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#rockbox log for 2003-06-20

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02:20:48Stevie-O250 Stevie-O
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03:53:31Stevie-Osup jzoss
03:55:00jzossIt's been a busy week. {whew!}
03:55:08jzossI got a NEW computer at work! Woohoo!
03:55:26jzossToo bad it's a 450MHz. Slower than the one I just upgraded from at home, because it was too slow for me.
03:55:31jzossHow's that for sad? ;)
03:58:00Stevie-Ooverclock the bus
03:58:35jzossRight. 'cept it's unstable already. 4 bluescreens in 4 hrs. :S And that's running win2k
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04:03:17Stevie-Owhat STOP code?
04:03:49jzossmem parity error. I'll probably run memtest on it tomorrow to try and figure out which stick (out of 4!!) it is
04:07:16Stevie-Ostupid mem
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04:23:02Stevie-Osup mike
04:24:00MiChAeLoLjust made a kickass xp theme
04:26:49MiChAeLoLlet me make one
04:29:51*Stevie-O rubs his head
04:29:56MiChAeLoLits comming
04:30:07Stevie-Osorry, my brain is having difficulty reconciling 'kickass' and 'xp' in the same sentence
04:30:50jzosslol. See, Stevie, if you can make a theme that turns XP into "kickass", then it's definitely something to be proud of. =)
04:31:56MiChAeLoLits not that good
04:31:59MiChAeLoLbut pretty good
04:32:33MiChAeLoLhmmm my clock is 2 hours behind, i should change that
04:33:35jzossI like your wallpaper, and the marble-y titlebars make me happy. =)
04:35:57Stevie-Ojzoss: lol
04:36:07jzossI try
04:36:57MiChAeLoLi like the way it makes the command line look in the third one
04:37:11MiChAeLoLhehe, and i made holes in the login name on the startmenu
04:37:12MiChAeLoLat the top
04:37:15MiChAeLoL2nd one
04:37:32jzossIt rocks that you have debian on your XBox, MiChAeLoL. That's the only reason I'd ever buy an xbox
04:38:19MiChAeLoLhehe yep
04:38:30MiChAeLoLmy microsoft xbox is my linux box
04:38:34MiChAeLoLand my pc is my windows box
04:39:24MiChAeLoL"Microsoft Monkey Colony on Mars
04:39:24MiChAeLoLMicrosoft has announced that a team of monkeys will be shot into space in 2005 to establish the first Martian Colony
04:39:40MiChAeLoLMicrosoft Invades Cuba
04:39:40MiChAeLoLMicrosoft's plan to invade cuba and overthrow the government has succeeded. One Microsoft official said "It's a win-win situation.
04:41:53MiChAeLoLi think my theme is good enough to put it on
04:42:01MiChAeLoLthe last one i put up there suckd
04:43:56Stevie-OI need Linus or Z
04:44:01Stevie-Oto explain how this damn MAS chip werx
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04:59:25Stevie-Onah, it must not be the DEMAND interrupt
05:03:15MiChAeLoLthere, just changed the crappy - 0 X in the upper right corners
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05:27:01Stevie-Odamnit :(
05:48:11*MiChAeLoL predicts that someone will enter
05:48:20MiChAeLoLthat someone will be hellimod
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05:49:16hellimodshit cool
05:49:20hellimodso what is rockbox?
05:49:24hellimodI need details..
05:49:30MiChAeLoLopen source firmware
05:49:31Stevie-O... it's a seven letter word
05:49:35jzoss ??
05:49:56jzossit rhymes with "pop rocks" (sort-of)
05:50:59hellimodso when are you going to start working on the firmware replacement for the ipod?
05:51:13*MiChAeLoL doesnt think its been hacked
05:51:21MiChAeLoLcause of apples weird encoding
05:51:22hellimodnot yet..
05:51:52hellimodwell it is a hard nut to crack I tried..
05:52:23hellimodthe software on the HD is not hard to get at but the firmware is encoded..
05:52:35Stevie-O? same with the archos
05:52:46hellimodencryption on the distributed code
05:52:55*MiChAeLoL bows down to Stevie-O he knows all
05:52:56*Stevie-O bows down to MiChAeLoL she knows all
05:53:13*MiChAeLoL stevie-o
05:53:13*Stevie-O wonders why MiChAeLoL keeps typing /me stevie-o
05:53:27*MiChAeLoL stevie-o
05:53:27*Stevie-O wonders why MiChAeLoL keeps typing /me stevie-o
05:53:32*MiChAeLoL gets down on stevie-o
05:53:32*Stevie-O gets down on MiChAeLoL
05:53:35hellimodshe all are rocks to us
05:54:11*MiChAeLoL watches stevie-o
05:54:12*Stevie-O watches MiChAeLoL
05:54:19*MiChAeLoL watches stevie-o stevie-o
05:54:20*Stevie-O watches MiChAeLoL MiChAeLoL
05:54:25*jzoss watches stevio-o watching michaelol
05:54:29hellimodSie mŘssen erlernen, Englisch zu sprechen
05:54:43MiChAeLoLhehe good ol bot
05:55:00MiChAeLoLyou must learn to speek english?
05:55:07hellimodjedermann hier gernman?
