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#rockbox log for 2003-07-30

00:05:13Plughthis could take a while. Cygwin can be painfully slow at compiling
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00:44:50elinenbecygwin is not that slow for the firmware
00:45:27Plughprobably not
00:45:36Plughbut compiling gcc is a bear
00:45:51Plughbinutils took about an hour and a half
00:46:13Plughon a 1.0GHz P3
00:53:09Plughit took about a half hour on my 400MHz P3 Linux box
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01:05:32Guest57hi all
01:06:03Guest57is there a place where i could download the UCL version of the patch to get the 20-50% battery increase for the recorder 20
01:06:29Plughit's a blind study
01:06:37Plughbest to get on the mailing list
01:06:47 Join NibbIer [0] (
01:07:08Plughsome will get the battery improvement code and some will get other code
01:07:31Plughso basically, it's not ready enough for prime time that it's available as a patch
01:07:37Guest57but where could I get a compiled .ajz or .ucl file
01:07:53Guest57could u compile a version for me
01:08:07Plughwith the battery life patch?
01:08:14PlughI don't have that code
01:08:19Guest57as ucl for the recorder
01:08:24Guest57yes if you can
01:08:42Plughgo get the daily build off
01:08:53Plughfor whatever is latest
01:08:53Guest57I get it
01:09:20Guest57so it must be included ? but I do not thinkx as it still a patch
01:09:33Plughthe only difference between that and tomorrow's (so far) is some backlight code
01:10:02Plughit's not uploaded as an official code submission yet
01:10:10Guest57but is it really possible to get 20-50% incrzease
01:10:37Guest57it ll be really ... cool
01:10:37Plughget on the mailing list, read the archive, and send mail to the person who asked for assistance testing their code
01:10:49PlughWe'll know in a week I guess
01:11:01Guest57so u do not have under the hand
01:11:15Guest57ok I will email the developper of this patch
01:11:16PlughI sent him a mail like he asked
01:11:28Guest57 thanks
01:11:32Plughmaybe he sends me improved life code
01:11:34Plughmaybe not
01:11:40Guest57and what doers he reply
01:11:52Guest57so I ve to sleep now
01:11:53Plughhe's still collecting names and configs
01:12:02Plughnothing's gone out yet
01:12:04Guest57 bye,
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01:27:51Triple-zdoes flash boot gonna be included in next frimwares?
01:28:45Plughit's in current firmware
01:29:36Triple-zhmm i mean, like i that i wont have to get the zip etc
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01:35:32Plughwoot! Just built my first bios under Windows
01:35:44Jensingcan you also get help here
01:35:55Plughyou can ask
01:37:12JensingWell I am useing the new version of the Rockbox for my Archos Studio 10 and I have about 650 files. When I turn it on today in the car I could not see all my files, it said DIR BUFFER FULL
01:37:51JensingI could only see about 400 files
01:38:15JensingHow can I see all of my files
01:38:38Plughsounds like you put all the files in one directory
01:38:50Jensingwell yeah
01:38:55Plughthe default limit is 400 per dir
01:39:02Plughbut you can raise it using the menu
01:39:06Jensingok well how should i do that
01:39:16JensingWhat do you think I should be doing
01:39:34Plughgeneral settings, System, Max files in dir browser
01:39:43PlughI organized my music by genre
01:39:51Plughinto directories
01:40:10Plughat some points, my dirs go about 4 deep
01:40:16Jensingwell I use MusicMatch Jukebox, is there a way it can copy my files like that
01:40:38JensingIt would take a long time to do that
01:40:51Plughit took a while, but it was rewarding
01:40:57Jensingbut the genre is in the ID tag though
01:41:09Plughyou can open up the unit in My Computer
01:41:13Plughas a hard drive
01:41:34Plughthen you can sort however you want
01:41:50Jensingall of my music is in one folder (My Music) on my computer
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01:42:11Plughhiya track
01:42:35JensingMusicMatch sorts my music on my HD from the ID tags
01:43:07PlughJensing: you can raise the limit to over 6000 songs in a directory, if that's how you prefer to sort
01:43:13PlughI find it unwieldy
01:43:38Jensingyeah but then that way i can just copy a M3U file
01:43:51Plughso can I
01:44:05Plughyou don't need all the files in the same directory for a playlist to work
01:44:27Jensingwell how can I do that
01:44:40Jensingraise it over 600
01:44:57Plughgeneral settings, System, Max files in dir browser
01:45:43JensingI dont see that
01:45:57Plughare you in the menu now?
01:45:57JensingI see general settings, System, no Max
01:46:31Plugh3rd option from the top on mine
01:46:54PlughI'm running Friday's daily build right now
01:46:55JensingIdle poweroff is mine
01:47:30Plughohh... studio 10 is different I think
01:47:32Jensingthis is the file i downloaded
01:47:34PlughI have an fm20
01:47:55Plughtrack, you know about this?
01:48:24PlughJen needs to increase the max files displayed per directory
01:48:38Plughmy menu appears to be different
01:48:39JensingI am useing rockbox-2.0 for my Archos Studio 10
01:48:41tracktheripperwell i dunno because i use playlists to organise the music not folders
01:48:44Plughoh, wait.
01:48:55Plughthat's an old build
01:49:00Jensingoh it is
01:49:08Plughget the daily build
01:49:08Jensingwhere can i get a new one
01:49:26Jensingis it on the same site
01:49:36Plughone of the links is daily builds
01:49:48tracktheripperthe sourceforge website is broken again
01:49:59Jensingok i see
01:51:01Jensingmod, rocks, full what one do you think i need
01:51:24JensingI have the Archos Jukebox Studio 10
01:52:25Plughyay! My new build works
01:56:48tracktheripperi can't be bothered to "flash" my JB
01:57:02Plughnot worth flashing, imo
01:57:16PlughI'll be swapping out fw left and right
01:57:24tracktheripperif the flashing goes wrong you are out of luck
01:57:29Plughsome devs give me shit about it
01:57:37Plughbut I stand by my decision
01:58:42tracktherippersometimes I need to use the Archos firmware for recording and playlist editing
01:58:45tracktheripperand file management
01:59:48Plughheh. If I ever have to manage files using the archos fw again, I think I'd go into a murderous rampage
01:59:57Plughit's so unintuitive and painful
02:00:44tracktheripperwell for me its perfect
02:00:51tracktheripperthat is Rockbox's Achille's heel
02:00:58tracktheripperpoor playlist and file handling
02:01:04PlughI'm excited about Tom's battery saver patches
02:01:27PlughI've always built playlists and managed files on the PC
02:01:37tracktheripperI keep the Archos firmware along side Rockbox solely for playlist making and file management
02:01:54tracktheripperand for using the Archos on-the-fly disk drive diagnosis
02:03:39JensingDir Buffer Is Full
02:03:39 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
02:03:43Jensingi still keep getting it
02:03:56Plughdid you set the max?
