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#rockbox log for 2003-07-08

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00:07:28MTive decided to make it so it looks shit if you dont have status_bar enabled
00:08:20MTive decided to make it so it looks shit if you dont have status_bar enabled
00:08:28MTbut it is still usable either way
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00:28:50[IDC]DragonAhh, my second-image flasher plugin works.
00:32:10[IDC]DragonBut nobody cares, everybody went to sleep.
00:32:16[IDC]DragonSo will I...
00:32:24MTi care!
00:32:38MTwell i dont actually, I dont think I will ever flash rockbox into my archos
00:32:47[IDC]DragonWhy not?
00:34:23MTthe risk outweighs the benefits
00:34:32MTive booted my archos twice in the last week
00:35:01[IDC]DragonSo you're not using it? Ot using it around the clock?
00:37:06MTusing it 24x7
00:37:14[IDC]DragonI see.
00:37:59[IDC]DragonIn fact, being paranoid I talk about risky flashing so much that I scare people.
00:39:06[IDC]DragonOnce the process is out of beta, it won't be any more risky than flashing you mainboard, CD/DVD drive, etc. People do that all the time.
00:39:31MTonly when it isnt working :)
00:39:48MTim not that much of a speed freak
00:40:00MTits a good thing to do, but i dont think i will do it
00:40:08 Quit hardeep ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
00:40:15[IDC]DragonI see, no problem.
00:40:30[IDC]DragonNever mind, good night!
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00:53:57diddystar5hardeep: have you found any reasons for the error i get while trying to run a plugin on the simulator?
00:54:44hardeepdiddystar5: are you sure you're playing the right rock files... ie. the ones that were built along with the simulator?
00:56:34diddystar5hardeep: when i build the simulator, i don't get any rocks, i just use the ones that are built with a normal build
00:57:05MTyou should get rocks
00:57:07MTi get rocks
00:57:21hardeepdiddystar5: that's the problem. you cannot use the jukebox rocks on the simulator
00:57:45hardeepdiddystar5: do you see any error messages when the simulator tries to build the rocks
00:57:53diddystar5well in my build dir when i make the simulator, i don't have any rocks
00:57:59hardeepdiddystar5: oh, wait, are you building using the msvc project file?
00:58:37diddystar5i'm not sure, i'm using cygwin
00:59:03hardeepdiddystar5: in that case, you're not using the project file. right after the simulator builds, it should build the rocks
00:59:40MTare you using the same makefile from pre plugins?
00:59:50hardeepdiddystar5: take a look at the bottom of this log and see if you get something similar:
01:01:24diddystar5no, at the end i don't have the updating: whatever.rock (deflated −−%)
01:02:10hardeepdiddystar5: i meant the stuff just before that, the dllwrap calls etc.
01:03:05diddystar5yes i get that
01:03:53hardeepdiddystar5: and there are no .rock files in your build directory?
01:05:36hardeepdiddystar5: er, what directory is being specified after -o on the dllwrap line
01:05:41hardeepof any of the rock builds
01:07:34hardeepdiddystar5: just paste the lines of the wormlet.rock compile
01:08:37diddystar5DWIN32 -DNOCYGWIN -I. -I../../firmware/export -I../../apps -I../../apps/recorder
01:08:37DBUGEnqueued KICK diddystar5
01:08:37diddystar5 -I../common -I../../apps/recorder -I/home/rockbox/build -W -Wall -mno-cygwin -m
01:08:37diddystar5no-cygwin -c ../../apps/plugins/wormlet.c -o /home/rockbox/build/wormlet.po
01:08:37***Alert Mode level 1
01:08:37diddystar5dllwrap -s −−entry _DllMain@12 −−target=i386-mingw32 -mno-cygwin −−def
01:08:39diddystar5f /home/rockbox/build/wormlet.po -o /home/rockbox/build/wormlet.rock
01:08:41diddystar5make[1]: [/home/rockbox/build/wormlet.rock] Error 255 (ignored)
01:10:17hardeepdiddystar5: hmmm, error 255. do you see a wormlet.po file in the build dir?
01:11:09diddystar5really weird
01:11:18hardeepdiddystar5: hmmm, do you have apps/plugins/wormlet.c ?
01:12:16diddystar5when it is in the process of compilling the wormlet there is a .po file, but i goes away after compile
01:12:40hardeepdiddystar5: okay, that's fine. do you have "dllwrap"? (try calling it from cygwin shell)
01:13:30diddystar5hardeep: nope so that looks like the problem "error 255"
01:13:53hardeepdiddystar5: yep... are you using roland's cygwin environment?
01:14:58hardeepdiddystar5: strange, he must not have it installed. You can get it by installing the "binutils" package from the cygwin site
01:15:21diddystar5ok thats not a huge download
01:17:04hardeepdiddystar5: actually, do you have i386-mingw32msvc-dllwrap?
01:18:22hardeepyeah, i can't find it either... guess you'll have to install binutils
01:18:38***Alert Mode OFF
01:19:01diddystar5do you know if version 20030307-1 will work?
01:19:28hardeepthe version i have installed is: GNU dllwrap 2.13.90 20030308
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01:21:12diddystar5gotta go i have to cut the grass
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02:23:47earHurtsHow are you gentlemen !!
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02:43:07BoD[]helllo !
02:51:48earHurtsYou are on your way to destruction make youer time
02:52:24MTwhat you say?
02:52:27BoD[]? !
02:52:40MTyou know what to do!
02:52:45MTtake off every 'zig'
02:53:02earHurtsHA HA HA HA !!
02:53:28MT(mm zig mm zig, you know what to do, take off every zig)
02:53:30earHurtsAll your base are belong to us !!
02:53:43MTi actually prefer the remix :/
02:53:53earHurtsI'm a purist
02:54:18earHurtsactually, I mever heard the song until a few days ago
02:54:28MTBoD[]: by the bemused look on your face, you've never seen
02:54:36earHurtsI was trying to explainaybabtu to my girlfriend
02:54:44MThave you seen SWK?
02:54:58MTstar wars kid
02:55:05earHurtsoh, yeah!
02:55:12earHurtsheard he got an ipod
02:55:29MTthe fat guy doing jedi stuff?
02:55:48earHurtssomebody took up a collection to compensate him for his humiliation
02:55:58earHurtsgot > $1000
02:56:07earHurtsbought swk an ipod
02:56:11BoD[]oh yeah I've seen it :)
02:56:20BoD[]but I forgot the beginning
02:56:31BoD[]I only remember "all your base are belong to us"
02:56:53earHurtsIn 2010 war was beginning
02:57:31earHurtsOperator: we get signal !
02:59:09earHurtsyou seen triumph the insult comedy dog & the star wars nerds?
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03:36:19tpelliottI've been reading the latest posts about booting Roickbox from RAM. I can't wait, even if it will void the warrenty. I will have had my AJB 20 a year in August anyway.
03:39:06BoD[]by RAM you mean.. ?
03:40:58tpelliottRAM, ROM, whatever.
03:41:32BoD[]hmmm ok
03:47:00 Part tpelliott
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09:35:39Stevie-Osup yall
09:48:07Stevie-Owanna see my latest creation?
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10:10:01adi|homeumm.. okay.. so what am i looking at?
10:21:12 Join earHurts [0] (
11:07:43 Join LinusN [200] (
11:19:28earHurtsAny idea how much power playing the fm radio uses, compared to playing mp3s?
11:21:52LinusNi have no idea
11:36:03 Join tracktheripper [0] (
11:38:03earHurts'morning'? You insensitive clod! That's so American-centric. screw that hegemonic imperialism.
