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#rockbox log for 2003-07-28

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01:43:30pppuhi i've been loking at some previous posts about the possibility of playing wav files
01:43:43tracktheripperpppu the MAS cannot play wav only mp3
01:44:37ppputhe reason given seems to be that the serial connection from the sh1 to the mas3507 can only go to 1mbits
01:45:30pppucontinuing how was this worked out thsis is assoming that the 3507 data can be found to reprogram it
01:46:48tracktheripperyea but could it play wav at 44,100Khz 16bit
01:46:59tracktheripperi.e the same sound quality as CD
01:47:22pppuis there a posssibility that a hardware mod could be made to have a direct serial i2s lionk from the sh1 to the 3550
01:47:31tracktheripperask Bjorn and co
01:47:35tracktheripperbecause I don't know
01:48:20ppputhanks bye
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02:04:34REBELinBLUEdoes anyone know if there is an particular reason for ucl files to only be supported on the recorder, not the FMR?
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03:45:10thuehlo earHurts
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04:15:49Bluechipi have fixed the main display bug for the simulator - anyone care to suggest the best way to submit it?
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06:16:54thuanyone alive?
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06:23:13thuhelo midknight2k3
06:23:26midknight2k3hello thu
06:24:43*thu working on a deejay script
06:24:59*midknight2k3 browing lots of patch activity\
06:28:05thuI wonder if there is an easy way to add a few secs of sound to the beginning of a mp3
06:28:20thuwithout decoding/encoding the whole thing
06:31:27midknight2k3not sure
06:32:28thuI'm working on a script that will create short files with the name of files spoken out
06:32:44midknight2k3for rockbox?
06:32:47midknight2k3or computer?
06:32:52thucomputer of course
06:33:00thuno way to do text to speech on the archos
06:33:05midknight2k3there's always hope
06:38:34midknight2k3i must leave now
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11:59:31earHurts is there a text wrapping algorythm in rockbox?
12:00:12Nibblernot in my old outdated version
12:00:18earHurtsdoesn't splash screen wrap?
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12:04:57earHurtscreate a line break if a word would be broken between two lines
12:05:22earHurtsfor example,
12:05:30earHurtslike this
12:05:37earHurtsrather than for exam
12:05:42earHurtsple like this
12:11:26Nibblerbut splash-screen is known size, and its graphics
12:11:31Nibblerwhy would it need wrap?
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12:26:25earHurtsin case the srring is too long for the screen you knoe really long abd all rambling and long and stuff
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12:40:01nevshey earl
12:40:16nevsmy archos
12:40:49nevsi cahrged it for a like 4 hours, and i got less than half an hour playing time , at nearly the lowest volume ?
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12:49:00DBUGEnqueued KICK nevs
12:49:08nevsanyone here
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13:34:32earHurtsanyone here?
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14:53:59elinenbeblah I just received my first Red Light of Death −− it gave me some error like "can not access sec 13" and then just stopped working.
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15:31:50nevsdo u know alot about arcgos studio 20 player?
15:32:44Baka^NiI know that if I break my current rockbox then I have a chance of owning one
15:32:47Baka^Niapart from that, nope
15:34:27nevswhat rock box?
15:34:47Baka^Niarchos jukebox + rockbox = rockbox
15:35:04Baka^Nibecauase the archos software sucks
15:36:44nevsyeah i know archos software sucks
15:37:01nevsbut why will u have a chance of owning one
15:38:07Baka^Niwas given a warrenty w/ my product when I bought it, that is, if they can't fix it, they give me another, however archos doesn't make my product anymore, so they are forced to replace it with an equivilant product =), ie, upgrade
15:38:11Baka^Niits happened twice already
15:38:36nevswhat did u have before
15:38:41nevsarchos 6000?
15:38:54Baka^Nithen a recorder 6gb I think
15:38:58Baka^Ninow a rec 10gb
15:39:00nevsso now you getting archos studio 20
15:39:05nevsoh rec 10
15:39:14Baka^Ni"when" I break this one
15:39:19Baka^NiI will push for a recorder 20
15:39:27nevsi got studio 20
15:39:31Baka^Nibecause the recorder is such a better product
15:39:35nevsi dont think i need a recoreder
15:39:42Baka^Nineither do I
15:39:48Baka^NiI find the recorder sounds better
15:39:53Baka^Niand has games and the like ;)
15:39:55nevsbecuase are u gonna record from an audio source?
15:40:04nevsor just use kazaa and drag and drop
15:40:20nevsthats why i got studio
15:40:30Baka^NiI prefer the screen of the recorder
15:40:36Baka^Nihigher res
15:40:44Baka^Nican play tetris
15:40:59Baka^Niand the archos 6000's sound was terrible
15:41:08Baka^Nimight be different w/ studio editions
15:41:38Baka^Niwhat did you want to know about your studio 20?
15:41:46nevsi dont buy a mp3 recorder to play games, i use my pc! lol
15:42:06nevserm well by batteries go so flat so quick
15:42:10Baka^Niheh, its good for recording ppl on the sly
15:42:19Baka^Niyou tried charging it when its not turned on?
