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#rockbox log for 2003-06-27

00:05:14[IDC]DragonUsing gdb, I just saw "DMA underrun."
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00:06:15LinusNthen the DEMAND IRQ may be the fault
00:08:00[IDC]DragonMaybe an effect of stepping.
00:11:09LinusNcould be
00:15:55[IDC]DragonDoes Stevie's new log bring any light?
00:22:02[IDC]DragonUrl was via email. sorry.
00:22:20[IDC]DragonNote that it also uses 'MAS I2C' to refer to RTC accesses
00:22:20[IDC]Dragon(those are the 0xd0 ones). This is because originally I wrote it to support the
00:22:20[IDC]DragonPlayer, which has no RTC.
00:29:13LinusNah, now i remember
00:29:43LinusNno, i haven't examined that log in detail
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00:57:24 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:57:41midknight2k3I just remembered my brilliant idea!
00:57:47midknight2k3for rockbox.
00:58:02midknight2k3It was to have an automatic level control for when recording
00:58:09midknight2k3or ARLS
00:58:16midknight2k3auto recording level system
00:58:18midknight2k3is it possible?
01:03:30LinusNunfortunately not
01:04:59LinusNwell, it is possible to auto-adjust so the level is below a threshold
01:05:31LinusNbut to adapt and raise the level on silent parts will not work well at all
01:05:35midknight2k3but not back up again?
01:06:02midknight2k3not silent parts but when it gets loud, lower it and when it gets quiet raise it up to the point it was before
01:06:05midknight2k3that's it
01:06:07midknight2k3i got it!
01:06:28midknight2k3where you leave it, if it needs to go down it will but it won't go up past the spot you put it before
01:06:30LinusNwell, i meant quiet
01:06:44midknight2k3is my latest veriation possible?
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01:09:03joshnlinus: I have a question. I'm port to a player with almost identical firmware, except that my player has to copy itself from flash (at 0x20000) to DRAM (at the same place as the Archos)
01:09:09joshnthen it boots normally
01:09:26joshnproblem is, I'm not an assembly programmer.
01:09:34joshnCan you tell me how to do it?
01:10:02LinusNmidknight2k3: we can adjust down, but not up
01:11:02midknight2k3that sucks
01:11:06midknight2k3but oh well
01:11:24LinusNjoshn: one way of doing it is to check if PC is in flash, then do a copy and jump to the new location
01:11:52LinusNor do you need a more detailed description?
01:12:02joshnhow do I copy? It will always be in flash to start with
01:12:12midknight2k3But you get what i mean with the part where it would only go up to the point you left it at, just like the Atuo Volume system already in the firmware?
01:12:54joshnso I don't need to do it in crt0.s, like you do for some of the other stuff?
01:13:00LinusNmidknight2k3: the thing is that the resolution of the volume info is way too low to correctly analyze the volume
01:13:12LinusNjoshn: yes you do
01:13:41midknight2k3oh i get it now
01:13:55joshnor how can I know when to stop copying (or how much to copy)
01:13:58LinusNmidknight2k3: the auto volume is a MAS feature, not a firmware feature
01:14:52LinusNjoshn: you can either always copy the entire flash, or let the linker assign a symbol that you can use in the crt0 code
01:15:13midknight2k3but archos never used it?
01:15:21LinusNmidknight2k3: correct
01:15:37midknight2k3oh yeah and i got my other idea now too - you know on the fm recorder archos firmware dims the backlight out, it's a good idea
01:15:53midknight2k3does rockbox do that?
01:16:07LinusNyes, but i'm not sure that it is intentional
01:16:18joshnok, so I first copy the flash into DRAM, then call main()?
01:16:19midknight2k3i think so isnt it?
01:16:27midknight2k3if not it's good looking
01:17:36LinusNjoshn: i would copy it and call crt0 again, and let crt0 find out if it runs in ram or flash
01:17:48midknight2k3And that also leads into 2 other ideas: 1) backlight dimming and 2) according to time, turn backlight on and off (like at 9AM turn off and after 9PM turn on or something) or both combined: at 7am backlight dim 50%, at 8am 25%, 9am it's off, then at 5pm it's 20% and at 7 it's 50% - get it?
