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#rockbox log for 2003-07-04

00:01:34[IDC]DragonNext I'd like to do a plugin that does the flashing.
00:02:19[IDC]DragonHow is the 2MB/8MB issue going?
00:02:56Zagori haven't fixed it yet
00:03:38 Part mpeg4 ("Klienten avslutas")
00:03:45Zagoras we discovered yesterday, pic is no fun
00:04:06diddystar5_[IDC]Dragon: do you have that little video you sayed you would make?
00:04:23[IDC]Dragonanother :-( , it sounds like a question to a gcc group.
00:04:38Zagoryes, possibly
00:04:50Zagori'm off to bed, see you tomorrow
00:04:52 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
00:05:02[IDC]DragonWe taped a video today, but my friend forgot the camera at work.
00:05:20[IDC]DragonWe'll have it by tomorrow.
00:05:45[IDC]DragonZagor, goodnight.
00:06:00diddystar5_to late :)
00:06:16[IDC]DragonOK; I'm off as well.
00:06:20diddystar5_c ya
00:06:45 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
00:07:04diddystar5_im outa here gonna look for dinner
00:07:11 Part diddystar5_ ("Client exiting")
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00:23:19midknight2k3WELL HELLO!
00:23:37joshnhi :-)
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01:37:15REBELinBLUEanyone know what is up with CVS? I haven't been able to download for something like a week now
01:40:50MTsourceforge's cvs pserver cant handle the strain
01:40:54MTand it buckles
01:46:39thu too many rockbox commits? :)
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07:01:07Stevie-Odont everyone talk at once
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08:06:17*thu digs emusic for interesting stuff
08:12:36 Join earHurts [0] (
08:13:04earHurtstake off every zig
08:18:08thuhey earHurts
08:18:29thuearHurts: what do you know of emusic restrictions?
08:18:37thuearHurts: how much do you usually download?
08:32:48 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
08:35:07thuearHurts: ?
08:45:58earHurts35 tracks queued at a time
08:46:27earHurtsnow my gf wabts ne to go to bed
08:46:31 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
08:48:07thudamn earHurts :)
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09:36:56dwihnoRockbox from flash is coming up close!
09:37:04Quelsaruki know
09:37:08 Quit PsycoXul ("video card swap")
09:37:11Quelsarukand i need it
09:40:27 Quit Triple-z (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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10:37:58 Part LinusN
11:05:56dwihnoLinus! :D
11:11:37 Join LinusN [200] (
11:11:54dwihnoWhat'cha doing?
11:12:10LinusNretro recording
11:12:42dwihnotastes good? :)
11:24:35Quel|outLinusN: i need you
11:24:45*LinusN hides
11:24:50Quel|outcould you mail me the modified manual??
11:24:57LinusNoh, hang on a sec
11:26:56dwihnoLinusN: Have you tested the "flashbox"?
11:33:07LinusNdwihno: nope
11:33:35dwihnoIt would be NEAT to replace the archos' firmware with 2.1 ;-D
11:34:56LinusNhehe indeed
11:37:24dwihnoThe 3 second loading will surely kick arse.
11:50:04 Join tracktheripper [0] (
11:51:12tracktheripperhi Linusn
11:51:32tracktheripperLinus Sokoban and the plugin system works on my Archos
11:52:28tracktheripperHow many plugins can be put in the .rocks folder?
11:52:30tracktheripperis there a limit?
11:53:01tracktherippercool :-)
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11:55:01tracktheripperfor Recording, could u make/erase directories and put playlists, recordings in directories of your choice rather than the root? The root eventually becomes cluttered if you dump too many recordings/playlists into it
11:56:29dwihnoNow I remember
11:56:38dwihnoI was supposed to say: "Linus, recording should be a rock."
11:56:55tracktheripperhi Dwihno!!!!!!!!!!!
11:57:09dwihnoHALLOJS! :D
11:57:56tracktheripperDwihno its Jason not js :D
11:58:25dwihnohallojs = swedish cool word
11:58:31tracktherippertoo many inverted video lines? :D
11:58:33tracktheripperahh i see :-)
11:59:24LinusNdwihno: recording can't be a rock
12:00:03tracktheripperwhy not?
12:00:11dwihnohmm, why not?
12:00:24dwihnoa buffer issue?
12:00:29LinusNit's embedded in the mpeg playback code
12:00:40LinusNshared a lot of code and data
12:00:58tracktheripperwell Linus can make/erase folder and edit id3 tag be a rock?
12:00:58LinusNuses interrupts etc
12:01:01dwihnoWell, I thought I should tell you about it anyhow :)
12:01:17LinusNtracktheripper: id3 editing can certainly be a rock
12:01:54tracktheripperwhat about make/erase folder?
12:01:54dwihnoLinusN: Are there other parts that still reside in the code that should be rocks?
