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#rockbox log for 2003-07-13

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00:34:50Jet8810hey man
00:34:54Jet8810I got the FM Recorder
00:35:01Jet8810mine broke, and I have the Best Buy Warrantee
00:35:10Jet8810it appears as if the car charger wont work with it, is that true?
00:35:14tracktheripperwhat is the fm reception like?
00:35:20Jet8810not bad
00:35:24Jet8810it takes it from the headphone cord
00:35:30Jet8810so if it is straight, its pretty darn good
00:35:37Jet8810if your headphones tangle, bad reception though :)
00:35:50tracktheripperyea i can understanf that
00:35:57tracktheripperdoes it charge from the USB?
00:36:10Jet8810I had it connected all night after saending 18gigs
00:36:13Jet8810and it was at 75%
00:36:15Jet8810so not sure of that merit
00:36:17Jet8810I wouldnt depend on it
00:36:49tracktheripperi wonder how you would route current from the USB to battery
00:36:58Jet8810not sure
00:37:08Jet8810alright, I guess I will give my car adapter to my housekeeper
00:37:11 Join Guest [0] (
00:37:13Jet8810unless you want it...:-P
00:37:46GuestJust got a Panic ATA -61 on an FM Recorder 20 How do you reset?
00:38:03tracktheripperill have it Jet :-)
00:38:19Jet8810email me info at:
00:38:48 Quit tracktheripper (Client Quit)
00:38:49GuestAnyone know what ATA error -61 means?
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00:40:50_aLFGuest> I got this error yesterday
00:41:13_aLFwith daily build
00:45:29GuestI'm having problems with the USB2.0
00:45:44GuestOn my machine it connect and reconnects spontaneously
00:45:58Guestsometimes it connects as low speed device
00:46:49Guestseems to work on another computer as USB 2.0 though
00:47:17GuestMy F3 button does not click so hard to tell you pushed it
00:47:48GuestWill exchange for a new one soon.
00:54:14_aLFI've got the problem with low speed device sometime
00:54:34_aLFand F2 is a little broken...
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02:53:12midknight2k3nobody fascinating here
02:53:23midknight2k3hello whoever hears me
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05:15:36*OliverKlozoff yawns
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05:19:11OliverKlozoffsup thu
05:27:56OliverKlozoffyo yo yo
05:51:18*thu is looking for smart mp3 library softare
05:51:26thusoftware rather
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05:53:52earHurtsWe get signal !
05:56:03thuWhat !
05:57:26OliverKlozoffWhat SNR we get?
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10:17:36[IDC]DragonAnybody with an FM here?
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12:49:13[IDC]DragonAnybody here?
13:03:54earHurts hello
13:07:12 Join tracktheripper [0] (
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13:20:06earHurtsWe get signal !
13:25:43tracktheripperhi earhurts
13:30:36tracktheripperwheres Bjorn and co?
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15:09:39tracktheripperjust did the hoovering and cleaning
15:10:06tracktheripperi even put the pouch for my Archos in the wash
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23:52:25[IDC]DragonZagor, do you read?
23:52:44[IDC]DragonGood evening!
23:53:03Zagoryou too
23:53:52[IDC]Dragon2 "bad" news botherign me: 1) we need a charging screen, 2) The ATA init code is slower.
23:54:56[IDC]Dragon3) mIRC doesn't like me today,I'm using tha Jave chat
23:55:06[IDC]Dragonthe Java
23:56:02Zagor1) is interesting. we overlooked this. i think your idea is good: if power-on reason was power inserted, then don't start disk until user presses ON for >1 sec or something
23:56:44[IDC]Dragonand maybe display the status bar.
23:57:02Zagor2) is unfortunate, but I don't see anything we really can do. the disk says it's not ready...
23:57:14[IDC]Dragonor something else to inform about charge progress.
23:57:20Zagorstatus bar is good
23:58:00[IDC]Dragonfor 2), maybe we can try my "old style" first, if that gives errors we try yours next.
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23:58:46Zagorwell, the old style was to not wait for the disk... i'm not sure that's something we really want to encourage.

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