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#rockbox log for 2003-07-15

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00:08:50tracktheripperSourceforge's server isn't working
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00:11:37BoD[]hello !
00:13:06tracktheripperhey BoD!
00:13:31BoD[]does anybody have msn messenger ?
00:20:01[IDC]DragonIn cas anybody cares: I've now released FM flashing, see my posting.
00:20:58Stevie-O<tracktheripper> Sourceforge's server isn't working
00:21:11Stevie-OIn other news, the Earth is round
00:23:35[IDC]DragonI'm off for bed, cu!
00:23:54 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
00:24:52tracktheripperactually the Earth is spherical, not round :-P
00:25:37Stevie-Oi'd really like to see a sphere that isn't round
00:27:48BoD[]he means that round is a 2d term
00:28:01tracktheripperStevie how many small cubes make up a Rubik's Cube?
00:29:12BoD[]14 ?
00:29:41tracktheripper26, there isn't a cube in the centre
00:29:52BoD[]26 ???
00:30:21BoD[]oh is it a 4 cube :)
00:30:33BoD[]my 14 is for a 3 cube
00:33:09Stevie-Oa 4 cube?
00:33:26tracktheripperno 26 is for a 3 cube
00:33:41tracktheripperput it this way, 9x9=27
00:33:55tracktheripperbut there is no centremost cube
00:34:00Stevie-Otracktheripper: duh?
00:34:03tracktheripperso therefore 27-1 = 26
00:34:21*Stevie-O gives you a gold star for your math skillz
00:35:06tracktheripperive got a great feature request "Use your OWN picture for the Sliding Puzzle
00:35:30BoD[]there's a sliding puzzle ??
00:35:43tracktheripperits one of the plug-ins
00:37:15BoD[]great :)
00:41:47 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
00:42:20hardeephey, anyone have an FMR and using a fairly recent build?
00:42:57BoD[]what is an fmr ?
00:43:07BoD[]oh fm recorder
00:43:48 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
00:43:51hardeepif so, could you go to Main Menu->Playlist Options->Recursively Insert Directories and tell me what you see please
00:46:46tpelliottThe dynamic playlist functions work great for me from flashed firmware. The only thing I had trouble with after flashing is that it would hang at "Loading" if I turned it on with USB plugged in. With the latest build, it works like it should. It comes on and goes into usb mode.
00:49:53 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: stays crunchy in milk!")
00:53:14tracktheripperBoD I filed that as a feature request
00:56:37tracktherippershould be possible (theoretically)
00:57:15 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
00:58:25tpelliottWhat feature request?
01:01:32tpelliottThe feature I'm waiting for is a charging screen so we don't have to rely on the Archos firmware for charging when the battery level is too low to spin up the drive.
01:02:23Hesit should be enough to just start up the power thread before the hard disk power on...
01:02:39tpelliottWhat idiot thaught we would want the display lights on all the time during charging?
01:03:57Hesif it hasn't been changed very lately, the power management thread which controls the charger on the non-FM Recorders is the last thread that is started
01:04:18Hes(i guess it's the last thread that was added 8-)
01:04:20 Join earHurts [0] (
01:04:26tpelliottDo you have an FM?
01:04:38earHurtsI do!
01:05:05tpelliottHave you tried flashing your FM? The firmware has been test now.
01:05:22earHurtswho test it?
01:05:35Hesmaybe moving power_init(); in apps/main.c to right after adc_init(); would help with the problem
01:06:21tpelliottJorg (Who else).
01:06:24earHurtsI'm getting all of today's email now
01:06:35Hespower_init(); enables the charger immediately if the level seems to be low
01:07:16Hesthough I'm not sure if that is enough to power the disk up
01:07:20earHurtsyou running it tpe?
01:07:20Hesbut maybe.
01:07:21tracktheripperdoes the FMrec use hardware or software for charging
01:07:27Hestracktheripper: hardware
01:07:41tracktheripperso howcome the normal rec uses software charger??!!
01:07:50tpelliottIt will test the power leven instead of just going into charge mode when it's turned on by plugging in the power adapter?
01:07:59earHurtsand rockbox will shut the fm down when it still has ~30 minutes power left
01:08:02Hesbecause it doesn't have hardware charger control electronics
01:08:26tracktheripperyea but you still need hardware to physically get the current into the batteries........
01:10:35Hestpelliott: currently rockbox checks if charging should be enabled after everything else has been started up and initialized, including the disk
01:10:48tpelliottHas anyone bought the new 2200 mha batteries?
01:11:05HesWe could simply move the charger init somewhere before the disk startup, that would give us a lot more power for the disk startup
01:13:35Hesz !
01:15:08tpelliottI still think we should drop checking for firmware on the disc.
01:16:13tpelliottI'm not a programmer but I have a simple batch file that converts the daily build into a "rockbox.ucl" file.
01:18:36earHurtsok, flash firmware has been copied to the archos
01:19:14tpelliottIs it working ok?
01:19:29earHurtsjust been copied to the disk
01:19:39earHurtsnot flashed, yet
01:20:04tpelliottA friend of mine has an FM but his is fairly new and I don't think he wants to kill the warrenty yet.
01:21:32earHurtsi upgraded the disk. so much for warranty
01:22:15tpelliottI want to upgrade my AJBR20. What disc did you go with?
01:22:38tracktheripperthere has to be a reason why NTFS doesn't work
01:22:44earHurtsfujitsu, the quiet one
01:23:18tpelliott\I'm looking at the Toshiba 60GB. Under $160
01:24:30tracktheripperWhy on earth do you need a 60Gb drive for?
01:24:32earHurtsinternal roms backed up
01:24:36tracktheripperI can't even fill my 10Gb drive
01:24:53tpelliottmp3's, what else :)
01:25:03earHurtsI spent $170
01:25:11tracktheripperyea but you must encode at some stupidly high bitrate
01:25:13earHurtswith shipping
01:25:33earHurtsum, vbr ~192
01:26:02tpelliottI encode at 192 cbr Lame. I have a ton of CDs that I have no room for on my 20GV
01:26:24earHurtsvbr's better
01:26:45earHurtsit'll allow portions to be >192 where needed
01:27:38Shrike|question before i go to bed, archos mp3 players = choice for the more dynamic user? (nerdy in otherwords)
01:27:57earHurtsipod's are still sexier
01:28:09earHurtsarchos is user hackable
01:28:21Shrike|screw looks :D don't want something better looking than me
01:28:25earHurtsipod is lighter & more disk
01:28:33Shrike|more expensive
01:28:41earHurtsarchos is cheaper & more disk if you upgrade
01:28:48tpelliottI haven't messed with VBR. I encode 192 cbr, highest quality stereo (Not JS). and mono 96 for mono sources.
01:29:00earHurtsno JS?
01:29:12Shrike|ok thanks, night all
01:29:17earHurtsdoesn't it decode to the same thing?
01:29:33tpelliottI've heard js can compromize quality.
01:29:37earHurtswith less huffman space?
01:29:38 Quit Shrike| ("<Darf> BOB BOB HES OUR MAN IF HE CANT FUCK IT UP SETHY WILL AV A GOOD GO|[00:26] <Antioch> best slogan ever:<Antioch> "Keeps )
01:30:06earHurtsfuck. a four line goodbye message
01:30:10tracktheripper192kbs CBR is fine for me
01:30:29tracktheripperabove 192= pointless, below 192= compression artifacts
01:30:42earHurtsvbr allows the good parts to encode higher
01:30:49tpelliottI did download a few tracks at 320 that I didn't downsample.
01:31:02tracktheripperyea but VBR is harder to decode
01:31:25earHurtsyou decoding em with an abucus?
01:31:45tpelliottDo you guys do much serious recording with your Archos?
01:32:00tracktheripperyes I do
01:32:04earHurtsok, about to flash.
01:32:10earHurtshide your eyes
01:32:26tpelliott<drum roll>
01:33:07tracktheripperwhy are you lot so keen on wreaking your Jukeboxes for?
01:33:22earHurtsverify ok
01:34:47tpelliottWe aren't wrecking anything. We trust Jorg. He's a genious :)
01:35:27earHurtsand a genius, too
01:35:31tracktheripperoh right
01:35:39tracktheripperwhats wrong wiv loading firmwar of the HD
01:35:43earHurtsabout to boot
01:35:53tpelliottI'm no good at spelling.
01:36:19earHurtsimy god! it's, it's full of stars!
01:36:50tpelliottIs that good or bad? :)
01:37:07earHurtsline from 2001 a space odyssey
01:37:20earHurtswhen they look into the monolith
01:37:29earHurtsit boots way faster
01:37:37earHurtsunless I press f1
01:38:09tpelliottThen, it still boots faster with Archos (lousy) firmware.
01:38:23earHurtsnot much faster :)
01:38:29earHurtsok, faster
01:38:55earHurtsI'll delete ajbrec.ajz_
01:39:02earHurtsso I can boot archos
01:39:19tpelliottYou can keep it for Archos to load if you want.
01:39:40tpelliottRockbox will look for the exact file name.
01:39:47earHurtsno, I want to load the old firmware
01:40:26earHurtsutterly sweet!
01:41:11earHurtsabout 4 seconds
01:41:41tpelliottTurn it off, plug in the usb and turn it back on to see if boots to USB.
01:42:13tpelliottThat's the only problem I had first time. I had to turn it on before plugging in USB
01:42:43tpelliottLatest daily build solves that problem for me.