15:42:29nevshow do u do that
15:43:09nevscuase its always on when u charge because it says battery charging
15:43:32Baka^Niwell, charging outside of the firmware
15:43:58Baka^Nijust plug it in, without turning it on
15:44:08Baka^Niwill charge it without the firmware
15:45:16nevsbut when u plug in, i says " battering charging" −− im not using rock box yet
15:46:02nevsand i think i may buy some new batteries
15:46:09Baka^Niit might not be them
15:46:19Baka^Nibecause I had that prob
15:46:24Baka^Nidoes it charge quickly too?
15:47:09nevsi have never seen the screen say "battery charged" like it should do
15:47:42Baka^Niwell I'm not sure, but the old non-recorder versions would charge forever if you let them
15:47:54 Quit nevs ("Leaving")
15:47:56Baka^Nihave you left it for say a day or so charging?
15:48:16Baka^Niis the site ok?
15:48:19Baka^NiI can't connect to it
15:48:49 Join nevs [0] (
15:48:54nevshey im back
15:50:46Baka^Nione second
15:50:52Baka^Nihaving to swap keyboards
15:52:13Baka^Nia few keys have just died randomly on my linux box
15:52:17Baka^Nivital ones
15:52:20Baka^Nisuch as e and t
15:58:31nevsdo u know alot about computers?
15:59:27Baka^NiI'd like to think I do
15:59:44nevsi have a ge force ti 200
15:59:58nevsand i want a dual monitor setup
16:00:05Baka^Niyou mean 4200?
16:00:18nevsge force 3 ti 200
16:00:23Baka^Niah righty
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16:00:54nevson theback of the card it has 3 slots , the monitor, s video and a dvi input
16:01:25nevsaparantly if i get a an adapter for the dvi slot to vga then i can use that
16:01:55nevslook at this
16:02:13nevscant paste on chat rrom
16:02:29Baka^Niyou not using a real irc client?
16:02:29nevsi got a link
16:02:37nevsno java
16:02:55nevsi know i am
16:03:01nevsu have msn messenger?
16:03:22Baka^Niwon't run under debian
16:03:30Baka^Nibesides, concept of the thing :D
16:03:46nevsok go to
16:04:07nevsoh no sorry its
16:04:35nevshang on
16:04:42nevsim gonna download the full irc
16:04:51 Quit nevs ("Leaving")
16:07:50 Join Guest [0] (
16:08:07Guesthey its nevs how to i get full irc
16:09:23Guestim donwloading it now
16:09:35Guestwhat can i do with dual monitor
16:10:03Nibblerummmm, see twice as much as with single monitor?
16:10:08Baka^Nirun one application in one windows
16:10:13Baka^Niand other in another
16:10:17Baka^Nisurf with one
16:10:25Baka^Nirun office with the other
16:10:44Baka^NiI personally have't bothered to play with it
16:10:44Nibblerits gr8 for developing, source in one window, application/result in other
16:11:00Baka^Nimy mate enjoys that
16:11:02Guestwhat about for game
16:11:12Nibblerdont know games that support that
16:11:15Baka^Niit worked
16:11:25Baka^Niyour performance would suffer greatly
16:11:28Baka^Niif you think about it
16:11:30Nibblerbut u still have a big border between the screens, at least some 5 cm
16:11:46Baka^NiI can only think of two games it would work with
16:11:51Baka^Nim$ flight sim
16:11:54Baka^Niand Uplink
16:12:19Nibblerwhen i first had dual monitor with win98 a good AGP and a old PCI adapter, windows kept crashing when i moved my openGL window to the old pci-card monitor :)
16:12:40Nibbleryus :-)
16:12:53Nibblerwas just curious in which way it would crash :]
16:13:08Guestok what about if i got amd athlon 1ghz, 512mb ram, 64 mb ddr ge force 3 ti 200, win 98 se, that ok for dual monitor?
16:13:42Baka^Nishould be
16:13:49Baka^Niwin 98 sucks though
16:13:57Nibblerdepends on what u wanna do with dual monitor
16:14:01Guestwin 98 se dont suck
16:14:11Baka^Nionly reason you might want it is to run legacy applications
16:14:12Nibblerwell, it does if it comes to stability
16:14:41Nibbleroh, i forgot, i got dual monitor right now aswell :-) but with same content on both monitors....
16:14:53Baka^Nipoint? :)
16:15:03Baka^Nimight as well surf and irc :P
16:15:06Nibblerone monitor is my beamer which i only switch on to watch movies :)
16:15:14Baka^Niheh, ah
16:15:18Nibblerso i have to reconfigure nothing, just switch it on...
16:15:54Guesthow do i connect the mirc to this server
16:16:00Baka^Niwell, if I get a dual moniter setup
16:16:15Nibblerwithout the .
16:16:18Nibblerofc :-)
16:16:21Baka^Nithen I'd have to invest in a dual eye setup
16:16:34Nibbleroh yes, dual eye i have aswell
16:16:39Baka^Nilucky bugger
16:16:51Nibblerwell, last time i checked a mirror i had 2 eyes at least....
16:16:53Baka^Nido you find you get headaches if you move quickly?
