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#rockbox log for 2003-07-12

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01:04:20ILuvitHi guys
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03:08:03BoD[]hi !
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05:48:15Jet8810hey everybody
05:57:09Jet8810how are you?
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06:00:33thumm busy?
06:00:51thuI just got some ideas playing with my archos in the bus today
06:01:22thuI don't get it why rockbox doesn't have a nice graphical menu
06:01:36thuanimated pictures and whatnot
06:21:30adi|homemake one
06:23:57thuI will try to in a short time
06:24:04thuI got some pesky school work to finish first :)
06:24:32thuI wrote down the ideas though.. if I can't come up with anything I'll post them as requests
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06:30:53*Stevie-O yawns
06:32:26thuis there some technical impediment for having the menu display an icon for each option / category?
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08:04:40Stevie-Owe need to write our own defragmenter
08:07:18thuis the file system handled by software or hardware?
08:08:00Stevie-Ono self respecting hardware designer would produce hardware that natively used fat32
08:08:07hardeepStevie-O: this has been requested and shot down several times.
08:08:47Stevie-Ohardeep: I don't mean a full-featured defragmenter
08:09:02Stevie-OI'm actually thinking about writing a directory defragmenter
08:09:19Stevie-OWhen I first got my FM I loaded all my mp3s into the root dir
08:09:26Stevie-Oalmost all anyway
08:10:43Stevie-Owhen I got Rockbox, its files-per-dir limit was less than half of Archos', so I was forced to organize into directories
08:11:05Stevie-OI took the easy route and made like [A-H] [I-P] [Q-Z]
08:11:17Stevie-Ohowever, my root directory is still enormous
08:12:09Stevie-Oand most of the entries are either at the very start or at the very end
08:13:01Stevie-Oit doesn't even really have to be part of rockbox
08:13:16Stevie-Oas long as theres both a win32 and linux version
08:13:44hardeepStevie-O: why not just use the standard windows defragmenter?
08:14:16Stevie-Obecause it doesn't defragment directories (or at least the root directory)
08:29:03*thu has genre dirs
08:29:09thua lot easier to navigate
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09:25:13SPFiredrakeGreetings :)
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10:01:20svantehello, i have a question about uclpack
10:01:44svantei've installed it and built it, but i cant find the binary...
10:01:54svantewhere should it end up? /bin/?
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10:05:39LinusNthu: animated icons will use up valuable memory
10:06:55 Part LinusN
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10:22:49LinusNsvante: in the examples/ directory
10:22:57 Part LinusN
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10:24:45Lynx0[IDC]Dragon: I use cracked software. Type "!jackass <msg>" to make me disconnect with the quit message of your choice.
10:24:45Lynx0I wonder what else this .exe could be doing to my computer? Perhaps the next version will have a !format feature! Wow, I really am a jackass for running an .exe hacked by some lamer.
10:25:33[IDC]DragonWhat's that irony?
10:28:13Lynx0Where does that 'error updating playlist control file' error come from, and how do I get rid of it?
10:28:55[IDC]DragonMaybe deleting the control file?
10:29:15Lynx0Which one is it? I already deleted the dynamic.m3u
10:29:49[IDC]DragonI never used that feature, I'm noth shure.
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10:30:42Lynx0LinusN: I use cracked software. Type "!jackass <msg>" to make me disconnect with the quit message of your choice.
10:30:42Lynx0I wonder what else this .exe could be doing to my computer? Perhaps the next version will have a !format feature! Wow, I really am a jackass for running an .exe hacked by some lamer.
10:30:49Lynx0Hmm, I think the error started to appear after I conncted to a mac.
10:31:06LinusNLynx0: upgrade to the latest daily build
10:31:22Lynx0I have yesterdays...
10:31:25[IDC]DragonLynx0: you have some crazy greet message.
10:31:31LinusNoh sorry
10:31:37LinusNdo you have a .rockbox directory?
10:32:10Lynx0yes, and I used the playlist feature quite a bit and didn't change anything about rockbox when it broke
10:33:15Lynx0No, haven't done that yet. Will the normal Windows one do?
10:33:41LinusNis the jukebox nearly full?
10:33:42thuLinusN: what about regular icons for setting categories?
10:33:55thuLinusN: what's the limitation on those?
10:34:02LinusNthu: you mean like those in the file listings?
