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#rockbox log for 2003-07-20

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00:27:03Guest1I bought a used Jukebox Recorder and it doesn't have a root directory. What can do?
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00:30:30BrrrrandyI just bought a used Jukebox Recorder 20 and the root directory is missing. What can I do?
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00:42:55blastman007someone alive?
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02:01:51g003yhi all. long time no chat
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02:05:17g003ynot many live souls right now. Was hoping to find someone who tried out the favorites patch as I want to commit it tonight.
02:06:34matslsorry. i'm fixing the broken simualtor builds at the moment. no time for other stuff i'm afraid.
02:07:02g003yyeah it's fine.
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02:51:51blastman007jemand hier?
02:52:05blastman007nah denn
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05:41:13Scorphey guys, quick question can I use NiCD batteries (not NiMH) in my player? (I will not be using the player to recharge them)
05:48:26Scorpanybody? I seriously need this answered before I go
05:48:54Scorpany of the developers here know? The NiCD batteries are also 1.2 volts
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06:38:10Jello-Eaterhi hi
06:38:42Jello-Eaterhey is it possible to use regular batteries in my jukebox studio 10....i forgot my charger
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06:59:15Jello-Eaterhey hey
06:59:18Jello-Eaterwhat's up guys
07:00:29Jello-Eateranyoe home?
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18:19:50Guest1Hello - when I transfer a file I recorded onto my computer Windows Media player is unable to play it - any suggestions?
18:26:07Guest1Hello - i need a little help with recording on my Jukebox recorder - is anyone available?
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18:46:33tpelliottI just tried the new "bleeding edge" download/compress program. Pretty cool.
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20:34:52simon_ho, just compiled and install rockbox for the first time ... are there any plans to included support for radio? i have the fm recorder version.
20:35:56simon_btw, i'm impressed with it so far, nice work guys.
20:37:24simon_ooh, by the looks of the website it looks like it's already supported, hmmm
20:46:52hardeepsimon_: yes, if you try one of the daily builds (or build from latest cvs) then you'll have fm radio support
20:48:02simon_ah, thanks ... i've been searching the manual/docs trying to find out how to use it :) i'll checkout the CVS version - thanks again
20:48:57hardeepsimon_: it's probably not documented yet... you can look through the mail archives to see what features are available
20:49:51simon_:) i was just in the middle of reading them ... it's good stuff, the plugins sound like a great idea.
20:50:49simon_do i just need the firmware module from CVS?
20:52:57hardeepsimon_: no, you also need apps, tools and docs
20:53:10hardeepsimon_: easiest thing is to just checkout "rockbox" which will get all of those
20:53:39hardeepsimon_: if you want the simulators as well, check-out "rockbox-devel"
20:53:54hardeepsimon_: see for more info
20:57:54simon_yep, that link should sort me out - thanks
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22:18:22midknight2k3hello, hello!
22:18:30midknight2k3look at all you people
22:18:35midknight2k3never seen more in here before
22:24:25simon_hello hello, first time here ... first time install of rockbox tonight also, woohoo
22:25:10simon_just re-install the firmware from CVS to get my radio working ... seems to working really well
22:26:10midknight2k3i bet :)
22:28:16midknight2k3did ya flash it yet?
22:29:08midknight2k3Please, WHO HERE IS KNOWLEDGEABLE about FLASHING?
22:30:51simon_no, i didn't know you could ... i'm a bit of a novice. what benefits does this give?
22:31:22midknight2k3you have fm recorder, or recorder or player?
22:31:33simon_fm recorder
22:31:43midknight2k3well it takes like 15 seconds to boot right?
22:31:48midknight2k3i have one too
22:32:22midknight2k3if you flash the ROM on the archos, it will make it so rockbox is default and archos wonj't even bother looking for it and hence takes about 6 seconds from off to resume playing :D
22:35:01simon_ah, that would be not nice. the reason i'm using rockbox is to extend battery life. i'm quite interested in doing the memory mod ... hopefully that would help loads.
22:35:24midknight2k3that would be "not nice"?
22:35:34midknight2k3why not?
22:36:04simon_not sure whether i have the skills to do it w/o causing permanent damage ...
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22:36:10midknight2k3oh nonononno
22:36:14midknight2k3it's a program that does it
22:36:17midknight2k3very simply
22:36:22midknight2k3just hit a few buttons and it's done
22:36:25midknight2k3hey track
22:36:31tracktheripperhey mid :D
22:36:43midknight2k3just telling simon about rockbox flashing
22:36:47tracktherippermidknight ive decided no longer to send requests
22:36:52midknight2k3no soldering required
22:36:56midknight2k3you said that lol
22:37:12tracktheripperbecause i know one of these days my sourceforge account will get erased
22:37:22midknight2k3make a new one
22:37:49tracktheripperi never see Bjorn and co a lot in here anyway now
22:38:22simon_midknight2k3: oh really, i'm reading that page of the webiste at the moment, not sure what's involved but pressing a few buttons doesn't sound too hard :)
22:38:30midknight2k3yeah lol
22:38:40tracktherippertheres still a few aspects about Rockbox i don't understand
22:39:06tracktheripperthe grid of 0s and 1s in one of the debug menus
22:39:17midknight2k3grid of os and 1s?
22:39:26midknight2k3oh that's for programmers
22:39:33midknight2k3to see how things are working and stuff
22:39:41tracktheripperi thought it was a graphical map of the transistors in the buffer
22:39:54midknight2k3to supervise the mas chip and battery current and stability and stuff
22:39:58tracktheripperie an 0 means a transister is off and a 1 means a transistor is on
22:40:05midknight2k3did you get the link?
