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#rockbox log for 2003-06-24

00:01:35Stevie[FP]I only see one place where ROM is read from
00:01:47Stevie[FP]and that's 0x020000fc or some such place
00:02:17LinusNStevie[FP]: that's the one
00:02:18[IDC]Dragonthat is the hardware mask (and version following that)
00:02:55HesThe archos engineers should have great fun reading the irc logs.
00:03:20[IDC]DragonProbably they get grey hair right now.
00:03:51[IDC]DragonWith me potentially generating hundreds of service claims ;-)
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00:06:15[IDC]DragonLinus, do you know anything about the set of mask values? (repeating myself)
00:06:58LinusNi know some, yes
00:07:27[IDC]DragonWould you tell me (please)?
00:07:32LinusNi don't think it is a mask after all
00:08:03LinusNi think it is two bytes with the version number of the two boards
00:08:38LinusNi have gathered some data from quite a few users
00:08:53[IDC]Dragonare those different for Player/Recorder/FM as the main branches?
00:09:13[IDC]DragonCan you email me that?
00:10:07LinusNthey are different, yes (i have no data for the fm though)
00:10:38[IDC]DragonI can ask somebody with an FM.
00:11:08Stevie[FP]you want data for the fm?
00:11:36[IDC]DragonYo got one? What does it say for hardware mask?
00:11:48LinusNmy fm is the only one with 0x0304
00:11:55LinusN(in my survey)
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00:12:21Stevie-O(pc=0x09009350) > r b 0x020000fc
00:12:31Stevie-Oanything else ye desire?
00:13:10LinusNa beer?
00:13:12Stevie-Othat's from one with 1.30j on the fw
00:13:30Stevie-Osorry, no tap emulation yet
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00:14:37LinusN[IDC]Dragon: see hwcompat.[ch]
00:17:31[IDC]DragonThat tells me how it's read. but not which values are out in the field, right?
00:19:08LinusNthat tells how we use the hw mask to adapt to the different hw versions
00:20:59[IDC]DragonOK, currently USB and MAS polarity, all on the same bit.
00:21:20LinusNand ATA address
00:21:59[IDC]DragonThat's defined, but I don't see it being used.
00:22:23LinusNno, we don't use it
00:22:34LinusNwe autodetect that
00:22:54LinusNthe hw mask survey was done long after we wrote the ata autodetection
00:22:55[IDC]DragonSounds better!
00:23:25[IDC]DragonCan I get the results of that survey, please?
00:23:45LinusNit's in my pda, and i can't sync in linux (yet)
00:24:07[IDC]DragonAny time, not now. I appreciate it.
00:25:58[IDC]DragonTomorrow I'll try downloading Rockbox via my UART monitor. I'm curious if that will run.
00:26:22[IDC]DragonQuestion of enough initializations.
00:27:06Stevie[FP]do you want to know what it initializes?
00:27:17[IDC]DragonIf it runs, the way is clear for flashing. If not, it will be difficult to debug.
00:27:39Stevie[FP]hmm, indeed
00:27:57Stevie[FP]do you have a way to reflash the original FW if it doesn't work?
00:28:30[IDC]DragonCurrently, I don't need to flash, just load it into DRAM.
00:28:48Stevie[FP]I gotta run
00:28:53Stevie[FP]cya l8r
00:29:00[IDC]DragonBut yes, I could reflash (if that damn chip arrives)
00:31:29[IDC]DragonFolks, I'd like to go to bed, see you later!
00:31:57[IDC]Dragon(And thanks for all)
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00:42:45^gizz^hi all
00:44:54*tracktheripper1 is very upset because Sokoban doesn't work anymore for me
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00:46:18^gizz^linus, I have a hardware question for you :-)
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00:47:13^gizz^do you think it would be feasible/not to hard to wire a second hdd on the archos ATA bus ?
00:47:57LinusNit would be a lot of work
00:48:14^gizz^not worth the result you mean ?
00:49:06LinusNi mean that it would require a hw mod, and some ATA driver hacking
00:50:07^gizz^recently I saw the prices of standalone hdd for CF backup, and they were so high I got this idea..
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00:50:38LinusNthe current ata driver expects only one hs on the bus
00:50:47^gizz^linus : for you, what would be the hardest ? hw or driver mod ?
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00:51:30LinusNi'm not sure that the originsl firmware can handle it either
00:51:45LinusNi guess they autodetect as well
00:51:55LinusNso the second drive will confuse them
00:52:15^gizz^btw :
00:52:33^gizz^what if I put two FAT32 parts on my rockbox,
00:52:39^gizz^with files on both
00:52:45^gizz^what about the fs root ?
00:52:55^gizz^(for rockbox of coure)
00:53:10LinusNthe second partition will be ignored
00:53:23^gizz^just listed in the hw menu right ?
00:54:08^gizz^I imagined that if it could handle both, it could be feasible to mod rockbox to handle two drives :-/
00:55:47LinusNit's not the FAT driver that is the proble, it's the ATA driver
00:56:22^gizz^last question about that crap : if you decided to do this mod yourself, what time would it take to do it ? (rough approx) −− because if I try to do it, I've got to get it to work before 12. julyy :-/
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00:57:20tracktheripperdoes anyone have issues with SOKOBAN?
00:57:21^gizz^ata : you mean that hw speaking, there is no problem connecting two disks, but the sw (driver) is not aware at all ?
00:58:37LinusNi guess so
01:02:14^gizz^ok, g'night everyone ! thx linus !