01:17:56LinusNmidknight2k3: it doesn't always dim
01:18:10midknight2k3yeah i noticed
01:18:14midknight2k3its weird
01:18:18LinusNwe can't control the dimming
01:18:38joshnexcuse my ignorance, but how do I call crt0 again?
01:18:52LinusNjoshn: the reset vector?
01:18:59midknight2k3oh ok
01:19:07midknight2k3bye then
01:19:09LinusNjust add the offset to the RAM
01:19:16 Quit midknight2k3 ("Leaving")
01:19:35joshnok, it's depressing how close the firmware's are under the hood.
01:19:52joshnBut I'm clueless when it comes to lowlevel stuff
01:20:03joshnI'll stick with C/C++ :-)
01:20:22joshnI would love to learn assembler, tho
01:21:15 Join tracktheripper [0] (
01:21:16LinusNjoshn: if you need help, i can do it for you
01:22:17joshnThat would be great. I don't have a player yet tho; it's shipping.
01:22:31LinusNjoshn: contact me when you are ready
01:22:39joshnsure, Tx!
01:24:12tracktheripperhey LinusN
01:25:09[IDC]Dragon(curses) I'm giving up on gdb debugging. mpeg_init() successfully finishes, beyond that I cannot debug.
01:26:26tracktheripperLinusN Sokoban works to an extent now
01:26:33[IDC]DragonGoodnight for today.
01:26:36tracktheripperits not perfect but at least I can access the other levels
01:26:45 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
01:27:13LinusNtracktheripper: i am rewriting the sokoban level loader as we speak
01:28:19tracktheripperF1 and F3 scrolls up and down through the levels respectivly on the Sokoban game-screen
01:31:00tracktherippercool even
01:36:45 Part LinusN
01:36:50 Join LinusN [200] (
01:37:24tracktheripperhello linussn
01:37:35LinusNsilly dialup
01:37:37 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
01:37:46tracktheripperi thought you had ADSL
01:38:23LinusNi'm upgrading to a faster dsl, and have to use dialup in the meantime
01:39:09tracktheripperLinus in the slow lane :-(
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03:14:40adi|homebtw... thank you for fixing sokoban linus ;)
03:14:53adi|hometrack don't get used to the level jumping ;)
03:14:59adi|homeim hoping to make it go away :)
03:51:11 Part LinusN
03:53:53 Part telliott
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06:06:29OliverKlozoffPING +++ATH0
06:20:56thuoh no.. my cable modem is gonna hang up
06:21:01thurun away
06:24:27 Quit joshn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:27:13OliverKlozoffold script that I accidentally triggered
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06:29:48earHurtsHow are you gentleman !!
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07:13:20thuanother guy in a hurry
07:40:51 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
07:43:57*OliverKlozoff yawns
07:43:58OliverKlozoffwb dwihno
07:48:17dwihnoHello hello!
07:49:03dwihnoThat flash progress is really cool!
07:58:54OliverKlozofftell that to [idc], it's his project :P
07:59:00*OliverKlozoff yawns
07:59:28*dwihno takes another sip of his dr pepper
07:59:37OliverKlozoffmmmm dr pepper
07:59:44OliverKlozoffyum :D
08:00:49OliverKlozoffdo you have a newer recorder/fm?
08:00:49dwihnoYou either love or hate dr pepper
08:00:54dwihnothere is nothing in between
08:01:08OliverKlozoffsome1 hates dr pepper?
08:01:09OliverKlozoffWHO IS HE
08:01:11OliverKlozoffILL KILL HIM
08:01:27PsycoXuli don't love or hate dr pepper
08:01:40*OliverKlozoff stamps 'HERETIC' on PsycoXul's forehead
08:01:43PsycoXuli used to like it but i don't tend to drink soda often anymore
08:01:57dwihnoI drink a couple of bottles a week
08:02:09OliverKlozoffeither of you two have a newer fm or recorder?
08:02:14dwihnoIn Sweden (which is a really retarded country nowadays) you can't buy bigger bottles than 0.5 litres.