11:41:36earHurtsLinear 'time' is an imperialistic Western concept thar devalues the traditional lifedtyles of indigenous peoples. It's purely a tool of materialistic scientistic opressionism of differing more holistic forms of understanding
11:43:35 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:43:56earHurtsmaybe I was too strident?
11:46:52earHurtsthe 8MB mod gives ~30% longer battery life?
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12:19:49LinusNsome people claim 20-30% iirc, yes
12:23:21LinusNregarding the retro-record, will the user want to change the buffer length?
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12:51:20 Part LinusN
12:51:59 Part Phantomdjp
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13:06:08earHurtsas far as retro record is concerned, I think limiting disk usage is key. given that there,s no reason to use < the entire mpeg buffer, as it's statically allocated
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14:54:51MT*PANIC* Updating size on empty dir entry 4
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15:37:04*Stevie[FP] is back from [pewf] [gone 15hrs 38mins 28secs] [KS]
15:37:13Stevie[FP]sounds good
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16:04:36MTwell it hasnt re-ocurred
16:04:48MTwhich is all :debina-legal: as far as i am concerned
16:06:16MTthe playlist system has some niggles tho
16:07:23MTi should have woken up 4 hours before i did, but when the rtc alarm woke up my fm, it decided not to resume, probably saying "playlist control file invalid", and so didnt wake me up
16:08:47 Join Phantomdjp [0] (
16:09:41hardeepMT: er, have you been encountering a lot of playlist control file invalid errors?
16:10:55MTwell, i installed latest rockbox last night
16:11:00MThad it once last night
16:11:07MTtwice this morning
16:11:53hardeepMT: next time you see it, could you make a copy of the file /.rockbox/.playlist_control and mail the list please
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16:12:28 Join TotMacherr [0] (
16:12:29hardeepMT: also, you may want to upgrade to latest bleeding edge, Linus fixed a bug that would be related
16:12:37 Quit tot|4ma|away (Client Quit)
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16:13:07MThardeep; it was cvs from about 9pm CET yesterday
16:13:44Phantomdjpis there some news about the Rom box plug in ?
16:14:24hardeepMT: Linus fixed the bug at 6:40am (GMT i think)
16:14:55MTi shall rebuild
16:15:14MTalso hardeep: any ideas on my fat panic?
16:15:16hardeepMT: also, remember that anon cvs is 24 hours behind
16:15:36hardeepMT: a diet perhaps?
16:15:53MT*PANIC* Updating size on empty dir entry 4
16:15:58MTwhen trying to play an mp3
16:17:28hardeepMT: sounds like something is corrupt on your disk... maybe run a scandisk or equivalent?
16:18:56hardeepMT: hmmm, were you renaming a file or saving something to disk?
16:19:54MTi had just deleted /.rockbox/playlist_control to try to fix my playlist control invalid errors
16:20:05MTi then went to play an mp3
16:20:12 Part Phantomdjp
16:21:40hardeepMT: strange, dunno. see if you can find a way to reproduce it
16:25:21MTwill do
16:30:14hardeepblah, i know what's causing it
16:30:51hardeepdon't delete the playlist control file for now... :)
16:31:13 Join Neo [0] (~Neo@
16:31:18Neoanyone here?
16:31:57hardeep(shhhh... everyone keep quiet and maybe he won't notice us)
16:31:58Neohave a question
16:32:22Neoive made a wps for my playing screen
16:32:25Neoand i like it how it is
16:32:32Neoexcept it only shows 4 lines
16:32:36Neoand ive written 5
16:32:41Neoand tehy wont scroll
16:33:23hardeepNeo: what's your wps?
16:33:30Neou wana see it?
16:33:40DBUGEnqueued KICK Neo
16:33:40***Alert Mode level 1
16:33:40Neo%pc / %pt %pr
16:33:43Neoit works
16:33:55Neojust the last line wont appear and all of them wont scroll
16:34:13hardeepNeo: first of all, have you read the wps documentation? it's not scrolling because you haven't specified that you want it to scroll
16:34:23Neoive readit
16:34:31Neowhats the command for it to scroll?
16:34:39hardeepNeo: see documentation :)
16:34:53hardeepNeo: as for not seeing the 5th line... you're not seeing the progress bar?
16:35:10Neoyes, when i turn off the progress bar it appears
16:35:21Neocan the archos only see up to 4 lines incl. the progress bar
16:35:29hardeepNeo: it depends on the font
16:35:42Neothe fifth line doesnt matter
16:35:42hardeepNeo: er, do you mean when you turn off the status bar?
16:35:53Neoit appears when i turn it off
16:35:57hardeepNeo: yeah, probably a font issue... choose a smaller font if you want to see it
16:36:03hardeepNeo: what font are you using?
16:36:32Neonot sure
16:36:43Neowhats the recommended font would u say
16:37:04hardeepNeo: it's personal preference
16:37:16CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:37:16*Stevie[FP] is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
16:37:35Neoive added the command after each line i want to scroll
16:37:40Neodo u think that'll work
16:37:52Neoill chek
16:39:03Neothanks guys
16:39:08Neotalk to ya later
16:39:19 Quit Neo ("Client exiting")
16:39:31*Stevie[FP] is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 2mins 14secs] [KS]
16:39:38Stevie[FP]i think i found a flaw in mkdosfs
16:40:00hardeepthere are no flaws... just undocumented features
16:40:04MThighly likely, rarely used tools like that :)
16:40:10Stevie[FP]if it doesn't work right
16:40:17Stevie[FP]then it's not an undocumented feature :P
16:40:27MThardeep: i found a bug in english.lang if you fancy a fix..
16:40:37Stevie[FP](the random undocumented feature thing only works only when there's no interoperability concerns)
16:40:38hardeepMT: sure, what is it
16:41:00MTdecs: Display of record timer interval setting, on the record screen
16:41:13MTjust a typo, but :/
16:41:52hardeepbizarre, you'd think the tools would've caught that
16:42:49Stevie[FP]the tools aren't very robust
16:43:41***Alert Mode OFF
16:45:12MTo great :)
16:45:22MTthe resume with on patch was put into the main tree
16:45:51MTthen its only my wormlet patch thats still 'extra' in my cvs
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17:16:34[Shadowman]is anyone there?
17:33:09NibbIeri am
17:33:19 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:37:16*MT reads the manual and finds lots of new stuff he didnt know
17:37:25MTwget -r -np -nH −−accept=.bdf in particular ;)
17:37:35Stevie[FP]i luv wget
17:38:18MTit is possibly one of the sexiest tools ever
17:39:17MTi renamed, labelled and tagged 14.5gb of mp3's yesterday :/
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18:06:14 Join Neo [0] (~Neo@
18:06:41Neois there a lock button on rockbox?
18:06:56hardeepNeo: yes, look for it in the user manual
18:07:08hardeepNeo: are you detecting a pattern here? :)
18:08:14Neoi guess im annoying
18:09:21Neowhere do i look
18:09:41hardeepNeo: start in the wps section
18:09:54hardeepNeo: but, i'd recommend reading it from cover to cover
18:10:15Neoive read most of it
18:10:17hardeepNeo: you'd be surprised how many of your questions are answered in the documentation if you take a look
18:10:20Neowhen i have the time
18:12:53Neoi got it
18:17:54 Quit adi|home (
18:18:19NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
18:18:53 Quit Neo ("Client exiting")
18:20:37 Join Neo [0] (~Neo@
18:20:42Neo1 more question
18:20:46Neoand its not in the manuel
18:20:53Neoi have the default wps now
18:21:12Neobut the prog. bar wont show up and the manuel sais that there is a progress bar
18:21:39Neojust needed to change the font
18:22:11 Quit Neo (Client Quit)
18:25:27[Shadowman]is now anyone there?