01:02:54LinusNnite ^gizz^
01:03:05 Part ^gizz^
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01:39:30*Stevie-O yawns
01:42:27Stevie-OI'm certain I'm doing something wrong with ATA emulation
01:42:47LinusNme too :-)
01:43:06Stevie-OI wasn't aware you were emulating an ATA device :P
01:43:22Stevie-OI get a whole crapload of ATA resets on startup
01:45:27BoD[] [freenode] -lilo(levin@lilo.staff.freenode)- [Global Notice] Hi all. We're experiencing severe attacks and we'll be shutting down the network piece by piece. Thanks.
01:48:25ricIIshuting down the network
01:48:26LinusNStevie-O: i'm very sure that the archos firmware probes the ata for master/slave
01:53:15ricIIhmm irc.freenode points to
01:53:42Stevie-OLinusN: but it's doing a LOT of resets
01:59:30LinusNmaybe it times out or something?
02:00:15Stevie-Onot likely, since my emulator reacts instantly as far as the program can tell
02:00:51Stevie-Ooh well
02:01:21LinusNbut how does the firmware detect the timeout?
02:01:26LinusNtimer interrupt?
02:01:45Stevie-Onot sure
02:02:10Stevie-Obut then
02:02:15Stevie-Othe firmware is REALLY braindead
02:02:21Stevie-Oit does like 20 consecutive reads of the status register
02:02:26Stevie-Oit doesn't do anything with the value
02:02:28Stevie-Oit just reads it
02:02:54Stevie-O0x0901C424: 0x6210 read_ata({0x06000206} sel: 1, 0x016: CS1=A CS0=n A=0x06 R=Status2) = 0x40mov.b @r1, r2; (0x06000206) = 0x40
02:02:55Stevie-O0x0901C426: 0x6210 read_ata({0x06000206} sel: 1, 0x016: CS1=A CS0=n A=0x06 R=Status2) = 0x40mov.b @r1, r2; (0x06000206) = 0x40
02:02:55DBUGEnqueued KICK Stevie-O
02:02:55Stevie-O0x0901C428: 0x6210 read_ata({0x06000206} sel: 1, 0x016: CS1=A CS0=n A=0x06 R=Status2) = 0x40mov.b @r1, r2; (0x06000206) = 0x40
02:03:04LinusNyeah i have seen that
02:03:35LinusNi still wonder why on earth it does that
02:03:45Stevie-OI had a theory
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02:04:01Stevie-Othe original Player firmware has background noise
02:04:13Stevie-Oduring quiet portions of mp3s
02:04:50LinusNi believe it is the recorder, but yes
02:05:10LinusNand i'm pretty sure it's the i2c that does it
02:06:48Stevie-Obut it supposedly doesn't happen under Rockbox?
02:07:12LinusNbecause the rockbox i2c implementation is a lot faster, thus higher in frequency
02:07:35Stevie-Oi2c is used to transfer the commands
02:07:50Stevie-Obut I thought the data was transferred through some other method
02:07:53LinusNand to read the RTC
02:08:08LinusNthe archos firmware reads the rtc a lot
02:08:44CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
02:08:44*Stevie-O notes that the archos firmware is krap
02:08:46LinusNand it reads the peak meter from the MAS frequently
02:09:56Stevie-OWhat if they had a bug in their bitswap routine?
02:10:00Stevie-Oan off-by-one sort of thing
02:10:33LinusNif the bitswap fails, the sound output would be muted
02:10:51Stevie-OI don't know
02:10:57Stevie-Oif it was an off-by-one
02:11:07LinusNthe CRC check would fail
02:11:07Stevie-O*most* of the mp3 data would be valid
02:11:23LinusNand the entire frame would be discarded
02:11:25Stevie-Othe mp3 data itself has a crc check?
02:11:34LinusNyes, optionally
02:12:09Stevie-OI thought that was just the frame data
02:12:37Stevie-Ooh well, I don't know crap
02:12:50LinusNyes, ecah frame has a CRC
02:13:13LinusNand the CRC is calculated from the entire frame contents
02:14:32Stevie-Owell it was just a theory :P
02:16:46LinusNwhat does it do before the ATA reset?
02:18:30Stevie-Oprobes the proper address
02:18:40Stevie-Oat least I'm assuing that that's what it's probing
02:18:46Stevie-Owrite_ata({0x06000102} sel: 1, 0x00a: CS1=n CS0=A A=0x02 R=SCount, 0x55)
02:18:48Stevie-Owrite_ata({0x06000103} sel: 1, 0x00b: CS1=n CS0=A A=0x03 R=Sector, 0xaa)
02:18:56Stevie-Oread_ata({0x06000102} sel: 1, 0x00a: CS1=n CS0=A A=0x02 R=SCount) = 0x55
02:18:56Stevie-Oread_ata({0x06000103} sel: 1, 0x00b: CS1=n CS0=A A=0x03 R=Sector) = 0xaa
02:19:13Stevie-Oright before that it access the RTC
02:19:54Stevie-Owrites the alarm date
02:20:09Stevie-O(I guess that's to turn off any 'wakeup alarm' already scheduled)
02:23:31Stevie-O0x40 => SQWE (Square Wave Enable)
02:24:32LinusNthat is the backlight
02:27:03Stevie-Othen it writes 0x10 to the RTC register 'SQW' which sets a 32768 Hz square wave output
02:27:14Stevie-Owhich I assume is the closest thing to solid ON that they have
02:27:26Stevie-OI wonder
02:27:31Stevie-Oif we set it to 16384Hz
02:28:29Stevie-OI wonder
02:29:05Stevie-Owould the blacklight use half as much power?
02:29:32LinusNi guess not, since the duty cycle is still 50%
02:29:57LinusNit will just flicker more
02:30:27Stevie-Oso just before doing the ATA stuff
02:30:30Stevie-Oit turns on the backlight
02:30:57Stevie-OI hate serial interfaces :P
02:31:15LinusNlong log, eh?
