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#rockbox log for 2003-06-29

00:02:47[IDC]DragonI got an illegal instuction exception when selecting tetris. Will try again.
00:05:14[IDC]DragonSame again, sorry.
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00:07:49Zagoroh well, thanks anyway
00:09:43[IDC]DragonAnd a third time, this time with full power cycle.
00:09:59[IDC]DragonIt may be my gdb.
00:10:10Zagordid you try a make clean?
00:10:23[IDC]DragonI never went much past the init, because of the flooding.
00:10:31[IDC]Dragonyes, clean build.
00:10:57Zagorif you feel like digging into it, plugin_load is the routine that starts the plugin
00:11:17[IDC]Dragonin which file?
00:13:44[IDC]Dragoncall to plugin_start() failed with ILL
00:14:17Zagorsounds like the plugin didn't load properly, or didn't build right
00:14:30Zagori'll upload my object code
00:18:57[IDC]Dragonour tetris.rock files are identical, rockbox.bin is not.
00:19:13 Join tracktheripper [0] (
00:19:21tracktherippergood evenings
00:19:26Zagorhi track
00:19:48tracktheripperhey Zagor
00:19:56tracktheripperSokoban is finally working thanks to LinusN
00:20:10Zagori'm about to break it again :-)
00:21:40tracktheripperi think YOUR firmware needs reprogramming not the Archos's!
00:22:45[IDC]DragonBjörn, you have the traces in, no good for me.
00:22:55Zagoroh, sorry. will fix
00:24:01tracktheripperZagor do you have a girlfriend?
00:24:07[IDC]Dragon(guess you could have done the gdb mod meanwhile. I was afraid of this getting lengthy)
00:24:11Zagoryes, why?
00:24:27[IDC]DragonGetting personal now?
00:24:36tracktheripperjust asked!
00:24:42[IDC]DragonHe wants pictures, I guess.
00:24:51tracktherippera simple straightforward civel question :D
00:25:35Zagorobject archive updated
00:25:55tracktheripperi wish I had a girlfriend
00:26:40_aLF(me too)
00:27:32tracktheripperim gonna submit a reqest "Make the Recorder find a girlfriend for me" :-)
00:28:23tracktheripperbut I bet the reply will be
00:28:35tracktheripper"This is not possible to implement, due to hardware limitations"
00:29:03 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
00:29:18tracktheripperhelloo hardeep
00:31:39[IDC]DragonBjörn, are you shure the traces are out? I still get them.
00:31:58Zagorargh, it must be getting late :(
00:33:04Zagori'm doing silly mistakes
00:33:23tracktheripperas usual
00:33:28tracktheripperlike ruining Sokoban...............
00:33:39tracktheripperif it ain't broke don't fix it Zagor!!!!!! :-)
00:33:41tracktherippersorry joke
00:34:00Zagordragon: updated again...
00:34:07Zagortell me if you want to stop :-)
00:34:35[IDC]Dragonremote compiling is unusual...
00:34:59tracktheripperZagor isit possible to change the pitch and keep playback speed unchanged?
00:35:19Zagortracktheripper: no
00:35:38tracktheripperwhy not?
00:36:02Zagorbecause it involves very complex mathematics that we can't do
00:36:12Zagorjust like playing ogg
00:36:24tracktheripperbut the Archos can pitchshift anyway!!!
00:36:46[IDC]DragonBjörn: now our elf file is the same, too.
00:36:56Zagoryes, that's because we clock it faster. pitching is very simple, pitchless speed change is *very* complex
00:37:05[IDC]DragonI would be surprised if it behaves different.
00:37:11tracktheripperZagor you misunderstood me
00:37:22tracktheripperI said Alter the pitch but keep the playback speed unchanged
00:37:49Zagortracktheripper: it's the same complexity
00:38:21tracktheripperi don't wanna change the playback speed just the pitch
00:38:22Zagorwe can only do what you can do yourself with an old record player. play it faster than normal, and the pitch goes up
00:38:51Zagor[IDC]Dragon: uh, waittaminnit. where is the gdb stub in ram?
00:39:16CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:39:16*Zagor hides under the table
00:39:26[IDC]Dragonright at the start, afaik.
00:39:35*tracktheripper drags Zagor from under the table
00:40:14[IDC]Dragonto where do you load plugins?
00:40:30Zagortop - 0x8000
00:40:45[IDC]Dragonshould be no problem then.
00:40:47Zagorbut i haven't fixed that for debug... *sigh*
00:41:31[IDC]Dragonwhith debug, the app starts 64k later.
00:41:49[IDC]DragonHow is that affecting business at the end?
00:41:51Zagoradd " - 0x8000" to the end of "#define DRAMSIZE 0x1f0000" in the debug section of firmware/
00:42:11Zagori'm shrinking the ram used by rockbox, thus reserving the top 32k for plugins
00:42:25[IDC]DragonHehe, I can build again!
00:42:43Zagorsorry about this...
00:42:52 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
00:43:59Zagoralso move ENDADDR out of the conditional section, so it's always: #define ENDADDR (ORIGADDR + DRAMSIZE)
00:47:45[IDC]DragonWas it tetris or wormlet I should try?
00:48:49 Quit _aLF ("bye")
00:50:44[IDC]Dragon(trying again, I just goofed)
00:52:57Zagornice to know i'm not the only one ;)
00:52:57[IDC]DragonOK, here we go: X=2, y=42, str="0 Rows - Level 0"
00:53:11[IDC]Dragon42 is the answer to all
00:53:23Zagorlooks ok to me. does it ever show on your screen?
