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#rockbox log for 2003-07-07

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00:39:34diddystar5hardeep: ya there?
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00:43:05ironihow much is a jb6000 worth nowadays
00:43:09ironithinking of selling mine
00:43:38diddystar5not much
00:43:58diddystar5you should get a recorder they are alot better
00:43:59ironiit has stopped charging batteries
00:44:13ironiso i have an GP charger
00:44:26ironithought of selling it witht he charger and double sets of batteries
00:44:37ironiis $70 expecting too much?
00:44:51ironiactually i'd be satisfied with $60
00:45:02diddystar5sounds about right
00:46:59diddystar5hey track
00:50:34tracktheripperhello diddstar
00:50:35tracktheripperwhats up?
00:50:48diddystar5hey track, are you a good programer?
00:51:57tracktheripperi cannot program
00:52:05tracktheripperim an admirer here more than anything else
00:52:08tracktheripperand I have a recorder 10
00:53:17diddystar5never mind I need to talk to someone that is a pro at it right now like HARDEEP
00:54:47tracktheripperwell no-one is here
00:54:49tracktheripperwhat JB do u have?
00:55:37diddystar5i started with a jb5k then returned it
00:55:59tracktheripperoh right
00:56:03tracktheripperwhat was the player like?
00:56:25diddystar5the recorder is so much better
00:57:48diddystar5gotta go
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00:58:37ironiyeah the player is not much of value
00:58:47ironibut it has given me lot of fun
00:59:16ironii will get an ipod now though, for size reasons only (and i get it for a very good price :)
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01:01:51tracktheripperironi do u still have ur player?
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01:11:01diddystar5hardeep: please talk to me :)
01:11:02hardeepdiddystar5: here, what's up?
01:11:28diddystar5the clock in bouncer dosen't work!
01:11:55hardeepdiddystar5: bouncer? as in the bounce demo?
01:12:28hardeepit used to have a clock?
01:12:48diddystar5before it became a plugin yes
01:14:14ironii do...
01:15:39ironisounded like i was the only one in the world still owning a player =)
01:16:44hardeepdiddystar5: looks like it was intentionally removed by Zagor when he converted it to a plugin... he'd be the one to ask
01:18:06diddystar5i don't know in bounce.c, the code for the clock is still there
01:19:17diddystar5never mind it looks like your right, the clock is defined but never used
01:19:18hardeepdiddystar5: yes, but it's been #ifdef'd out (USE_CLOCK)
01:20:08diddystar5should have looked before i yelled :)
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03:41:20Neohey guys
03:41:25Neoreading on the requests
03:41:34Neoand there is the chip8 emulator
03:42:33Neohow do i install a patch
03:42:38Neoand where do i download it
03:45:06thumy suggestion would be to wait until it sneaks its way into a nightly build
03:45:17thuto use a patch you have to compile your own rockbox
03:46:56thurequires more work than just dragging a file to your jukebox
03:47:06Neobut how do i download a patch
03:47:14Neothe one i want is under patches
03:47:16thulike any file
03:47:43thupatch = set of modifications to the rockbox source code
03:48:02Neohow do i get the modifications
03:48:06Neoor the patch
03:48:08thuyou can't use a patch w/out compiling your own rockbox
03:48:23thuread the site
03:48:26thuunder docs
03:48:33Neoi will tomorrow
03:48:40Neou gona be here in the morning
03:48:49thuprobably not
03:48:56Neosomeone else can help me
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06:33:36adi|homei _love_ questions from ppl to lazy/stupid to read the directions for themselves
06:35:53thuI don't cuz I sometimes ask stupid questions myself
06:35:59thubut I usually take the hints and go rtfm
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09:20:30ironithere is not gonna be more development on the rockbox for the player, is ti?
09:24:06tracktheripperi doubt it
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12:01:48QuelsarukStevie[FP]: are you alive?
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14:47:39Quelsaruktime to go
14:48:06 Quit Quelsaruk ("vacations, AT LAST!! :)")
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15:31:10Neohow do i apply a patch i
15:31:12Neoi have it
15:44:06 Join eXus [0] (
15:44:28Neoi have the diff
15:44:29Neothe patch
15:44:33Neohow do i install it now
15:44:45eXussorry; don't know...