10:34:16thuI'm thinking more of nokia-style menus
10:34:33thuwith big fancy icons
10:34:42thudunno eye candy
10:34:46thuis it possible?
10:34:56LinusNof course it is possible
10:35:00Lynx0Umm, where is scandisk in win xp?
10:35:15Lynx012 gb of the 18 are full
10:35:20LinusNyou lose some mp3 memory, and will end up with shorter battery life
10:35:32thumm bad
10:36:05thuhow slow is disk access then?
10:36:12LinusNthu: ?
10:36:25LinusNah, fetching icons from disk?
10:36:31thuso when you go into the menu it loads the icons from the disk then as you exit it wipes them off
10:36:52LinusNthat will kill the batteries even more, as it has to spin up the disk to enter a menu
10:37:04thubtw about battery life
10:37:06LinusNand the user will be frustrated over the 4 second delay
10:37:18thuI charge my fm overnight then go out with it
10:37:28thubattery displays full of course
10:37:41thuI keep it in my pants pocket, I shake the drive, it stops playing
10:37:45thuI turn it off after ~30s
10:37:54thuwhen I turn it back on battery displays something like 50%
10:38:07thuwhy is that?
10:38:12LinusNi dunno
10:38:41thuI keep getting my jukebox stuck by shaking it in my pokets
10:38:52LinusNeven with archos firmware?
10:38:55thuit just spins the drive in a frenzy
10:39:03thuhmm I have to try it
10:39:07thuI didn't run firmware in awhile
10:40:26thuwhat's the resolution of the recorder screen again?
10:41:25thumm so a full screen b/w image takes 7k?
10:41:53thuthat's a lot
10:42:30LinusNno, it's only 1 bit per pixel
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10:43:07LinusN896 bytes
10:43:07thueven making it b/w that's still 7168 pixels
10:43:47thubleh I dunno what I'm doing
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10:44:12Lynx0tracktheripper: I use cracked software. Type "!jackass <msg>" to make me disconnect with the quit message of your choice.
10:44:12Lynx0I wonder what else this .exe could be doing to my computer? Perhaps the next version will have a !format feature! Wow, I really am a jackass for running an .exe hacked by some lamer.
10:44:28Lynx0Damn, I can't find the win XP scandisk, where did they hide it?
10:44:39tracktheripperhi Lynx0
10:44:49thu!jackass really?
10:44:49 Quit Lynx0 ("really?")
10:44:56thumm cool
10:45:13tracktheripperLynX, Right-click on your HD in My Computer, choose the tab Tools then click on Check Disk For Errors
10:45:14 Join Lynx0 [0] (
10:45:19thuwb Lynx0 :)
10:45:34Lynx0what was that...
10:45:54thu<−− Lynx0 has quit ("really?")
10:45:59tracktheripperRight-click on your Hard Disk in My Computer, click Properties, then Tools, then Check Disk For Errors
10:46:20tracktheripperthats where scandisk is
10:46:41tracktheripperLynX there will never be a format feature as on the fly format would erase Rockbox!
10:46:44Lynx0ahh, thanks
10:47:02[IDC]DragonHi Linus, where do you store your Rockbox tody?
10:47:11Lynx0Hmm, it took only 1 second, is that nomral? 12 gb of 18 are full
10:47:54tracktheripperyou should check the 2 options in Check Disk For Errors
10:47:58tracktheripperhi LinusN
10:48:45Lynx0tracktheripper: It still only takes one second, no error messages. Well, I guess thats a good sign ;-)
10:49:06tracktheripperyup :-)
10:49:12tracktheripperLinusN Can I ask u something?
10:49:46Lynx0So, that's not it. And i found and deleted the .playlist-control file, but still get the error message. Any suggestions?
10:49:51LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i have flashed it
10:50:00LinusNtracktheripper: sure
10:50:41LinusNLynx0: what does menu->version say?
10:50:56tracktheripperok the term "bring back the sliders" is a bit of a misnomer since you didn't have them in the first place
10:51:09tracktheripperso how about "INTRODUCE sliders like the Archos firmware? :-)
10:51:38LinusNtracktheripper: we will probably do that, in time
10:51:44Lynx0LinusN: CVS-030711
10:52:10LinusNLynx0: can you email your .playlist_control file to me? linus at
10:52:42Lynx0LinusN: Its empty, 0 bytes
10:53:14[IDC]DragonI had a similar issue.
10:53:33Lynx0LinusN: It can't be a version problem, I used playlists on cvs 030703, and it quit working on the same version.