16:17:10CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:17:10*Nibbler wonders what else dual eye might be
16:17:26Guesti cant connect
16:17:27*Baka^Ni was thinking of at least 4
16:17:48Nibblerwhat does it say?
16:17:51Baka^Nibrb, keyboard swappage again
16:17:53Guestdo i press join channel?
16:18:00Nibbler./join #rockbox
16:22:20 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
16:23:42 Join nevs [0] (
16:24:01nevsok it works now
16:24:25nevslook at that link,
16:24:47nevsi can get an dapter to connect to that dvi port yes?
16:25:02Nibbleri use a dvi2rgb adapter
16:25:08Nibblerit came with my gfxcard
16:25:28nevsso if i want to connect a normal crt monitor i use an dapter vga to dvi
16:25:45Nibbleri tried this with 2 cards and it worked
16:25:48Nibblerwith both.
16:26:05Nibblerdont know if this is a general "yes it always works"
16:26:11Nibblerbut i think so
16:26:56Baka^NiI think its like ps/2 to serial converts
16:27:00 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
16:27:03Baka^Niworks for me
16:27:26nevsgo to
16:27:47nevsthen use the quick linx code 10F9WS and look at the porduct and tell me what u think
16:28:31nevsonly 14
16:28:41nevsbut will that work right
16:28:48Baka^Ni10 more then I would think it would be worth :)
16:28:51Baka^Nishould do
16:28:59Nibblerfor normal those adapsters come with your gfx card
16:29:04Baka^Niwhy is the description for the belkin cabling?
16:29:05nevsdidnt get one
16:29:13Nibblerwhat card u have?
16:29:21nevsge force 3 ti 200
16:30:11nevswell can u find me a place in the uk where i can buy this kind of adaptor
16:30:20Baka^Nidabs is uk, no?
16:30:30Nibblerim not uk, so i have no idea bout uk :(
16:30:32Baka^Niyou can try
16:30:40nevsi will
16:30:41Baka^Nithey have lots of random stuff
16:32:21nevsim look at
16:34:30nevsfound one
16:34:54nevsright at the bottom of the page
16:35:12Baka^Nithere you go
16:35:16Baka^Nitold you 14 was a rip off :)
16:35:39nevsill buy it
16:36:51nevsits gonna cost me 15
16:37:26Baka^Nithe delivery is like 10 or something?
16:37:26nevsorder handling charge is 6.90
16:37:49nevsis 6.95
16:38:00nevsjust for that!
16:38:04nevsbloddy hell
16:38:45nevsill look at teckheads
16:39:45nevscant find anything there
16:39:57Baka^Nithey like expensive hardware
16:40:38nevsill try redstore
16:43:21nevsis it worth buying from aria becuase on dabs that price was not including the shipping charge
16:47:46nevshello is anyone here
16:49:59 Quit adi|home (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:54:40Baka^Nifind out
16:54:42Baka^Nithe shipping
16:54:46Baka^Nithen buy
16:55:23Baka^Niwhere ever is cheaper
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17:01:15nevsi found it at
17:01:30nevs12 including shipping
17:04:36Baka^Nigood good
17:04:49 Nick Baka^Ni is now known as Baka^Ni|WC3 (
17:07:22nevsyeah so ill buy it from amazon
17:07:31nevsthen ill use 2 monitors
17:07:51nevsgood for fsim century of flight
17:13:58nevscya im going to go
17:14:19 Part nevs
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17:21:16 Join Chixofnix [0] (
17:21:26ChixofnixHi is anyone around right now?
17:22:59Chixofnixguess i'll check back later then... i'm having a big issue w/ my recorder 15 using rockbox 2.0
17:23:10Chixofnixi'll pop back in sometime!
17:33:21 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:40:13 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
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18:14:16 Join JorBond [0] (
18:15:22ChixofnixHi is anyone around right now?
18:15:37JorBondi have a problem with my jukebox studio 20, when i plug it in to the ac adapter and have it playing music, after about 20min it will start making a high pitched soung out of the unit
18:15:53JorBondthe music usually still goes on but i have to shut it off for it to go away
18:16:00Chixofnixi've got a problem myself...
18:16:13JorBondit has happened to me 3 times since i bought it a week and a half ago :(
18:17:04hardeepJorBond: that sounds like a hardware problem
18:17:13 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
18:17:27JorBondi know but is it fixable or should i take it back and get a new unit
18:17:59hardeepJorBond: if it's only a couple of weeks, i'd recommend returning it instead of opening up the unit
18:18:21hardeepChixofnix: what problem are you encountering?
18:19:49ChixofnixHere's my problem: a while back i formatted my recorder 15 (i was using it to transfer a bunch of stuff between computers and figured i may as well format it since i'd be deleting everything)... anyway, i threw rockbox 2.0 on there, and then disconnected and started charging it. Now, When i connect the thing to the computer (using win xp home), i get the two little 'device connected' icons in the taskbar, and when i hold my mouse...
18:20:02Chixofnixover them they say device connected - Drive ()
18:20:16Chixofnix(no drive letter in the parentheses)
18:20:32Chixofnixand the recorder no longer shows up in My Computer...