15:45:05Neothanks anyway
15:45:18eXusanybody there got a FM recorder ?
15:45:26eXusor know the specs of the charger ?
15:46:08eXusor knows any other Archos products related IRC ?
15:46:42Neoi have an archos recorder
15:46:44Neonot fm
15:46:51Neoive heard the fm tuner isnt that good
15:46:57eXusit's really good...
15:47:04eXuseven if it doesn't work for me ;)
15:47:19Neoit tuning into radio stations isnt clear
15:47:26Neothe product itself is probably good
15:47:30eXusI'm in France, so it won't matter there
15:47:33Neoall archos products are good
15:47:57eXusjust before it died, I tried to hear at some radio stations....
15:48:00eXusworked great
15:48:16eXus(it's not dead, it's just... hmmm... sleeping)
15:48:48eXusseems like they gave me the wrong charger... they gave me the same as u'r
15:49:02eXusv u the specs ?
15:49:11Neo1 sec
15:49:14Neoleme see
15:49:41Neoinput: 120v av 60 hz
15:49:52Neooutput: 9v dc 600mA
15:50:04eXusok; they're almost stupid....
15:50:21eXusnow the charger they gave me is dead, and my player has it's batteries down
15:50:37Neothat sucks
15:50:38Neoi gtg
15:50:40eXusin fact I believe it should be a 5V 1200mA for me !
15:50:51Neoemail me if u find out about the plugins
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17:13:52 Join Neo [0] (~Neo@
17:14:57Neodo i haveto install rockbox-daily.tar.gz
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18:09:05diddystar5Neo: hey
18:11:15Neodoes anyone know how to install a diff patch
18:11:16Neoor plugin
18:11:58diddystar5use the command patch < (name).diff
18:12:35diddystar5this explains alot
18:13:15Neothats confusing to me
18:13:19Neowhree do i type in a patch
18:13:29Neowhere do i get the command patch
18:13:40diddystar5do you have cygwin?
18:13:58Neowhre do i get that
18:14:28diddystar5ok one sec
18:15:14diddystar5 read that
18:16:12Neostay on just incase i need some help
18:18:30MTpatches are for developers really
18:18:39MTthey arent meant for users to apply themselves
18:19:09diddystar5im not a *good* developer but i learned to use patches!
18:19:35Neoits confusing
18:19:44Neoi just want my archos to run the chip 8 emulator
18:19:46Neou kno?
18:20:07diddystar5o trust me your not missing much with the chip 8 thingy
18:20:11Neodo u have it
18:20:15Neoo really?
18:20:21MTfunnily enough its the most common thing people ask for
18:20:23MTguess what
18:20:32MTtheres a reason its not in the main firmware
18:20:37MTits not very good.
18:20:42MTat all.
18:20:49diddystar5many games don't work very well and the rest are just kinda boring except space invaders
18:21:01Neowell id like to have the option
18:21:09Neoany way i could get other games?
18:21:19MTdo you know much C?
18:21:30Neocant i download
18:21:54Neoand install more games
18:22:20diddystar5hey MT do ya have that wormlet patch done?
18:22:28MTif someone writes one, yes
18:22:32MTno diddystar5
18:22:39MTim going on holiday on friday you see
18:22:56MTand i ahve <−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−> that much work to finish by friday morning
18:23:08MT'a lot' of work
18:23:14diddystar5o don't hurry yourself :)
18:23:32Neowhat does this mean
18:23:33Neocd c:\cygwin
18:23:33Neo bzip2.exe -d rockbox-sdk_win32.tar.bz2
18:23:33DBUGEnqueued KICK Neo
18:23:33Neo tar xvf rockbox-sdk_win32.tar
18:23:45MTyou've got an ordinary recorder yeah?
18:24:09MTseriously, if you didnt get that, id worry about applying patches :)
18:24:18Neorecorder 20
18:24:31Neoi just wana learn it
18:24:44diddystar5hehe me to neo do you have one of the black ones?
