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#rockbox log for 2003-06-28

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00:41:02BoD[]hello !!
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00:52:58Santa_Cruzhello joshn
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00:56:04Santa_Cruzsomeone speak up :-)
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02:57:18earHurtsHow are you gentlemen !!
02:57:29earHurtsanyone awake?
03:00:21earHurtswhat do you know about the battery?
03:01:02BoD[]it gives current to the unit
03:01:29earHurtswhat about the code that calcs the battery level?
03:01:44BoD[]:) I have no idea
03:01:48BoD[]what do you want to know
03:02:10earHurtsit doesn't work as well as it could on the fm
03:02:30earHurtsI want to understand why.
03:02:44earHurtsis the volume linear?
03:03:14BoD[]it is probably because the fm battery is different
03:03:33BoD[]and i'm not sure the coders actually have the unit to test their code
03:03:47earHurtslinus got an fm as a gift
03:04:54BoD[]yeah but the battery code was perhaps not made by linux
03:05:30earHurtsi think i shorted my battery
03:07:04BoD[]you can't change it right ?
03:07:58earHurtsyou can change it, but there are no replacements.
03:09:25earHurtsyou have an fm?
03:10:18BoD[]no i have a recorder 20
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03:10:48BoD[]i had reboot problems so I replaced the batteries :) the good of it is that it's easy replacable
03:10:54BoD[]but it's "big"
03:11:03earHurtsyeah' and yeah
03:11:23earHurtsi like the lion form factor
03:11:38earHurtsbut running out of poer suxors
03:11:47BoD[]:) true
03:11:49earHurtspower, even
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03:33:20NoobyI don't have a archos player yet but can you guys answer some of my questions
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03:34:54NoobyHow long is battery life with rockbox firmware?
03:35:30DBUGEnqueued KICK Nooby
03:35:30NoobyDoes the Archos function as an external drive
03:35:48NoobyIs mp3 play gapless
03:36:22NoobyIs anybody even here
03:37:35BoD[]how long ... it doesn't depend on the rockbox or archos firmware
03:37:49BoD[]yes it works fine as an external drive
03:38:12BoD[]mp3 play is not gapless but i'm not really sure about this one :)
03:38:57BoD[]i mean
03:39:02BoD[]it has gaps :)
03:39:07NoobyI'm thinking of getting one of these used if I can find one
03:39:07BoD[]but sometimes no
03:39:33BoD[]if you can find a cheap recorder or fm i think it's worth it :)
03:39:55Noobyoh yeah, what kind of quality can it record to
03:40:33NoobyI heard vbr mp3; is that true
03:40:43BoD[]it records mp3 vbr up to 320 44100
03:41:01Noobyand the quality is good?
03:41:29BoD[]well actually I only tried to record with the internal mic
03:41:52BoD[]so the quality was not very good :) it's only a small mic
03:42:06BoD[]but if you record with spdif i guess it's perfect
03:42:19Noobywhat spdif
03:42:26BoD[]not "perfect" since it's mp3 but as good as any high bitrate mp3
03:42:53BoD[]spdif? the digital plug
03:43:53BoD[]there's a "normal" line in and a digital one
03:44:29Noobythat's good
03:45:19Noobyis the sound quality good
03:46:09BoD[]sometimes you can hear a low high pitch noise
03:46:44BoD[]it's when the hard drive works I think and/or other components
03:46:59BoD[]but it's very "low" ... some people don't notice it
03:47:08Noobythat's normal with all hard drive players I think
03:47:19BoD[]possible, i'm not sure
03:49:02Noobyand how big is the archos? Do you have the dimensions or pictures in comparison to some other player?
03:49:36BoD[]sorry i dont have such pictures.. you can find the dimensions on archos' web site :)
03:52:49BoD[]i go to bed now ! see you
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03:53:58NoobyDoes anybody else here have any pictures in comparison to ipod or another mp3 player?
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04:52:01Stevie-Omy stdio looks pretty std
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06:56:06thuhmm rockbox is acting up on me
06:56:13thuI guess I'd better grab the latest build
06:57:03thuis it normal for the sound to go off with Loudness at 10 and volume over 90%?
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10:15:59Bluechipmornin' all
10:20:52Bluechipanyone in who knows how far the MAS decoding has got?
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10:23:12***Alert Mode level 2
10:23:12Bluechipwaiting to see if anyone pops on with MAS knowledge - are you him?