01:43:28earHurtsyeah, i see logo, then usb
01:43:40earHurtsboth rockbox
01:44:07earHurtsunplug gives me rockbox dir
01:44:42earHurtsutterly cool
01:45:21earHurtsand rockbox even boots faster from flash than does archos
01:45:36earHurtswhat were the archos programmers smoking?
01:46:05tpelliottI haven't seen a single update for Archos's firmware. Remember the days when we would try to load large playlist only to see it take forever, then it would turn off before playing anything.
01:46:28earHurtsnever even tried playlists on archos
01:46:49earHurtsI remember when I first tried rockbox
01:46:52tracktheripperthe archos firmware can only play 999 entries in playlist
01:46:59earHurtsbefore there was an fm rockbox
01:47:07tracktheripperwhich is crass to say the least
01:47:12earHurtsdefualt's now 10000
01:47:12tpelliottAt least the hardware is solid (if you get a good unit).
01:47:24earHurtstrue enough, tpe
01:47:26tracktherippermy unit is almost indestructable
01:47:46earHurtsI've kinda destructed mine, putting in the new hdd
01:48:17tpelliottIs Archos the only hard drive mp3 player that allows freely copying file to and from the player?
01:48:43tracktheripperthe Creative Labs MuVo also offers that
01:49:16tpelliott128MB, who wants that? I don't jog anyway.
01:49:45earHurtstwo of my uncles died jogging
01:49:46tracktheripperwell its just a USB Memory key wiv the player tacked on
01:50:42tpelliottI've heard the ipod lets you copy files to and from it from a drive letter, but only on a separate partition, not the music partition.
01:51:00earHurtsno, i was being serious, track
01:51:28earHurtsnot clear about ipod drm. a colleuge has an ipod,'seems happy
01:52:40tpelliottI'm waiting for the Archos type external hard drive behavior to be declared illegal by the RIAA.
01:53:16earHurtsit has legit uses
01:53:31tpelliottTrue, but...
01:53:32earHurtsand all my mp3s are legal
01:53:47tpelliottMost of mine are from my own CDs.
01:54:10earHurtsall are form my cds or
01:54:54tpelliottBut it's too easy for you to give tunes to your friends.
01:55:04earHurtsnot really
01:55:20earHurtsI had a good friend ask me to d/l some emusic for her
01:55:23earHurtsI said no
01:55:40earHurtsthen I bought her a $25 poster
01:56:18tpelliottDoes emisic files have any embedded security code?
01:56:41earHurtsI don't know
01:57:04earHurtsI'll arrange a test
01:57:07tpelliottI've often wondered how the binaries newsgroups can keep going?
01:57:32earHurtsno crackdown
01:58:28tpelliottWhat bitrate are emusic tunes?
01:58:31BoD[]hep can you please go to and tell me if it works ?
01:59:02earHurtsvbr, ~160-192
01:59:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:59:21earHurtsso the highest is about 224 on average
01:59:36earHurtsI think they're using -r3mix
02:00:34earHurtsIn otherwords, about what I'd use, except I go bit higher now that I have extra disk space
02:00:39tpelliottI'll have to check out emusic.
02:01:13tpelliottWhat headphones are you using?
02:01:32earHurts$10/month for ~2000 tracks
02:01:59earHurtssony mdr-g56
02:02:05tpelliottI need to get better phones but I want something that dits easily in my pocket.
02:02:21earHurtsthe sonys don't fold
02:02:50tpelliottI have some $20 Sony earbuds that aren
02:02:56tpelliottt too bad
02:03:09tpelliottVery easy to stash.
02:04:00earHurtsearbuds annoy me
02:05:40tpelliottThese are the best I've tried. They have a rubbery piece that funnels sound into your ear canal without being "earplug" type.
02:07:17earHurtsso, 99,999 flashes left
02:08:03tpelliottI have a large pair of Sony MDR-V6 folding phones that sound great. I need new earpads. I've had them for about 14 years.
02:08:48earHurtsI got the sonys after I snapped the archos phone's cord
02:09:05earHurtsfor me, phones are ephemeral
02:10:31earHurtsdo you use any id3 tags archos doesn't read?
02:11:00 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
02:11:15tpelliottNot really.
02:11:49earHurtsI want to add user specified tags
02:12:31tpelliott\I don't use the genre tag that much.
02:12:53earHurtsI use several
02:15:22tpelliottWhat kind of music do you listen to? Mine is mostly rock, with a little jazz.
02:15:54earHurtsthe tags become a 'problem' only for classical music
02:18:34earHurtsand you can't shuffle, as one 'song' is divided into one track per movement
02:19:33tpelliott]Do you just combine tracks?
02:20:45tpelliottEarly CDs had index points but those aren't even supported on newer players.
02:20:53earHurtsI leave separate; each movemt has a name (really, a playing direction)
02:21:49 Join tracktheripper [0] (
02:23:18tpelliottI'm looking at the Sony headphones page. They have a pair for only $699.99.
02:23:35earHurts grab em!
02:24:04earHurtsno, real money :)
02:24:33earHurtsthey better massage your ears too
02:25:31tracktheripperyou must be able to do something with the Player's character cells
02:25:58earHurtswrite chars to em?
02:26:29earHurtsactually, look up what was done with dos boxes before graphic cards
02:26:31tracktheripperWell since they are composed of pixels like the Recorder's LCD you must be able to use the 22 characters like a mini LCD panel
02:27:20earHurtsbut at each refresh, the lcd would read the new char set
02:27:55earHurtswhat's the pixel size of each char?
02:28:33tracktherippereach character cell is made up of 35 pixels
02:28:56tracktheripperso 35x22= 770 pixels in total
02:29:00tracktheripperon the Player
02:29:39earHurtsi suspect you can't address individual pixels
02:30:11tracktheripperwell if they really wanted to use character cells, why not use a calculator-type LCD?
02:30:21tracktheripperwith the segments rather than pixels?
02:30:32earHurtslooks better?
02:31:05tracktheripperi mean segments like on a calculator LCD
02:31:26earHurtslooks better
02:33:03 Part tpelliott
02:34:11 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
02:40:30 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
02:41:10hardeepearHurts: around?
02:43:09earHurtswhat can i do for you?
02:43:33hardeepearHurts: are you using any patches in your build?
02:43:44earHurtsi don't know
02:43:57hardeepearHurts: I don't see anything in the code that would be causing the recursive insert bug
02:44:00earHurtsi'm using idcdragon's build
02:44:10hardeepeartHurts: and i tried it out on the simulator and couldn't reproduce
02:44:22earHurtsdid you see the list today?
02:44:38earHurtsanother fm usr's reporting it
02:44:38hardeepearHurts: in that case you're probably not using any patches
02:44:45hardeepearHurts: yeah, i saw
02:45:01hardeepearHurts: could you try a reset again please
02:45:50earHurtsok, done
02:46:12earHurtsstill no options
02:46:57earHurtsare you simulating fm?
02:47:40hardeepearHurts: sorta, just added the FM recorder define to the recorder simulator
02:48:27earHurtsit's gotta be a conflict with an fm setting
02:48:43hardeepearHurts: there are no fm settings being used in the config block
02:49:00earHurtssure there must be
02:49:01hardeepearHurts: there are three in the structure, but none are used anywhere in the code
02:49:27earHurtsok, try this
02:49:53earHurtsmove the position of the recursive option
02:50:08hardeepearHurts: could you go to debug->view/clr rtc ram
02:50:28earHurtsand do what?
02:51:07earHurtswhat value in rtc is recursive?
02:51:14hardeepearHurts: er, tell me what's at 0x2c
02:51:39hardeepearHurts: 0x2f is the byte that contains the recursive setting
02:51:54earHurtsrtc read only goes to
02:52:13earHurts2c is 7d
02:52:36earHurts2f is 03
02:52:57hardeepearHurts: hmmm, then recursive should be off
02:53:18earHurts3 is off?
02:53:38hardeep3 = browse current on and play selected on
02:53:53earHurtsoh, it's bits
02:53:59hardeeprecursive is bits 2 and 3
02:54:43hardeepearHurts: lets try that moving around thing. can you build?
02:54:59earHurtsbased on what?
02:55:06earHurtscurrent cvs?
02:55:25hardeepearHurts: something somewhat recent, this code hasn't changed in a couple of weeks
02:55:40earHurtslet me update
02:56:37earHurtswhat do you want me to do after a I update?
02:57:38hardeepearHurts: delete the 3 settings #ifdef HAVE_FMRADIO in settings.h
02:57:49hardeepearHurts: fm_*
02:58:21earHurtshow about I just #undef HAVE_etc
02:58:44hardeepearHurts: nah, that will touch too much
02:59:02earHurtsok, I'll comment out
02:59:30earHurtscrap! I missed manor house
03:01:53hardeephmmm, never heard of it
03:02:30earHurtsbbc reality show
03:03:07earHurtsthe paticipants play merchant knight & family or their servants
03:03:15earHurtsin edwaedian england
03:03:40earHurtsthey really get into the class distinctions of their parts
03:04:02earHurtsthe poor butler really takes it hard
03:05:58earHurtslines 159-164 commented out
03:07:05earHurtsmake clean
03:15:39earHurts having to make again
03:15:50earHurtswrong gcc
03:20:50earHurtscommenting those out makes no change
03:21:28hardeepearHurts: hmmm, okay
03:21:56hardeepi gotta go but i'll keep investigating
03:22:24hardeepbtw, what are your max playlist , max files and show icons settings>?
03:22:47earHurtsdefault and default and yes
03:23:01hardeepoh, one more thing you can try... what happens when you save the settings?
03:23:23hardeepwhat's the recurse setting in the cfg file?
03:23:40earHurts400, 10000, Yes
03:23:52earHurtsthe test file?
