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#rockbox log for 2003-06-26

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00:11:14 Join pyromance [0] (
00:11:27pyromanceHey ... Any developers around?
00:12:12[IDC]Dragondepends on your definition...
00:12:34 Quit _aLF ("bye")
00:12:48pyromanceWell I linked Rockbox on a page I just slapped together
00:13:22pyromanceJust wanted those responsible to accept props.
00:13:24pyromanceSo ... PROPS!
00:13:50[IDC]DragonLinus, take it!
00:19:12 Quit MasterLee (Remote closed the connection)
00:20:22[IDC]DragonLinus, I did the diff between "cold" and "warm" I/O space. lots of differences, will take me a while to work it out.
00:33:12LinusNpyromance: you want permission to link to us?
00:36:49 Part LinusN
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00:48:14Bluechipevenin all
00:49:35Bluechipdoes anyone have expereince of using DIFF to create patch files?
00:50:05BoD[]isn't it just diff file1 file2 ?
00:50:27Bluechipneed to now how to create new files
00:50:35mecrawBluechip: take a look here:
00:50:47Bluechipi can diff files that existed previously, but it does not include the NEW files
00:50:53Bluechipthanks, read that ;)
00:51:01hardeepBluechip: there are several ways to add new files to a patch:
00:51:17hardeep1. diff -N
00:51:33Bluechipbrb :)
00:51:34hardeep2. diff -u /dev/null /path/to/file
00:52:01Bluechipcan i diff -r -u -N daily mystuff
00:52:04hardeepnote: the -N option won't work with "cvs diff" unless you've already "cvs add"ed the file
00:52:13hardeepBluechip: yeah, that'll work
00:52:28Bluechipyes, i am dreading cvs
00:52:44Bluechipstill, gonna have to use it one day i suppose
00:59:36 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
01:02:35Bluechipre DIFF: is there something I can add to explicitly exclude, say, the tools/ directory?
01:05:44 Join NateDog [0] (
01:07:18NateDogI'm trying to find the ajbrec.ajz file to rename it (and then install the rockbox version), but I don't see it...can anyone help?
01:07:43Bluechiphave you just run a make?
01:08:02Bluechipahh, sorry, just got you
01:08:46Bluechipthe firmware in your player by default is in a chip - half way thru boot-up it looks for ajbrec.ajz - if present it uses that instead
01:09:10Bluechipthe original firmware will not be touched - erasing rockbox will put it back as you found it
01:09:26NateDogah...OK, thanks bro
01:09:33Bluechipofficial upgrades can be found on the archos site
01:09:40Bluechipyour welcome dude
01:13:51 Join OliverKlozoff [0] (
01:17:16 Join tracktheripper [0] (
01:19:52tracktheripperbefore anyone asks me, Sokoban still DOES NOT work
01:20:06BluechipSo Linus, is my first game worthy code in your oppinion?
01:21:10LinusNBluechip: haven't looked at it yet
01:21:21LinusNtracktheripper: i'm puzzled
01:21:25Bluechiptrack: anything I can help with?
01:21:43tracktheripperwell its just an ongoing Sokoban issue
01:21:52tracktheripperwhere levels after level 1 don't load
01:21:55BluechipLN: fair comment
01:22:23Bluechipnot seen the bug yet, i will try now...
01:22:54tracktheripperthis only started where you now have to put the levels.txt file in .rockbox/sokoban
01:23:28LinusNtracktheripper: what does menu->version say on your box?
01:23:43tracktheripperhang on
01:23:55Bluechipoooohhhhhh, shows [f1]=help, waits, lots of red led and returns to the menu for me
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01:24:55 Join [Ex]-Fighter [0] (
01:26:09tracktheripperLinusN do u reckon I have a physically faulty Archos?
01:27:01OliverKlozoffyou sound like a cowboy or something
01:27:05OliverKlozoff'ah reckon'
01:28:05 Part LinusN
01:29:09tracktheripperI think Sokoban only works on the 20Gb recorders now
01:29:26 Join LinusN [200] (
01:30:01tracktheripperlinus i think sokoban only wqorks on the 20gb recorders
01:30:42 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
01:30:53LinusNtracktheripper: are you using the ajbrec.ajz i sent you?
01:31:39LinusNif you did, the version would be 20030624-0114
01:32:09LinusNgo to sound settings
01:32:12tracktheripperive given up on Sokoban now............