08:02:29dwihnoI have a recorder with the 1.26 firmware
08:02:30OliverKlozoffwhere you need a contrast of about 45-50 to see, instead of about 30?
08:02:36dwihno(A bit more than a year old)
08:02:41dwihnoNah, I use 30
08:02:49OliverKlozoffyours is the old style :D
08:02:53dwihnoyeah :)
08:02:54OliverKlozoffat some point the lowered the voltage
08:03:11OliverKlozoffI have to set it to at least 45 to be able to see anything
08:03:17dwihnothe same official firmware still gives the same LCD brightness/darkness?
08:03:32dwihnoHm, you can't change the contrast with archos' firmware, I just remember :)
08:03:39OliverKlozoffyou can't?
08:03:55*OliverKlozoff never knew that...
08:04:12dwihnoIf there is some way to differentiate the 'old' and 'new' units, the default value could be changed
08:05:03OliverKlozoffif 'magic_bit' is 1 (old fw) the result is 31
08:05:11OliverKlozoffif 'magic_bit' is 0 (new fw) the result is 49
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08:08:31dwihnoso 31 is the "archos" default contrast?
08:08:35OliverKlozoffdon't opera kick ass?
08:08:39dwihnoyou disassembled?
08:08:44dwihnoOpera kicks major butt!
08:08:47OliverKlozoff31 is the archos default contrast under old fw
08:08:58OliverKlozoffand thus on old models
08:09:17OliverKlozoffthat 'hw mask' is a magic bitmask in ROM that's used to indicate hardware changes
08:09:57dwihnoyou should submit a patch
08:10:02OliverKlozoffdon't you know what I've been working on?
08:10:20dwihnothat would remove the problem with people who can't see anything upon rockbox installation
08:10:29dwihnohm, no, but I sense you will tell me :)
08:10:40OliverKlozoffI gave that link to linus, he committed the change to cvs on Tuesday
08:10:45 Join Bagder [241] (
08:11:22OliverKlozoffdwihno: take a gander at that
08:11:29OliverKlozoffeither that or look at it
08:12:35*OliverKlozoff tries to remember the crucial differences between FMs and Recorders
08:12:49OliverKlozoffthe ADC pins are different
08:13:47dwihnoLCD emulator
08:14:02dwihnoyou actually connected your archos to the PC? :)
08:14:26OliverKlozoffI ran the archos firmware from my FM on my PC
08:15:08OliverKlozoffI also have one of the USB screen:
08:15:28dwihnocool :)
08:16:04OliverKlozoffand here is it complaining about the hard drive:
08:16:19dwihnoSo what have you done really?
08:16:24dwihnoSome kind of hardware emulation stuff?
08:16:25OliverKlozoffprobably because the partition it's using is only 64mb
08:16:47OliverKlozoffthat'd be why it says SS1815 Emulator
08:17:07OliverKlozoffalthough it's really a simulator for the lcd display
08:17:25OliverKlozoffthe ss1815 is LCD controller, which *is* emulated
08:17:51OliverKlozoffgetting that code that determined the contrast to be used
08:18:02OliverKlozoffwas a matter of setting a few breakpoints
08:18:18dwihnoReally neato btw.
08:18:22OliverKlozoffty :)
08:35:55 Join matsl [0] (
08:40:11 Join tracktheripper [0] (
08:40:12Bagderhey mats
08:40:25Bagderbogofilter rocks
08:40:40tracktheripperat last Sokoban is working correctly :-)
08:40:41matslhej bag
08:48:47dwihnohej hej!
08:49:04dwihnoAny GDB ninjas?
08:49:24dwihnoI'd like to attach to a thread and make it tell me where it is at the moment. It has frozen in an unknown position :)
08:50:03 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: nine out of ten doctors recommend it")
08:50:04Bagder"thread [num]" isn't it?
08:51:09dwihnothen I just do a 'where'?
08:51:49dwihnoI'll try
08:52:53dwihnoHow do I found out a pid from within gdb?
08:53:07*dwihno <−− not gdb ninja :-)
08:53:21tracktheripperWhat is the pixel resolution on the Recorders and Players?
