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#rockbox log for 2003-06-30

00:00:07ricIIearHurts they have a ligth to tendency explode when over charged, hence the hw charger
00:00:51earHurtsyeah, I know. Imagine my consternation when using the wrong charger today.
00:01:19Zagornice work hardeep!
00:00:04ricIIfinaly Zagor is lookingin to dyn-pl patch ?
00:00:09diddystar5yea a wurking win sim with plugins now if i could get the source over cvs
00:00:35ZagorricII: yeah, i think it will come soon. though i'm not sure how much time i will have during the week.
00:01:39Zagorhardeep: although I think it's better if you can make apps/plugin.c work on win32 too. otherwise we risk them getting incompatible.
00:02:03hardeepZagor: yeah, that's what I was doing originally... the file was getting REALLY ugly though :)
00:02:11hardeepall the #ifdef WIN32's
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00:03:21Zagorhardeep: really? it looks like there's just a new version of plugin_load and an #include <windows.h>
00:04:39hardeepZagor: plus a couple of the api's in the structure... i'll clean it up some and then merge back with plugin.c
00:04:51Zagorok, thanks
00:06:01earHurtsif I wanted to solder the archos, what wattage soldering iron would I want?
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00:07:18ricIIearHurts I used a 15w
00:08:42earHurtsathing special about it? I bought an $8 iron from RadioShack
00:09:22earHurtshow long did you let the iron heat?
00:09:34ricIIa verry small tip, but still would recomend it for the chips
00:09:56earHurtswill 4% silver solder be ok?
00:11:06ricIInot recommend that is..
00:11:32diddystar5to build
00:11:44diddystar5the rocks, will iahve to run a makefile
00:12:38ricIIearHurts I used a temp-controled one for the 8mb mod..
00:13:05earHurtshmm. not gonna try that!
00:13:31diddystar5or do you just let them be made when you build ajbrec?
00:14:14hardeepdiddystar5: they get built with everything else
00:14:46diddystar5hardeep: thanks
00:20:47earHurtsmakefile is barfing on fonts/clR6x8.bdf
00:20:56earHurtsany idea why?
00:21:36diddystar5gotta go
00:21:40 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
00:22:11earHurtshow do I see the actual error that aborted the make?
00:23:00ZagorearHurts: did you run make in tools?
00:23:16Zagori think error 255 is often "tool not found"
00:23:38earHurtsthe tool is there, and I can run it from the command line
00:24:27earHurtsif I do, it complains it can't open the bdf, but the makefilew should be in the proper dir (firmware) at the point it tries to run the tool
00:25:05earHurtsIf I adjust the path by prepending firmware/ it runs without error on the command line
00:26:23earHurtsif I prepend the path in firmware/Makefile, make complains *** No rule to make target 'firmware/fonts/clR6x8.bdf'....
00:28:24Zagorwhere are you running make? have you made a build dir as instructed?
00:30:24ricIIearHurts try gcc -o convbdf convbdf.c in tools
00:31:47earHurtsconvbdf.exe exists
00:32:02earHurtsI'm building the same place I always have
00:32:34ricIIok I just noted today make in tools didn't build convdbf..
00:32:35earHurtsit's the parent of appps, tools, etc.
00:32:54ricIIsould be in tools
00:33:18ZagorearHurts: the recommended way is to make a new dir there, and run ../tools/configure from that dir
00:33:18earHurtsno, I'm building in tools's parent.
00:33:39earHurtsa sibling of tools?
00:33:55earHurtsand apps, common, firware, etc?
00:34:16earHurtsok, lemme try that
00:38:08earHurtscreated, making
00:39:07_aLF(lcd chip handle 132x 64 but the screen is only 112x 64)
00:39:19ricII_aLF true
00:39:19earHurtsKatherine Hepburn has died. Too bad.
00:39:54Zagorthe lcd I write for at work right now has 96x49 pixels. yes, 49...
00:41:15earHurtsyou can draw a line that's exactly sentered, then
00:41:30_aLF96 ?
00:42:56_aLFZagor> how data are send to LCD ? I see page which select 8 lines of GDRAM
00:43:20Zagordata is sent over spi, a serial interface
00:44:18earHurtsthe set_option signature has changed?
00:44:49_aLFin lcd_update, for me, I understand that only 1 line is update on 8 lines
00:45:05ZagorearHurts: yes, to separate ints and bools
00:45:23_aLF(I know that answer isn't simple)
00:45:52earHurtsid the function ptr at the end still optional
00:46:07ZagorearHurts: yes
00:47:15earHurtsfor optiontype, should I pass the real type or the logical type?
00:47:39Zagorthe enum: BOOL or INT
00:48:36earHurtsyeah, logically it's a bool' but up to now I was using a temp of type int, to avoid the problem the changed presumably fixed.