00:53:59[IDC]Dragonno. how come we have 42 positions? or is it pixel?
00:55:31[IDC]DragonI'm in lcd_puts_style() now.
00:56:02[IDC]Dragonypos becomes 336, is that normal?
00:56:08Zagoryikes, no
00:56:27Zagorwhat is ymargin? h?
00:56:31[IDC]Dragonline 320 makes h=8
00:56:54Zagoruuuuh, i'm a silly sod! damn, thanks.
00:57:34Zagorit's me confusing pixels with positions. :-(
00:57:42Zagorthanks for the help
00:57:42[IDC]Dragony*h was too much for it.
00:58:04[IDC]DragonGlad I could help.
00:58:27[IDC]DragonIn turn, do you know the MAS?
00:58:55Zagora bit. what do you need?
00:59:00[IDC]DragonI still have my silence problem when booting from flash.
00:59:24Zagorah, the original setup
00:59:25[IDC]DragonSimulated via UART boot, that is.
00:59:49Zagordid stevie ever find anything about what archos writes to it?
01:00:17[IDC]DragonYes, he sent me a (crude) log.
01:00:51[IDC]DragonI massaged it into rockbox API calls, brought that in, but no effect.
01:01:31[IDC]DragonI'm confused because Rockbox resets the MAS before play or record.
01:01:43Zagor"Before transmitting any I2C commands, the controller must issue a power-on reset to pin POR."
01:02:15[IDC]DragonYes, that's also done. And that pin is configured to output, too.
01:03:14[IDC]DragonConfused I mean because after reset the archos firmware history shouldn't matter.
01:04:16Zagorunless there is some other setup protocol, such as port pins during power-on or similar
01:04:44[IDC]DragonToday I tested recording, that works.
01:05:05Zagorso only the actual sound output fails?
01:05:23[IDC]DragonAnd I hear something while it's configured for record, too. (Including S/PDIF)
01:06:01[IDC]DragonDuring play, everything is silent. Headphone, S/PDIF, oscilloscope demo.
01:06:33Zagordid you record in both analog and digital?
01:06:48[IDC]DragonSo far only with mic.
01:07:13[IDC]DragonBut good idea to use S/PDIF.
01:11:58[IDC]Dragondigital in works, too.
01:12:36Zagorseen this? "For start-up, the pin DCEN must be connected via an external start push button to the I2CVDD supply, which is equivalent to the battery supply voltage (> 0.9 V) at start-up."
01:13:43Zagoron the other hand that should not change just because you then go into uart boot
01:13:57[IDC]DragonThat's hard wired to ground. I think this applies only if you want to use the DC/DC converter.
01:18:02[IDC]DragonLooks like Linus won't come in tonight?
01:19:12Zagoryeah, looks like it.
01:20:36[IDC]DragonOK, I give up for tnight then.
01:20:53Zagorok. thanks again for the debug.
01:21:23[IDC]DragonYou're more than welcome. Thanks for Rockbox!
01:21:34Zagormy pleasure :-)
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03:00:26jandamananyone replace their HD? My recorder 15 just died
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07:06:30earHurtsanybody here?
07:12:49 Join jandaman [0] (
07:16:33earHurtswhat's the maximum current in an fm?
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10:40:06 Join Zagor [242] (
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11:03:35Zagorhi track
11:04:11tracktheripperhello zagor
11:04:13tracktheripperwhats new?
11:05:21Zagornot much. i just joined.
11:06:17tracktheripperso what extra features do u want to add when this plugin thing is working?>
11:07:10Zagorone of the great things about it is that it's not up to me anymore. anyone can write their own plugins.
11:07:59Zagorbut think the chip8 games and the calendar will be among the first
11:08:27tracktheripperNot everyone here can program
11:18:52 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
11:23:38_aLFZagor> how many space (code/data) has a plugin ?
11:24:30Zagor32 kb for both code and data
11:24:59Zagori.e. 32 kb in total
11:48:31 Join LinusN [200] (
11:48:39Zagorhi linus
11:48:57LinusNhi (short visit)
11:50:57 Part LinusN
11:53:37janda|afkanyone replace their HD? My recorder 15 just died
11:54:00Zagorsure, many of us have
11:54:19janda|afkis the OS the archos runs off stored in rom?
11:55:46Zagoryes, but it loads a replacement from disk if one exists. that's how rockbox can exist.
11:56:49janda|afknow the problem I'm having is finding a way to format a notebook hd. I've read you can use a 2.5 to 3.5 converter but I can't seem to find sellers for them
11:57:54Zagorthey're available everywhere:
11:58:14janda|afktrying to find a local source
11:58:42Zagormost electronics and well-stocked computer stores have it, at least around here
11:58:58janda|afki've phoned a few and no luck, will try again later today
12:04:58janda|afkcan i put a 40 gig hd in a recorder 15?
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12:36:25 Join earHurts [0] (
12:36:38earHurtsanybody awake?
12:37:42earHurtsgot an fm, by any chance?
12:37:59Zagornope, regular rec20
12:38:37earHurtscharger's the same for a rec20?
12:39:03Zagori'm not sure, but i don't think so. the power system is completely different.
12:39:09hanzzquestion: when rockbox loads the mp3-buffer during playback, it also saves the current status to disk, does anyone know were that happens in the code ?
