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#rockbox log for 2003-06-25

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00:32:49BoD[]hi !
00:37:31 Join LinusN [200] (
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00:45:11nugood evening all
00:45:22nuLinusN, been looking for you =)
00:46:34nuif you dont mind me asking, i was wondering if you knew of a way to safely get at the first frame in a Fraunhofer VBRI mp3
00:46:59nuwell the first frame which actually contains audio data, that is
00:52:08LinusNyou want to find the first "playable" frame?
00:52:48LinusNa fhg vbri frame is easily detected, and the first audio frame comes directly after it
00:53:22nuyes, i could indeed detect the VBRI tag easily
00:53:33LinusNit is always the same size
00:53:34nubut does this tag have a fixed length ?
00:53:38nuwhat is it ?
00:53:55nui thought you'd have to check for its length
00:54:01nujust like you do with frames
00:54:10LinusNit is a 160kbps 44100khz layer 2 frame, iirc
00:54:43nuhm wait a moment tho
00:54:51LinusNit's a normal mp3 frame with silent audio data and extra ancillary data containing the VBR metadata
00:54:51nuthe very first bytes of the file
00:55:00nuare a normal frame
00:55:19nunow this frame's length includes the VBRI table
00:55:23nuthe problem is
00:55:57nuif i consider the length of this frame as reported by the 4 bytes frame header itself, it's not continuated by another valid fram
00:56:21nuthere are some E1 66 48 B0 bytes after it
00:56:22LinusNit should
00:56:30nuinstead of a FF FB ... as the first frame
00:56:53LinusNcan you email me the first few kbytes of the file?
00:57:10nusurely, or i can take a HIEW screenshot if you prefer
00:57:18nuof the header
00:57:23LinusNi'd like the file
00:57:27nualright sec
00:57:32nuthanks for your time btw
00:57:37LinusNlinus at
00:58:28BoD[]you protect your email on irc
00:59:01LinusNof course
00:59:12BoD[]it's funny
00:59:14LinusNwe publish the logs on the rockbox site
00:59:15nui assume its because of the constant web logging
00:59:23nuwhich is infact how i managed to get on here ;)
00:59:47BoD[]yes :)
00:59:53nu74k will do LinusN ?
01:00:11*LinusN has a crappy dialup nowadays
01:00:22BoD[]how come
01:00:28LinusNwaiting for my 2.5mbit/s DSL
01:00:47BoD[]you live in sweden right ?
01:01:06LinusNwas too far from the switch to get 23mbit/s
01:01:16BoD[]the country of ericson :) the home of the communication !
01:01:39nucountry of BBB and cheapo broadband more likely ;P
01:01:48 Join Stevie-O [0] (
01:01:50LinusNand rockbox! :-)
01:01:58BoD[]everybody should have high bandwidth in sweden !!
01:02:09Stevie-Oeverybody should have high bandwidth everywhere
01:02:26BoD[]yes but especially in sweden!
01:02:57*Stevie-O installs the win2k ddk
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01:06:20LinusNnu: you're right, this file looks strange
01:06:40LinusNi think i have seen this before
01:06:52nuno idea, been given to me for testing purposes
01:07:58LinusNthis file looks really weird
01:08:55nuyou know fraunhofer released source code for dealing with VBRI headers btw ?
01:09:13LinusNyeah, saw that yesterday
01:09:19LinusN"released", lol
01:09:31LinusNsomeone got hold of it
01:09:39*BoD[dvd] watches dvd
01:09:39nuoh nope, its on fraunhofer's website
01:09:48LinusNit is?
01:09:53LinusNdidn't see it
01:10:25Stevie-Oanybody know off the toppa their heads how to make squid log hostnames?
01:11:48nuthere you go LinusN
01:12:17nui've used their sdk class, and its handy for detecting and filling up useless structs
01:12:26 Join telliott [0] (telliott@
01:12:55nubut beside zero documentation, they dont specify the usage of the TOC or anything else for that matter
01:13:10LinusNit's so unfriendly
01:13:38nunow i'm not that dumb that i dont understand what a seek point is, but its rather unbelievable that i have to find the first audio frame by calling a method like seekPointByPercent
01:14:05nuneverthless, that gets me 8 bytes ahead of what i *believe* is the beginning of the first playable frame in that mp3 i sent you
01:14:27nui suppose it'll have to suffice :)
01:15:02LinusNthe file has a strange encoding
01:16:17LinusNit switches the stereo mode and emphasis each frame
01:16:56telliottI love Hardeep's dynamic playlist feature. Any idea when it woll be in the regular daily builds?
01:17:05LinusNtelliott: soon
01:20:15LinusNnu: rockbox searches for valid mp3 headers, btw
01:20:23telliottI was wandering how to tell when my recorder is fully charged under Rockbox. I found the trick is to leave the info screen on. Is there any other way?
01:20:31LinusNso it skips the garbage bytes
01:20:54LinusNtelliott: the debug menu
01:21:09LinusNbut we will address this issue
01:22:53telliottI was reading the threads. I don't care if it never reads %100. I just want to know when to unplug the external power.
01:23:43LinusNtelliott: when you want to go
01:24:04LinusNplayer or recorder?
01:24:21telliottrecorder 20.
01:24:29nui see LinusN
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01:26:52LinusNnu: check out the code for yourself
01:27:08tracktheripperLinusN ive given up on Sokoban
01:27:18LinusNtracktheripper: that's a shame
01:27:32*tracktheripper mourns the loss of his fave game Sokoban
01:27:55 Quit mecraw_ ("Trillian (")
01:31:58LinusNtracktheripper: i just can't repeat your problem
01:32:34LinusNare you really sure that the levels.txt file is intact?
01:32:38tracktheripperu are prob with-holding something I should know about :-P
01:32:44tracktheripperits the .txt file Adimas sent me
01:32:59LinusNand you did verify it on the jb itself?
01:33:32LinusNwhich build are you running?
01:33:58tracktheripperthe latest bleeding edge
01:34:21tracktheripperi think so
01:35:28LinusNwooooo, just saw a bug!