02:04:11Plughit should be in the menu now
02:04:20Jensingyes i did
02:04:37Jensinglike i said it is still telling me Dir Buffer Is Full
02:04:58Plughit could be. You don't have a lot of memory in the unit
02:05:25JensingI found out what oit was
02:05:38JensingI needed to reboot the unit
02:05:46Plughyeah, that'll do it
02:05:54JensingI am such a kiddie
02:05:57Jensingon that one
02:05:59Jensingsorry again
02:06:09Jensingbut thanks for the help
02:06:20 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:06:30Plughthink about sorting ;)
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02:19:52Plughhey Scott
02:20:29Plughjust finished building my first firmware under Cygwin
02:20:39Plughcopied it over and it works
02:20:53Plughnow I have something to do with my spare time riding the train
02:21:03Plughlike rewriting the memory code ;)
02:21:16scott666much better than freecell
02:22:08Plughas far as freecell, it's all over now. I found it for my PalmOS phone
02:22:21Plughnow I can play during boring meetings
02:22:57Plughbeats working
02:23:05scott666doesnt everything?
02:23:08 Quit MT (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:23:31scott666everythings so much more colorful on trillian
02:27:08PlughI'm using gaim right now
02:27:25Plughbut there's a strong possibility I'm gonna go back to Trillian
02:27:41scott666i tried gaim, but i didnt like it much
02:27:56PlughI used it for the encryption
02:28:00scott666much as i like open source
02:28:08 Nick _MT is now known as MT (
02:28:28Plughbut since everyone I used to secure msg went to using waste, there's no real point in using such a buggy client
02:28:38JensingI like Trillian
02:28:44JensingI use Trillian Pro
02:28:57scott666i never got around to buying that
02:29:10Jensingcough, cough, cough.....
02:29:13scott666i wish theyd update more often
02:29:17*Plugh whistles and looks around innocently
02:29:42scott666*i never got around to getting a copy of that
02:30:28Plughumm... neither did I. Nope. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything!
02:31:36Plughthere's reasons why I like open source
02:31:50scott666i love the development speed
02:32:16Jensingyou can kinda call it your own copy of the program and do as you wish
02:32:19scott666theres nothing faster than hackers with free time
02:32:47Jensingwhen it's open source
02:32:56Plughand from my viewpoint as a QA guy, open source makes for faster response to bugs
02:33:17scott666cause people who actually USE it fix it
02:33:32 Quit edx ()
02:33:49scott666theres all kinds of bugs ive found in trillian, but no way to fix them
02:33:50Plughthere's no one developer I can go to when I find a bug in Windows
02:34:17scott666well theres no ONE developer with linux either
02:34:25Plughnot like I've EVER found a bug in a Microsoft product... *ahem*
02:34:40Plughif I find a bug in Linux, I know who to go to
02:34:50Plughbecause they put their name in the code
02:34:51BoD[]i goto bed
02:34:58 Quit BoD[] ("bue")
02:34:59Plughnite BoD
02:35:46Plughbut if it's simple enough, I can just go in and patch up the code myself
02:36:03scott666ill be back in a minute
02:36:07Plughnot like I've done that very often, though. I usually don't stumble onto Linux bugs
02:36:12 Quit scott666 ()
02:39:05JensingHey Plugh
02:39:12 Join scott666 [0] (
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02:39:30Jensinghey, Scott
02:39:38 Quit rhyno666 (Client Quit)
02:39:38 Quit scott666 (Client Quit)
02:39:39Jensinghow did that work out for you?
02:40:19JensingHey Plugh
02:40:53Jensingdo you knwo if there is an easier way to setup a duel boot with linux on an XP system
02:40:55 Join rhyno666 [0] (
02:41:01Plugh1.89gig of new music going up
02:41:23 Quit Triple-z ("Bye :-")
02:41:36PlughI think you need to install XP then Linux
02:41:49Jensingi have XP installed
02:41:53JensingI am useing that now
02:42:05Jensingbut I wanted to setup a duel boot with Mandrake
02:42:13Plughdo you have any unpartitioned space on your hard drive?
02:42:22 Part rhyno666
02:42:40 Join rhyno666 [0] (
02:42:46JensingI used Partition Magic Pro and tried to setup but I was having problems
02:43:01PlughI've never used those things
02:43:09rhyno666how the hell do i fix my name...
02:43:11Plughactually I haven't dual booted in years
02:43:18Plughtype /nick whatever
02:43:25 Nick rhyno666 is now known as scott666 (
02:43:26JensingI thought there was an easier way other then setting it up manualy
02:43:40scott666ok! trillian pro installed
02:43:50Plughthat was fast ;)
02:43:54Jensingyou got it working Scott
02:44:02scott666ive seen that zip before, except mike had a virus in it
02:44:13Jensingno i made that zip
02:44:20Jensingi collected thoes
02:44:32Jensingmostly the addons
02:44:41PlughI wonder if I still have my virus collection :)
02:44:49scott666ive seen a similarly named one then
02:45:14PlughI used to have 1100 virii in a zipfile
02:45:24PlughI'd use it to test virus scanning packages
02:45:35Jensinglol.... I wonder
02:45:41Jensingon KaZaa???
02:45:50scott666id love to just install all of them on someones computer
02:46:09PlughI had some nasty ones
02:46:21scott666'warning: 1000 viruses detected'
02:46:24PlughI wrote one once that would dial 911 on the victim's modem
02:46:37Plughnever deployed it though
02:46:59scott666simple yet effective
02:47:46Plughthat was... 15 years ago? I'm a little wiser since
02:48:07Jensingany thoughts on what antivirus programs are the best out there
02:48:31scott666i hear good things about AVG
02:48:49scott666and avast
02:48:55scott666havnt used em myself
02:49:20JensingI am useing Mcafee VirusScan 7 Professional w/ SecurityCenter
02:49:52scott666im using mcafee viruscan 4.5.1
02:50:04Jensingthing I like about Mcafee is that it will detect trojans
02:50:58PlughI have corporate Norton here
02:51:03JensingNAV does detect most of them now
02:51:15Plughmost of my work is done in Linux though
02:51:18Jensingbut there was a time where it didn't at all
02:51:23Plughand Solaris
02:51:49Jensinganyone see Bad Boys 2 yet
02:51:59JensingI watched it sunday night it was good
02:52:32Plughmy movie site is down right now
02:52:35Jensingguess i should not change topics too fast
02:52:54scott666shit. i didnt install the patch
02:52:57Plughyeah, my head was spinning on top of my neck for a minute there
02:52:57scott666ill brb
02:53:07Jensingoh yeah
02:53:10Jensingyou need the patch
02:53:15Jensingfor AIM to work
02:53:18 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
02:53:28Plughpatches? We don't need no steenking patches
02:53:54Jensinghey plugh
02:53:59Plughhow's the new firmware treating you?