00:49:19earHurtsso do I pass INT which is what's being passed, or bool, how I want it treated?
00:49:20Zagorwell it's the physical type that matters
00:49:49earHurtsthanks, INT it is, I'll get rid of the temporary later
00:51:01earHurtsset_cfg_option has also changed?
00:51:29Zagorno, it's the same
00:52:36earHurtsThen I'm coercing a pointer. Ick.
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00:55:57Zagortime for bed
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01:31:43tracktheripperWhat is the rocks zip file for?
01:31:57earHurtsrocks are loadable plugins
01:32:22tracktheripperso how do I use them?
01:34:04tracktheripperdo I just put the .rocks in the .rockbox folder?
01:36:05earHurts7.5 hours at 128kbps cbr
01:36:21earHurtsthen 'play' them
01:36:53tracktheripperah i see
01:37:03tracktherippercould I dump them in the "root" instead?
01:37:27PsycoXulLog Message:
01:37:29PsycoXulAdded plugin loader. Moved games, demos and the text viewer to loadable plugins. Copy your *.rock files to /.rockbox/rocks/
01:38:49tracktherippersome nifty new games!!!!!!!!!
01:42:20 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:47:14tracktheripperWhat does the HelloWorld plugin do?!
01:47:24hardeepgive it a try and see :)
01:47:34tracktheripperit does nothing
01:47:40tracktheripperit just says Hello World on the LCD
01:48:06hardeepsurprisingly, that's all it's supposed to do... =)
01:48:41hardeepbtw, the .rock files don't need to be in .rockbox/rocks to play... however, they do need to be there to play from the menus
01:48:47tracktheripperall we need is a pinball game, ID3 tag editor and a voice transcriber :-)
01:48:51tracktheripperyea i realised that :-)
01:49:08 Join LinusN [200] (
01:49:14hardeepheya LinusN
01:49:28diddystar5could someone please send me the newest source from ssh? ;) i don't have ssh access and cvs is old code
01:49:34diddystar5hey Linus
01:49:43tracktheripperHi LinusN
01:49:52tracktheripperLinusN SOKOBAN finally works!!!!!
01:51:19LinusNtracktheripper: saw that, great
01:52:12BoD[]so ... the module think works now ? :)
01:52:23LinusNseems so
01:52:42tracktheripperyes Linus it also "Works For Me" as well :-)
01:52:52BoD[]it's great
01:53:15tracktherippernow how do you write your own plugins?
01:53:21tracktheripperis there a size limit on plugins?
01:53:40LinusNtracktheripper: you still need a complete rockbox development environment
01:53:49LinusNtracktheripper: 32K code+data
01:53:52hardeepdiddystar5: (latest cvs)
01:54:10tracktheripperoh righty
01:54:29diddystar5hardeep: thanks!
01:56:20ricIIhowcome us lesser mortals have a differennt cvs tree?
01:56:39LinusNricII: anon CVS is run off the backup CVS server
01:57:01diddystar5bad sf bad
01:58:22ricIIwhich sync's when ?
01:58:39LinusNwhen sourceforge feels like it
01:58:57LinusNthey claim it is every 24 hours, but it is sometimes even more seldom
02:00:28diddystar5ahh fresh new source i feel better now :)
02:00:38hardeepthe bleeding edge builds use anon cvs right?
02:00:46LinusNhardeep: no
02:00:51LinusNnot anymore
02:00:57ricIIno they have the rocks
02:01:05hardeepyeah, that's why i was wondering
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02:08:22ricIIhave to go and sleep, to morrow they gonna replave our stuppid exchange server
02:10:03ricIIbest way to accelrate this is with 9.81 m/s2 imho
02:13:34ricIIif they only never used the agenda...
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02:55:01diddystar5im outa here!
02:55:06 Part diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
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03:33:53 Join Phibs [0] (seitz@
03:34:01Phibsanyone have the Multimedia jukebox 20?
03:40:10LinusNi don't
03:42:20Phibswondering if there were any apps to view stats
03:42:22Phibslike firmware revision etc
03:42:46LinusNwe have no code for the multimedia
03:45:15Phibsdoh :(
03:48:32 Part Phibs
04:05:42 Part LinusN
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04:11:04earHurtsis current_tick a counter that is reset each boot?
04:33:54hardeepearHurts: yes. firmware/kernel.c
04:35:37 Quit BoD[] ("DODO")
04:39:53earHurtsis the id3 strucy availably globally?
04:42:19earHurtsdoes rockbox not take size modiferiers (l,h) in fprintf?
04:46:57hardeepthe id3 structure is defined in export/id3.h
04:47:40hardeepit doesn't look like the size modifiers are implemented... see common/sprintf.c
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