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#rockbox log for 2003-07-29

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00:23:14*Plugh tosses Galik a mint
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00:29:53diddystar5hardeep: i just had a WPS idea centering the text!
00:31:14hardeep|awaydiddystar5: i believe there is already an open feature request for that
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00:33:06diddystar5hummm i'm not good enough to do that i wish i was...
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00:39:56diddystar5hey BoD[]
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00:51:02remuselinenbe: I tried loading rockbox on my archos but it doesn't seem to work
00:51:12remuselinenbe: I have the multimedia version
00:52:04remusall: do you have any idea if rockbox works on archos multimedia ?
00:52:25Plughit does not
00:52:47Plughthis team isn't doing work on the multimedia
00:53:27remusPlugh: so it only works on non-multimedia versions ?
00:53:47diddystar5the recorder rm, recorder, and player
00:54:33remusdiddystar5: I see ... that's a pity ...
00:55:00Plughit's a different CPU
00:55:10diddystar5remus: we would have to write never drivers, video and pic codecs....
00:55:11Plughdifferent DAC
00:55:39remusdiddystar5: do you know of any place that does have open soulrce for the multimedia ?
00:55:40diddystar5it's totaly differn't
00:55:44Plughmost of us don't even have a MM to play with
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00:56:07remusPlugh: ,08:-( ...
00:56:21Plughstart one up. Easy enough to start a Sourceforge project
00:56:28remusdiddystar5: it's also a different hw platform I would guess ...
00:56:54diddystar5remus: yes
00:57:17remusPlugh: ok, but where do you get all the docs, etc ?
00:57:17Plughall you need is someone with some hardware knowledge willing to rip their player apart to find out what CPU and DACs are available
00:57:29Plughreverse engineering
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00:58:15remusPlugh: but then you have to figure out the HW schematics, the ports that are used, etc
00:58:23Plughyou wanna send me a multimedia? I'd be happy to take it apart and document the disassembly procedure
00:58:38remusPlugh: ,08:-) ...
00:58:46Plughand I could even take pix of the chips and make best guesses as to the purpose of each one
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01:00:19diddystar5oooo boy o boy o boy send it to me not him!!!
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01:00:38remusPlugh: ,08:-) ... I just bought mine for 300$ including shipping at ... including camera & card readers ...
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01:00:54remusdiddystar5 Plugh: now you guys have to decide ,08:-) ...
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01:00:57*diddystar5 has got to go
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01:01:43PlughI just payed $179 for my FM20. Why would I wanna go out and spend another $300 now?
01:01:56Plughbesides, there's already a project for the device I bought
01:02:24*Plugh is an evil bastard
01:03:01remusPlugh: to get the extra features ... and the ability to download your pictures from CF to the jukebox ...
01:03:01 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
01:03:25PlughI have a digi cam
01:04:19remusPlugh: that's a good enough reason if you don't want to have a bunch of CF cards around
01:04:51remusPlugh: that's if your digicam uses CF or smartmedia ...
01:06:06PlughCF hell
01:06:13PlughI use smartmedia
01:06:37PlughI've never filled it up, but I have 2 spare cards
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01:11:19tracktheripperhello chaps
01:12:03tracktheripperhello adimass
01:14:21 Join Sparks [0] (
01:14:33remusPlugh: it looks like you don't take too many pics ... but if you are on a long trip it's handy to be able to offload your pics on a HD
01:15:45SparksI have a question about the battery debug screen - it shows the voltage, but is it possible to see the amperage the batteries are pulling?
01:16:47Sparkswas the ? aimed at me T-T-R?
01:18:21Sparksok, if i charge a batter with a bench power supply, i can see both the voltage and the current the battery is pulling
01:18:28Plughremus: if I go on a long trip, I usually have a laptop around
01:18:42Plughhell, if I go on a short trip, I usually have a laptop around
01:18:59Sparksis it possible to see the current the battery is charging at?
01:19:16PlughI saw all that info
01:19:18remusPlugh: indeed, that would do it
01:19:20Plughit's in the docs dir
01:20:03Sparkswhen i am charging a battery on the bench PSU, i know the battery is done when the current drops off
01:21:01Plugh voltage charging current (limited only by the AJB)
01:21:01Plugh −−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−
01:21:01Plugh 7,0V 10 mA
01:21:01DBUGEnqueued KICK Plugh
01:21:01Plugh 7,5V 30 mA
01:21:01Plugh 8,0V 50 mA
01:21:03Plugh 8,5V 70 mA
01:21:06Plugh 9,0V 140 mA
01:21:08Plugh 9,5V 250 mA
01:21:11Plugh 10,0V 330 mA
01:21:13Plugh 10,5V 350 mA
01:21:16Plugh 11,0V 350 mA
01:21:18Plugh 11,5V 350 mA
01:21:21Plugh 12,0V 350 mA
01:21:33Sparksoh , ok
01:21:39Sparksis this tru of the FM?#
01:21:47Plughthat's what I have
01:22:08Sparksokay, so 350mAis the tops the batter will pull
01:22:28Plughthat's the charging current
01:22:33Plughnot the battery draw
01:23:21Sparksstrange...i plugged in a 1A 5v PSU - ist charged
01:23:26Sparksist -> it
01:23:41PlughA12: In our testing we found the following results:
01:23:41Plugh HDD off, backlight off, idle 94 mA
01:23:41Plugh HDD off, backlight off, play 97 mA
01:23:41***Alert Mode level 1
01:23:41Plugh HDD off, backlight on, idle 129 mA
01:23:41***Alert Mode level 2
01:23:41Plugh HDD off, backlight on, play 131 mA
01:23:44Sparksi then tried a 2A 5v PSU - it charges faster
01:23:44Plugh HDD on, backlight on, play 230 mA
01:23:46Plugh HD on, reading, backlight off ~ 600 mA
01:23:48Plugh HD spin up before read max 800 mA
01:24:06Plughis that kinda what you're looking for?
01:24:09Sparksboth were regulated
01:25:06Sparksanother question is, when doing a USB transfer with the supplied PSU, it seems to drain the battery
01:25:25Sparkswould a bigger PSU stop this - or it the archos throtteling it?
01:25:28Plughthe power is always fed to the unit off the batteries
01:25:56Plughso it will draw power while simultaneously charging
01:26:20PlughI highly recommend the BATTERY-FAQ.txt file in /.rockbox/docs
01:26:41Plughthere's a lot of technical information about batteries and charging
01:26:45Sparksokay, so it wants 600Ma - but the psu is throtteld at 350 then
01:26:58Plughincluding the differences between the Archos firmware and rockbox
01:27:01Sparksok, I will have a look at that then! - thanks
01:29:04tracktheripperI wonder why the Recorder has a "software charger"
01:29:13Sparksso if i were to remove the battery when the unit was on, what would happen?
01:29:21Plughit won't run
01:29:23tracktheripperDO NOT DO THAT SPARKS!
01:29:35Plughbecause it only runs off the batteries
01:29:46Sparksso it would just tun off
01:29:54tracktheripperI tried that
01:30:02PlughI wouldn't have
01:30:17PlughI do want to get some 2000-2100uA batteries
01:30:22Sparksah, but it doesnt!
01:30:34Sparksif the hdd is not spinning, it stays on
01:33:40Sparksso is the charger supplies enough power for the cpu, backlight etc, but not the HDD?
01:33:42***Alert Mode OFF
01:34:58Sparks....and is it possible to get higher capacity batteries for the FM?
01:35:19hardeepelinenbe: were there any other bugs you found in the viewer besides the M/Q issue?
01:36:06Plughthe docs seem to be written for all the players in general. Does the FM use non-standard batteries?
