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#rockbox log for 2003-07-17

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00:32:00BoD[]hi !
00:34:09mecrawCan you believe people are still trying to run DOOM?!!? LOL
00:34:34BoD[]mouhaha :)
00:34:36BoD[]best hoax ever
00:34:43LinusNwe should make a flashable version :-)
00:35:12diddystar5hey linus
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00:35:45*LinusN goes for a glass of Coke
00:36:15diddystar5i don't think that rockbox_flash.c should be made when building the windows sim you get a nasty error, plus the plugin wouldn't do anything anyway
00:40:25diddystar5rite LinusN!
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00:47:50BoD[]i think i'm in trouble
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00:48:47BoD[]hda: read_intr: status=0x59 { DriveReady SeekComplete DataRequest Error }
00:48:48BoD[]hda: read_intr: error=0x40 { UncorrectableError }, LBAsect=3967800, sector=2409488
00:48:48BoD[]end_request: I/O error, cmd 0 dev 03:03 (hda), sector 2409488
00:49:47diddystar5now what the heck is that? ;)
00:50:08BoD[]diddystar5: my linux saying my drive is fucked :)
00:50:46diddystar5mmm k
00:52:14diddystar5thanks for fixing that linus!
00:52:28LinusNyou're welcome
00:53:48*diddystar5 is outa here
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01:03:21BlackMountainCowhi all!
01:03:33BlackMountainCowwow, the master himself!
01:03:59BlackMountainCowamazing job dude!
01:04:26BlackMountainCowi got just one short question ...
01:04:33BlackMountainCowif u don't mind
01:05:16BlackMountainCowwill seamless play ever be able on the rockbox? cause i'm listening to a lot of amiga tunes converted to mp3s and they r supposed to loop without gap to sound good
01:05:37BlackMountainCowand i didn't find anything in FAQ or mailinglist
01:05:40LinusNseamless play have been working on rockbox for ages
01:06:01LinusNyou have to take care when you encode the mp3's
01:06:18BlackMountainCowu mean delete silence at end and start?
01:06:24LinusNnot only that
01:06:36BlackMountainCowmy ears r wide open ...
01:07:12LinusNif you really want seamless playback you have two options:
01:07:39LinusN1) Join the WAV files into one huge WAV, encode it and split the mp3 file afterwards
01:08:02LinusN2) Encode all WAV's at once with LAME using the −−nogap option
01:08:27BoD[]what does the −−nogap option do ?
01:08:31BlackMountainCowwonder y i never thought of the no gap option
01:09:15LinusNBoD[]: LAME adds empty samples at the start and end of the tracks, but −−nogap prevents that
01:09:31BoD[]ah ok :) strange
01:09:40BoD[]why isn't it the default
01:10:00BlackMountainCowso if i have one file that i want to loop wihout gap the nogap will work, right?
01:10:17LinusNbecause the first samples will not be accurately played when the file is played standalone
01:10:28BlackMountainCowah, ic
01:10:51BoD[]not accurately ?
01:11:04LinusNBlackMountainCow: well, if you want the file to loop by itself, you might have to fool LAME a little
01:11:18BlackMountainCowfool lame = :-)
01:11:24BoD[]ahh :)
01:11:32BlackMountainCowhow can i fool lame?
01:11:48LinusNencode 3 identical copies of the same file and keep the middle one
01:12:02*LinusN is guessing here
01:12:11BlackMountainCowu're a smart ass dude ... nice idea
01:12:23LinusNi hope the file is small :-)
01:12:32BoD[]but you need an mp3 editing tool to cut it ?
01:12:36BlackMountainCowyeah, like 1.5 mb as WAV
01:13:04BlackMountainCowto max 7 mb as wav
01:13:25BoD[]blackmountaincow : what do you use to convert .mod => wav ?
01:13:31LinusNcp myfile myfile1.wav
01:13:33LinusNcp myfile myfile2.wav
01:13:34LinusNcp myfile myfile3.wav
01:13:53LinusNlame −−nogap myfile1.wav myfile2.wav myfile3.wav
01:13:55LinusN(sort of)
01:14:09LinusNhaven't done it myself
01:14:11BlackMountainCowcp = ?
01:14:43LinusNcp == copy (linus style)
01:14:46BlackMountainCowBoD: deliplayer is the best free player for any old amiga / c64 / whatever tunes imo
01:14:54BlackMountainCowLinus: hehe, i c
01:15:01BoD[]blackmountain : i use Modplay :) i like it
01:15:13BoD[]doesn't play sid files though
01:15:33BlackMountainCowBoD: had that one before, but deliplayer has WAY more players build in. i guess round 270 now ...
