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#rockbox log for 2003-07-27

00:00:09UncleSaltyi've spent hours already reading pages from the website and FAQs
00:00:41scott666join the mailing list yet?
00:00:49hardeepUncleSalty: nice. :)
00:01:10UncleSaltyi joined the announce and news lists
00:01:33UncleSaltyconsidering joining the devel list
00:03:27UncleSaltythis is one of the most in-depth and well-organized projects i've seen
00:03:33UncleSaltyor been interested in at least
00:03:50UncleSaltygreat progress as far as i can tell!
00:04:33scott666well yeah, considering they started from nothing
00:05:02UncleSaltyquite brilliant
00:05:54UncleSaltyhow do the daily builds now differ from version 2.0 ?
00:06:28scott666new code, new features, new bugs
00:06:39scott666makes life more interesting
00:07:51UncleSaltyyeah... wow, i'm so excited. i love projects that have rapid development and i'll be able to update my rockbox all the friggin' time!
00:09:22UncleSaltyi only know C++ but i'd like to get involved with development... i'll have to look at the code and see how foreign it looks
00:25:22 Join diddystar5 [0] (
00:25:48diddystar5hardeep: your patch is cool ;)
00:26:40 Join Guest [0] (
00:26:57Guestwill someone help me with rockbox
00:27:13Guestfor the player
00:27:20Guesti have a a archos studio 20
00:27:33Guestis it possible to rename the files on the player with rockbox?
00:27:52Guestyou like press the arrows buttons up and down to get each letter?
00:27:59scott666highlight the file in the dir browser and press On+play
00:28:17diddystar5scott666: yer just 2 fast ;)
00:28:18Guestand then u press up or down to rename it
00:28:42scott666you use the have a player
00:28:58diddystar5humm i think it is the same for the player...
00:29:01Guestso u can definelty rename files on the go without using a pc
00:29:14scott666just experiment
00:29:16Gueston the player
00:29:16diddystar5try the on+play
00:29:22scott666i have an FMR, so i dont know how to do it on hte player
00:29:22Guestok cool
00:29:26Guestrockbox kicks ass
00:29:46scott666yes it does
00:29:58scott666especially in flash
00:30:03Guestthe last firmware for archos is 5.7 and they havnt releaseed another one for ages
00:30:16Guesthey when will .wma support be avialble?
00:30:33diddystar5hehe see the FAQ
00:30:34Guestits say it will sometime
00:30:44scott666not by us
00:30:53diddystar5wma isn't very good anyway
00:30:55Guestand how the hell do i register this copy?
00:31:00Guesti know
00:31:06Guesti have a convertor wma to mp3
00:31:24scott666even if we could prgram the MAS, WMA is closed source
00:31:36Guesthow do i register this ?
00:31:49diddystar5what do you mean by register?
00:32:01Guestlike it keeps saying ask the webmaster
00:32:08Guestto register it
00:32:32diddystar5not sure...
00:32:48Guestcan u delete files on the player?
00:33:27diddystar5yes i think it's a option when you press on+play
00:33:40 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
00:34:06 Join nevs [0] (
00:34:16nevsits me guest
00:34:48diddystar5one sec and i can see on the simulator
00:35:23nevshow can i get the simulator?
00:35:48diddystar5humm you need to know how to compile rockbox
00:36:23nevsso does the player now support plugins?
00:36:33scott666theres even a game
00:36:44nevsso what does that mean
00:36:58diddystar5jackpot is the name of the game
00:37:23nevswhat plugins can u get?
00:37:37diddystar5humm helloworld and jackpot
00:37:57diddystar5at the moment atleast
00:37:59nevsif i download rockbox, should i get v2 or the lastest daily build
00:38:34scott666no download 'full' from the daily builds page
00:38:53scott666you need the .rockbox folder
00:39:05scott666but you can get that with the daily build now
00:39:07nevshey by the way
00:39:10diddystar5that gets you the .rockbox with plugins, languages...
00:39:42nevsat the moement im using a adapter which is not the normal one and its only 300ma power instead of 600ma , does that matter?
00:40:02nevsfor my ac/dc charger plug
00:40:09diddystar5only the charging time
00:40:23nevscuase archos piss me off
00:40:47diddystar5hehe mine came with a 15v 600mA
00:40:56diddystar515v = bad
00:41:35nevsmy original adaptor broke at the top of the charger becuase the wire frayed and then snapped, and i asked archos for new one but they need the whole package to be sent back, including player and stuff!
00:42:02nevsand then they give me new player just for a new adapter its crazy
00:42:27diddystar5luckly i got a 4 year warrenty from bestbuy ;) and i'm now on my 3rd unit
00:43:07scott6664 year?
00:43:09nevsno problems with my studio 20 so far, apart from battery power and the charger
00:43:12diddystar5the first 2 had bad hdd's and they quit working
00:43:15scott666they only offered my a 2 year
00:43:39scott666and that was only a replacement plan
00:44:18DBUGEnqueued KICK nevs
00:44:18nevsand its bloody anyyoning on my player
00:44:33diddystar5ill be wanting something new after that warrenty is over
00:44:59nevswhen i fully charge it, so the battery bar is full, i connect it to the pc to transfer some songs, de connect it, turn it back on, battery charge has gone!
00:45:19scott666it takes energy to spin up the disk a lot
00:45:37scott666keep it plugged in when you copy files
00:45:37diddystar5you should leave the charger on while doing that
00:45:40nevsbut not a full charge
00:46:12nevsdoes it aactually charge it while it says "usb active"?