01:36:31PlughI've never opened mine up
01:36:38SparksThe FM has a 2200 mAh Lithum
01:36:58Sparksif you opo off the top cover, it slides out
01:36:58PlughI don't think there's anything higher on the market right now
01:37:09Sparksyou dont need to open the unit to get it!
01:37:39Plughokay. I was wondering about that
01:37:50Sparkswhat sort of life do you get on your FM wihen playing mp3's?
01:37:52PlughI'm considering getting an 80gig HD for mine
01:37:57Sparkssame here
01:38:03PlughI get more than 8 hours
01:38:11PlughI've never drained it
01:38:15Sparksi habe opened mine, but havent taken the disk out yet!
01:38:21Sparkswhat bitrate mp3's?
01:38:24Plughit always seems to find its way back to a charger
01:39:08Plughsupposedly you can use 16k mp3s
01:39:12Sparksokay, mine are mostly 192, and i seem to be getting less - i need to test it properly
01:39:19Plughbut I don't know why I would ever want to
01:39:45Plughtry raising the buffer size
01:39:55Plughset it to max
01:40:57Plughusing rockbox, of course. You can't set that in archos
01:41:03Sparks...just trying to get the batter cover back on...
01:41:51Sparksu mean Archos make firmware!?
01:44:29Sparksokay, where is the buffer settung :S
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01:44:53*Plugh guesses Sparks is German ;)
01:44:54Sparksthe Anti Skip Buffer?
01:45:00Plughthat's the one
01:45:09*Sparks is English
01:45:31*Sparks needs sleep, and a new keyboard :P
01:45:37Plughah. You make some common German misspellings of English words
01:45:51PlughI need sleep too. And a new kb as well
01:45:53Sparksi see what you mean!
01:46:18Plughyou were typing "ist" and "settung"
01:46:29Plughso I mis-guessed German
01:46:31Sparksbt surely the anti-skip buffer needs to be set to a low number to conserve battery power?
01:46:42Plughhigh number
01:46:49Plughit pre-reads more data
01:47:06Sparksbut does'nt high mean it will spin up more often?
01:47:23hardeepSparks: yes, you are correct
01:47:36Sparksso it will use more power!
01:47:40hardeepSparks: the higher the number, the more battery power is, potentially, used
01:47:59Sparksthat is what i thought! - hence it is 0
01:49:18hardeepyeah, it's best to leave it there
01:49:19PlughI would imagine that buffering to RAM would reduce disk spin time. If I could load an entire 5 minute song into memory, it would take like 2 sec of spin time
01:49:34hardeepPlugh: we always load as much as we can
01:50:01Sparksby default it will load as much as possible, doing anything else would be stupid
01:50:06hardeepPlugh: the anti-skip buffer determines the mimimum amount of buffer before we start reloading
01:51:06 Join bopman [0] (
01:51:20hardeepyou can see a visual representation in Menu->Debug->View mpeg thread
01:51:39Plughahh, where it says "do not enter"
01:51:57Plughbeyond here, there be monsters
01:52:03Sparkswhat is the short and long delta all about in the battery debug!?
01:52:23bopmanHi Folx! I'm a rockbox newbie with an installation question.
01:52:25Sparksmine is 16 and 849 right now
01:52:37bopmanWant to ask it before I do something I regret... :-)
01:52:56Sparksfire away bopman!
01:52:59hardeepSparks: i'm not familiar with the battery stuff... any info in the battery faq?
01:53:30bopmanQ: I can't see the AJBREC.ajz file without using DirectorySnoop
01:53:39bopmanBut in DirectorySnoop, it shows up as deleted.
01:53:44bopmanCan I safely undelete this file?
01:54:03bopmanSo I can rename it before installing RockBox? (and go back to it using Rolo?)
01:54:15bopmanThere...whew :)
01:54:29hardeepbopman: you can download it from the archos site
01:54:52hardeepbopman: better than undeleting
01:55:06bopmanAh...I didn't explain properly.
01:55:14Sparkshardeep: a serch for "delta" on the battery FAQ returns...nothing :(
01:55:19bopmanMy unit is working fine. I haven't done anything to it yet.
01:55:39Sparksis it running Rockbox?
01:55:40bopmanI just can't "see" the file using windows explorer, DOS shell or cygwin
01:55:44bopmanso I can't change its name.
01:55:53PlughI renamed my Archos OS file so I can just copy it back if there's a problem with rockbox
01:55:56bopmanIs it safe to undelete it?
01:56:18Sparksdoes the unit boot into rockbox?
01:56:20hardeepSparks: alas, then you'll have to look in the code...
01:56:42Sparkshardeep: ok, so i will ignore that then :P
01:56:56PlughI'd love to see Archos take some of the Rockbox changes to heart and write an optimized OS with a good feature set :)
01:57:03hardeepbopman: new units don't have a copy of the ajbrec.ajz file on disk, it's all in flash. However, you can download a copy of it from the archos website
01:57:03Sparksbopman: does your unit boot into rockbox?
01:57:07Plughbut there's always something to be said for hacking
01:57:33hardeepbopman: so, download that copy to your archos unit, rename it... then download the rockbox version and copy it
01:58:12bopmanI see. Thanks Hardeep. I'll try that.
01:58:29Plughoddly enough, when I bought mine it had a .ajz as well as the same fw in flash
01:58:35bopmanIt looks like someone had this unit before me; there's a ton of deleted files and .mp3s I never put on there
01:59:02bopmanSparks: No, I haven't installed Rockbox on it yet.
01:59:29Plughbopman: you buy it at Fry's?
01:59:40bopmanRadio Shack, of all places.
01:59:52Sparkssounds like it has been played with then!
01:59:56bopmanAnd it came in a hard plastic case; the kind you cut your hand off trying to open.
02:00:11Sparksblister pack?
02:00:15Plughyou can re-format it
02:00:18bopmanSounds like RatShack is selling refurbs!
02:00:32bopmanI can't prove it though.
02:00:41PlughI'd almost recommend a format
02:00:46Plughhow much was it?
02:00:53Plughyou probably got it at a discount
02:01:01Plugh gack!
02:01:06PlughMine was $179
02:01:08Plughfrom Fry's
02:01:10bopmanno wait $205
02:01:43bopmanHey you guys are great. One more question: what's the biggest HD you would recommend for expansion?
02:01:56bopmanI've seen 60GB, but don't know how stable they are with motion etc.
02:02:03PlughI saw 80
02:02:16bopmanThat must be like $800
02:02:17Sparks80 must be $$$$
02:02:32Plughthe thought of it makes me wanna spooge my jeans
02:03:02bopmanWhere would I get an 80GB for $279?
02:03:05Plughit's an Hitachi
02:03:25bopmanI just might do it. I have a 10 now. Kinda lame.
02:03:34Plughah. My 20 is full
02:03:39Plughquickly full will do that to you.
02:04:16Sparkshow is a Toshiba MK6021GAS 60GB 2.5" 9mm 12ms Notebook Hard Drive for GBP125 for value?
02:04:16Plughmy CD collection did that
02:04:46Plughsince Napster, I haven't been on p2p
02:05:02bopmanemusic isn't p2p. It's $10/mo all you can eat.
02:05:03Plughand only used Napster for about half its lifespan
02:05:23bopmanVery well organized too. Mostly indy stuff. Lots of great Jazz.
02:05:30Plughmostly I load up with my friends' DJ sets
02:05:40bopmanNot much rock/pop, but that's ok with me.
02:05:51Plughand the occasional book
02:06:11PlughHarry Potter book 5 encoded to 1.4gig
02:07:00bopmanThanks guys. C u l8r
02:07:12Plughseeya. Enjoy rockbox
02:07:24 Part bopman
02:08:16Sparksi have another question with the battery debug screen - on the last screen, where you see the Last PwrHist Val: - the number are off the screen - is this normal!?