01:15:39BlackMountainCowBoD: sid as well
01:16:02BoD[]well I like the "sound quality" of modplug
01:16:12BlackMountainCowLinus: if that works u put a big shine of light into my life :-D
01:16:20BoD[]but maybe deliplayr has that too :)
01:16:33LinusNBlackMountainCow: let me know how it works out
01:16:38BlackMountainCowBoD: deliplayer actually uses components of modplug, so the sound is the same
01:16:46BoD[]ahhhh :) ok
01:16:53BoD[]that figures
01:17:17BlackMountainCowLinus: sure! i tell u, if i ever get a credit card (what will happen next year) u're the first one to get a donation via paypal! my word on that!
01:17:27BoD[]ahahah :)
01:18:05BlackMountainCowgimme a minute and i'll try that!
01:18:13BoD[]i wanted to convert my modules for a long time but never took the time to do it
01:18:22BoD[]maybe that's the ritht time
01:18:31 Join tracktheripper [0] (
01:18:40BlackMountainCowBoD: deliplayer has a batch function to convert all files at once = less work ;-)
01:18:41tracktheripperhello LinusN!!!!!!!!
01:19:13BoD[]blackmountaincow : thanks for the tip :)
01:19:27BoD[]by the way ... mod don't well convert to mp3 !
01:19:32LinusNtracktheripper: hi
01:19:48BoD[]we would need a "pattern emulation" layer :)
01:20:21tracktheripperhow are ya> :-)
01:20:25tracktheripperi like it when you are around
01:20:57tracktheripperSeriously LinusN You should be able to use your own pics for the Sliding Puzzle
01:21:16BlackMountainCowBoD: well i can't hear any difference between the mod player and the mp3, those deliplayer guys do a hell of a job with emmulation and real players. go for and see for yourself. and it's all FREE
01:21:28LinusNtracktheripper: sure, good idea
01:21:52BoD[]blackmountaincow : no you didn't understand me
01:22:04BoD[]i mean that a mp3 is linear
01:22:24BoD[]whereas mods can have loops and gotos
01:22:27tracktheripperLinusN what you could do is designate a folder and dump your pics into that
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01:22:56tracktheripperIf it is possible would you have to resample them into 1bit images yourself?
01:23:04BlackMountainCowBoD: yeah, that's a prob sometimes. if the loops don't start at the beginning of the file ... u're right
01:23:05tracktheripperbefore placing them in the folder?
01:23:44BoD[]blackmountaincow : i think we could code something for that :) like a special playlist format
01:24:14BoD[]and by "we" i mean "somebody with the needed skills" ;)
01:24:20tracktheripperwho came up with that canned response?
01:24:21LinusNtracktheripper: it would be a lot simpler if the user converts to 1-bit BMP before copying them to the folder
01:24:37tracktheripperthats what I just said LinusN
01:24:55tracktheripperyou can just use Paint to resample the piccies
01:25:00BlackMountainCowBoD: yeah, i have clues of all windows versions, but never ventured into coding ... bad thing ...
01:25:26tracktheripperIve got batteries more powerful than 1500Mah!!!
01:26:08BoD[]blackmountaincow : i know C ..but I'm sure working on rockbox needs a lot of commitment :)
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01:29:32BoD[]linusn : do you think it would be easyly implementable to have a new playing mode (in addition to repeat one/all/no repeat) ?
01:30:10LinusNBoD[]: and that would be?
01:30:41BoD[]play first track once, then second track in loop
01:31:05LinusNfor MOD play?
01:31:08BoD[]yes :)
01:31:30BoD[]because some of them have this behaviour (a beginning and then loops)
01:31:48tracktheripperLinusN you could reshuffle the playlist by waiting until the buffer is empty then reshuffling it
01:32:57LinusNtracktheripper: but then you would have a pause in the playback
01:33:23tracktheripperwell that would only be a small sacrifice that not many would notice
01:34:02LinusNtracktheripper: i'm sure that we can solve that without a pause
01:34:25BoD[]solve what
01:34:29LinusNwhat i and zagor have been trying to tell you is just that is isn't all that simple
01:34:59tracktheripperthere is a numberplate L1 NUS for sale £22,000
01:35:35tracktheripperim not joking ill show u the link
01:35:40BoD[]22000£ ... it's like 33500 eur
01:36:18tracktheripperLinusN Did u get the link?
01:37:24LinusNyeah, whenever i'm about to register a car in England, i'll definitely consider it :-)
01:37:44 Quit BlackMountainCow ("Trillian (")
01:38:00tracktheripperWhat does the N stand for?
01:38:02tracktheripperin LinusN?
01:38:54 Join BlackMountainCow [0] (
01:39:00LinusNtracktheripper: Nielsen
01:39:15tracktheripperoh right :-)
01:39:37tracktheripper"software tuner"
01:40:26BoD[]so anyway linusn: that mod thing.. do you think it would be easy to implement ?