12:41:19Zagorhanzz: wps.c:update()
12:41:30Zagorin apps/
12:45:36earHurtsokay, you wouldn't happen to know the voltage the debug screen shows whrn the ac transformer is plugged in?
12:46:09Zagornot for fm units, no
12:46:45earHurtsbeen having battery problems since i swapped hardrives
12:48:02Zagorbad battery life?
12:48:06hanzzq: update() calls settings_save(), but neither seem to do disk access. where does disk access happen ?
12:48:16earHurtsbattery level goes down far enough to suto off, then rises after I restart
12:49:01Zagorhanzz: settings are only saved to disk when something else spins up the disk. see ata_delay_write()
12:49:57earHurtsoverall battery life is sucking too.
12:50:02hanzzok, thanks
12:50:34earHurtsit drops from 100 to 35% in an hour. when the uni is OFF
12:50:55Zagorcould be one of the two cells have no/bad connection
12:51:32earHurtsIn 1.5 hours, still off, it's at 20%. after which it RISES.
12:52:02earHurtsOf course, the archos firmware shows entirely different levels.
12:52:30Zagordoes it actually run longer with the archos firmware too, or just show different levels?
12:52:47earHurtshaven't tested it yet.
12:53:26earHurtsbtw, do you recall how to get to the archos menu? I've been using rockbox so long I've forgotten.
12:53:34Zagori've seen a page where somebody opened up their fm after massive battery problems, only to find one of his batteries weren't connected
12:53:51Zagoruh, me too :-)
12:54:00Zagorisn't it an F key?
12:54:10Zagorf3 maybe
12:54:47earHurtsf3 is file menu. I never really figured out what it was supposed to do
12:56:01earHurtswhat's an0?
12:56:22earHurtsi/o port, i mean
12:56:30Zagoranalog input channel 0
12:56:40Zagoroh, you mean what it's connected to... :-)
12:57:08earHurtsyeah. it seems to be 3ff when the charger isn't connected
12:57:36earHurtsand <single hex digit> when it is
12:58:21Zagori don't remember what it is
12:59:18earHurtsok, I just opened it up again and did a few things.
13:00:02earHurtsprior to opening it, voltage given by debug was ~4.25 when the charger was plugged.
13:00:25earHurtsnow it's < 4.25.
13:00:37earHurtsdoes that suggest anything to you?
13:01:14hanzzspinup of hd causes a voltage drop... so you turned it on again, i suppose
13:01:31earHurtson both times.
13:01:46earHurtsokay, let me come right out and ask.
13:02:12hanzzbut 4.25 V with charger connected is to low, i think
13:02:28earHurtswould stopping a short (insulating) result in a /lower/ displayed voltage on charging?
13:02:58earHurtsit's an fm, if that makes it seem more reasonable.
13:03:20earHurtswith charher it 's about 4.1 now
13:03:40hanzzjust wondering, will the archos work without batteries, it the charger is plugged ?
13:04:00hanzzthen you could see if the batteries are the problem
13:04:16hanzzit = if
13:04:51earHurtsi doubt it.
13:05:11earHurtsthe battery door connects the battery negative to the xase.
13:05:23earHurtswhich really weirds me out, btw.
13:05:42earHurtsi.e., the backplate
13:06:25Zagornice ground layer :-)
13:07:39earHurtscould you explain that, please?
13:08:02earHurtsin small simple words, as I know very little at all about electricity
13:08:46Zagorit was just a joke. i can't make useful comments about the fm hardware as i don't have one
13:09:21earHurtswell, a colleague of mine also suggested it was a ground.
13:09:35earHurtscould it be that's what it is?
13:10:00Zagori doubt it. that likelt would have drastic effects than just bad battery life
13:11:54 Join Schnueff [0] (
13:14:23earHurtswell, thing is, the negative poles attach only to the battery access plate.
13:14:48earHurtsanf the battery access plate touches only the case.
13:15:09Zagorwell i guess some other part touches the plate too
13:15:49earHurtsthe hadd is wrapped in plastic presumably to insulate it.
13:16:34earHurtsand the board, where the bottom of the backplate touches it, also has a transparent plastic overlay
13:16:58earHurtss/hadd/hdd = hard drive
13:19:56earHurtson the positive side, the 60gb drive works fine
13:28:40earHurtsah. archos firmware menu is 'on'; holding 'on' puts button hold on
14:06:43***No seen item changed, no save performed.
14:11:03ricIItarring up my old rockbox-cvs.. (mrt2003)
14:47:47Zagorwhee, plugins now work in uisimulator too
15:00:09ricIIanyone using the dynamicplaylisy patch?
15:13:12_aLFZagor> how plugin works for user ?
15:13:46Zagorseveral ways:
15:13:54Zagor1) you click on one to start it
15:14:05Zagor2) you select games/demos from the menu, which loads a plugin
15:14:20Zagor3) when you view a text file, the viewer.rock is loaded
15:16:06ricIIis there a limit on the size/amount off plugins or does it just nibbles on the mpeg buffer?
15:16:07Schnueffso viewer.rock gets passed an argument (filename) by rockbox?
15:16:18ZagorSchnueff: exactly
15:16:37ZagorricII: you can have any number of plugins, but only one can be run at a time
15:16:39Schnueffare arguments configurable somehow?
15:17:00ZagorSchnueff: it's currently a simple void*
15:17:02Schnueff(i.e. do all plugins take a string argument on start-up)
15:17:15_aLFZagor> they can save data somewhere ?
