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#rockbox log for 2003-07-05

00:09:08 Join earHurts [0] (
00:09:29earHurtshow are yiu gentlemen !!
00:11:39hardeepearHurts: heya earHurts... are you still having problems with the dynamic playlist stuff?
00:12:29earHurtsuh, probably. I haven't had an opportunity to try any other builds
00:15:04hardeepoh, okay.
00:15:10earHurtsI,m going to see what the latest build does for me
00:15:31hardeepyeah, i can't reproduce it and no one else has reported it
00:16:12earHurtshow easy is it to call dynamic playlist functions without the dp gui?
00:17:29hardeepearHurts: all exported functions are in apps/playlist.h
00:18:06earHurtswhen I first got archos ai was disappointed abd durprised playing a directory judt listed it
00:18:34earHurtssurprised, even
00:19:02earHurtscan I use dp to get that functionality?
00:21:13hardeepearHurts: sure, just call playlist_insert_directory()
00:22:16earHurtshow do I override the recursive setting?
00:22:36hardeepearHurts: see the arguments to insert_directory
00:23:16earHurtsnice forward thinking api, hardeep
00:24:17earHurtsthis will address much of what i weant in the gui
00:27:04 Quit Sparks (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:31:16 Join Sparks [0] (
00:32:31Sparksis it possible to lock the keypad during recording? - i cant seem to do it :S
00:33:19hardeepSparks: i don't believe you can do it currently
00:33:58hardeepSparks: you may want to make a feature request if there isn't one already
00:34:56Sparks...just checking for one!
00:35:25Sparksalso, would it be possible to put "irc://" on the IRC part of the web page so it is much quicker to connect!
00:36:14hardeepSparks: it's certainly possible... post a request on the mailing list
00:37:37Sparksit would be VERY useful!
00:39:11Sparksas would the keylock when recording (secret recording with the Arcos in a pocket, for example!)
00:39:24ClosetPacifist:) that's fun!
00:39:35ClosetPacifistheh, recorded a wedding a while back
00:42:58SparksI have been recording some meetings @ work, due to the fact we are relocating and have had the personell managers talking to us - it would be much nicer to not have to worry about pressing buttons accedently!
00:50:12Stevie-OUse the Source, Luke
00:56:09 Join devZer0 [0] (
00:58:50devZer0hi there! sparks: i tried your link and indeed it makes things much quicker. :)
01:03:19 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: the ONLY three day cure!")
01:03:36Sparksu using mIRC?
01:04:19devZer0didn`t know that i can start irc session so easily from a webbrowser. i`m using mirc - did mirc install a special "handler" for that? is this a mirc "speciality" or do irc clients usually do so? what happens on linux ?
01:04:49Sparksnot sure, that was why I was asking if you were on mIRC (Like I am)
01:05:33devZer0it would be interesting if other irc clients can handle this, too.
01:05:36Sparksanyone know of a good place to get a Fujutsu MHS2060AT from?
01:07:13devZer0mhhh - what is your "reference pricing"?
01:07:24 Join tuximus [0] (
01:07:45 Quit tuximus (Client Quit)
01:08:00Sparkscheapest I have seen is GBP155
01:08:55 Join telliott [0] (telliott@
01:10:13MTis that a 60gb drive?
01:10:21ClosetPacifistmarf... getting stuff like 'lib1funcs.asm:60:Unknown pseudo-op: .global' when I try to compile now on OSX... think I've ran google dry...
01:10:27devZer0thats very expensive!
01:10:49MTdo you absolutely require 60gb
01:10:59MT40gb would be much cheaper
01:11:19 Quit Zagor|away ("Client exiting")
01:11:47SparksMHR2040AT = 90
01:12:05devZer0Fujitsu MHS2060AT 60,0 GB 12/2048/4200 U-100 IDE
01:12:12devZer0173.19 EUR
01:12:17devZer0here in germany
01:12:52SparksI use the Jukebox as file storage for backing up peoples PC's etc. (I am an IT Engineer) - so the bigger the better!
01:13:19telliottMy 1 year warrenty is up in August.. I'm joping I can upgrade the hard drive in my AJR20.
01:13:28devZer0thats 119.361 GBP
01:14:50Sparksi need to find some other suppliers then! seems to have it in stock for that price
01:16:34MT133.27+VAT from
01:16:47telliottI just saw the new video from Joerg. I can't wait till we can boot Rockbox from RAM.
01:18:16MTSparks: if you really want it just for backing up peoples stuff, you could get a 120GB USB2 drive *complete* for less than just your 60gb replacement hd
01:18:54devZer0telliott: me too :)
01:21:07devZer060.0 GB 2.5" IDE HDD-ATA5-4200U/Min-13mS-9.5mm - 169,00 EU don`t know the model
01:23:02devZer0that guy sold archos-boxes for a long time. he also sold "tuned" ones - with 60gb drive inside
01:23:40SparksMT: - its cheaper from
01:24:04devZer0bought mine there a while ago - toshiba 60gb and it works very well since then....
01:24:42SparksMT: a whole 62p :)
01:25:53SparksMT: It is a good idea, but I do prefer only having one box to carry arond, and the Archos has the battery if there are no power points!
01:28:28ClosetPacifistyay! s/.global/.globl/ fixes that...
01:29:18Sparkshas anyone here got the FM?
01:30:56Sparksi have the FM here, and have just tried plugging in my power supply for my iPAQ (seems to have the same connector) - my battery level is now cycling between 0 34 68 100 - I dont have the proper PSU to hand (It's at work) this normal!
01:31:45Sparks(I just upgraded to a newer version of Rockbox (I had a May version previously) and didnt remember seeing it do this before
01:32:56ClosetPacifistmight be the charge-graphic-moving-thingy
01:33:32devZer0yes - this is new afaik
01:37:01ClosetPacifistanyone have any ideas on how to fix stuff like this: "Invalid mnemonic 'rotcl'" when compiling the cross-compiler? also get it with rts, shar, shlr16, etc
01:39:20devZer0no - can`t help - sorry.
01:41:27devZer0sparks: when you upgrade your archos hdd - there are very nice & tiny usb 2.0 aluminium cases out there. very cheap !
01:42:19devZer0i don`t think you want to throw away the old hdd :)
01:45:53ClosetPacifistOOPS! was putting linus's path in my PATH variable, not mine...
01:47:01SparksdevZer0 - that sounds like a very good idea! :)
01:47:30Sparksdo you know if the USB port will power them, or do you need another wall wart?
01:48:14devZer0wooow. beautiful:
01:48:27devZer0that depends
01:48:41devZer0on my notebook, the port has enough power
01:48:50devZer0@work i need additional power supply.
01:49:17devZer0you can put an adapter between keyboard plug as power supply
01:50:50devZer0nice stuff @ebay :)
01:53:01Sparksoohh, and it's bloooooo :P
01:54:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:54:15devZer0it`s a small blue from big blue :D
01:54:29devZer0a beautiful small blue from ugly big blue :D
01:55:14 Join tracktheripper [0] (
01:55:15Sparkseh, you lost me there!
01:57:33 Quit _aLF ("Client exiting")
01:59:05SparksdevZer0 - do you know the height of the existing HDD in the FM?
02:00:36 Quit telliott (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:00:45ClosetPacifisthmm... that didn't fix it...
02:02:27*ClosetPacifist wonders if the binutils version is incompatible with the gcc version.
02:04:25 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
02:05:41devZer0sparks - no, i don`t - but isn`t that a regular 9.5mm one?
