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#rockbox log for 2003-06-21

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00:33:26*Stevie-O throws stuff at people
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00:41:09Stevie-Osup edx
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01:05:38Darth_Sebulba04Hello, are CPU errors specific to the firmware being run or can they be caused by anomolies in files?
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01:09:31tracktheripperplease someone help me with Sokoban
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01:10:06Darth_Sebulba04Whats so hard about sokoban?
01:10:27tracktheripperi can't install it
01:10:29 Nick mecraw__ is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
01:10:37tracktheripperive followed the instructions on the website but still doesnt work
01:11:41tracktheripperi.e puting the text file in the rockbox/sokoban directory
01:11:44Darth_Sebulba04Dunno, I just put the firmware and all its files on and it worked. Maybe someone else will wake up.
01:11:59tracktheripperthis is using the latest bleeding edge?
01:12:37Darth_Sebulba04Not likely.
01:12:43Darth_Sebulba04Latest release.
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01:13:45tracktheripperoh i see
01:13:47^gizz^hello all
01:13:52tracktheripperjust can't understand why its not working
01:13:53tracktheripperhello gizzz
01:13:57Stevie-O... technically bleeding edge is the latest release
01:14:34Darth_Sebulba04Okay, "Latest stable release"
01:16:12tracktheripperin the bleedin' edge Sokoban is installed in a different way
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01:20:03tracktheripperit manually involves putting this text file in a diretory
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01:22:01Darth_Sebulba04And thats difficult?
01:23:59tracktheripperyes ive done that but still sokoban doesnt work
01:24:06tracktherippercan't get past the first level
01:24:38adi|homewhats the prob track?
01:25:26tracktheripperive made a sokoban folder in .rockbox, put the .txt file in there and still sokoban doesn't work
01:25:54adi|homek.. give me a min
01:26:27adi|homeokay... you have /.rockbox/sokoban
01:26:34adi|homewhat is the txt file called?
01:27:05tracktheripperits called levels.txt
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01:27:19adi|homedoes the first level load?
01:27:43tracktheripperbut subsequent levels do not
01:27:54adi|homesend me your levels.txt file
01:27:56adi|homedcc if you can
01:28:05tracktheripperok hang on
01:28:31tracktheripperwhere shall i send it to?
01:29:14tracktheripperis the filename correct?
01:31:07adi|homefilename is right
01:31:11adi|homejust try and dcc it to me
01:31:38tracktheripperok adi whats your email address?
01:33:17adi|homemakes my life easier
01:33:25tracktheripperbut i don't know what dcc is
01:33:36adi|homehehe what client ar you using?
01:34:05tracktheripperim on AOL as you know
01:34:14adi|homewhat irc client are you using?
01:34:33adi|homehere.. try this file
01:35:24Stevie-Owhat the hell...
01:35:29adi|homeaccept the file
01:36:13tracktheripperi can't see an accept option
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01:36:45adi|homedamnit... just mail me your file
01:37:48PiToxX`i have a multimedia 20 player .. what musst i download? ..
01:38:06tracktheripperok its sent
01:38:20tracktheripperpiTox nothing because the multimedia isnt supported
01:38:38PiToxX`hmm .. but the firmware is shit
01:39:17adi|homePiToxX`: sorry... we don't support it.. check the FAQ and the NODO
01:39:34tracktheripperadi did u get my file?
01:39:34PiToxX`hm kk
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01:46:10tracktheripperadi is the file okay?
01:49:49>>>"seen" used by Stevie-O ( [snoop prevented]
01:50:09*Stevie-O looks for LinusN
01:56:15adi|homeim working with it now.. nature's call was much more imperitive :)
01:56:33tracktheripperis the file ok though?
01:56:56 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
01:57:51Jet8810hey hardeep
01:58:21 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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02:02:39adi|homefile seems to work fine on sim..
02:03:01ricIIHi hardeep, just got my replacement archos in..