01:42:03LinusNi think so
01:42:50BoD[]even for a newcomer in rockbox (me) ?
01:44:12BlackMountainCowLinus & BoD: HELL YEAH!!!!! −−nogap with 3 files and keep middle + deletion of end/start silence = infinite loop without gap!!! YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!
01:44:17LinusNthe playlist code is not for the weak-hearted, though
01:44:32LinusNBlackMountainCow: rock'n'roll!!!
01:44:33BlackMountainCowI OWE U ONE MAN
01:44:36BoD[]cool :))
01:45:14BlackMountainCownow if u implement a feature that rockbox makes my mornign coffee the world is allright again ;-)
01:46:01LinusNwith or without sugar?
01:46:12BlackMountainCowhehe, black as night
01:46:38BlackMountainCowBoD: if u make your mp3s keep that −−nogap and silence deletion in mind. i have to redo all my mp3s now ...
01:47:21BlackMountainCowLinus: ahm, may I ask something else, actually 2 things?
01:48:24BoD[]i won't forget the −−nogap :)
01:48:27 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
01:49:03BlackMountainCow1: y does rockbox load a file over and over again if set to repeat one and the file is only 1 mb hughe? i mean, it's all in the memory, so y does rockbox load it again = waste of battery, isn't it?
01:50:09LinusNyes it is a waste, but the code is written that way. it tries to fit as many tracks in the memory as possible
01:50:35LinusNand it doesn't take into account that it loops
01:51:10BlackMountainCowis it worth trying to build that feature in or is that to nerdy for the few couple of amiga freaks ;-) ?
01:52:03LinusNit will actually be pretty tricky to do, the current code wasn't written with in-memory looping in mind
01:53:17BlackMountainCowhm. ic. i mean, is it worth filing a feature request for that or would it never be taken into consideration cause it's only for a few ppl out there?
01:53:57LinusNthere is a request for that already (or was it a bug report?)
01:54:11BlackMountainCowand i know your time is way limited ...
01:54:30BlackMountainCowsomebody requested that yet?
01:54:42BlackMountainCowgotta cheack that out
01:55:40BlackMountainCowready for my second question?
01:55:54BlackMountainCowthx man
01:57:35BlackMountainCow2: i filed a feature request (ages ago) about the repeat one mode. that if u click next/back once, u'll go to the start/end of the song like usual. BUT: if u press it twice, u jump to the next / before file. cause right now u have to press f3, change repeat, leave f3, skip, press f3 again, change mode, leave f3 again ... u get what i mean?
01:57:59LinusNoh you MOD player mainacs
01:58:14BlackMountainCowLOL :-)
01:58:26BlackMountainCowyes we are ... u can't get us dead ...
01:59:17BoD[]what is the use of the next button when you are in "repeat one" ? none
01:59:21BlackMountainCowbut i think it's not only for mod freaks, also for "normal" ppl that wanna listen to their current favourite song_S_ in repeat one mode
01:59:32BlackMountainCownext = beginning of track
01:59:36BlackMountainCowsame like back
01:59:42BlackMountainCowthat's the point i wanna say
01:59:51BoD[]and I totally agree with you :)
02:00:12LinusNyeah, i think next/prev could work like normal
02:00:12BlackMountainCowso what u think LinusN?
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02:00:25BoD[]if I press next, it should go to next song :) no matter what repeat mode you are
02:00:55BlackMountainCowyeah, or if u press it twice to point out that u're in repeat one mode
02:01:12LinusNno need imho
02:01:17BoD[]i vote pressing once
02:01:42BlackMountainCowhm. u're right, one press should be enoug. my prob is that my f3 button will be the first one to wear out ...
02:02:37BlackMountainCowand of course, the amiga geek inside me urges me a lot ... :-)
02:03:56BlackMountainCowLinusN: i checked the feature request but i can't fine one about the "loop with less than 1,5 mb file = batter waste" thing
02:04:28BlackMountainCowu sure that's been requested yet?
02:04:51LinusNcheck the bug reports
02:07:46BlackMountainCowas far as i see: no
02:09:29BlackMountainCowi didn't look at sourceforge, just a the rockbox site
02:09:53LinusNit is listed at the rb site
02:10:23LinusNunder "MP3 Playback"
02:10:45BlackMountainCowu're right, there it is. sorry my bad! i don't want to look bad or lazy here now!
02:13:00BlackMountainCowso LinusN, withough wanting to lay any more pressure on u than u already got or to offend or piss u of: is there any chance of these 2 features getting implemented any time soon, where as the repeat change is more important than the battery waste i guess, at least with my 2000 bats
02:14:49BlackMountainCowBoD: u think that repeat one is more important as well?
02:16:11BoD[]of course it is !