02:06:00earHurtsit's regular
02:06:16Sparksokay :)
02:06:22earHurtsI was able to replace mine with a normal laptop hdd
02:07:09Sparksi was just looking at and it clearly states it will only work with the 9.5mm ones
02:07:39*thu is back (Gone: all day)
02:07:43earHurts9.5 is normal, 8 think
02:07:43Sparkswhoops, i posted the URL twice
02:07:51thuSparks: maybe you want to look at too :)
02:08:13Sparksyea, that wud have been better! :D
02:08:36 Join Remo [0] (
02:08:41Sparksit was supposed to be just
02:08:59Sparksgot knows how I managed to paste it multiple times :/
02:09:07thudarn.. cable is slow during the day
02:09:15earHurtsI didn't de-solder when I replaced mine, but you might want to
02:09:49Sparkshow did you swap without desoldering then?
02:10:10earHurtsI folded the top and bottom of the back plate down
02:10:29Sparksdid it leave a crease in the metal then?
02:10:38 Quit Remo (Client Quit)
02:10:41earHurtsfolding the bottom down was a mistake; you should be able to avoid doing so
02:11:10*thu thinks upgrading his archos' drive is not worth it
02:11:23earHurtsit did leave a crease; I would suggest if you do it, you attempt to fold at the existing bend
02:11:25 Join telliott [0] (telliott@
02:11:42Sparksi might just desolder it!
02:11:51earHurtsI have 22GB of music on it, it's worth it
02:12:11thuhardly :)
02:12:20Sparksi have a 20 gig disk, and 30 gigs of music, so it is worth it!
02:12:39Sparksand I use it for file transfers between PC's!
02:13:04thuI'm doing fine dragging just < 20G around
02:13:44earHurtsif you fold down the top, you can reach a small screwdriver in through the bottom to pop out the hdd
02:13:48Sparksit is also usefull for "backing up" a friends DVD collection :P
02:14:00thutoo slow :P
02:14:14thuI use it at lan partys.. last time I backuped around 15G of music
02:14:26earHurtsthe hdd is insulated with a piece of sticky plastic. be sure to transfer it to the new drive
02:14:40thumm I have about 70G of mp3s on my drive now
02:14:49Sparksi think I will just desolder :D
02:14:54thuI guess I would need an 80G upgrade drive
02:15:09earHurtsbe sure the drive is completely insulated, as the battery connects to the back plate
02:15:18Sparkswhat is the biggest 2.5" disk avalable now?
02:15:32Sparksdo u have the FM?
02:15:34thuanything over would probably be really expensive
02:15:38thuI do
02:15:44thuhe doesn't
02:15:50earHurtsI have an fm
02:15:56thuokay I don't rc
02:16:25thubleh I don't know what I'm talkin about
02:16:25Sparkswhat iirc mean? (I never worked that one out!)
02:16:29thuI'll go eat
02:16:42thu[Linux] thu@dusty thu $ wtf is iirc
02:16:42thuIIRC: if I recall correctly
02:16:46earHurtsit means if I recall correctly, iirc
02:18:26Sparksany idea when the rockbox flash will be avalable for the FM for the masses?
02:18:39Sparks3second boot really appeals!
02:18:59 Join keithhub [0] (
02:25:56devZer0n8 guys. gonna sleep
02:27:37Sparksnight night :D
02:27:51SparksdevZer0 - u in the UK?
02:28:51[IDC]DragonPhew! My firmware flashing plugin works!
02:29:52[IDC]DragonSo the box can flash itself, without mod.
02:30:01Sparks:) that is very good news!
02:30:48[IDC]DragonExpect a first release for the recorder very soon (mask 0x0302 preferred).
02:30:52Sparksif one was to kill the flash area (erase it, for example - would it be possible to recover it?
02:31:17[IDC]DragonYes, but then you need the UART boot mod and the serial mod.
02:31:39[IDC]DragonNothing for the masses.
02:31:44Sparkswhat does mask 0x0302 preferred mean?
02:32:12[IDC]DragonI've only tested it for that so far. (see debug->HW info)
02:32:37[IDC]DragonThose flags decide on some hardware differences.
02:32:44Sparksokay, my FM is mask 0x0304 that bad!
02:33:04Stevie-Ooh no
02:33:17Stevie-Orun away BEFORE IT EXPLODES!
02:33:36[IDC]DragonDifferent story. Before flashing the FM, we'd need a developer volunteering to do those mods.
02:33:52Sparksis that just the FM's version then
02:34:48 Join BoD[] [0] (
02:34:51BoD[]Hello !
02:34:55Sparkswhy is it the Archos takes so much longer - what is it doing in that extra time?
02:35:06SparksHello BoD
02:35:37[IDC]DragonThere's a little monitor started first. But aport from it's 1 second timeout, I have no idea.
02:35:39 Join Nibbler [0] (
02:36:37ClosetPacifisterb, is a mask 0x0202 good? have the most likely positive flash values that you mentioned on the mailing list
02:36:57Sparksand the same when you turn it off - it takes a lot longer to go off with Archos
02:37:18[IDC]DragonTime to sleep.
02:37:29*ClosetPacifist waves.
02:37:47 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
02:39:22Stevie-OSparks: scratching its virtual balls
02:39:47*Sparks laughs
02:40:08Stevie-Owhat else?
02:40:10Stevie-Oi mean
02:40:21Stevie-O15 seconds difference
02:40:34Stevie-Oor, more meaningfully
02:40:39Sparksthey just wanted to show te progress bar thingie
02:40:50Stevie-O500% longer
02:41:14Stevie-Oor how about '6 times as long'
02:41:27 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
02:41:34Sparksany idea if a hugher output PSU is used, it would stop the battery drainwhen xfering over the USB?
02:42:09Sparks(Sorry about the typing, I obviously need sleep!!)
02:43:06Sparksmust try it on my 2A iPaq one
02:44:01Sparksdo you have the FM Stevie-O?
02:47:53thuhe doesn't
02:48:01Sparksu do?
02:48:09thuyeah :)
02:48:22Sparkscan u tell me the voltage of the PSU (Mine it @ work)
02:48:29Sparksit -> is
02:49:09thuwhere was that?
02:49:36 Join Neo [0] (Neo@
02:49:40Sparksit should be printed on the PSU
02:49:43Neohey all
02:49:44thuSparks: how do i get it?
02:49:47Sparksprobably on the bottom
02:49:58Sparksello Neo
02:50:10Neohave some questions about archos jukebox before burchase
02:50:11Sparksof the power pack
02:50:15 Part Neo ("Client exiting")
02:50:32Sparksthe thing you plug in the wall to charge the FM :)
02:50:50 Join Neo [0] (~Neo@
02:51:01thu+ in the middle
02:51:06Neocan i ask some questions about the archos
02:51:19thuNeo: this is an ipod channel
02:51:21Sparksokay, I thought as much - it;s just the 5v one for my iPaq seems to be chaging it :?
02:51:29Neohow is it
02:51:32Neoits rockbox
02:51:43Sparksi think it was a joke :D
02:51:59Sparksi.e of course you can
02:51:59Neomy bad
02:52:00thuNeo: jk
02:52:08Neoi was here before
02:52:12Neoasked some questions
02:52:25thuif you say so
02:52:26Sparkswhat do you want to know?
02:52:28Neois the archos jukebox recorder 20 worht buying
02:52:47thuI chose the recorder fm
02:52:53thuit's a pretty good deal for the money
02:52:54Sparksdepends what you want to do with it - if you want a door wedge, then no :P
02:53:05Neoits heavy?
02:53:18thunot overly heavy
02:53:36thuyou can probably pick it up in a store and see for yerself
02:53:42SparksIMO the FM radio is not that good
02:53:56thuI second that
02:54:07Neoi was just gona get the recorder 20
02:54:15thuthe recorder fm is just slicker
02:54:26thubut it's hardly possible to record hi-q off the radio
02:54:43Sparksis the FM the same as the recorder 20, but minus the radio?
02:54:58thunah.. different design
02:55:05Sparksok, thought so
02:55:07thumm and different batteries
02:55:19Neoi could get the recorder 20 for 200
02:55:25Neois taht a good deal?
02:55:28Sparksyea, not as easy to replace on the FM
02:55:33Sparks200 what?