10:24:02tracktheripperdon't know much about the mas except it converts mp3 into sound waves
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10:24:21Bluechip:(, there seems talk of a programming language for it
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10:24:36Bluechip...wondering if anyone has any working code for it - any at all
10:24:55tracktherippertry asking Bjorn and co
10:25:00tracktheripperor even Micronas :-)
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10:25:28BluechipI'm guessing that someone has contacted Micronas already
10:25:44tracktheripperlol and got told to piss off :-)
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10:26:17Bluechipreally? :(
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10:26:27Bluechipnot surprising i guess
10:26:38tracktheripperwell, Micronas have an iron grip on the programming docs :-(
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10:26:42BluechipYOU WANT TO USE OUR CHIPS!!??
10:26:56***Alert Mode level 9
10:26:56Bluechipyeah, but it's RISC
10:26:56tracktheripperI would love to have time streching on the Archos
10:27:06***Alert Mode level 10
10:27:06BluechipRISC is simple by nature
10:27:24***Alert Mode level 11
10:27:24Bluechipspent the last three years working with it
10:27:44***Alert Mode level 12
10:27:44Bluechipif we have ANY code for it, we may well be able to reverse it
10:27:46tracktheripperIve read somewhere a Terratec MP3 player uses the same MAS and it features time stretching
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10:27:58***Alert Mode level 14
10:27:58Bluechipdo we have their firmware
10:28:10tracktheripperi guess not
10:28:28***Alert Mode level 15
10:28:28Bluechipmore options open up :)
10:28:47tracktheripperthere is one other design flaw with the FM recorder as well as the lack of SPDIF
10:29:13***Alert Mode level 16
10:29:13Bluechipyou're joking - they took THAT out of the FM as well???
10:29:29tracktherippertheres no SPDIF on the FM Recorder
10:29:32***Alert Mode level 17
10:29:42tracktheripperI think they were forced by the RIAA!
10:29:50***Alert Mode level 18
10:29:56***Alert Mode level 19
10:30:07tracktherippersince the SPDIF on the Recorder can output as well as input
10:30:12***Alert Mode level 20
10:30:12Bluechipneed cuppa T - will you still be here in 5 mins?
10:30:23tracktheripperi expect so
10:30:39tracktheripperAnd they put the headphone port on the SIDE rather than the TOP of the FM recorder
10:30:47 Quit thu ("zZz")
10:30:52tracktheripperso its harder to put in your pocket
10:40:13***Alert Mode OFF
10:41:04Bluechipyes, i noticed the socket when I looked at one in a shop - very weird
10:41:49BluechipI concluded that if I wanted a radio, i would buy a credit card radio and velcro it to the back of my recorder
10:43:28tracktheripperand if you wanna record, just line in............
10:43:34***Alert Mode level 1
10:43:54***Alert Mode level 2
10:43:54Bluechipdoes rockbox do the 30 second record buffer thing?
10:43:56tracktheripperyou do need a cable that has the 3.5mm jack on BOTH ends though
10:44:04tracktheripperit does not :-(
10:44:17***Alert Mode level 3
10:44:17Bluechipmy soldering is lousy, but I can make a cable up easily enough
10:44:36tracktheripperbut if you wanna glue a radio to ur Jukebox, you need 2 power sources
10:44:36***Alert Mode level 4
10:44:36Bluechipperhaps worth adding to the request list
10:44:38tracktheripper2 sets of batteries
10:44:49tracktheripperyou can buy such cables from Malpins
10:45:02***Alert Mode level 5
10:45:02Bluechipcredit card fm radio's tend to work off a lithium button cell every year or so
10:46:32tracktheripperbluechip there was a request sometime ago "Make the Player's LCD like the Recorder's LCD!"
10:47:34***Alert Mode level 6
10:47:34Bluechipcheck this:
10:48:49 Join Hanzz [0] (
10:48:51***Alert Mode level 7
10:48:51Bluechipas I understand, the lcd panel on the player does not have pixel addressing
10:49:38tracktheripperwell it has 22 character cells
10:49:59***Alert Mode level 8
10:49:59Bluechipwhat are the dimentions?
10:50:01tracktheripperBluechip don't laugh but check out this request and my comment
10:50:13***Alert Mode level 9
10:52:00tracktheripperdid u get it?
10:52:06***Alert Mode level 10
10:52:06Bluechipyep just reading
10:53:07***Alert Mode level 11
10:53:07Bluechipthe real problem is WHAT to display?