08:53:32Bagder112x64 on recorders
08:53:39Bagderplayers are character based
08:55:01tracktheripper was just trying out something in Adobe Photoshop to see how 1bit Jpegs look like at 112x64
08:55:28BagderI did the doom pics
08:55:39BagderI know its nearly impossible to make them look anything near the original
08:55:44BagderI had to cheat
08:55:50Bagderand use 4 colors on one of the pis
08:55:56tracktheripperwell you can just about make out a 1bit jpeg at 112x64
08:56:41Bagderdwihno: don't get the pid within gdb, use ps for that
08:57:20tracktheripperCould greyscale be simulated by rapidly flashing certain pixels?
08:57:34dwihnoBagder: I'm doing win32 gdb:ing :-)
08:57:48Bagdertracktheripper: possibly
08:58:08dwihnoWe got attached! :)
08:58:14tracktheripperwould be good for viewing album art on the Recorder
08:58:18dwihno(gdb) where
08:58:18dwihno#0 0x77f97705 in ?? ()
08:58:18dwihno#1 0x77e887dd in ?? ()
08:58:29dwihnoah. the threads.
08:58:38Bagderdwihno: did you build with compiler debug option enabled?
08:58:52Bagdertracktheripper: I doubt it would be "good" anyway
08:59:03dwihnodebug = -g, right?
08:59:03Bagderand we couldn't do it fast enough in rockbox
08:59:05tracktheripperwell it would be better than nothing :-)
08:59:07Bagderdwihno: yes
08:59:16Bagdertracktheripper: I don't think so
09:00:45dwihnoBagder: well, I do that, still no go.
09:01:03Bagderdwihno: then the location is in code you didn't compile I gues
09:01:55dwihnoBagder: so the best way would be to do some dwihno style oldschool debugging
09:02:04dwihnoI.E add lots of printfs and see where it locks ;D
09:02:26Bagderor set a break-point very early and single-step forwards
09:03:42dwihnoI never did that with gdb :/
09:03:54Bagder'b file:line'
09:05:40dwihnogdb is da shiznat :DF
09:06:30dwihnohow do I single-step and "run until the next breakpoint"?
09:06:46Bagdersingle-step with 'n' and step into functions with 's'
09:06:56Bagder'c' continue
09:07:02Bagder(until next break-point)
09:07:50dwihnoAre you a certified GDB evil ninja? :)
09:07:58 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
09:08:02BagderI am
09:08:20BagderEvil Ninja (tm)
09:12:58dwihnowell, I've found something fishy
09:13:33dwihnowhen exiting a thread, is there anything special that should be done?
09:15:03Bagderwith pthread, you should join() them
09:15:30dwihnoWell, this is Win32 API ... :-) *reads some docs*
09:18:58dwihnoYay, win32 pthreads
09:19:05 Join Schnueff [0] (
09:21:22 Quit Schnueff (Client Quit)
09:39:46dwihnoBagder: Hey, I think I've fixed the bug! :)
09:40:46dwihnoThat gdb stuff sent me off in the right direction
09:41:20 Quit thu ("zZz")
09:42:00dwihnoYeah! Rock solid!
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15:21:26 Part joshn
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16:36:25 Part Kuji_
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16:57:12 Join quelsaruk [20] (
16:58:14quelsarukhow's your emulator?
16:59:11Stevie[FP]well it looks like the usb thing is a flop
16:59:55quelsarukdoes it boot?
17:01:22*Stevie[FP] sighs
17:14:26 Join joshn [0] (jirc@
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18:25:54 Nick wodokm is now known as DexterAYS (
18:27:01DexterAYShi there, i got a display problem on my studio 20 (just like on the old nokia mobile-phones), can someone help me?
18:30:13 Join Stevie[FreedomPa [0] (~whatsit2u@
18:33:43 Part DexterAYS
18:42:46 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
18:43:47TBoyI'm encountering some problems with compiling rb
18:44:03TBoytoo be specific
18:44:35TBoytools/convbdf -c -o /usr/local/rockbox/sysfont.c fonts/clR6x8.bdf
18:44:35TBoymake[1]: *** [/usr/local/rockbox/sysfont.o] Error 255
18:44:35TBoymake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/rockbox/firmware'
18:44:35DBUGEnqueued KICK TBoy
18:44:35TBoymake: *** [firmware] Error 2
18:44:43TBoythese are the last lines
18:44:54TBoyand I haven't done anything
18:45:06TBoyas in adding some patches, etc
18:46:06quelsarukhave you "made" the tools??