02:08:20Sparks(on the FM)
02:08:23Plughwow. 65 messages on the list today
02:09:10Plughuse a smaller font?
02:09:47Sparksthis is with the default settings
02:10:14Plughmine does the same. It shows fully with the 5x7 font
02:10:42SparksPlugh: have you flashed you FM?
02:11:27PlughI just run it off the file
02:11:31Sparkshas anyone here flashed an FM?
02:11:39Sparks<same here>
02:11:52PlughI want the opportunity to switch back if something goes horribly wrong
02:11:54 Join earHurts [0] (
02:12:06 Quit Galik (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:13:01earHurtswhat's new?
02:14:38Plughdoing a cvs up to see how to answer that question ;)
02:15:19SparksI gotta go to bed now - catch you all later!
02:15:40*Sparks is outta here!
02:15:42 Quit Sparks ()
02:16:06PlughearHurts: which unit do you have?
02:16:34Plughcool. Lotta folx have that one, it seems. Including me
02:16:55Plughokie. No new cvs
02:18:56earHurts what battery life do you egt?
02:19:12Plughmore than 8 hours
02:19:18Plughprobably around 10
02:19:35earHurtsis that playing time?
02:20:42earHurtshow would you like 14 hours?
02:20:49PlughI'd love it
02:21:27earHurtswhat would you be willing to give up for it?
02:21:37PlughI haven't encountered any issues with battery life to date
02:22:14Plughso it's not worth anything to me at the moment
02:22:25Plughexcept maybe geek factor
02:22:46earHurtswhat bit rate do you play?
02:23:05PlughI have stuff from 96 to 256
02:23:34earHurts96? wow
02:23:47Plughspoken word, audio books, etc
02:24:00earHurtshigh for audio books
02:24:15Plughand some crummy recordings of the Church of the Subgenius radio show
02:25:16earHurtspriase Bob
02:25:27PlughHail, yeah!
02:26:12earHurtsI think I can increase the battery time by about 50%
02:26:28Plughby encoding all 256 to 128? :)
02:26:47earHurtsno, by changing some code
02:27:17PlughI'd love to hack mine up to 8meg RAM
02:27:33Plughthat'll supposedly boost life 30%
02:27:42earHurtsI changed my hdd to a 60GB
02:27:55PlughI was looking at an 80
02:28:18PlughI just stumbled into the archos hacking community yesterday
02:28:22 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
02:28:30PlughHitachi sells an 80
02:28:40Plughsame brand as the 20 in mine
02:28:44 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
02:28:52Plughit reads all 60gig in one partition?
02:28:53earHurtsI got the low noise fujitsu
02:29:09 Join matsl [0] (
02:29:20earHurtsI had to use linux utilities to partition it
02:29:26PlughI should look at power ratings for the drives
02:29:35Plughwhy'd you need to use Linux?
02:29:59earHurtswindows 2000 won't format > 32GB
02:30:17Plughahh yeah. XP will
02:31:23PlughI was fighting that battle a couple months ago when I was building my new desktop box
02:31:48earHurtsxp will?
02:32:05Plugh120gig for me
02:32:09earHurtsthe ms web page says not
02:32:28earHurtsnot for fat32, yes for ntfs
02:33:04Plughnot really a prob. I have Linux all over the place too
02:33:29Plughdid you have to format with Linux? Or just partition?
02:34:41Plughjust mkfs -t vfat ?
02:34:58earHurtsyeah, something like that
02:35:30Plughalrighty. I'll look into that when I decide to spend the money on the drive
02:39:45Plughit's gonna take a bit of research, finding which drives have the lowest power consumption during spin-up and run
02:40:41PlughI'll also be looking at shock test results
02:52:45 Quit remus (Remote closed the connection)
02:57:24 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
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03:00:45Plughgoing afk, but I'll stay logged on for months at a time. I'm like a bad cockroach infestation. You can't get rid of me
03:06:40 Join remus [0] (~remus@
03:15:18 Join jorbond [0] (
03:49:22 Quit jorbond ("Client exiting")
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03:51:02 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:51:05 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
04:20:45hardeepelinenbe: i uploaded a new version that fixes that M/Q bug. Please let me know if you encounter any others.
04:20:50 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: its shagadellic, baby!")
04:59:52remusPlugh: Archos Multimedia uses the following processor: TI DCS21
04:59:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:01:03Plughthanks remus. I found that info in the docs
05:01:26remusPlugh: what other info do you need in order to generate code for it ?
05:02:41Plughumm... seeing as I can't write a Hello, World program in C, I figure I probably need a lot of programming experience
05:04:30PlughI'm a software QA engineer by trade
05:04:47DBUGEnqueued KICK remus
05:04:47remusPlugh: hmmm ... well, you could just recompile the existing code for the new platform ,08:-) ...
05:04:47Plughthose who can't code, test
05:05:01remusPlugh: I see ... so you are testing the thing ...
05:05:18Plughyeah, and having a blast in doing so
05:05:22remusPlugh: this processor is not used in the other player ?
05:05:43Plughnot in the multimedia
05:05:50Plughit's way too slow
05:05:55remusPlugh: what other info do you need ?
05:05:59remusPlugh: I see ...
05:06:14remusPlugh: it looks like multimedia was discontinued ...
05:06:41Plughthat's odd. It's on the archos front page
05:06:49remusPlugh: I gotta go ... talk to you tomorrow ...
05:06:59remusPlugh: Yes it seems odd to me too ..
05:07:39remusPlugh: check here ... this is what he sais at least ...
05:08:12Plughah yeah
05:08:18Plughthey're pushing the 340
05:08:24Plughthe 20 is dead
05:08:52 Quit bronson (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:12:03 Join NateDog [0] (
05:13:20NateDoghas anyone ever seen the message "panic: kill disk"...I saw it a split second before I turned off my jukebox because it was acting up
05:15:57earHurtskill disk +9
05:20:14NateDogit works fine after reboot...the problem was that I heard a high-pitched whine and the song I was playing stopped abruptly...ah well
05:21:46earHurtsdid you run out of power?
05:23:26NateDogno...was at 30+%...I attempted a defrag, but it wasn't fragmented
05:24:46 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
05:25:33 Quit BoD[] ("z")
05:26:32PlughHey, Doc! It hurts when I do this!
05:26:36PlughWell, don't DO that
05:28:10PlughI wonder if Rockbox needs a particular filesystem state, or if it's sensitive to runtime changes
05:29:18Plughupdating cvs then I'll take a look
05:35:15Plughlooks to me that it's reading a more base function of the system than "rockbox code". The panic is reading the error code from the system.
05:38:12NateDogyou're probably right...panic...gotta love it
05:43:48earHurtsno, there's no more basic funcrion
05:44:21earHurtsafter the rom loads it up, it's rockbox all the way down
05:47:09NateDoghmm...the mystery message
05:51:00 Part NateDog
05:53:45Plughthe panic message has to be coming out of ROM then
05:54:03Plughcuz I just grepped the whole source tree and didn't find his error msg
05:54:23Plughbut I did find the panic code, which appears to be reading the message out of a memory location
05:55:23earHurtsyeah, another part of the code sewts up the messages, I'd guess
05:58:33Plughalright. I couldn't find it though
06:09:34 Join mecraw [0] (
06:23:11CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
06:23:11*Plugh compiles a cross-compiler... bleh. big and messy
06:33:13 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Hey baby, come sit on my lap. We'll talk about whatever pops up.")