10:53:12 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
10:53:16***Alert Mode level 12
10:53:16Bluechipa scan of a cd will look AWFUL
10:53:25***Alert Mode level 13
10:53:56tracktheripperits the comment "squeeze an entire cover into one character cell :-) "
10:54:25***Alert Mode level 14
10:54:25BluechipI agree with one of the posts ...produce a couple of images 64x112 so that the programmers would have something to display
10:54:36***Alert Mode level 15
10:55:57Hanzzhi, does anyone know where the mp3-buffer gets filled in the rockbox source code ?
10:57:07***Alert Mode level 16
10:57:07Bluechipi'm only guessing here - mepc.c??
10:57:11***Alert Mode level 17
10:58:51tracktheripperbluechip ive gotta go
10:58:56tracktherippernice talking to ya
10:58:58***Alert Mode level 18
10:58:58Bluechipok m8 - good chatting
10:58:59tracktheripperhave a nice day :-)
10:59:03***Alert Mode level 19
10:59:03Bluechipyou too :)
10:59:04Hanzzhmm, yes, definitely somethings happening there, thanks
10:59:07tracktheripperill be around later :-)
10:59:22***Alert Mode level 20
10:59:22Bluechipcould grep for "open\("
10:59:26 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
10:59:43***Alert Mode level 21
10:59:43BluechipAgent Ransack is 10/10 windows grep
10:59:52***Alert Mode level 22
10:59:52Bluechipfreeware of course
11:02:00***Alert Mode level 23
11:02:00Bluechipyou're right, though, its not obvious is it?
11:04:34***Alert Mode level 24
11:04:34Bluechipyep, mpeg.c ...file handle is "mpeg_file"
11:04:52Hanzzwell, i'm searching for the place were the buffer gets filled, it's the same place where the current status is stored on hd
11:05:35Hanzzi'd like to log the battery levels to a file, so i could determine a unload-curve for it
11:05:47***Alert Mode level 25
11:05:47Bluechipnice one
11:06:06***Alert Mode level 26
11:06:06Bluechipwhy do you need the buffer_fill routine
11:06:34***Alert Mode level 27
11:06:34Bluechipmaybe that is where you plan to add your code?
11:08:14Hanzzi want to write to hd when it is running
11:08:21***Alert Mode level 28
11:08:21Bluechipyep, makes sense
11:08:29Hanzzand it runs when it fills the buffer
11:08:49Hanzzfor the player at least, it also write the current playing position to hd
11:09:29***Alert Mode level 29
11:09:29Bluechipslightly o/t (but relevant) my editor will not spot procedure names prefixed with "static" can you do regular expressions - if i send what I have, can you reproduce it with "static" as a prefix
11:11:08Hanzzsorry, i work under windows, i'm totally not good at regular expressions
11:11:20***Alert Mode level 30
11:11:20Bluechipsame problem here :(
11:11:26***Alert Mode level 31
11:20:42***Alert Mode level 32
11:20:42Bluechipmpeg.c line 1731, on daily build 20030616
11:30:43***Alert Mode OFF
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14:30:34Zagoruh, my irc client has gone bonkers. brb
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14:30:40hanzzq: when rockbox refills the mp3 buffer from hd, it also saves playing status on the HD, does anyone know where that code is ?
14:33:56 Join Zagor [242] (
14:59:52hanzzanother question : is there some counter in rockbox that keeps track of how many seconds it is on ?
15:03:43Zagorhanzz: yes, although it bugs a bit
15:04:08Zagoractually the "on" counter doesn't bug, but the "runtime" counter does slightly
15:04:26hanzzdo you know where the on counter is defined ?
15:04:48Zagorthe "on" counter is the clock tick, current_tick. it's defined in the kernel
15:05:01Zagorit increases 100 times/s
15:05:51hanzzok, thanks
15:11:22Zagoruse the HZ define to split it into seconds
15:11:34Zagorint seconds_on = current_tick / HZ;
15:41:28 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
15:44:34hanzznice, it seems to work
15:44:43Zagorwhat are you working on?
15:45:33hanzzi'm logging the time and battery level to a file, so i can improve the battery status
15:45:46hanzzit is different for almost everyones batteries
15:46:06Zagorcheck out globlal_settings.runtime too. it keeps track of runtime since last charge.
15:46:34hanzzi now log the number of seconds since the last write to the log file
15:46:43hanzzshould be enough
15:46:57Zagorbut do you remember that across reboots?
15:47:36hanzznot yet
15:48:01hanzzbut a reboot can be detected with initialization of a variable to a certain value
15:49:05hanzzi'll first let my archos run for a while, see what the data looks like
15:52:52hanzzso, now reboots can be detected.