12:02:07LinusNdwihno: not that i know of
12:02:25LinusNtracktheripper: make/erase folder should probably be integrated
12:02:39LinusNlike rename and delete
12:03:41tracktheripperseems like Archos will never update their firmware.............
12:03:58LinusNguess so
12:04:58tracktheripperthey are working on other firmwares for their new video devices like the "Cinema To Go" thing!
12:09:41 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
12:10:48 Part LinusN
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13:55:15quelsarukdwihno: have you seen zagor?
13:55:48dwihnoquelsaruk: not in quite a while. I guess he's on a (well-deserved) vacataion! :-)
13:56:54quelsaruk3 days left!!
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14:14:09 Nick quelsaruk is now known as Quel|lunch (
14:19:53dwihnologbot: seen Zagor
14:35:19Quel|lunchdwihno: yesterday night ;)
14:37:01dwihnoZagor rules!
14:38:26Quel|lunchcu l8r
14:39:21dwihnocul8r m8!
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16:12:32Quel|lunchthat was langhaarrocker??
16:12:38 Nick Quel|lunch is now known as Quelsaruk (
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16:22:58 Quit dwihno ("Gorbage je gav")
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16:30:21 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
16:51:45 Join Lynx0 [0] (user@
16:52:36Quelsarukhi Lynx0
16:52:40Quelsaruknad hardeep :)
16:54:25Lynx0Dynamic playlists are cool, it the only thing I was missing in 2.0. I just havent really figured out how to work with them...
16:56:05Lynx0Is there always a playlist file created if i add a file?
16:57:06Quelsarukwhen you queue a file, you create a file (can't remember the name) in your .rockbox dir
16:57:37Lynx0but there is a difference between a playlist and the queue, right?
16:58:39Quelsarukhardeep: the dinamic playlist is yours no??
16:58:43Lynx0But if i insert the first file into a playlist, what's the m3u file called?
16:59:00QuelsarukLynx0: i haven't tried dinamic playlists
16:59:24Lynx0Ah, it's dynamic.m3u in root
17:01:27Lynx0The only thing missing now is a playlist viewer
17:02:03Quelsaruksomeday a plugin will do that :)
17:03:03Lynx0Someday probably is in a few days, condsidering the speed stuff is developed :)
17:03:50Quelsarukholidays time... more spare time :)
17:04:25 Quit Lynx0 ("Client Exiting")
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18:04:21*Stevie-O yawns
18:12:45Quelsarukbuenas tardes
18:13:48 Join jzoss [0] (
18:14:05Stevie-Ogood retards?
18:14:11 Quit TotMacherr ()
18:15:46Quelsarukjust godd afternoon :)
18:16:21Quelsaruktarde is both late or afternoon
18:20:46 Join VoronoV [0] (
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18:37:35 Join eXus [0] (
18:37:44eXusHi there !
18:38:06eXusseems like I need some help :!
18:38:11jzosson what?
18:38:18eXuswith my FM recorder....
18:38:32eXusalmost blocked on the USB screen :!
18:38:40eXuseven if I disconnected it
18:39:13jzoss"almost blocked"
18:39:24eXusnot almost in fact :)
18:39:31jzossusing rockbox, I assume...
18:39:43eXusin fact... no :!
18:40:09jzosshmmmmm.... I don't have any brilliant ideas. You've tried rebooting it, and same problem occurs?
18:40:27eXusI tried to update the firmware (with rockbox)
18:40:30eXusdidn't work either
18:41:12jzossI'd guess a hardware problem, only 'cause it behaves the same with both rockbox & archos firmwares.
18:41:39eXusyeah, but I've opened it to see if it gave some problems...
18:42:07eXusand everythin seemed ok
18:42:59jzosshmm. Not still under warranty?
18:43:12eXusit's a new-repackaged product
18:43:17eXusso I got some little warranty
18:43:39jzossyou might consider taking it back.
18:43:49eXusyeah, but I 've been waiting so long.... :!
18:43:57jzossOr wait to ask someone around here that's got more experience with the USB interface
18:44:13jzossEmail to the mailing list is an easy way to swing a wide net and see if anyone's got any ideas
18:45:11eXusok, I'll try this way
18:46:37eXusduh !!! I got another problem right now !
18:46:56eXusmy archos doesn't want to boot at all, but the batteries were full :!
18:47:11eXusit start booting, and shutdown right after
18:47:17 Part totMacher|way
18:47:23eXus(even the HDD doesn't start workin)
18:47:30jzossSure sounds like batteries to me. Hmmm
18:47:55eXustryin to charge them, but when I plug the wire it tries to boot...
18:48:13eXusand so the problem is a cyclic one
18:48:36eXuscoz I can't charge without bootin (or I've to directly charge the batteries)
18:48:40jzossRight. You can charge in an external charger. But if it won't even reach the charging screen, that's pretty odd
18:51:56jzoss?? what, Stevie-O?