00:46:35diddystar5anytime you have it pluged in it's charging
00:46:38nevsdidnt know that
00:46:52UncleSaltyit actually charges from the USB power?
00:47:11nevsim ordering a universal adapter from archos for the player
00:47:28diddystar5i mean pluged in the charger
00:47:30nevsit cant charge form usb power
00:47:39scott666it charges VERY slow from the USB, but it does charge
00:47:52diddystar5nevs: why buy it from archos?
00:47:56nevsdoes it!?
00:48:07UncleSaltyokay i had heard something about that
00:48:09nevsno i got it from dabs
00:48:38nevsthe universal power adapter for the players/recorders from dabs
00:49:54nevsim gonna go now
00:50:06nevsim gonna come here tomorow
00:50:17nevsrock box is so cool
00:50:27nevsapart from one thing persoanllt
00:50:48CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:50:48*diddystar5 waves buy
00:50:58*diddystar5 *bye
00:51:02nevsi prefers the WPC screen like the orignal archos
00:51:13diddystar5you can do that i think
00:51:23nevslike bigger text , rock box is too small text
00:51:36nevscan u change to orignal style in rock box
00:52:17diddystar5no not unless you were a good programmer ;)
00:52:32nevsoh well
00:52:45diddystar5gotta go bye
00:52:45nevsit still is alot fucking better than archos firmware
00:52:56*diddystar5 goes bye bye
00:52:56nevsme too i gtg cya tommorow
00:52:58 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta Go!")
00:53:09nevsbye everyone
00:53:12 Quit nevs ("Leaving")
00:55:14UncleSaltypeace out
00:55:17 Part UncleSalty
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01:04:09 Join Neo [0] (~Neo@
01:04:26Neoi only get about 1-3 hours with my archos
01:04:33Neobatterylife that is
01:05:10bronsonNeo: which archos?
01:05:38bronsonHey, is bookmarking in Rockbox 2.0?
01:05:42bronsonI thought it was supposed to be...
01:05:53scott666bookmarking isnt even in daily buils
01:05:56Neoarchos recorder 20
01:06:00scott666dont use 2.0
01:06:03scott666use a daily
01:06:11scott666theres sooo many more features
01:06:11bronsonHappy to do that.
01:06:22bronsonIs there a patch for BM?
01:06:35bronsonI've got a 200 hour audiobook.
01:06:43bronsonScanning in that is, erm, painful...
01:07:03Neobronson: i have archos recorder 20
01:07:03bronsons/200/20/ :)
01:07:11Neoand i only get about 1-3 hrs
01:07:16bronsonNeo: Dunno then.
01:07:22bronsonThe battery should be pretty new.
01:07:32bronsonIt's too bad that Archos put a custom one in there.
01:07:44bronsonOtherwise, you could just swap it out and see...
01:08:06Neoi still have the warranty
01:08:10scott666he said recorder 20
01:08:15scott666he cause get new NiMHs
01:08:24bronsonEr, right.
01:08:30bronsonFor some reason, i was picturing the FM.
01:08:44Neoshould i get a new one
01:08:46bronsonBatts for the recorder 20 are darned reasonable.
01:08:46Neoswap it out
01:08:55Neowith the warranty?
01:09:02bronsonGive it a shot.
01:09:06Neoi mean, how much battery life do u get
01:09:08scott666try new batteries first
01:09:16bronsonSee how painful a warranty replacement is.
01:09:29Neoam i doing something thats draining the batteries
01:09:42bronsonCheck your settings.
01:09:48bronsonHow old is it?
01:10:05Neoless than 30 days
01:10:07bronsonI have an R20 and after 1.2 years or so of heavy use, I get about 6 hours.
01:10:16bronsonI got 10 new.
01:10:30bronsonThat's into some Sennheiser headphones though −− I'm sure that helps.
01:10:44Neobut ive only had it sum 25 days
01:11:13bronsonI remember someone complaining about something like this on the Mailing list.
01:11:26bronsonArchos swapped out his device and the problem went away.
01:11:54bronsonOthers have complained of Archos's abysmal support.
01:12:04bronsonEither way, you're rolling the dice. :)
01:12:10Neodo u think im doing anything wrong though
01:12:15Neoi havnt really changed anything
01:12:17Neousing rombox
01:12:27 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
01:13:26scott666try charging with F1
01:14:32tpelliottI finally took my Archos JBR20 apart to see how easy it would be to upgrade the hard drive. It wasn't too hard to get it apart (and back together).
01:15:06Neowhat do u mean F1 scott?
01:15:21Neocharging wtih F1
01:15:29scott666if you boot with F1 you get the orginal firmware
01:15:33tpelliotthold F1 when plugging in the charger.
01:15:46scott666so hold f1 while you plug it in and you get the old charging screen
01:16:03Neoeven with rombox
01:16:11Neoive charged with taht old screen all the time
01:16:13Neosame prob
01:16:20scott666u sure?
01:16:33Neohow long should i let it charge with the F1
01:16:36scott666then try getting new batteries
01:16:38Neoill try it
01:16:45Neohow long
01:16:46scott666with more mAh preferably
01:17:43scott666id say 6-8 hours
01:17:45scott666to be sure
01:19:01Neowhat about the backlight staying on all that long
01:20:10scott6661, the backlight doesnt take enough power to make a difference in charging
01:20:27Neocould it burn out
01:20:30scott6662, you can turn it off
01:20:40Neowhile charging that way?