15:53:42hanzzonly have to write a (windows) program to update the table in powermgmt.c
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16:11:58hanzz...or let rockbox itself update the table, so battery status would keep improving by itself (little farfetched though)
16:25:37 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
16:25:47Zagorhi hardeep
16:27:45hardeepheya Zagor... unusual to see you on a weekend. :)
16:28:11Zagoryeah :)
16:30:31 Quit joshn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:43:12thuI'm just leaving for a few days with my archos
16:43:18thuwhat can I turn off to get longer battery life?
16:43:26thuother than lcd backlight?
16:43:36hardeepthe music?
16:44:12thuother than that
16:44:13hanzzyou could recode some things to lower bitrate....
16:44:23thuheh too late for that
16:44:31hanzzthat'll give only a few percent anyway
16:44:51Zagorthu: if it's a recorder, enable disk poweroff
16:44:56thuit is
16:45:12thuand I have it set but I found out that it seems to eat more battery than anything else
16:45:16thupowering off/on that is
16:45:25thuis it true?
16:45:26hanzzdo not browse much, just play, hd activity matters a lot
16:46:24thuI see
16:46:28thudo the sound settings matter?
16:46:55thubtw would it help if I could turn off the lcd totally when playing?
16:47:03thuI know I can't but I'm just wonderin
16:47:13thuso I'm basically doomed, right?
16:47:17Zagorthe lcd only draws 1 mA or so
16:47:28thuokay lemme make this short
16:47:32Zagorbring spare batteries and a charger
16:47:34thuis there any setting that would matter in the end?
16:47:45hanzzdisk spindown time maybe
16:47:47thuwhat kind of batts does a recorder have?
16:47:54thuhanzz: what would be optimum?
16:47:57thurecorder fm that is
16:48:22hanzzif you're mainly playing, set it to a few seconds
16:48:25Zagoroh, then you're out of luck. those aren't replacable
16:48:59thuheh thought so
16:49:18thuokay.. thanks for the tips
16:49:32thuI'll try hard to stay off the buttons.. maybe that will save a few mins of batt life
16:49:56hardeepthere might be some portable battery chargers that run off standard batteries...
16:50:16hardeepi have one for my pda and it's come in handy a few times
16:50:20thuheh.. maybe next time
16:51:11hanzz6 1.5v volt batteries in series should be able to give you one or 2 hours extra
16:51:22hanzz(just connect to your charger input)
16:51:37hanzzbut a lot of energy gets lost in the charger circuit
16:52:16hardeepare you going to a place with a lot of sun?
16:52:23hardeepthat's pretty cool
16:53:35thuI actually am
16:53:59thuI don't have one of those solar chargers though
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17:00:44 Quit webmind (Client Quit)
17:10:44 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
17:14:13 Quit thu ("Client exiting")
17:15:58Zagori just ran my first plugin
17:17:31Zagorit's a whopping 100 bytes :-)
17:21:05hardeepwhat did it do?
17:21:20Zagorprint "hello world" and exit :-)
17:21:45hardeeplaugh :)
17:22:08Zagori'll do the text reader now
17:23:39TBoyhehe I'm having some problem compiling rb
17:26:10TBoyit happens when it tries to convert the clR6x8.bdf file
17:26:39TBoyto be specific
17:26:40TBoytools/convbdf -c -o /home/rockbox/sysfont.c fonts/clR6x8.bdf
17:26:40TBoymake[1]: *** [/home/rockbox/sysfont.o] Error 255
17:26:40DBUGEnqueued KICK TBoy
17:26:40TBoymake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rockbox/firmware'
17:26:40TBoymake: *** [firmware] Error 2
17:27:16TBoyI just can't figure it out
17:27:30TBoyand Quel couldn't think of a solution
17:27:49hardeepthat's the error when it can't find convbdf
17:27:56hardeepdoes it exist in the tools directory?
17:28:01TBoybut its there
17:28:31hardeepwhere are you building from?
17:29:11TBoydo you mean in what dir
17:29:28TBoyits in home/rockbox
17:29:58TBoyi'm using windows, cygwin
17:30:47hardeepweird, doesn't build properly from root... create a 'build' directory and build from that
17:30:52hardeepfor now
17:31:20hardeepso 1. mkdir build 2. cd build 3. ../tools/configure
17:36:05TBoyhmm still doesn't wirk
17:36:52hardeepwhat happens now?
17:36:58TBoythe same thing
17:37:55hardeepyou're building from home/rockbox/build ?
17:38:42TBoythen I tried what you told me
17:38:47hardeepand home/rockbox/tools/convbdf exists?
17:39:07TBoyyes convbdf.exe
17:40:57hardeepwhat's the convbdf command line now?