06:35:48 Join scott666 [0] (
06:35:57scott666hey everyone
06:36:47earHurtshey scott
06:37:15earHurtshow many hours are you getting on a full charge?
06:37:25scott666dunno off hand
06:37:37scott666im trying to kill the battery at the moment
06:37:38scott666its hard
06:38:06scott666i have it playing on repeat on the battery status screen
06:38:15scott666im down to 13% and 2.87V
06:38:30earHurtsfm, right?
06:38:55earHurtsbattery % doesn't mean much
06:39:02earHurtswhat bit rate?
06:39:50scott666good idea
06:40:10scott666i think i have 320 somewhere
06:40:15earHurtswhy are you running it down?
06:40:25scott666topic on the list
06:40:46earHurtswhat topic?
06:41:10scott666fm battery metrics or something
06:41:24scott666i dunno
06:41:35earHurtsoh that was from me
06:41:37scott666someone mentions the volage at which the battery died
06:41:53scott666and i decided to find out since i was at like 10% battery
06:42:01earHurtsyeah, me
06:42:10scott666yeah, thats what i thought
06:42:28scott666its hard to figure out who people on the list are on irc, damn name changes
06:43:01scott666the voltage jumps down .3 when the disk spins up
06:43:05earHurtsif you play a cbr 320, you have ~1 hour left
06:43:19scott666i still have to wait an hour??
06:43:21earHurtsonly .3???
06:43:44scott6662.82~ to 2.5x
06:44:02scott666then back up
06:44:18scott666wtf are the deltas?
06:44:25earHurtsnevermind, sounds right
06:45:08earHurtsif you want to run down faster, go to the wps
06:46:27earHurtsstaying on battery gives you about 50% more time
06:47:37scott666no updating time and scrolling gives 50%??
06:47:38earHurtswps is more cpu intensive
06:48:11scott666and the progress bar
06:48:16earHurtswell, actually i expect the real cost is the seetings save
06:48:36scott666cause it can resume even if you hard shut-down?
06:49:02scott666bet thats it
06:49:35earHurtsI want to move that code to the mpeg thread, and not save the whole settings block, as now
06:50:03earHurtsfor the moment, I have a build that freezes the wps.
06:50:22scott666freezes it?
06:51:34earHurtsit gives me at least 20% more time
06:51:46earHurtsprobably closer to 50%
06:52:09earHurtsit stops updating the wps when the backlight goes off
06:52:42scott666so its best to have caption on?
06:53:08earHurtsit ignores caption
06:53:27scott666i thought caption turned the backlight on at songchage
06:53:54earHurtsmy mod turns /off/ when the backlight goes off
06:54:10earHurtsit doesn't turn on until a key is pressed
06:55:21scott666so it kills the LCD?
06:55:29scott666just displays nothing?
06:55:48earHurtsno, just stops updating it
06:56:00scott666does it still scroll?
06:56:07scott666does time still count?
06:56:36earHurtsno, no
06:56:46earHurtsno screen update
06:57:28scott666and when you press a button it updates?
06:57:57scott666that could be useful
06:58:10scott666cause like it at shcool its in my pocket most of the time
06:58:35scott666but when it isnt i like to stare at the screen/play worm
06:58:59earHurtsit only affects the wps
06:59:06scott666how long does it wait to time out?
06:59:37scott666no i mean how long does it wait until it freezes the screen
06:59:53scott666does it sit and continue updating for 5s?
06:59:56scott666(or so)
06:59:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:00:05earHurtswhatwver backlight is set to
07:00:33scott666i have to run some tests
07:00:51scott666how long it lasts with backlight off the whole time, and how long with it on
07:01:02earHurtsI'll have a beta build tomorrow night
07:01:21earHurtsyou can grab it if you'd like
07:01:23scott666you should add a menu option for it
07:01:49earHurtseventually I will
07:01:57scott666thing is, it's summer, i don't have a school to test at
07:02:30earHurtswell, I spent today testing baseline and my mod
07:02:48scott666it sounds interesting
07:03:22earHurtsI'm going to try a few more things
07:03:38scott666i would love to get RLD solved
07:03:40earHurtsand then put out a proof of concrpt build
07:03:56earHurtsrld does annoy
07:04:02scott666the idea is interesting
07:04:21scott666ive seen SP too
07:04:34scott666silent play
07:04:42scott666the time still counts but no sound comes out
07:05:06scott666more annoying becuase it doesnt resume properly
07:06:23earHurtsgotta go
07:06:27 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
07:27:58 Join CmdrData [0] (
07:28:05CmdrDataHey folks...
07:28:13CmdrDataIm having an extensive problem
07:28:20CmdrDataAnyone alive in here that could perhaps assist me
07:29:56CmdrDataAnyone here?
07:36:46CmdrDataANYONE OUT THERE?
07:37:47scott666i was alt-tabbed
07:38:00scott666whats your extensive problem?
07:38:42CmdrDataHey man
07:39:04CmdrDataWell, when I turn my Archos JukeBox Studio20 On, it immediately goes into USB mode
07:39:07CmdrDataand then powers down
07:39:31CmdrDataYou see my good man...I dropped my Archos into a swimming pool.
07:39:39CmdrDataWhich is not good.
07:39:44CmdrDataFor anyone.
07:39:45scott666problem solved
07:39:50CmdrDataI let it dry for 4 days
07:39:55CmdrDataturned it on, working...
07:39:59CmdrDataI was playing things fine.
07:40:06CmdrData"Wow, I thought", how lucky
07:40:18CmdrDataWell you see, I then plugged it back into me MACHINE here
07:40:31CmdrDataadded a few Howard Stern MP3's, logged out, unplugged
07:40:39CmdrDataAnd uhhh...
07:40:42CmdrDataturn ER' On here
07:40:44scott666and it still thinks its plugged in?
07:40:46CmdrDataand what do i get?
07:40:48CmdrDataUSB MODE!
07:40:55scott666did you look to see if somethings stuck in there?
07:41:16CmdrDatauh, yea..dont see anythin
07:41:43scott666id suggest opening it up and looking for any water damage
07:41:55scott666or anything else that shouldnt be
07:42:11CmdrDataAre you proficient in Archos repair?
07:42:12scott666cause this is almost definitely a hardware issue
07:42:31scott666no but i can pretend to be
07:42:44scott666i have an FMR in any case
07:42:49CmdrDataMaybe someone who is like Scotty from Star Trek could help me
07:42:59scott666but theres always the mods page to see what things SHOULD look like
07:43:00CmdrDataBecause if I unscrew stuff, its gonna be bad...real bad
07:43:09CmdrDataIll make things work ya see
07:43:24scott666well you have to take the sea monkeys out some how
07:43:25CmdrDataWhat I need is a good technical crewman.
07:43:52scott666open it up and shake it
07:44:12scott666how far into the swimming pool did it get?
07:44:23scott666sunk to the bottom?
07:44:31CmdrDataI was holdign it when it went under
07:44:35CmdrDatathe genious that i am
07:44:42CmdrDataI flipped over while on a tube
07:44:48scott666i was gonna say something to that effect
07:44:51CmdrDataonly under for like half a sec
07:45:08scott666archos in the pool? thats fucking brilliant!
07:45:16CmdrDataOH YEA
07:45:35CmdrData::southern accent:: Know anyone whos good at fix'n things
07:45:35scott666put it in a ziplock bag next time
07:45:46CmdrDatahey, what a good idea....ERRRR, next time
07:45:47CmdrDatatoo late
07:46:27scott666they should make a water-proof bag
07:46:34CmdrDatathere must be some RockBOX person that I can magically send this too and they'll be like
07:46:43CmdrDatathank you come again
07:46:57scott666got a warranty?