01:32:18tracktheripperdon't wanna keep wasting your time
01:32:43LinusNgo to sound settings
01:33:20LinusNdo you see a bunch of new settings, like "MDB strength" and the like?
01:35:46OliverKlozoffI see MDB and think of multi-drop bus
01:35:49tracktheripperand Super Bass (!)
01:36:11LinusNand menu->version says?
01:37:01LinusNthat's better
01:37:07LinusNnow, how about sokoban?
01:37:18tracktheripperlevels still don't load
01:37:48tracktheripperi prob have a hardware fault with my archos :-(
01:38:08[IDC]DragonHi players!
01:38:17LinusNtracktheripper: hardly
01:38:33[IDC]DragonI completed the I/O diff.
01:38:54[IDC]Dragonand set those which made sense.
01:39:14tracktheripperwhat does MBD stand for?
01:39:33[IDC]Dragon"Cold" Rockbox behaves different now.
01:40:37[IDC]Dragon(sorry for getting inbetween, I'm not shure about "chattiquette")
01:41:06tracktheripperLinus what does MBD stand for?
01:41:07[IDC]DragonThe ATA part passes now.
01:42:30LinusNtracktheripper: Micronas Dynamic Bass
01:42:43LinusN[IDC]Dragon: nice
01:42:56[IDC]DragonThe display is still blank.
01:43:11OliverKlozoff[IDC]Dragon: did you see the lcd init stuff?
01:43:43[IDC]DragonHowever, the box does _something_, until the red led starts flashing and the thing is dead.
01:43:57[IDC]DragonOliver, no, what init stuff?
01:44:03OliverKlozofftake thy pick
01:44:37OliverKlozoffhmm that's all i have atm it seems
01:44:38[IDC]Dragonah, yes. But that was not my thread, or?
01:44:50OliverKlozoffthat's for an FM btw
01:45:01OliverKlozoffbut I imagine that it would be rather similar for a Recorder
01:45:50OliverKlozoffif I knew all (or at least most) of the differences between the Recorder and the FM I could probably run the Recorder ROM
01:45:52[IDC]Dragonmy PC UART seems broken, maybe a reboot fixes it.
01:46:00[IDC]DragonSee you soon.
01:46:17 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
01:47:54joshnBTW, on the above site, some pics of display emulator. Open source?
01:48:18OliverKlozoffit will be at some point
01:48:52joshnk, thinking of doing port of Rockbox to a similar player; main difference is LCD. Just curious.
01:49:53Bluechipthat could be fun
01:50:09OliverKlozoffwell rockbox supports two completely different displays
01:50:20Bluechipindeed :)
01:51:16joshnI had some (buggy) code written for it somewhere, not sure where it is now :-(
01:55:26 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
01:58:38[IDC]DragonHi again. It wasn't the UART, but stupid me plugging in a headphone and shorting the serial in.
02:02:36LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i've done that a hundred times...
02:02:46LinusNi finally made an adapter
02:03:18[IDC]DragonYea, should do that. I already have the 4-pin plugs.
02:03:30tracktheripperso Linus, found the bug yet
02:03:56tracktheripperim off 2 bed now
02:03:57tracktherippernite nite
02:04:35tracktheripperi hope this bug is fixed soon as its bugging me (pardon the pun)
02:04:52LinusNtracktheripper: wait
02:05:00tracktheripperSeriously LinusN you should change "Loudness" to "Realizer" in the sound menu :-)
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02:05:24*OliverKlozoff changes it to 'Unquietness' just to add to the confusion
02:05:24tracktheripperi need my beauty sleep.........
02:05:33LinusNi just have to know, how did your levels.txt file get CRLF endings?
02:05:41tracktheripperi don't know
02:05:54LinusNdid you edit the file?
02:06:06 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
02:06:43[IDC]DragonHey, the debug logs say it's playing!
02:07:08LinusN[IDC]Dragon: did you add the lcd init code?
02:07:48[IDC]DragonNo. Is it that clear already?#
02:07:57hardeepLinusN: if you do a save-as from Internet Explorer, CRLF is added to a text file
02:08:08LinusNthat sux
02:08:12OliverKlozoffwhat's Internet Explorer?
02:08:20OliverKlozoffis that like Mozilla or Opera?
02:08:26OliverKlozoffor wget or lynx?