17:41:25hardeepwhen you do a build... what's the line where convbdf is being called?
17:41:54TBoytools/convbdf -c -o /build/sysfont.c fonts/clR6x8.bdf
17:42:04TBoythats the one, righto?
17:42:19hardeepthat means you're not building from rockbox/build
17:42:43hardeepit should be ../tools/confbdf ...
17:43:16TBoyI try it again
17:43:23hardeepstart with fresh source
17:44:14TBoyI appreciate you takin time to help me
17:46:19TBoynow I'm buildin in rockbox/build
17:46:48TBoystill says
17:46:49TBoytools/convbdf -c -o /rockbox/build/sysfont.c fonts/clR6x8.bdf
17:47:22hardeepwhere is the tools directory? rockbox/build/tools ?
17:47:48hardeepah, heh...
17:48:15TBoysounds like you figured it out
17:48:24hardeepdon't move everything into the build directory...
17:49:54hardeepfollow the instructions here on how to build rockbox... see esp. where to create the build dir
17:50:25hardeepthere's a bug in the Makefile... you can't build from root
17:56:23TBoyI used to be able to compile it
17:56:42TBoyand then I used the dir usr/local/rockbox
18:00:12hardeepokay, replace tools/configure with
18:00:21hardeepbuild from wherever you want
18:01:08TBoyhey thx man
18:01:26TBoydo you use windows
18:01:40hardeepyes, but this isn't a windows problem
18:02:22TBoyi know
18:02:26TBoyjust wondering
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18:17:11 Join franz [0] (
18:17:35franzanyone in there?
18:18:13franzinside my srcreen...
18:18:50franzhi hardeep... do you know why my sokoban not longer works?
18:19:17hardeepfranz: what rockbox version are you using?
18:19:42franzpretty new... like 20030623
18:20:05Zagorfood time
18:20:06hardeepfranz: update to latest. then make sure yo copy the levels.txt file to /.rockbox/sokoban
18:20:07 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
18:20:36franzahhh... it loads the levels... like it! where to get them?
18:21:10franzthanx maid!
18:21:18hardeeper, maid?
18:21:43franzyeah... i am in sydney...
18:22:09hardeepoh, laugh
18:22:31franzwhy is that funny?
18:22:47hardeepi was laughing at the maid=mate thing
18:23:18franzthey are using it all the time here... it IS funny...
18:23:27telliotthardeep. is 030602-2113 the latest "dynamic playlist" version?
18:24:01hardeeptelliott: uhm, i don't believe so. the latest version is always at
18:24:08hardeepit's up to date with latest cvs
18:24:15franzbtw - i saw a recorder20 lately in a shop here - they charge you 999$ AUD
18:24:48hardeepfranz: fear, for a rec20? even with the exchange that's obscene
18:25:08telliottok. I'll get the latest version.
18:25:10hardeepthere selling for around $250 US nowadays
18:25:26franz250 us - where?
18:26:00hardeepactually, amazon as it for $221.88
18:26:06hardeepi'm sure you can find cheaper elsewhere
18:26:37franzi have it allready... baught it 1.5 years ago... 400Euro
18:26:56hardeeptelliott: i haven't been sending mails to the mailing list but I've been keeping the patch up to date with latest cvs
18:27:07 Quit franz (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:27:29hardeeptelliott: plus bug fixes... the SF site has more info
18:28:16telliottok. Thanks for your help with the dynamic playlist feature. I love the ability to just toiss a few folders into the mix at random.
18:32:18hardeephopefully it gets into the mainline soon. :)
18:33:49 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
18:42:27telliottIs it possible to insert the current file/folder into the dynamic playlist with a long-press on play?
18:47:38hardeeptelliott: certainly possible, but probably won't happen. That was the original way I had implemented queuing but it had been changed to the current ON+PLAY method
18:50:38telliottWhat;s the problem with long-play? I like having the menu opeions in on-play also.
18:53:50hardeeptelliott: Zagor didn't really like the idea of time-based button presses
18:54:14hardeeptelliott: if you do want to see it, post it as a feature request if/when this patch goes in
18:56:50telliottI guess you had the best solution since "time-based button presses" can be confusing, especially on the go.