02:54:06Jensingwhat's with the bettary setting
02:54:21Plughwhich one? The capacity?
02:54:45Plughthat's just to estimate life remaining
02:54:50 Join scott666 [0] (
02:55:14Jensingshould be better
02:55:23Jensingthe patch is for AIM
02:55:35Jensingit won't work without the c patch
02:55:53scott666it was working before
02:56:05scott666i had D for trillian
02:56:58Jensingwell i am able to change the mAh amount in the bettary setting.... is this setting there if i get bettarys with more mAh
02:57:10Jensingoh ok
02:59:03PlughI wish all my computers had USB 2.0
02:59:22Plughtaking 40 mins to copy 1.8gig to my FMR
02:59:46 Join Guest [0] (
02:59:47Plughmy home box will do it in like 5
03:00:01scott666do you have a site login?
03:00:13scott666cant download plugins without an account
03:00:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:00:58Plughon sourceforge?
03:01:33hardeepyou don't need an account to download plugins
03:01:39hardeepor any of the other source
03:01:49 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
03:02:10scott666no no no, TRILLIAN plugings
03:02:28*Plugh shrugs
03:03:16PlughI've been on sourceforge since the OSDN launch about 4 years ago ;)
03:03:32 Join thu [0] (
03:03:38PlughLinux World Expo San Jose 1999
03:05:32 Part Jensing
03:09:34 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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03:14:25Plugh1.4 gig left on my 20gig unit
03:14:31PlughI really need to upgrade
03:14:41scott666yeah me too
03:14:45scott666im outa space
03:15:09Plugh80gig sounds like something I could live with, but I know I'd have it full in a week
03:15:15scott666im scared though
03:15:38Plughof soldering?
03:15:50scott666no, of fucking it up
03:16:09Plughback it up. If it goes bad, spend another $200
03:16:28scott666its that last part that worries me
03:16:35scott666*doesnt have a job*
03:16:56Plughthat'd put a crimp in my style
03:18:13scott666i love to just pay someone to upgrade the HD and ram, and if they fuck it up they buy me a new one
03:18:41scott666mainly ram, thats a lot more intimidating
03:18:51PlughHD is cake. RAM scares the shit outta me
03:20:48 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
03:21:09 Join scott666 [0] (
03:28:21thuI found a problem with rockbox
03:28:27thumm anyone here?
03:28:33scott666i am
03:28:46thuscott666: are you a devel or user?
03:28:50thuI lost track of who's who
03:29:03scott666little of both
03:29:10thummkay then
03:29:13thurecorder fm
03:29:34*scott666 is listening to Tool - Eulogy *
03:29:42thuwhen playing files that are 32kbps instead of 128+ the buffer is awfully small
03:30:00thuso it doesn't last enough for the system to do a spinup and continue playing
03:30:09thuevery time it has to spin up audio stops
03:30:14thufor a short time
03:30:41thuscott666: any idea in debug -> mpeg thread what the 2nd bar is?
03:30:54thuscott666: there is a large bar with the playable content and a smaller one
03:30:56thuis that the buffer?
03:31:17scott666no clue
03:31:22scott666id have to look
03:31:24scott666but im not going to
03:31:41thuheh what a great guy
03:32:08scott666im doing too much at once
03:32:13scott666h/o ill look
03:32:18hardeepthu: the second bar represents the point where we start reloading the mpeg buffer
03:32:27scott666no i wont
03:32:49thuhardeep: how come it's really tiny for 32kbps files and big for 256kbps+ files?
03:33:11thuhardeep: for 32kbps ones it's not enough to spin up and grab the next part so playback stops
03:33:38thuhardeep: any way to set it?
03:34:15hardeepthu: lower bitrate rate files take longer to use up the buffer, hence we can wait longer before reloading
03:34:34hardeepthu: a value you can play around with is Menu->General Settings->Playback->Anti-Skip Buffer
03:34:44thuhardeep: I have it to 7 secs
03:34:46thuwhich is max
03:35:03thuyou want to see one of the files I'm having trouble with?
03:35:14thuyou'll see it right away if you just watch the 2 bars while playing
03:35:36hardeepthu: i can't right now, but you may want to post it as a bug report and attach your file
03:35:47thuhardeep: I will.. I just found it
03:37:40thuhardeep: it's actually a problem with VBR
03:37:52thuhardeep: the files are between 192 and 256kbps
03:37:57thubut rockbox sees them as 32kbps
03:38:07thuand reserves a small buffer / whatever that is
03:38:47MTbad mp3s
03:38:55hardeepthu: ah, then there is probably a problem with the vbr header on those files
03:38:57scott666try vbr fix?
03:43:43thuscott666: how do I do that?
03:44:24scott666select the file in the dir brower and go to the on+play menu
03:44:36scott666or download a program on your computer and do it there
03:45:16thuI'll try it on one file in rockbox
03:48:53thuthe gods are triumphant
03:48:55thuit worked
03:51:24 Join tpelliott [0] (telliott@
04:15:37 Part tpelliott
04:16:21 Quit ClosetPacifist (Remote closed the connection)
04:16:28 Join ClosetPacifist [0] (
04:41:11 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
04:47:13 Quit hardeep ("[BX] You can breathe without BitchX, but I wouldn't recommend it")
04:55:58 Join Scorp [0] (
04:56:18Scorpguys would you say that the charger that comes with the jukebox is decent or is it better to use an outside charger?
04:56:37midknight2k3the one included
04:56:41midknight2k3id say is fine
04:56:53midknight2k3i dobut it would make a difference with another one
04:57:02midknight2k3and it's reliable so far
04:57:33Scorphave you tried using diffrent batteries other than the ones supplied?
04:57:39ScorpI found ones at 2200 mAh
04:57:45midknight2k3recorder or player?
04:57:59midknight2k3i have an fm recorder, before i had a recorder with 1850mah energizer batteries
04:58:06midknight2k3worked great
04:58:39Scorpfrankly I'd love to trade my player in for a recorder and pay the price diffrence :-/
04:58:53midknight2k3wish it were possibler
04:59:18ScorpI even emailed archos, but they don't do such things :-/
04:59:26midknight2k3they replied?
04:59:33midknight2k3that's a first
04:59:34PsycoXuli traded a player for an fm rec
04:59:43ScorpPsycoXul where?