18:24:48MTthose are commands that you type in on the command line
18:25:03MTi could do you an old build of it diddystar if you like
18:26:16diddystar5sure MT
18:27:27diddystar5Neo: what version of windows do you have?
18:27:37Neoxp pro
18:27:49Neocant u just build one for me
18:27:54Neoand tell me how to install the patch
18:28:46diddystar5to open a command line, go to start-all programs-accesories-command prompt
18:29:02Neoor cmd on run
18:29:07Neothen waht to i do
18:29:40diddystar5type you commands like "cd"
18:31:28diddystar5ya got it now?
18:32:07MTits _very_ old cvs its built with tho
18:32:31MTand i may have actually nuked the changes, not sure ;)
18:32:36Neowhats the fill command
18:32:54 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!")
18:32:57MT explains it
18:33:36diddystar5MT: thanks for the builds
18:36:17Neoi type in this
18:36:18Neocd c:\cygwin
18:36:18Neo bzip2.exe -d rockbox-sdk_win32.tar.bz2
18:36:18Neo tar xvf rockbox-sdk_win32.tar
18:37:28MTassuming you have done steps 1, 2 and 3 first, yes
18:38:08Neothen what will come out
18:39:21MTa lot of text should fly past when you do the last command
18:40:09Neohow do i do an enter in the command promt
18:40:26Neowithout it processing the first line
18:40:36MTyou do each one in turn
18:41:36Neoit sais input file doenst exist
18:42:01MTim guessing you didnt follow step 2 then
18:42:39Neoi put the rockbox-sdk_win32.tar.bz2 in my c:\cygwin
18:42:47Neothen i typed
18:42:53Neobzip2.exe -d rockbox-sdk_win32.tar.bz2
18:42:57Neobut it said it doenst exist
18:43:15MTwhat directory are you in
18:43:29Neoi think its named wrong
18:43:30Neomy bad
18:43:33Neoleme try again
18:44:55Neonot text
18:45:09Neobut it made my rockbox-sdk_win32.tar.bz2 20 megs
18:45:12Neodoes that mean it worked?
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18:45:25MTdo the next command
18:46:06diddystar5ya getting there neo!
18:46:11Neothen comes lost of text
18:46:22Neonow what
18:46:30MTmove to step 5
18:47:20Neoive already done that
18:47:23Neoshould i do it again?
18:48:06MTgo to step 6
18:48:24Neoits at the prompt
18:48:28Neoand i have that file
18:48:36Neonow do i type in the stuff down there?
18:49:39Neoor what
18:49:40 Quit diddystar5 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:50:08Neowhere do i put rockbox-tools.tar.bz2
18:51:39 Join diddystar5 [0] (
18:54:44diddystar5Neo: i have a chip8 build for you but you *must* not send this to anyone else ok?
19:00:21Neoi wont
19:00:30Neodo u wana send it through here
19:00:31Neoor email
19:00:38diddystar5ok whats your email?
19:00:44Neomy email is
19:01:12Neotell me wen to check it
19:03:37diddystar5it should be sent now
19:03:47Neowhat is it and what do i do with it
19:04:30diddystar5just unzip it paste ajbrec.ajz to your ajb and copy to games to your drive
19:04:44Neobut what about future daily builds
19:04:55diddystar5to play the games just "play" them like songs
19:05:08Neobut wont it replace my ajbrec.ajz now?
19:05:26diddystar5yes you can just rename that one
19:05:37Neobut wont it boot to the new one
19:05:50Neoand tehn future ajbrecs that come out
19:06:22diddystar5ooo just name is to chip8.ajz and rolo to it
19:07:46diddystar5yep just press play on chip8.ajz (make sure you can see all files and folders: F2 and down til it says "all")
19:10:20 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta go cya")
19:11:09Neodo i need to copy those rocks?
19:43:15 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
19:43:28Quelsaruki need linus!!
19:43:31Quelsarukor zagor
19:44:30Neosame here
19:44:44Neohave u done anything with the chip8 emulator
19:50:39Quelsaruki have rockbox on flash and have detected a quite serious problem with ata driver :)
19:50:54Quelsaruki'm a rat lab.. or a really crazy guy
19:51:38Neorockbox on flash?