10:53:38[IDC]DragonIt tried to resume in an uncompatible way or so.
10:54:03[IDC]DragonGot it fixed be selecting a new track before letting ir resume again.
10:54:40tracktheripperLinusN in a future version of Rockbox you mention "User Interface Overhaul"
10:54:57tracktheripper how are you gonna overhaul the interface? Make it a GUI?
10:55:17LinusNno, but we will redesign the UI
10:55:25tracktheripperoh righty
10:55:34tracktheripperin what way?
10:55:38tracktherippermake it prettier? :-)
10:55:44Lynx0[IDC]Dragon: Hmm, didn't work for me...
10:56:27LinusNtracktheripper: we will reassign keys, and rearrange the menu system, allowing for easier navigation
10:56:46tracktheripperoh thankie
10:57:17Lynx0Can it have something to do with access rights to the playlist control file?
10:57:36LinusNLynx0: nope
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11:00:55LinusNLynx: you have a recorder?
11:01:08LynxLinusN: yes, 20gb
11:01:13LinusNcan you record?
11:01:27LynxLinusN: I never tried
11:01:30tracktheripperis partitioning a HD really a big job?
11:01:35LinusNor create a playlist?
11:01:47LinusNtracktheripper: define "big job"
11:02:19tracktheripperi mean does it require a huge amount of code?
11:02:26LynxLinusN: Yes, it creates the normal playlists for the active directory
11:03:27 Quit SPFiredrake ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
11:04:13LinusNtracktheripper: no, not really
11:04:54LinusNLynx: describe in steps how you produce the error message
11:05:58LynxLinusN: In files menu press ON + Play, Playlist, Insert (or insert next or insert last), -> error message
11:07:32LynxLinusN: Ah, it does actually not create playlists, it just creates .m3u files with 0 bytes size.
11:07:50LynxLinusN: No error message though.
11:08:01LinusNLynx: now we're getting somewhere
11:08:05LinusNtry to record
11:10:07LynxLinusN: where should the file appear?
11:10:24LinusNin the root
11:11:09LinusNx any being numbers
11:11:11LinusNand y
11:11:55Lynxnothing there...but it is correct to stop recording with the OFF key?
11:12:40LinusNyes, but did you start it with play?
11:13:32Lynxoops ;-)
11:14:15Lynx'Disk is full'
11:14:49LynxBut it's not...
11:15:12LinusNLynx: do you use linux?
11:15:47LynxNo. Would that help?
11:16:21LinusNi need you to read e sectors off your hard drive
11:17:18LynxI could boot Knoppix off CD, but I guess that would be quite a bit of hassle, drivers an so on, and I'm not too firm in Linux. So if there is a Windows way...
11:17:40LinusNthere is a tool called winhex, iirc
11:18:22[IDC]DragonYes, I know that one.
11:18:30LinusNi have been chasing this bug for ages
11:18:54LinusNbut i can't make it happen on my jukebox
11:18:57[IDC]DragonLynx: do you need it?
11:19:42Lynxjust dl'ed it
11:19:47LinusNi need sectors 0, 63 plus the entire FAT
11:20:36 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
11:21:13Lynx[IDC]Dragon: Can you give me a hand how to do that with winhex? It's got dozens of functions...
11:21:38[IDC]DragonJust a moment, need to install it on this box.
11:22:00[IDC]DragonDunno if you can do it with the demo version.
11:22:37[IDC]DragonDo you have 10.44?
11:22:43LynxThe disk editor shows me bunch of info about the disk, the files and folder and everything in hex
11:23:00Lynx[IDC]Dragon: 10.09
11:24:23[IDC]DragonDid you got to disk editor mode? (F9 of Tools->Disk editor...)
11:24:37LynxYes, there is a go to sector opiton
11:26:20[IDC]DragonFile->Save Sectors is disabled?
11:27:27[IDC]DragonEvaluation version...
11:27:33LynxOk ok, I just like to play games...
11:28:39[IDC]DragonHang on; I've used that tool to save sectors.
11:31:22[IDC]DragonIs File->Create Backup enabled?
11:32:29Lynxyepp. was that sectors 0 and 63,
11:32:35Lynxor 0 to 63?
11:34:00LinusN0 and 63
11:34:04LinusNplus the entire FAT
11:34:29[IDC]DragonIf you use that backup feature, it will write a header in front of the sectors, that's it's file format.