02:55:39thuand I think the recorder has digital in
02:55:42thufm doesn
02:55:48thu200 USD sounds good
02:56:12thuespecially if you compare it to the other jukeboxes
02:56:17Sparksthe rockbox firmware has the digital input option in the menu
02:56:18thuNeo: who's selling it for $200?
02:56:23Neocircuit city
02:56:30Neo30 dollars off
02:56:32thumm cheap
02:56:34Neolast day tomorrow
02:56:41Neohow fast of a pause between songs
02:56:42thuimho it's worth it
02:56:50thubut then again.. I payed $260 for my fm
02:57:12thupauses are long or short
02:57:13thuthey can't be fast
02:57:35thuwell unless you make them run
02:58:21Sparksit is apparently only 6 months old, so I guess you could return it under warentee
02:58:21 Quit devZer0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:58:32Neobut there is a pause
02:58:33thudon't count on it
02:58:35Neobetween songs
02:58:40thuNeo: umm guess so
02:58:57Neolike its not track 1 then its over then track 2
02:59:12thuprobably not
02:59:22Neoeven with rockbox
02:59:55Neodont u have it?
03:00:04thuI do but I didn't notice that
03:00:08thuI guess it pauses
03:00:14thuI never thought of it
03:00:18Neobut its not like u have to wait long
03:00:51thudoesn't circuit city have a 30-day return policy?
03:00:58thuif you have the money go try it
03:01:12Neodo u think ill like it?
03:01:13thuin the (very unlikely) case you hate it just take it back
03:01:27thuI can't say what _you_ like
03:01:44thubut I've went through 4 mp3 cd players and one memory mp3 player and hated them all
03:01:53thuwell.. afterwards
03:02:21 Join Master_Debator [0] (
03:02:26thuumm.. don't expect to jog with it or anything
03:02:29Neobut u like this one the best
03:02:30thuit's pretty sensitive to shocks
03:02:41thuas any hard disk
03:02:43*ClosetPacifist got his recorder 15 for ~$175
03:02:52Neoeven ipod?
03:02:57Master_Debatorhey all, is it OK to use the defragment option in XP on the archos jb20?
03:03:19thuMaster_Debator: afaik it's just a regular fat filesystem
03:03:23thuyou can do to it whatever you want
03:03:31Neowhey master
03:03:35Neodo u like ur archos?
03:03:43Master_DebatorYes, I just got it a couple days ago
03:03:43thuNeo: I can't even walk with it in my pocket 'cuz it will stop
03:03:49thuNeo: so that would be one limitation
03:03:55ClosetPacifistthe main reason I got an archos over and iPod was price, but rockbox defintally makes me happy with it
03:03:55Master_Debatorthe rockbox rocks!
03:04:02thuNeo: in rest.. the battery life is big
03:04:13thuClosetPacifist: true.. ipod is nicer in some ways
03:04:16thubut the price tag turns me off
03:04:30ClosetPacifistya, and the recording sounded rather neato, heh
03:04:46thuas I've said before.. the only jukebox I'd consider besides archos is neuros
03:04:57Neohow much is the neuros
03:04:57thuI never tried one first hand though
03:05:19thuI don't know how much it's in stores
03:05:22Neoi have 200 to spend on an mp3 player
03:05:29Neo(have the tax)
03:05:38thuNeo: imho it's worth that money
03:05:43Neowhats the best mp3 player at that price range
03:05:47Master_Debatori got mine at circuit city also...
03:05:48Neothe archos?
03:05:54thuyou can use it as an usb drive also
03:06:02thudoes the recorder 20 do usb2?
03:06:07Master_Debatorthey have that $199 after rebate thing
03:06:18Master_Debatorthu: Yes
03:06:31thuwell then.. it's worth it
03:06:58Neoi just want an mp3 player at that range
03:06:59Master_DebatorWhile I was there, I noticed they seemed to have two versions, one with blue "pads" and another with black/grey "pads"...
03:07:14Neois the archos worth it?
03:07:15Master_Debatorany difference?
03:07:26Neocan u shuffle on the player itself
03:07:27Master_DebatorSo far, I think it's worth it
03:07:45Neois that what u have
03:08:03thuit's just an usb drive with a mp3 player on it
03:08:09thuand there are no major issues that I know of
03:08:14thunot much more to say
03:08:26Neocan i walk with it
03:08:37thuyeah but on your belt
03:08:38Master_DebatorMy battery life seems to suck though.....
03:08:44thuit doesn't like to stay in a pocket
03:08:48thuat least mine doesn't
03:09:06thuif you put it in the belt pouch it's happy
03:09:35Neobut it would slip out of what?
03:10:13thuMaster_Debator: I kill my battery life jumping from song to song
03:10:26thudir to dir that is
03:10:45Neohow does the display work
03:11:00thuyou can customize it
03:11:02thuand change the fonts
03:11:09Master_Debatorthu: yeah, I think that's the problem... but still, it seemed to kill -15 off the battery just from an hour of playing music (no jumping songs)
03:11:10thuin rockbox of course
03:11:13ClosetPacifistif you have a recorder
03:11:38thuyeah he's talkin about a recorder 20
03:11:51thudo they even sell players anymore?
03:11:51Neoso i should get it
03:12:04ClosetPacifistthink outpost has a player 6000 for cheap, heh
03:12:14thunot that cheap
03:12:24thuI mean not dirt cheap
03:12:30thuotherwise I would have gotten it last year
03:12:32thuinstead of this fm
03:12:34Neobut thats just 6 gigs right?
03:12:44Neoi watn 20
03:12:50ClosetPacifistdon't think they have it anymore anyway
03:13:15Neoso i should get it?
03:13:17thuNeo: you can take it apart and put an 80G drive inside if you want
03:13:23thuNeo: that's for you to decide
03:13:39thuNeo: there are no really unhappy archos users afaik
03:13:46Neocircuit city can do that?
03:14:04thuNeo: a new drive is 2-300$
03:14:14Neo20 is enough
03:14:49thuI don't think you can get any jukebox half as decent as the archos for that money
03:15:02Neois it solid?
03:15:19thusolid enough but just don't drop it :)
03:15:41thuor hammer nails with it
03:15:52ClosetPacifistheh, mine's slid to the floor a few times x.x
03:16:00thubtw does the recorder 20 shed?
03:16:00Sparksjust treat it with the respect it deserves :)
03:16:13thumy fm sheds all over
03:16:21Neohow long should it last
03:16:28telliottIt won't break if you drop it a short distance on carpet. Mine didn't.
03:16:33thuNeo: until you drop it really hard
03:16:41thuyeah I dropped it on carpet too
03:16:42Neobut if it lasts a shed
03:16:50thuoh lol
03:16:57thuthe paint on the back of my fm is gone
03:17:06Neowhat color looks better
03:17:08thuprobably because of the heat
03:17:11thuNeo: pink
03:17:12ClosetPacifistoh, don't think the paint on my rec15's gone yet
03:17:25thumine looks pretty beat
03:17:33thuesp with the scratched screen and the paint gone
03:17:38Neowhat color
03:17:39thuworks like a charm though
03:17:49thuNeo: lime green
03:17:55Neothey have green?
03:17:55ClosetPacifisthaven't taken the plastic screen cover off mine yet
03:18:02thuNeo: no
03:18:15Neoblue or silver
03:18:19Sparksyou could always re spray it :P
03:18:23thuyou can spraypaint it later
03:18:24thu:P Sparks
03:18:56telliottI really liked the FM till I saw they took out the digital I/O. I use my recorder 20 to play through my Pioneer reciever's digital input. Sounds great.
03:19:16Neocould i record off a portably cd player
03:19:22thuNeo: yes
03:19:36ClosetPacifistNeo: if you got a two-ended audio cable like comes with computer speakers, yup
03:19:37Neothats cool
03:19:38thuNeo: you can record off any external audio source
03:19:44thuor internal microphone
03:19:50Neoanother question
03:19:51*ClosetPacifist still has his cable from his first speakers, it's yummy.