03:24:34hardeepearHurts: yeah
03:25:53hardeepthat means the setting is correct
03:26:27earHurtsok, let me read on
03:27:09earHurtsI just read on. 2f is now 7
03:28:16earHurtsstill no options though
03:28:40hardeepearHurts: hmmm, 7 is correct
03:28:55hardeepmust be the menu code then
03:29:01earHurtsok, I'm going to do a dir
03:29:32earHurtsit's rather slow
03:30:03earHurtsgot about 10 tracks/sec
03:30:30earHurtsnice work hardeep
03:30:31hardeepearHurts: yeah, that's about right
03:30:42hardeepearHurts: disk writing is slow
03:30:52hardeepearHurts: er, it's working now?
03:31:09hardeepearHurts: the menu too?
03:31:16earHurtsI just can't set the seettings in the nebu
03:31:22earHurtsmenu doesn't work
03:31:22hardeepah, okay
03:31:35earHurtsI typed 'on' in the config file
03:31:41hardeepearHurts: what language do you use?
03:32:29earHurtswant me to try another?
03:32:39hardeepearHurts: laugh, sure, why not
03:32:45hardeepearHurts: any except dutch
03:33:24earHurtsde doesn't xlat playlist
03:33:32earHurtsno opts
03:33:44hardeephmmm, okay
03:34:03earHurtsno xlat
03:34:10earHurtsno opts
03:34:22hardeepheh, guess it's not language then
03:34:35hardeepokay, got it narrowed somewhat, i'll continue investigating later
03:34:41hardeepthanks for your help
03:34:49earHurtsno, thank you
03:35:04hardeepheh, bye
03:35:07 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Check out the sexy BitchX pr0n at")
03:55:44 Quit BoD[] ("TCL 4EVA")
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04:00:22 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
04:01:46tpelliottFM still running fine, Earl?
04:05:45 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
04:07:24 Join OliverKlozoff [0] (
04:07:25 Quit Stevie-O (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
04:07:31hardeepearHurts: still around?
04:09:31tpelliottI haven't seen him lately but I was here when he successfully flashed his FM.
04:10:57tpelliottAre you guys working on a charging screen?
04:12:18hardeeptpelliott: [IDC]Dragon would be the one working on it if anyone is
04:15:48tpelliottEverything is working fine here though I wouldn't mind if Jorg removed jooking for firmware on the hard drive.
04:21:13OliverKlozoffi hate jooking for firmware
04:21:16OliverKlozoffit's such a PITA
04:22:07tpelliottSorry. My fingers sometimes hits the wrong key.
04:35:06hardeepearHurts: try the next bleeding edge build and see if it fixes the problem
04:36:03tpelliottYour change only affects the FM?
04:38:51tpelliottI'm curious why you guys haven't mentioned the wonderful "Rockbox in rom" in the front-page news? Are you waiting to make sure all is ok?
04:43:32 Quit hardeep ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
04:43:39earHurtsI will never use paypal again
04:47:50tpelliottWhat happened with paypal?
04:49:36tpelliottFYI on my AJBR20 with the latest build, just downloaded and flashed, holding off with power plugged in causes Rockbox to restart.
04:53:40earHurtsto order via paypal, you have to join
04:54:19earHurtsthen they want your mom's maiden name, birth city, partial ssn or oartial driver's id
04:54:46earHurtsin other words, enought that if they get cracked, it,s identity theft time
04:55:11earHurtsand then it's a pain to close the account
04:55:58earHurtsall I wanted to do was buy two cds
04:56:26earHurtsjust spend 48 bucks and be done
04:58:46tpelliottI'm buisy trying to solve the sliding puzzel...I was never good at those when I was a kid.
04:59:55earHurtsyah just pop out #15
05:05:16tpelliottDid you try the latest bleeding edge build, earl?
05:08:20earHurtsI'll have you know I a count
05:10:01tpelliottif you run windows, here's the batch file I use to convert the AJZ file
05:10:09tpelliott@echo off
05:10:09tpelliottdescramble ajbrec.ajz rockbox.bin
05:10:09tpelliottuclpack −−2e −−best rockbox.bin rockbox.ucl
05:10:09DBUGEnqueued KICK tpelliott
05:10:09tpelliottdel rockbox.bin
05:10:09tpelliottdel ajbrec.ajz
05:11:05tpelliottSorry. Read your nick wrong.
05:11:58tpelliottearHurts, like you have an ear ache?
05:12:12earHurtslike an earache
05:12:25earHurtswhen I first rockbo irc'd
05:12:46earHurtsI'm making the bleeding edge now
05:13:02tpelliottYou build your own?
05:13:41earHurtscouldn't find the bleeding edge binary link
05:14:17earHurtsbesides, I like making my own
05:14:18tpelliottYou need the rocks also.
05:14:36earHurtsdid they bump the api again?
05:15:11earHurtsthe build should build the rocks
05:15:23earHurtsnot sure about the flashing rock
05:15:46tpelliottThe flashing rock wikk be new.
05:15:50 Join Schnueff_ [0] (
05:16:06earHurtshang a sec, I'll check
05:16:42tpelliottI want to understand C well enough to build my own....eventually.
05:17:00earHurtsyou need no C just to build
05:17:41 Quit Schnueff (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:17:49tpelliottIf I don't understand any of the code, I might as well download the pre-built binary.
05:18:14 Quit OliverKlozoff (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
05:18:18earHurtswell, true
05:18:47earHurtsreading code's not difficult
05:18:58earHurtsknowing what to write can be
05:19:27tpelliottMake shure you put "rockbox.ucl" in the root. You can keep all the rocks together.
05:20:09earHurtswhat's rockbox.ucl? the compressed image?
05:20:40tpelliottYes. Descramble to .bin, then compress to .ucl
05:20:56earHurtsdo you know any programming language?
05:21:28tpelliottBatch files....from my many days (years) running DOS.
05:22:00earHurtsyou know what %1 does in a batch?
05:22:45tpelliottTakes what the user types after the batch file and puts it in place of %1
05:23:02earHurtsyeah. it's a variable
05:23:31earHurtsopen up tree.c and start reading
05:23:34tpelliottYes. I understand a few of the concepts of programming.
05:24:23earHurtsdoesn't build flash rock.
05:24:45tpelliottIt should be....
05:25:46earHurtsno dice
05:26:15tpelliottStrange. It should be in the package on the web site.
05:26:23earHurtslet's see what bleeding does
05:26:58earHurtsno fix
05:27:02tpelliottIt's there, just checked.
05:27:14earHurtsis it in cvs?
05:27:43earHurtswhere are the bleeding edge binaries?
05:27:48tpelliottin the bleeding edge build.
05:28:56earHurtsbottom of page
05:29:47tpelliottYou have to use a switch with the compression. Just use my batch file.
05:30:08earHurtsthanks, but I'm not going to flash it
05:30:30tpelliottWhy not?
05:31:11earHurtsI want to mess around with the code, add some private patches
05:31:32tpelliottI want to be able to do that.
05:31:45tpelliottWhat kind of stuff is in your private patches?
05:31:49earHurtsyou know the credits screen?
05:32:07earHurtsthe bleeding works.
05:32:15earHurtsbut my build doesn't!
05:32:43earHurtsI change all the names in credits to their pig latin translation
05:34:51tpelliottinteresting. I was thinking you changed the menus to the way you like them or something like that.
05:35:15earHurtsI have patch to remove the begiing of file names from the display
05:36:03earHurtsand a patch to make settings smaller
05:36:52tpelliottI would like to change some of the quick settings.
05:37:27earHurtsme too
05:38:48earHurtswhat changes would you make?
05:39:02tpelliottI like the dynamic playlist feature. I would like single-key insert and re-randomize. After I add atuff, I like to randomize everything. I have to turn shuffel off and back on.
05:39:41earHurtswhy not just leave shuffle on?.
05:40:17tpelliottthe inserted stuff isn't shuffeled.
05:40:52tpelliottHardeep told me about the off-oin trick.
05:41:06earHurtswon't it play shuffled if shuffle is on?
05:42:16tpelliottInstead of shuffel off on, I would have the quick setting reshuffel.
05:43:29earHurtswhat happens if you leave shuffle on when you inser?
05:46:18tpelliottit will play the inserted folder in order, then continue with the original shuffeled playlist.
05:46:33tpelliottI think
05:47:21earHurtsthat's odd
05:48:11tpelliottI'll have to try again to make sure it still behaves that way.
05:48:28earHurtscreate playlist creates in order (which is good) but plays according to the current shuffle settings
05:48:49earHurtsand it seems to be faster too
05:49:05earHurtsperhaps seperate code?
05:53:01earHurtswhat we need, is a playlist browser
05:53:53tpelliottCould we at least view it in the text viewer?
05:54:11earHurtsexcept rockbox'll play it
05:54:20earHurtsview it on your pc
05:55:34tpelliottthe current dynamic playlist is different than standard playlists.
05:56:11earHurtshow so?
05:58:12tpelliottLook at ".playlist_control" in the .rockbox folder.
05:59:02earHurtsI'm in the bathtub at the moment
05:59:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:59:34tpelliottTypine in the bathtub?
06:00:18earHurtsi like to soak my feet
06:00:48earHurtsneed to get speakers in here though
06:01:08earHurtspda speaker is too tinny
06:02:03tpelliottGet some good powered speakers.
06:02:24earHurtsnow, do I wifi or cable 'em
06:02:32earHurtsI thin cable
06:03:00earHurtsmicrowave emissions scare me
06:03:19tpelliottI'm using a pair of older "Bose Roomate II" speakers on my PC.