04:59:46PsycoXulby bestbuy's warranty
04:59:49midknight2k3ghhere we golol
05:00:08Scorphell I'm even willing to trade for a 15 gig recorder (I have a 20 gig player)
05:00:18Scorpand I'll thrown in $20 :-/
05:00:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:00:36midknight2k3i think even a 15 gig recorder would be more than a 20 different
05:00:39PsycoXulthere was a difference in cost, but the fm then was actualy cheaper than what was paid for my player
05:00:46PsycoXulthough they wouldn't give me the difference :p
05:01:53Scorpno the 20 gig recorder is only $8 more expensive
05:02:00ScorpI kick myself for not having bought it in the first place
05:02:02midknight2k3than the player?
05:03:02midknight2k3dod you try the jackpot game
05:03:04midknight2k3for the player?
05:03:35Scorpwhat jackpot game?
05:03:42Scorp << 2200 mAh's
05:04:02Scorpis this to do with something of rockbox?
05:04:07ScorpI haven't been to the site in awhile
05:04:14midknight2k3plugin loader
05:04:17Scorpand haven't upgraded rockbox since I left my USB cable at someones house
05:04:23midknight2k3only about the biggest milestone yet lol
05:04:57Scorpdo I have to use CVS to download the plugins?
05:05:10midknight2k3they come in the daily build rocks package
05:05:19Scorpfound it
05:06:52Scorpwhat other plugins are there for the player? are there discriptions and a list somewherE?
05:07:01midknight2k3theres jackpot game
05:07:08midknight2k3and a currency converter i think
05:07:22midknight2k3recorder has about 9 games, a calendar with memos, a text veiwer....
05:07:30midknight2k34 demos
05:07:33Scorpa currency converter?! Everything I've ever wanted on my mp3 player :-/
05:07:40midknight2k3i know lol
05:07:41ScorpI want the recorder
05:07:45midknight2k3i bet
05:08:12Scorphey now, there is the helloworld plugin?
05:08:21midknight2k3it shows text
05:08:22Scorpdoes your stinkin' player have that?!
05:08:24midknight2k3"hello world!"
05:08:47midknight2k3it's just a plugin example of how it works
05:08:49midknight2k3and the format
05:09:04Scorpyeah I figured :-/
05:09:07midknight2k3da da da dada dadadum
05:09:15Scorplet's see how much I can get for the player at ebay...
05:09:24midknight2k3plyers reek
05:09:47ScorpI know :-/
05:09:51Scorpthat's why I'm selling mine
05:10:16midknight2k3you are
05:10:51Scorpyeah, wanna buy it?
05:11:01midknight2k3i like my fmr thanks
05:11:20Scorplook at all the people on ebay selling their crappy players
05:11:29midknight2k3i got it
05:12:14ScorpIf you like Archos Technology Jukebox Studio 20 you may also enjoy:
05:12:14DBUGEnqueued KICK Scorp
05:12:14***Alert Mode level 1
05:12:14ScorpSuicide Kings
05:12:17Scorprofl hahahaha
05:12:21Scorpwhat's true is true...
05:13:02midknight2k3i got an idea
05:13:06midknight2k3put on new rockbox version
05:13:18midknight2k3and feature as WITH ADDITIONAL REPLACEMENT FIRMWARE AT NO COST
05:13:32midknight2k3ill brb
05:18:11 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
05:22:15***Alert Mode OFF
05:25:00 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:31:30 Join elinenbe [0] (
05:33:02Scorp <<< come on kids buy me!
06:18:14 Quit Guest57 ("Leaving")
06:35:03 Quit Scorp (
06:35:03 Quit Hes (
06:35:03 Quit PsycoXul (
06:35:03 Quit hardeep (
06:35:03 Quit MT (
06:36:06NJoinhardeep [0] (1098@
06:36:06NJoinScorp [0] (
06:36:06NJoinMT [0] (
06:36:06NJoinHes [0] (
06:36:06NJoinPsycoXul [0] (psyco@
06:36:22 Quit PsycoXul (
06:36:22 Quit Hes (
06:36:22 Quit Scorp (
06:36:48NJoinScorp [0] (
06:36:48NJoinPsycoXul [0] (psyco@
06:36:48NJoinHes [0] (
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07:04:54 Quit Scorp (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:23:27 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:23:44 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
07:24:33 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
07:24:56 Join elinenbe [0] (
07:25:17 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:26:25 Join elinenbe [0] (
07:28:09 Quit Harlequin (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:28:32 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
07:28:35 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
07:28:44 Join Harlequin [0] (
07:29:24 Part scott666
07:33:29 Quit Harlequin (
07:33:29 Quit midknight2k3 (
07:33:29 Quit Schnueff (
07:33:42NJoinHarlequin [0] (
07:33:49NJoinmidknight2k3 [0] (
07:33:49NJoinSchnueff [0] (
08:08:45 Quit elinenbe_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:14:49 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
08:36:19 Quit elinenbe_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
08:36:50 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
08:41:00 Join mk2k3 [0] (
08:41:29 Quit mk2k3 (Client Quit)
08:51:59 Join Bagder [241] (
08:52:23midknight2k3didnt even notice
08:52:45midknight2k3"morning" can come into play in.... 8 minutes
08:53:13 Join tracktheripper [0] (
08:54:19tracktherippermidknight spell it right please
08:54:44midknight2k3and the !
08:54:44tracktheripperthats better
08:54:50midknight2k3i hope so
08:55:04tracktheripperi saw u filed your request
08:55:36tracktheripper"run Windows 2003 Advanced Server on the Recorder"
08:55:55midknight2k3did i?
08:56:06midknight2k3i will see myself
08:56:09midknight2k3if it is true
08:58:09midknight2k3make me go through all that
08:58:13midknight2k3what a bum :)
08:59:12 Quit ClosetPacifist ("ti-loading")
09:00:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:08:21hardeephmmmm, did the mailing list archive paths change recently? appears to be an extra "-" in the date that wasn't there before
09:08:39midknight2k3not an idea
09:08:51Bagderan extra?
09:09:08BagderI don't think so
09:09:10hardeepdash, 2003-07 instead of 200307
09:09:27Bagdernah, its been there all the time
09:10:00hardeepstrange, i had a link that had the other format... and i'm sure i cut and pasted it...
09:10:06hardeepmust be losing my mind or something heh
09:10:16Bagderyou're getting too old ;-)
09:12:57tracktheripperhi badger
09:13:07Bagderhi trackie
09:13:17midknight2k3heya trackie
09:14:33tracktheripperive ran out of ideas now :(
09:14:36midknight2k3here's a question
09:14:44midknight2k3you gave up remember?
09:14:54midknight2k3anyways... which smilies do you use in what cases?