02:16:17BoD[]very important :)
02:16:22BlackMountainCowhehe, thx
02:16:38BoD[]i always listen in repeat-1
02:16:44BlackMountainCowyap, me too
02:17:00BoD[]I never use no-repeat
02:17:12BlackMountainCowi only do for live concerts
02:17:23BoD[]my current firmware is one I modified to remove the no-repeat :)
02:17:59BlackMountainCowhehe ic
02:18:12BoD[]so i only have to press f2-right once to loop repeat-all/repeat-1
02:18:33BlackMountainCownice job
02:19:15BlackMountainCowLinusN, r u still here?
02:19:34LinusNi am,
02:21:06BlackMountainCowu know, i'm just asking, nothin more. and i know that i kinda don't have the right to ask, as i'm only a consumer of the rockbox and no coder or helper. and u already helped with the −−nogap option a lot!
02:21:14 Join NibbIer [0] (
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02:21:32BoD[]ahaha :)
02:21:57BlackMountainCowahaha ?
02:22:06BoD[]don't worry
02:22:10BoD[]i'm sure it's fine
02:22:42BlackMountainCowu know it's the first time i'm on here so i dont wanna behave like a greedy bastard
02:23:27 Join Bluechip [0] (
02:23:35BoD[]see it this way : by asking a enhancement, you give feedback, so, on some level you contribute to improve rockbox :)
02:23:45BlackMountainCowgood point
02:24:17DBUGEnqueued KICK Bluechip
02:24:17Bluechipevenin' - i'm bored, anything interesting going down?
02:24:38BoD[]doing down ?
02:24:49BoD[]i mean : "going down ?"
02:25:03Bluechiperm, uk slang - happening
02:25:15BoD[]oh right :)
02:25:18 Join thu [0] (
02:25:28 Quit BlackMountainCow ("Trillian (")
02:25:40BoD[]bluechip : we were talking a bit about the behaviour of the next button when in repeat-one mode
02:25:53***Alert Mode level 1
02:26:14 Join BlackMountainCow [0] (
02:26:14BoD[]blackmountaincow and I think it should play next track
02:26:25***Alert Mode level 2
02:26:25Bluechipyou oughta see the utterly blank look on my face - lol
02:26:40BoD[]why ?
02:26:56***Alert Mode level 3
02:26:56Bluechipcos i have no idea what it should do!!! LOL
02:27:13BoD[]it should go next :)
02:27:24BlackMountainCowah, is it about the repeat one thing?
02:27:39***Alert Mode level 4
02:27:39Bluechipnext track is where I was at as it was suggested, but if you have selected repeat only one, then maybe it should perform the same as prev - i skip to start
02:27:58***Alert Mode level 5
02:27:58Bluechipbut that is pointless
02:28:04***Alert Mode level 6
02:28:24thuBluechip: cut the colour
02:28:38BoD[]i like the colour
02:29:15***Alert Mode level 7
02:29:15Bluechipthu: any special reason for disliking colour
02:29:28thuBluechip: you try reading blue text on a black background
02:29:39BoD[]right :)
02:29:43***Alert Mode level 8
02:29:44BlackMountainCowk guys, was fun and interesting (BoD: remeber −−nogap ;-) ) , cu later. 2.30 am here
02:29:53BoD[]−−nogap for ever ;)
02:29:58BoD[]hey wait blackmountaincow
02:29:59LinusNBlackMountainCow: here too
02:30:05BoD[]we're on the same tz !!
02:30:13BlackMountainCowme = germany
02:30:20BoD[]oh you're german ok.. i'm french
02:30:36thuBluechip: say something
02:30:36BlackMountainCowwell, bon nuit!
02:30:44BlackMountainCowis that right?
02:31:00thubon nuit BlackMountainCow
02:31:12***Alert Mode level 9
02:31:12BluechipAs changing colour is a pain right now, I will opt to say nothing and reduce the level of offence I am causing
02:31:14BoD[]bonne nuit :) guten nacht
02:31:27thuBluechip: mmkay.. fixed for me
02:31:37BlackMountainCowdamn, male and female. never udnerstood those at school ;-)
02:31:42thuI stripped mirc colours
02:31:53thuBlackMountainCow: the night is female.. I mean.. duh!
02:32:08BlackMountainCowwish u told me that while still at school
02:32:32BlackMountainCowk, gotta get up tomorrow = today at 7, so LATER ALL, take care!
02:32:33BoD[]this sentence, taken out of context .... ;)
02:32:40BoD[]bye :!
02:32:45***Alert Mode level 10
02:32:54BlackMountainCowcu LinusN, thx for help and time!
02:33:01LinusNyou're welcome
02:33:02 Quit BlackMountainCow ("Trillian (")
02:33:27CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
02:33:27*thu looking for a movie
02:33:43thubah p2p networks are no good.. slow and unreliable
02:34:26***Alert Mode level 11
02:34:26Bluechipyou could always pay for your stuff rather than pirate it?