02:08:47 Quit matsl ("Client exiting")
02:08:49LinusNhardeep: the wrid thing is that he copied the file from his recorder and emailed it to me
02:09:06LinusNand it had lf endings
02:09:14OliverKlozoffmaybe his mailer undid it
02:09:24OliverKlozoffor your mailer
02:09:34hardeepLinusN: maybe your mail reader stripped the crlf? pretty common with plain text files
02:10:25OliverKlozoffsince smtp sends messages with cr/lf
02:11:13*OliverKlozoff notes that this is why he always compresses files, and never with gzip
02:11:29OliverKlozoffso many misconfigured Apache installs
02:16:02 Quit pyromance ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-75p3 for the Apple Newton today!")
02:18:48[IDC]DragonNo music in fact. :(
02:19:07OliverKlozoffdo you still have no display?
02:20:16[IDC]DragonWhat was the thing about this display init? (I really have to look into it, I guess)
02:20:41OliverKlozoffit's a recorder right?
02:21:00OliverKlozoffhow do you get the code loaded into the device?
02:21:23[IDC]Dragonwith my UART boot feature.
02:21:33*OliverKlozoff doesn't know what your UART boot feature is
02:21:53[IDC]DragonThe ROM contains a little loader.
02:22:12[IDC]DragonNormally it descrambles a flash image and jumps there.
02:22:23*OliverKlozoff nods
02:22:40[IDC]DragonBut if you pull the LCD lines low instead of high, it goes into a different mode.
02:22:56[IDC]DragonThen it expects code fron the UART.
02:23:18OliverKlozoffit expects like SRL<cr>
02:23:24[IDC]DragonI use that to transfer a little monitor, to whom my PC can talk.
02:23:45[IDC]Dragonno, this SRL is something completely different.
02:24:01[IDC]DragonThat's done by the flash image already.
02:24:18OliverKlozoffso wait
02:24:21OliverKlozoffyou hold the 3 lines low
02:24:28[IDC]DragonWith my minimon, I init the DRAM and transfer the gdb stub.
02:24:32OliverKlozoffwhat exactly happens after that?
02:24:45[IDC]Dragonsee my postings, hang on...
02:25:36OliverKlozoffgot a copy of that minimon?
02:26:40[IDC]DragonWon't help you much, first you need the serial mod and my UART boot mod (pulldown)
02:26:48OliverKlozoffI can do anything required
02:27:16OliverKlozoffwait... what's your minimon written for?
02:27:20 Quit adi|home (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
02:27:24[IDC]DragonBut I'm not holding anything back, how about me getting it into a stable state first?
02:28:08OliverKlozoffwhat's your minimon written for?
02:28:16[IDC]DragonYou're welcome to be my validator for the FM.
02:28:28[IDC]Dragonminimon runs on the archos.
02:28:52OliverKlozoffI'm afraid I don't understand how this works
02:28:58OliverKlozoffyou pull the 3 lines low
02:29:02[IDC]Dragonthen there's a PC application controling it.
02:29:03OliverKlozoffthen it expects raw data from the serial port?
02:29:24[IDC]Dragonsortof. how about reading my postings?
02:30:09OliverKlozoff- The last two 16 bit values before the image are the "mask" value at
02:30:09OliverKlozoffaddress 0x020000FC and version at 0x020000FE, as already known. What's the mask
02:30:09OliverKlozoffvalue used for?
02:30:23OliverKlozoffis that question still unanswered?
02:30:41[IDC]DragonIn parts, yes, afaik.
02:30:57OliverKlozoffArchos has made little 'tweaks' to the hardware
02:31:11OliverKlozoffhere and there
02:31:36OliverKlozoffthose values in ROM all started at 0
02:31:39OliverKlozoffwhen they changed something
02:31:45OliverKlozoffthey took a new bit and set it to 1
02:32:02OliverKlozofffor example, at some point they changed something about the voltage applied to the LCD
02:32:24OliverKlozoffLinus's FM is easily readable at a contrast level of 32
02:32:39[IDC]Dragonyea, saw that today.
02:32:46OliverKlozoffMine is practically invisible at that setting −− I have to set it to at least 45
02:32:58LinusNOliverKlozoff: i updated the contrast init code a few moments ago
02:33:01OliverKlozoff0x020000FC <- if bit '2' is set at that particular byte
02:33:05OliverKlozoffLinusN: cool
02:33:11LinusNnow it sets the default based on the hw mask
02:34:12OliverKlozoff[IDC]Dragon: if bit '2' (or bit '1', it's 0x02 either way), is SET, the LCD display needs to default to contrast 31
02:34:25OliverKlozoffif it's CLEAR, the LCD display defaults to 49
02:35:03[IDC]Dragonso, what is this lengthy LCD log? Are the few lines at the end a summary of all the above?