01:35:40*tracktheripper Shock!
01:36:10LinusNfalse alarm
01:37:58LinusNi'm running the 20030624 build now
01:38:03LinusNworks like a charm
01:38:35LinusNhow many bytes is your ajbrec.ajz?
01:38:43tracktheripper170 (i think)
01:38:57LinusN170 bytes? i think not
01:39:23LinusNi want the exact number of bytes
01:39:25tracktheripperok link me to this magical ajbrec.ajz then :-)
01:40:08tracktheripperim sure the file is 171Kb
01:40:15LinusNi want the exact number of bytes
01:40:39tracktheripperive just given u the figure!
01:40:44nuLinusN when you look for the first valid frame, do you look for just the first two bytes ?
01:40:51LinusNi want the exact number of bytes
01:40:58LinusNnot kbytes
01:41:08nuie the next 2 bytes that match those in the first frame's header
01:41:10nusay FF FB
01:41:12LinusNnu: no, 4 bytes
01:41:20tracktheripperwell its prob 171000 bytes
01:41:22nuwhat check do you perform on the other two ?
01:41:34LinusNtracktheripper: you're not helping me here
01:42:27LinusNnu: i check that the frame header is valid, i.e no "forbidden" caombinations
01:42:30tracktheripperall i know when I downloaded the file it showed 171Kb
01:42:54nui see
01:42:59LinusNtracktheripper: use file explorer
01:43:12LinusNor DIR
01:43:48LinusNtracktheripper: ordinary recorder, right?
01:44:06tracktheripper175,054 bytes
01:44:09tracktheripperyes a recorder 10
01:44:24LinusNinstall this:
01:44:58tracktheripperhang on
01:47:41tracktherippernope, no joy
01:48:00LinusNok, how many bytes is the file on the recorder?
01:48:29tracktheripper176,128 bytes
01:49:49LinusNare you sure?
01:50:46LinusNit should be 175054
01:50:47 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:54:03 Part LinusN
01:58:05 Part telliott
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02:34:28Stevie-Oanyone here experienced with squid?
02:35:48LinusNnot me
02:42:57hardeepthe sokoban problem tracktheripper is encountering is more than likely due to the fact that the level loading code doesn't handle dos-style crlf in the levels.txt file
02:43:33hardeepi believe adiamas was looking at fixing it
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02:44:12hardeepdoh, nm... should read my mail
02:44:51LinusNhardeep: :-)
02:45:14 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
02:53:45midknight2k3oh hey linus
02:53:56midknight2k3not much going on with rockbox at the moment eh?
02:54:11midknight2k3either you're busy coding something big or you're taking a break
02:54:52LinusNwell, my personal situation hasn't changed much (sick wife etc)
02:55:06midknight2k3oh sorry i didnt hear about that
02:55:33LinusNthe daily builds and cvs activity pages are wrong
02:55:44LinusNbecause of the sourceforge cvs problems
02:55:52midknight2k3it's been saying no changes for like two weeks lol
02:56:01midknight2k3so stuffs been going on?
03:06:47LinusNi have fixed some disk full errors
03:07:01LinusNthe infamous "res fls: -114" bug
03:07:19LinusNand i am working on new sound settings
03:07:23midknight2k3that had to do with the disk being full?
03:07:35midknight2k3the -114 bug
03:07:41LinusNthat had to do with rockbox thinking that the disk is full
03:07:54midknight2k3and new sound settings
03:07:56midknight2k3sounds neat
03:08:00LinusNcombined with two other bugs that screwed things up even more
03:08:03midknight2k3new options or like a menu revamp?
03:08:09LinusNnew options
03:08:13midknight2k3it must be hard being a coder
03:08:16LinusNfull megabass control
03:08:32LinusNand also clip prevention
03:08:56midknight2k3wouldn't that be a sort of variation of the Auto-Volume system?
03:09:20LinusNit makes sure that the bass/treble/loudness/volume settings don't introduce clipping
03:09:29LinusNlike we do on the player models
03:10:04midknight2k3so it looks at the settings to make sure they, when put together, will not produce clipping?
03:10:19midknight2k3you already have it on players?
03:10:37LinusNso it lowers the volume when raising the loudness
03:10:52LinusNyes, the players have had it since 1.4
03:10:57LinusNi think
03:11:08midknight2k3i remember a few days ago i had a stroke of brialliance
03:11:12LinusNit means that the max volume will be lowe
03:11:14midknight2k3a perfect idea for rockbox
03:11:17midknight2k3but now i cant remmeber it
03:11:45midknight2k3IT was something i couldnt believe no one thought of before lol and i forgot it
03:12:04LinusNmidknight2k3: which ROM version do you have?
03:12:31midknight2k3i have fm recorder
03:12:34midknight2k3it's 1.30j
03:12:52LinusNok, which contrast level is best for you?
03:13:09midknight2k3I believe 52 is perfect
03:13:11midknight2k3no lol
03:13:19midknight2k3fm reocrder is different from regular recorder
03:13:29midknight2k3recorder i think was 32 or so and fm recorder it's 52
03:13:55LinusNmy fm recorder is perfect at 32
03:14:02midknight2k3are you going to make the default contrast "platform-specific"?
03:14:20Stevie-OI run my FM at about 45
03:14:27midknight2k3me at 52
03:14:29LinusNStevie-O: hw info?
03:14:42midknight2k3i dont have mine handy i dont think
03:14:47LinusNmidknight2k3: can you give me the hw info as well?
03:15:05midknight2k3i dont have it
03:15:16midknight2k3my rioriot's contrast level is 4 though if that helps
03:15:29midknight2k3beat me to it
03:15:34midknight2k35 looks ok too
03:15:45midknight2k3scuse me
03:15:49midknight2k3it is at 5 right now
03:16:11midknight2k3i can give you HW info next time i see you though
03:16:25LinusNStevie-O: how about you?
03:16:44Stevie-Ohw info on what?