02:16:43*Stevie-O petitions archos to make all connections on their next mp3 player thru an fpga
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02:39:53 Part Darth_Sebulba04
02:44:15hardeepricII: nice, you can start hacking rockbox again. :)
02:45:57^gizz^everyone : are there some fat/ata rockbox gurus out there ?
02:48:45^gizz^oops, nevermind :)
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03:19:01 Part ^gizz^
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05:27:45*Stevie-O yawns
05:28:18Stevie-Oanybody know where the Archos people live?
05:28:40jzossnope. I'd have to google it
05:28:54Stevie-OI owe them some serious pain
05:29:12jzossThey probably didn't design it intentionally to piss you off....
05:31:30jzoss'course, from your description, they might not've "designed" it at all. =)
05:31:56Stevie-Oyou know the game "pin the tail on the donkey"?
05:32:12Stevie-OI bet they had their kids play 'pin the IC on the schematic"
05:32:20Stevie-Oto determine how to wire it
05:32:33jzossMaybe it was done by a summer student or something?
05:33:28Stevie-Owhich reminds me, I also owe Micronas people some pain
05:44:38Stevie-Oactually I probably owe Micronas more pain
05:44:45Stevie-Ocuz they're jerks who won't give us the dsp specs :P
05:44:58jzossyes, that does stink
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06:03:54*Stevie-O creates a fusion engine that's powered by the explosive reaction between pasta and antipasto
06:06:54jzosspiece o cake relative to reverse-engineering the MAS, eh?
06:07:52Stevie-Oi wish I was a closer friend of SatanClawz's
06:08:04Stevie-Ohe managed to reverse engineer the RSA SecurIDs
06:09:01Stevie-Owanna see something neat?
06:09:45Stevie-Ook, hold on
06:19:53jzosslookin good! (sorry for the delay...I'm playin spades)
06:21:07jzossso's that mean you've got some kind of USB emulation working? Or are you just properly switching into a "fake usb" mode?
06:21:25Stevie-OIt's not supposed to be doing that
06:21:48*Stevie-O doesn't know why it thinks it's in USB mode
06:21:52jzossoh. My JBR does that. =)
06:26:38Stevie-Odoes what?
06:27:58jzossthinks its in USB mode sometimes.
06:28:06jzoss(mostly when I plug it in to USB) =)
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06:47:42jzosswb, Stevie
06:50:02OliverKlozoffthis damn thing won't exit USB mode
06:51:03jzosshmmm.... I'm assuming you have the USB-inserted input (or however they detect it) disabled?
06:52:39OliverKlozoffit's one of the ADC pins (analog-to-digital converter)
06:52:57jzossyah, I'm no EE, but I know ADC. =)
06:53:18OliverKlozoffI'm even less of an EE
06:53:38OliverKlozoffwell anyway, I tried fiddling with the value and it still stays in USB mode
06:54:31jzosshmmm.. that doesn't seem right
07:22:12OliverKlozoffbug in adc emulator :D
07:23:11OliverKlozofffor fscking up?
07:23:16jzossno, for finding it
07:27:34OliverKlozoffi have a new bug
07:28:03jzossI spent all yesterday tracking down a stupid compiler bug. Works on 5 platforms with other compilers, but not this one! Arrrr
07:30:52OliverKlozoffthose are a bitch
07:32:09jzosslol. Closer!
07:37:05OliverKlozoffit also doesn't reboot properly
07:44:05OliverKlozoff0x090088C0: 0xAFFEbra0x090088C0
07:44:14OliverKlozoff10 REM My Cool Program
07:44:30OliverKlozoff20 REM in BASIC (by Stevie-O)
07:44:32OliverKlozoff30 GOTO 30
07:44:57jzoss30 PRINT "Stevie-O RULEZ!!!!"
07:45:00jzoss40 GOTO 30
07:45:12OliverKlozoffthat's what my friend John would say :P
07:45:18OliverKlozoffbut no
07:45:20OliverKlozoffthis is more like
07:45:22OliverKlozoff30 GOTO 30
07:46:06jzossyah, I saw
07:46:27OliverKlozoffoh wait...