19:13:15 Join dionoea [0] (
19:15:30dionoeathe link in the sidebar is wrong. it should be something like instead of .../digest/recent.htm
19:15:49dionoeabtw, thanks for the great jobs u guys are doing
19:15:59 Quit dionoea (Client Quit)
19:20:08 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
19:25:26 Join NibbIer [0] (
19:25:26 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:31:44 Part telliott
19:42:20 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
19:50:24 Join Stevie[FreedomPa [0] (~whatsit2u@
19:50:25 Quit Stevie[FP] (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:00:08 Nick NibbIer is now known as Nibbler (
20:06:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:12:10Zagorwhee, tetris now runs as a plugin
20:33:18Zagorugh, player icons are defined in the lcd driver. bueh!
20:37:28CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 13 hours and 51 minutes at the last flood
20:37:28*Zagor draws a power plug icon
20:52:07 Quit joshn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:59:53Zagor-rwxrwx−−- 1 bjst bjst 10628 Jun 28 20:51 plugins/tetris.rock
21:02:16Zagori wonder where we should put them all?
21:02:27Hes.rockbox/rocks/ ?
21:02:39HesThat sounds nice when you put it that way.
21:02:43Zagoruntil the .rockbox browser patch is merged, putting them in .rockbox means people will have to turn on "show files: all" to run plugins
21:02:51Zagorreally nice path, yes :-)
21:03:38Zagorotoh, just adding plugin_load("/.rockbox/rocks/tetris.rock") in the menu isn't too hard...
21:03:54HesI'd guess it would be nice to scan the rocks directory and put the items in the menu dynamically
21:04:18Zagoryes. there's a patch to do that for .wps, .cfg and fonts etc. so this will fit right in.
21:04:59Hesmaybe the rocks could contain some "readable name" identifier
21:05:14Heswhich could be used in the menu instead of the filename
21:06:05Zagoror we just force people to name the rocks properly :)
21:06:25HesYeah. Getting the case right for short strings seems a bit hard on FAT, though.
21:07:06Zagori'm also envisioning some sort of plugin registry, for things like file viewers.
21:07:36Zagorso there's a "view" entry in the on+play menu, which will give you a list of available viewers to use
21:07:47Zagorhex, text, image, id3 or whatever
21:10:27HesThat would make sense.
21:10:45HesDid I tell you that I'm happy with rockbox stability with motorcycle now?
21:11:25HesI think the hard disk read error handling code is quite ok at the moment, I did some extensive motorcycle driving suit testing during the last couple weeks
21:11:44HesWent to barcelona and back in a couple weeks, I think I had two playback stops while driving which were not due to dead batteries.
21:11:50Zagorinteresting. i can't think of anything special we've done to it...
21:12:08HesOne recovered after some 10-20 seconds, the other was probably because of no keylock and the pause button got pressed, and before I stopped the idle timer shut it off.
21:12:19HesThought it might be my new driving suit has a better pocket 8-)
21:12:47HesBut I doubt that. It's just so much better with my hard disk than last summer.
21:13:13HesAnd this was _heavy_ testing at various speeds, day-long drives, 5500 km.
21:13:38HesI'm running CVS-030401.
21:21:43 Join Lynx0 [0] (
21:24:26Lynx0Just got my recorder 20 today :-)
21:25:03hardeepLynx0: nice, make sure you install rockbox :)
21:25:19Lynx0already did, of course.
21:25:28Lynx0and I already have a question....
21:25:51Lynx0what is the standard font? I changed it, and now can't recognize which one the standard one is...
21:26:05 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:27:08hardeepLynx0: rockbox_default.fnt
21:27:41Lynx0hmm, mussed have missed that one...pretty self-explanatory ;-)
21:41:27Lynx0Rockbox is really nice :)
21:44:55Zagordid you ever run the stock firmware? ;)
21:47:02Lynx0Yes, for 5 minutes ;)
21:47:26Lynx0I only considered buying it after finding out about rockbox
21:48:50Lynx0I don't think there's any other device out there that lets you use custom fonts...
21:50:04Lynx0Is there a way to check what's in the queue?
21:50:04Zagorhehe, no that's a rather uncommon feature. the 19 supported languages too, and the configurable wps
21:50:25Zagornot really. joining the developer list is the only real way.
21:50:35Lynx0yes, I'll have to look into the wps config later on
21:51:01Lynx0sorry, i meant the queue rockbox queue, on the player
21:51:09Zagoryou can of course look in the feature request list ( many of those will happen sooner or later.
21:51:14Zagoroh :-)
21:51:22Zagorno, you can't look in that yet
21:51:57Zagori expect with plugins a playlist viewer/editor will not be long
21:52:27Lynx0plugins? are they supported now, or is that a feature to be implemented?
21:52:34Zagori'm working on it right now
21:53:11Lynx0cool. I wish I knew more about this kind of stuff.
21:53:30Zagorit's never too late to learn...