01:20:40scott666i doubt it anyway
01:20:55Neoit wont go off while charging F1
01:21:17scott666well it doesnt matter
01:22:14Neocan u though?
01:23:26scott666i dunno
01:23:31scott666but it doesnt make a difference
01:23:58Neoill let it charge over night
01:24:07Neoim actually thinking about going ipod scott
01:25:19Neowill i wanto do that?\
01:27:35scott666if you have the money and a mac
01:27:39scott666and no soul
01:27:56 Nick edx`out is now known as edx (
01:28:20Neoill let this charge
01:28:35tpelliottNo Archos will turn off with the charger plugged in (hardware switch in socket).
01:29:29Neoit will turn off?
01:29:46Neowhen its done charging
01:30:23tpelliottThe charging will turn off, but not the entire unit.
01:30:34Neoit will waste the power
01:30:38Neocasue it will stop charging
01:30:42Neois that my problem?
01:31:13Neothat i let it charge
01:31:22Neobut i let it keep going and it wastes the power
01:31:31tpelliottRockbox has a trickle charge to keep the batteries topped off. Make sure trickle charge is turned on.
01:32:17Neoand deep discharge off?
01:35:41Neothen do i let it charge with the F1 (old screen) or rockbox's charge
01:35:56 Join tracktheripper [0] (
01:36:13 Join BoD[] [0] (
01:36:37tracktheripperwhats up?
01:36:49Neowhen trickle charge is on should i charge in the old screen or rockbox's screen
01:37:55tpelliottI usually charge with the new Rombox charging screen.
01:39:35Neorombox looks the same
01:39:41Neoam i correct?
01:39:51tpelliottIf I upgrade my hard drive, I wander if Rombox will see a virgin blank hard drive and enable USB so I can format it as FAT32 in Windows over USB.
01:40:16Neomy rombox looks exactly the same
01:40:30tpelliottsame as what?
01:40:43Neoold rockbox
01:41:17tpelliottNo charging screen in old Rockbox.
01:41:29Neotheres a charging screen in rombox?
01:41:36Neoand does anything else look differnt
01:42:15tpelliottDo you have a newer daily build of Rombox?
01:42:32 Quit _aLF ("bye")
01:43:11Neohow do i do taht
01:43:14Neoim new to rombox
01:43:18Neogood with old rockbox
01:43:26tpelliottRead the message archive.
01:43:29Neonew to rombox
01:43:33 Quit Neo ("Client exiting")
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01:53:54 Part Darth_Sebulba04
01:57:49 Part tpelliott
01:58:48 Join Neo [0] (~Neo@
01:58:50Neosorry guys
01:58:53Neogot disconnected
01:59:02Neowhere can i get a daily build for rombox
01:59:05Neoor is there
01:59:19scott666the daily build page
01:59:32scott666downlaod a .ucl file and run rockbox_flash.rock
02:00:58Neodo i put the .ucl in my root?
02:01:55Neoive deleted the flash.rock
02:02:02Neoit sais to in the instructions
02:02:13scott666theres another file
02:02:18scott666called rockbox_flash
02:02:39scott666if you dont have it download the .rocks off the site
02:02:41Neonot firmware flash
02:02:51Neothe other 8 kb file
02:02:55scott666well it is but only the second image
02:03:17 Join ClosetPacifist [0] (
02:03:20Neoso run rockbox flash?
02:03:34Neoand all of this in the root?
02:03:55scott666it doesnt matter where the .rock is
02:04:07scott666but the ucl file should be in the root and named rockbox.ucl
02:04:36Neoand this wwont hurt my rom at all?
02:04:40Neoflashing every day?
02:04:50scott666unless you flash more than 100,000 times
02:05:01Neobut i flash everyday?
02:05:07Neowith the new daily build?
02:05:37scott666so youre only good for the next 273 years
02:06:31Neoso do u recommend updating everyday
02:06:34Neoor like everyothe
02:06:49scott666you should look at the change log
02:06:56scott666cause if its 0 theres no point
02:07:12scott666but usually theres a new feature or bug fix every day
02:07:31Neodo they actually compile a new one everday
02:07:36Neoor its made by itself
02:08:10scott666the daily builds are made every day at 6
02:08:24scott666bleeding edge updates every 20 minutes
02:09:26Neobleeding edge?
02:09:41scott666bottom of the daily build page
02:10:02Neowats the point of those
02:10:48ClosetPacifistthey're more uptodater :D so you can get the features that have been added since the last daily build
02:11:08Neoor wait till 6 the next day
02:14:07Neoit didnt work
02:14:09Neoi did
02:14:13NeoF1 to check
02:14:17Neoand F2 to program
02:14:25Neoand it is stil the old version
02:14:42Neoand i got an ATA error -32
02:17:56 Join corbell [0] (
02:18:02corbellheh, Hd register errors!
02:18:05Neois that a problem?
02:18:10Neofor me
02:18:11corbellI do believe so
02:18:19corbellSC1 (85) 227
02:18:24corbellSN1 (170) 0
02:18:26Neono, i have ATA error -32
02:18:32corbellSC2 (170) 18
02:18:38corbellSN2 (85) 211
02:18:40corbellthat's all the output
02:18:44corbelldoesn't matter if it's plugged in or not
02:22:22 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
02:28:02corbellokay, there it goes
02:28:53corbellanyone know a good replacement paint for the recorder FM's paint?