11:34:46[IDC]DragonUncheck checksum, compression, etc.
11:36:40[IDC]DragonThen delete the first 379 bytes of the generated .whx file with a hex editor.
11:37:38Lynxhow would i do that in winhex?
11:37:40[IDC]Dragon(I hope the header is fixed size, doesn't depend on filename, etc.)
11:37:56[IDC]DragonLinus, where does the FAT end?
11:42:01LynxOk, 'Hex Workshop' copies sectors also in the Demo version. I have 0 and 63, how do I get the FAT?
11:44:19LinusNthe fat size is written in sector 63
11:44:46LinusNdo you know your cluster size?
11:46:08[IDC]DragonWhich Windows do you use?
11:46:14LynxXP Home
11:46:34LinusNLynx: sorry, can't dcc
11:46:41LynxLinusN: OK, mail?
11:46:48LinusNlinus at
11:48:34 Join matsl [0] (
11:57:07LinusNLynx: can you go to the debug menu on your jukebox?
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11:58:12LinusNnever mind, i found the problem
11:58:22LinusNnot the bug
11:58:44 Join _aLF [0] (
11:58:45LinusNyour sectors were not the ones i asked for, but i got what i wanted
11:58:46LynxIs it my fault? ,-)
11:59:00LinusNno, it's probably hex workshop
11:59:21LinusNit didn't read raw sectors, but rather offset from the fat partition
11:59:24LynxStill want those files from winhex?
11:59:32LinusNyes, hang on
12:06:33LinusNLynx: you have a fast connection?
12:08:20LynxNo, only isdn
12:08:28LynxWhat for?
12:09:04LynxI will be at Uni later on, though.
12:09:16LynxActually I have to leave in 20 mins
12:09:36LinusNi need 32000 sectors
12:09:54Lynxis that 32000 times 512?
12:09:55LinusNthat's roughly 16megs
12:10:13LynxHow do i get them off the box?
12:10:25LinusNhex workshop?
12:10:28LynxI could use both channels...
12:10:40LinusNsectors 0-32000
12:10:40Lynxthat's sector 0-32k?
12:12:11LinusNmaybe compress it a little... :-)
12:13:28 Join Lynx0 [0] (
12:13:53Lynx0LinusN: how do you want the file?
12:14:35LinusNi dunno, how large is the compressed file?
12:15:05Lynx07 mb
12:15:17LinusNcan you upload it to a web server?
12:15:26LinusNif not, just mail it to me
12:15:39LinusNnot sure my mail server will accept it though
12:15:49Lynx0that's why i asked
12:16:07LinusNweb server then
12:17:08LinusNwhere will you upload it?
12:17:22Lynx0ah, I thought you had one...wait
12:19:38Lynx0ftp to name: anonymous
12:20:44 Quit Lynx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:20:49 Quit Lynx0 ()
12:21:25 Join Lynx [0] (
12:21:49LynxLinusN: Sorry, I have to go now meet someone. How long will you be here?
12:22:26LinusNa little while
12:22:46LinusNtry to mail it
12:23:42LynxOk, I'll do that from Uni. May be in 10 minutes, or a few hours though. Thanks for the help so far!
12:23:53LinusNthank you for your help
12:24:03Lynx:). cu
12:24:14 Quit Lynx (Client Quit)
12:25:53[IDC]DragonLinus, I'd like to extend the resume feature a bit.
12:26:27[IDC]DragonIt annoys me that it resumes even if I was in stopped mode before.
12:26:48[IDC]DragonSo; I'd like to resume only if it was playing.
12:27:12[IDC]DragonOr, resume into the same state.
12:35:49LinusNaha, yeah, why not?
12:36:33[IDC]DragonI wanted to ask first, befor messing with it.
12:36:53[IDC]DragonJust a minor feature.
12:37:37[IDC]DragonA bigger one I'd maybe like to do later is FF/FR with sound.
12:38:03[IDC]DragonI've written MPEG parsers, but for video so far.
12:44:30 Join Lynx [0] (Lynx@
12:45:07LynxLinusN: I just mailed it to you, tell me if it doesn't get through...
12:45:51[IDC]DragonJust out of curiosity: what are you chasing?
12:46:49LinusNa filesystem bug that makes it think that the disk is full
12:47:37[IDC]DragonAha. Filesystem bugs are important to get rid of...