09:17:29midknight2k3i got it
09:17:29tracktheripper"change the canned response please"
09:17:31midknight2k3I GOT IT
09:18:10midknight2k3From "this is not possible to implement, due to hardware limitations" to "this is impossible. please don't ask again!" :D
09:18:47tracktherippershut up
09:19:33midknight2k3no i got a better
09:19:59midknight2k3"Plug in a USB Wireless Router to transfer songs between other Archos units"
09:21:29 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: now with wings")
09:21:45tracktheripperor "tell midnight2k3 to behave"
09:22:09midknight2k3please submit it
09:27:57midknight2k3what features do you want in rockos
09:28:11midknight2k3hey! rockos!
09:28:17midknight2k3Rockbox is the archos OS
09:28:23midknight2k3i made it up
09:28:27midknight2k3it's now copyrighted
09:28:31midknight2k3you have no permission to use it
09:29:29Bagderwe'll steal it!
09:29:35midknight2k3better not
09:29:37midknight2k3its my idea
09:29:42midknight2k3you need permission :)
09:29:52Bagderoh no, you'll make a fortune on it!
09:29:58midknight2k3and you hafta ask before you say it
09:30:05midknight2k3so make sure you ask first
09:30:21midknight2k3nobody dares ask for permission
09:30:29midknight2k3from the almighty midknight2k3
09:31:01tracktherippermidknight shut up :D
09:31:12tracktheripperyou are talking out of your USB port
09:31:16midknight2k3do you dare ask for permisiion?
09:31:23midknight2k3out of your usb port
09:31:26midknight2k3how funny is that
09:31:43midknight2k3who dars ask for permission to use the best name thought up yes - "RockOS"
09:31:47midknight2k3who DARES?
09:32:09BagderWe'll call it R0ckOS instead ;-)
09:32:13midknight2k3no way
09:32:19midknight2k3all the alternatives are illega
09:32:23midknight2k3illegal that is
09:32:29midknight2k3so ask now, bud
09:32:30midknight2k3or never
09:33:41midknight2k3ask yet?
09:33:51midknight2k3see nobody wll because they fear me and my RockOS
09:33:57tracktheripperok midknight whenis your feature request page open?
09:33:59midknight2k3and you can't say it hahahahahaha
09:34:24midknight2k3private chat :D
09:34:39midknight2k3so bagder
09:34:58midknight2k3do you dare infringe the copyrighted material i have rightly so... copyrighted?
09:36:25midknight2k3i got the idea
09:36:29midknight2k3what if...
09:36:43midknight2k3i chagned the Rockbox logo to RockOS logo on my box
09:36:55midknight2k3im sure i could come up with a nice on
09:37:23midknight2k3and a nice little "v. rockos2.0" at the bottom :D
09:38:10midknight2k3come on track
09:38:18midknight2k3private chat, feature request book
09:38:22midknight2k3chatbox is logged
09:38:25tracktheripperyou are boring the bollox of me now
09:38:26midknight2k3for furture reference
09:38:34midknight2k3i got an idea
09:38:47midknight2k3i could amke you a rockbox with a "tracktheri[[er" boot screen
09:39:03midknight2k3or show zagors face on the screen
09:42:30 Join elinenbe [0] (
09:42:58 Quit elinenbe_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
09:54:30 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:56:25Bagderfsck - check and repair a Linux file system
09:56:38midknight2k3no ty
09:56:43midknight2k3he better come back
09:56:48midknight2k3he just better
09:57:11midknight2k3hes not gonna
09:57:40midknight2k3i guess the tracktheripper custom bounce plugin and modified ajbrec.ajz to work for him will wait till later
10:02:32 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:04:49 Join elinenbe [0] (
10:06:10 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
10:06:11 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:06:11 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
10:13:21midknight2k3ok ok
10:13:25midknight2k3it's officially a night
10:13:31midknight2k3so good night whoever hears this
10:13:39midknight2k3and remember, RockOS is copyrighted
10:13:46midknight2k3so NO SAYING IT
10:13:54midknight2k3unless you ask now before i leave
10:14:12midknight2k3are you going to ask?
10:14:13CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:14:13*Bagder looks at midknight2k3 in silence ;-)
10:14:26*midknight2k3 screams, "ask permission!!"
10:14:37midknight2k3im not leaving till you do
10:14:44midknight2k3so hmph
10:14:58midknight2k3if i have to sit here all night i will get you to ask permission
10:15:15midknight2k3i have my cygwin, i have my rio riot, im all se
10:15:24midknight2k3so ask when you like
10:15:44midknight2k3and i'll be waiting
10:15:56midknight2k3....right here
10:16:08midknight2k3waiting... for you to.... to ask permiss...siion....
10:16:15midknight2k3soon please?
10:16:37*midknight2k3 hears silence
10:16:54midknight2k3grr! you ignore me!
10:17:02midknight2k3i'm not just going to take that sitting down!
10:17:16midknight2k3well i might but i won't like it. >:(
10:17:30midknight2k3bye then
10:17:52midknight2k3ask permission.
10:18:00midknight2k3ok its too late
10:18:31midknight2k3can you set the channel topic?
10:18:38BagderI can
10:18:47midknight2k3change it :D
10:18:52Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
10:18:56Mode"#rockbox -t " by Bagder (
10:18:59Bagdergo ahead
10:19:08Bagdernow you can
10:19:11midknight2k3i can?
10:19:18midknight2k3oh oh
10:19:55midknight2k3lets see
10:20:00midknight2k3"tracktheripper sucks"?
10:20:09midknight2k3lol no
10:20:12midknight2k3let me think here
10:20:13midknight2k3im so tired
10:22:24Topic"BockRox" by Bagder (
10:22:34Topic"Rock.. Box.." by midknight2k3 (
10:22:49Topic"Everyone has flashed except tracktheripper" by midknight2k3 (
10:23:00midknight2k3i wonder how he'd take that
10:23:53 Join Nibbler [0] (
10:24:01Topic"Nibbler is in da howse!" by midknight2k3 (
10:24:15Nibblermornin :)
10:24:56Topic"tracktheripper is a geek! :-)" by midknight2k3 (
10:24:59 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
10:25:01midknight2k3sounsd good enough
10:27:33Topic"Rockbox: 562.95% better than ordinary Archos firmware." by midknight2k3 (
10:28:08midknight2k3i can change the topic ehehehahahaha ha
10:28:26 Join elinenbe [0] (
10:29:18Topic"Now where's that iPod?" by midknight2k3 (
10:29:58midknight2k3you know that tinyurl thing
10:30:02midknight2k3it's a big danger
10:30:23midknight2k3just take for example
10:30:35midknight2k3chagne the D to a Y and you see someeone elses tiny url
10:30:41midknight2k3or to anything
10:30:52midknight2k3it could be dangerous?