02:31:27Stevie-Oactually I have code to limit that output
02:31:36Stevie-Oit's the fact that they take so damn long to emulate
02:31:45LinusNso it probes, and then what?
02:31:47Stevie-Oread memory: 1 instruction to emulate
02:32:01Stevie-Owrite_ata({0x06000106} sel: 1, 0x00e: CS1=n CS0=A A=0x06 R=Dev/Head, 0xa0)
02:32:01Stevie-ODEV/HEAD: select device 0
02:32:01Stevie-Owrite_ata({0x06000206} sel: 1, 0x016: CS1=A CS0=n A=0x06 R=DevCtrl, 0x0c)
02:32:01Stevie-ODevice Control Register: SRST=1 nIER=0
02:32:01Stevie-OATA reset start...
02:32:27Stevie-Othen it reads the alternate status register 24 times (throwing away the value)
02:33:00Stevie-Oor maybe it pays attention the 24th time
02:33:03Stevie-Owrite_ata({0x06000206} sel: 1, 0x016: CS1=A CS0=n A=0x06 R=DevCtrl, 0x08)
02:33:03Stevie-ODevice Control Register: SRST=0 nIER=0
02:33:09Stevie-Othen it turns off the reset
02:34:34Stevie-Othen 24 more useless reads of the alternate status register...
02:34:34LinusNand then?
02:34:51Stevie-Othen another reset
02:35:14LinusNwhat do you return on the alt_status reads, then?
02:37:14Stevie-Ocirca line 708
02:46:02LinusNit's strange that it resets tha ata that many times, but it does seem to continue after that
02:46:42*Stevie-O posits a theory
02:46:47Stevie-Othey didn't get it right the first time
02:46:57Stevie-Othe only way they could pull it off was to reset a whole buncha times
02:47:23Stevie-Oand they never bothered to figure out what they were doing wrong
02:48:11LinusNstill, it resets, does a few IDENTIFY and READ_MULTIPLE, and then goes back to the reset stage again
02:48:11Stevie-Othe Windows and BIOS way: it works, just leave it
02:49:43LinusNgotta sleep now
02:49:50Stevie-Ocya l8r
02:49:55LinusNcu tomorrow
02:49:58 Part LinusN
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05:27:35 Join earHurts [0] (
05:28:01earHurtsanybody here understand electricy?
05:33:30thuyou plug one end of the cable into the socket
05:33:32earHurtswhat about formatting disks?
05:33:34thuthe other end into the archos
05:33:42thuwhat about it?
05:34:17 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: its magically delicious!")
05:34:21earHurtswindows wants to "write a signature" to my new disk.
05:34:32earHurtswhat's that?
05:34:34thuno idea
05:34:55thuit's been years since i did more than a format c: \u
05:35:30earHurtsme too
05:36:52earHurtswindows can't seem toi use a disk unless a signature is written.
05:37:35PsycoXuler doh
05:38:28earHurtsknow about electricty, psyco?
05:38:54PsycoXulvoltage is pressure, amps is current
05:39:26earHurtsyou familiar with the mechanical design of the fm recorder?
05:39:44PsycoXulwell it's got buttons and a harddrive
05:40:42earHurtsokay, it's got a battery. the battery top is metal under plastic.
05:41:03earHurtsthe metal contacts, among other things, the outer case.
05:41:15earHurtswhy is this NOT a problem?
05:41:49PsycoXul why would it be?
05:42:50earHurtsum, ok, why don't I get the current into me when I touch the case.
05:43:02PsycoXulbecause there's no voltage between you and the case? i dunno
05:43:10earHurtsplease don't tell me it,s the thin and disappearing veneer of paint
05:43:57thuearHurts: maybe they're considering a zapper module
05:44:03thufor self-defence
05:45:21PsycoXulyou need an electromotive force, given by a difference of voltage, to produce a current
05:45:25PsycoXuli think
05:45:55earHurtsyeah, I'm pretty ignorant about the subject
05:46:03PsycoXuland so the difference in voltage can be either something with an excess of electrons vs something with a diffiency, or it could also be an excess or defficiency vs. the ground state
05:47:27PsycoXulin the latter case, one of the contacts for the voltage difference is a ground, which is either litteraly connected to the earth, or is just the biggest conductor you can connect it to
05:48:03PsycoXulin an electric guitar the ground is provided by the player
05:48:22PsycoXulin many things it's provided by the casing, and sometimes whoever/whatever is holding the casing
05:48:49PsycoXuland there's probably lots wrong with all i just said, but i think it answers your question heh
05:49:02earHurtsyeah, ok, so the electricty follows the path of least resistance to the opposite battery pole, and that's never me?
05:50:00 Quit adi|home (
05:50:00 Quit dw|gone (
05:50:06PsycoXulwell you're only touching one pole
05:50:11PsycoXulyou're not part of the circuit
05:50:14earHurtsthe question came up when I opened the archos
05:50:24earHurtsI replaced the hdd
05:50:55NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
05:50:55NJoindw|gone [20] (
05:50:58earHurtsgave myself a shock, i think
05:51:20PsycoXuli didn't know there was enough voltage in these little things to shock
05:51:47earHurtsnot sure. tingle and a littlw burn in my left hand
05:52:04earHurtsa little sore now, an hour later.
05:52:21earHurtsmight ahve been a spontaneous muscle spasm.
05:52:46earHurtsthe hdd has a plastic wrap on it.
05:53:02earHurtsI replaced it without the wrap.
05:53:26earHurtsbefore i relized I should put the NEW drive in. heh
05:54:52thuwhat drive did you get?