22:40:26tracktheripperis that right Adimas?
22:40:38midknight2k3oh i meant the rockbox in flash thing
22:40:55midknight2k3adiamas is gone track i believe
22:40:55tracktheripperim not interested in flashing my box myself
22:41:06midknight2k3he's afwaid lol
22:41:06tracktheripperthe normal way of loading roxkbox suits me fine
22:41:14midknight2k3afwaid is track!
22:41:24tracktheripperactually im afraid of him
22:41:42tracktheripperand bjorn
22:41:55midknight2k3you don't have to send in requests
22:42:03midknight2k3we already talked about it
22:42:08midknight2k3stop bringing it up!
22:42:10tracktheripperwell i can't be bothered anymore
22:43:59tracktheripperi really wanna meet Bjorn and co
22:44:11midknight2k3you mean in real life?
22:44:23midknight2k3i bet
22:44:51tracktheripperbut if i meet them ill get beaten up :-(
22:44:54simon_midknight2k3: ah, have you read the thread on the mailing list about flashing?
22:45:01midknight2k3private chat
22:45:05midknight2k3i gave you the link
22:45:16simon_oh, i missed it
22:45:28midknight2k3i already flashed, simon
22:46:04simon_oh oh, i thought you needed help doing it ... COOL:)
22:46:21midknight2k3the mask 504 warning means nothing
22:46:24midknight2k3i did it myself
22:46:28midknight2k3it's very quick loading
22:48:10simon_so, this is documented somewhere, what's the link again?
22:48:21midknight2k3private chat is better
22:49:57midknight2k3did you get it?
22:52:15simon_midknight2k3: no, are you trying to send me something?
22:53:11midknight2k3Looking up
22:53:11midknight2k3* Resolved to
22:53:11DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
22:53:27midknight2k3did you get it in private chat?
22:55:12tracktheripperMidknight to your ears what sounds better?
22:55:19tracktherippertimestretch or changing the pitch?
22:55:23simon_i just tried to /msg you (i've not had a private chat before) but nothing appeared to happen ... i'll checkout your link, thanks
22:55:27midknight2k3pitch changing is there track
22:55:33midknight2k3double click my name
22:55:48midknight2k3you can already change the pitch
22:55:48tracktheripperMidknight I know that but what sounds better to you?
22:55:58midknight2k3pitch changing sounds better
22:56:15midknight2k3i dont know
22:56:21midknight2k3timestretching actually
22:56:48midknight2k3simon, double click my name in the right pane or in this main chat
22:56:54midknight2k3another window should open
22:57:02midknight2k3then you can talk to me more easily
22:57:39simon_i'm using console irssi, i don't having anything like that unfortunately.
22:57:59simon_the readme is good though :)
22:58:39midknight2k3use the java irc chat
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23:27:07 Join g003y [0] (
23:27:49midknight2k3sounds fermilyer
23:28:02g003ywell I've been around
23:28:15g003yI'm part of the project :)
23:28:32g003ybut been quiet for awhile
23:30:04midknight2k3very neat
23:30:14g003yjust thought I'd get on IRC while I commit some stuff
23:33:25midknight2k3what is there to commit?
23:33:40g003yupdate to the plugin api and a favorites plugin
23:33:55midknight2k3favorites plugin?
23:34:28g003ynobody reads my emails I send out :(
23:36:10midknight2k3you made that or what
23:36:12g003yplus some others were asking about having the ability to fetch the currently playing information from a plugin.
23:36:29midknight2k3i have a rio riot too
23:36:30g003ythe feature request isn't mine, but I went ahead and did the feature
23:36:31midknight2k3its' very neat
23:36:53g003yI love this project... I wish I had more time to give to it
23:38:52tracktheripperGoo3y can u fix one request for me please?
23:39:14g003ywhich one is that?
23:39:27tracktheripper"Reshuffle the playlist when it repeats"
23:39:44g003yis there a ticket for it?
23:39:56tracktherippernot that I know of
23:40:48g003ythen submit a ticket for it, and if the developers replicate/agree I'm sure it will get on the queue
23:41:02tracktheripperits already submitted as a feature request
23:42:06g003ywhich ticket is it?
23:45:48midknight2k3i think
23:46:10midknight2k3but i think it might be NONE
23:46:15tracktheripperno its "Later" not "Rejected"
23:46:30midknight2k3they rejected it then wanted to put it back and they labeled it later
23:51:17midknight2k3tracktheripper desperately wants that feature, g003y
23:51:43g003yyeah well it's probably not as simple as it sounds which is why it's tagged for later :)
23:51:56midknight2k3it should be none
23:52:07midknight2k3but bjorn didn't know how to make it none once more
23:52:11midknight2k3so he made it "later"
23:52:31g003yyeah I see it
23:53:00 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:53:11g003yheh maybe he is going to code it now? :D
23:53:20midknight2k3he can't lol
23:53:24midknight2k3he always does that
23:53:26midknight2k3and i HATE IT
23:53:32midknight2k3he leaves at any random time
23:53:50midknight2k3i meant that usually he leaves on his own free will the same exact way :)
23:53:50g003yor his client crashes
23:54:19g003ymaybe he realizes that devers aren't going to do his bidding at his call straight away and gets frustrated?
23:55:21g003ythe playlist code has quite a bit of functionality in it and I'm not ready to tackle that feature after being gone so long.
23:55:41midknight2k3yeah yeah i dont really care lol
23:55:54g003yneither do I :D heh
23:56:40g003ydo you work on the project at all?
23:57:41midknight2k3but soon perhaps i can begin
23:57:51midknight2k3I havent learned C yet
23:58:18 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

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