02:35:12OliverKlozoffactually no
02:35:23OliverKlozoffthat's almost the startup register writes
02:35:37OliverKlozoffthe stuff way at the end is just lcd, it happens after the first stuff
02:36:23[IDC]Dragonso I care only about that very end?
02:36:54[IDC]DragonHang on, let me compare with what Rockbox does...
02:37:25LinusN[IDC]Dragon: rockbox doesn't init the lcd at all
02:37:50[IDC]Dragonts, ts...
02:38:07[IDC]DragonNo wonder I don't see anything.
02:38:17LinusNi've been trying to tell you
02:38:47[IDC]Dragonsorry, i mean.
02:38:50LinusNmaybe i wasn't clear enough
02:39:00OliverKlozoffthat might make it harder to see
02:39:02[IDC]Dragonmaybe I wasn't looking
02:39:03OliverKlozoffin which case
02:39:16OliverKlozoffat the end of that file is every single command you need to send :)
02:39:31LinusNwasy as pie
02:39:39OliverKlozoffyou can even be lazy and hardcode the hex values for now
02:39:52OliverKlozoffsince it lists them
02:40:47[IDC]DragonOliver, are you stevie's 2nd manifestation?
02:41:15OliverKlozoffthat's why
02:41:17OliverKlozoff<[IDC]Dragon> Won't help you much, first you need the serial mod and my UART boot mod (pulldown)
02:41:17OliverKlozoff<OliverKlozoff> I can do anything required
02:41:49[IDC]DragonI have a deja vu
02:42:04[IDC]Dragonmatrix flaw?
02:42:25OliverKlozoffUART boot mod (pulldown) for me consists of changing PBDR_INPUT from 0xff9f to 0xff91
02:43:16[IDC]Dragonport b, bits 1-3 must read 0, yes.
02:43:43[IDC]DragonSo you want to simulate that? I was thinking of soldering.
02:43:53*OliverKlozoff can't solder, hands too shaky
02:44:03[IDC]Dragonhave a drink!
02:44:13OliverKlozoffcan't have alcohol :P
02:44:28OliverKlozoffAmphetamines + Alcohol == Bad 4 Health
02:44:28[IDC]Dragonhave a joint!
02:44:35OliverKlozoffi'll bbl
02:44:45OliverKlozoffgotta pick up my bro
02:45:23[IDC]DragonIs the some code for sending LCD commands?
02:47:13[IDC]DragonOK, that's obvious. Not lcd.recorder.c?
02:49:19[IDC]DragonOK, I try to hack some lcd_write() calls into lcd-recorder.c then, OK?
02:49:51LinusNlcd_write(true, 0xe2); /* reset */
02:50:15LinusNin lcd_init()
02:50:30LinusNskip the contrast though
02:50:52[IDC]DragonYea, I thought so.
02:52:01LinusNtime to sleep
02:52:05LinusNnite all
02:52:11 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
02:52:28 Part LinusN
02:52:56[IDC]Dragonnite, too.
02:53:03 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
02:54:20 Quit BoD[] ("fuck*")
02:57:07 Part NateDog
03:20:52*OliverKlozoff yawns
03:28:20 Join Stevie-O [0] (
03:28:20 Quit OliverKlozoff (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:39:05 Quit joshn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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04:19:00 Part Bluechip
04:23:54 Join Bluechip [0] (
04:28:03 Part Bluechip
05:15:42 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
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05:30:02 Join earHurts [0] (
05:30:49earHurtsHow are you gentlemen !!
05:31:50earHurtsid volume linear?
05:34:20 Quit OliverKlozoff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:49:24 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Khaled uses BitchX. CTCP TROUT THIS, BITCH!")
05:51:22 Quit joshn ()
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06:52:37 Join Jet8810 [0] (
06:53:05Jet8810anybody alive?
06:53:07Jet8810I need some help
06:58:22Jet8810hey even
06:58:28Jet8810alright, the usgb cable for my archos dissapeared
06:58:31Jet8810usb even
06:58:37Jet8810now, I HAVE to transfer some music onto it
06:58:39Jet8810how do I do it?
06:59:19earHurtsyou lost the physical cable?
06:59:37Jet8810well, it wa shere like 3 days ago
06:59:50earHurtsyou must get a new cable then.