05:55:09*MiChAeLoL doesnt know that much german
05:55:19*MiChAeLoL only took 2 years of it
05:55:36hellimodMisschien Nederlands
05:56:00MiChAeLoLich will europe gehen
05:56:08hellimodwhere are you from?
05:56:24MiChAeLoLgoing to europe this summer
05:56:39hellimodI am canadian
05:57:02Stevie-Oyour name is joe?
05:57:11hellimodcome to canada drink good beer
05:57:24hellimodwe don't do anything else here.
05:57:33hellimoddon't let anyone tell ya otherwise
05:57:37Stevie-Owhat about the beavers?
05:57:48hellimodI eat a lot of beaver
05:57:54*MiChAeLoL is 16 the legal drinking age in europe but not in the usa (21 here) stevie-0
05:57:56*MiChAeLoL is 16 the legal drinking age in europe but not in the usa (21 here) stevie-o
05:57:57*Stevie-O is 16 the legal drinking age in europe but not in the usa (21 here) MiChAeLoL
05:58:13*MiChAeLoL is a baby stevie-o
05:58:13*Stevie-O is a baby MiChAeLoL
05:58:23hellimodsometimes I hunt beaver at the bar when i am having beer
05:58:30Stevie-Ois that so
05:58:39*MiChAeLoL can be entertained for hours off of stevie-o 's bot
05:58:40*Stevie-O can be entertained for hours off of MiChAeLoL 's bot
05:58:49Stevie-OI have no bot
05:58:54*MiChAeLoL stevie-o's
05:58:54*Stevie-O MiChAeLoL's
05:59:02*MiChAeLoL stevie-o's
05:59:03*Stevie-O MiChAeLoL's
05:59:05DBUGEnqueued KICK MiChAeLoL
05:59:05*MiChAeLoL stevie-o's
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05:59:28hellimodbots are cool
05:59:34CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
05:59:34*MiChAeLoL stevie-o couldnt type that fast this many times in a row.... so it must be a bot :p
05:59:35*MiChAeLoL stevie-o couldnt type that fast this many times in a row.... so it must be a bot :p
05:59:35*Stevie-O MiChAeLoL couldnt type that fast this many times in a row.... so it must be a bot :p
05:59:35*Stevie-O MiChAeLoL couldnt type that fast this many times in a row.... so it must be a bot :p
05:59:46Stevie-Oit's just a script
05:59:55*MiChAeLoL only knows how to make scripts in linux
05:59:57Alcyonehello all
06:00:04*Stevie-O scripts lots of things
06:00:10jzosshello, Alcyone
06:00:12*MiChAeLoL wonders how stevie-o does it
06:00:12hellimodyou could have me talking for hours to some bots haha
06:00:12*Stevie-O wonders how MiChAeLoL does it
06:00:24MiChAeLoLlike the triva ones
06:00:36AlcyoneI have a question about version 2.0, running on my recorder
06:00:38hellimodfucking bots
06:01:00Stevie-Owith whom do the bots engage in sexual intercourse?
06:01:05jzossAlcyone: ask away!
06:01:07MiChAeLoL that makes we want to try slackware
06:01:10Stevie-OAlcyone: my mind reading is fuzzy. try asking?
06:01:14AlcyoneSometimes it stops producing sound, while the progress indicator continues like it's playing. is this a known bug?
06:01:27Stevie-Ored LED on or off?
06:01:43hellimodTranslation Error: The translation could not be located in the returned HTMLOriginal Message: "we answer no questions"
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06:02:23Alcyonethere seem to be two different situations. Sometimes the LED is on.
06:02:30MiChAeLoLi think i will try freebsd, ive heard good things about it
06:02:45 Quit hellimod (Remote closed the connection)
06:02:58Stevie-Oled off: silent play bug. hate it.
06:03:05 Join hellimod [0] (
06:03:14Stevie-Oled on: 'red led dead bug'. hate it just as much
06:03:43hellimodwho did that
06:03:45hellimodmake me log of ... fucking AOL
06:03:50hellimodthank god I only have it for a day
06:04:08Stevie-Ofirst bots, then AOL
06:04:14AlcyoneStrange thing is, when I carry it on my belt, it seems more stable than when lying in my car or on my portable sound system.
06:04:16Stevie-Oare the bots engaging in sexual intercourse with AOL?
06:04:33Stevie-OAlcyone: that's why we think it's a glitch in the hard drive code
06:04:36Alcyoneprobably it like the warmth of my body :D
06:04:47hellimodmost of the bots on AOL are good with netsex
06:05:03hellimodoh baby touch my ass
06:05:08Stevie-Oit seems pretty consistent that when it's being moved physically (possibly shaken) it's more likely to skroo up
06:05:12hellimodworks all the time
06:05:38hellimodNever had a problem with my ipod
06:06:13Alcyonethanks for the answers, I was worried that there might be a HW problem. Since all HD checks are positive, I was thinking about the MAS.
06:06:40hellimodI thought the day would never come where I would tell people I am a mac user and AOL.. sad day indeed..
06:07:10AlcyoneNow that I'm here, I can express my gratitude, for developing this software. Really awesome guys!
