44:52midknight2k3and my fm recorder :)
00:44:54Stevie[FP]i wanna know what idiot designed this i2c crap
00:45:05midknight2k3It wasn't me, sir.
00:48:18Jet8810fm recorder nice?
00:48:29midknight2k3yes maam it is
00:48:32midknight2k3just kidding
01:07:47 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
01:07:49Jet8810having debates on other chans :)
01:07:54midknight2k3oh no problem
01:08:03midknight2k3its not like im sitting here wiating for a response
01:08:12midknight2k3i set it up so IRC will beep when someone says something
01:08:16midknight2k3and also flash the windows
01:08:25midknight2k3right now im reading up on iRiver's forums
01:08:37midknight2k3but we can chat if you lke
01:09:53Jet8810thats awesome
01:10:00midknight2k3i was reading
01:10:08midknight2k3i responded right away
01:10:12midknight2k3very neat and handy
01:10:16Jet8810yea, very
01:10:17midknight2k3do you use MIRC?
01:10:20Jet8810what client?
01:10:28Jet8810cant stand look of MIRC
01:10:32midknight2k3yeah im not familiar with much else
01:10:44midknight2k3never tried anything else and probably never will
01:10:49Jet8810why not?
01:10:53midknight2k3I dunno
01:10:57midknight2k3im used to MIRC
01:11:08midknight2k3and it works so im happy
01:11:20Jet8810low expectations :)
01:11:33midknight2k3what does XChat do then?
01:11:43midknight2k3anything special
01:12:35Jet8810its cool looking
01:12:36Jet8810lol :)
01:13:29*Stevie[FP] is away [h0m3] [KS-MsgLog Off]
01:21:04 Join reppirehtkcart [0] (
01:21:31reppirehtkcarthey midknight
01:21:38midknight2k3who are you?
01:21:48reppirehtkcartlots of new submitted requests I noticed
01:22:00midknight2k3of course
01:22:04midknight2k3and then you did what again?
01:22:15midknight2k3but whatever
01:22:21midknight2k3lots of new requestS?
01:22:29MiChAeLoLhey midknight2k3 want the chip8 emu?
01:22:42midknight2k3yes please
01:22:50MiChAeLoLlook on the patches site... i posted a link
01:23:08*MiChAeLoL can now compile it on his xbox
01:23:22[Ex]-Fighterwait.. what?
01:23:36*MiChAeLoL compiles rockbox on his modded xbox running linux
01:24:02MiChAeLoLit also hosts my site
01:24:08MiChAeLoLin debian
01:24:48MiChAeLoLright now as midknight2k3 downloads the file... he is downloading it from my xbox
01:25:12midknight2k3im not yet
01:25:14MiChAeLoLi put apache on it
01:25:15midknight2k3but i will in a sec
01:25:17midknight2k3and thats neat
01:25:39MiChAeLoLfor the fm recorder
01:25:49midknight2k3where i get chip8 games? lol
01:26:02MiChAeLoLyou'll have to get those from the zip file on the patch page
01:26:29midknight2k3did you try it micheal?
01:26:35MiChAeLoLworks good
01:26:50MiChAeLoLthat version was before i got my compiling envornment to work
01:28:52midknight2k3theres a lot
01:28:54midknight2k3i will try then
01:29:06MiChAeLoLin breakout tho the ball is too hard to see
01:29:11MiChAeLoLand space invaders is sort of slow
01:29:18MiChAeLoLi still think the best game on it is wormlet
01:29:36MTits better with my patch
01:29:44MiChAeLoLand where is the patch
01:29:46midknight2k3wormlet rocks
01:29:46MTwhich i will finish and submit some time in december
01:29:56MiChAeLoLwhat does it do?
01:29:56midknight2k3i got a copy micheal
01:30:03MiChAeLoLcan i get it?
01:30:07midknight2k3you can control worm speed/ argh size/ food points etc
01:30:17midknight2k3even amount of arghs per food\
01:30:23MiChAeLoLcan ya send it to me?
01:30:25midknight2k3much more refined than rockbox
01:30:29midknight2k3if its ok with MT
01:30:31*MiChAeLoL loves wormlet
01:30:36*midknight2k3 agrees
01:30:36*MiChAeLoL beggs MT
01:30:41midknight2k3is it ok mt?
01:30:45midknight2k3if it send it to him?
01:30:48MiChAeLoLtop score is 180 something
01:30:55MTi shall upload a patch
01:31:12midknight2k3you have fm recorder micheal?
01:31:25midknight2k3don't make it so everyone gets the patch - just us betatesters
01:31:37midknight2k3its so fun
01:31:43MiChAeLoLlol i once compiled a version of rockbox with like all the patches
01:31:44midknight2k3i love wormlet even more now
01:31:51MTive made the max argh size smaller
01:31:56MTso you cant crash it
01:31:56midknight2k3turn argh size to as big as possible and arghs per food as much as possible
01:31:59MiChAeLoLbut when i would play songs it would be buffer of like .8 mb or something
01:32:35*MiChAeLoL soldiers more ram into it
01:32:40MiChAeLoLim really happy today tho
01:32:46MiChAeLoLmy usb 2.0 card got to me
01:32:51MiChAeLoLand i got it for 6 bucks
01:33:03MiChAeLoLreally cheap and it works good
01:33:28midknight2k3very much an improvemnt over 1.1 isnt it?