07:00:20earHurtsthe only alternative would be to take the archos apart
07:00:33 Join thu [0] (
07:00:50Jet8810I leave for vacation tom man
07:01:01Jet8810why the fuck does this have to happen NOW?
07:01:10earHurtssorry man.
07:01:10thuwhat's up?
07:01:16Jet8810I have the standard USB cables
07:01:19Jet8810but the archos dont use those
07:01:20earHurtsjet lost his usb cable
07:01:25Jet8810have cf readers, a pda, usb host
07:01:29Jet8810gotta be something man
07:02:16Jet8810dont have a torq
07:02:21earHurtsI suspect that the fm can be xonnected to a modded disk cable
07:02:24thuthose suckers are hard to find
07:02:37thuI asked in all comp stores I pass by and nobody had one
07:02:56earHurtsthe cable or the torx, thu?
07:03:09thuwhat's a torq?
07:03:26thuI was talkin about the cable
07:03:36earHurtshex head screwdriver
07:03:58thueverybody says this kind of cable is proprietary and that I should contact my digital camera's (sic) manufacturer
07:04:02thuoh I see
07:05:01thuoh but a guy offered to order one for me
07:05:11thuif I buy about 40 others so he can get a pack
07:06:37 Quit [Ex]-Fighter ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 2520")
07:08:23earHurtsUSB 2.0 A-STYLE TO 4-PIN MINI B CABLE
07:08:58earHurtswhere are you Jet?
07:14:07thuuhm earHurts?
07:14:10thuthat's $30
07:14:32thuyou're offering to pay the diff?
07:18:43earHurtsthe second one's 9.99
07:19:29thuwhat 2nd one?
07:19:40earHurtsgold plated. sounds like cinnimon flavored bullshit
07:19:52thuI don't see it
07:20:04thui have a gold plated cable on my printer now
07:21:23earHurtsi suspect gold plating's a rip off for digital data
07:21:30thuyup, that's the one
07:22:18thu$20.00 minimum order is required.
07:22:28thubleh anybody need cables?
07:22:51 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:24:30earHurtsgotta be other places to buy em
07:24:46earHurtsthat was just the first ad on google
07:27:35 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
07:29:03 Join Jet8810 [0] (
07:30:44OliverKlozoffi don't know
07:31:20OliverKlozoffwithout that gold plating the signal might drop a few microvolts from +5v to +4.999997v
07:46:59 Quit Jet8810 ("Client exiting")
07:48:27 Join Jet8810 [0] (
07:48:42Jet8810ill need to anew MP3 or hard drive soon
07:48:44Jet881014gb used out of 18 :)
07:50:29 Quit Jet8810 (Client Quit)
07:51:41 Join Bagder [241] (
07:59:06OliverKlozoffsup dan
07:59:35OliverKlozoffmy eyes were opened earlier
07:59:41Bagdercool! ;-)
07:59:45Bagderwhat happened?
07:59:57OliverKlozoffyou guys don't really know all that much about how Archos's own firmware does certain things
08:00:38OliverKlozoffdid you know that there are two versions of the FMs (and maybe Recorders too), that have different LCD configurations?
08:00:55Bagderno, I didn't
08:00:58OliverKlozoffnewer ones have a lower voltage
08:01:11OliverKlozoffthus they require a higher contrast level to get the same results as older ones
08:01:43Bagderah, that's why the contrast problem exists
08:01:46OliverKlozoffthe Rockbox code just defaults to 31
08:01:49OliverKlozoffor 32
08:01:52Bagdernot anymore!
08:01:55OliverKlozoffwhich is what Linus experiences
08:02:00BagderLinus fixed that yday
08:02:10OliverKlozoffbut mine defaults to 49
08:02:25OliverKlozoffyou know why he was able to fix it?
08:04:36OliverKlozoffbtw, where do you see that? it doesn't show up on the website anywhere
08:04:50BagderI subscribe to cvs commits
08:05:05Bagderits quite useful
08:05:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:05:18OliverKlozoffyeah, since anon cvs is kaput
08:05:30Bagderyeah, a lot more since this situation started
08:06:12OliverKlozoffLinus was asking about the lcd init code
08:06:22OliverKlozoffso in about 5 minutes I whipped this up
08:06:51Bagderthat is way cool
08:07:23OliverKlozoffI used my emulator
08:07:44OliverKlozoffthen whittled down the assembler until I found that bit of code
08:08:09*OliverKlozoff smiles
08:08:14OliverKlozoffI'm actually good for something!