05:55:15earHurtsfujitsu 60. it's formtiing via usb now
05:55:31thuhow much?
05:56:09thunot a fortune but a lot more than an ide drive
05:56:25earHurtsnow if I've broken the arcos, it's $340 total
05:56:38thuif I wouldn't be expecting to crash/lose my archos I'd get one too
05:56:46thudid you zap your unit?
05:57:13earHurtsof course, if the shock had given me another heart attack, the cost would have been more
05:57:19earHurtszap the unit?
05:59:39earHurtswhat do you mean?
05:59:56thuhow did you break your archos?
06:00:58earHurtsI didn't. but in replacing the drive I bent the case and broke a solder point.
06:02:01thuoh I see
06:02:32earHurtsbut if it works, I have 55gb
06:04:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:05:11thuit will never be enough
06:05:15thuno matter how much space you have
06:08:01earHurtsI another year I'll get a 120
06:08:23thuare there 120G notebook drives?
06:08:37earHurtsin another year there will be.
06:09:21thuI'll probably replace this archos at some point
06:09:25thubecause of the limited interface
06:09:38thuI almost crashed my car a few times trying to find a track
06:09:51thuactually I crashed it into the sidewalk once
06:09:53earHurtsthe ipods are twmpting, but I have faith in Rockbox
06:10:04thurockbox rulez but the hardware is limited
06:10:07thuthe display is too small
06:10:11earHurtsI don't skateboard
06:10:32earHurtsa bigger display would be excellent
06:39:22 Join OliverKlozoff [0] (
06:39:23 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
06:45:17thuhe ain't here no more
06:45:47earHurtsI though he was also OliverKlozoff.
06:48:04*OliverKlozoff wonders if anybody's said that out loud yet
06:48:22earHurtsyeah, yeah, we get it
06:48:43earHurtsknow anything about electricty?
06:49:14OliverKlozoffpopulation 1820
06:49:34earHurtsthe archos batter connects tot the case. I'm wondering why that's ok.
07:11:51OliverKlozoffit's OK because archos doesn't care about their product?
07:14:38earHurtsw2k won't let me format a drive >32gb
07:14:53OliverKlozoffthat's documented somewhere
07:15:12earHurtsyes, it's by freakibg design!!
07:15:22earHurtsbill knows freaking best
07:15:33OliverKlozoffI'm uncertain as to what design they're referring to
07:15:37OliverKlozoffso use mkdosfs
07:15:55earHurtswill that do fat32
07:16:01OliverKlozoff... yes
07:16:05OliverKlozoffuse -F 32
07:16:09earHurtsnot fat16
07:16:30earHurtsnot in cygwin.
07:16:41earHurtsis there a cygwin build?
07:17:19OliverKlozoffwhat do you mean not in cygwin?
07:18:25earHurtsit's not in my cygwin path
07:18:38earHurtsso I assume it doesn't exist
07:19:15OliverKlozoffyou have to GET IT and COMPILE IT
07:21:14OliverKlozoffyou know
07:21:16OliverKlozoffi swear
07:21:21OliverKlozoffthese people are fucking worthless
07:23:07OliverKlozoffthe people who have webpages mentioning that 'by design Windows 2000/XP won't format a drive over 32gb'
07:23:21OliverKlozoffinstead of say, supplying a damn program that WILL
07:25:09adi|homei say .. thats their own fault for using windows ;)
07:25:47earHurtsyeah, it's my own damn fault.
07:26:15earHurtsbut by design. asses.
07:26:50earHurtsI can't boot 98, it won't see the usb drive.
07:26:52OliverKlozoffi think you mean 'by brain damage'
07:28:00OliverKlozoffthere ye go
07:28:07earHurtsthank you oliver!
07:28:19earHurtsyou google better than do I!
07:28:35*earHurts has 5 tabs open
07:28:42earHurtsall googling
07:30:39earHurtsthe hell of it is, windoze went through the entire 55gb −− BEFORE it complained about the size.
07:30:41OliverKlozoffi've got practice
07:30:51earHurtsthe archos got really, really hot.
07:30:52OliverKlozoffyou're kidding
07:31:24earHurtstook nearly an hour even with usb 2.0 hi speed
07:31:26OliverKlozoffyou should email microsoft
07:31:54earHurtshow do i attach a clue stick to email in outlook?
07:32:01OliverKlozoffim not sure
07:32:31OliverKlozoffI use Mozilla
07:33:15OliverKlozoffhave you seen the latest screenshawts?
07:36:01earHurtsof mozilla mail?
07:36:33thumozilla is sloww
07:36:46OliverKlozofflol, no
07:36:51earHurtsdoes it allow skins? I never like netscape mail's look
07:37:08thummm emulator
07:38:01thueww windows though
07:38:08earHurtsusb working? how do I attach a cable to the emu? ;)
07:38:09thuI want an emu for linux
07:38:22OliverKlozoffearHurts: actually that was usb not working
07:38:27OliverKlozoffit was stuck on 'on' mode
07:38:30earHurtsi want stevie to make biaries available
07:38:40earHurtssweet, stevie
07:38:43OliverKlozoff <- fixed ADC
07:39:01earHurtsmkdosfs is done?
07:39:06*thu shudders at the windows interface
07:39:13thuhow can you switch around all that mess?
07:39:21earHurtsdid it not physically write the disk?
07:40:27OliverKlozoffearHurts: your format was really going overkill
07:40:27OliverKlozoffthu: alt+tab
07:40:32thuhow many times? :P
07:40:37OliverKlozoffa lot
07:40:45earHurtshehe. fixedadc is what I just saw for real
07:41:13OliverKlozoffyou ran it and you got that message?