15:17:27Zagor_aLF: yes, they have full access to the file system api
15:18:01_aLF2.3 will be out before 2.2 :)
15:18:43ricIIso no extra threads
15:19:03ZagorricII: no. the plugin runs in the gui thread
15:19:48ricIIthinking about calnadar alarm function ...
15:20:39ZagorricII: that will have to be integrated into mainline rockbox somehow. maybe plugins can request to set up a crontab-like entry where it will be loaded at a specific time
15:20:59Zagorthe current plugin api doesn't include that, but it's designed to be extended over time
15:21:05ricIIsounds reasonble.
15:23:45_aLFZagor> one nice thing, about selecting plugin could be category
15:24:44Zagoryes, i've been thinking of that. I haven't decided anything about it yet, but i agree it needs to be done. for instance viewer plugins need to register somehow so they can be ran from the on+play menu.
15:24:51ricIIevents hooks?
15:25:11Zagori'm leaning more towards simple config files
15:25:40Zagorotherwise we have to actually run all plugins once before they are "installed". messy and complex imho.
15:25:55_aLFZagor> register/unregister
15:26:06_aLF(on user demands)
15:26:35Zagoryes, but that can be handled by a special registrar.rock plugin that simply reads/writes the config files...
15:27:03Zagori want to keep the plugin api as simple as possible
15:29:45earHurtsanybody here have an fm?
15:30:28earHurtszagor: how much memory does the plugin code take from thew mpeg buffer?
15:30:53earHurtsalf, do you have a minute to help a brother out?
15:31:31_aLFearHurts> 32ko (code/data)
15:31:34_aLFearHurts> yes
15:32:42earHurtscould you go into the debug/ports and tell me a) the value of an0, and the current battery voltage, please?
15:33:29_aLFjust 3 min
15:35:03earHurtsafter you do that, could you b) tell me the same (an0 and voltage) with the charger plugged in?
15:37:46_aLFbetween 3.49 and 3.52V without charger
15:38:08_aLF4.10V with charger
15:38:39_aLF(external 6.76 or 6.80)
15:39:42_aLFbaterry level : 56%
15:40:03_aLFan0: 3FF
15:40:15earHurtsI'm sorry, what do you mean by external?
15:40:57_aLFan0: between 007 and 00D with charger
15:41:06earHurtsWith the charger, is an0 solidly 3ff, or does it fluctuate?
15:41:28_aLFwith charger, an0 isn't solid
15:41:43_aLFit's value is between 007 and 00D
15:42:15earHurtswithout the charger, does an0 fluctuate wildly and you worked very hard to find the ranges, or did it fluctuate slowly and you just noted the changes?
15:42:17_aLF(for external : the line just after "Battery" in battery info)
15:42:46_aLFwithout charger an0 is 3FF (solid)
15:43:05earHurtshmm. Thanks.
15:43:17earHurtsThanks very much.
15:43:35_aLFon what are you working ?
15:43:56earHurtshmm. working is noy quite the word.
15:44:17earHurtsI put in a new drive, and since have had bad battery usage.
15:45:39earHurtsI tinkered with it some more today, and since the tinkering today an0 fluctuates without the charger, just slightly to 3Fn
15:46:02earHurtsso apparently I'm making things worse.
15:47:09earHurtsdo you have times where the battery percentage increases when you are using it, and are NOT plugged/charging?
15:47:58_aLFyes some time
15:48:32_aLFbut I don't know if it is related to °C or something else ?
15:49:08earHurtsdo you find that when the unit auto-offs for lack of power, you can turn it back on and watch the percentage increase from about 7 to about 20?
15:50:28hanzzfor me (having a player) it does sometimes
15:50:35_aLFI display battery with icon not text
15:50:39_aLFso I can't say
15:51:05hanzzbut that 20% then drops quite fast again
15:51:05_aLFbut it already done something like that
15:51:18_aLFhanzz> same for me
15:51:53earHurtsI'm getting about half an hour on the 20% poast-shutoff
15:52:00 Join Guest [0] (
15:52:11 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
15:52:33earHurtsalf, what's your average runtime on a full charge?
15:53:04_aLFabout 10hour
15:53:33hanzzi don't know if it helps any: yesterday i made a change to rockbox, it now writes battery voltage to disk, including time since last write
15:53:34earHurtswhat mp3 bitrate do you most commonly have?
15:53:47hanzzmaybe you could analyze someting with that
15:53:59earHurtshanzz, is that in the cvs build?
15:54:14earHurtson the patch tracker?
15:54:24hanzznope, but it's a simple change, i can send it to you via e-mail
15:54:40hanzzit's 1 extra file, and 1 line of code added to mpeg.c
15:54:50earHurtsplease do: rockbox at
15:56:37earHurtsalf, 10 hours astounds me. even before swapping drives, I'd have been very happy with 10 hours. are you playing low bitrate mp3s?
15:57:01_aLFmost 128 or 160
15:57:10_aLFsometime 192/ 320
15:57:20earHurtssame as me
15:58:18*earHurts . o 0 O O (thought bubble: must steal alf's battery...)
15:58:48*_aLF hides his archos in secret place
15:58:57hanzze-mail has been sent
15:59:04earHurtsok, gentlemen, the moment of truth
15:59:11earHurtsthanks hanzz
15:59:34earHurts2 hours ago, I fully charged, using the archos firmware
15:59:34hanzzthe code is ugly, but it does give a decent discharge plot for me
15:59:45_aLFearHurts> the first FM model I had got, has 2hours of battery life
15:59:57earHurtsugly doesn't worry me.