06:07:32hellimodI assume the source is available?
06:07:53AlcyoneAFAIK yes
06:08:24MiChAeLoLsource is available, ive compiled it on my xbox =)
06:08:27Alcyoneff een groet aan alle hollanders hier die de log lezen
06:08:47Stevie-Othe 'big three' aren't here
06:08:57Stevie-Oto whome most of the credit goes
06:09:01MiChAeLoLzagor, linus and you?
06:09:08Stevie-OBagder, Zagor, and LinusN
06:09:08MiChAeLoLwho is the thrid person?
06:09:12MiChAeLoLahhh bagder
06:09:16Alcyonewell... maybe they'll read the log
06:09:18Stevie-Oif the third person was me
06:09:26MiChAeLoLyour always here tho
06:09:28Stevie-OI wouldn't have said 'aren't here'
06:09:38*MiChAeLoL looks at stevie-o
06:09:40*Stevie-O looks at MiChAeLoL
06:09:48Stevie-O<MiChAeLoL> your always here tho
06:09:50Stevie-Othats cuz i have no life
06:10:12MiChAeLoLthe sad part is im usually here lately to see you
06:10:15AlcyoneU guys from the US?
06:10:21MiChAeLoLnot after next week tho, ill be in europe
06:10:29MiChAeLoLim in illinois (us)
06:10:32Alcyoneyeah? where?
06:10:46MiChAeLoLby chichago
06:11:16Alcyoneah, nederlands?
06:11:20MiChAeLoLin a suburb called morton grove
06:11:35*MiChAeLoL waits for freebsd to dl
06:11:43AlcyoneI'd love to go to Chicago some day...
06:12:02MiChAeLoLi'd love to go to niagra falls sometime
06:12:15MiChAeLoLor somewhere away from a dumpy city
06:12:18Alcyoneyeah, me to
06:12:21hellimodzo uw van Holland
06:12:37MiChAeLoLhehe when i went to canada for a coupple of hours (couldnt stay the night) it was sooooo much cleaner
06:12:52hellimodgoed dat daar vrouwen kijkt
06:12:59Stevie-Ocanada is... huge.
06:13:13*MiChAeLoL stevie-o
06:13:14*Stevie-O wonders why MiChAeLoL keeps typing /me stevie-o
06:13:14Stevie-ONOTHING is close to anything else
06:13:21*MiChAeLoL stevie-o
06:13:21*Stevie-O wonders why MiChAeLoL keeps typing /me stevie-o
06:13:24Alcyonewaar? ben geen vrouw hoor :)
06:13:32*MiChAeLoL stevie-o
06:13:32*Stevie-O wonders why MiChAeLoL keeps typing /me stevie-o
06:13:44Stevie-Ojag vet
06:13:45MiChAeLoLawww no one has it
06:13:49jzossTexas is almost as huge as canada. But not as cold. And with cacti.
06:14:03MiChAeLoL[Stevie-O PING reply]: 15mins 1sec
06:14:10Stevie-Oim lagged
06:14:18Stevie-Ojzoss: ... Ontario has more square feet than TX
06:14:19hellimodkom op beste kijkend zonder twijfel modellen
06:14:19MiChAeLoL[Stevie-O PING reply]: 15mins 1sec
06:14:21Alcyoneeh... doesn't Texas fit like 10 times in Canada?
06:14:26MiChAeLoLbah didnt mean to do that again
06:14:42hellimodcanada rocks
06:14:43jzossyeah, yeah... haven't ya'll heard of *hyperbole* before? ;)
06:14:56hellimodtexas fits in my back yard
06:15:07Stevie-Okak tie
06:15:18hellimodcanada rocks
06:15:22MiChAeLoLya play a lot o hockey?
06:15:33hellimodspoken like a true canadian
06:16:12Stevie-Ohis name is joe?
06:16:20hellimodwho is joe?
06:16:27Stevie-Ojoe is canadian
06:16:51Stevie-Oi thought you knew that
06:17:02hellimodI will stick to the beer
06:17:08Alcyonehear hera
06:17:52Alcyonemaybe one more beer and I can go to sleep.... it's 6:17 AM over here. I have to work at 1:45 PM
06:18:17hellimodya you holland people.. sleeping all day..
06:18:19thubeer, beer, beer
06:18:31thububba-buh beer, beer, beer
06:18:35Alcyoneworking through the night or the evening...
06:18:45hellimodthats what u get when you have a socialist government
06:18:54AlcyoneLOL we haven't.
06:19:31AlcyoneIf you'd see our prime minister... he looks like Harry Potter just is much dumber
06:19:38hellimodOh ya
06:20:29hellimodand there is another prime minister of germany who looks like the elf from the movie
06:20:41AlcyoneGlad I missed it
06:21:31hellimodso the world is now being compared to harry potter what have we come to
06:22:00*MiChAeLoL eats harry potter with stevie-o
06:22:01*Stevie-O eats harry potter with MiChAeLoL
06:22:21*MiChAeLoL spits out harry potter with stevie-o
06:22:47MiChAeLoLhmmm he didnt say it, that might mean he got disconnected
06:22:56*MiChAeLoL stevie-o
06:23:18*MiChAeLoL burns a freebsd install disc
06:23:30Alcyoneso hellimod, how come you speak dutch?