02:34:57BoD[]i don't use the word "pirate"
02:35:25***Alert Mode level 12
02:35:25Bluechipno, most pirates don't
02:35:26thuBluechip: I'd be glad to rent it if any local video store would have it
02:35:38***Alert Mode level 13
02:35:49BoD[]I mean ...
02:36:01BoD[]I don't call this copying "piracy", because that is a propaganda word. I don't think it is wrong to copy and share information. Governments can pass laws against it, but that does not make it wrong, just illegal.
02:36:14thuaye matey
02:36:43thuBoD[]: of course it's wrong.. think of all the starving artists
02:37:06***Alert Mode level 14
02:37:06Bluechipanyways, I was after techie talk - i shall bid ye a good night all ;)
02:37:15 Join BoD{{}} [0] (
02:37:26BoD{{}}did you get that?
02:39:27 Quit BoD[] (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
02:40:09 Nick BoD{{}} is now known as BoD[] (
02:45:50LinusNtime to sleep
02:46:01***Alert Mode level 15
02:46:01 Part LinusN
02:56:02***Alert Mode OFF
03:47:21 Join earHurts [0] (
03:48:47earHurtsAnd so, we meet again, Bart.
03:51:43 Quit thu (Remote closed the connection)
03:51:56 Part Bluechip
03:52:00BoD[]bart ?
03:55:29earHurtsAn allusion to an American comedy cartton, "The Simpsons"
03:55:57BoD[]thanks :)
03:56:06earHurtsYou're from .de?
03:56:10BoD[]who says that quote ?
03:56:16BoD[]no i'm .fr
03:56:33earHurtsSideshow Bob, a murderer
03:57:01earHurtsOh, I met several co-operants at your embassy in .us
03:57:01BoD[]oh right :))
03:57:22BoD[]heyyy you know what I think you already told me this :)
03:57:37earHurtsI'm not very original.
03:58:36earHurtsI hope to limit my responses to the point that a bad ai program could sucessfully impersonate me
03:58:56BoD[]maybe you ARE an ai
03:59:29earHurtsCan you elucidate on that?
03:59:36BoD[]ahahahha :)
04:00:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:00:45earHurtsWhat does ahahahha make you think of?
04:01:40BoD[]it's easier for a human to imitate an ai than the opposite
04:02:00earHurtsThat's what /they/ want us to think.
04:02:18earHurtsSo, what music do you listen to on rb?
04:02:36BoD[]wow a lot of different styles
04:02:46earHurtsany classical?
04:03:01BoD[]hmmm nop except movie music (john williams and such)
04:03:11BoD[]i'm not sure it's "classical" ?
04:03:14earHurtsah, Star WArs
04:03:48BoD[]i'm also a Michael Jackson fan
04:03:53earHurtsare their any id3 tags you'd want besides those already on rb?
04:04:18BoD[]tags ? hmmm
04:04:26earHurtsI've heard mj is very popular; that's probably why he's not to my liking
04:04:47BoD[]mj is a genius!
04:04:59earHurtsmaybe so.
04:05:18earHurtsjust doesn't much move me
04:05:24BoD[]maybe a tag for the number of times the song have been listened to ?
04:05:33BoD[]that could be cool :)
04:05:52earHurtsautomatically updated?
04:05:59BoD[]of course:)
04:06:16earHurtswhen the song starts, or when it ends?
04:07:09BoD[]because otherwise it would update even when you listen just the begining
04:07:20earHurtshm. that means extra disk accesses
04:07:55earHurtswhich means shorter battery life
04:08:16earHurtswhich I would mind less if I had a recorder
04:08:26BoD[]that would need to be a desactivable feature;)
04:08:59BoD[]what other tags would you see?
04:09:14earHurtswell, classical wants extra tags
04:09:35earHurtscomposer, band, conductor, opus, catalog number
04:09:38BoD[]like what
04:09:41BoD[]oh right
04:10:04BoD[]but are you sure it's possible to "add" tags ?
04:10:10 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
04:10:19BoD[]i mean does the id3 spec permit this
04:10:20earHurtsthey're in the id3 specification
04:10:33BoD[]ohh they're already there!
04:10:40earHurtsand adding a non-standard tag is easy
04:10:50earHurtswell, for version 2
04:11:01earHurtsversion 1, you can't
04:11:13BoD[]so you would like rockbox to support them ?
04:11:14earHurtsversion 1 is very limited
04:11:37earHurtswell, I already got composer added when my patch was accepted
04:11:48earHurtsbut I have another idea now
04:11:59BoD[]i guess it is easy to add the other ones :)
04:12:01earHurtslet the user specify any tag he wants
04:12:09earHurtshi tpe
04:12:15BoD[]how ?