18:25:44hardeep[Shadowman]: perhaps
18:26:01[Shadowman]I've got an important question:
18:26:25[Shadowman]Can you try to answer it, please? That was very nice!
18:27:36hardeeper, i think i missed the question
18:27:49[Shadowman]ok here it is:
18:28:34[Shadowman]In my Jukebox Recorder (which I got yesterday back from warranty retour (sorry but i dont know what this means in english)) is very much dust under the display
18:28:48[Shadowman]how can i erase it or is it possible to clean it in any way?
18:29:45hardeep[Shadowman]: are we talking about real dust or are you seeing someting on the screen?
18:31:11[Shadowman]no it is real dust or something like this
18:32:05hardeep[Shadowman]: hmmm, you could always just open up the case and clean it if you wanted
18:32:29[Shadowman]oh buit if i open the case i loose the warranty, dont i?
18:32:51hardeep[Shadowman]: yep.
18:33:27hardeep[Shadowman]: to avoid losing warranty, you'll have to send it back to archos. from the sounds of it they did a pretty shoddy job with your repairs
18:33:35[Shadowman]But I Think the dust is a problem which many Users have, are there no possibilities to kill the dust without losing warranty?
18:33:55hardeep[Shadowman]: i've never seen the dust myself
18:34:22hardeep[Shadowman]: you could always post a message on the mailing list, or on one of the message boards and ask
18:34:23[Shadowman]I got already 2 Players, both had already had dust under the screen when i got them!
18:36:40[Shadowman]So I think its normal
18:37:24hardeep[Shadowman]: first time i've ever heard it.
18:38:24 Join Phantomdjp [0] (
18:38:44 Part Phantomdjp
18:40:30*Stevie[FP] is away [foodalitificationality] [KS-MsgLog Off]
18:42:46 Join doctorjb [0] (~jirc@
18:47:27 Quit doctorjb (Client Quit)
19:02:24 Join Neo_ [0] (~Neo@
19:03:16Neo_when i enter file menu (on+play) i only get like 1 option
19:03:34Neo_and when i boot to resum i get playlist control is invalid
19:04:01hardeepNeo_: create a .rockbox directory to fix the playlist control error
19:04:16Neo_i have a .rockbox directory
19:04:23hardeepNeo_: what option do you see in ON+PLAY ?
19:04:50hardeepNeo_: hmmm, can you make a copy of your /.rockbox/.playlist_control file available somewhere?
19:05:12Neo_playlist control?
19:05:24Neo_i get insert with the on+play
19:05:39Neo_playlist and rename
19:05:40Neo_thats all
19:06:20hardeepNeo_: Oh, that's the only option available while nothing is playing
19:06:30hardeepNeo_: start playing a track and you'll get all the other options
19:06:54Neo_and the boot resume
19:06:55hardeepNeo_: yeah, i want to see why you're getting the playlist invalid error... i need to look at the .playlist_control file
19:07:00Neo_what do u want me to do
19:07:06Neo_u want a copy u mean?
19:07:30hardeepNeo_: yeah, mail be a copy: hardeeps AT pobox DOT com
19:07:57hardeepblah, yeah
19:08:13Neo_1 sec
19:08:33Neo_and i read the manual
19:08:50Neo_aint ya proud
19:08:55hardeepNeo_: the irc channel is logged... don't give out full e-mail addresses
19:09:12Neo_o really?
19:09:18hardeepNeo_: none of the dynamic playlist stuff is in the user manual as it's a post 2.0 feature
19:09:34Neo_what u mean by logged
19:09:38Neo_im sendin
19:09:49hardeepNeo_: see
19:10:32 Join _aLF [0] (
19:10:44Neo_my email isnt working
19:10:53Neo_anyway i could send it through here?
19:11:04hardeepNeo_: sure
19:14:21Neo_i sec
19:14:26Neo_leme figure this out
19:14:31Neo_using xchat
19:17:47Neo_doesnt like the .File
19:17:54Neo_ill rename it ok?
19:18:43Neo_it wont let me send hardeep
19:20:22hardeepNeo_: put it up on a web page somewhere then
19:21:52hardeepi gotta go for a bit
19:22:00 Nick hardeep is now known as hardeep|away (~hardeeps@
19:26:55 Quit Neo_ ("Client exiting")
19:46:33 Quit hardeep|away ("[BX] *PHEAR MY BITCHX-NESS!* BOW TO ME!")
19:48:45 Quit [Shadowman] ("( :: NoNameScript 3.71 :: )")
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20:13:04*Stevie[FP] is back from [foodalitificationality] [gone 1hr 32mins 34secs] [KS]
20:15:24 Join hardeep [0] (~hardeeps@
20:53:42 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
20:54:55midknight2k3MT how's the wormlet patch coming? :D
20:56:01MTits done
20:56:10midknight2k3is it into a .ROCK now?
20:56:24midknight2k3how nice!
20:56:33MTit wont work without the patch tho
20:56:34midknight2k3I wish rockbox had a ROCKS section just like "patches"
20:56:51midknight2k3then all could submit their rocks
20:59:17MTi disconnected
20:59:22MT(19:57) <MT> i had to modify the rock api
20:59:22MT(19:57) *** Disconnected
20:59:39midknight2k3i didn't see that lol
21:03:58MTthose ajz images are _old_
21:04:19midknight2k3is there new stuff in the latest versions?
21:04:24midknight2k3or bugfixes
21:05:09 Join diddystar5 [0] (
21:06:07MTtheres the plugin system
21:11:48 Join Guest [0] (jirc@
21:12:05 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
21:12:59 Join Bio_Hazard [0] (
21:13:14diddystar5hey there
21:13:56Bio_Hazardi havent updated RB since 2002... big changes :)
21:14:13midknight2k3you should do so now
21:14:20midknight2k3very very huge changes
21:14:21diddystar5whoa your missing alot
21:14:21Bio_Hazardi did
21:14:37Bio_Hazardlove the plugins...
21:14:45diddystar5are ya using a daily build?
21:14:46Bio_Hazardhow do you write them
21:14:53Bio_Hazarddo they need compiling?
21:15:08diddystar5just standard c code
21:15:23midknight2k3you don't have to compile them if you don't want
21:15:31midknight2k3just download the ready AJZ file
21:15:47Bio_Hazarddont you need to compile to run them
21:16:04Bio_Hazardno... plugins, do i need to compile those
21:16:14midknight2k3oh,... no
21:16:22Bio_Hazardreally? cool...
21:16:32midknight2k3you have recorder?
21:16:58midknight2k3then you can use them
21:17:13midknight2k3download aJZ file, and put the .ROCKS in .rockbox\rocks folder
21:17:23diddystar5gotta go time for LUNCH!
21:17:33midknight2k3games and demos can be accessed through main menu, others soon to come may not
21:17:36Bio_Hazardso i write some c, give it a .rock ext, then run it?
21:17:37midknight2k3bye diddystar
21:17:41 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta Go!")
21:17:49midknight2k3if you want to make a rock
21:18:00midknight2k3i believe that's how it goes
21:18:06midknight2k3they have rocks though
21:18:10midknight2k3like 14 of them
21:18:23midknight2k39 games, 4 demos and a text viewer
21:18:27hardeeper, no... if you want to create a new plugin, you will have to compile it
21:18:49hardeepBio_Hazard: yeah
21:19:32Bio_Hazardmy journey to learn C starts now...