03:19:52Neoi forgot
03:19:54Sparksor external preamped mic
03:19:58thunice thing is that you record directly in mp3
03:20:12thuyou just connect it to your pc later and get the songs
03:20:23Sparksand rockbox now has auto splitting for BIG recording sessions :)
03:20:39thuyeah.. I used to record 2h lectures
03:21:00Neoum, whats some more good things abut it
03:21:03Sparks...but they still need the keylock in the recording screen :D
03:21:11telliottDid they ever get spliiting to work without losing a tiny amount between tracks?
03:21:16MTforget the internal mic, its awful
03:21:31thuawful if you want good quality
03:21:36MTit picks up all the hd screeches
03:21:42thubut good for recording compromising stuff
03:21:53Sparksthey should make it spin the disk down forst...
03:22:04thucan't really help that with any disk
03:22:24*ClosetPacifist takes shelter from the fireworks.
03:23:07thulool it's the 4th today right
03:23:14thuI wrote 3rd all day
03:23:19*Sparks wonders what ClosetPacifist of on about!
03:23:20thuin lotsa places
03:23:39thudarn lotech watch
03:23:42*ClosetPacifist 's had great fun with the internal mic, and having his recorder in his pocket.
03:23:45thuI have to set it every 2 months
03:23:46Sparksit's the 5th now (In the UK)
03:24:04ClosetPacifistheh, lucky, you don't have fireworks floatin' bout then!
03:24:38thuI don't either :P
03:24:57ClosetPacifistthought it was thunder at first...
03:25:05Neohow does it operate
03:25:09Neothe buttons
03:25:16thuNeo: you have to push them
03:25:21ClosetPacifist:) you might wana look at the manuel for that
03:25:28thuClosetPacifist: are you some sort of terrorist?
03:25:28Sparksu press them, and it does somthing :P
03:25:28*ClosetPacifist 's had great fun with the internal mic, and having his recorder in his pocket.
03:25:31Neoo really
03:25:33Neono i mean
03:25:35thuhow come you're not outside shootin fireworks?
03:25:40Neowhat kind of buttons
03:25:47thumm rectangular mostly
03:25:47Neois there a lock button
03:25:49ClosetPacifistthu: eh? cause I'm a geek!
03:25:53thuplastic buttons
03:25:56Sparksneo: yes
03:26:06ClosetPacifistwe stay inside at our computers all day long, correct?
03:26:06Neois the screen easy to see
03:26:09thuClosetPacifist: oh.. so you _are_ a terrorist then
03:26:24thuClosetPacifist: is that a new terrorist group that I didn't hear about yet?
03:26:36Neois the backlight good?
03:26:36Sparksnot in the dark when the backlight has gone ofNeo:
03:26:37ClosetPacifistthu: yup, related to the evil hackers!
03:26:39thuyou are clearly antipatriotic
03:26:47Neowhen the backlight is on
03:26:52Sparksneo: the backlight is very good
03:26:58 Part telliott
03:27:09Sparksthe contrast is also ajustable in rockbox
03:27:14thuthere should be a way to turn the backlight on after you set it to off
03:27:22Neohow are the games
03:27:26Neoprobably not too good
03:27:27Neojust basi
03:27:29thuNeo: multiplying
03:27:39Sparksi did put in a feature request for that @ thu
03:27:43thuNeo: they have doom running on the archos
03:28:04thuSparks: I usually turn the light off during the day cuz it's really sunny and I don't see it anyway
03:28:07thuthen forget about it
03:28:14thuand when I try to use it @ night I have no light
03:29:03Neowhere can u get more games
03:29:24Neowhere can u get more games
03:29:29Sparksdoom was a April Fools joke :-)
03:29:44*thu steps on Sparks' foot
03:29:53Neowhere can u get more games
03:30:10thulol ClosetPacifist
03:30:29thuClosetPacifist: you can even shoot planes in doom with that left button
03:30:50Neono doom on rockbox?
03:30:53ClosetPacifistdidn't see /that/ picture when they released the doomstuffs... heh
03:31:05*Sparks apologises, and rubs his foot better
03:31:08Neowhere can i get a download
03:31:10Neofor doom
03:31:42Neoi see it
03:31:46Neowhere can i get a download
03:31:52ClosetPacifistthe recorder dl is
03:32:05Neoand its in there
03:32:10thuNeo: there are quite a few games.. tetris, sokoban, wormlet, flipit, othelo, sliding puzzle, star
03:32:34ClosetPacifistya, and with the new rock feature people'll likely be making more
03:32:38Neoand is doom in there
03:32:59thuNeo: I heard they are working at doom3 for rockbox now
03:33:06thuNeo: they want to release it with the official version
03:33:09thuto support rockbox
03:33:14Neowhat doom?
03:33:17SparksI have Unreal Tourament ported too
03:33:26thuNeo: doom3 and duke nukem forever
03:33:38Neoand can i get doom now?
03:33:46thuNeo: just doom1 for now
03:34:04thu<ClosetPacifist> the recorder dl is
03:34:12Neoand its included in there?
03:34:26thuyeah.. it's the rockbox version
03:34:45Neowill rockbox always be free?
03:35:00 Quit Master_Debator (Remote closed the connection)
03:35:01Sparksany Idea when Microsoft Office XP will be finished for the Archos?
03:35:13Neooffice xp?
03:35:19ClosetPacifistit's open source and such, and I belive the liscense prevents anything else
03:35:27thuSparks: they had some problems with the windows emulation for xp
03:35:43thuI don't think wine for rockbox can run anything newer than office 2000
03:35:45Sparksokay, i heard it was somthing to do with the USB mouse driver?
03:36:08Stevie-OI fixed the windows emulation bug
03:36:17Stevie-Oit was an error in the CreateFile emulation
03:36:46Stevie-OCreateFile on Windows returns -2147483648 on error instead of NULL
03:36:56Sparksok, i lost track of that a while ago
03:37:00thuthat was an easy one to fix
03:37:05thuwindows always return null
03:37:15Stevie-Onot from CreateFile
03:37:16thuno matter what you try to do with it
03:37:17Stevie-Oeverything else tho
03:37:22ClosetPacifistwindows = null
03:38:51Neoim confused
03:38:57Neohow can u get windows on an archos
03:39:01thuthe words of wisdom have been spoken
03:39:16thuNeo: windows only takes up 1-2G
03:39:20thuthe recorder has a 20G drive
03:39:32Neobut u cant use windows on the small screen
03:39:50thuit's kinda hard.. especially with the usb mouse driver not working
03:39:55thuyou have to use mouse keys
03:40:12Neobut how does it look?
03:40:35thuit looks pretty good
03:40:45thuthey're still having problems with the 3d acceleration though
03:40:49thuso you can't play any games yet
03:41:05Neou can actually use it
03:41:11Neoon the tiny screen?
03:41:42thuit's not great but it's good for when you're on the move
03:41:58Sparksthere is a cable that you can plug a monitor into too
03:42:24thuthat's a hack though.. you have to open the archos
03:42:24 Quit Snorlax ()
03:42:24Neois the start like one pixel large?
03:42:33thuNeo: no.. it has a virtual screen.. you can scroll around
03:42:41Sparksthe start button is assigned to a function key
03:42:45Neobut it must be annoying
03:42:57thumm I didn't know that
03:42:57thuI have to try it
03:43:06thuyeah F2 isn't used by the firmware
03:43:10thuthat's why
03:43:23Neodo u have a screenshot of windows
03:43:25Neohard to believe
03:43:28Neowindows on the archos
03:43:52thumine is recharging now
03:43:55thubut I can take a picture of it later
03:43:56SparksI dont, but i can take a picture if i can find me camera
03:44:44thuwho's written some rockbox code here?
03:44:47thuStevie-O: ?