10:31:15Bagderif you add a secret url there, you can get it revealed, sure
10:32:13 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
10:32:43midknight2k3i could use my RockOS idea in the topic
10:32:47midknight2k3but how to implement it
10:33:39midknight2k3any ideas
10:33:50midknight2k3or any ideas for the topic to do with anything
10:33:57midknight2k3i have no good ideas yet
10:34:47Topic"Only 358 feaure requests left" by Bagder (
10:34:52Topic"Only 358 feature requests left" by Bagder (
10:35:14 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
10:35:14 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
10:35:15midknight2k3eliminate tracktherippers
10:35:26midknight2k3just ban him lol
10:35:39Bagdermost of his are mared invalid anyway
10:35:43midknight2k3i know
10:35:57midknight2k3you replied
10:36:03midknight2k3"Thanks a lot"
10:36:14midknight2k3thanks a lot
10:36:50midknight2k3you're so funny
10:37:06midknight2k3hey i want that red zone on peak meter
10:37:09midknight2k3track's request
10:37:25Bagdersend in the patch
10:37:32midknight2k3i have none
10:37:39midknight2k3i have one
10:37:48midknight2k3release notes are as follows:
10:38:05midknight2k3peak meter refresh rate: changed from 40fps to 150fps
10:38:12midknight2k3may i submit?
10:38:40Bagderit would be closed without action
10:38:56Bagderbecause we can't waste cpu time on such things
10:39:04Bagderyou'll get glitches in the sound etc
10:39:15midknight2k3how about up to 75fps?
10:39:21midknight2k3it seemed the same but was uch lower
10:39:25midknight2k3looked a lot nicer
10:39:31midknight2k3it was more in time to the music
10:40:22midknight2k3what i desperately want you guys to do (which i already have done) is put in the official rockbox a larger scroll speed setting
10:40:26midknight2k330hz mbe
10:40:38midknight2k3then 1pixel scroll step is much usable
10:41:09midknight2k3it sucks to have to get new source all the time then modify it to make it a larger step
10:41:13midknight2k3speed that is
11:00:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:09:17midknight2k3good night now
11:09:25midknight2k3i can barely keep my eyes open
11:09:39Mode"#rockbox +t " by Bagder (
11:09:45 Join NibbIer [0] (
11:09:54 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:10:07 Quit midknight2k3 ("remember... that.... copy..right..... rock...os...!..! -=SysReset 2.53=-")
12:23:11 Join nevs [0] (
12:23:25nevshey i need some help with rock box plz
12:24:04nevsi just put rock box on my archos stuido 20
12:24:28nevsi copied the .rockbox folder and the archos.mod to the drive yeah
12:24:48nevsthen loaded it up and evry thing worked
12:25:16nevscan u stop it from trying to load the archos firmware and then the rock box firmaware?
12:25:28nevsso i just loads rock box
12:25:41Bagderthat's what the flashing is for
12:25:49Bagderwhich doesn't work on the player models (yet)
12:26:27nevsand also how comes if i turn repeat all off in setting in rock box, i turn it off, turn it on again and its got repeat all selected again
12:28:14Bagdercalm down
12:28:34nevsim just wondering cuase its annoying
12:28:40Bagderbecause on players, it only saves the settings on the next disk operation
12:28:53Bagderif you have none, they won't be saved
12:31:16nevswhat u mean?
12:31:29BagderRockbox saves the settings on the next disk operation
12:31:39Bagderso if you change anything
12:31:43Bagderand then shuts off
12:31:49Bagderno changed settings are saved
12:31:58nevshow to u save em?
12:32:00Bagderyou need to make sure it has used the disk first
12:32:12nevsoh so like play a song
12:32:20nevsoh ok
12:32:54nevsim trying it now
12:33:11nevsit worked thx
12:33:46nevsalso, how do u make it so it displays bit rate quailty on WPC
12:36:02nevshey, is it worth getting the latest daily build?
12:36:35Bagdercompared to which version?
12:36:52nevsthe 27 of july version
12:37:19Bagderthen I guess not
12:37:36nevsis there a game on the player?
12:37:57nevshow do u get it
12:38:16Bagderyou need to browse the rocks dir and play the file there
12:38:44nevsthere is no rock directory
12:39:02Bagder .rockbox/rocks
12:39:31nevsits not showing up on my player
12:40:03nevstheres no .rockbox that i can see on the player
12:40:24nevsi scrolled up and down and there is no .rockbox, do u reckon its hidden
12:40:28Bagderof course not
12:40:50Bagder1. have you selected to see all files?
12:40:59Bagder2. have you ever created a .rockbox dir?
12:41:09Bagder3. have you downloaded/copied the plugins for the player?
12:41:13nevsnow i have
12:41:19nevsafter u told me
12:42:31nevsits very clever
12:42:45nevsdid u help design rockbox?
12:43:03BagderI do
12:43:19nevscool, well done man
12:43:47nevsi only want one thing for rockbox to design
12:43:57Bagderthanks, we've been lots of people doing various things
12:44:28nevsi want it so u can choose between archos fonts and sizes and rock box
12:44:51nevsi like the look of the archos firmware, u no, scrolling arcoss and the fonts are big
12:44:51Bagderso make a font that looks like the archos one
12:46:31nevsu can only get custom fonts for the recorder version
12:47:04Bagderso what you do mean with "archos fonts" ?
12:47:31nevsu know
12:47:37nevswhen u use archos firmware
12:47:48nevsthe font size is much bigger
12:48:06Bagderon the player the font can't be changed
12:48:31nevsbut could u change it back to the defualt archos firmware?
12:48:56Bagdershould we make the font switch to become a firmware?
12:49:53Bagderyou say weird things
12:49:58BagderI don't understand you
12:50:02Bagderthe font on the player is FIXED
12:50:05Bagderit cannot be changed
12:50:14Bagdernot by rockbox and not by archos
12:50:21Bagderonly 4 or 8 letters of them
12:50:57nevshang on
12:51:03nevsi know why
12:51:22nevsits because rock box scrolls vertically not horinzontally
12:57:29Bagdermy rockbox scrolls horizontally
12:57:41dwihnoMy rockbox scrolls in every direction ;)
12:58:02nevsu using recorder
12:58:15BagderI know the player one scrolls horizontally as well
12:58:41nevsnot on rock box
12:58:56Bagderbut I guess you're referring to browsing directories or something
12:59:07nevson the archos firmware , u scroll horinzontally to view the folders, on rock box you scroll down
12:59:30nevsi want the rockbox to scroll horizontally
12:59:46Bagdermake a patch
13:00:36nevsalso can u select deep discharge and trickle charge on the player
13:00:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:00:54nevsonly recorder then yeah?
