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#rockbox log for 2003-07-09

00:00:07Zagorno, just asking
00:00:47[IDC]DragonI made my first 2 plugins, it would be a chance to upgrade.
00:03:19[IDC]DragonANother plugin question: for strange reasons, I had to make calls to button_get(true) twice, the first one just falls through. Am I doing something wrong?
00:04:14Zagorsounds like you're getting a button release you weren't expecting
00:04:21 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
00:04:58[IDC]Dragonbutton release?
00:05:08Zagoryes, both press and release produce an event
00:05:45[IDC]DragonI don't care about such, just want to wait for a button to be pressed and get the result which it was.
00:06:10LinusN|away[IDC]Dragon: then throw away the release event
00:06:28[IDC]Dragonbutton = rb->button_get(true);
00:06:28[IDC]Dragonif (button != BUTTON_F2)
00:07:04[IDC]DragonThat seems to be not enough. How do I filter out release?
00:07:30LinusN|awayyou can read just about any source file in rockbox to find that out
00:07:57Zagoryou need to loop until you get the button you want
00:08:40[IDC]DragonThat's what I did, and found only such straightforward code, so that I wasn't seeing release events.
00:09:14 Join msoultan [0] (
00:09:19[IDC]DragonAnyway, don't worry, I'll look closer.
00:10:57 Quit msoultan (Client Quit)
00:11:45Zagorabout the compression algorithm, i'm planning to make it possible for plugins to request use of the mpeg ram buffer (in which case the user must accept if music is playing)
00:12:29[IDC]DragonOh, that would help.
00:13:17 Quit _aLF ("bye")
00:13:50[IDC]DragonAt the very beginning (before the plugins came) I wanted the flasher code to do so, but now I work sector by sector, which is perfectly OK for now.
00:13:57MTLike supplied here, the first image is the original Archos firmware,
00:14:10MTjust to be a norty quibbler, we cant surely supply that
00:14:35[IDC]DragonWhy not? Archos does so as well.
00:14:35ZagorMT: you're right
00:14:44Zagoryes, but they own it. we don't.
00:15:03MTmy battery meter is going mad
00:15:05[IDC]DragonIt's downloadable from the internet.
00:15:11MTit goes 0, 34, 68, 100, 0
00:15:17MTand keep cycleing
00:15:27Zagoryes, but that doesn't matter. it's still illegal to redistribute it. quirky, but true.
00:15:40Stevie-Owhat if we acquired permission?
00:15:58[IDC]DragonHmm, then I'd need to compress it in at runtime?
00:16:29ZagorStevie-O: well, do you enjoy pulling teeth? ;)
00:16:39[IDC]DragonStevie: don't expect them to grant permission to out flash experiments!
00:16:47Stevie-Oi wouldn't expect that either
00:17:01Stevie-Obut i thought the question of permission was for providing copies of the original fw
00:17:12Zagordragon: either on-the-fly compression or an extra step with read-out+compress
00:17:42[IDC]DragonThe user could author the flash content by himself.
00:17:46MTor a simple pc tool to create the image from an archos firmware
00:18:18[IDC]DragonOff-line, I mean, from the dumped firmware and our stuff.
00:18:53[IDC]DragonJust makes it more complicated.
00:19:24Zagoryes. i think a plugin with compression would be the best solution.
00:20:05Bio_Hazardi be back
00:20:13[IDC]DragonI think for the first tests I'll ignore those concerns.
00:21:26Zagori'm just trying to be careful about not giving anyone a legal ground to give us a hard time
00:21:41Bio_Hazardanyway, i resized the GB image and text is for the most part, unreadable (it was pretty bad to begin with :) )
00:22:02[IDC]Dragonzagor: understood.
00:23:33Bio_Hazardthis renders RPGs (zelda, pokemon, FF) unplayable (or at least very difficult)
00:23:42Stevie-Ooh man
00:24:25Stevie-Oand I was hoping to play (reasonably well) on a 12mhz cpu, some games that were written for an 8mhz cpu
00:24:48Stevie-Obut doom is still a go, right?
00:24:56Stevie-Oerr doom 3
00:25:10Zagorduke nukem forever is my next plugin
00:26:11Stevie-Owhat about duke3d?
00:26:26Zagornah, too lousy graphics
00:26:31Stevie-Obtw, the office xp plugin should be in next week
00:26:53Bio_Hazardbut games like mario and stuff play for the most part... fun
00:27:06Bio_Hazard*rolleyes* i get it...
00:27:06Stevie-OI also ported Mozilla
00:27:20Stevie-OI need to get the ip-over-serial thing working though
00:27:41Stevie-Oalso, most webpages arent well optimized for 112x64
00:27:54[IDC]DragonI don't see it: how does button_get(true) give break codes? Everywhere the result is just compared against those defines, or switch-cased. Why does that not work for me?
00:27:55Bio_Hazardi get it, i get it...
00:28:04devZer0steve: wap-pages are :)
00:28:14Stevie-OI wanna read /.
00:28:16Stevie-Oon my mp3 player
00:28:26Bio_Hazardgezz... you thought it was a good idea a while ago... :P
00:28:37ZagorBio_Hazard: it's not really directed to you, it's more a running joke
00:28:37devZer0html2ascii will be ok 4 /. :D
00:29:02Stevie-Oits not?
00:29:03Bio_Hazardid like to see an RPG plugin
00:29:03Stevie-Oi mean
00:29:05DBUGEnqueued KICK Stevie-O
00:29:05Stevie-Oits not
00:29:15Stevie-Osomebody write 3-demon
00:29:44Bio_Hazardwhats up with sokoban lately?
00:29:50Stevie-Oi had that on my 8088
00:30:03Bio_Hazardit dosent seem to work...
00:30:03Stevie-Othe music was from The Sting
00:30:21Zagoropera7 has a neat display mode: small screen. it renders any page 250-pixel wide
00:30:35hardeepBio_Hazard: you need to put the levels.txt file in /.rockbox/sokoban
00:30:40 Join OMFG100038DKDDkd [0] (
00:30:44hardeepBio_Hazard: file can be found at
00:30:56devZer0heee - not so much energy on the gaming stuff. this is an MP3 JUKEBOX. go buy a gameboy if you want to play games :D
00:31:48devZer0ok - some more arcade classics would be nice, though :D
00:32:06OMFG100038DKDDkdAny of the dev team available for some tech help?
00:32:08devZer0asteroids, breakout, pacman.....
00:32:45OMFG100038DKDDkdI've skimmed over the bugs and faq and I think I have a unique problem
00:32:54ZagorOMFG100038DKDDkd: go ahead
00:32:58devZer0omfgabcdefghijkl: i think some are still here
00:33:00Bio_Hazardi still think GB EMU would be cool
00:33:12Bio_Hazardeven if overkill
00:33:22OMFG100038DKDDkdI have a jukebox 6000 and I just did install your 2.0 versoin for this player
00:33:29OMFG100038DKDDkdInitialy everything ran fine
00:33:39OMFG100038DKDDkdI played with settings and what not
00:33:58OMFG100038DKDDkdbut after messing with the playlist it was giving problems
00:34:03OMFG100038DKDDkdconstant slow downs
00:34:11OMFG100038DKDDkdnow it doesn't completely boot
00:34:19Bio_Hazardi cant get playlists at all :P
00:34:38ZagorOMFG100038DKDDkd: doesn't boot?
00:34:48OMFG100038DKDDkdI'll turn it on and it will display ROCKbox!
00:34:59OMFG100038DKDDkdand nothing else and will go no further
00:35:05Bio_Hazardwe should be able to customize the logo
00:35:29OMFG100038DKDDkdthe red led comes on aswell
00:35:59ZagorOMFG100038DKDDkd: odd. have you tried a daily build?
00:36:02Bio_Hazardwhat does viewer.rock do?
00:36:16Bio_Hazardand HelloWorld.rock
00:36:21ZagorBio_Hazard: it's the text viewer
00:36:25devZer0omfg: if you mount the box to usb - do you have access to the disk?
00:36:28OMFG100038DKDDkdNo I haven't, and the thing is I won't be able to because my computer locks up when I plug in the USB
00:36:37devZer0bio: helloworld shows "hello world"
00:36:44Bio_Hazardthats all?
00:36:52ZagorBio_Hazard: it's a plugin example
00:36:53devZer0it`s just a example plugin
00:36:58 Nick LinusN|away is now known as LinusN (
00:37:33Bio_Hazardanyone willing to give me a sample of code to make scrolling text (like the credits)
00:37:48devZer0omfg: did your computer do that before?
00:37:56hardeepBio_Hazard: how about looking at the credits code... =)
00:37:56Bio_Hazardand anyone know of a good free C compiler?
00:38:01ZagorBio_Hazard: why not simply look in the credits?
00:38:04OMFG100038DKDDkdNo my computer ran fine
00:38:19devZer0bio: look @ the sources for the scrolling text :)
00:38:33Bio_Hazardi have never programed before... im so new so ill be asking a LOAD of dumb questions...
00:38:55Bio_Hazardwhat do i need to start
00:39:03LinusNOMFG100038DKDDkd: i think your file system may have been corrupt, and the playlist creation f*cked it up good
00:39:14Bio_Hazardprogramming in win
00:39:14OMFG100038DKDDkdYeah seems like it
00:39:16devZer0bio: if you never programmed before, i don`t think rockbox code is the best place to begin...
00:39:21LinusNand the rockbox image got overwritten
00:39:22Bio_Hazardi know
00:39:42Bio_Hazardi have done ACS but thats different
00:39:48devZer0omfg: it also could be a hardware problem with the hdd....perhaps...
00:40:02LinusNOMFG100038DKDDkd: try too start the jukebox and plug in the usb cable after a few seconds, before rockbox starts
00:40:14OMFG100038DKDDkdalright hang on
00:40:19Bio_Hazardjust start it with the usb in
00:40:33LinusNBio_Hazard: butnhe says the computer hangs
00:40:38LinusNbut he
00:40:49OMFG100038DKDDkdyeah its hanging right now
00:40:52Bio_Hazardthe comp hangs on archos usb?
00:41:01Bio_Hazardor rockbox?
00:41:06devZer0bio: did you program any languages? what is acs?
00:41:17LinusNOMFG100038DKDDkd: did you plug in the usb cable before starting the jukebox?