21:19:41Bio_Hazardnow that i have a reason
21:19:57midknight2k3the game "snake" cannot be run from the main menu so you have to run that from .rockbox\rocks
21:20:23Bio_Hazardit dosent work anyway
21:20:34Bio_Hazardyou cant move...
21:20:41Bio_Hazardjust run into that wall
21:20:52midknight2k3it works for me
21:20:54Bio_Hazardwormlet is so much better
21:21:04midknight2k3especially with MTs patch
21:21:22midknight2k3then you get to control worm speed, argh size, argh density,points per food
21:21:29midknight2k3it's very neat
21:21:43midknight2k3he may have it out "soon"
21:21:47midknight2k3i have a copy already
21:21:58Bio_Hazardi wonder when all the patches will get comverted to rocks
21:22:07midknight2k3i doubt it
21:22:14midknight2k3but i don't doubt that they will make a new page
21:22:19midknight2k3a ROCK page
21:22:30midknight2k3where people can submit their rocks for rockbox to test
21:22:38midknight2k3and perhaps include with the firmware
21:23:02Bio_Hazardso if i put a rock anywhere but the rocks dir i will have to start them manually?
21:23:11Bio_Hazardor do they need to load on boot?
21:23:40midknight2k3no loading on boot
21:23:49midknight2k3put them in .rockbx\rocks to load from menu
21:23:52Bio_Hazardonly use the MEM if i need to
21:24:11midknight2k3they go under GAMES and DEMOS once more
21:24:21midknight2k3so anything new will have ot be done manually
21:24:31midknight2k3and i doubt coders will bother to update menu
21:24:38Bio_Hazardi liked my idea
21:24:40 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:24:43Bio_Hazardfor the menu
21:27:24Bio_Hazardhuh? me?
21:27:38midknight2k3but "?" to you
21:27:42midknight2k3menu idea?
21:27:53Bio_Hazardits huge so ill PM it
21:28:12midknight2k3any new requests track?
21:28:21midknight2k3i like that, "tracktheri[[er"
21:28:28tracktherippermake the person who nicked my doormat return it
21:28:28 Quit Bio_Hazard (Excess Flood)
21:28:33 Join Bio_Hazard [0] (
21:30:04midknight2k3show me
21:30:39tracktheripperi don't intend to submit it
21:30:45midknight2k3yes do so
21:32:30*Stevie[FP] is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
21:33:52 Join Zagor [242] (
21:34:51tracktheripperhi zagor
21:36:29midknight2k3*no response*
21:36:43tracktheripperas usual
21:36:47midknight2k3zagor i recently got to test the plugin system - it's great good work
21:37:07tracktheripperyea Zagor its superb the plugins
21:37:13tracktheripperwe need more plugins :-)
21:37:35 Quit Bio_Hazard (Excess Flood)
21:37:36midknight2k3you should do that ROCK section idea
21:37:40 Join Bio_Hazard [0] (
21:37:52Zagoryeah. i should have 48 hour days... :-)
21:38:33Zagorcan you (or anyone here) fix screenshots of the current plugins? simple png files of the simulator screen.
21:38:38>>>"seen" used by midknight2k3 ( [snoop prevented]
21:38:54midknight2k3i can't do the uisimulator lol
21:39:11midknight2k3if you give it to me i will take great screenshots
21:39:27Zagori only have the linux verseion
21:39:40midknight2k3i can't compile the uisim
21:39:46midknight2k3but thank god tracktheripper can't
21:39:51midknight2k3I have no competition yet
21:40:04midknight2k3but i must get it done very soon before somebody else sees
21:40:26midknight2k3how to compile
21:40:44midknight2k3isn't it like /d cvs compile or something
21:41:05midknight2k3ATTN: Who has a working UISIMULATOR for windows that I can use - it has to be a new dailybuild one
21:41:23Bio_Hazardi need a SIM 4 WIN too
21:41:36midknight2k3to beat me to the screenshots?
21:41:38midknight2k3fat chance
21:41:48Bio_Hazardisint that the same as the rockbox simulator?
21:41:49midknight2k3i'll be the one, you'll see
21:42:12tracktherippermidknight ur requests are just as stupid
21:42:29midknight2k3i need simulator
21:42:31Bio_Hazardi want to program some stuff... but loading and unloading crap on my jukebox takes FOREVER
21:42:37midknight2k3i must look for tutorial on compiling
21:42:51tracktheripperlike "use the USB as a digital out so i can pirate on the FM recorder"
21:43:17tracktheripperone of YOUR requests
21:43:20Bio_Hazardchanging files and stuff
21:43:40Bio_Hazardwindows makes me shut down befor i can remove the JB
21:43:41midknight2k3"make the person who nicked my doormat return it"
21:43:46midknight2k3sounds fun
21:44:00midknight2k3and how bout that one that was titles "sdd" and the idea was to "sdf"
21:44:06Bio_Hazardit didnt use to to that
21:44:17ZagorBio_Hazard: windows is so much fun... :-)
21:44:18midknight2k3or the teamaker?
21:44:29midknight2k3can you compile for windows
21:44:38Zagorno, i only have linux
21:44:52tracktheripperlol linus instead of windows :-)
21:44:55Bio_Hazardso loading a test patch is really time consuming
21:45:18midknight2k3just unplug it!
21:45:27midknight2k3who wants to shut down?
21:45:31Bio_Hazardit bluescreens and gets all funky
21:45:44Bio_Hazardand locks rundll
21:45:44midknight2k3that's dumb
21:45:47tracktheripperWOW, how do u make the Archos blue-screen?!
21:45:52Bio_Hazardthe comp
21:46:08Bio_Hazardwindows bluescreens
21:46:09midknight2k3shh track
21:46:14midknight2k3he's just being dumb
21:46:37Bio_Hazardthe archos has locked up only once...
21:46:45Bio_HazardArchos os
21:47:08midknight2k3I wish i could get them screenshots
21:47:15midknight2k3but I have no.. no "simulator"
21:47:36tracktherippermidknight what do u use to partition ur hard-drive?
21:47:48midknight2k3i don't often but I use partitionmagic
21:48:00tracktheripperZagor recommends Winamp :-)
21:48:12midknight2k3how neat!
21:48:18midknight2k3I will try it next time
21:48:18tracktheripperill show u what I mean
21:49:01midknight2k3I bet "u" will
21:51:34midknight2k3DAS! it's funny!
21:51:51tracktheripperwhat is?
21:51:56midknight2k3zagor could a basic racing game be made?
21:52:26midknight2k3I take your silence as a yes
21:52:38Zagorpossibly. it all depends on how much graphics you want.
21:52:40tracktheripperwell write the code for it!
21:52:47midknight2k3i need to learn to code
21:53:01tracktheripperim off to write the software tuner
21:53:03midknight2k3Zagor, I am promising right now that soon i will learn to code
21:53:12midknight2k3bye then tracktheri[[er
21:53:34tracktheripperyes m[dkn]ght
21:53:35Zagormidknight2k3: sounds good
21:53:43midknight2k3is it hard? I'll bet
21:53:53midknight2k3000032x16 or whatever
21:54:05midknight2k3with the numbers and the F's and the code
21:54:07Zagorit's easy to learn, hard to master
21:55:03tracktheripperwell zagor uve prob been C++ ing since u was a kid :-)
21:55:45Zagortracktheripper: yeah, almost. i started hacking the c64 when I was 12.
21:55:49midknight2k3Zagor can i be an admin at feature requests?