16:00:07earHurtsah, you returned it?
16:00:35earHurtsat that time, the voltage was 3.9 without the charger
16:00:45_aLFearHurts> yes I returned it
16:00:55earHurtssince then, the archos has been off.
16:01:42earHurtsso, after two hours off, having been fully charged prior to turning off, what should the voltage be if we turn it on now?
16:02:55hanzznearly full, for a player it should be like 5.3 volt
16:03:09_aLFI don't know for FM
16:03:16hanzzin any case, rockbox should display more than 90% battery
16:03:19earHurtsit's an fm, though
16:04:06hanzzthat percentage calculation is different for FM, so FM should also display 90% (but different voltage)
16:04:51earHurts50%, 3.8s
16:05:27earHurts3.8V, that is.
16:05:40hanzzdoes it reach near 90% directly after charging ?
16:06:09earHurtsnot sure it did this last time though
16:06:39hanzzcould you test the following : charge, check %,remove battery, wait 2 hour, insert battery, check %
16:06:42earHurtsit is rising, however (the percentage) as the voltage drops
16:06:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:06:57hanzzthat's weird
16:07:01earHurtshanzz, a very good idea
16:07:27hanzzif the % falls in two hours, your battery is broke, else your battery should be ok
16:07:34earHurts53%, ~ 3.78V
16:07:53earHurtsgood point
16:08:28hanzzi think that has to do with averaging. the percentage is averaged over 3 minutes, the voltage probably not (depends on where you check it)
16:09:03hanzzafter a while (>10 minutes) voltage and percentage should go in the same direction
16:09:08earHurtsthree whole minutes??
16:09:38earHurtsarchos firmware shows a full charge
16:10:05hanzz3 minutes : see powermgmt.c:battery_level_update(
16:10:07earHurtshanzz, you seem to know a lot about Rockbox battery calculation
16:10:27hanzzjust looked some things up for my battery log thingie
16:10:53hanzzi want to improve the percentage calculation. so i needed to get a lot of data
16:11:37earHurtshow off is the percentage for players?
16:12:16hanzzeach battery is different, it changes when it ages, for me, it's easily 20% off
16:12:50earHurtsit's never worked real well at all for the fm.
16:13:16earHurtsxhecking the battery is about the only thing I still use the archos software for.
16:13:56earHurtsis the percentage calculated solely from the voltage, or are there other factors?
16:14:25hanzzvoltage, and the battery capacity, as set in the menu, i think
16:15:50hanzzoh no, percentage is dependent on voltage, and usb and/or charger connection being active
16:16:07earHurtshow does the capacity affect the equation?
16:16:20hanzznot, only for running time estimation, my mistake
16:16:56earHurtsdoesn't affect %?
16:17:36hanzzno, you just have more total energy, therefor a longe running time, % drops slower in time...
16:18:09earHurtsalf, what's your capacity set to?
16:18:20hanzzthere's a way to get % more accurate : charge the archos, use my patch to log battery life, and leave it running, playing mp3's
16:18:25hanzzmy capacity = 1500
16:18:52hanzzthe the 'bl_log.txt' file can be used to change the percent_to_volt_decharge
16:18:55hanzz[] table
16:18:58earHurtsyeah, but the fm battery is supposed to be 1800, right?
16:19:05hanzzi don't know
16:19:20hanzzi have a player, and that one is 1500
16:19:38earHurtsyour code records % or voltage?
16:19:45hanzzmy code records %
16:19:50hanzzuhhh, voltage that is
16:20:49*hanzz should think first, then type
16:21:29earHurtsdamn, an0 is fluctuating again.
16:21:47hanzzwhat does an0 indicate ?
16:22:34earHurtsall I know is that it's 3FF when the charger isn't plugged in
16:22:52earHurtsand it's 00n when plugged.
16:24:28earHurtsuntil I opened it again today, it was 3FF without charger, now it's 3F{C,D,E,F}
16:25:22earHurtsnow: 3.71V, 58%
16:26:48 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
16:27:30hanzzi just checked: an0 should indicate low voltage. it should be the output of a comparator, so 3FE means that you're voltage is very much near the shutoff limit
16:28:14 Join earHurts [0] (
16:28:20hanzzoh, no, there's an irc log, which tells that values of 3F7 - 3FF are ok
16:28:41earHurtsno kidding?
16:28:47hanzz(that was a remark on an0)
16:29:00earHurtsfor an fm?.
16:29:54hanzznot sure, check the link above, maybe you see more than i
16:30:29hanzzthe remark was made on 18.25 hours
16:30:37hanzzuhh 18.42 that is
16:31:57earHurtsyes, very interesting, thanks
16:34:16earHurtswell, at least I have a 60GB drive −− even if I can't use it for the battery problems. ;(
16:35:10earHurtshas anyone figured out how to get a replacement fm battery?
16:48:37Zagornot that i know
16:59:05earHurtsit's really two batteries stuck together.
16:59:22earHurtsmust be somebody making them
16:59:30Zagorsony does, on contract by archos
17:00:06earHurtswe know sony makes em?
17:01:17Zagorthat's what i've heard
17:08:25earHurtsis anon cvs working?
17:09:02Zagoron and off
17:09:13Zagorsourceforge has been very flaky for weeks
17:09:53earHurtslooks like I'm getting something.
17:11:17earHurtsyou wouldn't happen to know where the archos formware saves/reads it's alrm setting, would you?
17:11:42Zagorthe rtc, i would assume
17:12:34earHurtssome rockbox setting is seen as turning on the archos alarm, I think.