01:33:35MiChAeLoLlike 10x faster
01:34:14MiChAeLoLwhen i sent all the songs the first time, i started with 1.1
01:34:16MiChAeLoLbut was slow
01:34:35midknight2k3on breakout the ball is too hard to see
01:34:39MiChAeLoLso i sent em over a network, and sent em on a usb 2.0 connection on another computer on my network
01:34:45MiChAeLoLi know
01:35:07MTah crap
01:35:14MTsomeone made a bunch of changes to wormlet
01:37:02midknight2k3i got a copy
01:37:06midknight2k3micheal you need it for fmrecorder?
01:37:12midknight2k3i can dcc it to you">
01:37:44MTand the compiled binary is at
01:38:06*MiChAeLoL wgets it to his linux box
01:38:09MiChAeLoLthat works
01:38:26 Quit reppirehtkcart ("Leaving")
01:38:32MTthe compiled one works
01:38:38MTbut its fairly old
01:38:53MiChAeLoLdamn site not found
01:38:57MTand doesnt have any other patches applied to it
01:39:06MiChAeLoLwont let me download it
01:39:08MTyou need to fix your dns settings
01:39:10midknight2k3it doesnt work micheal?
01:39:15midknight2k3do you need it for fm reocrder?
01:39:20MTas that site exists just fine :)
01:39:23midknight2k3I have the compiled version right here
01:39:28MiChAeLoLok could ya dcc it?
01:39:38*MiChAeLoL smiles
01:39:53MiChAeLoLwhat is the file it loads when it starts up?
01:39:55MiChAeLoLthe picture
01:40:03*MiChAeLoL wants to make it say mikebox
01:40:17 Join Stevie-O [0] (
01:40:18MiChAeLoLor mike's mp3's or something
01:40:28MiChAeLoLany idea where its located?
01:40:33midknight2k3im trying to send
01:40:39*MiChAeLoL wonders about stevie-o's emu
01:40:40*Stevie-O wonders about MiChAeLoL's emu
01:40:56MiChAeLoLwha that was weird
01:40:59*MiChAeLoL wonders about stevie-o's emu
01:41:00*Stevie-O wonders about MiChAeLoL's emu
01:41:05*MiChAeLoL wonders about stevie-o's head
01:41:06*Stevie-O wonders about MiChAeLoL's head
01:41:15*midknight2k3 wonders about Stevie-O's menu
01:41:23 Join BoD[] [0] (
01:41:28midknight2k3it should be sending
01:41:30midknight2k3hi bod
01:41:31 Quit Stevie-O (Client Quit)
01:41:32*MiChAeLoL stevie-o's head
01:41:36BoD[]hi !
01:41:44midknight2k3hes not here
01:41:50MiChAeLoLthats why
01:42:04midknight2k3thats why what?
01:42:19MiChAeLoLthats why the stevie-o bot didnt work that time
01:42:26midknight2k3Sending Request - Awaiting Reply
01:42:27MiChAeLoLso could ya dcc it?
01:42:33midknight2k3im trying to right now
01:42:39midknight2k3it says its waiting for reply from you
01:42:39MiChAeLoLdid you send it to michaelol ?
01:42:45MiChAeLoLim not getting any mesage
01:42:47midknight2k3let me try again
01:42:52MiChAeLoLand i have it on auto accept
01:43:11MiChAeLoLass soon as you click send it should start sending
01:43:21midknight2k3michealol No such nick/channel
01:43:30MiChAeLoLnot eal
01:43:52midknight2k3its coming now
01:44:39midknight2k3no problem
01:44:43midknight2k3its vERRY cool
01:45:07*MiChAeLoL will get his rockbox to try it out
01:45:22[Ex]-Fightersomeone wanna give me a patched source code... cuz im sooo clueless
01:46:07MiChAeLoLfor what?
01:48:51MiChAeLoLdo you care if its an older version of rockbox (not the current cvs version)?
01:48:59MiChAeLoLcause i couldnt get it to compile with teh current cvs one
01:49:07DBUGEnqueued KICK [Ex]-Fighter
01:49:07[Ex]-Fighterenghlish... *Laughs*
01:49:31 Join Stevie-O [0] (
01:50:31 Join fighter [0] (
01:50:44 Quit [Ex]-Fighter (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
01:50:59fighterthat was wierd
01:51:13 Nick fighter is now known as [Ex]-Fighter (
01:51:19 Nick [Ex]-Fighter is now known as Fighter (
01:51:40 Quit Stevie-O (Client Quit)
01:51:50 Nick Fighter is now known as {ex}-Fighter (
01:51:50 Join Stevie-O [0] (
01:54:27 Nick {ex}-Fighter is now known as [Ex]-Fighter (
01:54:41midknight2k3wow thanks michealol
01:54:46midknight2k3chip8 emu is cool
01:54:50midknight2k3see ya later
01:55:13 Quit midknight2k3 ()
01:55:45DBUGEnqueued KICK [Ex]-Fighter
01:55:45[Ex]-Fighter•MiChAeLoL• can u help me getting my chip8 emu working?