06:03:57tpelliottListen and cook your dinner at the same time :)
06:04:18earHurtsno, the wifi scares me
06:04:45earHurtseven though my pda is broadcating straight through my skull right now
06:06:02tpelliottEach line in the playlist_control file starts out
06:06:08***Alert Mode level 1
06:07:00earHurtshe's using Jelly as some sort of padding?
06:07:21tpelliottThat's the beginning of my path.
06:07:36earHurtsJelly is a dir?
06:07:43tpelliottJellyfish...Early '90s band.
06:08:55tpelliottI'm not sure why it is this format instead of a standard playlist.
06:09:16earHurtshe might be trying to save space
06:09:34earHurtsby not repeating directory names
06:09:48earHurtsgoogle on trie
06:10:18tpelliottThe directory names are still repeated. I just clipped the beginning.
06:11:02tpelliottThe last line is the end of the file.
06:11:42earHurtssome sort of sum?
06:12:02tpelliottNot sure.
06:12:32earHurtsjust guessing
06:12:36tpelliottI don't save dynamic playlists as much as I thaught I would anyway.
06:12:47earHurtswhy not?
06:13:36tpelliottI just mix things together based on my mood at the moment.
06:13:54earHurtssame here
06:14:07earHurtsI just want recursive dir play
06:14:36tpelliottplay all subfolders?
06:14:59tpelliottI just select the folder and insert.
06:15:30tpelliottIf you do this from stop, it will create a new dynamic playlist.
06:16:09***Alert Mode OFF
06:16:30earHurtsI want to make the play button do it automatically
06:18:20tpelliottI am not sure why we have never been to keep playing past the last file in the directory. I guess it's assumed that nearly all playing will be from a playlist.
06:18:34tpelliottnever been able...
06:18:54earHurtswhat would you play past the last????
06:19:18tpelliottThe next folder
06:19:40earHurtsnever ocurred to me
06:19:44tpelliottLike a CD changer. It just keeps playing.
06:20:13earHurtsgreat idea
06:20:35earHurtsless need with dynamic playlists, but great idea
06:20:37tpelliottI think there are problems when we don't use a playlist.
06:22:05tpelliottIt would have to read directories in the background. Is that any more complicated than reading a playlist?
06:22:17earHurtsi dunno
06:22:42earHurtswell, yes, it's more complocated
06:22:49earHurtsbut not by too much
06:23:17tpelliottThen that's why we do most playing from playlists, I guess.
06:23:56earHurtsor nobody thought of it
06:24:08earHurtssubmit a request for it
06:24:52tpelliottI'm used to using playlists now.
06:25:58tpelliottHave you ever tried reading the FAT?
06:26:25tpelliottThe only tine I've looked at the FAT on a hard drive is for file recovery.
06:26:56 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
06:27:13earHurtsreading the fat? not for years
06:27:18midknight2k3earHurts tried the flash rockbox?
06:27:30midknight2k3it works?
06:27:30earHurtsworks flawlessly
06:27:45midknight2k3on the fm to load rockbox from disk takes like 15 seconds
06:27:46earHurts~4 seconds
06:27:49midknight2k3now what does it take?
06:27:51midknight2k3neat o!
06:28:05earHurtsabout 7 with a rolo
06:28:11midknight2k3and what fujitsu drive did you put in?
06:28:54tpelliottI started mine in synch with the one in the video. it starts playing when the video ends (About 6 seconds or so. No rolo
06:29:13midknight2k3where video?
06:29:26earHurtsum. the 60 with low noise
06:29:36midknight2k360 with low noise
06:29:59earHurtspolly wanna cracker?
06:30:08tpelliottYes the original video that demonstrates Rockbox in ROM. The infamous 3 second start.
06:30:38earHurtshey, it's compressed video :)
06:30:57tpelliottDivX, I think.
06:31:10midknight2k3well lol earhurts
06:31:15earHurtscompressed video -
06:31:19midknight2k3all you said before was fujitsu the quite one
06:31:27midknight2k3that doesn't say size or model or even type
06:31:36midknight2k3where is the video
06:32:06midknight2k3video is a joke?
06:32:48earHurtsno, "compressed video" joke was, it was compressed so it seemed faster, thus 3 seconds
06:32:54tpelliottMessage at
06:33:03midknight2k3oh lolol
06:33:44tpelliottIt was faster because the code wasn't finished yet.
06:34:49tpelliottThe unit in the video has a hardware mod.
06:36:06earHurtswhere's hardeep's playlist?
06:36:47midknight2k3nice quick boot
06:37:29tpelliottThe one I clipped from is in .rockbox.
06:37:44earHurtsah. .playlist-control
06:37:54midknight2k3it's amazing how one guy suggested putting rockbox in rom for faster loading, and now it's a huge breakthrough,a dn all that
06:38:41tpelliottI wander why they haven't mentioned it in the news on the front page?
06:38:43midknight2k3one end user
06:38:57midknight2k3and now everyone's like ROMBOX wow it flahses and all that
06:40:26midknight2k3so wait one question
06:40:36midknight2k3and please don't tell me to read the manual :)
06:40:46tpelliottI'm just glad we can do it. I just assumed it was impossible.
06:41:06midknight2k3does the "flash rockbox" look on hard drive immediately for a rockbox instead of archos' delay?
06:41:12midknight2k3tpelliot: me too
06:41:22midknight2k3i though, hah! rewrite the flash! in your dreams
06:41:44 Quit Schnueff_ (Remote closed the connection)
06:42:19tpelliottI still looks for the file ajbrec.ajz
06:42:25 Join Schnueff [0] (
06:42:35tpelliottor something like that.
06:42:59earHurtsit does it much faster than archos
06:43:13midknight2k3i know what could be even quicker
06:43:17earHurtsrolo boot is "~7
06:43:47tpelliottYou don't need to rolo to start rockbox so there's no need for that file.
06:44:02midknight2k3just make a directory .rockbox\flash and put in the flash rewriter and a AJZ file and it will write that file in there to ROM and it will NOT spinup hard drive to look for ajz files ever
06:44:26earHurtstimed it.
06:44:32earHurts10 secs
06:45:07tpelliottNo need to read a file into rom every time.
06:45:26midknight2k3only if you want to upgrade it
06:45:32midknight2k3then you run it with new ajz file
06:46:03earHurtseventually, rombox won't even look for a file to auto rolo
06:46:29tpelliottYou can't load an ajz file. You have to descramble it, then compress it to rockbox.ucl
06:47:10earHurtsyou could put descrambled images on disk
06:47:33earHurtsscrambling was only ever to satisfy the archos loader
06:47:46earHurtsskip the descramble step
06:48:20tpelliottYou still want the compression.
06:48:41earHurtsbut only if I want to flash it
06:48:57earHurtsfor rolo I want unscrambled, uncompressed
06:49:52earHurtsand I get a slightly faster rolo
06:50:21tpelliottThe goal is to not rolo at all.
06:50:34earHurtswell, no
06:50:41midknight2k3yes earhurts
06:50:47earHurtsI still want to rolo my dev builds
06:50:54midknight2k3the goal i think is to run rockbox fully from flash so there is near no loading time
06:51:04midknight2k3you CAN but that's not what's INTENDED
06:51:29earHurtsit would be a pita to flash every dev build
06:52:05midknight2k3you can rolo i presume
06:52:12tpelliottIt's easy to flash daily builds if you want. It's manual instead of automatic.
06:52:13midknight2k3but i repeat it's not what is intended
06:52:32earHurtswe have different needs
06:52:39earHurtsI'm a hacker
06:52:42tpelliottYou can rolo but they are going to take out the auto-rolo
06:53:12earHurtsyeah, I,m ok with auto rolo going away
06:53:19tpelliottI'm a hacker wannabe :)
06:53:31midknight2k3i'm not and i don't care :)
06:53:43earHurtsI might want a swtting, though
06:54:26earHurtsmidk, without hackers, who gives you features?
06:54:32tpelliottI just flash daily builds and I feel like a hacker :)
06:54:41midknight2k3i didnt mean that
06:54:53earHurtstp, that's cause it's still bleedibg edge
06:56:08midknight2k3BYE THEN
06:56:30 Quit midknight2k3 ("mr. mean! i mean mr. earhurts - does your earhurt? -=SysReset 2.53=-")
06:56:48 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
06:56:51earHurtsI'm mean?
06:56:54midknight2k3MY EAR HURTS! BOO HOO!
06:56:56 Quit midknight2k3 (Client Quit)
06:57:02 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
06:57:10midknight2k3it hurts really bad - bye
06:57:16 Quit midknight2k3 (Client Quit)
06:59:11tpelliottDoes the FM play through a reciever's spdif digital input?
07:03:33thuI don't think the FM has digital i/o
07:03:39thuI might be wrong though
07:03:40earHurtsfm doesn't have digital out
07:03:58earHurtsthu, want to help me test emusic?
07:04:21thuwhat do you have in mind?
07:04:25CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
07:04:25*thu playing with QNX
07:04:46earHurtstpe wants to know if they have digital sigs
07:05:07earHurtsso we both d/l the same track, and md5 sum it
07:05:23thuwhat track?
07:05:28tpelliottI'm sure if they are posted in newsgroups, they can tell the file came from emusic.
07:05:47earHurtsoh, probably
07:05:53thutpelliott: that's not a problem as long as it doesn't say it came from me
07:06:13thutpelliott: they have my CC details and all.. I don't want them angry :)
07:06:35tpelliottThere may a code tied to your account.