17:13:08Zagorwhat happens?
17:14:17earHurtsIf I rolo the firmware, it shows the alrm as set, even if last time I rolo'd it, I had turned it off
17:18:51earHurtsrockbox shows 96%
17:18:52Zagorthat's not good
17:19:13earHurtsI rolo archos, and archos says fully charged.
17:19:33earHurtsI boot rockbox, and it tells me 50%
17:20:10Zagorsounds like a bug in the battery reading code
17:20:26earHurtsI can't say that.
17:20:58earHurtsI may have physically damaged something when I opened the archos to shove in the new hard drive
17:21:46Zagorbut that doesn't explain why archos says your battery is fine
17:24:16earHurtsunless the archos code cheats by not reading the voltage, or by adding in some finagle factor
17:25:18earHurtswhat controls auto-off when the battery falls too low? Rockbox or fm hardware?
17:30:07 Join Guest [0] (
17:31:43GuestI have the following question: when we can await version 2.1
17:32:36ZagorGuest: is there a specific feature you are waiting for?
17:33:17Guestyes. I need bookmarking in MP3 files, especially for hearing books.
17:34:24Zagorbagder is looking at merging that code
17:35:43Guestwho is bagder and when can I await the ready code?
17:36:04Zagorwe never set deadlines. the amount of spare time always varies.
17:36:15Zagorbagder is my brother and one of the core developers
17:36:41earHurtsgotta admit, 'who is bagder' is a legit quesation ;)
17:37:22earHurtsbut guest, 'when can I await' does seem a bit premptory
17:39:33Guestsorry, but my englisch is not so good. please show consideration for this.
17:42:00earHurtsgood point. it's easy to be american
17:43:05GuestI am german and have learned english in school. But I have forgotten a lot of the learned.
17:43:13earHurtsson of a bitch!
17:43:59earHurtsI was charging the archos with the pda's charger!
17:44:08ZagorGuest: no problem. many of us are not native english speakers.
17:44:09Guestwhy "son of a bitch????"
17:44:32ZagorearHurts: hehe, you think that matters? ;)
17:44:58earHurtsbecuase I was suprised and dismayed. It wasn't directed to you, guest
17:46:04earHurtsthe pda charger output is 5V 2A
17:47:02earHurtsthe archos is 6V 700mA
17:47:17earHurtsyou tell me, does it matter?
17:47:25Zagorit could
17:48:18earHurtsheh, it only for the last hour or so.
17:48:34earHurtsI realized when the pda asked to charged
17:59:36 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
18:03:04 Join Guest1 [0] (
18:06:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:07:13 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
18:11:23 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
18:33:19 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
18:38:19Zagorhardeep: how are things with the dynamic playlist code? would you say it is ready to merge?
18:40:12hardeepZagor: yep, no new bugs have been reported in a while....
18:41:12hardeepit does break the bookmarking patch though
18:41:36Zagorbattle of the patches ;)
18:43:51Zagori guess i broke the win32 simulator pretty bad... :)
18:44:13hardeepZagor: hehe, yeah... i'll take a look at it
18:44:32hardeepZagor: probably disable plugins until we can do something similar to what you're doing on X11
18:48:05hardeepZagor: why no str() access for plugins?
18:48:46Zagorplugins are designed to be self-dependent for data
18:49:08Zagorrelying on strings from rockbox means rockbox needs to updated for each new plugin
18:49:31hardeepah, i see.
18:54:22 Join Guest [0] (
18:54:55 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
18:55:25 Join franz [0] (
18:56:22 Quit franz (Client Quit)
19:09:26hardeepZagor: what's the string you need to place in the comments to have id information added? "$Id$" ?
19:09:39Zagor$Id: $ iirc
19:11:00hardeepaha, thanks.
19:13:54Hes$Id$ is fine, it will get fixed to $Id: blah blah$ by RCS/CVS
19:14:07Hesthat's what I always stick in
19:16:16Zagorok. i never remember how much is necessary :-)
19:21:48 Join Guest [0] (
19:23:15Guestzagor.. its adi...
19:23:27Guestdo we have docs yet on how to work the modules/plugins?
19:23:36Guestor do they get written just like regular code?
19:23:49Zagoralmost, but not quite. i'll post a mail soon.
19:24:08Guestwe are going to want a doc for it i assume
19:24:11Zagorbasically you use function pointers from the plugin_api struct instead of calling functions directly
19:24:21Guestso if you put the email out.. ill doc it and put a link from the faq as well..
19:24:25Guestahh .. okay..
19:25:01Zagorthe plugins/helloworld.c is intended as an example to look at
19:25:04 Nick Guest is now known as adi|ems (
19:25:21adi|emsim updating my source right now
19:40:58 Quit adi|ems ()
19:42:30 Join Quelsaruk [0] (
19:43:33 Join earHurts [0] (
19:43:59earHurtsis volume linear?
19:48:55 Join m2k961 [0] (
19:49:13m2k961i just installed the fm recorder, how the hell do i get to the fm tuner?
19:49:16QuelsarukZagor, that plugin loader is cool :)
19:49:54hanzzmmm, it seems hard to get the percentage indicator any better....
19:50:31m2k961...does anyone know
19:51:17hanzzsorry, no idea
19:51:21Zagorm2k961: umm, isn't there a menu option?