03:16:51 Join Jet8810 [0] (
03:16:51midknight2k3fm recorder
03:16:56LinusNmain menu->debug->view hw info
03:16:57Stevie-OI don't have my archos here atm
03:17:04midknight2k3I can relate
03:17:29midknight2k3i wish i had mega bass control on this Riot
03:17:39midknight2k3It's partly annoyin
03:17:45LinusNi wonder how archos does it
03:17:58midknight2k3rio people just dont fell like doing it lol
03:18:05midknight2k3would you believe
03:18:18midknight2k3they have 5 options on the main menu and one of them's equalizer
03:18:28midknight2k3under that all you can do is bass / treble
03:18:33midknight2k3oh hey jet
03:18:39midknight2k3i didnt see you come in there
03:19:22midknight2k3Okay the jig is up
03:20:36LinusNStevie-O: have you seen anything that sheds some light on the contrast issue?
03:20:50*Stevie-O doesn't know what contrast issue you're referring to
03:20:50midknight2k3I do find it odd
03:21:09midknight2k3that it's more comfortable with different levels on the same model fm reocrders
03:21:26midknight2k3linus likes 32 you like 45 and i like 52 - we all have fm recorders
03:21:44midknight2k3I just got mine maybe linus got an early model or something
03:22:11midknight2k3i'm sure 32 was what i used on my regular recorder
03:24:08Stevie-Okeep in mind that midknight2k3 drives me nuts, and thus I have him on ignore :P
03:24:37midknight2k3you cant see me type?
03:24:59midknight2k3what did i do to you? I only ever exploited your HELO bug
03:25:06midknight2k3that was fun
03:25:15BoD[]the helo bug
03:25:22Stevie-O250 Stevie-O
03:25:36midknight2k3say it twice then say something else and say it again
03:25:37midknight2k3like this
03:25:42DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
03:25:48midknight2k3stupid = whatever you want to say
03:25:50midknight2k3try it
03:26:12midknight2k3ok wait
03:26:17BoD[]? ?
03:26:24midknight2k3say the following in order
03:26:36midknight2k3stupid can be whatever you want
03:26:43LinusNmidknight2k3: you're trying to be kicked?
03:26:44BoD[]what is it supposed to do ?
03:26:49midknight2k3it can be anything except "helo"
03:26:57midknight2k3 it produces a fun result
03:27:03midknight2k3sorry linus
03:27:15LinusNwhat is supposed to happen?
03:27:17BoD[]well i won't try it ;) you can tell me the result
03:27:27midknight2k3i forgot.
03:27:38midknight2k3hever mind
03:27:41midknight2k3it wont worg
03:27:49midknight2k3LOGBOT is no longer an admin guy
03:28:05BoD[]i think he never was a guy ;)
03:28:30Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
03:28:33midknight2k3normally it would make stevie say his 250 stevie-o thing three times and hed get kicked for repeating but you'd only said it twice before syaing something else..... get it?
03:28:40midknight2k3linus is an O
03:28:50Mode"#rockbox +o logbot " by LinusN (
03:28:51DBUGQ-Sent KICK midknight2k3 to server
03:28:51Kick(#rockbox midknight2k3 :No flooding!) by logbot!
03:28:59 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
03:29:08midknight2k3i didnt flood
03:29:11midknight2k3i talk fast
03:29:18midknight2k3would you rather it all in one message?
03:29:23LinusNmidknight2k3: it remebered your HELO flood earlier
03:29:42LinusNtry your helo trick now
03:29:54midknight2k3stevie o banned me
03:29:57midknight2k3i cant do it
03:30:01midknight2k3you can though
03:30:08Stevie-OHe got me kicked with a rapid succession of "HELO"s
03:30:16midknight2k3hehehe sorry
03:30:35midknight2k3what is it stevie?
03:30:55BoD[]he can't see you you know that
03:31:05BoD[]don't try to talk to him :)
03:31:11midknight2k3tell him to unblock me for a second!
03:31:21BoD[]i don't think so :)
03:31:33midknight2k3to him you look like you're talking to youreself then?
03:31:34BoD[]but there are other ways
03:32:00 Quit Guest1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:32:03midknight2k3can he see that
03:32:08BoD[]see what
03:32:17midknight2k3did you stevie?
03:32:36BoD[]?? why would he*
03:32:47midknight2k3i mesaged hum
03:32:55midknight2k3i mesSaged hIm
03:33:23midknight2k3did you all see my rockbox review?
03:33:29BoD[]i saw it
03:33:41midknight2k3how about my rio riot one?
03:33:48midknight2k3it's very informative
03:33:54BoD[]didn't see it
03:34:08BoD[]but i have no plan to buy a rio
03:34:20midknight2k3its inFORmaTiVE
03:34:32BoD[]but i have no plan to buy a rio even after reading informative reviews
03:35:01midknight2k3thats it
03:35:05BoD[]you are fun
03:35:11midknight2k3im lowering my rio riot rating from 5/5 to like 3/5
03:35:31Stevie-OI HATE IDIOTS
03:35:35Stevie-Oand the world is full of idiots
03:35:47midknight2k3I'm sorry Stevie-O
03:35:56BoD[]don't hate them, fear them :)
03:35:58midknight2k3I hope next lifetime....
03:36:11Stevie-OI hate them
03:36:15Stevie-OI want ONE SIMPLE THING
03:36:16midknight2k3I just hope that..... sniff sniff.... I can live... up to expec..tations!!!
03:36:26Stevie-OI want Squid to log the damn hostnames instead of the IP addresses
03:36:44BoD[]why do you want that
03:37:05midknight2k3you know what my archos review earned $2.40 in it's first month running
03:37:23BoD[]mid : a review can earn money ???
03:37:35midknight2k3up to infinity amounts!
03:37:44midknight2k3would you believe it!!!
03:37:45BoD[]that's new :)
03:37:48midknight2k3god i dont get it
03:38:05midknight2k3you were all telling me how i sounded like an advertiser when i convinced you to keep your archoses remmeber?
03:38:12BoD[]of course
03:38:21midknight2k3comments on my archos review:
03:38:38midknight2k3i don't get it
03:38:46BoD[]well of course !!!