19:52:02Quelsarukjust a test
19:52:34Quelsarukbut it needs a bit more time to be perfect for everyone
19:52:49Quelsarukjust works perfectly on certain jukeboxes
19:55:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:55:39Neowhat do u mean flash
19:57:20Quelsarukrockbox on rom
19:57:34Neocan u make patches?
19:57:41Quelsaruknot right now
19:57:49Quelsarukmaybe later...
19:58:00Quelsaruk(i have to change to linux for that)
19:59:15Neois it easy in linux?
20:01:08 Join _aLF [0] (
20:01:37Neocan u make patches
20:02:10adi|homeneo.. what are you looking for/
20:02:29Neothe word wrap for viewing text
20:02:32Neou know?
20:02:49adi|homewhat about it
20:03:46Neodo u have na already built patch
20:04:07adi|homeokay.. we don't do 'already built patches'
20:04:17adi|homepatches are intended for developers to play with..
20:04:21adi|homebut if you want one..
20:04:36adi|homeor to try other patches...
20:04:48adi|homefollow the docs on building a cross compiler, then build rockbox yourself...
20:04:58Neoi cant do that
20:05:02Neoi got to step 5
20:05:04Neothen no more
20:05:10Neocan u build one for me?
20:05:54Quelsarukadi, do you understand *panic* messages??
20:06:08Neodont know what they are
20:06:10adi|homequelsaruk .. not to much about them...
20:06:19Neoand i need the calinder and memos
20:06:19adi|homebut i can try and help if you want ;)
20:06:35adi|homeneo.. no one is going to build it for you...
20:06:47adi|homegive you a fish.. you eat for a night.. teach you to fish, you eat for a life time
20:07:01adi|homewhat was this 'step 5' you go to...
20:07:08adi|homegot to rather
20:07:21Neowell, im no sure how becasue each patch is a differnt file
20:07:33adi|homehave you read the patches doc?
20:07:37Neoif you could teach me how to make th calender/memo
20:07:51Neocould u teach me now
20:07:56Quelsarukadi|home: i get *PANIC* ATA -1
20:08:21Quelsarukit's a strange problem, i just get it using RomBox
20:08:33adi|homeahh.. that i cant help ya...
20:08:43adi|homei have no experiance with the flash branch
20:08:46Quelsaruki've just mailed idc-dragon to tell him, but... i'd like to talk with zagor or linusn
20:08:55adi|homeneo.. you don't learn how to work a specific patch..
20:09:01Quelsarukit's ant ata error.. something with the drive
20:09:06adi|homeyou have the source tree as a whole...
20:09:17adi|homeand the patches are chunks of code that ppl wnat to add...
20:09:36adi|homeyou need to add that code using the 'patch' command as per the doc
20:09:43Neopatch command?
20:09:56adi|homein other words you didn't read the doc neo ;)
20:10:08Neoon the site?
20:10:28Neoi read that
20:10:28adi|homeneo... have you built rockbox w/o any patches yet?
20:10:46Neosomeone built one for me with the chip8 emulator
20:10:51Neobut i dont know how to myself
20:11:01Neoso i do have the chip 8 emulator
20:11:04adi|homeyou have 3 choices..
20:11:22adi|home1. learn how to do this all on your own and add patches/test code whenever you want
20:11:34adi|home2. keep relying on the random acts of strangers
20:11:54adi|home3. wait for the patches to get integrated into the main tree (if/when) happens.
20:12:06Neoid like one
20:12:14Neocan u briefly explain how to do this
20:12:19adi|homeso.. are you on linux or windows?
20:12:23Neobecause the other dox confused me
20:12:30adi|homeno.. i can't.. but i can point youto the docs that will teach you
20:12:42Neoemail me the docs at
20:12:43Neoi gtg
20:12:50adi|homeno.. no emailing..
20:12:53adi|homeyou read on your own
20:12:57adi|homeyou have to put the time
20:12:58Neoemail me the links
20:13:04adi|homenope ;)
20:13:07adi|homeread the sites.. docs
20:13:13adi|homefirst time rockbox stuff...