06:24:00hellimodIk ken een als
06:24:14hellimodJe parle Úgalement franšais
06:24:15Alcyonewat is een als?
06:24:26hellimodund Deutscher
06:24:36hellimoded italiano
06:24:49hellimody el espa˝ol bien es fßcil
06:25:04Alcyonethen yer way ahead of me... my french and german are atrocius
06:25:28Alcyonespanish and italian are nonexistent
06:25:33hellimodIk gebruik een vertaler die aan mijn ircprogramma verbonden is
06:25:38thumeh if you don't practice them they fade away
06:26:15hellimodis het goed?
06:26:30Alcyonebehoorlijk goed
06:26:39thuwhat language is that?
06:26:42thuit's not german
06:26:54hellimodzijn pret ik met iedereen kan werkelijk spreken
06:27:04Alcyonemaar als ik in het haags ga tikken heb je een probleem (from the city of The Hague)
06:27:14Alcyoneyes, it's dutch
06:28:20*MiChAeLoL doesnt know that its not german like stevie-o
06:28:24hellimodgoed ya zou u het hahaha uitbranden
06:28:39Alcyoneben benieuw wat je vetalÔh hiervan bak. dit is ech onbegrŔpelijk waarschŔnlijk
06:28:42jzossnot enough consonents to be German
06:28:53 Quit Schnueff (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
06:29:21*MiChAeLoL boots his freebsd disk (leaving)
06:29:22Alcyone(i'm curious what your translator makes of this. this is really uncomprehensible, probably)
06:29:27hellimodgoed vertaalt het niet
06:29:57 Quit MiChAeLoL ()
06:30:08hellimodde vertaler bot dankt u
06:30:10Stevie-Oi'm curious to know wtf it is that i'm not emulating wright
06:30:29thuthe wright brothers?
06:30:42Alcyoneanyway... would you like to provide me with the link to that translator?
06:31:02hellimodMac only sorry
06:31:22Alcyoneanother pc user bites the dust
06:31:58AlcyoneUsed to have loads of Amiga's... but I still have a 660 AV somewhere.
06:32:02hellimodlijd in uw Amerikaanse nightmare
06:33:07hellimodgoed wil ik de Duitser op dit ooit uit testen
06:33:28hellimodkoele kinda dat de Nederlanders goed zijn
06:33:46AlcyoneIch frage mich, ob das wirklich imponierend wirken sol.
06:34:19hellimodSagen, wieder, das ich schalten mu▀te
06:34:50Stevie-Ospeakos englishos willyaos
06:34:51Alcyonecould you please repeat that in english?
06:35:12hellimodwere u trying the german on me?
06:35:41Alcyoneya know Frank Zappa? He once made a track in german. Really hillarious.
06:36:10AlcyoneI speak a little german... really not much and probably terrible.
06:36:24hellimodI speak it pretty good online haha
06:36:45hellimodfunny how you didn't detect it was translated..
06:36:53Alcyonedarnet! you mac users!
06:38:08hellimodI can do spanish french german dutch italian and portuguese
06:38:24Alcyoneoops... wrong link
06:39:03hellimoddo you guys actually speak dutch anymore?
06:39:22hellimodI heard english was taking over there..
06:40:18thuhellimod: the bad part of using a translator is that you have no idea what it's saying
06:40:24thuwell if you really don't know the language
06:40:49hellimodwell you get the point of what is said
06:41:02hellimodyou could slip a few insults past me maybe..
06:41:18thuhellimod: no.. I mean you don't know what YOU are saying
06:41:20hellimodgeneral conversation is still kept
06:41:28Alcyonewe? well... It's true that the US is the main influence both economically and culturally, and that most if not everyone speaks english, but there are 16 million (yes, the total population of this tiny country) speaking dutch (or should be) so I believe this language will soldier on for the next 300 years...
06:41:33hellimodwell that is true
06:41:47thuAlcyone: unless they find some terrorists over there
06:41:54thuAlcyone: then you'll be liberated
06:41:55hellimodI rely on reaction to determine if it was said right
06:42:07thuhellimod: good method :)
06:42:11Alcyoneeh... liberated from what?
06:42:21thuAlcyone: from speaking dutch of course
06:42:45hellimodthis is so true..
06:42:53hellimodwe have terrorists in canada
06:42:55hellimodthe flq
06:42:56Alcyoneit's such a nice... difficult language...
06:43:01Stevie-Oyou will no longer be burdened with regular grammar
06:43:19hellimodthen we became an american occupied state..
06:43:19Stevie-Oyou shall be forced to memorize
06:43:21Stevie-OI before E
06:43:24Stevie-OExcept after C
06:43:26hellimodthe world doesn't know that..
06:43:28Stevie-OAnd sounding like 'A'
06:43:34Stevie-Oas in 'neighbor' and 'weigh'
06:43:41AlcyoneIf I shut my brain off I will not be burdened by regular grammar whatsoever :)
06:43:55hellimodthat is an idiot rule
06:43:57Stevie-Oand on weekends
06:44:01Stevie-Oand holidays
06:44:06Stevie-Oand all throughout May
06:44:11hellimodi before e stupid...