03:38:54BoD[]you lack objectivity
03:38:58midknight2k3They all think it's a gimmick
03:39:07midknight2k3I do NOT work for archos!
03:39:28BoD[]i think you really are archos' CEO
03:39:43midknight2k3I called the screen on the archos "average"!
03:39:55midknight2k3"he Archos Jukebox Recorder 20 has an average navigation system. "
03:40:12midknight2k3"the USB cable and the Power Cord are just normal items, nothing special, and nothing defective. "
03:40:26midknight2k3"It has nothing adjustable except Contrast, Backlight Time and Power Off Time."
03:40:40BoD[]yeah yeah yeah
03:40:54midknight2k3but whne i got into rockbox...
03:41:02midknight2k3well i typed like 5 pages before i realized it
03:41:15midknight2k3I need to make a new review
03:41:20midknight2k3what to make it on?
03:41:28midknight2k3I did it on everything good
03:41:52midknight2k3I may have to stoop to reviewing my keyboard :\
03:41:52Stevie-O<BoD[]> why do you want that
03:41:59LinusNtime to sleep
03:42:01LinusNnite all
03:42:03Stevie-Obecause I don't want to freaking see in the logs
03:42:03midknight2k3bye linus!
03:42:08Stevie-Othat's useless
03:42:10 Part LinusN
03:42:12BoD[]bte linus
03:42:17midknight2k3too late
03:42:27midknight2k3linus thinks you're a real jerk now
03:42:29BoD[]stevie : why not it's not that bad
03:42:31midknight2k3juts kidding
03:42:35BoD[]mid ;)
03:43:38 Part nu
03:45:34Stevie-O... it is worthless
03:45:37Stevie-OI need the damn HOSTNAME
03:48:28midknight2k3We feel your paiun
03:49:05BoD[]log_fqdn on
03:49:10BoD[]work ?
03:52:42midknight2k3I think maybe it's possible
03:53:03midknight2k3i dont know
03:53:15midknight2k3Log fdnqmts
03:53:18midknight2k3or whatever
03:53:28midknight2k3logon fmdqmdnq
03:55:25BoD[]it means full qualified domain name
03:55:42BoD[]== instead of numbers
03:55:43midknight2k3yes i supposed it did
03:58:57midknight2k3i guess not then
03:59:01Stevie-Othat logs the *client* hostname
03:59:33BoD[]you want to log the clent's request ?
03:59:42Stevie-OI want to find out the real request
04:00:14BoD[]maybe it's not possible :)
04:00:36Stevie-O... now *that*'s braindead
04:01:06BoD[]i'm sure you can ask them in the mailing list
04:01:11BoD[]to be sure
04:04:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:20:18Stevie-Oi think i healed it
04:28:18BoD[]i have to sleep
04:28:26 Quit BoD[] ("glou")
04:39:42 Join diddystar5 [0] (
04:40:52 Quit diddystar5 (Client Quit)
04:52:16 Join earHurts [0] (
04:52:36earHurtsHow are you gentlemen !!
04:53:12midknight2k3Us Gentlenmenn are finne
04:53:20midknight2k3is your key fixed?
04:53:30earHurtsyeah, replaced
04:53:46earHurtsnnnnno pronblems
04:53:47midknight2k3i'll miss it though
04:54:09earHurtsit did uh distinguish me
04:54:16midknight2k3yeah lol
04:54:43earHurtsknow anything about linnnux disk tools?
04:55:16midknight2k3i mean
04:55:27earHurtsyeah, yeah
04:55:36 Quit hardeep ("[BX] I got sucked into /dev/null!")
04:55:49earHurtsi installed 60gb hdd into my archos
04:55:59midknight2k3does it work?
04:57:00earHurtswindows 2k wom't format >32GB however
04:57:21earHurtsso Stevie directed me to mkdosfs
04:57:42midknight2k3i get it
04:57:43earHurtsbut windows can't chkdsk it
04:58:18midknight2k3and to think im a lowly archos - rockbox user an you're a programmer
04:58:19earHurtsso I'm reluctant to format my pc's hdd with it
04:58:33earHurtswell, I'm no linuxer
04:58:37midknight2k3i can understand your formatting program's name!
04:59:23midknight2k3yehehe yahaha oooh
04:59:31earHurtsbut it'll be a pain to sync two diffrent pc drives to one archos drive
04:59:48earHurtsindeed, that's not synching, is it
05:00:32midknight2k3i dont think so
05:02:19earHurtsthus my dilemma
05:03:23midknight2k3you want both of them combined on archos hd?
05:09:08earHurtsone archos, one mirror on the pc
05:10:37midknight2k3mm hmm
05:16:10earHurtsand one ring to rule them all
05:17:46Stevie-Oone thing to play them
05:17:50Stevie-Oone thing to copy them
05:19:30earHurtswe plays them on our pc too, we do, my preciousssss
05:20:05earHurtsthanks agin for mkdosfs
05:20:13earHurtshow's the emu?
05:20:34Stevie-Ostudying usb
05:21:40earHurtswhat's done?
05:22:04Stevie-Ojack scheet
05:22:27earHurtsno, globally: sh1, what else?
05:22:55Stevie-Othe instruction set is
05:23:12Stevie-Otimer 0 is
05:23:28earHurtstimer 0 is hardware?
05:24:03Stevie-Otimer 0 is technically part of the sh-1
05:24:35Stevie-Overy few things are really complete
05:25:11earHurts what's your wild ass guess when it'll be done?
05:26:30 Join Scottie924 [0] (
05:26:35Stevie-OReal programs are never finished ;)
05:26:43 Quit Scottie924 (Client Quit)
05:26:52 Join Scottie924 [0] (
05:26:56Stevie-OI'm working on USB emulation atm
05:27:06earHurts k
05:27:08Scottie924hey all
05:27:44Scottie924do you know if there is any plan for rock box to make firmware for the upcoming AV 320?