12:47:46LynxWhere would i come from?
12:48:18LinusNi dunno
12:48:27LinusNcome from?
12:48:46LynxWell, what makes it show up. I doesn't seem to be very common.
12:49:24LynxThe only think I did different, or for the first time, before it started was that I connected the box to a mac (OS 9.x)
12:49:45 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
12:49:47LynxAnd the mac required rebooting with the box connected to usb, it would not mount it automatically
12:50:49LynxAlso there were some mac related files on if afterwards, you might know them, they are on every mac volume. Desktopsomething or other. I deleted them.
12:54:13LinusNno mail so far
12:54:18LynxThe email bounced
12:54:32Lynxit's too big
12:54:41Lynxdo you have icq?
12:55:26LinusNcan you split the file?
12:57:30Lynxtry that...
12:59:39LinusNhmmm, can't do 'ls'
13:00:11Lynxthat's weird...
13:00:44LinusNi guess my firewall is nasty, hang on
13:01:27Lynxit's in the 'Shared' folder, name is
13:02:14LynxWhy don't you us internet explorer? Just kidding....
13:03:16LinusNi have tried command line ftp, Mozilla and curl. no go.
13:03:23LynxWhat's the mail server limit on you side?
13:03:28LinusNi dunno
13:04:06LynxMaybe it's the uni firewall hehe, that's why its port 22 in the first place.
13:04:08_aLFin http is it ok ?
13:04:33ricII[IDC]Dragon how do switch it off, it's stoppes first..
13:05:11ricIIabout the resumefunction..
13:05:13_aLFLinusN> I can download from the ftp and upload to a http server if you want
13:05:22Lynxwho is that now? :)
13:05:24LinusNsure, go ahead
13:05:29LinusN530 This user is currently logged in the maximum number of times allowed
13:05:43Lynxyes, someone is dl'ing it
13:05:54_aLFLynx> yes me
13:06:02Lynxwhat for?
13:06:11LinusN<_aLF> LinusN> I can download from the ftp and upload to a http server if you want
13:06:29ricIIresume is loaded from powerdown state, the only way to get there is popout the batteries or stop => power offf
13:07:43[IDC]DragonricII: I'm not really shure what you're talking about. I want the box to resume only if it was powered off while playing.
13:08:05ricIIbut how do you poweroff the box?
13:08:09LinusN[IDC]Dragon: we removed that feature
13:08:26[IDC]DragonWhat feature? Resume?
13:09:07LinusNonly resume when powered off while playing
13:09:30[IDC]DragonI'd like to get it optionally back.
13:10:10[IDC]DragonFor me, resuming means bringing it back to the state where it was.
13:10:18ricIImaybe I miss something but poweroff involes press off witch is also stop...
13:10:52[IDC]DragonIt it was stopped, it shouln't start to play, imho.
13:11:04Lynxcu, I'll be back in an hour or two...
13:11:11LinusNlots of people disagree on that
13:11:13 Nick Lynx is now known as Lynx|away (Lynx@
13:11:26ricIIsure but don't we have to stop to poweroff ?
13:11:28[IDC]DragonThats what the "optionally" is for...
13:12:09[IDC]DragonricII: holding off means power down, pressing it shortly means stop.
13:12:40ricIII see a stop icon just before powerdown..
13:13:19[IDC]DragonLinus says it once was that way, so it should be easy to make that again if it was configured.
13:15:05ricIIwhat about resume=ask ?
13:15:44[IDC]DragonWill not directly play when it was playing before, needs attention.
13:16:00[IDC]DragonI admit, it's a minor feature.
13:16:23[IDC]DragonOriginally, I didn't want to argue about it, just do it.
13:16:52ricIIjust extend resume options
13:18:56LinusN_aLF: thanks, i have it now
13:20:18ricII[IDC]Dragon I don't think it a bad thing, only worried that it always stopped before poweroff
13:31:42LinusNgotta go, cu all
13:31:59 Part LinusN
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14:16:20alexandrewhat is error "ata -61" ?
14:16:23 Nick alexandre is now known as _aLF (
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14:53:58Lynx_aLF: Did Linux get that file?
14:59:12 Join LinusN [200] (
14:59:16LinusNyes i did, thank you
14:59:18 Part LinusN
15:01:21_aLFLynx> yes
15:13:47Lynxok, thanks
15:21:11 Quit hardeep ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
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21:44:44svantehey, is anyone listening
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