01:57:00 Quit MiChAeLoL (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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02:19:21*Stevie-O growls
02:34:45 Join Yeft [0] (
02:44:13 Join OsmosisJones [0] (
02:44:38 Nick OsmosisJones is now known as OliverKlozoff (
02:47:33Yeftosmosis jones, i thought that movie was funny
02:47:38Yeftmost of my friends hated it
02:52:22 Join Bluechip [0] (
02:52:45 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
02:53:06Bluechiplogbot seen roland
02:53:40BluechipHardeep: are you around mate?
02:53:47Bluechiplogbot: seen roland
02:55:40>>>"seen" used by Yeft ( [snoop prevented]
02:55:50Yeftlogbot has never seen roland
02:56:06Yeft[20:55] -> *logbot* seen roland
02:56:06Yeft[20:56] -logbot- I have never seen 'roland'
02:56:12Bluechipcheers Yeft
02:56:28Yeftwhose roland
02:56:43Bluechipthe guy who is doing the new sdk
02:57:13Bluechiphe has put a load of .LNK files in it - D'oh!
02:57:40BluechipYeft r u and NT/XP user?
03:00:13Bluechipcould you try an experiment for me please - about 1 minute
03:00:58Bluechipcreate a .LNK to a command line executable and then open a CMD window in that dir and type filename.exe and see if it runs the .exe via the .lnk
03:01:16Yeftok, if i knew how i would
03:01:33Bluechipcan i talk you thru it - maybe take two or three mins ? :)
03:02:52Bluechipdo you have the rockbox sdk installed?
03:02:53 Quit Yeft (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
03:05:41 Join Yeft [0] (
03:05:44Yeftsry lol
03:05:49YeftAOL kicked me off
03:05:56Yeftok gimme a run through
03:06:01Bluechiplol - s'okay - guessed as much
03:06:09Bluechipdo you have the rockbox sdk installed?
03:06:31Bluechipnot required
03:07:23Bluechip..we can do this with any cmd line util, but if you have sdk installed, we have common ground
03:08:06Bluechipdo you have PING.EXE in your windows dir?
03:08:15Bluechip(not sure how CP is layed out)
03:09:23Yeftyes i do
03:09:40Bluechipokay - make a new folder called, say, C:\TEST1
03:10:48Bluechipnow using the RIGHT-> mouse button, drag ping.exe from c:\windows to c:\test1 and when you drop it you will get a little menu; select "make shortcut"
03:11:46Yeft...i dont know where ping is cuz its not in c:\windows
03:11:52Yeftbut it works in the command prompt
03:12:01Yeft(just typing 'ping')
03:12:11Bluechipyou can try windows/command maybe?
03:13:39Bluechippoo :(
03:14:00Bluechipthe final resort is a file search of drive c:
03:14:13Yefti dragged it
03:14:21Yeftbut it didnt ask to make a shortcut
03:14:25Yeftmt, thats where it was
03:14:31MTright click drag it
03:14:50*OliverKlozoff fails to see the point of creating a shortcut to ping.exe
03:15:09Bluechipcos the new devkit uses .lnk files and they don;t work under 98, but maybe they do under XP
03:15:15Yeftok ndone
03:15:50Yeftthe deed is done
03:15:52Bluechipyou should have a file called: c:\foo\ping.lnk
03:16:18Yefti cant say that i have a foo folder
03:16:54Bluechipoh sorry, i called it C:\TEST1 - oops
03:17:20Bluechipbut you DO have the .LNK file?
03:18:21Bluechipnow get a dos prompt
03:19:32Bluechipfour commands:
03:19:32Bluechipc: cd \test1 set path= ping
03:19:50Bluechip...what happens/
03:20:21Yeft1 sec
03:20:49Yeftping is not a recognized command
03:21:23Bluechiphmmmmm - thank you
03:21:35Bluechipyou can erase that test directory now :)
03:21:51Yefthow can i get windoze to display file extensions?
03:22:03Bluechipuse "powerdesk" file explorer :(
03:22:17Bluechipi think there is an option somewhere - but i haven't used it in years
03:22:24Yeftthere is but i cant find it
03:22:59Bluechiptry view->folder options->view in exploder
03:24:24Yeftigot thanx
03:31:34 Join ellism [0] (
03:32:36ellismTotaly newbie question. Once I've installed Rockbox how do I turn my Jukebox Off?
03:33:20BluechipLOL - press the button labelled "OFF" for about 3 seconds - same as with normal firmware :)
03:36:11ellismBluechip: There is no button labeled off (I'm borrowing this from my girlfriend) To turn it Off under the old firmware I would hold down the On button then hold STOP for a few seconds
03:36:27Yefthold stop
03:36:33Yeftjust hold down stop...