00:41:37OMFG100038DKDDkdWow hang on
00:41:40OMFG100038DKDDkdthat was new
00:41:46Bio_HazardACS = Action Code Scripting (HEXEN) it is like C++ im told...
00:41:59Bio_Hazardim quite good at it
00:42:01OMFG100038DKDDkdI powered it on and after a few seconds plugged it in
00:42:33LinusNand KABOOOOOM!
00:42:43OMFG100038DKDDkdand my computer hung for a long while
00:43:02OMFG100038DKDDkdI'm trying to browse in My computer
00:43:42Bio_HazardOMFG: are u using Win98?
00:44:22OMFG100038DKDDkdyes this is really slowing my computer down but I think I'm making progress
00:44:23Bio_Hazardi sometimes have probs with that... but browsing thru a network usually works...
00:45:28devZer0omfg: does your archos hdd sound "normal"?
00:45:38OMFG100038DKDDkdYes it does
00:45:44devZer0you should do a scandisk and check the filesystem for errors
00:45:48Bio_Hazarddid you give it the RBM treatment?
00:46:04OMFG100038DKDDkdThat is if I could browse to it
00:46:40OMFG100038DKDDkdI'll be back in a bit, I'll try to see if I can browse to it
00:47:39Bio_Hazardso how would i begin coding ROCKS under win98? any environments i need? compilers?
00:48:23devZer0bio: if you gonna learn programming, you should get a book about C and an compiler - maybe could be useful
00:48:32Bio_Hazardi have a book
00:49:17devZer0for hacking rockbox, i have an win32sdk in the "queue" - it will support building the uisimulator, so you can easily build
00:49:23devZer0and test ".rocks"
00:49:40devZer0and the helloworld is a good way to start
00:49:54devZer0you could install cygwin, too
00:50:12Bio_Hazardwhat <i>is</i> cgywin?
00:50:13devZer0my sdk is just a stripped down and easier to install version of that
00:50:43Bio_Hazardi need a fairly simple to install version
00:52:03Bio_Hazardi know how to code in ACS, i know how to use Windows and DOS and Photoshop (i know that PS has nothing to do with rockbox) fluently...
00:53:04devZer0bio: stay tuned - sdk will be released soon, i think
00:53:40devZer0if you can`t wait, i could send you "preliminary" version
00:53:51Bio_Hazardso, how does a compiler work? do you just run a notepad file with code in it thru the compiler?
00:54:10hardeepuhm, there is already a stripped down cygwin available for rockbox:
00:54:18hardeepand you can build the win32 uisimulator from it
00:54:24devZer0yes - this is what i`m talking about
00:54:33devZer0no - not yet!
00:55:10hardeepdevZer0: are you roland?
00:55:22devZer0yes :)
00:55:27hardeepah, okay
00:55:39hardeepdevZer0: i thought you had a working simulator build
00:55:56devZer0yes - but it`s not for public download yet
00:56:13Bio_Hazardi would really rather have an exe file
00:56:13devZer0i announced it on the list once - but it was too early...
00:56:26devZer0you get an exe file :D
00:56:38Bio_Hazardi cant wait...
00:57:24devZer0wait a moment
00:58:24Bio_Hazardi shall produce "the worlds most worthless plugins" and maybe even "a program that only 1 person in the history of the universe would ever be able to possibly fathom a use for" plugin!
00:58:58Bio_Hazardthats if all goes well
00:59:06devZer0i send you a link
01:00:04devZer0but we need some manual tuning
01:00:33Bio_Hazardso i just run that to sim rockbox?
01:00:58devZer0you need that so you can COMPILE the simulator
01:01:13devZer0the simulator is not a simulator which runs .ajz files
01:01:18Bio_Hazard(inexperince is kicking in)
01:01:22devZer0as you are used to....
01:01:40devZer0normally a simulator does interpret original firmware roms
01:01:50devZer0think of gameboy simulators....
01:01:58Zagorno, that's an emulator
01:02:05Bio_Hazardan EMU and a SIM are different
01:02:07devZer0ok - you are right :D
01:02:27devZer0the uisimulator is just a special "rockbox build"
01:03:00devZer0most of it is the same code - there is some code added to make it a windows/linux application
01:03:28devZer0and so, you need to rebuild it if you change something inside rockbox code
01:04:01Bio_Hazardso i get a rockbox source packet, treat it like a GB rom and feed it to the prog you put up?
01:04:29devZer0not exactly
01:04:37Bio_Hazardor is there a special source packet?
01:04:52Bio_Hazard(after i do this once ill rebember)
01:05:08devZer0my exe is just a self extracting "zip alike" archive
01:05:34devZer0it installs into a directory structure and you have somewhat a minimalistic "unix" environment on your windows pc
01:05:58devZer0it delivers all the tools you need for the build process of rockbox
01:06:16devZer0i.e. there is a shell, there is a compiler, there is a linker, there are libraries.....
01:06:21Zagori'm off for bed. see you, guys
01:06:23devZer0and headerfiles...
01:06:26 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
01:06:27devZer0bye zagor
01:06:57devZer0then you download the rockbox source
01:07:06Bio_Hazardso i put what files where?
01:07:23devZer0you put the sourcefiles to a special directory
01:07:34devZer0and then start the "configure" script
01:07:34Bio_Hazardthat one?
01:07:38 Join Nibbler [0] (
01:07:48 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
01:08:31 Join freshmaker [0] (
01:08:46devZer0look on
01:08:53devZer0there are source tarballs
01:09:03devZer0you know what .tar.gz is?
01:09:11Bio_Hazardno i dont
01:09:22devZer0it is similar to .zip
01:09:35devZer0you can download that and "unzip" that.
01:09:40Bio_Hazardi know that much
01:09:52devZer0(ok, on unix that is 2 steps - first ungzip, then untar)
01:10:08[IDC]DragonLinus, how is that: For coldstart, I repeat the first 3 steps of ata::init() for 10 seconds, until they go through, with sleeps inbetween.
01:10:09devZer0and you have all the files belonging to rockbox "in place"
01:10:12Bio_Hazardstep 1. get tarball...
01:10:39devZer0inside the tarball there is a script called "configure"
01:10:44Bio_Hazardgetting tarball =
01:11:11devZer0configure asks you, which type of rockbox you want to build, in which language etc...
01:11:17freshmakerhello there!
01:11:34Bio_Hazardtarball gotten
01:11:45Bio_Hazardstep 2. unzip tarball
01:11:53devZer0no - first install the sdk
01:12:10devZer0without that , the tarball is nothing - it`s just the sources
01:12:17devZer0did you download the win32 sdk?
01:12:27devZer0please install it
01:12:34Bio_Hazardi unzipped it
01:12:39devZer0eg to a folder c:\rockbox-devel
01:12:57devZer0i hope you didn`t unzip to c:\
01:12:58Bio_Hazarddoes it need to be root?
01:13:05Bio_Hazardof course not
01:13:16devZer0root? on a windows box?
01:13:16Bio_Hazardonly a fool unzips to c:\
01:13:39freshmakeri have a problem with latest CVS and resume: it always fails with "error accessing playlist control file". there is a /.rockbox dir and the playlist file is created but empty.
01:14:03Bio_Hazardits on my desktop
01:14:07Bio_Hazardin a folder
01:14:12devZer0fresh: look into the irc log - this was discussed today, as far as i can remember
01:14:13LinusNfreshmaker: use the latest bleeding edge build
01:14:42devZer0bio: the desktop is not the best place - because paths are very long
01:14:52Bio_Hazardi c ur point
01:14:59devZer0i would recommend, you unpack it to c:\a-folder-you-like
01:15:08freshmakerLinusN: I just pulled it out of CVS and compiled it. it is the latest version (1.201 tree.c)
01:15:16Bio_Hazardd:\ is a logical partition
01:15:39LinusNfreshmaker: hmmm
01:15:41devZer0ok - so put it to d:\rockdevel
01:15:44devZer0or whatelse
01:15:58[IDC]DragonLinus, how is that: For coldstart, I repeat the first 3 steps of ata::init() for 10 seconds, until they go through, with sleeps inbetween.
01:16:21LinusNfreshmaker: have you played a file with your new build?
01:16:56LinusN[IDC]Dragon: sounds like a cludge
01:16:58freshmakerLinusN: Yes, of course. That's how i tested the resume.
01:17:11LinusNfreshmaker: can you repeat it?
01:17:53LinusNtry to delete the playlist file and try again
01:18:19freshmakerLinusN: Yes. Delete /.rockbox/.playlist_control, reboot, play a file, reboot and try to resume.
01:18:42[IDC]DragonLinus: yes, it is a kludge. Unless somebody tells me how to do it correct...
01:18:52freshmakerthe file is always empty
01:19:10LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i guess that "somebody" is you
01:20:22Stevie-Owhat's the kludge
01:20:38LinusN[IDC]Dragon: Stevie-O is your man
01:21:15CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:21:15*Stevie-O marks that on his calendar
01:21:21Stevie-O'<LinusN> [IDC]Dragon: Stevie-O is your man'
01:21:31[IDC]DragonOK stevie, tell me how to correctly wait for the HD to be ready?
01:21:36Stevie-Owell lets see
01:21:55freshmakerLinusN: oh, this is different: tried to create a dynamic playlist (insert), reboot and resume -> "invalid playlist control file"
01:22:13OMFG100038DKDDkdLinusN, devZer0: My mp3 player is pretty much inaccessible
01:22:15Stevie-Othe *koff*crap*koff* (still got that cold it seems) archos fw does some weird stuff
01:24:00*Stevie-O finds ata.c's init
01:24:14Stevie-Osomeone care to share the src? as i have little to no luck with cvs
01:24:38OMFG100038DKDDkdMy computer will not recognize it through USB and I can't boot it, is it completely hosed?
01:25:00Stevie-OOMFG100038DKDDkd: what model?
01:25:08OMFG100038DKDDkdJukebox 6000
01:25:08devZer0OMFG: mhhh - if you start harddisk format utility - does it see a partition?
01:25:10LinusNOMFG100038DKDDkd: does the drive spin up? do you have the charger attached?
01:25:16[IDC]DragonI've messed with ata.c already, but can send it.