21:56:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:56:08Zagorno, only core developers handle those
21:56:37tracktherippermidknight u only want to be admin so u can reject everything!
21:56:42midknight2k3it just seems that many of them are duplicates and invalids that you should just sit down and get them all byebyed
21:56:52midknight2k3reject all tracktheri[[er
21:56:56Zagorwe do that every now and then
21:57:24tracktheripperthe request "Make the LCD like a PDA touchscreen" was a funny request
21:57:30midknight2k3it was YOURS
21:57:34midknight2k3the best one you did
21:57:40midknight2k3was the "sdd:sdf" one
21:57:43midknight2k3can you link me
21:57:58Zagorremember that those "funny" request steal our time away from coding
21:58:10Zagorso they effectively make rockbox development slower
21:58:24midknight2k3i despise them
21:58:27midknight2k3but i do enjoy them
21:58:34midknight2k3the tea maker one is good too
21:58:49midknight2k3and ATA bypass = haha
22:00:03midknight2k3thanks a lot.... was the best response ever
22:00:09midknight2k3too bad it wasn't Zagor replying
22:00:45tracktheripperanyway lets get back to plugggin development
22:00:53midknight2k3i will code
22:01:05midknight2k3i will learn i really want to i shall learn
22:01:16midknight2k3then i can make games to impress tracktheri[[per
22:01:31tracktherippermidknight spell my name right plz
22:01:40midknight2k3Jason Tye
22:04:55midknight2k3Is Zagor coding?
22:05:09midknight2k3what is it
22:05:14Zagorthough not rockbox right now
22:06:06tracktheripperZagor will the "Reshuffle the playlist when it repeats" be fixed soon?
22:07:07Zagori don't know
22:07:19tracktheripperwell it shouldn't be too hard to fix
22:07:30midknight2k3hopefully not if tracktheripper wants it
22:07:35midknight2k3(don't encourage him)
22:07:45tracktheripperYou don't like me much you lit
22:07:50tracktheripperyou lot even
22:08:19midknight2k3sorry tracktheripper
22:08:23midknight2k3it was a joke
22:08:45tracktheripperok ok ok
22:08:47midknight2k3obviously your perception cannot detect these nautical lines
22:08:58tracktheripperno it can't
22:09:09tracktheripperthere are some things I really miss from the Archos firmware
22:09:10midknight2k3i will identify them for you
22:09:19midknight2k3how dare you!
22:09:26midknight2k3in front of Zagor and all!
22:09:33tracktheripperI can list them all here
22:09:38tracktheripper1) Make and delete folders
22:09:40 Quit Bio_Hazard (Excess Flood)
22:09:45 Join Bio_Hazard [0] (
22:09:51tracktheripper2) Put playlists, recordings in directories of your choice
22:10:00tracktheripper3) Set ID3 tags and filenames for recording
22:10:14midknight2k31) should be coming up now
22:10:15tracktheripper4) Re-arrange entries in the playlist
22:10:18midknight2k32) perhaps
22:10:20tracktheripper5) The Single playmode
22:10:23midknight2k33) no idea
22:10:26tracktheripper6) Hard Drive Diagnosis
22:10:30midknight2k34) i doubt it
22:10:37midknight2k3hard driv ediagnosis?
22:10:41midknight2k3who uses that?
22:10:46tracktheripperyea in the Archos firmware
22:10:49midknight2k3if your drive is dead how can you access it
22:10:51tracktheripperit checks the FAT file structure
22:10:58midknight2k3how cute
22:12:14Zagorwhy do you want drive diagnosis in the firmware?
22:12:22midknight2k3i know lol
22:12:26tracktheripperto make sure the drive is working
22:12:28tracktheripperof course
22:12:36midknight2k3if it spins and loads, it's working
22:12:51Zagorif you run rockbox, it's working...
22:12:56midknight2k3it it doesn't then the drive is dead and you will not get so far as archos firmware's drive diagnosis
22:13:07midknight2k3it's just some thing they thought they'd put on
22:13:09tracktheripperwell it checks the FAT structure
22:13:18midknight2k3they program it to just always say "ok"
22:13:34Zagortracktheripper: there are much better pc programs for that
22:13:34midknight2k3because if it were ever to have to say otherwise your drive wouldn't boot
22:13:44midknight2k3and then archos firmware would not load
22:13:50midknight2k3correct zagor/
22:14:36tracktheripperok ok wotever :-)
22:15:04midknight2k3Zagor, was the INVERT option hard to code?
22:15:19midknight2k3or was it a simple line that says to invert it
22:15:32tracktheripperthe INVERT option was MY request that EVERYONE loved!
22:15:38midknight2k3i know
22:15:49Zagorit's pretty simple once you figure out how to tell the lcd controller to actually do it...
22:15:52midknight2k3then you asked if they could do it for players - ANONYMOUSLY
22:16:03tracktheripperi didn't
22:16:10midknight2k3you did
22:16:27midknight2k3don't lie
22:16:36tracktheripperim not lieing
22:16:44tracktheripperof course the player's LCD cannot be reversed
22:17:18tracktheripperat least the character cells can be reversed
22:17:28 Join LinusN [200] (
22:17:32midknight2k34 at a time
22:17:55midknight2k3it's him
22:17:55midknight2k3i havent seen him for a month
22:18:03tracktheripperhello linisn
22:18:25midknight2k3Hello, LinusN
22:18:27tracktherippersorry linusn
22:18:31tracktheripperhello LinusN!
22:18:36tracktheripperhow are you doing bruv?
22:18:47LinusNme doing fine, methinks
22:18:55tracktherippercool :-)
22:19:03tracktheripperLinusN Can you fix a simple request for me please?
22:19:15tracktheripperawwwww why not?
22:19:26midknight2k3what is it?
22:19:28midknight2k3the SDD one?
22:19:43tracktheripperLinusN Could you fix the "Reshuffle playlist when it repeats" please?
22:19:45tracktheripperpretty please?
22:19:47midknight2k3tracktheripper's best
22:19:53tracktheripperTHAT IS NOT MINE!
22:19:56LinusNtracktheripper: it's not that simple to do
22:19:56tracktheripperthe SDF one
22:20:03midknight2k3it's SDD
22:20:09midknight2k3the body reads SDF
22:21:01tracktheripperwell Linus all it needs is a bit of code to reshuffle once the last song has finished :-)
22:22:09tracktheripperis Bjorn and co here?
22:23:05Zagortracktheripper: by the time the last song has finished, the next song is already loaded and thus it's too late to reshuffle
22:24:32 Join devZer0 [0] (
22:25:26tracktheripperohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :(
22:25:29Bio_Hazardi still want the button filter thing
22:25:38tracktheripperok how about reshuffle the playlist "every third song or so?"
22:25:40midknight2k3whats that
22:25:47midknight2k3its' still too late
22:26:00ZagorBio_Hazard: ?
22:26:17Bio_Hazardthe wrong button filter thing
22:26:28midknight2k3what's that
22:26:38Bio_Hazardmy recorder suffers from wrong button so badly
22:26:42Zagorah, the up/f2 thing
22:26:50midknight2k3oh yeah
22:26:54midknight2k3i seen that
22:26:59midknight2k3up is f2 sometimes
22:27:02midknight2k3its happened lately
22:27:34Bio_Hazardup f2 is because when you push hard on the up it also phys presses f2 (i can hear it *click*
22:27:51midknight2k3i just click up normally and it still goes f2
22:28:01Bio_Hazardhmm... never happened to me
22:28:13Bio_Hazarddown\play is what pleauges me
22:28:22midknight2k3i must go now
22:28:25tracktherippermy recorder doesn't have these problens
22:28:28midknight2k3you are interruptiong my game of Alex 4
22:28:42midknight2k3bio do you have fmrecorder?