18:51:58Stevie-Oi just wrote a perl script to summarize some of my weblogs
18:52:08Stevie-Othe most popular request was
18:52:29jzossthat was me, I'm afraid! j/k
18:52:32Stevie-Owith 1725 requests
18:53:01Stevie-Oalso popular was GET /scripts/root.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0 => 734
18:53:11Stevie-Oand GET /MSADC/root.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0 => 700
19:09:58 Join Zagor [242] (
19:16:23Stevie-Ohey Z
19:16:39Quelsarukhi Zagor
19:22:51Stevie-Oi'd like to take this moment to mention
19:23:03Stevie-Othat while windows makes some things incredibly easy
19:23:14Stevie-Oit makes certain other things damn near impossible
19:25:55QuelsarukStevie-O: try sacrifying a goat
19:27:17Stevie-Oim fresh out of goats
19:27:33hardeepemu's! sacrifice emu's
19:27:38hardeepor wombats
19:30:50hardeephmmm... a shortage of key sequences from the wps.
19:31:05hardeepi'm trying to add a hotkey to delete current playing track
19:33:45Zagorfrom the playlist, you mean?
19:33:54hardeepZagor: yeah
19:34:10hardeepsomeone mentioned it on here and i liked the idea
19:34:56Stevie-Odo we still have the f3 menu?
19:35:23hardeepStevie-O: yeah
19:35:33Stevie-Owe should take a poll
19:35:37Stevie-Oand find out who actually USES that thing
19:38:49 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
19:42:32Zagorgotta go. see you later.
19:42:39 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
19:45:46Quelsaruknot me
19:45:49Quelsaruki use F2
19:46:05Quelsarukwhen i was able to have rockbox
19:51:15MTmy biggest problem with rockbox is queueing tracks
19:51:22MTor its not really my problem
19:51:28MTbut its hard to explain to other people
19:51:31Quelsarukexplain that
19:51:45MTwell they keep pressing play, or right etc
19:51:55MTand wipe out all the rest of the queue
19:51:58MTwhen they want to queue
19:52:03MTthey just cant remember how
19:52:18MTthink of it as an idiot proof way of queueing
19:52:59MTinstead of playing on play/right, i thought a popup with [x] queue [ ] play
19:53:18MTand you choose which you want with left/right, and play to select
19:53:42Quelsaruki was working on a gfx menu for rockbox (recorder versions) but i had to leave it apart for a while
19:54:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:54:36Quelsaruktoday's method is not really dificult
19:54:57Quelsaruki mean, you have to press a combo and afterwards... choose whatever you want
19:55:47hardeepHave you seen Bagder's proposal for new key mapping:
19:55:53hardeepit addresses a lot of these issues
19:56:38Quelsarukyeah, i've read that :)
19:56:49Stevie-Oif (!(jensenBuffer = ExAllocatePool(PagedPool, 512))) {
19:56:56Stevie-O// We couldn't allocate 512 bytes of paged pool. If that's
19:57:04Stevie-O// so, then it's likely that the least of this machine's problems is that it's a Jensen.
20:00:51 Quit joshn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:02:11hardeepStevie-O: heh
20:26:00 Quit eXus ()
20:40:19Stevie-Omy driver is leet
20:40:19Stevie-Of:\ntddk\src\jbrser - 1 source files (1,337 lines)
20:46:40 Join ClosetPacifist [0] (
20:58:07 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:26:33 Quit Quelsaruk (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:27:25 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
21:32:44Quelsaruktime to go
21:33:42 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:34:18Quelsarukhi [IDC]Dragon
21:34:51[IDC]Dragonwant to see Rockbox booting fron Flash?
21:35:03[IDC]Dragon1.5 MB DivX
21:35:14Quelsaruk300 KB/s
21:36:09Quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon: i have to ask you for a favor
21:36:19[IDC]DragonI can tell...
21:37:38Quelsaruki'm in a really strange situation. I have a 30GB HD on my jukebox. It has some kind of phisical problem, so i can't mount it to any computer because it can't spin up
21:38:03[IDC]DragonOh, I coudn't tell.
21:38:05Quelsarukthe weird thing is that if i turn on my jukebox.. the firmware boots up
21:38:13Quelsarukand i can use it
21:38:31Quelsarukeverything except working with the files in the damaged zone
21:38:46[IDC]Dragondamaged zone?
21:39:10[IDC]Dragonget a new drive
21:39:14Quelsaruki know
21:39:17Quelsarukbut i have no money
21:39:30Quelsarukand as i can use the jukebox
21:39:59Quelsarukat least i can listen to my favourite music till it dies completely
21:40:00[IDC]DragonDoes it spin down when you connect it to USB?