02:29:13corbellthe metallic paint over the metal part of the chassis has almost completely disappeared :P
02:29:22corbellacross the back panel, at least.
02:31:18 Quit BoD[] ("dodo")
02:31:30scott666you could just take off all of the paint with thinner
02:31:54corbellwhat kind of thinner?
02:31:57corbellanything specific?
02:32:14scott666i just heard someone did it
02:32:18scott666paint thinner
02:32:43corbellI could just make it ugly
02:32:47corbelland roll masking tape across it :P
02:33:02corbellmore comfortable than crappy naked metal
02:33:51scott666duct tape!
02:34:09corbellthat's like using a sledgehammer to nail in a board :P
02:34:31corbellit's uglier
02:34:34Neoam i next in line scott?
02:34:42scott666what line?
02:34:45scott666line for what?
02:34:47Neofor problems
02:35:06Neoare u ready for me?
02:35:22Neoi did wat u told me
02:35:25Neothe ucl
02:35:36Neoand, i get ATA error -32
02:35:39Neoafter i reboot
02:35:41Neoits fine
02:35:47Neonow i cant charge anymore though
02:35:59scott666i have no idea
02:36:02Neoand im at 90
02:36:08Neoi want to goto 100
02:36:13corbellfixed a broken button on my recorder FM
02:36:13scott666i have an FMR, i havn had any charging problems
02:36:18corbelland I managed to get rid of that thing :P
02:36:21corbellthat 'issue'
02:36:24corbellso all is well
02:36:49Neobut u have rombox?
02:37:15scott666i reflashed today or yesterday, i hanvt had any problems
02:37:30Neodo u charge up to 100?
02:37:54Neocaue it sais charging mode: not charging
02:38:36Neoand im at 91%
02:45:47 Quit corbell ("[BX] Hrm... I wonder if I paid this month's electr...EOF From client")
02:47:51Neohave a fix
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02:58:59 Quit Neo ("Client exiting")
03:41:26 Quit edx ()
04:42:11 Join earHurts [0] (
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05:12:21 Quit Galik (Remote closed the connection)
05:56:56scott666hey earhurts
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07:11:23 Join ClosetPacifist [0] (
07:33:04scott666anyone still up?
07:34:01 Part ClosetPacifist ("scripting pie")
07:34:08PsycoXulno, everyone's down
07:45:45scott666whats goin on?
07:47:27PsycoXuleverything, all the time, as usual
08:03:34 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
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09:04:45 Join datazone [0] (
09:07:31 Quit hardeep ("[BX] iTs bEttEr tO bUrN oUt tHaN tO fAdE aWaY")
09:07:56 Part datazone ("peace!")
09:23:39 Quit MiChAeLoL (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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11:13:31 Join edx [0] (
11:33:18 Join tracktheripper [0] (
11:37:04scott666u there track?
12:09:03 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
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13:09:27 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
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13:30:18 Join _aLF [0] (
13:43:13 Quit earHurts (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:42:59 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
14:42:59 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:48:24 Join nevs [0] (
14:48:33nevshey scott
14:48:59nevsanyone here
14:49:32 Quit nevs (Client Quit)
14:50:02 Join nevs [0] (
14:50:19 Quit nevs (Client Quit)
14:50:34 Join nevs [0] (
14:51:07 Quit nevs (Client Quit)
14:51:20 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:52:25 Quit _aLF ("bye")
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15:03:24 Join earHurts [0] (
15:03:41earHurtsWho's here?
15:06:16 Join nevs [0] (
15:06:46 Quit nevs (Client Quit)
15:08:42 Join nevs [0] (
15:08:49nevsis some one here
15:09:09earHurtsonly ghoooosts
15:09:14earHurtswhat's up?
15:09:27nevsdo u know alot about rock box?
15:10:01earHurtsI know a little
15:10:06nevshow likely is it that when i load rockbox it will lock my hard drive? i dont want to viod my warranty
15:11:24earHurtsIt is loaded the same way that archos software updates are loaded
15:11:41earHurtsit is unlikely to lock your drive.
15:11:44nevsso if my archos works now it will work with rock box
15:12:00nevsit better
15:12:16earHurtswhat sort of archos do you have?
15:12:28nevsstudio 20
15:12:48earHurtswith the two line screen?
15:13:21nevsarchos stuido 20gb
15:13:46earHurtsso you just follow the install instructions
15:14:20nevsim charging my player at the moment then when its done ill change firmware to rockbox
15:14:27nevsdo u have a player?
15:15:06earHurtsno, an fm recorder
15:17:09earHurtsthe rockbox software's a major improvement on the archos
15:18:13 Join Luiggi [0] (
15:19:16earHurtsdo you write C?
15:22:27nevsc + + , cant be bothered
15:23:45earHurtswell, i'm more of a c++ guy too
15:24:06earHurtsnonetheless, you can hack the source
15:25:52 Join Ralf_ [0] (
15:26:32 Part Ralf_
15:26:56 Quit nevs ("Leaving")
15:30:59 Join JamesBong [0] (
16:09:58 Join _aLF [0] (
16:18:31 Quit Luiggi (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:20:46 Join paulheu [0] (
16:46:05 Join nevs [0] (
16:47:04 Quit nevs (Client Quit)
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17:04:49 Join Neo [0] (~Neo@
17:05:01Neoi have 2 probs
17:05:02earHurts hey
17:05:17Neofirst problem
17:05:18earHurtsme too
17:05:26Neoit doenst seem my rockbox keeps charge overnigth
17:05:28earHurtsmy gf is returning ny calls
17:05:47earHurtswhat kind of archos?