07:06:43thuokay let's see
07:06:50thuearHurts: what traaaack?
07:06:57earHurtsthere is a UFID tag
07:07:29earHurtsartist: otto klemperer
07:07:54earHurtswagner lohrngrin
07:07:57tpelliottIt sucks that the FM dosen't have a digital out. Mu recorder sounds great through my reciever.
07:08:02earHurtstrack one
07:08:17earHurtsit sucks they advertise that it does
07:10:32 Quit thu (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
07:10:39tpelliottThe recorder has a single stereo mini jack. One side is for input, the other side is for output.
07:11:27 Join thu [0] (
07:11:31earHurtsat least the fm is lighter
07:11:57tpelliottDo you use the fm tuner?
07:12:03thumm wrong button
07:12:17*thu stretched and hit the power bar button
07:12:47thuearHurts: so is there an user id tag in the emusic mp3s or not?
07:13:21earHurtswhat md5 did you get?
07:13:31thuwhat track?
07:13:39tpelliottIt probably wouldn't be a regular tag. Too easy to delete.
07:14:08thuearHurts: what traaaack?
07:15:49earHurtsfirst track
07:16:03earHurtsatto primo: preludio
07:17:41earHurtsthe techical quality suxors
07:17:49thuthat otto guy looks borgish
07:17:59earHurtsdefinitely recorded before a live audience
07:18:10thuab791f2bf1cc2e64616f5135d652cb91 01 - Atto Primo: Preludio.mp3
07:18:19thupaste yer sum
07:18:58earHurtsthey're the same
07:19:08thuyou sure?
07:19:08earHurtsI checked by eye
07:19:19earHurtsread the whole thing
07:19:40earHurtsit's on my computer. I can't paste it
07:20:00earHurtsI irc on my handheld
07:20:14thuwhy would you do that?
07:20:30thuI did that too but only when I didn't have a choice
07:20:32earHurtsgaim ain't stable on w2k
07:20:45earHurtsanyway, I prefer it
07:20:46thuwhat do you need gaim for?
07:20:58earHurtsmirc costs money
07:21:09thuthe windows client works just fine
07:21:18earHurtsI like my handheld
07:21:24tpelliottI'm usint Trillian.
07:21:34thudon't like trillian
07:21:35earHurtsI irc from the bathtub
07:22:00earHurtsI like to soak my feet
07:22:03thua waterproof tablet would be good for that
07:22:43thuI was looking at this rugged laptop on ebay
07:22:49earHurtsI lost the bottom two pixel lines of a palm pilot once
07:22:58thup133 64ram 2G drive
07:23:03thufor something like $30
07:23:07thuyou can drive a truck over it
07:23:29thusome are
07:23:33thubut more like splash proof
07:24:17earHurtsif it's waterproof that little hole of the hdd that says 'do not cover' is covered
07:24:30earHurtsso no taking it onna airplane
07:24:42thuhow come?
07:24:52thuwhat hole and how can they know?
07:25:01earHurtsthe hole's to equalize air pressure
07:25:09thumm I see
07:25:49PsycoXulto equalize air pressure from where?
07:26:01PsycoXulor between where rathr
07:26:06PsycoXulrather rather
07:26:23tpelliottHow old are you guys (Just curious)? I'm 39.
07:26:31earHurtsinside the drive and outside
07:26:33PsycoXuli'm 22
07:26:39PsycoXulearHurts: which outside?
07:26:44PsycoXuljust outside the drive?
07:26:52PsycoXulor outside the whole unit the drive is in?
07:26:58earHurtsthe drive
07:27:08PsycoXulso the unit could still be sealed, couldn't it?
07:27:40earHurtsyeah, if it wouldn't buckle when thje outside pressure dropped
07:28:03PsycoXulah, well yeah
07:28:12earHurtstpe's /old/
07:28:31earHurtsfeels good not to be the oldest!
07:28:43thumm ebay looks good today
07:28:45thulotsa cheap stuff
07:29:04earHurtsI just spent $48 on old cds
07:29:22tpelliottWho's the oldest of the main Rockbox programmers?
07:29:23thuscsi storage array with 10 18G 10k rpm drives
07:29:31thu< $200
07:29:37earHurtsdunno' tpe
07:30:04earHurtsanybody like gilbert & sullivan?
07:30:20 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
07:31:13tpelliottNot me. I'm listening to the Beatles. I'm sure you guys think their music is too old.
07:31:27midknight2k3Yes, ma'am
07:31:31earHurtsbeatles were cool
07:31:43earHurtsuntil they got into the drugs
07:32:01midknight2k3earHurts was cool
07:32:04midknight2k3until he got mean
07:32:08earHurtsoh, that was ny driving instructor's opinion
07:32:17tpelliottJohn wrote some of his best wierd lyrics on drugs.
07:32:18earHurtsno, I like the beatles
07:32:35earHurtsJohn was a great lyricist
07:32:48earHurtsbut I'm more a Bob Dylan fan
07:33:00earHurtsArlo Githrie, Woody
07:33:05earHurtsPhil Ochs
07:33:11earHurtshippie shit
07:33:17tpelliottI like Dylan best when someone else sings his songs.
07:33:24earHurtsoh, no
07:33:38earHurtsDylan sings feom his soul, maaan
07:33:57earHurtsI also like opera
07:34:21earHurtswagner and g&s, mostly
07:34:27tpelliottI don't like opera. I like some jazz and classical.
07:34:44earHurtsyeah, jazz is cool
07:34:52earHurtsI prefer older jazz
07:35:25earHurtsexperimental jazz is techically profficient, but it doesn't move me
07:35:30tpelliottVocal jazz like Lambert, Hendricks and Ross or Ella?
07:35:46earHurtsella, duke, big band
07:36:12earHurtscheck out what emusic has in jazz
07:36:55earHurtsa college bought some monk box set on ebay for $150
07:37:30earHurtsit was on emusic for nothing
07:38:10tpelliottThere was a short time in the early 1990's when a
07:38:30tpelliottgregorian chant album was on the pop charts.
07:38:55earHurtscan be relaxing
07:39:11midknight2k3must i interfere?
07:39:45earHurtswhat up midk?
07:40:01midknight2k3this is rockbox chat not emusic and beatles chat
07:40:12midknight2k3if you wanna do that could your private chat?
07:40:39earHurtsare we preventing you from rockbox chatting, midk?
07:40:40tpelliottI'm going to bed anyway.
07:41:11midknight2k3sorry jeez
07:41:30earHurtsnight tpe
07:41:36tpelliottGood night.
07:41:42 Part tpelliott
07:46:45midknight2k3and it's silent
07:46:59midknight2k3it's also obvious that earHurts dislikes midknight2k3
07:47:02midknight2k3my /me
07:47:07midknight2k3never mind that last thing
07:48:51earHurtsmidk, what's gotten into you?
07:49:04midknight2k3lol what?
07:49:47earHurtsI don't dislike you. Were you being serious about my being mean to you??
07:50:11midknight2k3earHurts is very nice
07:50:50earHurtswhy do I worry you're going to start talking about your precious ring?
07:51:08midknight2k3i have no idea.
07:51:37earHurtsyou're sounding like the Gollum in Lord of the Rings
07:52:11midknight2k3i know lol
07:52:16midknight2k3ok let's start over.
07:52:18earHurtsit's my sidekick Samwise Gamgee who dislikes you.
07:52:22midknight2k3"Hello earHurts!"
07:52:47earHurtswe just have differing uses for rolo
07:53:08midknight2k3i agree
07:53:09earHurtsI like to test my code on the rockbox, you don't need to test code
07:53:19midknight2k3not yet ;)
07:53:23midknight2k3i will learn c soon
07:53:26midknight2k3i promised zagger
07:53:40earHurtsI'll be glad to help you with it
07:55:06earHurtsdownload cygwin first
07:55:08midknight2k3what did you learn?
07:55:11midknight2k3you mean now?
07:55:14midknight2k3i know nothing yet
07:55:18midknight2k3well not much
07:55:57earHurtsI learned c++ first
07:56:18midknight2k3well c++ is c with extra crap right?
07:59:18earHurtsuh, yeah
07:59:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:59:33midknight2k3well c wouldn't be hard after that right?
08:00:02earHurtsmore or less
08:00:29midknight2k3when dod you learn c++ then?
08:00:40earHurtsactually, there are some C things you get out of practice with, becuase you'd never do them in c++
08:01:19earHurtsI took a uni class
08:01:27thuI don't like it that they teach c++ or java to people who have never programmed before
08:01:38earHurtsactually, the besat c++ intro was a class for nonCS majors
08:01:39thuit's harder to go back to C imho
08:01:42earHurtsgood teacher
08:01:58*thu took the nice way around
08:02:07earHurtsC is harder in some ways
08:02:14thuspectrum basic -> qbasic -> visual basic -> pascal -> C -> C++ -> java
08:02:39thuwith various scripting languages along the way that I've never mastered
08:04:15midknight2k3i'll be back in a few mins ok
08:04:17earHurtsjust try to learn C
08:04:24earHurtsI'm to bed
08:04:24midknight2k3yes hang a few tho
08:04:28midknight2k3oh well
08:04:30midknight2k3maybe later
08:04:32midknight2k3good night earhurts
08:04:37midknight2k3sorry about the mean remark
08:04:50 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
08:14:31 Quit midknight2k3 ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
08:19:49 Quit Schnueff (
08:19:49 Quit Hes (
08:19:49 Quit dw|gone (
08:19:49 Quit adi|home (
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08:20:27 Quit Hes (
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08:20:27 Quit adi|home (
08:20:27 Quit Stevie[FP] (
08:20:27 Quit ricII|work (
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08:21:08 Quit thu (
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08:26:20 Quit mbr (
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08:53:52 Join tracktheripper [0] (
09:01:54 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
09:03:05 Join Lynx0 [0] (Lynx@
09:10:01 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
09:29:30 Join Nibbler [0] (
09:40:52 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:40:57bobTHChi all!