21:53:56Lynx0Yes, but there's also never enough time ;)
21:54:03Zagorhehe, true
21:54:20 Nick [IDC]Dragon is now known as [IDC]Dragon|away (
21:55:07Lynx0Does it matter if i keep the ajbrec.ajb file on the hd? Does take longer to boot if it has to load the firmware into rom?
21:56:40Zagoryou have to keep it. it is loaded at every boot.
21:57:31Lynx0Ah, I thought I read somewhere if it's not there the one in rom from last boot is used.
21:58:06Zagoryes, and the one in rom is archos' firmware. we never change the rom.
21:58:53Lynx0Ok, that's how it works...
21:59:47Zagorthere's an effort to explore the possibility of burning Rockbox into rom, but its only in the research stage yet
22:00:56Lynx0So the rom can be changed without taking the thing apart? Is that what the official firmware updates do?
22:02:42Zagorno, the official updates use the same method we do: a file on disk
22:03:00Zagorit appears most units can be reflashed without taking it apart. not all though.
22:06:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:06:42Lynx0Man, if only the firmware coders from companys were this responsive ... and competent
22:07:51Zagorwell to be fair we don't have to make a profit
22:08:50Zagorwormlet is now a plugin too
22:09:02Lynx0ok, but still. Some devices barely work because of the firmware. Like my NEC DVD burner...
22:09:21Lynx0Umm, so it's a seperate file?
22:09:32Zagoryeah, i know. there's a line where bad firmware becomes bad for your business.
22:09:54Zagorright. i'm picking off the games and demos right now, extracting them into separate files called "rocks"
22:10:14Zagorit's a word joke: a box of rocks = rockbox
22:10:44Lynx0And it's just a really bad feeling sitting there with some expensive hardware, which could be better through a few hours / days of coding, but the company just doesn't bother
22:11:11Lynx0Let me guess, the ending is *.roc ? ;)
22:11:21Zagorno, *.rock
22:11:41Lynx0Even better :)
22:12:11Zagor 11K Jun 28 21:45 tetris.rock
22:12:16Zagor7.6K Jun 28 22:05 wormlet.rock
22:13:08Lynx0With plugin support all kinds of features are probably going to appear.
22:13:29Zagoryeah, hopefully
22:13:33Lynx0Is it known how widespread the studio/recorders are?
22:13:50Zagornot in exact numbers, but they are fairly common
22:19:22Lynx0Well, thanks a lot!
22:19:38 Quit Lynx0 ("Leaving")
22:21:31HesI'm writing a web-manageable version of my photo album browser so that my friends can upload their photos too...
22:22:09Hesthey like the browsing interface but don't do enough unix to upload/rescale/edit php browser's config files 8-)
22:22:56Zagorget new friends ;-P
22:24:43HesI enjoy non-hacker friends too 8-) especially friends that do music well
22:48:11 Join nooby [0] (
22:49:17 Part Nomad__
22:49:22noobyDoes anybody have pics that compare the size of the archos with an ipod or some other mp3 player?
22:50:38 Join Lynx0 [0] (
22:50:50Lynx0hi again...
22:50:59Lynx0I have another question :)
22:51:29Lynx0What's this remote that's mentioned on the website?
22:51:57Zagornooby: not that i know of
22:52:16ZagorLynx0: it's a wired remote that goes between your headphones and the archos
22:52:27Zagorfor players/recorders only. not fm recorder.
22:52:40 Nick [IDC]Dragon|away is now known as [IDC]Dragon (
22:52:49Lynx0Is it available from archos?
22:52:58Zagoryes, in their travel kit
22:54:01Lynx035 euro? Hmm, thats a lot...
22:54:20Zagoryeah, they bundle it with a lot of gunk that few people want...
22:54:41Lynx0Yes...damn, the remote would be really cool. I already missed that.
22:56:57noobyzagor:You're one of the main developers right?
22:57:25noobywhat new features are you guys working on, i'm just curious
22:57:45Zagori'm writing a plugin loading system right now
22:58:17noobywhat would that be good for?
22:59:12Zagorit means all the extras such as games and demos etc will not take up space in ram but instead be loaded on demand
23:00:04Zagorit also means people can write stuff for rockbox more easily. you don't have to wait for us to merge it into the main rockbox source.
23:00:18noobydo you think there will ever be any support for any other codecs other than mp3?
23:00:28Lynx0now the whole thing always goes into ram, right?
23:01:44Zagornooby: no
23:02:21Lynx0is the ram for the firmware the same, the 2 mb that are used for buffering?