18:46:32TBoyyea, downloaded the compiled ones
18:46:43TBoysince I can't compile mine
18:48:15quelsarukusing cygwin?
18:48:32quelsarukor linux??
18:48:37CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:48:37*Stevie[FreedomPa is back from [gone h0m3] [gone 1day 18hrs 48mins 51secs] [KS]
18:48:43TBoyI am using cygwin
18:49:09Stevie[FreedomPareal cygwin or the rockbox sdk
18:49:17TBoythe rockbox sdk
18:49:24TBoyshould I get the real one
18:49:30Stevie[FreedomPathen you need to download the tools
18:49:35Stevie[FreedomPaand throw them into that directory
18:49:55TBoyI've done that
18:50:04Stevie[FreedomPano you haven't
18:50:06Stevie[FreedomPanot correctly
18:50:17TBoyah wait
18:51:00Stevie[FreedomPacd /home/rockbox/src/tools
18:51:20Stevie[FreedomPabunzip2 < rockbox-tools.tar.bz2 | tar xf
18:58:45*Stevie[FreedomPa is away [fewd] [KS-MsgLog Off]
19:00:40 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
19:03:22TBoyhmm it still doesn't work
19:03:34midknight2k3what doesn't?
19:03:42TBoyI place the tools in the tools folder in my rockbox folder
19:04:04TBoymidknight: I'm encountering some problems with compiling rb
19:04:20midknight2k3I thought you meant in .rockbox
19:04:32TBoytools/convbdf -c -o /usr/local/rockbox/sysfont.c fonts/clR6x8.bdf
19:04:32TBoymake[1]: *** [/usr/local/rockbox/sysfont.o] Error 255
19:04:32TBoymake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/rockbox/firmware'
19:04:32TBoymake: *** [firmware] Error 2
19:04:33midknight2k3well I can't help
19:04:56quelsaruki find something strange
19:04:58midknight2k3I can't compile or anything like that
19:05:05TBoywhat quel
19:08:29TBoyquel: on the cygwin-sdk site it says you cannot compile the rockbox tools or the simulator within this environment!
19:08:49TBoywhat environment should I use then
19:08:57quelsarukyou're trying to use convdbdf with a file located on /usr/local/rockbox
19:09:10TBoyis that wrong
19:09:31TBoythat is where I put my tar-balls
19:10:31quelsarukyou haven't got any file on /user/local/rockbox...all files are in subdirs...
19:10:59TBoyand should there be some
19:12:24quelsarukit's really strange
19:12:48quelsarukor maybe no
19:14:41quelsaruki dont understand how does convbdf work
19:15:40TBoyso no idea
19:15:51quelsarukwait a min
19:15:57quelsarukso i can study this a bit
19:16:15quelsaruki think i know whats the prob
19:17:13quelsarukwhere are you downloading all the files?
19:17:28quelsarukno from where
19:17:34quelsarukyour local subdir
19:18:11quelsarukbut c:\cygwin\home\... or where?
19:18:50TBoyI don't use any of the other directorys
19:19:12quelsarukuse the \home
19:19:28quelsarukcheck if under home you have a rockbox or something like that
19:19:43TBoyso I should unextract the tarballs into the home dir
19:20:05TBoyi have an \home\rockbox
19:20:49quelsarukstart cygwin
19:20:54TBoyin there, there is an .cvspass
19:21:09quelsaruki know
19:21:31quelsarukuntar there your ball
19:22:02TBoyin the \home\rockbox dir
19:22:06quelsarukand copy the compiled tools to your C:\cygwin\home\rockbox\tools dir
19:22:52quelsaruk(if you have that dir.. if the tarball creates a subdir inside rockbox, copy the tools to the subdir tools folder
19:24:31TBoyok I'm testin
19:24:50TBoynope still not workin
19:24:54TBoysame problem
19:25:30quelsarukdo you have a fonts subdir?