19:51:43Zagorthird option in the menu should be "FM Radio"
19:52:04m2k961bootin up, hold on
19:52:24m2k961when i go into the menu theres no fm radio
19:52:37m2k961and when i press the other 2 buttons it shows playback options for songs
19:52:40Zagorwhich version to you run?
19:52:53m2k961the one on the site that says fm recorder
19:53:02m2k961when you go to download
19:53:21Zagorok. that version didn't include radio support
19:53:24m2k961unless i should be using a daily build
19:53:36Zagoryes, you need to get a daily build
19:54:09m2k961so get the bleeding edge build?
19:54:39Zagorno, get the daily build instead
19:54:51Zagorfrom the "daily builds from different models" table
19:55:00m2k961does the list go newest on top or bottom
19:55:36m2k961bottom number im guesing
19:55:43m2k961highest one
19:56:52Zagoryes. the number is actually a date
19:57:14m2k961oo haha
19:57:38m2k961rename it to ajbrec.ajz?
19:59:58m2k961success, its there
20:00:04m2k961im goin now, cya
20:00:07 Part m2k961
20:06:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:13:01 Quit Quelsaruk ("Leaving")
21:05:40_aLFahh I can't update my cvs
21:07:29_aLFZagor> will radio will be a plugin ?
21:07:32 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
21:28:17Zagor_aLF: i don't know.
21:29:38_aLFZagor> I was thinking about keeping radio out of the plugin (when we press "on") and how to handle this with mp3 playback.
21:38:09Zagori think radio will probably not be a plugin. you will want to be able to listen to the radio while playing a game, for instance
21:43:51Zagoryay, Vicentini Martins puzzle game is great!
21:47:08 Quit joshn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:47:41ricIIhi hardeep
21:47:53hardeepheya ricII
21:49:16ricIIjust found my old dyn-pl notes..
21:50:49hardeepricII: nice, anything interesting in them?
21:51:46ricIIjust little posible optimizations
21:53:38ricIII tarredup my old rockboc-work & synced to cvs today
21:57:54hardeepricII: i'm all ears for optimizations :)
22:03:11ricIIwell we could seperate the fixed control info from the filenames
22:05:54hardeepso we'd have two files?
22:06:55ricIIone being fixed length records
22:06:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:07:31ricIIwould speedup sorting
22:08:21ricIIbut I realy need to look in it again, seems like you already keep the control-fd open..
22:08:55hardeepwell, i don't do any sorting of inserted files currently so nothing to speed up :)
22:09:09hardeepyeah, the control file remains open
22:11:11ricIII didn;t note any real slowness sofar.
22:11:52hardeepthe only part that's slow is directory/playlist insertion... but that's due to write speeds
22:12:28hardeepZagor's gone crazy with the game check-ins! =)
22:13:00ricIIporting nethack is still on my wishlist :)
22:14:04 Join Jojoba86 [0] (
22:14:41ricIIO still got my small fonts..
22:15:24 Quit Jojoba86 (Client Quit)
22:16:22ricII4x5 gives a lotoff space in the viewer
22:20:44ricIIpitty lcd_puts() & freinds don't return the amount off x-pixels written
22:21:36Zagorthere's always getstringsize()
22:22:29ricIIbut to use that for wordwrap in the viewer is slow
22:22:51Zagorright. we could add a return value from puts
22:25:13ricIIbut there are a lot more places to code asumes or forces the use of the fixed 8x8 font
22:27:11ricIIeh 8x5
22:27:30ricII6 even
22:27:44Zagorthere are?
22:28:53ricIIeg wps peak/progres meter
22:29:56ricIIbut thing have improved I see, eg. mpeg-thread
22:32:56ricIII sould check things before 'complaining' since most is based on my knowledge from cvs around march..
22:33:41Zagorhehe. although i think you have a point about peak/progress not behaving well with very small fonts
22:38:37ricIIsoundn't 'line selector' also be in the f3-screen ?
22:40:50Zagorpossibly. but we're getting too many option to have them all in that screen. we need an ui overhaul
22:42:16ricIIand what is caption backllight?
22:43:11Zagorit turns on the backlight at the end of a song
22:43:24Zagorand keeps it on a bit into the next
22:43:41Zagorpeople tell me it
22:43:41ricIIahh I just thougt it was a little bug...
22:43:44Zagor's nice in the car
22:43:59_aLFand in the night
22:45:03hardeepwoo, plugins work on win32 simulator
22:45:34ricIIbut it's triggerd when the mpeg-threads load the new sound not when it starts playing..
22:45:52_aLFwhat about emulator ?
22:47:25Zagorman, we're getting some great games now... :-)
22:48:23hardeephmmm... what happened to the star game that was on patch tracker? that was a pretty cool game too
22:48:35Zagori'm doing the "star" game now. it's got some very smooth graphics. animated cursor and all...
22:50:36hardeepblah, i'm blind
22:55:13_aLFI was think about one thing for game : could we make different gray level like on HP48, by switching two screen quickly ?
22:57:59ricII_aLF: lcd is on serial.. to slow
23:00:16_aLFso we can't make quick swap of 2 screens ...
23:01:13ricIInot fast anough to simulate gray I think
23:02:27ricIIscrolling already havely loads the poor sh1
23:02:47_aLFit isn't done in hardware ?
23:03:13Zagornope, it's all in software
23:03:57Zagorto be honest, nobody has yet tried the grayscale thing. we've all just assumed it's too slow to work. somebody should prove it :-)
23:05:25ricIIcan't we caculate the bandwidth?