09:42:14 Join adiamas [0] (~adi|
09:52:26 Quit adi|home (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:57:47 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (~adi|
09:57:57adi|homehows life?
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10:22:53dwihnoROMBOX 4-ever!
10:33:46 Join tracktheripper [0] (
10:34:33tracktherippermorning BobTHC
10:34:36tracktheripperwhats the latest?
10:35:14bobTHCrombox for FM
10:35:24tracktheripperoh right
10:35:35tracktheripperi don't understand all this flashing nonsense
10:36:43bobTHCboot speed is the only advantage
10:37:18bobTHCkicking out the achos code from rom too
10:37:52tracktheripperyea but what if you "need" the archos firmware one day?
10:38:51bobTHCit is always in, backuped in an another memory space, when u press F1 you always can use it
10:39:19tracktheripperoh right
10:39:30tracktheripperi have an older Recorder 10 so i don't think it will work on mine :(
10:39:30Lynx0The only thing that keeps me from flashing is the 2 year warranty I still have on it
10:39:36tracktheripperoh right
10:39:49tracktheripperI wonder if the Archos team know about Rockbox?
10:40:20Lynx0I'm sure they do.
10:40:22bobTHCit's sure they know us
10:40:49tracktheripperin that case why don't they supply their machines with Rockbox?
10:41:06bobTHCthey ask the permission to bjorn to include rockbox in the driver cd for the studio
10:41:07Lynx0They probably run rockbox on their private recorders ;-)
10:41:33tracktheripperoh riight
10:41:52tracktheripperAll Rockbox needs is better recording management and playlist creating then it will be spot on :-)
10:42:50Lynx0It can create playlists
10:44:18tracktheripperyea but it can't re-arrange entries like the archos firmware
10:45:39adi|homei say this with love in my heart...
10:45:50adi|homeif you don't stop putting in some of the feature requests that you do..
10:45:57adi|homeim going to hunt you down and kill you.
10:47:39tracktheripperlike what?
10:48:46PsycoXuli've got a feature request
10:49:16PsycoXulrockbox needs a relativistic space-drive powered by quantum zero-point fluctuations (may require HW mod)
10:50:44tracktheripperadimas are u very upset now?!
10:55:47adi|homeno... just researching in another window...
10:56:23tracktheripperohhhh right
10:56:31tracktherippercome and visit London
10:56:48PsycoXulam i the only one in here interested in exploring the universe?
10:56:57Lynx0Nobody can afford a visit to London...
10:57:15tracktheripperwell im sure Adimas is a rich man
10:57:18PsycoXulheh i must be
10:57:38adi|hometrack.. im so broke that im borrowing $ from friends to pay my rent
10:57:43Lynx0PsycoXul: It's probably cheaper than London
10:57:53PsycoXulLynx0: if done right, it should be
10:57:56tracktheripperWhat requests are you on about now Adi?!
10:58:08Lynx0PsycoXul: Especially if it's open-source
10:58:30PsycoXulif you actualy power it from the zero-point fluctuations then in a sense it'd be "free", or nearly so
10:59:35Lynx0PsycoXul: I already forgot everything I never knew about quantum mechanics
11:00:05PsycoXulLynx0: hey thats ok, i've got no formal education on anything past 9th grade
11:00:24tracktheripperAdimas I rent out rooms you can have one if u like
11:01:07Lynx0PsycoXul: I'm sitting in a Lab right now...
11:01:24PsycoXulLynx0: oh yeah?
11:01:33PsycoXulwhat sort of lab?
11:02:32tracktheripperAdimas im off 2 work now
11:02:40tracktheripperhave a nice day :-)
11:03:18 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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12:02:04 Quit thu ("Client exiting")
12:32:12adi|homeanyone know any sites with flash in them?
12:32:17adi|homei need to test my plugin
12:40:38adi|homesomething wrong.. can't get the plugin working...
12:40:47adi|homeopera... hmm
12:44:54Lynx0works fine for me, even without installing anything
12:46:51Lynx0may have had flash installed before i got opera, though
12:54:32adi|homenope.. i don't have motiff installed.. thats wahy...
12:54:35adi|homefixing it now...
12:55:08adi|homeim willing to bet you ahve on your system right?
12:55:34 Join _TotMacher [0] (
12:57:09 Quit _TotMacher (Client Quit)
13:47:19Lynx0no, windows...
13:48:58adi|homehehe okay.. then nm ;)
13:50:46Lynx0It's not my fault! I have to! ;)
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15:24:58 Join _TotMacher [0] (
15:25:05 Part _TotMacher
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16:30:53 Join machtenx [0] (
16:31:25machtenxhey guys, i was wondering is there ever gonna be compatibility with the multimedia jukeboxs?
16:32:12Hesmachtenx: no.
16:32:27machtenxany reason why?
16:32:35Hesit's a different machine.
16:32:54machtenxahhh sorry, reading
16:33:20HesIt's a mostly different project, not much code can be reused.
16:34:04machtenxi see...i think i'll get the fm recorder then...rockbox looks cool
16:35:25Hesrockbox is a lot of fun.
16:36:52machtenxdo you have any idea if it would work with the 15 gigabyte minijukebox?
16:37:46HesI don't know, I guess that is a new product. I think someone just mentioned it on the mailing list, check the archives, I didn't read it carefully.
16:37:55HesI have a recorder 20.
16:38:10HesI have to run to a practicing session, bye!
16:38:23machtenxok thanks! later
16:39:30Lynx0What's mini about it anyway?
16:40:12machtenxwant a link? I saw it on for a good price that's the only reason i was interested
16:40:35machtenxdoesn't provide that detailed specs but
16:42:22Lynx0I wonder how they make it any smaller
16:43:31machtenxI think it's the same..what are the dimensions on the others? this one is 4.5x3.2x1.3
16:43:54Lynx0I don't know...
16:44:02Lynx0what's that in cm?
16:45:30machtenxhmmm one sec
16:45:31bobTHCUses 4 "AA" Rechargeable NiCads (included)
16:45:31bobTHC he can't be smaller, it'sthe same
16:45:53Lynx0 115 x 82 x 34 mm is the recorde 20 gb
16:46:25bobTHCthe description is full of mistakes
16:46:44bobTHCput the product is really cheap
16:46:51machtenxyes it is :D
16:46:56machtenxdirt cheap
16:47:07machtenxi am so tempted
16:47:13bobTHCAvailable for Preorder Not available for export.
16:47:34bobTHCi cant buy it i'm disgusted
16:47:44machtenxI think you can
16:47:52machtenxunless you're in another country
16:48:06bobTHCi'm french :(
16:48:14machtenxahhhh :(
16:48:29Lynx0How can i keep windows from creating all the system folder on the archos? I remember a thread on the mailing list but can't find it now...
16:52:36Lynx0like the 'Recycled' folder and such
16:52:40bobTHCu want to creat .rockbox directory under win32
16:53:39Lynx0no, windows creates some directories on the archos when you plug it in.
16:53:44bobTHCu cannot avoid winNT to creating his dirty dirs
16:54:22Lynx0I remember a mail on the list that said how to do it, with the tweak ui thing...
16:56:59 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
17:04:13Lynx0found it
17:05:11 Quit Lynx0 ("So long, thanks for all the fish")
17:08:18 Quit machtenx ()
17:12:20 Join Manitee [0] (
17:12:20 Quit Manitee (Remote closed the connection)
17:13:48 Join manitee [0] (
17:14:34maniteehi folks - been a while since i irc'ed here, but i wanted to drop in and say v2.0 is great - no problems at all so far
17:59:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:01:02 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
18:03:59 Quit Stevie[FP] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:08:16 Join Stevie[FreedomPa [0] (~whatsit2u@
18:09:34 Quit manitee (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:35:02 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
18:48:57 Part tpelliott
19:00:07*Stevie[FreedomPa is away [f00d] [KS-MsgLog Off]
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20:20:38*Stevie[FreedomPa is back from [f00d] [gone 1hr 20mins 32secs] [KS]
20:28:09 Nick Stevie[FreedomPa is now known as Stevie[FP] (~whatsit2u@
20:31:37 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
21:00:25midknight2k3VERY lively in here, no?
21:02:30 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
21:03:26 Join freshmaker [0] (
21:03:46freshmakerHi there!
21:03:57midknight2k3somebody's here!
21:04:02midknight2k3and tpelliot!
21:04:06midknight2k3both at the same time!
21:04:32freshmakeri wish there would be someone at, too
21:04:57freshmakertheir pserver cvs server is more than two days behind
21:04:59midknight2k3who'd buy this?
21:05:20midknight2k3it's ugly and it's $137
21:05:28midknight2k3check that, 137.99
21:06:50freshmakercan't get the url
21:07:10midknight2k3well it's VERY UGLY keyboard
21:07:14midknight2k3for $137
21:07:19midknight2k3just dowble click it
21:07:25midknight2k3it should go
21:07:34freshmakereverything with mor than 60 keys makes me afraid
21:07:42midknight2k3i bet :D
21:08:04freshmakergot one of the older happy hacking keyboards
21:08:14midknight2k3with how many keys?
21:08:22freshmaker60 ;-)
21:08:38midknight2k3i had the key alert message already typed out :)
21:10:34midknight2k3who's bored?