05:27:45 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:28:32earHurtsthe rockbox crew have emphatically said they will NOT
05:28:51earHurtsit's very different from the jukebox
05:29:00MTit may be the same shape, but its vastly different inside
05:29:11Scottie924I guess that is true, with the color screen and all that stuff
05:29:16earHurtshowever another group is trying to make mm software
05:29:30Scottie924mm software?
05:29:50earHurtswhether the archos withe the small color display
05:31:01earHurtsmm is the first archos to play video
05:31:13Scottie924do any of you know where I can find out how to change the setting on Rockbox for the Jukebox multimedia 20 gig, the setting for more than 400 files in a dir?
05:31:53earHurtsmultimedia or recorder?
05:35:11 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
05:35:54Scottie924its not there
05:42:50 Quit Scottie924 ("Leaving")
05:46:03 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
06:04:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:15:03 Quit thu ("Client exiting")
06:45:17 Join thu [0] (
06:45:57 Join earHurts [0] (
06:46:17earHurtsHoe are you gentlemen !!
06:56:15thuIt is you !!
06:56:28thuactually I just found a piece of good engrish on the samsung canada site
07:04:03earHurts i gotta go sleep
07:04:12 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
07:06:08 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
07:13:39 Join Stevie-O [0] (
07:45:08 Join OliverKlozoff [0] (
07:50:16 Join matsl [0] (
07:57:36 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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08:12:36 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
08:39:18 Join Bagder [241] (
08:54:26OliverKlozoffsup dan
08:56:14CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:56:14*OliverKlozoff flexes
08:56:20OliverKlozoffwe may be gettin' cable soon!
08:56:32OliverKlozofffinally, at long last, off of this dreaded dialup...
08:58:21*OliverKlozoff tries some things first
09:37:42 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: now with 38 percent fewer calories!")
09:47:33 Join tracktheripper [0] (
09:49:16adi|homeim adding commenting for the delete action
09:49:16dwihno\o/ yay \o/
09:49:22adi|homenamely.. what button does what..
09:49:31adi|homefor the recorder, we have extra lines...
09:49:34adi|homewhat should i do for the player?
09:49:55 Join LinusN [200] (
09:50:04LinusNtracktheripper: did you try my fix?
09:50:04Bagderhi linus
09:50:10LinusNhi Bagder
09:50:18dwihnoBagder: Guru of code, I seek your guidance... for (k=0; k<16; k++) printf("%.2X", entries[sys][j].md5); For some reason, this produces a loooooong string (which contains faulty stuff, even if the data is ok)... Any ideas?
09:50:39LinusNdwihno: you forgot the life feed
09:50:43LinusNline feed
09:51:15dwihnowell, I add a line feed later on
09:51:39LinusNyou might want %02X
09:51:49LinusNor rather %02x
09:52:10Bagderis md5 really a numeric?
09:52:27dwihnowell, it's an array (unsigned char)
09:52:48Bagderbut its 8 bytes, isn't it?
09:52:52dwihnoI shot my foot
09:53:18Bagderyou show the address if the first byte
09:53:27dwihnoI shot my foot :)
09:53:32dwihnoDamn I suck today :)
09:53:53Bagderadi|home: I really don't know, players are so tricky I get a headache at times ;-/
09:54:14adi|homeill just leave the player be till someone bitches ;)
09:56:03LinusNBagder: what to do with the daily build scripts?
09:56:22BagderI'll talk to Björn
09:57:15adi|homeokay.. now just house keeping...
09:57:18LinusNhe is pretty absent these days
09:57:19HesHm, I would guess a full-range scan in the FM tuner wouldn't be _that_ useful, the FM filter is probably quite wide, bad reception for narrowband FM channels 8-)
09:57:30adi|homewe have LANG_RESUME_CONFIRM_RECORDER in english.lang
09:57:47adi|homeand the string it uses is exactly the same one i want to use for delete confirmation...
09:57:52LinusNHes: still, we should allow it
09:58:00Hesbut maybe you can receive VHF TV audio below the FM broadcast band.
09:58:06HesLinusN: Yes, naturally.
09:58:08dwihnoBTW... Has there been a time WITHOUT the red led death?
09:58:11adi|homeso.. should i a) create LAN_DELETE_CONFIRM_RECORDER
09:58:16LinusNdwihno: yes
09:58:33adi|homeor b) create a new item called LANG_CONFIRM_WITH_PLAY
09:58:40dwihnoLinusN: About when did the bug appear?
09:58:43adi|homeand have whats appropriate point to it?
09:59:06LinusNdwihno: that's what zagor wanted to find out with his "bug hunt" approach
09:59:17LinusNin the mailing list
09:59:47LinusNadi|home: i like LANG_CONFIRM_WITH_PLAY
10:00:17LinusNbut only if it works in other languages as well
10:01:03adi|homethats the next question..
10:01:07dwihno:-/ red led death is evil stuff
10:01:14adi|homeshould i make it usable now.. and wait for ppl to port?
10:01:33adi|homeie.. check for both...
10:01:50adi|homeactually.. can't.. its a string...
10:02:10adi|homei _could_ just update all the languages by hand...
10:02:26adi|homethats not to bad an idea.. translation does't change.. only the keyword
10:03:42Bagderthe whole point of our language system is that you add the string to the english file and use the ID, and then the other languages "just work"
10:04:20adi|homeso then if i want to make this change and clean up the code.. then i need to adapt the language files myself... so they continue to work...
10:04:36Bagderyou mean you change the meaning of a string?
10:04:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:05:20Bagderso what "adaption" are you referring to?
10:05:33adi|homeright now in all the languages we have LANG_RESUME_CONFIRM_RECORDER
10:05:39tracktheripperyea I did LinusN
10:05:47adi|homewhich says "PLAY = Yes"
10:05:51tracktheripperand it still doesn't work :-(
10:06:16adi|homei need the exact same string.. but a "RESUME" keyword makes no sense if the string is related to deleting...
10:06:51adi|homeso to add LANG_CONFIRM_WITH_PLAY to have "PLAY = Yes" id have to add LANG_CONFIRM_WITH_PLAY to all the languages
10:07:02adi|homeor else they won't 'just work'
10:07:10Bagderif you add LANG_CONFIRM_WITH_PLAY
10:07:22Bagderadd it to the english file, and use the id, and it will work
10:07:25LinusNtracktheripper: how long is the ajbrec.ajz on the recorder?