22:28:54midknight2k3because on my recorder it never happens but on fm recorder it does
22:28:56midknight2k3for me
22:29:04Bio_Hazardrecorder 15
22:29:11midknight2k3bye all
22:29:14midknight2k3bye tracktheripper
22:29:21midknight2k3bye Bio_Hazard
22:29:25midknight2k3Bye LinusN
22:29:28midknight2k3Bye Zagor
22:29:45midknight2k3i think that's it
22:29:50Bio_Hazardgoodbye world?
22:29:57midknight2k3i get no goodbye from tracktheri[[er
22:30:04midknight2k3deeply saddened
22:30:16midknight2k3i shall wait for it
22:30:29tracktheripperbye bye bye bye bye
22:30:36midknight2k3than you
22:30:37LinusNbye midknight2k3
22:30:39midknight2k3bye then
22:30:44midknight2k3oh and by
22:30:46midknight2k3bye bye
22:30:49midknight2k3see you later
22:30:51midknight2k3goodbye all
22:30:58 Quit midknight2k3 ("byebyebyebyebye byebye")
22:33:37devZer0good evening all :)
22:33:52Bio_Hazardthere needs to be a .mnu thing for custom menus
22:34:08Bio_Hazardit would be just like WPS only with different tags
22:34:36Bio_Hazardwhats up with sokoban lately?
22:35:08Bio_Hazardsomeone needs to do a gameboy EMU
22:35:22Bio_Hazardjust orig gameboy (no color)
22:35:24 Join Neo [0] (~Neo@
22:35:36Neocan anoyone help me with resuming on boot
22:36:38Zagorwhat's the problem?
22:37:11Bio_Hazardthere are enought buttons for a GB EMU right?
22:37:13devZer0bio: this should be hard to do - the gameboy can display different shades of gray - archos can`t
22:37:23Bio_Hazardnot GB pocket
22:37:31Bio_Hazardthe B&W one
22:37:56Neowhen i boot it sais the playlist control file is invalid
22:38:12Bio_HazardGB = 2 GBP = 4 GBC = 256 GBA = 32Bit
22:38:21ZagorBio_Hazard: i don't know, i have hardly ever seen a gameboy...
22:38:23LinusNNeo: try the latest bleeding edge
22:38:38Bio_Hazardthatd be cool anyway
22:38:54Neowhere can i get that
22:38:58Bio_Hazardactually... the display prob dosent have enough pixels
22:39:41LinusNNeo: player or recorder?
22:39:52Bio_Hazardwhat is the res on a Archos?
22:39:57Bio_Hazardin PX
22:41:37Bio_HazardGB = 160x144
22:41:41devZer0bio: what is the res on a gameboy b&w?
22:42:24Bio_Hazardat least thats what 1x on my EMU says
22:42:40devZer0scaling down that and doing some interpolation ?
22:42:56Bio_Hazardyoud lose something on fonts maybe
22:43:09Bio_Hazard"is that a t or a j?"
22:43:27Bio_Hazardid still like to see an EMU
22:44:06devZer0it would be nice - indeed - but this would be very crippled - becuase of the missing pixels
22:44:18ZagorBio_Hazard: are there open source emulators available?
22:44:24Bio_Hazardi think so
22:44:45Bio_Hazarda lot are open source
22:45:26Bio_Hazardu need a win or linux emu to work off?
22:45:45Bio_Hazard(i assume linux)
22:45:54Zagorwell it's not likely someone will want to write one from scratch... :-)
22:46:04Neoleme see if that'll work
22:46:10Neodo u think i need anything else?
22:46:20Bio_Hazardwin or linux?
22:46:29Zagorlinux is best
22:46:59Bio_Hazardu see there are 2 open ones
22:47:37Bio_Hazardid look around, but i dont have linux :D
22:47:43Bio_Hazardcept knoppix
22:49:14Bio_Hazardthere are 9 open win ones tho
22:51:13Bio_Hazardgnuboy looks promising
22:51:45Neohey Linus
22:51:45Zagori suggest you start with trying to scale down some images from the emulators to see if it is at all practical to squeeze it into the recorder display. my guess is not.
22:51:50Neour ajbrec didnt work
22:51:58Bio_Hazardgood idea
22:52:11Neoanyone else have an idea for me?
22:53:06ZagorNeo: do you have the .rockbox dir created?
22:54:10Zagorwhat happened when you tried the ajbrec linus' posted?
22:54:14 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:55:03Neono, i got it but i installed but it didnt fix my problem
22:55:12[IDC]DragonI'd like to release Rombox now.
22:55:41[IDC]DragonRombox: Rockbox in flash ROM.
22:55:42ZagorNeo: try deleting /.rockbox/.playlist_control from the pc
22:55:51devZer0hey mr. flashrocker :)
22:55:57[IDC]DragonAhh, that issue.
22:56:11[IDC]DragonI have problems with it as well.
22:56:41[IDC]DragonI'm hesiting to use the current build for the flash release, because of it.
22:56:43Neowith what?
22:56:55Neofrom the pc
22:57:09Neoive already deleted it off my rockbox
22:57:24[IDC]Dragon"Error accessing playlist control file", is that what you're talking about?
22:57:25Neoso i dont have one now
22:57:41hardeepNeo: start playing a new track/playlist and see if the problem still occurs when you restart
22:57:46Bio_Hazardyea... a GB EMU would suck in GFX
22:57:49hardeepNeo: assuming you're using the latest bleeding edge
22:58:07Bio_Hazardthat wouldve been cool tho
22:58:07Neobleeding edge?
22:58:08hardeep[IDC]Dragon: have you created a .rockbox directory?
22:58:11Neoi get the daily build
22:58:44hardeepNeo: no, not daily, bleeding edge... at bottom of daily section
22:58:50hardeepNeo: the link that LinusN gave you
22:58:58hardeep[IDC]Dragon: when do you see that error?
22:59:20[IDC]DragonOn startup.
22:59:22ZagorBio_Hazard: i agree, it would
22:59:39Neoi have that
22:59:45Neothe one linus gave me
22:59:48Neostill a nogo
22:59:50[IDC]DragonShould I use the current cvs build for my flash release, or better wait?
22:59:55hardeepNeo: okay, start playing a new track
23:00:07hardeepNeo: and then try out resume, see if problem still occurs
23:00:31hardeep[IDC]Dragon: current cvs should be fine
23:00:36Neowhen i play a track
23:00:40Stevie[FP]hey IDC
23:00:41*Stevie[FP] is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 1hr 28mins 10secs] [KS]
23:00:43Neoi turn it off
23:00:43Stevie[FP]i had a thought
23:00:50Neothen on bootup it sais want to resume
23:00:54Neoi clikc play for yes
23:00:58Neoand it sais that error
23:01:11hardeepNeo: okay, i need to see your /.rockbox/.playlist_control file
23:01:26Neodont have it anymore
23:01:28[IDC]Dragonhardeep:what about that error? Do I have a file missing or too much?
23:01:46hardeep[IDC]Dragon: when do you see this error? after resume?
23:01:59hardeep[IDC]Dragon: if so, try out the latest bleeding edge and see if problem still occurs
23:02:00[IDC]Dragonhardeep: on powerup.
23:02:01Neoi cant resume
23:02:03Neothats my problem
23:02:10Neowhere do i get bleeding edge
23:02:21[IDC]DragonIs that more blleding tha 5 minutes ago?