20:13:25Neothanks anyays
20:13:28 Quit Neo ("Client exiting")
20:13:44adi|home'can you do this for me because i don't want to do the work'...
20:13:49adi|homesigh even
20:14:25MThe is very tedious that neo fella
20:14:31 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:15:20MTbut not nearly as tedious as trying to use sf pserver cvs :/
20:15:53MTim not an official sourceforge rockbox developer
20:16:14MTbut i wonder if i can cvs co over my sf account
20:17:13Quelsarukhardeep: don't you think that we should create a .rockbox dir if it doesn't exist? to work with dinamic playlists and so on :)
20:17:41hardeepMT: the daily source tarballs are a good way to get almost latest source without worrying about SF cvs
20:18:02hardeepQuelsaruk: yes, we should.... unfortunately, mkdir() hasn't been implemented yet in the fat code
20:18:45hardeepMT: you can also access latest CVS from rockbox site... e.g.
20:18:59hardeepMT: combine that with wget and you have another way of getting latest cvs
20:19:17MTthat i did not know *G*
20:21:48MTline 1549 of english.lang
20:22:00MTdecs: Display of record timer interval setting, on the record screen
20:22:16Quelsarukdoesn't matter
20:22:29Quelsarukgood work (even if i'm not able to use dinamic playlists)
20:22:45MTno, its like bugfixing xfree ;)
20:22:46MTfind a typo here and there, and everyone loves you ;)
20:23:13 Quit Quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
20:36:06 Join diddystar5 [0] (
20:37:54MTi thought i was 'speshal'
20:38:04MTall simulator builds are dieing :)
20:38:25MToh hmm
20:38:31MTtheirs arent actually erroring
20:38:36MTjust warnings
20:39:00diddystar5the plugins for the win32 sim cause a nasty error :)
20:39:19MTRCS file: /cvsroot/rockbox/uisimulator/x11/file.h,v
20:39:19MTretrieving revision 1.11
20:39:19MTretrieving revision 1.13
20:39:19DBUGEnqueued KICK MT
20:39:19MTMerging differences between 1.11 and 1.13 into file.h
20:39:22MTits my bad :D
20:39:55hardeepdiddystar5: hmmmm, the win32 sim plugins were working fine for me last time i tried
20:40:37diddystar5one sec let me find what the error says
20:43:23hardeepdiddystar5: i just tried with latest cvs and it's still fine
20:45:38diddystar5"The application or DLL C:/cygwin/home/rockbox/build/archos/bounce.rock is not a valid windows image" is the error i get when trying to play a plugin
20:46:50diddystar5my source is almost new (1 and a half day old)
20:49:59diddystar5i dunno if it helps but im running winxp
20:50:20MTim running XP too
20:50:38MTbut 7 ssh terms, and a nice xserver too :D
20:50:51diddystar5cool MT
20:51:19MTdeveloping on windows is not fun
20:51:33MTbut linux has too sucky a windowing system
20:51:54MTdiddystar5: I'm actually working on the patch!
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20:53:53diddystar5MT: could you send me your last source!
20:54:52diddystar5i want send it to anyone
20:54:56MTwell i need to make it work with plugins see
20:55:25MTonly 1897 lines differ
20:55:31*Stevie[FP] is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 2mins 15secs] [KS]
20:56:09diddystar5the build you sent me is cool!
20:58:04diddystar5gotta go
20:58:06 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta Go!")
21:11:03MTa lot of the stuff im doing here isnt in the rockbox api
21:11:40MTis it better to extend the plugin api, or to just include the required stuff directly
21:15:16MTthis is crazy, even stuff like lcd_setmargins isnt in there
21:21:07MTneither is lcd_clear_display
21:23:30MTmy bad, that IS in there
21:42:41 Join devZer0 [0] (
21:46:25MTnone of the lang stuff is in the plugin api?
21:46:27MTi suppose that makes sense actually
21:52:04 Quit _aLF ("Client exiting")
21:55:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:10:35 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
22:11:20MTsegfaults agogo
22:11:26 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:11:33midknight2k3how is rombox?
22:12:07[IDC]DragonI released it today to Jose Maria.
22:12:15midknight2k3it is fully functional?