10:07:38LinusNand how long is levels.txt on the recorder?
10:07:58adi|homeright.. but if i then remove LANG_RESUME_CONFIRM_RECORDER from the rest of the code... the other languages won't display properly...
10:08:01LinusN(long == size in bytes)
10:08:09adi|homeor should i just let other ppl correct their own languages?
10:08:14tracktheripperi don't know, my JB is flat
10:08:24Bagderadi|home: they will then use the english version, yes, but that's how the languages always work
10:08:30tracktheripperdon;t know where the ac adaptor it
10:08:34adi|homeahh.. okay.. got ya...
10:08:58LinusNthe levels.txt file you sent me, was that taken from the recorder?
10:09:02 Join lgl [0] (
10:09:38Bagderadi|home: and remember to not actually remove the ID from the english file, only blank it if you no longer use it
10:10:31tracktheripperit was the one adimas sent me
10:11:06LinusNi mean, did you take it from the recorder, or from the pc when you sent it to me
10:11:42lglhello, I'm a former archos jbr20 owner and rockbox supporter. I wonder of anyone can recommend (or not recommend) the fm recorder...
10:12:48LinusNtracktheripper: a read error could give the same error
10:13:22LinusNlgl: it is good, it lacks S/PDIF output and remote control
10:15:44 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
10:16:07lglLinusN|away: oh so no digital out?
10:18:22LinusN|awaydidital in works, though
10:19:57 Quit thu ("zZz")
10:23:36lglstrange decision methinks.
10:24:06Bagderthey're french, remember? ;-P
10:24:13*Bagder grins
10:26:07 Quit Schnueff (Ping timeout: 14400 seconds)
10:27:19adi|homenow.. let me make sure im not stupid here...
10:27:23adi|hometo delete a directory..
10:27:36adi|homei need delete "." and ".." first..
10:27:45adi|homethen delete the directory name, correct?
10:28:13PsycoXul. is the current directory and .. is the parent directory
10:28:35OliverKlozoffin fat32
10:28:46OliverKlozoffthe '.' entry really points to the root directory (or it should)
10:31:38adi|homeso... then i don't delete . and ..
10:31:48adi|homei thought those were just references to the parent and current dir?
10:31:57Bagderthey do
10:32:43 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
10:32:47Bagderbut they're not actual entries in the dir, are they?
10:33:16BagderI should shut up, I'm not very fluent in this
10:36:02adi|homeheheh okay.. then let me hit you with another question :)
10:36:11adi|homemore opinion i think then anything..
10:36:41adi|homewhen we 'rename' a file.. if the file name is unchanged (namely, the typed name matches the current name), we respin the disk and rewrite the file name...
10:36:55adi|homedoes that make sense? or should we do a check, and if the names are the same, don't spin the disk?
10:37:00dwihnoLet's get political - NEJ TILL EMU! :)
10:37:29Bagderadi|home: well, we could do a check sure, it wouldn't hurt much
10:37:46adi|homei just wasn't sure what the proper way to do it was is all...
10:37:56adi|homei mean.. if its a check we should do or not
10:39:23adi|homei may have to bug linus about that stuff..
10:59:17 Join adiamas [0] (~adi|
11:11:53 Join Schnueff [0] (
11:14:01 Quit adi|home (Connection timed out)
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12:20:09 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (~adi|
13:00:24 Quit Bagder ("")
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15:27:06Stevie[FP]you do NOT need to delete the '.' and '..' entries
15:35:30 Quit OliverKlozoff (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:35:31 Quit lgl (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:44:30 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
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18:24:35 Join quelsaruk [20] (
18:24:55 Nick mecraw_ is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
19:15:32elinenbegoobye everyone... off to Croatia for holiday. See you in 3 weeks.
19:15:35 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC has never been so cool")
19:16:02 Join Kuji [0] (
19:18:18 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
19:18:24Kujilinus: the cluster size made no difference the file screwed up after 53mins, which is a little longer than before.
19:23:24 Part Kuji
19:24:05 Quit Schnueff (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:44:16 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the Apple Newton today!")
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20:21:47 Join adi|ems [0] (
20:21:48adi|emsanyone around that could do me a favor?
20:21:57adi|emsanyone awake?
20:24:58 Quit adi|ems ("Leaving")
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20:32:53 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
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21:19:14 Quit _aLF ("bye")
21:19:35 Join Guest [0] (
21:19:50 Join _aLF [0] (
21:22:23 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
21:30:34 Join tuba_man [0] (
21:32:42tuba_manmorning everyone. Anybody know of any US-based suppliers of the DRAM featured (or compatible) in the 8MB recorder mod?
21:33:11quelsarukno idea
21:33:44tuba_manhmm...that's kinda frustrating
21:34:18tuba_manthanks anyway
21:35:15 Quit tuba_man ("Client exiting")
21:49:36 Quit Jet8810 (
21:49:36 Quit adi|home (
21:49:36 Quit MT (
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22:01:51 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:03:03 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
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22:05:46*[IDC]Dragon slaps [IDC]Dragon around a bit with a large trout
22:06:05*[IDC]Dragon slaps [IDC]Dragon around a bit with a large trout
22:32:33 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
22:33:14TBoyI've got a question about the dynamic playlist
22:34:01TBoywhat are the advantage of using it
22:34:04TBoywhat does it do
22:37:02mecrawcreates playlists dynamically
22:39:25TBoywich mean
22:39:55TBoyso every time I turn my player on
22:40:08TBoyit would check to see if new songs are there
22:41:01TBoybut what can I do if I want an album to be played in the right order
22:41:19TBoyapart from renaming the files
22:41:24mecrawno, you can add or insert songs or directories to a playlist
22:41:40TBoyoh ok that gets it to
22:41:43mecrawnothing apart from renaming your files
22:42:20TBoycouldn't I make a playlist in that folder an make it load
22:42:38mecrawyou could do that
22:43:13mecrawbut you'd probably have to add the songs in the right order, if you just add the directory they will be ordered alphabetically
22:43:53mecrawi'm assuming you are talking about hardeep's playlist patch, right?