08:08:43OliverKlozoffif I can get the proper details out of him
08:08:58OliverKlozoffI might be able to help [IDC] with his rockbox-in-flash stuff
08:09:24OliverKlozofffor me, the 'uart boot mod' (that makes the LCD pins pull-down instead of pull-up) is a matter of changing PBDR_INPUT from 0xff9f to 0xff91
08:09:25BagderI bet he needs some early init stuff
08:09:54OliverKlozoffoh yeah, earlier today (or veyr late yesterday) I gave him the list of lcd commands archos fw sends on bootup
08:10:31OliverKlozoff <- all the way at the end of this file
08:10:36OliverKlozoffIt's actually kind of funny
08:10:53OliverKlozoffcuz you guys have apparently been trying to find those things out for a while
08:11:16OliverKlozoffand here, just the other day, I got so tired of looking at the damn stuff in my logfile that I had commented it out
08:14:10OliverKlozoffanother thing Linus wanted was the initialization commands sent to the MAS
08:14:16OliverKlozoffI don't know what he wanted those for
08:17:41OliverKlozoffi need to hit the hay
08:17:49Bagdersweet dreams!
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12:23:15tracktherippermorning morning
12:29:25 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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14:11:38dwihnoI read about the firmware in rom stuff on the mailing list. Really really neato!
14:13:28dwihnoAs far as I can understand, it just requires the MAS init to function correctly?
14:26:11quelsaruktime to go
14:26:13Bagderthat's my interpretation as well
14:26:17quelsarukcu another day!
14:26:21Bagdersee ya quel
14:26:45quelsarukhave a nice weekend :P
14:27:03 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
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17:31:12*Stevie[FP] prays that he doesn't bsod
17:37:53 Join TotMacherr [0] (
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20:05:55 Join werty1st [0] (
20:06:36werty1stcan somebody tell me how to change the startup srceen?
20:07:01werty1sti have the sources but don´t know where the pic is stored
20:08:28 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
20:15:53 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:24:53Zagorwerty1st: apps/recorder/icons.c
20:27:19Stevie[FP]Zagor: did you see that the contrast mystery has been solved?
20:27:36Zagoryes, i saw the cvs commit
20:27:39Zagorvery nice
20:27:46Zagori guess you had a hand in that?
20:30:31Stevie[FP]most certainly
20:31:01Stevie[FP]it's amazing how just having the right tool for the job can make things incredibly easy ;)
20:32:03Stevie[FP]that output is from my emulator
20:32:50 Join |nsomniac [0] (
20:32:59Zagorthat was one of the last unsolved mysteries
20:32:59 Join CHeMicA| [0] (
20:33:33|nsomniaccan someone please tell me the adress for rockbox's homepage.. i forgot :D
20:34:22*Stevie[FP] grins
20:34:34|nsomniacoh yeah :D
20:34:34Stevie[FP]it took me all of five minutes to figure it out
20:34:53|nsomniacCHeMicA|: how did u know btw ?
20:34:55Stevie[FP]and most of those five minutes was spent trimming off unrelated assembler instructions
20:34:59 Part Stevie[FP]
20:34:59 Join Stevie[FP] [0] (~whatsit2u@
20:35:10Stevie[FP]the notice from ChanServ?
20:35:17CHeMicA|"Be sure to check out the FAQ before you look for 'general' information!"
20:35:27CHeMicA|ChanServ notice
20:35:31|nsomniaceg e så hemmert
20:36:26Stevie[FP]jag vet
20:37:25|nsomniacsvenske :D
20:37:32Stevie[FP]I don't know what that means
20:37:45Stevie[FP]I only know one phrase −− 'jag vet'
20:38:00|nsomniacthought u were swedish
20:38:01Stevie[FP]and if you say it at the proper time, people will think you know the whole language!
20:38:24Stevie[FP]time a 'jag vet' just right and people will say "You speak swedish?"
20:38:32|nsomniachehe yeah
20:38:59*Stevie[FP] grins
20:39:05Stevie[FP]a friend taught me that
20:39:08Stevie[FP]and *she*'s canadian
20:40:10|nsomniacbut you know what "jag vet" means?
20:40:25Stevie[FP]it means "I know"
20:40:35|nsomniacit means im gay ..
20:40:53|nsomniacnah.. im just kiddin with you
20:40:58|nsomniacit does mean i know :D
20:41:01Stevie[FP]I knew it couldn't be that
20:41:51|nsomniacjag er hemma.. means im at home in swedish.. but innorwegian a very simalair language it means im physicly disfunctional :D
20:41:55|nsomniacswedish is strange
20:42:51Stevie[FP]USB is complex :-o
20:43:06Stevie[FP]who wants to see something kinda funny?