22:12:33[IDC]DragonI'd like to do one at a time currently, to avoid broken boxed piling up.
22:12:55midknight2k3so it'd done?
22:12:56[IDC]DragonIt works for him, but the HD startup is unstable.
22:13:07midknight2k3very cool
22:13:23midknight2k3is there a way to replace archos rom?
22:13:32[IDC]DragonIt gived ATA error -1, but gets out of it if USB is plugged and unplugged.
22:13:43midknight2k3that's weird
22:13:51[IDC]DragonYou have the wrong chip?
22:14:07midknight2k3I meant is there a way to restore archos firmware to rom
22:14:16[IDC]DragonYou mentioned replacing it.
22:14:23midknight2k3oh lol
22:14:42[IDC]DragonYes, certainly, you can burn the old stuff back in.
22:14:42midknight2k3I meant replacing rockbox in rom with archos firmware
22:14:52midknight2k3a good idea i just had!
22:15:01[IDC]DragonWhich is?
22:15:05midknight2k3make a program where you load any AJZ file and it will load it to rom
22:15:21midknight2k3so you can have new dailybuilds and restore archos and stuff
22:15:37[IDC]DragonAs I said in the group, that's not so easy because of memory restrictions.
22:16:26[IDC]Dragondescrambling and compressing works better when you have memory for the full thing.
22:16:43 Join _aLF [0] (
22:16:44midknight2k3yeah and I know nothing about it :)
22:17:25Stevie[FP][IDC]Dragon: i saw a conversation earlier between you and Z, you had said you didn't need to sleep() because the ATA stuff started up fast enough?
22:18:12[IDC]Dragonslow enough, you mean.
22:18:20Stevie[FP]something like that
22:18:36Stevie[FP]it would seem you know what I mean though
22:18:47Stevie[FP]well wait
22:19:06Stevie[FP]in order for it to be ready at a certain time
22:19:07[IDC]DragonI need to find out if USB is plugged, and for that some ADC measurements must have happened. They work from a different thread.
22:19:34*Stevie[FP] notes that he has a patch for the current ADC stuff, it could run faster
22:19:48midknight2k3i gotta go
22:19:52 Quit midknight2k3 ()
22:19:56[IDC]DragonBut while we wait for the disk, these measurements happen.
22:20:05Stevie[FP]that adc stuff could happen faster tho
22:20:23[IDC]Dragonwhat do you mena? Each tich samples one channel.
22:20:34Stevie[FP]actually that's not quite accurate
22:20:43Stevie[FP]if you read the spec sheet
22:20:54Stevie[FP]when we set it to sample channel 3
22:20:59Stevie[FP]the adc actually samples channels 0, 1, 2, and 3
22:21:15 Join Guest [0] (
22:21:25Stevie[FP]we could actually update those samples about four times as fast as we do now
22:21:26Guesthi all
22:21:43[IDC]DragonNo need to worry, I think.
22:21:47Guestwhat's new about the flash rom??
22:21:48Stevie[FP]but anyway
22:21:48 Join Wurst [0] (
22:21:56Wursthi all!
22:22:04Stevie[FP]you said that the drive is ready by the time we check usb
22:22:32[IDC]DragonI check USB after the ATA init (which waits for the drive).
22:22:57[IDC]DragonIf it's plugged, I don't auto-rolo
22:23:01Stevie[FP]<[IDC]Dragon> It gived ATA error -1, but gets out of it if USB is plugged and unplugged.
22:23:05Stevie[FP]what is 'ata error -1'?
22:23:36[IDC]Dragonlook into the code, I didn't yet.
22:23:43Stevie[FP]ok how about this
22:23:51Stevie[FP]how do you know you're getting 'ata error -1'?
22:24:09[IDC]DragonThe box gives a panic srceen
22:24:36Stevie[FP]if (master_slave_detect())
22:24:36Stevie[FP]return -1;
22:24:58Stevie[FP]the status bit is indicating busy
22:25:32[IDC]DragonYea, I'm browsing through that now, too.
22:26:02Stevie[FP]i don't see where
22:26:06Stevie[FP]according to the code i have here
22:26:11[IDC]Dragonmy wait code is in check_registers(), which is the thirs step.