21:40:34[IDC]DragonWhat happened to the original drive (30GB is not standard, I guess)
21:40:37Quelsarukit tries to spin up (and read all the hd i suppose... but it fails and spins down, retries and again... like a llop)
21:40:46Quelsaruki keep my 6GB drive
21:41:05Quelsarukbut i have 25GB of heavy metal :)
21:41:09[IDC]DragonAh, 30GB used, sorry.
21:42:07[IDC]DragonSorry, I'm afraid I can't fix your drive.
21:42:09Quelsarukthe thing is that i can work with the jukebox, but i haven't got a rockbox firmware on the HD (it broke after a format and restoring the files)
21:42:18Quelsarukno don't want the drive fixed
21:42:34[IDC]Dragonyou want it broken ;-)
21:42:37Quelsaruki'm using archos 1.15m firmware
21:42:48Quelsarukand I *want* to use rockbox again
21:43:21[IDC]DragonHow about trying to get the drive out and connecting is to a PC via IDE?
21:43:28Quelsarukso i thought, let's change the drive again, put the 6GB, flash rockbox somehow, mount the 30GB drive.. and use rockbox :)
21:43:35Quelsaruki've tried
21:43:41Quelsarukand got the same problem
21:44:03Quelsaruki've been trying everything for the last month
21:44:03[IDC]DragonPlayer or Recorder?
21:44:25[IDC]DragonOK, stay tuned for flashing it.
21:44:45Quelsarukbefore tuesday? (holidays)
21:44:55[IDC]Dragoncan't promise.
21:45:04hardeep[IDC]Dragon: only certain jukeboxes can be flashed right?
21:45:06Quelsarukthx anyway
21:45:19Quelsaruki've followed all your mails
21:45:32[IDC]Dragonsend me a personal email, so I know how to reach you.
21:46:17Quelsarukthat's the second problem... univ. mail server is down
21:47:01[IDC]DragonYou've got no freemailer account?
21:47:22Quelsarukyups.. but i don't really use it
21:47:24Quelsarukdon't worry
21:47:28Quelsarukmailing you right now
21:48:20[IDC]DragonOK; I carry on programming, if you don't mind.
21:50:36Quelsarukfor sure
21:50:45Quelsarukand thx
21:51:20[IDC]DragonYou're welcome.
21:52:30Quelsaruktime to go
21:52:46 Quit Quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
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21:55:26[IDC]Dragonhardeep, sorry: You'll need one with an in-circuit flashable chip. Check debug->HW info.
21:56:16[IDC]DragonRight now I've only tested my recorder. For Player and FM we'd need validation first.
21:57:49hardeep[IDC]Dragon: alas, my rec6 can't be flashed :(
21:59:39[IDC]DragonI have the same, using a friends' hardware now.
22:05:26Stevie-Othats a shame =/
22:52:08 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
23:00:22 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:00:37tracktheripperhow are ya?
23:10:41 Join _aLF [0] (
23:11:04tracktheripperhi Alf
23:11:56*ClosetPacifist wonders if anyone here has compiled the cross-compiler on Mac OS X.
23:12:15_aLFdo I need the linux drivers with Mandrake 9.1 ?
23:13:34hardeep_aLF: you shouldn't
23:14:37hardeepClosetPacifist: are you encountering problems?
23:15:01hardeepClosetPacifist: i would expect the cross-compiler to build no problem on OS X
23:15:41ClosetPacifistnot sure, got binutils working with the version mentioned on rockbox page, but the gcc compile seems to die; read that it won't compile on OSX before version 3.1 though, planning on trying a newer version
23:17:10 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
23:17:28hardeepClosetPacifist: ah, didn't realize 3.0.x didn't compile on OS X
23:17:44hardeep3.1 should work with rockbox as well
23:40:45_aLFI'm become crazy with this linux
23:41:12_aLFno way to have a sda1
23:46:02 Join Sparks [0] (
23:46:48SparksIs there anyone here that can change things on the web page?
23:47:34SparksIf so, Can I suggest that a link is put on the chat page as follows... irc://
23:47:51Sparksthis would make it much easier for people to connect to the chat!
23:50:59Sparksalso, what is the (rocks) all about on the Daily Builds page?!
23:51:42ClosetPacifistthe zip contains the .rock files which can be put in the /.rockbox/rocks/ folder on the jukebox
23:51:51ClosetPacifistthey're the neato little plugins for the new plugin system
23:52:46Sparksoh i see!
23:53:13Sparksi havent updated my FM for months now, so now may be a good time to see what's new!
23:53:48ClosetPacifist:) *hugs his web of aliases which download the latest build.*
23:54:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:54:55ClosetPacifisterb, just updated mine today after a few weeks
23:56:41Sparksjust lookes, I am on 030513!

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