23:06:14Zagoryes, but we don't know how fast "enough" is. the lag on the lcd is not defined (and is temperature dependant)
23:06:55ricIIasuming the cpu coops..
23:08:06_aLFcould it dommage lcd ?
23:08:17Zagor_aLF: i doubt it
23:08:44Zagori've never seen any mention in a lcd datasheet that they discourage very frequent updates
23:09:39_aLFok, I will try something in few days
23:09:41ricII_aLF: you could try lcd_inverstrect()
23:10:44_aLFit inverts a rectangle ?
23:12:01ricIIyes it's void lcd_invertrect (int x, int y, int nx, int ny)
23:12:29ricIIin /firmware/drivers/lcd-recorder.c
23:12:39_aLFI'm looking in it
23:14:13ricIIhand testing already show a flicker around 2/3 off the screen
23:15:01_aLFhow do you test it ?
23:15:28ricIIquikly pressing down in f3-screen...
23:16:39ricIInot verry scientific ..
23:16:47_aLFok, perhaps a sync is need
23:16:52_aLFdon't know
23:19:11 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:20:15[IDC]Dragon'evening everybody!
23:26:48 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:37:29earHurts4 bit grayscale?
23:37:31hanzzdoes anyone know who's the guy who wrote the battery to percentage calculation routine ?
23:37:58hanzzhat off for that guy, just did a full decharge measurement today, i can hardly improve his results...
23:38:08Zagorhanzz: i think it was uwe freese
23:38:14earHurtsfull decharge?
23:38:54hanzzfrom full battery, running 192 kbps mp3 until it's empty
23:39:01hanzzand then measure voltage versus time
23:39:36earHurtsI've been doing battery/voltage readings every half hour running the same 128kbps 10:33 minute mpe on repeat one
23:39:54earHurtsfor the last 5.5 hours.
23:40:14hanzzis the mp3 more than twice as big as the buffer ?
23:40:28hanzzif not, results will differ from normal play (with a big playlist)
23:40:46hanzzbut not much, when i think of it
23:41:10hanzzonly total time will be affected, not the shape of the decharge ...
23:41:19*hanzz should think first, then type
23:41:20earHurtsmp3 is 10 165 387 bytes
23:42:12hanzzthat's more than enough indeed
23:42:16earHurtsbuffer is 1.671 MB
23:42:49hanzzanyway, for NiMh decharge, it get the following values : 452, 480, 492, 500, 504, 509, 511, 515, 519, 528, 556
23:42:59hanzzthat hardly differs from the current source
23:42:59earHurts(Bach, Mass in B minor, kyrie eleison
23:43:25hanzzdefinitely good music, sadly not my taste
23:43:46earHurtswhat taste? ;)
23:44:02Zagorhanzz: you should post it to the list. i'm sure uwe will be glad to hear it.
23:44:48earHurtsso it seems my fix for my hardware may have worked.
23:45:00ZagorearHurts: that's good to hear
23:45:18earHurtsanybody here have an fm?
23:45:47earHurtsno? how about a recorder?
23:46:19earHurtsI have a test to propose.
23:46:30Zagori have a recorder
23:46:43Zagor(and it's got lots of pretty games on it now! ;)
23:46:47earHurtstry this, if you care to
23:47:07diddystar5i wish i could use ssh to try out the plugins :( sf is making me mad
23:47:17earHurtsfully charge it, allowing for the fact that rockbox reports 100% prematurely
23:47:35_aLFearHurts> I have a FM
23:47:44earHurtsthen rolo the firmware.
23:47:47Zagordiddystar5: you can download a bleeding edge build. i've changed the build scripts so they zip up all the rocks. look at the bottom of the daily-build page
23:47:53ricII2 rec, 1 lcd
23:48:14earHurtsthen reboot. tell me what your battery % is
23:48:14diddystar5thanks zagor
23:48:54 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
23:48:57ZagorearHurts: the regular recorders don't show 100% until the charge is really done. they stop at 99%
23:49:02earHurtshanzz, what sort of curve did you get on your full discharge?
23:49:30earHurtsright. the regulars control their own charging.
23:49:53hanzzfirst 10% fast, then slow, last 10% fast again
23:50:42ricIIrocks.. adds a nice ring to it :)
23:50:50earHurtssteep, plateau, steep?
23:51:10ZagorricII: :-)
23:51:40Zagor"grab the rocks and lets go!"
23:51:49hanzzerhurts: if you give me you e-mail i can mail you an image showing the curve
23:52:20earHurtszagor, you may have answered this before, but what controls auto-off on low power, rockbox or hardware?
23:52:46hanzzon player hardware, but on recorder, i think it's software
23:52:56ZagorearHurts: hardware
23:52:57earHurtshanzz: my address has not changed ;) rockbox at
23:53:00earHurtson fm?
23:53:32ricIIearHurts: note deep discharge
23:54:00earHurtswould you like my graph? can you read microsoft excel?
23:54:12ricIIot is this contriling charging ?
23:54:28earHurtsric? deep discharge? that's recorder, not fm.
23:55:18ricIIearHurrt you didn't specify..
23:55:31earHurtsyes, sorry, my bad.
23:55:57earHurtshanzz should do my thinking before I type ;)
23:56:18diddystar5ypu can read excel stuff in openoffice :) there is a linux version to
23:56:55earHurtsor I can just set the numeric dataset
23:57:18ricIIli-ion sould be hw since they are verry difficult to monitor
23:57:22earHurtsadc.o error 255 on compile?
23:57:47earHurtswhat's error 255?

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