23:02:32[IDC]Dragonmore bleeding
23:02:33Bio_Hazardwait... is the res on an archos recorder x=112 y=62? or y=112 x=112?
23:02:43Stevie[FP]x=112 y=64
23:02:47hardeep[IDC]Dragon: no, linux fixed it it early this morning
23:02:48Stevie[FP]hey IDC
23:02:57Stevie[FP]you said it takes a significant amount of time to descramble the images and such, right?
23:03:05hardeep[IDC]Dragon: can you put your /.rockbox/.playlist_control file somehwere I can access it please
23:03:12[IDC]Dragoncomparably, yes.
23:03:13Stevie[FP]... I see no need to be descrambling images
23:03:22[IDC]Dragonhardeep: I'll try.
23:03:30Stevie[FP]once you're in control, you should be able to load images in any format you desire
23:03:36hardeep[IDC]Dragon: or just mail it to me: hardeeps AT pobox DOT com
23:03:57[IDC]DragonStevie: yes, but I didn't want to introduce yet another format.
23:04:31Stevie[FP][IDC]Dragon: I'm not sure how you did it, but the same principle might apply to your ROM version
23:04:33Neoi dont have that file anymore
23:04:35Neoi delted it
23:04:49hardeepNeo: now, play a new file
23:04:53hardeepNeo: and try to resume
23:04:58Stevie[FP]the ROM version needs to be scrambled in order to be loaded by the internal ROM, right?
23:04:58[IDC]Dragonhardeep: no point in mailing, the file is 0 bytes.
23:05:00hardeepNeo: do you STILL see the problem
23:05:15Neoafter its delted
23:05:15hardeep[IDC]Dragon: okay, are you sure you're running latest cvs?
23:05:28[IDC]Dragonlet me check...
23:06:27[IDC]Dragonhardeep: yes, no change while updating.
23:06:49Stevie[FP][IDC]Dragon: the image in flash ROM needs to be scrambled in order to be loaded by the internal ROM, right?
23:07:01LinusNNeo: you are not supposed to delete it
23:07:10hardeep[IDC]Dragon: could you try starting a new track/playlist and then try to resume it please
23:07:27[IDC]Dragonstevie: yes, but thats only my small bootloader. Then I'm in control.
23:07:54Neocan anyone send me a new one?>
23:08:08Stevie[FP]about what percent of the time does it take to descramble an ajz file?
23:08:14[IDC]DragonMine is 0 bytes, just touch one.
23:08:16hardeepNeo: start playing a new track... it's created automatically
23:08:44[IDC]Dragonstevie: percentage of what?
23:08:50Neomy file menu doesnt work also
23:08:53Stevie[FP]compared to say loading the file from disk
23:09:20[IDC]Dragonstevie: try it, just do rolo, I'm doing no different.
23:09:28Stevie[FP][IDC]Dragon: my thought is this
23:09:40Stevie[FP]have a descrambled .ajz (call it .rbx or something)
23:09:53Stevie[FP]that would be ROLOed like normal, except we skip the descramble phase
23:09:57Neowell does anyone want to see my playlist control file
23:10:05hardeepNeo: now try to resume
23:10:10hardeepNeo: don't touch that file
23:10:22[IDC]Dragonstevie: I know, but as I said, I didn't want to introduce another format.
23:10:29Stevie[FP]also, whats this compression thing you were using?
23:10:44[IDC]DragonIf you want a current build to load fast, just flash it.
23:11:25[IDC]Dragonstevie: Yes, I'm using a nice compression inthe flash now.
23:11:37Stevie[FP]what's it do?
23:11:40[IDC]DragonVery fast, 58%
23:11:45Stevie[FP]heh, nice
23:11:55Stevie[FP]memory usage?
23:12:07[IDC]Dragon440 bytes for the decompressor.
23:12:15Stevie[FP]i wrote a DEFLATE implementation that uses a fixed 8KB of ram
23:12:27Stevie[FP]for the decompression info anyway
23:12:30[IDC]Dragoncompresses better than maximum zip, btw.
23:12:55Neoplaylist control file is invalid
23:12:58Stevie[FP]does it have a fixed maximum memory usage?
23:13:13Stevie[FP]or a maximum blocksize?
23:13:20hardeepNeo: okay, now copy the playlist control file and send it to me
23:13:24[IDC]Dragonit's not using any mem besides that 440 bytes code.
23:13:26hardeepNeo: or make it available somewhere
23:13:39Neoworled now
23:13:48hardeepNeo: er, what?
23:14:00Neojust tried again
23:14:01Neoit worked
23:14:14Stevie[FP]ok, im outta here
23:14:15*Stevie[FP] is away [pewf] [KS-MsgLog Off]
23:14:26hardeepNeo: what do you mean you tried again? you started a new track and tried resume?
23:14:42hardeepNeo: did you do anything different then last time?
23:14:58LinusN[IDC]Dragon: yes?
23:14:59hardeepNeo: maybe played a different track? played a playlist instead of a track... ?
23:15:07Neojust a track
23:15:13hardeepNeo: did you play the same track?
23:15:25Neothanks anyway
23:15:28Neoone more prob
23:15:28[IDC]DragonLinus, can you have a look at my ATA spinup wait code, in ata::init()
23:15:34Neoi cant acess my file menu
23:15:38Neoand i can sometimes
23:15:43Neobut i only have 2 options
23:15:46[IDC]DragonWould that wait be OK?
23:16:43Neoi cant acess my file menu
23:17:30LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i think not
23:17:41[IDC]Dragonnot OK?
23:17:57Neoanyone have a fix for that
23:18:05Neoi press f1+play
23:18:08Neoand nothing happens
23:18:23hardeepNeo: er, what do you expect to see with f1+play?
23:18:32hardeepNeo: the file menu is ON+PLAY
23:18:39Neothats what i meant
23:18:53LinusN[IDC]Dragon: you can't start polling ATA_STATUS until you have determined the master/slave address
23:19:07hardeepNeo: okay, you're in the file browser and highlight a track and press ON+PLAY
23:19:10hardeepNeo: what do you see?
23:19:36Neofixed it
23:19:46Neomy play buttons a little wiggly
23:19:48Neois urs?
23:20:19hardeepNeo: nope
23:20:22LinusN[IDC]Dragon: all ATA initializations must be performed, up to check_registers()
23:20:25Neonot at all?
23:21:03hardeepNeo: not really
23:21:11hardeepZagor: still around?
23:21:17Neodoes it move any or its really sturdy
23:21:31hardeepNeo: it moves a tiny bit, wouldn't call it "wiggly"
23:21:43 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
23:21:44[IDC]DragonLinus: for me, check_registers() failed because of the first line: if ( ATA_STATUS & STATUS_BSY ) return -1;
23:21:54Neoexplain moves a tiny bit cause i need to kno if i need to bring it back
23:22:07[IDC]DragonSo, at fist I placed that wait loop over it.
23:22:08hardeepNeo: a picometer
23:22:29Zagorhardeep: yes
23:22:51hardeepZagor: would it be possible to add a mkdir() command to the fat code?
23:23:06[IDC]DragonBut Jose tested yesterday, he got ATA panic -1.
23:23:07Zagoryes. i was just lazy... :-)
23:23:24hardeepZagor: i was looking at it but I don't know fat at all... i'd mess it up badly methinks
23:23:33[IDC]DragonMeaning, master_slave_detect() fails.