07:47:24scott666cause telling best buy it doesnt work and you dont know why is a good way to get a new one
07:48:05scott666i was gonna buy one, but it was $40 and i figured chaging the HD would void it
07:48:26scott666i recently hit the 20gig mark
07:48:33CmdrDatayea, same here
07:48:48CmdrDataI was thinking of getting an ipod, but there mega expensive
07:48:55CmdrDataIf I could get this fixed, it would be good for me
07:49:53scott666i considered ipod
07:50:03scott666and then i remembered my hate for mac
07:50:13CmdrDatayea, u can use it with PC though
07:50:30scott666and that i would MUCH rather use explorer than itunes
07:50:37scott666but can you use linux?
07:50:41CmdrDataNot sure
07:50:44CmdrDataproly noy
07:51:13CmdrDataWhere could I send this to get it fixed?
07:51:45scott666or this other place
07:51:50CmdrDatawhat other place
07:51:56scott666i cant remember
07:52:02scott666but they had repair and upgrades
07:52:08scott666someone mentioned it on the list
07:52:18CmdrDataHmm...any clue?
07:52:21scott666or you might be able to sell it to someone for cheap
07:52:30scott666or sell it on ebay as-is
07:52:33CmdrDataI'd rather get it fixed
07:53:39CmdrDatagood idea
07:55:46scott666i found a page which describes how to replace the DC in
07:58:55scott666grrr these are all 'buy a used archos' pages
07:58:56CmdrDataYea, that repair page, newmp3technology, charges 100
07:59:12CmdrData100 upfront cost...
07:59:23scott666thats the site!
07:59:41scott666terrible prices
08:00:10scott666$480 for an FM with a 60gb HD
08:01:50scott666and they charge you $70 to get the old HD back
08:04:09CmdrDatai'd rather just put the money towards a new player
08:04:46CmdrDataim outta here man
08:04:52 Quit CmdrData ()
08:12:10*Plugh laughs his ass off at CmdrData
08:14:39 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (
08:23:23scott666(it's 1:24 here)
08:25:33scott666who brings an archos in a pool, honestly?
08:32:15Plughsomeone deserving of lots of laughter?
08:33:08*Plugh playing records now (vinyl ones)
08:38:01scott666the format for true audiophiles
08:40:14Plughhard to listen to on the train though
08:40:19Plugha little too bumpy
08:41:03scott666just a bit
09:00:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:10:32*Plugh drools at the thought of a virtually unlimited amount of program data space for Rockbox
09:11:19 Join Bagder [241] (
09:13:57Bagderhey ho
09:14:37dwihnoWinky! :D
10:12:30 Join juz` [0] (
10:21:54 Join Guest [0] (
10:22:57Guesti need help
10:23:04Bagderwith what?
10:24:03Guestwhen i want to flash my recorder rockbox says "security check failed" what can i do?
10:24:46Bagderno idea
10:24:55*Bagder is a flash cluebie
10:26:00 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
10:26:11adi|homehmmm anyone around that is in the plugin loading plugin converstaion?
10:26:27BagderI'm merely reading it ;-)
10:26:58adi|homei kinda like the idea...
10:27:05adi|homebut not sure how far it will go yet...
10:27:16adi|homei like the paging idea...
10:27:32adi|homebut i don't know how the 'writing the memory to disk' will play out
10:27:37Bagderwell, I like that part too
10:27:49BagderI don't like one plugin knowing and running a specifc other named plugin
10:27:58adi|homeright.. i agree with that..
10:28:06adi|homethats part of the reason i was looking for converstaion
10:28:10Bagderit would need some special system to know what to run
10:28:15adi|homei was thinking maybe a queue like we have for songs
10:28:48adi|homerun, check queue, if empty, run
10:28:59adi|homeelse, page to disk, run next item on queue
10:29:46adi|homebut plugins not being indepentent is bad
10:30:22Bagderfor a plugin to run another plugin to show a .txt, it should probably run a function like playfile(filename)
10:30:35Bagderand a plugin that shows .txt would need to register for it
10:30:56Bagderor something
10:34:42Harlequinquestion for the coders among you. Would it be difficult to write a plug in that will display the text content of pdf documents?
10:35:21BagderI don't know
10:35:26adi|homeneither do i
10:35:37BagderI guess it would take some parsing
10:35:45Bagderbut it is probably doable
10:35:49adi|hometo me the idea of reading a book on the recorder still seems a streach anyways
10:36:10PsycoXuladi|home: nah
10:36:13PsycoXulauto-scroll is the way
10:36:23PsycoXulor word flashing
10:36:23HarlequinIt'd just be for basic browsing. I've got buckets of ebooks stored on it.
10:36:29PsycoXulboth can be considered speed reading
10:36:33PsycoXulyou don't even have to move your eyes
10:36:46adi|homei guess..
10:36:50BagderHarlequin: isn't it smarter to convert them to ascii on a PC and read them as .txt with Rockbox?
10:36:51adi|homemy unit isn't stable enough to do it..
10:38:08HarlequinIt would be, but i don't really want to duplicate the documents
10:43:14HarlequinI think the main problem I'd hit with viewing pdfs is that most of mine are several MB. Recorder probably couldn't cope.
10:43:34Bagderwell, it wouldn't load all of it at once, only scanning through it
10:43:52dwihnoIs xpdf GPL?
10:43:58BagderI think so
10:44:09Bagderthere's ghostscript too
10:44:11dwihnoThen there's a way to do it.
10:44:27Bagderwhich is used for "ps2ascii" and "pdf2ps"
10:44:38Bagderso yes, there's code to read
10:45:06HarlequinThat'd be nice. The spec for pdf format is thousands of pages long. :)
11:00:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:03:57Bagderheh, even the ipod isn't capable of playing ogg (reading the ipodlinux pages)
12:24:46 Join TotMacher [0] (
12:48:11 Quit juz` ()
13:00:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:54:20 Join NibbIer [0] (
13:58:07 Join earHurts [0] (
13:58:22earHurtsanyome here?
13:59:11earHurtsI have a mod that I think increases battry life by 30-50%
13:59:31Bagderwhat does it do?
13:59:44earHurtsI want to find some testers fot it.
14:00:13earHurtsIt's pretty simple:
14:00:40earHurtsIt does'nt update the wps once the backlight goes out
14:01:14Bagderjust that saves 30%?
14:02:01earHurtsat least 20%, probably closer to 40%
14:02:49earHurtsa non-modifies played 5 hours of continuous 320 cbr.*
14:03:14earHurtsstarting at 3.8 volts
14:03:44earHurtsthe modified played close to 6 hours starting at 3.7
14:04:24earHurtsthus the 20% figure. The numbers are a bit better, I think, for lower bitrates
14:05:56earHurtsBut testing of course required 5 + 6 + recharge time hours. So I'm looking for testers to verify the numbers, and to test recorders
14:07:06earHurtsI also want to test a less agressive version which would update the screen while still saving power
14:09:26earHurts Interested in being a tester?
14:10:00BagderI don't think I'm suitable, I don't use my archos much atm
14:11:21earHurtsThat makes you perfectly suitable. You won't miss it, or mind playing the same album over and over again
14:12:43 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:13:45earHurts Why aren't you using your archos?
14:14:06BagderI'm in front of my computer all day long
14:16:10earHurtsPerfect. So you can just turn on your archos, and record the voltage every half hour. You're the perfect tester. ;)
14:17:10earHurtsSince friday, I've been playing the same two albums, over and over, to test the battery life
14:17:32earHurtscontinuous repeat for up to 13 hours at a time
14:18:48earHurtsSitting at work, in bars, on the subway, taking out my pda to record voltage levels against elapsed time.
14:23:32earHurtsIs there room in the queue for another thread?