01:25:38OMFG100038DKDDkdThe drive does spin up
01:25:50OMFG100038DKDDkdand I have had the charger plugged in
01:25:54OMFG100038DKDDkdbut it makes no change
01:26:03 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/20030701]")
01:26:25OMFG100038DKDDkdAbout the partition, what harddisk format utility should I use?
01:26:55devZer0if you use win2k/Xp go to the control panel
01:26:56Stevie-Ono way
01:27:30devZer0its somewhere in the computer management console
01:27:43devZer0don`t know the english word since i use german XP
01:27:56OMFG100038DKDDkdOh no I know what you are getting at
01:28:05LinusNand i rarely use windows :-)
01:28:11Stevie-Ological disk manager
01:28:22devZer0yes - thats it :)
01:28:37Stevie-Obut I recommend
01:29:00Stevie-Oecho -pn "\xYY" | dd if=- of=dev/sda skip=offset count=1
01:29:03Stevie-Ofor each byte in the partition table
01:29:53Stevie-Ooh wait
01:29:55Stevie-Oi forgot bs=1
01:30:05OMFG100038DKDDkdhow would I impliment that?
01:30:11Stevie-Oyou wouldn't
01:30:19OMFG100038DKDDkdoh ok
01:30:22Stevie-Onot even I would, not yet anyway
01:31:04[IDC]Dragonstevie: email with ata.c versions is out.
01:31:07OMFG100038DKDDkdWell, I'm going to try and see if I can get to it through the magangement console
01:31:15OMFG100038DKDDkdThanks for your help
01:32:53 Join freshmaker [0] (
01:34:07freshmakerLinusN: Ok, just checked the contents of the "invalid playlist file": It contains a single line "A:0:0:/Angelo_Branduardi/Best_Of/03__La_serie_dei_numeri.mp3\n"
01:34:48Stevie-Othe master_slave_detect, the io_address_detect, and the check_registers() ?
01:36:51Stevie-Oi have a suggestion
01:36:55Stevie-OLinus, you listening?
01:38:01Stevie-Othis control register
01:38:10Stevie-Ois at 0x200 or 0x300, right?
01:38:45*Stevie-O ponders
01:38:50Stevie-Othis doesn't make any sense
01:39:41*Stevie-O opens his emulator
01:41:10 Join Neo [0] (~Neo@
01:41:21Neohows rombox comming guys
01:42:12[IDC]DragonPatience, I try to shake of the last bits.
01:43:05[IDC]DragonOriginal plan was to release it today, but the bleeding edge misbehaves and the wait for HD spinup needs clarification.
01:43:43 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
01:47:34LinusNfreshmaker: damn, it works for me
01:47:56Neowould u like me to try it
01:48:20Neotry it out
01:48:32freshmakerLinusN: how is it suppose to work? The last line ine the control file is the 'R' command?
01:48:50Neohow does it look
01:50:31[IDC]DragonNeo: you can read the FAQ/Manual already:
01:52:39LinusNfreshmaker: are you rwally running the latest cvs code? which version is your playlist.c?
01:53:46freshmakerLinusN: 1.79
01:53:56LinusNdamn sourceforge
01:54:07LinusNyour playlist.c is older than mine
01:54:29LinusNthe anon cvs isn't up-tp-date
01:54:46LinusNd/l the latest bleeding edge and try again
01:55:29[IDC]Dragonhardeep, do you read?
01:56:03MTheres the funny thing :/
01:56:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:56:15MTi spent most of yesterday trying to work around something
01:56:21Neoanyone want me to try anything out?
01:56:31MTit was only when i typed out my workaround that i realised settings.c had a function to do it all for me :/
01:56:48LinusNMT: :-)
01:57:05Stevie-Oit must be the fm
01:57:14*Stevie-O digs up the recorder stuff
01:57:29Stevie-Ohey, can someone quick give me runtime (not plugged into anything) adc values for the recorder?
01:57:56[IDC]DragonStevie: yes.
01:58:03freshmakerLinusN: playlist.c from the latest source tarball is also 1.79
01:58:09[IDC]Dragonwhich one do you like?
01:58:12Stevie-Oall 8
01:58:31Stevie-Oit's looking to me like the 'old recorder' thing really only applies to recorders
01:58:55Stevie-OI put the CS1 address at 0x300 (instead of 0x200) and all I get is an HD error
01:58:57LinusN3ff,1c0, 030, 060, 1c0, 0, 0, 300, 0
01:59:13[IDC]Dragon3ff, 3ff, 002, 168, 001, 001, 33b, 003
01:59:56Stevie-Othat 2nd one looks plugged in?
02:00:11Stevie-O3ff,1c0, 030, 060, 1c0, 0, 0, 300, 0 <- that has 9 values, theres only 8 pins
02:00:11LinusN3ff,3ff, 030, 060, 1c0, 0, 0, 300, 0
02:00:28LinusN3ff,3ff, 060, 1c0, 0, 0, 300, 0
02:00:35LinusNsorry, i'm tired
02:00:41Stevie-Olol, s'ok
02:01:11*Stevie-O wonders if this boots
02:01:16LinusN(the retro-recording stuff really gives me a headache)
02:01:17Stevie-Oi don't emulate the recorder's charge chip
02:01:23Stevie-Osince I don't know anything about it
02:01:29Neolooks good guys
02:01:30MTi can use set_bool_options for my last remaining GRR code
02:01:33Neoread the txt
02:02:17[IDC]Dragonstevie, these values are shiftes by 6 bit already. 3ff is the max, you'll have guessed.
02:02:18MTcode that doesnt do what you want :)
02:02:40MTyou know the stuff, you sit there thinking "GRR, how can i do this nicely"
02:02:46Stevie-O[IDC]Dragon: yeah, I know
02:03:00Stevie-Othe emulator takes those values the very way you gave them
02:03:07Stevie-Othe adc emulation then shifts left 6 bits :D
02:04:44freshmakerLinusN: rockbox20030708.ajz has the same problems for me
02:05:00[IDC]DragonMy HD wait kludge is a failure.
02:05:19LinusNfreshmaker: even if you delete the playlist file?
02:05:55LinusNfreshmaker: hey, that's the daily build, not the bleeding edge
02:05:56Stevie-Oall that for one lil ata startup
02:06:16freshmakerwhere's the bleeding edge, then?
02:06:29LinusNlook at the bottom of the page
02:06:30MTbottom of that page
02:07:30freshmakerha, never scrolled down that far :-)
02:08:25*Stevie-O traces 0x09018B08
02:08:28OMFG100038DKDDkdLinusN: I think I narrowed down my problem to the hardware
02:08:49Neoi gtg
02:08:50Neogood luck
02:08:53[IDC]DragonStevie what did you trace?
02:08:55OMFG100038DKDDkdIf I push down on the blue rubber corners it will boot up
02:09:01LinusNOMFG100038DKDDkd: ouch
02:09:10OMFG100038DKDDkdbut no dice on getting the usb to work
02:09:10LinusNpretty common problem
02:09:12Neoif u need any help email AT rubberdukkie52 At aol dot com
02:09:15 Quit Neo ("Client exiting")
02:09:17devZer0always the same
02:10:15OMFG100038DKDDkdI've tried deleting the mod file and hoping the rom will take over but it fails to delete it
02:10:41OMFG100038DKDDkdI doesn't do it
02:10:52LinusNbut do you safely remove the jukebox?
02:11:00OMFG100038DKDDkdat one point it said Loading rolo
02:11:16LinusNaha, you try to delete it with rockbox?
02:12:12LinusNand when you insert the usb cable when rockbox is running, what happens?
02:12:22freshmakerNow that's the culprit: the pserver protocol still connects the the backup server (that's 24h behind).
02:12:44LinusNfreshmaker: yup
02:12:53OMFG100038DKDDkdThe Jukebox confirms the hook up by saying [USB MODE]
02:12:58OMFG100038DKDDkdbut the computer still hangs
02:13:27LinusNmaybe the FAT is corrupt, so w2k is confused
02:13:54OMFG100038DKDDkdif it were corrupt would it still be able to run on the jukebox
02:14:56OMFG100038DKDDkdThis is so frustrating
02:14:58LinusNit all depends on what windows does
02:15:15Stevie-Odoes anyone have one of these supposed 'old recorders'
02:15:31Stevie-Othat has a different ata address?
02:16:16OMFG100038DKDDkdI'm not sure
02:16:36LinusNquelsaruk has one
02:17:39LinusNtotmacher and elinenbe too
02:18:44LinusNand a bunch of others that i don't know
02:19:37LinusNOMFG100038DKDDkd: what happens if you boot the pc with the usb attached?
02:20:00OMFG100038DKDDkdI haven't tried that
02:20:09OMFG100038DKDDkdBut I have a feeling 2k will scan it
02:20:32OMFG100038DKDDkdand maybe fix some errors hopefully
02:20:51OMFG100038DKDDkdok I'll be back after I boot
02:20:55 Quit OMFG100038DKDDkd ("(i was using polaris) version:[2.05c] webpage:[]")
02:22:05 Join Nixed [0] (
02:23:01Nixedhello. Quick question... Is there a key command that allows rockbox to reboot into the Archos Os?
02:23:14LinusNyes and no
02:23:23Stevie-Othe archos fw doesn't seem to probe
02:23:38LinusNdownload the archos firmware from and put it on the jukebox
02:23:45LinusNunder a different name
02:24:06LinusNarchos.mod -> archos-orig.mod
02:24:15LinusNor ajbrec.ajz -> ajbrec-orig.ajz
02:24:20NixedI remember with one daily build version of rockbox, If I pushed down the on button, it rebooted into Archos OS. It doesn't work with the latest versions.
02:24:31LinusNthen you can select the firmware file and Play it in rockbox
02:24:34Stevie-Odo we have any idea about the first OS version for the 'new' recorders?
02:25:00NixedLinus - I think I'll do it your way. It's easy enough.
02:25:06LinusNStevie-O: what are you trying to achieve?
02:25:29Stevie-Othe archos fw (as far as i can tell) isn't probing the ata io address
02:25:48Stevie-Owhich I find intriguing
02:25:49LinusNStevie-O: the hw mask tells you
02:26:07Stevie-Oif that were the case, why doesn't RB use the hw mask?
02:26:17Stevie-Orb probes the ata address
02:26:22LinusNbecause that code was written before the hw mask was doscovered
02:26:52Stevie-Oand nobody bothered to change it?