23:23:36LinusN[IDC]Dragon: you have to at least determine the device address
23:23:52tpelliottAre we gatting pretty close to ROMBOX being released? I can't wait.
23:24:07Zagorhardeep: i'll try to find the time to add it soon
23:24:13hardeepZagor: thanks
23:24:18hardeepNeo: google is your friend
23:24:26LinusN[IDC]Dragon: you can't poll ATA_STATUS unless you know the device address
23:24:35hardeepNeo: i was exaggerating it some, it doesn't move much at all... a miniscule amount
23:24:47[IDC]DragonLinus: Can I determine that while the disk is not yet ready?
23:24:48LinusNso i guess you have to do a sleep()
23:25:05LinusN[IDC]Dragon: you should be able to determine it
23:25:12Neomine moves enough i guess
23:25:23LinusNbut you may need to give the disk at least a second to boot
23:25:44Neocan someone explain rombox to me?
23:25:46[IDC]DragonBut you do these ATA_STATUS checks first, where it seems to fail.
23:25:53LinusNmaybe the ATA spec says something about how early you can access the status reg?
23:26:08[IDC]DragonYou got one?
23:26:26LinusNcheck the documentation page on the rockbox site
23:26:54[IDC]DragonI was rather implying: Can you have a quick look, if you don't mind?
23:27:06LinusNi am a little busy
23:28:20ZagorNeo: rombox is simply rockbox flashed into rom instead of loaded from disk. major boot speedup.
23:28:24[IDC]DragonLooks like another day before releasing Rombox, originally I wanted to do that today.
23:28:51Neoso itll be only faster?
23:29:21hardeepThe coolness factor needs to be taken into account too
23:29:31Neois there a site?
23:29:45ZagorNeo: it's not released yet
23:29:52Zagorhardeep: true :)
23:30:29Neoi need to know about the key problem
23:30:33Neours doesnt move at all?
23:30:45 Part tpelliott
23:30:47hardeepNeo: are you running into any problems?
23:30:52hardeepNeo: if not, don't worry about it
23:31:10[IDC]DragonI'm uploading the readme for now, I hope it serves as a FAQ.
23:31:15Zagormy play button is a little wiggly too. no problems.
23:31:18LinusN[IDC]Dragon: ata spec suggests at least 2ms wait before accessing registers
23:31:45[IDC]DragonWe should have that, after decompressing our image ;-)
23:31:48Neou kno the laptops with the small button for the mouse in the keyboard
23:31:57tracktheripperyea Zagor my play button wiggles as well
23:31:59Neowould u say urs is half as wiggly as that
23:32:04[IDC]Dragon2 ms after what?
23:32:12LinusN[IDC]Dragon: after power on
23:32:20[IDC]Dragonor ata_enable() ?
23:32:22LinusNwhere do you power on the drive?
23:32:30tracktherippermaybe u could use the play button as a kind of joystick :-)
23:32:40[IDC]DragonI don't, hardware defaults do that.
23:33:16[IDC]DragonAs early as possible, in fact ;-)
23:33:17ZagorNeo: i'd say mine is more wiggly
23:33:21Neoi guess i should worry about it until it falls off or stops working
23:33:22LinusNactually, the i/o address can be determined with the hw mask
23:33:44Neohow do u get the persons name
23:33:49LinusNtry to hardcode the i/o address, just as a test
23:33:53Neoto talk to them
23:34:29[IDC]Dragonso far no problems with that code, it doesn't check ATA_STATUS and fails
23:34:50Neogotta go
23:34:53LinusNbut does it find the correct address?
23:34:56Neothanks and good luck with rom box
23:35:06Zagorbye neo
23:35:08Neowill it be on rockbox site tomorrow?
23:35:15ZagorNeo: maybe
23:35:23 Quit Neo ("Client exiting")
23:35:30[IDC]DragonHmm, I don't know since I didn't put a kind of trace there.
23:35:44LinusNso how do you know that there is no problem with that code?
23:36:05LinusNtry to hardcode the i/o address, just as a test
23:36:36[IDC]DragonI got ATA panic -3, meaning check_registers() failed. Jose got -1, meaning master_slave_detect() failed.
23:37:33[IDC]DragonHis -1 happens even before io_address_detect().
23:38:51LinusNok, and a sleep() doesn't help either?
23:39:37[IDC]DragonI haven't been able to runextensive tests on his box.
23:40:03LinusNfirst, find out if his hd is a master or slave
23:40:23LinusNand also, see if a longer sleep() helps
23:41:17[IDC]DragonIt was a one shot thing, he's on vacation now.
23:42:14[IDC]DragonPlus it's hard to iterate with somebody remotely.
23:42:21LinusNi know
23:42:41LinusN[IDC]Dragon: does a too short sleep() make it fail on your box?
23:43:30[IDC]DragonIf I don't do that kind of polling, my box fails on check_registers().
23:44:22 Join Stevie-O [0] (
23:44:53[IDC]DragonFor the others: The flashbox instructions are here:
23:45:07tracktheripperWhat does the term "Interpolation" actually mean?
23:45:14tracktheripperive seen that word many times
23:45:28[IDC]Dragonflashbox, rombox, how shall I call it?
23:45:51tracktheripperive seen it like "3.3 megapixels interpolated from a 2.0 megapixel CCD"
23:46:17Zagordragon: i think rombox is good
23:46:27devZer0track: that means the picture is calculated down in size
23:46:43Zagor...if you feel it's necessary/fun with a separate name
23:47:18devZer0interpolation means: don`t leave out some pixels but "merge" them into the others - so that it will still look nicely
23:47:26[IDC]Dragonseperate name?
23:47:36devZer0it`s some sort of calculating the average between several pixels
23:47:58tracktheripperoh right
23:48:03Zagordragon: well, "rockbox in flash" is a bit more descriptive than "rombox" :-)
23:48:10[IDC]DragonOK: "Rockbox in Flash".
23:48:34tracktheripperits just that ive seen on some digicams "This camera can display 3.3 megapixel images from a 1.3 CMOS" and the small print says "via interpolation"
23:48:50_aLFto flash ROM, is it a plugin ?
23:48:53devZer0ok - that the same - vice versa
23:50:12[IDC]Dragon_aLF: yes.
23:50:28tracktheripperyea, ive just used Adobe Photoshop to resize a 1.3 megapixel image to 8 megapixels :-)
23:50:49[IDC]DragonLook at my fresh FAQ:
23:51:03[IDC]DragonLook at my fresh FAQ:
23:52:03LinusNwoo, i have retro-recording working
23:52:25[IDC]Dragonwhat's that? with crackles an hiss?
23:52:37ZagorLinusN: cool
23:52:39LinusNno, it records only hits from the 80's
23:53:17[IDC]Dragonhow about recording without HD? (as long as we can)
23:53:43LinusNhave to clean up the code in mpeg.c before i can release it
23:53:53 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
23:53:57[IDC]DragonFor mic recording short clips, like talkbox announce
23:54:40devZer0idc: i had something like a short "voice memo recorder" in my mind.
23:54:46Zagoryes, we've discussed that before
23:54:52devZer0just a quick button press - to record short notes...
23:55:00tracktherippersounds good
23:55:13devZer0without hdd spinup
23:55:17devZer0so no noises...
23:55:54tracktheripperbut dev then u could only record 2Mb of voice before the HD spins
23:56:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:56:23[IDC]Dragonno, 8MB ;-)
23:56:52[IDC]DragonZagor: how are the 8MB doing?
23:57:07*Zagor hides
23:57:18devZer02mb of voice is a LOT
23:57:38devZer0you just need mono at low samplerate to record voice

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