03:36:59Yeftbluechip: do you know how i can delete files but save the folders inside them
03:37:02ellismYeft. Great Thanks!
03:37:07Yeftfor example
03:37:28Bluechipahhh, sorry, for "off", i have a recorder - must be different :(
03:38:05Yefti restored a lot of old files onto my recorder in the folders (not by my wanting) into Restore > Documents and Settings > Owner > My Documents > My Music
03:38:08Bluechipyeft: im not sure I understand, you cannot have a folder in a file unless it is a zip (or similar)
03:38:36Yeftwhat if i want to delte everything but save the music inside
03:38:41Yeftwould i have to copy it to the root
03:38:45Yeftor is there an easier way
03:40:31Bluechipsorry, brb
03:40:52Yeftis there a way you know of
03:41:15Bluechipyou need to download a util called SWEEP from an old DOS utils site and type
03:41:30Bluechipsweep move *.* \newdir\.
03:41:45Bluechipthere may be other ways, but I don't know
03:41:53Yeftok thanks
03:50:19 Join redshield [0] (
03:59:17 Quit [Ex]-Fighter (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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04:06:38redshieldim having problems with my AJB6000, every time i browse with the menu it shuts off, any ideas?
04:15:53 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:20:30 Quit BoD[] ("et quelques")
04:23:17OliverKlozoffanyone care to venture a reason why we require gbr to be 0?
04:40:01OliverKlozoffokay, hm
04:40:12redshielddo you have any ideas abt. my problem?
04:41:25OliverKlozoffmaybe the button is kaput
05:05:07 Part Bluechip
05:15:42OliverKlozoffWho wrote the FM button code?
05:21:18OliverKlozoffPING +++ATH0
05:40:21 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: now with 38 percent fewer calories!")
05:48:18 Part redshield
05:48:18 Quit Yeft (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
05:57:15PsycoXulHD register error
05:58:08PsycoXulhmm funky
05:58:14PsycoXulrockbox booted up but it can't do anything
05:58:23PsycoXulthe file browser's blank, exiting the menu says save failed
05:58:31PsycoXulbattery's charged though
06:00:36PsycoXulit came up now but it lost my resume point in my shuffled root.m3u
06:00:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:01:23PsycoXulit only wants to work upside down
06:02:24 Join earHurts [0] (
06:03:30*OliverKlozoff adds a much-needed console to his emulator
06:03:53earHurtsHow are you gentlemen !!
06:04:16earHurtsemulator? archos emulator?
06:06:27OliverKlozoffI'm only aware of one person working on one, and it's me, and that's what it emulates
06:06:44earHurtsit emulates you?
06:07:10earHurtsYou have no chance to survive make your time.
06:17:45elinenbeOliverKlozoff: Stevie[FP] is making an Archos emulator too... maybe you should work with him?
06:35:38Stevie[FP]hmmm... that would be a most excellent idea
06:35:43OliverKlozoffif not for the fact that we are the same person
06:42:31earHurtswhat, is this the matrix or something?
06:42:53OliverKlozoff\no, mister diffenbach
06:42:58 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
06:43:38earHurtsdo not call me by that name. hear i am called lord vader
06:43:48OliverKlozoffhow about lord ear infection?
06:44:52earHurtsyeah, that'll do
06:45:10earHurtsanybody know abot winamp plugins?
06:50:12hardeepi think they plugin to winamp... not 100% positive though
06:51:47earHurtsa keen grap of the obvious you have ;)
06:54:26earHurtsi'm trying to get it to talk to an esd server
07:02:36 Join matsl [0] (
07:09:14earHurtsfreaking success!!
07:10:01earHurtsmy winamp on my pc is playing over the wifi network, and i'm hearing it on my handheld
07:24:08OliverKlozoffand to think
07:24:16OliverKlozoffus lower life forms would have resorted to speakers
07:27:17 Quit hardeep ("Read error: 1.414213562 (Excessive square root of 2)")
07:36:42earHurtswell, ok, it's tinny without earphones.
07:37:04earHurtsbut I don't have speakers in my bathroom. yet
07:37:24OliverKlozoffyou wouldn't happen to have a memory dump of a running copy of the Archos firmware on an FM, would ye?
07:45:21earHurtshow would I make that dump?
07:46:06OliverKlozoffno idea
07:47:10earHurtsyou give me the software to do it, i'll do it
07:47:39earHurtsincidently, I'm now playing on my speakers and pda
07:47:58earHurtscuriously the pda about 1/5 sec /faster/
07:48:26OliverKlozoffif I could come up with software to do it, I'd do it myself :D
07:48:33earHurtsno, call it a full sec.
07:48:44earHurtsdidn't know if you had an fm
07:50:42earHurtsso I can sit in the tub, irc and listen to music. god, what a cool century.
07:59:53 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
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08:14:52 Join Bagder [241] (
08:25:57OliverKlozoffsup bagder
08:26:27Bagdermany mails today
09:25:09 Join Akulakhan [0] (
09:26:16Akulakhanwhy hasnt rockbox made a firmware for rioriot?