22:26:12Stevie[FP]usb is checked before ata
22:26:17[IDC]Dragonthird step.
22:26:26Stevie[FP]now, it may be a little old
22:26:31[IDC]DragonI should move that higher up.
22:26:48Stevie[FP]the code i have right here says
22:27:07Stevie[FP]actually there's a backlight_init and button_init in there
22:27:09[IDC]DragonUSB after ata in main::init
22:27:19Stevie[FP]ok, they must have moved it
22:27:21[IDC]Dragonnot init, using values.
22:27:41Wurstsorry, is there anybody who knows about a opensource-project for the ajb multimedia?
22:27:53Stevie[FP]Wurst: not I
22:27:56[IDC]DragonThe init is before, whis is what I want. So the thread is installed and collects measurements.
22:31:33[IDC]DragonDoes anybody know the registry keys to disable autoplay per drive?
22:31:52[IDC]DragonI'ts just pissing me off.
22:36:33devZer0IDC: i`m not sure - but perhaps this helps:
22:38:19[IDC]DragonHmm, I'm also not shure. The Powertoys can do it, but I was trying to avoid installing them just for this detail.
22:39:04devZer0google: disable autoplay xp gives lots of hits - but very different ones :)
22:39:34devZer0for me, it is "off" - but i don`t remember anymore, how i did disable that :D
22:40:01[IDC]DragonI tried google, too, but no success at first glance.
22:40:49 Quit Wurst ("Leaving")
22:42:20devZer0idc: don`t badly dissapoint us :) you are the god of rockbox-flashing - so you just should do a quick magic spell to your windoze box to disable autoplay ;)
22:42:52[IDC]DragonThanks for the credits, I'm just too lazy to bother.
22:43:13 Quit _aLF ("bye")
22:43:23[IDC]DragonI'm working on the plugin that flashes the second image. Almost there.
22:44:31devZer0greatest new "feature" in rockbox for long :D
22:44:39devZer0but also the most dangerous one :)
22:44:58devZer0but nevertheless: COOOOOOL!
22:45:00adi|homeDragon.. so whats the advantage of having Rockbox in the flash?
22:45:12adi|homeim very ignorant about that...
22:45:13devZer0adi: didn`t you see the video?
22:45:44adi|homegive me a url agaikn.. and ill spend the next 6 hrs downloaidng it :)
22:45:45devZer03 seconds too boot and resume playing music...
22:46:10adi|homewhat is being overwritten in the flash?
22:46:39devZer0divx , 1.5mb
22:46:54devZer0the original firmware :)
22:47:36ironivery nice
22:51:27[IDC]Dragonadi: everything's overwritten in the flash ;-)
22:53:10 Join _aLF [0] (
22:55:47devZer0idc: will you make a "dump" option for backup of the original firmware (and possible later restore)
22:56:14[IDC]DragonThere is already, look at the first entry of the debug menu.
22:56:30[IDC]DragonLinus made that for me when I started.
22:57:29devZer0is it in the latest build?
22:57:40[IDC]DragonThat's how it all began, me disassembling the boot ROM.
22:58:28devZer0ok -will take a look
23:02:20Stevie[FP]I doubt having an emulator hurt much
23:03:02[IDC]DragonYes, your LCD findings were also very helpful.
23:03:11Stevie[FP]ty :D
23:03:11[IDC]DragonHow is the project going?
23:03:14devZer0whooha. coool. somebody interested in some other useful stuff? sorry to be "off topic" - but perhaps someone is interested in a cool way to tunnel a samba share via ssh and mount that on a windows box. i can mount my vserver on the internet now as a "network drive" :)
23:03:20Stevie[FP]I'm in a fight with Windows
23:03:25Stevie[FP]I'm trying to emulate a serial port
23:03:41Stevie[FP]I *almost* have one there
23:04:07[IDC]Dragonhoe is it emulated? what's on the other end?
23:04:22devZer0thats what i asked myself , too :)
23:04:41[IDC]Dragonand what did you answer yourself?
23:05:09devZer0it`s still a question :D
23:05:26devZer0cut of the "ed" from the asked :D
23:05:34[IDC]DragonDo you want to connect it to the PC UART?