06:44:12jzossand after 5PM
06:44:12Stevie-Oand you'll always be wrong, no matter what you say!
06:44:34Alcyonegood to know, where all idiots on this planet anyway :)
06:44:47Alcyoneand it rhymes!
06:44:51*hellimod Stevie-O bot here boy
06:44:51*Stevie-O hellimod bot here boy
06:45:12 Join chainy [0] (
06:45:19*hellimod go fetch Stevie-O
06:45:19*Stevie-O go fetch hellimod
06:45:36chainyi keep getting an error that says dir buffer full
06:45:37Alcyoneone more beer and I'm off to bed
06:45:44AlcyoneI think
06:45:58jzossnight, all!
06:46:19 Part jzoss ("Client exiting")
06:46:20hellimodAlcyone ya just below canada
06:46:26 Quit chainy (Client Quit)
06:46:49Alcyonewhat about it?
06:47:04hellimodwhere all the idiots in the planet are..
06:47:13Alcyoneah... right!
06:47:52hellimodall the americans can suck on my dick
06:48:12*hellimod just trying to get a reaction
06:48:19*Stevie-O politely declines the request
06:48:21 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
06:48:57Alcyonebut sometimes I must thank them with their idiotry. Hey, wanna have a few blisters? :)
06:49:19*thu looks down
06:49:23thuI don't see any idiots below me
06:49:28hellimodI thank them for nothing..
06:49:45hellimodif it wasn't for canada the US wouldn't be what it is
06:50:00Stevie-Owe'd be twice as big?
06:50:03thuyeah it would be half a continent bigger
06:50:07thu;) Stevie-O
06:50:17Stevie-OAlaska would be part of the continental states?
06:50:37thuthey actually say that's because of chinese railroad workers
06:50:44*MiChAeLoL looks at stevie-o
06:50:47thuthey built the railroad fast and BC wasn't annexed
06:51:04*thu feels like he's living in china sometimes
06:51:07hellimodCanada was the only country to invade the US.. we kicked your asses
06:51:11thubritish columbia
06:51:19Stevie-Ohellimod: have you been watching the south park movie again?
06:51:27hellimodwell think about it
06:52:07hellimodThe US always tells people they have never been invaded by a outside power
06:52:20thuthey have been invaded by chinese and mexicans
06:52:23thuthey just don't know it yet
06:52:28hellimodlike the war of 1812 never existed or something
06:52:29MiChAeLoLthats true
06:52:39MiChAeLoLthere are so many freaking mexicans in this country
06:52:58MiChAeLoLat least they do all the dirty work, run the resturants, mow the lawn
06:53:05thuyou should see the chinese people in the vancouver area
06:53:13hellimodwar of 1812 canada invaded the US
06:53:25thunot that I have a racial problem or anything
06:53:40Alcyonebtw, why did canada invade the US?
06:53:50hellimodbut the US likes to think that was more like "north americans" so it doesn't count or something
06:53:55*MiChAeLoL looks at stevie-o and guesses $$$$
06:54:08hellimodya for the beer
06:54:11*MiChAeLoL wonders what happened to stevie-O's script
06:54:26Alcyonea decent beach?
06:54:29hellimodwomen and large cloven animals
06:54:44*thu had a choice between US green card and Canadian resident status
06:55:00*thu lives in Canada
06:55:42hellimodhaha.. US green card.. I spit on that..
06:56:05thuonly bad thing is that now I have to get a visa to cross the border
06:56:13AlcyoneI always hear Canada is the better place to live, except for the climate that is...
06:56:26thuclimate is pretty nice around here
06:56:31thukinda rainy but okay
06:56:36hellimodwell it is cold yes but only 1/2 the year
06:56:44hellimodright now it is fucking hot
06:56:45thuno snow either
06:56:52Stevie-Othu: YOUR name is joe?
06:56:52Alcyoneand I don't like rain or low temps...
06:57:10*thu slaps Stevie-O with a big Canadian trout
06:57:11*Stevie-O slaps thu with a big Canadian trout
06:57:21hellimodya in BC the weather is nice and warm all year
06:57:26Stevie-OJoe is canadian!
06:57:42Alcyonereally? what temps ya got in the winter?
06:57:58Stevie-Oit gets all the way up to -40 up there
06:58:02thuonly got to 0 once or twice
06:58:13MiChAeLoLi got -5 or so once
06:58:15thuit snowed on Xmas day
06:58:17MiChAeLoLi think -15
06:58:20hellimodI am in Edmonton and in the winter it gets down to -50 sometimes
06:58:26Alcyoneyer joking right?
06:58:33hellimodthat is when your nuts freeze in like 10 seconds..
06:58:36hellimodsadly no
06:58:48Alcyoneare we talking celsius or Fahrenheit?
06:58:59thuyeah I remember looking over a temp chart for yellowknife
06:59:03thuall they way up north
06:59:08hellimodI repeat we are not american
06:59:11thuaverage temperature something like -30
06:59:19hellimodof course it is celsius
06:59:57Stevie-Oi move that all future temperatures be given in Rankin
06:59:59hellimod-40 celsius is minus 40 fahrenheit in any regard
07:00:52thuhehe I remember watching some anime movie
07:00:53Stevie-Oany takers?