09:26:22 Join awy[baer] [0] (
09:27:48 Part Akulakhan
09:41:43 Quit awy[baer]_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:43:55 Quit OliverKlozoff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:01:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen" is growing unusable
10:42:15Schnueffoh sorry
12:01:04***No seen item changed, no save performed.
12:14:36 Join BIAF [0] (
12:15:26BIAFi need a group of lads to take out the archos offices
12:15:41BIAFAk's and pipe bimbs just
12:15:55BIAFnothing too fancy
12:16:02BIAFmaybe a tank
12:16:29*Bagder runs off to eat
12:20:03BIAFwhy does the archos SlimCDRW ext USB device not install on a pc computer, i tryed 3 different computers ,,one with win98 and the other two with winME
12:20:29BIAFdid they make it for mac but forgot to take the pc stickers off the box?
12:20:36BIAFbounch of noobs
12:23:00BIAFi was told in the manual it would not ask for the drivers for WinME, but whats the first thing WinME asks for on boot up?
12:23:09BIAFdriver disk pff
12:25:03BIAFit says it will use the Mass Storage device from MS by default, but it dont , it prompts for disk, then if u play along with that and install the USB Storage Adaptor V2 (TPP) , it make the pc hang for 2/3mins on the finish button of the plug n ply area thwen hangs on boot on so forth, hang hang hang
12:26:26BIAFplease help
12:27:10BIAFif i force the update to use the default MS storage device, it still acts like it does with the normal driver disks
12:28:53BIAFi tryed on pci usb cards, internal usbs, with power, without power etc etc, as many sequances as i can for someone who fix's pcs all freck'n day the last 10 years i never had such a phucked up device, what a bounch of noobys using sony tech that they cant even handle
12:54:24Bagderthat's what windows brings you
12:55:07BIAFim soo pissed off
13:02:00 Quit BIAF ()
13:21:38 Join whiTEbOy [0] (
13:22:07 Quit whiTEbOy (Client Quit)
13:53:14 Join luk [0] (
13:54:07luk /op TotMacher
13:54:20 Quit luk (Client Quit)
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14:42:10 Join LinusN [200] (
14:42:45Bagderwelcome visitor, stay a while, staaaaaay forever!
14:44:03*LinusN grabs his TAC-II and waits for the robots to attack
14:47:13*LinusN has been very busy lately
14:47:46Bagderhow's the ADSL progress?
14:48:03LinusNi'm in 56k modem hell
14:48:40LinusNthe old ADSL will be removed this week, and then bostream will start the installation of the new one
14:49:41LinusNdo we want the "force mono" flag to be saved in the station preset list?
14:51:05Bagderon a per-station basis you mean?
14:51:26Bagdersounds like a clever idea
14:51:36LinusNi do so too
15:07:53*Stevie[FP] is back from [h0m3] [gone 13hrs 54mins 24secs] [KS]
15:07:56Stevie[FP]hey Linus
15:08:04Stevie[FP]welcome to my world
15:08:10Stevie[FP](56k modem hell all the time)
15:08:27Stevie[FP]too far from CO for DSL
15:08:33LinusNthat sux
15:08:47*Stevie[FP] grumbles
15:09:08Stevie[FP]what fw version is in your FM ROM?
15:09:46*Stevie[FP] is having a minor issue with his emulator
15:10:06Stevie[FP]currently, operating as it is
15:10:25Stevie[FP](running the ROM from my FM, which is also 1.30j)
15:10:40Stevie[FP]it locks up in a loop
15:11:43Stevie[FP]in the timer interrupt, it does something like this:
15:11:59Stevie[FP]if (global_var_5 == global_var_4) { do_stuff }
15:12:25Stevie[FP]however, as global_var_5 is zero and global_var_4 is something greater than zero
15:12:36Stevie[FP]'do_stuff' will only execute once every 13.5 years or so
15:13:07Stevie[FP]My gut feeling is that that is NOT what is supposed to happen :P
15:21:12Stevie[FP]There's *one* bit of code that appears to set global_var_5 to some value higher than global_var_4
15:21:25Stevie[FP]the gist is 'void foo(int bar) { global_var_5 = global_var_4 + bar; }'
15:24:16Stevie[FP]the values '4f22d212' or 'd1034f22' wouldn't happen to look familiar, would they?
15:25:10Stevie[FP]ok wtf
15:25:32Stevie[FP]how sure are we that this SH disassembler (sh2d) works 100% correctly?
15:26:51BagderI don't think anyone of us has checked it very closely
15:26:57Stevie[FP]oh nvm
15:26:58Stevie[FP]I see
15:27:16Stevie[FP]It looked to be comparing two constant values '(1 > 3)'
15:27:26Stevie[FP]but it loops backwards
15:29:11Stevie[FP]this can't be right
15:32:51LinusNi hope not
15:33:45 Nick LinusN is now known as Linus|busy (
15:34:34Stevie[FP]I wish to know what compiler they used to make this
15:35:00Stevie[FP]so that I can find the person who wrote it and wring their neck
15:35:14Stevie[FP](unless Archos built their FW without optimizations on)
15:35:41BagderI would guess on gcc
15:36:11*Stevie[FP] grimaces
15:36:18Stevie[FP]gcc? produce this code?