07:41:18earHurtsOliver, I think I missed your last transmission
07:41:36earHurtsyeah. after I added the new disk
07:41:41OliverKlozoffI wonder if Z or Linus have ever really used it
07:42:37OliverKlozoffI wonder if mkdosfs has a bug
07:42:41*OliverKlozoff wouldn't be all that shocked
07:43:46earHurtswindows sees the volume, with the right size, 55gb
07:44:06earHurtsnow we copy >20 gb to it.
07:45:10earHurtsgood idea
07:45:33earHurtsthen we reformat M: and Z: into a single drive.
07:45:47earHurtsI just copied Z/*.* to I:
07:45:57OliverKlozoffmark and zibowski?
07:46:02earHurtsI copy m: to archos
07:46:10earHurtsmusic and zips
07:46:34earHurtsthen I have 40gb on the expanded M
07:46:43earHurtsto 'mirror' the archos
07:47:58OliverKlozoffI need the src to daemontools
07:48:20earHurtsdunno what daemontools is
07:48:32OliverKlozoffthat's OK, I do
07:48:40earHurtschkdsk says the new volume is RAW??
07:48:40OliverKlozoffit involves my emulator
07:49:43earHurtsso i thought
07:51:36adi|homei can't say i really get the point of an emulator for the archos.. but im just glad it makes ppl happy :)
07:52:25earHurtswill make debugging easier
07:52:50earHurtswill make testing faster, as no unmount required.
07:53:04earHurtsI wants it, my preciousssss
07:53:08adi|homefair enough...
07:53:22adi|homehmmm.. i want opinions on somehting...
07:53:33adi|homethe 'rename' action
07:54:15adi|homelooking over the code.. i realized that if you rename a file to the exact same name, we spin the drive, rename it and spin down...
07:54:27adi|homethat make much sense to anyone else... or am i being anal?
07:54:47earHurtsit avoids extra code?
07:55:17adi|homehmm but costs you a drive spin up when not needed...
07:55:21adi|homei just wasn't sure how other os's handled it..
07:55:55earHurtsmight be useful if reading the name is incorrect becuase it contains special characters?
07:56:17earHurtseg, (char)0?
07:56:33adi|homehmmm.. i guess.
07:56:52adi|homeoh.. and . umm.. what do we think of actually being able to delete dirs
07:56:58adi|homeand doing it recursivly
07:57:12OliverKlozoffi think
07:57:14adi|homehaving to delete 15 files when i wa sin the car the other day drove me nuts... i wanted to just delete the dir...
07:57:16OliverKlozoffthat's what rm -rf is for
07:57:27adi|homeheheh only if you are hooked up to a pc ;)
07:57:44earHurtswe need recursive delete, I agree.
07:58:18OliverKlozoffbring a laptop
07:58:18adi|homei would assume we make it redudantly question right?
07:58:22earHurtswith a warning "This will delete directory foo, and all files and directories in foo"
07:58:27adi|homeyou buy me one i will.
07:58:39OliverKlozoffsee, I already have one :P
07:58:50OliverKlozoffhaven't you seen the screenshots?
07:58:53adi|homeim unemployed.. very unemployed...
07:58:56earHurtsI can't connect my pda to srchos (yet)
07:59:06OliverKlozoffhaven't you noticed they're a bit... big?
07:59:21earHurtsask for a job at archos. they need talent
07:59:35OliverKlozoffand brains
07:59:37 Join Bagder [241] (
07:59:40OliverKlozoffthey need brains
07:59:46OliverKlozoffhey Dan
07:59:58OliverKlozoffwanna check the latest in screenshot technology?
08:00:13BagderI do!
08:00:37OliverKlozoffthe damn startup code in the archos fw records from the mic
08:01:09earHurtsis there a tolls that will join two contigous volumes into a single volume?
08:01:26earHurtsthe startup /records/???
08:02:02OliverKlozoffthat's what I said.
08:02:10OliverKlozoffit RECORDS
08:02:11OliverKlozofffrom the builtin mic
08:02:16adi|homeBagder: long time no talk
08:02:22Bagderhi adi
08:02:25adi|homehey... bud... question for you...
08:02:53earHurtsthat's insane
08:02:54adi|homeany opinions about a recursive directory delete?
08:03:12adi|homei was deleting files... was very annoying...
08:03:27OliverKlozoffif you have an FM
08:03:27BagderI think using delete on a directory should be recursive
08:03:35adi|homek... good
08:03:44adi|homecause we dont do dir delete at all...
08:03:53adi|homeill see about that...
08:03:59earHurtswe already have a recursive routine in create playlist.
08:04:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:04:14adi|homedirs are files on our system right?
08:04:15OliverKlozoffit's right when the the marker is halfway between the 'OS Version:' and the version number
08:04:18earHurtslet's see if we can reuse that.
08:04:28OliverKlozoffadi|home: yeah but you have to delete the '.' and '..' entries
08:04:42earHurtsdirs have a bit set in the dir cache that marks them
08:04:47OliverKlozoffthe FM startup code records 16KB from the MAS
08:04:54adi|homeright.. thats easy enough to detect..
08:05:06earHurtsso it's a POST
08:05:16earHurtsrecord to ensure it works.
08:05:17OliverKlozoffI guess so
08:05:24BagderOliverKlozoff: you found out why?
08:05:32OliverKlozoffit doesn't DO anything if it doesn't work
08:05:34OliverKlozoffit just hangs there
08:05:36earHurtsthat's annoying I want a build that prevenst recording at all
08:05:58OliverKlozoffthat's what I was fighting with for a week
08:06:01OliverKlozoffit would just *hang* there
08:06:10OliverKlozoffno output
08:06:17OliverKlozoffdamn pos
08:06:27earHurtsgaurd wouldn't let me take my archos into jury duty becuase it records.