22:44:31TBoythe best thing would be if we could get rockbox in the flash-rom
22:45:01TBoythen we could possibly use another filesystem wich would save the files in the order you select
22:45:10TBoythat would be possible
22:45:28mecrawi have no idea
22:45:48TBoyoh ok
22:46:00TBoywell I assume that would bepossible
22:46:06TBoywell gotta go
22:47:33 Nick LinusN|away is now known as LinusN (
22:48:22[IDC]DragonHi linus!
22:48:31TBoyif we could get rockbox in the flash-rom
22:48:38[IDC]DragonYeah, working hard on it.
22:48:39TBoythen we could possibly use another filesystem wich would save the files in the order you select
22:48:52LinusNTBoy: why?
22:49:12TBoyI mean if I have an album in a specific folder
22:49:27TBoyand I name them all artist - track.mp3
22:49:28LinusNi would rather have a playlist browser for that
22:49:39TBoyok that would also be possible
22:49:44TBoyok that sounds good
22:49:58TBoybtw will that be added
22:50:14LinusNif we have a custom filesystem, we wouldn't be able to transfer to/from the PC without writing drivers for windows, linux, mac etc
22:50:15TBoyor is there a patch for it already
22:50:36LinusNno, there is no playlist browser yet
22:50:47TBoyyeah but we could use ext
22:50:56TBoythat supports that doesn't it
22:50:59LinusNthen windows users will be out of luck
22:51:07TBoythats true
22:51:26LinusNfat32 is pretty good for this purpose imho
22:51:46TBoybut are there no ext drivers for windows
22:52:11LinusN[IDC]Dragon: the ata_spindown must be changed according to your hardware, as the comment says in the stub source code
22:52:20TBoybut i am fine with using fat32
22:52:47[IDC]Dragon(TBoy, please excuse) But the stub worked before, with rolo
22:52:58TBoyno problemo
22:53:11LinusN[IDC]Dragon: ok
22:53:15TBoyI'm just hoggin' the channel up
22:53:29TBoyjust tryin to get back in here
22:53:33[IDC]DragonTBoy, never mind
22:53:53TBoysince the mail lost my player for over a month
22:54:05[IDC]DragonLinus, ATA seems to have a general problem when cold-booted.
22:54:08TBoywell gotta go anyway
22:54:12 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
22:54:40LinusN[IDC]Dragon: how about the data direction of PA9?
22:54:48[IDC]Dragon(oops, did I chase him away with techtalk?)
22:55:01[IDC]DragonLemme check...
22:55:40LinusNand PA10
22:56:07LinusNthey should both be outputs
22:56:17[IDC]Dragoncan't find what they're used for
22:56:32LinusNpa9 is ATA reset, pa10 is usb_enable
22:57:13[IDC]DragonRockbox is not initializing that?
22:57:28LinusNmake sure that you have a call to usb_enable() before ata_init()
22:59:02LinusNit seems like we don't set the data direction of pa9
22:59:05[IDC]Dragonmain.c does usb_init()
22:59:44LinusNtry setting the data direction of pa9
23:00:08 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:00:33[IDC]DragonI'll try, will take me a few.
23:00:46LinusNtake a look at ode_power_enable() as well
23:00:56LinusNin power.c
23:01:03LinusNdata dir problem there too
23:01:33[IDC]DragonThere's something about the display as well...
23:01:45LinusNdata dir too?
23:01:46 Nick BoD[] is now known as BoD[manger (
23:01:56[IDC]Dragonthe general recipe?
23:02:03 Nick BoD[manger is now known as BoD[manger|dvd] (
23:02:29LinusNhmmm, lcd_init() seems to do it right
23:03:23LinusNStevie[FP] may tell if we forgot something in the lcd init code
23:03:43[IDC]DragonIDE power is PA5?
23:04:07LinusNon the regular recorder
23:04:38[IDC]Dragonhmm, I don't like to be hardware dependent here.
23:05:15LinusNwhy not?
23:05:18LinusNyou have to
23:05:50[IDC]DragonWell, but then "inteligent" as the rest of the code, not hacking some port inits in.
23:06:13 Join MasterLee [0] (~MasterLee@
23:06:19MasterLeeHello all.
23:06:35Stevie[FP]somebody say my name?
23:06:36LinusN[IDC]Dragon: only the regular recorder has ide power control
23:06:40LinusNMasterLee: hi
23:06:43LinusNStevie[FP]: yo!
23:07:00MasterLeeIs there an AJBM firmware?
23:07:04Stevie[FP]I have succeeded in halfway completing phase 1 of 2
23:07:06LinusNStevie[FP]: i want the entire lcd init sequence
23:07:16LinusNStevie[FP]: which is?
23:07:25LinusNMasterLee: no
23:07:28Stevie[FP]emulating a USB host controller
23:07:33Stevie[FP]under Windows
23:07:37MasterLeeLinusN: :( Damnit.
23:07:54Stevie[FP]Windows genuinely believes there is a USB root hub attached to a "Toaster Bus Enumerator" device
23:08:02MasterLeeI can't get any movies to play from that damn thing yet.
23:08:08Stevie[FP](the 'toaster bus enumerator' is a sample bus driver that MS supplies with the DDK)
23:08:21LinusNStevie[FP]: how come you want to do this?
23:08:30Stevie[FP]because I can?
23:08:36LinusNof course :-)
23:08:47Stevie[FP]or, because it's there!
23:08:57Stevie[FP]if you prefer the Mt Everest style reasoning
23:09:25Stevie[FP]the MS usb hub driver has a bug
23:09:30LinusNStevie[FP]: how hard is it to port your emulator to linux?