02:27:00LinusNwhy change code that works?
02:27:12NixedIf it isn't borken...
02:27:13Stevie-Ocuz [idc] is trying to boot from code that probes the ata address
02:27:24Stevie-Oand it doesn't seem to be working all that great on his end ;)
02:27:37LinusNi doubt that the probing is the problem in his case
02:27:42Stevie-OI doubt it helps
02:28:02 Join BoD[] [0] (
02:28:04LinusNbut yes, we can remove the probing
02:28:04Stevie-O<LinusN> why change code that works? <- ain't that the reason why the archos fw sucks? ;)
02:28:19BoD[]hello !!
02:28:23LinusNStevie-O: no, the archos fw doesn't work :-)
02:28:31Stevie-OLinusN: well yeah
02:28:40Stevie-Obut i didnt' have any other good examples
02:28:48LinusNBoD[]: you are julien, right?
02:28:49[IDC]Dragonmaster_slave_detect() or check_registers() did fail on cold start, 'cuz the HD is not ready yet.
02:29:08BoD[]what no I'm not :)
02:29:56NixedOk, off topic, but what's a good program for downsampling Mp3 files? I want to chat bit rates down to 128.
02:30:21BoD[]nixed : whith cdex you've got a converter utility
02:30:25LinusNBoD[]: looking for julien labruyere but i forgot his irc handle
02:30:34BoD[]linus : sorry that's not me
02:30:40[IDC]Dragonstevie: I tried polling for it to be ready, works for my drive, but somedody else had problems with it.
02:30:42Nixedcdex... thanks. I'll check it out.
02:30:51MT27 retries to get a cvs diff :/
02:32:53Stevie-O[IDC]Dragon: what drive do you have?
02:33:34[IDC]DragonFujitsu 60GB
02:35:13 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/20030701]")
02:35:34 Join OMFG100038DKDDkd [0] (
02:35:47Stevie-Ohey Linus
02:36:01Stevie-Owe can assert (or deassert, or whatever) the ata -RESET pin, right?
02:36:18OMFG100038DKDDkdMy computer will not finish boot up with the usb active on the mp3 player
02:36:24LinusNi think so
02:36:27OMFG100038DKDDkdI have to unplug it before it will continue
02:36:33LinusNOMFG100038DKDDkd: bummer
02:36:38Stevie-Ocan that be verified at all?
02:36:59BoD[]what a strange nickname:)
02:38:30[IDC]DragonStevie: PA9 should be the reset.
02:39:12Stevie-Othat's according to the source
02:39:16Stevie-Othe schematics are of no help
02:39:29devZer0had work :)
02:39:34[IDC]DragonI found it from the schematics.
02:39:35devZer0hard work
02:40:07[IDC]Dragoncoming out of that 245 right of the CPU
02:41:20Stevie-Owhat U# is it?
02:41:25Stevie-Ooh I see
02:41:32Stevie-Ogeez these schematics run all over
02:41:54Stevie-Owe need a sort of hyperlinked schematic
02:42:07Stevie-Osleep(1); /* > 25us */
02:42:18devZer0Bio_Hazard has a working win32sdk now. will gonna sleep now :) have fun! bye
02:42:21Stevie-Ooh fsck
02:42:30Stevie-Othat's even worse than ata_reset
02:42:47[IDC]DragonIts's all reset, right?
02:43:10Stevie-O[IDC]Dragon: theres a problem with ata_{soft|hard}_reset
02:43:20Stevie-Oit's even worse with hard_reset
02:43:58Stevie-Ohard_reset won't have that problem
02:44:02Stevie-Oalthough it's kinda pathetic
02:44:08Stevie-O[IDC]Dragon: you need to call ata_hard_reset on powerup
02:44:44Stevie-Onot quite
02:44:47Stevie-Obut almost aha
02:44:58Stevie-Othe ata specs say that on powerup you need to issue a hard reset
02:45:31LinusNi have to go to sleep
02:45:38Stevie-Ook, nite linus
02:45:38LinusNnite all
02:45:45 Part LinusN
02:46:00[IDC]DragonSo do, I but it's interesting right now...
02:46:22[IDC]DragonSo do I, ...
02:46:32 Quit Bio_Hazard (Excess Flood)
02:46:37 Join Bio_Hazard [0] (
02:46:55Stevie-Ono you don't
02:47:01Stevie-Onot in the ata.c you gave me
02:47:16Stevie-Othe only thing that calls ata_hard_reset is ata_power_on
02:49:04[IDC]Dragonmaybe I should call that from init?
02:49:20Stevie-Oif it's a power-on
02:49:29[IDC]DragonIt is.
02:49:33 Part devZer0
02:49:51Stevie-Owhat i mean is
02:49:56Stevie-Oif (coldstart)
02:50:10[IDC]DragonDo you see any code that waits for spinup? Rockbox has such situations.
02:50:32Stevie-Owhere would I be looking?
02:51:02Stevie-OI figure that sector reads/writes would block until the drive spun up
02:51:46Bio_Hazardbe back... (reboot)
02:51:50[IDC]DragonBut on init there seems to be other, impationt code.
02:53:15Stevie-Oto what are you referring?
02:53:36MTmy first patch ;)
02:54:00[IDC]DragonWe may have an hen and egg problem here.
02:54:35 Part Nixed
02:54:43[IDC]Dragonata_power_on() needs the info wether we're master or slave
02:55:37 Quit Bio_Hazard ("Life dosent suck, its a Hoover! -=SysReset 2.51=-")
02:56:35Stevie-Owhere is ata_power_on called?
02:56:48Stevie-O(1) from ata_read_sectors
02:56:54Stevie-O(2) from ata_write_sectors
02:57:20Stevie-O(3) from ata_thread [when we enter usb mode]
02:57:24Stevie-Othats it
02:57:35Stevie-Odo we call any of those from init?
02:57:40hardeep[IDC]Dragon: did you have a question for me? just saw message
02:57:56[IDC]Dragonhardeep: yes.
02:58:18[IDC]Dragon"Error accessing playlist control file", how is that doing?
02:58:55[IDC]DragonIt's a splash I get on startup.
02:59:06hardeep[IDC]Dragon: Do you have resume enabled?
02:59:24[IDC]DragonI think so, yes.
02:59:39hardeep[IDC]Dragon: also, please make sure your using latest CVS (not anonymous but ssh developer cvs)
02:59:49[IDC]DragonI do.
02:59:56hardeep [IDC]Dragon: what version of playlist.c are you using?
03:00:44hardeepokay, and the error is "unable to access", not "invalid playlist control file" ?
03:01:11[IDC]DragonI literally typed it in, yes-
03:01:38hardeep[IDC]Dragon: okay, what happens when you start play on a new track, and then try to resume?
03:02:14[IDC]Dragonhang on...
03:02:47hardeep[IDC]Dragon: it sounds a lot like the bug that Linus fixed, have you updated the version on the jukebox?
03:03:25[IDC]DragonYes, multiple trimes since I coudn't belive it, made a clean build, etc.
03:04:29[IDC]DragonAftet the different track, it's gone.
03:04:47[IDC]Dragon(IRC typo king today)
03:04:58hardeep[IDC]Dragon: okay, good. What probably happened is you had started a track with the old firmware and then never played something new after you updated.
03:05:17hardeepso it was still the corrupt control file
03:05:35hardeep[IDC]Dragon: i'd say the latest cvs is in good shape for your flash stuff
03:05:51[IDC]DragonAhh, good. So the bleeding edge isn't broken.
03:06:15[IDC]DragonI considered that a "showstopper" for my flash release.
03:06:44Stevie-O[IDC]Dragon: did you see my question?
03:06:54[IDC]DragonNow we're working on ATA instead...
03:07:04[IDC]DragonStevie: no.
03:07:07Stevie-Owhere is ata_power_on called?
03:07:08Stevie-O(1) from ata_read_sectors
03:07:08Stevie-O(2) from ata_write_sectors
03:07:08Stevie-O(3) from ata_thread [when we enter usb mode]
03:07:08Stevie-Othats it
03:07:08***Alert Mode level 1
03:07:08Stevie-Odo we call any of those from init?
03:07:18 Join Bio_Hazard [0] (
03:07:29Bio_Hazardk im back
03:07:37[IDC]DragonI guess not...
03:08:10Stevie-Otry an
03:08:14Stevie-Oif (coldstart) ata_hard_reset();
03:08:36[IDC]DragonThere comes the hen and the egg.
03:08:59[IDC]DragonOr chicken and egg, how do you say?
03:09:18Stevie-Othe chicken and the egg?
03:09:27Stevie-Oi fail to see how this is a chicken-and-egg problem
03:09:51Bio_Hazardso, when i need to look at the original source .c files for rockbox, how do i get rid of the boxes in the files? (i assume that me using Win98SE has something to do with it)
03:10:25hardeepBio_Hazard: you need to use something other than notepad to develop
03:10:34Bio_Hazardlike what?
03:10:36hardeepBio_Hazard: download metapad, it's free
03:10:37[IDC]Dragonata_hard_reset() needs ata_device, which is later discovered by master_slave_detect()
03:10:50 Join sobepmp [0] (
03:11:01[IDC]DragonMaybe whe can reset both
03:11:04Stevie-Othat should really be an easy one
03:11:08Stevie-Oreset both
03:11:24Stevie-Oa non-present device will be read as 'not busy' at any given time
03:11:44Stevie-Othe ata spec requires it, so nonexistent devices don't lock up simple wait loops
03:12:12[IDC]DragonOh, that's good, I was just worrying.
03:12:30Stevie-Oyeah, I was worried about that too
03:12:32Stevie-Oin fact
03:12:34Stevie-OI had it wrong
03:12:55Stevie-Oand I was locking up early on because i had the non-present slave device return always busy
03:13:31Stevie-O(in my emulator)
03:14:36[IDC]DragonOK, I can reset both. How do I then wait for spinup? Or don't I need to?
03:14:56Stevie-OI don't see why you'd need to
03:15:09Stevie-Othat won't be necessary until we have to read from the drive
03:15:34Stevie-Oyou can still run from your uart loader, right?
03:16:01[IDC]DragonYes, that's no issue.