08:06:35earHurtsguard, even
08:06:44OliverKlozoffhow did he know it records?
08:06:58OliverKlozoffput it in a Player case :D
08:07:03earHurtsit says on the front, and I was honest.
08:07:40OliverKlozoffah, see, if you had an FM you could have just said it was for recording the radio :P
08:07:43earHurtsI'm going to make a build that doesn't record, rolo, or delete/rename ajbrec.ajz
08:08:03earHurtshey bager, you know about the mechanics of the fm?
08:08:25Bagderonly a little, I don't have one myself
08:08:27earHurtslying to courst officials is asking for trouble
08:08:30OliverKlozoffBagder: 'revelation' had a broken ADC emulation that made it think it was in USB mode all the time
08:09:15earHurtsbagder, the battery negative lead attaches directly to the metal case.
08:09:36OliverKlozoffperhaps that's for grounding?
08:09:52adi|homewhat key makes recording stop?
08:09:56earHurtsI think I even shocked myself, when I left the plastic wrap off the hdd
08:10:09earHurtsoliver, could it be?
08:10:17OliverKlozoffI dunno
08:10:19OliverKlozoffI'm no EE
08:10:24Bagderme neither
08:10:28OliverKlozoffI'm no anything E for that matter
08:10:35*OliverKlozoff flunked out of college, never went to class
08:10:50 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
08:10:52earHurtsand you writw compilers for a living? cool.
08:11:03OliverKlozoffI don't write compilers for a living...
08:11:11earHurtsthought you said as much
08:11:25OliverKlozoffnot even close
08:11:41earHurtsyou are stevie-fp, yes?
08:11:52OliverKlozoffbut I don't write compilers
08:12:06earHurtsmy bad inference.
08:12:28adi|homeOliverKlozoff: what do you do?
08:12:28OliverKlozoffBagder: I found a way to detect charging status on the FM
08:12:28OliverKlozoffwell hmm
08:12:34earHurtshardeep, know any electricity?
08:12:41OliverKlozoffyou guys know what Mobil Speedpass is?
08:13:09OliverKlozoffimagine using that sort of thing to buy candy/soda from a vending machine
08:13:14earHurtsa credit card
08:13:19OliverKlozoffor your lunch from Burger King or McD's
08:13:27adi|homeyour trying to make me more poor aren't you oliver
08:13:37earHurtsyou write software for that? cool
08:13:46OliverKlozoffI write the software that runs on the devices
08:13:57OliverKlozoffthat plugs into vending machines and cash registers
08:14:01adi|homesweet.. where you located.. and are you hirering :)
08:14:05OliverKlozofffor a similar system
08:14:07*earHurts <bb coding in java for $
08:14:16hardeepearHurts: electricity and I are old friends
08:14:21OliverKlozofflmao hardeep
08:14:26hardeepearHurts: starting when i first stuck a fork in the socket
08:14:29OliverKlozoffadi|home: lol
08:14:33earHurtsperhaps you can help me then.
08:14:48adi|homeOliverKlozoff: im not joking...
08:14:50adi|homei need a job :)
08:15:00earHurtsthe archos fm battery negative connects to the case.
08:15:04OliverKlozoffI doubt we have a position available
08:15:22earHurtscode java? live in the US?
08:15:40OliverKlozoffwe've barely started recovering from a loss that nearly put us out of business
08:15:48OliverKlozoffback in november, massive layoffs happened
08:15:52earHurtsthe freaking case, does that make sense?
08:16:43earHurts13gb copied to the new archos drive!
08:17:08earHurtsno, thank you for the mkdosfs link.
08:17:21OliverKlozoffdoes it werk?
08:18:02earHurtselse ny head would have exploded. I left the usb cable at work, had to cab back to get it after nearly destroying the case installing the new drive.
08:18:15earHurtsseems to work but not chkdsk.
08:19:01earHurtsbroke a solder joint. bent the case.
08:19:18OliverKlozoffdouble ouch
08:19:28earHurtsshould have un-soldered it, but I don't solder
08:20:18 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
08:21:07earHurtsI thinking I might have to buy a new archos.
08:21:19adi|homeso.. umm.. how do i turn off recording?
08:21:51earHurtsnever recorded with rockbox.
08:22:53earHurtsnow, how do attach the old 20gb to my zaurus
08:23:17OliverKlozoff'stop' or 'pause' maybe?
08:23:27OliverKlozoff'very large hammer' perhaps
08:23:47*OliverKlozoff is pretty sure that would stop recording AND playback as well
08:24:33earHurtspress, not hold.
08:25:09earHurtsbagder, not rockbox issues with 60gb drive, yes?
08:25:23Bagdernope, not that I know of
08:26:00earHurtsthen it's the only thing involved in this upgrade that doesn't
08:26:41earHurtsw2k won't format
08:27:08earHurts>32gb BY|DESIGN.
08:27:29Bagderbut linux and others have no issues
08:28:05Bagderthe archos should work fine with anything up to 128GB
08:28:25Bagderor 138 as the disk-manufactorers say
08:29:02earHurtsone file eefused to copy.
08:29:21earHurtsone. out of all 18gb
08:30:24earHurtswhat's the max dir or file name length with mkdosfs?
08:30:42BagderI dunno
08:33:36*Bagder hates news-articles on the web split up on N different pages instead of one single
08:33:57earHurtsthe file is corrupt on the source drive.
08:34:40earHurtsthat way the lower their bandwidth and guage your interest. and yes, it >> next page.