14:23:50BagderI think so
14:24:00Bagderits only a set maximum, it can be enlarged
14:26:03earHurtssettings are saved with ata_delayed_write. Can ata_delyaed_write write to abitrary diles, or just to the setttings data?
14:26:27BagderI'm not sure
14:26:39BagderI think it writes a single sector
14:26:47Bagderso it isn't that suitable for file writing
14:27:12earHurtsfile i/o is buffered or not?
14:27:17Bagderit is
14:27:54earHurtshow can I flush it?
14:28:35earHurts(sorry, I'm more used to c++ i/o)
14:28:52Bagderfsync() I think
14:29:36earHurtsfsync( filedescriptor ) ?
14:31:39earHurtsthanks for you help.
14:31:52Bagderno problemos
14:33:09 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
14:35:14 Join earHurts [0] (
14:38:58earHurtsrockbox's printf formatters don't support the L modifier do they?
14:39:46earHurtsHow can I printf a long?
14:39:54BagderL is not for long
14:39:59Bagderl is
14:40:10earHurtscapital I?
14:40:28Bagderno, lowercase L
14:40:34Bagderbut in rockbox ints and longs are the same
14:40:38Bagderso it 'l' is not needed
14:40:41Bagder%d works fine
14:41:04earHurtsare longs 16 or 32 bits?
14:41:14Bagderints and longs are the same
14:41:23earHurtsoh, ok
14:42:07earHurtsand %u for unsigned long?
14:42:07 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:42:15 Join elinenbe [0] (
14:42:30Bagdernormally, yes, but that isn't supported ;-/
14:53:50 Quit ricII|work ("Client exiting")
15:00:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:05:50 Nick seb-sleep is now known as secretagentseb (
15:06:56 Join Guest [0] (~jirc@
15:07:35 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
15:07:58 Join MP3glee [0] (~jirc@
15:13:03 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
15:16:05MP3gleeWhat are the plans to enable 'retro recording' on the FM Recorder?
15:16:15Bagderlinus is working on it
15:16:29Bagderit'll be for the normal recorder as well
15:16:46dwihnoretro recording?
15:16:50Harlequinwhat's retro recording?
15:16:58MP3gleeGreat. You guys are unbelievable. Well worth contributing to.
15:17:19MP3gleeThe Archos firmware for the FM Recorder records the previous 30 seconds of
15:17:21Bagderretro recorder means that when you press "record" it already has N seconds of data recorded
15:17:24MP3gleeFM content.
15:17:56HarlequinThe radio isn't up to sctratch anyway. Very disappointing.
15:18:06MP3gleeThat way if you hear something and want to capture it, press record.
15:18:10Bagderit makes sense for mic recordings too
15:19:06dwihnoWhen you've heard something juicy and realize, "damn, I should've recordered that" :)
15:19:36Bagderalthough of course you must've activated the retro function first :-)
15:20:29MP3gleeSeems some of the FMR radios are better than others. Manufacturing? Mine=good.
15:20:54MP3gleeI even need a 'local' function to filter out some of the weaker stations.
15:21:03MP3gleeLive in Denver, Colorado USA
15:21:03HarlequinI stopped trying to use the radio about a week after I got the FM Recorder. You have to stay perfectly still to keep a decent signal.
15:21:21MP3gleePerhaps reception merely good here.
15:21:59HarlequinMaybe so. Everything's crap here. Wouldn't suprise me if the radio stations were lazy about frequency range.
15:22:41HarlequinI was expecting a decent lock in amp though.
15:23:51MP3gleeAnybody working on the ROCKbox search function?
15:27:49 Quit MP3glee ("Leaving")
15:30:16 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
15:30:17 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:30:18 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
15:47:04 Join nevs [0] (
15:47:53nevsanyone here
15:48:18nevsdo u know anything about kazaa?
15:48:32Bagdertry google
15:49:04nevsdo u know if kazaa lite has spyware or addware ?
15:49:10Bagdertry google
15:49:40Bagderkazaa has bazillion spywares
15:49:49Bagderbut there exist hacks that work around them
15:50:22nevswhat about kazaa lite?
15:50:37Bagdertry google
15:50:50Bagderthis is #rockbox, not #kazaa
15:51:27nevsim just asking
15:53:02 Join bopman [0] (~roblewis5@
15:53:13bopmanHi Folx!
15:53:35bopmanI had a cool idea; don't know if anyone's on it yet.
15:54:12bopmanhow about a program that reads the mp3 headers,
15:54:21bopmanand speaks them out loud.
15:54:33Bagderyou mean the id3 tags
15:54:38bopmanyeah - those.
15:54:52bopmanby using a software speech synthesizer,
15:55:00Bagderyeah, someone once suggested a word database with all the common words as separate mp3 files
15:55:00bopmanwe could create our own "radio station".
15:55:33Bagderon rockbox, you can't do "speech synth" you can only do mp3
15:56:00bopmantrue, but on the pc, the mp3's and corresponding playlist could be generated, then copied.
15:56:25bopmanI just got an FM transmitter for my car. Only thing missing is Eric Jackson telling me what was just played,
15:56:27bopmanand who was on it.
15:56:36nevswhats the origanal batteries put in the archos studio 20?
15:56:41bopmanI'm serious. This would be mega cool.
15:56:52Bagdernevs: 1500mAh
15:57:04nevs1800mah wont hurt it yeah?
15:57:17Bagderit'll just make it run longer
15:57:22nevsill go and buy some
15:57:40nevswhen do u have to replace ur battaries?
15:57:52bopmanwhen they no longer hold a charge.
15:58:10nevscuase i had mine player for a year
15:58:41nevsand if i charge it for lets say 4 hours , ill get half an hour maz playing time at nearly the lowest volume setting
15:58:58bopmantime for new ones, I'd say
15:59:13bopmanDid you try the deep discharge?
15:59:26nevsno, im not on rockbox
15:59:29nevsi will be
15:59:33bopmangive it a whirl
15:59:44nevsive tried it before its very good
16:00:25nevsbut i cant now becuase my ac/dc adpater broke, so i ordered another one (the unviersal adapter) and i waiting for it then ill update to rockbox again
16:01:13 Quit mecraw (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:01:41nevshey u know when you plug in ur archos while connectect to the pc, does it really keep the batteries charging and not lossing power?
16:05:12 Part nevs
16:05:57 Quit bopman ()
16:26:02 Join snwcrash [0] (
16:26:40snwcrashi have a question if anyone isnt idle
16:27:06Plughtry? There is no try. DO!
16:27:17snwcrashokay the harddrive in the archos recorder FM 20
16:27:44snwcrashis a standard labtop HD
16:27:56snwcrashis it formatted FAT32?
16:28:03Bagderwell, its a 9.5mm 2.5" one at least
16:28:37Plughyes, FAT32
16:28:43snwcrashokay here is my deal. the USB port on my Archos recorder FM 20 broke off the board
16:28:46snwcrashand is rattling in side
16:28:59Plughif you wanna format it over 32gig you'll prob need Linux
16:29:22Plughyou have to pre-format a new drive you wanna put in the archos
16:29:29snwcrashi am gonna fix it my self
16:29:48snwcrashi know it still works like nothing got shorted out or anything. the usb port just needs to be resolderd
16:30:02snwcrashbut i wanna back up all my music i had on there first
16:30:24snwcrashand i was wondering if it would run into any troubles hooking up the notebook HD to my pc
16:30:24Bagderjust smack into your pc
16:30:29snwcrashi have an adapter
16:30:39snwcrashso it should work fine
16:30:41Bagdermany people have done so before
16:31:12snwcrashyou know anyone with the USB port falling off
16:31:32PlughI know someone who cooked their USB port off ;)
16:32:14snwcrashdid they fix it okay?