18:21:07Chixofnixand now i'm a little worried :)
18:21:09JorBonddid u wait a while, my xp box sometimes takes 5 min to show up
18:22:12Chixofnixhmm... well it showed up almost immediately prior to this... but i'll leave it on for awhile and see if that makes a diff...
18:22:30hardeepChixofnix: do you see the USB icon on the recorder when you plug it in?
18:22:55JorBondalso, when i try to compile rockbox why does it need sh-elf-gcc, is that different then gcc
18:22:55hardeepChixofnix: okay, then everything is correct on the device. sounds like a windows issue
18:22:59 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:23:02 Join elinenbe [0] (
18:23:11Chixofnixi tried reinstalling the drivers... yea so something must be up here
18:23:13hardeepChixofnix: try reinstalling drivers maybe?
18:23:27Chixofnixgood timing ;) yepyep
18:23:52hardeepJorBond: the processor on the jukebox is an SH1 so we need to cross-compile the software for it
18:24:16hardeepJorBond: sh-elf-gcc is just the sh1 version of the gcc compiler
18:24:23 Join langhaarrocker [200] (
18:24:52Chixofnixhmm... i just now connected it and the little icons in the taskbar aren't showing up... o_O
18:25:07langhaarrockerHi. I'm a bit insecure: Does Win2k have the isd200 driver built in?
18:25:19JorBondoh ok, thought it was just talking about the elf execs on linux
18:26:45hardeeplanghaarrocker: isd200 is the usb1.1 version right? if so, then no, win2k doesn't come with it
18:26:55Chixofnixoh wait... the usb in the recorder's display just dissappeared, showed the root folder's contents, then went back to the USB symbol... does that mean something?
18:26:56langhaarrocker:( thanx
18:27:39Chixofnixstill no taskbar symols...
18:27:40 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:27:47hardeepChixofnix: dunno
18:28:52Chixofnixsuppose i should try with a friend's compy sometime
18:29:32Chixofnixit just did the root directory flashy thing again...
18:29:49Chixofnixjumped back to USB connected symbol...
18:30:04ChixofnixI feel like a concerned parent :/
18:30:29Chixofnixhope my baby's alright :)
18:31:07Chixofnixoh BTW sorry for not saying this earlier, but I LOVE rockbox!
18:31:07 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:31:18Chixofnixthe work you fellas put out on this is amazing
18:31:55 Join elinenbe [0] (
18:31:59ChixofnixI've convinced 3 friends to buy Archos mp3 players/HDDs, and they're all using rockbox
18:31:59 Join scott666 [0] (
18:32:23Chixofnixjust thought i'd throw in my 2cnts
18:32:30 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:34:56 Join nevs [0] (
18:35:28 Join nixofchix [0] (
18:35:43nixofchix? i got diconnected but i'm still connected?
18:35:45nixofchixwell anyway
18:35:59nixofchixone reads safely remove hardware,
18:36:09nixofchixbut the other reads "no drives detected" ?
18:36:13 Quit JorBond ()
18:36:33 Quit Chixofnix (
18:36:33 Quit Baka^Ni|WC3 (
18:36:33 Quit Harlequin (
18:36:33 Quit edx (
18:36:33 Quit dw|gone (
18:36:51nixofchixdid neone hear that?
18:37:10NJoinHarlequin [0] (
18:37:25nixofchixwhy did we just diconnect?
18:41:16nevshey guys
18:41:20nevsu wanna see something
18:41:25nevsgo to google,com
18:41:53nevsthen type in weapons of mass destruction, then press on "im feeling lucky button"
18:42:21 Quit nixofchix (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:42:59nevshello anyone here
18:43:22nevshy scott
18:43:33nevsdid u look at that google thing i told u
18:43:42scott666ive seen it before
18:43:48nevsits funny aint it
18:43:51scott666the fake IE error
18:45:49NJoinChixofnix [0] (
18:46:03Chixofnixhey my compy just crashed!!! ah!
18:46:19Chixofnixtelling me it was a device driver... :/
18:46:39Chixofnixso did anyone catch my problem?
18:47:21Chixofnixhmm is that a Q or A?
18:48:01Chixofnixall of the above?
18:48:28Chixofnixhere's my problem.... again
18:48:54Chixofnixwell okay here's the history prior to my problem first... o_O
18:49:33Chixofnixshort version: formatted the drive on my recorder 15, threw rockbox v2.0 on there, diconnected, charged, reconnected - now it's buggy
18:49:55NJoinBaka^Ni|WC3 [0] (
18:49:55NJoinedx [0] (
18:49:58Chixofnixbuggy in the sense that windows is having trouble recognizing the drive
18:50:10scott666what version of windows?
18:50:12Chixofnixit'll tell me that there's a device connected, but it doesn't know what it is
18:50:26Chixofnixxp home, and i've tried reinstalling the drivers
18:50:52scott666you formatted it as a fat32 right?