08:34:53earHurts<< previous page sucks
08:35:01BagderI just use the printer-friendly link and read that one
08:35:18Bagderif there is one
08:36:20earHurtsnew drive boots archos.
08:36:28earHurtssetting gone of course.
08:36:59earHurtswhat's the keys to change contrast?
08:37:23Bagderits in the faq
08:37:36BagderI can't tell for sure, I have my version patched
08:37:54earHurtsgot it!
08:41:00earHurtsconfig loaded!
08:41:22earHurtsdisplay seems less bright.
08:41:35earHurtsbut power specs for new hdd same as old
08:41:49earHurtsperhaps imagining, or used to pda
08:43:11earHurtsplaying music from new drive!
08:44:52 Join matsl [0] (
08:46:56earHurtsnew 60gb drive working.
08:53:45earHurtsthe new drive can be heard in recording from the built in mike, but not enough t make the recording unintelligible
09:04:09 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Yo quiero BitchX")
09:48:44 Join LinusN [200] (
09:49:13 Part LinusN
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10:06:32 Join quelsaruk [20] (
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12:39:34 Join Kuji [0] (
12:39:59Kujihey badger..
12:41:06Kujiyou remember I was having the recording problems ?? missing record time etc ? maybe you dont.. heh
12:41:38Kujianyway... It seems that the recorded file contains errors that RB ignores while playing.. but any other windows app I have found cannot handle
12:42:22KujiI couldnt remember if it was you who was the recording dude.. hehe
12:42:35Bagderlinus is the recording master
12:42:39KujiI posted a bug report which should be killed, the change in mpeg version is due to the VBR
12:42:52Kujibut the file does have random errors..
12:43:54Kujiis annoying me, as the original fw works, but RB recording screws up.. its quite odd.. I cant use the time split either as it doesnt chop properly... althought that does stop the bugs getting in if the recording is only 15mins.
12:44:50KujiVBRfix just chops the file at the first error it finds.
12:45:30Kujibut yet, when playing from the RB it ignores the error and continues... Im wondering if maybe my JB encoder is screwing up..
12:45:43Kujia hw fault..
13:14:32 Join LinusN [200] (
13:16:23LinusNKuji: the recording bug you are experiencing might be a filesystem driver bug
13:16:53LinusNcan you see any pattern regarding file size etc?
13:28:59Kujihey linus
13:29:19Kujithere is no pattern to the bug... usually over 30mins
13:30:01Kujiif I record 15mins segments they are ok, but are not split correctly... if I record 30mins segments sometimes they are ok, yesterday the middle one screwed up half way
13:30:06KujiI have the file if you would like it.
13:30:26Kujiit seems to happen after 30mins recording
13:30:59LinusNwhat is your cluster size?
13:31:18 Nick LinusN is now known as Linus|brb (
13:31:30KujiI will tell you now, I have tried formatting on XP, 2000, win 98 and ME..
13:31:59Kujicheck out the time split bug too !! hehe... its a bummer
13:41:41 Join Kuji_ [0] (
13:41:41 Quit Kuji (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:42:01Kuji_linus.. sorry bout that.. batteries on JB ran out as I was getting partinfo and it crashed machine
13:42:20Kuji_cluster size is currently 16k
13:42:47Kuji_should I change cluster size ?
13:42:51 Nick Kuji_ is now known as kuji (
14:04:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:27:09Linus|brbthere is no "wrong" cluster size
14:27:19Linus|brband 16k is ok
14:27:47kujiit seems its only me getting these recording fuckups...
14:27:54kujiany suggestions
14:28:17Linus|brbnot really
14:28:25Linus|brbwhich rb version do you use?
14:28:33kujilatest build
14:28:53Linus|brbtime split bug?
14:29:08kujiif you record and set the split... the split is not accurate
14:29:16Linus|brbthat is not a bug
14:29:23kujiie they dont join seamlessly..
14:29:27Linus|brbit is a missing feature
14:29:42kujiI find the next split usually has a second of the previous split on it
14:29:48Linus|brbthe current split function is lame
14:29:52kujijoin with other prog
14:30:01kujiuseful as it stops the record fucking up..
14:30:07kujibut then cant join em back up heh
14:30:21Linus|brband you should set the "independent frames" setting to "yes"
14:30:26kujiit is
14:31:02Linus|brbthe current split function is not even attempting to split accurately
14:31:08kujiahh ok.
14:31:12kujithat would be why then
14:31:13Linus|brbit just stops the recording and restarts it
14:31:47kujido you think cluster size would make a difference ?
14:31:55Linus|brbi will write a better one when i find the time
14:32:03kujithere is something going wrong and I cannot tell...
14:32:15kujidont want to have to use the archos record as thats flaky too..
14:32:30Linus|brbkuji: yiu cuuld try to change the cluster size and see if the errors come in a different point in time
14:32:47kujiwhat would be best, smaller or bigger
14:32:53kujibigger would be faster yes.
14:32:55Linus|brbbigger is better
14:33:09kujiwhat can RB handle ... any idea ?
14:33:09Linus|brbi think you have found a bug
14:33:19Linus|brbrb can handle any size
14:33:44Linus|brbi gotta go, cu later
14:33:51 Part Linus|brb
14:34:33 Part kuji
14:40:19 Quit OliverKlozoff (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:51:31 Join Jet8810 [0] (
15:00:47 Join Stevie[FreedomPa [0] (~whatsit2u@
15:14:42 Nick Stevie[FreedomPa is now known as Stevie[FP] (~whatsit2u@
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16:35:39 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
16:45:14 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
16:57:52*Stevie[FP] prays for some patience
17:04:13 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:28:51 Join TotMacher [0] (
17:41:39 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
17:53:16 Join lgl [0] (
17:53:35lglyo. are we speaking english or swedish...