16:32:17snwcrashor did they RMA it
16:32:23Plughdropped their archos in a pool, and now it's stuck in USB mode
16:32:38Plughhappened yesterday. dunno what they're gonna do
16:32:47snwcrashopen it up
16:32:49snwcrashand blow dry that
16:32:54snwcrashand replace the batt
16:32:54Plughthey did
16:33:20snwcrashi accidently came across the rockbox site
16:33:23snwcrashi am soo excited
16:33:28Plughthe thought is that the chlorine has caused corrosion in the traces
16:33:32snwcrashi cant wait to get my archos working again
16:33:38snwcrashi am gonna throw that firmware on it
16:33:40PlughI'm addicted now
16:34:00 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
16:34:04PlughI ran into the site 2 days ago and now I have an sh1 cross-compiler under Linux
16:34:14Bagdersnwcrash: so you haven't seen it yet? wooo ;-)
16:34:31PlughI've also convinced people to look at memory management in a new light ;)
16:34:35BagderPlugh: that's the spirit! ;-)
16:35:07PlughI'm no coder, but I have some good ideas. heh
16:35:20snwcrashyeah like i never really liked the menus and layout of the archos. like scrollin is a bitch and all
16:35:25snwcrashseems like rockbox will fix all that
16:35:25PlughI'll certainly be hacking around with what I have
16:35:39Plughscroll is easier in rockbox
16:36:05Plughand the inverse bar scroller is 10x better than the little arrow that was impossible to see
16:36:19BagderI don't even remember the archos fm
16:36:35snwcrashits teh sux
16:36:50snwcrashhave people successfully upgraded the HD in the archos
16:36:54snwcrashto like 60 or 80GB
16:36:58PlughI have a copy sitting on my hd for emergencies
16:37:22PlughI figure I'm gonna need it if I'm running my own code ;)
16:37:23snwcrash2.5 drives are quite expensive tho
16:37:33Plugh$279 for 80gig
16:37:45Plughthat's what I really want in my fm20
16:38:03snwcrashthats sick storage
16:38:16PlughI could still fill it :(
16:38:32snwcrashyou know whats sick those iPods. they are soo damn expensive
16:38:35snwcrashits rediculous
16:38:36Bagderyes, people have upgraded to all sorts of disks, up to at least 60GB
16:38:50Plughone of my co-workers got a 15gig iPod
16:39:03Plughexpensive? Yeah. Slick as hell though
16:39:11Plughthe interface is a dream
16:39:34Plughthe font is incredibly readable
16:39:46Plughthough I think Archos now has a charcoal font
16:39:54Plughit's pretty sweet
16:40:00hardeepPlugh: try the "Chicago" font on the jukebox
16:40:06hardeepPlugh: and compare to ipod font. :)
16:40:08Plughoh, that's the one
16:40:11Plughyeah I know
16:40:23PlughI was goofing with fonts the other day
16:40:40Plughthe one I'm using now is compact and legible
16:41:09Plughsome of the debug screens are illegible without a tiny font
16:41:28Plughthey're not set to scroll text, so it just goes off the edge
16:41:42snwcrashyou think its going to be difficult soldering that usb port back on?
16:42:21Plughyou're working with some tiny connectors. You'll need a low wattage iron, tiny solder, and a steady hand
16:42:46snwcrashyeah ill smoke a few cigs before hand
16:43:42Plughnicotine causes a stress reaction in the circulatory system. Constrict blood vessels, causes an increased heart rate, etc
16:46:01snwcrashyou could get hit by a drunk driver walking across the street
16:47:16snwcrashso the rockbox also improves sound quality?
16:47:44Bagderthe high pitch sound is gone
16:48:21PlughI didn't say smoking was fatal. I said it's not the best drug to stop a shaky hand on the soldering iron. ;)
16:48:58Bagderrockbox also allows much louder volume ;-O
16:50:45PlughOh yeah. I noticed that part right away
16:52:24PlughI'm suffering from cat paralysis
16:52:42Plughmy new kitten has taken over my lap and I can't get ready for work
16:53:40snwcrashnice talking to all of you
16:53:44snwcrashthanks for the help
16:53:46snwcrashbai bai
16:54:00 Quit snwcrash ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 2520")
16:54:13Plughugly script
17:00:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:12:06 Quit Harlequin ("Client exiting")
17:12:14 Join jorbond [0] (
17:12:31jorbonddo i have to log in to sourceforge to reply to a patch
17:13:21Plughyou can bring up the issue here or join the mailing list
17:13:38jorbondwell i saw the nim plugin for the player
17:13:43jorbondand it had some bugs in it
17:13:45jorbondso i fixed them
17:13:46Plughmailing list may get more response :)
17:14:09Bagderyou can comment anonymously
17:14:10Plughpost a patch to the list
17:14:22jorbondcan i post files?
17:14:29Bagderit was just updated on sf btw
17:14:42BagderI don't think so
17:14:45Plugha diff should be okay
17:14:53Bagderdiff is better
17:15:10jorbondsry about that
17:15:34Bagderthat update is your update, right?
17:15:45jorbondwhat do u mean
17:15:50Bagderon sourceforge
17:15:56jorbondi wrote the fixes
17:16:10jorbondbut the other guy wrote the program
17:16:47BagderI'd say you first make a diff, then mail that to the author and post it to the tracker
17:16:59Bagdersince it isn't in CVS yet
17:17:29Bagderand when Pierre reacts, I can add it to cvs
17:18:12 Quit TotMacher (No route to host)
17:18:55jorbondwas trying to think of games that can be made for the player
17:19:12jorbondso far i have blackjack, and mastermind
17:22:26 Join Harlequin [0] (
17:24:01 Quit Harlequin (Client Quit)
17:25:17Plughdid you look at the chip8 patch?
17:25:43Bagdernot recently
17:26:30Plughthere's about 20 games that'll play on the archos
17:26:33Bagderit really should be made as a plugin
17:27:02*jorbond wishes he would of bought a recorder instead
17:27:05PlughSpace Invaders is 2k
17:27:27 Quit jorbond ("Client exiting")
17:27:55PlughI dunno how well that would translate into a plugin
17:28:11 Join Harlequin [0] (
17:28:28Bagderwell, it could use a special extension for the games and work like the viewer plugin
17:29:00Plughit already uses a special extension
17:30:48Plughlooks like it may be possible to do as a plugin
17:30:58Plughthe code to support it is only a few k
17:32:07Bagdergotta go
17:32:10 Quit Bagder ("")
17:44:24 Join jorbond [0] (
17:45:20*scott666 wakes up *
17:45:25jorbondi know i have been asking a lot of questions on irc but i have one more, i cant view txt files on the player
17:45:39hardeepjorbond: what happens?
17:45:46jorbondit says "Can't Open /.rockbox/"
17:45:54jorbondand the txt file is in the root of the drive
17:46:13hardeepjorbond: ah, you need to create a "/.rockbox/rocks" directory and copy the text viewer plugin there
17:46:21jorbondoh ok
17:46:47hardeepjorbond: use the zip file from the daily builds page and unzip it directly to your jukebox
17:47:01 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
17:47:02hardeepjorbond: it will create the appropriate directories and copy all the files
17:47:05jorbondneed to write some docs, b/c the other feature that isnt written anywhere is that you hold down the stop to turn it off
17:47:09jorbondthank you
17:47:32jorbondit took me a week to find out that you do that to turn it off lol, i was just letting the bat. drain
17:48:16hardeepjorbond: that's not special to rockbox... the archos fw works the same way for shutting down
17:48:29 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:48:30scott666its not fw, its done in hw
17:48:45 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:48:52jorbondwell with the normal firmware you can press on and it will come up with that push stop to turn off screen
17:49:02hardeepscott666: right
17:49:11jorbondso i always turned it off with on+stop
17:51:11 Join diddystar5 [0] (
17:51:35jorbondwhoo it works thanks again
17:51:58diddystar5hardeep: your playlist viewer patch is cool :)
17:52:21hardeepdiddystar5: thanks... have you found any problems with it?