15:36:35BagderI haven't checked the code in details
15:36:41Stevie[FP]when I can take a casual look at the code
15:37:05Stevie[FP]and notice stuff that could be significantly optimized
15:37:34Stevie[FP]okay so it checks 0, 1, 2
15:37:37Stevie[FP]or +0, +4, +8
15:47:10Stevie[FP]wtf is with this thing
15:47:32Stevie[FP]it spends 9 cycles setting r0 = 20 * r2
15:47:49Stevie[FP]using a ridiculous combination of adds, subtracts, and shifts
15:48:22Stevie[FP]when 'mov r0, #0x14; mul.l r0, r1; sts macl, r0' would only take 6 cycles
15:50:40 Quit Linus|busy (
15:50:40 Quit adi|home (
15:51:14NJoinLinus|busy [200] (
15:51:14NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
16:01:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:14:38Stevie[FP]god damnit
16:15:29Stevie[FP]what's on IRQ3?
16:43:05Stevie[FP]or IRQ6 for that matter
17:04:57 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
17:08:07 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:33:50*Stevie[FP] pokes Linus|busy
17:42:49 Join [Ex]-Fighter [0] (
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18:09:20 Quit Linus|busy (
18:09:21 Quit adi|home (
18:09:48NJoinLinus|busy [200] (
18:09:48NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
18:13:20 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
18:30:30 Quit [Ex]-Fighter ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 2520")
18:33:50*Stevie[FP] is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
18:33:53*Stevie[FP] is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 3secs] [KS]
18:39:52 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
18:46:31 Join [Ex]-Fighter [0] (
18:47:16 Join _aLF [0] (
19:03:17*Stevie[FP] is away [fewd] [KS-MsgLog Off]
19:16:57Linus|busyStevie[FP]: irq3 is the MAS Demand on the recorder
19:17:00Linus|busyif i remember correctly
19:18:33Linus|busyirq6 is not used, methinks
19:19:13Linus|busythe demand pin on the player is on irq6, but it is unusable because it isn't inverted
19:19:40Linus|busy(all of this from my memory, i'll have to check)
19:31:06 Join matsl [0] (
19:32:53 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
19:33:21MiChAeLoLhehe my winxp theme got added
19:34:10 Quit MiChAeLoL (Client Quit)
19:34:13 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
19:37:25 Part Linus|busy
19:37:26 Join Linus|busy [200] (
19:38:32 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for Windows CE today!")
19:57:13*Stevie[FP] is back from [fewd] [gone 53mins 54secs] [KS]
19:57:44Stevie[FP]Linus|busy: do ye have the ability to debug an FM?
19:57:48Stevie[FP]like with gdb over a serial link
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20:09:48 Quit [Ex]-Fighter (
20:10:28NJoin[Ex]-Fighter [0] (
20:22:07 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:32:25 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|shopping (
20:32:50Linus|busyStevie[FP]: yes, but the serial tx on my fm is broken
20:48:53 Nick Hes_ is now known as Hes (
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22:12:15 Join Bio_hazard [0] (
22:13:23Bio_hazardive got a new menu structure for consideration...
22:14:05Bio_hazardhow do i post it? (~120 lines)
22:14:50*Stevie[FP] is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
22:16:25Bio_hazardanyone here?
22:26:51 Quit _aLF (
22:26:51 Quit awy[baer] (
22:27:39 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:27:39NJoin_aLF [0] (
22:27:39NJoinawy[baer] [0] (
22:27:46 Quit tracktheripper (Client Quit)
22:27:55 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:31:39Bio_hazardanyone interested in my new menu structure?
22:34:17tracktheripperhow are u
22:34:26Linus|busyi have a terrible cold
22:34:38Linus|busy*cough* 'cough*
22:34:49tracktherippergives LinusN some lemsip
22:35:03Linus|busyaaaah, feels better already
22:35:15tracktheripperone thing you didn't "reject"
22:37:29*Stevie[FP] yawns
22:37:32Stevie[FP]stoopid archos fw
22:37:40tracktheripperwhats wrong wiv it now?
22:37:47Stevie[FP]sucks, same as always ;)
22:37:59Stevie[FP]it's locking up waiting for some variable to reach 8192
22:38:05tracktheripperwell at least it makes folders and id3 tags.......
22:38:09Stevie[FP]one that's never incremented when the code runs
22:38:09Bio_hazardhow do i post it? (~120 lines)
22:38:28Stevie[FP]I tried some *koff* "divine intervention" with a quick call to writemem()
22:38:30Linus|busyBio_hazard: how about the mailing list?
22:38:41Stevie[FP]but all that does is crash out later
22:39:01tracktheripperis it possible to turn an ajbrec.ajz file back into sorce code?