03:45:02Neocan u do it now
03:45:07Neoim buying in the morning
03:45:09Neoits ok if u cant
03:45:22thuNeo: you can ask the circuit city guys to demo it for you
03:45:28*ClosetPacifist would be playing with rocks if gcc would compile >.<
03:46:19Neonot with windows
03:46:37Neothats all i want to see
03:46:38thuthey must have one installed around
03:46:46Neoarchos with windows?
03:46:57thuyeah.. ask the circuit city guys
03:47:07thuthey must know about it if they're selling it
03:47:13Neothey'd put windows on it
03:47:17Neodoubt it
03:47:17Sparksi got the camera, but I think my cable is at work (The same ones the Archos uses, I was using it today when i should have been working :)
03:47:20thusure.. if you ask them
03:47:29thuSparks: those cables are hard to get :(
03:47:31thuand expensive
03:47:40Neowhat do i say "do u have archos with a windows installed on it"
03:47:52thuyeah.. maybe they do
03:47:56Neodoubt it
03:47:59ClosetPacifist'd spect so since they didn't use the propper usb cable type, heh
03:48:09Neobut u can watch movies on this then
03:48:20thuthe archos multimedia is optimized for movies
03:48:27thuyou can play and record divx
03:48:32Neobut its 300
03:48:46Neodo u have it?
03:48:58thuno.. when I got mine it was more than 300
03:49:16Neodont really need that
03:49:36Neowell, since ur claiming u can put windows on the recorder, cant u play movies in black in white?
03:49:37Sparksif they do have the windows version in circuit city, make sure you get the Version SE3 - the previous version had a bug that ran the battery down too quick
03:49:39PsycoXulwhy would you want windows on an archos when we've got rockbox
03:50:16Neou guys keep saying uve put windows on the archos
03:50:18Neothey come that way?
03:50:24thuPsycoXul: ms office doesn't work well under rockbox
03:50:34thuPsycoXul: it works much better on windows
03:50:47PsycoXulthu: thats your opinion
03:50:48thuNeo: yeah but nobody cares about it
03:50:50thulike PsycoXul here
03:50:55thuthey all like to run rockbox
03:51:01thuthey say it's better than windows :(
03:51:15Neobut windows u wouldnt be able to see
03:51:28Neodoes it look like my windows screen now
03:51:31Neojust really small?
03:51:39thusomething like that
03:51:42Sparksit's like Windows CE
03:51:49Neou haveto download it
03:51:51PsycoXulimagine a pda running windows
03:51:53thuI don't know what your screen looks like
03:52:00PsycoXuland think of like taking a piece of cardboard
03:52:02Neoor can i use my xp cd here
03:52:07PsycoXuland cutting out a hole the size of your archos screen
03:52:11Sparksbut it is Windows SE (Smaller Edition)
03:52:13PsycoXuland then putting that over the pda's screen
03:52:19thuNeo: no.. you have to upload it through usb
03:52:24PsycoXuland when you move the pointer, you move the window
03:52:38PsycoXulit's like that
03:52:45thuNeo: or connect one of the archos external cdroms to your jukebox
03:52:59thuNeo: see the archos website for info on getting external cdroms
03:53:06thuthey even have cd writers
03:53:07Neosorry guys, im confused
03:53:22thuno problem.. so are we sometimes
03:53:40Neou use a windows cd to install to your archos recorder beacuse it acts like a harddrive
03:53:49Neothen on the tiny tiny screen windows appears
03:54:07thuyou can only use the cd if you get an archos external cdrom
03:54:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:54:15Neothe "Windows professional Sp1"
03:54:23thuthat's buggy
03:54:25Neowhy cant i install it from windows
03:54:28thuyou must use sp3
03:54:42thucan you install windows on another pc from windows?
03:55:06Sparksit is Windows SE3 - this is the latest version
03:55:15Neobut u can see "a desktop" on the archos?
03:55:22thuNeo: if you want to use your cd you must also buy one of these
03:55:33SparksSE3 = Smaller Edition, service pack 3
03:55:52thuNeo: the screen is kinda small but it works
03:56:13thuarchos sells external dvdroms as accessories to the jukeboxes
03:56:25Neowehre do i get smaller edition?
03:56:46thuyou can just use 2000
03:57:00thudon't listen to Sparks.. I don't think SE is even out yet
03:57:03thuwindows 2000
03:57:09thuhe must have a beta or something
03:57:18thuyou can crash your jukebox with it
03:57:21thuwindows 2000 sp3
03:57:35Neohow have u guys put windows on ur juekbox
03:58:08thuyou just copy the kit on the drive and then reboot the jukebox
03:58:18thuor you get one of those external drives and boot from cdrom
03:59:11Neoits black and white
03:59:19thuyeah :(
03:59:28thuyou have to get a multimedia archos if you want color screen
03:59:31Neodo u have a screen shot of windows on the jukebox
04:00:39thulemme see where is my camera
04:01:22Neoi really wanto see it
04:01:24Neoemail me
04:03:57Sparksi think he is looking for his camera!
04:04:26Neohave u had luck with windows on the archos
04:04:51Sparkshow do you mean luck?
04:05:37Neodoes it work?
04:05:37 Quit BoD[] ("zalza")
04:06:06Sparksyea, it takes a while to master the controls though, but like anything you get used to ut
04:06:28Neodo u ahve a screen of it?
04:07:13Sparksi have a photo, but i havent got my camera's cable :(
04:07:44Neou mean its on the camera
04:07:49Neobut u cant find the cable?
04:07:52Neothats sucks
04:07:57Neoi wanto see it!
04:08:40Sparksit is the same cable as the Archos, but i left it at work, wich is a bummer, as i have loads of stuff i want to put on the Archos :(:(:(
04:09:13Neodo u think thu found his camera
04:09:30ClosetPacifisthe probally got sidetracked
04:09:32Sparksu found yr camera thu?
04:09:39ClosetPacifistand fired off some fireworks instead, heh
04:10:36Neohave u heard of the Rio Riot 20 gig mp3 player?
04:11:15SparksI have heard of Rio, but haven't been following their stuff now I have the Archos :)
04:11:25Neothe archos is better?
04:12:07Sparksi dont know, but I am more than happy with the Archos (With Rockbox) so i havent been looking at others
04:12:23Neohow loud does it get?
04:12:34Sparksthe archos?
04:13:22SparksNeo: you mean how loud does the Archos get?
04:14:06Sparksdepends on what you plug it in to!
04:14:20Sparksplug it into a 2KW amplifier, and it is REALLY loud!
04:14:24Neothe ones it comes with
04:14:46Sparksthey are not brilliant IMO - i prefer the in-ear ones
04:14:46ClosetPacifistthey have a little volume knob
04:15:19Neois there adjustable volume on the archos?
04:15:22Neothere better be
04:15:44Sparksof course 0-100
04:15:53Neohow loud does 50 get
04:16:00Neoloud enough?
04:16:06Sparksand there is a volume control on the headphones
04:16:58Sparksi have mine on 68% right now
04:17:08Neowhat kind of music u listen 2>
04:17:12Sparksbut 100% is well loud
04:17:49SparksStuff like Euphoria, Clubland..
04:18:26*ClosetPacifist listens to Aphex Twin, noisemusic, Mechwarrior 2, electricfunstuff,etc.
04:18:53thulol fuck this
04:18:57thuthe gimp got stuck and i lost my image
04:19:01thuno more windows on archos
04:19:07Sparkscurrently listining to
04:19:36Neono image?