13:02:00nevshey how comes archos say they are looking at .wma support for the archos models, and u guys says its impossible
13:02:13Bagderthey're a bunch of liars
13:02:36nevsthats stupid
13:02:44nevsthey lie like that
13:03:00Bagderit is
13:04:28nevsso do i go to feature request,?
13:04:39dwihnoBagder: so you think it's impossible that they actually have a MAS SDK?
13:05:07Bagderno I don't think that is impossible, but even if they do have that, I don't think it is possible
13:05:12Bagderdue to the space limitations
13:06:03Bagderif they haven't made a firmware release in a year, does anyone believe they're working on *any* jokebox model software?
13:06:36dwihnoThat's quite a strong argument.
13:06:45dwihnoThe last firmware update was released more than a year ago.
13:07:01dwihnoWhich reminds me; I think I've been using rockbox for a year now.
13:07:11dwihno(ever since we got playback, hooray for Linus!)
13:07:20nevshow do i get patch to download?
13:07:31Bagder" June 19th. Working Archos Recorder mp3 playback was announced to the list."
13:07:54 Join Guest [0] (
13:08:03dwihnoThere was some kind of issue that was preventing usage.
13:08:18dwihnoSomething with the file system driver which could make non-existing dirs pop up.
13:08:30BagderI remember that too
13:08:49dwihnoDevCon! DevCon! ;D
13:10:28dwihnoI think the news page should have a 'news'-entry for flashing.
13:10:37dwihno(Since it's, imho, a big leap in rockbox development)
13:10:42BagderI agree
13:11:02dwihnowith some great thank-you's to [idc]dragon
13:11:27dwihnothe LCD brightness issue has been fixed too, right?
13:11:42GuestHi there! I've just tried to flash my fm-recorder, but it says: incompatible version. My Hw info goes like this: Rom: 1.23 Mask:0x0504 USB: positive ATA: 0x200 PR: positive Flash: M=BF D=D6. Does this mean I can't start from flash?
13:12:08dwihnoincompatible version of the plugin, perhaps
13:12:30BagderI think its just a compatible plugin version
13:13:01GuestThat it isn't compatible with the fm-rec maybe?
13:13:48dwihnoMake sure you followed every step in the README correctly.
13:14:34Bagdertry these steps:
13:14:49GuestI think I did, but I don't have time to try it again now. I have to run! thanks anyway.
13:15:38 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
13:17:07dwihnoI wonder what he did wrong.
13:17:13dwihnoI was successfull on the first run ;
13:17:21dwihnoHow about you Bagder, have you flashed yet?
13:17:31dwihnohow come?
13:17:31Bagderbeen busy with other stuff
13:17:57dwihnoIt only takes a few minutes :-)
13:18:06dwihnoCome on. You KNOW you want to do it! :)
13:19:17nevshey bagder
13:20:03nevsthere are all ready to feature requests for the old archos browsing screen, so hopefully they will make a patch so u can change it
13:20:32Bagderpeople post feature requests when they can't do it themselves
13:20:36Bagderso don't hold your breath
13:20:46Bagder"358 feature requests" is no joke
13:21:33nevssome of the feature requests, are very hard
13:22:16nevsbut how hard is my request for the old browisng screen?
13:22:26nevsa few others want it aswell
13:22:41Bagderso make it happen
13:22:46dwihnoBagder: I wonder how they can come up with so many features... :-)
13:22:58Bagderdwihno: I think drugs may be involved ;-)
13:23:04dwihnoBagder: filter out tracks' requests and you'll have 3 left ;)
13:23:23dwihnoURL to the list?
13:23:42Bagder ?
13:24:23nevsthis is the feature-
13:25:14dwihnoahahaha... j2me
13:25:55dwihnonevs: that might be a good ideas.
13:26:23 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
13:27:18nevsdo they put some of the feature requests that say fixed in the daily builds?
13:27:37Bagdereverything made is always in the daily builds
13:28:25nevsyeah cuase i find it much harder to see with the rockbox browsing style rater than the archos style
13:31:06dwihnoThe "top"-status bar should be configurable in WPS-style too
13:31:48dwihnoNot that I care THAT much
13:32:17dwihnoWBS - While-Browsing-Screen
13:49:57dwihnoDamn. That was many requests!
13:53:17nevswill archos support usb 2.0 ever?
13:53:28Bagderrec20 does
13:53:33Bagderand the fms
13:53:45nevswhat about player
13:53:46Bagderfast and neat
13:54:06Bagderthe players are 1.1 and will never be anything else
13:54:17Bagderthey don't change hardware specs for old units
13:54:24nevsis that 11mb per sec yeah
13:54:24Bagderthey're onto new models instead
13:54:47Bagderisn't it 12?
13:54:54dwihnoyeah, 12
13:55:02nevswhats usb 2
13:55:36nevs480 whoah
13:55:58Bagderbut the disk/unit usually limits that
13:56:12nevsto about what?
13:56:40BagderI don't know, I think I fill my 20GB in an hour or so
13:56:55nevsthats amazing
13:57:15nevsive so far got 11gigs out of 20 filled up worth of mp3's
13:58:17nevshey, if u put a .txt file on the archos will it read it?
14:00:14dwihnoSure it will
14:00:20dwihnoThe text viewer plugin takes care of that
14:00:35nevson the player yeah
14:00:41nevsit will work
14:02:00 Part nevs
14:27:29 Join TotMacher [0] (
14:52:22 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
14:53:38 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:53:39 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
14:56:25dwihnoBagder: You broke something on the news page...
14:57:20Bagderactually, zagor did... but i'll fix
14:57:58dwihnoWhat a bad boy!
14:58:24Bagderhe modified the file without checking it in
14:58:37Bagderso now it failed to merge with my changes
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15:27:58 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
15:27:58 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:28:02 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
15:36:34 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
15:36:50 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:36:50 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
16:01:06 Join dionoea [0] (
16:01:07 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:28:32 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (
16:35:16 Join scott666 [0] (
16:39:19 Quit dionoea ("ChatZilla 0.8.34 [Mozilla rv:1.5a/20030718]")
16:53:39 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:54:29scott666anyone here?