21:10:42midknight2k3since earHurts isn't here, it's dead!
21:12:03tpelliottI used to see mice with buttons all over the top.
21:12:17midknight2k3you did?
21:12:27tpelliottI'm on vacation this week.
21:13:17tpelliottI can't believe how cheap cordless optical mice are getting.
21:13:48midknight2k3yes it's amazing?
21:14:02midknight2k3take into consideration the Microsoft Cordless Blue Optical Mouse
21:14:16midknight2k3just think... 5 years ago there were only 2 button corded mouse-ball ones
21:14:30midknight2k3in 2006 i predict there will be blu-ray mice :D
21:14:57midknight2k3with 5 sensors for accuracy of a ... something that's extremely accurate
21:15:30tpelliottI have the older Logitech cordless duo. I love the new Logitech cordless mouse with a charger stand.
21:16:00midknight2k3cordless duo, my favorite
21:16:10midknight2k3the one that's black and it's got the wheel at the top center?
21:16:17tpelliottIs that what yopu have?
21:16:35midknight2k3today i should be getting a microsoft natural multimedia keyboard
21:16:41midknight2k3why can't they just give them model numbes?
21:16:47midknight2k3it's so hard to remember the terms
21:17:02tpelliottYes. Mine has function keys that ARE function keys.
21:17:17midknight2k3the wheel one?
21:17:45midknight2k3the logitech elite keyboard also looks nice though
21:17:52midknight2k3i am considering it
21:17:58tpelliottThe new version has extra functions on the function keys. You have to press a button to get your regular function keys back.
21:18:58midknight2k3actually, you press a button to enable the functions on them (extra) otherwise it is normal f keys
21:19:06midknight2k3not the other way around
21:19:25tpelliottThe new version is the same price as mine $100. I got mine on sale $20 cheaper.
21:19:43midknight2k3which version?
21:19:51midknight2k3im confused now :\
21:20:01midknight2k3the logitech duo thing
21:20:13tpelliottMine is the original.
21:20:29midknight2k3the new elite one is new though
21:20:34midknight2k3the neat one
21:20:38midknight2k3with the whooel
21:20:59midknight2k3i spelled it! yay!
21:21:13tpelliottA friend of mine wanted to press F8 to agree to Microsoft's agreement. and he had to press an extra button. Must be a toggle.
21:21:55midknight2k3maybe before hand it had been specified to use extra f's
21:22:05tpelliottMine is black, with the wheel but WITHOUT the extra functions of the function keys.
21:22:11midknight2k3normally it should use the regualr F keys
21:22:17midknight2k3...right :)
21:23:17tpelliottDo you have a working, flashed FM?
21:23:30midknight2k3not I.
21:23:35midknight2k3im doing it later today
21:23:40midknight2k3you do it yet?
21:23:46tpelliottDid you see the new warning?
21:23:51midknight2k3what is it?
21:23:54midknight2k3uh oh
21:24:06tpelliottCheck your harware mask.
21:24:23midknight2k3where is this warning located?
21:24:27tpelliottRead the latest posts.
21:24:35midknight2k3on the mailing list?
21:25:08midknight2k3oh jeez
21:25:12midknight2k3you can't miss it lol
21:25:30tpelliottMine flashed with no problem. I've been flashing daily builds too. I have a Recorder 20
21:26:00 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:26:20tpelliottWe are talking about the new FM warning.
21:26:28tracktheripperhello midknight
21:26:35midknight2k3is mean!
21:26:36tracktheripperhi mate!
21:26:45tracktheripperwhat do u mean im mean?!
21:26:49midknight2k3he called me something mean
21:26:53tracktherippergonna put dinner on brb
21:26:55midknight2k3when i put in my bogus request
21:27:27midknight2k3i hope mine doesn't have that new hardware mask
21:27:34midknight2k3if it does, i'd be yelling
21:27:49midknight2k3come back at like 4:00 to watch me yell about the dumb mask
21:27:52tpelliottCan't you check the debug info?
21:28:01midknight2k3i will later
21:28:17midknight2k3and if it has that i will be angry
21:28:23midknight2k3come back in 4 hours to see :D
21:28:53tpelliottCan you solder well enough to do the hardware mod if you have to?
21:29:22midknight2k3let's not think about that yet :)
21:29:57tpelliottI have you to open mine for the first time.
21:30:15midknight2k3i tried a while back
21:30:21midknight2k3(fm recorder)
21:30:27midknight2k3i didn't figure it out
21:30:41midknight2k3it would be easy if i tried but i just took out some screws and nothing happened
21:31:17tpelliottThe 4 star screwes?
21:31:30midknight2k3i think i just didn't get the bottom one out
21:31:31tracktheripperMidknight is this a reasonable request?
21:31:39midknight2k3i suppose yes
21:31:58midknight2k3TOO reasonable
21:32:00midknight2k3you crapper
21:32:07midknight2k3make a new one, i did
21:33:05tracktheripperlol ur request got the usual "This is not possible to implement, due to hardware limitations" response
21:33:19midknight2k3im GLAD
21:33:40midknight2k3i thought he'd ban me
21:33:47midknight2k3but he took it seriously
21:33:49tracktheripperthat response becomes scary if you see it too many times
21:34:04midknight2k3you do one IDIOT'
21:34:08midknight2k3i did that one
21:34:27midknight2k3did you see his comment on the usb-digital pirate port?
21:34:36midknight2k3"Stop playing with the request tracker, boys"
21:34:41midknight2k3or something
21:34:43tracktheripperand im NOT sending any more requests :-)
21:34:44midknight2k3you do a good one now
21:34:47midknight2k3you better
21:35:13tracktherippernah its alright
21:35:26tracktheripperAdimas said he will murder me if I send one more
21:35:33midknight2k3DO IT!
21:35:44midknight2k3tracktheri[[er sucks
21:36:32 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
21:36:36midknight2k3you think it's funny you're not my friend any...
21:36:38midknight2k3he left.
21:36:43midknight2k3oh well
21:36:46 Join JT1 [0] (
21:36:52midknight2k3fm recorder flashing can resume talking
21:37:19midknight2k3*JT1 is glad he smells
21:37:21tpelliottDo you listen to the radio much?
21:37:26midknight2k3not that often
21:37:29midknight2k3but once in a while
21:38:04tpelliottOs the reception any better than other portable radios?
21:38:06 Quit JT1 (Client Quit)
21:38:14 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:38:19midknight2k3it's average
21:38:25midknight2k3outdoors, i'd say "good"
21:38:31midknight2k3indoors, it's ok
21:38:38midknight2k3it's listen-to-able :)
21:38:54midknight2k3i see now
21:39:01midknight2k3you still suck :(
21:39:04tracktheripperim very upset
21:39:09tracktheripperreally upset
21:39:21tracktheripperbecause u are being rude to me
21:39:27midknight2k3sorry sorry
21:39:34midknight2k3i apologize
21:39:49tracktheripperok i forgive u
21:40:03midknight2k3i hope so >:(
21:40:10tracktheripperi don't wanna keep pissing off Bjorn and co
21:40:19midknight2k3you're done then?
21:40:39tracktheripperwell for the time being
21:40:46midknight2k3just one last one - a bug request "Let me stop bugging Bjorn and Co"
21:40:59midknight2k3never mind
21:41:30tracktheripperAdimas was going bananas at me
21:41:42midknight2k3Iím cool!
21:41:42midknight2k3<tracktheripper> I suck!
21:41:42midknight2k3<midknight2k3> really?
21:42:16tpelliottThe one feature I'm witing for is a charging screen. That would free us once and for all from Archos firmware.
21:42:32tracktheripperof course I suck, I suck Pepsi through a straw at Mcdonalds :D
21:43:03midknight2k3oh yeah
21:43:04tpelliottPepsi? They only have Coke here.
21:43:08midknight2k3I KNOW HOW THEY COULD DO IT!
21:43:18tracktheripperMidknight, don't make me hit you :D
21:43:42midknight2k3A little rockbox logo, under that a big battery thing showing a charging animation and next to it the percent it is it
21:43:53midknight2k3it was tpelliot who said that
21:44:18midknight2k3you must now apologize
21:44:28tracktheripperok ok midknighty im sorry
21:44:30midknight2k3you accuse me of saying what tpelliot did
21:44:30tpelliottI was referring to McDonalds.
21:44:35midknight2k3that's not good enoigj
21:44:46midknight2k3i want a better apology
21:45:04tracktheripperok ok ok your majesty sir Midknight im very sorry your highness
21:45:07 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/20030701]")
21:45:14midknight2k3thank you
21:51:36 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
21:51:58 Part tpelliott
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22:18:53 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:20:16midknight2k3it's him!
22:20:29midknight2k3i sure hope that i don't have the 504 mask or whatever though :/
22:20:51[IDC]DragonI'm deeple scared about that one guy.
22:21:06midknight2k3i bet
22:21:21Stevie[FP]504 mask?
22:21:35[IDC]DragonEspecially, because I still think this is just impossible.
22:21:42midknight2k3the hardware mask that sometimes makes rombox flash wrong
22:21:55midknight2k3latest message in the mailing list
22:21:57Stevie[FP]that's a, erm, feature
22:21:59midknight2k3one of the latest
22:22:02[IDC]DragonYes, he has 0x0504 mask, that's why I posted that warning.
22:22:17midknight2k3it still seems to work for others
22:22:23[IDC]DragonBut for at least another guy with the same mask it worked.
22:22:26midknight2k3perhaps that guy just didn't hold down the button?