04:19:41thuno image
04:20:04*thu listens to some weird medieval music he got off emusic
04:21:15Neoim off
04:21:20Neoi think ill buy one tomorrow
04:21:21Neohey thu
04:21:26thugood for you
04:21:28ClosetPacifistcya, best of luck
04:21:29Neoif u ever get that pic (hope u do)
04:21:34Neoemail me
04:21:49Neoif u have available
04:21:52Neoemail other screens
04:22:02Neoof the jukebox itself
04:22:06Neojust pics of it
04:22:09thuyou can find tons of that on the net
04:22:10 Quit Neo ("Client exiting")
04:22:12Sparksask them in Circuit City - they are not allowed to promote it, but if you ask, they will proabbaly show u
04:22:26ClosetPacifisthe he he
04:22:32Sparks:D :P
04:22:45thuthat was too much
04:22:53thuunfortunatelly my talents with the gimp are slim to none
04:23:33*thu is away
04:36:27 Quit keithhub ("Client exiting")
04:39:45*Sparks is Away also
04:40:59*Sparks is Going to bed...
04:42:06*Sparks waves, and prepares to enter the real world...
04:42:28 Quit Sparks ()
05:04:46 Join artine [0] (
05:06:24artineGreetings all. Got a bit of a question. I just added some new directory sorting features to the Rockbox that seem to work just fine on the Archos, but not the X11 sim. I've traced the problem down to x11_readdir, but I get stumped in there. Where is x11_dirent defined? I need to add two members to it, but I can't find it anywhere...
05:07:24artineI did a search through the entire file tree for any files containing any reference to it, none of the files it returned had its definition. Did a scan through my entire directory structure. No go. I'm reallly stumped on this one.
05:08:33artineAny ideas on even how to approach this one?
05:11:27Stevie-Onada kloo
05:34:28 Join OliverKlozoff [0] (
05:43:01 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
05:54:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:02:11 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
06:04:45OliverKlozoffdoes anyone else think it's rather ironic
06:04:53OliverKlozoffthat one of the sponsors for a race car driver
06:05:00OliverKlozoffis Smirnoff Ice?
06:12:47 Join earHurts [0] (
06:13:45earHurtsHow are yiu gentlemen?
06:15:51thuit is you!!
06:15:56thuearHurts: any emusic suggestions?
06:16:03thuearHurts: I don't know what to get
06:16:19thuearHurts: and btw some people are saying emusic is capped at 2000 songs / monthg
06:16:21artineWhat genres you into?
06:16:25artineYeah, I heard about that, too.
06:16:33thuit's against their policy
06:16:37thuthey can be sued or something
06:16:45thuit says UNLIMITED on their first page
06:16:46artineIt doesn't affect me 'cuz I never download that much, but it still pisses me off that they say unlimited and then cap you at 2000
06:17:00thuI got almost 300 songs in the first day
06:17:10thuso it looks like I'll be there to test it soon
06:17:13artineI'm sure. eMusic is too fun :-)
06:17:19thuso.. suggestions?
06:17:25artineWell, what genres do you like?
06:17:26thunew age / jazz
06:17:33thusome world but ambientalized
06:17:37thumm maybe blues
06:18:09thudunno anything
06:18:14thujust tell me what you got last and liked
06:18:22artineJazz: Bill Evans' Waltz for Debbie or anything from Miles Davis
06:18:38earHurtsI like folk & classical
06:18:49thuI didn't get into classical yet
06:18:56thuI have to look at it some early morning
06:19:07artine::nods:: They've got some pretty good selections in classical, but not nearly enough, IMHO.
06:19:14earHurtsI don't know about the cap, but downloads see, to be slower the more I have queued OR completed
06:19:16thutoday at 6am I was getting > 300KB/s from emusic
06:19:40artineWorld: Gabrielle Roth's Bardo is fantastic. Not a big fan of their others, though.
06:19:56earHurtsso if I 'clear completed' form the dlm, it moves a bit faster
06:20:13artineearHurts: How odd... I oughta check that out sometime.
06:20:30thuI'm obsessed by an Ancient Future song
06:20:47artinethu: Which'n?
06:20:50thuPlaying: Ancient Future - Ne Po Pogrebu Bochonochek [120/475]
06:21:02thumm I seem to have 475 songs from emusic now :)
06:21:08artinethu: Hmm... Don't think I've heard that one, oughta check it out :-)
06:21:10thuand this is my 2nd day
06:21:16earHurtsthe classical is what really does it for me; I'm afraid of buying classical cds for fear of getting bad renditions
06:21:29thuartine: it's a russian folk song but I heard it before and it somehow stuck to my mind
06:21:43earHurtsso getting them form emusic really allows me to branch out
06:21:52thuearHurts: I hate the concert ones where you hear people cough and stuff
06:22:02thustudio recordings are generally good
06:22:06thuwell for my taste anyway
06:22:13artineearHurts: Yeah, that's true. But they never seem to have the ones I'm looking for :-/
06:22:13earHurtsI really like the Koch & drg lablels
06:22:39earHurtsdo you guys like Gilbert & Sullivan?
06:22:46thunever heard of them
06:22:49thuwhat do they do?
06:22:50artineNor've I.
06:23:05earHurtslight comedic opera
06:23:13artineHmmm... Are they on eMusic?
06:23:15earHurtsPirates of Penzance
06:23:22thulol I even found gypsy music
06:23:35earHurtsemusic has a best of
06:23:47*thu getting gabrielle roth
06:24:42earHurtshow manu queued songs are you capped at?
06:24:55thudidn't try
06:25:05thuI generally have 1 album coming and another one queued
06:25:08thuthe rest in in the stash
06:25:15artine45, IIRC.
06:25:18earHurtstry to queue as many as you can
06:25:22thuI'll be unhappy when they cap me at 2k songs though
06:25:28earHurtsit's 35 for me
06:25:31thuprobably before monday :-\
06:25:40artinethu: I think what they do is eMail you and threaten to cancel your account if you hit 2000 :-/
06:25:50artinethu: At least, that's the impression I've gotten from people on the Message Boards.
06:25:52thuartine: hehe to much bandwidth? :)
06:26:00earHurtshalf a cent per track, huh?
06:26:05artinethu: That and cutting into profits since they have to pay so much for each track downloaded.
06:26:13thuartine: thing is I can't leave a bot downloading or anything like that
06:26:23thuso I'm not a harvester
06:26:28thuI'm doing it by hand
06:26:31thuthe site says unlimited
06:26:37thuso I'm not breaking any agreement with them
06:26:44earHurtsyeah, I'd be happier with a cap if I could queue a bunch at a time
06:26:46artinethu: Yeah. I think people using bots are jerks, but somebody downloading by hand should be able to download as many as they want.
06:26:48thuif they said 2000 it would be ok
06:26:56thuheh it would be easy to use a bot
06:27:00earHurtsif they said, precisely
06:27:03artinethu: I, and tons of people on the boards, agree wholeheartedly.
06:27:17thuyou could just feed the downloader one album at a time
06:27:24thuand watch the bandwidth to see when it's finished
06:27:30thubut I don't do that :(
06:27:57thunot my fault that I wake up early in the morning and emusic works so good :)
06:28:04artineHee hee :-)
06:28:07thuI think I got something like 6 albums while I was shaving
06:28:20earHurts how many tracks?
06:28:43thuPlaying: Ella Fitzgerald - Since I Fell For You [253/484]
06:28:50thusince yesterday
06:29:00earHurtsnot whilst shaving
06:29:15thuin the morning I got something like 50 tracks at least
06:29:16thuprobably more
06:29:26thuaround 300kb/s
06:29:37earHurtsis the fitzgerald vbr?
06:29:51earHurtsgonna go get that.
06:30:05earHurtsI've got a few of hers already
06:30:14thugabrielle roth sounds good
06:30:23earHurtswhat genre?
06:30:25thuearHurts: yeah lots of her albums.. I didn't know what to get
06:30:27thujazz of course
06:30:28thutop of list
06:30:40earHurtsnew jazz or old style?
06:30:49thugo to jazz and she's on top of the list
06:30:57artinethu: Yeah, I really dig that Gabrielle Roth album. I was so excited to get all the others, but they don't sound anything like that one.
06:30:59thubebop I think
06:31:42thuI'm so used to p2p networks that I can't stand an idle downloader
06:31:45thuI like to feed it all the time
06:32:20earHurtsi prefer legality
06:32:49artineI prefer the consistent sound quality of eMusic. I tried the p2p networks for a while, but there was no QC. Such a pain.