17:05:54Neorecorder 20
17:06:05Neowell, it first doenst charge over 85
17:06:10Neowhich i read is ok
17:06:16Neoannoying, but its supposed to do that
17:06:22earHurtsit does, but not aggresively
17:06:26Neothen i have 100, turn off archos, wake up and i have 70
17:06:40earHurtsthat's the battery code
17:06:52Neoits the percentage left
17:07:04earHurtsit's not always right
17:07:21Neouh, if i put in my charger over 85
17:07:26earHurtsdo this
17:07:30Neoit is charging but slowly, so i wont lose any power?
17:07:38earHurtstrack the voltage
17:08:00Neoon the batter screen it sias charge: not charging
17:08:01earHurtsmenu/debug/view battery/page down
17:08:06Neoand 5.27 volts
17:08:38Neoden wat
17:08:40earHurtsnow, that will decrease some overnight, but not too much if it's off
17:08:54earHurtssee if that does down overnighr
17:09:00Neoits 5.23 volts
17:09:24Neoif my charger is on
17:09:28earHurtsok, turn it off, and check it 8 hours from now
17:09:33Neoim not losing any power, right
17:09:39Neoand wat should happen
17:09:55earHurtswe hope the voltage goes down only a little
17:10:14earHurtsin other words, ignore the battery percent
17:10:27Neobut wat if its 87 and i want 100 for a trip the next day
17:10:34Neomy trickle charge doenst seem to work
17:11:01earHurtstry turning off trickle charge
17:11:28earHurtsthere's a setting for it, I believe
17:11:36Neoits off now
17:11:47Neodeep discharge on?
17:11:49Neoor off?
17:12:14Neoso both off
17:12:22Neoand it will charge over 85?
17:12:41earHurtsdeep discharge allows the battery to get really low before charging it
17:12:55earHurtsso as to prevent battery memory problems
17:13:06Neowell let it charge
17:13:10earHurtsnow, you may get memory probs
17:13:25Neosee, yesturday i went on a trip
17:13:29Neostrted with 100
17:13:37Neolistened to maybe 30 minutes
17:13:41Neoand it was down to 40
17:13:48Neoand kept going down the more i listened
17:13:53earHurtsthe percentage can be very misleading
17:14:03Neobut i still have actually power?
17:14:08Neowhy cant it be more accurate?
17:14:09earHurtstry checking the voltage
17:14:35Neothe graph?
17:14:49earHurtsit's difficult becuase voltage use depends on charge level and user axtions
17:15:11Neowehn u say voltage
17:15:21Neowhere do u want me to look, the graph?
17:15:56earHurtsgo to the graph, the hit the down key
17:16:11Neothen i get more options
17:16:15Neowhich one do i look at
17:16:33scott666(the one with a V after it)
17:16:44earHurtsV for volts
17:17:06Neohow will that tell me how much power i have
17:17:13Neoits at about 4.46
17:17:20Neonow 5.47
17:17:26earHurtswell, you have a recorder
17:17:43earHurtsI don't know when recorders stop
17:17:53earHurtsfms stop at < 2 volts
17:17:55scott666what are nimh cells each? 1.4V or something?
17:17:57Neothey stop at 85
17:18:01 Quit paulheu ()
17:18:10Neoit stops charging at 85
17:18:19scott66685 what?
17:18:20Neoi just wanto know when i have 100% power
17:18:22Neoand such
17:18:23earHurtsno, I mean when it shuts down
17:18:27Neo85 %
17:18:47earHurtsno, I mean when it stops playing and turns itself off
17:19:06scott666when your batteries are run all the way down
17:19:11Neoi turn it off
17:19:17Neoo, its never run all the way down
17:19:26earHurtsfms turn themslves off
17:19:27scott666the voltage where the batteries cant support the archos anymore
17:19:32Neoshould i run it all the way down before charging?
17:19:35earHurtsat < 2 volts
17:19:47Neoi just think taht my archos cant keep a good charge
17:19:50earHurtsthat's what deep discharge does
17:20:14Neoi might exchange it for a new one
17:20:17scott666youre sure it isnt hte batteries?
17:20:31scott666you can just replace the batteries...with better ones
17:20:35Neoif its the batteries then ill switch it for a new one
17:20:35scott666for < $20
17:20:43Neoyeh, i rather get a new one
17:20:50Neoi have the warranty still
17:21:01earHurtson the fm, it's rare to see the battery % over 80 excwpt immediately after charging
17:21:09scott666no it isnt
17:21:19earHurtsis for me
17:21:26Neoso, ill swap it out, see if its a difference
17:21:38Neomy other problem, i cant updgrade today's daily build
17:21:39scott666thats what i like about the FM
17:21:43Neoit said version mismatch
17:21:47scott666all the charging is done internally
17:21:58earHurtsdid you get today's rocks?
17:21:59scott666it never has this kinda problem
17:22:09Neoand when i do upgrage (like yesturday) i get ata error -32
17:22:13Neobut then its fine
17:22:15scott666in flash?
17:22:26Neodoes that error mean anything?
17:22:36earHurtsthe ata error happens with flash
17:22:46earHurtslearn to live with it
17:22:48Neowith everyone?