03:16:16Stevie-Oso it should be easy to test it initially on yours
03:16:36[IDC]DragonAbout the init sequence:
03:16:55[IDC]Dragonmine failed on check_registers(),
03:17:09***Alert Mode OFF
03:17:11Stevie-Oi bet i know why
03:17:16Stevie-Othe drive was probably still busy
03:17:20[IDC]Dragonif ( ATA_STATUS & STATUS_BSY ) return -1;
03:17:32Stevie-Oin 'busy' state, all those registers will actually read from the alt. status register
03:17:40[IDC]DragonBusy from what?
03:17:50Stevie-Opower-on reset
03:18:01[IDC]DragonNot being hard-resetted?
03:18:08Stevie-Othe thing just turned on
03:18:15Stevie-Oit's probably doing some internal initialization
03:18:20Stevie-Orunning rom checksums and all
03:19:06[IDC]DragonAnd the hard reset brings it to listen, or do I have to poll for not busy?
03:19:28Stevie-Oata_hard_reset() calls wait_for_bsy()
03:19:35Stevie-Owhich waits until the BUSY bit is 0
03:19:49[IDC]Dragonirritating function name...
03:20:05Stevie-Oshould be 'wait_while_bsy'
03:20:21Stevie-Oor something :P
03:20:48Stevie-Owait_for_bsy will return more or less immediately when the ata_device being reset isn't present
03:21:19[IDC]DragonOK, I think we got that.
03:21:57[IDC]DragonJose's box was failing earlier, in master_slave_detect()
03:22:25 Quit Bio_Hazard (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:22:33 Quit OMFG100038DKDDkd ("(i was using polaris) version:[2.05c] webpage:[]")
03:22:41[IDC]DragonThat checks for STATUS_RDY.
03:22:51Stevie-Othat's different
03:23:12Stevie-OSTATUS_BSY and STATUS_RDY are actually not opposites
03:23:13Stevie-Oin fact, they're not even mutually exclusive
03:23:37[IDC]Dragonif they would, one would be redundant ;-)
03:23:41 Quit BoD[] ("dodozitude")
03:23:50Stevie-Oyeah, but ATA was designed by a committee
03:24:04Stevie-Oif I recall correctly, STATUS_RDY means that the device is waiting to send or receive data
03:24:53[IDC]DragonIs that master_slave_detect() code correct then?
03:25:16Stevie-Oonce having completed the power-on reset
03:25:39Stevie-Othe device shall set DRDY to 1 within 30s
03:25:54Stevie-Oso this is looking more and more like you need to call ata_hard_reset at the start
03:26:02[IDC]Dragon30 s!!! Not ns?
03:26:14Stevie-Oi think that was designed for cdrom drives
03:26:23Stevie-Othe same thing happens in wait_for_bsy
03:26:25Stevie-Oif you look
03:27:03Stevie-Ooh wait!
03:27:11Stevie-Oit's not for cdrom drives
03:28:08Stevie-Owell, i think its obvious that nobody has a drive that takes 30s to boot
03:34:28[IDC]DragonI just tested the dual reset.
03:34:59[IDC]DragonNow I get the error -3 again,
03:35:30[IDC]Dragonmeaning check_registers() failed.
03:36:12Stevie-Odo you know what part of check_registers failed?
03:36:14[IDC]Dragonif ( ATA_STATUS & STATUS_BSY ) return -1;
03:36:34[IDC]DragonOh, no, I don't know.
03:36:50[IDC]DragonIt may as well be the other one.
03:36:51Stevie-Ois the lcd initialized already?
03:37:10Stevie-Omethinks a decent sprintf + lcd_puts is in order
03:37:24[IDC]DragonYes, I can do that.
03:37:50[IDC]DragonThe turnaround times with flashing are no good.
03:38:13[IDC]DragonI should use UART again, or gdb.
03:38:30[IDC]DragonBut I'm getting too tired.
03:38:40[IDC]Dragonits 03:40 here.
03:39:29Stevie-Oi'll cya tomorrow?
03:39:58[IDC]DragonGuess so, I enjoyed "working" with you.
03:40:08[IDC]DragonWhat's your time?
03:41:32Stevie-Oonly 6 hours out of sync
03:41:37[IDC]Dragonsound like US east cost.
03:41:44Stevie-Othen it sounds right
03:42:08Stevie-Oi want to be able to emulate your uart boot monitor thing
03:42:17Stevie-OI haven't the foggiest
03:42:58Stevie-Obecause I know what state I live in, not the latitude
03:44:16[IDC]DragonThats sortof what I meant.
03:44:21***Alert Mode level 1
03:44:31Stevie-ONewtown Square
03:44:46Stevie-Othat came out lousy
03:45:03Stevie-O39.9794'N 75.4369'W
03:45:05[IDC]Dragonwhat's PA?
03:45:56Stevie-Ocheck this out
03:47:15[IDC]Dragonscreendump as jpg, brr.
03:47:34[IDC]Dragonwell, it doesn't really tell me something.
03:48:17[IDC]DragonOdd baudrate.
03:48:26Stevie-Odoesn't the number look familiar?
03:48:42Stevie-Ook, pick a number
03:49:51Stevie-Oi'll have to stick with decimal
03:49:56Stevie-Oso 162?
03:51:13 Join Bio_Hazard [0] (
03:51:44Bio_Hazardi cant get the win32 sim to open a ROCK
03:52:26Bio_Hazardit says "Cant open: (filename)"
03:53:02hardeepBio_Hazard: how are you trying to open it?
03:53:14Bio_Hazardthru the browser
03:53:39hardeepBio_Hazard: so you're PLAYing a .rock file ?
03:53:56Bio_Hazardit dosent work in the win32 sim
03:53:57[IDC]DragonStevie, I really need to sleep.
03:54:12[IDC]DragonSee you tomorrow
03:54:14hardeepBio_Hazard: what's the exact error message being displayed?
03:54:22***Alert Mode OFF
03:54:25 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
03:54:48Bio_Hazardcant open: (filename)
03:55:36Stevie-Odamn my slow inet connection
03:55:52hardeepBio_Hazard: where did you get the rock files?
03:56:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:56:07Bio_Hazardthe daily build yesterday
03:56:09hardeepStevie-O: damned
03:56:15Bio_Hazardthey work on the archos
03:56:21Bio_Hazardjust not on the sim
03:56:31hardeepBio_Hazard: yes, but where did you get them? were they built with the simulator?
03:56:58hardeepBio_Hazard: that's the problem, the rock files for the jukebox cannot be used on the sim
03:57:23Bio_Hazardwell, how are you supposed to make them?
03:57:33hardeepBio_Hazard: they should be built by the simulator
03:57:51hardeepBio_Hazard: however, i know that the win32 sdk didn't have all the required tools
03:58:53hardeepBio_Hazard: download and copy it to /usr/bin wherever cygwin is installed
03:59:11Bio_Hazardi need .C -> SIM and .C -> JBR
03:59:17Bio_Hazardor an equivilent
03:59:28hardeepBio_Hazard: yes, it's automatically handled when you build
03:59:45hardeepBio_Hazard: if you look at the build log, you'll see that the rock files are failing
04:00:07hardeepBio_Hazard: you can also download win32 simulator rock files from
04:00:40Bio_Hazardi would like to make my own, but i cant figure out the compiler
04:00:58hardeepBio_Hazard: then download dllwrap.exe
04:01:11hardeepBio_Hazard: or, if you prefer, install the binutils for cygwin
04:02:06Bio_Hazardi have dllwrap, now what
04:02:28hardeepBio_Hazard: make sure it's copied to /usr/bin, then rebuild
04:06:09Bio_Hazardi get a bunch of errors upon building helloworld
04:06:23hardeepBio_Hazard: what are the errors?
04:07:11Bio_Hazardtoo many to list
04:07:20hardeepBio_Hazard: list a few
04:07:32hardeepBio_Hazard: starting from the top
04:13:21Bio_Hazardman! im thinking too hard...
04:16:30Bio_Hazardisint there a way to build stuff in windows... not needing a linux EMU?
04:17:10 Join diddystar5 [0] (
04:22:21Stevie-Osure, there's plenty of ways to build stuff in native windows
04:22:24Stevie-Ojust not rockbox :P
04:25:00 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta Go!")
04:26:21Bio_Hazardman... now i have to learn C AND linux
04:26:23Bio_Hazardoh well
04:26:28Bio_Hazardbetter get started
04:26:45Bio_Hazardi need a compiling tutorial
04:27:17Bio_Hazardcause i dont know how
04:27:55Stevie-O'make' usually works
04:28:13Bio_Hazardit needs files
04:28:45Bio_Hazardif i "make" where my .c files are, it tells me to "make" somewhere else
04:28:58Stevie-Odid you rtfm?
04:29:11Stevie-Othe directions were fairly explicit
04:30:36*Stevie-O ftfm
04:31:10Stevie-Onote #4
04:34:30Bio_Hazardi type tools/configure nothing happens it just says No such file or dir
04:40:31Stevie-Odid you download the tools?
04:40:47Stevie-Oyou have to download those separately from the source and the sdk
04:41:01Stevie-O(for reasons which are beyond my comprehension)
04:41:40MTif you are in your build directory
04:41:43MTyou type
04:41:55Bio_Hazardi got past that
04:42:30Bio_Hazard6. Make sure you have sh-elf-gcc and siblings in the PATH. Make sure that you
04:42:30Bio_Hazard have 'perl' in your PATH too.
04:42:40Bio_Hazardwhat does that mean?
04:43:16Stevie-O<Bio_Hazard> i got past that
04:43:21Stevie-Othen whats the problem you have now?
04:43:39Bio_Hazard<Bio_Hazard> 6. Make sure you have sh-elf-gcc and siblings in the PATH. Make sure that you
04:43:39Bio_Hazard<Bio_Hazard> have 'perl' in your PATH too.
04:43:39Bio_Hazard<Bio_Hazard> ?
04:43:39DBUGEnqueued KICK Bio_Hazard
04:43:39Bio_Hazard<Bio_Hazard> what does that mean?
04:44:00Stevie-Otype perl
04:44:46Stevie-Odo you get an error?
04:45:05Stevie-Othen perl is in your path
04:45:14Stevie-Ohit ctrl-c to exit it
04:45:49Bio_Hazard"MAKE" now?
04:47:45MTgood god sourceforge is irritating
04:48:25Bio_Hazardso now how do i compile a plugin for the sim?