04:12:28earHurtsby adding the tags from the wps
04:15:15BoD[]how would you add new tags in the .wps file ?
04:16:45earHurtsjust be specift the id3 tag name
04:17:09earHurtscurrently we use %ia for artist
04:17:58earHurtsinsteas we'd use %iT[TIT2] for artist
04:18:36earHurtswell, actuallt tit2 is title
04:19:12BoD[]tags in id3 are strings?
04:19:47earHurtsthe spec calls for 4 characters in the latest spec
04:19:59BoD[]only 4 ?
04:20:22BoD[]it's a bit silly :)
04:20:24earHurtsearlier specs use 3, and microsoft uses WM/howevermanytheywant
04:21:15BoD[]i heard once that the ogg vorbis equivalent is much better
04:21:26earHurtswell, using just capital letters that's 456976 possible tags
04:21:56BoD[]yeah but what's the point
04:22:23earHurtshow do you mean?
04:23:28BoD[]i mean it's better to have a long but precise label
04:24:00earHurtsoh, the tags are reasonably precise
04:24:19earHurtsthey're just not meant to be read by humans.
04:24:30BoD[]yeah well :)
04:24:33earHurtswhich is a drawback of my scheme
04:35:02BoD[]i go to bed now!
04:35:05BoD[]see you all
04:35:08 Quit BoD[] ("dododododo")
04:35:39 Part tpelliott
05:40:25 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
05:45:24tpelliottWhat's going on this evening?
05:48:25earHurtshey tpe
06:00:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:05:26tpelliottNot much activity here tonght.
06:06:40tpelliottI'm listening to my Archos, trying to run the batteries down befor I charge it.
06:07:16tpelliottThat's why I like having the digital out.....sounds great.
06:17:13 Join thu [0] (
06:18:05tpelliottNot much going on here tonight.
06:18:47earHurtsdid you get cygwin installed?
06:19:03earHurtsand running rockbox compile?
06:19:23tpelliottYes but not all the Rockbox stuff.
06:20:12tpelliottI'll do that later. For now, I'll leave the programming and compiling to the programmers.
06:20:20earHurtsah, you're 80% of the way to the pride of your own build
06:20:50earHurtsbut then you won't be able to pick and chose patches
06:21:14tpelliottI'm not sure I have the stuff to log into cvs.
06:22:27earHurtsanon login
06:22:52earHurtsoh, the software? cygwin standard
06:23:49tpelliottShould I have it under /home/rockbox?
06:24:26earHurtsit should be in your cygwin path
06:24:38earHurtsstart cygwin' type cvs to see
06:29:20tpelliottcommand not found
06:29:20earHurtsdid I install it??
06:29:20tpelliottI guess I didn't
06:29:20earHurts+9 049-
06:29:20DBUGEnqueued KICK earHurts
06:29:20earHurts no prob
06:29:20earHurtsstart the cygwin installer, select the developers tools
06:29:20***Alert Mode level 1
06:32:34tpelliott I don't understand the installer. Across the top, it has options: Keep, Prev, Cun, Exp, View (button)
06:33:22earHurtsit is confusing
06:34:03tpelliottok. Looks like I'm viewing "Not Installed"
06:34:11earHurtsyou probably want cur, the current files, rather than exp, experimental
06:34:55 Join eZZo [0] (
06:35:18eZZoheyas :D
06:35:20earHurtsclick cur, then click the the circular arrows next to devel
06:35:23 Join ClosetPacifist [0] (
06:35:29earHurtsuntil you get install
06:35:54earHurtsthe make sure cvs isn't set to skip
06:36:02earHurtshe ezzo
06:36:22eZZowhen someone ha a sec..I have a dumb Q for yas ;)
06:36:34earHurtsno dum questions
06:36:44earHurtsonly dumb people :)
06:36:47tpelliottWhat's Bin?, SRC?
06:36:47eZZoyou might wanna hold that thought ;)
06:36:51eZZook..that is better
06:37:36earHurtsbin is executable, src is source code
06:38:00earHurtsget the bin unless you need/want to hack on it
06:38:09eZZoI hadn't updated my Rockbox for a while..actually I wasn;t in posession of my JB Studio 20 for quite some time...and I noticed something on the daily builds page that is confusing me...
06:38:19earHurtsezzo, wassa q?
06:38:23tpelliottok. I'll get the bin
06:38:38earHurtseasiest to get the bin
06:38:41eZZowhy are there (rocks) files listed next to the jukebox DL's when they are not supported?
06:39:05ClosetPacifistthey are supported?
06:39:10earHurtsthey're supported in the daily build
06:39:21***Alert Mode OFF
06:39:25earHurtsget the daily
06:40:07eZZoI tried checking FAQ..saw nothing but they werent supported
06:40:25eZZoI have the daily and they don;t run..