07:00:55thuakira I think
07:00:55hellimodNah ... kelvin
07:01:01Stevie-Ono! Rankine!
07:01:05thuthey had this room at 0 kelvin and they had to put on coats to get in
07:01:07Alcyonefor sure, I will never move to Canada, no matter what kind of money I might earn. I cannot stand low temps
07:01:18thuAlcyone: no low temps in BC
07:01:41Alcyoneokay, I'll think about it :)
07:01:47hellimodkelvin is the temp of science .. lets not be stupid here
07:01:49Alcyonebefore I reject it :D
07:02:07thuAlcyone: where do you live now?
07:02:12Alcyone0 Kelvin? No can do!
07:02:19AlcyoneThe Netherlands...
07:02:29thuAlcyone: lemme guess.. and that's hot
07:02:39hellimodya is hij Nederlands
07:02:40Stevie-Othu: those guys must have been losers
07:02:46*Stevie-O doesn't need a coat for 0K
07:03:11thuheh yeah
07:03:25AlcyoneNope... temps over here are between 15 and 35 in the summer, and between -7 and + 10 in the winter
07:03:42thuthat's reasonable
07:03:58hellimodya thats like South Dakota
07:04:26thuI don't think it ever gets to -7 here
07:04:31hellimodYa but I like my nuts frozen
07:04:51AlcyoneI can go with that
07:05:00thuI was thinking that I'd like to get a job somewhere far north or far south sometime
07:05:04thustay there for like half a year
07:05:05Alcyonebut not my hands, my feet, my ears and my nose
07:05:19thuthey I won't ever complain about the weather again
07:05:25hellimodactually I would like to move to vancouver if it wasn't so costly
07:06:42hellimodhousing costs are stupid in Hongcover
07:06:44thuhmm is it much lower anywhere else?
07:06:59thuyeah I know.. but as you get farther they get ok
07:07:13thuI actually ended up saving money because school costs less here than in the US
07:07:39thuAlcyone: there are lots of chinese people who moved here after the end of the HK business
07:07:53thuand I mean _lots_ of chinese people
07:07:54Alcyoneschool should be free...
07:08:08thuAlcyone: it should
07:08:26Alcyonewell... I can't blame them for moving...
07:08:30thuin some places it still is
07:08:34hellimodlike has it become stupid now..
07:08:43hellimodchinese people everywhere?
07:09:40hellimodnot that I don't like chinese people .. but why do we have to get like a million of them in one city which only had like 3 million other types of people to begin with.
07:10:07Alcyonea million?!
07:10:08thuThe top five ethnic groups in Richmond were led by Chinese at 63.3 per cent of visible minorities.
07:10:24thuthat's where I live
07:10:35hellimoddon't you mean majority
07:10:43Alcyoneand do they learn english or french?
07:10:56hellimodwhite people are the minority now in vancouver
07:11:04 Quit MiChAeLoL (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:11:20thulots of indians too
07:11:56hellimodwe have such lax immigration because white people are not producing enough babies
07:12:12Alcyonesame over here
07:12:36thuvancouver is actually an interesting place to live
07:12:37hellimodif we didn't do that our population would be going down and the economy would go bust
07:12:41thuyou have so many foreign people
07:12:47Alcyonesome groups over here are terrified of a cultural takeover by muslim groups
07:12:53thufresh immigrants too, not 2nd or 3rd generation
07:13:08thuAlcyone: I told you that you're terrorists
07:13:32Alcyonehey, I'm only half romanian. I don't count
07:13:37hellimodya well it is happening all over the white world
07:13:47thuI'm 100% romanian
07:13:59Alcyoneno kidding?
07:14:05hellimodwe did such a good job of making our countries good for people to live
07:14:09thuromanians rule
07:14:30hellimodnow the people come from other countries to take advantage of that..
07:14:33thuwe're gonna kick some chinese ass and rule the world
07:14:43Alcyoneask my mother, she's not so sure about that after living over here for 30 years :D
07:14:58thuAlcyone: lots of romanians in canada too
07:15:05thuas many as they can fit in
07:15:21hellimodwe have a good country
07:15:35thuwe don't have a very big country but we're very keen on leaving it
07:15:39hellimodwhat bothers me is people bringing their old world politics with them..
07:15:40AlcyoneI've been in Romania only a couple of times... instantly fell in love too, must be my genes...
07:15:45hellimodpisses me off.
07:15:49thuAlcyone: speak any romanian?
07:16:13Alcyonehardly... too bad 'cause it's beautiful
07:16:15hellimodI don't mind the people coming but leave your fucking Seek and Indian politics at the door thank you
07:16:42thuhellimod: heh.. I hate the israeli vs palestinian debates
07:16:47thuhellimod: they go on and on in my school
07:16:49hellimoddid you hear about the politician in surrey getting knifed
07:17:00AlcyoneI sometimes hear my mother say damne fereshte or something
07:17:01thuhellimod: i don't think so
07:17:06thuAlcyone: :P
07:17:13thudoamne fereshte
07:17:19hellimodone guy was a seek the other a indian
07:17:27Alcyoneusually she's yelling at the cats in romanian. Of course they don't have a clue
07:17:44thuAlcyone: who knows.. cats are smart.. maybe they understand
07:18:35Alcyoneeh... after living with cats all of my 26 years my conclusion is that cats are smart only when they want to deceive ppl :)
07:18:55Alcyonebut i love 'em anyway
07:19:01thuhellimod: fortunatelly there aren't many problems with immigrants in canada
07:19:19Alcyonethey don't eat cats?