17:53:01diddystar5hardeep: nope, it works perfectly for me
17:54:39scott666i wanna view .m3u files damnit!
17:55:14hardeepscott666: that would be a separate module... likely a plugin
17:55:15scott666itd be nice if it were on F3
17:56:35scott666you could view a playlist thats been randomized!
17:56:37 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta Go!")
17:57:07hardeepscott666: hmmmm... that's what my viewer does
17:57:24scott666yeah but does it work if it isnt dynamic
17:57:44hardeepscott666: i'm going to change the name... dynamic = current playing playlist
17:57:59scott666good idea :-)
17:58:15scott666ata error -52
17:59:15scott666how the hell do i shut it down when its panicing?
17:59:29scott666there it goes
18:00:27scott666ahh youre right, i just only tested with dynamic ones
18:00:36hardeepscott666: are you booting from flash?
18:01:12hardeepscott666: you might want to mention that problem to [IDC]Dragon
18:02:23scott666i expect its because last night i tested to see what voltage it died at
18:02:41hardeepscott666: oh, so batteries were dead?
18:02:49scott666yeah but it was plugged in
18:02:59scott666but i assume thats the cause
18:03:34hardeepscott666: possibly, still might want to let him know
18:03:39jorbondi have to say the archos is horrible on low bats
18:23:35 Join _aLF [0] (
19:00:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:07:16*Plugh runs screaming off into the night
19:07:34*Plugh moseys back
19:07:42PlughTension breaker. Had to be done
19:10:43*scott666 slaps Plugh around a bit with a large trout
19:10:50 Join TotMacher [0] (
19:11:09 Quit TotMacher (Client Quit)
19:12:33*Plugh fuels his addiction
19:12:47Plughinstalling Cygwin and a dev environment on the laptop
19:17:03Plughit'll make my 2 hours of commute time more productive than the games of Freecell I've been playing
19:17:04 Quit Galik (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:17:46jorbondstupid cd drive is slower then a turtle
19:18:01jorbondhas taken me 20 min to rip 6 songs
19:18:14scott666what ripper?
19:19:35scott666what OS?
19:20:30jorbondhave a full spindle of cds that i want to rip to mp3 and put on my player but it will take a week lol
19:20:46scott666have you tried CDex?
19:20:53scott666or is that only win32
19:21:04scott666pretty sure its gpl
19:22:26jorbondthis prog rips the whole cd, converts it to mp3, and then names all of the files for me and sorts them in a dir
19:23:05scott666does it write tags too?
19:32:15 Quit jorbond ("im out")
19:34:33 Join edx [0] (
19:42:27 Join NibbIer [0] (
19:42:27 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:49:27 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:49:28 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:58:05elinenbehardeep: anything new with the patch?
20:12:30 Join Triple-z [0] (
20:15:26hardeepelinenbe: only the fix for that M/Q problem
20:18:58 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: double your pleasure, double your fun!")
20:20:41Triple-zanyone here use the flash boot?
20:21:22PlughI don't think I ever will
20:21:40PlughI'm too apt to use bleeding edge builds
20:23:49 Quit Hes (
20:23:49 Quit PsycoXul (
20:23:55NJoinPsycoXul [0] (psyco@
20:23:55NJoinHes [0] (
20:29:24scott666bleeding edges are easy enough to flash
20:29:34scott666with the ucls on the daily page now
20:30:48 Join combthins [0] (
20:32:04PlughI don't WANT to flash dailies ;)
20:32:11scott666why not?
20:34:01PlughI don't want to degrade the flash ram by doing too many flashes. Also, if a build is just plain broken, it'd be harder to pull it out
20:34:27PlughI don't want to have to hack in a serial cable ;)
20:34:29scott666oh. yeah. its only good for 100.000 times
20:34:59*Plugh is oldschool. Used to work with EEPROM
20:35:41PlughI have a lot of hang-ups about electronics that stem from old habits
20:36:52Triple-zso, its not recommened to try the flash boot?
20:37:07PlughTriple-z: don't let my neuroses stop you
20:37:33scott666i reccomend it
20:37:48scott666flashing every day, the chip will last 317 years
20:37:51Plughit speeds up the boot
20:37:58Triple-zyeah but im also worry..
20:38:08Triple-zi dont wanna fuck it up
20:38:18Plughbut one hiccup could render your unit a paperweight
20:38:42scott666but the hiccup would have to be within a 5 second timeframe
20:39:05Triple-zi dont really got it yet
20:39:17Triple-zwhats that ucl files?
20:39:29scott666ucl is the file flashing requires
20:39:45scott666its a compressed binarie
20:40:15PlughI'm a paranoid geek. I've had "harmless operations" turn my 200 day UNIX uptime into a week's downtime
20:40:52 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
20:40:53 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:40:56 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
20:45:01combthinsHello all
20:45:33combthinsPLayer with 2.0, with keylock on I used to get a blob between...
20:45:43 Quit _aLF (
20:45:48 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:45:50combthinsplay and pause symbols on display.
20:46:41combthinsNow with latest builds this has gone. Anyone know if it is deliberately removed for some reason, or has it got broken?
20:48:22scott666no idea, i dont have a player
20:49:11 Join rhyno666 [0] (
20:49:56 Join NibbIer [0] (
20:50:00 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
20:51:05 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:51:30 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Time wasted: all of it")
20:54:27NJoin_aLF [0] (
20:57:44 Quit scott666 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:59:01rhyno666i did?
20:59:13rhyno666hey, wtf?
20:59:15 Part rhyno666
20:59:26 Join rhyno666 [0] (
20:59:36 Quit rhyno666 ()
20:59:54 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
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21:01:54 Join scott666 [0] (
21:07:03 Join nevs [0] (
21:07:37nevshey scott
21:07:59nevsi found loads of spyware with kazaa, but changed to kazaa lite and found none
21:08:15scott666still not as good as winms
21:08:26nevsi used win mx before
21:08:32nevsto much queing!
21:08:45nevsit takes to long
21:09:02scott666depends on what you get
21:09:25scott666but i havnt seen the RIAA try to subpeona any winmx users
21:10:12nevswhat if u just download and dont share, can u be prosecuted for that?
21:17:00 Join kargatron [0] (
21:24:54 Part nevs
21:25:14 Quit Triple-z ("Bye :-")
21:26:35 Part kargatron
21:41:09 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:42:57 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:49:20Plughis anon CVS down?
21:50:36Plughapparantly not... wonder what's up
21:51:53scott666anon CVS has been down for months
21:52:56 Join ClosetPacifist [0] (
21:53:16PlughI just did an update on my Windows box
21:53:30Plughbut couldn't get one from Linux
21:54:26Plughlooks like it's working now
22:26:20 Quit scott666 ()
22:26:20 Quit ClosetPacifist (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:28:44 Join ClosetPacifist [0] (
22:37:02 Join NibbIer [0] (
22:37:03 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:42:00 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
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23:07:29 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:09:29 Quit combthins ()
23:20:39 Quit diddystar5 ("Gotta Go!")
23:39:12 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:43:40*Plugh watches the modes flow by
23:52:07Plughmy addiction to rockbox is getting worse. Making a mobile development platform. Installing the cross compiler on my laptop... or trying to

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