17:23:06scott666you need the rockbox_flash.rock from when you last flashed your archos, and then the new .rocks afterwards so you can use them with the newly flashed firmware
17:23:30Neoits on my archos already
17:23:43Neoso i need the new ucl
17:23:45Neoand the new rocks
17:25:49scott666and the old flashrock
17:25:57Neosame problem
17:26:04earHurtsthe OLD rock?
17:26:07Neoincompatable version
17:26:15Neoi use rockbox_flash.rock
17:26:36scott666you need the compatable versiom of flashrock
17:26:43Neowhere do i get that
17:26:50scott666one that can work with the flashed firmware
17:27:13Neowhere can i get the new .rock
17:27:14scott666find out your version and get the rocks for that day
17:27:44Neoi have the new .ucl
17:27:47Neoand the new rock
17:30:34earHurtsrun the rock?
17:31:18Neothe old one?
17:31:25Neothe rockbox_flash.rock
17:31:31Neothen i get the error
17:32:20Neoincompatable version
17:32:42scott666then youre (obviously) not using hte right version
17:32:57scott666you need the rock from the same day as your build
17:33:10scott666and if its different it wont work
17:33:15Neowhere do i ge that
17:33:33scott666the daily build page has hte last ~7 days
17:33:46scott666so find out your version (version screen)
17:33:48Neoi can find everything but the new rock
17:33:55scott666and download the .rocks for that day
17:34:24Neoi did
17:34:34Neois the rock in there?
17:34:37scott666unzip them
17:34:47Neoi see
17:34:49Neoit is in there
17:35:36scott666'what? you mean i have UNZIP the zip file??'
17:35:56Neoi didnt know that the rock was in there
17:35:58Neothats all
17:36:40Neoand i didnt get the error
17:37:02Neonow my rockbox sais 100
17:37:05Neoits been charging
17:37:13Neoshould i let it run playing
17:37:25Neoand see how long it lasts?
17:37:27Neoor wat
17:37:30Neojust trust it?
17:39:37scott666how longs it been charging?
17:40:16Neonot that long
17:40:31Neosee, im not sure how long i need to charge it because the numbers are soo screwy
17:40:49scott666thats why its good to charge overnight
17:40:55scott666you cant see it saying it says 100
17:41:14scott666did you charge with archos or with rockbox?
17:41:42Neobut when i charge overnight, it stops at 100
17:41:50Neothen starts using the power
17:42:02Neoi would like it to turn itself off when its fully done
17:42:13scott666you want trickle on
17:43:02scott666trickle (almost) constantly charges so the battery stays up
17:43:43Neobut whoever i was talking with told me that i want both things off
17:43:46scott666BUT theres a problem with rockbox charging at the moment
17:43:49scott666something with the inits
17:44:07scott666so use archos' charger and see what happens
17:44:10earHurtsthat was me. I was probebly wrong about trickle charge
17:44:31Neobut the screen stays on all night
17:44:34scott666hold F1 while you plug in the power cord
17:45:02Neoi kno
17:45:12Neothe backlight stays on
17:45:19Neoany way of turning it off?
17:45:42earHurtsthere was, but I think it doesn't work with flash?
17:45:50scott666no but the backlight doesnt take a significant amount of power
17:46:05earHurtsbut it's annoying
17:46:18scott666put something over it
17:46:22scott666or turn it upside down
17:47:05Neoyes, it is annoying
17:47:18Neoso, over night, upside down, trick charrge on, deep discharge off
17:48:02scott666or for atleast 6 hours while youre awake
17:48:21scott666not overnight
17:48:28scott666(assuming you sleep at night)
17:48:30Neou said overnight
17:48:39Neoi should be awak when it charges
17:48:49scott666it doesnt matter
17:49:02Neojust wake up after 6 and turn it off
17:49:07scott666just let it charge for at least 6 hours
17:49:20scott666just let it charge
17:49:34Neoill let it charge now
17:49:35scott666for a minimum of 6 hours
17:49:42scott666longer is fine
17:50:07Neoi cant goto the archos charge
17:50:16Neoits at the rockbox charge screen
17:50:16scott666why not?
17:50:20Neoand wen i press F1
17:50:26Neoit just blinks on and off
17:50:29scott666unplug it and turn it off
17:50:40scott666hold F1, then plug in the charger
17:51:05Neowill trickle charge effect the archos charge screen?
17:51:22scott666i have no idea
17:51:51Neoin other words chek it after 6 hrs
17:52:21scott666but you dont need to set an alarm or anything
17:52:29Neotrickle charge only effects rockbox charge screen
17:52:34scott666just anywhere after 6 hours will be fine
17:52:47Neobut its normal that it wont charge after 85%, right?
17:53:03scott666whered you hear that?
17:53:11Neoon the documentation
17:53:17scott666then yes
17:53:31Neothat its made so it wouldnt charge over 85 becuse it could overload the batteries or something
17:53:35Neoits really annoying
17:53:39*scott666 is soo glad FMRs dont have these kind of problems
17:53:53Neobut then if i need it 87-10 ill use the archos charge
17:54:11scott666and if archos breaks it theyll fix it
17:54:39Neoarchos will fix it
17:54:56scott666if their firmware breaks your archos, yes
17:55:06scott666but it probably wont
17:55:19Neoand im still parrinoid about my play button
17:55:23Neoit wiggles
17:57:07scott666*doesnt have a rec##)
17:57:19scott666i have an FMR
17:57:58scott666but the buttons do wiggle a bit
17:58:17Neohow bad
17:58:23Neolike a loose tooth?