19:26:39quelsarukhow strange....
19:26:46quelsarukcygwin worked perfectly
19:27:04TBoyit used too work for me
19:27:44quelsarukhave you tried to compile cvs??
19:28:00TBoyI have a fonts dir in the dir firmware
19:28:21TBoyI don't think that I have compiled cvs
19:28:31TBoybut I used to be able to compile rb
19:29:23 Quit Nomad__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:31:44 Join Nomad__ [0] (
19:32:36quelsarukif you want to compile tools on cygwin you have to download real cygwin, but then you'll have to build the cross-compiler
19:32:59TBoybut I should be able to use the compiled ones
19:33:43quelsarukon cygwin write "convbdf"
19:34:00quelsarukon the tools folder
19:34:11quelsarukjust to see if you get some info
19:34:43TBoy$ convbdf
19:34:43TBoybash: convbdf: command not found
19:35:25quelsarukare you in the tools folder??
19:35:38TBoyabit strange
19:35:44quelsarukwell, thats the problem
19:35:54quelsarukyou can't convert the font...
19:36:12TBoybut Y
19:37:27quelsaruktry ./convbdf.exe
19:37:42quelsarukwith the dot before the /
19:38:27TBoynow it works
19:39:34quelsaruki think the problem is not on the convbdf
19:39:46TBoythat is what I am thinking
19:39:47quelsaruknow, i'm re-reading your error
19:40:01TBoyI think that somehow its not finding it
19:40:08 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:40:27quelsarukand it seems you convert the font to sysfoont.c but get the error when "making" that source file
19:41:01quelsarukdo you have the sysfont.c file??
19:41:17 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: better than a penis enlargement!")
19:41:26quelsaruki mean, does it exist at your home\rockbox.. folder?
19:42:15TBoyno I can't find it
19:43:28quelsarukno idea
19:43:42quelsaruki'm a disaster
19:44:26quelsaruki dunno where the problem is
19:44:31quelsarukor how to repair it
19:45:20TBoymaybe its because I don'T have the sysfont file
19:45:45TBoyi mean
19:46:51TBoyplease don't give up on me ;)
19:47:03quelsarukyou create that sysfont.c file
19:47:20quelsaruki mean, convbdf creates that file using a font on the source code
19:47:26TBoyI thought I create the .o
19:47:34quelsarukyou create the .c file
19:47:35TBoyI thought that was the output file
19:47:54quelsarukthe comand is convbdf -c -o sysfont.c
19:48:02TBoyout of the clR6x8.bdf
19:48:25quelsarukthe output file is sysfont.c
19:48:36TBoyI used to be able to compile
19:48:49quelsaruki don0t know why.. you don't build that file
19:51:22TBoyany1 in here that can help
19:51:54 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
20:00:04TBoyI don't have to put the tools anywhere else do I
20:02:35TBoyI don't have to put the tools anywhere else do I?
20:03:06quelsarukif you are in home\rockbox\blabla folder
20:03:21quelsarukthen you have a home\rockbox\blabla\tools folder
20:03:26quelsarukyou have to copy the tools there
20:03:45quelsaruki have to reboot
20:04:05quelsaruki've made a weird thing on mi irc client and have to test it ;)
20:04:14quelsarukcu.. if this work
20:05:10 Quit quelsaruk ("fear of the dark...")
20:05:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:06:13 Join quelsaruk [20] (
20:06:16quelsarukseems to work
20:06:35TBoythats nice to hear that your having success
20:07:16TBoyunlike me :(
20:07:45quelsaruknot really..
20:07:52quelsarukthis works, but nothing changed
20:08:35quelsarukat least it works just like before
20:09:12 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:13:36quelsarukbye TBoy
20:38:15 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
20:39:08 Quit mecraw (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:42:11 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
20:42:56 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:04:38 Nick mecraw__ is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
21:10:34 Quit midknight2k3 ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
21:40:14 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
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22:01:23 Quit _aLF (Client Quit)
22:03:06 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
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22:51:19[IDC]DragonHi Stevie!
22:53:14 Join matsl [0] (
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