22:39:17Linus|busyStevie[FP]: yeah, it's really stupid of them to create a firmware that doesn't run on your emulator :-)
22:39:27Linus|busytracktheripper: no
22:39:33tracktheripperwhy not?
22:39:48Stevie[FP]Linus|busy: :P
22:39:54Linus|busytracktheripper: the source isn't there, just the result from the compilation
22:40:23Linus|busyall variable names, function names and everything is not there
22:40:34Linus|busyjust the raw machine code
22:40:46Stevie[FP]i beg to differ
22:40:49tracktheripperohh righty
22:40:49Stevie[FP]I have a lot of variable names here
22:41:00Stevie[FP]and so on, and so forth ;)
22:41:19Stevie[FP]actually they have names like global_var_1 and global_var_A
22:42:36Bio_hazardwhich list should subscribe to?
22:45:16Bio_hazardwhich list?
22:45:19Linus|busysubscribe to "rockbox"
22:45:25tracktherippercould the recorder display 1bit JPEGs?
22:45:42Linus|busytracktheripper: yes, but they will look like an ant farm
22:45:57tracktheripperor the "Snow" demo.................
22:46:08Bio_hazardhow do you do it?
22:46:34Linus|busyBio_hazard: we write code to load the jpeg, and then we scale it to 1bit, 112x64
22:46:47tracktheripperBio_hazard, the Player may be able to display album covers if you could squeeze an entire cover into one of its character cells.....
22:46:51Linus|busyit will look like sh*t
22:47:07 Quit _aLF ("bye")
22:47:14Bio_hazardso its not newbie freindly...
22:47:38Linus|busyBio_hazard: what isn't?
22:47:42Bio_hazardspeaking of fonts... is there a way to do fonts in win?
22:47:52Bio_hazarddisplaying jpg's
22:48:06Linus|busyBio_hazard: there are font editors, but few are free
22:48:29Bio_hazardRB fonts?
22:49:16Linus|busyyou create BDF fonts and then convert them
22:49:42 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:49:58Bio_hazardare there any BDF creators for win? (or do i need to whip out knoppix)
22:50:10tracktheripperthe SOURCEFORGE server is dead :-(
22:50:39Linus|busyBio_hazard: you can run pfaedit with cygwin/x11
22:51:06Bio_hazardid rather not emulate
22:51:18Linus|busyuse google then
22:51:36Bio_hazardso BDF isint proprietary?
22:51:43tracktheripperlinus I said the sourceforge server is dead
22:52:07Linus|busythe bdf format is pretty well defined
22:52:17Linus|busytracktheripper: yeah, it seems so
22:52:18Bio_hazardi thought it was PRP
22:53:43Linus|busyBio_hazard: it is an adobe format, but the specs are free
22:54:19Bio_hazardive got PS could i make it in that?
22:54:38*Linus|busy goes back to 'busy' mode again
22:54:48Linus|busyPS, as in PostScript?
22:55:07Linus|busyyou need a font editor
22:55:39Bio_hazardis BDF rasterized?
22:56:28Bio_hazardi have a bitmap font i mant to make into a RB .FNT
22:58:57Bio_hazard.PNG > .BDF > .FNT
23:01:34tracktheripperLinusN recording needs tidying up
23:02:42tracktheripperbecause i can't do Id3 tags.........
23:03:25tracktherippersuch is life
23:04:35*Stevie[FP] emyool8s
23:08:14Stevie[FP]forgot an arg to printf >:(
23:10:24*Stevie[FP] is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 55mins 34secs] [KS]
23:13:43 Quit Bio_hazard ("["Boredom will not kill you, it will maim you instead..." -Bio Hazard" -=SysReset 2.51=-")
23:18:43 Nick matsl|shopping is now known as matsl (
23:19:39Linus|busymatsl: back from shopping at 23:19??? :-)
23:20:18matslrush hour before Midsommar
23:20:34*Linus|busy is rebooting, stay tuned
23:20:39 Part Linus|busy
23:24:10 Join Bio_Hazard [0] (
23:24:35 Join LinusN [200] (
23:24:43Stevie[FP]and wb
23:25:48Stevie[FP]archos fm fw (v1.30j): IRQ handler simply disables the 'transmit ready' interrupt on SCI0
23:25:55 Part Bio_Hazard
23:26:30LinusNthe irq3 handler?
23:26:43Stevie[FP]or IRQ6
23:26:49Stevie[FP]no, it's IRQ6
23:26:53Stevie[FP]which is the falling edge of DEMAND
23:26:56LinusNit stops the mp3 data dma
23:27:35*Stevie[FP] also notes that (1) said handler is in main DRAM and (2) doesn't use a fancy 'and #0x7f, @(r0, gbr)' construct
23:28:19Stevie[FP]it does a standard 3-instruction read/modify/write
23:28:51Stevie[FP]to clear the 0x80 bit
23:28:54 Join elinenbe [0] (
23:28:57Stevie[FP]you 'and' with 0x7f
23:29:01LinusNi know
23:29:04Stevie[FP]now the IRQ3 handler, on the other hand, is found right at the start of the internal RAM - 0x0F000000
23:29:16Stevie[FP]but since we're not playing mp3s yet
23:29:27Stevie[FP]I'm thinking that that's not where my magic variable is supposed to be changed
23:30:34LinusNat boot?