04:48:55Stevie-Onow you're getting beyond me
04:49:00Stevie-Osend an email to the list
04:49:11Bio_Hazardwhat about for the JB
04:49:13MTrun make
04:49:17MTwhat does it say
04:49:54Bio_Hazardi need to make a .ROCK not the .AJB
04:50:07MTit makes the rocks after its made the ajb
04:50:17MTwhat hte hell is an ajb
04:50:29Bio_Hazardwhat if i JUST want the ROCKS
04:50:39Bio_Hazardcan i do that?
04:50:46MTthen you compile the firmware and ignore that fact
04:51:13MTcompile the firmware
04:51:16MTand the rocks come too
04:51:17Bio_Hazardi did
04:51:26MTthen you have rocks
04:51:39MTif you dont, whats the error message
04:51:48Bio_Hazardi want to do 1 rock without all the firmware
04:52:03MTwhy does it matter?
04:52:11MTi dont udnerstand
04:52:17MTcompile the firmware AND the rocks
04:52:30MTyou need a compiled firmware to compile the rocks
04:52:49Bio_Hazardi have a .AJB already
04:52:57MTgood god man!
04:53:07MTare you being deliberately obtuse?
04:53:30MTyou need to compile the firmware to compile the rocks
04:53:33Bio_Hazardare all the ".o" files the compiled FW?
04:53:51MTyes, before it is linked together
04:53:59MTthat is what you need to compile rocks
04:54:08MTevery time you run make
04:54:13MTit only compiles what has changed
04:54:26MTyou need plugin.o to compile the rocks
04:54:34MTit tells the comopiler what the plugins can do
04:54:34Bio_Hazardi see now!
04:54:50CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
04:54:50*Bio_Hazard smacks self with rock (no pun intended)
04:55:13*Bio_Hazard smacks self with the rock he is iving under
04:56:26MT> $ diff tree.c apps/tree.c
04:56:26MT< * $Id: tree.c,v 1.202 2003/07/08 09:19:12 linusnielsen Exp $
04:56:26MT> * $Id: tree.c,v 1.201 2003/07/01 21:03:29 hardeeps Exp $
04:57:09Bio_Hazardso i clean out the folder of the source files and then put updates into the empty folders?
04:57:27hardeepMT: hmmm, linus added the ON=resume patch
04:58:37MT(03:57) <MT> no ..
04:58:38MT(03:57) <MT> what are you trying to do?
04:58:42MTi disconnected
04:59:06 Join OliverKlozoff [0] (
04:59:23MTi just typed yes into my term :)
04:59:25MTyes, you
04:59:32MTwhat are you trying to accomplish
04:59:43Bio_Hazardim trying to write a plugin
04:59:50Bio_Hazardbut i cant compile it
05:00:05 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:00:15MTput your plugin soure code in apps/plugins/
05:00:28Bio_Hazardno new makefile?
05:00:29MTand it will be compiled whenever you type make in your build folder
05:00:41Bio_Hazardwhere will the output go?
05:00:56MTin your build folder
05:01:02MTassuming there are no errors
05:01:12MTyou will end up with <srcfilename>.rock
05:01:39Bio_Hazardif i select sim in the configure script, will it compile for sim?
05:01:58Bio_Hazardand i select JB for JB
05:02:57Bio_Hazardwhat is a .map file?
05:03:36MTit tells the linker how to allocate memory in the object
05:03:39MTdont worry about it
05:03:45MTits automatically generated
05:03:50Bio_Hazardso i dont need to write one?
05:17:28 Quit hardeep ("9) nanoseconds")
05:22:10Bio_Hazardthe compiler wont compile the rocks
05:23:02MTwhats the error message
05:23:12Bio_Hazardit just wont do it
05:23:15MTthen it did compile them
05:25:01Bio_Hazardi cant find ANY rock files
05:25:07Bio_Hazardneither can windows
05:25:29MTthen there was an error
05:25:33MTwhats the error message
05:35:28Bio_Hazardi cant find an error
05:35:28 Quit OliverKlozoff (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:40:33Bio_Hazardit will build the rocks for JB but not for SIM
05:41:24Bio_Hazardbut it wont compile <I>MY</I> rocks
05:42:56 Join Stevie-O [0] (
05:48:02 Join OliverKlozoff [0] (
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06:07:08 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:12:31 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
06:39:52Bio_Hazardit will build the rocks for JB but not for SIM
06:39:52Bio_Hazardit will build the rocks for JB but not for SIM
06:39:54Bio_Hazardbut it wont compile <I>MY</I> rocks
06:57:35 Join thu [0] (
06:59:21Bio_Hazardit sure is quiet in here
07:08:31 Quit Bio_Hazard ("Life dosent suck, its a Hoover! -=SysReset 2.51=-")
07:43:42 Quit thu ("zZz")
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08:44:51 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Tiger Woods uses BitchX. FORE!")
09:41:32 Join hanzz [0] (
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10:09:31 Quit hanzz ("I was using TinyIRC! Visit for more information.")
10:47:40 Join tracktheripper [0] (
11:06:16 Quit OliverKlozoff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:06:18 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:28:34 Join Quelsaruk [20] (
11:32:32 Quit Quelsaruk (Client Quit)
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12:29:26 Join tracktheripper [0] (
12:31:48 Join idefx [0] (
12:32:33idefxHi, i've just flashed my ajbr, and, has it didn't work fine for me, i've just posted a mail on the mailing list. Any flashing expert here ??
12:40:32tracktheripperwhat JB do u have?
12:40:53idefxJBR20, the chips is the good one. No mod
12:41:20tracktheripperfor rockbox to work, the filename has to be ajbrec.ajz in the root of the HD
12:41:44tracktheripperif the filename isn't specifically ajbrec.ajz, it won't automatically bootup when u turn ur JB on
12:41:58idefxrockbox work fine, but the new flash stuff, released this morning, to make rockbox boot in 3 sec.
12:42:36idefxdoesn't work fine, i get an ATA error, which is not so bad cause i can still boot my box using the F1+on stuff.
12:43:13tracktheripperHow do I get to this flash stuff
12:43:15tracktheripperits all new to me
12:43:48idefxbeware of what you are doing, it seems quite dangerous..
12:44:06idefxand it's all new...
12:44:29idefxand I think I know why it doesn't work with my unit, my fs seems bad.. ;'
12:44:29 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
13:20:39 Quit idefx ("Client exiting")
13:27:20 Join adiamas [0] (~adi|
13:29:01 Quit adi|home (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:30:06 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (~adi|
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14:11:27 Join bobTHC [0] (~bobTHC@
14:11:34bobTHChi all!
14:21:04 Join _MT [0] (
14:21:04 Quit MT (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:21:12 Nick _MT is now known as MT (
14:29:08 Join _MT [0] (
14:48:24 Quit MT (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:48:28 Nick _MT is now known as MT (
15:16:34MTinteresting bug
15:17:09MTwith the charger plugged in, my rockbox reports the battery percentage as 0, 34, 68, 100, 0, 34 ...
15:17:39MTlooking in Debug shows the correct %age
15:18:06MTjust testing to see if its not just my build that does this ..
15:22:29MTnope, does it with current bleeding edge too
15:24:45Stevie[FP]it's trying to draw a 'charging' image
15:25:14*Stevie[FP] is surprised most people don't figure that out for themselves
15:25:18Stevie[FP]0 = empty
15:25:22Stevie[FP]34 = 1/3rd
15:25:25Stevie[FP]68 = 2/3rds
15:25:27Stevie[FP]100 = all
15:25:54MThaving my numerical display switch from 100 to 0 is hardly intuitive
15:25:57Stevie[FP]you really shouldn't use the numeric battery meter anyway, it's painfully inaccurate
15:26:28MTits my option really
15:26:37Stevie[FP]so it is
15:26:45MTif it is so bad, it shouldnt be in there
15:26:55MTto leave it in buggy is worse
15:35:58 Quit Kinslayer (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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16:01:04 Join freshmaker [0] (
16:04:25MTwould be better behaviour imo
16:14:23 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/20030701]")
16:26:10 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
16:28:04 Join Phantomdj [0] (
16:28:04 Join freshmaker [0] (
16:28:18PhantomdjHello everybody
16:28:46PhantomdjI don't find the rockbox in flash, is it normal ?
16:29:09hardeepPhantomdj: what do you mean you don't find it in flash?
16:29:26PhantomdjI don't find where to download it :D
16:30:02hardeepPhantomdj: oh, did you read the e-mail? you need to e-mail to get it
16:30:08freshmakercontact joerg via email
16:30:18Phantomdjhum... right
16:30:22PhantomdjI will do that
16:30:39freshmakeri did the flash just a few moments ago
16:31:02Phantomdjwell I imagine you wouldn't send it to me
16:31:25freshmakerjoerg want's to ... [mpm]
16:32:39freshmakersomeone at the door...
16:33:16Phantomdja serial killer ?
16:33:34freshmakerjoerg want's to serialize the first volunteers in order to minimize the risk of errors affecting lots of people
16:35:21freshmakerit's all in his post to the list:
16:35:23Phantomdjits donne
16:36:21Phantomdjwell I know I wait...
16:36:45Phantomdjthat is already to long....
16:36:51 Part Phantomdj
16:49:11 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/20030701]")
17:06:06 Join hugoj [0] (~jirc@
17:10:11 Quit hugoj (Client Quit)
17:11:47 Part bobTHC
17:14:38 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:21:14 Join hugoj [0] (~jirc@
17:23:18 Quit hugoj ()
17:44:49 Quit adi|home (
17:44:50 Quit Schnueff (
17:44:50 Quit mbr (
17:46:03NJoinSchnueff [0] (
17:46:29NJoinmbr [0] (
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17:56:51 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:59:06NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
18:10:35 Join msoultan [0] (
18:14:00 Quit msoultan (Client Quit)
18:14:59 Join paulheu [0] (
18:15:18paulheuAny flashers in here..;)
18:15:57hardeepyou don't want to see me flash
19:17:30 Join Dario [0] (
19:17:36 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
19:18:07 Join thu [0] (
19:18:40[IDC]DragonAny ATA error -11 person here?
19:19:26DarioNot tried till yet.
19:21:10[IDC]DragonI made an experimental symptom fix, now I need somebody with that problem.