22:22:38[IDC]DragonHe did.
22:22:55Stevie[FP]are you still including some random copy of the OS with rombox?
22:23:06[IDC]DragonI hope the boy is in a crash state, and taking out the battery fixes it.
22:23:20[IDC]Dragonbox, I mean.
22:23:30midknight2k3oh lol
22:23:44midknight2k3Dragon, do you have a link to the page with the uart boot mod?
22:23:49midknight2k3i couldn't find it anywhere
22:24:01[IDC]Dragonthe posting, you mean?
22:24:10midknight2k3you say in the readme
22:24:17midknight2k3you can recover with the uart boot mod
22:24:37midknight2k3i just wanted to see what it "is"
22:24:43midknight2k3is there a page that says how?
22:24:47[IDC]Dragonhang on...
22:25:26[IDC]Dragonand the link within.
22:27:20Stevie[FP][IDC]Dragon: are you still including some random copy of the OS with rombox?
22:27:42[IDC]Dragonrandom copy?
22:28:42midknight2k3dragon: can you do the uart boot mod on the fmrecorder?
22:28:49midknight2k3or is it only possible for recorders?
22:28:56Stevie[FP][IDC]Dragon: yeah, whatever copy you had on hand
22:29:09[IDC]DragonHaven't looked into one yet, but theoretically, yes.
22:29:28[IDC]DragonStevie: I used the latest from cvs.
22:29:48Stevie[FP]the archos firmware image isn't in CVS
22:29:55[IDC]DragonI thought it's a good idea to include exactly the one I tested with.
22:30:08Stevie[FP]are you at least preserving the hardware mask?
22:30:33[IDC]DragonOtherwise, it would be a mess.
22:30:41Stevie[FP]no kidding
22:31:09*Stevie[FP] wonders wtf is wrong with this stupid thing
22:31:11[IDC]DragonYou can update the rockbox flash image right away, if you like.
22:31:34[IDC]DragonThe broken one?
22:31:43[IDC]Dragonor what thing?
22:32:02Stevie[FP]this driver
22:32:07Stevie[FP]its like
22:32:13Stevie[FP]not terminating correctly, or something
22:33:06midknight2k3i have the 504 mask!
22:33:27[IDC]DragonI don't think that's a problem.
22:33:43midknight2k3it seems to work for most others
22:34:03*Stevie[FP] wonders if softice can debug a kernel over a serial port
22:34:17*midknight2k3 wonders what that means
22:34:21[IDC]DragonStevie: yes, I think so.
22:34:45midknight2k3i must go now
22:34:51*Stevie[FP] finds his copy of softice
22:34:57midknight2k3and thank you for rombox :D
22:34:57Stevie[FP]because WinDbg is utter CRAP
22:35:03 Quit midknight2k3 ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
22:35:39Stevie[FP]i mean
22:35:47Stevie[FP]utter, utter, UTTER crap
22:36:00 Join TBoy [0] (~xxx@
22:36:11TBoygreat work Dragon
22:36:22TBoyon the rb in flash
22:36:30[IDC]Dragonthanks, but a bit clouded today.
22:36:32TBoyjust flashed my FM
22:36:36TBoyyes I know
22:36:46[IDC]Dragonwhich mask (shiver)?
22:36:46TBoyeverything works like a charm
22:37:06[IDC]Dragonseems the more common one.
22:37:13TBoyexcept when I plug the usb in while its off
22:37:33[IDC]Dragonhaven't tried that.
22:37:46TBoythen it boots and just hangs at the splash screen with the loading splash box
22:38:11TBoybut if I boot it up and then plug it in
22:38:11TBoyits ok
22:38:37[IDC]Dragonit booted because you plugged in, or because you pressed on?
22:38:48TBoybecause I plug it in
22:39:00TBoybut then it freezes
22:39:02TBoyor hangs
22:39:20TBoywhat that it boots or that it hangs
22:39:50[IDC]Dragonthat it boots.
22:40:06[IDC]Dragonand in consequence, the hang.
22:40:40 Join _aLF [0] (
22:40:52[IDC]Dragonmy recorder doesn't start by plugging USB.
22:41:04[IDC]Dragonmust be an FM feature
22:41:07TBoymaybe only the fms do that
22:41:54[IDC]DragonHowever, that's an issue which Rockbox can fix later on.
22:42:03TBoymaybe we could check if it was just plugged in
22:42:21[IDC]DragonIt's just that we have to discover these init details.
22:42:31TBoyI was just thinkin
22:43:02TBoythat we wouldn'T need what I was just sayin
22:43:31TBoycould it be
22:43:41TBoythat now we have rb controlling the unit totally
22:43:55TBoythat we could play music with the unit connected
22:44:15TBoyin usb
22:44:45[IDC]Dragonno, the disk is either "owned" by USB or by the box.
22:45:49Stevie[FP]since the fm's LiIon charging is controlled by a chip, it's able to charge itself [very slowly I might add] using power from the USB hub
22:46:15[IDC]Dragonmaybe, is that so?
22:46:26Stevie[FP]that is so
22:46:46Stevie[FP]thus, the usb power is wired into the circuit
22:46:54Stevie[FP]and when you plug in usb
22:47:13Stevie[FP]it forces the FM on, just like plugging in the charger does
22:47:59Stevie[FP]the power floods the MOFSET, forcing it on
22:48:31Stevie[FP]the MOSFET even
22:49:40Stevie[FP]its kinda funny
22:49:51Stevie[FP]because my lil PCMCIA usb 2.0 card can't supply a lot of power
22:50:24Stevie[FP]so when I plug in USB, the lil plug icon Rockbox has blinks slowly
22:50:33Stevie[FP]cuz it has power, then it doesn't, then it does...
22:51:02[IDC]DragonIndeed funny.
22:54:37Stevie[FP]where tf did I stuff softice
22:57:22 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
22:58:17 Quit Stevie[FP] (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:02:45 Quit TBoy ("Bye guys")
23:09:12 Join tracktheripper [0] (
23:10:55 Join Stevie[FreedomPa [0] (~whatsit2u@
23:17:05tracktheripperhello Stevie
23:17:40tracktheripperSomethings don't make sense. The Archos uses the type A USB socket like on a PC and yet it is a slave?! I thought the Type A is the Master and the Type B Square socket is the slave
23:18:07Hestracktheripper: rules like that are made to be bent 8-)
23:18:23Hesbending that rule seems common enough that A-A cables are easy to buy.
23:18:28adi|homethe socket type has nothing to do with slave or master
23:18:50tracktheripperA-A cables are rare as rocking horse shit in London
23:19:02Stevie[FreedomPai dunno about you
23:19:09Stevie[FreedomPabut my FM's connector looks NOTHING like that of a PC
23:19:10HesI think the original spec or idea was that slaves would have B connectors so that end-users (TM) would know what can be connected where...
23:19:16Stevie[FreedomPamy FM's actually uses the same as a digital camera I have
23:19:23Stevie[FreedomPaand I use the digicam cable cuz it's longer
23:19:27tracktheripperbut that is still the "slave" socket
23:19:28HesFM has a different connector then.
23:19:36Stevie[FreedomPafm has a teeny little one
23:20:02tracktheripperI think thats why everyone hammers the Archos tech support asking if the Recorder can download digital camera images on-the-fly
23:20:35tracktheripperoh yeah Adimas sorry for upsetting you
23:21:28tracktheripperu got me worried this morning!
23:21:33tracktheripperi was really nervous!
23:23:20tracktheripperAdiamas you there?!
23:27:23adi|homehmm? what?
23:27:31tracktheripperyou frightened me this morning
23:27:43adi|homebah.. no worries...
23:27:57adi|homejust gets tiresome having to filter some of the 'requests' you put in :)
23:28:09tracktheripperthat last request I sent in, I sent it in because I was bored
23:29:59tracktheripperthe "Braille font for Blind Users"
23:37:51 Nick Stevie[FreedomPa is now known as Stevie[FP] (~whatsit2u@
23:38:00Stevie[FP]i ping out if i'm in softice
23:45:46 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
23:49:54Hes* ^Subject:.*Music preferences.*
23:50:29Hes(I hereby release the above piece of software under the GPL, v2 or later, at your preference)
23:50:41Stevie[FP]killfile for?
23:50:56Stevie[FP]whats it kill?
23:51:33Hesthe * line is a regular expression against the headers... /dev/null is the mailbox file where the mail matching the rule will be written
23:51:45Stevie[FP]that I got :P
23:51:50Stevie[FP]I don't know what email you got that matches that
23:52:47Hesa few on the rockbox list recently
23:54:24HesI sees a lengthy discussion coming on the list, very similar to quite a few mailing list discussions I've seen before
23:55:03Hesone off-topic post and then a hundred about what is off-topic for the list and what is not, and why 8-)
23:56:16Hesthe metadiscussion is going to be even more offtopic than the original posts... 8-)
23:56:28Stevie[FP]<tracktheripper> that last request I sent in, I sent it in because I was bored
23:56:28Stevie[FP]<tracktheripper> the "Braille font for Blind Users"
23:56:39Stevie[FP]Receiving: message 99 of 216
23:56:59Stevie[FP]it wasn't even a lot of spam
23:57:19Stevie[FP]Hes, I invite you to forget about the damn list and help me write this stupid driver :P
23:57:57Hesthe volume _is_ getting high, probably will have to sort out to a similar filter I used on linux-kernel when I used to read that - only pass posts from known-to-be-interesting-and-on-topic people 8-)
23:58:20Stevie[FP]lkml was a bitch, mostly cuz of its tendency to spawn ide-vs-scsi wars

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