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#rockbox log for 2003-07-01

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11:03:57praehi !
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18:38:45Quelsarukhi Zagor :)
18:39:08Quelsaruki have a little problem :)
18:39:44Quelsaruklinus made some changes in the manual, so i should get it to add new changes (like new game, plugins...dinamic queue...)
18:40:02Quelsarukbut the problem is that it's really hard to find linus
18:40:24Zagormail is always good
18:40:50Quelsaruki tried.. ummm.... 1 month ago ;)
18:40:57Quelsaruki'll try again
18:41:12Zagor! but you know about don't you?
18:41:24Zagori mean
18:41:54Quelsaruki i say 'yes'.. woudl you believe me?
18:41:55Zagortake that and we can merge linus' changes later
18:42:23Quelsarukhe made changes in style sheets and so on
18:42:30Quelsarukdoesn't matter
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18:55:32Quelsarukbtw Zagor, do u know when we will be able to flash rockbox?
18:55:37Zagorah, now xchat is sane again
18:55:50Zagorno. [idc]dragon is the man to ask about that
18:55:55Quelsarukkvirc is cooler than xchat ;)
18:56:40Zagorperhaps. i just want small and simple, not cool :-)
18:57:34Zagorkvirc looks a little too much like a mirc clone to me
18:58:07Quelsarukumm.. maybe, but as i used mirc before, i'm used to this format
18:58:09Zagoranyway, i'm happy with xchat. we're all so happy... :)
18:58:50Quelsaruknot until i can use rockbox again on my jukebox
18:59:08Zagorwhy can't you?
18:59:13Quelsarukso i have to buy a new hd, use my old 6GB hd or... flash rockbox
18:59:46Quelsarukmy nearly full 30GB hd is damaged, and everytime i want to plug it to the pc, it can't spin up.
18:59:59Quelsarukbut even if it sounds strange...
19:00:31Quelsaruki can turn on my archos and do everything, except play the 3 songs where the phisical error is located :)
19:01:06Quelsarukbut, the problem is that i had no rockbox file on my hd, so i'm using archos 1.15m firmware
19:01:53Zagoraren't there programs that mark bad blocks as such, so the disk can still work?
19:02:08Zagorbut if it doesn't even want to spin up...
19:02:34Zagorfood time
19:02:47Quelsarukas you say, as it can't spin up, the computer can't recognice it
19:02:55Quelsarukcu later or another day then :)
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19:05:40*Stevie[FreedomPa yawns
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19:32:14Zagorhi stevie. any new progress on the emulator?
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20:28:50Zagorhi hardeep
20:29:57Zagorhardeep: feel free to commit your playlist code when you feel like it
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20:56:42hardeepZagor: er, okay... :)
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23:22:39Zagori wonder if perhaps the "Playlist" sub menu should have some sort of indicator to show it's a submenu and not an action. like the ... often used in window systems
23:23:02Zagoralthough i'm not sure ... is the best idea for rockbox
23:27:57hardeephmmm... how about a "/" at the end, as if it were a directory
23:33:47Zagoryeah, maybe.
23:34:20Zagorcould also be a bit confusing
23:38:34hardeepMaybe just wait for people to complain? =)
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23:46:24[IDC]DragonGood evening everybody! (Just checking around, won't be in for long tonight)
23:47:27Zagorhowdy dragon
23:48:13[IDC]DragonI got some ideas about plugin format, registration, etc., but I guess you had them all as well.
23:48:25Zagorhardeep: btw, could you fix that extra sim warning? ../../apps/playlist.c:542: warning: implicit declaration of function `fsync'
23:48:51Zagordragon: hard to say without hearing them :-)
23:49:18[IDC]DragonOne idea is that the filename describes it all.
23:49:37[IDC]Dragon(Game, viever for what extension)
23:49:57hardeepZagor: yeah, i'll try to clean up as many of the sim warnings as I can
23:50:21[IDC]DragonThen it's enough to just scan the dir, no need to open them all.
23:51:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:51:18Zagorwon't that make pretty long filenames?
23:51:29[IDC]DragonYes, do you care?
23:52:00Zagornot really, i just like everything simple
23:52:25[IDC]DragonOr they need some kind of header.
23:53:20[IDC]DragonEither on startup you'd have to scan for changes and update some kind of summary, or you'll always read them all when starting.
23:54:08[IDC]DragonDoes Rockbox decode file dates/size?
23:54:47[IDC]DragonOr what other registration ideas do you have?
23:55:58Zagori haven't thought about it much yet. so far i'm thinking about a simple config file, specifying which plugins are to be seen in which menu and used for what files.
23:56:22[IDC]DragonAha, some kind of .ini to be maintained.
23:57:15[IDC]DragonI like the "complex" filename, then you can just copy them around.
23:57:44[IDC]DragonIf they're PIC code ;-)
23:58:25[IDC]DragonAny experiments on that?
23:58:49Zagorno, nothing yet

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