19:24:55 Quit hardeep ("Erection reset by queer")
19:28:35paulheuI'm here
19:28:40paulheuwith -1 error
19:28:44paulheueh -11
19:29:44paulheuSo what do I do..
19:30:48[IDC]DragonCan you reflash the second image with:
19:30:48[IDC]Dragonand tell me if that's any better?
19:31:31[IDC]Dragon(And a slap for premature flashing!)
19:31:46paulheu:^) livin on th edge
19:33:55paulheuRockbox bootscreen appears, after about three seconds ATA error -3
19:34:49[IDC]DragonYour drive is not getting ready.
19:35:19paulheuI do have a larger HD which is a bit slower starting up..
19:35:53[IDC]DragonIt's not the speed, its the way of waiting for it go get ready.
19:36:06[IDC]DragonThis code is not safe, yet.
19:36:46paulheuOh well as long as F1-ON works I am happy eperimenting..:) otherwise I guess I'll have to bring out the soldering iron..
19:37:12[IDC]DragonI know, I'm very glad about F1-On.
19:37:51[IDC]DragonOtherwise it would really be on the edge.
19:38:12[IDC]DragonStevie, are you there?
19:38:50paulheuYeah.. well since I saw the messages about F1-ON working I decoded to dive in.. otherwise I would have definately waited, but that would make it harder for you as well..
19:39:10paulheuLike you did not figure we'd find the tools :^}
19:39:31[IDC]DragonI didn't really try hard to hide them.
19:39:59[IDC]DragonNext time they'll be personalized, pgp-ed, etc. ;-)
19:40:13paulheuhehehe yeah..
19:41:40paulheuI'll be out in about half an hour so untill then I'll peek at the creen to see if you got something.. when I'm out, I'm out..
19:42:12[IDC]DragonOK, maybe I find another victim.
19:42:34[IDC]DragonYou don't happen to know if your HD is master or slave?
19:42:40 Join mad9k [0] (mad8k@guerra.Colorado.EDU)
19:45:09[IDC]DragonHow do you know that?
19:45:14paulheuaccording to the debug screen
19:45:41[IDC]DragonIt does say that somewhere?
19:45:45paulheubut AFAIK teh jumper setting is master
19:47:01paulheuyes, when I get the error and press ON for debug the last line says: ATA: slave 0x0
19:47:35[IDC]DragonAh, this may be wrong, the code bailed out before.
19:48:32paulheuOK.. I was wondering about that,, as I am pretty sure all jumper removed is 'master without slave' seting on the HD
19:49:12paulheuNow do I need to open the archos to check? (would be tomorrow though..)
19:49:27[IDC]DragonNo, don't bother.
19:49:49paulheuok.. would not be a problem.. but have notime for it now..
19:49:54[IDC]DragonI'll send you a master-hardcoded version.
19:50:34[IDC]DragonHow much time you've got left? Enough for 1 or 2 flash runs?
19:52:58paulheuoh.. I have time.. can always take a later bus..
19:53:20[IDC]DragonNo, don't let this impair you.
19:53:59paulheuseriously.. I have to catch the 20:45 bus.. so there's time
19:54:17paulheuI have say 45 minutes..
19:54:25paulheuah the pressure of time..;)
19:56:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:58:07[IDC]DragonOK, email is out.
20:03:22paulheugot the new one from the list, found another thing: if I boot original firmware and remove USB I boot straight into Rockbox
20:04:18[IDC]Dragonoriginal firmware without ajbrec.ajz?
20:04:49paulheuLet me do that again...
20:05:02paulheuIT WORKS with hardcoded master setting
20:05:42[IDC]DragonFrom original firmware and your USB trick, or they way it should be?
20:06:47paulheuWhat I ment was that I copied the .ucl to my archos using the original firmware (F1-ON), as soon as I unplug the USB the original FW reboots and then Rockbox loads from flash.
20:07:19paulheuHOWEVER, your latest patch, with hardcoded MASTER setting works as it should, from off to play in 4 secs..;)
20:07:36[IDC]Dragonwas that with the normal Rockbox in flash, or the harcoded master version?
20:07:47paulheuthe normal
20:08:22[IDC]DragonOK, Archos seems to do a full reset when unplugging?
20:08:41[IDC]DragonThen the disk is ready and Rockbox succeeds.
20:08:44paulheuYes, the original formware does a warm reboot when you unplug USB
20:09:12paulheuwith your latest patch a cold reboot also works..
20:09:52[IDC]DragonOK. I'll do the master/slave detection in a different way for coldstart then. Will take me while, you'd better focus on your bus.
20:10:52paulheuOh.. it's a five minutes walk to the stop so I have another half hour or so..:) But seriously.. when I leave I disconnect so you'll know..;)
20:12:12 Quit mad9k ("(I was using Polaris IRC 2001) Version:(4.0 Platinum) Webpage:(")
20:21:50[IDC]DragonPaul, the new detection code is on your way.
20:23:49[IDC]DragonHmm. it didn't work on my box.
20:30:08paulheuYeah.. got an ATA: -41 error..
20:30:19[IDC]Dragonsame for me.
20:30:48paulheuOh well.. I'll be going now.. I'll check back in when I get back.. we'll get it working soon enough..;)
20:31:04[IDC]DragonYou gt it working already...
20:31:55paulheuyeah, but I mean working without hardcoding..
20:32:14[IDC]DragonSee you, thanks!
20:32:24 Part paulheu
20:39:04 Nick [IDC]Dragon is now known as [IDC]Dragon|out- (
20:43:58 Join thu_ [0] (
20:45:52 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:46:40 Join diddystar5 [0] (
20:46:48diddystar5hey IDC
20:47:02diddystar5the flash is cool!
20:47:17diddystar5except i have that eroor ata -11
20:48:52 Nick [IDC]Dragon|out- is now known as [IDC]Dragon (
20:49:19[IDC]DragonCan you try ?
20:49:33[IDC]DragonFlash that as the second image.
20:49:59[IDC]DragonCurrently, the ATA master/slave autodetect fails.
20:50:16diddystar5ill give that a try right now im updating my source
20:50:26[IDC]DragonSo I made 2 hardcoded versions.
20:51:16[IDC]DragonI guess people are more likely to have the disk configured as master.
20:51:55diddystar5alright gotta go
20:51:58 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta Go!")
20:58:57 Quit thu (Connection timed out)
21:01:37hardeep[IDC]Dragon: what would happen if we try to flash even though the cip is identified as unflashable?
21:01:44hardeeper s/cip/chip
21:02:06[IDC]DragonThe plugin checks that again and quits.
21:02:36hardeep[IDC]Dragon: what if we bypass that check?
21:03:15hardeep[IDC]Dragon: just to make sure that the hw info check is correct
21:03:15[IDC]DragonYou can't program it, full stop. All the commands (erase sector, program bytes) will just do nothing.
21:03:37hardeep[IDC]Dragon: heh, so no damage will be done....
21:03:52hardeep[IDC]Dragon: any chance of getting a version that bypasses the check?
21:04:16[IDC]DragonBelieve me, this is pointless.
21:04:29hardeep[IDC]Dragon: never hurts to try. :)
21:04:57[IDC]DragonIf the flash can't do the ID command, it won't do anything for you.
21:05:29hardeep[IDC]Dragon: well, i noticed the check you're doing is looking for certain manufacturers... what if you missed one?
21:05:52[IDC]DragonNo, it is generic.
21:05:56hardeep[IDC]Dragon: also, in your comments you mention that there is a possibility that your check won't work
21:06:10[IDC]DragonI changed my mind.
21:07:07[IDC]DragonThe alternative addresses I try are the same in the lower bits, and only those count.
21:07:13hardeep[IDC]Dragon: also, what if the sleep is not enough, etc. any number of possibilities...
21:07:48hardeep[IDC]Dragon: i know you mentioned that your chip is not flashable... did you actually try to do it though?
21:07:59[IDC]DragonOpen your box, have a look what chip is in. I'll hold a bet it's the SST37
21:08:56[IDC]DragonI know I have a SST37, and I have the datasheet for it.
21:09:39[IDC]DragonYou need to attach 12.5 Volts at certain times to 2 pins to bring it into programming mode.
21:10:17[IDC]DragonAnd it's not sector programmable, only as a whole.
21:12:52 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:16:07 Join Zagor [242] (
21:16:34[IDC]DragonHi Björn!
21:17:25[IDC]DragonMy release turned out to become a field test. :-(
21:18:21Zagorheh, yeah. but you put out enough warnings, so I say the early testers did it on their own risk
21:18:55[IDC]DragonNo real risk, because of the Archos firmware also in.
21:19:15[IDC]DragonEverybody can still start it with F1-On.
21:20:04[IDC]DragonI dis som iterations with Paul. The ATA master/slave autodetect seems to be the problem.
21:20:14[IDC]Dragondid some
21:20:46[IDC]DragonIf I hard-code it to master, it works for him.
21:21:07Zagorok. I can do some tests if you've got any ideas to try.
21:21:19[IDC]DragonWhat tests?
21:21:38Zagorif you have ideas for solutions
21:22:15[IDC]DragonThe idea is to write a better autodetect.
21:22:46[IDC]DragonActually, are there people with slave disks?
21:23:09Zagorvery wrong, but unfortunately true
21:23:33[IDC]DragonDoes the Archos software handle that?
21:26:10Zagorwhat happens if you simply wait a second before calling master_slave_detect?
21:30:46MTZagor: can i distract you for a minute?
21:31:30MTive added a few patches to the tracker, one is for wormlet, adds menu functions and setting game parameters etc
21:31:58MTthe other changes the status bar to not show the 'charging animation' when it is in numeric mode
21:32:39MT is the wormlet one
21:33:17MT is the status bar one
21:33:44MTim just trying to make people aware of them, as I'm off on holiday soon, wont be able to hassle then :)
21:34:45Zagorhehe. yeah, i'll be away next week too. hopefully i'll merge these two before then.
21:35:10MTcool :)
21:35:32MTthe wormlet patch is the msot important one, stops midnight2k hassleing me :/
21:41:00 Nick [IDC]Dragon is now known as [IDC]Dragon|away (
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22:07:32 Join groovingandi [0] (
22:11:05 Part groovingandi
22:12:47 Join groovingandi [0] (
22:18:40 Join Phantomdj [0] (
22:18:59 Quit groovingandi ("Trillian (")
22:21:44Phantomdjany good news about flash plug in ?