18:51:00Chixofnixum i believe so
18:51:23Chixofnixthe recorder is working fine on its own, and the USB connected symbol shows up when i do connect it
18:51:42Chixofnixthought it occasionally flashes back to the root directory and then back to the USB symbol
18:52:05Chixofnixbut yea it doesn't show up in My Computer anymore
18:52:29ChixofnixI was just trying to troubleshoot it with windows (yea i know that sucks), when windows crashed
18:52:54Chixofnixbooted back up, told me i had a device error (though that may not be the recorder's fault...)
18:52:55scott666i have 98se, so i dont really have any suggestions
18:53:20nevsu got the xp drivers yeah
18:53:57Chixofnixyeah... but i'll double check, maybe i downloaded it corrupted or something along those lines... ?
18:54:24nevswell also have u got ur m board drivers , the latest ones?
18:54:59Chixofnixyep... using and epox 8rda+
18:55:36Chixofnixwell actually the sound drivers just had an update, but i doubt that has anything to do with this particular problem
18:56:07nevsive noticed this as well
18:56:16nevsi had this probelm with someone pc
18:56:28NJoindw|gone [20] (
18:56:30Chixofnix!! ooh i hope you found a fix!
18:57:12nevswhen u connect the archos to the usb port, it recogniszses it, u install the driverrs to part where it says copying the inf files then it doesnt go anywhere from there
18:57:44scott666i thought XP came with the drivers?
18:58:06nevsif u go to get the xp usb drivers
18:58:11Chixofnixhmm well i haven't actually had any trouble installing the drivers...
18:58:15Chixofnixbut yea i'm doing that now
18:58:24Chixofnixgonna try to re-reinstall the suckers
18:59:10nevshey does anyone have kazaa here
18:59:20Chixofnixscared of kazaa myself
18:59:37ChixofnixRIAA hasn't arrested anyone using IRC yet
18:59:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:59:53nevswhats wrong with irc
18:59:57Chixofnixsorry just thought i'd throw that in :)
19:00:10Chixofnixmm? nothing that i'm aware of
19:00:36Chixofnixthe RIAA has been arresting Kazaa users is all
19:01:03nevsfuck riaa
19:03:34scott666fuck kazaa
19:03:40scott666and the riaa
19:03:47scott666spyware = bad
19:04:01scott666kazaa = spyware
19:04:04scott666kazaa = bad
19:04:22scott666winmx, repesent
19:04:45nevswhat does the spyware do
19:05:06scott666spy on you...duh
19:05:15scott666oh and adware too
19:05:30nevslike what
19:05:54scott666download a spyware cleaning program and run it and see how much it finds
19:06:06nevsname one
19:06:24scott666do a google search for spybot search&destroy or adaware
19:07:05Chixofnixi've heard kazaalite isn't too bad
19:07:16Chixofnixbut it's still kazaa... yuck
19:07:40Chixofnix(as far as spy/adware go)
19:09:08nevsim getting spybot search and destroy now
19:09:27nevsand we will see
19:09:31Chixofnixi prefer lavasoft adaware myself... but hey either works
19:09:43 Quit Galik (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:10:31Chixofnixwell i'm heading out... i'll check back in if i can't resolve this buggy issue...
19:10:34Chixofnixtake care fellas!
19:10:46 Quit Chixofnix ()
19:12:20nevsill have to wait 25 mins to get this prog downloaded
19:14:49nevsi cant get broadband or cable in my area, if i could i would have cable
19:15:01scott666poor bastard
19:15:09*scott666 has cable *
19:15:46nevsbut im thinking in investing it satalite connection
19:15:51nevs2mb/ a sec
19:15:56 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:16:18scott666how much per month?
19:16:46nevs not$
19:16:46scott666for 2mbps??
19:17:13scott666thats more right?
19:17:13nevsit costs 299 for the unit then 100 to install
19:18:25 Join Plugh [0] (
19:21:19nevsdo u know any mp3 sites
19:22:31nevscause theres a song i want , they have it on kazaa , loads of ppl have the song but when i play it, it plays normally for 20 secs then goes all weird and sounds weird. i donwloaded loads of diffrent versions and there all the same?
19:22:52scott6661. try winmx
19:22:57scott6662. buy the damn cd
19:23:12nevsyeah i did have the cd
19:23:15Plughoh, nm... wma
19:23:25scott666wma sucks
19:23:26nevsbut i cant find it
19:23:30Plughis there wma support going into rockbox?
19:23:58nevsif u got to archos they say there are looking into it and making it as we speak
19:23:58Plughscott666: I don't disagree, but it would be nice to have rockbox support some legit DRM
19:24:44nevsthat would be bad man!
19:24:44scott666itll never happen
19:24:48scott666fuck drm
19:25:13nevsFUCKING DRM drives me crazy
19:25:18scott666plus, not only is it M$, its closed source
19:25:27PlughI'm no fan of DRM
19:25:33Plughbut I am a fan of music
19:25:38scott666sp good luck getting a free codec
19:25:58PlughI'm also interested in supporting artists who make music I want to hear
19:26:12nevsi want mp3's
19:26:22nevsand i get mp3's
19:26:38nevsmusic pppl get enough fucking money anyway
19:26:43scott666i'd be interesting in trying ogg, but the archos cant play em
19:26:48Plughumm, no they don't
19:26:51nevsstupid boy bands and shit like busted
19:26:56Plughthe recording labels make money
19:27:03Plughthe artists make dick
19:27:05scott666artists get like %10 of the money they make
19:27:22scott666record companies get like %60
19:27:32Plugh10% is a little on the high side
19:27:42nevswell there richier enough
19:27:47scott666i couldnt remember if it was 7 or 17
19:27:54nevsmy spy bot is done
19:28:02nevslets see if kazaa has cuased me to have spy ware
19:28:30Hesonly a really few artists get any significant amount of money... most artists can't make their living off making music.