23:05:56[IDC]Dragonthen you can connect to yourself using the othe COM port ;-)
23:06:12[IDC]Dragon(today is typo day)
23:06:53devZer0there is already a usenet typo king on the list...
23:07:00devZer0what about an irc typo king?
23:07:30MTdlopen(archos/.rockbox/rocks/wormlet.rock): archos/.rockbox/rocks/wormlet.rock: undefined symbol: global_settings
23:07:49MTim not much on shared objects, laodable modules and such forth im afraid :/
23:08:29devZer0ahhh - someone i can ask if i need a regex :D
23:08:41MTregex i can do :)
23:09:27MTis the loaded module unable to access 'stuff' in the main rockbox firmware?
23:09:48MTcan it _only_ do things prescribed in the plugin api?
23:11:05devZer0mhh - don`t know for shure - but i think so
23:24:32 Join Morel_ [0] (
23:26:32hardeepMT: yes, only what's in the plugin api is available to plugins
23:27:53hardeepMT: ie. you cannot access the global_settings structure
23:28:19MTwell, how CAN i access it?
23:28:48MTand the other stuff, like the menu functions?
23:29:05MTthe plugin idea is good, but it shouldnt restrict what we can already do
23:29:18Stevie[FP]the problem is doing it right
23:29:23 Quit Morel_ ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/20030624]")
23:29:49Stevie[FP]plugins should store their configurations in some sort of dotfile under /.rockbox
23:30:17MTmine already does
23:30:22MTbut it draws menus
23:30:34MTand it draws them in a style that reflects the users preferences
23:33:27Stevie[FP]i can understand that
23:33:32Stevie[FP]we need a more solid API
23:33:58MTalso, i found myself having to add really basic functions to the api
23:34:11Stevie[FP]makes sense
23:34:23MTlike lcd_setmargins
23:34:31hardeepMT: as Zagor mentioned in his e-mail, he only added functions that were being used by the current set of plugins
23:34:44hardeepMT: the design is intended so that new apis can be added easily, if needed
23:34:55Stevie[FP]Rockbox is great, but it suffers from the 'progressive development' syndrome
23:35:15Stevie[FP]early on, a certain task had to be performed once
23:35:32Stevie[FP]so the code was put wholesale into the function that needed to perform that task
23:35:51Stevie[FP]then later on, some other function needed to do the same thing
23:35:57MThardeep: thats not_strictly_ true, wormlet did use lcd_setmargins, but in the new pluginform, it wasnt
23:36:14hardeepMT: in that case, Zagor must have had a reason to remove it
23:36:32Stevie[FP]rather than split out the task into a function that can be called from either, they just did a copy-and-paste
23:37:10MTthe reason is that the only time it is sensible to setmargins is when you have checked to see whether the user has requested a statusbar or not
23:37:21MTthe only way to see that is to examine global_settings
23:37:31MTand the API doesnt (yet) provide that
23:39:07ironitracktheripper see,s to be interested in my palyer
23:39:17ironii missed him again
23:39:22ironimaybe he wants to buy it
23:39:54MTim just reading the man page for dlopen
23:40:23Stevie[FP]MT: I would suggest tthis
23:40:24MTim assuming there is some reason why we cannot link rockbox with -rdynamic ?
23:40:58Stevie[FP]... lots of technical reasons
23:41:07Stevie[FP]i would suggest this
23:41:07MT(im really quite out of my league with loadable modules and whatnot, sorry if im asking stupid questions)
23:41:31Stevie[FP]lcd_setmargins() is used to account for status bar and cursor type, right?
23:42:04Stevie[FP]thus it would make more sense if instead we had some version of lcd_setmargins() that would automatically account for those settings
23:42:17Stevie[FP]and then simply return the maximum width/height
23:42:35MTthat would make more sense
23:42:46Stevie[FP]then you wouldn't need to worry about font height, or the global settings
23:42:53Stevie[FP]other than maybe the cursor type
23:46:40 Part devZer0
23:55:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:58:35*Stevie[FP] is away [pewf] [KS-MsgLog Off]

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