17:54:21hardeeplgl: english
17:54:29lglanybody out there? oh hi!
17:55:04lglwell, I used to own a jb recorder 20, and using rockbox of course.
17:55:27lglthen it got stolen and I'm thinking, either I buy a jb fm rec or a small flash-based player.
17:56:06lgli started digging through the mail archives (jumped off the list just last week actually) to get some info about the supportage of the fm recorder.
17:56:26lgland it seems pretty well supported and all, but now I'm looking for some input on how good it is.
17:56:32hardeeplgl: the fm recorder is fully supported
17:57:05lglso to make a long story short, does anyone here have anything to say about the fm recorder, pros, cons...
17:57:33hardeeplgl: i don't ave an fm recorder so can't comment
17:57:42lglhardeep: well, I saw that (except that the status page for the fm recorder says that radio isn't supported)
17:58:03hardeeplgl: fm radio is supported in the daily builds
17:58:06lglalthough, as I understand it there is no "retro record" which seems pretty nifty.
17:58:47hardeeplgl: no retro record _yet_ =)
17:59:03lglof course =)
17:59:42lglhum, ok, 'cause I saw some stuff on the battery, that the battery time isn't very good (might have changed tho')
17:59:52lglsince it's a Li-Ion battery.
18:00:55lglit's a pretty tough decision. otherwise I'm thinking about a 256 MB, 37 grams flash-based player.
18:02:08hardeeplgl: you'll have to ask someone else that... although one of the negatives of the fm recorder is that the battery isn't easy to replace
18:03:09lglhardeep: hmm, yes that's true. although I like built-in batteries for some reason.
18:03:36lglbut do archos sell it anymore? 'cause I can't find it on their site.
18:04:11MTbattery time is excellent on the fm
18:04:19hardeeplgl: i dunno
18:04:19MTi dont know where these rumours come from
18:04:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:04:31MTi regularly get 10 hours from my fm
18:05:12MTi dont know what the old style recorders/players do with *stock* batteries, but i doubt its more
18:06:00lglMT: ok that's nice to hear!
18:06:13lglMT: I usually got 8-10 hours from my old recorder
18:06:23hardeepMT: yeah, that sounds about right on my recorder
18:06:26lglwhat else have you got to say about the fm?
18:06:38MTi never use the radio :D
18:06:41MTthats about it
18:06:56MTalso the paint flakes off the back
18:07:00lglok... it isn't flaky or bad form factor
18:07:07MTbut i think thats a generic fm problem
18:07:24lglyup, i think that happened to my recorder
18:07:38lglit's nice that it's lighter than the recorder too.
18:07:54MTmy model is one of the very early fms, the flap covering the battery is quite easy to dislodge
18:08:05MTbut the more recent ones have it secured with a few screws
18:08:12MTwhich is good
18:08:31MTit takes a quite hard knock to dislodge it anyways on mine
18:11:16lglok sounds good.
18:11:31lgloh well gotta go now. thanks for the info! I'll decide tomorrow.
18:11:32 Quit lgl ("[BX] Hanson uses BitchX. Mommy, can we dress like boys again?")
18:37:29 Quit TotMacher ()
18:37:35 Join TotMacher [0] (
18:41:06 Join Kuji [0] (
18:41:30Kujiwhats linusn's email
18:41:43KujiI just want to update him of something we talked about earlier
18:45:20 Join _aLF [0] (
18:45:31 Part Kuji
18:47:14*Stevie[FP] is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
18:49:35 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Windows 95, coded entirely by blondes")
19:30:38 Join diddystar5 [0] (
19:31:00diddystar5hey mecraw
19:31:21 Quit diddystar5 (Client Quit)
19:37:19 Join forg [0] (
19:37:39 Part forg
19:38:57 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
19:39:08*MiChAeLoL is leaving for europe tommorrow
20:00:02 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
20:00:11midknight2k3hello hello
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20:17:04 Quit midknight2k3 ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
20:28:31*Stevie[FP] is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 1hr 41mins 17secs] [KS]
20:35:34 Quit Stevie[FP] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:44:03 Quit Jet8810 (Connection reset by peer)
20:50:47 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:52:27 Join Stevie[FP] [0] (~whatsit2u@
20:54:29 Join Jet8810 [0] (
21:12:03 Quit _aLF ("bye")
21:13:53 Join _aLF [0] (
21:43:50 Quit Stevie[FP] (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:50:19 Join Stevie[FP] [0] (~whatsit2u@
21:59:38*MiChAeLoL wonders what was going on with freenode yesturday
22:04:06thusomeone was probably kicking it
22:04:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:14:21*Stevie[FP] deems it a miracle that he hasn't bluescreened his machine yet
22:15:23thuwell keep trying
22:21:31Hesfreenode was, sort of, attacked by a load of bots which made things break a bit.
22:23:46thuwhy do people do crap like that?
22:25:33Stevie[FP]as lilo pointed out last night
22:25:35Stevie[FP]it's summertime
22:25:43Stevie[FP]script kiddies are no longer occupied by skool
22:26:35thusad but true
22:26:51thudid they close undernet or something?
22:41:44 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
22:45:21 Join LouW [0] (
22:48:27 Quit LouW (Client Quit)
22:50:54MiChAeLoL!google adsf
22:51:01MiChAeLoL!google asdf
22:51:09MiChAeLoLaww no one has a google bot
23:08:55 Nick MiChAeLoL is now known as nicks3rv (
23:10:31 Nick nicks3rv is now known as nikserv (
23:33:37 Nick nikserv is now known as MiChAeLoL (
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23:41:07 Quit MiChAeLoL ()

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