18:12:17Neo1 mor question
18:12:26Neowhta if my archos is already almost full
18:12:32Neoand i charge it for 6 more hours
18:12:36Neowill it do any damage?
18:12:56Neolike what if its actually 3/4 full
18:12:58Neodoenst say it is
18:13:02Neobut it is
18:13:12Neoand i charge it for the 6 hrs u say
18:13:22Neowill it over load the batteries or anything like tht?
18:20:16scott666trickle charge lets it run down until you can charge again, then does it
18:20:24scott666so no
18:21:40Neobut im now charging with the archos chare screen
18:29:28 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
18:36:59 Quit Neo ("Client exiting")
18:46:01earHurtshardeep, what do you know about reading the keys?
18:59:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:07:09 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
19:14:36 Join edx`afk [0] (
19:16:05 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:18:32 Nick edx`afk is now known as edx (
19:26:28 Join paulheu [0] (
19:27:43paulheuAny 'charging specialists' here?
19:36:14 Quit scott666 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:36:48 Quit paulheu ()
19:45:04 Quit layndo (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:59:26 Join Bluechip [0] (
19:59:51Bluechiphi all
20:01:23Bluechipstill on my endeavour to sort things out here ...I've read back over a rather long conversation, and think I've sussed the problem ...Am I correct when I say "the simulator does not support .rock plugins"?
20:02:07hardeepBluechip: both the win32 and x11 simulators build their own version of .rock files that do work
20:02:13 Join carwash^ [0] (
20:02:22hardeepBluechip: and can be used for testing
20:02:25Bluechipdarn! back to square one :(
20:03:18 Quit Galik (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:03:49Bluechipthink I'll stick to writing for the old version - i can get that to work - if anyone else wants my code they can port it themselves :)
20:04:24carwash^Does the rockboxx firmware work with the jukebox 15?
20:04:27hardeepBluechip: it's really not that hard... as i told you yesterday, you need to download one new package for cygwin and you can build them
20:04:34hardeepcarwash^: yes
20:05:24carwash^hardeep: thanks, thats what i thought, but it wasn't stated in the FAQ
20:06:03Bluechiphd: yeah - any number of times, perhaps if I could find someone helpful who would send me these files I would have them - but sadly that person does not exist
20:06:24hardeepcarwash^: it's stated on the front page. :) "Rockbox is an Open Source replacement firmware for the Archos Jukebox 5000, 6000, Studio, Recorder and FM Recorder MP3 players."
20:06:46hardeepBluechip:, it's not too difficult to download them
20:07:08Bluechiphd: shall we just keep going around in circles whereby you say the same thing, and then I say the same thing back to you?
20:07:27Bluechipwhy is it so horrifically difficult to just send the damn files over?
20:07:35Bluechipi shall explain for you again....
20:07:37carwash^hardeep: yes, but only the recorder 20 was mentioned in the FAQ, that's why i wondered. Guess i'll just have to go buy myself one now
20:07:39hardeepBluechip: i don't understand what the problem is... you don't need to use the cygwin installer to download them
20:07:43Bluechipthe cygwin setup util trashes my machine
20:07:49Bluechipi will NOT run it again!
20:07:52hardeepBluechip: then don't use it
20:08:18hardeepBluechip: you just need one package, see the cygwin faq on how to install it without the setup program
20:08:41Bluechipyour blindingly helpful RTFF also led me no-where, perhpas I should have less to do with my life - let's have this conversation again sometime
20:09:36BluechipHardeep: i am glad you have no problems - i am soo mind-numbingly happy for you - could you repeat the same answers for me one more time before I get bored
20:10:04Bluechipthen perhaps you will let someone else give me an answer which actually helps me
20:10:27BluechipRTFF is *not* helpful
20:10:43Bluechipi have no idea who told it was, but they were lying to you and you bought it!
20:12:06BluechipHardeep: so come on then Mr I Know Everything But Aren't Going To Actually Going To Anything But Repeat Myself Endlessly - WHERE are these files - ........or don't you know!?
20:12:24BluechipI bet you don't actually know!
20:12:39BluechipI reckon you're just blagging it Hardeep
20:12:53BluechipI'd be surprised if you even have copies of these files yourself
20:13:06hardeepBluechip: i've never added anyone to my kill file until now
20:13:31Bluechipglad to see the back of mr RTFF
20:14:59BluechipSeems I was right though - LOL
20:16:59 Part Bluechip
20:18:20 Join Bluechip [0] (
20:31:24 Join thu__ [0] (
20:36:05 Part JamesBong
20:47:11 Quit thu_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:50:00 Join Guest [0] (
20:50:53 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
20:50:57 Join Guest [0] (
20:51:03 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
20:59:06 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
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21:17:25 Join ClosetPacifist [0] (
21:27:11BluechipFYI: Don't seem to able to access atm. I have, otherwise, full internet access, so I am ugesing this problem is at the rockbox end ...just a report
21:43:23 Join paulheu [0] (
21:59:17 Join earHurts [0] (
21:59:33earHurtsanybody here?
21:59:44Bluechipno ;)
22:00:13earHurtshow's cygwin treating you?
22:00:31Bluechipyou can probably smell the steam coming from my ears from where you are
22:01:10earHurtsdon't worry mate, I've just been dumped and downsized
22:01:10BluechipI finally hunted down copies of the files that would allegedly fix the problem - and the file to fix the next problem and I am stuck at the next problem
22:01:19hardeepearHurts: in answer to your mailing list question: button_get() will block until a button is pressed
22:01:53earHurtsit's always the next problem
22:02:06Bluechipeh: if I recall correctly it is button_get(true) to wait for a keypress
22:02:07earHurtshardeep, it's that simple?