07:47:42OliverKlozofflove these register names
07:48:38OliverKlozoffdon't you see?
07:48:42OliverKlozoffno vowels
07:49:53OliverKlozoffI would like to take this moment to announce
07:53:26*jzoss notes that in the margins of his current scratch paper
07:56:50OliverKlozoffnote to self: add emulation for the watchdog timer later
07:59:49OliverKlozoffwanna know something weird?
08:00:10OliverKlozoffwhen the recorder (or at least the FM) firmware starts up
08:00:58OliverKlozoffone of the things it does is record from the built-in mic briefly
08:01:20jzossthat's pretty odd
08:01:27jzossAnd phone home to Archos (over FM) ?? j/k
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08:03:52*OliverKlozoff tells the fw to shut down
08:10:06OliverKlozoffand it doesn't listen
08:10:14*OliverKlozoff finds this fact absolutely unshocking
08:10:27OliverKlozoffwait a second
08:10:31OliverKlozoffthat screen says fat16/32
08:10:32jzosslol. turn the mic on!
08:10:43OliverKlozoffthat'd imply that the archos fw has support for fat16
08:11:06OliverKlozoffisn't the smallest Player a 6gb drive?
08:11:50jzossAs far as I know
08:12:01OliverKlozofffat16 support fscking crazy, since the largest a fat16 partition can be is 2gb
08:12:01jzossBut it supports multiple partitions
08:12:13OliverKlozoffthe original firmware does?
08:12:20jzossI'm pretty sure
08:12:25jzossIt just ignores all the ones but the first
08:12:26OliverKlozoffi don't see why
08:12:49OliverKlozoffso you could, in theory, create a new partition and format it fat16...
08:13:01OliverKlozoffthat's what you're saying
08:13:08*OliverKlozoff wonders what nutcase would do that
08:13:09jzosssome ppl use an ext2 partition for data, or an ntfs one or something
08:13:28OliverKlozoffbut that leaves less room for mp3s!
08:13:33jzossBut I agree. Fat32 is "good enough"
08:13:49OliverKlozoffif we ever get RB-in-ROM
08:14:00OliverKlozoffntfs support might actually be conceivable! :P
08:14:02jzossI, personally, have nowhere near 20G of mp3, so I use data on JBR
08:14:12OliverKlozoffi have a bunch of KITH episodes
08:15:40jzossKITH? (Kids in the Hall?)
08:16:32OliverKlozoffSeven things to do today!
08:16:44OliverKlozoff'listen, if you don't shut up, *THIS* is gonna happen!'
08:16:54jzossdon't put *salt* in your eyes!
08:17:15*OliverKlozoff crushes your head
08:17:32OliverKlozoffgot carried away
08:17:41jzossit's only a flesh wound. j/k wrong reference, I know
08:19:25jzoss1:20am. talk to ya tomorrow! (maybe)
08:19:34OliverKlozoffI shall engage in the ancient art of sleeping
08:19:44*OliverKlozoff yawns
08:19:47OliverKlozoffa week
08:19:51OliverKlozoffseven full days
08:20:18OliverKlozoffthat's how long it's taken me to figure out that the damn startup code was waiting for the MAS to start spitting out the recorded data
08:20:55OliverKlozoffnight dude.
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10:10:12 Quit awy[baer] ("There are only 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who don't.")
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17:58:24tracktherippercan the pitch be altered with out changing the speed?
17:58:47jzossis that not what the rockbox pitch does?
17:59:00tracktheripperbut changing the pitch changes the playback speed
17:59:15tracktheripperim talking about keeping the duration the same whilst changing the pitch
17:59:49jzossIt can be done, but rockbox uses functionality inherent in the MAS. The way rockbox pitchshifting works is the only way available to us
18:00:13tracktheripperoh righty
18:00:41tracktheripperi love to see better recording file management soon
18:01:00jzosslike what?
18:02:46***No seen item changed, no save performed.