07:19:28thuhellimod: as far as i can see it there could be lots of problems with ppl from different conflicting groups
07:19:35thusee israel and palestine
07:19:37hellimodwhat language is that?
07:19:44thuat least they don't gut each other
07:19:51hellimodthey do
07:19:51thuhellimod: ?
07:20:08Alcyonewhat language is what?
07:20:11hellimodit will happen more and more in canada..
07:20:16thuthat's too bad
07:20:25hellimodbut maybe we can instill out pride in them
07:20:41hellimodbut maybe we can instill our pride in them
07:20:46thuyou'd expect people to leave that stuff behind when they move here
07:20:57hellimodI wish
07:21:08hellimodAlcyone what language was that?
07:21:11thuwhat's the point in moving otherwise
07:21:15thuhellimod: romanian
07:21:25hellimoddoamne fereshte
07:21:39thumeans god forbid
07:22:17hellimodsounded familar
07:22:19AlcyoneIf I'd move to Canada I would probably have very little problems to adapt. Imagine moving to India or something
07:22:44thuAlcyone: it's easy to adapt to a place with lots of immigrants
07:23:06 Join earHurts [0] (
07:23:13hellimodyou would only get me to go there in a body bag
07:23:14thuhelo earHurts
07:23:14Stevie-O250 Stevie-O
07:23:15AlcyoneDepends on the individual too...
07:23:49thuat some point I was thinking about checking out asia
07:23:50AlcyoneI'm gonna try to get some much needed sleep...
07:24:02earHurtsHow are you gentlemen !!
07:24:03thubut after living here for awhile I realized I'm half way there already
07:24:35Alcyoneanyway, goodnight to you all, and au revoir :)
07:24:36hellimodjust go to the chinese market
07:24:48hellimodyou will get your fill and want to go home
07:25:00thuAlcyone: salut ;)
07:25:01earHurtsAll your emulator are belong to us
07:25:07hellimodsave the plane ticket
07:25:19hellimodsleep tight
07:25:24earHurtsAny Swedes here?
07:25:29AlcyoneI hope so
07:25:32 Quit Alcyone ("Leaving")
07:25:56hellimodAll your sperm are belong to us..
07:26:23earHurtsThat's what my girlfriend says
07:27:35hellimodso what language do you speak in sweden?
07:28:58earHurtsor Swedish, maybe
07:29:14earHurtsStevie, how comes the emulator?
07:29:16hellimodand english I see
07:29:17*Stevie-O grumbles
07:29:45earHurtsI don't suppose anyone else has written an sh1 emulator?
07:29:52thuwhat's a sh1?
07:30:03earHurtsthe chip in the rockbox
07:30:14earHurtsthe main chip, rather
07:30:16thuright.. I knew that
07:30:24hellimodno I knew that
07:31:01earHurtsis it a risc chip? it got a lot of regs
07:31:01hellimodjust like I knew swedish people speak.. swedick
07:31:06thuheh I'd just like a rabbit3000 emulator
07:32:04hellimodsh1 emulators are already out there..
07:32:49thuand they're coming to get you
07:34:01hellimodpeople are working on them for sega saturn emulation
07:36:45hellimodisn't that right Stevie
07:37:46earHurtsstevie's not talkative
07:37:55hellimodhis bot is
07:39:33hellimodme need bed.. cya all
07:40:07hellimodgoed tot ziens
07:40:12earHurtsis cvs woreking at all?
07:40:36 Part hellimod
07:50:08Stevie-Oemulating the sh-1 was a cinch
07:50:17Stevie-OThat's not what I'm having a problem with
07:50:22Stevie-Oit's all the REST of the damn hardware
07:57:29earHurtsso the sh1 emu is complete?
08:02:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:02:22Stevie-Ooh hell yeah
08:02:31*Stevie-O checks his logs
08:03:11Stevie-Othe last instruction was implemented a week ago
08:03:30Stevie-Oand that was only because it wasn't listed in one of the tables
08:03:38earHurtsnice work
08:03:50earHurtsdo you plan to release it?
08:04:08Stevie-Othe last one before that was DIV1, 17 days ago
08:04:40Stevie-Orelease what?
08:04:51Stevie-Othe cpu emulator itself is pretty much useless
08:04:55earHurtsthe emulator
08:05:23Stevie-Ocpus have no use unless connected to something external that they can control
08:05:46Stevie-Olike a display
08:05:53earHurtsnobody else would be interested in the cpu emulator?
08:05:54Stevie-Oor a hard disk
08:07:43Stevie-Onot this one
08:07:47Stevie-Oit's painfully inefficient
08:08:11Stevie-Oit runs at 1/20th the speed of the real thing, at the most
08:08:14earHurtshow will you emulate the cpu's connection to hardware?