06:32:53thuI like emusic too
06:33:04thuyeah I can't say I got too much off p2p
06:33:08thumostly out of friends
06:33:11thuwho got it out of friends
06:33:18thuwho encoded it
06:33:45artineDamn! My settings aren't applying unless I save and load them. I'm so close to having this feature fully implemented, and yet so far.
06:33:46earHurtswant to do a test guys?
06:33:48thuoh and that guy who let me copy his 70 mp3 cd collection
06:34:01earHurtssettings are a bitch
06:34:09thuwho's implementing what?
06:34:15artineearHurts: Yeah they are
06:34:22earHurtssettings don't save until the disk spins for another reason
06:34:22artinethu: I"m adding some new sorting features to RockBox
06:34:44thuartine: how hard is it to write a rock if i've never played with stuff like this before?
06:34:44artineearHurts: Some settings do seem to take effect immediately (show files of type (dirfilter)) for example.
06:35:00thuartine: in other words how much hardware do I have to know and how much is just C api?
06:35:00earHurtsare not saved to disk
06:35:20thuartine: I was thinking of doing some sync software
06:35:27earHurtsit's all C unless you want to talk directly to the hardware
06:35:39earHurtslet's do a test of emusic.
06:35:42thuhmm I don't think I need to do that
06:35:45thuokay.. test what?
06:35:55artinethu: Depends on what you're doing. For me, it was mostly just API, except for getting the time/dates of files when they were being loaded.
06:36:03thuI'd only need to store the pc music library on the jukebox
06:36:04earHurtsd/l speed: we all d/l the same thing
06:36:07artinethu: But for sync software, you'd prolly need to know a bit more hardware.
06:36:09thuthen browse it and save requests in a file
06:36:20thuartine: nah.. the syncing is done by the pc software
06:36:30thuartine: it just moves music in and out
06:36:31artineearHurts: Can't join in the test, I'm on my development platform, so I don't have the DLM installed :-/
06:37:00thuartine: the only thing that I must do on the archos is to store and browse the pc media library and save requests into a file
06:37:08thuartine: I got the idea from neuros
06:37:11thuit has software that does that
06:37:17artinethu: (Although it took me a good 1.5 hours just to find the parts of the code that I needed to be working with.)
06:37:18thuyou can request a file from the hard drive when you're on the move
06:37:27thuthen when you sync you get the stuff
06:37:44artinethu: Hmm... That'd be pretty cool... That seems like it'd be more of a computer thing than an archos prog, though.
06:37:57thuI'm no archos programmer either
06:38:12artinethu: If you know C, you can learn the archos pretty quickly.
06:38:18thuit still needs to have a library manager and a browser on rockbox
06:38:35thuI'm not sure what happens when you move the files on your pc though
06:39:17thuartine: also my alternate idea was an interactive text-to-speech generated nethack kind of game
06:39:22artinethu: Post your idea to the listserv and see if you can get some suggestions.
06:39:35thuartine: that would be sweet in a perverse kind of way
06:39:52artinethu: I don't think that's really feasible on the archos hardware, actually.
06:40:08thuartine: why not? can't you play short mp3s?
06:40:15earHurtsgames with sound won't be playable with music playing
06:40:22thuI realize that
06:40:34artinethu: Oh, yeah, you can do that. I thought you meant generating the speech in realtime.
06:40:47thujust filling a dir with tons of short files
06:40:55thugenerated automatically with a text to speech engine
06:40:59artinethu: Ah, that might be conceivable.
06:41:21thuartine: so you'd have a sort of interactive book on tape
06:41:30*artine nods
06:41:32thuartine: that's more work though
06:41:37artinethu: Lots.
06:41:43thuartine: and it needs a good TTS engine.. like at&t
06:41:46artinethu: But it could be a fun little project.
06:42:02thumm I wonder how much text nethack has in it
06:42:38thustill.. voice doesn't need hiq sound
06:43:02thuthe other problem would be that it would require tons of disk access
06:43:09thuso the drive would be spinning non-stop
06:43:21thubuh bye battery life
06:43:41thuoh well.. back to the sync software then :)
06:43:46artinethu: Heh. Good point.
06:43:58thuartine: any idea how much memory a recorder has?
06:44:05thuthe buffer thing
06:44:08artinethu: 2MB, I believe.
06:44:38earHurtsabout 1.6 for the mp3
06:44:39thunot enough for any intelligent sound preloading
06:44:48 Quit joshn ()
06:45:01thuokay.. getting back to the real world
06:45:10artineHee hee
06:45:10thuwhat features would you guys like in a rockbox syncer
06:45:23thuI'm still evaluating whether I wanna get into this
06:45:46earHurtssomebody on the list already has a syncer
06:45:54thuoh they do?
06:45:56earHurtsyou might look at his
06:46:01artinethu: Think CVS... It'd be frickin' awesome if I could just type archos-sync update, and then it automatically updates my MP3s onto the archos
06:46:17earHurtsI use another product
06:46:27*ClosetPacifist just types archstuff to sync his.
06:46:29earHurtsI just want to mirror
06:46:40thuoh I don't mean mirror
06:46:49thuI mean 80G of mp3 on pc and 20G of space on archos
06:46:51thulike in my case
06:46:56thumirroring is easy
06:47:10earHurtsyeah, that's why I have 60 on the archos
06:47:34earHurtsand a bent case
06:47:37thuI'm too destructive to upgrade mine
06:47:40artineOuch. What happened?
06:47:50thuhe used a bigger hammer :)
06:47:53thulike the good book says
06:47:56earHurtsI bent it to swap the drives
06:48:25earHurtsno bigge
06:49:34*thu wonders where his irc logs are
06:51:59artineOkay, this is weird now. My settings will become effective immediately if I also change other settings, but not if I change mine alone...
06:52:38OliverKlozoffyou probably forgot to call some code
06:52:51earHurtsreboot. set your settings. play a track. reboot.
06:53:20earHurtsyou did and code to settings_save
06:53:32artineOliverKlozoff: Yeah, that's what I was thinking. But dirfilter is one of those that takes place immediately, and I'm not doing anything markedly different from it.
06:53:33*thu looks for his good rockbox ideas in his irc logs
06:53:45artineearHurts: Yep, it's all added.
06:53:48thuoh right.. stats
06:54:04thusome rockbox watchdog that could tell ya about stuff you keep around but you never listen to
06:54:35earHurtsthere is an id3 tag for that
06:54:40earHurtsconsider using it
06:54:47artinethu: Yeah, that was a cool feature that I like about the Rio back when I was researching portable MP3 players. I was gonna try to implement something like that, but I decided it was too much hassle :-)
06:55:06thuhmm but then again there is stuff I keep around because I want the whole discography
06:55:15earHurtsbtw, windows media player will severely fuck with your tags
06:55:35thuunfortunatelly it doesn't work well on linux :)
06:58:07OliverKlozoffwhats windows media player?
06:58:10OliverKlozoffis that like winamp?
06:58:29thuit's like xmms but worse
06:58:43earHurtsdamned thing even added a copyright to my mp3s
06:59:10earHurtsI got them from emusic; emusic could have added a copyright if one was needed
06:59:10artineearHurts: You mean just playing an MP3 will cause it to write ID3 tags???
06:59:23artineearHurts: Yikes...
06:59:31earHurtsthere are settings to disable this
07:00:18earHurtsit also adds proprietart tags, with tag titles prefixed WM/
07:00:42artineMost unpleasant.
07:00:58earHurtsit does do a good job of looking up track composers though
07:01:14earHurtswhat is needed is a freedb for id3 tags
07:01:25artineThat'd be spiffy.