06:40:34eZZoI got curious and tried..
06:40:38earHurtsdo you have the rocks?
06:40:52earHurtsare they in /rockbox/rocks
06:41:03tpelliottI think you have to have them in .rockbox/rocks/
06:41:14earHurtsyeah, .
06:41:15eZZoor rockbox/rocks
06:41:23eZZook..gotta sec ;)
06:41:39tpelliottThe leading period is very important
06:41:59eZZoyeah I have get errors playing files if you dont
06:42:52earHurtsgo to menulcredits
06:44:00earHurtsf1 on the recorder or fm ;
06:44:56earHurtswhatever menu is for you, then Version
06:45:32earHurtswhat's the version number?
06:46:35tpelliottI selected everything. It will take a while.
06:46:44earHurtswhat happens if you
06:47:00earHurtsgames don't run on studios, do they?
06:47:16eZZothey are the demos..
06:47:27eZZoif you go to daily builds...
06:47:30earHurtsyeah, i was surprised you got cygwin so fast last night
06:47:58earHurtswhat happens when you go to menu demos some demo?
06:48:00eZZothere are (rocks) for the player dls
06:48:16earHurtsi was gonna get cable, tpe
06:48:39eZZothere is no DEMO option
06:48:57earHurtswhat error msg do you get when you play a rock?
06:49:08tpelliottI love cable. I've had it 3 and a half years.
06:49:13eZZofirst I have to "view all files"
06:49:16earHurtstpe: i have dsl
06:49:39tpelliottNot good service?
06:49:42eZZothen when I play a rock I get.."Incompatable Model"
06:49:49earHurtsgood enough
06:50:03earHurtsdownload today's rocks
06:50:12tpelliottThe player dosen't have enough screen space for the games as designed.
06:50:18eZZothat is what I have
06:51:02eZZotpelliot...that is why I am trying to figure out why the rocks files are there with the player files?
06:51:18tpelliottNot sure.
06:51:40earHurtsgot me. email the list.
06:51:53eZZoplayer.mod (rocks) recorder.mod(rocks) etc
06:51:59tpelliottMake sure you get a new set of rocks when you get your daily build
06:52:18eZZobot rocks and mod are todays
06:52:21eZZoboth even
06:52:51tpelliottBesides that, you may want to post a question for the developers on the mailing list.
06:53:06eZZogonna go check it in a moment
06:53:12eZZothanks :D
06:53:26earHurtssorry, man
06:53:31tpelliottThere's a new discussion about flashing the player. \
06:54:22tpelliottI almost got the player. I wasn't sure I would need to record.
06:54:47earHurtsi figured i'd get the best
06:55:09tpelliottMe too. The FM wasn't out yet.
06:55:10earHurtsthen i'd have longer before it was obsolete
06:55:26earHurtsfm batteries are a pain
06:55:33earHurtsand no digi out
06:55:46tpelliottI would hate that.
06:55:52earHurtsso you may have the best anyway
06:56:04tpelliottI'm listening to the digital out now and it sounds great.
06:56:09earHurtsi hate that archos claims it does
06:56:29tpelliottWhat's the digital in cinnector?
06:56:32earHurtsi just play from my pc if i want digi out
06:57:11tpelliottHow do you use the digital in (for recording)
06:57:21tpelliottWhat type of plug?
06:57:36earHurtsjust plug in your typical rca plug
06:58:01tpelliottOn the Archos side, I mean
06:58:02earHurtsi've never recorded from anything but the internal mic
06:58:13earHurtsgot me
06:58:29earHurtsnothing to record
06:58:45tpelliottI'm just curious. Mine has a stereo mini jack. One side is input and the other side is output.
06:59:33earHurtsit's got a line in, looks like a headphone jack
07:00:34tpelliottok. Mine has an analog line in on the bottom and a digital in/out on the top, opposite the headphone jack.
07:01:24tpelliottI haven't used the digital in much myself. Just test from ny digital cable TV.
07:01:37earHurtsand your batteries last 14 hours
07:02:07tpelliottNot really. It displays 11 hours.
07:02:26tpelliottI bought a set but they are only 1600 mha
07:02:32earHurtsoh, mine /displays/ 1q hours
07:03:07earHurtsI gotta get some sleep tpe
07:03:14earHurtshave a good night
07:03:26tpelliottI may get the newer 2200 mha NiNH's when I read more reviews.
07:03:44 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
07:03:46tpelliottok. Good night. Thanks for the help.
07:03:57 Part tpelliott
07:13:32 Quit eZZo ("Leaving")
07:48:39 Quit adi|home (
07:48:39 Quit ricII|work (
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07:59:16NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
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08:03:44 Join earHurts [0] (
08:04:20earHurtsAfrica is a very important country.