23:09:47LinusN(the jb emulator)
23:10:31Stevie[FP]current windows-specific crap would be: memory mapping files (easily rectifiable with an abstraction layer)
23:10:36Stevie[FP]and the display
23:10:46Stevie[FP]I know zilch about drawing in X
23:10:57LinusN[IDC]Dragon: btw, have you disconnected your boot loader straps from the lcd pins correctly?
23:11:02Stevie[FP]now hold on while I turn on LCD logging
23:12:22hardeep trackname = playlist_peek(i);
23:12:30hardeepdoh, mischan
23:14:36MasterLeeStevie[FP]: why not use wxWindows then?
23:15:02*Stevie[FP] notes that his FM's firmware sets the contrast to 49 out of 64
23:16:13LinusNStevie[FP]: interesting indeed!
23:21:43Stevie[FP]note that the beginning stuff might not include absolutely *every* ocp register, due to how I implemented some of them
23:25:26[IDC]DragonI've now set PA bits 5,9,10 to outputs in my bootload.
23:25:52[IDC]DragonStill ATA address detection failure.
23:26:04[IDC]Dragonata.c, line 730
23:30:48Stevie[FP]hey Liiiiiiiinus...
23:31:20LinusN[IDC]Dragon: you might want to check the Bus State Controller settings
23:31:33LinusNStevie[FP]: yeeeeeeees...
23:31:33[IDC]DragonWhat's that?
23:31:52*Stevie[FP] puts together some useful informayshun
23:31:53[IDC]DragonBTW, PA7 didn't help either...
23:31:58LinusN[IDC]Dragon: wait states and stuff for the different address regions
23:32:31Stevie[FP]LinusN: what's your value at the hardware mask (0x020000fc)?
23:33:36Stevie[FP]... the archos fw only references one byte
23:33:46Stevie[FP]which would make that 0x03
23:35:06Stevie[FP]your firmware starts you at contrast level 31
23:35:13*Stevie[FP] flexes
23:35:24Stevie[FP]feel the power of the EMULATOR!
23:35:44[IDC]DragonNice tool, my admiration!
23:35:46MasterLeeStevie[FP]: would it ever be possible to make an AJBM firmware?
23:35:56MasterLeeor are you not interested in it?
23:37:08LinusNMasterLee: that's a huge undertaking
23:37:29LinusNit is a much more complicated device, and the specs are not open
23:37:30MasterLeeLinusN: yeah..I figured as much, but wasn't the AJB?
23:37:35LinusNfor the chips
23:37:37MasterLeethe AJB specs were?
23:37:46MasterLee(for the chips.)
23:37:58LinusNthe data sheets are all open for the ajb chips
23:38:05[IDC]DragonLinus, this bus control stuff looks complex. Maybe I'll do a brute force approach and dump the whole I/O space for both regular rockbox and "cold-booted" rockbox.
23:38:26LinusN[IDC]Dragon: or talk nicely to Stevie[FP]
23:39:24MasterLeeLinusN: Ahh..but not the AJBMs I guess. I wonder why that is. Doesn't seem kosher.
23:39:39[IDC]DragonBTW, what's the difference between Stivie[O] and Stevie[FP]?
23:40:28Stevie[FP]Stevie-O is myself at home
23:40:53[IDC]Dragonand where is FP?
23:42:22LinusNMasterLee: ask texas instruments
23:42:39MasterLeeHeh..Has anyone?
23:42:53MasterLeei.e. written a letter to so and so.
23:42:53LinusNnot that i know of
23:43:31LinusNMasterLee: none of the rockbox developers own an AJBM
23:43:42LinusNso why would we want to hack it?
23:43:52MasterLeeI see. :)
23:44:40Stevie[FP]did someone want to know how to determine the proper base contrast to use?
23:44:59LinusNi want to
23:47:17Stevie[FP]you'll note the bug in the display of "mov.b @Rm, Rn" when Rm == Rn
23:49:06LinusNStevie[FP]: interesting, this contrast setting code
23:49:09Stevie[FP]You may also wish to note that I could have accomplished the same functionality with four instructions
23:49:29LinusNbut it must be different for recorders
23:49:43Stevie[FP]instead of 13 or so
23:49:53Stevie[FP]that's entirely possible
23:50:20Stevie[FP]I haven't properly separated out emulation of player/recorder/fm yet
23:50:22LinusNmy recorder has hw mask == 0x03 too, and it wants 32 as contrast
23:50:38Stevie[FP]0x03 will generate the contrast 31
23:50:54Stevie[FP]if you look, my FM has hw mask 0x05, and wants contrast 49
23:51:04LinusNah, didn't notice
23:51:25LinusNthis is wonderful
23:51:29Stevie[FP]what is?
23:51:54LinusNso i'll just add a bias to the lcd setting based on the hw mask and voila!
23:52:12Stevie[FP]actually I'd recommend
23:52:15Stevie[FP]that the default bias be like this
23:52:24Stevie[FP](hw_mask & 2) ? 31 : 49
23:52:44Stevie[FP]that'd generate about four instructions
23:53:13Stevie[FP]instead of '42 - 18 * ((hw_mask >> 1) & 1) + 7' which is how they must have coded it
23:54:02Stevie[FP]I wonder who produced the compiler they used
23:54:58Stevie[FP]I've seen it generate a dozen instructions (groups of shift lefts + adds + subtracts) in order to avoid calling the multiplication operator
23:55:16Stevie[FP]despite the fact that the latter only takes 3 cycles
23:56:21LinusNpretty lame
23:57:10Stevie[FP]they mostly used 'int' instead of 'unsigned int'
23:57:37Stevie[FP]which is VERY costly in things like the ADC registers
23:58:05Stevie[FP]because while you can do an unsigned shift right in steps of 1, 2, or 8
23:58:14Stevie[FP](so >>12 is >>8, >>2, >>2 −− 3 instructions)
23:58:41Stevie[FP]there's only one signed shift right, which shifts a single bit
23:58:54Stevie[FP]so the code is full of calls to code that's like
23:58:55Stevie[FP]shar r4
23:58:57Stevie[FP]shar r4
23:58:59DBUGEnqueued KICK Stevie[FP]
23:58:59Stevie[FP]shar r4

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