22:23:05PhantomdjDragon ??? :D
22:25:44Zagorhe's away.
22:26:03Phantomdjyes I know
22:26:35Phantomdjbut I'm really want to have it
22:26:49 Join groovingandi [0] (
22:27:00Phantomdjeven if I don't really need it since my recorder boot in less than 10seconds
22:27:19Zagorfm rec?
22:27:29Phantomdjno 10 rec
22:27:47Zagorinteresting. which rom firmware do you have?
22:28:01PhantomdjI had a 6 rec but I good probleme with it (it burned :D)
22:28:15Phantomdjso since I leave near Archos I give it to them
22:28:25Phantomdjbut they didn't have 6go anymore
22:28:37Phantomdjso they give me a 10 with 1.28 firmware
22:29:10Zagorwhat model harddisk do you have?
22:29:42 Join angelofblade [0] (
22:29:56angelofbladeanyone ere
22:30:11PhantomdjFirmware 00J3A0A2
22:30:20angelofbladecould someone answer a question i got for 2.0 for jukebox
22:30:31Zagorangelofblade: sure
22:30:45angelofbladewhat is the lowest kbs it runs
22:30:52PhantomdjI ve just one problem with it the free space is wrong
22:31:11Zagorangelofblade: uh, don't remember. 8 i think.
22:31:12angelofbladeuse your pc to check
22:31:18angelofbladego to run error
22:31:26angelofbladeright click on drive
22:31:33Phantomdjmy PC give the good free space
22:31:52angelofblade8 is good
22:32:22angelofbladewhere you get the info??? for it to be 8
22:32:33angelofbladei need to know for sure
22:32:41ZagorPhantomdj: that's a windows problem. later versions of windows doesn't use the proper way to store free space.
22:32:58Phantomdjyes but I talk about rockbox
22:33:21Zagorangelofblade: 32kbit is the lowest mp3 bitrate
22:33:28angelofbladehow come there is no op in here
22:33:49angelofbladei hear the fireware could change that bit rate
22:33:51ZagorPhantomdj: if windows writes bad info, rockbox can't know what's right
22:34:03Zagorangelofblade: we don't need ops here
22:34:11angelofbladehahahah i c
22:34:20Zagorangelofblade: firewire change bitrate?
22:34:53Phantomdjso it normal if the original firmware don't give me true free space too ?
22:35:12ZagorPhantomdj: yes
22:35:31Phantomdjis there a way to make it work
22:35:35angelofbladecould i run a 16kbs music on my jukebox 2.0 version
22:35:39Phantomdjwithout using linux
22:35:43Zagoryou can make rockbox recalculate free space by pressing PLAY in the "disk info" menu
22:36:20Zagorangelofblade: probably
22:36:27 Nick [IDC]Dragon|away is now known as [IDC]Dragon (
22:36:50PhantomdjYIPEE he is back :D
22:37:04[IDC]DragonI'm only briefly back, definitely need sleep soon.
22:37:17angelofbladei c
22:37:46Zagorhi dragon. i managed to bypass the master/slave check by checking for both BSY and RDY. but then it fails on io_address_detect instead...
22:37:53angelofbladei have something that run 16kbs
22:37:54Phantomdjso, just to say you do a good job and I will wait until a perfect plug in
22:37:57Zagoruh, not bypass. pass.
22:38:09[IDC]DragonZagor, yes, I tried that, too.
22:38:10angelofbladei need to make space
22:38:19Phantomdj(even if it's easy to find realase1 on your webspace)
22:38:20[IDC]DragonAre you running from flash?
22:38:30angelofbladeanyone know what the next version going to be???
22:38:53[IDC]DragonAnd you got ATA error -11?
22:39:07[IDC]DragonOh, that's good.
22:39:14PhantomdjI've try too
22:39:20[IDC]DragonNot for you, I mean.
22:39:21Phantomdjbut I ve another error
22:39:22Zagorangelofblade: see the roadmap on the front page
22:39:32Phantomdjjust a seconde...
22:40:20 Join Guest [0] (
22:40:22Guesthi all
22:40:33angelofbladeLots of features and fixes that were held off for 2.0
22:40:42angelofbladewhat feature
22:40:45angelofbladeanyone know
22:40:46[IDC]DragonZagor: I tried measuring the time the reset takes, inclufing it's wait_for_bsy().
22:41:13GuestI just readed the ML, and oh surprise I readed that now the Flash firmware isr released . waaahhh but where are the neceessary files ??
22:41:30[IDC]DragonThe non-present drive should not give busy, so almost zero time.
22:41:33ZagorGuest: it's not ready yet
22:41:59Zagorwe're chasing a bug
22:42:00[IDC]DragonI tried to do the master/slave detection based on these measurements.
22:42:04angelofbladeanyone here listen to audio book on their mp3
22:42:22Guestyes I use mp3 audio book
22:42:35angelofbladewhat book guest
22:43:09GuestIDCDrgaon : good job for the flashable foirmware, but in your last post ; I rezaded the rezadme.txt but wheer are the necessary files ??
22:43:33[IDC]DragonThey're badly hidden.. ;-)
22:43:33Zagor<Zagor> Guest: it's not ready yet
22:43:36angelofbladewhat book you listen to guest
22:44:03Guestsure for me they are hidden ,
22:44:22GuestZagor: what do you mean
22:44:33[IDC]DragonI could do an intermediate release with ATA master hardcoded.
22:45:01GuestIDC could you indicates me where is the current release, please
22:45:04Zagoryeah, that's an idea
22:45:17ZagorGuest: it's not working yet. will you please read what I write to you?
22:45:34[IDC]DragonOK, I'll do an intermediate.
22:45:35Phantomdj>dragon: I got the release1
22:45:48Phantomdjwhen I use it :
22:45:54PhantomdjFlash: M=BF D=D6
22:45:54PhantomdjSize: 256KB
22:45:54DBUGEnqueued KICK Phantomdj
22:45:54Phantomdjusing file:
22:45:55***Alert Mode level 1
22:46:16GuestZagor : I did read what you say; but in the ML many people seems to get succesfull result withit , so where are the actually problems
22:46:18Phantomdjusing file :
22:46:35Phantomdjbut if i use F1
22:46:40ZagorGuest: the problem is that ATA detection does not work fully yet
22:46:41PhantomdjChecked :
22:46:46PhantomdjFile invalid
22:46:48[IDC]DragonGuest: the ATA init is not reliable.
22:46:54PhantomdjSanity check failed
22:46:55angelofbladeanyone know any fireware for apple mp3 player
22:47:05GuestIDC Dragon : what does it imply
22:47:21[IDC]DragonPhantom: can you email me your firmware dump?
22:47:55Phantomdj[IDC]Dragon : the first dump before use plugin ?
22:48:14ZagorGuest: it means you get "ATA error: -11" instead of successful boot
22:48:23[IDC]DragonGuest et al: Currently, you'll need to flash afterwards, as the second image.
22:49:08Guestthanks, and the where are the 2 others file
22:49:10[IDC]DragonPhantom: the 256 kB generated by the debug menu entry.
22:49:22angelofbladewho want to download some audio book
22:49:27[IDC]DragonGuest: look in the same dir
22:49:32angelofbladepm me
22:50:10 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
22:50:23Phantomdj[IDC]Dragon : it's send
22:50:30Phantomdj1.28 firmware
22:50:43angelofbladewhat this 1.28??? for
22:50:59 Join Guest57 [0] (
22:51:20Phantomdjthis is just the last official firmware
22:51:28angelofbladeo can i have
22:51:36Phantomdjno :D
22:51:43Phantomdjit is on the web
22:51:53Phantomdjit is NOT on the web
22:52:04Guest57IDC Dragon , sorry I m back
22:52:05angelofbladeis this for archos jukebox
22:52:07Phantomdjand the dump isn't usable
22:52:23angelofbladei c
22:52:32Guest57SO with the actual release : What could I do ? what works ?
22:52:40Zagordragon: ata error -21 with your image
22:53:00angelofbladeanyone here use bittorrent
22:53:02[IDC]Dragonthe master hardcoded one?
22:53:12[IDC]DragonUh Oh
22:53:24[IDC]DragonSo this is no interim solution.
22:53:28angelofbladeanyone here use bittorrent
22:53:30angelofbladeanyone here use bittorrent
22:53:32Zagorseems not :-)
22:53:40Zagorangelofblade: how is that relevant to rockbox?
22:53:46[IDC]DragonI was just about to pack it together.
22:53:52angelofbladeis a way to download music
22:54:08angelofbladeor audio book
22:54:28MTan illegal way of doing so
22:54:43[IDC]DragonZagor: so io_address_detect() fails now.
22:54:56[IDC]DragonYou have a really picky drive.
22:55:51[IDC]DragonIn a way, I hope this is good, as a pipecleaner.
22:55:56***Alert Mode OFF
22:56:17angelofbladeBitTorrent is a P2P file swarming application. This means that as soon as you have downloaded a few chunks of a file it will start uploading it to others, thereby spreading the file better. Install the client to be able to download from BitTorrent.
22:56:28[IDC]DragonAre you an ATA expert? I'm not.
22:57:03Zagorwell, i know a bit having written several drivers
22:57:21[IDC]DragonSound good.
22:57:48angelofbladethanks for help
22:58:00 Part angelofblade
22:58:43[IDC]DragonI don't wan't to appear lazy or rude, but I hope the ATA init is in good hands with you tonight. I'll really need some sleep.
22:59:12Zagorhehe, no problems. i'll see what I can do.
22:59:31[IDC]DragonThanks. Goodnight, everybody.
22:59:56[IDC]Dragon(checking cvs tomorrow ;-)
23:00:15 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
23:04:58 Part Phantomdj
23:08:09 Part groovingandi
23:16:08Guest57hi all
23:28:58Zagoruh, no :)
23:35:35 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
23:38:06tpelliottAny luck fixing the ATA issues in Rombox?
23:38:28Zagornot yet, i'm working on it
23:38:56tpelliottok. If you want me to test something, let me know.
23:39:45tpelliottThanks for all og your effort.
23:51:27Zagorwhammo, got it
23:54:08 Join Stevie-O [0] (
23:56:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"

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