08:13:49 Quit ricII|work (
08:16:20 Quit adi|home (
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08:21:34 Quit ricII|work (
08:21:34 Quit adi|home (
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10:16:47 Join Lynx0 [0] (Lynx@
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11:33:56 Join bobTHC [0] (
11:34:02bobTHChi all!
11:34:26bobTHCSF CVS server down?
11:35:23bobTHCit's good now...
11:36:01 Quit bobTHC (Remote closed the connection)
11:38:06 Join bobTHC [0] (
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12:22:15 Join tracktheripper [0] (
12:22:36tracktheripperhi bob
12:24:38bobTHCmy isp makes me crazy, dns work once on ten
12:25:16tracktheripperwho is your isp?
12:25:25tracktheripperand what kind of connection do you have?
12:25:36tracktheripperis it dialup, cable, dsl or sattelite?
12:25:47bobTHCADSL 1024/256
12:26:09tracktheripperyea i have ADSL 512/256
12:26:13tracktheripperworks every time :-)
12:26:39tracktherippernice upgrade from dial-up
12:27:10bobTHCthe connection works fine but it's the dns service who sucks, they have ddos attack regulary on it
12:27:27tracktheripperget a firewall then
12:28:13bobTHCddos are on wanadoo DNS server not on my lan
12:40:43 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
13:40:59Lynx0Linus fixed the filesystem bug i had :-)
13:49:10bobTHCwhat the deal with this bug?
13:49:25bobTHCata.c bug ?
13:52:20bobTHCsorry fat.c
13:55:07Lynx0yes, that fat.c one
13:55:32bobTHCok, i've see the diff in the cvs tree
13:59:00 Nick Lynx0 is now known as Lynx|away (Lynx@
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17:41:35 Quit Lynx0 ("So long, thanks for all the fish")
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21:17:20 Part tpelliott
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21:21:19 Join Naked [0] (
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22:10:14 Quit _aLF (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:10:21 Join Neo [0] (~Neo@
22:10:31Neoanyone here kno about romobox?
22:10:44*Stevie[FreedomPa is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
22:11:02*Stevie[FreedomPa is back from [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [gone 18secs] [KS]
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22:27:21 Quit Neo ("Client exiting")
22:34:35 Join TheDoctor [0] (
22:35:23 Join BoD[] [0] (
22:35:35TheDoctorhey i've got a problem patching the car ignition auto stop...
22:36:28TheDoctori patched it but theres an error in the settings_menu.c
22:37:09TheDoctorsaying: in function'car_adapter_mode':
22:37:35TheDoctor:54 incompatible type for argument 3 of 'set_option'
22:40:34TheDoctordoes anyone know what exactly it means
22:40:34TheDoctordepending code: rc = set_option( str(LANG_CAR_ADAPTER_MODE),
22:40:42TheDoctor&value, options, 2,
22:41:54TheDoctorIs anyone here who can help
22:41:57BoD[]sorry i can't
22:44:10TheDoctorisn't anybody els here??? grmpf..
22:44:32TheDoctordo you have an idea where to ask
22:46:01BoD[]in the mailing list
22:49:24 Join ILuvit [0] (
22:50:28TheDoctoris the language called c???
22:51:32ILuvitHi guys
22:51:32TheDoctoror how is it called??<−−progamming language
22:51:32TheDoctorhey luv it!
22:52:36TheDoctorare you a developer??
22:52:36BoD[]the language is C
22:52:36ILuvityau guys bib a great job for Archos
22:52:36BoD[]"the C programming language" :)
22:52:36TheDoctor@luvit ???
22:53:22TheDoctorare you a rockboxer??
22:53:22ILuvitrockbox is great
22:53:45 Quit ricII (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:54:44TheDoctorcan yoú help me find out why i got : too few argument in...
22:55:06ILuvitis there any work going on for a remote for the FM Recorder ?
22:55:28TheDoctorno car ignition auto power off...
22:56:13TheDoctori got incompatible type for argument 3 of 'set_option
22:56:30TheDoctorhere−−-> &value, options, 2, set_car_adapter_mode);
23:01:22 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
23:06:02 Join Guest57 [0] (
23:06:18Guest57is there a flash rockbox version for the player now ?? thanks
23:07:22tpelliottNot yet. They're working on it.
23:14:12*Stevie[FreedomPa is away [(Auto-Away after 1hr)] [KS-MsgLog Off]
23:14:46 Part tpelliott
23:43:20ILuvitif i wanted to make a remote for my FM Recorder, how do i determin kind of command the recorder responds to ?
23:45:28ILuvitany ideas guys?
23:45:50BoD[]sorry no idea
23:58:08BoD[]compiling with cygwin on my athlon box is VERY slow
23:58:09 Quit ILuvit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))

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