19:28:44Hesonly the top acts make loads of money.
19:28:49scott666you make money touring
19:30:03scott666what i want is a way to buy a cd with a case and booklet and everything directly from an artist for $5-10, and have all of the money go to them
19:35:25nevsok im finding quite a bot of spyware
19:38:53 Join yozac [0] (
19:39:03yozachello, all
19:40:32yozacmy archos fm recorder 20, has a weird problem, when I turn it on, for a split second it looks normal, with a status bar for loading the os, and then the screen turns all black and remains that way. This is true when I'm loading either the default os or rockbox. Does this sound familiar to anybody?
19:40:43 Join Mine78 [0] (
19:40:50 Quit Mine78 (Client Quit)
19:41:37scott666have you tried holding the on button?
19:42:38 Part nevs
19:45:05yozacwell, I often need to hold the on button to turn it on at all, do you mean something different from this?
19:46:21scott666i only sometimes have to hold it
19:46:28scott666or i did before i flashed
19:46:37scott666now i always have to
19:48:03yozacscott666:any other suggestions?
19:49:19scott666does it turn on when its plugged in? maybe your battery is way down
19:50:45scott666new high score!!
19:50:50scott666262 in worlet
19:53:44Plughyozac: which firmware does it show loading before it goes black?
19:53:51PlughI have an fm20 that works great
19:54:44Plugh /dcc send scott666 big_fucking_hammer
19:55:05Plughneeds percussive maintenance
19:55:21scott666hmmm it seems to work now
19:55:37*Plugh pets his big fucking hammer
19:55:46 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: the OTHER white meat")
19:59:25yozacplugh: 1.3j or something. it used to work fine, and then it started having this problem...
20:00:08Plughplug it into the usb port and delete the rockbox image and see if it boots properly
20:04:11yozacplugh: it doesn't boot properly with or without the image...
20:05:41scott666does it work when you have the charger plugged in?
20:05:53yozacscott666:nope, exactly the same thing
20:06:10yozacif I hold it at an extreme angle, I can just barely make out what the screen says.
20:06:17yozacit actually does seem to boot
20:06:20scott666is it flashed?
20:06:33yozachowever, when I change the contrast nothing seems to happen
20:06:37yozachow do I flash it?
20:07:52scott666you run the flashing plugins i belive
20:09:45Plughmine had a terrible contrast setting when I first loaded the new image
20:10:29PlughI don't think flashing is gonna help it
20:10:35Plughif the contrast is hosed
20:10:59scott666but its fixed booting problems before
20:11:20Plughyoz doesn't have a booting prob
20:11:30Plughit's a contrast prob
20:11:59scott666youre right
20:12:15scott666when he said screen went blank i figured it just didnt load
20:12:48scott666theres instructions in the faq for blindly setting the contrast
20:13:10scott666f1 down left down downdown left up or something like that
20:13:17yozacwell, if I hold it at an extreme angle, I can just barely make out what is on the screen
20:13:49scott666so go adjust the contrast
20:14:05yozacdoing that, I have gotten to the contrast menu (using the archos os, not rockbox, don't know if it would make any difference) and changing the contrast doesn't seem to make much difference
20:14:55scott666or you could load a cfg file with the contrast set
20:15:07scott666around 45 should be good
20:16:34 Join jorbond [0] (
20:17:15 Quit yozac ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/1]")
20:18:18jorbondsh-elf-gcc -O -s -ansi scramble.c -o scramble
20:18:18jorbondscramble.c:20:19: stdio.h: No such file or directory
20:18:18jorbondscramble.c:21:20: stdlib.h: No such file or directory
20:18:18DBUGEnqueued KICK jorbond
20:18:18jorbondscramble.c: In function `main':
20:18:18jorbondscramble.c:32: `FILE' undeclared (first use in this function)
20:18:19***Alert Mode level 1
20:18:19jorbondscramble.c:32: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
20:18:21jorbondscramble.c:32: for each function it appears in.)
20:18:23jorbondscramble.c:32: `file' undeclared (first use in this function)
20:18:25jorbondscramble.c:51: `SEEK_END' undeclared (first use in this function)
20:18:29***Alert Mode level 2
20:18:29jorbondscramble.c:61: `SEEK_SET' undeclared (first use in this function)
20:18:31jorbondscramble.c:62: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast
20:18:33jorbondscramble.c:63: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast
20:18:35jorbondmake[2]: *** [scramble] Error 1
20:18:38jorbondtrying to compile rockbox for the first time, with todays daily build
20:19:20jorbondi tried to copy the stdio.h and stdlib.h from the firmware dir to the tools dir, and it still gives that error
20:20:55scott666what version are you compiling?