23:03:13Lynx0so, it would theoretically be possible to use 1 mb ram, althought battery life would go down by half?
23:03:26ZagorLynx0: exactly
23:03:55Lynx0how much ram does the current version use?
23:04:06noobybut if you do that 8mb ram upgrade, how much extra battery life do you get
23:04:41Zagorabout 30% extra is what I've heard
23:05:12Zagoror maybe it was a bit more, but as far as I remember it didn't even double the time
23:05:26Zagori haven't tried it myself
23:06:16Lynx010 hours is enough for me, I think.
23:07:35 Quit hardeep ("[BX] A friend with weed is a friend indeed")
23:08:40 Join Triple-z [0] (
23:10:01Triple-zsup lads?
23:10:25Zagori'm having a very strange bug in my new plugin loader
23:10:42Zagorrockbox->lcd_puts() works, *most* of the time!
23:12:02Lynx0cu guys...
23:12:16 Quit Lynx0 ()
23:14:39[IDC]DragonAny MAS expert around?
23:14:48Zagori need linus' gdb-enabled recorder...
23:15:03[IDC]DragonI have one.
23:15:24Zagorfeel like helping find a plugin problem?
23:15:55Triple-zanyone know if there is a cue file support in the future?
23:16:04[IDC]DragonDunno if I can, gdb is unreliable for me under Windows.
23:16:20ZagorTriple-z: only if someone writes it :-)
23:16:24[IDC]DragonWhat do you wanna test?
23:17:07Zagori have a very wierd problem: in wormlet, the text is shown on the first screen (pre-play) but not on the second screen (in game)
23:17:18Zagorit's the same function
23:17:31[IDC]DragonHow could I help?
23:17:59Zagorsetting a breakpoint at the address of the call and see what is passed to it
23:18:17[IDC]DragonOK, can try that.
23:18:27Zagorok, i'll fix a tarball
23:18:38[IDC]DragonIs there a way to disable much of those traces?
23:19:02 Part Triple-z
23:19:02[IDC]DragonThat seems to flood gdb under Windows.
23:19:35Zagoryes, comment out DEBUGF and LDEBUGF in firmware/export/debug.h
23:22:35noobyin what language (c, c++) is rockbox compiled under
23:22:49Zagornooby: mostly c with some parts in assembler
23:26:19 Quit nooby ("Leaving")
23:29:33Zagorbuild it from your normal build dir, copy the .ajz and the .rock files to your archos.
23:29:36[IDC]DragonGot it.
23:29:54[IDC]DragonIs it a debug build?
23:30:16Zagorboot the new ajz and select tetris.rock, then ^C your gdb and set a breakpoint on lcd_puts. then continue gdb and press play on the archos
23:30:38Zagorit's a source tree, just apps and firmware
23:30:59Zagormake a new build dir as normal
23:32:57[IDC]DragonOK, please standby...
23:35:27[IDC]DragonShould I configure the makefile for games and demos? (need some space for debug build)
23:35:40Zagorno you can skip those
23:38:45[IDC]DragonI get a build error in the plugin dir
23:39:14[IDC]Dragonmake[2]: Entering directory `/home/Jörg/rockbox_plugin/apps/plugins'
23:39:14[IDC]Dragonmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `1'. Stop.
23:39:14[IDC]Dragonmake[2]: Leaving directory `/home/Jörg/rockbox_plugin/apps/plugins'
23:39:14DBUGEnqueued KICK [IDC]Dragon
23:39:14[IDC]Dragonmake[1]: *** [rocks] Error 2
23:39:14[IDC]Dragonmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/Jörg/rockbox_plugin/apps'
23:39:14***Alert Mode level 1
23:39:14[IDC]Dragonmake: *** [apps] Error 2
23:39:29Zagortarget "1"??
23:40:07[IDC]Dragonthere's no such file
23:41:23[IDC]Dragonis ../tools/cofigure still OK for your new stuff?
23:42:22 Quit hanzz ("I was using TinyIRC! Visit for more information.")
23:43:35Zagorthere's no such file and no such target. quite odd.
23:44:55[IDC]Dragonhow about a package including your object code?
23:47:56Zagorah, found the error. in apps/Makefile the rocks: target has a command line which include $(DEBUG) alone. it should be: DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
23:49:15***Alert Mode OFF
23:49:30Zagorthat should fix your build
23:50:19[IDC]Dragon(it did)
23:51:17 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
23:51:58[IDC]DragonLet's see if I have to disable the traces...
23:53:24[IDC]DragonHmm, freezes after the splash screen, gdb hangs. I'll try without.

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