22:02:25Bluechipi think button_get(false) just get what is waiting
22:02:38hardeepearHurts: yep, there is also button_get_w_tmo() if you want to specify a timeout
22:03:07earHurtsif only there were new_girlfriend and new_job functions that easy
22:03:13Bluechipothelo has code which will loop until tmo or keypress
22:03:37Bluechipeh: real sorry to hear you crap news dude :(
22:04:32earHurtsI just offer it to make your cygwin problems seem better
22:04:53Bluechiplol - cheers - it worked
22:05:04earHurtsand she tells me after I've arranged a lovely picnic of organic fruits
22:05:26 Quit paulheu ()
22:05:39earHurtsok hardeeps, cheer me up some more: how can I turn the screen off entirely?
22:06:03Bluechipyou can clear the screen easily enough
22:06:05hardeepearHurts: do you mean clear it?
22:06:26earHurtsno, turn it off.
22:06:32Bluechipthe lights?
22:06:40earHurtsthe screen
22:07:03hardeepearHurts: oh, hmmm, i don't believe anything exists to do that
22:07:11Bluechipconfused: I don't think you can - but I'm not sure why you would want to?
22:07:14earHurtscause power not to flow to it, that sort of thing
22:07:15hardeepearHurts: why do you want to shut it off?
22:07:39earHurtswell, ok, I'll just blank it then
22:08:09earHurtsI wish to do this becuase I discovered something interesting
22:08:26earHurtsin the midst of the pathos of my personal life:
22:08:36Bluechip...then you must
22:08:48earHurtswhen I'm on the battery screen, rather than the wps
22:09:04earHurtsI get about 1/3 more battery time
22:09:24earHurtsthus my plan: a "screensaver"
22:09:51Bluechiphmmm, i would guess that it would be the maths that cause the power drain rather than the screen
22:10:22earHurtsand the scrolling and the dB bars
22:10:52Bluechipyep, but the maths behins creating that data - rather than the action of maintaining the display
22:11:00earHurtsso I'll also call, uh, set_scroll_off
22:11:24earHurtsyes, I assume the maths have to do with it as well.
22:12:13earHurtscan I putback the button press I get?
22:12:40earHurtsand anyway, the wps thread isn't the one getting the volume buttons, at least
22:12:49Bluechiphmmm, good Q, sadly "don't know" - not tried that before :(
22:13:11earHurtsas sleeping the wps thread doesn't affect volume
22:37:48earHurtshow many ticks in a second?
22:38:22earHurtsoh right
22:42:01Bluechipany idea what this could mean? : /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-mingw32/3.2/dllcrt2.o(.text+0x77):dllcrt1.c: undefined reference to `_pei386_runtime_relocator'
22:43:20earHurtswell, it wants to link to something
22:43:50earHurtswhat, precisely, I don't know
22:44:04earHurtsare you compiling it from a make file?
22:44:32BluechipThis is all to do with me trying to fix the rockbox sdk
22:44:59Bluechipit just doesn't compile the code any more
22:48:11 Part Bluechip
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23:10:35 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
23:17:47 Join kaydee [0] (
23:20:39 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
23:22:09tpelliottI tried the playlist viewer and I love it! I think the quick access key would be great to view the current playlist (dynamic or regular).
23:23:32 Join barrym [0] (
23:25:25 Quit kaydee ("Leaving")
23:26:20 Part barrym
23:30:27 Join kaydee [0] (
23:31:33hardeeptpelliott: by regular playlist do you mean one that isn't currently playing (a .m3u file) ?
23:32:25tpelliottNo. If I play an m3u file, is it copied to the dynamic playlist right away?
23:32:45tpelliottor just when I add stuff to it?
23:32:58hardeeptpelliott: oh, yes, that's now considered the dynamic playlist
23:33:41hardeeptpelliott: i've been using the term poorly... dynamic playlist = current playling playlist
23:34:18 Join paulheu [0] (
23:34:25tpelliottok. You should get rid of the word "dynamic" since all playlists are dynamic. Just explain that when you update the docs.
23:34:45tpelliottGreat work, btw.
23:35:11hardeeptpelliott: yeah, maybe replace with "current"
23:35:31hardeeptpelliott: i want to distinguish between the current playing playlist and an .m3u file on disk
23:36:36tpelliottAn m3u is copied to "playlist control" as soon as it's played?
23:37:05hardeeptpelliott: not copied, but the filename is stored in the control file
23:38:15tpelliottYou mean as in "file.m3u, file1.mp3, file2.mp3, etc" in a list?
23:39:34hardeeptpelliott: just the .m3u filename.... we retrieve the tracknames directly from the mru file
23:39:41hardeeper m3u
23:42:40tpelliottok. That's why we have to write a new file when saving the dynamic playlist.
23:43:19hardeeptpelliott: yes. i'm not modifying the original m3u file in any way
23:45:09tpelliottCool. Would it be hard to add the ability to view any .m3u to your viewer?
23:46:25 Quit kaydee ()
23:46:58hardeeptpelliott: yeah, since I rely on the dynamic playlist mechanism. Viewing an m3u file will probably be implemented as a standalone plugin
23:49:34tpelliottI'm sure someone will make a playlist viewer plugin.

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