20:43:09*|nsomniac [playing] Interpol - Leif Erikson.wma [32% of 4m]
20:46:13Zagortoaster? did you patch the string?
20:47:30Stevie[FP]that's not a real usb hub
20:47:36Stevie[FP]it's fictional
20:47:49Stevie[FP]the "Toaster Bus Enumerator" is an example driver that comes with the DDK
20:47:59Stevie[FP]it has a program that spawns Toaster devices on it
20:48:16Stevie[FP]I figured out how to spawn a USB Root Hub device
20:48:33Stevie[FP]which Windows will load usbhub.sys for, and will then throw a yellow '!' on because it's not really there :P
20:49:02Stevie[FP]so I patched the driver to intercept the initialization commands usbhub.sys spits out
20:49:12Stevie[FP]and handle them
20:49:20*Stevie[FP] found a bug in usbhub.sys in the process
20:49:40werty1sthow can i convert a bitmap to the hex values i need for the icons.c?
20:49:52Stevie[FP]i dunno
20:49:57Stevie[FP]what kind of bitmap is it?
20:54:20werty1st112*37 bw bitmap
20:54:28Stevie[FP]what format though?
20:54:54Stevie[FP]and I thought the display was like 64 high or something
20:55:03werty1st8bit windows format
20:55:16Zagorwerty1st: try the bmp2rb tool
20:56:12werty1stwhere can i dl it?
20:56:28Zagorit's in the tools directory in rockbox
20:56:54werty1stah ok
20:57:13werty1stcygwin1.dll is missing
20:57:41werty1stfound it
21:19:15 Join matsl [0] (
21:31:20 Quit CHeMicA| ()
22:04:05 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:05:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:08:22werty1sthow can i solve this problem: error - Bitmap uses more than 8 bit depth, got 256 ???
22:08:41werty1stthe file is a 1bit b/w bitmap
22:21:59Zagorwerty1st: convert it to 8bit. the tool only reads 8bit bmps
22:22:12werty1stah ok
22:23:08werty1stbmp2rb.exe -a rockbox112.bmp
22:23:16werty1sterror - Bitmap uses more than 8 bit depth, got 2048
22:25:59Zagorwhat are you using to save it?
22:27:08werty1stgrayscale 8bit/channel
22:27:26werty1st8bit depth
22:27:47Zagortry with color
22:28:02werty1stmaybe i use the commandline switches the wrong way?
22:28:48Zagorno, it's just picky about the source format. make a normal 8bit bmp and it will work.
22:31:46werty1sti created a new file with 8bit col and 8bit grayscale
22:31:53werty1stdoesn´t wrk
22:32:26werty1stnone of them
22:34:03werty1stnow i used the one from the original source
22:34:09werty1stdoesn´t work
22:35:21Zagorworks for me
22:35:57werty1stis there no other way to change the startup screen?
22:36:07Zagorwithout altering the bitmap?
22:37:45Stevie[FP]i would like to take this moment
22:37:48Stevie[FP]to announce
22:37:55Stevie[FP]that USB is WAY overcomplex
22:38:15Zagorheh, you don't say?
22:38:31Stevie[FP]multiple configurations...
22:38:41Stevie[FP]multiple interfaces...
22:38:59Stevie[FP](with some sort of alternate setting for each interface...)
22:39:43[IDC]DragonPoor Stevie...
22:40:08[IDC]DragonWhy do you want to emulate USB?
22:43:58Stevie[FP]because I'm pretty sure I can?
22:44:21Stevie[FP]I've already emulated enough to make Windows think that I have a real hub attached to my 'toaster bus enumerator'
22:44:24[IDC]DragonOh, that attutude again.
22:44:57Stevie[FP]sample driver, comes with windows ddk
22:45:30Stevie[FP]I patched it to report an attached device as a "USB\ROOT_HUB" and to respond to certain requests sent to said device
22:45:55[IDC]Dragonon a different subject: Can you help me a bit with the MAS?
22:45:55Stevie[FP]the original driver created Toaster devices with options like Crispness and Brownness settings
22:46:04Stevie[FP]yeah, sure
22:46:27*Stevie[FP] needs to fix up his MAS emulation, it was thrown together and barely works
22:46:42[IDC]DragonDo you think you can generate a "legible" report of the inits?