07:03:24earHurtswmp also has the worst interface this side of music match
07:04:25earHurtsfortunately, I've stayed with a much older version of wmp at home
07:07:15artineOkay, maybe someone can help me. My new settings take effect if I reboot the machine, if I play a file, or if I change another setting. But they do not take effect immediately just from changing my setting. My setting pretty much requires the box to reload the directory listing. Any idea how I can force that to happen?
07:08:50artineWait, I take that back: simply playing a file does not cause it to take effect.
07:08:53earHurtsoh, you wante the dir cache invalidated?
07:09:08artineearHurts: That's my current theory, yes. :-)
07:09:28earHurtsbecasuse you change the sort order?
07:09:56artineearHurts: Right.
07:10:31earHurtsdunno how, but tree.c probably has a way to invalidate the cache
07:11:15artineearHurts: You're prolly right. I'll have a little look-see.
07:23:11artineHmm... I got it working through a bit of a hack. In build_dir, I told it to always reload_root when it returns from main_menu. Now I just need to figure out why main_menu is returning true for the other settings and not mine...
07:23:50earHurtsI assume true means a change occurred?
07:24:05artineOr, dirbrowse(), rather than build_dir()
07:24:24*thu downloading loong ambiental tracks
07:24:35artineearHurts: Well, no actually... True means USB is connected... At least, that's the only condition I can find for it to return true. That and there being some sort of function attached to the menu item. (Which there isn't for dirfilter)
07:24:44earHurtsget bamboo rainsticks
07:25:20thuyup it's on my list
07:25:27thuis there a todo list for rockbox?
07:25:32earHurtsmaybe you need a special function then, which will return true on a change
07:25:36thusomething a new guy might look at for places to start?
07:25:49earHurtslook at the requests list
07:25:50artinethu: Feature Requests, from the main page
07:26:23artineearHurts: Yeah, I was thinking I could do that if all else fails. Just doesn't make sense that mine would need it and the others, which are of the same format, wouldn't...
07:26:57earHurtsthe others don't need to invalidate the cache, do they?
07:28:59thudarn I have no way of implementing any of this stuff
07:29:35artineearHurts: Yes. The ones I've played with, anyway.
07:29:38thuhmm this is cool.. automatic volume adjustment using the builtin mic
07:29:43thuI wonder if it's possible
07:29:50earHurtsit's not
07:30:07earHurtsI asked about doing that a couple of days ago
07:30:19earHurtsmic doesn't worl while playing
07:30:19thutoo bad
07:30:31thuthey should close the request then
07:31:08thuwhat about sound activated recording?
07:31:36earHurtsthat should be doable
07:32:02artinethu: But prolly not a good first project...
07:32:08thuheh what is then
07:32:12earHurtsproblem is this: data is put into mp3 format BEFORE you see it
07:32:16artinethu: Might be better to start with something a bit easier, just to learn about it.
07:32:20thuWrite a driver for Windows XP that is digitally signed.
07:32:24thumm nice request :)
07:32:42thuonly micros~1 signs stuff iirc
07:33:18earHurtsyou want a project, thu?
07:33:25thuearHurts: I'm considering one
07:33:43earHurtsok, I'll give you a simple on to start with
07:33:54thuwhat would that b?
07:34:54earHurtsmake the play button, for directories, do what on+playlplaylistlinsert first does
07:35:08earHurtsin other words, play a directory
07:35:31thuhmm got it
07:35:36artineThat'd be very nice.
07:35:44artineAnd shouldn't be too terribly tough.
07:36:10thuhow would you get into the dir then?
07:36:22earHurtsright button
07:36:31thumm right
07:36:51earHurtsmight not do for players
07:37:21thuokay I'll start with the first time docs
07:37:25thusee where I get to
07:37:28earHurtsok, can you have that by, say, Monday?
07:37:56thuI have no idea
07:38:08thuprobably not but who knows
07:38:48earHurtsThen you're fired!
07:38:56earHurtsdamn contractors!
07:39:11artineHee hee. Fired from a volunteer, open source project. :-)
07:39:28artineGawd, thu, pitiful :-P
07:39:37*thu ducks
07:39:38earHurtsand I'm not even a member of the executive cmmtt
07:42:35thuhmm on there is nothing from the mailing list
07:42:40thujust a single message
07:54:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:56:26artineWhoa... I finally figured it out. I just got unlucky: turns out there's a special case in dirbrowse() for the two settings that I had tested. LOL. Programming drives me nuts sometimes :-)
07:56:56earHurtstold ya
07:57:30artineHee hee.
07:57:34artineSneaky little bastards.
07:57:52artineIt was in the middle of a 4 line if clause...
07:59:36earHurtslot of that sort of thing in rockbox
08:01:56artineSweet. It works now.
08:02:02artineHave a good one, all.
08:02:35 Quit artine ("Client Exiting")
08:05:58thui'm off too
08:06:10thugot myself a river flowing
08:06:14thumade me sleepy
08:06:29 Quit thu ("zZz")
08:37:52 Part jzoss ("Client exiting")
08:50:19 Quit ClosetPacifist ("sleep filled with GREEN!")
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15:03:23 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
15:20:16DJThmmm, just sent a post to gmane.comp.syxtems....rockbox.general and it hasn't appeared, is it not possible to post directly to the newsgroup?
15:28:48 Quit joshn (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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20:39:13 Join eXus_ [0] (
20:39:50eXus_need some help (again)
20:41:47eXus_I ask, hope someone'll answer : what the value of the tension delivered by the FM recorder charger (9V 600mA) when unplugged from the player ?
20:42:54eXus_(mean is it an intelligent charger, which delivers a tension only if plugged to some device ?)
20:44:17 Nick eXus_ is now known as eXus (
20:53:56 Join DJT [0] (
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21:10:56*OliverKlozoff yawns
21:29:08 Join thu [0] (
21:30:06OliverKlozoffsup thu
21:31:10OliverKlozoffyou wouldn't happen to be loaded with experience on writing Windows device drivers, would you?
21:39:30thufar from that
21:39:37thuI'm not even using windows
21:40:58eXussorry Oliver, didn't saw u'r question
21:41:35eXusyeah, tension (is it the wrong word ????)
21:50:54*ClosetPacifist hunts down someone who has the sh1 compiler on their OSX system.
21:54:22 Join _Jiggy_ [0] (
21:54:31_Jiggy_'lo guys
21:54:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:54:58_Jiggy_Heya mate, you involved in this project ?
21:55:21ClosetPacifistnot really, just use it and try to get the cross compiler running
21:56:20_Jiggy_I found my Archos earlier, haven't played with it for a year or so and remembered the start of an open source firmware project... anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to the developers. Works a treat.
22:01:16 Nick _Jiggy_ is now known as JigAway (
22:28:48 Join joshn [0] (joshn@
22:52:36 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:56:02*ClosetPacifist waves.
22:56:39 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Client Quit)
23:03:43 Quit eXus ()
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23:13:31 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:14:26[IDC]DragonDoes anybody know if and how I can distinguish Player/Recorder/FM at _runtime_?
23:14:43OliverKlozoffan interesting challenge
23:15:08[IDC]DragonI don't like 3 builds for my boot code.
23:15:14OliverKlozoffit should be easy for the player vs non-player
23:15:28[IDC]DragonBy what?
23:15:36OliverKlozoffoh, I see
23:16:01OliverKlozoffok, the Players have a different ATA addressing method
23:16:27[IDC]DragonWhich is found out how?
23:17:40OliverKlozofftheres ata probing code in RB
23:17:49[IDC]DragonYOu may be right, I think I've seen that code.
23:18:02OliverKlozoffif you look
23:18:14OliverKlozoffata.c points ATA_NSECTOR at 0x06100102
23:18:42OliverKlozoffATA_NSECTOR is actually 0x06100002 on a player
23:18:53OliverKlozoffand 0x06000102 on a recorder/fm
23:20:08[IDC]DragonThese registers are physically in the harddrive?
23:21:56[IDC]Dragongotta go, see you!
23:22:02 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
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