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17:01:59 Join JorBond [0] (
17:05:09JorBondhow fast does usb 1.1 copy
17:05:20Bagderrather slow ;-)
17:05:58JorBondso about how long will 4 and half gigs take lol
17:06:10scott666its useable though, i copied like 18 gigs in a few hours
17:06:33scott666im not really sure how long it took though cause i fell asleep
17:22:47JorBondis it possible to have the player have some kind of animated bootup screen instead of just saying rockbox and have it play a small mp3
17:24:20Bagdersure it would
17:25:22scott666thatd probably make booting take longer though
17:25:22JorBondb/c it would be really cool it have it say welcome to rockbox and play "We're all going streaking" from old school
17:28:11scott666make a patch, i promise not to call you a dumb ass until you submit it
17:28:53JorBondor have it go "Your My Boy Blue" that would make my day everytime i turned it on
17:29:15scott666sean connery saying 'youre the man now dog'
17:34:23JorBondand i also noticed on the feature requests, #649533 is about playing mpeg audio out of a video file, how is that possible when an mpeg1(vcd) file has mp1 sound and a mpeg2(svcd) has mp2 sound
17:35:02JorBondso even if u did load the files, you still couldnt play them b/c the codecs wouldn't work
17:35:52scott666ans then it would eat batteries
17:36:10 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
17:36:33JorBondyeah b/c the video is like 3/4 of the file
17:37:30scott666but it would still have to read that 700mb file
17:38:04JorBondand then there is the feature request for playing the mp3 track from a divx file and for those, the audo it 1/7th of the file, so if you did load it you could only hold about 5 sec of sound in the normal buffer at a time
17:38:18JorBondso you will kill read times and the bat even more
17:39:00 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:45:09JorBond67.9mb file from a 700mb divx file
18:04:16 Quit Bagder ("")
18:05:39PlughI should translate those silly CGA animations that someone put into Hairy Palm into plugins, or a boot load screen :)
18:07:07scott666thatd be a GREAT demo
18:07:41scott666i gotta make a pair of animated bouncing boobs
18:22:50 Quit JorBond (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:27:16 Quit Galik (
18:27:42NJoinGalik [0] (~galik@
18:34:01 Quit thu ("Client exiting")
18:40:57 Join tm [0] (
18:46:55 Join Tarbash [0] (
18:47:22Tarbashanyone available?
18:49:52Tarbashk−− i unzipped rockbox directly into my archos studio 20, and when i turn it on, it says Rockbox, but the OS looks normal
18:50:16hardeepTarbash: what do you mean by normal?
18:51:26Tarbashthe letters are large, there is no "Games" option in the menu...
18:51:53hardeepTarbash: the fonts/games are only available on the recorder models
18:52:04 Join _aLF [0] (
18:52:19Tarbashwhat about the small letter size?
18:52:35Tarbashit's only holding 10 characters per line
18:52:37hardeepTarbash: we cannot change the font on the player models
18:53:04scott666the player LCD is character cell based
18:54:03Tarbashso how does rockbox change the player models?
18:54:45hardeepTarbash: see
18:54:55Tarbashalright, thx
18:56:05Tarbash1 last question: it says in the manual i should rename archos.mod to something like old-archos.mod... where do i find this archos.mod?
18:56:53hardeepTarbash: you can download a copy of the archos firmware from their site
18:57:13Tarbashalright, thx har, bye
18:57:20 Quit Tarbash ()
18:57:33 Quit TotMacher ("Sind wir nicht alle ein bischen TotMacher ?")
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19:33:24 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
19:37:10 Quit Harlequin (
19:37:10 Quit MT (
19:38:29NJoinHarlequin [0] (
19:38:29NJoinMT [0] (
20:08:42 Quit hardeep ("[BX] PARTYTIME! 5 seconds to the millenium! 4...3...2...1...EOF From client")
20:08:52 Join Nibbler [0] (
20:27:47 Quit Galik (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:28:38 Join combthins [0] (
20:29:24 Join TotMacher [0] (
20:37:35 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:40:31Plughit's been a long week
20:40:38Plughand it's only Wednesday
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21:01:40 Quit _aLF ("Client exiting")
21:06:13 Join Guest57 [0] (
21:06:20Guest57hi all
21:06:36Guest57 is there some news about the patch to increase the battery lifetime
21:06:56 Join _aLF [0] (
21:09:45 Join scott666 [0] (
21:09:57Plughwoot! Found a USB 2 card lying around the office :)
21:11:06scott666damn you and youre 480mbps
21:11:53Plughthere's no real forward progress on the battery patch. You might want to subscribe to the developer list, because that's where the updates are going, as well as the "beta test" coordination. If you want to help out, join the list and drop Tom a line
21:12:58Plughbut you might even not want to take advantage of the update, because it causes the screen to not update while it's playing
21:18:02scott666wouldnt you get the same effect by just staying on the menu screen instead of the WPS?
21:19:46 Quit _aLF (
21:19:46 Quit Guest57 (
21:19:46 Quit combthins (
21:20:24NJoin_aLF [0] (
21:21:12NJoinGuest57 [0] (
21:21:12NJoincombthins [0] (
21:21:27hardeepscott666: yeah, you would. Or by changing the wps to something that doesn't require updates (no progress bar, peakmeter, etc.)
21:21:58scott666and no tags that need to scroll
21:25:28 Join nevs [0] (
21:28:16 Quit _aLF (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:30:05 Quit TotMacher ("Sind wir nicht alle ein bischen TotMacher ?")
21:30:56nevson rock box, have they made the bass setting much more powerful?
21:32:53 Join elinenbe [0] (
21:36:39 Quit nevs ()
21:40:38 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
21:41:02 Quit Guest57 ("Leaving")
21:49:47 Quit combthins (
21:50:00NJoincombthins [0] (
22:02:22 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:03:00midknight2k3you left
22:03:07midknight2k3is your recorder around?
22:03:46tracktheripperyea but it is asleep
22:03:58midknight2k3wake it up
22:04:09tracktheripperwhat do u want it fro?
22:04:58midknight2k3im sending you a new copy of rockbox to try if you like
22:05:51tracktheripperwhy what does it do?
22:06:09midknight2k3read the release notes
22:06:11midknight2k3in the zip
22:06:19tracktheripperi havent received anything
22:06:23midknight2k3you can't get it
22:06:29midknight2k3i will upload and give you a link
22:06:39midknight2k3since you use JIRC
22:09:59elinenbehardeep: I like the progress
22:21:01elinenbemidknight2k3: progress on the current playlist viewer
22:21:20midknight2k3to see whats in the playlist?
22:21:56tracktheripperwherrees the link?
22:50:02 Quit midknight2k3 ("RockOS needw erpsppersmiission so get it before you say that workd you big bumsgho,.s -=SysReset 2.53=-")
22:55:33 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
22:55:52 Quit combthins ()
22:56:25 Join edx [0] (
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23:14:33 Join _aLF [0] (
23:25:49 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
23:29:05MThmm isnt responding for me
23:29:24MTnor is sourceforge
23:35:36Plughit's ok for me
23:41:25MTsf is still playing up for me

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