22:46:53Stevie[FP]I can give it a shot :P
22:47:01Stevie[FP]btw, have you read the MAS datasheet?
22:47:06[IDC]DragonIs there a MAS init in Rockbox?
22:47:20[IDC]DragonNo, haven't yet.
22:48:20 Quit werty1st ()
22:49:25[IDC]DragonOK, I'll look into it. First I'd like to fix the 3 port inits I found missing.
22:50:01Stevie[FP]were those in the lcd init log?
22:51:22Zagor[IDC]Dragon: add it to system_init in firmware/system.c
22:51:32[IDC]DragonGuess not, but I've found them yesterday, don't worry.
22:52:14[IDC]DragonWith brute force: dumping the whole I/O space with gdb, for cold and warm boot, and comparing that.
22:54:24[IDC]DragonWill Linus come around today?
23:14:21 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
23:14:21 Quit [Ex]-Fighter (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:18:50 Quit |nsomniac ()
23:19:24 Join LinusN [200] (
23:19:34LinusN[IDC]Dragon: yes, i will come around
23:22:51[IDC]DragonHi Linus, welcome!
23:25:40[IDC]DragonLinus, I found my missing 3 bits: Bit 9 of PADR (deassert ATA reset), bits 5+9 of PAIOR (IDE power and ATA reset), bit 7 of PACR (IDE enable)
23:26:08[IDC]DragonMade changes to ata.c and power.c, do you mind me committing?
23:27:23LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i mentioned those pins yesterday, didn't i?
23:27:35[IDC]DragonMostly, yes ;-)
23:27:45LinusNcan i see the changes?
23:27:49[IDC]DragonGood shot!
23:28:08[IDC]DragonI'll commit them now, how about that?
23:28:14LinusNdo that
23:34:13 Quit _aLF (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:35:48LinusN[IDC]Dragon: looks ok
23:36:07[IDC]DragonYep, nothing to worry about.
23:36:20[IDC]DragonAnd it now cold-starts!
23:37:10[IDC]DragonRemaining issue is: no sound.
23:38:01LinusNsaw that
23:38:55[IDC]DragonMAS is new to me.
23:39:16[IDC]DragonAre we skipping init there, too, like with LCD?
23:39:34[IDC]DragonBTW, I committed the LCD init yesterday.
23:39:48LinusN[IDC]Dragon: MAS init should be ok
23:40:05LinusNbut there might be some port pins missing, like the MAS reset pin
23:40:22[IDC]DragonStevie made a log of the Archos firmware's activity.
23:40:37[IDC]DragonSH port pins?
23:41:48LinusNmas_reset looks ok
23:42:33[IDC]DragonI can pretty much rule everything out that's in the CPU I/O space, compared all that yesterday.
23:43:03LinusN[IDC]Dragon: you have the serial port connected, haven't you?
23:43:18[IDC]DragonHave to, for UART boot ;-)
23:43:29LinusNso why not use gdb?
23:43:37[IDC]DragonTo do what?
23:43:45LinusNto step in the mas init
23:44:00LinusNand read all the debug output
23:44:07[IDC]DragonYes, can do that.
23:44:16LinusNyou use a debug build?
23:44:43[IDC]DragonBut I won't see any missing init, will only see if it bails out.
23:44:57LinusNbut you may see where it bails out
23:45:09[IDC]DragonDebug, yes, that's what I used yesterday all evening long.
23:45:28LinusNno sound, that sounds like if the IRQ isn't enabled correctly
23:45:40[IDC]DragonDebug won't really run, I think it floods gdb with its traces.
23:46:00LinusNnot for me
23:46:05[IDC]DragonIRQ of CPU or MAS?
23:46:54LinusNfrom the mas
23:47:10[IDC]DragonThat would be in I/O space. Checked all that.
23:47:49[IDC]DragonIt must be something in other chips, like MAS or the I2C register, which I cannot really see.
23:48:44LinusN[IDC]Dragon: what happens when you play a song?
23:49:35[IDC]DragonIt looks all OK, slider moving, time counting, I just don't get sound. And the oscilloscope demo shows flatline.
23:50:54LinusNdoes the resume feature continue in the middle of the song or does it start from the beginning?
23:51:02LinusNdoes it ever change song?
23:51:41[IDC]DragonYes, changes song , all normal. (checking for resume now)
23:52:57LinusNthat means that the mas communication works
23:53:04LinusNand that the dma works
23:53:18[IDC]DragonResumes from the real position.

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