18:02:56tracktherippermake folders, ID3 tag making, store recordings in folders of ur choice instead of the root
18:03:47jzossstore recordings in folders of ur choice. −− one of my patches did that, but was rejected.
18:03:52jzossU can use that patch if you want to
18:04:17jzossID3 tag editing: in progress. It's written. I'm debugging now (when I get time, which isn't often)
18:04:57tracktheripperoh right
18:05:05tracktheripperwhy was the "make folder" patch rejected?
18:05:19jzossWas there one?
18:05:39tracktherippersorry i mean store recordings in folders of your choice
18:05:55jzossfunctionality not required −− overly complex solution.
18:06:14tracktheripperbecause dumping the recordings in the root causes clutter
18:06:27jzossZagor would prefer a simple option for store recordings in currDir or rootDir
18:06:34adi|hometrack.. i checked your file..
18:06:41adi|homeall seems fine on the sim and on my rec20
18:06:42tracktheripperyea got ur email
18:07:00tracktherippershould the be a folder in .rockbox called sokoban?
18:07:07adi|homewhat happens when you complete level 1?
18:07:17tracktheripperit remains on the level 1 screen
18:07:27adi|homewith levels.txt in sokoban/
18:07:32tracktheripperyea I did that
18:07:50adi|homeand your sure your running the newest version?
18:08:08adi|homei dont know what to tell you...
18:08:15adi|homeit sees the file, else you wouldn't get level 1
18:08:19tracktheripperbecause without the .txt file Sokoban didn't work at all
18:08:29adi|homeand there should be no prob with loading the remaining levels.. as i haven't had a prob with it..
18:08:52tracktheripperwhat I did was copy and paste the data in the .txt file into Notepad and saved it as levels.txt
18:09:17adi|homethat may be it
18:09:26adi|homejust copy the file directly from cvs
18:09:34adi|homenotepad adds a line feed
18:09:37tracktheripperwheres the link?
18:09:39adi|homeand the code doesn't account for it
18:09:44tracktheripperGive me the link and ill try it
18:10:07tracktherippermy jukebox is on the USB
18:12:35tracktheripperok ive clicked on that and its showing me the data. How do i get it direct to the Jukebox?
18:12:46jzossright click, save as
18:14:28tracktheripperive rightclicked but there is no "Save As" option
18:14:56jzossfile save as?
18:15:00adi|homedamn it...
18:15:09adi|homedude ... wtf webbrowser are you using?
18:15:18tracktheripperAOL explorer
18:15:29adi|homewell you deserve what you get then ;)
18:15:33adi|homedo this...
18:15:36tracktheripperlet me try the Internet Exporer
18:15:41adi|homeminimize aol, then open explorer seperatly..
18:15:46adi|home_then_ go to the link
18:16:04tracktheripperone seco=nd
18:17:24tracktherippersame stupid problem
18:18:47adi|home"save target as"
18:18:49adi|homewhen you right click
18:18:54tracktheripperoh ok!!!
18:18:59tracktheripperwhy didn't u say that first time?
18:19:05jzosslol. I thought I did
18:19:29adi|homebecause we figured you were a literate person and would actually read the options and derive the solution yourself :)
18:19:36adi|homeobviously our mistake
18:19:55tracktheripperyea i can see
18:19:59tracktheripper"glad it wasnt rejected"
18:21:30tracktheripperi give u
18:21:40tracktheripperstill doesn't work
18:21:58tracktheripperdoes it matter what font is used?
18:22:10adi|homeits a text file
18:22:13tracktherippernever mind
18:22:16adi|homefont doesn't matter
18:22:19tracktheripperi can't get it to work
18:22:24tracktheripper((throws his JB at the wall))
18:22:30adi|homei dn't know what to tell you
18:22:37adi|homei don't have any prb on my side...
18:22:41adi|homeyou have a rec 20 right?
18:22:47tracktheripperno a rec 10
18:23:08adi|homeim building you a binary...