08:08:40Stevie-O<earHurts> how will you emulate the cpu's connection to hardware?
08:09:00earHurtsthat is slow, given that I assume your pc is faster that 12 hz
08:09:10Stevie-Othat's the challenge :P
08:09:16Stevie-O1ghz p3
08:09:39earHurtswere you trying to paste elsehwere, or where you echoing me for some other reason?
08:09:44Stevie-Ogranted, it wasn't designed for efficiency, it was designed to simply work
08:10:10Stevie-Otrying to tie your original queries to my responses
08:10:29earHurtsah. thanks
08:11:04earHurtsi'll make it easier: question 3 (q3) why's it slow?
08:11:55Stevie-OI didn't write it in order to be fast
08:12:33Stevie-Oso the ratio of (x86 cpu instructions executed) per (sh-1 cpu instructions executed) is very, very high
08:12:36earHurtsi was asking more about the /proximate/ cause :)
08:12:52Stevie-Ofor example, after every cpu instruction it has to check interrupts
08:13:13Stevie-Othat's a loop of at least 50 iterations
08:13:39Stevie-OI'm going to make that a bit smarter, but for now, it does it on every instruction
08:13:40earHurts50 possible interrupts??
08:13:50Stevie-Oyeah, check the interrupt tables
08:14:02Stevie-Othere are 52 or so vectors
08:14:32Stevie-Othe interrupt code was written VERY quickly, with the only intended goal being to get it working at all
08:15:10Stevie-OI needed it in order to make the timer work (which drives a lot of things)
08:15:22earHurtsi see
08:16:03earHurtsI'd be interested to see the code.
08:16:38Stevie-Ocheck the screenshots, you'll see some of it :D
08:17:07earHurtsnot on my pda's screen ;)
08:18:08Stevie-Owhat, it can't do jpg?
08:18:19Stevie-Oat 1400x1050?
08:18:25earHurtsno, it does. but it's small
08:19:21earHurtsdo you plan to release the code?
08:20:01Stevie-Oyeah, once it's finished
08:20:06*Stevie-O sighs
08:20:12Stevie-Oif it ever works
08:20:25Stevie-OI can't get past the 17/25 mark
08:20:26earHurtsunder what license?
08:23:22Stevie-Oyou know the fm startup screen
08:23:26Stevie-Othe 'thermometer'
08:23:56Stevie-Oit's divided internally into 25 parts
08:24:25earHurtsand it's slow even when not emulated
08:24:31Stevie-Ojust after drawing it at 17/25, the red light goes on and the program freezes
08:24:35Stevie-Olol, no kidding
08:25:01earHurtswhat's it trying to do, read the hdd?
08:29:58Stevie-Okeep in mind, the Archos firmware uses the red LED to indicate some sort of error condition
08:30:09earHurtsoh, forgot
08:31:18Stevie-Oi'm thinking it's got something to do with the MAS
08:31:21Stevie-Obut I'm not sure what
08:31:46earHurtsno mas emu yet?
08:33:26Stevie-Onot really
08:33:32Stevie-OI had to throw a very crude one together
08:33:44Stevie-Olet me tell you, i2c is a BITCH
08:34:03Stevie-O(not to mention, the RTC and MAS are on the same i2c bus)
08:34:17Stevie-Oserial bus
08:34:33Stevie-Obut not like rs-232 serial
08:34:37Stevie-Onothing so simple
08:35:00earHurtsso you must emulate this too
08:35:21earHurtshave you looked for others' emulation code?
08:35:39Stevie-O... for what?
08:37:07earHurtsimplementations of hdds, mas, etc.
08:38:15Stevie-Othose aren't exactly commonly emulated things
08:38:27Stevie-Ook, i'm going to bed
08:38:50earHurtsbut surely the bochs people enmulate hdds?
08:44:45 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
08:47:06 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
09:25:57 Join awy[baer]_ [0] (
09:35:51 Quit awy[baer] (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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09:55:38 Quit midknight2k3 ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
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11:33:50 Join tracktheripper [0] (
11:34:04tracktheripperi still can't get sokoban to work :-(
11:37:15 Quit tracktheripper (Client Quit)
11:40:39 Quit thu ("zZz")
11:52:53ricIIyoho, the archos from ebay got here
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19:04:24tracktheripperhow do u get the sokoban game to work?
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22:29:05root__nick xpfred
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22:38:06 Join xpfred [0] (
22:38:19xpfredHello !
22:38:52xpfredGot some serious HDD problems with my Archos FM Recorder ...
22:39:31xpfredThe device stops playing after some time, and the HDD keeps on spinning
22:40:02xpfredWhen I shut down and restart my device, it sometimes hangs at boot time ...
22:40:31xpfredBut I found out that this was not rockbox-related, it seems to be a hardware problem ...
22:40:48xpfredSo my question is : how do I get the HDD work in an efficient way ?
22:41:29xpfredI'll open the device tomorrow and try some disk checks to see if it's not damaged ...
22:41:39xpfredNobody there ?
22:49:29 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Been around the world and found that only stupid people are breeding.")
22:50:02 Quit xpfred ("BitchX-1.0c20cvs -- just do it.")
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