20:21:55jorbondi also tried make clean and it still didn't work
20:22:27scott666what are yoou compiling on? cygwin?
20:23:07jorbondrunning binutils 2.13 and gcc 3.0.4, all compiled for sh1
20:23:40scott666i wont be much help then
20:23:53scott666i assume you saw the doc on it?
20:24:15jorbondi read the how to compile doc
20:24:32jorbondand the how to set up the compiler doc
20:25:48scott666doulbe check all the steps?
20:25:55scott666i have no idea
20:26:19jorbondi just fixed it
20:26:39jorbondsince i copied the stdio and stdlib files to the same dir as the c file
20:26:45jorbondi had to edit the <> to ""
20:28:30***Alert Mode OFF
20:31:31jorbondnow to start trying to write plugins for the player :)
20:31:35 Quit jorbond ("Client exiting")
20:49:16PlughI'm eager to get to that point myself
20:49:44Plughupgrading cygwin right now, then I gotta build my compiler
20:50:40PlughI really want to write a simplistic PIM
20:50:47 Quit Baka^Ni|WC3 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:51:05PlughI'd like to get my phone book and appt calendar into the archos. There's certainly plenty of storage space for it
20:51:55PlughI also gotta look into a hard drive upgrade. But I haven't seen anyone go over 30gig. If it's capable of holding a 100gig+ hd, it'd be perfect
20:52:56 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
20:52:57scott666look at
20:53:33scott66640gigs are around 100,60s around $150
20:53:37Plughprice isn't so much my concern as the ability of the hardware to read a 100gig partition
20:54:06scott666i dont see a reason why not
20:54:16scott666you just have to find a laptop HD big enough
20:54:40Plughdepends on the memory addressing of the CPU
20:55:12 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:55:18scott666you could ask the list
20:55:33scott66660s are pretty common
20:55:35PlughI'll dig through the source first
20:55:42Plugh60 should be okay
20:56:04scott666which archos do you have?
20:56:24scott666are you good at soldering?
20:56:40Plughyeah. Industry trained on SMT
20:56:56PlughI used to work for a printer manufacturer
20:57:29scott666ok, you should be fine then
20:57:49Plughlooks like 80g is available on pricewatch
20:59:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:59:59PlughI was looking at the RAM upgrades too
21:00:08Plugh8meg would be sweet
21:01:38scott666id want to practice a few dozen times before i tried on my archos
21:01:43scott666but thats just me
21:02:14PlughI upgraded my Atari 130XE to 576k by stacking 41256 chips on top of each other
21:03:16PlughI never got around to the 1088k upgrade
21:03:38Plughbut that would've disabled more functions than I wanted to disable
21:04:21PlughI'd already cut out BASIC. Didn't want to cut graphics and sound ;)
21:07:23 Join edx [0] (
21:21:44 Join remus [0] (~remus@
21:22:08remushi all !
21:24:14remusI just found out about the rockbox project for Archos ... pretty cool !!!
21:25:16 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
21:25:16 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:25:20 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
21:40:30PlughI found and installed it on Friday, Remus
21:40:37PlughI'm addicted already
21:40:57 Quit elinenbe (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
21:41:23 Join elinenbe [0] (
21:41:31elinenbeahhh... back
21:41:52elinenbePlugh, remus: what do you guys like the most about rockbox?
21:42:56scott666can i answer too?
21:42:58remuselinenbe: it's really cool that you can write software for that box
21:43:16remuselinenbe: and that there is a site that tells you how to do it
21:43:27remuselinenbe: I am building the UI sim now
21:43:46elinenbesure, anyone can answer, it's just that I know they were just introduced to rockbox.
21:44:21PlughThe visualizations, the resume in the middle of a track (critical for my listening habits), the promise of better battery management, the games...
21:44:28scott666well i say resume and games
21:45:04Plughif there's a one feature answer, for me it's resume
21:45:07remuselinenbe: hmm .... I get '/bin/sh: line 1: sh-elf-gcc: command not found'
21:45:38remuselinenbe: I didn't even have a chance to try it out ... my USB cable is at home ...
21:46:45PlughI keep my USB cable wrapped up in the accy pocket of the carry case
21:47:07Plughbut I'd love a spare or two
21:47:51DBUGEnqueued KICK remus
21:47:51remusPlugh: now I know ... actually I just got the unit on Friday ... I'm really newbie to this ,08:-) ...
21:48:13remuselinenbe: any idea why I get that message when I try to compile the sim ?
21:49:13elinenberemus: you need to install gcc
21:49:38remuselinenbe: the cross-compiler ?
21:49:45elinenberemus: yeah
21:49:47remusI have regular gcc on this box
21:50:04elinenberemus: there is documentation on the site that tells you how to do it step by step.
21:50:16remuselinenbe: ok, I'll try that out
21:53:20 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
21:58:05 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:07:45 Quit Galik (Remote closed the connection)
22:32:12 Join ClosetPacifist [0] (
22:45:07elinenbehardeep: you here?
22:49:09 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
22:55:13elinenbehardeep some issues with the dynamic playlist viewer
22:55:59elinenbeif you use a different font, then the M/Q does not fit in the space given
22:56:35elinenbehardeep: also, I think "ON" would be better to select files?