18:23:11adi|homei want you to try it
18:23:20tracktheripperdon't worry
18:23:27tracktheripperi wait till version 2,1 is released
18:23:31adi|homeno.. because now your pissing me off :)
18:23:55tracktherippersorry Adi
18:24:02tracktheripperi didnt mean to piss u off!
18:24:50tracktheripperits not as if im asking you to fix the auto voice transcriber request!!!
18:25:19adi|homeif you cant get sokoban to work.. what makes you think im going to put the effort in to have that work ;)
18:25:32tracktheripperok :-)
18:25:43tracktheripperi never forget the time u pulled ur hair out when I sent that
18:25:57tracktheripper"I am not even going to dignify this with consideration........." HAHAHA!
18:26:35adi|homeit may be funny on your end dude.. but it tends to get tiresome on our end ...
18:27:35tracktheripperthis page cannot be found
18:27:38tracktheripperyou have given me a non-existent link
18:32:22tracktheripperah well never mind
18:32:27tracktherippermore to life than sokoban
18:34:41 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
18:35:49 Join pooky [0] (
18:36:33 Quit pooky (Client Quit)
18:37:12 Join pooky [0] (
18:37:56pookyhi −− does anyone know anything about the "soundcheck" firmware?
18:38:41pookyi came across it on the archos forum on −− i like the sound...
18:40:32 Quit pooky (Client Quit)
18:45:57 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
18:47:21hardeepadi|home: i know what the sokoban problem that tracktheripper's been reporting is.
18:47:54hardeepadi|home: when you save from IE, it saves the levels.txt file with dos style cr/lf
18:48:06hardeepadi|home: which isn't handled properly by sokoban
18:54:09 Join diddystar5 [0] (
18:56:11hardeepdiddystar5: version of what?
18:57:13diddystar5o version of irc just seeing what people are using out there
18:57:54diddystar5hey hardeep are you the maker of the min cygwin?
18:58:46hardeepdiddystar5: nope
19:08:57diddystar5hardeep: where are you from?
19:09:22hardeepdiddystar5: san francisco
19:10:00diddystar5hardeep: cool i'm north in oregon
19:10:50hardeepdiddystar5: ah, where in oregon?
19:11:13diddystar5hardeep: in Corvallis
19:13:22 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
19:14:37 Join diddystar5 [0] (
19:17:10 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
19:17:30 Join diddystar5 [0] (
19:33:53diddystar5hardeep: how old are ya?
19:40:42 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
20:01:24 Quit jzoss (Remote closed the connection)
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21:01:11adi|homehardeep its not that its not handled properlly.. its that i chose not to handle it at alll.
21:01:22adi|homeand i already told track that was the problem ;)
21:01:28adi|homebut thank you for confirming
21:41:00 Join tracktheripper [0] (
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22:05:02adi|hometrack.. hardeep confirmed my suspicions
22:05:11adi|home<hardeep> adi|home: i know what the sokoban problem that tracktheripper's been reporting is.
22:05:11adi|home<hardeep> adi|home: when you save from IE, it saves the levels.txt file with dos style cr/lf
22:05:11adi|home<hardeep> adi|home: which isn't handled properly by sokoban
22:07:35HesThat oughta be very easy to fix.
22:08:27HesMaybe we could use a common 'read a line' function which would skip leading/trailing whitespace nicely, and use it for all 'read ascii file' functions
22:08:41Hes(config, text viewer, sokoban levels)
22:09:37Hes(if we don't have one already)
22:11:10adi|homewe do.. it just hasn't been put into the common space yet...
22:11:14adi|homei was/am looking into it
22:13:51 Join Jet8810 [0] (
22:16:52tracktheripperso there is an error with sokoban?
22:41:49adi|homethere's an error with windows
22:51:16tracktheripperso it means im never alble to play sokoban again..........
23:33:37 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:33:52 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
23:40:33 Part awy[baer] ("There are only 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who don't.")
23:49:35adi|homeit just means download the file from the cvs w/o cutting and pasting

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