23:32:03Stevie[FP]yeah, this is still with that thermometer-like bar filling up
23:32:33Stevie[FP]I tried some *koff* intervention using a carefully placed call to writemem()
23:32:52LinusNmaybe they expect an IRQ3 when setting up the port i/o?
23:32:53Stevie[FP]but apparently something else isn't initialized correctly, cuz I die with an invalid instruction shortly thereafter
23:33:08 Join Bio_hazard [0] (
23:33:16Bio_hazardback (again)
23:33:18Stevie[FP]the internal RAM is 4096 bytes in size, right?
23:33:39*Stevie[FP] emyool8s some more
23:33:54Bio_hazard4K cache?
23:33:54Stevie[FP]after it works
23:33:59Stevie[FP]I need to speed it up just a teeny bit
23:34:03Stevie[FP]Bio_hazard: not cache... RAM
23:34:09LinusNBio_hazard: no, just RAm inside the CPU
23:34:18Stevie[FP]methinks these people have been exposed to x86es too damn long
23:34:32LinusN"these people"?
23:34:43Stevie[FP]well, Bio_hazard
23:34:47Bio_hazardive still got an x86
23:34:56Stevie[FP]I think we all have them :P
23:35:05Stevie[FP]which reminds me
23:35:09MTmy old uni was heavily into software engineering, my new one is heavily into robotics
23:35:21Stevie[FP]does anyone else here think that x86 is a really lousy arch?
23:35:28MTthe differences between the two unis computer systems courses is crazy
23:36:49Bio_hazardback then... the x86 was TECHNOLAGY!
23:36:55Bio_hazard(the good ol' days)
23:37:04 Join Stevie-O [0] (~whatsit2u@
23:37:13Stevie[FP]i think the only thing x86 has that the other arches I've seen don't have
23:37:18Stevie[FP]is a real divide instruction
23:37:24Stevie[FP]ah, here he is
23:37:35Stevie-Oand I present to ye
23:37:36Stevie-O(pc=0x0900A85E) > s l 0x09039B34 0x0f000000 4096
23:37:43MTand a really affordable price point :/
23:38:05MTotherwise we'd all be running on ultrasparcs, no?
23:38:14Stevie[FP]we wouldn't NEED 512KB of cache
23:38:25Stevie[FP]if we had more than four general purpose registers
23:39:25Stevie[FP]ARM7 has 15 registers you can do anything you want with (r15 is the PC)
23:39:53Stevie[FP]the SuperH in our mp3 players has 16
23:40:02Stevie[FP]err no, 15, it requires that r15 be a stack ptr
23:40:12LinusNStevie[FP]: yes, the x86 arch sux in many ways, but you must admire them for being able to keep the compatibility for so long
23:40:52Stevie[FP]LinusN: that's gotta be the only thing that makes RISC life difficult −− extending the instruction set
23:41:00Bio_hazardwhats the minimum amount of ram id need to run Win95 on a 486?
23:41:26Bio_hazardand run well...
23:41:55Bio_hazard(net surfing IMing IRC kind of stuff)
23:41:56Stevie-Oso anyway
23:42:31Stevie-O(pc=0x0900A85E) > s l 0x09039B34 0x0f000000 4096 <- search for a 32-bit value ('long') equal to 0x09039B34, from 0x0f000000-(0x0f000000+4096)
23:42:38Stevie-Oyields no results
23:42:51*Bio_hazard note to self: "dont ask windows questions to linux people"...
23:42:57LinusNStevie[FP]: any particular reason for this split personality?
23:43:09Stevie[FP]<- work machine
23:43:18Stevie-O<- personal laptop (the one with the emulator)
23:43:34Stevie[FP]difficult to paste between machines :D
23:43:51LinusNnot with x11
23:44:25Stevie[FP]when I search the DRAM region (0x09000000-0x09200000) for that value
23:44:28Stevie[FP]i get 35 hits
23:44:52 Part Bio_hazard
23:45:00Stevie[FP]I even found several functions that write to the memory location in question
23:45:36Stevie[FP]what I've been unable to do as of yet is figure out at which point those functions are supposed to be called
23:48:00Stevie[FP]the main code sits in a loop until that memory location (which I've dubbed global_var_A) > 8191
23:48:23Stevie[FP]sadly, it remains at zero, because it never ever gets written
23:48:39LinusNok, so it is probably an interrupt that sets it
23:49:44Stevie[FP]that's the only thing I can think of, other than the ADC interrupt (the converted ADC output is read by an interrupt, and not a timer like in RB)
23:49:54*Stevie[FP] double-chex the ADC code
23:50:54Stevie[FP]wow, the ADC handler's a big one

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