22:57:55elinenbehardeep: also, when you are moving a file it would be better to have a line between the current tracks where the file will be moved to.
22:58:04elinenbesuch as:
22:58:05elinenbesong 1
22:58:09elinenbesong 2
22:58:17elinenbeand the line gets moved up and down
22:58:56elinenbelastly, I think a method to select multiple files would be great.
22:58:57 Join JorBond [0] (
22:59:31scott666i agree with the moving line
22:59:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:59:54hardeepelinenbe: i'll probably not add the multiple file selection in first release
22:59:55hardeepis available on pricewatch
22:59:55hardeep<scott666> yeah
22:59:55DBUGEnqueued KICK hardeep
22:59:55hardeep<Plugh> I was looking at the RAM upgrades too
23:00:13JorBondso u said u know how to work cygwin scott666 :) now i have problems there hehe
23:00:30hardeepelinenbe: as for insertion, it always gets inserted at the exact position you specify
23:00:38hardeepelinenbe: everything else gets shifted
23:00:47scott666oh god, dont trust me, i just got it going like 2 days agi
23:01:14scott666shifted up or shifted down though?
23:01:16JorBondif i wansnt so lazy to recompile my kernel i would be using linux
23:01:30JorBondi can get it into bash
23:01:35JorBondbut none of the cmds work
23:01:37hardeepelinenbe: which font are you using that doesn't display the M/Q properly? I use Q to determine the size required...
23:01:46scott666did you install it in c:\cygwin?
23:01:54 Join matsl [0] (
23:02:15JorBondbash complains on startup that it cant find /tmp and that it cant open /etc
23:02:21JorBondi can run cd cmds
23:02:29elinenbehardeep: Hebrew-Bold.fnt
23:02:29hardeepgotta go
23:02:36 Nick hardeep is now known as hardeep|away (1098@
23:02:36DBUGEnqueued KICK hardeep|away
23:02:44hardeep|awayelinenbe: okay, i'll try it out
23:05:02JorBondi tried to run ../tools/configure in my build dir but it gives me this error "/bin/sh: bad interpreter: No such file for directory"
23:05:38scott666oh! its cause the tools zip sucks
23:05:52scott666downmload the latest tarball and get the tools from there
23:06:52JorBondwhat do u mean latest tools
23:07:44scott666download the lastest tarball
23:07:56scott666which has a tools dir in it
23:08:02JorBondoh ok
23:08:09scott666then just copy everything from that to the new on
23:08:44 Quit Galik (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:10:33JorBondbut i cant compile the tools
23:16:01scott666you dont need to
23:16:05scott666they dont have extensions
23:16:15scott666just copy and paste them
23:17:12Plughanyone have a compiled othello?
23:17:23JorBondget it off of the daily build
23:18:13JorBondok the tools zip i downloaded, had about 4 exe files in it(scramble,etc) and the daily tar comes with the source of the tools
23:18:18Plughit's clean as of 7/28?
23:18:37Plughas in, no crashers
23:19:37JorBondno clue, dont own a recorder, just a plain player
23:20:28scott666you dont see make and binlang and stuff in the tarball's tools folder?
23:22:04JorBondi see them in my C:\cygwin\bin folder
23:22:09JorBondwell i see make in it
23:22:44scott666i didnt tell you to go to bin i told you to go to tools
23:24:10scott666unzip the tarball, in it theres a tools directory
23:24:11JorBondthe tools folder in the rockbox source?
23:24:23scott666copy the files from that
23:24:40scott666or just unzip it in home\rockbox
23:26:41JorBondok i did that
23:27:00scott666try ../tools/configure again
23:27:43JorBondstill no good
23:27:52JorBondi dont think it is finding sh
23:28:18JorBondhow do i point cygwin to look in my bin folder
23:28:37scott666its in home\rockbox\tools?
23:28:40scott666no idea
23:30:44scott666cause the most obvious reason for it to not find it is becuase it isnt there
23:31:15JorBondit is there, i have it in my path for windows, so i can run sh from a cmd prompt
23:35:22 Quit JorBond ()
23:36:28Plughmy battery indicator seems to be counting up
23:36:41scott666is it plugged in?
23:42:07 Join Nibbler [0] (
23:43:34PlughI had it plugged in, it said charged
23:43:43PlughI unplugged it and it said 11%
23:43:57Plughthen it started counting up
23:44:14PlughI shut it down and brought it back up. It says 94 now
23:44:31scott666yeah ive seen bugs with that?
23:44:44scott666*no question mark
23:44:47Plughnow it's 95
23:45:23PlughI left the house this morning at 18% charge and got to work an hour and a half later with 30%
23:45:35Plughlistening the whole time
23:46:23Plughas long as I can listen to my tunes, I'm not all hung up on what the battery meter says
23:46:31PlughI've never actually had it run out
23:46:41scott666yeah, me neither
23:46:42Plughdoh! 97% now
23:47:12scott666i got it flashing 7% left once
23:53:20PlughI didn't see the deep discharge mode
23:54:26 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

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